Tomb Invader 2018 Full Movie (Tomb Raider Copycat)

oh my god Julie please look at this place imagine the time that must have taken to build this oh my gosh there it is the podium of Emperor Ching these must be the seven keys look over there is that text on the wall seven stones seven possible choices okay well seven stone let’s just choose wine but getting it wrong could kill us okay well let’s uh let’s take our time then you got it this has to lead to the heart I can feel it I know it where’s Peter oh he’s probably sleeping Peter I’m here we need water sure thing dr. Chinni come right up where is that boy Julie what are you doing Peter is dad sorry there’s nothing we can do about that right now wait a minute all right we’re here it’s here I know it the heart heart of the warrior part of the part of the Dragon that’s it the heart oh my god okay I don’t think that worked it didn’t Jules see now what

[Applause] careful Holly not too fast not too fast okay grab it to do that they grounded us there’s not a hundred foot drop or anything you got this you got you are almost there come on hey number one more check for traps on the way and check on the way out [Applause] well well well I told you this area was off-limits this attitude of yours is gonna bust you this chest and your life I don’t think so panic to me this chest belongs to chief up Hussein and I was hired to get it Oh what do you get on the first archaeologist from the West have access to these case and it’s amazing architecture and drawings I’ll send you pictures you stupid cuz you’re being taken advantage of my dear now hand it over to me no oh man I really didn’t want to have to do

I believe that’s mine and for being as old as it is this relics condition is truly a phenomenon and even more fascinating is the region it was uncovered and as you can see here and that’s actually all the time that we have today thank you everyone see you next week alley ready for lunch I mean of course you don’t realize this system is rigged it’s rigged in your favor you two are PhD candidates while still struggling for my master’s okay I’ll give you that great now that that’s settled how about a nice quiet lunch wait I would what no Benny I would quit while you’re ahead no you didn’t win you change the subject change what subject you’re the exception to the rule the rule still stands rules women have to work twice as hard as men to get any kind of recognition that’s why we were so adamant about getting our PhDs nobody can argue with doctor as much as I love both of you as colleagues and friends I would love it more if we could table this conversation yep that’s me mind if I take a moment of your time sure do to mind if we take a moment sure take a seat so what can I do for you I’m a writer for the paper and I wanted to ask you as a field archaeologist with your professional opinion how you justify stealing and appropriating artifacts from other cultures what’s your name Isabel Dylan with that’s a good question Isabel there are a few crucial distinctions that we need to make between thefts and discovery in this field I think that the real thing we need to consider is that none of us own these artifacts I personally believe that a country of origin should have them on display for the public and share and that nobody has the right to conceal or keep in archeological finds where are you going what is this open it you’ll find out Alabama I’m keepin the daily log of our expedition just for you we’ve arrived in China and we’ll be heading for the dig site in the morning I miss you so much

Tim Parker hello Alabama chanting who is this this is Tim Parker I’m a huge fan of your mother’s work how did you find my mother’s Journal you see I know your mother’s work quite well and I’ve been following you for why have you been following me you didn’t answer my initial question miss Channing Allie if I may call you that I’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions but I must insist that this conversation happen in person as I’m sure you’re aware League Tong is home to the famous tomb of China’s first emperor Qin Shi Quan yes well if you’re as big a fan of my mother’s as you say you are you know that I am aware great let’s meet there and then tone yes I’ve arranged for a private jet to get you there by morning Wow you mean you mean like now I do and your plane leaves in three hours the choice is yours could I bring a couple people driver let’s go to the airport you can’t believe that we’re here already my digits must be much faster than commercial airlines it’s so awesome I’ve never been on the private jet before yeah you mentioned that like 20 times on the way China is incredible did you see how long the was it looked like a never-ending I think I right up here did you know that China is home to roughly 300 to uniqso loops oh my god Betty are you who gonna do this the whole time I not leave the country or else but gee is it far behind yeah that’s Benning people here walk so much closer together but they never bump into each other did you notice that it’s like a totally different level of special awareness okay I’m so excited tell me from talked too much okay I might alright the driver said that mr. Parker was meeting us at his campgrounds just keep a lookout Alabama Channing welcome to China you gotta be kidding me Nathan Carter I know exactly who you are sorry I don’t believe we’ve had you know freelance creep who sold the maharaja scepter last year in Delhi yeah that was me yeah scumbags like you were the reason that I keep almost getting arrested I’m gonna hold on a second I’m here to talk to you about mr. Parker’s proposition thanks but with you involved I’m not interested all right listen Alabama I’ve got better things to do than follow you around all day but mr. Parker was pretty adamant about speaking with you yeah well he chose the wrong messenger don’t you want to know how we found your mother’s Journal what does my mother’s notebook have to do with any of this look I’m obviously the wrong person to tell you why don’t you just come hear what he has to say yeah I mean we’re here and you might find out something about your mom II didn’t know and then there could be sex fine good enough for me there better be chocolate just a heads up mr. Parker doesn’t try to light what does that mean can we wrap this up for Coachella please sit down welcome guys is my sincere honor to have you all here and you are geologist Benny bloom at your service mr. Parker please call me Chet we’re all friends here thanks Tim I’m very excited about the expedition what expedition I just assumed that I’m joking have a seat so you’re a geographer I’m

young really so what can you tell me about this stone it’s fake fake you mean fake well I mean it’s quartz but it’s painted I believe it’s called Australian Jade it’s common I’m sorry did you know no I knew of course I know I was just testing to see how quickly you can spot a fake and you passed Tim you just flew us halfway across the country to come here to whatever this is care to tell us what this is all about what is she doing here good to see you again professor Isabel unless of you to join us no but really why is she here all questions will be answered in due time I’m not going to play this game with you what why don’t we all sit down for lunch I insist you’re not eating everything the body needs mm-hmm your nutritionist – how’d you get wrapped up in all this mr Parker is a frequent employer of mine likes to send me out everywhere he also pays quite low what’s your excuse to preserve the past so we can learn from it the past is a commodity sell it to the highest bidder and they do with it whatever they want sounds little opportunistic don’t you think absolutely and pragmatic I don’t believe in living in the past well if you improve your social skills you’ll have something to look forward to in the future features now what’s your deal this expedition has the potential to be an expedition beyond compare used to be chronicled that’s what his about doing here she’s our official documentarian this pretty much guarantees me a position at the Washington Post she’s a page for them freelance reporter actually for now at least so why should we trust you I assure you that our methodology and philosophy concerning antiques is quite similar look it’s important that I remain anonymous I don’t want the world to know that an American billionaire is trapping through the Chinese wilderness looking for a lost artifact until Isabel here tells it on my terms what lost artifact well I’m continuing the work of your mother and finding the heart of the Dragon it only seemed right that we reunite you two even if only in spirit by returning the notebook to you professor Channing with this notebook we really have a shot at finding the heart of the Dragon and returning it back to the people of China after Emperor Qin stole it and buried himself with it this was your mother’s life work was it not well then I can’t do this without you Ali there’s stuff in that notebook that I don’t understand and you might all right wearin great how about a toast to the success of our endeavors to the best cheers Cheers what in God’s name are you doing I’m not positive but with so many unknown soils in China this could be me I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to study or documented I document it or name it you’re the one to talk mr. Carter and that’s fair can I ask you something yeah sure why do you do this are you really just in this for the Thames and a paycheck didn’t used to be that with will happen well let’s just say history has a funny way of biting the ass if you’re not careful what the history was only supposed to repeat itself yeah an

explore in Qin temples so after a few too many run-ins with history trying to repeat itself I just started selling to the highest paying customer figure if I’m gonna put my life on the line I might as well get paid for it so Ali was right then dad looks like about you waiter uniform I’m not sure really I’ve always been labeled the smart guy or didn’t heard if you will yeah I can see that but I guess I just wanted to do something more and the venture seemed like the kind of thing that would give me a story to tell other than how hard I studied Benny Blum globe-trotting adventurer actually that’s got kind of a nice ring to it yeah I don’t know maybe it’s dumb yeah don’t be so hard on yourself it’s not like we’re saving lives here they’re relics well I’m getting tired seems like you have a pretty big day ahead of ourselves tomorrow so yeah okay so what’s the plan it’s gonna be difficult because we’re gonna see some of the most incredible untouched artifacts of ancient Chinese culture but we have two robots about ourselves because we need to look out for trip wires and trap doors and probably some really nasty surprises I know we’re here to find the heart but I think there’s something else going on you know how Tim mentioned something about my code with my mother my mother and I had this sort of language that only the two of us could understand you remember all that from when you were five it’s like the only thing that I remember for my mother but I know she was looking for something like some sort of special key that she was sure existed to protect the heart it’s kind of all that she talked about when I was little a key like to lock I should call it the mythical key so it might not be an actual key truthfully I think that she found it I think she was killed for it ed Bertrand was the first and last unifier of China a relic from his tomb glue worth millions and I don’t think that we can trust Nathan I tend to do the right thing as we find it I know that this is more than you signed up for so I understand if you want to leave what girl I’m not going anywhere I could be giving a boring lecture right now I don’t care lied about his belt he’s making out with her by his tent not by his tent are you mocking me okay yes well I just I don’t totally understand why we care I guess I’m just surprised they didn’t seem like they were together earlier I want to let it get to you we’ve got plenty to worry about as it is night boo tonight yeah where’s him I don’t know I don’t know

one of you guys got a drink what come on I know one of you guys does she well no English come on oh look who finally decided to show up oh my god Isabella I’m sorry she’s gone they took Nathan we have to go get him or they’ll kill him too no there’s no reason for us all to die okay you can stay here but nathan is our help well then I guess I’m going with you they weren’t anticipating us following that’s a good thing right no either they don’t think someone’s coming or they’re really prepared for someone coming okay come on don’t do that so was your little excursion successful oh I know we’re following them wait what do you mean and I understand you’re making really good timing but they’re also being sloppy and you’re sure that these are the same men who attacked us at the campground I’m pretty sure and what implies this certainty I didn’t think people still spoke like that well first of all they keep moving away from us secondly I’m pretty certain but this is an alcohol soaked piece of meat this shirt certainly smells like him so you saw them that’s how the one that wanted me seen that implies that they’re watching it yeah without a doubt matter of fact I’m pretty sure they started the campground if not sooner but why that’s a great question care to answer mr. Parker oh I have no idea what you’re talking about all that talk about anonymity wasn’t just motivating the paparazzi was it you really are as clever as advertised you gotta be kidding me what did you think that no competitors would come for this prize a little heads-up would have been really nice yet completely irrelevant to our plan of action he’s right what weight they would have drawn attention you really don’t need that right now but they already know we’re here okay well who are these guys can’t be sure would you care to make a guess to be any number of groups trying to acquire rare antiques sounds like exactly the kind of people our friend Nathan the reps with on a daily basis let’s catch up with them and find out I agree no the way you’ve returned I see you have been successful yes Sifl you

should have never killed a girl yes Sifl mr. Carter in the flesh under different circumstances this meeting may have been more cordial no I’m hurt didn’t even take the chance to get to know me yeah but your reputation precedes you which is nefarious treasure hunter dealer of lost antiquities and loyalty to the highest bidder extremely good-looking should really be at the top there somewhere the doubt says think lightly of yourself and more deeply of the world and if I’m not mistaken it should also say something about do not regret what you’ve done someone smitten what was the girl’s name you will tell me her name Alabama Chaney they call her Ally but not getting too cocky will joke I like given – enjoy your nap and eat some soup buh-bye I must give this more thought I’ll aren’t you a cheery Bunch can we move any faster you can track faster than me by all means never mind guys we really gotta press on actually Benny come on you get it better than that okay stop maybe he’s just the head point not exactly what we signed up for huh never ever is it strange though creepy rich guy other than the high of 50 levels of muscle sample 2,000 year-old treasure I’ll make them in kidnap booby traps I give up I don’t think that any of these traps are intended to be lethal maybe what happen it Isabel was an accident look these traps could have been much worse yeah I actually agree with you oh no better yeah I had to go follow the guys by the trails never called meet back here

hey buddy okay my head good you’re still alive get up we’re gonna go meet Ali what where is she she went after our new superfan barsa which is why we have to hurry come on Oh only with all the heads from are you guys always like this pretty much yes Bravo you played it right into there you’re welcome I’m sorry for what exactly rescuing you yeah this doesn’t look exactly like a rescue you know where something so cocky really a little bit please professor Alabama yeah who are you I am just a person same as you they’re gonna help how I underestimated you wouldn’t be the first time yeah we need to rendezvous with everyone else get out of here and what about your expedition let’s deal with these guys first great oh thank god okay hidden under the far behind I only saw that ten of them boy I don’t know it seemed well trained for villagers why did I miss something Tim hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about what he’s got nothing to that’s putting there Molly so you know what should have seen that one coming that would be ill-advised enough we need you no harm you killed Isabel that was an unfortunate accident you have your mother’s eyes but you must tell me why did she name Alabama how do you know my mother she came here a long time ago very much the way that you were here now

she was asking for a safe passage and she offered to perform and service that we have yet to conclude finding the heart of the Dragon it is more than just a simple treasure it is the power behind the Qin Dynasty and a tool for unification at all Emperor Qin accomplished more than any Emperor before or after him the legacy of his reign surpassed that of Alexander Genghis Khan roamed and even the early Monarchs of Europe wasn’t until World War one when the foundation be democratic he is correct and now the world is in turmoil once again the Chinese people need to be unified we are to survive and you think at the heart of the Dragon will help we know why did you need my mother to go get it she is an expert but you already knew that before you came here you see the tube has seven keys only one of them leads stood Hart you must choose wisely for if you choose the wrong one your faith will end the same as the people who opened now we want to ensure that the next one who will attempt it’s truly worth it so you’ve just been chasing off anyone that gets close by yes something like that you knew about this you brought us in here knowing full well we could have been killed yeah now we’ve been unfortunate circumstances do you care about anything enough we’re here now that’s the matters so you’re saying that my mother offered to help you yes what did you offer her in return safe passage and anything that she wants except for the heart of the Dragon she was particularly interested in a jade keep nothing else come on Hallie you don’t need these guys no but we could just try them all can’t we no not willing to risk it I put this whole thing together with a hand over to a group of savages okay we don’t need them oh you have kept us in the dark since the very beginning why should we do anything you say your presence here is a favor okay you were rapidly becoming more of a problem in your work just chill you know we then we that is correct again we are all tired exhausted why don’t we all get some rest and we’ll talk about it in the morning can’t sleep what’s a mom it’s a little hard to turn it off no what you mean can I ask you something what’s up do you think that we’re getting into something really dangerous yeah probably but I get paid to regardless how this turns out doesn’t really all about money for you we’ve had this conversation Nathan wait I’m sorry I’m not here to lecture you I just really want to find the heart it’s my mother’s dream to find and return it to the rightful owners people of China it doesn’t really mean that much to you it’s the reason I’m an archaeologist the only reason I’m even here is because you found your notebook look I think we find ourselves in the sooner we get out of here the better situation if that means helping you find the heart that I’m in a hundred percent thank you Cheers Oh see in the morning

I see a decision has been made yeah not by me we all need to work together to find the heart of the Dragon or knowing us I just don’t believe that you’ve locked away forever okay a relic like that should be shared with the world not just its homeland you will see in due time why it can only belong to us that’s what all right calm down getting all hot and bothered is not gonna help us find the heart he’s right oh thanks done oh yeah I need ice told you thing all the time spiders okay watch it with the macho talk you’re gonna turn me straight room no not really but I’m happy to use your mind kid having trouble with this symbol looks Oh breaking up with him that’s all you’re getting chummy with Ali last night don’t forget we work for me a heart and it’s payday or mine and what if I changed my mind well then I’ll just have to alert the authorities of your black-market dealings every country in the world would fight for the opportunity to have to either prison so you help me and only me take the heart your saga I’m glad we could reach an agreement this one yeah doesn’t that very long it’s like hey Ali Helen oh wait up John any thoughts I’m afraid the only pets that I know or the ones that are blocked uptown all around which we will you go that which is above is so often eyes below this way look those are completely rusted through a little one look down at all you see three times so jump back and then be home free what on earth could that mean it’s an old poem it means we made it I’ll owe you dinner you found it I’ll take back every dad I ever had doubted me great let’s not waste any more time but wait we must let the heart know that you are not here for monetary gain Ali you must recite from the down the phrase of the heart of the warrior come on Ali repeat after me jingyan perfect miss Chen you may enter you’re not coming with us I’m afraid our part in this tale has come to an end for them but I also believe that you and your team your parts are just unfolding

good luck miss Channing you’re gonna need one too which can be choose wrong and beware the poison and beneath and there’s a question mark well that says poison so I vote not that way great you sure it’s safe to be down here nope but he’s the right entrance you should be fine this is gonna be a thing okay so given our only way forward now it’s through poison do you have any kind of strategy in case this gets worse yes keep moving forward to the last available entrance cause we can’t sit around waiting to die what do you think it’s simple elegant yeah I like it you’ll be doing do we find the till it’s just a plug it to you watch out for traps that door was labels were a reason this cave might be old the poison is poison looking like a first-timer there Carter she’s been a while since I’ve been in a place like this forgot what it felt like oh you mean this one’s probably been on your list for a while you have no idea say that again every culture has elements of storytelling feel like if I can decipher and record those stories for the next generation they can learn from them and be better for it it’s what made me want to study linguistics are you serious every Rock every tree ring they all have a story to tell you know ya know let me guess you pay people to sit around your mansion and tell you stories hey I may not be an academic but I have travelled the world look if you must know I was just gonna say that I find this place to be one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen in my life but excuse me so besides the heart of the dragon I’ve heard there’s some other treasure hidden in here somewhere don’t get any ideas all relics belong to their rightful people you mean the people letting us risk our lives for them what about the history behind your what about the people who need and deserve these relics alright listen there’s no difference between you and I okay you just think that people are deserving just because they’re poor that doesn’t make you a hero that makes you naive wow you are full of it I shouldn’t even be surprised by now listen your majesty being smart and beautiful isn’t always gonna help you if you can’t take care of yourself thank you so much for your veiled concern but I think I’m just fine Smith let’s go Oh careful where’s the dirt Benny it’s gonna be okay stay with me do something anything it’s so late there’s nothing

look I know that this is not what you want to hear right now but we really must press forward Hart obviously isn’t here we don’t know how many other poisonous darts around we gotta go this doesn’t look right we need to go down how do we do that give me the notebook what No okay think give me the map no way look I’m sorry about what happened to your friend okay but we need a clear head moving forward let me take point for a little bit it’s not a terrible idea maybe you should just give a damn are you serious come on give it to me fine Columbo thank you move [Applause] hold up it’s not safe I can’t believe Benny’s gone it’s just a kid look you couldn’t have known that was gonna happen to him none of us could she’s right once the poison hits the bloodstream there’s nothing you can do about it I can’t do this anymore what do you mean Tim set up the whole thing so that he can get the heart for himself he thinks that because it was Emperor Qin’s it’s got some sort of I don’t know like mystical power that’s gonna make him wildly rich I that’s crazy I called it I knew we couldn’t trust him so no how long did you know about this Ali why do you think I’m here saving helping on this entire time yeah but that’s what I’m trying to tell you is like I can’t do it anymore yeah sure this changes nothing did you heard me say that the only reason we’re doing this is to make him rich like why would we continue yeah I heard you say though I was standing right here that you are cute for a guy but you are dense all right let me spell this out for you just because he commissioned us to collect the heart and give it to him doesn’t mean that we’re going to give him the heart of the Dragon of course it is just in it for himself guys like that always are so you two have known about this the whole time that’s it but I have an inkling okay I can’t fool the famous Alabama Chaney God why do you guys always assume that they have more information than us thank you though but that confession is really cute though yeah yeah laugh it up real cool so what was your counter plant Tim doesn’t know that we need the key so if we find it before he does we have a leg up I know that’s right this mythical key myth what my mom was convinced that we needed a key to get into the heart of the Dragon so they might not actually be

a real key that’s helpful it could be a combination a code a tool something what do we have here first fine come on let me see that Ali is that your mom she’s here I knew so little of her I was only five when she died she’s believing traces of herself behind I’m finding myself life like what she loves puzzles and pains even more than I did every day I’d wake up and she’d have one for me even when she was going on a dig yeah when she died Rahl would come and like that I used it to pretend that she never left but I always know when she was gone what sounded like she really loved you I don’t think that she did I was so happy that I’d hope I was so willing to come here and put everybody in danger well looks like she gave you one less puzzle to solve Hey whoa whoa I just found a lock it are you okay yeah cool cuz I think you’re really gonna dig this come on okay so this looks like Cantonese but it’s way more primitive I think it’s pre Cantonese the way that Latin is pre Italian this isn’t helping come on all this to say I think I’ve got it figured out stone storm fire Sun warrior pink moon cuz Sun and get this heart the heart of the Dragon well my mom says my his ego nor Pilsner vice little one little one not once nor twice or thrice little one little one but four times is nice of the hook to the mice and four times as fun the bird loudly enticed things better advice was his most concise and she wrote my last gift she was also my goodbye the hearts of the Dragon it must be the heart are you sure about that what does she mean my last gift to you is also my last goodbye that’s the last of the riddle also why did he have you recite the Tao of the warrior if we’re looking for a heart wait for the warrior that’s the same symbol the last gift to you as my last goodbye that I think she wrote this before she died

sorry I heard you crying I got the wind knocked out of me perfect sorry this guys better be my only friend yeah sure the gara be like I love you guy come on we have to I’m not leaving you here oh yes you are that jerkface tim has probably got the heart of the dragon at this point I’m not leaving here dies like my mother did it Oh whose everything about dying I’m just gonna like I don’t know hang out read a book or something I’m gonna go please don’t do anything stupid [Applause] you too lover boy that doesn’t that say warrior yeah that’s what I don’t get every myth that I’ve ever heard it’s in the heart of the Dragons might not be a maybe they got it wrong no I think the Dragons still here somewhere shall we go find that Tim Tim did you find it did you find the heart what that’s it that’s the heart I used to open the tuner you just have to repeat the phrase Jim I think that we all should go it’s really dangerous Helen I just got hit by a bunch of rocks without going inside are you crazy hey Tim why we just taking a minute to calm down give it to me No I said give it to me you work for me let him go this is not yours for the taking oh so that’s where you’re wrong it is mine for the taking I’ve worked too hard and for too long to just let you walk out of here with it this lots of people have tried and you know it what are they gonna do with it huh nothing they’re gonna put it on display but it could be making them rich you’re acting insane you’re using me you’re using em of course I used to what did you think this was gonna be an all-expense-paid expedition so that you could just relive the dreams of your dead mother I don’t have all day ow this just got weird we should go

that one that think it is yeah it’s the heart of the dragon that is a cool sword I spent my entire life researching this here’s the Emperor’s heart all along [Applause] tickets following the chosen one what’s up let’s not talk about here miss chim is that I present the heart of the Dragon the preemie pee [ __ ] I must thank you for this secret gift the people of China will not forget whatever you desire is yours what will you do next I suppose what other hidden relics you have around here so that’s when we discovered the real key wasn’t the heart of the dragon it was the heart of the warrior as you can see class dismissed