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but little bit of a dollar on day here but that’s fine permit your right here it’s just the sun because it’s actually sunny by a lower this music and it is is also has it is it said it won’t become Alt is everyone just unite that that’s that’s needed their your hours a day that cycle and why they didn’t the good news is that my chat isn’t dead today like as an unbroken you can actually read its that’s that’s what we like to see to start but why did you carry a dispassionate my lunch and to start the is what we’re working with a bat bomb by started this and page that are and I don’t know why that are a road you know why India as PS client is running it in the web between 10 and 30 FBI’s but it’s what used to be looked at 30 a locked it 60 or something bombs start last time I did a string like this is but when we’re still using a client that was only the size and the public has used its tiny since then were able to find that a client pitch has the capability to be resized and allows us to zoom to weaken actually to a lot but this client that we couldn’t do before the one of the things I was looking into recently yours are let’s examine yo to see where fences are rights of these blocks have a rotation on but fortunately this rotation is by only available when the blocks of being added to the world the comic chili fetch it wants that in the world in which to cut down on the stand t one of these can see what their rotation means that all I’m getting is a -1 but is useless I can get stuff like all you know how big is this sin of a blocks arrive this one’s two by two or this one’s one by one that is really nice and the other thing that we’ve added to clean our him as a little tick box here called show title grade and we can actually see the greed of all the tiles in a very easy way to the thing a struggle with all the struggling with last time we actually have a box we can tick also I thin better it as a gun right to im to it the way flights and downsides to Hal bold schoolroom scape does rendering and this is just so that you guys can have an idea report raptor and the music store that loud teal Madison this client if a time it is some level that I can basically see out far enough and that it’s useful a right to say but thing is the bye week and set below the maximum and minimum zoom level we want rights and we can make it so the Kings in a really far below the positioning all of the state board of rendering stocks in one sport and goes out in every direction that spot is the coordinates of the Cameron of the but each level of other resume, the less I see because it’s all positioned base 10 year where the camera is to Fi do this is in doubt I’d actually see anything even though it’s all there and if I were to resume in and then do that

by can see a lot more which is unfortunate that it gives us a way to get OK well there’s a grid that we don’t have the ability to render the grid on top of these old blocks he and we can render a random on some surfaces out your pitches use by this style grade a minute and make a very heavy use of today because as you’ll notice in this crowd here and in this a picture here Russian same as build up in doing and what I did a ages ago are these are populated this area is my own kind of little read and write so this is one a lock and you can’t have to figure out the cable where is this a actual outline a right that I’ll probably to stop here just to confirm what migrate is like and an old roller bulk learn and where is it that we have agreed somewhere up here by speed one between a need like one of these bats without finish crown and environment that’s mainly because every time I’ve done this area I’ve done its were the parts have the right scale and to start and we had t today gives us that this actually pulls from the risk eight map and tells you hate this is where the fence blocks are technicall and in this case we actually need its power so we have a spreadsheet here somewhere but sings to live close to me while I was th also high as they doing to bar mowers, by signing to report in order to is a list of coordinates in the row and the world and what we were able to determine is that an ad that would be legal unfortunately because you can see down here we do have long bridge Tom and I can show you around them up there that but we figured out a while bowl of the undergrounds and I just had to score an acquaintance has got me and I stand in a 3000489582 yen pitches were standing in this world and we turn off the screen in the meantime to that’s where we’re standing here than panties coordinator here can be mapped to this that and map generator to wear currently it’s 2500 and you can already see a few different underground locations to hear side by side that probably both still palm and fennel or only focusing on building the free to play area anyway if I get pop to when looking at 2700 to weave together quite a bit higher the rate of one of the wrong number two to why is it 5000 we need to go to 9000 some let’s do that to it than this does a lot of like and touched world ms and one of their slides are right to Kurri 1000 and 9500 year and you’ll notice their feud on the grounds here but the one we actually care about them 1000 by 200 1000 and ordered to that Stephanie not these two because this one is actually bond of lumber just want to 3000 and before the notes 3048 and doesn’t 592 that is when he archer since we’re here by the way you can see a bunch of different grounds here for different locations and not all of these a properly mapped bomb 1000 by 200

supposedly it here but there is a patch of a consular here will tell us exactly what will know where and when the term Howard Wright that’s the top left that’s right to the actual thing we’re looking at as this one right here , mize this barely gets what I was looking for bike and read coordinates presidency this is the actual location here and what’s interesting is actually spends one tile here or if if you’re thinking of my craft chunks this is one chunk and this is a notch and bad that it actually peeks into the strong that what also to the get from something like this is OK so we know where in this dungeon here to if we go to the bottom right as an according to the map here palm to Zelnick but not work but you break down a clipart to think it it’s for that to about a dozen work on the ground to a bears this little circle thing in the middle of this write your and according to this if we go down to this direction to the tune SE we will find a different underground location and we let this is yes we have famous ones that actually part who recognizes this just by standing in this area rate you might what is this area remind your guests to this is the tutorial on the ground this is the latter that you go down at the very stop and this is where you learn mining and Smith in this area over here and mining and sneaking up here and then if you go through this door car here and that will take you over two way you learn combat said these two completely unrelated underground areas, built in such a way that they right next to each other combat you as the play would never actually know but let’s go back to where we were to their year was just Teleport accents Costa these are the nine are there , tally is not out that the beauty of the howl Cal and uploaded here works by can actually switch it to a height map mode which then generates the landscape and we stick that into and that allows us to let cedar we have a nightmare that if you hike maps here is the ice cave Heitman are loads up this is this area are at this as iron backs we look at this one you that this area here and the resolution is a great band will we learn from this is that actually half of it is pretty low to the ground and in the left half is the higher up paid to believe by somewhere have the ice cave by overlaid on top and if I don’t then we do have this image that gives us an idea of what we’d be looking for if w and all looking for you now that we’re in now view CT is I have a high partner and an aide pour tout when you’re that that Iran and colors or Heitman let’s switch apartment and were to run it in to the to the city and it picked up by entitled this scandal reload the map so you will notice some extra outlines and picking that I’ve added in my testing it pulls a notice that there’s a lot of

to that the gray areas in this map actually mean, chants that don’t exist that anything that’s actually black or dark is an actu could be a the testing area unit and are a right is the easy way to just export this whole thing you would have to render every grab that image export and 8200 now that slowed down because it’s trying to render too many chunks it wants is it wasn’t as I’m for what we doing with is going in a up to 9000 and is tricky to looking for 9500 to the center on a needs to be 9500 obese be 3000 on the ex eight by a yuppie not wrong route that this map for the rendering is actually saying that the fork over here is null and so is the underway to reach thousands and 40 eight’s and 1000 and order the ranks reared and power some of 3040 eight’s is actually year this spot them and the why needs to be 9582 get to this spot where my cursor is right now is where I’m standing in the site map that you guys can barely see anything what I can tell your is that this sometimes merge the runway that this area he is the height maps of the stereo and you’ll notice that their bits her and lower for the down that way but warring at haight map too much today because a height Mac is a lot of effort to actually ren inspector and colors and a minimize up for now to we need to do is finish these walls because I haven’t touched them in for a bargain been asked to teach them and out by did have that another version of this area Bolls where in like 1/2 the resolution scarcity or maybe actually that orange one is half the resolution it’s a purse debris is scaling is the trip to speak here to tell women do is we know our believe measured this tour The above fall to Phil Regan ag turn on no quit that abounds means out abounds a 22 is so most likely the array the length of the array is less than 22 and it’s trying to get the index of 22 pitch doesn’t exist because is nothing higher than say 20 or 21 a right to set that some able a grid here because it will help us in the time inning whether we screwed up the last time we were building here are that is not based are meant to send their leader Linda do here jumps this and we just need a figure out what a great actually looks like you that for those who haven’t been around the fuel, is about this distance away from tunnel wall then that means this is the full title if it’s not that there isn’t a good example here that means that the tile that you’re standing on a shared by the wilderness is usually the

to we can figure out from this is that if I would grab to paned glass is a scrabbling rainy and not actually not using ground black tea from a which are to the idea here is that we’ve probably screw this up here because according to this we fought at the time the grid is supposed to be out this way below the other possibility by red devils welcome to the string to actually the way the buy drew this out this is correct and and once that exactly supposed to mean there’s this new strategy here are all interesting to bad word filtered work really well of goods and other bomb rushed to star the way I’ve done this use of the orange is actually the wall and the blue and green high just agreed to help you do the positio and 1/2, but dell and all of this here is just java and why people complain the pipe it’s good for little star and like the actually one of the things that may show us to start a when we will building this week halves this Klein pipe bomb and their wares and is not your back , and that it does it by this when they hear rights say we’ve got red to yellow and green it actually make it use A collar that’s similar to what it is a regionally and that’s how we ended up with this image are here that they can actually see in this in age that we have the gray for the pods the green for the cross and the dealer for the sentence on and so forth right to we had this and we have a height map that was seven or higher at this image right here because a height that the entire world and you can define is and this in a bit at a knife you can see this but this here is large castle this here is to turrell I went and you get the whole idea of the world started there is so are Crandall and waits and then this is the wilderness but eagle of these areas and like this this area of the map is higher than everywhere else on the second lining those two areas like I can we do this by inserting-because NCI that use python ringgit, your and our image two by an is actually what I did hear is beach by GB color value your bets transformed into a buyer might be the site you have this image beach of these colors would become a bit by Anne and that is how we end up but something like this but this year on a previous and the buyer here is never and this is planes now, planes to using python I was able to change the landscape to be different colored bar and I think now I don’t have an elite seen somewhere by shadow where it is a new spin Rambo ticket and the bat know why the stunts unloading OK India Bart the up each of the mine crop by

then you’ll notice in each of them have a caller in this tactic back if I were to switch back to default like a coach texture but most of these would be Karen Tiffin shades of green but but we do have here is this one is extreme heels and stone beach this one is the sets a van and that of all hell as the buyer Mr and so we know that we can use any of these three by arms and they will show up as send minutes to time and bind is a PST in her arm Ballmer binary think that this is the reference and essentially where each of like these lines is that turns the color that that plan will be in that text back to latest on here in this line for the seven and today is it back if you wanna change the color of the block the user is balding but each of these is a call and actually what I had to do because mike a friend is call is in a slightly different shade by did have to change the shade when I put into this file and Ian and each of these pixels gets loaded by games to go OK by need this cult Espy and then once I had that mapping of it this color the wind up with one of these and a world where the different landscapes and combines an at-script like British or one year temping between languages can be tricky a specially for one remain a few a very good at remembering bought the rules of the by typing in your situation before to this one loops through each chunk and changes each block and changes the color and then prints out how went all year all of that and you end up with a world back at once if I were to go to tepee world or seven or then threw that Barak buy from a penny to be able to fly thanks you can see stuff like here right where it what happened is I use the wrong color for the buyer or I used the wrong by and for t to eight this channel island there these buildings if I look at that info the show than the Charles Ireland this area here that it is like here and we’re actually looking here the notice that this screen is not the same as this column that this gray is the same buzz able to map these correctly I just used the wrong color or a used the wrong by MF we going to hear what I am is this this is birch forest we look ants this patch farce does this arena right here in its agreement with ended up with that could be divided and mapped by colors incorrectl and I don’t know if it had been the air and Jason file here as I do have the world file here for world can tell I like how well I described this file to score site map to them it’s clearly the height map for up to the renascence mime pitches what this kinetic as for the actuall but they should be adjacent file hear some of Helen mapped these behind then gets loaded I base are back and be a medical the mappings that Jason was something and many blocks taught schematic that’s helpful as an it on very good at naming things that make you noticed by Norton and the buyout a weird thing with my right click menu them are not move the mouse to intangible just coolers

and what I did it by I made this to like to use it spine because what we end up with right by do need to change the screen designing us a problem with changing the buyers is you end up with for bold the lighting having to beaver EU a loaded and because the client does that its supremacy Simon of the touching that year that someone needs turned out to a sore arm year promise to 5 GB to any files not folders is a problem but all week we in the bomber to its problem by some contend it’s now are any buy I keep everything in the fall of an easier and one for sort by directory where her arm to these are all resource back staff beach mine crop model has a Jason file swam last year 10 map and mark is a novel conversion to split models and testing pipe and image reading test that is what the folder is sick of an image reading test that he we get our babies are by and call is scoured it is a mapping Jason and you’ll notice they have three test bike and files but we start actually 47 for mapping began and we’re OK this color here this one is the wrong one you you, I GB one buddy 21 the eight this one lead labeled as being buy and 22 and owl by and 22 is one of the gills bind is it a quick it’s a niche for the snowy hills by hair to birch forest needs to be different color batch forest actually needs to be a color that’s closer to the original thing here at weekend in the text to pare their bodies and Paul Lowden, it should turn itself down when I talk to each of the songs is weirdly balanced to if I wanted to I can go through and be like okay I need a fix this this section of the change in the texture paprika changed in the world changing in the world is more if it but now we know that this line right here is the one that needs to be corrected because none of the other ones that be using these back a couple of them of an meaning I don’t wanna change the color we just need to correct this specific line so we change this to a different by no regrets to choose it from this list here and then we have to actually are rerun by armed and see if it to correct the button a touch that that’s a tusker another day we actually won a good to this and actually won again back this way and you’ll see we have previous versions of different buildings are killed well here so this is the hour

white knights console this is also the white knights console and this is a to sliced version of the white knights console that we in Cobol killings here like this one where tax Lien really detailed and one of the other things up in keeping a list of is to stay as to labs and blocks the week and Eric a well this is a puff block a disaster and half block this isn’t dead, look and this one might be a novice type of store and look what this is the o’clock we use for white knights pass limits pepper block a right but this one is a bar likes, a kind of thing reward a texture and this one luxury press to read all back a Winnie listed the ice cream is a little place winner arms there are one or we need a list of blocks that can be rotated to start 1. that scene added these blocks here to we know that each of these and you can save on the rides a tiny font but this one is on the Exe axe is this one’s on the why to this one’s on the Z axis and why economics and these ones only have picks and one as a reason why pitched in gives us the ability of stuff like this will like okay so we need a block that takes up dinner 1 to 2 rear and skate blocks wide and to retool their 40 beach Bancroft block can have a model that takes up three by three by t this is how we’d put four blocks each of them having a different rotation to build a very large tree and again novel what we’re working on today and backward and the eight team in a loop of the music’s to allow by mike bump up by Michael little more actually tonight we know what would that what we’re dealing with him are his start the thing that I had forgotten and now the winner is that this technically is like this to our this block to hear that I’m standing on now this when one is this blue block and you’ll notice that the war goes up here and eat that we stand right here this block here is this one here to each to buy two in mime Croft is one Thailand to the ghetto cable this one sometimes you have a situation like this where the way you design by Agnes yet heard sold at one created and 2016 bits gibberish sits on a text file me because it or the air but some might be application and xml the ball to our word document that it’s an excel spreadsheet with 58 sheets on our once the file are picked a row as by design a better to find out what this 58 sheet to spreadsheet we have that hasn’t been touched in another and doesn’t recognize that a minor but what it is an are what you figure that route that 90 with the file is the second spreadsheet and a right is in some situations but you end up doing like that this angle here this is one tile that the user can stand in buying this copied here is fall below panned by Vishay you’ll notice that technically there’s only a really and our war and no standing space here I am currently standing halfway in the wall

pitch that model is a bit weird but I’m not supposed to be able to really stand in this plot or this one here are the meaning that when we do the diagonals here we have to figure out OK do we play set so that it’s like this in the grade or do we play set to be more like this in the great that technically this might be a little more accurate because now with picture feels a little more like it a downside is that you’re supposed to be able to connect the dots to know what we actually to our meager sign your pink I can place these unstained class and hope we can but the idea is that these are inch box of imagine they connected this way but I’d rather than sketch that I’d rather this year in the match and this area here are a runny an edge in the to line under in your there’s something like this and start we have to have a way for the user to stand in the assigned kitchen was innocent or the user has to be able to stand in this block here but not in this block here but we do is we draw that line of the orange wall this way but spend you can grab another file a writ here this here is this here one are pre and because this if I wanted to a smaller and more of the HR RE and you’re looking at mine crop or pitching beans that’s how that greed works and say you have to figure out well by these lines go on the outside board ago and ¥it this way you still have a invisible line that the user can’t stand in your readers basically this much nicer control side by side that one of the Eggers are a lot of in that way you have agreed that makes sense for the scale that we’re working with that leaves doesn’t have a zoo to the Ireland that’s how we’re doing these to its an edge inning that these connect your website and strong but got that part of the way some doubt we know how greed works from when I built this probably over your reduction we should be able to find out that maps I started working on the ice cave back in 20 15th but haven’t finished this by demo ice cave that since 22 stain or dns 2015 tar of the attack ad that’s fine to actually drawn the orange outline the Merced and this area we are now on this be done here to win ago to that spot PM to the do this it the same angle them away doing this in a way where something like that when did mine skate

of year bond between the end of 24 fit that 2014 in the start of 25th and Alan solis two green blocks is where I’m standing at the moment this is where I’m standing right now meaning again have to connect this up here and then we go out this way that it is the same on both sides about a proposed arena blocks to make it consistent so that we know what we’re looking at live blocks shar bobby’s connect below under the sake of my future but to be fair I joined and mindscape the year and 1/2 before their bicycles around for awhile before the end of star now we stand on this signed a get to know is this to upgrade those one to and this is what gets a little weird sometimes we can’t have to go our bill noticed that this isn’t exactly where it should be seven league are now we need to determine if a measurement was correct and did a very easily by grabbing these indicted on our that would not be let us on this side we’ve actually gone one guy in town and this one’s one tool are because really this should be the same spot that this is in that could mean that I’m drawn the outline to learn that you’ll noti to live to check two things will have to check but enough to check that these two line up correctly and that these two lineup correct and it’s too hot and more but star with the shore to one fast because it’s easier to star we stand here and this this gap between these two will have to be three blocks wind worm REIT OK to this week’s here

is correct that means the wall here is likely in the correct position the even if we haven’t done this side of the wall here and knowing that we know that this area here is Al green line this way to if we get along disk read line 1 to 3 bolt 56789 tiles one 123 poll on 267 eighths pates to line up but this will that the only now map start artsy or iron by the map that we actually this is Al third party Klein and its White House: it’s the top left and also lists nearby players an to this is what the original would look like and this is with a grid on base it much easier to count out a specially on the ground like this where the landscape is very smooth and we wouldn’t be able to tell like year you can kind of tell as a line here the kind of tell was a degree up your but not very easily this saves me a lot of work as I can get account those very easily ba I remember that by I thought it might be by guess that’s why it didn’t work as a , this tart gill and we’ve modified a lot of clients in our time to try and do the things we need them to do and this is the first one the right version because there’s a list of versions this is for 474 that between 2016, 20 2006 and 2000 eights they released like 50 around and 50 versions and knowing exactly which one we need to take forever and the things in that time that’s when they rewrot to either a lesser versions of 47 for the client we needed because that’s a ride as they switched over to the grip the client bu sewer 12345678 so that that is the correct distance that to winner is they should be to full blocks tear in here before week while and what we actually have a gravel below one but actually only have one and meaning that most likely if we were to look here by most likely misjudged one of the measurements a long beach’s wall your has this wall here is the correct link that this one is one block show that we have the grades Bissell be really easy to do Sorenstam are here and actually I think I’ve already found where I screwed up right here this is one block this is to tiles and because I got one measurement wrong on this spot right here that means this entire thing is a one block south but explains a lot of looking at it now and other and grabbed a polygon selector and within a guard we needs are and here and even read this entire thing

but I say one more like two blocks one tile that Rick I thought it would because I did remember having a document with a lot of sheets where I listed out all of the biden’s and a prices with icons and an eyesore the number sheet cells like it’s probably don’t and was an show one listener of the night of the succulent that make sense but we needed their marriage that entire and are back in the summer so Mr Message area by actually have and a conditional to our when he gets too hot in my room under standard by just turn it off because can be little are beacon to ring too much colder than make sense for all the now because it’s in one drive we can just use the one great with Klein I don’t know if it actually h to now that we actually have this lining up where it’s a poster of this one here this one here lineup bought the other thing we can do is we can go around here and gar a cane base lines up a weight Shorewood’s would the way, I’m a bit worried about this here because this looks like it but actually continue one block further to women take a quick look over here to see if I miscounted down here or if I used a bit of creative a freedom to make it one , to this is why that this the area he is actually a doorway which is why there’s an extra block here to what you’ll notice airs this is very weird is when I’m standing in the style I might actually half in this war because this wall is within the style and you’ll notice that because if I grab sketchier again , whites for screening arm are used in your just need this section right here think you the latest standing your this line here continues this worry of this entire section of this wall here is within the style because this time was a RE tile this entire section of this wall is in the style therefore it’s it’s very smart by arm it does it’s a quick demise like this where I can use the snap and sketched out, take I know I can do that which share acts that I want out of the chimes start using applications like this a bit more just watch refrain rate dropped to see the two stick yep seven FBI psychic I need to not move the few things because I am running quite a few things here to because this is how clean here we know that we can actually when we build this using the mine crop read them on a night off g therefore when we build this wall and in a drawer it in actually fairly and this area are really to two CPU usage and men

bus as seen by this wide as ABS browser using eighth paint the saints and arrows of explains it and out by this did crash on the Elia said these are the actual real browser pages the others just can shop and sold down to now for the little mother tilts the that’s that’s why we should be barred for life I now do this again that still drops rendering basically don’t ride windows my guess is because I’m using display capture the really strange but I like a pick up into the stream hippie days going well to visit agreed on working with them this particular angle which explains why this goes halfway into this book because this book is here get because now the CPU is fine it’s just our BS rendering struggling a bit as keep in mind I had to java applications a running that are designed to render these two plus I have not been throwing and that’s the resource anything and sign to wine may have to RE do this area later because you’ll notice that I’ve drawn this but we have a solid block here does that mean it’s this block here to add this to swap here but it is pork here but three measure that Leah but not to worry about that for now because you’ll notice the orange line actually lines up correctly along this already returns to worry about it too much as good and we can also get rid of the screed year which we now numbers and yuli correct the week and roll this year, control these two blocks here because we know that there ought to law and are the pay tentative bell and lloyd’s and we actually wants this to your right and zing you in a that’s got its double check it was this and this was the only one but for correcting myself in all my mistakes to now that we’ve done it and according to bonnie quickly reload my browser source just in case as I did kill a couple browser to sources are men are actually again if we would roaring the walls them selves and be like it’s because you’re only supposed to be able to stand in this one block leads us that is one of the fun things that I’m doing that with that we’re doing on that front, telling because we are to be working with a microphone that a shun specter and order to bar math present the Elvis card isn’t actually functional anymore because I broke it but this is how a normal microcode works and we’ve all seen a right

is how the risqué crops work but this is with mine crop Logins essentially bill be able to interact with these drops away you normally would in Ron skate to you right click them that you can punch them to pick them up a pickup that the topmost t bands be the way the shop’s work is only you can see your own drops the first couple minutes and then everyone around you can see the crops for another minute or two that the respond tie and the spawn time in total is 3 minutes whereas mine cuts as 5 minutes and essentially what these are use their role com beach of these are being held by a annual Otis that in this view I’m the only one season and the top left the other person doesn’t back off to some time will have the situation where they become visible to everyone else something that will cut here somewhere but Lisa cost would it take and seek each of the blocks one by one of your but now they can see if they can interact with that may seekers this is an even with month blocks this is with the aid mine crop plug in that for a speedy plan all that’s that’s the other thing right if you die and you respond if you don’t move you see this mess the drops the spawn in 3 minutes and other people can lick your drops in 1 minute bucket by bucket itself as they to the thing tides kind of its small that spigot, supersedes it and contains anything about that kid a waste of the reason is because of stupid copyright s to start the end result was tart if you right click on bass are ritually owe you can see the punching to get each of the top are said the guy was like okay you know what discarded com you no longer allowed to distribute it because he used to work, work open source for bucket right and that he was unhappy with how everything went because he didn’t like these card was now technically an emerging star he said hey to star bucket and essentially destroyed because of it and then spit it came along and went OK so we can’t distributes this card that and we, so we can’t distribute the final binary with discovered that you guys can build it yourself so they made a script that essentially builds the spigot and bucket to files all you because the technically not just repeating the end result this still distributing a card and Bowie feed killed so it’s it’s still technically a gray area that the doing of the years and I are nobody’s come along to two yellow cards are that this one’s interesting as mission and seem weird because the air but here’s the thing is a difference between what I’m doing a what we’re doing and a modern server a right because all of the card we’re doing is set aside and all of the visual changes are done in a resourc that expected resource pack and this one a poly below the resource PAC plus that the pack and those although you to modify suppo and your it says by bookshelf bang base is one block that takes up and buy three tie I still run bucket servers putting this service running back is running craft bucket and 1131

and lamenting API version one picking one, are one step short by and 39 visions behind with 16 Logins and then also run regularly crops and still won 1. well because of a modified arm against quickly work with 113 year as the change the whale blocks work by and confused here and by the time you’re not shore and looking at this section here and because it’s an acute busing students get the because what I’m not sure about but actually be other thing bob Dole and the teachers to say that the BS is picking up snipers kitsch or as a dozen pickups the you live for share acts baseman Mike Speier but just a baton a tea is what I’m unsure about the setter that by now I’m selecting which share it as my share expect to the restore to start he has very confused here as a dozen makes sense this has three blocks at the ball dried out how it’s powered strong mayor and see how we get are so we have wind angle by a wish c’mon blocks didn’t bore me as much as they do because of Allies that’s exactly how I would do it Manuel and liked me I feel like a mime blocks of cheating to some extent I feel them all year and I really like the text by Paul because its native palm time thinking I have to do it this way that feels right to me to art from here we have 1 to 3 and four title when are we are all buying by I’m quite sure why a band’s to stuff like Donna Paxson resource packs and c’mon blocks made them a lot school of the just I’d think that that people that were making the call ones back and I’ll still making the ones now because I feel that some other people that made really can’t step in if they had that power back then that they do now all those than most people moved on from micro that mean you yourselves to get work done any mind open your door because there’s so much else that you could be working on right back a I think this is right this looks right to me and ado to sign as well and then mission oh this one’s two blocks in in a way Yan they did just come arms it triggered behind

its it’s more an interesting thing for Redstone than it is for the map store it just feels to Chico sign for II agree with you to one to meager one down here rarely get back out there and this one’s lot would and then we have down here to more than eight months the notice that when I do this on not really looking outs the slight like outlined in the already have bad rather look at the right one which is how it looks in game to a building out an of this one’s now three blocks one pre and according to this occurs timely and and the because title into that one spot where we determined that this is exactly how white its approach to bait to start the measuremen their huge adopts there’s some equal things the people making back and read Steinbeck like I would be like after 21 am doing power and because for me I I’m not good with that their bones technical staff by kidney program and tell me to troubleshoot it all do that in the summer like this and I’ll build a bit the real technical staff of electronics and more but write it is not a thing and not good at it but in this woman goes 12 and three deep armed armor that store and one right knee injury arm and eighth and from here it’s 2181 9 to 1 this signed a one to and connect the dots and now we have a full hot line , does that look that we do have the full outlined his top picks the next thing we need to do is a room here to worry as it needs to connect them to hear but that’s that’s about as wide as it should be let’s bytes measure this out as we know our though this is in here so 1 to 3 or in half and co : to Hobbes and to bore and than a year are you so that’s the distance to hear more we know when to three will our art Howe are actually that’s not too bland it’s an hour a week and are open indicated there

and this one would have to be anonymous stock and that’s all user to weed one and go south hear any other thing is this one has a thing in the middle and the that’s usually the case when you don’t Eileen Elliot going to all the year four digits their year red stains or some am sure if he built it now would be like 1/4 that size if you do it without them unblocked that can unlock some of the two c’mon blocks and sit which is a lot less interesting but can do I think as build the centerpiece first as we know exactly how big it needs to be because I want to do it my way there isolating experience but uses this is a very simple build police the first layer the second layers a square with and not even easier specifically 3.3 to four by four and reviewer carol Leitner have the twisters we grant are there any power are pro resorts talked of its two so when our armed the arm that school RE peak reading the wrong colors and I keep doing the blue instead of the orange submarines at the wrong way around that

touts two slows right it’s also quite hilly and a copy this from the bottom left means it would have a line of your your haste and without a target it’s perfectly another we built that the commander will wreck and when graders and vinegar south from your and real sooner bunt 234567 is seventh want this one to a rainy will bind 6 to 7 one is blank and we end up with a wall and air to check if my mind cross art has anyone buying and one player and a bus that mean rate welcome back the sys exports word Wilson so six cars were the ball are , your letter is like a one in a bind hundred in 48,000,000 chance by a I’ve always seen as a waste of money to we’re doing is adding to the pull of what other people can win over the wheel giving someone else monies aris light but isn’t that easy humor pirates confirmed a RE army and we have to war two’s to back we’ll blow your own peace and then we’re sorry that I ever Alice welcome a ring all to all that good luck might be wrong

but the days go on welfare or spring RE I said that bob Le manic but within a par with the flow and who can best a recording setup of the dense pack and that sounds fine in real time with job of a long tail and this is why we double check the measurements in game because this book right here would’ve been wrong as Eliza thing else right it’s just that one block and a bubbly they would have to be if you build something inch of acres now you just build everything from Brussels to the menu specifically although if you wanted to you can now build a a slogans ago or you just what you’re doing this again is four blocks and then of core diagonals yet and three along here that that’s a range touring again Tory and reader one diagonally out here for work and diagonal and we have to RE for blocks him of the diagonal the other ladies work for the stein was out internally as writers and roll I’m going that way which is why the spot here tends to be our micro looks wind your but the actual but if Ike would I would use for signs of the crime and its power blocks are something but one book in here and warm use as a stripper and one chair scares you are which is one and three diagonals out this way a randomly disappeared in that happened to my excel spreadsheet are in bad I never had an Ide vanish on the back of the crash of an inch that I was using excel and I cared about a PS admonishing like it did on the elian would be a problem that there are booking goods to know need three diagonals are here readings RE below a lot Korean army there a buy I can understand that I’m currently using 16 actually not bad

to extend its 32 pound living in my ram runs very slowly and it’s a ring as as is this amusing 60% of my CPU don’t know that pay is nowhere near enough by use 16 at the minimum at work I was using closer to 20 and so my page file was very big in a an Ira surf of the blocks themselves that the only ones that matter in this case of the orange once that’s where the walls will grow that the green and blue that I’m usin that as a visual aid for me of where the graders power grab this blurry this is the great right arm arms or is just a way to meet sit there for me to visualize when acrid and see if it is mall for landscape is 64 GB is absolutely articulate can’t imagine ever needing it unless it was running a bunch of the NS and in terms of the purple and blue are wall and purple is what was placed an automatically bind one of power and the school because you’ll notice that I’d imagine it’s been a the outlook-crime and that this is a risk eight tile wall for micro or thus just my way of being able to garner and because sometimes what I am not doing is by end up being one look to shore to it becomes half the tile and then that screws up measurements and very heavily think what drop but even I think my 32 deeds here is a bit overkill because I only use around 16 All-Star but effect on using 16 power that’s only the deny that they use mastro our music and stopped actors pay ballots make sure my accounting here isn’t off current time arms one and two are yet II would assume star in the summer science where people will make the most money but other than Le petit are our winner by the five year this one should be a blow by the 23 or arms are we stand around the store or trials in it or four trials your loss and don’t want to this hasn’t won two and 39 restoring any can’t see is

one to read our arms are lots and entombed articles are two laps a one that’s good and are we continue worse are screwing to diagnose us and and Touche wants here by an almost considering streaming this into an ADP because I am doing everything in 1440 play on my end and I feel that stuff is probably just to pixilated fee goes to see certain things like tech by that you can’t even read a bar is done yet a route that check an unknown PC poppy, better prices go up and down for that particular piece of hardware or for a minion are in a row of the two flights were on their two diagonals and woods CT into this to flats and a diagonal witch and ends up being, one here and game and I know this weary this one show and where will your to repay then we have to hear this is a stereo as long as you can see the mouse I’m I’m not too worried because I can see on mine line are paying you can to bite the design and change for your ball outs the party that start genius to hear this is the cursor and point to signs section sys of the system settings are at the quick edition of the settings and takes you mouse wheel and then you click additional mass options a second time and instead opens the mouse property and discuss a dozen actually change fee will then as they are not you might weather and jeans and a science and weight us and say it because the city for one

when Ter ball to diagnose nests and Mrs. Wynn and I know your limits of your the state Colin because this is actually conserve a lot around her more of a model arms are your and actually weaken students model for 46 are that may show you some of the magic was there or 46 are bald and around was your that’s not entirely the one I’m looking at snot entirely the 1:00 AM looking at to our well let’s look at icicles and stand 10360 these icicles, but rotated in a weird way the dow are staying that actually rotated 45° by army this right here you’ll notice they are transparent but you I find that interesting that began at war pressures your great line here are this is one block yet the seniors two blocks year and one diagonal to see are the are no

this path is all sorts of weird live at this here where time I’m standing or the little bit confused the enova Stephanie a bit of a haircut above to this one ranged as the site does the same thing an entirely feel comfortable with that ball circuit can’t leave his style is actually stretched on top of this model here but all your roof than anything else at at work to cut the slot open up there actually steps as climb steps but they’re it’s just weird but even weirder when I have the game for fewest behind magnifying away thanks but my mouse shouldn’t like when I use the main but a the timing worth remembering is there stands here and are Benelux the cap anywhere a cat should be free to go wherever it pleases is a bit of the pokemon and not one to cover and skate better headquartered at one bytes a good combination of mission and looks right but isn’t only 1-(234)-561-2345 0.4

arena animals are to flatten the fourth day now are 1 to 3 laps both diagonal to flats it’s time zones Ackley have drawn out your internal they should be boring Bangles 123 stores will bytes and military mission this flattened along here and we outdone to those are our wallet wants arm there there enough the a cat’s away that you know why there because they’re making sure no one’s in the territory that looking out for your my cats the same shall come in one bill book around the room in and weeds out the other door to orange class of is the correct outline a route two kinds and out of the next thing we have to think about is that the way the everything is structured in here is that isn’t an actual roof a right now we know that the underground Eisenhower in your butt and the difference here is when you’re next 2 to 1 like this way you can climb store here we can climb up some stairs here and these stairs will take you on this shooting up here that’s when we have to guard the care how do we actually designed this that the patton’s did we do for up and down by over a child and to I’m confused about how we do this as a first as he Isadore here as these are the stairs by the title of the stream get so there is an upper level according to this night to lie just map touts the ice warriors and giants is skillful white man’s the money is the pirates and hobgoblins but connect on badges realize their stays here and says a second floor here but as root of the pair to this second level bill noticed the stairs are here are records and into this arsenal and stairs it here and wheat belt of this area year to way to build out this area to be workable and because I don’t have this great in our binding have to make the grade myself using this to unassigned it goes on to it goes into this area here

as you can see the sport here is where I’m standing right now and realizes a second level by the map files star this until the cash and this cash contains bomb the bawdy two MB – of that file and then it has a bunch on if by defiles and some sprites and world map to that includes the height map all the furniture that’s in its bands the textures for landscape that follow to pull up and we can have the client that I’m running around and the mime and actually generates mapped umps Bernini map that shows in the top right corne it generates files based on where you are now in the oval world right now where knocking this area all our current palm that this cash this cash contains the sprites file that contains bulk it’s the correct way of saying it to cash contains a sprite file which contains all of these images to some of them on buttons some of the mahogany map outlined some of them a floor textures some of the map icons to spell icons that actually this doesn’t seem to have the floor textures it’s the way roots as a hour year by eye after when I say it I have to purposefully saying the right way by arm arms years were looking for hessians wins cash’s we think that’s was the working one but you can open a cash follow scare to be arson 7.1 , Klein a safe disc opens and all are cage taryn he you have stuff like all your here’s the title bottom right to this stored as DAT files you know there are some of the images some of the models but can’t think files in here bomb missile store in binary hour by armed and you can see some of the text here arm Pulte can and it’s a broken multi canon inspect will and stuff like a list of NBC’s of a dollar bought the interface your files like an arm this one contains there’s the health of cost of Orrick and map barrels interfaces are also go ex chairs and you’ve got index is of particular versions of a revision things like animations to this one as textures of these are the Arif and floor textures throughout the game sub is the one of these are the star and bricks on one ridge console this is the tex of their is side by side in game and the and the the actual cash

their of the queen for texture as you’ve got paintings bombed their reign texture apparently power if textures book cases spyware textures one of the textures right there this is cool directly from a knee to recline right they’ve got support chap as well so you’ve got a letter in to start this would be the ad blacklist words so there’s the list of a blacklisted words in Ron scape back fact that death to fork is apparently blacklisted that pot that passwords when it’s pass why it is OK the stage half in here bought top level domains that is the calm that let’s see if the pie and is in their cars mind yet there it is I am that’s the next lush and check hires right that year and then apparently there’s one file that contains all of the sounds and a list of models to the 65,000 miles in this game and each of these models , variants of the same thing right or some of them are that you can rotate them as well so are manners that heads and you’ll notice that some of them the missing textures in certain areas because you’ll never actually seen and game than they can create your own name back to the fray and create your means to that’s how we extracted all of the models are an and we have the individual IDs to the other thing you’ll notice is that this one here like example this one is 1267 and out each model has a model ID which is what these of and a ID in the world to for example of this that’s let’s grab like these hear your this year has an ID in the world of 10591 as a model ID of 3722 that we got here are some works it to these are the rocks that we’re looking at are here these crimes but this is useless to us as as it is rare we can export it has up to final ball to be fair and rinse gate to sit and models at least 10 and this time. Which is Mrs. In 2007 but let’s say the models are made into the Sin palm to this model ID 372 to this file was useless to what’s right and if we exported we get an arm regards and will conversion week we get the data files year now we found that old cities of these apple 29,193 that files that file was useful stores whether we can convert them using a to to an end to our file now and into word file can only be opened by a subset of programs one of which is called me at which is ca this is the one Monroe County bought a license for it

to this one up to this and we’re looking at model ID 37228 or we can do is we can open at in Al into where folder the tavern pitcher and now we have the same rocks of these rocks in this format a very useless to what’s because my craft when understand what the hell since we do is we export base as any in as a wave front file data are BJ and stick them in your bag and choose all year include a material file NT all to know we can choose what scaling we want it for now we don’t care that that we have these model that this model has any as an object file now I can open the subject file and any three the program like paid three the pitch comes up winners : OM there was a mixed reality viewer something right three the viewer power of a little are these those rocks the we just ordered and that’s in any program that comes with windows and this one is apparently without textures because it wanted a file the attitude want to actually were to now we have any file that can be opened by many programs and luckily there is a very cool told sums can keep this up right here there’s a cool little told old fixture here are aboard a license for this and quite short papers and license as well 99 pits ensure we both got a license because we want to use its own time and will put Beckley update now an outfit each sheet is made by the same guy and makes arm at one texture pack that everyone uses bomb watts is nine are corner by always begins nine sacks to as facts made this program as programs very very cool and overhang before we deliver to our we started with the DAT file pulled out of the cash and windows and import the budget files created from the into our which was pulled from the that far younger and drives some Croft bottle conversion by armed wing front object model Prix 7 to 2 and you can see that now we have the rocks and stretch them if we want and rotate around them and you’ll notice each block is the correct color now my customers know what the hell this as an ado is we’re gonna get OK well we won it converts the Al parliament’s into any rocks or power and one to convert nothing into blocks tools Ron cursor squares and arm to know will buy ways to get the correct order in which to do this to this is a mesh this is the mission were working to the mash the one that converts to Vox all switches this option here and you wanna get Ricke I want this to be party to pan to avoid AIDS file size and in making empty but now we have party to the 32 of those rocks everyone said we could go you know what I wanted by one that takes to pack to be huge by want it to be 120 and it is exactly the Chile we can’t stop without we have that that’s a set in a third step actually to now we have that the rocks the brain are escape the available for mime cross like this in a 100 buying at 128:20 eighths a lock and you’ll also notice that this has won to a raid by 123 on actually lets

this is where we sit here till notice it’s that it’s got three blocks by three and this particular one is not only in the scent of one that also aid tapes into the surrounding blocks Buckley a mime Croft book according to this according to mike rock itself these models can take up to read by three by three blocks we just need to design a models that way which is whiny if we look at some of the Bancroft are here to models that the temp ordered by the sink scrub the sink this sync actually takes up three blocks wide two blocks across bandits that 2 1/2 block school that the one the quick and having a lot of trouble with is that read because the treaty in rinse cape is three tiles by three tiles at least a big one tutorial island what is that meet well that means it’s been nine blocks 0.9 blocks and Cali that the same poll which few things we would need a to properly utilized the block that this entire process gives us the ability to have the sink like this or a chair bowl his accounts to write supply get rid of this court can stand here is a hat stand by and its three blocks school and it takes up one to sickle blocks I can actually walk through all of these and not this one right here will I really enjoys the plan and this plan is used and a lot of different now I actually one redo this one because you’ll notice that it is a bit disconnected in certain areas but school year the that’s true route to start your winter become a lot of doing the SEC also been a walk to cheat oral Bonner which is bigger world to take a look at this tree and see what we can do it by my change the title string and which window instead and I’ll updated to win a DOS history this really really huge as a base that’s brown and then has actual texture files for all the leaps and we saw those texture files in our cash and are he , some with very early on any way one of them contains the leads that actually wasn’t models and was the pitch one was a this one right here on quite sure that these leaves artists and mom picture file here are at the wee but I believe they are as this year in here and looks correct to this tree is huge bite to this tree is 1571 the year that’s that’s fed on

it that really depends on what feel you’re going 40 few one if make it feel curated by someone are actually knows what they’re d Gotta Bidwell talking like mine, freely because that has an order generated world and it looks good but open an the oak tree in 1571 teal notice the bases brown and the leaves and upping black the wanna do this bottom line is the black material so let’s just make it to some kind of green bath but let’s not make it that greet , by 10 buzzer going up picked a bad dream that my knee and green tree orders or 20 back a that’s a little closer by keep forgetting my mom had the switches to that same register hockey’s arm and head and I made my right hand and moves over the hump at all the time a rather than using another long to star to have this tree we have a base in nod to shade of brown and we have the top of the tree which is not a high expect us to have away at we’re gonna do it the easy way for now and women are so I know as if teen 71. packets and carol file NT oh yes studio are as though we had the tree with the shade of green to give us a visual idea and we’re working with this true that are in pilot but game play 0111 welcome to the streamer and welcome to the order that’s for the following prescient and contains going well but is at three Patrick don’t know what problem you’re having because that is definitely brown and that is deftly green bay less a scaling on this is tiny that’s a first thing we have to design and every scene ground here bought by just made a second tree that I was doing and raining all year but interesting to a bun my laptop and ended just along the top they shared by a function keys I think this tree would actually be really tiny compared to what it’s supposed to be an ash it a tax on the clients history twice in your buying how to lie , scale

and was really nice about this tool his you can actually see how big it would be across the three blocks storm in a a resize this again are so more room to weaken safely make this trail with pulpit beaker , butts and out but I’m going for a bail there under 1.1 1571 guess was that touching the edges are some just far enough away that I can wear OK , the other thing we can do our but now we have this mash technically we’d want this is two Russians to fight you set color and that changes the color of the entire tree and the other thing you’ll notice is that ponder here that use no texture though this is something the group would have to modify because if IE because these are transparent leads to some extent but we would want to do is we’d want to connect this to hear so we actually have to modify the model itself but the very least we’d want to do is we want both sides of these needs to have detection is and what texture is the co U.S And actually howard’s your bill weld that there is the six by six that it would have to be and because we can do with different model for each rotation of AR log block because and like this where the model is split up into pieces of wheat and sensual and connect the dots one replace of the downsides is with whiting because what you’ll notice is this table here is made up all the same model twice and you’ll notice that this table changes color halfway across to art but we did essentially is we grabbed half this table and replaced and world at the top their very similar in, but from the sides day almost never match bond and we don’t explicitly have a tool for it were is of what I used by I get route to do all the icon located models that touch to the fun stuff like this from Ikea I tend to make a grain by lump that get him to make the other side render text the united and to your signals was able to load fund for that while it’s good to and actually at one has green leads budget agreements are Zito said that that three pitch tree is there a to be this one here would not bow and 570 as this one right here that’s a very good green but Joyce the the biggest issue with killing something like to well I mean we end up with a

band object file and IBJ away from and NT all file the material file which contains the textures of the material colors are really the textures that technically we could do it that way are we could stick it into something like three DS Maxson and splice into four models that can get imported individually into CU but the big problem being the lighting die warriors, look, gee but things just work bond till they don’t tear that’s that’s how we get our models and becomes down to Hal best to do scaling because we can import them into here but they always end up being just a bit larger than a single war that night time is a nothing in our world but if I were to grab that table if I grabbed one I am a caring and I am a let’s say I just lay out a bunch handle all the right place but notice the lighting is the same year and when they connect define it the issue stems from how we’re doing lining and go indoors but I would attach this table cell and then basically perfect bunt sign which is good because the trees that should mean that everything will be fine but even notice before that this has brought eggs bailey Havas unlocked that the midday today and pout texture pack removes the sun set outside actually alighting shouldn’t be a problem that being the issue you start to run into is when two models hour run up against each other you might get this kind of split do to be cheated as actually have agreed to you consume in he infinitely and you can just keep trying to get back closer to that were there and if that actually get to touch the air that’s basically what happens at the moment a route that has a right to surfer@that should be fine but that the way we do lighting inside and reason why this was different from us probably because it’s Chan and which are right is this chair that some in a spot breaks the lighting to all we would have to because this is that the block that is the table which Eggers here to all I would have to do actually is put the chat in a model that the saint block light or moves that, even if a shift of the chairs then would happen is one of the chairs will be here and abroad aligning this one a route that something to keep in mind but if the check if we can modify knee a red glazed Terra Cotta to not affect lighting bowl we need to put it on like a stained glass of some kind they’re a table it is almost perfect by Mike Batiste and at the right angle it is flash at the moment you go right along here you like all that Campbell is very slightly split in half

to a year will holly export these into three separate to and three separate for toll for the bottom half and other for the top year that ideally to actually look at the tree then the pot where it’s actually unique is one of the legs by as that one just has a cotton ball by the roots this one wrote here’s a wet one appeared to be over soon the technically we might be able to get away with one that’s rectangle that in that situation we might as well just use two different models that connect better the road if you a start working on this tree are even that small one bad that second one boulevard the other thing you could do is just to feel like a rather than just making the double sided as tableside is bundling its winning the report on the air that will tie is flat bottom but I wouldn’t be surprised if we then go in there and m com and just kind of make it look by CITIC’s keep in mind the trees like this if I would a slight and my character is standing basic to it comes down to how we texture as while it’s flat in the model here and sent me a night year that’s true or we might do is we might connect something like this to hear all this to hear some can still see the branches and you can see that this stuff inside the actual like weird shapes of the inside that show we haven’t done any of that year, we’ve experimented a bit with 10 PC’s we had won PC plug in some women, with handmade for us but the idea is that actual conversation will happen but secret can bind the speaker is I have very or somewhere during that as nine that are out there bunch of good to people couldn’t start back of the gallaudet inquire it’s because by been lazy and busy and are it’s not much of a developer is he a move that figure that he didn’t buy case are that he’s a fun little detail another would post a video post in 2014 and guess what is right that put the USC

by the way we did that the time this is how to spell book worked and I’d I’d do something very similar to that the live out in a now we have something like this service could be a spell book to begin a thing as we can actually had different textures they’ll notice I have a little quick access thing your palm this is how you access the spell book the old way right and I think that’s how I did and how we get back and that no actually he’s holding the spell book offer that we actually changed it terry Hadley to we talked to BNP seeing as he skipped BNP season and candor and this was barely days and skated have PPP , that that wasn’t what slowed us down bodices the Bali versions of this one nickel thing about to have a way mine crop works now is that you can have click of a Lions in the in thing down your right so if I wanted to buy you actually see I can harbor biking hover over one of these and it gives me information and I can click on it to Teleport or to do whenever I will write so that’s how we would actually do the interaction because that’s how the interaction works in Ron scape you have the check box and you talk to be in PCs using the chap or pacify would pull up the to the wilderness is this section up here that is where PPP occurs that side of the PPP doesn’t really happened other pan down in Cal out and buy the castle walls are here and spittle arena over your buzz me to real places we have the DP parts are considering the man you walk out there you’re wont are signs all along here and say crossing this line you will power been a PPP area that’s that’s fair enough that everyone was into a tunnel are people who actually never played it and like I know that to seriously played at the plate is a kind of Kia, player was a character you know the kind of thing but other than a region really play it by most of the stuff I know that w the mustard and some working on this power project basically the bats alertly and are things like all your child you cut them trained trees in Ron skate the AAU your character hits the tree three times and the tree disappears and you end up with the stump yet they’re Ricketts and reconnaissance, and it quickly a refill mind drinks I’ll be right back my throat was starting to become drive but that’s the thing used to welcome to join us we’re java developer they’re interested that stuff like to drop system that I showed you earlier that kind of thing is to something that I find a lot of fun doing it is not something that you normally do in my craw right or the year the skills and rinse cake in a stuff like power can see this tough like that the skills list here all of the spell book your where it has a list of things that tells you what resources you bomb will prayer menu

banning of entry that stacks up too ridiculous numbers like this one has to two million by the looks of it a right of raider and might even the stuff that we were coming here like to have a couple bright said his business map you work line this that this game client on the right and actually running it and and it’ll do stuff that this is a tea obfuscated as the extracted java file so some of these variables a very jittery she like a the one time and trying to look for good example by a ride this one inner backache to equal 0K2 less than two and somewhat skate to IE three panned by oh team the longer a seven by three to a welcome to join us and I’d act of appreciate help as a been working on this on and off the years and just haven’t gotten an a lot of effort by I’d won by five other nation were here last time I string this that like most of the world building staff is done a right to our you might not have played the game but like that’s pull up an arm and not other and ball me that you can view this map yourself as well by armed to if I would again are in suppress builder Jon and it is a time or middle of this lake right here this tunnel base into underground area that is talk power sea and bar might injure but remember half of these commands Oreille barely get that vision to start by peas these caves underground we have bill inner and some of them are really cool in the depth because we used to those height maps for the underground areas as well below what actually occurred while Oregon are born back to get my waltz and onto to the island we go through this building here but combat group and so this is the Colorado some time down particles your settings particles that show that an it to toil_island works to to have this area which right now it doesn’t look like much but if I were to get OK give me and not a kit to read my night fish and then due to the way we have lighting setup and because we have the floor, and rinsed and tortures and actually look like the cei because an entrance gate and the way the underground works is that he is no ceiling because of the top down view to start when you actually playing the only really CD stereo by the way we built it is that when the builders Jane builds really nice that should be around 50% , but some bright

but I would lower to 50 it’s even more realistic write the shouldn’t be able to see that the ceiling a LAN nothing we have assig Kansi 50% that Albright a year but you get this kind of glue need this feels like a cave look tonight is seeking for this is very tall by pans the best part about that is in the areas where the ceiling is really tall beacon basically tied up one or two blocks and you’ll reach com are mean row game marred by 6:00 AM beck RS back of the starts at an area’s you’ll actually notice over near the water here this on the ground here is literally one block of cross away from being that that the that the art world a right that that’s how close together these two ba gates one block right here if I were to break this block right here than water would seep into the underground that’s how we build all of our underground caves to this is the one me here, go to the rock band on the ground power by a bomb the walls inside are also dodgy like that Janie and start some of that the walls will build like this guy being carting bugged out on aid in map update by the wall, on a date is also wrong I think because 10 upgrades from the texture packets I’m in this area here is the are the sort of armed affair ox ill is a writes a tougher example this is where people fight rats and the spices that represents like very low level water that you can’t cross in by the stronghold of security was really fun one and all show you that one from the build well it’s tough for put together the seal these pumpkins in this direction is the ideal each of the three levels to their three levels in the struggle that security but the outlines I popped the tight map on top which I use sense of the kind of steps down as a token place and above and then break one of the blocks and the whole thing the and then xing built the grooves and you’ll notice some of them are taller than others and then I forget the cake are to where is it the two of them have an entrance and exit the air so nice backed them all together to we’re here to a cutout part of the world and placed the three levels of one on top of the other to 012 and three than a basically fill in the data outside and paste it into Al actual world which is what I’ll be doing with the thing I was telling the outlines for Delia it’s the same process but a now I start my visio to know what I can do is I can go down here , I don’t know why we have diamond box here and depending on said when I tell it by get dull and walls built in one block the ceiling bill cinema the blocks that if a parti they can be modified but basically of these blocks the the granite walls, exactly as this appears to be the guy right ceilings on more of an artist’s rendition in this case Shing, tells them so h a Nixon feel natural and then if it’s just add that skated wills and ceilings become debt and it feels like that first decade much richer but each of these I have a way for you to get from the first level to the second level so if we sit as a purple color here is purple pill of represents

bar supposed to represent one of the ways you can go up and down my being a might be wrong on that one and we do have letters are here to this first level as a letter to lousy go down through here into the second level so I stacked them in a way where they do connect exactly where t so that if you know the map you can actually find you wear out to its kids really complicated but the thing that I was building today let me a buts turn off the grid here the underground arrows building is in this direction to actually build this quite recently and star to a sickly edge out jail of some kind words are in a row to this jail right here I actually built that recently because I realize that building this didn’t exist and their power to this church over here but there’s an entrance to a ad dungeon right here and I don’t know if I have a map to your bill definitely see it to eight and see the whole here are it’s a poster atop a video that buys amiss in bond yields on the R map website from this we do have the icon here that signifies a dungeon to what you do is you climb down this trap door isn’t a trapdoor and that will Teleport you to coordinates an outline Teleport you to this exact spot quite sure teleports you to wear them a desire in the bottom left corner but let’s go there a right to the trapdoor the budget shortage are those here than here is the linoleum which is our this way that’s this spot right here power chalet would be the letters about here and around their to know you have that whole underground thing and I just need to grab the height map as you’ll notice this spot right here is very low to the ground and then it goes papa and very high heat here is a very big difference than you can actually see that that which one was it was in here and it was an but maps and it was in your toes image file OPS the stock very lower and climb up to this area to you actually start in this book are here and that’s held at Heitman actually gives us a mind your way we are use winner by beating connects the climb up this way bomb by mean by overall it’s just a buyout in our bomb but overall it has a very simple style to it that people still play it and it’s still a popular game considering it’s been around since 2002 of 2001 to start people have something that they like about it

and I’ll pick a lot of people still play the 2007 version which is what this is the Zinder round bomb and most of the free to play areas could be considered pretty boring , rob Perry is, in the members areas which would have to pay money for that have much nicer designs to the and like the models a much nicer in your own year by 5000 people playing a game that to but SkyWest RS the case are 45,000 picket the Celtic years and see this that same resolution a dozen a start here’s how it used to look into 1007 percent were to OK where and how little to his side by side of the same where only when the limits council were standing out this way but this spot here is the same spot in current Ron skate to concede the textures and the lighting of improved dramatically are in a separate open mind in the reward and your arm and entry slots OK and in a pipe and honors that is also are like two 2nd delay in restrain bomb I think it is the only one sure it is let’s buy now it’s and it no longer runs in a well have they dropped the ability to run it in the browser because crime no longer lets your vistas and tell me anything left arm but it’s part of windows bilked executable as night indicated that its Joe Belden be surprised if it is all but a step in the climb a second time by limits to buy I think they’re wrong but I favor plan and actually dropping it completely aware that was more of the well we have to build our own client for it is in ecstasy and think we’re supposed to still be java to some extent bob welcome a kiwi by the way get another escape if

you’re buying our but unfortunately I kind of sort of recognize your name but no idea where from and the extreme often enough for me to be able to memorize these names of your bets that he is out as Connie and ice dungeon outline some that have to use a height might generate it to figure out exactly how to a line this up and I can build this but what I learned today was that the is Connie ice dungeon actually has a second level and it’s a really weird as like build their rounds the first level to really all I have to do is if the measure at discount a section that know why they have a wine here is a route that walkthrough that’s handy and is a quest that happens in here to dinner bobcats were I guess we did the way we did all of them by deeds com TNT and it was specifically are what’s the name of that , of an ABS there there was definitely the NL I recognize a name that’s right and year we did quite a bit of game day on this channel and fortunately haven’t really spoken to those guys in the year as I left to go to another job and here we are to be not see much of my ball now old school risk a project as silent and is fallible for example but lost reno’s actually working on that can priorities for me is I wanna finish all be on the grounds com in the free the plays are so if I were pull up a map is currently running only on the screen bigger this yourself are a kick you read you want map codes are seven cropped and are designed comes an essentially fine Webster by the grab the entire inscape map the free to play area would store aisle when a pitch for a play area contains part bobbed that’s not up their solid enough to be able to see your but free to play is basically to an online base by the time is crammed a part of free to play an IP might not be calm and he is like it’s interesting because this is that the current three to play and actually back then free to play was the scenario to this is the the areas where focusing on and that includes the underground city and downtown be working on a site here we already have the facts so as we have the long bridge are swamped underground we have the two warp and mine which goes from he town all the security witches are here and actually we have the Edgefield luncheon which is firm about hearing continues down here and next to the bar so as bats over PPP area is actually from this line here but at the brightly and is that how was back then route the apparently the three play area did contain most all of the wilderness 10 interesting

than as a continued up to that your lineups there as you actually notice we do have a line there to our screw that it was closer to ace ball right palm ball enough to builds parcel was back Chile I have a bill that cost was down a star that Dylan you know that to the video showed from Inglewood this is the world he played in that back then the rotation on this world is completely wrong power just one of the many as are in floors from before I started on this part pots but actually remember where the hell we put casa was beaten we actually put out in this direction of a let’s find out that police because I change the buyer and suppliers are all barge in this one but like the scaling on the buildings here is off by built some of them someone else built some of armed is to parceled it was as this section here are as essentially that the many PDT PRN of this and the red or pink buildings marine and this is of a cocaine are speakers out this way the wanna say it was a visit and tell you exactly why there’s a this is one minute are the Michael not be static in the swan was out in this direction or after when you know a ram isn’t a problem that itches crash made load is a tussle that but that began on crash croquet by the flight sim art according to the pitching posted council was as they are not see what we get to my 90% sure we built up this way that’s not the newly built up of a bit there’s a chunk of years and are interspersed

barley that running from it or deafening at casa was somewhere in IE your Therese was an instruction but six bath by cat has arrived to this is Tavaglione here is a stolid or up here bus stop to a completely and creeks dale but as baffled where is it wasn’t in this direction to deftly built it as a result the fed to make myself and only because of a crash that is downside of Mc are being built and-a is its slows to a but even if I had more resources to give its are barely bill, the wilderness up to their doubt we’ll wait another and done Molinari your case it’s not in this direction could stop rendering our books in this way but nothing against them II understand why they did certain things at least one of them as you can see don’t I map was sideways to some ad was up this way at no idea but also keep in mind and CNN does a lot of legacy card battle in the meantime just fly around will hear their we have stuff like o’clock here which I don’t know how will make the hands work buying these up to blocks one bowl block takes an entire to six blocks that it needs to those at stand as a pie place because this one is time I think the whole block by block of diamond it doesn’t rotate to win a suffix that some storage and just use and can block again it’s glance I mentioned the other thing that’s missing here are very heavily up trees and that’s what I was working on in the client lines in Camarillo, I am the notice that this

that generated does have some green blocks and some brown box to I want to automatically placed Allen all about trees and the fact that a route are start the green areas where trees is supposed to be and the brown where the arm tents is supposed to be and my plan is to just grab the greed of green which I think I have been away on here neither the feel like I keep a losing weight is here every time I open this file if you like is less layers available it’s not saving was so you’re running stick for Lyle and by cat is just a few chunks out here that can’t attach to these chunks over here it says is the actual risk a pap and then oust what they are laid on top gives you an idea route howl axle perfect best offers and just ocean there , this castle walls down at the codec coordinates of this contact for to si gets the grass block but can anyway so this is the casa was from a mindscape and little area here than in which 10 yuan a Tigard on through that door oldest of beav one just took me back to spawn 10 at a rate of today’s somewhere there where cars is supposed to show up beginning at three and am not saying anything and a singer Ed Bott does watcher and off the bat meanest power is just in the world

juniors mean a thing the databeam a specific mart , and we are back a but that doesn’t control gee to bomb to offer big air to air this is roughly how it is enough ticket to a bind to get you in a bind us that that’s basically what happened to start if we and our balloon a spreadsheet and do a search for our school was as useless at our soul war of our ally we don’t have it bid center of the map let’s do this weary as Al and so a retail according to charge was ours are not that lack and one part three that we get a start to are to art and you’ll notice there’s some mistakes sir say this is more power was restored to there were some mistakes with that this map that’s why we’re not using it to spot the difference because most people building this from memory by one building it to the accuracy of the mention to IRAs these are little about that if we’re one of these castles and this one in your bite at see some similarities right to some like they’re completely out and tell you can see that the stairs here are roughly in the right spot as there is that staircase over here however that the difference that this staircase down here is the dog is in the staircase when it should be behind the staircase to small things like that we like arms are held that’s not how it is all to when we build this to be the right goal can scratch out from this a backup world we have of the olde but Liu spreadsheet to work a lot because are Bellevue why that I build

its own web page that renders a table contains com to vices this status without online offline disconnected boldly team overload and you can click export on the top right then and the webpage only shows you 50 per page and in this case with 24 cabinet license on its back and something pages of the power by the way the actual CSCE export gives you all 24,000 deluxe the system supports up to 500 up page that swans of hundred that OK that’s casa walls and if this map is correct power markets want this one this map is correct is here is castle was to women have to build their bats this down here Gartner grounders and you’re so are you start below are pulling out of a purse crest of a sore their rate than a PH me contains bit but debts that don’t exist on a map began you miss a point over here was free to play but wasn’t sure if Crandall is so crandall’s free to play didn’t run is not because you’re you’re pure map also contains there’s the mayor and what is it that and I’ll testify contains the new while and so that’s fair enough that we know the free to play a and now we know the free to play a wilderness goes up to this line least in Reno way that is where high resolution daily gar and and actually they now Tom they’re rolling out and you update which has a much simpler and shorten show on the person commits a pay you to like this toolbar is very simple on the top and this is the score set cart if you look into a true and II just have like in this case I have recovery cards to decode services and was injured this one was gonna live in arsenic a that bit like this has a much simplified rhythm and that’s what the rolling out to the actual full office apps because to my spot people don’t a tight user were Jerry and the features but also the San Shek thing down here which we also don’t have what is egg this one right here is literally an Easter egg but it tends to take tell me to find out if castle walls was free to play back in 2007 and if that’s the case we might have to build a bit around casa what’s but let’s take a look and our actual or a kids to a point where my characters make your estimate it will battle again of that rendered tonight and render that

that that’s where that and interns are out on the end the fact that that is it will present on the middle bats a cold Easter egg I’ll just Easter I’ll the army could sway but this is no supply party and that this is this heads into power was a cold grandeur this is brain haven right here that actually built the outlines for bringing bigger because really feel in areas where you can see there’s sections like if we’re gonna make Crandall accessible and the fish and platform shouldn’t just be outlined as you can see that from your same goes for a time trial money if you’re here you can see and drama starring would be a good idea to build a Tam as was wrong and we’re here that need to build the startling but the very least we might build the observe the tree to slightly norcross awards counsel was cares to his castle wasn’t actually see that I started building out around your power which help would cause was radical , and we go to the signed te can see I did start building parts of casa was there be some at body contains this band and Easter egg that doesn’t contain this extra bit which I’m guessing the sector that has more recent but any makes sense for them to add it because the data and builds a map and just leaves out the section pitch means that they did have plans to build stuff out there and actually year tangos for this area right eventually they could deftly build out this way because this and car along that senders here really buy just put what america’s black cast of punk rock that but that is why castle walls would be to the guy actually see a landscape is the right, but lease their purse Seine, bunny and signed by got a green is run sharing our brown is also the Russian aid are contrast that the actual center here looks pretty good arm bell the design is to vibrant and in a makeup colors more vibrant that less pirate more varied yes it does if you’re running office 365 you can actually you can download an executable frock as 365 that is just of the future bill U.S. battle that the insider will give even you to allow by militant work accounts and can’t sit but this is something will have to build them and actually if the walls a buildup

and then we’d actually are really have to build anything other than I would say this when we have both by wrote he is one of four year the long needs to three for four pates that all put down from where we’re up by the way bill made this weird model for these what they called back the trees but she trees and this just a regular tree next 11637 and if you’re 1570 which is a port on to Carlyle and then my guess is we’ll have to do the OM or will have to hand in these rocks because it’s a way to cross and will use L on blocks to block off this week by many cattle center to some other models in casa was but I’d rather we do all of the cheat or else the first as like the spikes then we went duties any time sooner and but still need to do these tours, the ones that are injured or ill island and on and in one bridge and make those models case it is not down here should be a RE rendering the area that I’m standing in that update wealth but doing right by doesn’t loop that’s unfortunate and will it go to toads and can town that your that’s explore the world over inscape to get out or to an interesting looking town and I am really hit town it’s more a interesting cry again right I challenge you don’t need to know that doesn’t even that’s a jolt our armed, I go to the dollar in a accept except that the Teleport as to the dollar in a bad if you go to one drive that also has a bat route did I find out that Ted dying actually breaks to a character by a bad idea to continued his other know how to leave their ball so this this is just a flat to area and is not an interesting on this and weird place to find and buy a big until an office at the home was a and released one drive

by as yet the stock on armed our banks would go but they do have office for web or take this when online is quart the whole thing is this can call it even has a slight naphtha classic ribbon Ver simplify Truman you’re a year to come using the best of that if to you is that and stared that have to use the desktop apps this is a main switch shall be a lot of funds to build out patently evenly as pot by and victorious line buys their guy here part EPA ballet party paid I’m not interested by Menschel adviser badly they didn’t tell your did let me know and I’ll delete falcons server is the weird thing that was building users schedule and confirm bad us that it’s a different building a best effort later for a different building both updated that is at three winters and that’s a puppet only has two in this three in the second level that that does just people not understanding what it means see their then up purposefully saying the wrong thing images don’t un then it year they haven’t been open sourced you can’t open sores or back and salsa Patton the year that’s that’s all it is that they that using them you won’t get in trouble to Alistair the promise you won’t pack a button on the grounds are used in her arm to we’ve done that sick we can do this and on the underground in access from we’ve done the one you can access your school is there one and a stirring an idea they will have to build a Mage training arena just because if you’re in this airy and see are easily up exams and Joe Biden built that dig site by its write this goes to a dungeon that’s right and just flying over the two confirmed that I’ve built their board spins our current one richer and it’s this when he was a building and the base and are one of the death and goes upstairs and Jim guy but it is it by member building this use it to stopped the sick woody Allen

R and bill bought that once done are innocents might I don’t think I’ve Teleport it it into this well that have built its Erickson was a dungeon be accessed from here as well this gives you access to actually this doesn’t tell you anything about the history doesn’t have an underground the need to rebuild like rights fortress that what is this one Teleport to the Advil and honoring our inner another jail has a way to get in on the ground and that connects to your array struck around rail and there was a cop killer year the eye linked it to sign exactly which one you talking about bodices the one with the pipes by cattle lighting is different here because of how I think this has a worse time something and we use are instant auctions unlike regular tortures year pirates temperatures along the top interesting around all these regular tortures down here that video settings school particles and are so those around there currently exist and those are just because I’ve got my fish and beny Doc and the Milliman I can smell doesn’t yet sometimes I forget the peso we have this town which is goods I’m working on this one here down near mindscape and now I hadn’t touched miles aisles maze and will melt as May’s fell really complicated when I worked out last and action recently the end of the finished it better than the pickup it’s in bold dolls them selves than ever to be on its but all the zone is underground is missing U.S. or oil will do stuff like that palm and I have look it installed on here that’s only the right where it’s

being dollars and trapdoor was an something that can close them on a time that if nobody touches limp along the bulldogs that are supposed to be open keep them open icon of thing to Tetley dungeon how big is it but it’s worth doing that one as well buy right now it’s not worth doing Tia know it’s not to start technically you chords the problem you run into is collision because collision is determined by both the client and the server so what you actually have to do is on the server by the not ha or just have the trapped always open their zeal to three options that the problem is if you had always open on the server and it closed on the client and then keep in mind if I would grab that trap door but then this collision when work properly because the server would say you’re not supposed to be floating on the client would s that so if it’s it is like this than it would think you’re actually up here you are hoping to setting on here but the service as the door is an actor of the would be standing here the server were going know you’re actually supposed to be up here under in another couple squares to be better off than having some kind of block that does not collision like me to sign when for example that can’t be placed in the air but as a to say that you interact with the sapling and that changes whether the trap the looks like it’s open and close to the client and the server it’s just to win so anyone can walk through it by the downside of that is if it’s close any step on a bell probably falter in the kitchen way bar was all that storm looking for a new week he’s alive and bold school that ring skate but with key by this as fancy yes by mean he added that no cheap loss can be pretty picky and this is a big dent in that stripers this be picking flowers based sporting flours tickets our route that works on by seven Croft

that actually conducted tests: with the client bits that there are ways to do what the show by I would say it is a lot of experimentation we’d need to do to gar hell and what what causes the client not to freak out to specially if the ping is high bases by eager back in a minute then route and not by meant to click 10 and and magnify risk lychee problematic, hyping as the trickiest thing but like the other experiments they shun stuff we do for example and Reno it’s a tiger here but she can do you can trick the client that but keep in mind is a multiplier world to you couldn’t just send each player into their own instance to see how here the sky is dark and an environment is Dr and hear you, stand here and go well this guy is a prior to its lovely but certain buyers you can make it topped and you lose the texture on the grass right firewall OPS and I go to the pits in harm’s if I go to drain and analyzing test ban that same building the even though its take time out there and make it feel and that two and even then, is set as running neck and arm and that I’m the only one on right to deny this where actually there’s a bulk up in the sky in the shape of this Ted to make the stock and a can input tortures to, make it feel gloomy with some light a right as this this building is supposed to feel spooky and dark why the sky and here is black and it’s one way consuls sort of a man is this way they can do tricks like that except you have this big flooding things going and a few could take the client to lights this area, alike this a bit not rendered out there and by the the SAC a reason why the conversation starters because for the soul out on the train all but two triples like this

and the idea is that if I open one I should be able to close the other as well and then we thought had actually would make more the trapdoor different for each player and stuff like the antibiotic line launch to let up on my server Fuhrman that there’s a lot of things you could do away your tricks decline by a tricky to sign into the air, are some crossover winner by Chevy Scarsone sings bomb when I connect to share the polls to art he is yours might harm than if I right click on one of the dolls bass are left click on one of the dolls both of them are and on the client that’s instead the dinar on the server they up two separate dollars and when I open one the other is designed to it and go because worked like this one for a quick one arm you can actually see a bit of a delay on the right click because the client goes OK on the opening this store them in the server goes OK to also opening this month same time they can kind of see the delay that’s not enough what of the makes sense to Allies route I can just cut of load my brother’s account in the damage we have to climb to 139 a and bought all start 113 as something called a waterlogged clock to as a bug stick right and we can do is you can change bloc states that 1131 to you can have all waterlogged it’s been sparse like this and specifically you could be like okay will hear up to fence posts by any tone want them attached and want this one to be what a locked to 113 has a lot of cool things like that the problem is the moment you put something next to it and for a block up a huge you g cause it is a warlord look and contains water and actually it’s still waterlogged even bar and different from sparse dinner but a zero and I think 113 would work on some of the exciting things of 114 Barney are so the java team has grown so much lately in size and efficiency that way now 11 people have actual process is for doing things are a case to hang on

the silicon infused about this I had this case of john British and 114 is the village and pillage update plus Tighe etc snapsho won 15 is the next comment that unannounced a major theme to update now in development 116 is the next next update and 117 is the next next next update and 118 as the next expect next next update a bit until we just hour wares and to star they’re working on adding more tenses and brick walls blocks ours and actually parsed on parcel of about six test bed and I write stairs and polished but plan on putting some more walls as well today he and finally ending always knew slab stairs walls we wanted for such a long time when the Agnes already had a few aren’t this is important with thinking about wooden blocks have fences stone blocks have walls unfortunately we already have contradiction data brick fen is also one of the begin consisting of stairs and slabs that I’ve not seen anyone pay attention to get what’s the deal with ston band done to this one’s the import 1 to 4 senior blocks in total made up of 40 new slabs 14 used isn’t well you will and outgrew this actually brings up a really good point for us because these are not a full to we could replace some of the walls that we have and also this is interesting to front and model to when there’s a block above the butt of a cool place by up and has a stake called up if to if got the east north south west aboard a locked up the package is a lot of variety and walls as well as fences year we were gonna need writing anyway slabs we absolutely need for ID a row table blocks as the other tricky one you can set Hal and much it cares to you can adjust the center to committee on the checks to think it would be fine but village and pillage is going to knock people’s doors down I mean socks off the people’s socks off by and it was this figure which are shared with her belly are pulling a sticky break that and get a diamond that’s fast thing the second thing by the wooden shovel you get raw checker is also this which is across par to that’s gonna be in next version

yet that’s what route said that by case a pass scoreboards Howard Oates will board way as bands there’s no one but even added to this panel that was a thing you could do how is it scoreboard is something else that secret until this up and were yours when women can do arm is what I’m doing edges, matador by armored change it OK now

you’re in your bomb could question right tart he is my idea to Charles Ireland bill notice the road is invisible however because I’m on the same team as he and by concedes goers and out you’ll also notice there is collision here right page also turn collision all right and never that that is no collision between house to mature into total island to the server has been launched and you have to study players all trying to do that to drop some tim to start your world contains ghosts and what you do is you walk up to someone and right click some will shift right click them so crouching right click which then adds them to a team of your iron wheel mouse invisible to reach out and your question to now you can do the tutorial while you see a bunch of ghosts of other players during the trial dorms I have a downside is that right now at least using commands the Stepup Ocean which then you can see the bubbles coming off an array and wonders thinks the canoe stuff like that and you cannot you have name tag visibility start people you don’t know are, you could do a ball lexicon PCs and Ali has known intact she is a lot you can do with teens the can trigger a friendly fire you can buy a prefix you can share with the dad’s death messages are visible you can make people have a certain color bonnets are as it is play sound is one of those injured area U.S To Fi would do it by all I had two screens of timeout that’s why are only a row to try would do her teens will race team less for team tests if our team year there is a bit of a delay would capture routinely you’ve was and see armed to the arms the strap that what I was trying to do

when of a star because I am the server operator by concede this message which is that the server removed and me from any team believe that if I’m not an operator that, there are move up for myself and then team believed are the same then I didn’t see the message but the other thing is that’s just the Kaman mattered if you do it through buckets and then that one shop in chat either correct to earn a chair a jobs to our set name tag visibility is replaced with eruptions our team option is what we’re looking for collision role death message visibility name tag visibility and armed team auctions address always from the team’s friend and low that a redneck spider welcome to the strain happy to a scoring well thank you for the fall are welcome to the owner apologize to both that were just eat that experimenting with some stuff in mime Croft for ideas are primarily for the tutorial and elected and it did not have full damage and pink we disabled accounts are if not then it to Bonn one of the planes that ended up this and are that baffle damage there there was no such thing as falling in Ron skate year that there’s no end the only jumping really is in if you use one of the pain was the agility stamped a just put the side by side to a new people visiting have a general ledger of or working on palm year that it was no such thing as falling were jumping bother them in the picture least apt which gives us a lot of stuff we don’t have to worry about the two game does also have a lot of invisible walls which we have the ability to add using tear the ads say that there is and are a lot of them originally placed so far to go to lumber inch power can remember exactly where the sins on a bizarre jumped here somewhere or are you actually that’s played better to just out from therapists up here’s an this up your own but somewhere along this or if our butts quickly run up this way but now that is either the other part in a bomb of that when I haven’t really thought about your

that’s what Disney of this tree something like that your arm and like fishing is the other one that’s gonna be tricky readers to I think because of Mexicans can walk across toward manor care so you can jump onto individual steppingstones now I can’t do it in here because it’s our private server does not all the functi that this is one of those examples rights are hand that’s a bounce tear and you can actually see where this landscapes it’s out here to I’m standing out here somewhere and I would have to be built and somehow Cal I’ve no idea it could just be invisible walls are the thing is if been in the case of the solids thing that the clients like if the wall called Barry blocks are grabbed bearing if the barrier block exists for a client that not a server because the client just won’t go there the server doesn’t have to worry that and because I can’t stand on top of that it’s fine to the client stops before the server tells you to all the server teleports you back to that that kind of thing would be fine but staff to design the steppingstones and the way I’d do it is I’d probably just pop them began like the sparkles disappear after one arm straight away to like you you could run up and try and jump but that that if I don’t have permission to see them and actually game modes wasn’t see am of the spectator adventure to I can’t even see the outline that these blocks here if I try running your they call and that keep in mind in that and mike after escape recreation and those kinds of cheats wouldn’t be that’s and much of the problem I think as people and even think about that they wouldn’t go, I can’t cross here maybe my cheek client will let me that II would also experiment with the other way around it exists on the server but not on the Klein as adults are done I think of this thing is that it would have to be designed in a way in my opinion wickets by only that to block wide sing and it would have to be a certain height to it if someone for example was using a client with a can fly they might try flying through the top barry’s that car on the server will decide barriers that are in snow because it you don’t want people swimming across year to that need to have essentially a title but Barry blocks both by only two to the jump is never higher than these three blocks to then you’d leave enough space in a tunnel for them to jump through that not enough to it’s fun because I remember the hockey to a third person and then forgot the hockey immediately on how to switch back to the spu and in there a lot of ideas you could have about implementations and bike if anything about Hal caves working Ron skate the character doesn’t climb down

the click of the lead and you Teleport 2:00 AM completely different location in the world sometimes the 1000 blocks away where as for example is a building that band step down here you can say I’ve used much blocks to like this to return to particles use and some in all that said that there are solid things here that you comments that you can stand on that obviously a user always be on the side of defense that stat Stephanie possibility that slightly the it comes down to and how much you want the server to be constantly looking like her because if I do by never make the timings and able , of start bomb spigot keeps track of everything that happens banned it tells you that cities taking use this much on the server bowl of connection handler are an anno actually kicked into gear and 14,000 times and each one takes 20 ms 133 of them happened peptic to start you can be like okay why is this world using so much of my source codes and I can actually give you a really good example of this kind of star we’re all happened to my and IE will do timings based on the arm that your ID are a kind of detail you get to the server is lagging because it is overloaded cove and 99% server load try reducing the distance if it is about four to my s is the whole thing right take tile entity is using 90 percents board let’s say 80% head of the total band hop is specifically by using 78.97% of to me to the OK world wide, why have the part that hopper takes around 19,000,000 times will pay for tough to repair take we run 1447 of them beach tick by this play something called a Manhattan distance that this runs before 1000 times but take that take is one SP every 20 for the second and each of these runs for 44 ms to end up going OK well in these two worlds mostly in survival I need to stop up as from taking so an art than saying this is the kind of stats you could get because then you go hang on why is my server lighting you can get OK that one’s happening so often that it’s slowing down the server because it’s running this many times per player and you have to build in a way that is for scales start by Kay right now we have two players on and Al server is running at 20 takes Pesek and which is what should be that and a chunk is what 16 by 60 guests jump a 16 by 16

that there’s so many ways to do it, taking the the the downside of doing that as we have to track the players near the block that the play out has a crouch just in the last 2 seconds to start it becomes rather a rather than knowing the current state we also have to know 2 seconds and house or throughout that the 2 seconds in the past because they could’ve crouched a little too well you’re too little too likely want U.S. executive of so you can do a promotion of optimizations and a U.S. but Guillen you also have to be able to check and this happens I think if you take or whether there is an event called could play position or plate positions actually wears an armed man tusks that are a lot of events right there is a chunk of end and is a champ populated Sargent events are presents a chunk related events that doesn’t else and doesn’t in order of the program were new child has finished been populated and our missing is a champ populate event I’m quite sure is when it’s generat NS when the mobs are added in to this documentation doesn’t have anything in it and have it by Finnish populating this area here to start on generate chunk populated parents get tile entities if one of them is chest and team arm of thing to populate as a general are as there’s a champ generator that spawned a bend and initial shaping and time charm and showed no reconciles and to most people usually tracked the play and move event and this is something you could use to Teleport comeback bright as you can years get to function or set a wrong where and when I move from and signs are all but you could you I wouldn’t use the event itself and not seeing so you do have are the contract the last time they sneaked there easily could just have at least a 20 sneak to assume this if it doesn’t contain a time stamp you could easily just store a time stamp with it and go over cake was the time sent more than and this is getting way ahead of ourselves of as if to finish building pass to another

get an official at its stuff we need to discuss in terms of the design absolutely by like that by I feel like the jollity stuff like that is down the line but want to start with the basic skills like mining and will let let’s say you let say we start with the ones you do when Charles island in starlets pull out the old school in sketch a total of your but when fate of the LC eventually wants to launch to run should rely on the first thing you do is you design your character which we might have a character design and because you and out test let’s talk about this and have a message that’s shown in chat and how to do the basic movement stuff and how to find the initial I need a culture and progress pound asparagus ba can easily be of a spot and we can easily trigger that from the server and the client can have multiple boss bars to our we have a spa that contains the the biggest issue will run into is this text has to stick around for one at least sticks around in this one for while then the next is talking to an end PC and this is something we’ve already figured out you can click and chat a right in my craw and we have the font we just need to reword most of this to make more sense for micro to this that the arrow we can easily generate said an entity that has an hour or a particle of some car that it teaches you about the basic stuff about play controls and settings and eating around and then you talk to the sublime like spread the survival expo at the survival guide gives you a tinderbox and of that’s been so long I don’t remember to his Hal wood cutting works you click on the tree wants can your character heat to three times now that’s not help my craft I would play to what we could do is use of block of some kinds that has the sets palm durability you have to take and how it along to break the one block and that would destroy the entire tree in a place that by arm model wit the tricky part there would be that’s that’s stumped would have to be rendered for everyone and the downside of rendering it on the clients would be collision pots the benefit would be that if the server where to crash the next on the service starts it has a list of which trees were a in the process of RE generating averages for reset those factors are by that’s right for that this is an interaction am not sure about how will handle and that is the click on the woods and you click on the tinderbox novel way we did it in mindscape is that you held the log the right clicked and it put you into certain state and you switched o and that combine the two pap headers that could be that we do it as a right click rather than life because left click can be for people to move blocks around and their right click is a contract states of some kind they surely showing no thicker than expenses and other interesting one of showing these numbers are we can easily just shar com the chest or a actually counted we will air so you you can have different textures for each of these are our armor was you worry

list of the school and wholesome} no white and that this only has online incidents are courses can and will not actually it’s a unspoiled and Henry Anita fishing at this one’s the tricky one the time that I will have and figure out the best, is an edge in your next to lake the air talent so there on bun on that topic but I know if you remember but there was a point in mime croft’s history where Teleport in your character that and this is at least with single player bench and maps Teleport Ing was seen less than they were a couple are really good there a couple really good maps bike puzzle laps where your woods you could literally walk in a circle and it kept all the porting you seamlessly to between com that is something that you could do and salute lee and the downside of something like the cheat or ill or maybe you know whenever we might work on whether strapped or was is if you Teleport people the year that the thing that was one of the maps that did that the downside of Teleport in the player when interacting with something will your is what happens to the people that the next or more round and out if their friend OK take them with your but what if it’s just a random ours was all swear by don’t know if you can attack so what are you getting out an eye on a little bit lost arm while while you type that out by the things that I’m not sure about is OK so we don’t able to walk on water year to start to that they can’t see these blocks and therefore it’s fine now they wanna finish but you can do want the need of what this right h that we could make it so that the two bottom blocks if they’re above water when you right click it goes paid as water and wind and one Barry as nipple properties I can’t make a waterlogged and to hear you would have to have an interactive and that happens with barrier blocks than a one or two blocks above the water beca the back door is rigidly one thing I was considering laws say we have these Barry Blau bargain sinking on the side when you are that for the technically what you could do is that if they interact with awarded directly and about here it’s fine thus replace this middle one would like arts that problem is then if they stand too close to the water icon into the water by arm by tonight in our

sorrow but don’t know if it would work but that’s a really clever we’re doing our by think that would require experimentation is keep in mind the clients the every single time that play and moves the server goes OK on out these: back to year to starting that did work for a R. &Micro login requires a good bit of work as well the chalet found on in years completely forget all the other olds were to our year the downside of having to Barry blocks one block above Izzy at you’ll stop people from walking and also stops them from being able to interact with the water if they disclose or if th the wind up doing Barry blocks and both levels by this if the user can write cliques that barrier block that’s one block about what will the worry becomes there’s an interactive and a capital is technically a micro play does not interact with bar or to what you have to do is you have to if the play is holding the fishing net and attends to interact with a fishing net in their hand then that you a lot of that what the players looking at which it can do and based on that he would get, they looking at a barrier block and is that the area block above and not that another barrier block that is above water or is it above a word to thing as we after because then you’re only doing that checked when they holding pond don’t remember I thinks are us to start when you say it’s an event this not by remember this now you can set the priority right and if you set every poll that event school is critical and must have the final say in what happens to the event bullet you usually set to moni buy arm in raw commands the Libyan you’re a bar are source are and to start when you add an event handler to us that soon that seems OK but handler priority the calls and then you choose the priority the wall so it can figure whether it’s, where the ignore was the canceled event to start where the design a single plug and that has a lot of things listing to that one event or if you have multiple plug it means all to the same events as long as the one of them is set to the highest priority and all the others a set to begin or the event if it’s canceled and Fred Meyer to that than setting up a kyrgyz to say a and you could do that by the one set to the highest priority and all the others to ignore it if it’s canceled

and the one that you actually care most about two and not to ignore the canceled ones bolt have the other is on a low priority right that of work to actually I wonder its spell priority didn’t help when taken see some of these here we are that frees watch back a this is a really good example to you’ll notice bomb when I try and are my character gets Teleport it back to the same spot that this has the highest priority and you’ll notice that if I buy have 48 msec Spain to the server and because the clients is designed to a not care what the service as have that to slight delay the Teleport in the back that comes down to whether I if if I try and walk it’s definitely a lot Foster responding camera movements a lot more client signed today that that one there and that one doesn’t have a ignore event handler priority ignore council ignores a canceled and those are the only things you can specify an event will to filter that out than to get beans open with a bogey in Yunnan of the power of grayscale and sister Bach OK increase tonnage regeneration damage resistance and speed , but gives that and reload the clients are that you like me to or does it needs Vietnam zero with an unlock that neither and anything actually under some even sinking one drives by an all my clients still doing image stumps but bulk by mean speed it has its own list of priorities below us to learn normal high highest and monitor managers only if you just keeping an eye on it to you actually notice back in this code base that this has the highest priority and the highest here and in this one has high and has a comment that to the Kiel road which is run off to the others and this was just a kick logging one and this one essentially doesn’t bed the ability to stop the event and does actually perform any actions on the buyout in this case this one just a pizza play configuration specifically when they will ask kicked and by

then why and is some other manure sits on this one the player jut as we did how it works like it uses these to get back a bit of the car and looking at is an event handler and the only way it knows what kind of event handling is looking at the Bundy meant here to that does what it needs to but best to look the year then look to next line which is the function than the work arguments are takes a breakeven its roots in stance player event that I kick event gives you the text player the kick reason and leave message but I think an hour and it’s Et Le message , I think my check got stuck it the jackpot stock buy the book actually left 2 minutes into the query for since buying bomb the source of things as public yet like us and say whom you mean bad new priorities to pocket itself I guess you could and don’t know why he would want to read already has six of the bet that ends up looking to have because if you decide OK by only plug in on that have on the survey is my heart and I will set perm run first 2nd and third and actually buy equal and in the cheap classes are good question by let’s take a look back in terms of people working on ice and crafts and on and mostly main route bomb Shing drops in when he has something to thei of the ice caves I will be giving him something to do than even know what I’m looking here , event registry bucket Karen Smith and use event handler to specify the hearty and ignore canceled the list are registry a normal and Benny and Barney and here is normal by the time we had maybe 45 people were, seven crossed back during the mindscape is before us and craft was paying the weekly st but most of the actual dead work was done by one guy rest of us were mostly billed as tonight was the anyone lacking on the textbook that actually go to a bus work in the text are this line are and Euless not comment to do get from and CP? That’s in the mighty plus plus card are stored until you could probably modify the night she can’t figure to set its priority as well

or they gather it’s probably so that for the situations exactly to that we can make your own plug in that overrides what it does the the priority itself doesn’t matter too much in terms of timing because programmatically that timing is very very quick the air bill happen in a few milliseconds and play moves that we check for various post suspicious behavior slowest priority the necessity, and lowest priority because if the event has been canceled by something else there’s no point in it doing the check that’s the first parameter sets and vent hand lane or cancel or to the idea is that if you’re in your own plug in that canceled a move event is no point in the note sheet system Teleport in the playback because you already canceled event teeth out of it moving list are much fossil I did to log card five if you are popped to ornate around lines that happens every time a plane groups is he getting where they moved a run and two whether their own and vehicle or if the dead or if this leaping Boris they’ve switched world’s bar if they’ve Teleport and this is true because you want when I cancel the event is a swap buffs set to play a memo and you’re set the play of the cable he would have to do is to trust and technically you’d have to cancel the first event where they moved from actually not hold on all you have to do is you have to check if the Thomas says that they’ve Teleport and yes II agree the half to in this line tell it that it is Teleport and then then there’s also this one during ally player move handling the that has Teleport return true so what does it do here to there is card that runs when a Teleport and I agree I’d think for the first initial puffs it is applied the eye that that any Teleport play of bowl just canceled at first event and then any movements by after that are no longer had no longer that tell porting there just moving but it down side is Wendy Teleport them back a right as now that this offset with the attract or pope and pottery was closed initially then they’ll even open runoff talent you keep their offset been over there for the collision by don’t think for a trapdoor demand is enough and 80 for the act and I can’t think of a reason to do it in other situations

that it’s a fly zone to think about and could come in very handy for certain situations and is not sure how often by already have a lot by IE gathered as much or I can get rid of this extra mile and ends those plants I should play remove them before I do this climbing arm by actually know what I need to do an issue yet that I need to remove which will called now and I’m Croft no are well armed and where will the base where are the top and it went too far down there all rights were stained or cream was just lined our glasses and outlined stained glass tan at the top of space to make these consistent year or just have that also the site and not worry about it basically that the client trust the server year by all that was going for the air but then you could do stuff like the only allow those that the trapdoor to be open or closed every 5 seconds right you could cancel the events that happens too f that’s the thing we could do this is fine year to the people can still walk through it to slightly

by thing that would freak play is out there the doors are opening on the Ryan as the dolls and Ron skate, to the side you be surprised taken minds the age group that bombed for her mostly plays mind, especially now the most interesting thing was when we originally started mindscape you there were a lot of players are never actually played risqué that adjoins so by this sounds a lot of goods and role playing like copy cheese and Mike Roberts is basically one good one guess that to to so we have vehemently a split of people who knew exactly where they needed to go and what they needed to their own people are like what the hell hell ha a right away to Waco to do this but keep in mind as well read scape in general was nots and much of a hand holding game but oral definitely was handle the becau but how to read out some of the things you learn to stop a tutorial use your left mouse button to click on the rain scapegoat in bad things I see when you arrival to this land the job is to welcome all use the visitors so welcome the already won the first thing needed except to succeed in this while talking to other people pause is to just reading through some of the supporting information on the web site they can find a knowledge base which contains all the additional information you’re ever likely to need All-Star contains an apps and helpful tips to help you on your jenny bonanza flashing icon of the span of please click on this to continu to its very handhold yet the star player controls and worse and shares for short please click on the flashing spanner I can’t found at the bottom right of your screen this will display a player controls to lead its super hand holding it in the tutorial wanted a withdraw it tells you nothing then the other thing as well because you get people who played my croft’s not risk eight as well as the people who played risqué can cost and they have no idea what the rules were back then what the hell certain things worked on top of that they don’t know how Usery implemented those features in my cross to a person that expects to break a block normally and gets nothing out of that goes what’s going on CF the kind of explain to them either in the wire in how you sure to us like blocks breaking us you talk to the wizard at the end of the tutorial and it sends you to, the central and bridge well just outside the council tried let’s do this a different way

bodnar, they lined buzz can and do a replace bit stunned and works by we’ll have to be rice back they have said the cat he added that that’s another way to do what I really like the ghost ID out by only because then you have that an idea of how man and is only one person you might think I actually it’s instance to a right but is only three people here because their three peo and we were doing mindscape we would approach like 5060 plays at one time to seeing the ghost of other people doing that or alongside you would be really really cool about once you’re done with the tutorial by and wouldn’t keep the other plays ghosts because that’s not how it works and risqué once you’re done with a tutorial everyone’s normal but just to keep tutorial islands like the actually right here look these people , there then outposts this you can’t com collide with them because collision to work in red scare that between players and that the difference is that if two people stand in the same tile bill notice of the person was walking around right now disappears Bennett and that another person popped out of this, right here to star that’s another thing you could do right if two people standing the same spot visually make them disappear because now you have more people that my that II really like the idea of ghosts because a nobody will expect it to work that way because you cool idea of going hey there at 10 other people doing this part of the tutorial with that all started the video that cool thing of being able to see these other players even if they’re not your friend is then you can if they don’t know what to do they look over and get all that guy is talking to this and PC maybe I should do the same our , OK and all I’m not sure about this by think this is right but I actually won a double check this because the other thing with the way risk it does interacting with other players in ones you don’t know our the assembly right click a person and you get up shins like trade and to aid still need a way to U.S Sub the banking system is almost like a second entry and it has tabs and staff palm that actually depends on which one you one reader because if you want to

join a data bank from 2006 then into one long list of it has bomb to marred all of when the when a swap beings back and forth between your inventory and the bank band where the one with stroll things as an item which have a limited stack to sign is a botched punch and as the item or as an to live hundred of an item and you can’t actually use that it have to go to a bank to swap its into an item of recent if you’re trading a lot of barrow’s write it could have done notes that goal actually something like the numbers which and you could give that to someone and then they put in their bank and they can pull out the numbers one by one because it can only hold as much as the inventory Carries which is 1234 by 123-4567 a right to start you wouldn’t be able to carry all 500 bananas normally that the Mac System allows you to carry as many as you need to summer by need a crypt is IE I need to confirm this before I turn this off tutors as but essentially the bank is that that the biggest difference is that the mike ruff stack size is technically limited to 64 and also depends on the block you working and that most of the items like an ability to be our partner to his NYMEX right then say this one doesn’t have a texture at the moment but every level of durability of the tax as a difference to work for a different texture to start the time the Exe file a common survival mode that as I break the block you can see that your ability by honor when it doesn’t work in with your ability to know to start a guy Max by actually has a 1561 points durability and each of those can be unique texture to Munich model and out and have a diamondbacks your time and swords a diamond pickax the time and shovel all of these have 1000 561 points durability that’s a lot of models now you and play and that has another 600 and something that the now to example signs here in mime crossed only stacked are 16 Timex’s common stock and will so we can have thousands of them are escape items in my craw but we can’t stack them to start then you would have the cake only the items like bananas that can’t be stacked again of the dif model right , so I screw this up I think because this on actually know that’s not so much space to be that’s why it’s weird because of the arc to Ron and we’re the Denny that OK well in room scape certain the items can stack to 500 let’s let’s look at the screen shot these arrows can sta to the numbers are in need of the night to bolt 343 potions or 115 and what are the voters

to howdy do that and micro those of their basic talent is that we kind of have to overcome before we go care how that reptiles work as you’ll notice that we have a form to exactly how it should be right about this textures wrong to the section’s a little more accurate bite and you have those 16 signs that in risk at those numbers on the top left in yeller close enough we can’t really do much of that those of the things away, fifth to think about design ways to try and keep it has to similar to Ron skips possible without having to completely destroy Hal mineko and so this technically weak would in the texture file the numbers of women yeller attend anywhere where that number is used by colors applied on top those in yellow they look fine by comes down to how do you split stacks and how the youngster arms ban on an interim step the stacking me she won a split the thing ages right click and say I want to split this that stack if I remember correctly say you’re let’s to RT at it becomes down too well Arcata server can lie about it but then how does the client read it doesn’t completely break w to even if the stack size is a ridiculous eyes if you right click the thing the sets as you definitely can’t on the server not say that it’s this signs that whether you can send a packet to the client that says it’s bigger than the 64 and not show the think you could a it’s worth experimenting with our because if that the server vendors who actually technically does only 64 he and bob wade in a save as 155,000 , i.e. I really broke this one just enough basically in POW private to serve the client, if you interact with a neat thing in your entry than its takes you out of the server but to try logging back in bugs out and breezes the client be as the service says all you know there are 300 in this tack and when the user I click said it just goes OK here’s the teacher in the stacks in, that our fate left click it tells the whole stack but whether that temporarily report that the stack is 64 while you move around and once you place it down but there’s the client gracefully handle that what does it completely freaking out by wouldn’t be surprised if a completely freaks out and finish this and then I’m going to lease up striking is a bit here for almost 6 hours and dinner is available but it’s 8:00 PM as a reason why I like doing the strains because I am interested in doing all of this by just don’t have the knowledge and the son of the game knowledge first limo and secondly I don’t have enough time to experiment with all these things fact that by I think that was obvious long before today by did used to have and actually the armory wasted my but was running a gay club instance on this server one stage yes caves CFS doesn’t work

bobbitt’s using our rom login turning his work arm were CIA sources and loading are trying to win fro biting failed but why boxes that is the bottom dropped there’s an event us there’s some privates are interactive friends list was one of the things are work to iraq’s 2007 game of so we did have a gay club instance that kind of doesn’t work right now and I love to figure it out why but we do still have the source code and the stop light cotton crops and me get this thing I’m never fixed the 583 to address not what I was looking for buyers it to a wry to kill that that’s where to I do plan on making any plug in caustic and while one trait shared folder by just experiment with stuff like that held as the inventory handle this and there wi banner does a stack size of 500 and see how the client handles it even if the server doesn’t need to and then try it with just a regular K what happens if you set the stack size to this and the spigot documentation might say it w parson’s speed forms and say hey are we that the right now I’m working on the years, the ice dungeon which is a cave broke something lining this and essentially on just how lining the walls on the scalp one considering that all get a quick fly through the rest of the world as soon as I’m done with this little outline is it just want to do this before I forget I very often do things like this and then completely forget about a cat doesn’t that stunt pool star power makes citizens and individual if a player in skate but is drill island for example the landscape is automatically generated based on game data from Ron scape tart when you start of the game you started in this building it would tell you how to play and I have a little bit you’re here o to our if I start dissection here is the speaker Wright here with dislikes I can actually get the to this is the same ankle to any can see 123 trees and left and you can see two trees right here there’s one the other ones missing its pace to be a highe but are not those two tree should be that here one and two someone slipped price to are tops and sorry but we are again but from this angle here but so will we have the entire world built the actually what I can do is on the bottom right but your screen and we’ll see as I move through the world the area of all well and wizards towers right there this is the one bridge swap this Islam rich consular here by I wouldn’t call myself a super fan under the game on a pad building it is fun and coming up with ideas on how to remake the skills and Ron scape in mime crop is a fun little bite your as well , so this is the carriages there a couple tense here that are missing

and we can actually worse been your 0.6 to this is a mine is a cabbage patch are here this is a dark and art consul up there you’ve got the ground exchange over here and I this is of mine crafts of work currently invite only and currently only for people who were building a museum are here are Wilson Sarah Coolidge and the arm belong the other here at the wilderness over here yet that’s possible route and save got the chaos temple that goes are here but I’ve started building but still got some of the grid blocks as a wasn’t exactly shore house can finish this off this power boaters it’s more or what needs to be and this is edge fell at minus Trier here opts the snout and are here to scaling doesn’t make it look as cool as it’s supposed to sell poly arm rebuild our souls currently it’s entirely and because when we’ve built it and made that most likely when we did that when we finish the building industry to play area which we had an image are claims are great ones that are , but there is a subset of the map that’s free to play which in these towns that on sharing your right now and when when we finish these areas we will then open it up to the public to explore and the next step will be of making capabilities functional to stuff like palm the waiver inscape does come down trees as you click on a tree or character hits and to start will be doing stuff like that and then once sat out will essentially releases and for anyone to plan by do not play court battle, I’ve played a debates like m I don’t like it compared to something like that watcher play a lot of my string of quota for by and by used to be very begin to offer a panel of the filter bomb that killed three apply the fed announced by the field for I to trees were set aside to start if you broke the tree down the tree would break down to me as well they did have a timeout when they respond that makes two as a member to see a thing for stopping by the the trees were definitely set aside and they work shed to every client so if someone else came by and chopped down all the t that how we do that on the tutorial when we have to if the players all doing the Charles wants that will be interesting they could just be that in the troll island area we make the trees risk weekly to that more people contract and a breakdown histories and limit those individual players from cutting down too many trees in a that there’s a challenges that we have to come up with to solve all the offset Korda trickery which but not sure how that would work we’ve trees you could just on the client say that they’re all there and have some kind of place holder blocker bombs servo where whenever a user breaks it you track when that user broke it panned a hide that rewards broken and Reese point for decline by least for the tutorial island on the regular trees everywhere else I wouldn’t do that by the because you want to make the wor to doesn’t feel like a huge just walk through this town with three trees and cut down the was a player would gather a call that was someone here recently on as someone will actively right now putting down a tree whereas if you don’t have that become of work for every 10 and everything’s always pristine but a ghost town to start by and ended their

bind minutes away from the six owl mark Boulet said the 5 minute time it starts are in 10 minutes out that takes the hanging out binder think you while where is discord to attack by the lead you to go some crops channel and we can continue our conversation that because this is a member of love talking about because I love the idea of recreating a classic game in something like mine Croft you working within the limitations of the game that you’re also doing things that the game wasn’t designed to do enough from way to art know streams planned for the disabled future are much strain and watch a martini will say, Karen it is a PGE events going that a welcome back route to see a rate by many off good timing but think I’m not a big fan of our inscape I can understand the appeal that just like with while I just can’t get into it the world’s to be knows too much to do an especially with her escape it’s a very growing the game the whole game is designed around you need to keep breaking down trees to get the pain would that Dan wood cutting to be able to do certain things you have to bring the sauce to our but overall it’s a cool thing because you learn java you’re a refine your programming skills programming is all the probl and even if the build your own game engine will use unity for something like this there was someone who needs are and skate in unity by armed they eventually I think got hired by Jacques Ter to know who to power used to what I could do is Busey if I can fix up the ladder or at least a move the repository zell sway may be to like a private bucket ping or something and I can show you some stuff like that there that’s been sitting arts are a utility workers are watched and at least one person who forwards bombed twitch and one makes a bomb and I will see you guys next time have a good day that it’s fine where my music is a contender for buying