The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.147 [ENG / 2016.09.18]

One, two In one, two, three (The Return of Superman starts with Sian’s cue.) Good job Shall we start now? The Return of Superman episode 147, “Grow Up Just Like This.” My legs hurt, so I might not be able to play soccer anymore Does it hurt? Does it hurt? Yes, it hurts here (Blowing) What do we do? I can’t buy you snacks if I can’t play soccer Who will give me food? Who will buy me food? Seola and Sua, will you? Sian will You as well, Sian? Sua will buy you meals Sua will buy me meals Seola will buy Daddy radish kimchi Seola will buy me radish kimchi How will you make money to buy me food? – I will cook. / – You’ll cook? You are such a lady Sian, how will you make money for me? Don’t you want to make money? Let’s go and make money You don’t want to? Do you want to spend money? Do you? You just want to have fun? (I’m too little to earn a living.) (He’s just a 21-month-old who wants to play.) Have a seat, please (Donggook brings something.) See what Daddy brought here – Banana. / – No, it’s not banana – It’s traditional Korean sweets. / – Korean sweets – This is called / – Give it to me! Hangwa, the sweets we eat on Chuseok I just bought one because I didn’t have enough money (It’s like a bolt from the blue.) No, you didn’t! I want to eat one I know you want to eat one, but I don’t have money We have to work if we don’t have money – Work? / – You have to work, too Do you understand? Now, how are we going to eat this? We only have one, so who will eat it? Let’s share! – Share it? Then… / – Share! Let’s start with Seola. How would you share this? How will three siblings share it? (Seola starts eating.) (Seola, I trust you.) (What will happen?) Good girl. It’s very nice of you I want it, too! Now it’s your turn, Sian (Sian, let’s do one more round.) (What if he eats the whole thing?) (He takes just one bite.) (He eats a little bit and passes it to Daddy.) For Daddy? Are you giving it to me? Can I eat this, too? Can I eat this whole thing? No, I will eat it! – No, you can’t. / – Sian will eat this up? Don’t do it (Sian, we’re counting on you.) (He behaves tactfully.) (He bites just a little bit and passes it to Seola.) You are eating it again You can all eat it one more time (Seola eats one more bite.) Thank you Goodness. Are you offering me again? We all ate the small cookie together We should share even a small one (We are all great.) Let’s make a promise We can share even one cookie! We can share! We can do this! Good job! What if we only have one banana? What should we do if we only have one banana? Together Together? We have to share it together You got it 100 percent correct – We have to share it. / – You got 100 points I’ll give you one banana when you’re alone Give it to anyone you want to give First, he gives one banana each to the children (Each child is given one banana.) There are three trays They can put the banana on any tray (What should I do?) How are they going to share the banana? They know they should share even a single bean I wonder if they would show care for their siblings or not I wonder Sian What’s this? (It’s my favorite, banana.) – Sian, what’s this? / – Banana It’s banana Banana. Sit down (He hurries since he loves banana so much.) I’ll give it to you, Sian – Sit down, sit down. / – No, give it to me – No, sit down! / – No, give it to me – I’ll put this… / – Give it to me! – I’ll put this… / – Give me the banana – Give me the banana. / – Sit down. Sit upright Give me the banana Who will you give it to? (He’s about to eat the skin.) No, don’t. That would be bitter

(Then I can peel the skin.) It’s good now You can give it to whomever you want to give it to – Do you get it? / – Okay (Donggook leaves.) Sian puts the banana peel on his tray Who will he give the banana to? (Where will the peeled banana go?) (He eats it himself.) (As he eats it alone,) (he feels a little guilty.) (He suddenly heads to a VJ.) (Will he give a bite to him?) (He only gives the skin.) (The VJ is flustered.) Give me the banana Not the skin (I can’t give the banana.) (They say the skin is more nutritious.) Next, it’s Sua’s turn Who will Sua choose? (Sua chose herself.) Sua chose herself without hesitation Who will Seola choose? Seola also chose herself in a heartbeat Only Sian’s tray is empty I suddenly got two bananas If you have two bananas, you need to decide who you will give these to between Sua, Sian and yourself (Sua and Seola are thinking.) (What will they do?) (They both put one banana on their own tray.) (And Sua gave the other one to Sian.) (What will Seola do?) (She keeps looking at Sian’s tray.) I want to share it with Sian (Seola gives one banana to Sian, too.) Daddy, I did it Two bananas each for Sua, Seola and Sian Each of you get two bananas All of them have two bananas each. They are so nice How about Soeul and Daeul? What’s that? They are apples. We’re going to eat these for a few days So you have to put them on the tray of the person you’d like to give them to Would they be able to divide the apples nicely? Soeul shall start (Soeul goes in first.) You need to think wisely (Thinking) (Where will she put it?) I trust you, Daeul. Please don’t bully me from now on (She looks out for her brother first.) I did it It’s Daeul’s turn now (It’s Daeul’s turn.) (He will be touched when he sees it, right?) (Daeul walks straight.) (Soeul put the apple on my tray.) What will Daeul’s choice be? (He didn’t think at all.) Go in again, Soeul (Soeul is looking forward to checking the result.) (She’s disappointed.) (It’s empty.) (She’s speechless.) (She’s sad.) Why do you have a lot of apples? Oh no Did I put it down too hard? (She seems extremely shocked.) What are you? What are you? Why do I have only one apple? (I hate my brother.) (Sighing) (She takes her brother’s apple.) (But soon…) Soeul places the apple on her empty tray Where will Daeul put the next apple this time? (Daeul sees that he has more apples than Soeul.) (He changes his direction?) (His hand is heading towards Soeul’s tray.) (Did he give it to Soeul this time?) Did he give the apple to Soeul this time?

(She goes in to put the last apple.) (Soeul likes it?) What is this? (Soeul is extremely mad.) – What is this? / – What? (What’s going on?) Where did you put it that makes her like that? (I don’t know.) You don’t know? You don’t know? (I don’t know.) (Why is Soeul mad?) (The number of apples is clearly different.) (One for Soeul and three for Daeul) (Daeul) (I can’t believe this.) It’s shaking (Soeul takes care of Daeul.) Soeul has always taken care of Daeul I’m the only one who does this for you Your eyes, nose and lips are the prettiest It doesn’t hurt. I’m here That doesn’t hurt She’s always been a good sister (How could you do this to me?) (Is she giving the last apple to Daeul?) (She’s suppressing her disappointment.) What are you doing, Soeul? It’s ugly (She’s picking the good apples.) (She changes suddenly.) (How could you not give any apples to me?) (“The Scary Siblings” starring Soeul and Daeul) (Muttering) (Soeul, why are you so scary?) Daeul has one more apple because of Soeul (Soeul has two apples while Daeul has three apples.) Soeul is unhappy right now Because of me? Why do you have more apples? He put it all on his tray I gave one apple to Daeul Where did you put the first apple? (Bumsoo analyzes the situation.) Did you put it on Daeul’s tray? Where did you put the first apple, Daeul? – On Soeul’s? / – No, he’s lying He put everything on his tray Can I eat this one since you have three of them? (No, you can’t.) You’re against it? You don’t like the idea? Give it to Soeul (Daeul gives it to Soeul in the end.) You want to give this to Soeul? Shall we eat this together, Daeul? (In the end, they decided to share it.) The twins are next Come here, Seojun There are a lot of vegetables and fruits outside They are presents for Chuseok You should go pick what you want to eat and give to Seoeon what you want to give him. Go! Seojun goes out to pick first (There are the things I like.) (Thinking) (He picks the yogurt first.) (He places it on his tray.) (What about the banana?) (It’s definitely mine.) (And there he goes.) (I’ll quench my thirst first.) (I’ve done my job, so I’ll leave now.) Seojun, did you forget about Seoeon? (He takes what he likes and walks away.) It’s Seoeon’s turn now (What will Seoeon do?) (What is this? There are a lot of things.) (First, he counts them.) (He’s planning on how to divide them.) (He takes the yogurt that he likes first.) This And this (He’s only filling up his own tray.) This And this (Seojun’s tray is empty.) (Is he done?) (Just then)

Yogurt and banana This one (What else did I put?) (He puts the same things on Seojun’s tray.) Seoeon divides them equally There’s only one of this This one What should I do with this? There is only one (Thinking) (That’s right!) – Dad, there’s only one of this. / – Yes – Please cut this in half. / – That one – You want to cut it? / – Yes – Seriously. / – Because there’s only one of it You guys are amazing. It’s making me tear up (Seoeon’s surprising affection for his brother) Here you go. It’s done – It became two. / – Yes – Did it become two after you cut it? / – Yes Divide it There are so many on the tray now – Dad, I’m done. / – What? I did Seojun’s and mine Have a look Let’s see – Did you divide them equally? / – Yes You did a good job Did you divide them – so that you and Seojun can both eat them? / – Yes Good job Seojun (It’s because we’re brothers.) Lee Seojun Seojun (Kids can learn that it’s better to share.) He divided these amazingly Why did Seoeon do so well? What? – Why was Seoeon so good? / – Take a seat Why was Seoeon so good? Why did Seoeon divide these equally? How did you divide these? I didn’t see This and this Did you give them to Seoeon? – No. / – Then what? I took this and this – How about the vegetables? / – This and this Did you divide them equally? – No. / – Then who did you give it to? I put this one here and the carrot here Right Did you think about Seoeon? (Why did I do that?) (May the siblings grow up loving each other.) I hope all of you love each other more and more A lot of fans cheered for him 18 years ago (There are still traces of it in his hometown.) He received many presents (The presents and letters from his fans) and letters from his female fans He was extremely popular The five siblings’ grandfather still keeps all of them He also treasures his grandchildren’s pictures (This is Donggook’s home in Pohang.) (See you later, Grandpa.) (She’s excited thinking about her grandchildren.) Gosh. Seola looks exactly like her grandmother My goodness (She’s surprised by the camera inside the tent.) There are cameras all over the place (There’s one here, too.) (Grandpa is preparing parboiled octopus.) It’s so thick – Is it thick? / – Yes I can’t cut it any thinner I can do it Gosh, I’m sweating Arrange it properly It looks so delicious (She’s making spicy stir-fried pork.) They made spicy stir-fried pork I’m sweating And they make a pot of bulgogi, too She puts in a lot of spices She’s very generous – Do you want to taste this? / – Okay (The grandmother takes care of the cameraman.) It’s hot – One more time to be nice. / – Again? I’m quite good at cooking It’s all cooked – You made a lot. / – Yes Will he be able to eat it? – I did it for Donggook. / – Right Let’s see (They patiently wait for them.) Let’s watch out for Seola, Sua and Sian I am excited Finally, the three siblings arrived Where are we right now? – Pohang. / – Pohang (They are excited.) Let’s go. Who are we going to meet? Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa. Let’s go Grandma and Grandpa Grandpa and Grandma Are you going to bow? – Yes. / – All right There’s your grandparents’ house. It’s been a while Wait, I see Grandma and Grandpa Grandma and Grandpa are over there, right? Grandma Grandma (Sian!) They are calling you, Sian (Here I am.) – Let’s go. / – Pohang. All right We’ll be right there Important guests are coming They’re important guests Get off. You too, Sian – Have you been here before, Seola? / – Yes – Grandpa, Grandma. / – Grandma (My grandchildren are here.) Sian (He rushes out the moment he sees them.) Okay – My gosh. / – Greet them – Come in. / – Come and give me a hug My arms hurt from cooking. Come hug me, Sua I can’t pick you up because my arms hurt Sian, it’s my house (Kissing) I’m your grandfather Kids, look here I taught you already. How are you supposed to bow? – Let’s see it. / – What do you need to do? – Let’s do it. / – One, two – Make a deep bow. / – Get down on your knees, Sian Make a deep bow like your sisters – That’s right. / – They’re so pretty – Sian, too. / – You should do it too, Sian – Let’s see. / – Do the deep bow like this – Nice to see you again. / – Do it like this That’s right (He gathers his hands neatly.) It’s been a long time (Proud) – Nice to see you again. / – Nice to see you. Seola – That’s the lion. / – It’s the one you like, Seola – It’s a lion. / – It’s been a long time for her Seola lived in Pohang while her mom was pregnant (Seola when she was 15 months old) She received a lot of love from her grandparents – What’s so interesting? / – It’s going to fall Daddy, there’s a sticker (Sticker!) Who pasted that? Who pasted that? Seola It’s been a while since you came, Seola It’s been a while for me, too (His youngest son has no flaws.) Who’s that guy, Seola? – Seola, who’s that guy? / – Who’s that? (Donggook saw this picture.) (Donggook from 20 years ago) (Obviously) – He looks like Daddy. / – Does he look like me? – Who’s that guy? / – Daddy – Does he look like me? / – He looks like Grandpa – It’s Daddy. / – Really? – Yes. / – It’s Grandpa, though Where did you get that picture? – There are a lot here. / – It wasn’t here before – I am amazed. / – I collected all of your portraits (What’s that?) – I see. / – It’s filled – Grandpa. / – Yes? What? – Do you want this? / – Yes Yes (There are gifts from the fans.) (Sian is excited.) Here you go. Stay calm – There are stars. / – Yes – That’s right. / – There are stars Who made them? Who could it be? Your dad’s fans made each of them a long time ago Look. This is a ship, right? I was quite popular then (Whatever you say.) They made these for me I didn’t do it by myself It’s a turtle – Yes. / – A turtle Let’s see – Did you find this? / – There’s a boat, too (Rustling) Did you find this? Hold on Isn’t it food? Where did mine go? – What’s that? / – You can eat it What is he eating? It’s a candy that’s in here – But that’s… / – That’s right – It’s been 20 years. / – Yes, it’s been 20 years – Spit it out. / – Sian It’s a star (Why does this tastes like it’s been fermented?) It’s been 20 years I received it 18 years ago, so it’s been 20 years – It’s called “star” in English, right? / – Don’t – Don’t eat it. / – Open wide – He still has it. / – Spit it out Spit it out – That’s right. / – You’ve eaten it, right? You fed him a 20-year-old candy It’s okay for him to eat it He won’t die (Grandpa is trying to make him tough.) Who will clean all that up? Do it together with Grandpa – Good job. / – Good job You’re good (They are particularly obedient today.) Seola, do it That’s right. You too, Sian. Put it in the middle No, don’t do that Let’s do this again after eating Seola, Sua. You’ve not eaten, right? Let’s go and eat

– Let’s set the table. / – Daddy Daddy Let’s see. Let’s set the table The table is full with the food Donggook loves You’re using the spoon really well – I think about this sometimes. / – Salted fish? That’s why I made them for you I can only eat this here (I can only eat this during the holidays.) What’s the name of this fish? I only know it’s red – Try eating it. / – It’s rockfish – This was the only fish I knew. / – Daddy It’s delicious. Eat it It’s meat (The kids are enjoying it.) It’s good, right? Why did you prepare so much? People will think you eat like this all the time Meat, please – Seola, would you like to have this? / – All right – Here is the meat. / – Right, here it is (They’re busy feeding the kids.) It’s good, right? – Have you eaten? / – Yes, we ate (They haven’t eaten but they said they did.) Here. It’s meat – Meat. / – Sua, rice – Here. / – Is it good? (Eating) Come here Here, meat Meat (His gentle voice makes Sian come running.) Why, Seola – Do you want meat? / – Sua, do you like soup? – Seola, too. / – Do you want this? Yes. Meat Seola, you like meat – You like meat. / – I was craving this (She’s as gentle as a lamb with her grandpa.) Come here. Open up (It tastes better when you feed me.) Sian, come over here Food Look at Sua She’s so good When we’re all eating together, do what you have to do Sua looks older – You’re so well-mannered. / – Only when she’s eating (It’s because she’s eating.) Is that so? (I will never leave my seat.) (I’ll go my own way.) (Peeking) Sua, you’re so amazing You don’t care what’s happening “I’ll eat even if there’s a war.” (A war can’t stop me.) Are you done? Have some more – It’s all too bland, right? / – No I made it for the kids (She’s worried Donggook might not like it.) It’s good Although Donggook is already a father of five, he’s still a baby in his mother’s eyes Like all mothers, she just wants her son to eat well (They’re cleaning up.) (Seola brings the dishes over.) Seola, are you helping? (She brings the cutlery over, too.) Good job, Seola Grandpa Oh, dear Thank you You should do that more often Here Okay Thank you Okay You guys (She’s moving soy sauce which is difficult.) (Careful) (She’s walking very slowly.) Grandpa (Help me.) Seola She’s almost like the lady of the house You girls are all grown up You’re big girls now (I only did what needed to be done.) – What is this? / – Gifts – What gifts? / – Gifts Gifts It’s for your health (He brought red ginseng for his parents.) – What is that? / – What is this? – Is it spicy? / – What is this? – Red ginseng. / – What is it? (Donggook passes it to his mother.) – What is this? Thank you. / – It’s red ginseng I see It’s so easy to drink Wow – Is yours spicy? / – No Anything bitter is good for you (She shakes out the last drop.) What is it, Grandpa? – Do you want to try it, Sian? / – It’s medicine (He tries it.) It’s not spicy (Shivering) It’s medicine It’s red ginseng. Do you want more? (Sian, do you want more?) – Yes. / – Do you want more? Here (He’s having another sip.) He’s taking care of his health already Maybe he’s worn out. Have as much as you want – Again. / – Again? Again? Again What’s going on? Isn’t it bitter? (I want more.) (These three are going somewhere.)

Isn’t it nice? The twins are going somewhere Where are they? (Where are we?) There are headphones you can listen to music with and a lot of other audio equipment Is this a recording studio? Wow, Hyeongseok Hello (It’s composer Kim Hyeongseok) Why did the twins come to Hyeongseok’s studio? He’s Korea’s Mozart Don’t say that – Come on. / – I can’t be compared to him He gave me a song 23 years ago Why does it make me shy? Look at his face (“Wrongful Encounter” by Kim Gunmo) (1995 was the biggest year in Korean pop music.) (There were various types of genres and performances.) (These musicians ruled the music world.) (There is someone who sang alongside them.) (“Say Goodbye” by Lee Hwijae) (We prepared this just for you.) (He’s the original comedian-singer.) (“Say Goodbye” is Hwijae’s debut song.) (With Hyeongseok’s help,) (his album sold over 170,000 copies.) My kids started to enjoy music If they’re going to enjoy music, we might as well enjoy my song I decided to try it again from their perspective I’m not recording on my own It’ll be a good memory for us I hope you’ll look at us with a positive light I hope a lot of people will be happy while listening to our voices Hey Do you want to listen to Uncle’s famous songs? (Kim Hyeongseok’s medley starts now.) (That’s a good song.) It’s okay I want to play something Are you going to play the drums? (Seoeon is reacting to the music.) (I’m ready to play.) (It’s an impromptu collaboration.) He’s on beat In one, two, three, four (He’s on beat.) He’s good I like it You have so many famous songs (He’s playing a different song.) (Scurrying over) Okay (They’re playing the piano together.) (I love the sound of the piano.) (This singer of 22 years is excited.) Stop it, Dad Dad, let’s have fun – What? / – Let’s sing – Do you want to sing? / – Yes (I’ll sing first.) (Faster) I like that Sing it louder (He sings at the top of his lungs.) (He’s copying other singers.) Seojun, “Butterfly” (Butterfly) (His veins are showing.) (Seojun is using the headphones, too.) How’s his pitch? How’s my pitch? – The rhythm is perfect. / – It’s just the rhythm (Only the rhythm is perfect.) Dad! (Dad) Who is it? What is it? Who is it? Dad! Someone’s here My daughter must be here Gosh What about your dad? (She gives the twins gifts straight away.) (Seoeon is confused.) Hello – You should greet him. / – Hello They are Seoeon and Seojun (It’s sudden but we’ll take the gifts.) This is Ahyi, Seoeon Ahyi – Hello? / – Good I’m five (I’m five years old.) She’s five years old How old are you? – Four. / – Then she’s older than you I’m old, too I’m five, too – Are you old? / – Yes My kids can make jokes (They’re practically comedians.) (No way.) I’m serious. They joke all the time – Seojun. / – Really? Let’s go (If you don’t believe it, we’ll show you.) I’m a monster (How about this?) (Do you believe us now?) – My daughter’s funny, too. / – Is she? She screams and sings at night She even sings Beyonce’s songs Beyonce’s songs? Seoeon, Seojun. Ahyi will sing for you (How good is her singing?)

(Listen) (Listen) (What is going on?) (She has a powerful voice.) (Hwijae is enjoying her music.) Don’t scream Sing quieter (Denied. This is my voice.) (They’re scared of her voice.) (Seoeon is looking for something.) Here, we can wear these Here (In the meanwhile, the twins get along.) Seoeon Seoeon, I need that Here. It’s good now Ahyi, can you sing one more time? (Please sing a quieter song.) One, two, three, four (My goodness) (Hwijae is drawn to her song.) (Since I have guests,) (I’ll add dance moves.) (Ahyi is really cool.) (The three of them gather by the piano.) (It’s Ahyi’s dinner show.) (She’s putting up a good performance.) (Seoeon is staring.) Who did she learn dancing from? She picked it up from TV (I love music.) (They’re shocked.) (Spins are a piece of cake.) (She can dance like a professional.) (Hwijae joins in.) (She’s a dancing queen.) (I can’t be stopped.) (She’s amazing.) What do I do with her? Out of all Korean mixed-gender bands, Cool was probably the best – A trio? / – Shall we form one? Shall we? (They are far ahead of themselves.) (An amazing trio is in town.) Shall we hear it? Let’s see how much he shortened it (The 2016 version of “Say Goodbye” is introduced.) Please play it for us (The music starts.) (Seojun is listening carefully.) Good, good (Seoeon gets into the beat.) When the kids go (This is the twins’ part.) (He’s happy just thinking about it.) That’s when you go, “Say goodbye” (Hwijae has to sing the chorus.) Hyeongseok, look at this I wrote it in the concept of a trio It’s really childish It’s good I think it’s going to be a hit ♪ Say goodbye, no more boring jokes ♪ ♪ We’re the trio ♪ – Hyeongseok. / – ♪ Look at what we’re going to do ♪ – ♪ Dad’s tired ♪ I like this part. / – Yes “But I have no one else to play with” (Any father would relate to this.) I felt this while raising my own It’s hard to play with them if you don’t keep up Hold on. This is huge A huge Hallyu star is calling us (A Hallyu star?) (Is it Kim Soohyun?) – Say hello. / – Hello – Hello. / – Hello – Hello. / – Isn’t he handsome? He’s a Hallyu star I’ll have some helpers come with me. I’ll show you (There are more stars.) – Hello. / – Look. They’re going to visit us Look at them My goodness, they look like Anna and Elsa – Can they come get us? / – Of course. They’re big They’re so pretty – It’s Elsa. / – You have to come See you later I’ll kiss her Stop kissing – Repeat after me. I. / – I – Will not. / – Will Kiss them I will kiss them – I. / – I – Will not. / – Will kiss them No, don’t kiss them We’ll get to kiss today What are you talking about? Be quiet (I’m just kidding.)

Let’s go (The twins are off to greet the visitors.) You have a package Soeul and Daeul are making deliveries (They’re making deliveries?) Hello They’re delivering something to Rohee’s place It’s a gift for Chuseok – Wow, did you make this? / – Yes What is their surprise gift? – Hello. / – Hello Everyone, why are we here? – We’re here to make songpyeon. / – That’s right Today, we won’t be making regular songpyeon We’ll add healthy milk to make it more delicious When you add milk to any food, it can make the dish more aromatic It’ll be more nutritious as well We’ll make the dough by adding warm milk – This first. / – I got it, I got it Yes. Good job – Me, too. / – Mix it with the spoon – Like this? / – Yes Good – Don’t break it. / – Like this? You’re doing well – Okay, now rip out a piece. Copy her. / – Make a ball – Yes, make a ball. / – A ball? After making a ball Place the songpyeon in the steamer Good (How will it turn out?) All right, look to the front This is the first songpyeon Soeul and Daeul made How will it taste? This? Is it good? I made that one – This, too. / – Dad I like it with the red bean (I want to show everyone my songpyeon.) We’re going to give out songpyeon as gifts Let’s put stickers on them. Here You can type it out “It’s Soeul and Daeul’s treat” (Pressing) Smart Soeul is typing by herself (She’s typing one by one carefully.) Did she type it well? (The sticker is printing.) There is a spelling error There’s a spelling error – Did I do that? / – Yes Same thing here. It’s wrong again I’m sorry Don’t be. You’re learning You’ll know for the next one, right? Yes – This is pink. / – Yes, it’s pink Let’s give the pink one to your grandparents – Okay. / – Okay – It came out. / – Three more This time, Soeul typed it right The stickers are going on the presents Songpyeon full of love is finished (She spelled “Grandpa” wrong.) Soeul and Daeul are off to deliver them You know where the security guard is, right? Give him one, then go to Yoojun and Yoona’s house (Yoojun and Yoona’s house) Two Then you have to go down this way Turn left at the hair salon and go in here. After the playground is – It’s Rohee’s. / – That’s right, it’s Rohee’s After dropping it off at Rohee’s, you have to go this way When you take bus number seven, – the tenth stop is Grandpa’s. / – Why not our house? That takes you to Grandma and Grandpa’s house You have a package You have a package You have a package A package? Is this a package? – It’s a gift. / – A gift? Thank you I’ll enjoy them They succeeded in delivering it to the security guard (Next stop is Yoojun and Yoona’s house.) You have a package Thank you – Enjoy them. / – Okay They delivered successfully to their friends Their third stop is their neighbor, Rohee’s house They have to walk two blocks Will they be able to find the way? (Will they make it to Rohee’s?) Be careful, everyone Daeul, come this way (She’s pulling Daeul to safety.) That’s the street and this is the sidewalk. Let’s go Hurry Go inside It’s the convenience store (Where am I supposed to go again?) If that’s the convenience store (Where am I supposed to go again?) We’re trying to go to Rohee’s house

Which way do we go? Go left and then turn left again at the first street Thank you! Thanks to the lady’s help, they’re back on route Building No. 11 There. Building 11 That’s Rohee’s house Did they come to the right place? Is this right? Who is it? You have a package Hello Hello Come on in, come in – Come in. / – Do you want help? No, it’s okay You’re such a good big sister This is a gift for Chuseok Wow, Rohee. This is for you (Thank you.) Did you make this, Soeul? (Amazed) – Can she eat rice cake? / – Try it Shall I? Let me try some of this It’s delicious. It’s really good Gosh, I should give you some drinks What would you like? Orange juice? – Lemonade? / – I want strawberry juice We don’t have any right now – Orange juice. / – Orange? Okay Hold on (Here, drink these.) – Thank you. / – No problem Gosh You’re amazing. You even made rice cakes I made it You did? I made it with Soeul May I take your photo? Of course Look there. One, two, three Rohee Good (It’s time to take a picture.) Why don’t the three of you take one? Rohee. One, two, three (The three kids take a photo.) Soeul and Daeul successfully delivered it to Rohee Now all that’s left is their most difficult stop (They’re going to the bus stop for the last delivery.) Sit down and wait – Sit? / – Zero, seven? Hurry up and sit. The bus will come Daeul (Rummaging) The bus (Soeul is double checking.) We will take bus number seven Zero, seven We have to wait (Dazed) (They’re getting hungry while waiting.) I’m hungry (What should we do?) Daeul (I have a good idea.) Do you want to eat rice cake? (Shall we eat some of this?) Let’s eat together That’s a good idea (We’re sorry, Grandma and Grandpa.) (We’ll eat just a little bit.) Daeul, it’s here. Hurry (Get off the bench.) (The bus is finally here.) You get on first (Go ahead.) I’m six and he’s three. How much is it? It’s free for preschoolers Sit here, dear (Soeul plays with Daeul.) (Daeul has a songpyeon in his hand,) (while Soeul has a map in her hand.) Eight, nine, ten. We get off at ten (She’s checking her stop.) (Good boy.) Make them kiss No, I’m Tayo – Who are you? / – This is Lani Kiss (They have fun playing.) (Next stop is XX Apartment.) We’ll be getting off. This is the last one We have to finish it off (I can’t believe we came here on our own.) (They arrive at their destination.) Let’s get off (Let’s go to Grandma and Grandpa.) Hello (She’s full of energy.) Who is it? You have a package Soeul Soeul, come on in – Grandma. / – It’s hot, isn’t it? – Grandma. / – Hurry up and come in – Aren’t you hot? / – Where’s Grandpa? – Is that yours, Soeul? / – Are my babies here? Come on up Daeul. Watch out for Epe

Did you take the bus with your sister? Wasn’t it hard? – That’s amazing. / – What a man Here you go What is this? – It’s so pretty. / – I wrote the letter “I love you, Grandma and Grandpa.” – Did you make this? / – It’s rice cake Actually, I was very hungry, – so I ate one. / – Good job You can have two. Good girl My goodness. I’m so thankful Here are vegetables and Soeul’s favorite, burdock – Do you want this? / – Were you hungry? My goodness. Have some soup Is this Soeul’s? Which is it? (The grandparents try the songpyeon.) Me? – I… / – Does it have beans in it? – It has beans. / – It’s delicious. It’s good Soeul, I’m curious What went into the pink one to make it pink? Strawberry powder Then we mixed it with rice and water You have to put it in cold water after steaming it Then you put it in an empty bowl with sesame oil That way, they don’t stick to each other It’s so delicious – Try this. / – I want to eat this much And rice (Who could it be?) Who is it? – Mother. / – Yes (Bumsoo came to visit.) – You’re here. / – Hello (It’s Dad.) It’s Bumsoo Gosh Hello, Father My schedule is so crazy – Here we go. / – What is this? – Guess. / – What is it? It’s something delicious How’s the rice cake? Did you try it? – Yes, we had it. / – We were eating We were so touched Soeul knows exactly how – to make songpyeon now. / – Really? Soeul, did you do well? – Dad. / – Daeul, Dad is over there – Sit down. It’s hot. / – Okay – Show me the pictures. / – No – You delivered rice cakes. / – No Here What else? That’s Yoojun (They signed for the deliveries.) That’s Rohee Like this I see Last one – It looks nice. / – It’s Grandma and Grandpa Yes (She didn’t leave out her grandparents.) Good job Daeul, did you deliver rice cakes with your sister? Yes – I’m the only one without a photo. / – That’s true Since I don’t have a photo, let’s take one (They take a picture together.) Okay. Daeul, look here. One, two, three – Good job, Soeul and Daeul. / – There we go Continue to grow up as good kids Whose family photo is this? (It’s little Donggook and his father at Yeongildae.) We used to always go to the beach and catch shellfish. I have so many memories there We decided to go to that place again Donggook and the kids are going to a memorable place (He’s going to Yeongildae with his kids.) Yeongildae Beach used to be Donggook’s playground Let’s have fun with the three kids Gosh No one’s here since the holiday season is over It’s still good, right? We’ve never been to a beach All right, come here. Let’s sit I used to play here all the time when I was small Wow, the water came in all the way here (They chase after their dad.) Look, the water’s coming in Chicken Do you want to go see the birds? Sian – Let’s go. / – Sian, look (They have beach toys with them.) It’s far (Where are they headed?) There’s still far to go Look over there. We’ll go up the hill Is it still far? Let’s go (They find a huge hole.) Did you dig this? Sian, you could fit in there (Donggook tries it out first.) (It’s knee-deep.) (Looking at the depth,) (Sian will fit right in.) (I have a bad feeling about this.) Come here, Sian (I knew this would happen.) Here (His survival instinct kicks in.) (He’s folding his legs to avoid going in.)

(He’s struggling to stay out.) What’s wrong? Okay. Stay here Come here (His next target is Seola.) (Screaming) (Daddy, why are you doing this to me?) Okay, okay (What is it anyway?) (I shouldn’t have looked.) Okay. All right (He tries it with Sian one more time.) (He ends up inside the hole.) Peek-a-boo, Sian. Look at him Where did Sian go? I can’t see Sian (His shoulders are tense.) – I don’t see Sian! / – No! (Help me.) Who will save Sian? (Sian begins to cry.) Sian (He is bawling.) (Donggook feels bad.) I am sorry (It’s a tear-jerking reunion) (between these siblings.) (A short parting…) I am sorry (A short parting felt like a lifetime.) (This is how scary the hole is.) What a tear-jerking reunion! (It’s heartwarming.) Sian (Seola) Sian Sian (You had a hard time.) Did you think you wouldn’t see him again? (I thought I wouldn’t see him again.) (Let us never part again.) (Sua fills a bucket with sand.) (Pouring) It must have taken you a long time to dig this I can dig another one Fathers are amazing Fathers are amazing. Right? (He’s already digging another hole.) All right. Do you see the sand hill? Shall we climb it? Let’s go (The energetic sisters climb the sand hill.) They are good at climbing. Sian, give it a try (Up we go.) I am faster (I’m faster.) This is amazing Hey (Hello, Sian.) (Wait for me.) (She wants to be faster than anyone.) (She climbs in a unique way.) Seola You are very fast Yes You are in the lead Keep climbing. That’s right There you go, Sian – Try harder. / – Hello Sian, try harder (Up we go.) Keep climbing Wait, girls. Sian is alone (Hurry up, Sian.) There you go (Sian puts all his might into climbing.) You can do this You can do this There you go (He is heaving.) (Seola reached the top.) Daddy Hello (Sua reached the top as well.) Seola and Sua, how is it up there? Daddy, I’m here Daddy, I’m here Can you see everything? – Yes. / – Yes Look at the sea Mom (I want Mom, too.) You can do this Don’t look back. Focus on the road ahead of you (He cannot help but look back.) – You can do this. / – It hurts – You can do this alone. / – It hurts – It hurts. / – You can do this (His legs feel heavy.) Sian, you can do this alone You can do this (His breathing grows ragged.) (Is there an end to this journey?) – You can do this. / – You can do this Sian That’s right. You are almost there This is the top Sian, this is the top You are almost there Gather your strength – Gather your strength. / – There you go – I can do this. / – You can do this – I can do this. / – You can do this – I can do this. / – You can do this – I can do this. / – You can do this (He tells himself that he can do this.) I can do this Gather your strength – It’s like you’re climbing / – Gather your strength – Mount Everest. / – Gather your strength (He takes one step after another.) Climb until you reach the top Climb a little bit more (Shouting) (Finally!) Sian See? I said you can do this by yourself – Yes. / – Give him a big hand – A big hand. / – You can do this On the count of three, go, “Hurrah!”

– In one, two, three. / – In one, two, three – Hurrah! / – Hurrah! – I can do it. / – Good boy High-five If you don’t give up, you can do anything You climbed this high – I can do it. / – I can do it Who wants to go on the ride first? Seola, get on it I will pull the sleigh Wait here. I will be back Let’s go It’s scary (What should I do?) (Lying down) (She gets into a comfortable position.) (Lee Seola’s score on the sand sleigh) – Who wants to go next? / – Sua – Sua. / – All right (Cautious) Me, too (Sua’s sleigh heads down.) It’s fast (The sleigh speeds up.) (It’s hard to control the sleigh.) (Will she fall into the sea?) (He stops the sleigh suddenly.) (Crying) It startled you, right? (She is scared.) It startled you, right? Sua, your sleigh was very fast Daddy (I’m here, too.) I will go up again Daddy Daddy – Did you wait for me? / – Yes I can do it No I can do it (What took you so long?) Sian (I am tired, too.) I can do it Pick me up – Pick you up? / – Yes I don’t want to (The lion wants his cub to be strong.) Meanwhile, Seola attempts sledding by herself (She will attempt sledding by herself.) (Seola gives a show of strength.) (Up we go.) Okay (This is a good spot.) (She gets on the sleigh.) (However,) (she unintentionally rides the sleigh backwards.) (Luckily, the sleigh stops.) Sit down. Go forward? (What just happened?) Sian, come here (He wants to get on the sleigh with Sian.) – Daddy, no. / – Come here No (I don’t want that kind of help.) You want to ride it alone? Okay, ride alone, then Sit down You are fearless Sit down (The way Sian boards the sleigh makes him laugh.) Hang on tight. You can do it, Sian I can do it – I can do it. / – You can do it All right. Here we go Here we go Here we go Let’s go. You can do it (Will he enjoy riding the sleigh?) You can do it (He remains calm despite the speed.) (He reaches the destination.) (That was a piece of cake.) You did well Weren’t you scared? – No. / – No? Come here We created the perfect path Let’s go. I’m the only one sweating (It’s the “I Can Do It Road”.) The three siblings return to their grandmother’s Seola and Sua, sleep with Grandma, okay? Hello, Grandma and Grandpa Hello, you did well today – Good night. / – Good night – Good night, Sua. / – Okay What a good girl (The three men will sleep in the living room.) – Let’s go to bed. / – Let’s go to bed You did well today I’m sure it was a long day (They feel awkward but happy.) Sian is a man You will sleep among men What a good boy (He continues to talk to Sian.) What a good boy (Laughing) Sian is the best All right I haven’t imagined sleeping together like this This is a first for me, too (He pats Sian’s bottom.) – He will fall sleep quickly. / – All right The girls are a different matter Seola, look at this (Giggling) (The sisters have no intention of sleeping.) I won’t bite

I will tell you a story (Once upon a time) (Her story has a tune.) I’m not sleepy Lie down next to me – Lie down next to me. / – I want space between us – Lie down next to me. / – No I love you. Don’t you love me? – I love you. / – What? Do you love me or not? – Yes. / – What? – Will you love me? / – I will There you go. Sleep next to me if you love me Sua, how does it feel to come to Pohang? – I like it. / – You do? There you go Let’s meet in our dreams – Sweet dreams. / – Okay Dream about me Dream about Grandpa Good night, Sian Good night Good night, Sian Say, “Good night.” Aren’t you going to sleep? Good night The three generations never slept together I never slept with my father, too It’s not easy for a father and son to sleep in the same space Thanks to Sian, the three generations got to sleep in the same space It felt bit awkward But I liked it It is a nice memory It is a historical event for me The twins came out to welcome the Hallyu star (Where is he?) Which Hallyu star visited the twins? Hello (Which Hallyu star visited the twins?) Hello, Seojun and Seoeon Hello. Let’s shake hands It’s nice to meet you. Are you Seojun? Are you a Hallyu star? Yes, I am Do you know this song? ♪ Sorry, sorry ♪ ♪ I fell, I fell ♪ ♪ For you ♪ Don’t you know this song? Look. ♪ Sorry, sorry, I fell, I fell ♪ ♪ For you, for you ♪ Haven’t you seen me on TV? Is this your first time seeing me? I see Where are the girls? The girls? You waste no time asking for girls In that case, Seoeon and Seojun should say, “Girls, come on out.” Then they will come out One, two, three – Girls, come on out. / – Good job Girls, come on out Who came to cheer for the twins? – Hello, Seoeon and Seojun. / – There they are (I see beautiful women.) Hello. My goodness (Hugging) Hello (Disheartened) Do you know who I am? – Hello. / – Boys – How cute! / – Why didn’t you run towards me? Hello (They prefer girls to this Hallyu star.) We brought them here – Hello. / – Hello Hello Hello Welcome Hello I heard a chilling story What story? – I heard that you will release an album. / – No, it’s not an album We will turn “Say Goodbye” into a children’s song – ♪ Say goodbye ♪ / – That part is well-known – Will you perform it on shows? / – Only at events Really? I am kidding Seulgi and Joy, you may not know this, but Hwijae used to be – Call me Uncle Hwijae. / – I want to pee – Uncle Hwijae? / – Yes Uncle Hwijae used to be – the most popular celebrity. / – I want to pee – You want to pee. / – His name was very influential (Fidgeting) Where is the toilet? Where is it? (This is not what I pictured.) (They had to say goodbye to Hwijae.) Please play the perfect melody – This is exciting. / – Let’s hear it Here it comes (He dances with his shoulders.) – It’s nice. / – It really is (He is doing performance art.) – It’s nice. / – It really is

– My goodness. / – It’s the Zombie Dance – Look at him. / – It’s in his genes (Wow) (Seojun tumbles in his excitement.) – Seojun. / – Forward roll There you go Good job (I should do something.) This is a difficult move Seojun and Seoeon, can you do this? (This is the Serving Dishes Dance.) – I am dancing. / – Can you do it? Dance with me (It’s easy.) Seojun can dance – Dance with me. / – Seojun can dance (This is fun.) ♪ We are a trio ♪ – A trio. / – Teuk Please teach the trio – a dance routine. / – A dance routine? Use your skills as a member of Super Junior Is there a gesture they make often? (What gestures do they make often?) Let’s see it (Eyes popping out) Pop! There you go (B-boying) (Dancing) They dance well Look at them They just move in an unrefined way (The Hallyu star gets up.) How did the song go? ♪ We are a trio, this is so much fun ♪ Do you have an idea? Show us (It’s an easy and cute dance move.) – I like it. / – We’ll go with this When did you learn something like that? Seulgi! (They are talented.) (They use Seulgi’s dance move.) (They are cute.) – There you go. / – He is dancing (Seoeon follows the dance move.) It’s great that the fingers represent – the trio. / – It’s signifies your trio Seulgi made this dance move I helped her come up with an idea (Teuk wants recognition.) It’s nice. Seulgi is very wise You have to go, right? Say goodbye to Uncle Teuk – Say goodbye. / – May I go? – Should I go? Really? / – Yes Say, “Goodbye, Teuk.” (I will give you a hug.) There you go (Touched) – Say, “Stay healthy.” / – There you go – Thank you for coming. / – Don’t mention it I will come again when I have time Okay – Give him a high-five. / – Good boy High-five. Bye It’s not that I can’t sing Hello (Who is that?) It’s a monkey Do you want me to sing a song? (He is tuning his voice.) My goodness ♪ Fly higher ♪ ♪ Be fast like lightning ♪ ♪ Let’s use our hidden card ♪ (Fly higher, be fast like lightning) ♪ Be fast like lightning ♪ ♪ Let’s use our hidden card ♪ ♪ You will shine ♪ ♪ Brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ This is the moment ♪ ♪ Born to fly ♪ It doesn’t sound like the “Turning Mecard” song I feel like I am at a concert (Bravo!) (It’s RnB singer, Kim Johan.) – Hello. / – Hello I feel bad for making you come here Hello – It’s nice to meet you. / – Are you scared? Are you scared? It must be because of the beard They like beards Play among yourselves. I need to practice singing (The twins get a snack time.) ♪ Say goodbye, the talk of boredom ♪ ♪ Dad is breathless ♪ ♪ But he has no one else to play with ♪ (He missed the beat.) – This is hard. / – Good job This is the only part I have, right? – Was it okay? / – You still have it Try singing it in the original key. This is low I lowered the key to warm you up ♪ Say goodbye ♪ That was nice – Do this. / – “Say goodbye.” ♪ Bye, say goodbye ♪

Cut the note in the end ♪ Say goodbye ♪ – Is that right? / – Change the note twice It’s better than changing it once – Okay. / – Let’s lower the key (Why would you do that for my own song?) I participated in your first album – Really? / – I sang in the chorus – It was “For You”. / – “For You” – He sang in the chorus. / – Really? (Hwijae didn’t know his ties with Johan.) Shall we check the rhythm? (Johan sings the song in RnB style.) ♪ We are a trio ♪ ♪ Look forward to what we will do ♪ ♪ Dad’s tired, but he has no one else to play with ♪ (Improvising) (He makes the song sound different.) ♪ Say goodbye, the talk of boredom ♪ ♪ Say goodbye ♪ ♪ Dad is tired ♪ ♪ But he has no one else to play with ♪ (It’s rhythmic like a trot song.) (Hwijae is anxious and worried before recording.) How long will the recording take? – I think an hour will be enough. / – An hour? I can take care of the rest with machines (I love auto-tune.) Make it more natural I will make it more natural (A children’s song should be fun.) ♪ We are a trio, it’s amazing ♪ ♪ Another day passes by ♪ Let me try that again ♪ We are a trio ♪ – Don’t say “Trio” like that. / – Gosh, sorry ♪ Say goodbye ♪ One more time One more time ♪ Say goodbye ♪ ♪ Dad’s breathless ♪ ♪ But he has no one else to play with ♪ That was nice Hwijae Let’s release another album Come on – I can do the rest. Come on out. / – Okay (Hwijae finishes recording.) Auto-tune it It’s the twins’ turn It’s their first time in the recording booth How will they sing? Is this good? Wait a minute. Please raise the volume Who wants to go first? One, two. One, two. Three, four – ♪ We are ♪ / – ♪ We are ♪ ♪ A trio! ♪ Good job (They find the children adorable.) – Hey. / – Can you hear it? – Yes. / – ♪ Say goodbye ♪ ♪ Say goodbye ♪ Good job. Let’s try it again ♪ Say goodbye ♪ ♪ Say goodbye ♪ Okay ♪ Say goodbye ♪ Okay ♪ We are a trio ♪ Good job Dad, I love you Mom, I love you – ♪ Dad ♪ / – ♪ Dad ♪ ♪ Has no one else to play with ♪ Good job (He copies the cute twins.) – All right. / – I want to try this What? – ♪ Say goodbye ♪ / – ♪ Say goodbye ♪ Good job – ♪ We are ♪ / – ♪ We are ♪ ♪ A trio ♪ Hwijae, make them say, “Trio! Trio!” – ♪ Trio ♪ / – ♪ Trio ♪ – ♪ We are ♪ / – ♪ Trio ♪ ♪ A trio ♪ Okay We are a trio! – ♪ We are ♪ / – Okay! I think we are done Good boys – Well done. / – Thank you for your hard work Give Uncle a high-five (He give the uncles a high-five.) Thank you for your hard work Thank you Thank you – Good job. / – You must love them very much Let’s hear it (The melody is cheerful.) (How will the children’s version of the song sound?) (I am excited.) (She is playing games with Taeyoung.) Give Dad a hug Thank you Give me a kiss What a surprise. You kissed me right away What is up with you today? What is up with you today? Rohee, how old are you? – Two years old? / – She is two years old Rohee is already two years old (That’s not all.) (It’s a dancing doll Rohee likes the most.) Good job Dance, dance (It’s a belly popping dance.) That was a new dance move

(That’s a new dance move.) Do it again (Bouncing) (It’s Rohee’s original dance.) (As she was warming up) What’s wrong? I think the battery ran out The music stopped I should replace the batteries (The former fairy is handling a screwdriver.) (She can change batteries on her own.) Did you taste the peach? (He cut peaches into pretty shapes.) (Taeyoung eats the flesh by the seed.) (They share chores for Rohee.) – This is for Mommy. / – Thank you Rohee, sit here – Sit nicely. / – She listens well when you have food (Give me food.) (Her gaze remains on the fruit.) Rohee, clap if you think it’s tasty (Throwing) That’s good (Dad, I am in a hurry.) Good girl She is in a hurry (She takes a big bite.) (She clears the plate in no time.) Rohee, did you finish it all? Rohee, would you like to try on hanbok for Chuseok? Really? (Giggling) Rohee is so pretty How cute! Watch me Start from here. Kneel (The former fairy demonstrates a bow.) Go like this (Confused) – Can you do it? / – Can you do it? – Try it, Rohee. / – Try kneeling Sit down like this. Good job – Put your hands on the floor. / – Lean forward Like this (What are they doing?) Try it, Rohee She is only bobbing her head (Pouting) – Try it, Rohee. / – Rohee, try sitting properly – There you go. / – Good job – Put your hands on the floor. / – Try kneeling Try kneeling – Rohee, try kneeling. / – Try kneeling That’s good. Sit down (Focused) – Try it. / – Try it That’s good (Your Majesty, please reconsider.) – Bow more. / – Bow more. That’s good Good job, Rohee Your Majesty! (Your Majesty!) Your Majesty! Please withdraw your order Rohee has grown up a lot. She is on a date with Dad Let’s go, Rohee Where did she go in a pretty hanbok? When I was little, I made dumplings for the holidays I thought it would be meaningful to revisit the memory with Rohee Let’s sit over here There are friends All right (Who caught Rohee’s attention?) There are friends (There are foreign dads.) (What are we doing here?) We will now make dumplings Scoop the meat with a ladle (The ladle touches Rohee’s cheek.) Yedam, don’t do that to the baby – I am sorry. / – It’s okay You speak Korean very well I speak it pretty well How old are you? Rohee, how old are you? (She shyly spreads out two fingers.) Yedam, Rohee is your friend She is your age (Nodding) She was born in 2014 She was born in 2014? Yes (Wait a minute.) Was Rohee born in that year? (Wait a minute.) You don’t remember? She was born in 2015 – She was born in 2015? / – Yes She is younger than Yedam I got confused for a second (Gosh, Dad.) Let’s try it again (She is making dumplings carefully.) (Working hard) How old are your children? – Five years old. / – Five – And three. / – Three Three – They are all grown up. / – Yes Do you participate in childcare? Me? Yes, I participate a lot – You do. / – Yes You are almost like a housewife – Have you watched the show? / – Yes, I have – Really? / – You are a good cook You look after the baby, too – Thank you. / – You make good coffee, too – You watched the show often. / – Yes, I did You are right I feel bad that he is not in the conversation I can translate You can talk freely I will translate – Okay. / – I will translate How are you? (It’s basic English.) – Me? / – Yes. How are you? How are you? – It’s a secret. / – A secret? Why would it be a secret? (He thought it was “How old are you?”) How are you? I am very well Good. Why? (What does he mean?)

Why? Why what? Do you really need to ask why? My child makes me very happy – Your daughter is beautiful. / – Thank you – Beautiful. / – Thank you She is very pretty (They finish making the dumplings.) People make big straw bag dumplings during the holidays to hope for good fortune. How will they taste? Try them – Enjoy. / – Thank you (The children enjoy the dumplings.) -The baby might not be able to eat it. / – Yummy Yummy Do you like it? What’s Rohee’s response to her first dumpling? (She pulls it with her chopsticks.) (There are so many delicious things in the world.) Mark, how many children do you have? – Four. / – Four (He truly envies Mark.) It’s hard sometimes – Sometimes. / – Sometimes? You’re lucky if you can still say – “sometimes”. / – Sometimes They are like friends – They are like friends. / – They play like friends Best friends My goodness (An accident happens.) (He goes over slowly like it’s nothing.) Noah, Jane, let’s go – They are like friends. / – Right (He holds Yedam high with one hand.) – Come on, Jane. / – I want to have three kids – I’d like to have three kids. / – Here we go How about four kids like Mark? You hold the child so lightly You hold her so easily Did you do it with one hand? It’s easy – Easy? / – It’s easy, yes All right (She’s comfortable.) (I feel like I’m flying.) The next course of traditional food-making is pounding rice cakes with a mallet Yes, baby! What’s on your mind when you’re pounding the rice cake? I’m relieving the stress of parenting – Same here. / – Life is hard (The father of four takes the mound.) (He should have four times more parenting stress.) You pound very well (It makes me sweat.) They finish off with a dip in the water You are excited (It’s time for some fun in the water.) The children love playing in the water You’re exercising (Rohee had fun in a pool a month ago.) Rohee loved playing in the pool a month ago Are you all right? – Hold Dad’s hand. / – I’m tired (It even made her talk.) She was amazed (She can walk in the water by herself.) (At that moment) (A trout passes by Rohee.) Wait, you catch it (I almost had it.) Let’s play a game Shall we make a bet? Let’s bet on who catches a trout first with bare hands – Well, okay. / – Okay Then let’s start now – Okay. / – Catch it however you want – Okay. / – It’s too fast – It’s a trout. / – It’s very fast – It’s really fast. / – Right Wait, wait (He approaches carefully,) (but eventually makes a commotion.) (Uncles, are you sure you can catch one?) What if I catch one first, Mark? I’ll catch it (He can’t hear anything.) (He catches one.) (He just scooped it up.) Who is it? Good shot! Hi – You’re first place. / – What? I must catch one (The other dads strive) (not to be the last.) (He makes a fuss.) – Catch it, catch it. / – Stay still! Stay still! Chris is so passionate about this – Watch out. / – Noah, come here! Bring it here Okay. In one, two, three Okay Okay. Thank you Okay – Good job, Chris. / – Okay Chris, you’re second Let’s applaud them You need big hands for this – No, you don’t. / – Look at this Look how our hands differ in size – His hands are twice as big as mine. / – Right Next week, Daeul gets brothers who look just like him (Daeul meets Chen and Xiumin of EXO.) EXO and these siblings go on a sweet date The ball came to Daddy Donggook visits his alma mater with Sian An emergency happens at the twins’ home The good sons take care of Daddy How can I help climacterium? Next week, on episode 148 of The Return of Superman, “You Are My Star” (Episode 148, “You Are My Star”)