Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Episode 12 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 2 September 2020

What? Get out? Hey! You get out! You get out! Get out of my life! Huh, get out… Ulfat, tea or water… Keep your tea and water. And our daughter as well Oh God Ulfat, what did you do? You didn’t think even for a moment You put every dream, every happiness of yours on fire. You burnt it all You should have atleast cared about the happiness that knocked on your door But you, closed the door on them! You know that holy recitation we did at your home, it may have just reached God up there just now but you turned away from all the incoming blessings! God’s wrath! Those 15 crore worth sweets we didn’t even get to distribute… Okay, enough, enough! No need to create chaos now. I got angry okay… So, madam you should have controlled your anger You spilt water over everything Yes, so what should I have done? I should have listened to everything she was saying? Ulfat is not that pathetic She doesn’t know how emotional I am, if it comes to my ego then I don’t even listen to Shahan, so who is she? By the way Noori, there is a problem with us Poor people like us, whether they have anything or not, ego is something we have in abundance We don’t have a penny in our pockets but we carry all the pillars of respect You are absolutely right but what will you do now? What is there to do? I will save money through committees, will wait to win out a prize bond and live in that old house of mine Whatever is left of this life would surely pass in one way or the other Oh God, I had wished for one thing, one thing! I prayed for one thing but you are being rigid against its acceptance! Come on, enough You can’t be upset with God this way So, what should I do? If we get upset with people then we get made fun of, if we get upset with God then it’s considered a huge sin What should a human do? Die? Don’t lose heart, maybe she will come back By the way Noori, you were right You don’t know anything with these rich girls When they give you space in their heart and when they throw you away It’s not just that we don’t know, even if they don’t know themselves Hey, they are! I swear on God I saw this amazing jewelry set but what comes off us poor people and our dreams My friend, but you don’t lose heart If not this world, then the next world is for us poor people You will see, if I don’t hold her by her collar on doomsday then my name shall not be Noori! Noori will not forgive her! Yes, don’t forgive her Okay, I am leaving. I have to cook flatbreads How can this happen Shafaq? Dad, I cannot change my decision now What is the reason for taking this decision suddenly? You’re still asking for the reason? Okay, I will also go with you. We both will live together No dad, please I want to live alone for a few days, You want to run away? Right now, I want to run away from myself This is an escape my child Yes dad, sometimes an escape becomes very important We hide from everything; I also want to hide for a few days I have my flight in two days and I will go to the airport myself too You won’t even stay if I ask you to? If I could stay dad then I would not have decided to leave

I’m sorry I know I am a very bad child I won’t be a nuisance, I promise My child, you have never been a nuisance You are my good child! Whenever it rains and we are sitting like this, you will make fritters for us Come on, promise Promise me, promise me, promise Promise the promise may break today Ulfat can die but will never let that happen I’m coming, I’m coming. Who is this that has forgotten their hand on the gate? May I come inside? Yes, why not

You’re probably surprised to see me here No, no I… You look good when you’re speaking non-stop I am here to apologize If possible, forgive me for all my mistakes You considered me your sister from your heart and I am here to do the same The heart’s relation can never break Our relation is still intact today, it will always be intact. It will never break Although I wanted to be in your life in a way…in your house Maybe it wasn’t in my fate If possible, please forgive me Anyway, it is said that one should ask for forgiveness before setting off for any journey What do you mean by leaving? I am leaving Pakistan, maybe I will never come back If possible, please forgive me No, no. I should be the one asking for forgiveness, I said a lot of things when I was angry If possible, please forgive me Ulfat, what about tea… Ulfat if you don’t mind, then may I talk to Shahan alone one last time? What is this? You are very intelligent Shahan And a talented person like you working for another company is something I cannot accept I came, we met. Whatever happened, I don’t wish to discuss it But my company cannot afford to lose you I am leaving Pakistan, forever I will never come back And, this appointment later is for my position, Managing director. This position cannot get a better candidate than you And whatever happened, forget it. I have forgotten it Sometimes we make childish mistakes, v we act in stupidity And where love is concerned, if it’s not childish then is it really love? Love is a weird thing, always in a journey and keeps everyone in a journey It doesn’t stay in one place A person came in life who broke me, then you came and you healed me Shafaq Love is like worship You don’t do it;

it just happens by itself Just forgive me by thinking that it happened by itself like worship I am going, with the hope that you won’t disappoint me Shafaq So much happened and you didn’t even tell me How could I tell you something I could not admit to myself? So, you agree now? The intensity of her love has made me agree that she resides in my heart as my love You’re not in love, you’ve lost your mind When a person goes mad, this is how they talk What rubbish are you speaking I am speaking rubbish? When that woman was around you, you paid no heed to her What type of a person are you Shahan? Mansoor, I really couldn’t understand I really couldn’t understand And when I understood, it was too late Someone has wisely said that don’t break anyone’s heart because their tears will then be your punishment Your love became your punishment because you broke a heart that used to beat for you And now you are crying for your love Do you even know the meaning of love? Leave Shahan, for the first time I don’t like what you’re saying I see someone else’s pain in your tears Leave please Come on, ill drop you Dad, we had talked about this Please let me come to the airport So, you create a scene over there too? Not at all! Can I not get sad? You are my father; this is why I cannot see you sad I am such a helpless father that I can’t do anything for my child If I try to do something, it doesn’t happen,\ everything stops. What kind of helplessness is this? It is not helplessness dad, it is fate Okay, you won’t get sad after I leave. You won’t cry. Promise? Promise You are coming to London next month, right? Bye dad, miss you. Bye Bye Shafaq, I want to talk to you

Shahan, there is nothing I want to talk about You will have to talk and listen Whether with patience or whether without it! No Okay, then Come out. Come out, come! What are you doing Shahan? What is this spectacle? What are you typing to prove? To take your life is not love but insanity, to turn away from your father’s hard work all his life is not love but ungratefulness To break through every living relationship and declaring love is not love Shafaq, it is rebellion I have received love from Ulfat my entire life But madness I never saw The madness that now, now I feel in my heart The life that you tried to take away, is the life I now feel throbbing in me The heart that never sought anyone else, now has your love residing in it And you, you talk about leaving How to get rich in love is something Ulfat taught me but how to lose everything for love is something you are teaching me Shafaq And I want to learn everything I have loved And now I want that passion I love you Shafaq I love you too Shahan! Hey, arrange the flowers properly. Yes, up, up! Today is the wedding, of my husband Come, come. Come Please start with the name of God Shafaq Wajahat, your marriage is taking place with Shahan ul Ikram. Do you accept? I accept Do you accept? I accept Do you accept? I accept Here you go

Come Shahan ul Akram, your marriage with Shafaq bin Wajahat, for an obligation of rupees ten thousand to her, in front of these witnesses is taking place Do you accept this marriage? Yes, I accept Do you accept this marriage? I accept Do you accept this marriage? I accept Sign here Lets go quickly, quickly Come on everyone, let’s celebrate this happiness with something sweet Who will the groom first celebrate it with? With the bride Come on bride, open your mouth quickly Yes, good! She is on a diet so she will eat less Now the groom’s turn… Come on, come on. Throw these, what is the misery about? Come on quickly Wait, wait, wait. One minute Noori, take some money out Yes Wait. First some charity in your name Yes, an entire hundred rupees Just a hundred like poor people, take a thousand rupees out Did you keep them? OH, come on. Hey, here you go. May God save you from the evil eye. Lovely! Come, come, come. Come in, come in Hmm, it smells so nice. Come on, come on Shower more flowers, here I’ll hold it. Come, come. Good! Come, come, come. Sit, sit, sit How lovely do these two look! Go and get the sweet dish! I’ll be right back! Give me space, space! You have to do the customs! Bring it quickly! Yes, yes. Coming It will finish off right now

Come quickly, come quickly Give me space, space! Oh yes! So, who will eat first? The bride! Only this much? Oh, rich people things! What shall one do? Come on, Shahan! Open your mouth Lovely! Ask for the gift, gift Oh yes! We forget about the gift Who will give the gift? Come on, come on. Give it, it’s time for the gift. Give it quickly Give it. Let’s see how much money he gives Give it, give it. Be quick! Oh God, all mine? Did you see? All mine! Do you see how much he loves me? I told you I’ll keep this inside Oh, beautiful! You look beautiful Shafaq, I know this house is not per your standards but I know for sure that you will get a lot of love and affection here The people here are very loving I promise you, as a friend and a sister Ulfat, you have given me a huge piece of your house and your life I can’t even repay you even if by dying Oh, don’t speak like this! From now on, there will only be discussion of life in this house Of the never-ending joy Trust me, I will never break your trust Wait Here, this is for you What is this? We had talked about ten crores Crore. In this small envelope? It has that prize bond, which will have a draw in crores Wait, wait wait. One minute Hope no one heard this! What? I had already bought it for you Tomorrow, check the newspaper like you always do Tally the number. It has that number; you will win it. Win ten crores Trust me Hey, how is that possible? I have been trying all my life and neve lucked out Prize bonds can be bought in advance. I’ve gotten this for you This is for Rs 40,000 You’ll see it will draw a prize worth in crores. The rest of the money I’ll give you Wow, what kind of things happen Ulfat, I can’t give you money If I give you cash, Shahan may get suspicious You know Shahan, if he finds out about this deal, everything will get destroyed. You understand right? Yes, yes, I understand, you are so sensible Ulfat, enough. How much will you talk with my daughter in law? I am coming, mother I want you to get every joy of life You are able to buy anything you want Whichever jewelry you like shall be yours The life you envisioned for yourself, you live it Oh God, it will be so much fun. I will buy everything. I will buy more jewelry Listen, make sure no one finds out about this Don’t worry. I am not stupid; I am sensible like you Oh God, give me a kiss! Okay, I’ll leave okay

I’ll hide this. Okay, okay. I am going Yes! I can buy anything I want! I can buy anything I want! God, please get me the prize. Now you can give me what I want Where did it go? Oh, here it is! Come here my life! Come to me! Wait! God, where is it going? Oh, wait up! Hadi, what is in your hands? Show me Dad, it seems like your gift Okay, why are you laughing so much? Because you got married Come on go, it’s late. Goodnight Goodnight No, no! Wait, wait up! Give it to me, it is mine Hey what is in there that you are stressing so much for? Let me see No, no! This is a gift, a gift What happens is that if a groom opens his gift himself then his livelihood gets short of blessings Yes Where do you learn all this from? Out of nowhere…Thank God Come on go, why are you standing here Listen, thank you. You have always cared about mine and our happiness Mention that Come on go Will you do all the romance here? Go, she is waiting! Okay, okay. Goodnight Goodnight!