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“From the bottom of my heart, with complete purity..” “..l offer you my salutations, O lord.” ‘The most beautiful country in the world is India.’ ‘Anything that looks beautiful or gentle is considered weak.’ ‘That’s why many countries entered our country..’ ‘..in the name of business and created differences..’ ‘..between different castes of united lndia..’ ‘..and conquered our country.’ ‘Indians who saw it and couldn’t bear it..” ‘..revolted in different ways.’ ‘Some choose the path of non-violence..’ ‘..and some choose the path of violence.’ ‘The paths were different but all of them..’ ‘..were chanting the same chant.’ ‘Lakhs of people participated in the freedom struggle..’ ‘..and thousands of them lost their lives.’ ‘After years of such struggle we got independence..’ ‘..on 15th August, 1947.’ ‘From that day our population increased..’ ‘..literacy rate increased, technology developed..’ ‘..but the value of life reduced.’ ’20 people died in a bomb blast in Gokul Chaat Bhandar.’ Such terrorists can’t be left alive ‘A teacher Prasanna Lakshmi..” ‘..was brutally murdered in Guntur.’ Such murderers should be hanged ‘Car driver kills businessman Sudhakar Reddy..’ ‘..for just 1 ,000 rupees.’ Such people should be shot in public ‘It is easy to say that, but who is there to do it?’ Baby – I told him a number of times Suri – Yes. – Did you see our Baby? We couldn’t see our Babu as well – He’s not there Our kids are also not there Pullayya – Yes, sir. – Did you see Baby? Yes, I saw her – Where did you see her? I saw her at your home yesterday We are not asking you about yesterday, but about today I didn’t see her then We have been searching her since morning Where has this Baby gone? Ma’am. Ma’am – No alms. You may go now It’s me – It’s you, son? Forgive her. She thought it was a beggar Mr. Gopal Rao, did Baby come this way? No, son. Our Kasi is also not at home since morning Oh! Then it must be Baby Brother, did you see Baby? – No You too couldn’t see her, brother – No, brother Their kids are also not there – Oh God! Oh God! Hey, what happened? – Let me go What happened? – Hey, wait a minute If the reaction is coming here, then the action must be there Baby. – Baby. – We know where you are hiding Come to us just once, dear I am here What are you doing here, Baby? Come in. Come inside. Hide – Yes, hide Baby, you are playing hide & seek? No, we are playing honey-bee game What sort of a game is that? Hitting the beehive and running away without getting caught by them and then stealing the honey from it Oh God! So that man was running away from the bees And by the way which beehive did you hit? I hit the one that is hanging on that branch How can you possibly hit a beehive that is so far, Baby!

That’s how I hit it Oh God! Oh God! – Hey, stop Why are you covering your face? Tomorrow I am about to see a girl for a match I want to protect my face for the marriage For that you want to ruin the life after marriage? – Oh God! How to escape from these bees! Sir, there’s no place over here! Hey, you! This is not a cinema theater that there won’t be any place here What’s this! Your granny behaves like a kid Shut your mouth. We need to take care of her like a doll If you say something that old lady’s BP will rise and she will go into coma That’s why we all treat her like a child What’s this new beehive game, Baby? Tomorrow it’s Satyam’s birthday We need honey to offer lord to bless him We got everything, except fresh honey That’s why I fixed this program But we need to make the arrangements first I have already made grand arrangements for his birthday Wow! Green fields. Canals They are feast for eyes Look down once Oh! No thanks, PA. If I look down my BP will rise How can a health minister have BP! Not just BP, but I also have sugar, piles, gastric problem I have all the ailments – How did they make you The health minister when you have so many ailments! They made me health minister because I know about all these things What happened, pilot? What’s that sound? Technical problem, sir Do it fast. We are getting late – Yes, sir Oh! Where did this sea of people come from? They must’ve shown it on some TV channel that Health minister Edukondalu is making an emergency landing and that’s what must’ve driven people here If high command sees this scenery “They will remove the CM from his seat and enthrone me Greetings. Greetings. Please come. Please come If the high command sees this scene It will strip you off your current post. – Shut up! Excuse me, sir! You didn’t come for me? Who are you? Leave my hand – Listen, he is Stay quiet. Tell me whom are everything is running In that direction – For Chinnayana Chinnayana? Is he the head of this province? – No Is he a minister? – No Is he some sage? – No Is he some saint? – No Is it Mother Teresa? – Wait a minute If you put all of them together you will get our Sattimbabu Who is he? – Veera Venkata Satyannarayana Swami With affection we call him Sattimbabu Today it’s his birthday and a festive occasion for us “O lord! O lord! O lord!” “O lord! O lord! O lord! You are our lord.” “You are God in the form of a human.” “Your weakness is the love of your people.” “You are God for the people who give them boons.” “They chant your prayers all day long.” “O lord! O lord!” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “O lord! Glory to you.” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “You are God in the form of a human.” “Your weakness is the love of your people.” “You don’t hold conch and charka..”

“..but you are the protector of peace.” “Instead of a crown you have child’s heart.” “You are as courageous as a warrior.” “We have heard and seen about your valor.” “You wipe everyone’s tears.” “We become kids when you are around.” “Our God lives in our hearts instead of the temples.” “O lord! O lord!” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “You are God in the form of a human.” “Your weakness is the love of your people.” “World will be a better place if everyone lives like a human.” “if we can keep humanity alive we don’t need divinity.” “All I need is your blessings.” “I am speaking my heart with tears of joy in my eyes.” “Don’t treat me as God Treat me as one of you.” “Am I not among you?” “God took incarnation as a human.” “He is living among us.” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” “O lord! You are our lord! Glory to you.” What’s that large crowd over there! He is not an ordinary person He is the voice of lakhs of hearts You should be contesting against a person like him To lose the election? Shut your mouth He should stay here. If he comes to Hyderabad I would be in trouble Where to go? – Chutney’s How much? – 150, sir Take this 500 – Thank you, sir He said Chutney’s, but he is going to the graveyard? From here 30 feet east From here 20 feet north This is the spot in needed

Did the taxi-driver tell you about me? Even though I paid him more than the fare still his greed got the better of him So drivers have joined hands with policemen You guessed it right I need money urgently Hey! You who is visible to me and those five who are hiding behind those trees leave this place immediately You guessed it right. But after putting so much effort all you got is this stick? – He’s an old man He needs a third leg at this age Let’s take it away from him Hey, what’s this! It’s great Buddy, how is my third leg’s power! Is everything gone up? He’s an alternative for you And for him they are alternative There is no alternative for me One and only – Hey, listen to me carefully Pay us fast or else we will take away your life R. Sriramulu, sub-inspector of police He’s a karate champion To knock him down you need at least ten guys One person can’t do it alone No. If you wish I will touch your feet Don’t harm me. Please don’t kill me How many guys did come here last night in your car? Just one guy, sir – How does he look? He’s very old, sir You are not an old guy And what happened to the rest of the guys? Sir, we got a cigar here Durga. Kali. There’s something written here Look there. Look there When you can’t give someone life you don’t have the rights to take someone’s life Whoever you might be you can’t escape from the CBI Hey, are you really serious? We are getting late to the pub. Let’s go Satyavati – What, Alivelu? A guy got into the train just now When I saw him I saw a red sports jeep. – Oh God! You want to become a documentary film director but it seems your voice caught virus I know what would happen next – What would happen? Excuse me! Why are you still sitting there? Get up She’s an old lady. Can’t you see her standing here? You look like an educated girl Why don’t you co-operate? She will get up. You sit there How does he look? He looks like a red hot knife Too dangerous. Alivelu, stay quiet whatever he does And get down at the next station What can he do when there are so many people around! He will do fast food silently – Fast food? I mean tiff in – Tiff in? Wait a minute. You will know it soon Oh! Without wasting any time he started it What happened? Did he touch you? – Yes Where? – My waist Control. Control. Did you get tempted? He will quench your thirst – Will he really? Do you want to get quenched? – No, actually his face He makes a very innocent face, doesn’t he? – Yes Don’t believe him. He is putting up an act

Take it, girl. Crush it My seat. Control, Alivelu. Control What! You are feeling bad that you lost your seat? – No. No That means you’re habituated to co-operate in trains This is my first time. – Did you see how much joy there in In co-operating in this way! – Do you call this joy! Did you expect a bit more? You are handling me well – Control. Control She’s the one stopped me, or else I would’ve enjoyed your touch This is the first touch for me I wonder who many girls he touched before He looks manly, but all his qualities are pretty bad Rascal. Scoundrel Thank God! If I hadn’t got down he would’ve got to lunch straight from tiff in. – Listen” – Yes You can crush them as well She ruined all my fruits Hey! Hey! Who is this girl, Baby! She is wearing a modern dress Even though she has worn a modern dress she looks like goddess Lakshmi Nothing bad would happen to good people And nothing good would happen to bad people The girl has got brains as well along with beauty I made a decision. Chinnayana who runs away when we want to show him girls for match should get married soon We will have to get them married at any cost Greetings – Greetings Who are you? – My name is Alivelu I’m a documentary film director – I’m the cameraman My name is Madhu Ramfat. And he is Future cameraman – Say assistant But you are not my assistant – And what brought you here? Mr. Satyam transformed the surrounding eight villages as model villages – We came to make a documentary film about him – Very good You are – I am Sattim Babu’s grandma Greetings again – Please come in Sattim Babu No Madam – Madam What happened, Baby? – Listen, even if she falls you can’t call my madam ‘Baby’ – I am Baby here It’s you? I think now I would faint This girl fainted when she saw you You’ve seem her before? I told you about the girl in the train I see. So she’s that girl? So there’s a misunderstanding What’s the matter, girl? You fainted all of a sudden? She’s talking to you – Why are you staring at me? Baby is asking you something Answer her No, he’s not a good guy as you all think He’s a fast food tiff in centre – Fast food tiff in centre? Fast food tiff in centre means Once in a local train he stood behind me and touched my left side He rubbed my wrist with his right leg He fell on me intentionally in the moving train Look, girl. My grandson is not that sort of a person Everyone in the village treats him as God You must’ve heard it. He’s not the one who misbehaved with you in the train – Correct, granny Tell her the truth – It’s his brother Bheema who looks just like him What’s this new twist now! – Who knows! Brother, she’s granny – She’s our doll I can see many movies revolving around my eyes Granny, what are you saying! – Is it not true? Tell me if it’s not true – Don’t get such high BP Did I ever disagree with you? So you are disagreeing with me now? – Why would I? What you said is right, but I thought it won’t be right to defame brother in front of so many people They are making us a fool – You can’t take the blame for his mistake. Look, dear He is a very nice guy He has all the qualities that a lady looks for He has all the qualities in him – What’s the need to talk about those things now? – Let me say it In a coin if he is head his brother is tail If he is definition of goodness his brother is a fraudster He is good and his brother is a demon He is lord Rama and his brother is Bheemudu. – Baby He is my grandson. He is dumb He is dumb? Just now he said Baby, didn’t he? He knows just two words Baby and Bebe. Say it Bebe – No, it’s alright What’s going on over here, Baby? He is another grandson He interferes people and ask them what is going on He has only video, no audio – What’s this, Baby! It means he is deaf You don’t know that you are deaf, do you? Dear, one grandson is dumb another one is deaf And another one is evil – You got my point even though you look dumb ‘But I don’t feel anything when I see him.’ Sorry, sir. You are so great, sir – It’s alright She is coming on line. Will you take his interview? – No What happened now? – Because of Bheema I faced a lot of trouble Call him here and make him

apologize to me – But he is not here You said he is there – How can he come here when he is here! – He can’t come here? What I am saying is that his brother is scared of him His brother doesn’t come here as long as he is at home I don’t know all that Call him here What’s this problem, Baby! What shall we do now? We will have to bother Bheema What’s this! Why am I surrendering myself to him! That means he is not Ramudu Bheemudu. I got him What’s this! I got you. I got you – What’s this! Leave me I won’t How’s that! – Hey, local! Leave me I won’t Baby. Uncle Madhu. Saigal I got Bheemudu You can’t escape from Alivelu Hey, you! Where are you going? – Madam called us I’m the one whom she called first Then you go there first We will follow you Put some chilies in his mouth Put them into his mouth Get up. I need to go I have some work For some fast food? Without giving an order you made some fast food here as well Answer my question first – What shall I say? Don’t you know what to say when you see me? You have to say sorry to me Baby girl, you think he will say sorry? My grandson never says sorry He makes others say sorry Put some in his mouth – Say sorry immediately Or else I will remove all my clothes” and scream you stripped them ‘There’s no other way To escape from her..’ ‘..Baby’s creation Bheema will have to come back.’ Hey, local! You’re raising your voice too high What did you say! – You didn’t hear me? Where did I touch you? – Top three I mean you touched my waist But there is nothing special over there It’s not special? Look at it well And yes, did I touch your waist on the side or on the right side? Right side. Right side – I must’ve touched it on the right side My grandson has become very naughty Oh! I had a bad opinion on your waist Till I touched it I didn’t know that it has got a great grip What have I done after touching your waist? You ran your fingers slowly towards her back When will he bring them down? Shut your mouth and listen to me You are older than us. So I thought you might know I’ll kill you – After touching your waist I must’ve run my fingers to the top Am I right, Alivelu? Look, you just touched me. That’s all You haven’t done anything else – I hugged you, didn’t I? You hugged me? – I kissed you as well You kissed her? O Ramudu – Excuse me! He’s not Ramudu, but he’s Ramudu’s brother Bheemudu Ya. – Ya. – Sir, Rama’s brother is Lakshmana Is that so! – Please leave me I instigated you for no reason Sorry. Sorry. Sorry I am giving you 24 hours time Pack your bags and leave this place I came to know that you are troubling girls these days Don’t say anything. I am not Ramudu to listen to you I am Bheemudu – Oh! Coming here in Ramudu’s absence is not courage If you have guts then come here when Ramudu is here What’s so difficult! He will become Ramudu If he changes his dress. Oh God! Satyabhama – Yes, Alivelu I think I might not reach my goal because of Bheemudu What has he done now? “He looked at me.” “He smiled at me.” “He came to me. He touched me.” “Mummy!” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..”

“..whomever you tell it is of no use.” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “..no one can save your from me.” “Even if your beauty is overflowing on the surface..” “Even if I suppress my desires inside..” “I will tickle you, I will drive you crazy.” “Shall I commit a mistake?” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “..whomever you tell it is of no use.” “He points one spot, but he touches another spot.” “He touches and commits a mistake.” “He takes permission once, but comes hundred times.” “And every time he crosses the line.” “Am I not good enough for you? Shall I cross the line?” “Do you like me? Come into my arms.” “I am a good person. I am just a bit passionate.” “I can set your heart on fire.” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “I don’t give a damn. Do what you can. So beat it, man.” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “I don’t give a damn. Do what you can. So beat it, man.” “Even if you sit, even if you stand and even if you sleep..” “..l will hug you and plant my love in your heart.” “Come to me. Did I ever stop you?” “Is that so? I am waiting for your permission.” “When you are around I become a child.” “Come and take me into your arms.” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “..no one can save your from me.” “Even if you tell your mother, even if you tell your father..” “..whomever you tell it is of no use.” It should be a great interview Hey, is everyone here? – The servants are not here yet, sir We are interviewing the family members, but not servants Good morning, sir – Good morning In these days when every person thinks about his own happiness you are working for the welfare of your village. The reason? There are 24 hours a day My granny told me That even if you think about yourself for 23 hours think about your village for at least one hour I liked that a lot – What’s your route? I don’t do anything I don’t like I do what people like Alone? – I am one in a million l am equal to a million Your goal? – Indian army is there at border to protect our people and here is Satyannarayana swami Madam, fresh lemons are here They will make great for pickle – Madam is in an interview Vandemataram(How many does 100 lemons cost)? Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram!

Granny. Granny – Baby What happened to you? – Granny. Granny, stop What happened, granny? – What happened? How long will you lead such lives? You can’t die, you can’t live How are you leading your lives like slaves! Come forward. Revolt against the tyranny. – What happened, Baby? We have nothing to lose except our lives What happened? – Save dharma Save dharma. Save your country ‘Save dharma’. – Baby, what’s this! You were smiling till now, weren’t you? Nothing will happen to Baby I am there for Baby, brother Brother – I am there for her What, brother Agarwal? Do you accept what I said? – Too much. It’s too high Listen. Your son tortured your daughter-in-law everyday and finally he killed her If you want me to write it in the report that it’s not a murder But it’s a natural death you’ll have to pay me 1.5 crores I accept it – Ok, you are my fellow Gujarati Your job is done. Ok, bye Injustice. It’s injustice It’s immoral Injustice. It’s injustice Not just in Gujarati, even if you talk in Hindi, Marathi Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi I’d understand it in whichever language you talk Granny, what happened? – That doctor is trying to protector a murderer If he goes scot-free there will be many more murderers He can’t stay alive. He must die He must be killed. Promise me. Promise me Go Did you get the cash? – I sent it to madam just a while ago Let us start the post-mortem I called her relatives to hand over the dead body – Note down what I say Dilation problem. Because the dilation wasn’t completed the child overturned. Since this was her first delivery she was pretty scared Her BP rose And with a sudden cardiac she lost her life You are preparing the report minutely, sir How else would I become the MD of such a big hospital! Get me the report. I will come and sign it Doctor, here’s the report This is your tip Thank you, sir Please read it once to see if there are many mistakes, sir What have you written in it! Are you out of your mind? I asked you to prepare the girl’s report and you prepared mine and MD’s report? Who are you? Where is our typist? He is not well. He went to some other hospital Then who are you? – I am a doctor You do post-mortem on dead people and I do it on alive people like you whose souls as dead Sir. – He will also get the punishment. Read, man Read. – I, Modi due to severe blow under my chest start bleeding Tell me what you saw when you opened the door A blow on the spinal cord breaks the neck What were you doing instead of being here? A blow with an iron rod under the waist severely damages urinary bladder What’s this! Hey, Old man! Hey! Why are you killing me? Have you gone mad! I am an old man. You are forgiven to think so When I lock the door I check it a number of times and when I kill someone again I check a number of times if the man is dead You are not mad. And you are a young man

Look, brother. Old men do something after thinking and young men think only after doing something Come on, tell me. Shall I think and kill you like an old man or shall I think after killing you? – Hey, who are you! Again.. Brother, you asked me unimportant questions In the beginning and the important questions at last You are putting yourself in trouble This is your post-mortem report Read it. – I won’t I will kill you even if you don’t read it The doctors have signed their post-mortem reports Tell me the truth – Hey, Cool! We have a lot of time in our hands to find out who he is Let’s go Satyam, it’s pretty hard for us to act like deaf and dumb It’s difficult for me as well to play the double-role And the reason behind all these troubles is.. – Baby No, it’s Bheemudu. I will end Bheemudu’s character urgently and the problem will be cleared Filter coffee! Welcome, Satyam alias Ramudu I am not Ramudu. I am Bheemudu – Bheemudu? So you entered the field? Ramudu, I heard that you dared me to come here when you are at home? I am here I have been waiting for you to come here What will you do? Will you kill me? Will you slay me? Bheemudu Only one of us would stay alive There was only one person ever since the beginning It’s great Ramudu, I refused to apologize and you dared to mess with your brother? Come. I got you after a long time You have crossed all the lines You are showing your power on women? Go away. Get lost from the house Why should I leave? I have as much right on this house as much as you have Shut your mouth. If you want to stay in this house you need to apologize to that girl If you wish I will say her ‘I love you’ Wait there – You can’t go between them, girl What will happen if I go there? – If you go inside you will find out that both are one and the same If you don’t apologize to her I will break your head with this flower-vase – You will break my head? Hit me Hit me. Hit me Oh! Blood! – Will you leave or do you want me to tie you down and beat you up! You were such a nice person How come you turned this way, brother! Yes, all this happened because of that evil girl May God punish her! May God destroy her! May she get this before marriage! What does ‘this’ means? – How would I know that! I was with you till now – Brother! Tell him not to beat him up What is he saying? – He is asking not to beat him He didn’t say that. He said ‘bebbe’ You can hear everything. Oh God! You’re a great artist Get lost from here – Yes, I will From today Bheemudu is dead for you What’s the matter you are leaving from the backdoor? After facing such an insult how can I face all of them! I am leaving from the backdoor There are a number of coverings – What coverings? Both of them could’ve come through this way but one of them is leaving from that way How can he face us after facing such an insult! Sir. Sir. You forgot to change your dress in the rush What dress! – Bheemudu was also wearing the same dress He has a handkerchief, but I don’t Sir, did he hit you too hard? What could I have done! I had to do it for you I couldn’t make him apologize to you But I drove him out of the village If you wish in his place I can – Brother. Brother. Brother You are saying ‘sorry’ to that girl on behalf of me? No. Never – You are I am your brother Bheemudu – Oh God! It’s Bheemudu How come there’s a new Bheemudu here when he is still there at home! Filter coffee, new sunrise – Where has Baby gone? Let me remove that cloth – Wait Why did you come here again? Didn’t I tell you not to show me your face? That’s the reason I came here in a veil, brother I will deal with you inside it Who are you? It’s you? – It’s me, brother How is Bheemudu, sir? – He looks like granny He looks like granny? – I mean he looks like Bheemudu We want to see you both together and take your blessings – Sir, me too Granny, they want to see Bheemudu Call them inside We shall show them Those who want to see Bheemudu, come inside Ok, I will come there first Oh God! Leave me. Leave me Oh God! Bheemudu, leave me. Leave me Thanks – Have you seen Bheemudu? Yes – Do you want to come here again?

I’m coming there, Mr. Bheemudu Oh God! Don’t beat me. Don’t beat me Bheemudu is very powerful Is there anyone else who want to see Bheemudu? I too want to see Bheemudu – Madam, he scolded you once To seek revenge I want to see Bheemudu. – All the best Hey, Bheemudu! Bheemudu – Bheemudu? Then where has Baby gone? Look there – It’s you? Bheemudu – I am not Bheemudu. I am Ramudu Don’t act in front of me You have the kerchief You are Bheemudu In this game you touched all my top fives and ruined my future plans “What’s up, dude!” “What the heck!” “Get lost!” “Hey! What’s up, dude?” “Shall I show you my power?” “I liked you, my dear.” “Have faith in me, naughty boy.” “You will have to dance with me.” “Or you will be abused like never before.” “Hey! What’s up, dude?” “Shall I show you my power?” “I liked you, my dear.” “Have faith in me, naughty boy.” “You will have to dance with me.” “Or you will be abused like never before.” “You are a great friend, but in love you are an animal.” “At daytime you are God, but at nighttime you are a demon.” “I’ll shake you up by hitting you with my hair.” “I’ll hit you with my waist.” “I’ll hit you with my love.” “I’ll hit you again and again.” “Hey! What’s up, dude?” “Shall I show you my power?” “You have an innocent face, but you have a naught mind.” “You are soft with your loved ones..” “..but you become very harsh with people you dislike.” “I will measure you up. I will see how far you can go.” “I will crush your aggression.”

“I will drive your crazy.” “Hey! What’s up, dude?” “Shall I show you my power?” Where is Bheemudu? – I kicked him out Why did you beat up such a great guy? – Such a great guy? You are praising him? – Yes After coming in close contact with me I found out everything I need to see Bheemudu urgently I need to say sorry to him – It’s.. – No, I liked Bheemudu But he made a mistake, didn’t he? It’s quite natural for a man like him Why did this girl’s tone change? Whatever it might be my plan worked out Alivelu, they are not two guys as I told you till now They are one – Baby. – You saved us, Baby Thank God! The bride’s Sumo hasn’t arrived yet? Oh! Brother, bride’s Sumo has arrived Sobhanadri, our channel should telecast this news first Come on – Oh God! What your name? – B. Sailakshi Look there. The camera’s that way – Take me to the hospital. – Zoom Who do you think has done this? I don’t know. – Talk to the camera. – I don’t know Do you doubt anyone? How did you feel when the bomb blasted? Take me to the hospital. – Tell me Come, let’s cover that spot Save me. Save me – Tell me which party you belong to I don’t belong to any party Is the frame ok? Tell me The bride’s my sister. Save her Saving is not our job Policemen are there Ambulances are there – Please, sir. Save her Policemen or ambulances or government officials No one has arrived yet, Saranya We are the first ones to arrive on the spot, Saranya Suresh with cameraman Shobhanadri, Channel 5! Where are you going? – I am going on some urgent work Urgent work? Hey, put some good make-up on me Hello, who’s this! – It’s me, Suresh Greetings, MD! – Greetings. The interview of that Bollywood celebrity – We will take care of that, sir Bombard her with questions without giving her a chance to breathe – She will definitely slip and give a loose answer. We would telecast that line 150 times a day, the youth would be provoked and our TRP ratings would touch the sky Did you get it? – Leave that to me, sir The make-up is done. Check it once Your voice is changed Did you get cold? Hey! What’s the matter! Are you scared looking at your face? Weren’t you scared when they were dying at the spot of bomb blast? The thought of taking them to the hospital didn’t even cross your mind? The doctors said that they would’ve survived If they were brought five minutes earlier Hey, I don’t know who you are You are messing with press I was a goon before I became a reporter Hey, you! You were a goon? You can’t even fight one man But this old man can fight ten men like you at once. Take it Just one blow, brother And you are down? My MD asked me to do such different interviews and telecast them on our channel first Where is your MD? To increase your TRP rates you dub all the vulgar songs from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and telecast them in Midnight Masala and corrupt even married people But if you risk others’ lives and try to make money from it I won’t stay quiet – Old man, it’s your misfortune that you are in front of me Friend, you shoot something when you see something and if you ask me to shoot something I shoot it and light my cigar with it Hey, you! Just one blow, brother. And you are down? – Shut up! Sir, if your brother or cousin had done the same mistake would you have reacted in the same way? I will show you how severe the punishment would’ve been

If my near ones had committed such mistake What are you about to do now? It will be telecasted in ‘breaking news’ Do not worry that MD Rajagopal, the pioneer in media for whom money is everything, for whom lives hold no value and his supporters like criminal reporter Suresh are brutally killed I am the cameraman I am the reporter If you play with lives I will take your life If you value life I won’t hesitate to sacrifice my life for you From Channel 5, goodbye So tell us, officer, how were those policemen, doctors and today channel MD and the reporter were killed We too have some responsibilities We will call you once we get the murderer Get lost. Get lost from here It’s getting hard to deal with them Find a nameless person without any background We can see the case later on – Ok Madam, paper Sensational channel ‘Channel 5’ MD and the news-reporter” were brutally murdered Dead bodies missing It must be Chinnayana My grandson inherited all the qualities that should be there in his successor Hello! The times of India? – Yes Connect me the ads-department – Ok You want me to get you both married? If they know that I got you married I will lose my seat Not even the registrar or the judge, but wherever you go In this state you will hear the same answer There is no other way, uncle – There is only one person In this world who can save you No, he is actually God in the form of a human Uncle – Tell him the truth in your love Then the problem won’t be with you But it will be in his hand Village: Venkatapuram Name: Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swami Sir, we love each other – I can see that We want to get married, sir – Set an auspicious date Actually – Your elders don’t like it? Valli is a middle-class girl, sir My father didn’t approve this match and sent men to kill her We want to get married and live together forever We want to value love and life, sir We want to value life, sir I am there for you I will get you both married in the traditional way Hey! What’s the meeting here! What happened! What happened? Tell me – He lost his voice Hey, this is Satyanarayana’s kingdom We are the ones who should welcome others “But not the other way round And if you raise your voice you’ll lose the sound Now he will have to do with hand-movements all his life Hey, it seems that he is a mad fellow Let us tell him our range and scare him away Hey, you know who they are? – Lovers You know who we are? – You are sub-inspectors and he is S.P. Instead of doing your duties you came here in civil dresses and doing someone’s slavery? Hey, who are you! – I am a Telugu man I am a man with a pure Telugu name Veera Venkata Satyannarayana Swami with a moustache to scare you – We didn’t come for you Send that girl this way – But who will save you from me? There is no other way We have to give him a taste of the policemen’s blows Hey, no one tells one’s enemies his weakness But I have a weakness. I know starting something But I don’t know ending something I am warning you in the beginning itself. Go away If you try to escape midway I will chase you and knock you down Hey, I told you right in the beginning that I know

starting something, but I don’t know ending something Hey, you know who that guy is and what his background is? Once I step on the ground I don’t check backgrounds and undergrounds Once I take decisions I don’t make a compromise And I don’t take decisions regarding something That I have to compromise about Hey, that kid’s father is the CM Call that person who sent guys like you here Hello! I am SP Tagore speaking ls CM there? How long will I have to wait? – Sir, you have to take an appointment if you want to talk to him I have another weakness. I know giving appointments “But not taking appointments I gave him a chance, but he didn’t use it They will get engaged in Satyannarayana temple In our village tomorrow. It’s at 10 O’ clock in the morning Call him. Ask him to take my appointment He gave an appointment to the CM? Do you remember his address? – Why? You’ll go there? – Not to go to that place even by mistake I need to see him – What! You will go there? Yes, Sharma. There are some people who try to throw mud at some famous person to become famous There are some other people who try to spread great people’s reputation for the benefit of people If he is of the first type he will die after I leave that place And if he is of the second type he will die there In my presence Sharma – Sir What’s the time now? – 9:30 He said the engagement ceremony is at 10 O’ clock You came here at correct time like a school kid It would be great fun when he comes here What’s this! He is making the CM wait? SP. – Sir. – How long will we have to wait? Say it fast Desert tsunami You are here? Welcome, sir Are you Satyanara No. Don’t greet me. I will have to greet you in return That means you too know about manners? Why did you have that doubt? – Because you gave me time but you didn’t come here on time I have another weakness I am a bit aggressive If someone injures me I want to injure him before my wound heals. You gave a late appointment

and here’s my late entry – Your entry might be late “But you will die pretty soon You came here alone? What can you do? Tell me what I can’t do Tell me what you can do Then I will decide what would be right to do What will you decide! This Lambodri is soft only when he is in the assembly When he comes out he turns violent Look this way. I got 40 guards on protocol I have got 30 personal guards 10 guards of Z-category They have 20 machine-guns, 10 AK 47s, 20 revolvers Just one snap and all bullets will turn your body Into small pieces What will you decide! Are you scared of the list I have given you? Mr. Lambodri, did you come to me or did I come to you? I came to you – Then who is scared of whom? If you can hold my collar for two minutes I will think that you are a man Sir, look there “O lord! O lord!” “O lord! O lord!” There’s a sea of people They can crush us into the underworld Leave him immediately Is this your manliness? Didn’t you bring some men with you? The people who came with you came here because of your post But the people behind me are those who came for me Among them there are brothers who weave clothes farmer with ploughs There are potters, there are blacksmiths There are sisters with daggers in hands And there are even graveyard guards as well If they put aside their daily work and raise their tools with their hardened muscles There would be elections again You have such a huge following What’s your caste? So you are trying to create differences among us In the name of caste? Then listen to me carefully I am Brahmin in intellect, Vaishya in wealth I am Mala in goodness, I am Madiga if I am revolt I am Kammari, Kummari, Kamsali Rajaka, Nai Brahmana who believes in hard work And I am a Yadav who has the purest heart I am a Velama who rescues others in trouble I am a Raju in personality I am a Kamm who can make you forget your mother I am a Reddy in aggression, I am Kapu in strength I am Veera Venkata Satyannarayana Swami whom every caste loves How long will you run this caste-based politics! People are tired of it Do not infuriate them If they direct their anger towards you and raise their voice once Sir. Sir My audio is disconnected If they take action our video connections will also be disconnected Why are you moving your lips? – What! I am moving my lips? That means your audio is also disconnected. Am I right? What? – I am right Mr. Lambodri, if you want to return from this place alive there is only one way Recite the chants and get them engaged. – Me? What’s wrong in it? You were born in a pure Malayali Brahmin family If you recite the chants and get them engaged you will get everyone’s blessings Hey, I am the CM whom the entire state salutes You want me to.. You want me to recite the chants and get them engaged? I will do something else I will destroy this entire village Sir No network. Why am I not getting the line! Is this some forest? There are hundreds of towers everywhere Sir, people got onto that tower like ants on jaggery “O lord! O lord!” “O lord! O lord!” There is only one way to escape from this place Recite it – Recite it fast Chants? You want me to recite chants here? Bhavani, where are you going?

I will deal with him O dear! Bhavani likes sharp piercing thorns I like sour bitter-gourd I like a scorpion that leaves a sweet pain I like scorching dessert More than anything else you are O dear! Will you leave now? In spite of having so much beauty in front of your eyes you are least bothered about it It’s hard to please you You understood me well in such a short time Marry Bhavani. You will be the entire state’s son-in-law You can enjoy that position I see. So you are CM’s daughter? Girl, that position doesn’t come with a guaranty period I have least affinity towards the position that comes with that post You are piercing my heart even more I feel like surrendering myself completely to you With which material were you manufactured, man? “One man!” “One man!” “One man! He is the cruelest of the animals.” “One man! He is that man This man is my man.” “He is my only enemy.” “He never comes. He doesn’t leave once he comes.” “He is the God of death for me.” “Strength, wisdom, Courage, you have got all.” “He is not Shiva or Vishnu Bramha can’t understand him.” “One man! – One man!” “One man! He’s a lion.” “He is merciless. He knows no fear.” “There is one such man. One man!” “He respects nothing. He is infamous everywhere.” “There is no one like him. One man!” “He is God of death.” “He has no mercy at all.” “His heart is made of stone.”

“He will send you to hell.” “You are inviting death if you mess with him.” “One man! One man!” “The first one is a good guy The second guy is a bad guy.” “One man.” “He is a man with a manly moustache.” “He plays with danger Who else can it be?” “He is an antagonist.” “He is an experimenter.” “He is a kingdom without people.” “He is a graveyard full of life.” “He is the most complex character.” “One man! He is the cruelest of the animals.” “One man! He is that man This man is my man.” “He is my only enemy.” “He never comes. He doesn’t leave once he comes.” “He is the God of death for me.” “Strength, wisdom, Courage, you have got all.” “He is not Shiva or Vishnu Bramha can’t understand him.” Durga, as you told us we arrested a nameless person I will call the press here. Keep his face hidden under a cloth We have already done that – What’s this injustice! I came here from my village to see Char Minar and you brought me here as if I am thief You are not a thief, but you are a murderer You have to say that to press – Why would I say that! You will die if you don’t say that Did you see me before? – CBI chief Kaka? I have been appointed here as the special officer. – Sir If you think that those who were murdered were your family members you will be worked up to catch the culprits Where are the reports? If you play with lives you will lose your life There’s a relation between all these evidences In every incident the dead bodies have gone missing Only those who were insensitive to others’ lives have been murdered So it’s not different people who committed these murders But it’s one single person – One single person? Not just that. He is not an old man as the taxi-driver said But he is a young man But it’s his weakness “That will help us nab him He will appear wherever someone’s life is in danger It’s a different case. This mother requested the court to kill her son who is battling for life in the hospital since a long time The reason is poverty She can’t pay the hospital charges and she can’t even see her son’s pain and at the same time she can’t kill him so she requested the court for mercy killing You arranged micro cameras at all the places, didn’t you? Yes, sir – Krish, arrest everyone you doubt Ok. – Your concentration must be only on young people You are sure he will come here, Kaka? He will definitely come The issue here is about someone’s life. Be alert I can understand this mother’s pain

But since mercy killing is illegal in India it’s his mother’s Mother’s responsibility to look after the child till he is alive Please change the verdict, sir I can’t bear to see his pain Get lost. The verdict won’t be changed And also, your child is in your hands. Just kill him No one will be bothered about it anyway Greetings, judge – Who are you? Ever since I was young I never talked about myself There’s a fault in the verdict you passed I came here to ask you to rectify it. – What fault! No, it’s.. – What’s the matter you are getting too involved! Hey, you know what the fault in your verdict is? You asked that helpless mother to look after her child What if that mother who doesn’t have enough resources to look after her child commits suicide along with her child? Then two people will die – If we worry about others’ lives and humanity we won’t be able to pass verdicts Hold your tongue You’ve control over something you haven’t said yet And you’re slave of something that comes out of your mouth You committed a big mistake by talking about others’ lives with utter lack of respect for humanity Law is not born in books It comes from society It’s a nice caption. But you are not following it Who is this old fellow? We went straight into judge’s chamber and arguing with him about the value of life Is he the killer? Boys! Move! Move! Move! Hey, if you don’t shut your mouth I will get you booked in some case and get you behind the bars You don’t deserve to be in this auspicious place Kaka, neither the old man nor the judge is here. – Oh! Law is not born in books It comes from society In spite of being such a old person he is able to read a caption so far away without any difficulty Is he really an old guy? Krish – Sir Morph this old man into a young guy. – Ok, sir Kaka, I saw him outside the court Yes, I too saw him in the court’s corridor Amazing. Munna. – Sir. – I need his details immediately Veera Venkata Satyannarayana Swami Tsunami. – Kaka, we will go there tomorrow itself and arrest him. – You will go there, but you won’t return What are you saying? – His strength is that village and its villagers. So going to that village and arresting him at daytime is very difficult This is correct time – At this hour of night? Our policemen will lock all the houses of that village At 2 O’ clock in the night The entire village will be in house-arrest all night We will have to arrest him with tact I am Durga speaking – Ok, Durga Sharma. – Sir. – Durga batch of CBI will kill him And I will get my son killed at the same time Sir, he is your son – I am his father I have the rights to kill him Hey. – Sir. – Another way to that village is through river That’s why call merciless murderers from Kerala who can even swim through the Niagara Falls Come. Come fast Don’t move. Don’t dare to move Who are you? – We are from CBI Granny. Granny

Come here Come here. – Hey, old lady! I’m going to kill you Come forward Sharda O dear! After so long Sharda. – You said you will come. You did come You kept your promise by coming here Hey, who are you? – After getting bashed up you will tell me who I am and I will hear it from you Hey! No sound pollution please It makes me angry When I am in normal state of mind I kill people with one blow It’s heaven. When I am angry I bash up someone without letting him die so easily. It’s hell You save a sample a while ago Where do you want to go? To heaven or hell? You want me to tell you who I am? How many guys are you? – 50 guys Double digit. How many guys are on this side? – Just one Single digit. What do call a single digit person who kills 50 double digit guys? – One and only one There you are. In a day there’s only one entry of the sun And in this one and only one has two entries in one birth I will appear wherever someone’s life is in danger This is my second innings, buddy One and only one. Age: 1 The war has begun again

Hey, you dared to arrest our Sattim Babu by locking us in our homes? – If anything happens to him the villagers of the eight surrounding villages would see your end – We want our Sattim Babu back Tell us where you kept him If you don’t tell us we will destroy the entire state Did you call him? – Yes, I called him, brother He came here – She is saying something, brother But it’s not clear what she is saying If Satyam was here he would’ve done something and brought back granny to normal condition What happened? What happened to the 50 Malayalis whom we sent? – Who? The murderers who can sail through the Niagara Falls? Yes, Sharma. If those Malayalis open their mouth I will have to go to Mushirabad Central Jail Sir. Sir. Don’t go to Mushirabad Go to Charlapalli jail. There you’d get cell phone facility. – Hey! Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir. Listen to me, sir. I have a small doubt Is it possible that that Satyannarayana Swami pretended to get caught by the CBI and had kidnapped those 50 guys? If that is true my worry will come to an end. – How come? In the hands of CBI the truth will die with him Poor daddy! Still he hasn’t stopped such stupid thoughts Dad thinks he is with CBI, but he is present everywhere He is in this air He is hugging me and is kissing my lips He is present here and driving me crazy When will you quench my thirst! He is present in this fragrant water He caught me tight and exposed all my secrets He is present in this fire and driving me wild There he is. He is covering me with clouds in the sky For the first time I am blushing Only one person in this world has the power to imprison him It’s not me, but it’s my hug O dear! Ok, Satyannarayana Swami, tell us the motive behind your first murder to the last murder I haven’t killed anyone – You came to the city on the day police went missing in the graveyard Many people come here everyday You killed the doctor who was changing The post-mortem report – I didn’t kill the doctor Yes, I did bash up the father-in-law who wanted to see his daughter-in-law You killed a TV channel MD and its reporter who shot a bomb blast – Killing channel’s MD is not true It’s true that I bashed up the person who planted the bomb No, kidnapping them is true and killing them is also true Is this an interrogation to find out if I committed those murders or is it an interrogation to make me confess the crimes? I came here as a witness to help you find out the truth But don’t assume that it’s my weakness Hey! – Give respect Hey! – Give and take respect Quiet. Quiet Sir. – Yes. – An old man came here to meet you Send him in You.. Sir, you are He who fights someone who does a mistake is a man and someone who stops that mistake from taking place Is one and only one. Age: 1 Kaka, I am the person you are looking for I am the one who committed those murders Mr. Satyannarayana Swami, the person who committed those murders has surrendered himself to us As you both are alike in some aspects there was a minor misunderstanding Sorry, you may go now Kaka, he’s – Who is he by the way? Son, I heard your ambitions and thinking May you live a long life! Greetings, sir. I don’t know who you are but your route and my route are same except for one thing One that exception, brother? – I just warn those who make mistakes, but by killing them you are making a mistake You are still a kid You are still a junior who doesn’t know

what is right and what is wrong and I am the senior Brother, you are trying to save those stuck in flames And I am trying to swallow those flames Master, when I am talking to you I feel like I am talking to someone very close to me I get some inspiration without my knowledge Sooner or later you will come to my route All the best – Wish you the same Knock them down, master Durga – Sir. – Arrest that old man I came here to free him, but not to surrender myself Hey, old man! You are trying to get smart with us? Hey! I built this body with Dampudu rice And you who was brought up on fertilized food are messing with me? First person Durga, pick the phone Come on. Come on. Come on Come on. Come on. Come on Don’t shoot Don’t kill him. We need him alive Don’t move Close. Close it Keep it down Come on, hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Durga, did you kill Satyannarayana Swami? How can that happen till I am here, First Person? I mean chief minister – Hey, who are you? I’ll tell you. Don’t panic Do you know this saying? What’s that? – Patience is virtue You became the chief minister after killing many people That’s your old story. You wanted to take revenge by killing you son. That’s your single-line story How do you know all that? – Not just that, but I have also Immersed your 50 Niagara guys in the lake You are my next target. You know the saying, don’t you? Yes, I know it. Patience is the virtue Forget that, friend. If you are late nectar will turn into poison Hey! Who are you? – One and only one One and only one? – Coming soon I will meet you soon Hey, you will meet me? I will kill you How many guys will you kill? How come you are here? – You must’ve forgotten your son, but your security guards didn’t That’s the reason I could come in I got him in bonus. You came in, but can you go out? You are scared on meeting me, right? What! Did you come to meet me or did I come to you? You came to me? – Then who is scared? Oh God! He is master of words. It’s our fault if we go there and if he comes here that’s also our fault You came to my place and taking my tuition So much courage! Brother, I have a weakness I am a bit old-fashioned If it is the place I grew up I feel shy to beat someone there

If I come to someone else’s place I can beat anyone without worrying about anything He threatened him just like I wanted to threaten him Hey, you are messing with an overnight politician Politics itself is a muddle How can I make it any worse! Give your son and daughter-in-law your blessings so that I could leave – He is my son I can do anything to him – Till the day before yesterday he was your son, your family and your kin Once they came to me they are my family, my near ones and my kins. If you harm my family members BP will rise to the brain and it will start working in 3600 If I start thrashing people I don’t listen to anyone You got scared? You took a short-cut and I came here straight If you trouble them again I am God for you and I am the devil Hey, killing someone is not in my syllabus That’s why I am leaving you. Take care Damn pistol. It never blows off live We can watch it only in movies What! You will kill me? Most of your property is in my name. Can you kill me? I don’t know if the dynamism in your words reached there “But it definitely touched here I liked you I doubt if you are a girl He.. He thinks I am not a girl? What’s this! Why am I blushing? I will make you chase me with my beauty “O naughty girl!” “You have got everything.” “When your beauty entices me..” “..where would I go?” “O naughty boy!” “Everything I have is yours.” “if you would come to me and rob me of my beauty..” “..l will never stop you again.” “O my dear, tell me the sequence of romance..”

“Don’t go, come to me and stay in my arms forever.” “O dear, tell me what your idea of love is.” “Staying close to each other all the times.” “You are god of love.” “You look epitome of beauty.” “if I get a chance I will turn you into a slate..” “..and write my love on you.” “Can I sign where we would unite?” “You don’t need to take my permission.” “Can I write all the poems on your side?” “Don’t stop it once you get started.” “There’s no master to teach these skills.” “I am never tired of showing off these skills.” “Once you have solved all these problems..” “..you have get started all over again.” “O naughty girl!” “You have got everything.” “When your beauty entices me..” “..where would I go?” “O naughty boy!” “Everything I have is yours.” “if you would come to me and rob me of my beauty..” “..l will never stop you again.” No matter whatever the opposition does our party will win this election as well Binami – Ok. Ok Sir, You helped a guy get a contract that would earn him crores He transferred your share 50 crores into the Swiss bank I need to check if that amount is transferred into my account Come with me Come Why did his voice change all of a sudden? What! He closed the doors? Is he lusting for me? What’s this, sir! You are stripping your clothes? I need to show you something – No, sir In school everyone used to call me glamour boy and I used to be very happy I didn’t know I would be sacrificed this way Shut your mouth and switch on the cell-phone camera Do we have to record this atrocity? – Shut up! Go back. – You want me to strip behind your back? Yes, I’m here “O snake-God! O snake-God!” Shut up! – So this is what you wanted to show me then? You know what it is? – Of course, I know it, sir Like Mumait Khan got a tattoo over here you got one over here? Do you have a tattoo anywhere else? Shut your mouth and take that tattoo’s photo What’s this, sir? It looks like tenth class’ hall-ticket This is my Swiss Bank’s password You naughty boy. You tattooed your password so that no one else should know about it? Oh God! Zero balance How can someone else draw money from my bank account! Who is that other account holder who can draw money from my account! I am the virus that blanked your brain One and only one. I am the friend of friends

and virus for the traitors There’s a snake’s tattoo on your back. Am I right? You are shocked? I saw that tattoo in a newspaper when taking a bath in a religious ceremony I found out that number and withdrew the crores of rupees you had hidden there You must be wondering what I must’ve done with that money That money is not with me anymore, buddy Your money has reached the accounts of the welfare organizations of the world If you want your money back you will have to make all those people alive whom you had killed Can you make them alive? This is the fine I am making you pay for your sins What I did is I had taken away all the earnings of your life My next step is stripping you off your post Hey! – Buddy, didn’t I tell you I would meet you In a different way? How’s this meeting! You feel like the Panjagutta flyover collapsed on you, right? Hey! – Sir Where are those CBI guys? Virus. Virus Virus. Hey, you! – Good morning, sir How’s life in hospital? How are the nurses? Because of your inefficiency I had to wander on streets like a nomad. He made me He made me lick his boots When did that happen? You’re hiding a few things from me O sir! – Who is he, sir? That virus guy – Who’s this Virus, sir? You don’t know what the Virus is? – Sir. Sir Stop, sir. Stop, sir. Sir How would he know about your friend, sir! He is asking about ‘one and only one’ Sir, very soon we will be – Very soon what? Hey, you need to catch that one and only one in 24 hours or else I will make you guys wear women’s robes and make you dance on the road. Mind it Where is he? – Oh! I won’t leave that one and only one who brought us to this range One and only one One and only one Krish, do you know anyone with such name? Tell me, Munna – He says he built that body with Dampudu rice – Dampudu rice? If he ate Dampudu rice every day he must be a guy from 1940s Durga, let’s do one thing We shall browse the net and see if we can find details about ‘one and only one’ Yanakati Rajameta. – Right, find out where this village Yanakati Rajameta is Yes. – So this Yanakati Rajameta of the yore has turned into Venkata Rajapalli And that Venkata Rajapalli is now known as Venkatapuram Venkatapuram means Satyannarayana Swami’s village – Correct ‘One and only one and Satyannarayana Swami..’ ‘..have a number of similarities.’ ‘That’s why there must be a relation between him..’ ‘..and that house.’ Stop there If you step inside you cannot step outside this house Mr. Satyam, this time we didn’t come here for you But after our investigation we found out that there is a relation between this house and one and only one. We came here to find out what is that relation – This is an auspicious house If there is any relation between him and this house he must be a great fellow – He is not an ordinary person He was the most wanted terrorist in British reign And now he stays in our country and kills our countrymen. He is a traitor of the country Traitor of the country! Traitor of the country! Traitor of the country! Traitor of the country! Whom did you call traitor of the country? If you say one more word about him I will slash your tongue You called a person murderer who helps even his enemies He called him a traitor who fought for his country Hey, what do you know about him! You know about Mahatma Gandhi You know about Jawaharlal Nehru You know about Subhash Chandra Bose And all of them know who is ‘one and only one’ ‘Those were the days when lndian’s lives..’ ‘..didn’t have any value for the British.’ ‘What they said was the rule!’ ‘Those who would raise their voice were brutally assaulted.’ ‘And the chief personal appointed..’ ‘..for this suppression is captain Douglas.’ ‘He used to kill the people he didn’t like..’ ‘..right in front of everyone with some excuse or other.’

‘Not just that but he used to kill..’ ‘..even those who used to come forward..’ ‘..to take their near one’s dead bodies. He was a demon.’ White man, I will slay you White man, I will slay you We will expel you from our country We will expel you from our country Brother What! Why are you screaming? Who is there, brother? They are sending back our words There is an old aunt living in those hills That aunt does good to us if you want to do good and if you want harm for others she harms us in return Alright, brother You are good fellows You are good fellows We are good fellows. We are good fellows, brother Brother, there’s a meeting in the committee hall Some big leaders from different parts of the country are here to talk about the freedom struggle They invited everyone above 18 years old to that meeting Let’s go India is like our home The different cultures are like different rooms in the house We are a big united family living in different rooms who care for each other In such a house a white man comes as an uninvited guest and stays for too long and starts dominating us Who gave him the rights to do so? The guest must’ve to leave the house If he doesn’t leave on his own we will have to kick him out That’s why one from a village won’t be sufficient But one from a family must participate in it Those who want to participate come forward and sign the register I didn’t come here to sign in that register I came here to tell you that no one from my family Is participating in this fight – Mr. Rajaram, your father achieved martyrdom in the freedom struggle You, his son is talking this way? You are scared of dying? – I am thinking of the promise I made my mother. After my father’s death my mother on her deathbed made me promise that I won’t abandon my brothers I promised her that I will take good care of them Now I can’t go back on my word and take this path Mr. Rajaram, your country – Just now you said our country Is our home. And mother is the goddess of our home With respect to the promise I made my mother to protect my near ones l am not sending anyone from my family Let’s go, brother Brother Long live – ..revolution! Long live – ..revolution! Long live – ..revolution! Forgive me for this, brother Doctor, you came here on time and gave treatment or else I would lost both my child and her mother It’s alright. I am fortunate that today I could save someone’s life and help another life come to earth I am very happy for that. You may go now. – Alright, sir What have they written there? White dogs, we will peel your skin and make our shoes with them – Idiots! You started it and we will end it Hey, stop there! Are you the leader of these revolutionists? I don’t have anything to do with them Then what are you doing here at this time? – I am a doctor I am going home after treating a patient But still I will check that box What happen, Butcher? Anything wrong? Yes, Douglas. A small investigation on him Why is the end of his moustache pointed upwards? If the end of the moustache is pointed upwards It’s a sign of high self-esteem, sir. – So you have self-esteem? You are our slaves. You dare to stand in front of us with your moustache pointed upwards? Bring your moustache down You didn’t hear it? Bring it down No, brother. Don’t point it downwards Bring it down – It’s not any other moustache that it could be brought down, it’s made of steel The moustache is there and the aggression is here

What’s more important for you? Self-esteem or a life? Self-esteem or a life? Hey, we instigate you so much But you still don’t feel angry? Douglas, we Indians are like pure water Water takes the form of the container We too mould ourselves as per the situation What’s there in this land that everyone talks like an intellect! You can go Butcher – Yes, Douglas There is a dangerous storm behind his silence Keep an eye on him Sister, what are those thunderbolts and lightening! They are not thunderbolts. It’s a war between British and us Who’s that? Who’s that, sister? – Who’s that? What’s that, brother? – Who’s that, brother? Brother. Brother Brother, what’s this! Brother Pratap – Brother Bear it.. – I have slain those white dogs, brother How many did you kill, brother? – 15 With a sword or with a gun? Go away. Ranganna – Sir. – Take them upstairs Ok, sir – What’s all this for! – Come. Come Bear it Take it. There’s no need to worry. You will be fine Thank you. Thank you very much Sister, look how elder brother is serving those who injured our younger brother Mr. Rajaram, hats off to you for giving medical aid to our men whom your countrymen treat as enemies We Indians believe that if we save dharma dharma will save us in return Sir. – Doctor, how’s the condition of our soldiers? 15 soldiers were injured. Ten of them are out of danger What about the other five? – Those five soldiers will have to lead the rest of their lives as physically handicapped Butcher. – Yes, Douglas. – If we send them Britain they will lead handicapped lives and depend on pensions and be a burden on the government Waste of money. Butcher, hang them Mr. Douglas, I put a lot of effort to save their lives Butcher. – Yes, Douglas. – The revolution took place just nearby, didn’t it? When he can save his enemies how can he not help his fellow Indians! Go and search his house – Come on, soldiers Go this side. Come on – Hurry You Douglas, he’s the one who attacked our battalion last night Brother, stay calm – I see. So he’s your brother? The younger brother kills and the elder brother saves lives Douglas, he’s still young I will make sure that he doesn’t trouble you again Please forgive him and leave him We will leave him We will leave him after he is hanged Come and identify his body and sign the register” and you’ll get his body. Let’s move Brother, save him. Save brother Do something – Save him, brother Save him, brother – Do something, brother Brother! Brother. Surya, stop there Leave my brother Brother – Hey, you! Brother. Brother Brother Brother Brother – Brother. Brother Brother Stupid children – Brother

Sriram – Brother. Brother Brother – Gayatri I will kill you You.. You Brother Brother. Brother Sandhya. O Sandhya Rajaram – Brother You are a doctor who knows the value of a life. – Brother Save your family’s life. All the best. – Brother. Brother Sriram. Sriram Gayatri. Gayatri Nothing will happen to you, dear – Brother Sandhya – Brother. – Sandhya Surya – Brother. – Brother Brother – Brother Sister – Brother You shattered my belief You didn’t let me keep my promise that I made my mother Go. Go. Go that side Come on. Catch him You can’t escape, Douglas Brother, I will continue your struggle Now I will payback the debt of my motherland Till my fellow countrymen breathe in free lndia and till you know the value of my countrymen’s lives I will keep on fighting This is the vow I take for my motherland Raghupati Raghava Rajaram shouldn’t have done such a thing. – I can’t believe Rajaram has done such a thing Convey my best wishes to Rajaram Indian Sari! How is it, darling? In this D-grade sari you’re a-grade beauty is clearly visible Vande Mataram – Vande Mataram Who’s that! Who said Vande Mataram here? It’s you, darling – Shut up! How did this sari reach here? A local girl came here and presented me this sari How does that girl look like? I am very happy that you are accepting my revolutionist daughter Sharda as your daughter-in-law Shankar, that’s a vow you have taken as the groom to look after your bride for the rest of your life Douglas, how is the sari I sent for you? Douglas! – Cool

Beautiful sari. The border is pretty artistic I came here to see if this artistry is there till the inside border as well Hey! Leave her – Get out Black dogs, if anyone among you has the guts to rescue her from me he will be her husband as the priest said just a while ago Shankar Not just your head, but even if you bow your eyes I will shoot you You will have to see me removing every piece of her clothes Hey! Sharda O dear! What are you scared of! Your fear gives him strength He is a coward He can kill us only as long as there are bullets in the gun After that he will die a dog’s death in our hands Who has the guts to stop me? Who has the courage to save you? V.A – Va N.D.E – Nde M.A – Ma T.A – Ta R.A.M – Ram Vande Mataram! He’s dead. He’s dead He is a dead man He is a dead man Brother, twirl your moustache once That’s it Vande Mataram Hey! Go and give my message to your general What! They killed our Douglas!? Who did it? Raghupati Raghava Rajaram What! Just three guys could kill our Douglas? They are not three guys, it’s just one guy One and only? – He killed him and sent you his message He sent us a message? That Indian dog Hey, you! If you say one more word I will slash your tongue into pieces What do you think of Indians! We are like Kanduvas on the shoulder If you give us respect we will be your pride If you value us we will work for you If you ask us help we will be your slaves and wipe your sweat, but if you try to exploit us we will turn into noose for you And if you ever misbehave with Indian women we will turn into shrouds for you Not just us, but you too have only one life If you die once you won’t become alive again Can’t a knife pierce into your body? Can’t a bullet kill you? General, now this Indian is giving you two options The first one is if you have guts come over to our place and identify Douglas’ body, sign the register” and take his body. The second option is If you don’t have guts come to our place and accept defeat and bow down your head and salute our flag

and beg in front of us and take your dead body Vande Mataram! – No No matter whichever option we choose we will lose our grip on this area. Go. – Yes, sir Go and kill him Go fast. Go fast Raghupati Raghava Rajaram! – No! From now onwards he is not Raghupati Raghava Rajaram He’s the one and only one who has slain Douglas’ head and twirled his moustache on his dead body One and only one – Glory to you! One and only one – Glory to you! One and only one – Glory to you! Come here, priest. Come here This is the auspicious moment for the wedding He’s the groom And my Sharda is the bride – Now recite the chants. – Yes “Like the flowers in the plait..” “Like the garland around the neck..” “Like turmeric and Vermilion for a woman..” “Like a jewel for a woman..” “You came here to rule me.” “You came here like God’s boon for me.” “Your feet are divine for me.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you for life.” “You came here to rule me.” “You came here like God’s boon for me.” “I am river Ganges originating at your feet.” “I am river Yamuna flowing towards you.” “I am your admirer.” “I am your devotee “I want to worship you and show my gratitude.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” “You came here to rule me.” “You came here like God’s boon for me.” “When I see you my heart is in my eyes.”

“When I call you my heart is in my lips.” “When I walk towards you my heart is to my feet.” “When I reach you my heart is in my heart.” “You are my heart. I am in you.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” I came to you.” “I am fortunate to get you.” “I will keep you happy all my life.” “Today, tomorrow, forever.” “I will be by your side all my life.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you for life.” “I am grateful to you.” “I am grateful to you.” Jai Hind! – For the freedom of this country with shall fight the common enemy and stand by each other all the times. – Jai Hind! One and only one? If there are another couple of guys like that ‘one and only one’ we will lose southern India There are a number of movements in India Their violent movements are damaging our army And non-violence movement is filling up the jail So India will get freedom – On one condition After years of freedom struggle The British gave India freedom But it made an announcement that the Indian government must hand them over the people who gave them maximum losses. The list of wanted people Vikram Rathod from Rajputana Pratab Singh from Punjab ‘One and only one’ from Hyderabad province We realized our dream to see our country as a free nation I won’t need this sword again That’s why I am handing it over to Mother India Comrades, I am grateful to you for being with me all these days and participating in this battle Now you can all go back to your countries and lead fearless lives with your close ones Sharda, I am going to surrender myself to keep the word our national leaders gave the British I will definitely come back Vande Mataram British government made everyone believe That due to our people’s conspiracy the ship had wrecked and labeled them revolts But no one knows what really happened there He promised me that he would return And he came back as he promised ‘Son, you are the junior and I am the senior.’ Even the cunning British with their hundreds of battalions

“Couldn’t catch him back then You are just kids in front of him What can you do to him! Till the thunderbolt comes to earth till he realizes his dream no one stop him Lakshmi. – Mother. – They came here from a long distance Give them some water – Ok, mother Granny I feel blessed to be born as the grandson of a great man who people revere I heard his words, but I couldn’t see him Now I am eagerly waiting to see him, granny Hi, everybody! There hot news l am about to give you all We found out who that ‘one and only one’ is Who is he, sir? – He is a freedom fighter A war hero. Raghupati Raghava Rajaram If we want this country and its people to prosper we need that ‘one and only one’ One and only – In spite of being a CBI officer you are praising a killer? – I was a CBI officer till two minutes ago. I resigned that job just now and became a fan of ‘one and only one’ One and only one! – Tomorrow when you are in trouble police might not come to your rescue, CBI might not come to your rescue, these ministers might also not come But that ‘one and only one’ will definitely come One and only one! – By the way, write about ‘One and only one’ in the headlines It’ll increase your circulations Glory to one and only one Help! Help me! There’s an accident. We need to take him to the hospital I’ll take him there. – No, I will take him there. – Stop it No, I will take him there – Stop it We shall take him to the hospital together Did you see the change in them! The fear of ‘one and only one’ of making them do this One and only one, you are great Long live – One and only one! ‘I will strip you of your post.’ You have got an OM on your T-shirt? You don’t know what OM is? OM means Okkamagadu(One and only one) Like the craze for cine-stars or cricket stars people are dying to see Okkamagadu at least once You who were away from him for so many years don’t yearn to meet him? – I definitely yearn to meet him But when a man goes on a war he has to be detached from all the bonds Hey, CBI couldn’t catch that one and only one I want the intelligence report on him urgently Hello! – O dear! It’s you? What’s the matter, dear? My youth that has hots for you told me to ask you a question What’s that? – How long can you exercise with your eyes closed? – Till I feel exhausted Why don’t you come here and prove it? Why don’t you tell your father and marry someone? Marry someone else? You’re the one who can touch me Even if some other man’s shadow touches me I will burn myself with the help of kerosene Fast food king, when are we getting married? I am not in a position to marry you right now, girl It doesn’t matter whatever your position is right now Just see my position once – What happened? My youth is not letting me live in peace You are completely spoilt – If you don’t marry me I will commit suicide – Hold on. Hold on. Just a minute There’s Bhavani waiting since a long time on first line Bhavani Bhavani. Alivelu. Both of you love me So I took a decision – What’s that? I will marry you both Both of you discuss it deeply and then call me back They won’t call me again. I have put them in a dilemma King – Dear We had discussed it very deeply as you told us Where did you arrive? There might be two wheels, but the carriage is same There might be two burners, but the stove is one We might be two girls, but you are our only husband Oh God! I wanted to get rid of you, but you are creating a new problem for me? You both will rot in hell “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.”

“Hold it and drape it around you secretively.” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Hold it and drape it around you secretively.” “Don’t you have any shame, O sari-less girl?” Why? What’s the big deal? “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Drape it around your head, around your body..” “Do whatever you want to do with it.” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Drape it around your head, around your body..” “Do whatever you want to do with it.” “What’s there to feel shame about?” “Aren’t we there in you?” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Drape it around your head, around your body..” “Do whatever you want to do with it.” “Drape the golden sari.” “Drape the golden sari.” “Drape the golden sari.” “Drape the golden sari.” “There are two doors to the house.” “There are two hands in the clock.” “How can you have one girl? There are two girls for you.” “There are two fruits to a branch.” “There are two pots near the pond.” “When both are similar what is the need of two..” “..for the job of one?” “Both head and tail are there in a coin.” “Enjoy the joy of having two girlfriends. – Alright.” “I won’t tread new paths due to the fear of getting lost.” “Come and play with us.” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Drape it around your head, around your body..” “Do whatever you want to do with it.” “Bring Kanchi and Dharmavaram saris for us.” “Bring Pochampalli and Benaras for us.” “Ghariwal, Chirala etc..” “Bring all those saris for us.” “I will come to you on Monday – O yes!” “I will recite the chant on Tuesday. – Ok.” “I’ll be here for two days and I’ll go there on the third day.” “I will pamper you on Wednesday – Really!” “I will adorn your house on Thursday. – Ok.” “I will apply for a leave on Friday..” “..and I will be ready by Saturday.” “We will torture you Sunday.” “You would enjoy our torture – What are you saying!” “if you are ready I am also ready for threesome. – Wow!” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Hold it and drape it around you secretively.” “Don’t you have any shame, O sari-less girl?” “Hold it. Hold it. Hold the silk sari.” “Drape it around your head, around your body..” “Do whatever you want to do with it.” “What’s there to feel shame about?” “Aren’t we there in you?” Dear friends, our party will be the ruling party very soon The present party couldn’t provide women with security there’s no justice at all – Sir Mr. Lambodri wants to talk to you He called me at this time? Intelligence report – What is in it?

The craze is increasing day by day – Whose craze? Not yours – Not yours as well. – Then whose? One and only one – If he launches a party both your party and my party will become nameless entities How come? – If people get a taste of his ruling once It will spread like virus – I won’t let people enjoy their lives any time soon – What will you do? First of all do what I say The acting must be perfect – You need not worry about it Hey, you are trying to arrest one and only one who is fighting for us? You have to withdraw all the cases against his name or else I will burn myself right in front of your office We haven’t seen anything. Come Hey, today it’s me, tomorrow it will be hundred The day after tomorrow it will be thousand The entire state will be destroyed – Best of luck Help me! Help me! Now announce the dead man’s family an ex-gratia of five lakh rupees As if it’s his father’s money Consoling Ganesh’s family who is a fan of ‘One and only one’ and who committed suicide minister Lambodri announced ex-gratia of five lakh rupees I am of no use with the burden of these debts and my illness I will announce that I am a fan of ‘one and only one’ and commit suicide, my wife and kids can live happily with the ex-gratia that the government will give This is right Long live one and only one Long live one and only one – O dear! One and only one’s fans are committing suicides demanding you to lift the cases on his name But you haven’t done anything about it yet It’s not my job. It’s law and order’s job He is fighting for our lives, but many of us are dying His ambition is right, but he should be coming forward and explain us how far it is right as per the law and order Hey, you couldn’t catch me with your power and exploiting my people to catch me? How can you stoop to such low levels! It doesn’t matter even if I die, but now more loss of lives The hot topic ‘one and only one’ has announced that he would come to Gandhi stadium tomorrow to tell his side of the story in response to chief minister and opposition’s statements Sharda – O dear. – I am going on a war Master, you never enjoyed the marital bliss Both of you fought for this country and sacrificed a lot Give me a chance to continue this fight, senior Wait a minute, grandson. Only he can fight this battle Only he can fight – Goodbye, Sharda Vande Mataram The one and only one is here Raghupati Raghava Rajaram alias one and only one tell us without any fear what you have to say My dear jury members, this ‘one and only one’ Is never afraid of anyone Did you see those people? I didn’t send lorries for them to come here You know about me only till the day I surrendered myself to the British But they tormented me for 60 years And at the end when they couldn’t get anything from us the British drowned us in the sea With the help of Chinese martial arts skills I learnt I could survive With my longing to see my independent lndia I stepped on this land with great will power but I was shocked to see the situation here The price of land has increased but the value of life decreased People are dying with hunger, people are dying with the negligence of doctors People are dying for a lakh People are dying for 1000 People are dying for a hundred But not even a single person is ready to sacrifice his life for the country. In our days when someone used to die

we used to talk about it for hours But now when the news of someone’s death appears in paper we put that news aside look for the super sales of the festive season The news of death has become boring news for us A child inside the womb gets the heart in two months legs in four months, eyes in six months the backbone in seven months Such a delicate child comes out of the womb in nine months But here people are being killed for no reason In just one second That hurt me the most, your honor That’s why the way a mother scares her child of the ghost to put him to bed I showed these evil spirits the one and only one and gave them the fear that if they don’t value lives they would be killed. – But what you’re doing isn’t wrong as per the Indian constitution? Yes, I made a mistake Taking birth in that era and living till now Is my biggest mistake Hats off to you, old man Committing a crime and confessing it In front of the media without any fear has become a fashion these days Respectable jury members, this one and only one must be hanged immediately – No. No No. No You want to hang me? – The jury has evidence against you I too have evidence to prove that I haven’t killed them Then show us those evidences My dear jury, till now you thought that I killed them all I am not a fool to kill my fellow Indians for whom I was fighting till now Sir, after watching this great person I found out that politics is not the only field for you If you want to serve the country After watching this great person who without taking retirement fought against the system I joined hands with him after watching his sincerity If you call them killers then you will see in this CD who is the leader of these killers Pay us fast or else we will take away your life You are preparing the report minutely, sir How else would I become the MD of such a big hospital! We would telecast that line 150 times a day the youth would be provoked and our TRP ratings would touch the sky Get lost. The verdict won’t be changed And also, your child is in your hands. Just kill him Now announce the dead man’s family an ex-gratia of five lakh rupees You are very smart Lambodri, I’m the one who gave him that CD They are our men – O lord! So finally we escaped from one and only one

We shall enjoy abroad for a month Then we can make a sketch and knock him down Only if you are alive till then How did you enter the flight? Look, brother, it’s not important when and how you reached the spot What is more important is why I came here and what I will do What will you do? – I will kill you all You value life the most, now you would kill us? I believed you once, but you betrayed my trust If we sympathize with our leg that gets cancer our life will be in danger Even if it’s our leg we have to part ways with it And even if the sinner is our fellow countryman we have to get rid of him That’s why I am killing you all Sir. Sir. Sir. Don’t harm us, sir No one in your caste has become a CM till now I’ll convince the high command and make you the CM You are trying to fool your grandpa? – Pilot Pilot, land the plane somewhere There are no pilots here They jumped five ago Hey, are you mad! You will also die along with us? The day I decided to fight the British I have befriended the death This is my bonus life Right now the flight’s speed is 1400 kilometers per hour It’s going north In 20 seconds it will collide with a mountain Vande Mataram! I am going to the city, Baby – God bless you! Miss. Sharda – Who are you? I’m the writer who’s writing one and only one’s biography What do you want? – They are saying that no one can survive in that flight accident But here there is no effect on you You think he is still 60 years ago when he was going to surrender himself he promised me that he would return True to his word he came back Even now he promised me that he was going on a war

and that he would return One and only one always keeps his promise