Wearable Mind Reading Device Demonstrated in NYC

parent islands on my trailer extreme nature and I want to come any whole rows of ubiquity in which we work on human-computer interface devices not some of the surveillance but they went to the ends of moderating the sustainable concerns right and easily to use for surveillance but they can just as easily shove a live show us our place in the world so no balls thrown and really i’m going to do a barrell this perhaps hold it down here um I’m going to talk about my relationship to Tesla in a Norwegian American Yankee ah I want to say I’m also a white which I think Tesla versus overbite and a little disappointed we protest not up on a pedestal native cult arm I wanted Lee screw him from its pedestal but I’m better with us and say what they want to do um we we we were here at two hundred thousand year old son i ate mine we have not changed in twenty thousand years to 11 years ago we were 20,000 of species on the verge of extinction and something happened probably argues with tools probably some accident with large cats and dogs but anyway we jump hot two of two hundred thousand years later at who you are in this next eight years will prove we are in dire e shift gears so all this light talk about changing our carbon footprint and let the stats here there is not going to cut it this is a radical era almost as much as a Rapala what we were numbering 20,000 being 200,000 years ago these are toys this is the consumer item that comes for a dollar I about five or six of them minions wearing the google glasses and i want to compare contrast as to the use of the hand after the sphere or fire or something and a point to tesla as a Promethean almost mystic a mythical figure that’s a huge fire go do with one with it I came up with it whatever go use it and that way we can unhinge in from the pedestals say he’s one of ours he belongs to the world suppose we’ve had a world of thousands of Tesla’s and part of my eaters how he ignore them about two years ago I was called into writing grandpa the Korean Ministry of Culture a little work in Korea I’ve had mrs. Samsa those for my students sitting right there and I look at this chickens for a hundred million dollars perhaps I could change the course not just a big galaxy 5 you wearing a dupatta right now maybe that would be that helped her innovate on that but maybe I can have an impact with the world was bad on technology so here’s here’s the game next day leaders we need to do more than just games we be more than just say I’ll keep your carbon footprint down the minim know the region radically change these things that our society so I’m going to create two years ago my colleague Tonioli and i wrote a seven hundred thousand dollar ground sure i can spend only and we not about 10,000 teachers come at us and say hey Gretchen top those finally Steve Jobs Steve judgments Tesla Tesla figure now certainly what I said all right my prognosis was 18 and finally because what you do to crush the circles in each one of these dudes where the teachers talk about soul-crushing you’re a little for is unbelievable or you reverse engineer everything get your hands up it’s not the 30s or more innovative or anything my act it’s just Steve Jobs happen by accident Tesla had my accident we had Edison taking a poop on his dedicated here and there to thwart his efforts in getting his food eventually the seeds but we must look at these innovators as brethren that is cult figures because we need to pass this on to our students in sight you can do it ok I’m a professor at one of the most famous Research Institute Sunday you suppose stony brook three generations academic my daughter wants to be an academic us 11 for general for generations academia has changed almost too apathetic intervention I remember

going to my dad’s lectures each other urban planning and the students just came in from fighting the cops on the streets of Minneapolis man this was Minnesota and they would live in a new desk the problem with his vital essenti work on their projects of utopia then they did well we went off the harbor they hired like that looking at my ex-students as my colleagues here too we must again create cult figures we must of those you working where do t get off of it it’s bad news you all know it is you’re hanging the dell it owns don’t do not and if you are one of these materialists technophiles get off of that to your mystic get off of that Thun we’ve got 80 years of an incredible agenda to do so here’s my plan I not only talk I talk six hours a day so I’m going to spare you guys this my projects on the left are about this new plan of Andrews here and he actually inspired me to do some of this it’s actually using this my forte amongst illusionism is to do things with information in space and here’s what happened the thing on the left a couple films of evolved just be talking I basically my brain waves roll into this program wonderful called maximus p I teach it to all my undergrad you can chuck its coding for artists clear enough to get both the right chemistry in the left-hander from working to make hope since ami students started his some air conditioner in the morning with this anger and basically I roll around there at this shape right here on the left is a family film from the 60s you know you rolled it around I am low like this which sends the 78 marriage to the skin of my face actually to do this correctly if you’re one of these uptight technically materialism I got to screw into the skull of my head in glamis one day I tell all my students one day you’re going to have this implanted in your guys’s up here to Orwellian Sarah Gavin so it with cell phones they go like boobs so yeah we must see the kind of letting light activity that technically pushes us for one day you’ll have one of these screwed in your head but you won’t get credit unless you did we say screw Freddie I don’t need it I don’t need one of these things for the my head this there’s already been one arrest in California due to weak on glass holes already people where Google Google Goggles but this is amazing device if it is used correctly our company is trying to use all of these devices for therapy feedbacks on sustainable behavior and basically again is hiding yourself using technology in the service of viola spirit the button and the imperative he is now gang 380 more years and we will prove the existence to further existence the maintenance of our species much the same as it was two hundred thousand years ago when there are only twenty thousand of us so we’re using this we’re using them my way what else were using we’re using the leaf we’re doing physical therapy programs with the leap the way I teach on Monday nights I have a workshop no rules this world is still rules especially in a world I have to throw on ninety percent of the rules we’ve made it’s not a pyramid scheme students come in and throw these things at them say here try this i literally would have here some code work out the rest Oh what am i doing with the google glasses well we could monitor the physical therapists well I just had a back problem in the gym the other day we could use this as a feedback while we’re doing the connection so we needed the position in the correct calibration this way see it here and this is technology in the service of use and a problem let me actually the double-barreled lecture on the left if you wish to get the actual text send me a friend me on facebook whatever you know usual news so here it is our company immersive ubiquity that’s usually using all of these technique in it and their games again this is host to a party here it only measures of six to eight Hertz coming off her brain it only I used to have before expensive sound as a replicant company measures five emotions I could never get beyond three emotions and essentially this is like an old-fashioned mask the Greek actors used to wear the masks and this is very similar to just wearing a mask we see the activity in this we coordinate the

code room for five these different programs and we work with therapies I teach technoculture and the conjunction between art and Technology very dire suddenly we tend to consider artist flames and they have no Matt tricks and things like that artist if the two just like steve jobs are great visionary that guy was less of technologists and more of a usability expert you can oh steve jobs and radicalize every jump up back to korea two years ago ba-ba-ba-ba-ba 10,000 teachers an ass from a Korean I’ve done the same thing in Singapore look at work in Singapore for hearing on same thing guttering was laying down billions of dollars they got right away wrote a graphic got close to close to a million bucks to do these these virtual like engineering stations or something like that simple over there the money seem to be easy but it was all for these ends of reverse engineering they said man whose would be great you’re teaching us all about creativity was teaching these creativity workshops and just no rules let’s go and I taught it to mrs. Sampson right there my class 12 years ago and so forth the point was their system a Confucian test-taking would crush the soul of any innovation necessary to make in this venture unfortunately silver alarms that we’ve developed these institutionalized forms too much too much respected members to these forms the technocratic scientific culture says watch your metrics get your max get your weed abolish intuition and collaboration so fortunately we left this cynical sort of postmodern era where everything was representation but we’ve gotten back to production I’m very inspired by my undergraduates we talk about DIY culture and how the whole DIY culture is letting our young people start the big amount of activities as a fourth-generation act 3 generation acted I’m very despondent about the corporatization of academia I come from a public university of prodded Smith Yale Princeton and our waste your mother waste your mind just a pyramid scheme and what we have to get back to now he is a sense of where people this information okay so where did we pull the information necessary to develop and fun taking the the nature of this Congress very soon seriously how do we build a curriculum on a Tesla curriculum brother test Tesla’s curriculum to change the world basically in 80 years how do we do it we need millions of Tesla’s not and we can we as meteor scientists academics can’t crush the soul of every kind of EV MVC or Steve Jobs that goes was a garage to invent or just studies typesetting in portland university or half a semester we need as i told the very Confucian minister of culture Priya you need to respect these weirdos you need to cultivate a weird and to not cookie cutter everything out of your system and of course the students were telling my stony Brook’s good sir you know stomach gurgling it sucks twenty-five percent of Lupo’s you apply they can apply to harvard cornell in Stoneybrook that’s it the parents been in Port Harbor Theotis trailer so they say we got air because over test points they say okay now I’m pretty get enough forget your test scores you’ve got to save the plan and that’s not going to come through any pre-ordained sister let me just um lead you through a couple of quick time things this is they god I haven’t pre-made these are my emotions have been very excitable pushing and pulling on these forms again relating to Tesla Tesla said there’s some underpinning current to all of the universe 7 Hertz this is my seven Hertz moving up and down with my emotions I worked with telling artists works generally coding coding in love for Tommy he actually was working with architects so that we can actually freeze this here and print it out as a rapid prototype solid essentially like what Star Trek the telephone or whatever what they want you tell me I don’t know I asking you it’s exciting it’s beautiful it’s why are your mom your arm yes that’s permitted to and when we do this hard to print it up to Santa we got a business interesting question it’s everything is possible when you need to

save yourself there’s no such thing Oliveira even condition in school to disrespect ill-advised we dilla stunts who respect survival gmos attention and after we see a lot of tanker is in the room continues to tinker yeah you’re operating in shooting presence 78 mega-rich 7.83 purse that’s the underpinning to the universe there i got also the resident resident is a oscillation of the cab you clean your service and the ionosphere so that’s a with my little range between calmness I don’t know if you see with the walls and excitement oh here’s another point I like these points that I can open up quickly for discussion while we have it I have many hundreds of papers on this aspect the point is that is there’s no missus is implying that it’s really it’s fighting a collective of 20 miles of my name’s they get together so we need to save our ass to minimum basically because otherwise we’re doomed you know a collective seven billion people need is there we no longer can crush the weirdos we can punch it out there’s no paint by numbers because there is no situation like this ever in the history of our species and that’s why there’s a lot of discord Israel to say because of how we didn’t we just acted according to our natures we are not stewards of name of nature we’re not the form and we’re not the bosses of nature that’s another misconception behind cartesianism where we’re part of its in its thrills and these devices with our little startup but far as part of the spa’s lee who introduced me to all the tussles here last year we’re trying to just monitoring the key back standpoint is that our part I love I go to the gallery crawl every Thursday night look at the art me that’s like a canary in the coal mine it tells me what is the fiat currency of my culture what is the gold standard what is hype what wins the canary di i heard a lot of dead Canaries a plate and what can I not do just to mope around instead of my hands as they oh gosh belch meraxes it’s doomed but to get up and actually do this mile brain actually just started voting like four years ago so that was kind of a ship for me and guess where I learned it on youtube so this these delivery systems help us see this another thing as a third-generation academic I’m intensely of interested in is bringing out the walls of academia this way it’s the last great pyramid scheme if you’ve gone there you paid too much it is only who taught Tesla I like John stupid Billy it was a great honor that we need to cultivate autodidact to pay I tended bar which bars my daughter went to George Washington way too much 60,000 here that’s obscene obscene and what I have to say about that is again respecting the weirdness respecting the auto dyax brother Tesla was one of the great auto Dyaks of the world buck mrs. fuller life how r would sort of know gates but i consider buckminster fuller greater plunked on harvard them than bill gates so feedbacks toward the end of sustainability let me just roll through this Sam give me a note and photography okay here’s so here’s one of a point I actually applied because I’m interested in psychology of course it each technoculture i’m interested in authority and relationship to Tesla and Edison it did a lot of searching on but apparently they’re going to do a movie starring nicolas cage and christian bale on the relationship with Tesla and s okay I’m operated look for let me go back now Tesla’s definitely the beta male he ain’t got the catchment the rest of them melon is out of it Edison melon Westing else there they help us look at this through the eyes of the Savannah Tesla comes up is the Promethean figure it says we need to change things an innocent says DC and tehsil said that stuff that’s human a step down station is not going to work very simple relationship that they employed outlines us in totem and taboo where the engine of history is often Bentley techno they teach us in conjunction with technology and feminism this battle between alpha males and beta male the family mail already deployed in this

small sliver thin section and photo come since the beta males must overcome the Apple because they often lead us to do don’t you see work for George Westinghouse crinkles ah he kind of played both sides he’s an opportunist he’s trying to overcome a baby warden and this was their art like this era of the grave robber baron stupid so the overcoming was extremely important Tesla unfortunately hearing Elvis upon once upon our brother Tesla not the cult figure our brother Tesla try to make these useful objects half of everything you see in this room is becomes our brother client DC is not a DC power did not come out of neither and so forth so Freud says 12 if this engine for the past six thousand years is that the overcoming of the off up by the beta we have a pure example in this relationship with Tesla to to Edison two nerds head-to-head for one Edison one fortunately we see the products of the Restless later our teleological efforts with my are small company as I make my students my colleagues as my dad made his students his colleagues which I think it’s a great professors and influence of business you begin to be your students is not a prize and turn them into colleagues it is that we’ve devised this company as feedback loops how many do how’s my carbon footprints what are we doing that tomorrow why are we doing this how do we take the blue the gimmick guessing how do you win 8 you are how do any part that actually inspires makes people question you asked how do we not work for the dod just going to want to pay rent why it would be this third of what Scotty were pulled down as CEO of me you know as cars go number one institution and our MIT hustling hat supplied by VOD it’s a shame they can’t della was an alpha male her face I think many was the awful and outright damn it I think he had some I think he was realist I think he had his thugs behind all this I think it was great man by eating it was he was acquainted rheology think that many did perhaps a local school in terms of touchy-feely type stuff I think he knew how to to further the same thing with almost time okay let me just wrap this up I’d rather as I said ice I talked six hours a day so I’m pregnant body I want to inspire basically what show i want to say show you when imperative where we are moon in the next 80 years let’s all you and I sprat about ninety percent of our cooking including me our cookie cutter way of showing love I want to take brother Tesla off they have a pedestal but it right down with her if you with us and say how is your legacy Perry and how can we act along with buckminster fuller run with throw one with tons of other and it quickly open to questions how’s this work why did it work it because I’m a guy in the hands as well as the eye I want to not just talk about change I want to make these things have my ex-students colleague I got a couple other students in the room I want to give the legacy that we have community another last thing about Confucian systems of Education which I collection on in Singapore let this thing for a year and a half them they just hold up a hashmap whenever you have questions they just whip up the cash in the tens of thousands 60,000 every year in grants every year that’s that’s your solution everything it’s not a solution last kind of reaction if no questions hot as that a sensor overview of the plan no there’s one to the year there’s one tonight this is like the Model T of neuro sensors it only does two emotions but it doesn’t well fast we spent a thousand bucks on another neural sensor we had to scrap it because it was just too complicated this is like Model T comes in black rose court reverses there you go can you go in reverse and so if you’re angry you’re happy calibration is very difficult if I’m like angry and it’s in and again it is masking of shooting the hurts to my faith in it in it we’re actually working you know with autistic Asperger kids to say what what are one of these micro Chester see everybody speaking out here and there are quite in control of the micro gestures what does it mean with the primate music controller micro Chester’s this is only controlled by what you shoot to your face in terms of electricity all right you got a drill in your skull are other ways you have those

Wayne sexy things around the Louvre and you do all that surface erickson oh yeah that’s disqus it’s going to be used for bed it’s probably already being used for bad universal century response key has uruguay school yeah thank you no but to breakfast their membrane thickens you’re not hungry actually what’s to ask a 12 yep I’ll you think you his people using aggregate from your yes you can angry you’re part of the top quality to the consumer that’s your first finger do I remember turn off what you do not continue to actually see this here for the conference against work for any of them students especially if actual immersive environment Serena super super one of the greatest piece you know him to be in totally absorbed by what’s in front of you with you hope you forget time you’re in space winner and if abyss you would actually like the anomalies a roadblock I live in eagle on so I do lazy old one did it my friend so is your question got my producers formerly of Connecticut Rebecca’s all my tongue shall but I move out back yeah we do no we didn’t do the ceramic turbines for generating electricity yeah yeah detects rise today yeah so I do a reasonable me back can I find your own water you can wear this toughest keep on you but we’re it in asleep I’ve done it also record that very rested my dream our dreams is like this mystical thing senior partners public and Juliet so small it’s four people were present behavior and record it was so soon as a Fitbit stationary orbit with Epsom aren’t working with a number of devices to get your battle Ichigo you nature oh I’m doing how you believe other question and guy I used to again be into the intern yes I believe we’re here till tomorrow thank you you know till you see the views my him enough that was to air experience and more do little film festivals player notice me freaking Francis is the documented history here’s the one that well yeah we were moving so ended up being my camera didn’t like I brought down his foot Heat mom ever gonna get all this anarchy and he has all the film editing equipment for 3 30 or 40 years ago yeah I got almost impossible to purge economic win place for professional film Tom you have a calibrator for calibrating the tapes with the film yeah I’m not going to throw it out you’re just getting up I have a my of like a 1900s tripod wouldn’t that holds a camera that’s massive I again I have a whole tray Lotus today after you needed a tradition place the Renaissance painters museum exclusive also robber baron the frame here’s the another point is my main point we don’t want me to live in an era and needs and transcendental semiosis we don’t need a life outside of this on that same most of us probably of our maybe now is beyond emergency fake money so big deal really is an illusion here now up to we need to cut down the transcendental semiotics of my toe it’ll

be a better world for the proletariat oh it was much better on the ground so it was much better underfoot now we’re here or now whether you got a current stuff I don’t really care I’m not missing I nor do I think Tesla was in this just saying if I you get the silver bullet we can hook to them in the right answer what it would take to us on a problem occurring problem focus we’re in a dire problem right now it is our transcendental semi onyx whole heroes as long as president of semiotic actually get us further into trouble rather than untangling from a man answered question communist tablets I don’t use to look at China I don’t think you could think tools do things everything exactly how done if there’s no other questions thank you another actually got the opportunity to work let’s build one demonstrated the ability to tap into the vortex coils and literally about that frequency will be exciting your road to the neural excitation and really make Magnus really interesting experiment we have next another he is a graphic novelist music producer tech market Leo Vegas involvement of these Venturer graphic novel is obviously stored in Odessa as he badly is meant for turn right Thomas’s and the AC DC motors company central create a life for ever since its release the inventor has become as selling on vision graphic novel and is now came use in schools as part of the new and innovative approach different age kids to read while inspiring want to learn about history art science literature sem and entrepreneurship the bay is also an engineering artist music composer producer from electronic dance popular rest- Agra and CEO fabulous entertainer and the word when you create technology partners both social and powering content artistically engage its divides into learning graphic novels music games film and digital media reveille and this work has been nutrition of us Jay Lewbert wired Washington Post Huffington Post century and numerous other media outlets ladies don’t deserve a like this perfect okay so i’m here to show you today how I crap now monticola Tesla is changing the way we view education to actually approach education say so right now they’re putting two million adults they cannot be passed afraid there’s no kids here dropping out of school and one out of every four kids today are getting grow up not knowing how to me on top of that we have a serious sin deficiency going on we’re now range when you get the nap 17 in science yeah we’re going to produce 1.2 million stimulated jobs over the next 10 years it only will build a diversion so what so another education system today that’s allowing this to happen why do we be fundamentally are not engaging your kids in fact I think using a 20th century teaching approach and a 20 look and it can’t work in your life in the 21st century we’re rapidly evolving into what I call a tiger visual culture right now we’re sharing over 500 million pictures a day and that’s doubling every year so sure most of you here on Facebook but kids today are going up the bats light Instagram snapchat where all they see or pictures who put a caption a few words just a good contest so these pictures speak a thousand words kids and that’s enough to come ashore story it is no scroll through ten of these lessons essentially

just good then they go to school and we give them a text block and the ocean is woke up all these your words and we listen