Dr. William Harris: "Getting Started"

bleating skydiving and parachuting at 80 plus so let’s hope we are all doing unfortunately I maybe 140 Oh why’d you very much me how are things in Ireland how are things in Ireland you kiss the Blarney Stone oh well okay introduce dr Bill Harris is my pleasure he’s in a career as a medical doctor in practice and then he moved to run a wellness claim that was a kind of wellness center no a Kaiser Kaiser well in the center so he organized a wellness center for Kaiser something that they gave very very much dr. Harris has been vegetarian as long as I’ve been alive so that’s many long years and he is an ardent vegan but what really impresses me is his knowledge of nutrition and he believes in he wrote a book called its scientific sigh having visions of editorially basis of vegetarianism which he has generously put on his website which he’ll show you anodized excellent book and science and nutrition need to get together more and dr. bill really knows how to do that he’s a colleague a mentor of mine and on all the people who know about nutrition who are speaking at this conference it’s my humble opinion that Phil Harris knows what he’s talking about what can I say even even with some of the Great’s that we are speaking here so he has a very balanced approach to nutrition and life in general so without further ado I think I’ll introduce Bill Harris right can I be heard my do I need to shout or shout it out okay that way everybody all here I should point out that all three of the founding members of the vegetarian society of Hawaii are together in this room right now I’d like the other two to stand up here this is a lame French it really started the whole thing and Jerry Smith and we we all miss you get this thing together one way or the other and now it’s pretty good we’ve got about fifteen hundred to the present time we went up to 2000 for a while but then we did something wrong and our membership has dropped a little bit oh yeah I’m going to tell you all about this these the newsletter archives are up here at this website our website is vsh org and we also have 125 of the best vegetarian speakers online including several people who are in this room basado is has been there twice and who else do we have we’ve got all we’ve got Elaine Ren yeah Ren Barry we’re in very the and also crystal was there too and they are the world’s leading authorities on Hitler was not a vegetarian remember that because somebody’s going to nail you and say all those awful vegetarians they were buddy-buddy with Adolf Hitler well I have a website of my own it’s a bed source com forward slash Harris and when you go there you can pull my entire basis of vegetarian vegetarianism off the line and you can save it as a PDF file also have all of my videos online I’ve done about Oh 12 videos in which i am the speaker and i set it up so if you go to my videos you can pick your topic for instance if you want to know something about the fda the IRS and the usda miss behavior you can just click on this and it will take you immediately to that particular part of my my talk that discusses that you can also go to my veg

source page and you can pull down the entire usda sr22 nutrient database which in addition to having the original data also has a vegan database which i extracted from the main database by simply eliminating all foods that had cholesterol that automatically gives you a vegan database and i love a bunch of those stuff like a vegan questionnaire and a health diary form as and various other things i’ve recently added to anti-nutrients that people are no well i qualify that there are tiny amounts of cholesterol and some plant foods if you’ve got your entire 2200 calories for the day from the three leaved yam which i have never seen you get about 50 milligrams of cholesterol and there’s a little tiny bit of cholesterol and spinach however the USDA reports anything under one milligram per hundred grams as zero and so all plant foods are generally recognized as having zero cholesterol okay now here are a couple of bad guys phytic acid which size up iron and zinc and here’s oxalic acid which is known primarily for tying up calcium and i just added those to buy out my nutrient database so i’m not certain about anything but on the basis of 81 years of life a 62 years the vegetarian 48 years as a vegan and 48 years as an md the following is what i think the first thing i think is that all of the essential nutrients required for humans are synthesized should i move this table over this way a little bit so you can see the screen I’m talking to the camera lady okay I’ll move it a little bit all of the essential nutrients start in the chloroplasts of green leaves which are little structures in the leaf that trap sunlight and then they take inorganic nutrients out of the environment like water carbon dioxide and oxygen and they first make glucose and once they’ve got glue case they put together the only essential amino acids of which there are about 10 and the two fatty acids to essential fatty acids l am a la and all of true vitamins all the true vitamins okay plus all the phytonutrients so all of the really important things in the human diet are synthesized only by plants and if you eat animal food you’re just getting those essential nutrients but you’re getting in second hand and remind your friends of that they don’t have to be eating animals there they can cut out the middleman and they’ll be perfectly healthy this guy who is a vegetarian himself on a psychologist recently reported that three out of four vegans quit this without a 77 former vegetarians and vegans that he interviewed and he wanted to find out why they quit and what it amounts to is about forty percent of them quit for social reasons thirty-five percent quit because they thought they’re getting less healthy and twenty percent had irresistible urges for animal products I haven’t felt any of those for quite a long time so I asked a question or actually make the comment a vegan diet is already restrictive so why is it that a lot of our vegan gurus of which sub several are here today make it even more restrictive until it becomes intolerable and I’m going to pursue that line of it they not only say you shouldn’t eat you should eat high carb low fat and you can’t eat nuts because they’re high fat I got a big gripe with that and I will explain it to you and greater life Oh Steve I’m going to need help here hope you’re still here oh he Steve went back to the shop well let me

see if I can I hit the wrong button here ok let’s start over again here we got there ok so now as for a Georgie it’s ok we’re going again until the next disaster hits we’ve as far as social problems we’ve got brand recognition here and even the cartoonists are aware of us there’s uh I think we’re safe he drives like a vegan I don’t know what a vegan drives like but I haven’t had any accidents lately but it’s a good cartoon and here’s a vegan who won’t say cheese there’s some more vegans who say soy instead when vegans pose for photos and here’s a vegan dog lamenting or a dog who is lamenting that he was adopted by vegans and there’s a vegan farmer getting up in the morning and he’s saying well it’s time to go milk the rice and this is my favorite here’s Moses getting ready to lead the children to the land of milk and honey and this guy is saying well I don’t use milk and honey and I’ve got three balloon worth of reasons why nobody else should use it either and this is the first annoying vegan I’m okay now Steve sorry something happened but all as well yeah all right or pull it out of the wall so anyway I think we’re pretty well accepted as as at least nuisances in society and here’s the famous question order to get your protein and of course that’s a non-issue as i’m sure you all know so here’s here’s where my advice start some variant of a whole food vegan diet and daily exercise are the prime determinants of health and note that I say some variant as I know what leave it up to you to figure out what that variant is I also recommend that if you don’t a lot of fast as you get acquainted with that because if the food runs out you’re going to have to know how to do it and it’s also quite therapeutic in my opinion macronutrient ratios carb fat and protein ratios are irrelevant most of the arguments in nutrition over the last 40 years have centered on macronutrient ratios it’s a red herring it doesn’t matter and lastly after you’ve done some kind of exercise remember that self-observation is the key to success you your body is constantly sending messages to you most of them you don’t want to hear and the average person is going to say well I was an unpleasant message I’m going to take an aspirin that’s the wrong way to do it but you’ve got to look and try to figure out what caused that little twinge of pain that bothered you now I included exercise and most people think well exercise is the way to lose weight that’s not why I included exercise exercise is essential to keep your circulatory reflexes going and that is the main reason for exercising it’s not a particularly efficient way to lose weight because here’s this chickiepoo who is reaching for the coca-cola and after she has drunk it she’ll have to go out and run a mile to work off the hundred calories as she wants to keep her Pleasant figure as it is in the illustration my number one rule is if it has no fiber don’t eat it ok here a bunch of plant foods that have all our fiber and I should explain that the numbers before each one of these categories refers to the number of the foods that I put into that category in 100 gram Newt increments and then I average them for the the content of various nutrients in this case it’s fiber all of these plant foods have

plenty of fiber and if it doesn’t have fiber it’s either animal food because animals cannot metabolize cellulose which is a main ingredient in fiber or because it is a highly refined plant food like refined sugar or vegetable oil and I’m sure I don’t have to explain to anybody here what’s wrong with refined sugar I may have to explain about the vegetable oil and I may spend quite a bit of time the second rule which is really hard to follow with man-made it don’t eat it this guy wrote a book about 30 years ago you can’t get it anymore but it’s a great title and the reason you don’t want to eat anything the man-made is because man makes food to make a profit he wants to make the food taste better than it is so that you will eat more than you should and he will make more profit than he deserves and the way does it is by putting fat sugar and salt into everything those are the most highly addictive things that you can put in your mouth and it’s a great way to build an empire like mcdonalds by simply getting everybody hooked on fat sugar and salt and here’s what you wind up with here’s a Big Mac attack which is a cheeseburger and french fries a little bit of milk shake yeah and here’s the RDA arrow if you got all of your calories from this Big Mac attack you you’d be okay for all the nutrients to the right of the arrow you can’t see it too well but understand you’re going to be seeing a lot of these in larger format but you will be short on everything to the left of that are da so what do you do will you keep on eating into you may get the necessary nutrients that you missed so what if you made it can you damage the food yeah you bet you can probably if it can be eaten raw you should eat it raw because that is you know the way nature intended you may have some decreased absorption with some foods for instance apparently you get more is it ludia nor lycopene that you get more of from tomato paste than from Tomatoes lycopene okay oh if you steam the food you break down some of the nutrients you make it more digestible so that’s a if you’re going to cook food that may be the best way to do it if you boil a food you do about the same as you do is steaming it but you lost you lose some of the nutrients because they get washed out if you microwave it it’s a quill the land of steaming or boiling because all the all the loop does is that it heats up the water molecules with the microwaves and so they’re moving so fast that they do the same thing that boiling water does to the outside of the food if you boil the food now if you bake the food that’s not too bad but you increase the amount of advanced glycation end products which are not healthy substances they are combinations of amino acids and simple sugars and they really interfere with healthy metabolism if you broil the food it’s about like baking but you get even more of the AG and if you fry it zut alors that is the ultimate catastrophe don’t fry food because you not only get the ages but you get a whole bunch of fatty side reactants with better dangerous now ever since the vegetarian society has had a newsletter we have had ethics ecology and human health on the masthead so I want to touch briefly on the first two of those because I’ll be going on to other things first thing I want to say is were the only species on the planet that ever thinks about ethics this guy certainly doesn’t I’ll tell you more about him later because i met him in Africa about three months ago but there’s no other species on the planet that can blow itself up so it doesn’t matter whether any other species are interested in ethics I had a little go around in one of our free mags out in Honolulu about a guy who said that

vegetarians were hypocrites because they claim to not be harming other life but every time you slice a tomato it screams okay well I owned up to the fact that i assassinated several thousand tomatoes and I had never heard one scream and I don’t know if I got the point across to him but the reason they don’t scream is because while while they are alive in the sense that they the tomato plant grows it has metabolism as movement has reproduction and it has response to stimulus which is the same for things that animal lives also have the animals also have two more things they have a nervous system and they have consciousness and we know what those are all about because we’ve got them and if you kill us tomato you’re not really knocking awfully so love the tomato because there wasn’t one in there in the first place or as if you kill was poor little lamb you’re killing more than just growth metabolism move reproduction and response to stimulus you are killing something that lived in this nervous system you also know about the ecological damage caused by animal egg according the WHL livestock production causes more greenhouse gas than all of Transportation enough said but that’s because animal agriculture is an extraordinarily inefficient way to get your food if you eat eggs you’re wasting about 75% of the protein that was in the feed that the chicken ate and if he lamb you’re losing about ninety seven percent of the calories that the lamb 8 and these other animal foods are in the twixt in between so that’s why animal leg is not very workable big question how should I eat well my answer is that so you have all you have more than enough of all the essential nutrients and just enough calories and there are two ways of looking at approaching this question first one is biblical the other one is evolutionary we’ll start with Genesis 129 where God tells Adam behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which was upon the face of all the earth the syntax bothers me here but basically he is telling Adam that he’s supposed to be on a whole food a raw vegan diet I thought that was pretty wild when I first heard it but the more I did into it the more I think that maybe this is a the truest part of the Bible that’s a that’s a really good food combo and I note that there’s no mention here of eggs fish meat milk grains beans oils potatoes or cooking or chicken mcnuggets so here’s evolution okay well now I stopped at Genesis 129 ok I’m not going to try to convince anybody to be a believer there are all kinds of excuses made after Genesis 129 that allow humans to eat animals with God’s approval but I’m you know Genesis 129 is the one I use this mostly I want to make Christians feel guilty if they’re not have the rim yeah well my answer is that you can prove any argument known to man using quotations from the Bible on either side okay so I I’m going to go on to the evolution a let’s try to save the questions to the end am I still audible to everybody don’t need to shower okay so here’s evolution we started with single cells we branched off into sponges and rotifers and early fish early early amphibians amphibians got quadrupedal and then one of them got small enough to start climbing up in a tree he became our first primate ancestor and that was about 60 million years ago I gotta back

up here that mean to go that fast okay and then we had early monkeys and more upright monkeys and and apes and finally modern woman okay and the question is why did the primate climb the tree as like why did the chicken cross the road and the reason was I think to get away from monkey nightmares because it’s safer up in the tree a lot of things down ground that will kill a monkey if they get a chance and that effects i mumble go still go up into this tree to get at him but generally how many people play true tag when they were kids besides of me that was my favorite game and the one thing we learned real fast it’s tag but it’s played up in a tree and the guy that wins is the one that climbs the tree the best and is the most confident and acrobatic and all that and he always wins because he knows what he’s doing now if a predator comes up in the tree after a monkey he’s not going to be as good a climber as the monkey n so he’s probably not going to bother going after monkeys what does the monkey going to find to eat up in the tree why like lots of fruit I don’t think anybody in this room would probably be very pleased with that fruit but the monkey likes it and he’s on the counts and there’s lots and lots of leaves and there’s still species of monkeys that live on nothing but leaves and the other thing that you find up in the tree are nuts and those are the things that were being told you should never eat because they’re so high in fat but this colbus monkey likes that piazzolla not so much that he’s actually come down on the ground and he’s going to break the nut open by dropping a stone on it he’s made an anvil out of this log you’re going to crunch that nut with a stone so how about the nuts well there are sixty to eighty percent of calories from fat that’s certainly not good my question is are they a natural part of human evolution and I think the answer is yeah in spite of the hard shells most primates find ways to get the nuts out most anthropologists say that our primate ancestors were were nut eaters and I have never found a nut that tried to run away from me therefore I think that that would be a logical thing to pursue the food you want to get something that does not give you a lot of trouble when you try to eat it now please understand I’m not talking about this kind of nut this is a disaster in a can not only has it been heated and roasted but it’s probably been salted as well and that stuff is really bad for you even though that tastes really good hmmm Oh anything that comes in a can you know can nuts they’re bad news okay so where our primate ancestors were large vegetarian arboreal creatures here are some of the things that they did not find up in the tree to eat you don’t find them any beef steer up there and hardly any dairy cows so it’s a pretty good bet that the only milk that those old primates who are getting was from their mother which of course is still the best way to get your milk or the only logical source of milk for the human species you don’t find many chickens up on trees although they can fly up there so there wouldn’t be any much chicken and while you may find a tree in a wheat field it’s very rare that you find a wheat field in a tree so I think that they are not eating much in the way of grains either and fish in a tree are quite rare now here’s one little disturbing fact of nature this is a chimp and he’s eating a small Cola bus monkey chimps get about maybe four or five percent of their days calories from predation they kill other animals this one caught a cola bus monkey which is surprising because Nicole ovis spends more time up in the tree than the chimp does so he violates the tree tag will he caught a cola bus here’s something else that you don’t find up in

trees these are or this is a tuber and tubers are very valuable sources of food if you have fire but you can’t eat them raw you can t raw potato very well I’ve heard people say yeah I eat raw potatoes but I think most people would agree that potatoes are much better when they’re cooked and I think nutritionists would say that this the bioavailability of all the nutrients is virtually nothing until you cook them would you agree with that the Santa you have to cook say again I think you have to cook the potatoes to eat them without a dinner that would be one of the things is you want to get rid of by cooking yeah so we don’t use tubers until about the 400,000 years ago one we started using them what is all this and so we started using fire okay so now here’s one of our close relatives of gorillas the genetic distance between humans and gorillas is only about one point nine percent as measured by proteins and this is a one big pry me he’s the heaviest of the bunch how did we get there oh boy sorry okay we’ll go on I’ll let that’s a mistake okay so that’s not only a mistake that’s a disaster we got to get Steve back oh wait a minute I maybe I may be able to get back to where I want to be yeah I think we’re here I’m using a borrowed Windows 7 computer yeah okay I guess I’ve got it okay so here are some more primates that were closer related to now the big primates had to move out into the higher branches of the tree and because of Newtonian mechanics there were high selection pressures up there she fell out of the tree you dropped out of evolution and bigger you get higher you have to go to get the food because you can’t waste your time chasing bugs the bugs will not give you enough calories back to pay the cost of catching the bug therefore the little primates stay down on the lower branches and they eat bugs and the big primates can’t catch the bugs and so they move up for it’s more dangerous so the really high selection pressure if you’re alive if you’re a large primate living up on a tree and here’s the this is my graph which I’ve dug out of the Encyclopedia Britannica and it shows that the more calories that an animal appre meat gets from animal food the heavier it is the gorilla being the heaviest and the orangutang next the human vegans are pinning fitting in pretty well here the chimpanzee gets about four percent from animals and then we’ve got several more vegetarian species and then these little guys down here with the long red bars are eating mostly bugs and in case you don’t believe my graph this is one somebody else does it shows that we have Oh are we out of focus I called yeah I called you back because my overshot something are you busy out there oh yeah okay why’d you stay here and

bail me out if I do that again okay the the heavier the animal gets the less animal food it eats and the more green fibrous food and the more fruit it eats so that’s the way it goes I can’t speak for these guys i hears of the tree that we came out of about four million years ago as a result of a drought that hit central africa the tree lines receded and so the prime each had to move down on the savanna and start scrounging around for whatever they could find and among the things they found or dead animals and then they learned how to kill the animals and hunt for themselves and of course they learned also how to use fire and and use tubers now here are two diametrically opposed sets of anthropologists this is lee and Devore who wrote a book called man the hunter and in this book they claim that all of our social adaptations and all of our brilliant intellect is a result of learning how to hunt animals now on the other hand we have heart and Sussman with a more recent book which calls which says man the hunted these guys are saying man the hunter and they’re saying man the hunted and their claim is that we got smart and we started building rocket ships and stuff because earlier on we had to protect ourselves against predators large dogs and large cats that were roaming around in our environment and we developed our social cohesion that way I’m not going to try to make a judgment on which outfit is right I will admit that humans are omnivores we’ve been eating whatever we could eat there has never been a vegetarian society other than the ones that we form for ourselves and there’s certainly never been a vegan society because animals and humans have to eat what’s available well I spent a about three weeks in Africa early this year and this is a land of Darwinian selection this is the this is Victoria Falls it’s the longest waterfall in the world it’s the Zambezi River it goes over the falls goes down into this cleft goes under the Victoria Falls Bridge there’s another view of Victoria Falls there’s a Victoria Falls Bridge and I decided the only way I was really going to get a good look at the Zambezi River was to jump off the bridge so I did and I got a finally got a great view of the Zambezi River there it is and then I teamed up back and met one of my relatives who would well we smart guys that stayed up up in the tree where he belongs those of course the baboon and these are very impudent characters they come down out of the tree but they’re very fast on their feet also so it’s difficult for these guys the princess of darkness to catch them because first of all they would be barely a morsel and secondly they’re awful quick now these are a couple of lines that we encountered we got this picture from our land rover want to remind you first of all we’re not cats cats in the dietary arachidonic acid carnitine DHA epa retinol and taurine and those are all things that we have to have in our body but we don’t have to have them in our diet because we can make all of these the cat scan and so if you try to raise your kitty cat on a vegan diet you better make sure that you get some some veggie cat now here’s a low lion those were a couple of lion brothers out on the prowl and what they were looking for was another lion pride if they found the pride they were going to kill the dominant male and take over all the females and after they’d taken over all the females they were going to kill all the Cubs so that would bring the females into estrus so if anybody believes Disney’s lion king is a nice guy he

ain’t he’s not a family guy at all however it turns out that lion cubs have to be taught to hunt and prior to the time they learn how to hunt they’re pretty personable characters and we had a lot of fun walking around with these lion cubs here’s a leopardus got her out of the front of the land rover and she’s looking for lunch and she’s actually found it but the hyena took over her lunch and if you look carefully you can see the remains of her lunch which is the stomach that she tore out of lunch which is this guy the Impala is everybody’s lunch on the Savannah everybody eats him the only defense he has against the predation his speed he’s really fast on his feet in addition to being a very beautiful animal this is nobody’s launch this guy gets huge eating this stuff which I don’t think would even sustain us vegans and these guys are definitely not lunch they kill more humans than any other animal in Africa this is mommy dearest this this little baby elephant is very susceptible to being lion lunch but he’s surrounded by all the mommies and the aunties and they are not lunch and lions can’t get any were near this little guy so he’s got a good survival strategy and as I mentioned this the fellow avoids the whole problem by just staying up on a tree I want to talk a little about fat fat gets a bad rep but and there are good reasons for it to have a bad rep we don’t want to have a whole lot of it hanging around our mid drift and frankly everybody is trying to get rid of that kind of fat there are about 1700 diet books in the Hawaii State Library and I guarantee there’s somebody that believes in every one of these the one I like the best is diet signs you’re going to lose weight by astrological means or maybe you’ll find a movie actress like Liz Taylor who wrote one and they all have their adherence so I want to talk about why we got onto this macronutrient ratio kick and whether it makes any sense and whether the authors of these books have any sense of time scales and the primacy of fat these are McDonald’s arches turned upside down and if you have fallen down to the standard American diet which I represent by this octa burger you’ve already hit bottom and there’s only one way to go and that’s up you can go up by going through Atkins and price and sears and D Adamo & cordeen and even this guy monoester ski you’re probably haven’t heard of him but he’s a Russian immigrant who now claims that the cause of all human illness is fiber and I just told you that fiber is the the key the thing to look for it’s a good marker for good food I think it’s useful to have people like Manas whiskey once in a while he’s a flat earth or basically but when you when you’re presented by somebody says the earth is flat then you have to dig out all your reasons for thinking that it’s now it’s round we go up the other side and as I said you can get better by going up this direction but but you will get much better if you go up this side but there’s an error there are a couple of errors in here ozawa who started macrobiotics knew nothing about nutrition nothing how many people know about macrobiotics okay so you’ve heard about it I have the initial mamiya graph paper on on macrobiotics and the ultimate macrobiotic diet was nothing but brown rice nothing but brown rice and several people died as a result of that the next guy that made a mistake was this fella Ancel Keys is an academic a very good nutritionist and a fine epidemiologist he did the seven countries study that indicted fat and cholesterol as the major risk factors for coronary heart disease and the problem with his study was that he was

using achieve up I’ve got about 15 minutes okay he’s using data from the Food and Agriculture Organization mild of time okay fine okay he was using feo data and feo was only giving food information on animal fat plant fat it did not distinguish between vegetable oil which is a major source of plant fat and everybody’s diet and raw nuts and seeds at the time that Keys did his work none of this information was available now the FAO does now tell you what the fat the use of nuts and seeds amounts to and it turns out that country country by country it averages out to about 2.5 percent of the calories per day that’s a tiny amount of the calories and most of the fat is coming either from animal fat or from highly refined plant fat which is a disaster however the keys information was picked up by Pritikin and he passed it on and mcdougal went on up to Ornish Esselstyn who I respect highly he’s got the probably one of the best records of reversing coronary artery disease and finally with dr Fuhrman and dr. Greger they’re citing to say hey maybe if raw nuts and seeds aren’t so bad for you so I’m glad to hear that flamie be said however the fact of the matter is that without fat we would not be here because fat is insoluble in water and therefore it acts as a means of separating one watery volume outside the cell from the watery volume on the inside of the cell you get a lipid bilayer these are two layers of fat and they form a neat little sphere this is the lipid bilayer and a typical cell membrane and fat is essential to every living thing on this planet including these tube worms who are living seven miles down in the Marianas Trench and they don’t even live on oxygen there they’ve got sulfur metabolisms and here’s an illustration you’ve got 50 trillion cells in you in your body every single one of those cells has a membrane that’s made out of fat and without that fat you wouldn’t be here all of these little organelles within the cell or also have membranes that are made out of fat there is fat in the membranes of these plant cells but it’s not as saturated the type of fat and it does not have to have reinforcing cholesterol molecules because on the outside of this plant cell there is a cell wall which is made out of fiber which is largely cellulose want to talk a little bit about food well this is one of the disasters of our time it may be one of the more of a cause of pathology than animal food even and certainly the animal food people are claiming that it was food oil it did it it wasn’t us you can’t follow you can’t but can’t find any use of fat back before about 3500 BC when olive oil was used in Egypt and linseed oil was used in Egypt also for paint then it moved over to the Indus Valley where they started using sesame oil about 3,200 BC and then to the Song Dynasty and 1200 ad where the ultimate mistake was made they started stir frying and no no not again if I can move it another way there we go okay so whatever you do don’t fry food you have a perfectly innocent baked potato here 220 calories you cut it into strips you fry it and you’ve got 632 calories you cut it into chips and you’ve got more area and you’ve got a

thousand calories and plus all of these unpleasant things of peroxides époque sides aldehydes ketones cyclic monomers dimers and polycyclic hydrocarbons the reason people fry food is because it cooks the food faster water boils at 100 degrees centigrade and most cooking oils boil at about 300 so obviously you’re going to cook faster at 300 than you will it 100 but it doesn’t make it any less of a disaster and here’s the other thing wrong with vegetable oil it is very high and linoleic acid which is the first of the omega-6 fatty acids and very low and alpha lindley acid which is the one you really need that’s the first of the omega-3s and the ratio between LA which you don’t need an ala which you do need in safflower oil is 746 and in let’s see this is cottonseed oil 181 cornwell 46 olive oil at 12 soybean at eight let’s see this would be canola yeah and so you don’t get down to a reasonable ratio to get the flax oil and that’s still one hundred percent fat but its ratio is point two five so you get four times as much a la which is a good stuff as you have la I should mention la it goes immediately to a rock adonica acid which is the source of the arachidonic cascade which generates all of the inflammatory which you definitely don’t want because they cause all the inflammation that is related to human pathology now you have lacteals in your intestine which so cup vegetable well real quick and they dumped it into the thoracic duct which then takes it up and dumps it into the subclavian vein and right into the circulation now here’s a I’ve been looking for a long time for evidence that vegetable oil really gets absorbed fast while the fat from seeds and nuts does not and here it is American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this is the curve for the absorption of almond oil and flour I don’t why they put the flour in there the little square boxes are sunflower oil and the little triangles at the bottom are almond particles so these are nuts that have either been chewed up or maybe broken up in a in a grinder but anyway you can see that the absorption is much slore and the total amount of fat absorb is much less here are the three stooges cooking up our three trillion dollar a year us disease costs the USDA the FDA and the IRS this is what the USGA does it gives 17.3 billion dollars a year to all of these harmful foods I have to amend that slightly it gives one percent to fruits and vegetables and two percent the nuts and legumes but all this other stuff is what we don’t need here’s the FDA’s contribution FDA writes all those food labels and it not only requires are not only allows but requires that you round off to the nearest half of whatever it is that you’re trying to say you don’t have any of in your product so here’s promised fat-free margin margarine fat-free doesn’t have any fat in it you look over here and the nutrition facts which should be relabeled nutrition lies and there’s five calories in a serving and all five calories come from fat so the promise margarine is what percent fat one I represent fat they get away with it they’re not only allowed to do this but they are required to do it by the FDA now here’s our the next stooge this is urs which gives tax deductions for business advertising and these fast-food people up need to back up one here they’re doing about four four billion

dollars a year in advertising and we get to pay one third of that which is about 1.4 billion dollars they’re taking that out of our taxes so we’re paying for our own propaganda and we all know what’s happening to obesity and kids in the United States so the reason a vegan diet causes weight losses because vegans have to eat about a third more food than omnivores these plant foods particularly vegetables and fruits have a whole lot more volume than these other foods down here and so you fill your stomach and you meet your nutrient or requirements and you do that before you meet your calorie RDAs and so this is the best way to lose weight to a little bit about the various foods these are averaged vegetables 93 of them average for nutrients and you can see here’s the RDA arrow the only thing they’re short in is vitamin b12 and that’s a gift given dr. Kleber good to see you I and fruits are doing pretty well they’re a little short on phosphorus calcium protein zinc and vitamin b12 nuts you know I think it’s okay to eat nuts but I won’t claim that the healthiest foods because they’re mills milking all of our missing all the things from the from a left side of the red arrow if you want to handle the your omega-3 intake specifically your intake of a la you really only have about three good choices this is the USDA sr22 sorted for a la content and the winner is flaxseed oil I don’t recommend that because it’s an oil that’s 100% fat and perilla seed which is this stuff over here and many of many of you have not seen or heard of perilla oil a perilla seed but you can get at most Korean markets and chia seeds which look like this they’re also a good source walnuts are a fair source of of a la but they have more la than they have a la so they’re not perfect I think I’ll run on through this stuff running out of time here’s the best food for you these are five average greens collards dandelion greens kale romaine and spinach they’re short only in vitamin b12 and that’s great stuff unfortunately you can now either make your own kale chips out of this recipe or you can buy them and I guess I’ll blow through that also I want to acquaint you with a famous man this is Sir William Osler Canadian physician from the 19th century he said that the only thing to distinguish man from the other animals is yeah is the desire to take a pill and you ought to try to avoid that hereit two of my favorite characters they reside over in the vatican library now this is Asclepius the father of Medicine this is his staff and this is his daughter hi Gia who is the goddess of healthy food and sanitation and my advice to you is to try to get all your advice from hygeia because he’s got the goods on how to stay healthy and that’s it so thank you all for listening is Steve here yet I can take a few questions until Steve Blake shows up oh yeah what’s the typical menu for a big in for a day as much what’s the typical menu for a vegan as much leafy green stuff as you can get in your mouth Plus nuts and fruit I would not agree with that I don’t see any reason let me take another

question there’s somebody else back here that way you had one do we after what supplemental what no I don’t read the carnitine and the karna scene and all those other things that are recommended I I can’t notice any difference then we make them ourselves the fact is that vegans run low levels of carnitine but that doesn’t mean that they are that there’s anything wrong there are no clinical symptoms associated with carnitine deficiency or a low carnitine yes how do you supplement with b12 just take a pill or if you just want to get marginal amounts use nutritional yeast red star it tastes good it’s got a lot of B vitamins and that makes a wonderful augmentation to any recipe you put together I don’t care whether you take it selling really up the nose or toothpaste as long as it gets down into your stomach no no I I filled with them from time to time but I don’t really oh hey Steve you’re ready to go oh okay oh okay well I can take more questions than tells him leafy green vegetables Omega threes from those four things that are three actually flax flax seed which you you can’t eat without chopping it up first you’ve got to grind it and chia seeds which you can eat they’re nice crunchy little grains substances and you can also eat the perilla seeds which are also crunching oh right there parrilla well it’s a little seed it’s this seed up here can you see it oh ok yeah you can get this at a Korean grocery store and it’s very tasty and they are they’ve got some alpha-linolenic acid but they have more linoleic acid and you really want something that’s got more a la than la and these three are the ones the only ones I know of that have more okay that’s fine that’s good good healthy stuff okay you should wrap up just answer to your math oh yeah okay no I’ve got to introduce