opennac live setup lab03 WIFI

though this is Terri Gonzales co-founder of open-neck and today we are going to show you how to set up a lab with a noble knack life-image ok the detector that we want to install is this is we are going to use an access point from Cisco with three main villains quarantine villain register villain and service be done we are going to use a management belong in fact that the phone alarm without one in order to access from the laptop that we are going to execute the built on machine ok this is the logical diagram and the physical diagram would be something similar to this we have a laptop connected with an access point the Ethernet port in fact this Ethernet doing a trunk because we are going to set up several villains inside that Ethernet port and we’re going to administrate it through that default banana this is not right is not another idiot Ethernet port is the same Ethernet port and we are going to use a laptop in fact will be a MacBook Pro laptop in order to use as a client to access to the service Villa ok once that is clear their connector that we want to install this that we need to do is what we have download image ready to configure or built on machine in our case we’re using KVM and basically that we have is the disk that we have the load and neat world port that is breech with our physical Internet device in my case as I am using KVM the way to do it is very simple this okay we have this network interface that is a bridge that inside the bridge we have the Ethernet port the physical Internet port of the laptop okay once clear first thing that we can do is start the VM no it is starting it should appear the text wizard okay here we are here we can configure all the mid work and AP parameters in order to run laughs okay I mean interface in case we are going to use because I don’t know why cool 0/24 wait this is the service belong this is a good number good sample cases that you forget way of

that the chippy range and this is the IP of the open up in that belong that is good this is the DNS that we want to use quantum belong good it will get weight range and ready to be LAN network be disappear range okay we have finished this text with continuum and now that we will have is some more question regarding to the keyboard layout on time starting you can configure the management IP in the physical laptop can do it in this simple step we have this interface example what then change here keyboard without Spanish good this is the time zone now is futile various that is beautiful okay can entry as fruit open Mac login we should have this tidy we have to manage we now we are trying to access to the VM and the physical force they were using the VLAN 1 nautical axis and it means that we can access ooh straight Porter admin open up from password here and we can execute with the setup system check everything is ok because this is the life emerge if you want to install in your own OS you need to comply these requirements and what is the database for one okay for that mean ok ok here we are going to set up the if what the access point that we are going to use let me review what is the the IEP of my access point is this where

you can access to this configuration in the wiki page more this another model is an access point but at this point at this point it doesn’t matter right you sir is this quadrant I’m behind this is the same information that we have put in the text wizard here we are confirming that all that we have said is true and okay everything is ready now I have to do now is have rebuilt and I can see here that’s maybe a nice-looking and once it is booted we’re gonna start to create a user review policy and turn with an the office connection test and now we have server this booty and then we are going to test here that a laptop with Wi-Fi can access to service villain because we are using a user that we have created previously hearing this is the idea okay now with an access to the portal right here we can review this at all that we have the device the CMDB this or access point perfect and review what are the users if you have here a couple of sample users and then we can create our own user okay both alleys it’s to create new one for example would be database Oh let’s to review what is the before

policy that we have is a very simple policy anytime any user from any device will go to the service belong okay with any we are not going to apply any security profile exactly for rule we can add more rules and this is applied from the beginning to the top in terms of priority okay and this is something similar to our final in this case everything is ready we are going to check ok now go to you a sample client in this case a MacBook Pro if it’s at all to Wi-Fi on and now that the Wi-Fi is on you should appears here but not secure I hear that you have to put this a username that we have created previously in the open up photo you can join okay now disconnect it once will have done a connection from the laptop go to the neck status and then we can see that here HIV is connected that time in the service belong this is the access polity and this is the IP that we have offer to the client that this range is the range of the user IDs the service APIs a complete process to logging and now if you want we can check a couple of exceptionality that we have been open at that fist at all is that coffee that coffee allows to create configuration that you want to send to to network device in this case the access point for example we can do a a simple sample that is this hey this instead of shoberg we’re going to put show confit okay we can add us to plate it’s cool and now that it is created we select our set we select access point Center estimates some focuses just execute now we will do a backup in the next step okay and now panic will execute that comment access point and then we will see the result here okay suppose that we need to wait a few seconds before to be done it is ready done okay configuration is the result of the task and the other thing that we can show you is the ability to do backup okay

we can select target you can distribute the tasks for example we can do it now or we can do it in a chrome way twist to specify when to do it I am 10 this task will be done immediately in the same case like golf it’s let me show you for example here in Block B where we can see all the activity that we are doing open-neck ready they move and check here let backup do backups okay we have here the backup the confit better access here for example if we change it we are going to change for example first name okay for example we can do it turn it for example perfect we do this in fact we can go here we can see what is the number of workers that we have the number of user that is little bit here is when I have no gate the factory something that is recheck every minute it’s normal that we need to wait a few seconds before to have this job second up here okay okay guys thank you for your attention

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