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[Applause] hi everyone I’m Stan a low welcome to peridot Yakko my guest on today’s show we’ll be yakking with his mystical author Anita Merrick will be discussing her book her shamanic journeys to Egypt her years as a belly dancer and Flora’s into Wicca and the psychic world Anita Merrick welcome to paranormal yaker thank you I’m so happy to be here Anita as you know we go back many years and there’s always it’s a pleasure yakking with you I know your novel a bitter wind comes from a life long love of Egypt can you tell my audience what the book is about and what inspired you to write it a bitter wind time entanglement is based on my experiences after visiting this very little temple near st Egypt it’s not one that every tour stops to see I saw it back in 1988 and then again in 2011 that’s how much distance her time had passed I kind of came home with the spirits following me I guess for want of a better description because the story stayed with me and I was writing it more channeling it than writing and when I checked into it I realized that I had tapped into something it was very unusual and so the book became fantasy as far as technical terms however it is based on my experiences my dreams and I believe a past life I’m not gonna say which character is the one to past life but the main character is modeled after myself it is based on the mythology it’s based on archaeology some culture a little of everything thrown in and I just received 15 and well actually 50 more after that because I I purchased a program for reviews to get some new reviews and so forth on Goodreads so if anyone who wants to go they can read all about you know what people think of the book there it’s really kind of a can’t put it down kind of book in fact someone just recently said they thought it should be a movie but we haven’t got that far yet to even consider that but it it is based on experiences as well as dreams and fantasy and of course the Egyptian dead aru play a very large role in it in mythology of course and now although you are not average Ipsen descent you have ever since I’ve known you has a strong connection and fascination with Egypt now I think you pretty much answered the question and of an astronomic elaborate do you think it might have something to do with a past life there yeah several past lives I believe I found at least three that I’m pretty sure of in my experiences the very first one was in 1988 I was a belly dancer then and I had no interest in temples and pyramids other than aren’t they pretty there that’s nice I wanted to see dancing hear music perform you know etc and buy beads I came home with lots of beads from Egypt but the very first night that we arrived the bus driver took us up around by the pyramids and it was nighttime and they weren’t supposed to then and now they couldn’t because things have changed a great deal with security but he let us step off the bus and very strictly do not step away from the bus and if I say get on get on fast because it means the now soldiers are coming I stepped off and I think that my second foot touched the sand and I just stood there and I’m home went through my mind and I felt like there’s no big deal I was supposed to be here I’ve been here all along you’re kind of feeling I couldn’t explain it then cuz I knew very little if anything about the metaphysical side of things and I knew a little about Egypt and the mythology but very little about the

really deep stuff at that time so I had no concept of why I felt that way except that was the beginning and ever since then I’ve been there now four times was supposed to go a fifth time this past March and thanks to a certain little tiny nasty bug everything got cancelled so I’m not sure when I’ll get to go again now and I’m sure that’s minor compared to what a lot of other people have gone through on this virus and I don’t mean to make anything sound like mine was the only big problem but nevertheless but I have not stopped content connecting with Egypt I constantly work with nattara that’s the gods and goddesses for those who don’t know the word the word actually was became nature in English and eventually it was it came down through I do Selmy gyptian magic I call it Egyptian magic it’s not spell like magic but I do a lot of using of the metters in work that I do as well as in my writing and so I kind of I’ve got sand here in my house I’ve got pieces of pottery I probably had a little bit of Egypt all around me all the time as well as in my dreams and thoughts so yes Egypt has been a part of my life and several past lives I’m sure you have gone on shamanic journeys to Egypt what sights did you visit and how did you feel when you were at these ancient sites okay well like hey could say we could say if I listed them all and all the experiences this would be a week long video but unfortunately the highlights and the highlights I think came for me in the last trip the like culmination I took two trips that were under shamanic journey and they were designed that way where we began in fact we began at the Sphinx between the paws of the Sphinx which by the way many of the things in places I went you have to have special permits and they’re very expensive they’ve gotten more expensive over the years to to get special permission and we would go in like early morning or night or with the Sphinx we were down in the basin where the Sphinx itself sits and places that tourists don’t normally get to go we would begin there we would make our dedication basically to the Sphinx and to the you know to whomever we wanted to connect with and while I stood beside the right paw of the Sphinx the last time I mean first time I was there I felt a heartbeat I felt like energy coming up from the earth in a pattern like a heartbeat and I can describe it as being the heartbeat of the earth or the Sphinx or something the last time I stood there and I was just waiting for everything to get ready and I realized I’m looking down at my feet I’m at the same spot not by plan as I had been every other time before and I’m seeing like I’m traveling down through the rocks and what I saw at the end of this burrowing psychic burrowing was blue like an indigo blue liquid and it looked like a liquid crystal and I remembered the statement by Edgar Cayce that the records are under the pod the Sphynx and I’m kind of like to think that maybe I saw them but they’re not you know books as we would expect nevertheless we when did a shamanic experience under the Step Pyramid and everything from there on was like rebuilding the self or re experiencing or healing and as we traveled the last trip I was there was the most significant because that’s the one where I got to sit outside the pyramid to the last night and I’m sitting there everyone else had gone in and upstairs and I had had a dream that I shouldn’t go inside everybody didn’t know why so I got permission to stay outside and while I’m sitting there it was a full moon night and I could feel what seemed like the stones behind my back had turned to liquid or something I’m sure it was the energy and it felt as if we were spinning now I didn’t really feel dizzy so that was the weird part of it and I

knew we weren’t moving really because I could see the bus down you know there and everything and I looked up to see if I could see the full moon and there were blue energy beams coming out of the top of the pyramid and going and all the way around out radiating outward I’m not sure other than energy I’m not sure exactly what that is I’ve never heard anyone describe it before but it was amazing I went into the other most significant was going into what I now know was a dream chamber although they call it the Crypt and it’s in the temple of dendera in way in the southern part of Egypt and it is you have to go down these steps which makes you think like you’re going in the hold of an old ship and you get down to the bottom and there’s no space you just simply turn and then you have to go down and slide through on the ground or crawl through if you’re small enough to go through what it’s like a the size of a block and then turn and do it again to get in there and then inside there are some gorgeous higher Gliss because they have not been touched and brushed against and weathered it’s where the one that has been shown on TV in different programs that is looks like a long tube electric tube or a light excuse me electric light tube and there’s controversy as to just what it really is is a symbolic or is it something from ancient times there I had a dream after I was in there of going to further along which you don’t see if there’s anything further to go the wall is there but in my dream I could walk on down further and I saw lights like at the end of the tunnels all I remembered and when I asked about it because most of those journeys and in Temple and in the passageways are depicting the afterlife or the droite or the excuse me the underworld itself but this one had light at the end and when I asked our guide who was very very patient with me he said you hate excuse me you were in the one that is to resurrection it’s one of the few that went basically up instead of down so I thought that was pretty significant I was given a lot of visions messages I mean I kept a journal the last three trips I kept journals because you think you’re gonna remember everything when you get home you don’t because you’re so exhausted for number one so I started keeping very detailed journals and thank goodness because now I can remember things better but I get like I say I could go on and on and on with the different but those are kind of the main highlights that really stuck with me thanks for sharing now at one time and there’s a professional name of mihika he performed as an oriental belly dancer at the the palace of Luxor what was that experience like that was my first experience with Egyptian and it was a combination of ecstatic amazing nerves and downside and the downside came as a result of the dance before I was going to perform I’m standing there waiting to go on and I’m so thirsty because it’s very hot and I asked for a soda because I know better than to trust bottled water or somebody bringing you in just a glass of water and Egypt and especially out you know in places like this because the Winter Palace is still beautiful but it’s older of course and you don’t know what their kitchen area is so I asked for a soda and I never thought they brought it with ice in it which was very nice of them but it didn’t even think you never want to get ice in Egypt unless you’re in a very good hotel and you know that they’re using bottled water to make their ice which of course is expensive so that’s not a common thing well I didn’t think and I thought well if I don’t eat the ice or suck on the ice I’ll be fine wrong answer I was attacked by the good old King Tut’s curse after I got done dancing got back to the ship I was sicker than a dog for a few days thank goodness they had these little speckled pills and and we got

over it but it was not exactly a pleasant experience then the dance went fine we couldn’t communicate with the band we had to just trust that we could follow the band and they would follow us because they spoke no English but that worked out fine and I thought I did pretty well for being as nervous as I was however after I after we performed and we’re sitting in the audience the Pateros came out and I’d not sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly but they are these snake charmers and they had these huge wicker baskets with cobras and told that they do not take the poison out or pull the fangs of their cobras I don’t want to check and see I’m not looking at any Cobras mouth to see if he still has teeth and at the end of their show because I get taken pictures and they had seen me and you know everybody’s having a good time I’m go back to my seat and I’m talking to my friend and she test me on the shoulder and she points and here’s the guy with his basket gonna hand it to me and as close as I am to my computer screen I’ve got a cobra in a basket almost in my lap well I leapt backwards knock chairs over it was really quite embarrassingly funny but I wasn’t touching their basket for nothing and of course the the owner of the Cobra had the biggest laugh of his life and he probably told that story a long time down the road but it was a wonderful experience at the same time and I got to dance on the real Egyptian band which was like a dream come true for anyone any dancer and then I got to dance later on our cruise ship we run a cruise ship at that time since then we take Adebayor which is a private larger boat but private so we don’t have to deal with lots and lots and lots of other people and just our group but it was an experience I shall never forget it’s great now you are ordained priestess in the order of Melchizedek what is it what is that order what attracted you to it and what are the duties of a priestess in the order okay all right basically the duties are about the same in Generali as it would be for any minister or priest ministering to whatever spiritually emotionally etc he does have a healing aspect to it but that’s usually someone will bring in like Reiki or some other modality into their healing – you know as a combination and there’s the Melchizedek order is more of a meta physical and spiritual oriented meditational and ministering to needs which can be consulting for with people giving them guidance or consolation as time goes on it can expand in any direction the order itself was founded I don’t know the year now but it’s got to be back and before 1980s I think I’m not sure of the date but Dan Chesbro was the founder he went to Arizona and one of the vortex sites I believe I’m correct that it was the Bell Rock I was there also it one not at the same time of course but I had an experience there where we had like a pink light and it’s in the film we didn’t see it but I have a picture somewhere of this pink light coming down and into the rock in front of where my friend and I were standing and it was just like holy mackerel what the heck was that of course we didn’t see it at the time and he had an experience there from a standpoint of I believe it was like a vision and in a visual and astral kind of connection and I think his description was that he heard words and he heard something from it I’d have to go back I apologize I haven’t read some of his stuff in a long time so I kind of lost a little bit but basically the order is so that I am as essentially a minister I can if I choose set up a church the rules are true stringent and I really don’t have the energy for that so I use my ministerial duties with my consultation with the Tarot and with other things on a personal basis that way I could do weddings I have only done one again a lot of the rules that you

have to follow by the states got a little too complex me but Dan still runs it and as far as I know he is still the only one that can do the ordination the ordination is an energy experience hard to explain he has a process in words and you know guidance through it and everyone experiences it like you would any metaphysically connected energy experience process and it’s different for everybody and the idea being that you are cleansed of the old energy new energy coming from above now mind you this is a very highly spiritual thing coming from above coming down through and cleansing away stuff that’s no longer needed and so on and then you are you’re given the certification and you go from there and you can do anything you want with it as far as it some people do set up churches and you know have the whole process and like me I just really now I’d more incorporate the ability into my readings but I don’t say that’s where it’s coming from I don’t you know I just don’t do that but it’s it’s um I you know my record so if anybody wants to know where are you getting this from they there’s a basis Oh what if your forays was into Wicca what attracted you to pagan witchcraft and do you still practice any elements of it today I was attracted to it because it looked like something fun I’m an avid reader I have more to be read books than I think most normal people ever see in their lifetime but I wanted to learn it I had an opportunity with a local girl and she was setting up a coven and we were going to learn from her and unfortunately that was a bad experience because many reasons and I got out of that so I decided to start learning on my own through books I’ve read a lot of the stuff by some of the old standbys as well as the newer stuff I’ve kind of come away from the spell work that was that attracted me the idea that I could do spells and I could control things and goodness knows what else I could manage but I’ve come to learn that you don’t need how I’ve got tools up beginning I had to collect all these beautiful you know goblets and a the maze and all sorts of things but I came to the point where I don’t need that your your magic is your energy you are your magic in other words there is there are spells absolutely and there are rituals and so forth but I kind of moved away from doing some of them probably I could say I’m more lazy but that’s not the real reason I just don’t find that it’s what I need to do anymore I’ve got it can drag it out any time my favorite saying if somebody is upsetting me or doing something not so nice my for my favorite saying is never piss up a witch and I mean it because I know that I can if I have to but I also know that when people say you get your energy or your magic your your your deed back three folds or nine fold are the two usual numbers I think it can come back any time as many times as it wants to and I’ve learned the hard way absolutely and I think most people have Wicca is a little more the religion side the rituals the obeying the cross quarters and the this moon and and so on solstices and equinoxes I don’t get into that as much because I’m very solitary I don’t belong to a group anymore and it’s just not you know it’s not as easy when you’re doing it by yourself and for me I can’t say everybody for me but I now more have moved toward calling myself a mystic and the reason for that is one day I asked a dear friend of mine who I trusted and I said do you think I’m a witch because I was at that time I was really trying to walk the walk and talk the talk if you will and his response was no and I was really taken aback because I thought she like God he’d say yes for sure haha what am I doing wrong and he said no I think you’re a mystic but he wouldn’t tell me what that was so I had to go and research it and check it out and I finally decided he’s right a mystic takes a little of everything and uses it as it works for them and tries to do it or use the concepts it may be a little more so and that’s really what I now try

to do there is there are a lot of pagans and which is in our area but I don’t go to the meetings anymore I did for a while I belong but I just got away from it I don’t have the time to really put into it when I was working seven or eight hours a day my whole dream was to live as a witch as I called it and be able to do everything from date daybreak right on down through the day and have the whole routine by the time I retired it was I didn’t want to do that anymore so I do do some I’d like candles I put out energy I do a lot of those kind of things but I don’t follow up with the spell work anymore god I’m handy if I need them and I can still do them but I find that I don’t need them and so for me I I still consider myself a witch but I I’m not a practicing witch I would say you already a third-generation psychic now semi-retired when you did you readings you went into the name of crystal wind what tools did you use in your readings and what was there about those tools that attracted you to them I started out not wanting to do any of that because I did not think I could memorize all those meanings fought it for a long time and then one day my friend who ended up being my Tarot teacher came to me and wanted me to pretend to be a gypsy and do a reading for the person that he was going to dance for because he was also a belly dancer were at an SCA event in Penza which was down near slippery Rock Pennsylvania and so I thought okay I can pretend and I went in with the cards and we we you know put them in the order so I would know what to say and they would be logical and we found the knight of cups of course that’s the best one for the knight in shining I remember coming into your life okay so I go in and I’m pretending you know trying to be the best gypsy actress and I’m getting ready to lay out the cards and the lady sitting next to the the lady’s birthday she says oh this will be fun cuz I retail too well I thought I’m busted this is not gonna go well but I kept going and the actress took over but I didn’t know what I was saying but I managed to get to the final keel for my friend to come dancing in afterwards I thought she never said another word now was I that bad that she had nothing to say or did I really come across like I knew what I was doing well then I decided I think I want to learn how to really do it correctly Baban taught me her started by teaching I thought oh I’ve learned from many other people as well and he teaches to read by the intuition because tarot in general is of the same realm as our dreams the subconscious mind and so on so by learning what the symbols were telling me at that moment instead of trying to save to see what does this card mean I found that that was the way to go yeah and boom you know and now that’s how I teach as as a result of that I feel that I can pick up about any tarot deck that I’m that’s been thrown at me and I do have a couple that are pretty bizarre but I have one that’s protect Mac technology that a friend always asked for cuz she’s an engineer and I don’t know how anybody would read from that one normally but we managed and I had a lady come one day to really ended up testing this ability because she gave she said can you read from my deck she had brought it with her and I said yes okay I will she hands it to me and I get it out and I’m looking at it and it was red and black and almost impossible to really see the images it was really dark and it was dark in the room too so it was like I needed a flashlight to see the cards and I started and managed to give her a reading and she was very happy with it seemed to answer what she wanted I guess did okay well then I come to find out after I’m done she tells me that that’s not a tarot deck at all it’s actually a deck that’s made to go with this romance fantasy novel so it had nothing to do with Terrell and so I was quite shocked actually to realize that I managed to

read those cards in the first place and I thought well I never have to do that again but the next year she came back with the deck again and said here is it so you know it came back to haunt me I guess I could say in a way but it is I think that’s that’s how I do with the Tarot I also do mediumship of course and I would say probably about every divination I’ve either tried it or use it and recently I started doing an automatic writing which is has turned out to be quite interesting because it’s not so much I sit down and just scribble along like one lady that does it and I it looks like she’s scribbling anyway she’s not really but it lives what it looks like and I find that I’m getting messages or themes or pieces of information some are messages some are warnings some are just general and I’m I’m playing with it to see where it’s going to go that’s kind of my next challenge keeping something going all the time great should my viewers want to order your novel a bitter wind how do they go about doing it okay they can go to my website which is and they can see it there they can go to the page for you know purchasing the book there is there’s a contact form that they can you know get to me and directly or if they want to order it from any of the sites it’s Amazon book Barnes & Noble chapters for Canada and Friesen of course it’s where the book was published and they can click on any one of those words and I’ll take them to where the book is listed on that site and they’re all the prices vary they can also get ahold of me through email or whatever I have a few books are in hand and I’m making a special on that and she wanted mommy to give that now to them okay if they want to order if they want to order the book from me they can get a signed copy I’m making a special for the softcover of eighteen dollars which will include their postage and that’s please US funds for the Canadian people because I don’t have a way to change the money here the other option is if they want to buy it from one of the sites I will and they can send me you know an email of the receipt or a picture of the book or you know however they wanted and say I bought it at such-and-such a time then I can email them back with a ten dollar gift certificate toward a reading or whatever other service that I might have that they might want to use so that’s a special just for today and for people that are seeing this video so they want to jump on that bandwagon thank you now an even my America I need America aka crystal wind I thank you for being my guest on paranormal yaker I look forward to ending you again when other books I know you will be writing did hi everyone I hope you enjoyed the interview you just watched so you don’t miss any upcoming shows be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel I would love for you to join me and my guess as a yack with them on paranormal yaker