1 Percent of Friendship I 1%의 우정 – Ep.5 [ENG/2018.07.10]

I can make the best seaweed soup in the world with chicken breast – Good, right? / – Yes You know, right? I am a foodie rapper I know so many good-priced great restaurants (Becoming one with barbeque) (The carnivorous singer, Choiza) (Who’s this guy shoving bibimbap into his mouth?) (Once a cool vengeful character) (Sung Hyuk, an actor whose change is limitless) (An actor who’s always studying) (Mr. Plan-man, Actor Sung Hyuk) Where is that book? About heavy equipment I’m fine with new people So you really don’t have to feel difficult about me A morning filled with the smell of meat Shall we have more brisket? Brisket? Auntie, we’ll have two more servings of tripe Two? (Choiza Road isn’t going to be easy) (Like Choiza means to be plentiful) Can’t we have something else? Garlic. We need to buy garlic We have to have this (Sung Hyuk’s revenge starts) (What is this?) (Are we on Choiza Road or garlic road?) Have more You don’t have garlic here, do you? No No garlic at all? Adding eggs will give it a twist (Choiza prefers eggs over garlic) (Try some eggs) (Choiza Road will bring back your appetite) – In front of this… / – There’s another chapter? There’s a lot more We’re only halfway there (Finding the end of Choiza Road) Alright, we have a new couple – Welcome, Choiza and Sung Hyuk. / – Thank you (New couple, Choiza and Sung Hyuk) I enjoyed watching “A Korean Odyssey.” Well, I watched it to see Lee Seunggi – Thank you. / – Oh, gosh You just had to add that? Stop it, Cheolsu – He’s just so silly. / – I know He had to add unnecessary words What was your first impression on each other? I actually don’t watch TV shows that much So I haven’t watched Korean shows much I haven’t heard that expression in a while – Korean show? / – Korean show, Western show Doesn’t that mean fire? It means Korean shows and the other means Western shows Oh, I see – He’s really an old timer in that sense. / – Right? – I’m sorry… / – You must be older than you look What am I doing He’s 39 (And why are you the one to reveal that?) Turning 40 soon I’ve seen his face before on TV as I flipped through the channels I didn’t know his name at first, so I couldn’t greet him happily Oh, I see (I knew who he was… Just not the name…) (Feeling a bit sad) So I was thinking hard in my head I was thinking of asking my manager Choiza is older, right? Yes, of course What’s with your reaction? – Are you that older? / – He looked so disgusted – No, not that much. / – Four years – Four? That’s a lot. / – I’m 35 Four years can be a lot (Did something happen?) We’re about the same Hello, I’m a hip-hop musician, Choiza, a member of Dynamic Duo (Haha) Who are we? – Dynamic Duo! / – Okay! (Rapper of Dynamic Duo that formed in 2004) (Songs include “Ring My Bell,” “Go Back,” “Solo”) (The forever idol of rappers, Choiza) (12:35 in the afternoon) The soundtrack is (The guy best at sleeping?) The “Godfather.” (Wake up, human, it’s time for my meal) (Can’t you hear me, get up you fool, get up!) (Woke up thanks to the cats) Cats, right? Yes, cats but hairless cats. His name’s Dol Oh, that’s a lot again There are two cats and I give them lots to eat because I like to eat Everything’s fine except for their poop They must poop a lot (A fresh morning that starts with poop) That’s a lot. And I clean it up every day That’s a lot of ginger Oh, this is a big potato – Oh, poop… / – I heard you make coffee with that Make coffee with that – No way. / – Cats needs to be fed coffee beans I heard you make coffee with cat feces It’s not just by cat feces You need to feed the cats coffee beans And the beans come right out Really? Oh, I’m hungry He’s hungry as soon as he opens his eyes Right on time Come in (Cousin and rapper, TopBob) His name is TopBob and he has worked – A long time with me. / – TopBob? Not TongBob? – His name is TopBob? / – TopBob? What are we having today? Let’s have a light breakfast – Like what? / – Let’s have meat In the morning? (A full refrigerator)

Wow, look at that refrigerator (The foodie rapper of hip hop, Choiza) (Choiza Road for foodies is the big issue!) You put up pictures of what you love on your SNS For me, fishing or food that I enjoyed That got a lot of attention And a magazine company contacted me saying that it would be nice to do a series on this So that’s how I officially began Let’s have the octopus. Octopus and I’ll cook seaweed soup with chicken I can make the best seaweed soup in the world with chicken breast (Chicken breast seaweed soup of Choiza) With chicken breast Sounds healthy I love to eat good food so much that I try to have something low on calories and healthful for at least one meal Look at how he’s humming happily when he’s cooking Yes. I got excited by the smell (Chicken breast boiling to the beat of the rap) (Stir-fry garlic and seaweed with chicken breast) – He knows how to make soup. / – Yeah – Stir-fry seaweed and… / – Stir-fry them once It tastes different. It becomes rich Right (Soup is finally ready) – Oh, with rice like that. / – That’s a perfect meal You’ve really got to try it It’s really healthful but it’s also really tasty – Good, right? / – Yes It’s better than just about any shops that serve seaweed soup Enough to make people say that it’s almost like their mom’s? Better than moms who aren’t good cooks Where do you get such pride? What have mothers done? It’s probably the healthiest for your body I want to live long I’ve got to try all the good food in the world You want to live long to eat? I want to live until at least 140 Chew on more meat and stuff Until 140? Who’s going to live over 140? It’s a war against obesity until death I think he’ll live longer than my son (Hahaha) Did you see that? – What? / – Fishing with a drone? (Drone fishing?) What’s drone fishing? You see that school of fish? You can go far away from the beach with the drones So you chase after tuna for 200m to 300m So the reason we’re flying drones is for fishing then? It’s to practice And you’ll be fishing to eat Well, everything leads to eating in the end (So they’re finally out to fly the drones) So, everything eventually leads to eating? Even when you’re working on a song or when you’ve just woke up Why is it snowing all of a sudden? – It’s pretty. / – Thinking about food in the snow When did you take this to be still snowing? It snowed in March It snowed this much? – It didn’t snow that much! / – Yes, it did! It snowed really hard (But weather can’t stop Choiza) (Must practice flying drone!) (Just wait, fish) (I’ll fish you with my drone!) (Fishing for eating, drone for fishing) I’ll go drone fishing no matter what If I catch something, it’ll be my treat (His passion for fishing is well known) Hello. I am Actor Sung Hyuk (The cool guy from “Jang Bori is Here”) (Even played 2 roles at once regardless of gender) (The one who’ll share friendship with Choiza) What do you usually do in the morning? I think I just go out of the house first I just look for something to do and do it Without breakfast? – By 10, you’re out? / – Yes, almost always – Without food? / – I find something to do – No meal? / – Yes (Diligent Sung Hyuk is out to recycle) (Humming happily, he goes towards) (His scooter?) Is there a reason why you ride a scooter? If you drive a car, you can’t feel the wind But if you’re on a motorbike, you can (Someone once did say that you can go anywhere) (With a white sail and wind) (With a red scooter and wind) (Sung Hyuk can go anywhere) What’s that? A post office man? No, no ♪ Even if you die, don’t forget that moment ♪ I love to listen to music and sing along I think I like to do that the most (But if you sing on a scooter) (Can’t people hear you?) (Come to me, wind) (Cutting through the wind while singing)

(Where did he arrive at?) (Bank!) You could be mistaken with your face all covered – Look at that. / – She’s startled (Perfect style to be mistaken for a robber) That’s how I usually go to the bank It’s really cumbersome to take that off before going inside. It’s better to take it off inside Are you afraid people will recognize you? – Afraid of media shower? / – No, no – Oh, of course. / – No, no (Getting a number before taking off the helmet) Hello – I’m here to change my coins. / – So cute (Came to empty the coins in his piggy bank) – It’s not sorted yet, right? / – No I don’t know how much it is – Can I open this? / – Yes, yes Oh, this? You can’t cut it though I need to use it again (Spilling coins all over) By the way, it’s really nice to take coins in a bunch like that to banks (Right before getting to real business) (He takes off his mask) (She’ll recognize me, right?) (Huh? Where did I see him before?) How much are the coins? $125 It’s exactly how much I expected (Who is it, he’s a celebrity, who is it?) – Could I get your ID? / – Here you go (Oh!) Weren’t you in “A Korean Odyssey?” Yes, I was – Did you watch it? / – You’re Sung Hyuk, right? Your name – Would you like it in bills? / – No, no Can I Make an installment savings account? What’s your reason for making one? – There’s a place I want to travel to. / – Yes I want to go to Iceland When you plan out or set your mind on something, you really put into action right away, right? Yes, I try to be like that An action taker But why Iceland? I watched a show about traveling to Iceland I saw people watching the aurora there It was so beautiful So I came to think that I must see it myself While you were watching it? You’ll have to choose the right date Go in the winter Yes, yes – Everyone’s so practical. / – Must go in the winter If you go but fail to see one, you’ll have to save up again Oh, really? Oh – Thank you. / – Thank you Thank you (Today’s to-do list, visit the bank and bookstore) (Exercise, practice, and rest) (Sung Hyuk, neatly summarizes his day) (Where is Sung Hyuk’s next stop?) You’re going to eat now? – Yes. / – You really are busy Wild vegetable bibimbap (Not a moment of hesitation after checking the menu) One wild vegetable bibimbap, please Wow. That’s all grass Very healthful food (No such thing as enjoying the taste, just eat) (No way…) How many meals do you have a day? About one to one and a half Humans don’t need to eat three meals – What? / – There’s a really big difference In eating philosophy between the two of them – Right. / – Two extremes I can’t understand him and I can’t live a day like him Of course, you’ll live until 140 just to eat One, two, three (Is this how he trains to eat more?) (Go away, calories) (Please…) That’s really hard Start! (Groan) (Screaming) This is the last set, right? This was the last set, right? Was it 17th? I look pathetic Why? You look healthy and great You look like Actor Lee Gyein I see it You get me, right? – Oh, it’s Gyein. / – I see it Here we go – That was my nickname in high school. / – Really? – Really? / – Really? – He’s Gyein from the side. / – Prince Jumong! Hey, you! Gyein’s a really handsome guy I think I’m done digesting. I’m hungry again I’m hungry again Now that I’ve had light breakfast, I think I can have some high-calorie food today Deliciously greasy pork and Fermented skate – Together? / – What do you think? I know a great place (That night) (A restaurant specializing in fermented skate dishes) I’m shooting at five tomorrow (Huh?) Actor Kim Euisung’s there

I got close to him through food How do you know him? We went around eating together He really enjoys eating too It’s like the meeting of the music pig and film pig – A pig party. / – You two Just don’t match together Music pig and film pig… Two great pigs Two great pigs Such beautiful meat Meat’s beautiful It’s good He’s such a good eater – It’s almost done. / – I think we can eat it now Just two pieces. Give me two Two pieces of pork and two kimchi (He shouldn’t just have pork) Have a piece of skate nose – No, two. / – Oh, I’ll pass I’m not that into fermented skate But the nose is really great here I’ll try regular fermented skate first I’ll try that first “Try this and that first.” “Try it and you’ll be able to taste that savory taste on the tip of your tongue.” I think I feel happy when I share that feeling and have that conversation with others I know I push people at times (One mouthful) It’s good, right? Oh, it’s good Try just having kimchi. It’s so good It’s good, right? – It is. / – This kimchi Feels more fermented than cooked It’s great Because of the characters Euisung played, I feel like he would betray anytime now and leave (Giving off a powerful aura) I think he’ll just leave without paying Betray all of a sudden there and say a line (Where is diligent Sung Hyuk going to after his meal?) (The bookstore where he can fill up his mind) Oh, going to a bookstore is totally for the show No, I actually buy a lot of books – I see. / – Yes Where is that book? About heavy equipment Heavy equipment? Heavy equipment driver’s license exam? – I wanted to get one. / – Oh, excavator license Why? Excavators are awesome Scooping up things and stuff I’ll have to buy this. This looks hard Do you usually pass exams on the first try? Yes, most of the time So I have five driver’s licenses (Five driver’s licenses?) The only vehicle that I can’t drive on Earth is a tow truck I think I’ve tried just about everything I play golf, I play tennis I used to play basketball – His family must have been well-off. / – Volleyball Track-and-field Wow Those things are – Something that many people want to try. / – Right – But not many can put it into action. / – It isn’t easy (What’s Sung Hyuk the hobby king’s next schedule?) (Singing studio?) Oh, he went to learn to sing Learning to sing too? In case he plays a singer character ♪ Crossing that long wait ♪ (Terror to my ears) (Something doesn’t seem right) Is this right? (So embarrassing) He can do a bit of everything (Ha, ha, ha) I never make comments about singing but I think you should just give up (Trying to laugh over that fact bomb) I don’t usually give advice about singing to others By the way, why did you do that rap on that show before? ♪ Come together ♪ ♪ Everyone gather here ♪ (Singing a rap in a traditional Korean ballad style) I think that’s enough to surprise GD who’s in the army right now (Explosion of passion, overusing his vocal cords) (Screaming) I was so embarrassed watching you Why? Rap is just something I like. It’s my hobby Just a hobby But he once prepared – To try out for an idol group. / – Really? – A long time ago. / – A long time ago? Really? So I thought he’d be somewhat good at singing Were you going to make a debut as an idol? No, it wasn’t what I wanted I was scouted when I was young, and I got offers from just about all the companies Were you handsome then? Sorry? – He’s handsome now too. / – He’s handsome – Yes, I was… / – Why are you so serious? I was just trying to be funny Then you should have succeeded. Oh, please Only Choiza laughed (He’s a type that laughs easily) So… What did I become? – Sorry? How do we… / – So, about idol group While I was preparing for it, my singing instructor told me the same thing too – “You should become an actor.” / – Give up singing? You could just have been the handsome one Actually, that really was my role at the time Fortunately, one of the singers that I know who’s still active is Kang Kyunsung of Noel – Kyunsung was… / – That’s a really long time ago Almost 18 years ago? That’s really a long time ago

– You could have been on the same group. / – I Frankly speaking, I’m good at singing That’s just not it Were you scouted for singing? Not your good looks? Well, my good looks first gave me the chance It first did, but So you’ve got both the good looks and singing skills I’ve got both talents (The bare-footed passion) (Singing with all his might) (When we thought he could finish the song) Oh, I’m getting cramps on my toes Oh, it hurts. Ow Why would your toes get cramps? I got the cramps Because he’s nervous singing (So cute) My toes are getting cramps (May he be able to finish his favorite song one day) It hurts! That’s how you do it, right? (To-do list for today, rest) (Mr. Plan-man’s last schedule of the day) I’ll have one ginger tea Ginger tea? Yes, I drank coffee in the morning He cares so much for his body You’ll live longer than me Ginger tea is something that my peers enjoy I like jujube tea or ginger tea He should go to a tea house (A present for myself who’s had a busy day) (A moment of peace over a cup of warm ginger tea) Getting old means (Sung Hyuk continues to practice acting) He’s got a good voice to begin with I’m just curious Do you usually go to the cafe alone? Yes (Of course) I think I’ve gone alone more than with others (Interesting) – You don’t just take-out? / – Even for a short time Even if it’s for a short moment, I sit for a while – You drink it there? / – Yes You didn’t have dinner yet, right? I’ll buy something on my way back Pizza. I’ll buy pizza He keeps on moving from morning to night (A packed day of Mr. Plan-man, Sung Hyuk) (Busy and fruitful day of Sung Hyuk) Now that you’ve seen each other I feel like Choiza’s having a little difficulty, understanding Sung Hyuk First, in terms of eating He’s great that he’s active and always going for what he likes and wants to do I want to learn from his diligence But he seems to be lacking so much interest in food That’s not true – Just a bit more… / – And we have someone Who wants to live until 140 to eat more If he can open up his mind a bit more about eating The world will be a lot more beautiful to him – Then how does Sung Hyuk… / – Lot more than now Feel about Choiza’s daily life? He keeps on thinking about What to eat… And I can’t understand that (That’s the most important part…) (A peaceful day at an aquarium) It’s an aquarium Wow, there’s a shark there too Isn’t that a stingray? (Friends of the sea) Wow, a seal! – That was a sea lion. / – Nemo! Wow. I’ve never been to an aquarium before Wow. What are they? – Hamsters? / – Otters? Are they otters? How can you think of hamsters? They’re otters. Otters – They have otters there? / – Yes, they have otters (While hamster-like otters are enjoying their time) (An invader?) (A vicious-looking back) (The creature on top of the food pyramid is here) That’s a nice size (Me… Me?) Moray eel soup is really good (Moray eel is surprised) (Emergency situation!) (I’ll be nice from now) (Running away) (Terrified fish) They’re all hiding Of course, they hide They know that Choiza likes to fish and eat – Even the fish know. / – Yeah (What’s Choiza here today for?) Where do I go? (Find that 1 percent friendship in the aquarium) It’s pretty big here Who am I supposed to find in this empty place? The aquarium must be really big Aquarium being our meeting place, it kind of felt like I was going on a date I was really curious Thinking about who could be waiting for me That was me at first, expecting a female partner My heart was actually racing I couldn’t even sleep well – Your heart was racing? / – Just in case The title of this show is 1 Percent of “Friendship” not “Love.” But still There can be friendship between man and woman (Did I say something that wrong?) Why be so serious So serious all of a sudden (Oh!) Did he find his partner? (Found his partner?) – What’s this? / – Is that a dolphin?

(Beluga dolphin, a white dolphin) Dolphins are said to be really smart They have a high IQ I think the dolphins would be in top 3 in terms of intelligence if they’re brought here That could be What’s for sure is that they’ll be smarter than us Why me? You only succeeded thanks to your soccer skills How much smarter could you be than me? My brain’s just more developed in that field And the same for me! You can’t be good at sports if you’re not smart Of course Be frank, you were bad in school, right? – Yeah, I only played soccer. / – He didn’t study I didn’t study. I couldn’t do both He would have passed national exams Had I become a prosecutor, you’d be dead – Me? / – Had I studied, that is (All of a sudden?) – Why all of a sudden? / – I mean I almost begged for forgiveness (Apology first, judgment later) – Prosecutor is such a scary word. / – I wanted To become a prosecutor had I studied (In the meantime, inside the water tank…) (Eyes looking for someone) (Oops) – Could this be? / – Is that you, Sung Hyuk? That’s me (Where are you looking at? Look at me!) The stingray pushes over as it passes (So scary) – They do that! / – It bumped into you – It’s being mean. / – Yeah, it is It’s big, so it must be scary (Why is Sung Hyuk in the water tank?) (Sung Hyuk arrived at the aquarium first) (Where did he go first as soon as he arrived?) Now I’m going to go into the water tank and spend time with the fish and observe my partner And when I see my partner and I don’t think I can handle him, I’m just going to go Home A scuba diving certification What an awesome life – He’s got everything. / – I’ve really tried everything Just about anything But not so deep into any Everything just around the level of singing That’s a different story (Expectations about the partner?) I think my partner will be a girl I think it’ll be a girl Both sides want female partners I wanted a female partner at first too – What I want to ask is… / – Yes When was the last time you went underwater? – 2 years ago. / – 2 years ago? (Scuba diving license that hasn’t been used for long) Fish Fish are If you don’t bother them first, they’re fine – You’re going with me, right? / – Yes I think I’ll need you with me – Let me first change. / – Into this suite (Professional diver) Look at him That’s why body ratio matters (Underwater friends wait for Sung Hyuk to arrive) I’m afraid of the fish They never hurt you Oh, that must be the entrance What’s this? The fish come up like that (To Sung Hyuk, they’re like monsters) (Are you here alone?) (My friend will be coming soon) It’s so hard to meet my partner! They were scary to meet in person Look how big they are – They’re big. / – They must look even bigger (This is what it feels like to see it right in front) (Why aren’t you coming, my partner?) (The partner that he’s so earnestly waiting for is) (Just enjoying his time) (Not interested in finding his partner) I think I was waiting for him there for an hour – Because he didn’t show up? / – Yes There was so much to see there Yeah, I don’t think I’d be looking for my partner there Must have been really annoying waiting in the water (Sung Hyuk, Choiza) (He’s looking at the tank from above) Could it be that person in there? (Finally meeting each other?) No, it’s too wide here and there are two stories here He’s just leaving Frankly, I just spat those words out, but I never imagined that he’d be in there Oh, it was a joke? It’s really impossible to even imagine! I thought he was an employee there feeding fish (Where’s my food?) (Sung Hyuk is frozen scared) It’s about time my partner appeared (I can’t…) He can’t get out of there I’ve been searching for him all the time I need to find him quickly to go eat with him – I’m starting to get… / – Food, again? – He’s thinking about eating first. / – Hungry (What’s the reaction of the two who are both)

(Dreaming of female partners?) (Huh?) (Found Choiza) They finally found each other (It’s a guy?) Maybe he’ll just ignore him It wasn’t a lady A guy… I saw him from afar “Huh? A guy?” (Should I run away like my original plan?) (Approaching as if he’s out to hunt something) (Run away or not) (What’s Sung Hyuk’s choice?) (Where are you looking at? Look at me!) (And save me!) If he were to ignore him and just pass by (He walks closer) (It’s a guy?) (Are you my partner?) (In Sung Hyuk’s eyes, you’re dead if you run away) He’s looking at it like that (Nod, nod) Who is it? He doesn’t even know who it is Just that it’s a guy (A gesture of a professional) That’s really cool But if you keep on watching You can tell that he’s not a professional diver He’s doing his best for the shooting of this show (Sung Hyuk does have a scuba diving certification) So his diving skills are like his singing skills (All his skills are like his singing skills) Do you buy those certifications at a shop? – How… / – I earned them How in the world Who is it? (Finally out of the tank) (Sung Hyuk recognized Choiza right away) I thought it was going to be a she, but it’s a he! They hate each other But I was still really curious because – I didn’t see the face. / – Right (He sits silently in front of the tank) (And thinks about who his partner could be) (Although I still don’t know who he is…) It would be really nice if he enjoys eating food I’ll get close to him as we eat something delicious The meals are all set But to digest Maybe we should walk in the middle But it’s quite far (Thinking of digesting food he hasn’t had yet) It might be fun to ride a bike too (Thinking about food) I’m so hungry I’m getting dizzy from hunger (He’s really getting dizzy) (Come quick, I’m getting dizzy) You feel hungrier when you’re upset Disappointed Choiza might sing about this show in his next album ♪ What friendship ♪ ♪ Why a dude ♪ (1 Percent of Disrespect) Gosh, I thought it was going to be a she, not he I was completely fooled But nobody said anything about the partner (Finally, the moment the two meet) (Approaching with a covered face) The scene is beautiful with the tank behind it It’s like that scene from “Romeo and Juliet” where they’re staring at each other through a tank (A movie-like encounter of destiny) (Love in the aquarium) (Still exciting although they’re both guys) – Hello. / – Hello Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too (Reveals the face) – Nice to meet you. / – Hello Look at his expression He doesn’t know who I am Thinking, “Who was it again?” Do you know who I am? – Yes, of course. / – You do? I saw you on TV Do you know what I do? – An actor… / – Oh, yes – Do you know who I am? / – Yes, yes “Huh? I know that person.” That’s what I felt “He’s an actor. Where did I see him? But, oh I don’t know him.” Of course, I know Dynamic Duo I know a lot, but one that comes to my head right now is “Guilty.” ♪ I’m the guilty one ♪ ♪ Whenever our opinions differ ♪ Why did I do that? Are you reading a poem? (So many dark memories made today) Seeing him singing my song like that – I feel even sorrier. / – Yeah, I bet I’ve seen him on TV and everything – I just didn’t know his name. / – Yes, the name Of course, he must have been on TV to be here (Oops) But even familiar actors – It’s hard to know each of their names. / – Right Elders call the actors by the character names Some people think my name is “Songolmae.” (Last name Song, first name Golmae) – That could be. / – That’s what they think People go, “He’s got a weird name.” “What’s Golmae for a name?” I was actually expecting a lady

Yes, I was expecting a lady too I’m sorry that I disappointed you No, I’m sorrier It must have been disappointing May I ask you your age? I’m 39 Oh, we’re both in our 30s. It’s fine I’m 35 Do you originally like fish? Originally, fish this big Frankly, they’re scary They’re huge You meet their eyes I love fish so much I love to fish and I love to eat and I love to look at them too So even when I fish Sometimes you meet their eyes – Right. / – But sometimes it’s the perfect timing right at that moment Some just run away after meeting my eyes Nice to meet you anyway We just met and I’m talking about fishing No, I already knew that you liked fishing – Yes, I do. / – You must really love fishing I think I’m more comfortable on boats than on land Oh, look at Choiza continue He keeps on talking about fishing (He continues talking about fishing) You should have known by then! I was thinking that it could be our common interest That could really have been nice I mean, we met in an aquarium And he was doing scuba diving Do you like to fish? It’s tiresome (A tiresome expression all over) You have to do this and that, and I have no idea why you have to keep doing that Oh, you don’t like fishing No, no – No, it’s not that. / – I had asked him Sincerely to go fishing with me (My lips are getting dry) Since we met for the first time today (The first schedule of Choiza and Sung Hyuk?) It’s still morning and everything and – I’m actually really hungry. / – Oh, you must be! I’m hungry too Shall we go grab something to eat? What shall we have? I actually made a short food tour program for us – For today. / – Oh, food tour program? We’ll have three meals Three meals? Okay, three meals sound good Today, we’ll be going on Choiza’s Friendship Road with Sung Hyuk Right now, the official schedule consists of three meals Then, there’s one more special something prepared at a special place (A special meal) So it’s three official meals and one special meal! And Sung Hyuk usually eats one meal a day It was my mistake I wanted to make today a special day for him to remember until his death – Oh, what he ate today? / – I wanted him To remember today as a happy day filled with food – It still must have been, in a different way. / – Right How’s beef brisket for our first meal? – Beef brisket? / – Yes Yes, sure It could be heavy for our first meal, but I know a place with great beef brisket and soup (The one trying to feed, the one trying not to eat) Do you eat intestine soup? Yes, let’s go first (Moving in Choiza’s car) Oh, Choiza’s personally driving for him What do you usually do? Do you usually go fishing or Go fishing or Relieve your stress and Fishing is really the best at relieving stress Talking about fishing again! This is your fault, Sung Hyuk! Sung Hyuk was being considerate Yes, so with time, I began to learn to control my consideration for him I really thought he liked fishing (Thought he really liked fishing) The fish that I caught fishing I prepare those fish and call my friends And I like to drink This guy He really talks a lot So when I was in his car at first “Yes, yes, oh, yes, um, yes…” (Yes, um, ah) (Giving only short answers) (Just about when the fishing story’s over…) I’m really sorry, but (Sorry all of a sudden?) I’ve seen you on TV – Oh, my name. / – I’m so sorry Oh, you still didn’t know his name? I was thinking that it was rude not to know He didn’t know my name And so he quietly asked me then I do think that it’s hard to know my name My name is Sung Hyuk (I’m sorry) (Although it took a while, they did see how) (Considerate each other are) (Arrived at the first restaurant) – Thank you. / – Sure – Where are they? / – I just love eating so much And I put up some photos on my Instagram The posts are tagged Choiza Road Choiza Road? (The restaurant that will open up their morning) (Beef tripe and beef brisket) (Beef tripe in the morning?) I come here really often (I know that we’re on Choiza Road, but…) “I’m going to talk to you while I have breakfast.” It’s not good to have greasy food in the morning I’m sure that he’s trying to treat me to something really nice Trying to introduce me to his favorite restaurants

(But this is…) Greasy food early in the morning Isn’t it hard to have greasy food when you’ve woken up not too long ago? That’s because of a certain bias in the head (Can’t understand) This place gets packed in the evening You have to wait at night – It’s big. / – Yes, even if it’s big The smell of meat (His appetite is growing bigger at the smell) I’ll make this a memorable meal for you (Choiza Road, meat for breakfast, meat for the tired) (30 minutes away from their meeting place) (First meal of Choiza Road) (A feast of greasy meat and tripe) (To savory intestine soup) (At a restaurant like this) (Two men) (Having meat for breakfast) I don’t think my outfit suits this place It feels like Your coat’s going to smell when you leave Ah What do you usually like to eat? He’s looking for a common interest now I’m not a picky eater I’m good with anything Anything you just don’t eat? (They’re having a conversation, but it’s hard…) I don’t think I have anything like that It looks really awkward to see it now Of course, it is Can we get water? (Another moment of silence) Could I get tepid water, please? Why tepid? – Do your teeth hurt? / – No, no (Hahaha) You must drink tepid water Oh, I don’t drink cold water I usually don’t I only drink cold water When I drink cold water, my body gets… How can I say it? Colder? Yes, colder They even drink different water (Quite shaky from the beginning) – Have some warm water. / – Thank you It’s nice (What an unfamiliar person…) Would you like hot water? You don’t like hot water, do you? I’ll try it Hot water’s good It’s like pouring me a drink (To Choiza who likes cold water) (It’s like drinking down lava) – Pouring me a drink. / – No, no Hot water (Small sip) (And nod, nod) It’ll wake you up better too – If you drink hot water? / – Yes (Can’t understand) There’s that freshness of cold water Water should be considered food too It’s different at different temperatures (That’s not what matters) I’m not forcing you or anything, but it would be nice to make it a habit Tepid water has no freshness Oh, freshness Oh, they’re at each other! (Cold water drinker vs. Hot water drinker) There’s that feeling that you get as you drink water when you’re thirsty That freshness as the temperature falls from here That feeling that quenches away your thirst Like in those old sports drink commercials – That blue thing. / – Water like that of my own? Cold water has that feeling But those commercials are wrong Because Water like that of my own should be hotter It should be like my body water – That makes sense. / – The temperature of The human body is about 36℃ So water closer to that temperature – Gets observed right away. / – Right It gets observed faster People are being fooled His movements were a little awkward Not smooth Shall I say… A bit squeaky? I guess you can compare it to chicken breast meat I might be I might be challenging the beverage industry, but – When you drink it… / – I consider water as food too So texture really matters to me That joy – Oh, joy… / – I think I find that in cold water For example, cold jellyfish salad isn’t good if it’s lukewarm Sort of like that He really talks too much Maybe he’s talking that much because he feels pressured to talk a lot on a variety show (They’re so different from each other even about water) There’s a reason I stopped drinking cold water Why? You get more sensitive to heat If you drink cold water? Has that been scientifically proven? Yes, it’s been proven medically In that case, I’d drink cold water more if I get hot – Just feel cool. / – Cold water makes you feel fresh – That’s all personal. / – Just how we feel That’s how we feel But it is all a personal taste Sung Hyuk could be right scientifically

Beer is made really cold too Yes, yes But that’s not how you originally have it If you go to Jeju-do And this could be the case for elders But they don’t put alcohol drinks in the fridge They call it, “without electricity.” So what do you on a really hot day? – You just have it at room temperature. / – Yes Then just drink rice wine – If you say that… / – It’ll be hot The conversation stops there You become a biased person You make me upset! What’s wrong with my stupid friend here? He’s just done his best at soccer all his life My stupid friend is just stupid. Do you know how he’s inside? – No. / -You stay still Don’t you feel upset? But I understand him What Junghwan is saying to me is something that I’ve heard so often from others So it’s not worth it to listen to it anymore? No, it’s worth it to listen to it Because I don’t want to force anything to anyone I knew already when you were superficially doing this and that (Upset) We’d like to order (Finally, time to order) We’ll first have two servings of beef brisket (Two servings of beef brisket please) Two servings? Two servings? Shall we have tripe too? – Tripe… / – Even tripe? You should have tripe a bit later (Listen to her) It’s not a lot 150g It’s thinly cut, so it looks like it’s a lot, but it’s not Too much grease could be upsetting for breakfast So we’ll stop here (Oh, ha, ha, ha) (So much food) It’s here (Time to grease that tummy) This is two servings? We’ll order more if this isn’t enough Okay (More after this for breakfast?) (What is he really?) I love doing this I love to grill meat and stuff (Sizzle, sizzle) (Staring) (Oil is starting to seep out) Could I get another pair of tongs? (Um, I… Um…) (The meat is ready already) The meat is really thin so if you flip it too much I think we should have it now – That looks ready. / – Please, have it first (Sung Hyuk cares for Choiza sincerely) Except for water, he’s so well-mannered I’m well-mannered about water too! In that case, have the meat lukewarm too! It’s hot – Cool it down. / – Yeah People often tell you that you’re well-mannered, right? – Me? / – Yes Oh, well, yes I’m not bad-mannered He was really well-mannered (A well-mannered guy, Sung Hyuk?) There’s a timing for having meat You have to flip, flip, and eat just like that He wasn’t like that A bit slow! In terms of timing (The timing for grilling doesn’t match either) Our timings don’t match – Everyone has their own way. / – Right (Turning away) – Beef brisket’s good, right? / – It is (Sung Hyuk took over the grill now) I’m really comfortable with this I really am Don’t feel difficult about this, really I’m really happy That I’m here with you right now – On this road… / – I’m so blessed (His simple words made their breakfast happier) I feel embarrassed about that name that I made No, this is really the Choiza Road (Nom, nom) (Powerful chewing) (He must really like this place) Shall we have more brisket? Brisket? Can we have something else? Tripe? Beef shank’s good and tripe’s good too Tripe’s good Auntie, two servings of tripe, please Two servings? Two servings? He’s a big eater We can finish it We can? Two It’s not that much even if it’s two servings (Lots of food) (Looks long enough for me to do jump rope) (On to the grill) We’ll have to wait some time for this (Toasty, toasty) Oh, I’m getting hungry again

Where is that place? It’s in Yongsan Let’s enjoy There’s that taste of undercooked meat (That’s not what’s important) (We’re having too much greasy food) Look at his eyes move I was thinking hard about what to do Do you not like garlic? (Garlic?) – Do you not like garlic? / – I love garlic – You do? / – Yes, I love garlic I eat lots of garlic too – My consumption amount… / – I love garlic too I put lots of garlic in any food I cook Do you like garlic? Yes, I like garlic I think I have six whole garlic cloves every day Raw garlic? He just eats raw garlic whole – Garlic? / – Yes, even without meat You must really love garlic But why do you really love garlic so much? – Garlic… / – Because it’s good? No, because garlic Seems really good for the body It’s like how I don’t drink cold water (Sung Hyuk’s must-have item for his health) – So you have it for your health. / – Yes I don’t usually have whole garlic cloves It tastes too strong He has nothing with it. Just garlic! That’s going to be pungent! But if you have it with meat, it’s not that bad (I am the garlic boy) So it’s like a daily medicine you take? 5 to 6 cloves (Takes 5 to six cloves each day) (How do you eat garlic like that?) (Spicy) It must be spicy He’s having a hard time There are spicy ones too So it is spicy for you too! It’s painful no matter how you look at it! Do you need tepid water or cold water for this? You need tepid water for this (You win) Even in this situation It’s a different spicy from that of the spicy pepper It’s pungent But I know what that feels like So I didn’t feel bewildered You didn’t? Really? I don’t think I need to eat them anymore (The garlic boy would like to rest for a moment) I already had five (Hahaha) You didn’t have it on purpose? No, no Like trying to leave a strong impression – About yourself with garlic? / – No, never I don’t do something like that Nothing like trying to impress you or anything You’ve given me a strong impression anyway Interesting – So interesting. / – Oh, I I’ve cared for my body since I was young Were you really sick once? Um… No I see I think he’ll live until he’s 140 – I think he’ll live longer than me. / – Sung Hyuk I have a belief that I won’t be able to do anything if my body’s sick Right I’m trying to find the best way to lead a happy life Take peppers for example What do they taste like? I don’t get the taste of peppers It’s good I don’t know if that’s good It tastes spicy and sweet So I think about the vitamins that I can get eating this So that’s what I think about a little Like how it can cleanse my body So, instead of the taste – The nutrients. / – Nutrients You go for the nutrients It’s like having greens in salads Also, going even further with that, I can say this because I don’t make wraps when I eat meat – In my case… / – You eat them separately? Yes, meat by itself and vegetable by itself (I’m consuming vitamins now) I actually have no idea what lettuce tastes like either (Perhaps his sense of taste is a bit dull?) – But you have it for the sake of it? / – Yes This is also a bit like that I have it both together and separately, and it’s good both ways Why do I find everything so tasty? (That’s why… You… Your body… Um… Chubby?) You lead a really passionate life, drinking tepid water and everything (The more they talk, the more different they seem) No, not really. I just find it easier to live like this They’re so different (Is this the end of our friendship too?) (Trying whole garlic for friendship!)

You’ll have a hard time if you have it like that Have it with a piece of meat Together? That way, the meat will kill the spiciness a little It could taste pungent It’s pungent to have just a big slice of garlic You need to chew it together That will neutralize the taste Garlic is Look at his face (He looks somewhat familiar) It’s Gyein again He looks so much like him There comes Gyein The garlic going down here and it’s like claws are scratching my inside I’m getting stressed (I thought you liked garlic…) I don’t he’s had a lot of garlic before. He lied He doesn’t like garlic That’s all he had Yes, it’s pungent But that’s really nothing I think he only eats minced garlic or something Why do I have to put in so much effort for that? Garlic’s good if you cook it too But having raw garlic that’s as big as my thumbnail? I don’t know about that – Garlic’s good if it’s cooked. / – Yes, it is Do nutrients get destroyed if you cook garlic? No, they don’t So is raw garlic tastier? Than cooked garlic? Oh, that I used to take various health supplements But (Nutrients? Health?) I’m more for nature – More natural? / – Trying to go back to nature (What in the world… Is he saying right now?) So I need to chew that garlic to be really having that garlic If I have the extract – Or a concentrated pill… / – No processing? I don’t know about that (And I don’t know about you) You have to get the nutrients from food You’ve got a very definite outlook on your life (Proud and confident) What we’ve had until now, those are famous, but those weren’t the main menu Oh, those weren’t? There’s something else that I think is the best here We’ll have that now – It’s been appetizer until now? / – Yes There’s more to come Auntie, could we get taster-sized tripe rice and intestine soup, please? (If it’s a taster, it’s not going to be much, right?) (Ta-da) That’s a lot of food, no? (This can’t be real) (Where am I and who am I?) They’ve had 7 portions until now Including rice, it’s 8 portions now Are you okay with overeating? I eat a lot when I eat a lot But I especially wanted to eat a lot that day Oh, it’s good (Very careful about his 8th portion) (He puts down his spoon right after his first bite) It’s good – He’s got no soul. / – That sounds so empty You’re full now, right? (What do you think?) But it’s a special day So have some more We’re on Choiza Road Choiza’s Friendship Road Have one of this It’s okay if you have it together I have a feeling that I’m going to be having lots of garlic today Garlic. We need to buy garlic 20, no, 30! What are you going to do with them? Eat He has it for his snack I just have garlic for snack (And he’s trying to feed it to me too) (Here) Why do you take that out? (The silent attack) (Of garlic) (Garlic!) Have garlic with that too You have to try it Vitamins, it’s got natural vitamins (Will Friendship Road become Garlic Road?) I have it both cooked and raw (I didn’t ask) I have it sliced, and add minced garlic to dishes (But why?) What’s with you and garlic? Are you Dangun? Why is he pressuring people so much about garlic? I like garlic too, but that’s too much It’s hot (Sweating all of a sudden?) I started sweating after that garlic earlier Oh, that could be – I need some cold water. / – Cold water? (Here comes cold water) You sweat more if you have cold water (Um… Would I sweat more?) Yes, this is it Oh, I think I can restart with this freshness Wait, wait That’s just a feeling Just feeling a feeling Yeah, but it’s important to feel good

You need that coldness That freshness It was so sad that I couldn’t share that feeling I know what a cold cup of coke feels like (Oh, gosh) – It’s really good here, right? / – Yes, delicious So before we go eat something else Eat something else (Oh, my) We’ll be eating throughout the day (Eat?) (The whole day?) I think he’s lost it Shall we go digest it a bit? I think it would be nice to go digest it A bit of exercising? (Lost his words) It’s nothing really tough, right? (Oh, yes, it is) (To boost up digestion) (Let’s ride a bike to the next destination) (Run, boys!) (What’s needed at times like this?) (Calorie burning) (Burn! Morning tripe calories!) (In any case) (Why am I riding this right now) (Morning tripe… And the road of different dreams…) (After finishing up their sudden cycling) (Exhausted, exhausted) Sung Hyuk’s expression seems very mixed No, it was good. It was good but Was that really necessary? Well, I do have to watch for my weight a little, so I usually control how much I eat But today’s a special day, so I’m eating a lot Yes, we’re on Choiza’s Friendship Road today (Choiza’s Friendship Road) We have to make a memorable day for us Choiza’s Friendship… Famous… What was it? Choiza’s Friendship Famous Choiza’s Friendship Road for Sung Hyuk No, not for Sung Hyuk, just Choiza’s favorites Choiza’s Friendship Road of Choiza’s Favorites I hope that you could put away your thoughts and open up your mind and just enjoy the day Then I have a request too – If you can, great, if not, it’s alright. / – What is it? My request is That you have a lot of garlic It’s like they’re having a nerve war One trying to feed the other for the special occasion, the other trying to feed the other only garlic (Foodie king vs. Garlic king) Let’s go By the way, you can speak comfortably to me – Would that be alright? / – Yes Yes, just be comfortable Since we’ve spent some time together now, I’ll be less formal This feels a lot better Where we’re going right now is I have a friend named Jeong Chanuk He’s a chef He’s a pretty famous chef He’s done a lot of shows as a star chef I know who he is We’re going to his noodle shop I have many friends who cook I don’t go if the food’s not to my taste But his noodles are delicious I’ve heard of his shop too I’ve been wanting to visit Yes, I’ve been wanting to So this was a good choice – Do you like ramen? / – Yes, I do (No more problems to arise in their friendship?) Thank you! (Hoehyeon, Jung-gu, Seoul) – There aren’t many tables. / – Hello – Only for 7 customers. / – Yeah There’s only one menu here They only sell dandan noodles – Oh, I love noodles. / – I like dandan noodles I can tell you confidently that they serve the best dandan noodles in this world Why does he like to mention the world so much? Aren’t you going around the world too often? Are you a defender of the natural environment? – He might become a superhero. / – Yeah – He loves Earth so much. / – He just might I usually have it “grand slam.” That means with everything Would you also like to go with that? For me, could I make it light? Then, one with egg, meat, and green onions – Yes. / – And the other with grand slam, please The origin of this dish is interesting Originally, they only put noodles and sauce on two ends of a bamboo stick It made a clanking noise when the carrier walked So that how it got its name (Wow) He doesn’t just eat food but study the history and the tradition of that dish You’re more academic than you look What’s really interesting here is there there’s no soup here No soup? It’s closer to the original Chinese style It’s more like mixed noodles without soup Like mixed oil noodles? Like mixed oil noodles? (Oh, oil…) – Oil? / – Yes, and there’s (Oil for breakfast) (Oil for lunch) Crushed peanut on top (Finally, their order is ready) (So-called the world’s best dandan noodles!) Oh, that looks so good I’ll have to pay a visit there First, don’t put it any toppings

You need to taste it as it is (Mixing it well with base sauce) Just with the base These are all mine (Grand slam waiting to be added) Adding toppings will change the taste So don’t put it in for now You have to mix it really well – Make sure you mix everything. / – Look’s so good Don’t leave anything out (It looks a little greasy…) Do they have garlic here? Oh, garlic? Do you have garlic? We don’t have garlic No garlic at all? Can’t we beat him and call it self-defense now? They only make that dish and you ask for garlic No, no Once it’s mixed well, just try it as it is now This is painful I’m watching someone else eat (Choiza takes a bite first) Enjoy (And Sung Hyuk follows after!) It wasn’t that I really wanted to eat so much (2nd menu that he hadn’t expected much about) (How does it taste?) Wow! Oh, good It was actually really good (Another bite right away) It’s savory – It’s good. / – It is, right? I really meant that. It was really good I’m so happy Now, let’s add this – What’s that? / – There’s a way to eat this You add toppings one by one – It can have 4 different flavors. / – Soy sauce? Vinegar. Dark vinegar – This is vinegar. / – Okay It’s dark vinegar Add a bit of it and mix is slightly and try Oh, I put in too much You’re eating well there I just did what he told me to do It’s different now, right? Enjoy a bit of this taste and Chinese pepper and Korean pepper Korean pepper makes it light and spicy It’ll make it spicy but also more light Wow I really want it You really should try it (Following after Choiza) (Sung Hyuk takes a bite too) It’s light and spicy, right? At this point, add some green onions (Adding some green onions now) (Why green onions?) And if you’re done tasting it, add the egg It tastes different with the egg That looks really good It’s so good Do you have to add the egg there? (No way) (The combination of egg and green onions) He’s really enjoying it – It’s good, right? / – Yes It’s so good – This is annoying. / – I can remember the taste The best part is that I can change the flavor the way I want it in just one dish (Choiza’s Friendship Road built on philosophy) Plus, I ordered rice for myself If you add rice when there’s this much left – And mix it… / – Wow, that looks tasty That would be so good to mix it with that sauce And you ordered that rice There’s only one dish on the menu anyway (Rice mixed with the remaining sauce) There’s nothing to think about (One big spoonful!) (So good) – It’s so delicious. / – Isn’t it? I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it It’s so good This is really great It makes me really happy when I see someone truly enjoying the food I recommend You just can’t stop after your first bite Frankly, I wasn’t going to finish mine at first But I ended up finishing it I’ve got him Judging by his speed, he’s got that certain potential to become a pig like me The DNA’s just not active yet I think I can activate that DNA if I continue to grow closer to him You two definitely look closer to each other on this second meal Happiness becomes greater when you share it And I’ve met someone that I can share it with We’ve become friends through good food Could we get some tissue, please? (Sesame seed) Oh, look at them You’ve got sesame seed on your face I was so busy eating It was really good. I’m like that too I think I know how you feel Look at my plate – Oh, you finished your dish. / – It was great (This is it!) I’m feeling so pleased right now Pleased (Friendship forecast, sunny?) I was so pleased at the time I was thinking how we would continue with the rest of the Friendship Road well Now that we’re done

Shall we go for a walk in the market near here? There’s the Gwangjang Market here Let’s go for a walk Are there more stops left? There’s a lot more left – We’re only halfway there. / – I need to walk then We need to get ready for our next stage Okay I think my job is to be a pig now How about this? What’s one dish you’d like to have before dying? What would you have for your last meal? (Thinking really hard) – It’s hard to choose just one. / – There are too many Since it’ll be my last meal My mind right now is set on There’s a place that sells pork ribs near Chuncheon Pork ribs? – So funny. / – The world is coming to an end – And you’ll go to Chuncheon? / – Pork ribs It’ll be his last. Give him some time Be a bit more generous The world’s going to have to wait before ending Don’t ask such stupid question Let him go to Chuncheon You can’t eat there even for dinner if you don’t make a reservation by 11 You have to go there by 11 – And write your name down… / – And put it there? And put it on the table to make a reservation So the world can’t come to an end until you make the reservation and eat there – It’ll have to wait until I finish. / – Let’s hope so Instead of having a last meal – I think I’ll have something… / – Something to do? I want to do last If you say you’re going to go plant garlic, watch it – I’m sorry. / – Even if the world ends tomorrow I’ll go plant garlic! What I want to do last is To sincerely embrace someone I love What’s this? – Trying to look romantic? / – What’s with you? (What does that make me?) (No, no) What are you going to do about pork ribs? What about pork ribs? You just have what you want I’m a pig Pork ribs are good What a way to make him look like a pig! Embrace someone you love? What are you trying to do? (A warm spring afternoon) (A joyful walk underneath the glistening sun) (The two take a walk near Cheonggyecheon) I don’t think this road is for two to walk on – It’s really… / – It’s for one A really difficult road to walk on For example, lovers must let go of their hands from time to time – Like this. / – Holding hands? – Like that? / – I was trying to show it to him I was surprised Lovers who’ve been together long don’t hold hands It’s too much trouble Aren’t you hot? Hey, my hands are sweating It’s sticky Cheonggyecheon’s really nice – It is. / – But this water Is made to flow artificially So there’s a lot more moss in the water Compared to other natural streams But thanks to this stream, the average temperature of Seoul has fallen – Oh. / – I heard that About 1℃ fell in the surroundings Oh, around here? You must be interested in those things I’m just interested generally about Earth Usually, people are interested in themselves, about their country – And about humanity. But without Earth… / – Earth! – All of a sudden? / – Yes, all of a sudden From Cheonggyecheon to moss And all of a sudden, about our Earth With a full stomach and happy mind, our conversation level kind of rose higher But Choiza is really smart about these things When I used to be a radio DJ, he would talk about these things every day That’s why I quit being a radio DJ That was when I had just made my debut One of the sayings that I’ve found to really touch my heart is that “Men are not even worth the speck of dust, seen from the universe.” Wow, look at them talk But if you think of it the other way around I think men are creatures that are the closest to the supernatural figure (We’ve come from moss to a supernatural figure) Sung Hyuk seems to have lost a lot of weight He looks ill Science is taking control over things that we thought were in the domain of god I think the greatest weapon that men have right now is science That’s what makes humans feel great We did something no other creature has done before With age, I came to think about these things Like about why I exist I think that science is a way for us to understand the language of god We’re making artificial hearts with 3D printers now But frankly, I don’t think that it was that deep (Hahaha, you’re right) The conversation wasn’t that deep It was definitely just shallow I’d like to be vast yet shallow But when I reacted to every little thing, he came back with more and I couldn’t handle it – You couldn’t. / – Oh, I should stop here You need to stop showing reactions If you think about it, Earth might not even be a speck in this universe And we might just be nothing

His words get long is because He keeps on adding stuff So if you give him 1, he does 1 plus 1 And when I react to his 1 plus 1, He’ll make that into 1 plus 1 plus 1 So it just keeps on growing There’s no end So if I don’t watch what I say, he’ll take our conversation all the way to the outer space It was really fun talking to him I think he’s a great person to talk to even without any drinks (So satisfied) It was really fun I really had fun Oh, I did too Not many people can stand such conversation But he was a great listener I mean, that’s why it was a little difficult You two are amazing (The two have arrived near their destination) If you look here, electronic goods and Oh, you went to the tools market – Cheonggyecheon? / – It was really nice there There are fish grill shops – Lined up there. / – Yes Towards the chicken district, yes I like this neighborhood because it’s lively – It’s loud and people are busy. / – Right This really is a living place of labor Everything’s alive here And there are many traditional old shops in neighborhoods like this They’re traditionally all good It’s because such hard-working workers deserve to have something delicious In a sense, these shops are like a heritage made by these hard workers, and we’re enjoying it with them That’s a nice expression Yes, we’re here to enjoy it together – 1957. / – This shop’s good too Since 1957 It’s pretty old – About 60 years old. / – They generally have A long history The district itself is quite old This is where we’re going today Look there Over there, it says 50 years But it’s 70 years here 70 years They have great ribs here We’re having ribs now? (How much garlic am I going to have to eat?) He’s going to grow garlic in his stomach Are you done digesting? Well, for now Garlic will be there for you. You can do it Plus, this will be great with garlic Let’s go in first – Hello. / – Hello (Endless loop of eating) (Choiza Road isn’t over yet) (Ah…) (Challenging the limit of the stomach) (Endless eating show) (Ripening friendship) Huh? What’s this? (The highlight of Choiza Road) Choiza’s restaurant I believe that we need to show respect to fish – Respect? / – Yes We’ve got to enjoy it as much as possible Oh, it’s so good It is. It’s the belly (A night drunk on food and alcohol) (Choiza and Sung Hyuk duo is born? Sorry, Gaeko) (Spring and new friends, Jungeun and Jimin) This is what I get to see on our first meeting And during daylight too My back is getting hot Getting hot The Aztecs called this tree, the tree of (What did I just hear) She’s a tough one. Is this all getting aired? Everything we talked about? I learned a lot today (A hot girl’s lesson on friendship, love, and…) (“Banana Allergy Monkey” by OHMYGIRL BANHANA)