The chicken is the size of Hayoung’s face! [The Return of Superman/2020.01.19]

He should be home by now It’s a peaceful afternoon We were having time alone after a while I went to the store where I found the scent I liked, but they didn’t have diffusers. They only had perfumes Really? It was very expensive Why didn’t you just get it? It was 170 dollars I’ll give you money. Just get it Dad, I’m home (Surprised) – Dad, I’m home. / – It’s Yeonwoo (Yeonwoo unexpectedly returns.) How did you get home? Why did you only call Dad? Didn’t you know Mom is home? No Of course. Mom’s never home My son’s all grown up He went to kindergarten by himself – Where’s Hayoung? / – She’s sleeping – He looks after Hayoung. / – She’s sleeping (He says hi to Dad energetically.) You’re home early – I’m happy you’re home. / – You’re happy I’m home? Yes I like you Yeonwoo, I have sad news What? Mom has to – Yes? / – I have to go and work again (Singing) Go and sing again (He’s sad.) – She left for work. / – Yes They met only for a second (Along with the sad news, Hayoung is up.) What? – Hayoung was awake. / – She wasn’t sleeping She was sitting (Struggling) (She crawls out of bed.) She doesn’t even cry. She’s crawling out on her own She descends from her butt first Yeonwoo (She opens the door by herself.) – She even opens the door. / – She does it herself now Hayoung – Oh, she walked out. / – She just walked out – My dear daughter. / – Yeonwoo came home – by himself. / – You walked out by yourself Hayoung walks out by herself too – She wants to touch you. / – Yeonwoo is home – How pretty. / – How pretty Good work today – Yeonwoo. / – Yes – What’s this? / – What? What’s this? I brought pizza for you and Mom – Goodness. / – Wow, you brought pizza Did you bring the snack home? (He brought the snack home to share with his parents.) My goodness – You’re all grown up. / – What a good son Did you bring your snack home for me? Yes Really? – He’d rather starve for his parents. / – Yeonwoo You brought it home? – For Mom? / – Is it really for me? – Yes. / – Really? He must have wanted it badly Why didn’t you eat it? Did you get it from school today? They were having a pizza party today Why didn’t you eat? – You suddenly thought of me? / – Yes Did you know that I like pizza? I can’t listen without tearing up He wouldn’t stress us out when he grows up – That’s so touching. / – Yeonwoo Mom has to go far. She has to go to Jeju Island by plane What does she have to take with her? Yunjung was performing on Jeju Island that day (I’ll pack your stuff for you.) I remembered – Is he packing up for his mom? / – The carry-on – What would a kid pack? / – Mom Stay there. I’ll carry it for you Yes (With help from Dad,) Come here. Yeonwoo (the carry-on is ready.) Think of what Mom may need and put it in here I wonder what he will pack for her (Thinking) (Yes, I got it.) You need a pillow to lie down in the car Since the micro dust level is bad, I’ll pack this for you – He’s attentive. / – My goodness What else? How did I give birth to such a nice son? Isn’t your brother so nice, Hayoung? You can’t go out naked, so put this on – Is that my clothes? / – He’s so nice – Goodness. / – Wait What else will you need? (Yeonwoo is only thinking about his mother.) – That’s vital. / – Right, she must take her phone Yeonwoo, you’re great at packing Right. He can pack everything for her What does Mom like? What does Mom need? (Yeonwoo is busy.) Mom, when you go there, your teeth shouldn’t look dirty, so take the toothbrush – Right. / – That’s right – Her teeth… / – She can’t have stuff in her teeth They shouldn’t look dirty – He says that nicely. / – You need to take this – And you need electricity too. / – Right The charger too! – That’s right. / – The charger He almost packed everything for her

I think he put everything she would need – Right. / – I think I have everything – Really? / – Yes, you’re excellent – You are great at packing. / – What? – Did you pack everything? / – Yes Can she really only take that suitcase? I’m not sure You’re not sure? Are you worried? If you remember more, you can put it in later – Okay? / – Okay (Why do I feel like I’m missing something?) He did everything. He closed it up This is all I’m going to take (What?) – Is that all? / – She tends to – travel light. / – I thought this was for two nights It’s nothing compared to when I went camping – I just need my pajamas. / – She’s different from me You only packed your pajamas, a toothbrush and a mask? – She doesn’t like carrying things. / – Yes – That’s all you need? / – I packed cosmetic samples (He can’t understand her.) – You packed so little. / – Dad Yeonwoo, give me a hug (Yunjung has to get ready to say goodbye.) – Goodness. Your legs. / – More This time, she’s going to Jeju Island – You’ll miss her, right? / – Yes – You have me, so it’s okay, right? / – Right Just stay with him for a day – A day? / – Yes – How long is a day? / – Sleep just one night – Will you come back then? / – Oh, no And you’ll stop leaving? It’s hard to leave when kids say something like that – That breaks your heart the most. / – Right I can’t promise that I will stop leaving (Yeonwoo’s question makes her heart ache.) Do you not want me to leave anymore? – No. / – Then what? You can go today. After today, I hope you can keep playing with me tomorrow – So I can go to work today. / – I bet all working moms went through this at least once – Mom. / – Yes? Mom is leaving, Hayoung I’m leaving, Hayoung (Where are you going?) – She doesn’t know I’m leaving yet. / – Of course not Is there anything else you’d need? Raise this When you get on a plane, your ears hurt So make sure you wear this when you board the plane Goodness, that’s right. Her ears hurt on the plane He’s the best at taking care of his mom – Yes. / – Let me see Let me see Is there more? Mom, I brought you pizza – Goodness. Oh, my. / – You’ll get hungry on your way So eat this on your way there Thank you. Did you hear me? Give me a kiss Goodness (Kissing) – That’s nice. / – Hold on (Kissing) Why are you guys kissing so much? – Why are you jealous of that? / – Why? “Who made kissing sounds?” Hayoung, you should kiss your mom too (Rushing with pursed lips) – Hayoung, give me a kiss. / – She’s coming – She’s coming to kiss you. / – She understands you? Give me a kiss – Gosh. / – Goodness, you’re heavy You’ll kiss me on the forehead? – I’ll kiss you everywhere. / – My gosh – He’s stamping his seal. / – Thank you It’s all over me Goodness He kissed her on her eyes, nose and lips (Kissing my mom’s eyes, nose and lips) – He doesn’t want to say goodbye. / – Gosh (Upset) – Yeonwoo. / – Hold on. I almost fell – Give me a kiss too. / – Kiss your dad I don’t want to. You’re not going anywhere – Still, give me a kiss. / – You should go somewhere – Gosh, you punk. / – This is perfect for the airport People might think these are headphones I’ll be back (It’s time for her to leave.) Hayoung (Mom, have a safe flight.) – She blew Yunjung a kiss. / – Bye, Mom – Bye. / – I’ll be back (His mom has left.) On your fours – What’s going on? / – One. Go down Two – One, two. / – Because he didn’t kiss you? Get up Is your mom here or not? – No. / – “No”? – No, sir. / – That’s right Is your mom who can protect you here? No Will you listen to me from now on? Yes Who do you like more? Your mom or me? You did that because you were jealous, right? – Just a little. / – Who do you like more? – Mom. / – Hit the floor now (He’s not upset at all.) On all fours. One – Two. / – You’re upset (Glancing) Get up Who do you like more? Your mom or me? – You. / – You like me more – Got that? / – Yes I will tell your mom what you told me (You can’t do that!) He doesn’t want you to tell Yunjung Okay. I take it back. I won’t (He’s energetically playing with his dad without Mom.) – Even when she’s not home… / – Right – He still has fun. / – Yeonwoo – Aren’t you hungry? / – I’m hungry – Dad, hold on. / – Yes? (I want to eat fried chicken)

(Showing his strong desire to eat chicken) Great. Let’s eat chicken – Yes! / – Given the dance he did – That deserves chicken. / – ♪ I want to eat chicken ♪ (Hurry. What are we still doing here?) (They are at a chicken restaurant.) You went to a chicken restaurant Sit over there (I’m hungry.) I’d like one grilled chicken, one with black garlic – Okay. / – and one regular – What? / – That’s all – We’ll get those ready for you. / – Okay Yeonwoo – One chicken per person. / – One chicken per person? Yes, of course – Do you know what it means? / – One chicken in person You think that means “in” like the English word? – “In”? / – The English word? It means everyone should finish one chicken by themselves Okay? (He understands it.) Yeonwoo, you and I have dined at restaurants a lot But it’s the first time the three of us – are dining out together. / – When I thought about it, – that was our first time. / – How is it? Well, I like it only a bit Why only a bit? – I can’t hear my mom’s voice. / – My gosh – So it’s sad. / – It’d be nice if she’s here too (I want Mom too!) Down on all fours – That’s how dads raise their kids. / – Sit down (She quietly sits down.) You can eat your meal without your mom today, right? – Yes. / – I’ll serve your side dishes It was good. Gosh, I’m reminded of the flavors again (Amazed) It was really good (Amazed) Yeonwoo She served everything I like That has black garlic That one is ginseng chicken soup You can dip it in and eat it – All right. / – I’ll use my hands (He dips it in the salt and has his first bite.) Dad, it’s good. It’s so good! – I guess it’s really good. / – Right (He continues to eat the chicken.) – Give me the chicken meat again. / – Again? He sang the chicken song and danced, – so he should eat. / – Yeonwoo It looks like you know how to eat ginseng chicken soup – Let me help you. / – Look at that (Chicken drumstick) The grilled chicken – It looks like a gun. / – Hold it here Gnaw on it (It’s the flavor he would love.) – Is it good? / – Yes, it’s so good Thumbs up! (I want to eat too.) Hayoung, will you put on your eating show? Hurry. Give her some food. She can’t wait for food Here (Swallowing hard) (Let me cool it first.) (Okay!) It calls for an expression of gratitude (This 14-month-old baby) (has her first ginseng chicken soup.) Isn’t it really good? (It’s so good that her legs go weak.) – She doesn’t need you to feed her. / – It’s so good (I’m so happy.) We mixed ground chicken in her baby food before She’s never had chunks of it – She can taste the juice. / – Shall we try this? – It’s dry with just meat. / – Pickled radish? (Munching) (No radish. Give me the chicken.) Isn’t this sour? Do you want to hold it and eat it yourself? – That looks like a real chicken. / – Yes (Hayoung faces a real chicken for the first time.) She did it. She bit it off (Proud) (You’re delicious. Here’s my compliment to you.) (Yeonwoo has become awfully quiet.) What happened? – Dad. / – Yes? What do you think Mom is eating in Jeju Island? He’s worried about her Though we’re eating this delicious chicken, – Somehow, you look more pitiful. / – your mom is probably eating yellowtail or yellowtail amberjack She’s probably eating that kind of stuff there – We’re eating chicken here. / – Yeonwoo doesn’t know I’m sure she is eating a tilefish – It’s sad, right? / – Yes Mom, eat a sea bream and cheer up! – “Sea bream.” / – We will eat delicious chicken! Okay Shall we express the taste with a song? – We went at an awkward time, / – Shall we do that? – so there were no other customers. / – Thank goodness (I will show you the taste of chicken!) (The Do family is excited.) You are suddenly filming a music video (The Do family is excited.) (Let’s go!) (He flaps his arms like a chicken.) (The King of Cheerfulness) (Go around the earth 12 times) (Watch me!) (This is how I eat a whole chicken.) It disappeared! (Full stomach)

(Give him a round of applause.) Hayoung is doing a great job (Dining out is the best!) Now, Yeonwoo’s performance has become a must – You digested food on the spot. / – Let’s go It’s your first time dining out with me and Hayoung – Was it nice? Did it feel good? / – It felt good – Was it a success? / – Yes Give me a kiss (The first dining out experience was successful!) (They come home and wrap up the day.) – It must have been a satisfying dinner. / – Yes After I put the children to sleep (Medium Do and Mini Do are in bed.) (This man isn’t sleeping.) – Alcohol tastes best / – The house looks empty when the children are asleep Now that you are off the childcare duties, – you are drinking alone. / – After childcare duties (Is there something fun on TV?) That’s Hwang Chiyeul My friend, Chiyeul – Is he your friend? / – Of course (They were both born in 1982.) It must be warm – It’s so cheap. / – Why didn’t they edit this out? – It’s pretty. / – Hold on – Is it a home-shopping channel? / – It’s cashmere I didn’t have time to call her (Calling Yunjung) When she arrives at her destination, she should give me a call. Don’t you agree? She didn’t pick up She doesn’t call I am annoyed – You are angry. / – When she’s away, she should pick up the phone (Is he calling her again?) (Answer the phone.) I’m sure she will pick up this time Hello (Is it a man?) – Did you have a meal? / – Who is he? We had a tasty meal I see Where are you? I am at home Why do you sound so depressed? Your daughter won’t pick up the phone Is it your father-in-law? – Yes. / – Your daughter won’t pick up the phone For three years after the wedding, I lived with my father-in-law I wouldn’t say I took care of him He treated me like a son rather than a son-in-law He is like a mix of a father-in-law and a brother Where is she? Where did she go? She went to Jeju Island for a concert – Is it today? / – Yes – It’s tomorrow, but she went today. / – You know, – it’s like a conversation / – Well, – between a father and son. / – when will you visit? I think I will visit on New Year’s Day You should visit often You have two grandchildren here – You’re inviting him home. / – Seriously Thinking about them makes me smile Dress warmly, okay? Goodness I bought a mask I can wear when I work out It covers my entire throat – You know what it is, right? / – Yes You should have bought mine too – Don’t you have one? / – No, I don’t – For goodness’ sake. / – All right, Father Okay. Are the children doing well? They are doing well. They are sleeping – I see. Okay. / – Okay He is very friendly (Calling his father-in-law soothed his lonely heart.) (However…) Maybe she didn’t go to Jeju Island Maybe she is watching me from somewhere I began to suspect her (He gets a call from Yunjung at that moment.) – It’s a call from her. / – She called you Hello What are you doing? Why didn’t you pick up the phone? My manager had the phone Why? What is it? I called to see if you arrived safely I arrived safely. I haven’t had dinner yet It should be okay because you eat a lot on a regular basis You don’t need to eat it there – What does that mean? / – Eat what? My love (My love.) My goodness You should be prepared at all times What are the children doing? Everyone is sleeping except for one Both of them are sleeping – Is Yeonwoo awake? / – No – Then what? / – I am not sleeping Do you want me to put you to bed? Put me to bed (Kyungwan is sleeping) (Our Kyungwan is so pretty) The two of you are lovey-dovey Gosh, I am drunk (I am drunk on love.) Honey, people are waiting for me. I need to hang up – Honey. / – What? (Hesitant) – What? / – The island has many specialties What specialties are there? Clementines – What else? / – The black pigs What else? There is that rock statue – Hareubang. / – That’s right – What about it? / – Look for it after the concert (Hanging up)

She hung up I had something important to say (I am annoyed.) (He calls her again.) I see. The black pigs Are you signing autographs? I wish you all the success Honey, I want to reproduce… I mean What are you talking about? – Honey. / – What? – Wish me success too. / – Please don’t misunderstand – That came out well. / – Why do you need that? People are saying I’m a cast for making copies of you Let’s complete the family There are many perks to having many kids She hung up again I will go to bed We will be back next week I will be back!