Hi everyone I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and tonight I am being interviewed by my friend paladin and so I’m gonna switch this over so we can at least show him what we’re able to show of him which is not much unfortunately but that’s just the luck of the draw that’s how it goes but hopefully this should be interesting to everyone and we’ve got a chatroom so maybe we can also allow for some questions I know he’s got a lot of questions for me but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to also get to some of your questions so we’ll try for that so if you just bear with me I’m just gonna make sure that we’re broadcasting for sure which is always a little bit they did try dicey and that was just a little feedback but it’s okay now okay so okay so we’re good go right ahead paladin the stage is yours okay Thank You Kerry I appreciate this we started publishing our white hat reports back in November of 2010 and I had a mutual friend who knew Kerry Kerry and interviewed her so I reached out to her to see if I could get her to prevail upon Kerry to publish our reports which Kerry did and that sort of started our relationship eventually Kerry and I spoke on skype and of course Kerry’s first one of her first questions was will you come on and do an interview of course I declined and I don’t know how long it was two or three years and we finally relented Kerry interviewed tea man on radio and then she got me on a couple of YouTube’s and on audio one which we can’t locate so Kerry and I’ve known each other for about seven years I was where project came a lot way before that of course and it followed some of the unit so I was I was pleased that Kari showed some interest in us and decided to put our work out there and we have over the years when Kari wants me to come on and do an interview we kind of go back and forth and this is when I prevail upon Kari I say you know some one of these days I need to interview you in which Kari has always volunteered willingly and she said anytime you wanted to do at any time so this is that time but one thing I do want to say I know this is the this is normally the introduction process and everybody knows Kari but I just want to say that you know Kari does a lot of good work she’s always done it in an honest diligent hard-working way she conducts her interviews with integrity which is something that’s kind of missing from journalism these days and then investigative interviews and you know she’s put a lot of people on the map she there’s a lot of people out there and if you go back and look historically Kari is the first one that interview so she’s made a lot of people famous and possibly maybe maybe um maybe the white hats too so anyway I hope we’re still friends after this after this no I’m just kidding okay so let’s get started unless you want to add anything to the intro no I think I I think maybe I’d introduce you really briefly as the presenter or the host of this sort of session and paladin as many people know is a forensic financial investigator and paladin you want to say a few words about yourself in relation to the white hats maybe even how you got involved in the white hats I know I’m not supposed to turn tables here but we are going to do a later interview just so everyone knows about paladin and the white hats because we did one many years ago but it’s been several years and we also think it might have gotten lost a lot of my audio radio interviews even though we downloaded the Three’s onto our server etc etc and I pay good money to have stuff safeguarded there somehow my radio shows a lot of them have disappeared and I don’t know why and so it may be the Paladins interview one of them at least about what what is called number 48 disappeared so we’re gonna bring him on to discuss all of that in the future but

before we do that and you know just so we can kind of clarify who the white hats are in relation to you do you want to just say a few words about that okay well if you want to kind of get our story we finally released it in one at Report 36 as far as how we kind of all came together and decided that there was something that we could do we needed to do and it really kind of evolved out of the situation with Christopher story who was reporting on a lot of the things that we were involved with at the time and excuse me when Christopher story supposedly passed away and I can go into that story maybe next time but we eventually eventually prevailed upon some of the guys in the group that we needed to continue with that work which was basically exposed the fraud the mismanagement all those kinds of things in the financial system in particular but some other collateral areas in general so that’s kind of what started the reports and we we just kind of put the first couple out there just as a test to see what kind of response we could get and I think after the third or fourth one we started actually then reaching out to other places and people picked it up as I said Project Camelot being one of the first to actually repost our reports which kind of gave us a ripple effect and then from there you know we had eventually released about 47 then we took a break and then we released a few more last year three or four I think in relationship to dr Richard Davis’s poem all we were to give some traction for him and try to maybe promote what he was doing we ended up not really needing to is the the the election got taken care of by a few other people but anyway that was our attempt or that was our reason for putting out some last last year before the election so that kind of brings us up today we can talk about other things on the way that’s next time if that’s okay yeah that’d be great so okay hey go ahead alright so you know how when you get up in the morning and you’re getting ready to go on your two-mile run or your 10-mile bike ride and you kind of get warmed up you know you kind of do calisthenics and you you know loosen up and get your legs stretch and all that well we’re gonna do that here for our mind this is going to be a mind exercise are you are you familiar with Jeopardy do you know how to play jeopardy I I mean I don’t watch those TV shows but I’ve heard it okay it’s a game show and basically what you have is you have categories and then you have you are given as a contestant you aren’t given a you’re given the answer and so what you have to do is provide the question to the answer okay so let’s a for example you could say barack obama and the question is who’s the 44th president okay okay all right so our first so so this is called palette in jeopardy because I don’t have any I don’t have any money to give you so hopeful yes we’re just gonna call this palette in jeopardy okay so the first category is interviewees okay and the first answer is John Lear well who’s among the most loved and greatest showman and you know a natural-born performer as well as a very dedicated and brilliant guy okay now all except that what I have here is who is paladin’s favorite interviewee okay number two Gordon of Elle well who’s he’s you know he’s I can’t really play this game very well but his he’s not most known for having created a team which included by the way how pod off to create an ARV which is a an alien reproduction vehicle which is something that the military had already done and he knew it and he was a CIA agent he finally revealed that to me but he was also supposedly involved to some degree in the Kennedy not the assassination I don’t think but the cover-up okay this this is a good example of how you go in a different direction than I do because mine mine is what Project Camelot interview included a guest who was involved in the periphery of the Kennedy assassination and so okay so that’s good alright the third one Charles or Chuck

oh okay you’re talking about the Charles that notorious sort of Illuminati supposed whistleblower that bill Ryan got involved with after he left Project Camelot is that who you’re talking about that is correct name one of Bill Ryan’s first interviews at project Avalon okay good you’re doing great okay you’re good at this okay the nice nice category is miscellaneous okay yeah Illuminati central well I guess that’s that’s a phrase that I used when I was broadcasting from Britain yes yeah and you got a kick out of it it is menotti central innocence yeah how did Kerry describe the location in the United Kingdom outside London during the 2013 Bilderberg conference okay the next one Heathrow Airport well I’m not sure what you’re trying to refer to there I did run into a whistleblower there who revealed something about the oil spill so that was quite interesting and I don’t know whether they been tracking me and so knew where to find me or if it really was a complete accident that I ran into somebody who recognized me at the airport and then told me some back-channel information about the whole you know Gulf oil spill and how that was a purposeful situation and so on okay I have named Kerry’s favorite airport well actually I like to buy as well so okay okay okay did they they hold you for three hours in customs – no okay so that was it you’re being sarcastic well you know I mean I actually do like Heathrow I like posh upscale airports where I can goof off for many hours because obviously I do a lot of flying but yeah the last time they detained me for three hours and the time before that for an hour and a half both were bogus charges and then they had to let me go without actually following through with any of their threats but yeah it was quite annoying after a 10-hour 11 hour flight so yeah they wanted to know why I was visiting my boyfriend in the UK and they were gonna interrogate me that about that yeah he lived there he lives there so yeah I guess that answer wasn’t good enough huh right okay last one Corey good uh well Corey good has lied about me so I’m not a big fan of his work he is disclosing some worthwhile information a lot of which is already out there but not the blue avians is is kind of his alone but it does relate I think in a loose kind of way to what are in essence and avian or there’s so many avian racism you must understand that a lot of people don’t is that call them blue Ravens or whatever you want they can be the other ibis which is symbolized in Egypt and this is why David Wilcock got so on board with the Corey good information to begin with I believe because he’s quite wrapped up and obsessed with raw material some of which is quite excellent and so the Ibis is you know Toth obviously symbolized by Toth and and so on and there is an alien race that are at the avians I mean there are basic avian you know there are the avians there’s the cat beings you know leo there is the you know insectoid type beings there are you can have basically you know groupings and then break them down from there I mean it is fascinating to me that the you might say the sort of vast number of species that we have here on earth that most of which have been brought here by the way by various alien races are sort of in miniature for example the spiders that are also apparently much huger than that out in the galaxies and these are all races that are here in miniature and and some larger than others obviously that we have had relations with and I think these are sort of our way of being taught how to deal with all the races before we actually meet the real of the real ones and so anyway I’m just saying that there are many avian races yeah and and didn’t John Lear essentially verify that with the spiders and in Vietnam well it was a Cambodia well we’re the exact location might have been it see there Laos or Cambodia I

think as I recall it I incur Wat so I think that that might be Cambodia I’m not sure so um but the bottom line is yes John John and and his uh his sort of a person that he really sort of follows his work is Lu baldon and I have invited Lu on the show before I don’t think he came on the show or wanted to for some reason but I’m not sure why and actually I should extend my inner you know my invite again to Lu because it’d be great to have him on the show but he’s he’s sort of a contact D who’s written a few books is I believe still in contact with various races and John likes his material very much he had also referenced this spider beings I believe or something like that perhaps an insectoid kind of a race that was part of what was the reason we were actually in Vietnam for the first place and so this was a validation when I came and recently re-interviewed John Lear as many people will know and highly recommend those that interview are all my interviews with John I also did a phone follow-up but he was he has a very natural relaxed Hort of reaction on camera to when I mentioned that I just come from interviewing mark Richards for I think it was the sixth time that that juncture and he was very excited by that validation coming from another whistleblower so that was that was cool yeah okay what I had for Corey Goode was named the person who begged to carry for an interview and she refused him after vetting him so okay that gets us through our warm-up now we’re ready to go I’m gonna hit PC history this is Project Camelot history okay what inspired you to create Project Camelot oh well that’s kind of complex but I can say that I was very interested in getting the truth out and I had met Bill Ryan and interviewed him as part of a sort of video project that I was doing to break through the glass ceiling in Hollywood I had decided to make a UFO documentary I went to interview bill Ryan at a conference which was the the UFO conferences that used to happen in Laughlin Nevada that then got taken over by the John route group and are now held in Arizona but prior to that I guess they were called the UFO Congress I believe and I think that was the bill I think was bill birnes who was behind the scenes in that one and at any rate we connected and then became friends over the internet and I interviewed him there at Laughlin and he was representing the surf circle project and when we ended up getting together in Tintagel England which is the former home of King Arthur or one of them said to be we were both well actually I’m writing this end in my book but it’s quite an interesting story in the sense that both of us were very aware there was something going on I can see light beings and I can see the forms of various beings I can’t actually see them you know clearly but I know they’re there and I see them I can see them past me like if I’m talking right now I could actually see one go by if there was one right this second but I haven’t seen one right now but all I’m saying is that I was seeing these beings around us a lot while we were in 10th agile and I was having past life recall of the time of Arthur and and and 10th agile is just energetically the most incredible place it’s on the cliffs overlooking the water in in England as as many people know and I have a picture on the about us page now of Camelot if you want to see what it looks like but in any way I I guess intuitively we began to tap into the fact that are coming together was some kind of I don’t know I I don’t like to sound egotistical but major happening on the et front with regard to the ETS or the unseen beings and that they were sort of around us a lot and so we kind of became conscious of that and then as we were just driving leaving Tintagel we spent like I think it was a night in two days or something and we both sort of said okay well what are we going to do now like he I blown over

there so he could show me you know power places like Stonehenge and the stone circles and Tintagel and so on and Glastonbury and then I was gonna go back to the States so we just said what can we do to pool our talents there’s obviously a reason we were brought together and we decided right then and there to create this project literally and then we decided to name what we wanted I was inspired by Camelot I was having past life recall about Camelot so and Bill had been told unbeknownst to me by psychics prior to that that he could possibly be a reincarnation of Arthur he’s always denied that and it may not be true but I’m just saying that he was told by psychics that and I had somehow tapped into that on a psychic level I guess and that made sense to me because I was having this past life recall and so we decided to name our project Camelot but we knew we couldn’t put it on the Internet as Camelot so we so I was writing a screenplay written several sci-fi screenplays up to then and one of them was called project moon dust so I knew that the you know I’d done a lot of research also on the internet I was working for JPL at that time as a contractor in the communications area and so I am and I was writing screenplays on my on my lunch hour because I my original background is spending 20 years in Hollywood so I basically said well let’s put project with Camelot nobody will think of that and that’s actually how they classified black projects they always put project this project that as you know and so we made it it was either going to be Camelot project or project camelot and both of us like Project Camelot best we looked for the URL we were able to get the Project Camelot RG we weren’t able to get Project Camelot dot c om e you know the CEO at comm project my comm someone owned it and so we just said well screw it we’ll just use org and even to this day I don’t think we’ve ever been able to get Project Camelot comm I don’t know who owns it we did have webmaster who stole Project Camelot dot let’s see one of our other URLs I forgot which one it was and Annette he stole the dotnet Project Camelot dotnet which we tried to get as well because we brought him on board and he was supposed to get it for us that was really a stupid ship you know this is in the earlier days of the Internet and he actually bought it with his own money I think or we gave him the money and he bought it and then he kept it in his own name and then he tried to do a competitive site to us you know he used to try to harass us and people would go there by mistake so god forbid anyone ever did that but it was kind of a nightmare and when that was going on so anyway I know this is long-winded and kind of roundabout but to be inspired we both had this sort of desire to get the truth out about the été and the whole sort of scenario of black projects and secret witnesses again because I had started my project doing the CFO documentary and I interviewed people like rich Dolan and Steven Bassett and Jim Marrs all at one conference in Hollywood this was before I interviewed Bill and so then when I interviewed Bill so we were already a sort of on this road and Bill knew about the disclosure project with Steven Greer I actually didn’t even know about it he he’d read the book there wasn’t a video or videos out at that time because Steven Greer unbeknownst to us had actually filmed those witnesses but he eventually he put out this information that he wouldn’t release those films because they they weren’t perfect enough they needed to be Hollywood style or quality or whatever and the funny thing about that is that the reason I started doing what I did which is how Pamela came about is I picked up a consumer-grade camcorder I said screw Hollywood I’m going to make my own UFO documentaries nobody will let me make any movies because I was trying to package movies back in those days and and and so as I say I interviewed Bill and then when I got together with Bill and we were in Tintagel we just I was like the filmmaker and he was like this sort of webmaster who had volunteered to do web a website for project serpro and he did quite a good job on that and because he was the only person doing the website and speaking about project serpo as a human because serpo would admit initially was nothing but a bunch of written communicates through this guy named Victor Martinez

who had a news group and both bill and I were invited to join that news group at the time of course I didn’t know him but I knew he was the webmaster for servo and servo became very quickly during November in December of that year kind of the this is a 2005 the flavor of the month that you know how UFO stories kind of catch on and take fire so bill as the webmaster became the only representative that you could even talk to about servo so he got invited to speak at Laughlin and so I knew that he was you know I I wrote him an email saying okay if you’re speaking at what Laughlin I’m coming there because I was going to do an interview with somebody else at Laughlin which is Bill Hamilton and my bill Hamilton interview by the way at Laughlin is fabulous and it’s still on the project cam what YouTube channel and I highly recommend it um he was he was a very turned on guy knew all about all of the secret stuff quite early on he said wife was being I don’t know I don’t know what you would call it abducted or interacted with by reptilians and even reported this in a book I mean you know well it was pretty gutsy back then to do and he even still works in this he now works actually for them again the secret kind of government if you want to call it that or he was last time I talked to him anyway so I know I’m kind of going around in the circle here but you wanted to know what inspired Camelot it was all of these events sort of coming together and I’ve always been I was a journalist in college and I wrote the radical stories for the paper and I also broke a bunch of rules that they were mad at me for it when I was in college at the paper and you know because I was into you know feminism and social I was studying socialism and communism all the isms and you know Marxism you name it and I was trying to out people and I interviewed Angela Davis and and I went and saw Bobby Seale and you know I know I’m sort of dating myself but I can say that in college that kind of was was the beginning of my job and then then I left all that to make movies and so it kind of came full circle when I decided to pick up the camcorder and do my own documentaries you can’t so you show you property three a mine quest and when I asked why and we got there we go okay all right so now did Project Camelot start in 2006 well officially what happened is is we so what happened was again that that I went I plan to interview Bill and I contacted him actually late November December and the conference happened every February so it was in 2005 that I was already I actually already interviewed Robert Salah who is a whistleblower all about the the UFOs flying over the minoo Air Force Base in I think it’s Wyoming or Montana Montana maybe Wyoming um I’d gone to his house and did an interview in other words I was compiling a documentary and documentary footage and I’d already been to this conference as I say I’d already interviewed and what I what my UFO documentaries available that he made back then it’s called have you seen a UFO and I literally went around the conference during the breaks and I put the camera in front of the face of the speakers and I said have you seen a UFO because back then I was annoyed that all the speakers would they were brilliant they were wonderful we’re talking Jim Marrs and Richard Dolan and Steven Bassett a lot of the usual suspects that you know of today but they never would talk about their own encounters and I thought that was somewhat and so I decided I would do a documentary on that because I had had UFO experiences in my life and that sort of sent me down that road of wanting to make the documentary in the first place so I figured all these other people must as well strangely a lot of them kind of said they had a sighting but they acted a bit vague about it now I actually think that they had a lot more exposure than they were letting on but nonetheless okay so that covers the history that covers for questions you this is the way it goes with us I asked one in you answer you you you address that one in the answer the next three okay now we’re going to go behind the scenes this is on interviews who or what interviews were the most difficult to for you to get and why get yeah we’re that who are the toughest if there’s one

more than others or if there’s a couple two or three that come to mind why were that difficult to get in who and where who were who were they and why well see this is interesting because a lot of people don’t realize is that Camelot does not necessarily go seek people out to interview especially back in those days what ended up to happen a lot of times was that people approached us and we would have to decide who we wanted to interview so we didn’t have so much problem getting interviews but I can tell you that when we’re supposed to interview dan burisch well I’m not going to say who but a very well-known person actually called him up and said do not let these people interview you and that was in the very early days of Camelot so it was to their credit Marcy McDowell and dan burisch at the time to who actually allowed us to interview them they actually didn’t listen to that person and so we’re lucky for that we actually had some very well-known people also go behind the scenes and tell those tell people giving conferences not to allow us to speak that they wouldn’t appear if we appear on stage they wouldn’t they wouldn’t and so weird stuff did happen that but and still does but um I I will say that to get an interview we we also had referrals so it’s very strange what went on back in those days because people also referred people to us and for example Henry Deacon came to us by I think I can say you know this person named Larry who I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time I don’t even know if he’s still alive but Jerry Pippin who I passed on was he was a friend of his and he referred us and so on so I think it’s okay at this late date to say that much trying to think of who was a difficult person to get as an interview um you know I’m never having a trouble you know where I can say timidly good has was very evasive but he was coming to Laughlin and we got him you know he agreed to do an interview with me he wasn’t happy about the interview he didn’t want to do it it was really obvious but he was being agreeable see what happens usually is if somebody doesn’t want to do an interview they just don’t do it so it’s not like I don’t do a big campaign to this is the big mistake a certain other person made in thinking that I was doing a big campaign to and to get them to do an interview if somebody contacts me which that person did I will offer if they well in their case they actually said would I interview them because bill was interviewing them and wouldn’t cover the Nazi situation and they also tried to throw out the fact that David Wilcock was interviewing them and that was supposed to make me want to jump on board but actually on the contrary if if someone is elses interviewed somebody that turns me off I’m not interested in duplicating effort out there which isn’t to say I won’t interview people that have been interviewed by others but I’m not as interested in doing that especially in the early days that was the case now we ended up interviewing people like Bob Dean and we made him famous many times over he says I made him into a rock star he was already well-known but for some reason we really connected and the interviews just kind of hit the roof and went crazy with you know they’ve really gone viral all these years so I’m just I’m trying to think of somebody did you have somebody in mind no I didn’t but I just know you know we’ve talked about that in the past about some of the interviews and the kind of the back-and-forth whether they’re gonna come on they’re not going to come on and I didn’t know if there were any that I think it would just be interesting to impart upon you know in the audience that some of the things that you have to go through behind the scenes to get these people to come on and you know because you know what happens also is we do have whistleblowers but they they tell us what and that is part of our procedure in other words we don’t push the interview I just I’m not a pushy person in that regard I don’t I actually couldn’t care less if you want to do an interview great if you don’t then you know why are you contacting me you know and sometimes where I’m referred to people and I have to tell them Who I am so they can

understand why it might be beneficial I mean actually it’s kind of funny but the longer I’ve done this sometimes the less people are willing to do interviews with me because I guess I’m now a force to be reckoned with and because they know they can’t get away with kind of murder whatever and I don’t know what but um you know if somebody came to us for example or we were connected or found out about somebody we would simply write them an invitation if they didn’t respond they didn’t respond because that happens a lot or if they respond they usually say well I can’t go on camera because of my security of or whatever or whatever reason I protect my family etc we’re never gonna argue with that we would just say okay then do you want to do audio you know or if you want do audio will you do a written interview and that’s what we went through all those sort of hoops with Henry Deacon who contacted us and wanted to do the interview but he didn’t want to go on camera and initially and eventually he spoke at one of my conferences which you can watch in it’s excellent at the time travel and other worlds conference which is available on Vimeo but for a long time Henry Deacon was under a false name which was Henry deacon his real name is Arthur Newman so he only came out years later and actually he came out on stage when Bill did a small conference in Switzerland and Brian O’Leary the the X astronaut who was slated to go to Mars actually had been interviewing scientists around the world and writing books on free energy etc Henry Deacon saw him speak on stage I got we a group of us I don’t know if it’s okay to say who but cliff hi and me and there might have been one or two other people who I forget God Henry Deacon to that conference and once he was there he saw Brian O’Leary speak and he was very moved by the speech and he went on stage and he declared himself as Henry Deacon i ka arth anointment and when and then right after that is I mean literally the day later or that night or whatever is he was invited to come to the Barcelona conference which was going to happen another a week or two later and bill and I were doing a we were holding a sort of a panel discussion you might call it quasi press conference type thing and we were we were hosting that that was part of our job down at at the conference and so Henry Deacon flew down there they flew him they provided for his lodging and everything and then they wouldn’t let him speak and what happened was I I sort of when Bob Dean went on stage in this was at the Barcelona politics conference and all the footage is on lines so you can actually watch the evidence of what I’m talking about but what happened was so this is kind of a whistleblower who initially came out under a false name he wouldn’t even let us record him let alone record him on camera we had to remember everything so every all our documents on him in the early days were was remembered testimony and that we did run those transcripts by him for his approval by the way and there’s a story to do with that as well but what happens is that he actually came on stage at the end of Bob Dean’s presentation at the Exopolitics Barcelona conference and because I had gone over to him said here’s your chance Bob Dean’s talking about Mars why don’t you go on stage and say you’ve been a Mars bob would love to meet you and see you and so first he told me no he wouldn’t do it and yes I said well you just went on stage with Brian O’Leary what what are you worried about and so then I guess he then made on you know I went back and sat down and then all of a sudden Bob Dean was winding down it was the lunch hour there was a huge audience like 1500 people and Henry Deacon started making his way up to the stage and so I saw him doing that so I figured he needed some moral support so I went to join him and that’s basically commemorated forever now on video where you see me and Henry deacon on stage at the Barcelona Exopolitics at the end of Bob Dean speech of which he had done a wonderful presentation on Mars and Henry Deacon is basically introducing himself a shot of their knowing man and he’s basically telling the crowd and telling Bob Dean that he worked on Mars and that he would go there on his lunch hours etc and you know he was very shy he’s a scientist he’s not a public speaker and a lot of people were taken aback by the fact that he was quite so soft-spoken he’s a huge

guy he’s very tall and he’s brilliant you know hands down brilliant and then we I’ve known for so many years now and so what happened was as a result of him going on stage the exo politics organizers and Steven Greer came and basically told him to get us to get off the stage and they wouldn’t let him talk and so the people who couldn’t heard him during their lunch hour didn’t get to hear anything he was talked to individually you know during after that happened but basically what happened was we don’t know what happened between him and Steven Greer but something weird I don’t know if it was threatened or what happened but something very strange and he probably hated me for bringing that up again but it’s we’ve documented it it’s out there um and then what happened was that bill Ryan and I went to Greece from there we were going to interview I think was Pauly Laviolette but we also took a short day trip I think it was to an island one of the island Greek islands just for a break and we got a message from that dan burisch and Marcia McDowell who had said they were part of mj-12 by the way and basically they wrote us this formal letter saying they never wanted to have anything to do with us again that you know this was unacceptable what Henry Deacon had done and so and so and they were severing all ties with us and that we better watch our backs like a threat a threat literally like we were the cause of what happened at the exit politics fraeno thing and on top of it there was a sort of mini not quite a riot but the free-energy people kind of ganged up on Steven Greer at that Exopolitics it was quite an ex you know quite a memorable event because there was angry energy guy demonstrating free energy with this little thing with water and Steven Greer was there sort of recruiting free energy guys but at the same time he was I don’t know intimidating them in some weird way so there was some kind of flack going on about that anyway we got blamed for it by mj-12 apparently well there you go yeah so it’s because I’ve got a lot of stuff sorry that’s okay now we and try to just give me a short answer or short interviews or the the people the witch interviews if it’s more than one two three I know you probably you like all of them but which interviews do you think ended up bringing out the the best and the most information in your opinion well Henry Deacon Arthur Newman Pete Peterson John Lear I mean these are the the kind of big guys that write in Hollywood we call them tent poles they they hold up the rest of the you know because I’ve got tons of people and I can’t even you know I’m not even gonna remember all of them I would say Richard Alan Miller God you know there’s just so many that and I think I don’t want to miss people that are fabulous there there are so many really fabulous witnesses don’t get opinion for super soldiers of course um you know there’s just there’s just too many rock on event you know okay now this one is you which interview or interviews do you think was your best in bringing out information because I know a lot of times you have conversations with people kind of just covering the bases and what you’re going to talk about and I know there are people that when you get them in there you get them lined you want to try to get as much information as you can knowing that some of them are going to sandbag you so is there any particular interviews that stick out in your mind as you as the interviewer pulling out a lot of information in other words ones that you felt really good about that you covered covered everything that there was to cover and you are able to pull the information out of the interviewee which I know is always you know it’s a tough job to do when you’re doing the interview to ask the right questions to click with someone so that they will give you the answers that you’re looking for – mm I um I I can say that I’m just you know in all modesty I don’t believe in false modesty I’m very good at my job and I can tell when somebody’s programmed and giving me a party line so when I interview people I do interrupt them when they get into this sort of trance what I call it’s like a trance-like State and you can actually tell if you’re astute when this is happening a lot of people they flower switch they just flip the switch and

start talking they they have a canned response to every question and when that goes on I mean William Tompkins I got a huge amount out of him in a very short time which is you know rensis and other people interviewed him like 20 million times I don’t think they got in the through what I got in the three hours you know what I mean great right and that’s what I’m talking about yeah that kind of thing I would say certainly Bob Dean I think I got the best performance if you want to call it that I call it performance because to me it is a performance I you know I was studied directing I came from Hollywood so I think part of the reason my interviews are so popular is that I see it not only as the interviewer but I see it as a drama as an interchange between two people I don’t just see it as a talking head and I’m just the facilitator if you want to call it that and because of that some people hate my guts and some people love me you know but I am very active and I believe it is an interpersonal exchange and that dynamic I mean I have ETS feeding me information about the interviewee when I’m interviewing I get downloads I get psychic information about them sometimes I’ll dream the whole interview before the night the night before you know so all kinds of stuff goes on but and we get all kinds of interference as well by again the powers that be with technology attacking us as well as greys attacking us you know so there’s a lot going on with all of it but where you say I got the most in you know stuff out of somebody I really I don’t know I you maybe you would the viewer has to be the judge of that to me I’m very happy with my interviews I don’t actually have I don’t know if I have any but I don’t think you know I don’t it doesn’t come to mind that much where I actually strike out I have had somebody some guy on I think was my radio show I don’t think it was video one guy actually got so angry just hung up on me well that was my next question which was your most disappointing because I well I mean I will say that what’s his name gone you know you have to understand that I’ve got so many um no I know okay so there is a guy and I his name right now is escaping me it’s really dumb but maybe it’s better that I don’t say his name we interviewed him in Britain and he worked for the Ministry of Defence I believe and Nick forget his last name anyway we did a whole interview with him when we never published it and he got mad at us for not doing publishing it but he gave us party line after party line after party line and back there I mean we just just looked at that interview and said this you know that I in a sense I couldn’t break him I couldn’t you know get the guy to speak honestly for five minutes I’m sorry to say he in other words he was so inundated by working for the government and he still does to this day on and off I believe and I do understand you know I’m sympathetic to him I think actually he’s become more forthcoming over the years to his credit he has written some fictional books that tell more the truth right so he became kind of an author and had that outlet but it you know what they do to cite you know kind of get into the head of the people working for them and to make them you know toe the line I mean it’s it’s pretty incredible so that’s also why I am very proud of what I’ve done in Project Camelot because I believe that I’ve been able to cut through and get these people to tell the truth nine times out of ten to me and the public and I can tell you that they have disclosed things they didn’t know they would disclose and I can also tell you that I am now in some ways by the secret space program persona non-grata although I do have my fans out there within that program you know but if they have somebody that they don’t want to tell the truth you know to tell the truth who’s kind of programmed to give a certain party line they’re not going to give them to me let’s just put it that way because I’m dangerous I’m very dangerous in that regard okay okay now this next section is trips how many and I’m trying to give everybody just because I know you don’t talk about this a lot in in this fashion but how many countries have you been to travel to during to conduct interviews or to be interviewed or to conduct or attend

conferences and seminars any idea no but I mean I’ve been all over the world and I know I did a huge conference in China for example in Hong Kong no not China and Australia you know so those are the most faraway places uh what about the ratio yes I mean I didn’t do a conference in Russia you know we did an interview Brusco and we interviewed Valerie vara off and we interviewed a couple other people there as well I mean we made a trip to Russia that was when we did it especially was extremely unusual and we were very lucky to be able to do that and yeah it’s that was great and we got some great testimony as a result right so I don’t know I don’t have a list of countries you know you just have to name a country and I tell you if I’ve been there I can say that I haven’t spoken in that many places and you know conferences are kind of few and far between and they cost money to put on so you know it’s it’s a little more limited in that way but we’ve gone many places to do interviews okay now what was your favorite place our kind that you’ve traveled to IIIi don’t know how to answer that I can say that Egypt is my is one of my favorite countries on the planet but I didn’t go there necessarily to do interviews I did I have a lot of past life recall there and I also have done led tours there and I’m actually in in the spring I’m probably more eating myself on Maria Wheatley are going to try to do another tour there and if I can bring a few other speakers with me I will if we can afford to do it that’ll be this spring that 2018 so we’re trying right now I’m trying to organize that I can say other countries I mean you know I have a love-hate relationship with Britain there’s things I love about it I have so much past life recall there and so it’s there’s some really wonderful things about it but I also there’s things I really don’t like about it as well it’s a very dark country you know it’s been quite taken over in some ways by the by the well you the black side uh you know the Satanists and the soil so uh but I’m trying to think I mean I love Paris so I love France I love Africa and I love going on safari in Africa but this these are not you know I’m not interviewing whistleblowers in Africa I’d love to but it’s just that nobody ever contacted us from there I know that bill interviewed preto moot wha but so did Michael tell injure and I think also David I could by recall some reason I never really connected with credo and not sure why I do know there’s a reptilian contingent in contact with him so that may be why um I would be happy to interview him of course I you know I what can I say you know their countries of the world are fabulous I mean I’m I’m a huge fan of travel okay alright true all right I’m gonna read something you’re gonna tell me whether it’s true or false and then I’ll let you in lab rate a little bit number one none of the Apollo missions went to the moon true or false we went there but we had help okay I’m who helped us these days and did they help us get through and William Tompkins you know basically documents this very well he’s not the only one we were well aware of this Ashleigh Henry Deacon said that years ago and other people as well I mean there’s so many people that have talked about the et help that we received I just think Tompkins sort of delineated it also in his book extensively but you know talking about the specific help from the specific Nordics and from group of Aldebaran who helped the Nazis and that then the reptilian contingent and how they also sabotage our secret space program as well so there’s no doubt about it whatsoever that we had help okay so how did we get through the Van Alen right Van Allen radiation belt well again using the you know space folding technology that you know free energy and and the way that they propel they use propulsion through all of the way it used UFOs do it okay all right but was soso alright so why did we stop going to the moon well we were

threatened in fact that is also documented very well in my interview with William Tompkins I mean basically you know he overheard I guess it was John Glenn I think it is who basically said you know we just landed and there’s a whole contingent of reptilians standing here threatening us he said worth they’re threatening us so you know the bottom line is that the moon is has been taken over by groups of UT’s I remote viewed the moon as part of a screenplay that I was writing many years ago and I can say that I ended up seeing the glass-like structures that Richard Hoagland would report years later and I actually saw the beings creating those they do it with sound in a certain kind of sound in mint mental connection and possibly light but definitely sound and there are these hooded beings that are quite tall and thin and diabolical and there are also of course the notorious grace that have bases there like an infestation and yeah they’re definitely I don’t even know all the races that are on the moon but I can can you know I can tell you that there is heavily contested land there and on top of it it is a sort of it was a satellite moved into place and John Lear talks about this and others and you know it’s Hollow and I mean there’s just so much to it but it’s also a control mechanism to do with the earth and balancing I for some reason having to do with our orbit and you know I think the atashi on Athene also gets into the purpose behind the placement of the moon but he’s completely artificial so you know right okay now the transmissions that were sent back I think those of us who were alive at that point remember gathering around the TV sets and watching the first what is it this small step for man giant leap for mankind were those transmissions real or did Stanley Kubrick actually fill those in his London studios yeah Jane Jay Widener has actually he’s from what I understand he’s writing on another book about this now but absolutely you know there was the whole Stanley Kubrick side of things and they had to cover it up I mean I can even tell you that on jpo on the lot there there was a rover and there was a whole little rocky area where they used to test out the rover and so on I mean it’s so easy for them to fake the moon what appeared to be the moon and so and so forth so look you can’t show all the ships and all the ETS that that are around you why so that was the reason that they think those look they won’t even show you I you know people the flat earth people go crazy over this but they won’t even show you the earth the reason they won’t show you the earth is because of all the ships around the earth I mean they can’t show you and still you know what are they going to do you know use that brush stuff to get I’m gonna brush it out all of the ships around the earth we are being monitored constantly and and this is just a reality I mean I look at in the night sky and I can see that you know the ships they’re out there and I can kind of zoom in on on various ones I mean I know that those aren’t stars a lot of them aren’t stars in fact sometimes I wonder if at times we’re not just looking at a dome that is full of fake stars and craft and so and so forth but it’s good it’s gonna be like you know sort of it would have to be sometimes there and sometimes not there I don’t believe I do understand the whole flatterer thing but from my point of view it’s important to understand that we are in a hologram that there is you know I think oceanic bean dis described it very well when she talks she actually does drawings and so you can watch my interview with her which is quite extensive and hours and hours long but she shows how there’s plates like dinner plates you know you know one right up it’s it’s like with one right up above the other these are the dimensions and the planets a planet is like a system which is a plane you know and and it’s it’s got density and it’s got to mention in other words a lot of it can be misconstrued and misunderstood as a result flat earthers are kind of their brains are sort of taking all of

the dimensions and you know it’s like looking at something 3d as opposed to 2d they’re kind of 2d in their mind I do understand why they’re doing that right now especially because for okay the earth is moving out of 3d into 40 so we are now occupying what is in essence 40 40 is like a flat plane you can a vision it that goes endlessly and so this they’re kind of like tapping in on a psychic level and it’s affecting their perception and they’re sort of seeing it that way now there’s lots of anomalies and points that they have made which are good points which have to do with why if you go to Antarctica they put a flag in each place or something and then the flags don’t all come on camera and there’s some problem with them showing that and it’s true but I think what’s happening more more often than not is is what they’re hiding so they’re hiding stuff so you don’t see what’s going on in Antarctica they’re not letting you see what’s really there they’re not letting you see the structures etc I just don’t think it’s it’s so you know our reality even our regular reality let’s call it what people think is solid and all that I don’t see it that way um I think if you meditate deep enough and you understand this sort of multi-faceted multi-dimensional quality of what it is to be human you don’t see it quite you don’t even see reality the same way so I can’t explain it but I i grok it it’s it’s it’s really something you need to understand on a sort of a spiritual level I guess you know in a metaphysical level as opposed to some literal hard you know fast practical level that a lot of people like to see reality as and this is their problem with understanding why they don’t see ETS around them you know and and what what it means to occupy other dimensions I mean I have ever since I was young I can go into a room and virtually disappear I’ve actually had people tell me that they came into a room and they didn’t know I was there they didn’t see me they didn’t perceive me I was there but they didn’t perceive me it’s you know this stuff goes on constantly and on top of it the reptilians and various species do have the ability to fog your brain so even if you perceive them like instantaneously you know it and they can then you know sort of shoot a beam at you and get you to basically forget so there’s a lot of forgetfulness let’s say on this planet okay alright the second second true false time travel is possible and has already been done and I’m not talking about physical time travel not not in the remote viewing sense so in other words could is there a machine or a or a method where if I wanted to go back to Daley Plaza on November 22nd 1963 you could take me there or somebody could take me there and put me there well again we are time travelers travelers by nature so yes you can go there and yes you can go there with or without your body your light body is really best facilitated for this sort of travel but nonetheless yes there’s a physical you know there’s a gate and there are many gates and you know there are what Henry Deacon call them jump rooms he would go to Mars physically and come back and this is going on constantly yes time travel is totally possible physically or you know with your light body and and Mark Richards testifies to this effect etc etc so yeah I mean you can’t envision you must understand that that you can’t travel without traveling in time so your time traveling even when you don’t know your time traveling and it’s just the nature of what it means to travel ok so so it wasn’t it Andrew passaggio who says that he went back in her Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address yeah but he was talking about using a technology to do so if I understood him correctly and you know that gets into a whole area you know there are some of the people who claim to have time traveled physically through you know using the secret space program gates or jump rooms or whatever you want to call these may not have actually gone where they thought they went and their that has to do with sort of mind control aspects has to do with that they might have jumped somewhere on the planet on planet earth

but the the place they jumped was actually a staging place and not the real place so there were a lot of military experiments and I have delved into this and talked to people and gotten information about it that basically sort of testifies to the fact that these experiments did involve a deception in other words going to a place on earth that was specially outfitted that had limitations even in the space they went to and I they tested it before they actually did it off planet let’s say if you understand okay okay the next one true or false the Battle of Dulce never occurred oh it definitely occurred in fact there have been more than one battle with Indo sea but during the citizens hearing on disclosure Stephen Bassett put on in Washington DC there was a very important witness that the video interview that Linda Moulton Howe ‘ln and Richard Dolan did with this witness whose name I don’t remember and I don’t know if he’s still alive but he did testify as a member of the I guess I think it was CIA back in those days that he was part of an attack on the Dulce base and I can tell you that Mark Richards that’s where his original testimony comes from that he and his father who were part of a group that that did attack the adults the Dulce base I can also tell you that Sean David Morton has written a book from a whistleblower and this is one of the reasons he’s in prison he’s been you know caught up in charges to do with the SEC etc has to do with the targeting to with his secret witness that has revealed a lot of very important information in his sands of time group of books and this documents also a battle in Dulce and the Branton material on the web that documents this also and so on and Phil Schneider was part of a kind of an invasion into that area as well right I want to get to that too okay um true or false there are human colonies on Mars of course okay and the last one on 9/11 no planes flew into the twin towers Pentagon or crashed in Pennsylvania true or false true okay okay it’s very good now I want to get into the meat and the potatoes here and you know when I’m answering a lot of these questions let me just say for the people watching this or even new newbies that might be watching it for the first time everything I basically talk about my whistleblowers have and and interviewees have talked about over the years so since I’ve interviewed well over 600 people and since there are over 550 interviews by me on my youtube channel and I did around five years of radio shows some of which are still available on Project Camelot under interviews audio if you go there and then there’s also in the project camelot productions area where you can also get the audios for that for earlier like 2009 interviews audio interviews so i’ve been interviewing people a lot over the years you know i have a lot of testimony and what i do is i tre angulate that testimony i you know i used three or more individuals who don’t know each other and are saying the same thing and we have of course continue to investigate over the years so at this time i can tell you on top of my own sort of psychic intuition and experiences that i know without a doubt some of the things i’m talking about and so you will see me act very sure of myself i guess you call it because just because of that I am backed at this point by a huge backlog a library of information that you know if you doubt what I’m saying investigate and it’s not only my interviews that are out there in the world now there’s just countless others doing the same thing now so okay yeah and and I think that’s what I wanted to kind of get to tonight is get some into bringing out some of this information that doesn’t come out so easily and give your perspective on it okay this this section essay questions so this is you can ramble and ramble and I ramble to your heart’s content here now the first one I’ve got four listed here the first one is Mark Richards I have because I went into jail during the OJ Simpson thing I have had that experience and so it’s kinda creepy going because you know

when it whenever you go inside to interview somebody in jail or in prison you’re actually in you go behind bars you are in there with them it’s not like they bring them outside the prison for you to interview you have to go inside so it’s a little creepy the whole thing it’s just a little creepy and every time I did that in the LA County Jail when oj was imprisoned in jail you know there’s always a little part of you that says boy I hope they let me out of here you know so I know what that is like is there anything that I know you you do your recall with Mark Richards because of the situation that you really can’t take any recording devices in and they make you use a pencil when you even have one and paper are there is there anything that you haven’t told us that you want to or that and also the second part of this is how are things different now as opposed to when you started interviewing him as far as the progression has he gotten more comfortable or has it gotten to a point where it’s kind of just leveled off and there’s really nowhere else to go so kind of just kind of elaborate because I find your your recalls I mean whenever you send those to me I’m on correct right away because those are just very fascinating to me okay well thank you and I’m glad that’s true and I say I want to say his wife Joanne Richards is doing a fabulous job as well she speaks around at conferences and so on you know he’s really a one of the top whistleblowers out there I can say that he is a political prisoner in other words he is there because the powers that be that want to run the earth force him to be there and he stays there not because he can’t get out which he can because he would have the ability in a number of different ways also to do with the raptors who are race of reptilians that are now aligned with humans in a positive way and that gets into the material of course I I can say that he could leave prison any time he wants in with their help but he chooses to remain because he has family here on earth and he wants to keep them alive number one including his wife Joanne Richards and he’s protecting people so this he is a very principled good guy in my opinion and I’ve now been interviewing I did seven interviews so far and I kind of figured him out they were there approximately once every six months and it is quite an ordeal to do the interview and to go and do all of that and it’s very draining as you say going to that sort of setting we go to this prison in Vacaville and I forget it’s official name I always get it wrong so I’m not going to say it here but it’s a you know federal prison and he is a medium I think you call it a medium redo security security yes and you know I have to go through all these bells and whistles and thank God his wife Joanna’s company’s me actually I don’t know if I have the guts to go by myself just because you know those places give me the creeps and and I have to say that I have a better attitude than used to have I was really freaked out in the beginning and I am something of an empath so I do get kind of physically affected by my environment and so that made it extremely difficult and I would be so drained after these encounters also the other thing is that you could kind of look at what we’re doing right here and if you were sitting like right across from me and I was grilling you not you asking me that’s what goes on with him in other words I sit there and sometimes it’s two hours and sometimes it’s four and his wife just sits you know most of the time they like talk for like a minute or two and then most of the time I’m grilling him and he basically is like right on it he she brings him something to eat from these microwave oven things and you know machines and gets us something drink and I could eat if I wanted I don’t eat and I don’t hardly drink but he’ll have something you know cuz this is opportunity for him to have something to eat in the mall of the day or whatever and so he will dip just answer me right away and he’s just very forthcoming he’s also told me I mean he’s basically reporting to Bobbi Ray Inman who is an admiral that William Thompkins by coincidence you want to call it that said he reported to who’s still

operational you know in the secret space program in a big way and I’ve have invited him years ago for an interview I can’t remember how I did it but maybe it was just like in this kind of forum where I just might have a union mm-hmm but yeah just for fun I knew you’d turn me down but that’s just for fun you know because I liked him by all these guys I mean I would like to invite all of the generals and you know I would I there are certain ones that I know have worked in black projects that other people don’t know they have for example I think it’s let me see if I can get his name Hastings I think was it Michael Hastings something he’s the journalists who got killed the Rolling Stone nice things yeah well he you know he was embedded with McChrystal yes McChrystal is definitely someone who comes from black projects he came from that world before he went to Iraq and I can tell you that I think that’s why they killed michael hastings because he was really got sort of under the wire and learned things he wasn’t supposed to know in a big way and you know McChrystal knows it all so you know I could interview someone like that I mean these people won’t do interviews with me but of course I have an open invitation to any of them I I’d like to interview I mean you name it politicians right now I’m trying to interview a lot of the financial so-called pundits out there I mean because I think it’s so important to bring this what I know and and the world that we know to these people so that they can stop talking on such superficial levels and by the way I can announce here that Cliff High has has now accepted our invitation to do a sort of a roundtable discussion with you and me and it’s going to happen next week I think on Thursday if all things go as planned on my shirt and that I mean he at first he didn’t want to do so you say well cliff I was one of the most reluctant interviewees but you know I’m not sure why he you know was the first reluctant but I can say that we he and I probably don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things so that’s maybe one of the reasons he was quite concerned uh what else I forget the question no Richard that you you haven’t told us about him any any progression or flattening out sort of of your relationship since you’ve seen him seven times I’m any change or you know anything that’s just interesting that you haven’t told us up to this point because I know you do a dump I mean I remember the first ones you are doing it in your car as you were leaving so just so you could remember it and get it out there which is great way to do it so because of the circumstances of doing the interview which you basically have to commit it all the memory and then you have to dump it as soon as possible before you forget some of it so is there anything that you haven’t told us that you know you’ve thought about later saying oh I remember this and I didn’t put it in the interview section or anything that’s that’s that you haven’t talked about with mark because I think they’re fascinating I that I just those are the ones I get on right away okay well as far as I know I haven’t you know forgotten and then remembered and so if I I you know because I kind of do a double up situation where number one when I leave the prison I always record an audio of my recall and literally I get into the car my partner Neil will drive and I will literally spout off – and recording everything that I remember that he said the next thing that happens is I put it in writing so I then I also have notes so I have written notes that I take and usually like last time I took notes with a crayon but no notes no no they know that I was he not Sweeney and right is he here in town at all no he’s in a room with a whole bunch of other people with their families I mean it’s a madhouse it’s not quiet and we are just sitting on these cramped little chairs there happen to be made for little children to sit on for some reason don’t ask me the fucking brains of the prison system right why they can’t give you decent chairs and tables but literally the table is like knee level and you know we have this sort of crouched and sit in these little chairs and then and tables and we that’s where we do the interview it’s all in one room with all these other prisoners meeting their families little children are there I guess to some degree I recall them

running around screaming and doing things um so it’s you know it’s quite a hectic situation but I’m so zeroed in on getting this information and you know it hasn’t in the sense that he’s always bringing forward new stuff in him I think he now I’m sort of seeing that he seems to have certain things that he’s he told me he’s he’s getting Direction he’s getting like what he’s allowed to tell me and so I do think now as it’s gone off for a while I’m starting to get like sort of an agenda a roll out of an agenda let’s say through him and so he’s emphasized like when he brought up the big spiders from V in Vietnam that was like out of the blue is the last thing I expected I did know that I wanted to ask him about Vietnam because he had I knew he written reports about it Joanne sells those reports on her site which I’ve read some of most of and I there was a psychic thing which said I needed to revisit that story with him so that was true but at the same time he also and he did the same thing this time he’s actually disclosed like I don’t know if people realize the most important things he’s disclosing are like now the portals opening and there are infestations happening from various beings coming in through those portals and then there will be a war situation and that it will look like a whether war or a bill it will be pretty pretend it’s a weather you know it’s a weather situation this is why the you know I’m right now I’m investigating and trying to get feedback from him on the hurricanes because I’m sure that they were covering up something to do with the ETS there I know he’s countlessly many times said the war in Iraq either more in the Middle East is all about the Reptoids he talks about Africa this recent sort of battle in Nigeria then that made the news there’s no doubt whatsoever now that I know him and I know his kind of the tell-tale signs if you will I can tell you that’s an ET situation hands down no two ways about it absolutely those people were killed by ETS you know see what are you gonna do this is going on on planet earth you know and I’m going to give John Brandenburg you know I interviewed recently this wonderful man John Brandenburg and he sent me his one of his books he’s written a book in and he’s written in an another name Victor noir guard it’s known it’s I’m not disclosing anything that’s not known it’s on the Internet but it’s an excellent but it’s it’s you know difficult to get through in the beginning but once you kind of get into it it’s an excellent disclosure document talking about the war with ETS here on earth I mean this it’s it’s wonderful when people who are so buttoned down like if you look at my interview with John Brandenburg he’s he’s the one who’s talking about there being a basically an attack on Mars with a weapon I don’t know I can’t remember if he thinks it’s a nuclear weapon or what but he’s very buttoned down the way he talks to me on camera but yet he’s written this fictional book which contains all the truth it’s got men in black it’s got I mean you name it it’s got you know everything that you can think of it’s got the underground bases the you know this is what’s going on and so again we have another validation from someone who is in a position to know now he can’t come out and say he knows you know the real thing that’s gone well well there yeah but they’re allowed just they’re allowed to put information out as long as they call it fiction yeah that’s how they’re able to do it so okay so yeah you know thing I mean come on I’m there’s no doubt in my mind that they were watching that real time on the satellites so they know exactly what happened yeah they know how the guy got but they’re never gonna say I mean until we have disclosure and you know I have told you this that I have had now two dreams in the last well you might say six months telling me that I’m I know it sounds crazy but I’m doing press conferences and I mean this is with the mainstream media and in one of my dreams they show up at my door which I keep my actual address secret so this is outrageous that they would actually find me for one thing but secondly you know and I just the other night had another dream about it in other words disclosure is happening I know the Tom DeLonge stuff appears to be a kind of a disclosure the William

Tompkins stuff was backed by the Navy or a portion of the Navy we are getting some disclosure now more so than we’ve gotten for years so I just want to say that there is the gates are opening there’s no two ways about it and I I’ve written articles about this thing it’s being pushed by the reptilians mark Richards did say they’re pushing disclosure they want chaos on planet Earth they want the humans that are completely in the dark about this the et visitation and even underground you know ETS and so on they want these people to you know lose their minds and go running around like psychos um actually I don’t think that’s going to happen first of all but second of all the reason they’re doing disclosure is to make sure it doesn’t happen because out of chaos the reptilians are hoping to take over the world you know this is these are agendas that these various races have and so okay okay next one um Bob Dean he you hit the nail on the head I love all the John layers Bob Dean is a close second can you just give us an update on how he’s doing and what’s going on with him well I I can say that I saw him I guess it was around six months ago maybe not sure when maybe a little bit more and he’s well he’s going blind he couldn’t stay up for very long he kissed and hugged me a bunch of times I think he was trying non-verbally to say might not be here very long he’s wonderful I wish I could have him on my show his wife does not want him out there you know talking he you know because he has I think he has spurts of energy and he’s as brilliant as ever he’s David David Adair who’s a wonderful whistleblower and I’ve interviewed him a number of times on my channel he is in contact on the phone with Bob Dean he’s like one of the chosen few allowed to have conversations via phone with no John with writing yeah but I and he wanted to have him do a phone thing on the air but I don’t think it ever took place I don’t know and of course I would love to do that as well but so far it’s just not allowed his wife is quite protective of him Marcia Chaitra so that’s the story with him I you know he’s 80 I think he’s 85 if I have it right and he had his birthday not that long ago well back and he was having this birthday right when I was there around six months ago so he’s almost 86 and what can I say you know I wish he had lived longer I mean I wish he could live longer I wish he never died like I mean he never will die but you know what I’m saying I mean I I have sort of I don’t know you might say a father-daughter relationship with him I really am close you know to him on a heart level let’s say he’s a wonderful wonderful man that’s apparent to me too by watching your interviews I always enjoyed those okay the next one is a little it’s kind of timely given that the JFK assassination steps back in the news because of the releases and all this stuff but tell us if there’s any stories or any insights you have into Gordon Abell oh well Gordon was I believe it was killed he went in for a suppose a toe injury to the hospital and never came out prior to that they had been messing with him big time he was kind of a fall guy for Ron Pandolfi in the CIA you know they would kind of use him and his he believed heartily in his ARV project he did assemble a huge kind of group of technologists and I think mark McCandlish was part of it at least for a period of time to know if he stuck the step with him the whole the way he had a huge binder he used to carry around that had all the people he was going to work with and he gave me a big diagram of the ARB and all this kind of stuff he used to you know he kind of became like a friend in a way with me he did disclose he was a member of the CIA and he tried to take over our television show and basically our producer told them no I I relayed the the phone call to our producer when we were on the set shooting the shadow operations TV show and as a result they are our producer was fired from the show and we it went on if it went on the shelf basically of truTV and then they released it about two years later with no fanfare and no

advertising whatsoever some loyal fans saw it on the schedule and alerted us like 24 hours before it happened so we did a massive advertising campaign through our own website we eventually recorded it you know how to recording and put it it is now available on Project Camelot you can watch it it’s easy to find it’s also linked on the about us page in case you want to go there and find it so but Gordon you know he was a real character he was sort of like a gangster and you know I shot his interview in black and white and Ron Pandolfi and the CIA supposedly was watched with great amusement in the halls of the CIA I was told and they at first Ron Pandolfi didn’t like the black-and-white if I recall and then they decided it was okay I got a lot of flack from everybody including bill Ryan for putting it in black and white but I stuck to my guns I did there was a filmmaker who backed me eventually and kind of persuaded other people that I might be doing something artistically interesting it’s fabulous I’m very proud of that interview with Gordon highly recommended to this state contains great information you know he he was very notorious and kind of like a wild card he he couldn’t be controlled he was quite brilliant in his own right and he was you know I call him renegade and he was a real renegade he he does sort of tip you off about various things he had a handler in the room when he was being interviewed he was the only one that the only one with an obvious handler yeah he had a psychiatrist you know probably a mind-control expert it was y’all family yeah you monitoring every word he said so he talks about loving the CIA and you know thinking there are all the good guys and for God’s sake you know what I’m saying right right no I mean he was a real character and and I think you know that he was I think in his heart of hearts he was trying to do some really good stuff I mean whatever he did in the past I don’t know but I can say you know he meant well and he was very dedicated to the UFO right didn’t you do two interviews with him no I only did one major interview with him I might have done a phone update but I don’t remember why you did – maybe he just did one I thought you did – but anyway yeah it was always interesting for us he was he was sitting there praising the CIA and then at the same time you tried to press him oh no I’m not part of the CIA but I know those guys and they’re good guys and all this kind of stuff I’m thinking well I mean it was great because when we were on location in Palm Springs shooting because you’ll see there’s a segment with him on you know where he’s actually looking at this venture star vehicle which you know there’s a lot of disclosure in the in the shadow op television show that we did that segment and there was a pilot for a for a series obviously that didn’t get picked up but nonetheless it has a lot of good stuff in it and Gordon is on camera there and that night in in Palm Springs he called me and he said I’m gonna be honest with you because I had I teased him relentlessly over the years basically say look Gordon I know you’re CIA so don’t bullshit me this and that and then I would talk to him right so he finally said he may laugh and he said I just I’m gonna tell you the truth I really am seeing ya so and then he said and my my and the company wants to talk to your producer and this was a night you know x-files ish yeah well they yeah they try to play their own little games and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t so they’re kind of funny guys okay the next one in last one on the interviews and then we’ll get into some topics I know you’ve done some updates that concerned Phil Schneider and I know you know if anybody knows who fell as he was involved with the underground bases and he obviously was probably killed to be silenced because he kind of went out on the circuit and started talking about it is there anything that we should know about that we found out since then I know you’ve had and I haven’t had a chance to look at that interview of these guys that have come on and have done a I guess they’ve done research on Phil and some of the things that he was involved with uh yeah you know I don’t recall there being any great aha moments in that but it is documenting his his

information and you know the trajectory I like you know as I think over it there’s nothing there that you know made a big deal to me I can say that they did have some back-channel verification of the fact that he was killed okay but I don’t believe I’m not so sure it’s in the documentary but I like to tell you that they do or they did yeah this is a good segue to get into the topics first one is underground bases how many are in the u.s. how many in the world who builds them who maintains them and are they still being built today or are they all they pretty much all finished and just being occupied for whatever reason well a lot of underground bases took over for underground cities etc that were already constructed by various ET races that occupied the earth at the different junctures in history including the reptilians so they expanded on those underground tunnels it’s it’s kind of like I call that Alki call it kind of like a honeycomb their Inner Earth or the inside of Earth being quite like an honeycomb there’s tons of bases and yes they’re always constructing more and more it’s a constant thing they’re constantly expanding them and they are using them in all the different countries of the world I mean some of them are making plans for what we say you know of course they you know heed games talking about a kill shot from the Sun a CME type of thing that would be like a direct hit there could be like Route recently which is an interesting disclosure happening about the neutron stars merging neutron stars you might have seen that and they call it what’s it called it’s called the Killa Nova a pillow or Nova kilo Nova or something I mean basically is kind of like an interesting name for this merging to be called a Killa Nova you know the waves of energetics that come from that electromagnetic energy I guess is what you would call it basically could hit the earth and if they’re starting to see that happening out there in the in the solar systems then you know that could document what Pauli at Laviolette was talking about which he called the super wave and nomina was supposed to come from the galactic center according to Paula Violette but it could easily also come as a result of two neutron stars merging or colliding so um I’m not sure what else were you what were you asking me well I just just just sort of uh how many how many years I mean I don’t know how many how many that’s crazy I know they’re everywhere I know Switzerland for example can put their whole population in an underground base that’s been documented time and again and and and I’ve driven all over Switzerland with Bill Ryan in the early days and we would actually there is notorious places like doors going into mountainsides so you can kind of find them and they’re going into farmhouses and various places like that as well okay massive I mean you know just there actually it’s interesting Brandenburg in his book is right now talking about an anomaly a magnetic anomaly that that gives it away in other words when you’re on top of one you can actually he says there’s a magnetic anomaly that the reveals it now I wouldn’t say it’s just a vortex because with the work or you know the the planet is riddled with vortexes obviously which are portals they can be you know if you get in intersecting ley lines you get a vortex situation which is a sort of a whirlpool effect but you can also get you know standing portals in certain areas there which are can be used in and sort of extended to become stargates which would be the man-made side of it and also the natural stargates so there are stargates all over the place and especially in the mountains between Iraq and Iran apparently they are shifting a set of stargates in that area and the military has to constantly maintain vigilance over them because various et races are using them especially the Reptoids to move equipment according to richards in and out and that equipment includes huge craft that would then pick up thousands of humans that they would then take off

planet eat some of them and then use the rest of slaves to sell to other races so they have business abducting humans for these purposes according to mark okay and and yeah and the next thing this is always the way it goes the next thing I had here was portals and stargates are they the same thing or are they different if they’re different how and do they perform the same function and if not you know tell tell us explain the differences between the two if there are okay well I’m not a scientist but I can tell you what I’ve sort of gotten out of all of it I’m also sensitive so I can sense when I’m near a portal or a Stargate or whatever kind of energetics are in place for example the the large Pyramid of Giza is a Stargate so my understanding is that you can have a portal or a wormhole it has to have another opening somewhere else for you to go through it to somewhere else right so it has to connect with some somewhere else that would be basically a start you know what could become is a wormhole but as far as stargates my understanding is those are specific to being able to go interdimensional and they may be they may be sort of I know this is kind of a weird word to use but illustrious in some way over and beyond what it just a commonplace wormhole would be and therefore they there are certain specific stargates natural stargates on earth and there’s a limited number whereas there is countless numbers of portals and even a humanism is a kind of a portal and so a portal is like an opening it’s a whirlpool a place where you know energy resonates and goes in a spiral fashion but to actually have a opening at the other end where you actually go through it and then actually the next step being a Stargate is is it’s like a whole different level as far as I understand and there are man-made stargates as well I don’t use and the difference between a natural one and a man-made one to be honest I know that we’ve heard testimony about both okay so with these stargates and portals be time travel machines in essence absolutely okay okay I mean all right wormholes a wormhole would be the extension of a portal that would then have another place where you’d go from there and it could probably branch out into all different places stargates again maybe a Stargate is something that you know is is open permanently and does go many places I don’t know okay okay now um this is kind of connected to this is the secrets of base program and what is commonly known I think you know the new name and you inform you the other day it’s been around for a long time it’s a secret suppose space program and mj-12 are they one in the same or are they different and if they are how are they different well mj-12 is a body that was put together initially the story goes by Truman you know again this is information that’s coming down through various witnesses over time and and you know this is many many people testifying to this now mj-12 was initially supposedly twelve people that’s how the story goes it was like a governor it could call it kind of like a governing body or an oversight body and this was again put together by Truman to handle the so-called et situation on earth then they have expanded greatly and I believe in essence they are probably more of a governing body within the secret space program at this time I have also been told that they have there they compete with certain factions for example mj-12 and the Navy and the Air Force and perhaps you know various governments as well also Illuminati dark magicians these are like centralized groups that make up what is in essence the secret government and the secret space program but it’s how they interact and mj-12 I don’t know how they’re configured at this time this would be highly secret but I can tell you where it came from and what is I

mean I even was contacted as I’ve said before a couple of years ago where Mike McConnell according to dan burisch if you want to take this testimony as truth Mike McConnell who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency also was head of mj-12 however and he was for years apparently called mj1 and then Dan beers supposedly took over for him just in the last couple of years according to Dan I don’t have any other verification of that so I can’t tell you whether it’s true or not it’s interesting that he wanted to tell me that and that came out of nowhere because he as I said they turned against us in a huge way prior to that for years so I don’t know why he sent me that information maybe he just wanted it out there or something I don’t know but you know it’s it’s interesting all these people are players and a lot of them also it’s kind of like you might see it as kind of like committees so they can probably be a member of more than one for example Bobby Ray Inman is most certainly part of mj-12 according to mark he’s one of the most knowledgeable humans on the planet to do with the et situation why that is I don’t know maybe he’s just lived the longest side you know I don’t know but it’s in it’s fascinating to hear that I his name came to me psychically many many years ago as being a very important player so when Mark told me that it just validated what I’d already gotten psychically so I tend to believe that and then when William Tompkins volunteered that he reported to him that was out of the blue as well and that was just further come from that he has a significant role with with regard to this so he’s obviously from the Navy side he’s he’s active I’m sure in mj-12 and you know I see I believe the Hillary is a member of mj-12 I think I’m not gonna say yeah disagree it’s you know any current because you heard of any of the current well you know they’re probably names are not occurring to me at this exact moment but I can tell you when I meet them and I can tell you or when I come across them you know what I mean so I I I simply know for example I would say that you know that they’ll kind of get a kick out of this but some members of the aviary are probably members of mj-12 long-standing members that would mean that Christopher green he’s a scientist Ron Pandolfi and how pood off may have been current or past members of mj-12 you know they from what I understand they have this sort of situation within mj-12 where first of all it’s either the Scottish Rite or the York Rite which runs it and they switch between the two over you know certain periods of years like for ten years it’ll be the Scottish Rite and this is what we were told by Dan bearish for what it’s worth now from what I understand some of these members like Thatcher I think her name is Carol Thatcher if I have that name right I’m not sure but she was a member of mj-12 we were told and I’m pretty sure that was correct you know in other words you can pinpoint these people it’s kind of like a body like a governing body they kind of move in and out of and there will be members of course huge high high military generals often will be part McChrystal could have been part of that or maybe not maybe he wasn’t high high up enough but he certainly was pretty instrumental in some ways in behind the scenes in the seeker space program I’m sure that there are various generals you can probably you know find them and figure out who might be in the know by their behavior and their information and so on and also members of government member members of our current government members of the so-called aristocracy in England the the government in England such as it is members of that would also be part of mj-12 from time to time over the years so who you know it is interesting in Sean David Morton’s book that that whistleblower claimed that he was head of area 51 he was head of the whole secret space program during the 60s and that he was quite a brilliant man and he kind of worked his way up to become the head of it and it’s very possible that

he was a head member during those years of mj-12 although he doesn’t from what is he talking about a body of people who run the whole secret space program in the story within a fictional setting interaction but all of that information came to Sean from this whistleblower who claimed to be this person and supposedly through by way of the lawyer I just found out I don’t know if I’m supposed to even say this but that actually the guy who was supposed to be dyed or hard to find or you couldn’t reach him and he actually probably goes interstellar you know he goes in on to other planets and so on and through through the gates and so on all I’m saying is that he he is talked about in the books in depth and this information is ongoing and sean has a last book to write from this man and supposedly I found out rather recently that he was still in contact with him okay now were you telling me at one point that about half of the j12 were for disclosure and the other half were not yes and that’s the game going on that yeah okay well also I want to say that according to Bert bearish and this came from many years ago but it I don’t know it sort of resonated so he said that it was kind of like half and half half for disclosure and half very much against it he also said that it was split down the middle between what from what I gather the Nazis and the sickness and that the Nazis are fascists basically and a lot of maybe some of these people aren’t even Nazis they’re just I don’t know they believe in a top-down system you could say a totalitarian perhaps a rule of some kind but nonetheless they he according to bearish didn’t even want to be in the same room with the sameness they were so they found it so distasteful to be around blood drinker type people but of course the Nazis the ones that the Nazis that our reptilian of course would be the same have the same proclivity as a Satanist so but they’re you know Satanists are also from what I understand they’re not just reptilian they may also be members of this moth-like species the dragon moss and so on okay okay no I think I think this would be a good time to get into disclosure okay so go talk about well I mean there’s a lot going on in this regard now and I’ve written articles I’ve also done other actually I did a sort of my own kind of disclosure video recently I just I ended up I was gonna have Robert David Steele who’s the CIA X supposedly F CIA but the story goes you never ex-cia right that’s right and he was also marine intelligence which kind of doubles that responsibilities sohe’s I you know he claims to be operating on his own I really don’t think he is and he’s had to console on me twice supposedly because his lawyer tells him but it was got nothing to do with his lawyer obviously he’s getting direction from whoever and I can say that you know he wants to disclose he actually I think he was tasked by going on Alex Jones to say that there were you know ten thousand people on Mars who would never come home and there were bases on Mars and that kids were growing up on Mars and so and so forth I mean he did say things like that on Alex Jones and there was a huge uproar and Alex you know his jaw dropped and he couldn’t handle it supposedly and all this kind of stuff and that’s how I actually ended up interviewing him because I saw that and I thought oh this is my opportunity because if Alex can’t handle this guy I sure as hell can so I wrote to him and and I invited him on the show now he was one of the first one of the people that had been most afraid of coming on my show he wanted me to assure him over and over again that I wasn’t gonna make a fool out of him I wasn’t gonna do this it wasn’t a new that because he’d heard horror stories about me and then he had a person deep in the wilds of these coastal say who supposedly was quite high up let’s say on the food chain of all of this knowledge and said that I was a stellar

at what I do and that I knew most more than most people on the planet or something like this something amazing and so he came back to me so I’ve been assured by a certain person that you are like for real and you’re all this and so now I’ll come on your show and then it did and then he was very happy and now he supports my work etc but he’s supposed to his his mandate is not to talk about the secret space program so it’s kind of a funny relationship if you want to call it that where I have invited him on the show to talk about things other than the space program but he comes back to me first he agrees and then he says he can’t so what happened was I ended up having him basically I found out the news that he backed out like an hour before or less that I was going to do a show with him so then I felt well that I couldn’t back out of the show and I just needed to do something so I went on the air and that’s that’s on my you know you can see that video and I talk non-stop for to like two and a half hours which is crazy but I’m talking a lot about disclosure my article about this actually I’ve written more than one and the Tom DeLonge story the whole sort of the way it plays out where Steven Greer thinks all aliens are good and that’s a lie but Tom DeLonge thinks they’re all bad and that’s a lie in other words you know and I have to say you need to be like are you brain dead or what when you can’t figure out that as above so below and that there’s good and bad of all kinds of races you know so you know that’s I would say so disclosure yes as I say I’ve had dreams about it I think you know I was never I’m never a person who needs some authority figure to Pat me on the head and say yes that’s true so I’ll give a shit whether we have my disclosure in a sense I don’t I I’ve been disclosing now for many many years and so of all my whistleblowers and at great risk to themselves let me say some of you have been killed like mr. X like you know Gordon eval I believe like possibly even William Tompkins in other words you know this is a very it’s not great for your health to be a whistleblower we know this but at the same time these people do have a mission and it is an important mission to wake up the humans on planet earth as to their children are being taken groomed and put into the secret space program some of them will go far some of them will become cannon fodder some of them will turn into super soldiers some of them will be augmented I mean it goes on and on and so disclosure their way I you know I think of their mouth they’re lying and you know I have I have said that the Tom DeLonge video that you can watch which I do recommend that has helped Rudolf who was highly respected he was he worked with Ingo Swann SR I was involved in the protocols for military remote viewing or remote viewing in general he’s a brilliant guy not of course many of these people are good people they are playing obviously a lot of those people left their aerospace jobs and their jobs working for you know supposedly left their military positions but that I don’t believe that for a minute you know that we’re on stage with him in other words they’re trying to help move this sort of dog along this this disclosure because they know they’ve gone way too far ahead of humanity at this point there’s a huge gap you can just imagine they are feeding it on us in the emblem limb of the octopus on top of the world of the NRO it’s the best relationship to understand how they are feeding off of us and that we are their lifeblood and and they’re not going to be able to they can’t continue without you so they need humans a human ingenuity our talents etc our children to staff their secret space program and to go off planet to colonize to do all the things they want to do and so they’ve got to bring people on board at some point we’re living in the same frickin technological age as we were in the 60s as far as I’m concerned everything’s the same the only thing different is the internet and you know but life is the same people go to work for eight hours a day you know what’s different nothing you know they drive in a car that’s a combustion engine they fly in a jet that’s like a tin can and they put you in there like cattle and and and give you like an inch to breathe

for you know ten hours it’s horrible I mean and they give you this this horrible food that’s just like dreadful I mean then we drink terrible water we’ve got chemtrails over our heads and you know they’re they’re putting nano into our bodies and I mean it’s you know it’s a really it’s a real nightmare but they have the techno technology to clean it all up to make this place like a virtual paradise if they want right so it’s time it’s time they do have to bring humans along and and the aliens who have been visiting us for eons are pushing the envelope the information coming through from ASEAN adine is that 2017 is the year that basically what Mark Richards is saying about the reptilians is not only the reptilians there are various ET races that want to do business with us that when I do open have open relations with humans there they’re dealing with us in a secret way but more and more this stuff is getting out there of course UFO sightings are hugely plentiful people are having abductions people are having contact every day new people are waking up and having more contact you know it’s a huge story they’ve got to start telling the truth it’s hard for them it’s really nice and in fact if you watch the Tom DeLonge you know sort of disclosure video if you want to call it that you can see that there they didn’t know what the threat to do so they’re they’re you know they’re actually lying well they’re telling the truth they’re pretending like oh well maybe we have contact and maybe we have free energy and maybe we’re going to try to create this body to deal with it I mean you know I’ve you know I’ve seen quite a few well not quite a few but a few YouTube interviews or YouTube presentations where people talk about the time the long thing and from the ones I’ve seen it doesn’t and I haven’t watched a whole lot of them but it doesn’t seem like people are buying the whole thing they they’re they’re skeptical about what they’re saying so what does I mean they’re skeptical are they skeptical cuz they don’t believe we’re been visited I mean you know or no he’s gotten together no we’ve been visited guys are lying through their teeth about free energy and acting like it’s the first thing they ever thought of it you know just happens yes they’re they’re skeptical of the speakers they’re skeptical of this presentation and in other words they’re not buying what these guys are saying it’s kind of interesting it’s like you know we already know this stuff or you’re not really released you know you’re not really given us all the information or whatever so I think everybody is skeptical that they’re not being totally forthright and honest and I think that’s kind of university when you get that one guy coming up and I forget which one he was but and he’s talking about one UFO sighting from the Nimitz you know I mean how pathetic is that I mean that’s the point yeah well that’s evidence of UFOs good you know it’s like why see it’s interesting because you know what they don’t want to come to us they don’t want to come to the people who have a backlog of information I mean rich Dolan has books this thick on UFO sightings official ones you know ones you’re very intelligent people that have been you know military and ex-military ins you know I mean cops and you name it and it’s documented by crowds of people and so and so forth in other words why don’t you cite the true resources out there you know for God’s sake don’t come out there on your own and say there’s one sighting it’s less stupid you know it’s it’s like why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is already here well sometimes I think some of that and I don’t know if this is the case but sometimes I think they do those just to see what the reaction is you know it’s kind of a test case let’s let’s put this out there and see what the reaction is yeah you can take everybody’s temperature it’s true but you know to say oh we’re gonna make movies about this there’s movies about this now maybe during this refer key yarns hello you know it’s like don’t pretend you’re the first one who thought of it I mean give some credit where credit’s due for God’s sake you know you’re saying I mean even inside Steven Spielberg for God’s sake I mean whatever you know I’m saying in other words and he’s very well by the way and so is George Lucas they know exactly what’s going on sure so yeah I mean I’m just saying you know my heart goes out to them on the one hand because I think they’re well-meaning guys okay they really are but someone needs to coach them you know and I mean all volunteer myself but please you know get some expert opinion on dealing with the crowd dealing with the you know the masses out there because you certainly

don’t know how to do it you know and you really need to learn so you know that’s what I would say okay one subject that you did hit on and just take a few minutes the super soldiers what’s the current status are they still recruiting kids to put them in there or that they develop some you know of clones or robots or whatever to take their place I mean tell us tell us where the super soldier program is at this point in time okay well it would be presumptuous for me to know but I can tell you that from what I know the super soldiers are continuing that Denikin was kind of the prototype according to the information we have and that since him of course you know look you can also look at a Manchurian Candidate like what happened in Vegas as a kind of a you know it’s an experimental suit you know mind-controlled guy and in his case you know he had a certain mission and they mind-control him and he carried it out they killed him yeah you know in other words it’s it’s augmenting humans yes the augmentation is increasing yes they are making you know Universal Soldier is an excellent movie Putin was right it does you know that particular movie I think it’s Vaughn Vaughn DOM and um who is stars and I think there’s what there’s more than one Universal Soldier movie they’re all they’re excellent they show you kind of how it starts with the Nazis augmenting the humans and trying to make you know in other words that’s one arm of course they’re also doing androids and creating that artificially intelligent Android you know robots that kind of thing I mean this is all part of our world this is something they’ve been working on for ages they’re working on many fronts and you can certainly say that it has to do with they’ve got to fight alien races they cannot fight them with just regular humans you can appreciate a spider being as big as a VW Bug is going to be a horse were threat you know dealing with that comes through a portal and you know so this is you know there is all these great movies the Halo series for example they’re all about fighting bugs out there but species of various kinds you know this is they’re trying to prepare the youth in the best way they know how without telling the truth through disclosure that’s how they’ve done it up to now okay and believe me the youth get it if you’re a young person and you grow up on this you’re not gonna you’re gonna realize that there’s some truth here it’s not just all fantasy mm-hmm and if you just widen your mind to think of all the millions of galaxies and planets and now they’re saying there’s billions of earth-like planets out there even mainstream scientists are saying this well then wrap your mind around all the planets and all the different kinds of species that are capable of being created whether there’s silicon based or carbon based or based on something that we don’t even know it’s you know though gamete is gigantic it’s it’s unbelievable mm-hmm it’s it’s so important to widen your mind and to understand what we’re part of it’s it’s it’s juvenile and and stupid beyond belief to think that we are home alone in a universes are as a species created it’s just you know this unfortunately religion has put blinders on people for ages and it is a control system and it’s done its job through the through the eons but it’s it’s falling by the wayside now and you know so the Spirit long without being religious anything you want to say about clones because I know that there’s a lot of there’s your son well according to at least the quarry I asked that about that to Mark Richards recently to get some clarity on what he thought about it I mean of course there’s information the Russians have been building clones I mean this clone thing has been going on they’ve said to you know supposedly tried to replace members of Congress and government with clones it is said that Hillary had several clones for example aberrational during her run for office because she didn’t couldn’t physically handle the strain um it’s very possible it’s even said that well Mark Richards hinted that Putin has probably been cloned and that this version of Putin is a nicer one than he said the original I you know how can we prove it I I don’t have proof on that level I can say it there is evidence you can show you know their

physicality and all of that it’s hard to say but I can say that they it’s certainly something they would try to do you can appreciate that oh yeah yeah and you hear about this periodically I mean people talk about it and they usually try to cite where well this person and it’s a it’s a famous person or it’s a politician where they were in two places at one time and the way they did that was because of the clones but I’ve never seen proof of that so I just wondered there’s a guy I forget his name and I didn’t invite him for an interview but I think he’s never responded and I’m his name is escaping me right now but he’s very well known for talking about clones he talks about you know amphitheater is full of clowns doing Roman type you know blood rituals and all kind of weird shit all I’m saying is he sounds like he does have some knowledge that person but how much can be substantiated you know and how it’s kind of like everything in this sector I don’t have a lot of witness is who can talk intelligently about clones which is why for one thing I didn’t buy him on the show but you know it it’s still I think it’s possible I mean one of the things they say about clones is they don’t last and right my mark Richard said it’s very hard to transfer all of the nuances of the history of a human into their consciousness so they they have gaps in their knowledge which kind of give them away in certain circumstances so they’re kind of they’re use let’s say if you’re cloning a person who’s known is maybe limited you know you can always kind of strut them out for a public thing or whatever I mean now they’re saying Julian Assange was possibly killed and learned you know there seems to be some physical anomalies and but I don’t I wouldn’t say that’s for sure I don’t know okay all right now we’re all told that there are three super powers essentially in the world today USA Russia China what ét races or support each country and are there any other countries where there is a lot of et influence at this point in time for example maybe North Korea well first of all and in my latest disclosure from mark I did say to him and I write about this I said in essence it appears that we’re really already at war with North Korea and that they just pretend they’re about to start a war but it’s already going on and that it is in essence with the ETS that are backing North Korea and he had already said in previous interviews that North Korea was having the guts to come forward the way they were to the world because of the ETS that are backing them he would not tell me what race of ETS it is so I don’t know and I think to some degree he’s told me for example that the Reptoids are backing China and he said that the Reptoids are also have gotten involved with japan or some of the the japanese sort of upper echelon and he’s also talked about their invitation in filtration in russia and there’s also the infiltration within the british monarchy as well as the americans government so there they infiltrate various governments and they do it from perhaps i don’t know this for a fact that i can imagine because we know for example the race from all Devron looked very nordic but it’s very possible their actual makeup out you know they have they look humanoid and all that kind of thing blonde blue-eyed tall and all that but at the same time that they may actually be a bloodline that’s more reptoid than anything else or reptilian the reptoid when I say reptoid and when mark refers to it is a human reptilian hybrid so apparently they are extremely one of our arch enemies if you will on a planet Earth at this time there are reptilians that are friendly and that are good and there are also even Draco I think some Draco that may not be as diabolical or as bad as they appear to be although most of the time when I asked mark about

the route Draco and other people the Draco seemed to also be one of the more diabolical races certainly the spider beings are a problem and that I was told about that from another whistleblower many years ago that they were coming to Earth and they were more of a problem I think the way they disclosed that to me they were covering for what Mark told me more the truth about if you will so you know I have to take the information I get and I have to sort of discern and gel it all together to mention through line and when there are anomalies or there contradictions I have to acknowledge those and be aware that somebody may be telling me let’s say a part of a truth but there also may be rapping some disinfo in there and so on so it’s not an easy job and I’m not claiming that I’m correct in the way I do it all the time but I have a very good track record at least in getting do you know reaching a conclusion about something or understanding something from a number of different places and then getting further confirmation that comes to me through other channels and so that you could call as a kind of verification so that’s that’s kind of all I can say about that and really I mean you kind of have to use your own discernment in the end and you have to do your own research and there are a lot of good people out there disclosing information I think most of them the ones that I see out there especially you know the most well-known are a lot more guarded than I am I’m much more willing to go out on a limb telling you what I’ve heard and what I know as a result then others are especially when it comes to the sort of negative et side of the equation well and that’s why I I mean I like a bunch of your interviews but I always enjoy hearing you interviewed because you are a source of information that a lot of a lot of a lot of it comes to and through and so I think you’re in a good position sometimes sometimes I think you’re in the best position out there of being able to put it all together discern it you know sort of dissect it if you will and then come up with a a an idea of maybe what’s the closest because you do get information from all different sectors and all different sides so that’s why I always like to watch you being interviewed because I know whenever I watch your the interviews where you are the interviewee you always bring out information that is not out there because you in essence connect the dots and you’re able to discern a lot of the information and make some sense with it when you regurgitate it back to questions so that’s why I always wanted the interview you so I could try to pull out some of this knowledge that you have that never gets imparted because we all get bits and pieces but there’s no one that really sort of puts it together in a story if you will so that we can make sense of it you know we have this piece here and this piece there and you’re like the puzzle solver who can take all these pieces of the puzzle and make sense of them so that’s why I always enjoyed listening to your interviews and I’m you know I’m hoping that I’m able to bring some of that stuff out tonight that was why I was looking forward to this well these are good questions the way you framed them and I can say that nobody’s asked me quite in these ways the things you’re asking me the way you’re asking and it’s true I’m kind of at the mercy of the person who asks the questions as all interviewees are and and it is important that the person interviewing has sort of an open mind and and ability to ask a good question and that’s in my opinion that that’s a much more rare quality than most people realize so I appreciate you know your efforts here and I think that whoops what did I do anyway I think that you know it’s if this is a good exercise so to speak and I’m happy to try to connect the dots and you know I think that what happens is people are always trying to safeguard their reputation and I don’t care about that um you know my philosophy is that first of all I’m all about the truth and I do believe there is truth out there and I I think that you know I I kind of test it myself I find something out and I sort of say okay this is a premise and

then I wait to see if something will come in to the left or right of that and then I even when that does I sort of add it to the equation and I don’t believe in throwing I guess you you know the saying goes the baby out with the bathwater in other words just because there are some contradictions in the testimony of various witnesses it doesn’t deter me from being able to link up the pieces that do make sense and maybe it comes from the years in Hollywood you know I think I think it was Albert Einstein or someone who said the real gage of intelligence is imagination so if you have no imagination you’re not very intelligent and you’re also not able to connect dots because when you connect dots it’s not because you have this piece of information that dovetails with this perfectly it’s because you have a piece here and a piece here a piece over here and if you can make the leap you know an intellectual leap and have some depth of courage you know a bottom line and a lot of these people are trying to safeguard their you know their reputation and trying to you know appear to be scholarly or whatever they’re doing and it’s nonsense you know it’s there are some things that are so obvious at this point and if what if you take those premises you know we’re not alone we’re being visited okay we’re being visited by you know it’s not really that difficult you know I don’t think and then start to use your imagination you know fewer God would you only create one species will you be that stupid no right you know you would create zillions why do we have until yinz of kinds of spiders zillions of kinds of snakes zillions of kinds of humans why do we all look different etc etc in other words wrap your mind around that and there you go as above so below right and you know you’ll have this story it’s it’s not easy I’m not a genius you know it’s really it’s not rocket science actually no I know but these are the conversations that you and I have in private when you know we haven’t talked in a in a few weeks or a few months and you’ve gone overseas or you’ve been out doing your thing and get back together and we get caught up and I tell you what I know and you tell me what you know and we go through the question and answer period you know with ourselves and there’s always some insight that you give me on certain things that I hadn’t thought about so I mean it’s just fascinating and that’s what I you know I hope that I could bring some of that stuff out tonight okay we’re approaching two and a half hours so I what winddown I do have a I on the list but I think if we’re going to be talking to cliff next week maybe we should save that we’ll enter into that conversation I think so I think we’ll we’ll save that one so I’ve got a couple more questions two or three more questions these are kind of more earth-based so we’re kind of gonna come what kind of power down here and and then go for some easy easy ones the first one is Antarctica what the hell is going on in Antarctica okay well many years ago Project Camelot was given a document that was quite thick called New Berlin and it was from a whistleblower who had actually he was German I believe and he the the document came through MUFON in Germany I believe it was and maybe I’m not supposed to say that I can’t remember but anyway it’s so long ago that it doesn’t matter but at any rate the they didn’t have the guts to release it and they were they were you know this kind of thing went on with Camelot a lot I mean there are people I would but been told many times if you interview me you’re gonna be putting your life in danger people have said that so many times to me and I’m really the go-to person for if you think that you know the person’s going to get killed for disclosing then come to me you know cuz I don’t give a shit that’s just my attitude and it was kinda lost attitude from the beginning so to get back to New Berlin so New Berlin was one of those documents we released it in total on our website we had it translate there it well it was sort of in I guess it was in German or something and how’d it be translated I’m not sure what happened exactly with it it’s on my website so you can look at look for it but in any rate that person then contacted me a few years later because he went into hiding the guy who wrote it and he claimed he was in Antarctica that there was a base there that he was programmed and he was kept there as a prisoner that he escaped I don’t know if his story is true I know that there were very strange

anomalies within his testimony that he he got sentences like backwards there was a lot of you know difficulty making your way through the document to make any sense of it at all a lot of people thought he was completely out of his mind but I think there was truth there I just think that he was mind controlled in a massive way and was breaking down you know the programming was breaking down he did come forward a little later he told me he had finally kind of made his way back because he was kind of like a madman for a long time and I think he couldn’t even get a job and was on welfare or something crazy and then he kind of like made his way back to the real world and then he had kind of communicated with me and he thought he might come forward but he never did I can say that of course because of that and also because of testimony that we got through the ages or through the hang of the years we knew that there were obviously the Nazis had a base down there during World War two and all of this was the you know validated by the testimony of William Tompkins again so you know there has been tons of and you know clues that there was something going on in Antarctica and there’s clues that there’s actually a huge underground base there and there’s a huge probably underground city and that there’s various races and one of the things I was told by one of my whistleblowers not that long ago maybe a year or so ago he said that nowadays because of the surveillance technology a lot of the e-team meetings like off-planet meetings with government officials seeker government officials and when some of whom are part of your normal government are taking place in Antarctica because they’re out from under the surveillance technology so you know and there is an aspect to the Nazi occupation and then also the fact that for example John Kerry went during the election like why the hell would he go to Antarctica during the election that’s like such an anomaly you know and and other things that led one or can lead one to believe that there is some kind of governing body down there now I have been told that by a certain whistleblower who is actually gone to an article as well that they they do a lot of you know space travel goes off from Antarctica and that they are also doing communications from there with other planets again I guess out from under the surveillance network if you want to call it that kind of inundates a lot of the planet that the countries on on earth and I imagine the North Pole has some aspects as that because the North Pole is also supposedly got a portal and there are space craft going in and out constantly and there’s a doorway into in earth there and what’s his name god Burt and my bird know this you know there was an expedition that was supposed to go there I know it you to the North Pole yes and and and first then the guy died and this guy took over who’s a scientist who I’m had on my show before says last name first is sort of skate like booth or something um can’t remember right the second anyway he he’s a cool guy and he was taking over and then suddenly he dropped the whole thing and went silent and there’s no doubt whatsoever he was just told forget it you’re not going there you know right but he was they were gonna film it Camelot reported on it I mean it just went on and on and it was supposed to gonna happen of course it never did so you know there is a lot around the sort of the top and the bottom of Earth and and what may be going on there in those places where in essence it’s hard to prove or disprove anything you really need a whistleblower and the only real whistleblower we’ve had of course is the New Berlin guy but the Nazi documentation and the Admiral Byrd’s story documents it to some degree and then of course the William Tompkins blew the whole lid off it and then of course Corey Goode apparently jumped on that bandwagon and was disclosing things about Iran because well I understand and and so on so what can I tell you you know that there have been great videos that came out of Russia that show Antarctica and kind of reveal stuff Russia does is a lot more open about the whole et thing always has been with

their people basically so it’s kind of interesting so what can I tell you I know that there was something under the Kaaba in Mecca that was a technology that was taken out from under there and shipped by supposedly I was told by actually more than one person that and it did make a certain news item I think it was circa fall or whoever it was but other places as well and it was shipped by sea and that it was accompanied by if I recall a Roman Catholic priest from Russia now that guy had to company at I don’t know and what it was and what they were doing with it and why it went to Antarctica I don’t know but it supposedly did and there seems to be enough smoke there where the the fire is probably pretty accurate so there’s something going on about that but I don’t I I don’t know what now I do think that there is a governing body down there that is calling the shots right now on planet earth in some form or fashion faction and I do think the Maur Duke and the Anunnaki are here there are various factions of the Anunnaki and that mark is is has come to earth and is somewhere I don’t know where whether he’s in ARCA or whether he’s in you know Africa as they it did appear for a while he was and I don’t know how much control they really have but they certainly are trying to exercise control and they also have to deal with going head to head or toe to toe with the reptilians under the Vatican that are running the Vatican and and I’d align a lot of other factions as well now so and then of course there are the good ETS that are shown and Deena’s talking about which is the Guardian races that her books sent her on that I always recommend and I have been in touch with them myself I’ve gotten downloads I traveled to India with her I was able to anticipate things she was going to say before she said them I seem to be tapped into such a degree I had some great things happen there that were kind of great anomalous kind of experience type things and we did create what is in essence a sort of a Stargate portal and I was part of that group doing that there and you could really see the energy creating something I can tell you it was quite amazing and you know there’s a lot going on with stuff like that humans are very capable well yeah and and I think you know one of the things that got everybody going last year about Antarctica was the buzz aldrin tweet that went out and then it got deleted and then the next thing we know buzz had a health issue and they had to evacuate him from Antarctica and I think taking to New Zealand or somewhere South Africa or you know somewhere close to save his life so anyway it’s it’s been you know a so-called health issue is you know I mean the person is threatened you can imagine under these circumstances as well so what makes it out and then gets disappeared and so on so for it does seem he’s not the only one who’s come back from Antarctica kind of saying it’s kind of like you know don’t you know joseph conrad’s the heart of darkness with it yeah you know where Kurt says you know the horror of the horror and you know the famous film made by Coppola anyway all I’m saying is is that was one of those situations there it’s very possible there are races who are now contending to try to interact with earth that are horrible to look at certainly sure okay alright now this is a this is an easy one any quick one you’ve got the pyramids in Egypt a race of beings that I think are related to the Anunnaki from what I understand okay and what was the purpose of building the pyramids well one of the things is that the main pyramid is actually sort of I think of it as a fulcrum that balances their energies on earth it is like this you know this incredible weight that that actually balances the earth on some metaphysical important way but it’s also an ascension gateway and it’s also where the doors to a mente in the center of the earth are located which has to do with again ascension in and going through out of out of this dimension and

into others so you know there’s that I think the the Sphinx was initially a tribute and a sort of I guess you might say sort of I don’t know a tribute to this the the cat beings I am NOT one who thinks it is Anubis or related to the dog beings I think that that is disinfo and I can say that there were were actually two cats that much has been revealed through various whistleblowers I think Graham Hancock would acknowledge that at this time Oh although I’m not sure but there is evidence lots of evidence of this that there are there was supposed to be actually two and that perhaps between the two there could have been a Stargate as well so you know this is the kind of thing that goes on there have been you know we are not as young as they make it out to be here on planet earth we there have been many seedings of humans this seeming is supposedly become qualified earth as an ascension planet and that this seating will ascend some of human loss and relatively soon maybe in the next ten to fifteen or twenty years and then others will follow for a long time it wasn’t an ascension planet so that seems to be a new state of affairs for planet Earth it also may be why we’re being visited by so many various races now you know the gloves are off we are part of a galactic community in you know wholly and completely at this point and what comes along with that is understanding that you know you have to deal with this these various races you have to make peace with them negotiate etc and so on okay and related to Egypt you do you think that before Caesar and his guys burnt the library at Alexandria they got the got everything out of there and if you do what was in there if you know you if you have an idea well I mean I do think that a lot of what hat was in the Library of Alexandria went to the Vatican there’s you know and is underground in the Vatican at this time I’m sure the history of you know the labyrinth for example that basically tells the story of the comings and goings of Nibiru for example and the sort of the actions warlike actions of various races interacting with Atlantis for example in the and the Cataclysm and with Atlantis apparently there was more than one that eventually sunk that island into the Atlantic you know so in other words there will be a huge history there probably documented many in a sense it’s like the game of Thrones the real game of Thrones here on planet earth that’s the kind of thing that’s it’s gonna it would tell you it would tell you where these races come from it’ll tell you the lineages and so on but I can say that a Xian and Dean’s books do delineate a lot of this information out there in an amazing way and it’s not an easy read but a highly recommended and again the PDF can be gotten there both on my front page if you go scroll down to on the right hand side and the second volume that has been released relatively recently with some add-ons dealing with 911 and various things are there you know so it it’s it’s fascinating stuff and it is we’re having help you know we have a lot of very amazing loving races out there that are also sort of fighting the good fight on our side trying to keep this human genome alive and well in this experiment ongoing on planet earth but it’s a guy it’s a battle yeah okay and this one in it you know this is this occurred to me the other day and I’m sure somebody has talked about it but when it when it occurred to me I thought you know carries the one I need to ask about this is there any relationship between hurricane Harvey and the Harvey Weinstein Weinstein scandal from a psychic or spiritual level well that’s an interesting question I I mean I understand the similarity in names but you know the pedophilia story is a story

about the reptilian influence on our genome for one thing because we have a reptilian brain as you know and I my understand of this seating of humanity is that they brought in the reptilians and there were other ceilings of humanity that didn’t have the reptilian DNA and they basically wouldn’t defend themselves sufficiently they were too placid and they weren’t aggressive enough so they didn’t survive so when you have a you know a predatory species after you you need to be able to fight back so we do have that as part of our genome and and so I think that that’s what’s going on here you know I what can I say mm-hmm okay I just wondered cuz that popped into my head the other day I don’t you know the Harvey and the Harvey you know that maybe that’s a synchronicity maybe there is something to do with you know it’s it’s very interesting the way languages and the way it crops up and you know cliff high does this with his web bah he surfs around to find out who’s talking about what and so and so forth there there are you could think of human history as a sort of a spiral that means that it’s not just circular it’s we’re not repeating history we’re actually going up a rung seeing it from another vantage point but where we were going through a similar sort of section and by the same token language energetically will reflect its time so in that sense that their timing is similar that triggering and the the name relationship between Harvey and Harvey it may not be so accidental there’s there’s I can use the death of John Mac as an example of this because a certain person who’s trying to stay off the radar not to say their name at this time but had told us that the day John Mac died in England was supposedly hit by a car which was probably a murder but nonetheless there were like I know this sounds crazy but there was something like four or five other John Max who died the same day really and like what are the chances they’re astronomical so there’s something going on with regard to this you know again we are a hologram and there is this fractal nature of the universe you know that Nassim Harriman goes on about and that maybe to do with the hologram and the fractal quality that you do get these things coming to the fore at similar times that are have sort of a through line that relates them right from the very superficial to the to the much deeper level and you know so it’s it’s worth thinking about it’s probably more of a philosophical question you know – maybe quasi philosophical spiritual then sort of a nuts and bolts relationship mm-hmm okay that’s all I have I don’t know if there’s gonna be any questions if you want to take questions from some of the listeners that’s up to you okay well I I appreciate this I think I’m going for a really long time and I don’t think you know it’s not that great to to keep going forever and ever I don’t know if if there’s anything here like any big pressing I don’t see any huge questions in first of all they have to be in all caps I’ll never see him here yeah I’m looking well okay so I am we’ve gone for quite a long time could could you give us because I’m really finished I appreciate this opportunity I’ve been looking forward to it since you agreed to it and we set this time up so I appreciate you giving us this time so and I’m going to turn it over to you and let you do a wrap-up tell us what you think is going to happen in the near future and what our long-term cats getting restless now and so he’s saying yes it’s it’s almost over uh actually you know I don’t really have a wrap-up to say I mean I appreciate all the questions and I hope that my answers have been sort of stimulated more more conversation and thought and I think it’s great fun to talk to you I think we

can go in the future and delve in as I said more to the white house that’s history we’re gonna be talking to cliff high about the monetary system the crypto currencies how quantum and AI may factor into all of that what it may all mean we did invite Bix but he declined to be part of this particular round table so that’s okay I am inviting other people at this time I think I put a invite out to Jill cilenti and if you want to name some other people there’s also Lynette I forget her last name but I’ve invited her for an interview she’s talking a lot about the crypto and the changeover in the currency scene so you know there’s a lot coming up in the future and I do want to say that tomorrow at one o’clock in the afternoon I’m interviewing let’s see Helen wait sorry I’m Mary Helen Hensley and she has a fascinating story of a life death experience where she was in a terrible car accident and she she has a hole she was psychic and she had downloads and she wasn’t exploring her gifts and she believes that the car accident was created in order to get her back on track since then she has been utilizing her gifts and she is healing people and so on she’ll be on the show tomorrow so that should be a fascinating show so actually I don’t have any kind of wrap up I just want to say you know I I think that the information is out there the truth is out there and it really behooves at this time as humans to be as courageous as possible to bring the truth out to each other and to to everyone and to stop the lies you know that are poisoning our planet and creating bad weather because humans do create weather and the weather wars notwithstanding as well so you know it’s a huge story and we’re still exploring it and that’s our job and we have many people who are doing the same thing so I want to thank you paladin for coming on the show and for asking me you know everything under the Sun here and I hope that people have enjoyed it and so I guess we’ll just wrap it up and say thank you and good night and thank you Kerry I appreciate it all right okay so take care bye bye