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hey guys Britain year Britain’s fish tank channel fish tank ecom come at you with a video I want to do a shell dwell or video from my boy Robbie at fish tank you calm so here’s this channel on YouTube 98 Robbie 98 and this is actually my third take on the video I’ve everybody keeps interrupting me but I’ll try and make it and talk to you about shelters so first off shuttle ars-art from lake in Geneva Africa world’s second largest leg actually so it’s very stable in terms of water conditions um you’re going to need a pH between eight and nine is probably the best um and that’s just because of the lakes actually in the nines but it’s better just to have a ph of eight because uh probably also where the place you got them from is probably going to be you know 7s or like eats but most tap water isn’t going to be in the nines that’s very rare and yeah so it’s better just to have it about a and this can be done a couple of ways one way that I use in this tick would be the using a buffer so API makes an API cichlid buffer which works well for them that keeps it the pH high and also buffer as well and gets the cage up I think so yeah it does very well and makes the water hard too so it just gives them good conditions helps them spawn as you can see a little bit of action going on right over here also this is actually brevis and limb prologue is brevis that’s what I’ve got this is my mail right here right now they’re just being a little weird you typically they’re down by the shell-bed just chillin but I think they’re about to think that I’m going to feed them which I am so tall so a little bit of food right here for a sec um but yeah so these guys are brothers my nudist I only had them for about a month bribe other shoulder lawyers i’m in room just put some food up they’re gonna add a little bit more but other I’ve been on for that long but they’re awesome fish I really like them so yeah these guys are the brothers um you were talking about maybe splitting it up and have it brevis and multis um both I thought they’re pretty similar actually you know but with the brevis the differences between them the brevets are actually going to when they have a female as you can see stara chasing the food I just give but the male of female this male right here he’s paired up with this female right here um so typically not during feeding time but didn’t usually they’re down here at this show right here and they just chill together they fall each other around because they’re a pair so these guys form pairs um basically the male and female pair and the meds will breed with that female they’re not going to breed with other females they’re going to stick with that female breed with her for life oh this these two are a pair right here these ones and then that that’s the mail that is an au pair so you can see though they’re just funny looking on the challenge on some food but as you can see at feeding time I get very active which is cool typically they’re down closer to the shelves sometimes they’ll be in the middle I mean just chillin they’re not as boring as people make them out to be they’re actually very fun and very exciting fish they’re not boring at all to be completely honest with you they’re not boring like some people make them out to be it really depends on where you get them from though I mean you want to get them from a place that you trust and that you like and probably some place that you know the place I got him from I wasn’t that familiar with but they were outgoing and you know they weren’t like just all hiding in their shells they’re bad one species that was just hiding in their shells I mean hiding in like decorations and stuff and so I was and they’re actually cooler and they were cheaper than these guys too but I was like you know what I’m not going to get those because I’d rather have one that’s going to be outgoing and fish like this rather than something that’s just going to hide a lot and not be that fun so big your fish out well when you’re getting them you know make sure they’re all healthy strolling around you know they’re not going to be like this all the time you know the ones that the pet store where on the ground but at least I could see them while they weren’t like hiding totally and they’ll color up and get a little bit better usually once they’re in your tank and acclimated to your stuff so you know they’re pretty cool fish I love them um so as far as let’s talk about shelf quently first off these are escargot

shows i got them off amazon 36 pack of them for 15 bucks so basically fifty cents per shell for my females just chillin right there but uh she’s got a bunch of flakes are most but um so fifty cents basically per shell because I got 36 of them for 15 bucks which was a good deal um and I use these in this tank and I will love them in this tank for the four fish and that works well that worked well for them they like these shells two of them take this half right here which is actually a little more than a half and then the rest of them and then the other two take these five shells over here and these ones take these like six shells over here so I do split up kind of I guess into little small parts of the tank and they defend their territory you know but during feeding time they just kind of cruise around the tank and they don’t really care where they go they’ll just all go all over the tank and spread out so I over the background noise my rabbit sort of eating but um and make a noise but as far as the shells you want something that’s going to be light and because they can typically not as much with the brevis but the multis especially they’ll dig a ton um these guys I haven’t had for that long so I haven’t really seen a lot of digging this i’m pretty sure it’s digging what was due to digging because it was kind of flatness and see there’s a little indent right there um if you check out mike or vegas surfer you can see his in his Maltese he is multifaceted and his just dig all over the place like the whole submarine is lopsided and stuff it’s funny but these haven’t dug a lot promise aren’t really much of a digging type um multis are more that so if you want fish that’s going to dig then try multis out these guys will dig a little bit and I’ve seen them do it but you know it’s not as common for them to do or at least as much as a Maltese so yeah shells you know I get the S car goes off and so I’m not the great deal especially if you’re setting up a couple Sheldon our tanks or if you want to eventually set up selling our tanks because I mean they do like their shells and you want to give at least two per fish that’s like a bare minimum for brevis you know their breakfasts typically live in lower cell density areas so they can go with less shells but I still suggest to / fish on the brevis multi is like even more you know if you can get I four per fish on a little tease that’s great you know that’s not always going to happen some people will just say like oh you need a shelter fish but you want to have at least two no matter what breed you’re doing stuff like oscillators you want to have a lot of rocks and that’s another breed but I didn’t want to really talk to you about them because 1 i’m not familiar with them as much as multis and purpose and two they are more aggressive and i just want to start with them off as your beginner shuttle or they’re more of like after you’ve conquered previs or or maltese and then you want to try out fossil ladies because they’re a little bit more aggressive and they’re a little bit harder to keep and so yeah but as far as live plants go um you can put a bunch of live plants and this tank as you can see i mean my tank has a decent amount of live plants um and she’ll dollars can go you typically as low as a five gallon if you want to have like a pair of multis in a 5-gallon that will work perfectly fine you could probably do a trio I mean I’m not even sure but you could probably trailing that easily i’m not positive on that but it seems like you could this is actually a 14 gallon which is just a tall tent same length and width it’s just taller so these guys like a floor plan though so my 415 is better for that because it’s 24 and it’s like 13 and a half well this one’s like 10.5 or something on the sides so they do like a better for plan just so you can have more rocks and stuff because they don’t really care about height that much because they’re usually typically they like to stay down at the bottom of the tank or at least the lower levels so typical ten would probably you know down to like they’re so yeah but I’m glad I have the 14 just for the extra height so i can keep like taller like java fern mats and an actors and stuff but as far as like plants you know there’s a lot of live plants that are going to do you all right um substrate you’re going to want some something sandy and not sharp try to get something like carob see makes a good sand it scarab see cichlid mix and that’s also good because it makes it raises the pH so you don’t have to deal with you know ph problems you know because these guys do need a high pH so there’s a couple way to do that and I already talked about the buffer the second way is substrate which you know you can use crushed coral eyford works

well for them crushed coral as a substrate um I think it’s a little bit larger and it’s definitely larger than this sand is going to be this is actually regular flip through sand so it doesn’t do anything to the pH and instead I just use a buffer but something for you that might just help is using carob see cichlids and mix it’s like a 25 drive for thirty bucks so it is relatively pricey seeing as for this pool filter sin i paid like 12 bucks for fifty pounds and i’ve heard of it you being able to get it for like six bucks for fifty pounds i like home depot but uh yeah so I mean just get something that is might be better in the long run for you would be the carob see cichlid mix I don’t mind buffering it but it might just be better to do that it is more expensive though so it really depends on how much money you have and what you’re willing to do but I also heard that you can put crushed coral and the filter is to help racing you can use rocks like um was it called I forget the rock the name of the rock but I know like I think like 24 rock helps raise the pH or at least a little bit and then there’s another one I forget the name but there’s a certain amount and certain types of rocks that I’ll help you uh that’ll help raise the pH and get it nice and high or at least higher than your regular say you don’t have to like buffer it and stuff you could use driftwood in a shelter tank and I’ve definitely seen it be used um I don’t know though because I know that triplet will lower the pH so you know I just be careful with that if you are planning on using driftwood as far as the rocks go I not had any problems with these rocks or any of my other tanks I practically have rocks and basically all my other tanks or at least most of them and how I did this was I went outside and got a bunch of rocks from my backyard and yes unless they just came from my yard outside all these actually did come from outside of my yard I never really bought any of them at pet store just because it’s a waste of money i mean if you can do it yourself then just do it you know get some rocks outside these guys just avoid like chalky looking ones or just ones with like plants and moss going on don’t get those but just stuff you know this stuff works fine as long as you avoid like chalky and metallic rocks you should be perfectly fine and there’s like various tests with like vinegar you can use and stuff to check to make sure that the P that it doesn’t alter the pH in like an acidic or basic way but I’ve never had any problems with it I never did that test and they wound up fine and if anything that they raise the pH they don’t really seem to do have any effect on lowering it which is good and as you can see I mean it gives it a nice look to it you know if there’s just if I went out to the pet store got rocks i would only be able to get a couple of them seeing as they’re so expensive and you know so this is a good way to save money and also have a lot of rocks because they do enjoy rocks um you know yes they do definitely need shells but rocks are nice for them plus it just gives it a nice look to the tank as far as like plants go you can do Dwarfs edge is a nice hearty grassy plant that works great a knack rice this is the narrow leaf that stuff does fine in this high pH there’s some more of the narrow leaf an actress and there’s a little bit more than gorsach more dwarf such that stuff’s actually doing really good in 8.4 pH which is kind of crazy an actress is doing perfectly fine this ph definitely a must-have or at least must try out as java fern you don’t have to have white flats in a shell or take so it definitely helps especially like when you have fry it probably helps provide like organisms that might be living on the plants for the Friday eat and stuff so it’s just a good idea to try to at least try out having live plants this is Java as you can see really healthy like hardy plant you don’t need like any light for this plant to curl you still need some but it’s very low light plant same with the newbie it’s in the back what’s doing pretty good more dolphin netting that are the same thing that’s also java fern just a matter of it so that and that are also the same more to offer and I just love to offer and across great a little bit of anubius this is the same plan as that except they’re different they’re both the anubius species this is actually a newbie it’s minimal and this is either Nana or barter I or some some other type but I know that one’s nanima then more an actress and I got a little bit of job loss in there and kind of see that if I go around right there then java moss tangled in there and as you can see i mean i have a couple nice spots for the brothers to go and hide in the rocks and i’ve made a couple little small cage for

them to go through um so as far as filtration goes I you want to have something like this is a whisper PF 10 filter and that’s an opera unquiet flow 10 and the reason why I’m running two filters is one because I want extra filtration just in general i like to have a lot of filtration on my tanks helps keep maintenance down and helps break down ammonia having a lot of biological filtration is good um but I all right thing is water movement now if she’ll doors very oxygenated water lake tanganyika is very oxygenated so you got to have a lot of water movement in the tank now this is pretty good for them because the oxygen especially when the water is a little bit lower it comes down and it gets down there and that works fine for them because these filters are pretty good I the best way to do it is probably an air still no just run an air stone or two and that will help add oxygen to the water and here’s any good water movement you know because they live in oxygenated water so they don’t have all the oxygen it’s kind of like corydoras catfish in tropical tank you know they’ll graze the substrate which at the top they’ll be more oxygen because of the filters but down here there’s not as much oxygen level at the bottom of the tank than there is at the top unless you have like an air stone or something or a powerhead putting down there but you don’t need a powerhead you just need an air stone power head would probably overkill and it might stress out your fish but yeah that’s them as far as feeding goes sorry that this videos been so long but I want to cover everything Omega want cichlid flakes this is what I’ve been feeding it works great it’s just like a tropical plate basically except for cichlids you know this stuff works great they’d really like it um at first they weren’t eating it so I went out and bought this stuff this stuff works fine too a lot of people swear by a new life spectrum this is the one millimeter pellet type so I have a pellet and a flake and they beat both of them both of them work perfectly fine so yeah I’m trying to see if I’ve covered everything with them um let me think so the rocks as far as a rock school I didn’t finish with the rough visco I did was just scrubbing off scrub them off real good with a clean toothbrush and then i boiled them in boiling water sorry about the noise in the background Shh but uh yes and I boil them in hot water for like 40 30 or 45 minutes and that works well for them and they didn’t do anything through the water so clever people worry about adding rocks to the tank and it’s going to screw with a pH and everything but in all honestly it didn’t do anything as long as you’re safe with them and you boil them and scrub them off well and do the required stuff you can have them and it works very nice so uh yeah that’s basically what i can think of them for now if you have any other questions than just ask me and i’ll be glad to answer them so yeah that’s for you Robbie sorry about making it so long but if you have any other info that you want to know about them think I covered most of the stuff with water changes they are sensitive so you want to do small water changes since look like so so big it’s very stable so you know you want to do water changes you know like ten percent a week instead I do in like fifty percent like just randomly doing on fifty percent or fifty percent a month now you want to do small but frequent water changes with these guys because but they are Hardy fish there are a lot of fun you know a lot of people say they’re boring but they got a nice personality and they’re pretty sweet so yeah I hope I helped you out and if you have any other questions just comment below or message me and i’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible on this and i can’t wait to see your tank he said he was doing a Robbie said that he was doing a divided tank which was basically you know get it he was having like a 100 liter tank which i think is like 26 gallons us and then he was splitting it down into like three or four sections I forget but he was going to do a community in like the middle and then a shuttle our section and possibly a shrimp section and then take the shelter or section and cut it in half and have like a five or ten gallon brevis yeah I think it was going to be like five gallon for brevis pair and then another five pounds for a multi pair so then you can have both of them and that works fine you know pairs will do well this is a good setup for them I mean that’s definitely enough room for 4 i’m thinking about adding you know a fifth or sixth one but you know you could probably have like six to eat in here would probably be fine as long as you have enough shells you know two per fish so six you know you need 12 shells eat you probably one half closer to 16 and 4 multis you probably want to have even more so you know make those shells

clumped together if you’re doing multis you know try it try it to have more shells than more rocks you know multis you can have some rocks but the main thing with them is one have a lot of shelves so you know instead of having like these rocks here that separate them just put a bunch of shelves kind of and trying for as many as possible because they really do like the shells so yeah I think I covered everything so I’ve got our more questions just ask me and thanks for watching also the 100 sub video I don’t know what I’m doing it but i will be doing it eventually so probably next week sometime I just want to get a good amount of questions so thanks for those of you who’ve been commenting I’ve been getting some good questions so I’m looking forward to making the video and answering those so i’ll probably be doing that sometimes sometime next week maybe during the week days if i have time or during the weekend but I should hope for beginning it out next week so I thanks for watching please comment rate subscribe and again just if you have any more questions about them just ask me alright sorry about the home video but I’m going to end it here