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everyone one of the top 40 records being played on every radio station in the United States is a communication to the children the compound we don’t want you to smoke marijuana some common sense to me call it lands bed and some scalded scalded ruining it it ruined welcome to the item don’t show I’m your host Adam Dunn we are live live I tell you live from Denver and from Dave’s up there somewhere up in the top hiding away empty eyes right here in the front lines of me make it happen and I still hear it Echo what’s going on with my eyes that’s all that’s our boy there he is mr. Hubbard is listening to us yeah well I’ve I’ve maybe can have to turn that down a little bit down oh and I was just smoking off of a nice rubber glass what you’re going to be our first guest we have three guests three guests today chocka blocka wocka chocka blocka I went from not knowing who the is going to be on the show 48 hours ago to have him way too many people coming on the show but we have out the gate we’re going to have Chris Hubbard who’s been threatening to come on the show for a while so I figured now is the time and we’re going to be talking to him and out of the gate in one minute and then we’re going to have Clayton Clayton Hines who’s this going to be an awesome guest Clayton is the The Man Behind you mind if I do okay give me your phone Chris Kitt can you get yours for that gives me a phone just for a sec hey yeah there we go perfect so anyway got Clayton on coming on and Clayton like I said the guy behind Renegade Hardware I I know a lot of the listeners is are not drawing a vase filled but I know a few listeners that are a hundred percent drum’n’bass people and those guys are like what Clayton Clayton Clayton is a one of the most infamous characters in the Drone base world he was started another label which will talk all about before that trouble and final and it started going to get Hardware and everybody who’s like anybody in the in the industry as far as like you know chasing state is pendulum all these big names friction they they all worked with Clayton and I worked with Clayton back in the day when I was doing parties and I saw that he wanted to do a podcast he was talking people were kind of goat and him that he should do his own podcast and I think he should hundred percent so I thought let’s get him on the show burst his cherry he’ll be a podcaster by the end of the show and guarantee you he’ll be a pie that’s what everybody does and I’ll come on our show and then he started they have fun and next week they announced their new podcast which is great I love that and that’s the way it should be the more the better so we’re going to have Clayton on for the second part of the show then I guess would be the third part we’re having a shoddy rummy who is reading a book she’s a she’s a maiko chef which empty I had to look it up and he couldn’t find it because it’s a mystery which take the words my co which is mushroom and Chef and put them together and you have yourself a an awesome mushroom chef and but but she’s written a book about cannabis called him can save the world which we all know that already so part of that is we’re going to talk to her though about this cookbook cookbook and and also just all the different Ventures that she’s got involved in that are all super positive which is what we need now in this day and age so let’s start with our buddy mr. Hubbard down there mr. Hubbard you’re allowed to brother allowed to speak sorry guys hey how’s it going great great I’m not the most computer literate person here so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m like trying to like do this man I don’t worry this nice can’t up on the show it’s impossible because we’ve already done it we’ve done all the up for you before I set the bar really low so don’t worry about it her perfect so so we so I haven’t thanks for this piece I have been I’ve been

greedy SLI smoking it all by myself like he’s got you know you have your own anyway you’re good to go – yeah but able to smoke out of mine yet come on Dave came up to me and you know I could definitely tell that he knew what was up and and we became friends at the glass Vegas you know so that’s where it all began so where he was this whole life relationships are and where and where are you based out of where’s your spot where your where’s your Western Massachusetts chem dog came down country Kim Dong country yeah yeah nice nice yes and how long you been blown glass for since Nineteen Ninety Six ninety 90 97 is like when I made my first pipe I definitely I never thought it would be like a career you know like I II it was a it was a series of Unfortunate Events events that my hobby to become a career you know so so back in 1997 so I grew up with you know so Jerry Kelly is like one of the founding sort of forefathers of our glass one industry I grew up with his little sister and and here’s the old Clayton can you can you can you mute your phone just for the second so he’ll figure it out yep he’s got it I’ll just mute that for a second so we’re not getting the true get I’m sorry did I think in wake you no no it’s all good it’s all good we got your it’s here it’s here where listen we have where we have like 47 interns but for some reason we let them go an hour before the show starts every Friday so there’s usually nobody here but Mark and here on don’t sweat it whatever that man anyway Dave so so so 97 and was guy’s name that you’re saying what was the who’s the biggest yes so Jerry Kelly kingsley’s one of the he’s one of the original like sort of Millie Millie Fiore like the image guys of you if you have a pipe that has like a you know like a Bart Simpson image or Homer Simpson or you know a lot of those stuffs chances are he was he was either the guy that made it or he or he taught one of the guys that made that you know sure and Milly a Milly work is like above and beyond any that’s like the top top edge schlongs where you’re just like how the do you even your brand it’s amazing granted Serena melting my one yeah and so I was actually fortunate enough to grow I grew up with his little sister basically and so I would always hear these famous like stories of him being out on tour you know like hanging out with Dad and Company and you know what a you know know and and Bob Snodgrass and on all this cool stuff and and in the and so I like I made my first pipe in 1997 because his his sister would make spoon pipes like either wrap and rake or sake some filigree and fume and stuff and she would make pipes while he was on tour and then he would come back and collect all and I think it’s a classic it’s the Classic glassblower combination right the chick does the killer wraps and then you get the or the bags are making the bags back in the day or the that’s what happened right Dave the Patrick pants so excited okay so we’re all ken-dog grew up in here and and when Jerry would leave out on tour okay his dad Jerry Jerry’s father rest in peace you know he’s a veteran and all that but rest beasts and his dad when Jerry would leave he didn’t have any good good good part to smoke you know and so and I would be there hanging out you know and I’m because I was sort of second generation crew you know like the I was the younger siblings Crews I wasn’t allowed to hang out with the cooler older kids back then you know and but but because I grew some good pots and then I was all organic and all that secretly I see the same strains seems to be the secret seems to be the secret way to get either backstage or the right contacts or you know it’s always been been think that was my motivation as a growing I can add a was like well that’s doesn’t work in Holland that was the funny part in Holland well you’ll never get laid for a week and it’s chem family well you know that then you might have a shoo-in you know oh no it stays all day I was actually running joke to me

you guys could actually get laid check the location go weed like that was a cool at all the opposite so so as far as I guess I mean obviously the by looking at the work that you’re doing now you’re you stayed you stayed the course and kind of work your way from 97 till now what was your so is this your own Studio that you’re in right now or is this a working with groups of people or yep so so it’s my studio my my own the shop and and I have a couple of you know I’ve a couple of really like high profile artists that work with me but I definitely definitely came back to us from s to where my roots are you know and and I have just because I have a lot of family a lot of connections my parents are from here no I spent the last sort of ten years out in Oregon and in honestly I I love Oregon I love the West Coast everything I mean obviously the fires you know this we there’s but if it wasn’t for that I’d probably would still be out there but you know but my family is my parents are becoming sort of senior and you know there’s pretty harsh winter so I wanted to come back and I just I just had my first child my parents first grandbaby so you know and so I kind of came home to sort of sort of just be closer to home you know well the thing is I mean also as a glassblower organs like you know the Mecca really when it comes to to the amount of talent that’s there and the amount of you know crazy there’s so many good classical history the history of the talent and the whole vibe of the place so I’m sure as an artist you just you know it’s like you be crazy not to go there and and sort of absorb that you know it was honestly it was one of the best experiences of my life just you know just to be able to be around so many talented people you know and and I and I I our posterity sake I won’t get into the politics of being the out-of-towner in a whole community of insanely skilled artist because I just becomes I’m sure that I’m sure it’s a motivator though too because you had to prove yourself even harder than exactly yeah and and and there’s I’ll tell you there’s nothing more than putting a foot up your ass and getting you getting you getting your priorities straight then being engulfed in that kind of community where everybody everybody’s like working their ass off to be the best they could be in the community now so so besides of politics being being surrounded by so many talented people and and you know what the fact is that even the younger generation are so talented it’s just things and those kids even those damn kids even though make this meal as but her as I am I can’t lie man those kids got skills and so you know what what do you what are you gonna do you gonna get mad at Tesla because he’s new because he’s the new kid on the Block but guess what he’s like pushing the Forefront of take my you know I work I mean it’s the same in everything that’s the same in cannabis is the same in all of it you know it’s like it’s hard to step aside I mean once you are that like when you’re young of course it’s easy to you know just be like hungry right and then you get older and you want to sit back on your laurels got a I did they’ll classic it just goes with every industry doesn’t matter what it is I don’t know but true that but but it’s amazing to watch the how much that glass is progress though to right it’s like but we’re doing but weirdly enough though it’s progressed but then you got like snotty and people like that they just hammered out there same Styles and they kind of got their thing and at the end of the day their functionality is so Superior as far as you know it doesn’t matter if somebody makes something that’s that much much you know amazing as far as just like straight-up art you know or whatever because I’ve seen stuff that just blows your mind is like tattoo world to it’s a lot like that to where you get guys that are old-school have their style and if you want their style you get it you don’t go to them and say oh can you make this into like I want like an alien coming out of a guy’s chest you’re like dude the guy doesn’t do that he makes like just block Franken Turk Turk Turk that’s his thing but he does such a good job at it and with glass you get a lot of that to wear you know people who have make especially cuz it’s functional that’s the key like with with you know have something that’s like a bubble or that you never got a drop of water in your mouth I had a collector who asked me to if I can make him an alien exactly what he said was an alien literally exactly what you asked me yeah and I told him I said you know what I’m not that guy is it up

you know I can there’s a there’s a little bit of sculptural stuff that’s that I can I know a little bit of the the science and the art behind it but it’s not my it’s not my area of expertise this is there’s a lot of other guys you know you can talk to like ghost makes amazing aliens you know you could you could commission a piece between me and him and we can work together but you can’t ask me to make what he specializes in you know how for from and then so and then like part part of actually so supportive action why I wanted to talk to you guys about my my new my Priya what happened my what a good guys professor I thought you were dead pick you said you were not not savvier you’re on point it was self promotion boom we got 19 minutes ago we got 19 minutes left so let’s nail this thing boom and then so a little bit about that is that literally what we do in glass blowing is it is a science it’s called scientific glass for a reason man I mean it’s literally it’s the borosilicate it they’ve written books about this it’s you can go to the racal library at the Corning Museum of Glass like a hermetically sealed it’s it’s like more gangster than walking into the like a bank dude like they have like a hermetically sealed glass bolted doors with air Chambers so they don’t ruin the pages of the history of what we do okay and and the literally borosilicate is a scientific glass Okay so soft class which is not what we do in the pipe world no it’s what Dale julin all that stuff does they can get away with nothing that’s like you know that’s like sticking in the bang and pulling it out and blowing the 6-foot yeah classic you know Steel blow pipes and classic classic glassblowing exactly your more toys you guys roll towards you we’re a coefficient of expansion which is the scientific term for the thermal dynamics of the heat at which it you know the material expands and cools is there any way I can go and to whatever anyways pick the class take the damn class yeah don’t give it away the whole class away bro come on so it’s there’s a there’s literally there’s a science okay and an art and what what’s happening right now and so I’m actually so I haven’t I have to talk and like lecture for a minute because go do a really proud I’m really really proud Okay so it’s a science and an art right so and so what we’re doing is we’re pushing the meat were pushing the boundaries of the science based knowledge by by using a medium of the art and so Henry Grim it is the founder of glass Alchemy his his son is Thomas his daughter is Jody so Jody and Thomas from class Alchemy you know it’s like one of the best color companies out there whatever right there’s there’s there’s basically Alchemy in North Star and anyways the their parents have found it in there the next generation and so so Henry gave us a speech in a lecture and he said said he said this is the first time ever in the history of an of art movements that a movement an art movement can Finance itself and this is never this is never happened so like if you want to think about like you know like dadaism or you know Picasso or dolly or all these other type of movements in art right the artists they’re dead before anybody can make money right so this is never happen so only because of of because of weed write and and the and the the uplifting of prohibition right I’m because of Bob Snodgrass in the 60s I’m Grateful Dead to her when he accidentally drop some silver made a color pipes it was like holy that was an accident did in the pipe changes color when you get stoned you know like this is some that has never happened in history where a movement in art can Finance itself okay and so for one that makes me super proud to be a part of this like I don’t give a where I stand or where I go down where I died but to be a part of this movement in history is something that’s never been done before and and I definitely you know for better for worse I definitely am extremely proud and so so I guess I could go down this rabbit hole for days ahead no you did great this piece is amazing young man he got me earlier meeting I’m so excited you got me excites you like I took a nice big rip off of your piece it was thrilling yeah but you got you already got me excited I like it and the whole idea it was you so much and I mean you’re just trying to get people who are super like never did it before or you’re going to go

what kind of levels we talk about fruit glass okay so here’s the thing is that’s how it goes honestly I’m I’ll tell ya I’m learning every day on so other than making pipes the only thing I’ve ever done in my life was so boarding I tried to go pro didn’t work out I wasn’t good enough but so teaching and and I’ve had a bunch of people when I tried to do when I started this off perfect example was I had a friend of mine who said you know he said I’ve been I watched so many so I have some free videos on YouTube if you want to check out my teaching style you can just like Google Hubbard YouTube glass bowl and Bubba and you can check out my teaching Style and so and one of my friends was like oh oh what the is I have no idea what the what’s up auntie and I said oh you know it’s the thing that you used to hold the glass with it’s like a handle and he had no clue so I did a little video on 1 upon T was and I thought it was an in my mind I thought it was very basic I didn’t think the people in the community would receive it well and and contrary to me because I’m sorry I didn’t realize and I had a bunch of collectors so I had a bunch of collectors is that were like I want I learned so much now I can speak better when I go to a sesh I know how to talk about my glass better I know how to I feel like I can you know I feel like I can speak with more Authority about my heady piece that I bought and I didn’t even realize that I was diving into that market you know and so after making that video I realized holy alright well so maybe I’m gonna do some more basic occasional videos so writing it right now I do so I used to teach a lot of like really high include me and cowboy and he says he’s like super heavy classes with cowboy and and how to make like the craziest piece ever you know that kind of stuff but what I realized is that there’s a market for people that want to learn how to blow glass because when I was coming up I had no idea like like where do you go no who do you call like there’s no stove no worries he takes anyone’s call right yeah what yeah but you know and for the and Bob is a great teacher I have to say he’s is crazy as the way his teaching style is I still to this day I’m I’m fascinated by the way that he taught me stuff about you know he he based and it’s just this of heat based on thermodynamics how he even goes up if you have a if you have a circle right and you’re spinning that Circle the inside of that heat is just traveling upwards and that’s something that a lot of people just don’t recognize um and then if you have like a slight cooling fan on the outside of the heat base you have this liquid molten thing on the inside so I don’t know I still to this day there’s so much stuff that Bob Bob taught me in the class and I’ll tell you this I was the most arrogant little when I took his class I was like one of those kids that was like I just want to learn how to do inside out wigwags Bob you know like and I was so not willing to receive his information but but I kept notes and so I have a notebook right and I but and I have a pretty good memory and I will tell you this that that that I regret II feel like I was very childish at all of the knowledge he gave me because now as a teacher and being you know whenever 15 more years experience since I took the class with Bob you know I realize the knowledge that he gave me and I realized what he was saying and and I regret it being as arrogant as I was was this is a Cameron Tower piece one of Bob’s students I bought a pipe from Bob Eugene Saturday market 1992 summer awesome didn’t ya long time ago I have a him and Cameron and Hugh Hue is one of Bob’s apprentices also we had we had a bunch of people come through Amsterdam at one point and we had picked up like a whole whole case of just odds and ends and then somebody else had come through and picked it up and looked at it and was like dude wait a minute look at that thing and it was it was Snodgrass junior or and so he was like but it was like just in a mix of just jumbled just what dads work man now he recognized it right away dude look at that and then then you

start looking at the other pieces in there was other I don’t remember the artists at the time but this is about 1990 six or something like that you know so there was like somebody on tour coming through either the year before or something and bought these cases off of them like a give you a couple hundred bucks here some jackets and yeah he’s find some gems I still got those in somewhere in storage to it’s kind of crazy that’s awesome every time I go back I look at this like this in this room it’s so full of crap that I would try I tried last time I was like Indiana Jones trying to find the lost pieces of glass that are somewhere within this this ridiculous Adam done in the crystal glass pipe some famous pieces in there for sure is that it’s a let into Legend you know you know like glass pipes dot org is the website is down and I’ve seen recently that somebody has archived it you know but that that’s that’s the generation we all came up on and the with thousands and thousands of glass pipe creators creators you know it was it wasn’t it was like one of the coolest things to be in the top 100 like if you were the top 100 artists you you know you were like oh I made it you know like that was like that was one of the biggest accomplishments of my like of my come up you know like I couldn’t because I work in the glass ceiling is so weird to me how it came it kind of comes in these waves where you know to me it was literally the fact that it tasted better and it’s smoked better I didn’t really think about the art as much in the beginning when I just smoked with glasses would be no because we came like had Graphics pipes were not pretty they were just tubes it’s like a Soup cans on the bottom or T-Mobile with the try it with the triangle exactly exactly and and that was that that was my sort of go to everything and then so that was it that was function right bam out of the gate and then when it came to Pieces it was like for me it was a good a good Sherlock Sherlock or a good bubbler that just killed it and carried it everywhere that was for me what I wanted and then the art kind of came with it you know what I mean as as things moved along in the dark and the quality got better of the artist but we have about because we have another guess coming on we’re going to have you again like I said it will have you after what I want to do is have you have as a follow-up to this show what I’d like to see is a bunch of people actually do your course and then we’ll get them on the show and we’ll have a little like finally you find out what kind of a teacher you really are was it really was it really worth it this is a jackass to check it out just because having me let me let me let me shamelessly self promote myself for just a quick second here that under on the show for just don’t think it was necessary exactly what we want right now so first of all you can go just if you just Google A Hubbard glass on YouTube I have a few free videos so if you want to check out my my teaching style you know check out the the sort of like this the site literally this is a science and an art so there is a science to to what we do as well as the art aspect of it so so you can I do have a lot of knowledge that I kick based based on like so like you know that there are some people out there that do some shady practices like planned obsolescence and all that kind of so I definitely touched on those subjects in my course work but if you want to check out my teaching style YouTube you know I have a few free videos on YouTube and then and then on the flip side Listen to It’s only eight dollars a month man like $8.00 really a so in addition to that in addition to the $8 not only do you get like a free set of turtles it’ll send you with some stickers but but but in addition to that when every one of my students does signed up you get a free promotional discount code to mount glass art so shout-out to my own glass which is like one of the main suppliers for raw materials in our industry and if and if you sign up you get a 30 percent Color Club discount so if you’re if you’re a glassblower blower and you sign up for eight dollars a month you get 30% discount so even if you’re buying one pound of color did you just have not quit your only fan in the 1-1 account just quit one of those accounts for the one of those chicks and put it towards you that’s all I could not watch some chicks tripping her head and learn do something that’s literally what it takes like come on so anyway just a Shameless plug eat if you’re if you’re a glass blower and you’re buying glass because your last more like what the you’re going to spend more than $30 a month on materials you know like I spend thousands of dollars a month so you get a 30 percent discount at Mountain glass art when you sign up wait a minute wait a minute wait that’s that’s a deal by proxy yeah yeah done on guys anybody who thought

of blowing glass if you’re interested in it I’ve got to go to the YouTube page Mark just put the link up on the chat group so and just give it a try because it seems really cool oh yes and just set the house on fire if I do anything I’m just saying you know just just what you’re doing it and they have a promo code you have just just you have to enter the promo code in the comments section and it is only for color just so you know it’s not for for like kill is for color I don’t I don’t want anyone thinking that they’re getting discounts on other stuff that they can’t so it is for color but color is one of the biggest expenses in our industry and 30% is a pretty significant discount you know that’s the biggest gun deal ever because our biggest one is fishhead Farms for 25% off so so this really is done deal by proxy 30% off it just absolutely Dave says so you know that’s true that’s right I guess right when it comes to those things things Davis on yeah love it I love it I love the details as far as this piece out this part that is just raise the tiny bit right there makes a big difference where it’s like actually on the inside is raised that I like a lot yeah I’ve never seen one like that and then then just overall quality is solid as a rock I like it’s simple simple as possible only wish I wish you did these I wish you did these Trico mushroom things in like glow-in-the-dark shoe but that with the UV light because I hit it with the UV and I was disappointed I was like damn that would have been extra sick if you had done that so accident just this year the color guys I’m sure the color guy you gotta tell you the color I mean I thought that would have been that’s what I was hoping if those things glow even if you just made the tops glow that even be better dude so so so what I gave you guys eyes was a little bit more of a kicked up version of my high-end what I what I call my heady production so so basically you guys got like an extra high end version but so what you have – the trichomes on the ballpark – the facets – the festive mouthpiece and that and the joint so is my standard item gotcha Tom that that all the head shops and that’s that’s something something I’ve been I’ve been sold out six months in advance since I met Dave and I’m glad I look at that that’s a greatest Allah is the greatest greatest statement ever I’m Dana look how proud he is he’s so proud he thinks he did it all he somehow it’s he somehow his Twisted that it is mine to believe energy baby boy has did it all his head exploded right when you said that he was like you saw that to it yeah yeah it’s awesome getting you on the show as always and and we’ll do a longer one like I said because we got were jammed up we got lots of water lots of guests and did what’s up much love man hey and you know what you can’t catch em dog on their man camping G I’m up we’ll give him a shot yeah well we should do is let’s let’s do it together like next time yeah you go get him bring him over to your spot you guys get all decked up up are exactly get him working this is this is where he this is where he sits down five days a week he says I’m right there and I think that’s where he works and that’s where he makes laughing makes the most sense he’s got it maybe I sure all the magic Majesty has but this is where the next the see drop is happening Maybe the screenshot screenshot so everybody’s cooking quickly I heard of my heart I can hear it all the time I can hear everybody clicking it same time dear rewinding right now rewind rewind it we’re all like Blade Runner zoom in zoom in oh don’t worry you know Chris don’t worry on post will blur that out yeah there’s no there’s no post post is like your dream world world post we got you in post don’t worry you got it about know that be so that’s that so that’s the plan you get you get G together on the show and just make it happen and what will gladly drop in and see you guys working and that will make it happen let’s get some bikes but how so what’s the link will a second we got it we have it already is all right perfect we got it that’s all I needed to know alright peace man thanks bro all right thanks thank you get your masks on you don’t look at Davies already my people yo people with the mask on Clayton mr Hines in the house yo whoa whoa whoa can you hear me yeah we can

hear you we already saw one we already saw you without the mask that he already came on and he up up you already so if they were coming for you they’re coming for you now they’re like that’s him we got him we got him a mask on for disguise not for has yeah you know I think he loves him we had your face up on the whole program now what the you should have told someone I so good so did so so also welcome to zoom because I heard as I guess I popped your cherry this morning when we had a little we had we had resumed tug so I felt like it was me too because normally like the first thing I told you and I we were talking about what to do for for a podcast gasps I said make sure you have a good Tech guy because otherwise there’s no show and he always said to me always like when I when you told me this morning you never did it I was all like yeah right no problem right then I then I started to feel configure I was like dude I’ve never done this before because he always just sends me the link and I just click on the link I can anybody and and now that it took me it took me a good ten minutes to go through the thing and I was like oh yeah I think I got it figured out but it’s it’s a good medium they’ve been coming on his employment you know what they think what Ben’s already he’s already pressing to come in now yeah he is coming he’s coming through at some point but we’ll let him slide in as the as the as the story progresses but so let’s let’s familiarize everybody because like I said there’s there’s definitely some people who listen to this show who who who love us who love Diamond base and you know love what we do but there’s also a lot of people out there that don’t understand the genre don’t understand anything so it’ll be half kind of like explaining that but but telling your history because you guys and it’s good because we’re doing this made me kind of have to look it up again and go yeah I didn’t realize oh yeah I remember this I remember this but you know barely you start dropping the bass is like people on steroids yeah and but you were also like for into hip-hop before drum’n’bass right and and First shows that you went to a probably what in 87 or six or something like that it’s okay one sort of stands out was the think he was 87 come on let me take it back a bit more we had another friend called Fresh 86 over here and and one of the main acts was dr. Dre but he was part of the cool world class wrecking crew and he wore makeup and like Jheri curls and secant outfits it was very different to the not stray that we’re not not see Adam said I wouldn’t know anything about what was going on tonight but I know Jerry curls and then no secret so I I you should get it off you should get both actually I think those are the things you’re missing right now in your life then my lady 7 I want to legendary Public Enemy little Cool J Beastie Boys show having some kind of and that was that was the literalism do we showed I think Houdini was the result and you were like what 17 or 18 or something Tyler yeah yeah yeah I was probably 16 weeks and the state that on a humble the laughs I was 19 okay okay so yeah so you write the same thing so you’re born is saying what 69 same as me or something no you’re not although 68 don’t you’re older than me why you’re older than me see I thought you were a couple years I always thought you were a couple years younger than me but there you go see one guy said of all Gratz the oldest guy you’re the oldest guy in this room called by the way just so you know now you are officially over people don’t know who I was obviously I was born in London but when I was nine I moved to Florida Ada and on okay back to London when I was 17 so I spent most of my high school in Florida I was a good football as in English soccer and I was supposed to go cleansing on the soccer scholarship but I felt fourth grade I started smoking weed and knocking about with girls you know the you know should I not supposed to do here the most part of Florida we are living in what part of Florida oh deal and he was between Orlando they told him so for polio one of them places you drive too fast you Missy I was going to say I was going to say definitely not the hot spots of the time sound but still it’s pretty awesome because you got to see all of America as a all the way up until you know basically as a young adult so so for you that’s like being at home that’s like so if you go to see the show’s over there that’s like just being at home right yeah I mean it was all coming because back then remember it was like meet at midday is it was very segregated like you know where I live the black tie with the blacks the why I I go to work and it’s only one to come to London I really sort of cosmopolitan Uncle Jaime back because it was like I said it was a very you know I mean obviously I came back to London Eye

I live in my father for about three months I didn’t work out because we’ll talk we’ll about strangers he left when I was two well so what I was homeless and I got into a life of crime and went to prison quite a few times and and I’m well well and then crazy that’s crazy is Trudeau cuff to come from Florida like how is your living conditions in Florida that we would like it was it kind of like it was just kind of like it was just as almost two sisters right so sounds like it came from a really like nice relax dish place for and and instructed to London which is pretty rough as a kid because wow yeah but it wasn’t for that I probably would have gone to trial base yeah I stumbled on a base just for the simple fact was was tired of going to prison and I’m forcing myself right so I got busted with a hundred ecstasy tablets in my email and on doves or something yeah and so short I told him that there were four their personal you remember ecstasy was brand new and that was definitely at that nose barely barely even many people even were known as yeah so so one of our arrested our students for our said that they said why are you both so much why are you going to pills anymore so I’ll buy them in bulk and this is why we got free blanket three grand cash and you know I said well I just come from Seven t-shirts and well anyway gotten solution I got charged with possession instead of supplying because that’s good and then after that I sort of know what do you what can you do to keep out of trouble on these bar about our music because I was DJing anyway in clubs hip-hop and really and house and whatever whatever right right so then me and my partner before you know what let’s why our students so we bought some studio equipment can find a label of the and support armies at sorry for we do ourselves so we start click on the table and I’m yeah the rest is kind of and that was and that was in but that wasn’t like what 90 to level up in like two first release in live free right because that’s when I open it it’s funny because 93 okay so those years that you were doing that technically technically technically were like kind of the goal of the Cannabis world right and just to kind of tie things together here just remind listeners because they’ll be like when 91 or 92 was popping like in cot like you had just left Florida and that was pretty much like where there was a lot of good good cannabis I’ve been sort of you know figured out in the last few years that that was kind of hot hot spot for Growers it always has been for Growers but in general as far as some of the new strains like the coaches and things like that a lot of those genetics were kind of Harvard there but 91 92 93 is when I opened up my store and all those years were like like bubbling it seems like it seems like there was a lot of energy going on that wasn’t really like if you were in the right place things were popping like in Amsterdam things are popping I think in London because I remember yeah anyway just just to kind of tie things in because I think a lot of people in 91 is when a lot of the big strains came out well it’s Punk when will skunk kind of farmers will be done with skunk actually is a much earlier than that that there was there is 80s lots of different things that the skunk that we have now is not this Gunk that was back then back then was like in the 80s it was a lot of different songs but they were very skunky like a skunk like you couldn’t couldn’t keep it in the bag kind of skunk you know what I mean and nowadays we have a lot of technical plans that are called skunk and they might be skunky when they grow but when you harvest them they don’t really hold it like everyone is looking forward to call the roadkill skunk right there are k s that’s like the golden and there’s like nine different people who have come out with them and every time they come out with him there okay but I just think there were skunky when they were in the grow and people were so excited that they just ran with it but doesn’t doesn’t come out in the next button but anyway so 93 you started a label 90 to 95 was a t OV it was that trouble on vinyl yes it’s almost like was called tropical environment and the reason we call it trouble of and it was that kind of old to we wanted to cause Mayhem on the Dance Floor so so there was a dream hallways in the dance yeah so we kind of flipped it instead of while he’s in advance before trouble and why not and that was our first label the night before we started going to get recordings which is the more liquid is type of label and it might fall so so now if I recite Hardware right you have the foresight back then well yeah I say we had the we did another four sites of to know that drama basement or will jungle women call it was going to Branch out so you have till he was the more hip-hop orientated stuff as those ugh they call it jump up now really getting cordons was the more I hate using Sweden and so I’m only gonna say it once because of that because I don’t know the term was

intelligent I’m Amazed I might if I was one more text the key hardware store and I’m yeah while it’s one of those hard to describe things to be that way back in the day was kind of the same in Tech step kind of that’s how I described it in the in the ring but it is kind of one of those okay I understand the intelligence side because there whole thing about drum and bass compared to house and other things is that you kind of felt like the people were there for the for the music itself and they kind of were just a second with the intelligent was it was made by the media and it was it was a backlash against the jungle because when if that’s intelligent was unintelligent so basically it was doing saying that jungles unintelligent music and a lot of people took exception Sharon Sharon well I mean anybody but in general I would kind of consider it to be intelligent just for the fact that the people were like really not so interested in the scene as much as interested in the music itself and you know really like that’s the beautiful part to me is like especially compared to you know comparing to like what you’re hearing now being produced is that there was a golden period for a lot of things going on there was a golden period like I was saying about cannabis and there was also this kind of of in the when it came to me there was a lot of amazing artists in those early 90s that were you know compared to now you they may not have been able to even be you know recognize compared to at that time period if you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah yeah so it wasn’t it was very it was a pretty awesome time to start a label but that same time the Rave scene in the that just like you were saying earlier about ecstasy obviously it’s kind of the number one thing people think of when they think of the rave scene but it’s synonymous with rain but London has been like a machine for the last you know 34 month it seems like 130 years now straight straight up one thing I would say before ecstasy came like there wasn’t this Unison like I’d ways of my black friends and we’d go to our sole parties on our Wiki dances and etcetera so only when XE came in obviously it was a love it was neuticle the the Love Bug generation because was loved up and all the football Hooligans kind of you know got on the Ecstasy and stop fighting it will everyone together it water leaves him together pretty it’s pretty awesome if you think about it from like a just a cultural point of view because like nowadays everything is so polluted when it comes to any of these drugs and the fact that you know it got it was like kind of slipped under the wire in a sense just because no matter how how mad you’d want to get at the people there isn’t it’s really hard to get mad at thousands of people not fighting and not having a bad time and hanging out and hanging with their you know it’s like people who never would have been in the same room together are all of a sudden are all of a sudden just you know talking for 12 hours straight home to you know Jah wobble in it during a after-hours party or something crazy and that was a you know the again those are those crazy periods like nowadays we can’t even think if those kind of events in any way shape or form now all of a sudden we’re in this whole other world which I’m not going to get into now I want to kind of talk about the past one in the the now and at the moment because you guys put out a lot of parties you guys put out a lot of a massive amount of Records and artists that now are still grinding you know the scene is kind of small I think the drum’n’bass things always been a little bit small compared to pop and you know bigger things that you know people recognize or radio played like here we don’t hear jungle on the radio or from a base ever unless it’s a car at like it doesn’t matter you know know not on the commercial radio but London how is it Ben how’s the scene I mean because back in the day there was a lot more underground radio things like that house how’s it been since you know what’s this smallest it’s been you what what year did you move back to America 2010 2010 okay so since then I think it’s really gone commercial yeah of course now I know I know I know it has in that sense but I mean back yeah give me a give us a timeline as far as the between because you guys ended in night in 2015 totally right welcome to the album was always told people to Golden over for me was nigh 72 72 2007 I think those were the best that was was the decade of the my opinion the best Tunes the best they’ve got I just think it was the golden hour and I think after after famous to you know what remember the end obviously yeah

yes yeah so I think we’re not closed our often government pays kind of change that kind of because the main hub for the part is in London kind of change and then it moves to fabric which was a bit more big emotion yeah you know is it his always had his ups and downs by still here I call it the boss of the stepson of of dance music schools it’s always fun to pain I guess I got you a like I even if even at like festivals I would like we look at all the tents that everybody had you know and then we get to the Drone base 10 it was always like the worst tent like it like the lame as I’ve been like really this is what we get this stage over here on the side everyone else has got like lasers and looking main stage side stage whatever they want because it’s some huge house event or whatever especially because like he was in Amsterdam in which is even more you know what what happens every year you know before anybody when it came to like we want to bring a lot of people together and everyone’s gonna be on drugs we already know it everybody who’s working there everybody like you’d go to these things and you be backstage you be like so the lighting guys everybody’s on drugs here I was like holy you know but it was good because it was the same Vibe it was a little bit you know weirder than it may be was at back of the day but it was still like this is maybe 10 years ago also last couple times I went to Amsterdam I didn’t go to any big festivals but you know pretty much the the yeah the the handicapped boy with the natural part about cannabis I think and probably ecstasy is probably the one but definitely cannabis is that cannabis is like that that mediator between everybody so like you’ll get places that realize that if you have a bunch of people getting together and getting high again you’re probably going to get similar Vibes that you would with all the football Hooligans taken ecstasy they need a little more extreme to make their ship calm down maybe but when it came to the average guy you get everybody really high and all of a sudden a guy who you know wouldn’t hang out with you normally is totally relaxed and chill but kind of I kind of felt that and the whole drum and bass world to that it was kind of like there was a probably 80% of the usage or something of cannabis I mean pretty high pretty high number I’d say well especially in those years when when the balance all can happens in clubland I think that had a very adverse effect on the club scene as well with as when the smoking ban have to oh yeah I had an adverse effect on the problem like 2000 or something like that wasn’t I guess a little later about 2005 you know it’s okay I can answer them maybe maybe two thousand four or five maybe a movement jury yeah it was weird places that you thought would never happen like now Amsterdam they’re gonna smoke till the end of the earth right and at a certain point they just people buckled you know so it’s I think that it’s like flying on planes now and as a kid I remember them when you could smoke on a plane oh yeah which is like totally weird and now now I still get on planes that have ashtrays which is weird I mean what the they still put his weird is that they had us why don’t they put exemption why don’t they put a USB plug where the ashtray used to be like since everybody’s looking for a USB plug no one’s looking for an ashtray but there was that time remember you could get on a plane and you sat here and you were not smoking and you sat behind that guy you were seeing more of you were like Elvis everywhere smoking wait a minute so the guy right behind me smoking a cigarette this is this is it maybe sometimes pull the curtain I was a bit mad thinking that back then you can smoke the dog the dangers of what could happen well I mean it sucks yeah for sure but it is kind of weird like that we’ve gone so we pendulum has swung so hard the other way that like we haven’t recognized cannabis yet like it would be nice if you could smoke cannabis Point even I can’t smoke anything but good good weed because he wants to smell your swaggy we’d we’re giving away everybody that used to be how it was on the the green tortoise bus that used to run all up and down from Washington all the way down south to California and it was a hippie bus and so you’d get on the bus and they’d say there’s no smoking tobacco on this bus and you like all finally this is great get get me to Cal Expo and style and I can get high the whole way a lot of us would not get pulled over on a regular know

no I need sleep on it you’d sleep like sardines style you know in it was great put your bike up on top you get where you’re going you got your bike with you that’s that’s a definite pull over right there poor overfitting the night absolutely the 90s were crazy dude yeah they were you didn’t realize back in the 90s how crazy it really was right we just we’re doing what we’re doing and nowadays the way I figured it is that we were on such a big bus and it was a converted School bus so you would if if you’re getting pulled over over you whatever you had on you it was not there when you got pulled over and we never got pulled over so I mean we were going to Cal Expo we didn’t have to have anything else you know it was a great place to go so so Clayton during those years because that’s actually the exact time when we did retox and Amsterdam that’s when I met you was probably 90 99 I guess with someone we didn’t resolve all of 99 and then a little bit of 2000 and then kind of fizzled I think around one or something so but those were the goal I mean we were able to pretty much through you I think on how at least half of our gigs I’d say we probably called you to least organized half I would think but those were like the days of some of the biggest artists that now I get a chance to show people like a mark who works with me I was playing some old-school drum and bass for him and for me it’s like a history lesson because I’m like oh this is from you know and I’m trying to remember I have to nowadays it’s like oh that’s who that is because I never knew the that play that song but I know all the songs you know but those are like crazy anthems in my head because I was from those living in lucky to be doing shows for those artists and you know getting to know to meet them deal with them directly without gosh what’s the name of this shop again what was it called hemp Works emperor so we had our hamster as are sort of Earth and we had ID who’s I’m think listening to the show probably but we had ID whoo is a great DJ herself and she’s from Israel so she always had that very militant te style of doing her things perfect she played it played like that too which is good but for that but she was awesome and worked for us over at hemp works and so our shop became kind of known as like the drum and bass spot for people to come and end up buying clothes hopefully well you have the best weed I love coming about dance and music is because I knew I was going to get the all I knew was gonna get the yeah we always we took we took care of our artists and we took care of people like you and friends of ours coming through because that was like the Welcome Wagon that cannabis Amsterdam Welcome Wagon because we want to make sure that because we knew it was like a heart heart it’s a tough world out there there’s like you could go to a place like like Amsterdam and not go to the right places and come home thinking you that all the weed sucks which happens to a lot of people they go you know that we’d sucks if you’re like double story no it doesn’t actually there’s a good weed everywhere you just have where did you go I went to the Bulldog wow exactly exactly and I think every genre everything of music is like that if people don’t know what you know what a good artist is and they’re like listening to the wrong and you’re like oh my God I can’t believe it but but over the years what did you like because your you kind of got I mean you stopped in 2015 because I mean it was the scene was getting like you said it was tooth by tooth have been conceded five years from the time when you pretty much realized it was completely dead and beat a dead horse or five years or what was that what was the reasoning there also that I love with the music the music changed to the point where I didn’t like what I was always hearing hearing and find out if you don’t like if you don’t like something it’s hard to make make a success of it and I just fell out of love with it the music thing as I got older I’m like you know what I’ve been doing this for 20 plus years I mean no I don’t love me no more right but just but as far as like Classics and family obviously still of drum and bass you just don’t live the new the wall less of the new Styles or is it going yeah is it too personal though because I mean that’s the thing as you’re like me with weed because if I don’t smoke certain people’s we’d just because I just don’t like the people I’m like an iced mocha that we like so so you might have that little bit kind of jaded side because you know everybody everybody knows you hello thinking so far as top bottom nice and strong base in my household if I do this liquid or old-school say I’m very detached from it that way now now that that was working that was a part of my life which I’m happy I was probably I mean when we first started out out one of the reasons why saw a java-based jungle was if you try to produce reggae or

regular influence it was like you’re trying to be Jamaicans if you’re doing a Hip Pocket trying to be American so jungle was the what was the thing that we can say apart from punk rock Jungle was the first music that you can say that it was UK born and bred and Export around the world so we require that that was something that we kind of found found and put together or almost than we could say that it was it belong to us the end of the UK for well yeah and not only just a servant to you personally a lot of it because your label was sort of if you go by just the quality of the people that are out there now and you take a look at any kind of Bring It Back you’re always like yep yep started they’re pretty much started their it all kind of came through through you at one moment there was a moment in time at least where you guys had finger on the pulse at least in my eyes for sure maybe some people don’t agree but definitely a my eyes because you guys put out bangers eyes are still relevant to this day you know because I was in it for so will you in something you don’t think a step back and see what you’ve accomplished will see what you’re doing I was told I was so hungover for who want to be the best but just put just put out a good product like I was saying to stop weeks ago like when I first started in um in the music thing I looked at it like how you’re selling weed or something that’s products right make your that everyone knows about it and If Everyone likes you they’ll come back for more top of things Oxford I have that kind of you you had your hus you had moved your hustle over to a different hustle and now and this was your and you’re good at it because Shuffle yeah exactly and that’s and that is now it is now more relevant than ever because now you get like you know everybody has to have a hustle because everyone’s losing their jobs everybody’s trying to do a little side jobs or second like trying to make it make things work and the whole idea of it is never changed for me I’ve always been like dude that’s just our life that’s what we do 24/7 right isn’t that what isn’t that what everybody does and most people aren’t like that most people are just figuring that out like you mean I have to do three things to survive it’s like yep we gotta do at least three because two of them are going to fail right but now that you’re not doing music I mean are you are you what’s your what’s your passion or what’s your what’s your direction because I mean I would think you’d put into the food for for not I’m sorry what I’m hoping to open a restaurant once you’re just a little cow being restaurant in between that I’ve thought of that like a t-shirt company where we doing you know t-shirts right there’s two there’s two right there bam he’s he’s already he’s already got my stew to see some familiar a lot of golf we’re just kids you need to have free hustles Screech streams of income here yeah it’s pretty cool because I’m a barfly my husband Arkansas Center to them L sent our lives and I stay Eskimos if I have to no I do know that I do know that for sure over the years so over the years it’s funny too because I try to explain you to people and it’s maybe a crude crude way of saying it and I hope I hope you don’t take offense I hope you don’t take offense but I was like yeah it’s kind of like the Suge Knight of the drum and bass world conservative but he didn’t really do it and it gets all sloppy at that point so then I don’t just just go Frank g qm c GQ for that he could send me the ship night of donbass and I knew I’d heard it before I know I didn’t make it up that was for sure I was like I heard people say it and but he’s and then I and then I follow it up with but I know him personally and he’s a sweetest guy ever so you kind of realize like these people are full of so but you can exploit you can tell me if there’s any real truth behind that most most of these is I’ll talk about and conflict to never happen there wasn’t I I wasn’t even able to answer to happen but you know what people want to believe that didn’t believe it but yeah I’m alright Mama do you know what my money’s oh yeah terrible I like that description what my background where I was I was on the street and that’s a hustle and and you know so I’ve got that mindset around around I’m not letting all the time and I’m just determined to do what I’m going to do and I rub people the wrong way but I can’t that NASA me I can’t change well speaking of Reverend people the wrong way anyway here we go we’ve opened again aware of no the you put a book out which I haven’t actually read which I feel bad now everyone asked me did you read it I’m going like no I didn’t read it I haven’t got haven’t got one in given to me it but no the tell us a little bit about that Venture because that’s that’s usually people get ghost writers and they don’t really write their own books and they’re all full of and it’s like 99 percent of

the books out there I think yours is the kind of true wrote it yourself put it you know pissed off a lot of people kind of book right Is What It Seems kind of course what they all just sit on saying to myself you know what what would you say if someone said what we’ve done for the last 25 30 years of your life one for you know what the best thing to do is not just put it down there a book so what why don’t know wrote bullying points because I forgot I can’t remember 50 years like wow that sounds rather I’m trying to practice the years and bloody 400 pages so anyway I wrote I wrote some bullet points and then well well bits and pieces that I want to Vietnam I went to Vietnam for two months it was Island because the World Cup was on so if it was a couple years ago I spent two months in Vietnam and whole tone of the show I wrote half the book I just felt like let me get in that headspace so so every day I’d get up get some food come back to the hotel to the right so I can full of weeks won’t somebody them come back and right so anyway I’ve got half the book done over there then I came back to London and I spent another six months are completing the rest and yeah it’s one of the books away what people say about this book they can tell it’s me by the way by the way he’s treating you have you say that I knew that I’ve seen little excerpt and I was like yeah it’s definitely him so that one that’s what I liked about it right away mole confident couple of you obviously my life in England they want to move to America and when I came back and then obviously father we can label didn’t battling depression and whatever whatever and yeah it was just like a story of my life or I just want I want to say from my point of view and it was just honest and raw yeah – I just torture people every week until him those stupid stories and man piss everybody off and they go like what the so that’s my that’s my book you have to give the pick it up in bits you just watch it on YouTube on fold over the course of eight years ago this guy this guy but so so you’re touched on the subject there which I think also this a couple reasons why I wanted to get you on the show one was just because because we have good history back in the day and I think all the people that I’ve met through you which was like verse was the first person that I think MC verse whoo who I think Ben was the the first M we had on the first party we had it with Usual Suspects and all that I’m sure you know somehow came through you I wouldn’t doubt right I don’t remember because it was it’s what I was like right away thinking to myself I was like did he actually I think he pretty much did her for helped us to put together the first party right what about fashion is a dish least consider you a friend knowin ya I know we had that we had the perfect connection with that with between her and use those for sure but Ben was the funniest because he was the most overly appreciative weed guy ever ever met definitely the industry hundred percent like he was just staring at Budds for like 25 minutes right just stared at him like I’d come back in the room like you still staring at the buddies like it’s just so beautiful man and I was like wow this kid really this kid loves yeah it’s true he does he loves weed and and I but I kept up with him over the years because he actually blew up started working with pendulum and doing big things you’ve put together so many or you been sort of behind the scenes on so many people’s huge careers do you still get residual things there’s any kind of like way to get or how does it work with how does it work with because you own the whole label right you did or you didn’t you know what I launched a lot of people’s careers I held bad I never done it I didn’t do it for anything in return that was just me no I wouldn’t I wouldn’t I wouldn’t even come in the studio with whatever whatever so yeah the list is endless of the people I don’t like items these but I was all those albums that you put out and things like that that are they so how does that work because I just one of those like it is it’s a weird genre because it’s like dubplates and people don’t you know there’s no reason doctors eventually turned into record so you asked on what happened obviously of the hardware and is there like a research of that those far as people now getting back into vinyl a little bit because of the fact that people are smart and figured out that it’s way better than than they’re not all there it’s back into the hole bottom of in again because team on average now you can fully so for 500 finals which back then we’d give away that Mars has problems too I’m shot so there’s a it’s a very niche market yeah you can a few labels on making a living out of your body it’s when the scene changed a lot when a man came in so that that went from people people can’t play still tuned now you can put

clear MP3’s so they had a very vast effect on the scene and the scene was all ready for that we were almost caught us by surprise but like is that wow you can’t you cancel that at that time 80% of our incomes income survival-based so that it’s not really hit hard when people started like the public stock vinyl started by an increase yeah is another turning point right it’s like it’s like one of those moments where you’re like Okay so now how is this going to work and it never is I gotta Buy The White Album again well I never really it was never really figured out I guess from that point on it never really got monetize properly right about 20,000 thousand records too set in 2008 called is right because I feel like it would be one of those maybe you know at a certain well it’s still going to be Niche niche no matter what because it it needs its Vision RA in a niche style which would be vital do you see any you see any uptick as far as people just now because now is crazy everybody has Spotify or whatever so they have access to millions of songs some you know there’s a few good ones in there but for the most part it’s it’s you know it’s lost its okay I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you another thing that was the death of so called gamma base that’s a hole in key freeze on the the quality control back and a was you have to you have to use your money to press the record so you have to master and etc etc that cost a lot of money so you have to be careful with what food you put out because you want to get a return on it nowadays with the hole five where you can have five levels because you’re not spending my money money they’ll digital releases so there’s no such as far as the quality control dust it will add a window now you have to shift through a lot of to find something good for years and years for the last he is also from this but it’s not there’s just a lot of out there you’ve got to Detroit and eventually you’ll find some good stuff well I think there’s also I think it’s one of those genres were a lot of people just think they think they’ve got something unique and then they really don’t realize how how the core core people have not that they’ve heard it all but there’s definitely it’s pretty hard to come into this be original when there’s so much history but base there and people don’t know if they don’t know their history they don’t know their future right that’s kind like with everything and we’re kind of in a weird space now where everybody’s and musical artists because they’ve got garage band or something and I mean it’s like yeah it’s like yeah my my my seven when my kid was seven he pulled a whole concert off playing garage man it’s not that hard it’s like my seven-year-old can do it in impress everybody is like wow he’s really good it’s like it’s not that it’s not that hard it’s just that it’s it’s way easier than it was back in the day when people actually invested shitloads of money you know and had this had to make that sales right so when you say you’re opening a restaurant is that like you’re going to be something you’re going to cook at or is this something that you’re going to just yeah yeah yeah it’s a Caribbean theme yeah yeah plus three or four years ago the good thing about the only this one we say about covid most of the events in London now very sit down intimate where you’re sitting down having to listen to music because I’m also if you know about it but now you can’t stand up up you can’t stand up when you go outside to do these you got sit down and because of the whole good feeling so most of the most locomotives are now doing events where it’s warm front of people sitting down well that’s weird yeah that’s weird the government for a place for order in law Suite with a music can’t be higher than 85 decibel which believe me is not not loud you know so why the government is trying to to see more of it well if you’ve been keeping keep him off my yeah I mean I haven’t into important I mean I could not as obviously can’t keep up to date with the UK seen as much as you as you are but at the same time I’ve seen like how its the hole industry here the industry’s crushed I mean people there shows if you look up and right now it says you know everything says next year around the same time so if you could just imagine imagine the amount of money loss that’s going on on a daily basis in the industry here there everywhere it’s just it’s creates insane right it’s like it’s billions and billions of dollars that aren’t being generated and yeah so it’s I mean I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of Fallout over there where people are now realizing like they’re how fragile the whole industry was when what so joy for the first three or four months I was that are we it’ll blow over and let solid last week off for it’s been months not nothing’s going to change that the government is saying the earliest anything’s going to go back to normality is this time when I say no attitude is never going to be free color with how we know it big events

but if there’s going to be some type of normality coming back it’s not gonna be told at this time next year and I’m not sure if the scene can survive because it will will it will will you listen it’s it everyone is going to figure out how to forget all of this and you’ll have your scene everyone will it’s the need to come together and share music you know camaraderie is still there we just can’t fill that need right now and and so it’s I think it’s just a momentary pause in life you know it’s like that yeah yeah gravity of course everyone line of course of course it will come through in some way there’s going to be a lot of Fallout though it’s going to be like over here some of the most legendary clubs are all never going to be okay there’s no way that they can survive and so something will open in its place yeah I mean it it’s a good crazy thing for especially for a situation like there where it’s like you know such a thriving seen that’s totally the six billion and yeah I’ll say it again Billy it’s been in the industry and so do you friends who opens pretty much screwed and then going to help when the government came out last week I’m like you know what and then one in the Arts industry you need to kind of you know retrain for a new job what someone 45 years old or 50 or whatever how are they going to be training for new jobs new ones I could could you know about well I I mean here here they’re here they’re trying there’s there’s there’s a temps and we’re lucky enough to have a little bit more space here so there’s lots of you know Drive-Ins and lots of attempts to make things work but it’s still not the same you know I mean it’s like if you have to stand six feet apart at an event where you’re normally packed you know I mean there’s just really no in-between right it’s kind of tough tough one so yeah this scene is pretty pretty toast I mean I listened in 1918 there was a bad flu right then came up with a some type of treatment it worked right don’t even start down that road oh don’t even start you know I know everything just go you can’t go to school in the United States without showing your kids have been vaccinated you know that’s that’s going to be and that’s what is the travel part that’s going to be worse yeah it’s going to listen we’re going to have to get over it’s not a conspiracy to take away anyone’s freedoms or to give anyone autism or anything like that we’re trying to find a way to go back to the where we can have a thriving robust music scene cannabis seen economy you know I will we’ll cross that bridge when we get there I want to come back in the studio I want to look at people again you know I i i’m I’m really I need it I need I need there to be some light at the end of the tunnel you know I didn’t is not going to be this way forever no so so you already have a location for this place or for the refreshment or you’re kind of working on a lottery well I’m trying to in the next couple weeks I’ve got I’ll call you to say too much because the flag now I’ll get ya it should never should say anything unless you got it they sign the deal unless you sign in the she signed it don’t talk about it right like show doing a show how’s it going the t’s and cross ties with a little something like that yeah a hundred hundred percent that’s one of the first things I learned being you know promoting and doing those shows is that like it’s serious when people want to get paid and you got to make sure you take care of them and all those little basics of second things and it’s not that hard and you can do it and be good which is you know where you can pick and try to try to not do it it won’t last very long you know so so it was definitely a good person it’s a good good learning all the time somewhat you were bringing up on the vehicle side truck about a mental health oh yeah yeah yeah bring it up the me when you get into the scene you just think it’s all good and your father on planes going on in the world and what know what yeah you did there’s that part but there’s also that other part of running the label or running the club club night and having the stress know if you lose money and just an iPhone so that’s what that was after his last thoughts as well because it was it was damaged in my mental health and that’s what you know what but no amount of money’s worth that damaging your health Mental health so that kind of you know so I’m on the road to recovery I’m feeling better because I don’t have the day-to-day stress is now of the needs of business because it can be cool you know like I have access to good weed weed it’s really helped

my mental health well our notion smoke weed pot I’m an addict know it doesn’t it doesn’t really help my depression I smoke because I’m trying to forget about all the in the world that’s how it started I wanted to just think you know what for that little while but now I’m addicted to I need it every day and if I don’t have it I’m not on our special you know maybe you should eat some because it slows slows you right now really really want to smoke but I can’t I want to get into the whole Vape thing in the whole oils and I’m trying to pull down that road because I think it’s I think it’s over I’m not involved with this what is that you’re doing the same thing I showed you this office look awful you still get high I hope so usually hope it’s like I crossed my fingers like please work please don’t make me keep smoking sometimes it worked you know the thing is whereas tell people is that this actually does not get me as I smoking weed gets me high like smoking weed makes me lose my keys this makes me think about swapping more of this that’s kind of where it goes to smoke some more of that it tastes pretty good well that’s me it tasted really nice maybe I’ll smoke some more of that but if I smoke a joint I’ll be like where’s my keys I just had them to say go it is like somehow I’m just you know completely and that’s it and I know my official it’s official at that point when I lose my I’ve literally lost my but yeah and I get high I don’t get it I don’t get it as high as most people but right now wait till the 5280 challenge yes I did enjoying Edibles really I found a new Edibles are good so like I was saying earlier if you do Edibles you could figure out your dosage pretty fast if you’re like if if that’s why you smoke you don’t like you could like immediately cut that in half just by eating them the right Edibles because at the end of the day you’d be like okay like I said you think about getting high but you wouldn’t do it you just feel like I don’t need to it’s okay boom I’m already there whereas the minute you kind of do it from that point of view of just like reciprocate you know to keep doing this too much investment and you know what I have to say eating Incredibles as much as I have been lately it’s you you know everyone well it can take between 30 minutes and 27 hours to come on it’s not with this with EI I take it and 60 Minutes boom I’m there that’s really all it takes for me so 50 milligram gummy 60 minutes later I’m good for sure for sure so so yeah I mean if cannabis isn’t the thing what do you do mostly for what’s your what’s your regiment what’s your kind of go to hell I’ll just just before I go yeah I think that’s a weak man but but so yeah so don’t fall off the wagon because of us oh and I hope all the time I’m just your phone for watching most of the day on high so they go I see it is official you’re you’re good at for you if you’re high all the time most of the time than you are a hundred percent good and I’d say I think it is I think there’s no real long there’s definitely no long term negative side that weighs any kind of positive for sure the positive for me is that I’m much more tolerant people all the time and I think that’s huge for everybody else like you I think right now for all of us people are short temper their on edge and I mean and I’m just like NQ of and level killed always have been just because the smoke a lot of weed and I think that’s I think it’s important for everybody because if you like like even just you talking about the stresses of running a label I automatically think back to yeah I probably lost money on like 80% of the show’s I did just because I loved the music and love the vibe but I didn’t make any money and I lost money or me I might have broke even but there very very very few shows that we do make any money and I was always just about like pay everybody then your feel good about yourself and if if you if I can get lower than that is a then is a real show and then the to you you take it on personally just like you do because it’s sucking part of your like you know somebody out there is pissed off because they lost money on a show because they thought they’re going to make money and it’s like up to them to promote it proper and you below the morning is on the way more chance of going to the casino I’m doing red or black then you have put on making money it’s that simple I wouldn’t advise anyone to do yes it’s not know know hundred percent % like it’s

definitely and then if you love like for me I’d be like sometimes I’d go home and really just think like you know really that was like me hiring that like digital to come play for me and you know I mean like personally and I got to hang out with them but you know it cost me if I can two grand you know whatever whatever for the night you’re just like well at least I got at least I like that at least it’s not like I walked in waxed and waned the one who the is that guy you know so we always hire we always got people that we wanted to hear through ID is always good because it was always like okay we got to do you know hang out and be with the first way to make I mean occasionally you made something but it was it was all for the love but for me it was also promotion for my company so it was didn’t matter it was like you know I got to hang out with people give away a bunch of clothes even more lose even more money there you go if that’s the ticket I see but that is the way things are happening now and all over the you know every genre that Dan visitor and lost fifty million dollars last year year of other people’s money trying to start a label of cannabis label because it’s not easy it’s like you got to be real you got to be authentic and that’s what I like about you is you 100% authentic so your and that’s you put the label represented was kind of like real authentic DJ’s that are talented and they didn’t there’s nobody’s lazy you know what I mean like like only only only people high energy kind of came off that label seem seem like it was a good time and I was you know yeah it was It was a it was it was great so beside me and besides verse who else was a big smokers out of that crew or everyone let’s see ya Yin he and we also have that was Adam strain is bubblegum why pretty much everybody that came through from your crew crew he’s an odd one out I know and a few people in there that didn’t that from there maybe be but people came through but for the clue clue didn’t smoke loot was not a smoker remember Clute it’s me when I was about it he was like it was like not don’t tell smokes like okay came through wrong party did you come this playing on stage was that you was that you’re strong it was me and my friend mouth actually actually you know what and that was Monica’s boyfriend remember Monica right below the purple haired chick from Amsterdam DJ so demonica so that was her boyfriend who brought the seats to Amsterdam and then him and I kind of did this collection together but it banana and then I put it out as a through th seeds but that was our that was our strain that we probably had the most sort of influence within drum’n’bass where people just remembered that you know they come to Amsterdam they just smoke a lot of weed but they smoked some Sage they’d be like that’s different right well I was trans have you come up with over the years well the MKUltra was a big one that was from a that was wounded the Kush basically got brought over to to Amsterdam and then worked from there and then like the Penske tush old school was like the heavy-duty fruity and chocolate chunk and a few other big strains like that then the hog was one of them that we want a cup with us lately there’s been a whole bunch out there still working and he is French so all of our stranger French face cream like French macaron and French cookies and I’m like any everything’s French now I’m safe there’s lots age what the last Sage I almost lost it I almost lost it it was like the last Sage are you kidding me me my last say lasse just speaking of last thing I’ll say there he is I was just asking we will see who else is a big smoker here’s my big smoker right here this is it is what happens to you when you come 18 years old to the Amsterdam and get all high and how old are you 19 20 you were young how old were you getting high for the first time in Amsterdam when he was 19 no it was no use he was already good night like we hear you know in Cornwall it’s still connected coming he’s coming he’s coming coming there we go yes there he is yes you can change your background to if you want to hide it hide all those do you want to put a mask on hide all the porn that’s fine if you want to put a mask on will all put masks on together it’s okay I’ve got the facial recognition of his he’s figure it all out you should have told us before we put put the promo not because it’s just your face on it so so bad I don’t know

welcome to the show glad you still glad you could stay up on a Friday night past 12:00 I’m impressed that’s right we’re done zooming in from 55 in Majorca and Polly oneself in yoga miacca mate Island life isn’t an island isn’t he’s an Asian America which is off of you know where my room you know where it is don’t where are you in Mallorca off of Spain little island of psyllium come on oh nice get your G very nice what is this what does this you have cannabis que es Esto something grown-up the end locally there it looks like looks like some local local produce thing is like that 25 26 degrees centigrade and success 55% humidity so basically it’s like the optimum growth so grows mostly yeah that’s nice to hear so you don’t you don’t really need to bring we’d they’re basically so you’re saying because America League and that means everybody’s got 10 the two pints per person or is it to plans for property it just got a good person oh yeah household yeah what to live with you for household only and everyone goes to anyway I’d whatever it’s Spain they don’t give a yeah nobody cares remember those pictures of the sage back in the day we one seed Li the entertainment trees like it’s literally one plant can be like 15-foot tall nice so Jackie salute so so so that makes you happy I happy man I guess I was explaining earlier that you were the only guy that I saw who actually could stare at a bud for 20 minutes and just literally not not not looking after stared at for 20 20 20 minutes I think solid solid go home in get absolutely just like it was I thinking he fell in love right there I saw it I saw it in front of my eyes it was crazy I was like guys in love agents our and cushions hayaku if I see some things we didn’t say strains we didn’t think that there’s some strains there so so when you first came out to Amsterdam like I said how old were you then that wasn’t anyone’s yeah the yard think you were even younger I think you and I firstly thinking maybe even younger it was funny because I really got to see your career blossom into something pretty big because you got to go move on from there and then front for pendulum and be a sort of hype hype man jumping off and almost has like damn it what there he is tell us how that all goes away it was evil and it will never be repeated and then from that a few of us went off into different things and yeah I think I found it was my mate jokingly suggested you know just starting seeing for this little thing I think you know could be quite you know you could get quite busy work everyone one thing nobody really had a had a clue what it would turn into it went from being one really Big Tuna odd way called for and then it was that was it and it was suddenly like you know is a tantrum that into a band and before we knew it it was like you know rooms on the main stage at Glastonbury in that for Beyonce and he was just like wow in the space of literally seven years mental you get high once I don’t think I know that herb and I all the goats she’s got a female bear than they would smoke all in and then she gets her yeah right what’s your question most memorable gig have all those years with with pendulum the one after that the only thing you don’t even Glastonbury is pretty sick and then we did the last show we did in purpose pretty men will because yeah that was like the last tip when you that was gonna be the last show but then we did shows like we were on after slip knot for Metallica with that was pretty mental we did and we were on tour with Linkin Park in America so we did all the all the different different Chicago Bulls arena Madison Square Gardens done and then went toward Nine Inch Nails in South America as well and then yeah just there’s a lot of shows man and any kind of went online because it was abroad I don’t think UK realizing these things on and now like you look back here that it’s all on YouTube making everything recorded so it’s like it’s just funny looking back over the years not mine I know now like yeah there’s no gigs anywhere and everybody’s packing

trying to do something different and it’s pretty mad times in it what made you move to New York or someone else we can put salt on we’ve got some business yeah I was going to be through a lot and if I was Finding I really wanted to leave England because I’ve got divorced most memories in England the way to get out and then then my make Joe here I was in a meeting for and you know that’s life and I left there and I came here and I realized like it’s actually you know it’s a really good standard of living is the airport’s the busiest in Europe pretty much you can fly anywhere it’s cheap food all the foods organic from the island and then I got stuck you in lockdown and they’re not just the start of the movie basically paneer for a year now so you could have wound up in worse places yeah not a bad luck lockdown no I’ve been up be lucky to travel all over the world and every this place is this is got like mountains it’s like Jurassic Park I can be it’s one of those places will driving along and it wouldn’t seem weird of the pterodactyls glued and equality I’m sensing a remote show from this island Adam here here they have kind of his cups there and which pretty much decriminalized unless you’ve got like some guy got caught with 760 plants Outdoors $200 fine yeah thank you Miss oh excuse me but it’s not it’s like it’s look it look it slipped out tomorrow either chocolate chunk or Acorn I don’t know which one buddy he flooded the island with it for years keep your eyes out for all right let me still there hey Mike age Christian Church plan the whole time was to get you into turn into the host did you ever get tired and forward because yeah it seems so Glamorous you’re jumping on planes but surely as artist takes emotional and physical toll doesn’t it Bravo and and especially when the the Revival of you know / you know problems in your in your personal life and then you have to go out and tour personally I wish I was never I was never like me lady with a prior you know it’s never like never like $300 or always try to hold it down and also would pull you know Paul’s life he doesn’t he doesn’t go out you can get up he’s always on time and that really helps so that that was easy to travel with someone like that you because it goes because he grew his beard out that’s why he became an oil he became a normal person at that point it was like Hey I’m a normal guy with a big beard he didn’t okay let’s talk about key and we fle he didn’t do keep meeting where where where was with them cause also them in grow from a 17 year old to making the biggest win of the year to go down for on the world sometimes sometimes successfully too quick and too much drugs very young young like me thinking he’s doing Gary’s my like I got Optical Optical one guy down a little hard and even then I’ve done I’ve got all that our system and all that sniffing all that panel that by the time I got the hardware is what it was all about we oui weed weed weed weed weed nothing else but key and then all those other they’d never done them so yeah pull that kind of and you’re a bit older it’s a pretty dangerous place like this you got money and young got beer at work or it because you make your own hours you can basically just get it as early as you want and it’s how long was a bit of string line and you give someone a length of rope there and you think that needs to be not a committee but there needs to be something in place to talk to the young artists coming through and warn them of the pitfalls like right sounds good we’re touring around the world but if you’re if you’re not taking up its not looking after yourself physically and mentally it’s gonna catch up with you at some point point yeah you’ve seen crash and burn in this scene been I’m over it know what it is remember back in the day

when you will into fabric back in the day and it was on the stairs life this like you know best little bit of that nobody’s macro dosing anymore everyone’s only microdose and no no now that happened back in the day we’re what year is back in the day things like 2000 2001 and that was when he was lying and all the people from that era super we’ve all been a little weird actually even if you go into to a family wedding now right it’s always the fourth year old while he’s come out the toilet at halfway through the waiting is buckled cheeky one them them to look for you later and it is mad to live during transport Trainspotting are basically yeah yeah Eric older than us here is well then crack and then before that is proper drugs like heroin come on water you know the water department has like the total finger on the pulse of London like they know exactly like every weekend tons of em D Omega somebody that you would swear used MDMA floods the system right away oh look at this they can see it’s like a giant like yeah it’s literally like a giant you know example of what’s Happening internally in London any given moment and so like it’s all cocaine and during the weekdays and then straight up and ecstasy on the weekend flattens back out of cocaine cocaine steady it never stops it just has a certain ratio but they so glad I have a septic system yes yours is I don’t know what’s going on in that septic system so so you did you post it also in my wall so I was you guys some sort of a gig going on out there Ben Ben yeah basically I was wrong about mowing by closing and I was going down the road seemed amazing places like fingers like I thought I could get a business because no one can travel exact covid I thought you owned a house here in your German or Dutch or English whatever you’re probably pretty worried about your property because in Spain if you leave it unattended for three months people can or people squat basically and you can sir be really hard to get them out so for I’ll start to company where by I just hope you know Luke go to people’s houses check their okay take video footage drunk footage have a party so I moved there for a week live it live there for a week have a party and and it’s been really well accepted by I know I think people are more is it started really well so you know so it’s like you know I’m essentially just going there and taking pictures it’s pretty easy job and it’s going to it means that I can just have an income island I know you’re hitting the reset button for them on that three months wind up with squatters so every time you go you know you extend the shelf life of that house for at least another three months because you get in there it’s good service it’s a good time yeah I like it I like it why don’t you just get so we’d in all of the houses then she is make music of course seven genes coming up in the next three months in productive but there’s not enough money in that unfortunately so so all the money he’s engaged yeah 35 shows cancelled let’s wow so you get to rehearsals to go bro you got a lot of work to do we got to yeah three hustles we’ve already figured this out of the show three hustles in here we go we got one good one you got one good one you’re missing the other big one which would be your live shows now now we got to have another two more so it’s okay it’s okay Ben I have faith in you I know you’ll do it it times and testing me can imagine being in London must be I don’t know what it must be like it’s my toy unibody there right now he’s losing his mind I went out a couple weeks ago when I was small couple dings and they’re everyone’s been everyone’s in complaining then because like you know going from four gigs of weeks more gigs for six months vehicle our purpose one for a lot of people a few people succumb get money from the government because they want to be clearing obviously the events you know and yeah it’s tough from the government so oh yeah you have got you know in this country so I don’t

if you keep up with but anyway the guys from the government said that the Arts industry everyone needs to find a new career pretty much lat really trying to her that re triumphs here in the US they Broadway just announced that they’re not going to open until summer of 21 when there saying they will wow wow yes I know it’s been it’s been a complete show everywhere as far as entertainment industry industry has gone through the roof you just have to watch South Park and you get all the the official numbers it is 400 percent increase in South Park right now yeah take me to take her to Farms had a 400% increase so I think that’s right about on the money but ya know over here it’s been Full full steam ahead on the Cannabis because everybody’s sitting home smoking weed smoking more with the the government said cannabis is an essential service in Colorado and then that was it ever around and yeah exactly you worked in the industry man flash your badge it’s crazy my dream is to get the concrete Kirsch I want to get that car only that the time and they they grow that at fourteener how’s how’s Derek doing this listen there’s correct Derek is doing good is good I went over to the encoder Incredibles Workshop the men at the correct Workshop and song the other day it’s like he’s like the bad Professor now he’s got like just projects going in every direction but yeah yeah just Colorado Colorado Springs Italians you remember and Derek Derek and Ted’s the last time we were in Studio I think didn’t he like take apart a betamax with a toothpick and then put it back together something like that something like that he’s always tinkering on something and building some of these get I think he built one with his 3D printer you know he’s going to be the first person to successfully 3D print cannabis that’s my prediction is he DNA one the 10 G’s like I’m bored of that the ago that serious guy knows what he’s talking about right right here you see how it see he’s well trained well China well then they got then the DNA’s guys gotta take that thumbs down off the the YouTube thing then since they got it was lovely but when you get that original orange you know that it’s like did you see clearly see Clayton how appreciative of been is of Kings by far the most appreciative in drum’n’bass I already gave him him that that time ago years ago people that love we got Ben well I speak a bit about we did the passion in his face and The Voice yet it’s like he said my name was on it yeah and he see now he’s grown he’s grown up well he’s showing us jars of weed where it’s always a good sign yeah I’ll show you something get been some seeds man get him some seeds to this island is the whole – island did you say to this island yes so the island yes Jean not here that he says already there bro but your stall your strains man all the other ones you’ve just done in the last few months no obviously not now the basic date is blowing my cover every way he can Dave might as well get the GPO look at this look at this fresh fresh fresh nice niceness we got going on here it turned invisible what you have it looks awesome I see it then what’s it Western we got going there this is little taco this day Hayes I think it’s least likely call you that was good it’s a good hash maker by the way and this is the Army you know the core car across roof July so it’s I could be interesting man in the world I don’t think you can smoke yet though I think if the wait I think it’s a little French look a little fresh my opinion and then was he like two three weeks in a job but it’s the humidity humidity that you were talking about the temperature and stuff what’s your what’s your dry time like how is it working next 10 days takes about 24 hours here in Colorado so you kind of lucky yeah I just bought a new humidifier for my dry room I was just like what a weird world we live in Heidi Heidi humidifiers for the dry the room I need a bigger one yeah it’s crazy it can write in a jar even this like you

yeah yes sir so you’re planning on staying there it sounds like for a bit huh yeah I’ve got mine appointment to get residency on the first Point Benson yeah y’all get residency out there destroy them yeah it’s really easy I know yeah there’s a big scene as well if the drum and bass nobody thinks I’m Yorkers like that seemed to draw about you always think of magaluf but all of those people love jungle and as soon as it’s ready to go on a daily weekly night here as well wow yeah yeah try to get away hehe Clayton try to get away they’re going to pull them back back he’s gonna pull them back and slowly it’s gonna be like I told you not to I’ll never do this you’re gonna have to clean the gonna have to do a 30 year you must be a lot about it I should get a purple heart for gallantries the matter of service are putting in my uncle I’ll tell you a funny story though though um up until about a year ago I was very you know what this drama Boots the new producers like the ancient don’t know what they do and it’s not it’s not that it’s just a new generation who are going to take it and make them put their own twist on it and I’ve got as someone who helped shape the scene I’ve got to be like you know what take it over and I’m not I’m not kind of try to I don’t know what I’m looking for try to keep it how it was it’s going to change a shellacking that’ll put the because because well it’s funny because I was looking at I was looking when we were talking about doing the show I was punching in Renegade Hardware and then like the first things that were popping up or like 2000 and dogs on acid or something things and I was like oh man I’m having a flashback now so like I started looking at the thing is like look at this is crazy cuz it was like there’s so much so much has happened you know those years that didn’t get documented you imagine if we had the internet doing the most days in exactly I know exactly like we were the last ones to get away with like maybe a few cell phone cameras and a few shots here and there but there was nobody had high quality nobody had high quality video like nowadays and I think that’s also probably part like why the scene will never be the like it was because you know there’s the see that hole thing of going out partying late come on leave it on a a Thursday and coming on a Sunday those days are kind of not happening anymore you know take my last name known in the MV is for you know I don’t know I think I think if the music doesn’t move forward to make it sick too and then for the next two months of all just copy it and then longing I don’t know if you remember for the last copy is the big thing is not all foghorn foghorn one spoonful cones imaging video made it famous and now everyone which is a full-blown right like we should like come on man come up with something new that how simple well it’s not complicated going on moment there’s I think what I’m not something I’m always honest broker in Lahore and going on around because there’s too much folklore and Leghorn more cowbell we’re calvo we didn’t work out as well more X naught accordingly and please yeah I guess I think one of the problems now back in the day you could he’ll want to know who the producer was good but you still have their own sound each camera of those are now everyone sounds like everyone great the same as the genres like now I’m lost I don’t forget anything I’ll be like what is this is what is this supposed to because it’s got every freakin try to put like a dog’s breakfast every time where there’s like nine different things happening at the same time where you’re like I always unclassifiable in my mind but we’re getting into that zone where there’s a lot of that you know aspects you know whether strains that are getting all just copy-cat because that’s the thing with strangers and I always compare music and and producing music and producing cannabis as being very similar it’s very like kind of like real obvious in my mind just because we put something out people can copy it they can take a clone that can make mm clones sell it to other people make more money off of it than I had made like I just gave you one clone you just sold how many new made how much like holy so there’s all that kind of Going on the backstabbing and so I can flip flop and once you get it you get it you know you steal it you steal it you know you’re all nice to people until you get it in the home so you’re not nice to meet you there’s all these little weird weird parallels you

know and so I always try to explain it to people like cannabis and music production are very similar they both have the same pitfalls which is like you’re giving people you know something that’s intangibles but tangible you know when it comes to the money because that’s for sure but sure you get it I’m Still rocking old stuff I got him here which is actually everyone’s favorite thing now again it’s like back up again it’s like oh yeah 11 the MK I gots agents our name came front of me right now and I don’t and I still got the Burmese Kirsch and I’ve got cushy age and I’ve got all those I got those and then I got a few new things I got some seeds but you see crosses obviously that have been doing to but the moment the hard part is keeping the originals alive so don’t lose those and then the new stuff just kind of comes and goes holy smoke about the original Sage cut then the one like the arrhythmia actually had a tissue cultured from our buddies and get me back soon so yeah cleaned up and ready to roll right and I’ll never forget you like you know when Adam was at renegade hard because the whole freakin place to start the Pied Piper you’ve covered in Black yep he’s here what is that gasps milk yeah it was always it was always funny because it was like the sage definitely like I said a clean people people remembered that because they smoke amnesia amnesia amnesia and boom all of a sudden they get some Sage man with the is head trauma it was the TV dominant wasn’t it yeah it had their it had that Sandalwood he kind of edge that Everyone likes that I think in the end it made it more of a like it definitely hit every Bell and whistle which is but it’s important yeah speaking of hitting all the bells and whistles we’re going to wind down in like 10 minutes because out of the hour and a half at that point and I I got another guest but we wanted to have ID come but I know she’s got a tough you got kids work give me nine excuses before I could ever even say don’t worry about it it’s all good because she I know she wanted to be here but also also then you’re going to be I guess you’re stuck there right here and stuck in Paradise tough I think we need to look that way what’s the girl’s life over there Ben we love that conversation I’m actually going to say that good just like that I’m not sure but I’m one of the Barcelona Treasurer if you go to Barcelona you have to go see our friends at treasurer ptas and he’s he’ll give you a free entrance and free membership and free joint and take care of you and just tell talk to me ideally it’s a done deal though let’s see there’s this little Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam you can ask the waitress for the done deal there too it’s not going to work but just it’ll be funny she’s been asked many times now but it’s still not working one more question yeah who’s got the remote has got the best week is a California it depends yes when it comes to overall overall if you really put the numbers together they’ve got more people doing it they’ve got more history but a tell you what we do have here is better hash we crush the hash because our conditions are better we’re high altitude Roadie Mile High which is like going to save your equipment right because it’s got to work less and on top of that we have dry conditions right so it’s dry and high altitudes which doesn’t work so then what happens is we grow good weed weed and we can’t I cure it properly because it’s like it gets too dry like you pull it out every time you pull it out it gets drier whereas Where You Are then if you take it out on his sweater right it’s like I’ve put it in fact so it’s the opposite problems it’s almost like a paper bag in the sun Fun little ones yeah you might forget you telling me you said when you’re in when you’re in Cali like when you’re in New York you can say say I’ll call you from Canyon I was like Wow but we knew in Carly can never say to a

California yeah I’ve got weed from New York but it just wouldn’t be even though some of the weed coming out here to be better than the weekend Kelly Massachusetts is impressed there’s a few states that like have their own little reputation where you’re like you go really like Vermont always had that at one point Vermont had good weed and still does I’m sure but like definitely Massachusetts if you’ve knowing you’re in the know you know there’s some good weed there like we had earlier the um dog comes from there so that’s like prevalent July good campers and their states that Colorado has great Growers believe me there’s good we do not just you can’t really hold on to it very long and you can’t drive good and it’s a pain in the ass there’s a lot of we have issues regarding issues over here but I like that better I’d rather have a dryer then wetter though because the weather sucks right man whatever whatever letter just sweater sucks sucks with killed your weed right sits up yeah but it grows well well so you ever going to get into growing their you think about me now with your restaurant you should do a little you should start to grow heavy restaurant grow your own vegetables couple weed plants Clayton to me yeah what think so I’ve got a list of the car about four five years ago for growing weed in my life so that’s it you already got your to give us for growing damn okay well let’s forget about it yet all right I tried I thought it maybe I had a new career for you I was like if he’s just good at as he is producing and making love out proper records and I was that close to going to jail when I was like that don’t need that so I’ll just stick to my mind it’s like that was before before is that was what will still like in the in-between phase or there was somewhere along the way no there’s about four five years ago I don’t know damn okay well we almost had a career if we almost changed changed correct cool cool we got our next guest coming up so I want to thank want to thank Clayton thank you Ben yeah open up and telling us a little bit about it a little bit about the Renegade Harvest and we’ve already put the link up on the the chat so if you’re interested check that out check out the discography and check out just online it’s all there you can look at some it endless web of talent if he’s once you start if you use Renegade Hardware as a sort of starting point and just Branch out from there you’ll feel you’ll run across an incredible library of some of the best trauma Bay’s out there I guarantee you in physicists thought my podcasts on idea I will get you as a guest on them actually oh I’m down you know I love talking about myself that’s happiness that’s obvious right what what no one ever said that seriously all right well thanks for thanks for checking in in finally and Ben thanks for checking staying up and hanging out showing us your weed it’s great to see how to make a choice I’m coming out she’s not peace alright my friend thank you ma’am thank you wow Wow this is our department will get that wet how do we who do we boom – the bottom look at look how smooth I mute yourself oh yeah Shady unmute yourself sit hey there Shady exoti Sunshine like I said we have a friend named Clayton’s label so it was one of those like one oh nice almost looks like one of our Flyers we got the names they look they lined up perfect so shady and how do you pronounce your last name this we don’t that up too on top of everything now it’s a me baby okay cool shoddy Ramey nice we met think we met like about at the Expo back in the day yes yes cool nice to see you again and so you’ve been in the stain of the space obviously staying within the him space and and the organic sort of Realm here and now it’s funny because my funny it was just coincidence like interesting but empty I was saying like she’s a micro chef with the of my crochet I’ll try to look it up and I was trying to figure out it out and I couldn’t figure it out I was like dude what the microphone oh make sense now so explain explain that title just since that the title of a big nerd and I just I love mushrooms so much and I like to just just working with culinary and medicinal mushrooms on different levels doing different projects and I like to like really nerd out and immerse in one mushroom

and where as much as I can about it and then work with it for a while and then on to the next mushroom kind of what I’m up to and and so in this case so is this cookbook basically cannabis and mushrooms mixed already or is it kind of one new new chapter literally in your life now it’s mostly hemp okay it’s hand although there are a couple of mushroom hemp mushroom recipes in there because they go really well together yeah I would yeah definitely definitely 100% they do so I was already like okay that seems like a logical step step so so the micro Chef is from like just all constant that’s pretty much your self proclaimed I know at this point or maida or like you’ve created your own genre let’s say at this point yeah I think there are there are some other people doing that to I’m really into like I mean yeah I have a background in anthropology and that’s like had it was a degree I went to school for and sound like interested in like cross-cultural psychedelics I’m interested in hopeful mycology yeah and then and then and then this is the book that you wrote which is him could save the world right is sort of a is that you know to Jack or is that just kind of like the reality that because mushrooms can save the world to I think there’s there’s there’s definitely definitely those two things combined should save at least two or two worlds right I mean we should be able to double down on that double down because I think I used to I used to be under the impression that it was only cannabis because of Jerry Jack’s book and and and you know his whole $100,000 challenge and I was like well there’s nothing else I could do it but now when I look at mushrooms I kind of think maybe mushrooms could do it too because they are pretty much as versatile if not more maybe because there’s so many kinds of mushrooms and absolutely absolutely yeah it’s amazing that there was just the Telluride Mushroom Festival and it was just amazing to see what people are doing with mushrooms in the capacity like like just what to what you’re sweet you’re saying about really seem to like packaging or something like that those are the coolest there’s coffins packaging like phytoremediation bioremediation all kinds of stuff so they call 3 & 1 phytoremediation casket right yeah I think I said how many cats do you need anybody to fight over mediation that for ya I’d be down for sure for sure that I be psychedelic in a little while words like would like would like would you be like the whole process is we’re going to put you in this you know psilocybin type of mushroom spore chamber your you going to go into the Earth and when the Mushroom sprout up people are going to eat and get guy that’s just special one I want that mazing Yeah But Dinah Dinah write that down so quickly put together start it I started because I started growing hemp in 2015 and yeah I was just like living with the plants every day and this Vibes in and then starting to make different kinds of food and having the opportunity to like juice and do all kinds of stuff with the leaves and just having to access to it and then just nerding out again like immersing in it and kind of going Way Beyond the like sprinkle on a salad and it kind of just going deeper deeper and then know I was really interested in like again the cross-cultural application of cannabis in general and so trying to rip off that a little bit and learning about different cultures and their connection to cannabis and some of their food culture and that’s that’s how it started and then it ended as like a like more of like an environmental thing in a call to action because while about a year ago I had reached out to some self-proclaimed leaders and in the Cannabis space about printing on him em and they were like pooh-poohed it and they’re like not too expensive it’s not good want to the dhamma Cannabis to get the nod for a business idea is right on the money um so you can still expensive just as expensive but it’s a yeah I think it’s really important to like show leadership like that and be like you know in order for things to you know be more accessible in the marketplace like we need to choose to spend money on certain things as conscious capitalistic capitalists I think the nicest book I ever saw was the German version of the emperor which was like hard copy on him and like super nice like so nice that you were like holy we dude like this is like way better like

representation than the big floppy thing I used to carry around cause it looked like you know some college some college book that you like flat Edge it’s the Bible looking and I mean and then obviously the Germans came out with like literally the Bible it looked like the Bible is like all the same information but less pictures and more like a book and anyway overall though it is really expensive like we even to get printed for our hang tags for hood expensive would be like that’s like way more expensive and I mean though the quality would be high and it’d be worth it it’s just got to find the client you have to reduce your numbers to a reasonable number otherwise you’re stuck with don’t do have challenges just don’t do him calendars that’s all I’m gonna say don’t ever do don’t ever try to make a hem calendar it won’t work and you’ll spend way too much money and get stuck with him Fitz what’s going on over there Carta you got to go Act pretty girls card out or is it noisy cricket know his card and he got cracked out he’s a little crazy go baby this is when we should have the camera the cough cam on MTI he’s pretty much pretty much this is the going to be okay you look concerned that it might be covid just wondering like this he’s lost a lot of lung power over here so did you ask up did you do Frozen as she Frozen chosen Frozen toes Frozen you’re still here but there you go actually he’s back so Frozen like yeah it was it not a great Frozen it was like it was like a was definitely it was definitely a we have to start over Frozen it would have been not a good so so I think with make so we’re making a hemp flour or was the main main idiot of him because that’s the hardest part when people think have they think okay it’s only hemp seed and then it’s like okay that’s definitely part of it but there’s so much more to the plant we’re using like I know you’re juicing it you’re saying but we’re also making a hemp flour or anything like that or what was your main Camp ingredient within the him meaning less main ingredient have seeds and then there’s recipes with hemp seed oil hemp relief yeah those are the those are the three ill and also there is a a one chapter 4 full spectrum extract is there a way I can put him flower in my Bagels so plant that type of flower yeah the key is not too much yeah because if we we’ve we’ve had access to lots of it and we tried we gave it to professional Baker’s and they came back with their like hands in the air like the did you do to us dude this thing’s are taken two hours to cook they should only take 20 min you know like it was like yeah it’s kind of kind of fireproof oof indestructible very heavy super rich super rich you know way too rich like you should try to make muffins and we had to like keep cutting it cutting it and cutting it by the time we were cut it to the front where it was actually like okay this is something people are going to recognize and eat for like yeah we’re down to less than half because it was you can’t it’s very hard to hundred percent him flower anything I could tell you that from experience so no I couldn’t do it a hundred percent but I could mix it in with the high gluten in the optimal app that I use when I make bagels or sure sure of course hemp is a real hard medium to work with just in some ways and some amazing when it works when it works it’s the best but when it’s when you go up against a wall it’s hard did you see how do these recipes kind of evolved was it like stuff that you already knew how to do and you kind of added to it or is it like straight up lied to learn from the ground up and just yeah well it’s like to bully I’m Persian I love Middle Eastern Mediterranean food so it’s like you know to to bully super oh gee e then wanted it to do it with hemp hearts so there was definitely stuff like that where I already had kind of my repertoire and then I was adding not and then there was just like you know I have a homey a sister who’s from Czech Republic whose in hemp and I was like oh I want to make like a check thing so I made like Brahma Rocky and I had to like figure that out and again back to the super dense and like sometimes just really didn’t work out and then there was a lot of things that were really good that they didn’t make it cookbook but there is a whole chapter a baking chapter that set in Colorado at our altitude and that just comes out real nice it will I need where do I get my copy whoa slow down Bucky yeah well the man so it’s so you got to say like six straps are like six chapters a chapter or something IGI do anything is it you have any online kind of stuff where connected to it or is it all pictures and how has it laid out

well there aren’t it’s not doesn’t have pictures that I freeze again yeah this one’s better than the way that is better it was way better all right all right yeah this one going this time so you were good it was very very serious serious but good what was the question just if there was because you see said there’s no pictures so is there any kind of driven to joining like online versions of this stuff or to I didn’t we have a pdf version version and then a limited press limited print run on the hemp books there were only printing so many of those and then the rest is all available on PDF and again the picture thing was more like back to the environmental decision-making and how it started where it was going to just be like my bujji foodie pictures that I love like on my Instagram right but that as it evolved to holy I’m gonna I’m gonna do this on hemp paper yeah I’m gonna make a call to action there’s like all kinds of political stuff kind of riddle throughout the book and then it was like a have to sacrifice my own desire to feed my ego with my gorgeous bujji too fight to make you the environmental stuff that’s perfectly Instagram page what’s the reality also it’s like whenever you print stuff for real like if you print stuff on a computer it’s like one thing when you go to a printer and you’re like I don’t want to be like every color of the rainbow bro then I’m like oh cool and they give you the price in your like like can I just do one color I can again so black and white white guys cream all the rainbows black and white is that cool okay so there we go now now you’re looking at this price and yeah that’s way better I’ll do that instead of a 7 because everybody overdoes it right and then when they actually do it it’s like oh so was it so it was printed on hemp paper but it was also printed like with old-school printer or was it like doing with laser to Heidelberg Project it’s just PDF oh sorry PDF from it okay so it’s not good to be okay choices choices in itself was okay so I was thinking was printed only on him not I guess you I get you know it’s digital hemp if you get it printed if not you just get it through your uploaded on your computer you can print it on your hip right we used to get roles on him we had some pretty decent hemp paper from Germany but it was again the same thing was kind of upside down where the guy we wanted to order more than he would like you don’t want it I’ll be like we want it is like that’s too expensive like he didn’t want to order because he did make off of it and you know I didn’t want to make it make hardly anything off of it because it’s already so expensive that by the time you know it was like you had to be top to bottom with it or else there was no way around it and they tried to come in at the market but it was really nice we used it for everything that’s awesome I can’t remember the name of it but it was gorgeous had a really dope leave that they made which was nice like a cute one was acutely if it wasn’t all try it wasn’t trying too hard it was like that looks good looks nice was it like usually they’re like overly trying to NASA yeah yeah that was all in you know what like in Boston in their shade so it was sweet sweet she’s sweet once again to good it did you so you were saying about mushrooms instead of how many recipes you got in there what kind of mushrooms like lion’s mane or is it like chaga or some sort of medicinal there’s a chaga mushroom recipe in there it’s actually like a rice skillet with anishinabe a rice from White Earth Nation Winona Laduke wrote the the foreword there you go it’s awesome yeah so anyways when time when she was here I got some of that rice from her and so I wanted to like kind of bring in the vibe of the like the North like that so it’s like chestnuts chaga hemp and the men and women which is the wild rice and then there is a lion’s mane matcha fat bombs for your brain that’s in there CeCe made a sec mate a fat bomb bomb yeah definitely you need you need more Foley with on think everything you’re saying I’m thinking wait a minute can this help me I have so many isms I don’t need a therapist I need a team of them sitting around nodding in agreement or didn’t know know even so maybe I shot her office and they’re pretty easy to make you get rolling you can make amazing Bagels for sure sure yeah was King trumpet mushrooms there’s like a king trumpet mushroom like hemp tacos and then there was yeah something with some shiitake so there’s like four mushrooms in there I think four or five nice and those are and do you put sourcing and therefore people because that’s always been Everyone is always asking me where to get them from do you have a certificate cool yeah because I think that’s like the it’s going to slip it like you know how hemp

it’s weird hemp slipped in because of cannabis right took cannabis to get legal to get people to open their eyes you’ve a little further and go like wait a minute so Hamp to oh I guess you guys could do that or like Jesus Christ that was like years that was like seven years after Moya more than that even if you are 17 years after before they could actually to do that you’re like okay that took a long time but I think with mushrooms is sort of similar to were psychedelic mushrooms are getting a lot of play right now people are starting to realize it’s for good for PTSD the you know it has we had so many benefits and that we haven’t even tapped into but you know the fact that it can you know it can change and more to our advantage you know I mean like mushrooms are amazing like yours so much unknown and so much untapped but but that because people hear about micro dosing and therapy with some sort of you know control therapy but all of a sudden were slipping in on a daily Lions Lions made I think is one of the ones that don’t know why I got everybody so certainly curious but it seems like lion’s mane more people I talk to you about it they’re like yeah I do it every day and I’m like oh so you know what to like okay this is becoming kind of oh not mainstream but definitely getting out there where people are recognizing that as the not the first medicinal mushroom but the one that’s making everybody see the bigger picture you know didn’t cha guy thinks way more like that’s such a good one that like I just know know that it’s working almost immediately that immediately but that one I can really hurt lion’s mane I think if you have PT like I said if you have some sort of brain tissue or something you’ll have a friend who got to smell back go Uncle Andy he had PTSD from a traumatic brain injury got a lion’s mane for six months and regained the smell because he had completely like he had no smell and he’s a grower so that’s secondly hell on Earth really exciting cause I know I’ve all the things you know of all the things you should have taken an arm because if you can’t smell weed and you work around weed everyday that’s pretty shitty you know right you can’t appreciate taste if you can’t appreciate smell so it’s the first it’s all connected right but so what I mean you were saying like psychedelic so obviously not just regular medicinal mushrooms by psychedelic mushrooms are obviously within your wheelhouse and also are you thinking about are you doing anything along those lines because there’s so much going on right now with you know groups wouldn’t it either legal you know either either rising in here in Colorado which is awesome or Denver which is awesome and moving from state to state but you know are you doing anything in that realm right now or yeah I’m working on basically doing formulations because that’s something I have like a 15-year background with is different product formulations I had a couple different product lines lines in and out of the half space and prior to that with like food food so yeah I’m work been working on like some psychedelic chocolates and there again and just kind of waiting for some other people on the team to bring their together but I’m all ready to go on that and then I’m this year starting in 2010 when I’ll be teaching some classes on like psychedelic do I cross-cultural psychedelic preparations and yeah be doing that in Denver this this winter be the first one thanks now you can put this here this here and it was the second that I would put the first one is the funniest one the second one and a visitor mmm on this is a medium and as a medium as a medium as a medium all right all right acceptable are you on dial-up am I yeah no I but I would like to you liked me at my farm it’s all right all right so I mean one thing that working with with juicing have booked since you said you were doing that I mean the hardest part I think is finding clean enough stuff to do is right because like as a grower I’m going to sum that I know that’s been so if you are less you’re growing it for that I mean did you have access to like your own you know not been been affected by anything one of the things if you do something you’re going to be juicing everything right so yes yes I 2015 through 19 I had my own hemp Farm outside of Boulder nice like on my little two acre property now and then now I’m like boycotting hemp licenses and I just going straight up THC so I just been juicing that and so I grow it and it’s all beautiful and I know where it’s coming from and it’s medicine and not sketchy yeah that sounds that sounds way better yeah so what’s

your proof because I mean that’s one thing I think there’s a lot of like people are juicing and stuff that maybe is not the ideal I mean what’s your favorite sort of form because it seems like I just by looking at the plant I would want something to be young and tender and juicy and so that’s why I like juicing or as I get plans that are older Woody and you know that’s not going to be that it’s not an option right so now so yeah no I’m staying with you just the Young young just young fresh leaves and then I like to like I did some nerding out in our Aveda and are you take medicine and Materia Medica very you don’t it’s not you don’t ever really just have one herb so like when they they didn’t they wouldn’t believe in like just smoking ganja other things and so I kind of have taken from that lineage and with the juicing certainly and so it’s like not always just cannabis I cannabis Nettles purslane celery those are like kinds of juices with apple green Apple something I like to make a lot combining different things sure have you get with cannabis it’s rough because I mean obviously tobacco and get out of this is the main thing that people would make sure I write anything else I think they should I return am seen any other thing that I would be like yeah that’s a good idea let’s let’s so the only thing I mixed with my cannabis is Hash so in some form or Moorhead that’s probably so and the paper that wraps it up but but but in general I guess yeah there is a hundred percent plants work together I mean obviously with by on things like that there’s you know you wouldn’t work if it didn’t get mixed right so there’s there’s magic within those formulations and and with food you’re kind of doing the same thing right you’re doing like your putting things together that maybe most people wouldn’t you know no to do and the minute they do it’s like oh like it creates a combination that wouldn’t wouldn’t be as interesting if either one of those things were individually you know consumed so it’s kind of doing the same I guess why can’t you make mushroom paper there is can do that oh you could do a mushroom I thought that was the light bulb we’re all going to get rich together that’s a big fat Jay got that I got the Jade oh we got I got that we can create the background yeah but but in general yeah mushrooms are an endless I mean anything you can think of and I think that’s the cool part is that there’s so many people now who are going to change their direction of what they’re doing and hopefully more people are thinking about Earth friendly options and because the thing is people realize quickly to that it doesn’t work if it’s like if you have a stack of things that are you know met done environmentally friendly and nobody wants to use them like stuff like this like if I look at styrofoam cups right now I’m like those those things are so added like I would walk past them and go anywhere tonight I wouldn’t want to drink out of one of those things and especially see those white fixed if it was like they have there there’s a few that are but they’re the worst right yeah you know right away like like no matter what you do it’s gonna be bad but then if you make a mushroom recycled cup which is totally doable it’s going to happen and then he planted in more mushrooms grow and you’re just like did it’s like so there’s so much cool things coming around the corner which are are when people we’ll get over this idea of one use and you know a hundred years if I can break down compared to like one use and it actually invade helps to improve the soil which I think is the cool part about how mushrooms unlock stuff you know the anyway I’m just I’m preaching now but I do are you working with any because I know Colorado I think is the the the I would say the leader of the sort of pact right now but soon I mean Oregon is way better when it comes to like actually going out and picking mushrooms yourself and your front yard so it’s hard to compete with a place like that it’s almost the California versus Colorado thing because Callie you know has the highest has a little more history when it comes to that but when it comes to mushrooms at least we you know I think it’s all about end it doesn’t really matter about watches is figuring out how to use it industrially which is around the corner are you working with anybody on like any of those kind of projects or is it kind of like sustainable packaging yeah things like that because I think that’s the most unique know I would invest in that right now yeah I feel I feel like that’s what I feel like that’s one of the things there’s gonna be a lot of every to be a lot of like bye I coming out of this industry because people are going to go in with one intention and get sideswipe when they realize like what you mean we don’t have to

do anything people buy that like that oh will do that because that’s way easier than going to the next level or you know or or even deeper you know what so it’s November your date on this on this PDF and book comes coming out in the the actual one or yeah yeah we just launched pre-sales on yesterday and then on November 3rd we’re planning to bring some good energy and that’s when we’re going to all the books will be shipped out and everybody will get their code and everything what’s the website have can change the nice hemp can change the world around you do voice overs for you know it’s cool because it’s you know I think right now people are again learning like literally on the show we had Chris hybrid he’s going to be doing classes for people who want to learn how to do glassblowing and I think cooking right now there’s more more people cook that have never cooked before I love cooking myself so I kind of like you know I’m not but I am doing more recipes because I got more time to do them but like I think that’s the key is getting people just out of there if you know comfort zone and try something new because we all get we all get stuck in our little you know rut for your you make your own like five things that Dave always Bagels I mean there’s an example right there like everything he eats a lot of bagels so that’s sad it’s sad but but it’s true No no I’m a hundred percent True by the way just in case I make brown you can’t throw it away you know that it’s like come on it’s against your religion literally so you can’t throw that away you know that I make bagels they all get stuff I make my fries mmm them I give them away oh nice yeah yes I am the maker notice that is my new Halloween costume that would be a good one right right you might as do you like reverse do like a reverse you know thing and go to the house and drop off bagels and then you’ll be known as the people like what I was about to give you candy you’ll be like no candy for me because I only there’s also bagels are say bicycle riders that come by I’ll put bagels out and a bat box where there was a cyclist eat Bagels too big if I can the biggest can save their Coast to save the world right there the world you can start your own whole thing off of that would be great but put a rosin dogs just stole that website from me I just tried to get bagels can save the world and he already has it son of a other dogs on it he’s for the win tonight he’s on he’s on fire thousand dogs on fire he wants his glasses that promised him you dropped the ball yeah yeah you it’s all your fault we believe you Dave what did I do something by his glasses of the house what the we supposed to uber it over to I was ready to pay for the Uber yeah boober is that just German Jew pair of glasses on the front foot a pair of glasses on the front seat of the Uber and drive it over to your house and paste the tire over here rosin dog he deserves it yeah he does he deserves what would be that rosin dogs what would be the Uber fee if I had who buried send you Bagels from from Boulder Where you are it be like 600 bucks or something like that the driver will have eaten them all by the time they got to you so worth it yeah you can rebuild maybe we’d be better if I just Fed Ex them to him you could do it you could do that at the same time you can do the glasses at the same time like you haven’t done so I’m so rosin dogs I’m so sorry I haven’t set your glasses when I get them from Adam I will send them to you is there is there any kind of discount codes Dave Dave was just about to ask because that’s his last thing he loves to ask for listeners to get any kind of like Secret sir secret code anywhere can we well we may be shoddy didn’t know we do a sort of call it the done deal okay you know it works at restaurants and lighting companies and nutrient companies and in the occasional dispensary done deal okay cool we’ll make that official done deal and we already got the way we did you get it yet or no yeah she gets a lamp can change the world are the I don’t look like think of things go so fast I don’t know what’s going on okay so the links up so you guys can check in the chat for the link and cool well I think we still go she should stick around some of the companies are we going to Colorado and if you’re from Colorado you can hang around we’re going to do shoutouts now for all of our other done deals so these are these are these are the guaranteed done deal can get and there’s punch so you can get drop out whatever you want don’t worry you yes so much we’re just

freeze and pretend like you’re Frozen and then turn it off and then you’ll be fine it’ll look at it let you know one will no one will know the difference will just be like oh she must be Cartman that’s the deal right that’s literally the Cartman all right man thank you thanks you for sure up there she goes you almost did it was perfect right now you could have just asked you could have just done it and that was the perfect perfect freeze moment you had it was halfway there peace out thank you nice sweet and it up up book I don’t know I am really you know I’m about to the point where I’ll try it sign me up where do I go for for for some mushroom mind enhancement after today you’ll have mushroom mind enhancement and you’ll learn how to blow glass – you’re so set that’s it never have to leave your house again okay get some torches discount on some colors and music and now you know about new style of music that you can actually go and look into the history of and or you can come trim weed with me and and pi and we’ll just play it all and tell you every song was pretty much like I just got some n95 masks from Costco so wow Wow I have my Hey a spot is bigger than 6 feet 2 so yeah well you can put you right in the corner yeah outside is no inside oh my God outside there’s no outside trimming dude outside something that Justin guy six months maybe they’ll put me in the first groups as long as I don’t grow testicles from my forehead y’all ready that’s already happening from each in I think it’s actually that’s not quite from your forehead is more like testicles from from the chin cliché and noisy cricket that’s not cliche that’s the thing groans yeah anyways speaking of which grow and grow dice a growing I think I heard the word growing growing heat you’re growing and you need to get done deal at the new millennium and you get get set up and rocking and rolling and put out some Fireweed and get paid yeah which was about and if you want to get it a you just go to the website you can go to the calculator check out what what your space and all the little details sighs your container etc etc bam it’ll tell you what you need don’t don’t get too complicated just don’t don’t push him too much otherwise if it didn’t do what you said man you said too much I don’t know what I’m saying – know that it’ll figure it out figures it out which is important because that’s what this whole game is about go to them check their website go get a pet pack from them saying hey I need something be one of the 20 guys that are getting people pissed off because they’re coming to me so come to us and say hey I want one of those damn pet packs and we’ll make sure we will get in touch that’s guys make it happen make it happen there you go new Millennium great there Gear Up gear to reach it when she gets here another show soon because he’s been doing his own podcast so we don’t want want to get out of control we have to bring him back to Earth earth disaster Shota me now he’s he’s got his pod feet and ready to go he knows how to work on the air they were going to show we’re going to bring these professional I know that’s the thing we’re going to we’re going to show him how to stay down low in the gutter so rise high of my friend stay downstairs bar in the middle that’s right now set the bar as well as possible Brothers that’s the correct but if you don’t want to set the bar is low if you just want to Lounge on the couch like Dave said they were dummies tell me you just that’s it gummies and Yummies yummies this is everything this not just gummies in yummies is Gummy is yummy chocolates and CBD products and dabs pens mints tablets they have the full line of products I am listen I it I eat it so it’s like I was like Mikey from I didn’t I didn’t want to have any buddies animals but when I tried Incredibles I became a fan right away and any any company good Steven Chang’s face up deserves you too its opposite efficacy once again the opposite of this show we have Dave’s face which doesn’t get that is the opposite right yeah it does the opposite oh yeah does not excels plenty of weed in Boulder but by Incredibles listen they’re great company they’re totally consistent I know that but they don’t sell yeah I just got the message they do not ship to California that’s a huge ultra-pure oh yeah oh so so my really my friend Tim tried he was bombed try to use it as we can be smuggling true Pura to California but he’s like Smokey and the Bandit that’s gonna be great it’s gonna be fun going to be loading up trucks worth so Dart Rick and Bob like

Smokey and the Bandit the guys that hired the band that to go take the course yeah they look the two of them you know send it to the central period accountant the California perfect yeah so anyway if you’re in California I guess you can’t order troop here we just found out the hard way sorry it’s how we do around here the hard way but they have new brands right now right Clear Creek extracts and I’m not sure how to pronounce Les gets Keek Q UI Q how do you pronounce them MTI queef I’ve never had my first time hearing it yeah they have a lot of new brands coming out right now so what will give you a done deal works right now with true pure but maybe it’ll work with with some of the other brands week but if you’re in if you’re in Colorado Springs you can head to Green Farms Med and you can use the done deal to get Incredibles at Green Farms met if you have a medical card if you don’t give dr. Mark a call we’ll get you hooked up and if you qualify and go to green Farms Med and say you want the done deal and I’m telling you right now I’m smoking it I don’t know what they call it U CG but holy it smells like Juicy Fruit you know and Bubblegum it is is fire flower Firefox and I bought it over a week ago and it still rocking its Terps so so they he’s like to sing he’s very hip now very happy right your hip cat bro well I told you I Young Turks reach back out so he might come on the show next week although that they usually like to say hey I’m reach back out and then they don’t come on okay well if he comes on we need Mike Denver on same time when is Mike coming on no problem he’s on the show show we go to Green Farm smashed Massimo call that we call that we’d tell us about it was really good oh I mean the longer we wait the better because it’s kind of like now it’s good scared old proper but come on now come on what goes on that he was in the chat room earlier I know somebody saying to him right now and another thing hey come on the show next week bring that but if you have the need for boom loud sees make it happy happy fact a show come on bring it and maybe Dave oh coming right Dave no nope not yet man why’d you lie you I really you think I’m that kind of guy I put in this long from March to October and and I’m and thats it when it’s in when when maybe the end is near and we can see the finish line no no no no I’ll stick it out a little longer I’ll stick it out a little longer but hey if you’re in Colorado Springs you got to go to green Farms Med it’s awesome they have a product there I really have to suggest to anybody who’s going through any type of treatment serious medicinal problems it’s called activated solvent with oil ASO and they make it as false it’s called it’s the Eric Willett a sort of we all you want to rub all this is yeah and they’re tincture is fire and so you put the two of them together and hopefully it’ll help what’s and I think she was amazing yeah it’s going to save the top go straight to the top and you for droppers of the 2500 just so just as a suggestion and then just exactly 90 some mighty nighttime is not written on the suggested dosage nighty-night that’s it and then wake up like a day and a half later later probably but you’ll feel r-really really tired you feel that you’ll feel good telling you yeah yeah you’re telling us but they have a ton of a ton of different animals companies you ever lose everything I’ve seen along the way I forgot that part oh right if you’re into the like oh my God I’ve been like hallucinate wake up it’s kind of like a bug or something no it’s not geez wow but no it is very strong thing is it’s got all Edibles kind of do that little thing where they trick you trick trick worked like God damn it yeah yeah we’re gonna find out on the 5280 show aren’t way this would be on the 5280 she’ll say 50 to 80 shots coming 5280 should have gotten a perfect day to force it to happen May 28th 528 should be a Christmas special should that be the Christmas Cielo and 528 yeah 5280 May 28th all right let’s do it all right we have lots of time to just talk about it and make it real for show for days nice colors ruin suit ruin all the ads that’s that’s cool sweet cool but they’re no-till organically grown flower at Green farms and I believe they don’t they work with the people

that build the soil for their products 90% of their come yeah build a soil that they’re working with they do guess what they they need to buy it put in all the soil is about I don’t know five years old now for years old something and and they’re added to it and of course if they’re inside a Colorado or New Mexico they can get that delivered for free free delivery over $500 order we get all your Madness dropped off at your door for free how good is that but yeah well sort of like a double done deal right to get free delivery on the dumb deal even though they were going to get one anyway I guess it’s great people at build the soil and in fact I’m thinking that huh have to tell Jeremy about shadis book because he has a whole line of mushrooms there and it just seems that would be a good little they do their little collab like you and Jim loud did your collab but I had to build the go to their Instagram James sorry sorry sorry but he’s name is James James loud get your lounge and go to their Instagram page give him a follow him alike like great people there there but if you drink coffee and I have to say Drazen dogs thank you very much I don’t know if you did them all but we I spoke to Justin today and apparently again been crushed up last month we save you saved us rossignol’s you saved us Adam and I and Mark’s family get to drink coffee right now thousand percent increase in sales right oh yeah it was thousand percent how’s that yeah yeah yeah well you’re absolutely right it was a thousand percent a thousand percent so over to OZO enter done deal at checkout and they give you 20% off your order and as Adam likes to say it’s like getting a free pound when you buy five so yeah and you go through it you don’t realize it and then one day you’re like holy I really go through that it’s like yeah wasn’t that long either especially if we once people have good coffee and they realize it and then I realized something pretty good I’ll take a couple rows we shouldn’t just be saying to go buy their coffee you got to head to their website and on their website they sell a whole bunch of coffee brewing products because I did hear somebody said they really rude one and it wasn’t their best so I’m gonna have to go with maybe was operator error why don’t why don’t we why don’t we get them on the show like I was saying now that we’re in there good graces for the moment for the short little bit while we actually already made a few sales and then next month when no one buys it because they’re all slipping hey I hope I mean that’s not they will everyone drinks coffee well the thing is you just gonna buy it once or people that are like I’ll try that they’ve done and they’re going to have it for like at least a month probably I might last with like a bunch of people in the house about a month and I’m gone through it all but you never I don’t think so it depends on how much coffee drink right that’s like saying how much we do you smoke I smoke what I smoke you smoke weed you smoked how long’s your find the feelings are pounds list but how long can weigh 5 pounds last five pounds of what coffee and I think five pounds would last me a year anyway anyway if you say it in front end awesome team The A Team they’ve already got their coffee now it’s going to be demons coming now we’re laying on the B-Team so we better get them on the show – everybody up on the coffee alrighty team will become the new 18th of like yeah that’s like oh man that’s how they do it boom because I’m a a you know a $3,000 coffee machine so I’m all sick you should I don’t you know that is not what you need I use the little ceramic number to filter the put the the filter on the little ceramic thing water 30 seconds off a boil I you figure out what I have a burr grinder that I got from Costco Works fantastic you figure out what grind works best for that beam and I take a full three minutes to brew a cup and that’s what I get isn’t it is beautiful every time it is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and it’s about a minute more than things I’ve other things I’ve heard about you did data doesn’t show come on but if you drinking coffee and you happen to wake up and then head to our friends over at Treasurer oh yeah we give you the guys we need mittens I know but they’re not look rather dogs stop you we got rasa Doug stumped he doesn’t know if it’s 280 is he’s all freaking out it’s an Edibles contest rosin done don’t even tell them that part does he look like it’s not Edibles it’s coffee it’s a mile coffee contest figured out yeah laughs press rewind have them hostage right the glasses are hostage now because I think more for more jokes about Dave you’re slipping there’s not enough all right we have Treasures were Barcelona we already said we did that we did them earlier

to because we knew but if so if you after you come back from from Barcelona if you’re in Denver her Pueblo or Colorado Springs head to Apothecary extracts ask for the done deal you’re going to get a gram of there their ambrosia and an infused joint for 25 bucks marks there every couple of days nobody can speak a couple of hours of Fire Keep he doesn’t spend a couple hours there no keeps what’s the new flavors on the Shelf mark you players on the Shelf the last time I went there all pretty bad out but they’re getting a new thing on the line but Huckleberry cookies is something that we’ve got the banana the Blackberry banana kush is always good to have the orange AK and then they have a lot of Staples like sour diesel in the Gorilla Glue on the beauty of it is is that pretty much almost every dispensary carries their products they use you know if you have a grow your going to use them to process your your concentrate so you’ll have your strains growth process by them on the shelves great company great people 25 bucks one gram of Ambrosia and an infused joint just got to mention the done deal how sweet is that and then extract craft right if you wanted to actually make your own you can sure is some and and you got tons of him for you got tons of cannabis you got tons of lavender oil tons of whatever you can take this extra craft table top extractor if you only have like an ounce or something like that you just have a small amount of the source it’s like 400 500 bucks cheap and and but if you want to go a little bit bigger which is actually it’s a good size is like it’s big enough but it’s not too big so you don’t have to go like you have to grow a shitload you just have to have a pat of pounds worth of material and you soak that and then run it through this extractor takes about three hours Ito Pro the dobro push one button and simply look at that thing bam well that’s your biggest complaint right not a little puffy eyes it’s substantial it’s not like tiny little thing it’s big enough so you can can totally size it up is one of the big big giant jars be escorting the courtyard sure locals are set like that Court ya later record like a leader two pints yes close to a leader we’re gonna exhaust she’s like that I’m crazy bastard with it it’s you don’t watch Super Troopers I can’t do movie lines you don’t know any of that leader Cola Farva yeah okay we met anyway extract craft but you have to have an out something to put in your ex your your extractor and if you need it to work you can use to extract or Unis 420 extractor 420 it has to be a know if you try a zero at you’re not going to find them is zero you’re going to go on forever because there’s like four zillion 420 things where are they they is this not them you can afford to extractor you can pick up hand sanitizer from them right now you basically jugs Mystic Mountain Distillery is who makes this stuff so they’re there in the making of alcohol this place but then they realize like holy nobody’s got anything for extractors like was tap into that market and then hand sanitizers came hand sanitizers came around that was about pretty much suck the entire there’s a half of the market so either it’s funny if we have time we talked to him they’re always like is that that Jonathan Ian is he’s the guy right at Mystic Mountain if you say so no I was just cleaning up today and I found a business card Mystic Mountain Distillery Chief Operating Officer Jonathan look at that how fortuitous he did stop in the studio one time yes adverse that’s right exactly the big guy to ask for the done deal he got to use it at checkout you can’t expect that they’re going to know that you showed up from the show to buy their products so you got to make sure to ask for nice nice nice all right well then we have but then if you’re in Boulder you want good cannabis you want good rosin you need a pen you want edibles head by fourteener it’s 14 or they’re on Mapleton between 28th and 30th their meds closed down right now but they have a full wreck side going they’ve at least 20 different varietals going right now you can’t get that done deal there right now but trust me going there you will you’ll smoke some fantastic flower grown really well so going to 14 or you enter their pre-order you see their whole menu it’s updated every

time if it’s open and you see it on the menu they have it you’re really good at that it’s not like you place your order and then you wind up finding out that it’s been sold out out so head to 14 or bolted go to 14 or in Boulder great people when you buy a fantastic cannabis but if you grow your own cannabis you grow your own vegetables you have your own garden at home you go to Fish Head Farm started skydiving in the sky diving right if you actually if you have internet while you Skydive you’ll fit right in this guy diamonds go hang out with the owner anybody who’s in a skydiving and wants to try fish it I will get them a day what Tommy it’s got every day guarantee and we do need to do a giveaway from them real soon so send in your photos efficient a diaper your depiction on how they collect it okay creative anything anything with Scott Evans wins yeah skydiving fish in a diaper there you go now we have our shoot come on now no come on don’t get all the way that rosin dogs get on the photo shop man man hurry up send it to done deal at Adam Dunn that’s done deal that Adam Dunn and you know we’ll have our interns go through it will pull up what we think of the funniest or in Haiti that show up pretty much come on this dress is make this artwork make it but listen it’s our it’s our second biggest done deal because we figured out that right there was a 30% done deal through through Chris Hubbard right now in getting colors from a glass company so this one is pretty close to 5% off if you’re growing if you’re blowing glass and growing weed you’re like oh my God that’s like 55% off holy so 25 percent off your order really that’s a fantastic deal because they’re five liters is retailing for 500 bucks so 25% off mic Denver do the math for us mentioned done deal at checkout is my Denver doing math for us now is that was I don’t know who I just saw I just saw my post so he’s back on and he didn’t answer your question so is he can put him on the spot coming on next week let’s question if if he’s listed as I’ll take that date eight that is that what it says yeah okay we got it next week so there you go done deal at checkout 25 percent off your order but if you’re growing cannabis then you need to make sure that your gear is top-notch and you can get it at seeds here now normally James being made on the scene is in the chat room I haven’t seen him tonight at all he got up earlier earlier around for a second he gave me some ridiculously long with that I was like that’s way too long ago it might take is here let’s see you want to you want to you want to buzz through that and kind of a long list here’s what yeah there you go that’s what I said oh my God hey it’s like five or six wipes I know I was like wow that’s some swipes okay everybody do some jobs now times your Dad’s because you know the new mall just do like do the top three of each group or something or they group break it okay I got it all right so on sale some deals just sort they cake femme 6 plus spur 45 piece 750 each these are cleaned and sorted and 6 Plus seeds per vial plus that means you get random 7 + O okay I don’t know that’s what it says onward and upward then sidepiece thin mint cookies across the BD and meant a lot I don’t know there’s a lot of what the real ones I’m sure you’re talking about right now yeah course you are real cookie back to cookies ends meat pie birthday Funk sky where are we at the deli now or something what’s her background alter bread okay we got some old fiorina I’ve never heard of that birthday less triangle Kush are these all up on the site right now are we looking at these things but not yeah I’m sure they are well just go to the website go to seats here check out all the specials to get shitloads of so many he got he got in the way hundreds 6 Plus has it was stuck in the weeds no pun intended Adam step I don’t know yep yeah okay okay so but after you get your gear and after you get your fish it and after you get your soil you’re going to need some illumination and that’s a lumen yeah and if they are the and especially if you’re in California right now and you have HIDs on order from someone you need to press press stop that right now and you need to call luminar need to get some LEDs hooked up because you’re going to be obsolete real soon I yeah and I we talked to Scott and he apparently I forgot who was but somebody gave us some really good weed

and you remember a couple weeks ago we had we’re all waiting on Scott right you never showed up it was like yeah so he’s classic where you got home and he was like wait and then we just smoke one joy and he like woke up next day with the half my chocolate Tyson which and should have finished joint and all these like wow classic so he will be on the show with near future I think we’ll have them on the last week I figured we just bring my last week since last month last week didn’t work we give them a month to get it together together to recover recover for the instrument from smoking that particular Joy whatever that was all right but but we will have them on the show I have an empty room waiting now so I pretty much took down down I felt like taken down 1999 or something in my head it was like oh my God these are all had it my air-cooled room with my family with my bedroom which was all are cooled and just kind of like finally came down so right ready for the upgrade which then I will show everybody that and should be pretty cool that’ll be the new the new bedroom I think I’m gonna go veg right now with that kind of keep it can’t can’t completely of turnovers too much it’s too much but you know if you’re in that phase right now like myself you gotta check out illumine our kids have every combination possible whether it be LEDs if you ask your angle or if you want to go with HIV – controllers and have controllers which there is the one and done feature which you know all did you see the you see the post today from somebody who want a lamp it arrived and they sent the photo in yeah yeah of adjuster tagged everybody so that’s how you can do you all you have to do is you got to send us an email done deal and Adam Dunn and tell us why you could use a new LED especially if you’re in California and you have an HID running right now and you know that in a few months you’re going to have to take that thing down because going to be illegal then give us a call we’d love would love for you to win but especially if you could put it to good use tell us about that good use because those are usually ones that in you know if you have a good reason you know will we love to put a lamp in your hands so done deal that Adam Dunn and tell us why you want one give it away one of like what three weeks right because they’re five Friday’s investment yet so be three weeks from now that will be the show where I think we’re going to be we’re going to be somewhere it’s gonna be out of town show but I’m going to have MTI with me on the side of town show so it’s going to be official Secret show right around Halloween this like the day before Halloween Halloween you know we need to get is we need to get our buddy on here mr. Ron Wallace get the update and see what the going on with them because he’s that must be thousands of pounds at this point right we haven’t told wow yeah well yeah Ian Bell come on normally were getting the update like on a weekly now we have no idea so we’ll check in with Ron I’m going to give him a heads up probably check in with him maybe the week before so we can get back to him you know this exciting times in the in the pumpkin World once here gaining more weight so gaining more weight than Dave out of bagel on a bagel based on covid unabated quarantine David or pumpkin pumpkin at Full Steam it’s about the same right so we might well be able to announce that we might have numb nuts back on board as a sponsor real soon they got up in production and we just keep playing phone tag but I have some numbnuts here right now and so listen think about it like this this would be a really good contest numbnuts coach at gang that’s all you got to think about send us something that reminds you of numbnuts and we’ll figure out a way to get you some I don’t know what that is it’s all photos of Dave just coming in one I’m Nots right here numb nuts a is a still shot of him no I’m not sick saying you do not Ser killer they were awesome and they were a victim of their own success and they had to they sold out real fast it was like all of a sudden you could get it was like what no yeah that’s the problem with with Your sponsorship to the shows that you become so successful and you just you have to close closed shut up it’s what happens everybody everyone everyone these clothes shop is because of their success nothing else yep it’s always yeah so next week I hope we’ll have Mike Denver and yeah so anybody out there in the in the chat world who listens to the show so I’ve had this interesting exchange back and forth with the Terps that used to stand next to each other against the wall over here she comes alive and he says he wants to do the show and then we don’t hear from him for four months and then he comes alive again he says he wants to the show so if you’re connected with him tell him we’re good people he should come on the show next Friday and have some fun – you know he’s talking about doing Young Turks the go

the Enterprise Speedster paninis well that’s because you don’t speak Japanese bra bro bro bro bro to put you in touch with them then they speak Japanese with him Terps Terps bra okay you got it you got it all right yeah you’re like old old world Cervantes and I feel bad I could remember I can’t remember the name of the dispensary last week in Eugene that I really enjoyed its Flower of Life in Eugene Morgan’s the owner they’re great people there so if you’re in Eugene head over there and I guarantee you you will be very impressed with what they got going and really shout out to Jared at sugartop buttery I really appreciate you man the you you showed us a way to Brand brand joints back in the day I hope you’re still around and kicking ass that’s what I got yeah I think if we can get like Denver I’ll get James allowed on and will cover two bases bam we have it all sounds good yeah and then please you got to you got to go to Chris Hubbard’s site Google cupboards classically a check the check and check all the links and go to these places go he said you have may have nothing better to do no eight bucks you you spend eight bucks on worthless this is something you’re going to spend eight bucks on that’ll actually be really enjoyed the first move flip it over there but it was difficult about it it South Park start with you because you’re like a little hacker you like you had your way you’d get South Park and regardless no matter how hard it was yeah man you guys they don’t care need it they don’t care anyway but I’m sure you can figure out some stupid thing you’re paying just go to your phone like oh my God go to the if you go to the subscription thing in your iPhone is like scary sometimes like oh my God there’s actually an app you can get right now you can run your link that’ll tell you how much you worthless you’re paying for these should be paying for it exactly so get so get eight bucks out go to Chris Harbors website go to patreon account that we put the link to and I can start learning even if you’re just laying on the couch eating bagels and so I can oh we forgot to find out if he is kind of way for us to enter done deal for Chris you know yeah you you after the show Dave’s number one and only Mission so if he fails everybody it’s okay there is to get in touch then I’m going to make mushroom Bagels too I think that’ll be interesting and bagels just like if your only fan for some skank it’s even less right it’s less than that it’s less that is getting less than a skank less than this cake Mark knows how much skanks come and he’s saying it’s less than this male or female skaters both and shout out to rosin dogs again you made it interesting the David koresh that Adam looks like David guard I have a cold it’s green you have to do a split screen Mark and get that was hilarious like I would cut it all off but maybe I’ll let it go but maybe cut it all off but maybe I just gotta wait till I catch us up and then I’ll now almost up to Mark I’ll be like next week I’ll be marked worthy almost maybe two more weeks to four weeks I’ll be Mark Worthy and then I’ll have to know he’s going to come in like Homer Homer Simpson next it’s going to be the full terrorists beer to get him a watch it’s coming ahead yeah what are you gonna do this year you might have to actually go by the terrorists beard at the Halloween store yeah because you might not be long enough know I’m going it’s terrorists because that’s such a popular costume to have these days it goes over real well right yeah hot well you never know I would I be in a say what I think it looks like but that’s another show I’ll go on the son of a bastard show how does that show going on on to it I my Gringo Loco shirt last week did yeah well it was so shiny yeah shoutout to Gringo Loco give me my shirts and then we were hanging out I was like oh yeah none of them in my size but that’s okay I mean I have a hard time with because it was polyester first of all I was white and I wear white very often yes I can and so I gave it to him and I was like oh that is perfect for your show and of course he killed it right you killed it I killed it yeah like damn killed it you’re like Miami huh shirt yeah people are going to think you like been there at one point really well how was Miami like never been there and never been all my shirts a Miami I never been random Miami references on every shirt I have yep crazy well and lest anybody

think I looked it up the meteors called Apophis and it’s April 13 2029 it’s going to come only 19,000 miles from Earth will get a little splash yeah yeah we should feel that little bit yeah Yeah a couple of I look that one up shoutout to roster Rob shout out to the guys at area for 20 oh yeah we’re definitely going down there soon to because we need to update everybody yeah and visit those hot springs down of course no yeah visit the hot springs they’ve named your own pool no I know no come on Dave nope all right well nope empty I will okay thank you Mark for everything he did Hot Springs of Summer Moffat Behavior is a one-time deal come on make some of those I want to do the hemp flour in a bagels do it we gotta get me some of that I need him flower for my cigarette smoking friend he’s gonna die of lung cancer I mean it’s so different flower it’s pretty much like the thing is it comes out a lot like the protein powder that you get if you go get the hell out I got you so it’s kind of like going good like cooking flour not smoking flower how are you talking about dude dude wrong show bro this is all about the food episode we talk about Fitness oh yeah I was talking to a cook-off talk about cookbook so was it anyway I knew I knew it was way over way over his head it’s okay mmm-hmm all right next week see you guys shout I’ll also shout-out to the chat game shoutout to my beautiful ICC and Little Nick who are here somewhere oh no dude getting pizza right now green tea cart yeah great good piece of carton driver driver Car and Driver they’re really good great it’s like as is as hipster as my beard right now that’s that hipster it’s pretty much cheesy yes I don’t have that I don’t have that I don’t have the AI like that data be it was mustaches but I can feel it but then it would be that’s the all right guys all right see you next week peace out out communication communication we don’t want to just talk to her son called his sons dead I’m sorry people called it