【ENG SUB】夜空中最闪亮的星 34 | The Brightest Star in The Sky 34(黄子韬、吴倩、牛骏峰、曹曦月主演)

The Brightest Star In The Sky Episode 34 Grandpa Bao, just tell me the truth Could he be cured at all? How long will it take or how hard it will be to cure him? It is curable After the past few days, I find him very obstinate Am I right? He hardly admits defeat Most importantly, he refuses to talk about the obstacles He prefers to bury his feelings Think about it No one can endure the pressure on oneself without sharing Girl. I can tell by sight You do care about him And he trusts you in return When facing problems, be sure to help him pull through Anxiety can hurt Get rid of the burden for him Now that he’s entangled with cases, the burden will only cause him sick The symptom varies For him, it’s affecting his throat It’s alright Give him courage Share the happy moments together Especially, bring out the facts behind certain things Try to cast light on the fierce competition nowadays Not to mention you It’s already tough enough for the elders You’re right He’s a singer His throat is most valuable to him That’s right He has hit the rock bottom now Alright, I get it I will try my best to help enlighten him Thanks, Grandpa Bao Dear folks! It’s a wonderful day today We’re joined by two new friends on the prairie Tonight, we shall show our warmest welcome with the specialties, kumis and roast lamb Welcome, friends from Beijing! I’d love to express my gratitude to you Thank you for your kindness! Sorry for bothering you! You’re being too polite! We prairie dwellers are all hospitable Glad to have you here Come on! Get the Morinhuur ready. Here starts the dance Let’s sing together For one time, you’re not the leading role Are you upset? Why would I? They’re having their time As an old saying goes, follow your heart – Enjoy your time – That’s right Look at them They’re all enjoying the time I love how it feels Come on, dance with us Come with us, get up This way Let’s dance Dance time! Is it the fire?

They are gathering here for you How about keep a distance from the campfire? Have a try Can I do it? I’m here for you Come on, this way Join us. Dance with us Come with us Let’s dance together! Everyone, let’s dance! Look at those stars It’s hard to find such a clear sky in the city And the crystal stars as well For the lost people, will they find their way with them? You’ve found yours, I’d say My mom gave me a diamond called Blue Flame That’s the only memorial from her It just looks like the brightest star Which one do you think is the brightest? What are you thinking? I’ve always tried to be the brightest star in the sky But I’m afraid I can’t do it now Why does it have to be the brightest one? Every star is shining in the star Each of them has its own beauty That’s what makes the sky so starry Did you hear that? It’s the most wonderful sound I’ve ever heard It’s clean and pure A sound from the soul Tuvan throat singing It’s the sound of the prairie I will try hard to learn the way they vocalize Don’t you think Mr. Gu was sending us here to hear the sounds? Now that you’ve said it, it reminds me of something Most of the music in Mr. Gu’s restaurant has an ethereal sound It just feels like this prairie You get the point Thanks to this trip, I’ve totally changed my view on music And I learned to redefine myself Most importantly, thank you Thank you for staying with me Wait for me Once I’m recovered, I will surely become the brightest star in the sky That’s me, Zheng Boxu And you will be the tiny star by my side Sorry, the subscriber you dialed cannot be connected

Please try again later (You and I.) (How will we end up?) (We won’t remember about the happy moments.) (One, two, three.) (Delete the memory.) (A relationship that goes bad so easily.) (I’m in lost.) (In the darkness, I ask myself) (I’ve been drowning.) (I can’t find any last word left from you.) (Not even the bad ones.) (That’s how you leave me.) (Don’t cry.) (I’ve finally solved the puzzles.) (No more expectation.) (Our story may never restart.) (Don’t cry.) (We’ll find the way home.) (Together we’ll go.) Do you know that we can never find such simple and lovely people in urban life? From the mountains and the rivers, to the cows and sheep they feed, everything can be the topic of their songs All of these factors can be used to express themselves I am truly free at this place But I have no idea what I’ll face back there However, it would remain the same for sure I can’t say what I like there Nor could I sing the melody I like Listen It’s the wind It’s the sound of the hoof Can you hear them? I’ll take you out Do you get what you want? We should have more travels to such places – Girl – Grandpa Bao You’re leaving I’ve got you some medicine Keep it for him Here is the instruction Thank you, Grandpa Bao Keep an eye on him Don’t slack off Don’t slack off Now that you’re leaving, I’ve got you a gift This is the sound of the prairie When you miss the prairie or me, play it Thanks, Grandpa Bao Alright Take care Sure, kid Thanks Alright All packed up Boxu, I made this by myself It’s for you Did you make it? Thanks I’ll keep it as my mascot I can’t bear to leave you, Grandpa Bao Get back soon, guys

(As we’re back into the real-life,) (you tell me that we won’t share an end.) (You’re right, but I can’t control myself.) (I’m not concerned about the end.) (Thanks to you, I know what’s love.) (It’s happiness. Understand?) (Only with you by my side, can I live a free life.) (Enjoy life, do you understand?) (All the experiences we have) (will perish one day like foams, understand? (But even so, I’ll keep loving you.) (Even though we have to break up) (I won’t give in now.) (I will always cherish you.) (This song is written for you.) (I know you must be listening.) (What will the future be?) (No matter what, as long as you’re happy.) (The one who loves you better then I do,) (he shall stay by your side forever.) (Don’t forget to smile, protect your loveliness, okay?) (That’s my only request.) Zirui, you’re doing great! The new album has been downloaded for over one million times You didn’t let me down It all thanks to the efforts of the colleagues You’ve been working hard to promote it They’re all cooperating well With that performance, you’ve earned it in the company From now on, you need a diversified development I want to be a down-to-earth musician, not an idol An idol will only perish like a shooting star I want to be the fixed star and shine in my own way By the way, for the following songs, I’d love to make it my way Last time, I followed President Chen’s suggestion This time, it’s our turn Zirui, don’t think too much about it Don’t be burdened at all Last time, it was just a divarication between President Chen and me It’s not a fight I want you to focus on the music There’s no need to trade your music for relationships Not for mine, at least – Do you understand? – Yes, I do Vice President Du, Zirui. It’s all set Come downstairs Sure. Let’s go Vice President Ma Vice President Ma Vice President Ma, Zirui is doing very well The new album has been downloaded for over one million times We’re having a party for him Do you want to come? Over one million times! Sounds terrifying enough Yet it contributes little to the profit I don’t get it Is such a trivial project worth celebration? Seems we’re not looking from the same perspective No wonder you’d say it. You’re not in this career Vice President Du. Yu is becoming popular now But according to the big data, he’d far from matching Zheng Boxu Sure, I may not know about music But I can tell from the figure Only aim at the result, isn’t that our motto? It’s too early to be satisfied with him I’ve invited you Come as you wish This is the first milestone since we’re listed Zirui, keep up working The company and I think highly of you Thank you, President Chen. Thank you all Bravo! Let’s have Vice President Du to open the champagne Mr. Chang is your scout He’s the one who found you That’s right Mr. Chang, open it up for us Great! Good! I’ve been tough on you But we shall bend the rules today. You deserve it I can’t Stop acting You’re been too tough on him He should relax I hereby declare, the work is off! Everybody joins us Time for cake and champagne! Dinner is on me! Thank you, boss! I need to make a declaration Global New Voice Singing Contest will be hosted in America later this year Every country will send the best young talents to the contest And the winner will be awarded the best platform And the winner is very likely to be a global idol singer I’ve signed Yu Zirui up He will attend national tryouts on our behalf I believe in you, Zirui You will definitely win the ticket to America I’ll try my best Great! Nice! From now on, let’s work together

We shall help Zirui by creating ideal conditions By then, Star Company will achieve a higher status And it will be the glory to us all! Bravo! Great! Alright Let’s cut the cake Yu Zirui is now the hit star Zheng Boxu is already forgotten The newcomer will always surpass the old ones Then the old ones will be left behind Zheng Boxu doesn’t care at all He can inherit the billions of money While for Yu Zirui, he can only fight his way out Besides, he’s humble I think he’s better What’s the smell? Foxy Vice President Ma It’s for you I’ll get you a piece of cake Thank you (Breathing down my spine) (But why do I miss you the same?) (Cause you’re prettier than most.) Thank you for the effort It’s my duty Thank you for giving him such a great chance He’s got a lot to do from now on I’m thinking of transferring Zhenzhen to help you Tianhao hasn’t replied yet Just carry on for a few days I will talk to Zhenzhen if she disagrees I can handle it It’s about Zhenzhen I don’t think she’d agree How is that so? Zirui is the one we’re working on He’s more promising than Boxu But Zhenzhen treats Boxu differently now That’s understandable Boxu has his advantages Besides, they work together every day No girl could resist such a boy But be sure to remind her of it This kind of relationship won’t last long Don’t immerse too deep into it I’ve said enough You know it, girls can hardly listen to others once they’re devoted to love Alright. Then I have to count on you about Zirui Be sure to examine all his arrangements Be sure to stick to music Sure I’ve talked to him That’s just what he’s thinking He’s really talented and sensible He will definitely succeed He is sensible But sometimes he worries too much It’s better to be pure when dealing with music On the contrary, although Zheng Boxu misbehaves a lot, he’s actually simple and pure Don’t worry I’ll talk to him (Girls love boys love girls love boys.) (Girls love boys love girls love boys.) – Yu – Yes, madam Have you seen Director Liu? Director Liu? No, I haven’t He’s been weird recently He’s coming and leaving like a shadow Shall I help transfer the wine to him? It’s for you Thank you, Director Yu Why are you here alone? What? Don’t you want champagne? None of my business. Not interested What about you? Had fun? It’s not a party for me I don’t have the heart to enjoy it It’s a time of the fresh meat Are we getting old and out of fashion? You are, if any Don’t count me in I’m born after 2000! Water needle skincare, thermage, HIFU skin lifting You know it way better than I do! You’re quarrelsome Shi Yuxi, what do you mean? You’ve visited all the beauty salon I went to And applied more treatments then I did Take it easy. I won’t laugh about it They’re making rapid progress We can’t be the pot calling the kettle black Here you are, Amanda and Miss Shi I’ve been looking for you for quite some time What do you want? There have been enough celebrating for you Are you here to force us to bend to you? Not at all! Big Star Shi, don’t be mean It’s your turn Wait, Yuxi Make some room, excuse me I need some space Watch out, here it comes Yes! Yuxi, you misunderstand me Although I’m naive and just a newcomer I know the rule You’re my seniors Besides, I’m your fan It’s my pleasure to work in the same company It’s said you’ve got a high EQ

Now I know what they’re talking about Enough for the compliments Everyone can tell you’re the next superstar for Star Entertainment You’re the one contributing to such a big company I’m just a newcomer I’m far behind you in terms of achievements Both of you have well-known pieces Once the melodies are played, the audience will think of you I’m just lucky to have an album which seems well But I can’t brag about it I know the actual cultivation is weak I can’t be satisfied by the mere praises, don’t you say so? Alright You’ve made your point. And you’re right You’re sensible Amanda. I’m really surprised by the kids now Even the polite formulas sound cheerful No, it’s not like that I’m being honest to you I want to learn from you about singing And I hope you could teach me Alright Big Star Shi Zirui looks handsome and sounds cute He’s doing well in any way As his senior, it would be inappropriate if we keep acting mean Enough Here Okay, congratulations – Congratulations – Thanks Hold on Is that Jie Fu? Mr. Gu? He won the Grammy Award! We’ve got a master by our side Yet we never knew about it! What a waste! There were clues I’ve been to his restaurant for a few times The BGM there is great for sure Mr. Gu, you once played in a band! It’s an old story. Enough What do you want? Exactly You’ve got some special disks Can I borrow them? It’s for Zheng Boxu, actually No way They’re my treasure. Not for rent I’ve asked him several times for the music there I wanted them as your reference But he refused me He said he won’t lend them to anyone We must ask him to be your teacher There must be sutras Like Ritual of the Void, Yin Esoterica, Buddha’s Palm I don’t want to be an eunuch in the novel (Yu Zirui) It’s a cold call. I’ll hang it up for you Zirui Hello? Zhenzhen I tried to contact you for times Were you on a trip? I just returned Congratulations to the new album Right, it broke one million downloads today I wanted to celebrate with you But you weren’t there I’ll celebrate for you in person tomorrow I’ve got some arrangements tomorrow Babe! Another news about Mr. Gu! Babe Zirui, I’ve kind of busy right now Talk to you later Bye What’s wrong with you? You’re an adult! Why are you here alone? I bet you haven’t tried the cake. I saved it for you I won’t take it On a diet? Alright, I’ll take it for you But you did really good just now They’re known for quarreling with each other And you just solved it in a blink I really admire it How did you do it? Sorry, I need to use the bathroom Tell me Why are you so nice for Yu Zirui yet so vicious to me? Don’t you think it’s your problem, not mine? Am I being too handsome? Exactly! Cut up randomly Psycho, narcissist, egomania I’m telling you You have to say harsh words when talking to me Don’t change your tone When you’re talking to Yu Zirui, you’re like this Hello, it’s me Sure, thanks a lot No problem If you talk to me like that one day, I must be facing the fake Yang Zhenzhen Alright, answer me, you said you found something about Mr. Gu What is it?

It is a lie Because I want to save you from the awkward conversation You’re welcome Save the words to yourself Good for you You beat me! Why can’t I? (It starts to rain in my sky.) (Because you’re sobbing right now.) (I will use up all my strength to protect you.) (I’m willing to take the suffering.) (I’m doing it for your heart and soul.) Zirui, I’m really happy about thinking of it President Chen is really nice to us Even when we’re free, he assigns us with such a nice van Isn’t that great? Besides, it’s not about money It shows our status I heard the colleagues are discussing They said Zheng Boxu hasn’t retired, and you’re coming up That’s too much pressure to other performers Xia Yuan Mind your words Alright, I get it I won’t talk I’ll just enjoy these in silence I’m happy silently, what about that? Here we are Go back now Let me send you upstairs No, no. Don’t I didn’t mean it I don’t want any affair from the paparazzi Okay, I get it. I’m going back now Take care Bye-bye (We will decorate the ordinary life) (with lovely details.) (For the next decades, we can watch the sunset.) (The wrinkles grow as we grow old.) (Live a peaceful life.) (You’re good, so am I.) Ever since the day, I entered this career, I’ve been blessed with fortune I’ve got a professional company And a devoted team I also get the change to learn from seniors Today, my new album is downloaded for one million times Thank you all for the celebration But I hope it is only a start I will repay my dear fans with greater achievements (Love you.) (Marry me.) (I love you.) (Love you.) (Love you.) (Marry me.) (Live a peaceful life.) (You’re good, so am I.) Hello, Bin Zirui, do you miss me? Zirui, you’ve been so busy What’s the last time I heard from you? I just saw your Weibo Good for you! It’s not been long. Yet you’re already so successful! We’re happy for you We’re proud of you Not at all. I have a long way to go You’re perfect in any way Except for one thing, you’re too hard on yourself We ordinary people may never understand you

Alright, I’ll get to the point We, your fellow brothers, are having a barbecue tonight Same place Come join us if you’re free Let’s have a drink, shall we? Sorry, I won’t show up Come on, why is that? Give us a chance, old pal Let’s celebrate for you Anyway, you’re from our pub Even if you forget about us, we won’t do the same to you I’ve got an arrangement tonight My car is waiting for me downstairs That busy? Come on, it’s over one million times now Why don’t they give you a day off? That’s not humane at all Since the day I entered the company, every step is part of their plan It’s not like the old days in the pub I’m not that free Alright, fine. I can’t hold you back See you next time But I’ve said it for so many times Yu Zirui, if you keep being absent like this, we could only meet you on the poster Don’t be like that You’re my old pals. How could I forget you? Alright, I’m kidding Zirui, we’ll never forget you Don’t you leave us behind I won’t! We’re brothers Alright, do your business Take care of yourself See you next time Drink less tonight Haven’t you picked the clothes? Come on. It’s the reclusive talent I’m going to meet I’ve got to dress up Shall I look mature? Or keep a low profile? Which way will Mr. Gu prefer, grown-up or childish? That’s the reclusive talent Yet you named him an amateur Just think of a proper way to apologize Stop caring too much about the trivial I think you’ve got the point But don’t forget this I’ve got a mascot With that, I can definitely do it Right, I hope so Why are you so wordy? Since when you’re getting so wordy? Just don’t lose control With you by my side, how would I lose it? Yes, you would! Does that count? Kiss me? Come on, just a kiss! Get changed! Disappointing Closed Time to reopen, it depends What happened to him? In a bad mood, I guess (Yang Zhenzhen) (Yang Zhenzhen) He didn’t answer it Is he hiding from us? He opens this restaurant reclusively so as to avoid disturbance But now we found Grandpa Bao, it’s all exposed Will he leave Beijing and never come to us again? How about his home? Could be hard I’ve been knowing him for long But I don’t know where he lives (Yang Zhenzhen) I’ve called him tens of times Still no response Shall we move him with words? What do you say? No way He’s sent us to Grandpa Bao He must have a backup In order to get you recovered, he even gets himself exposed and leave us That’s true love Let me do the typing Are you begging him or bragging yourself? Mr. Gu is no ordinary people We can’t treat him in an ordinary way So the secret movement is to brag about yourself Wrong! I’m being honest to him

No matter it’s him or me that I complimented, the words are sincere That’s sincerity, understand? Maybe I could never meet Mr. Gu again If I were Mr. Gu and meet a person like you, I’d love to stay reclusive as well How about annoying him with messages? Just like what you did to me Have I done that? You, you did it I’m dispirited Mr. Gu, I’m sorry I never expect you to be the reclusive master! How dare I criticize your dish! Now that you won Grammy, no matter what dish you bring to me, I promise to eat them up I’d even lick the plate! There’s only one work for your experience. Excellent! For an excellent man like you, the skill you’ve got has to be inherited Or it would be a waste! I’m sure you must know how to deal with the tiny problem with my throat I’m counting on you In the modern music circle, I don’t think there could be anyone superior Finally, you’re back You’ve gone missing for a century Do you miss me? Not at all! Shameless enough to ask me that question Look at you, you just disappeared You didn’t even say the destination All you left is a note I have no place in your heart How could I? Then tell me the truth Did you go out with Zheng Boxu? You did! Let me guess Did you go to Las Vegas and get married? That’s your fancy It’s for you. Specialty Handmade cheese from shepherds It’s organic and natural food! At least you’re thinking of me Wait, shepherds? You were at the prairie! And we heard the Tuvan throat singing It’s just like a dream But what were Zheng Boxu and you doing there? It’s a secret Keeping it from me, Yang Zhenzhen? You’ve changed a lot! And getting closer to Zheng Boxu Fine, you’re not telling me anything It’s not like that. So what about you and Yu Zirui? I won’t tell you now that you don’t say it I’ll take the gift Deal with the luggage by yourself Time to sleep