Mark Brazil and Jeff Cole on Starting IKONICK, Growing Sales, & Staying Motivated | #AskGaryVee 292

– On this episode, we talk about Amy – Oh, God (laughing) (upbeat funky music) – Hey everybody, this is Gary Vaynerchuk And this is episode 292 of the Ask Gary Vee Show, on a Friday night, in early Fall I’m personally salty as fuck, the Jets had just lost to the Cleveland Brown’s, I landed at 2:30 in the morning from Cleveland Big shout out to the Cleveland Brown fans, super classy Probably helped that every other one of them knew who I was (laughing) And I took the first selfies ever with mean face in my life, fans rolling up on me, after the game, asking for selfies And I didn’t have any smiles in my body at that point So, super salty, energy may be off – Jeff specifically says don’t bring that up And now you got that out the way, so we’re good to go – Yeah, dude, Jeff is super smart (laughing) He’s exactly right I’m really upset actually, like genuinely I’ve come to realize the Jets are my Bizarro, alternative universe version of myself It’s where I’m pessimist, I literally, AJ will co-sign this because AJ never like, he likes to razz me, he doesn’t like to be like, “Yeah.” He doesn’t like, support, he likes to like, call out I literally on the way to walking to stadium, I’m like, bro, I had this weird dream that the Jets are gonna be up 20 to 7 and then Baker’s gonna come in, and they’re gonna win 21-20, and it was 14-nothing instead of 20-7 but literally, it fucking happened Literally the only thing that I did not want to happen in this NFL season happened, Baker took a shit on my face – It was a good game though, very good game – No, it wasn’t a good game, bro (laughing) It wasn’t a good game It was a good game– – I was at– – Yeah, I’m sure people were entertained I’m glad like, America got to see young quarterbacks that they think are gonna be the future of the league It’s very nice for everybody except for me – Sorry – Well, listen, you guys have both talked so you might as well introduce yourself, why don’t you tell the Vayner Nation who you are, we’re gonna get to the calls today because I think you guys are young entrepreneurs, artists, I’m inspired by you guys so much so that I went into business with you, I tend to never wanna do shit like this where like, I mix my real life with the content of my show but I felt that it was important because I thought that you guys represent something to me which is, there’s a young hustle, social-media arbitrage, understanding the culture, knowing what the fuck’s going on, like, guy, and gal, out there today, that 98% of them are fakers and will be weeded out, and it’s very rare for me to find the real in the bullshit, and you got a little bit your bullshit, you know, you guys have a little (laughing) You especially He’s good – Hey! (laughing) – You still got like, meaning– – Why, the chains? (laughing) – Meaning, and I’m obviously making a joke but meaning like, it’s such a special, interesting time, in entrepreneurship, right? It’s such a special time, it’s been put on a cool factor The fact that cool people follow me and think it’s cool – Yeah – That makes crazy, you were too young to know this All of you fuckers, it’s crazy It’d be literally like me telling you like, “Yo, you’ll never believe this, in 20 years, “construction workers are gonna be as popular “as fucking rappers.” – Wow – That is literally, literally what I’m telling you it would’ve sounded like if 29 years ago I said to you, entrepreneurs will be as cool as athletes and rappers Literally, so, very special time But you guys have executed so, say hello – I’m Mark, Mark Brazil, and me and Jeff own a company called IKONICK, I do the business, Jeff does the art – Yeah, I’m the digital artist and I do half of the business – Because of you actually – Yeah, because of you I turned into– – So, when it started, Gary, I was on an island by myself doing all of the business And literally– – And he was the artist? – And you literally– – So you were two guys– – I was emotional, I was like, stereo-typical artist – Yeah, he’s got no emotion now – So, I did for you what I did for D-Rock Systematically broke you down from your bullshit and ideology to being more practical – Yeah – Jeff gives valuable business advice now, now like– – And that freaks you out a little bit – I love it (laughing) The more the merrier, I mean, it’s just I mean, and– – Tell your origin story This was comic book number one – Comic book number one – Like, what did you guys, like, your girlfriends were dating and you met begrudgingly – Oh You’re kind of close – Kind of close – Really? (laughing) – Kind of close, close (laughing loudly) (applauding) – I’m up right now, bud Fuck, I’m pumped – And what– – See, I told you guys were cliche (laughing) Go ahead – Eight years ago, at an NYU dorm, I would wake up at 8:00 AM, next to a girl, and she tells me, you need to meet this guy, Jeff Cole Who at that time– (laughing) I swear to God – It was so random – For no reason at all, I had a comic book– – You guys had a similar hookup style or what? (laughing) – Not a lot actually (laughing) I had a comic book T-shirt company and she connected me with him, and we, for three years, I independently contracted him, and we only talked over Gmail, we had never even met before

And we– – Were you guys both in New York? – No, I was in Chicago at the time – I was in New York – You went to high school with this girl or you just did like a– – No, well, no, I’m sorry, I was at the University of Arizona at the time – Okay – And yeah – You knew her? – I wasn’t gonna be doing– – You just knew this woman – Yeah, no, she went to Arizona with me, and I didn’t even do digital art yet, I was kind of, I just majored in illustration at Arizona – And it basically– – She knew you were a good artist – Yeah – You guys hook up – Yeah, I mean– – And the wake-up conversation from the hook up is– – I swear to God – You need to meet Jeff Cole – Yeah, it’s so ironic And literally, we’ve known each other– – Do you guys like, let’s talk about this for a minute – I wish her a happy birthday every year on Facebook – You’ve gotta do way more than that, dick (laughing) What the f? You wish happy birthday on Facebook to people you once were in study hall with You do not wish happy birthday, you need to sell her a ton, you need to send her a ton of art – [Mark] I’ve already done that, yeah – That’s a good idea – You need to email her, DM her, or text her, and find out what she’s into in life – Yeah – You guys need to buy her, like, you need to do something right (laughing) – Didn’t end that well – That’s fine But it’s 100 years ago – I know – You need to man up and realize it ended up great – Yeah, it’s funny how things work out because it literally– – Bro, it ended up great – I’m just saying– – You may not be together – Yeah – But you found your business love (laughing) – Business love – Do you guys consider each other business loves? – I love him like a brother, yes – That’s right – Yeah – You found your business love, thus it worked out great – Yeah – And we need to do, can we make a commitment here today? Now that I’m part of the company, can we make a commitment? What’s her first name? – Amy – Can we make a commitment to Amy? – Amy’s gotten a shout out, she’s getting a heavy shout out right now – Listen, can we make a commitment to Amy that we have to recognize the way life actually works, though it may have not ended up the way you want it to, or nicely, in a romantic sense, she created– – A monster – A monster – Yeah, I do love her for that. (laughing) – I mean, but you’re not showing it – That’s true – You love her once a year – Jeff, you need to step up, you weren’t your heart, or your relationship wasn’t bad You need to– – It wasn’t, you’re right You’re right – He was in it, and I have empathy for that, you on the other hand, this is actually your fault, you need to be the one that needs to step up and do the right thing by Amy – You’re right, man, we’ll make it up – Can you make me a piece of art that says, do the right thing by Amy? – Yes, I promise, I’ll add the eleventh piece– – Literally, I’m gonna hang it right there I’ll make it right there, I didn’t even realize I had that space up there, right there, let’s measure it Do the right thing by Amy, I want it – [Jeff] We have that on camera so it’s going down – Done, it’s firm, alright, we’ve establish Can we, alright, so, origin story You wake up, hookup in college style, you gotta meet this guy Jeff Cole, weird conversation for a post-hookup but, cool, I’ll go with it, and so, what? You’re like, cool, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to reach out to Jeff Cole? (laughing) – No, he called me the next day and I’m like, who is this random guy? – Yeah – Like, literally, you, I love that, that’s hustler move So you call him, you’re like– – I’m aggressive – Yo, bro? – Yeah, for sure – Are you Jeff, is this Jeff Cole? – Yeah, basically – And you’re like, this is Brazil – Yeah – Basically, this is, yeah, it’s pretty accurate, yeah – Keep going. (laughing) – And literally it was, you know, we worked company on company, and you know, I was always the number two or three at the company, definitely under-incentivized and under-utilized, and I always had Jeff as a designer And just, the work ethic, second to known, his design is, I mean, you see them – Yeah, everyone knows it – And it came to a point where we were with these companies, we weren’t really happy, and about, it’s now probably about 16, 17, months ago, we went from Square Space to Shopify, and through, obviously we were bartering on Instagram, and getting big posts, making couple thousand dollars here and there, but the second we started doing paid ads, month one, six figures, and then we just went on a bender – Facebook – Facebook So, Facebook and Instagram is where the company started – ICONICK – ICONICK, correct – Should probably know how to pronounce in the shit that I invest in – Yeah – I can pronounce my own store – And it literally was– – Don’t worry – It was me, Jeff, and then we were running ads And his 16-year-old brother, we were paying $0.25 to process the orders, and we were part-time – You were paying him $0.25 an order? – Per order – All of us I mean, all of us – Yeah– – No, I know, but you were paying him $0.25 an order to prep, yeah, no, I get it – Also, fired – And Jeff was giving him some sneakers – Yeah, I gave him some sneakers – So we did our first $2,000,000 in top-line revenue from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and then at 5 or 6:00 PM when our partner in the other company left, when that door shut, that was the best moment of our life We’d go and get coffee, and then we’d be jacked from 5 or 6:00 til 3:00 in the morning And then it got to a point where we’re like, wow, this is getting serious, and then that day, we went all in And then things just took it to a whole new level – Since we haven’t framed it up, what is the company for everybody listening? – ICONICK is affordable art, starting at $50 to $700 It’s direct to consumer, the core of the company kind of has that motivational, inspirational DNA And that kind of drove us to become a legitimate company And now we’ve iterated into, you know, with the NBA licenses – Right, you do licensing and original, right? – Correct – Yeah – Mainly original – Yeah, it was Jeff that did all the designs for the first about, year And now we’re starting to bring on more designs – Artists that fuck with you ’cause your Cole account

is so fire on Instagram, that would DM you, you’d vet, and you’re like, oh shit, this is how I can scale – He makes fun My Instagram is like a biz-dev hub – Yeah – 100% D-Rock is how we’ve, you know, like, the D-Rock world is like, whether it’s Babbin or Caleb, like, we found way better people than D-Rock by people that were hitting up D-Rock (laughing) – We found, so, when D-Rock posted Austin, our video guy, we found our second Austin, our second video guy through that So, basically D-Rock both ours – Yeah, D-Rock is literally like a job board (laughing) Like, when people are like, “Yo, what’s up with,” you know, a lot of people call other video people, D-Rock Like that has become like a real, right? Like your guy Shane, like– – He’s our D-Rock – Yeah, like that has become a real thing which is really fucking amazing in a lot of ways But when I hear D-Rock, I’m like, oh, yeah, that’s like a job board, like that’s how I literally think about it Though you haven’t been able to find somebody from our team like, miraculously, everybody’s finding lots of stuff yet we can’t find another person for our team – We either meet them through us, so like– – Yeah – It’s less possible and as hard as we do it – That’s the problem we have, like, duplicating Jeff, you know Finding– – It is so hard – We’ve tried getting junior designers– – Right, ’cause when, you know, to D-Rock’s point and I don’t know if you guys heard it here on the podcast so I’ll repeat it Finding somebody that bleeds out of their eyes, which is a term I use for just like, worth ethic, it’s hard to find somebody who is both artistic and outrageously in a not only a work ethic because there’s a net hours, right? Like, an artist could work 18 hours but if her or his output is a single piece of content, where our requirement for 18 hours is 837, that’s a big fucking delta – Like, for me and my lane, I want bleed out of their eyes and intelligence ’cause I can develop that – Sure – With him, it’s skill – Talk to me about when he became a better business man than you by mainly just listening to me (laughing) – Better than me? Well, (laughing) I gotta– (laughing) – When did he become a better businessman than you on the back of just listening– – [Jeff] I have some really good business ideas – He does – But most of those are directly coming from me, right? – Yeah – Okay, I just wanted to make sure. (laughing) – We’ve gotten to a point now where we– – Which means I’m a better businessman than you – Oh! (laughing) – I’m just trying to, you know, we’re just trying to play the game here – Right now, the market says you are, as per what you would say, the market says you are, yes – But you’ve got time You’re young, how old are you? – I just turned 33 a couple, a week and a half ago – You look good – Thank you, bro – You look good for 31 – Thank you – There is some gray in the beard though – I know – Have you found that to be to your advantage, distinguished, or? – Some girls stay up, I don’t believe them, to be honest with you – You think they’re pandering to you – I think so – But what about the huge headlines of me and Scooter being involved, has that helped your? – Things have changed (uproarious laughing) This interview is going not where I wanted it to go right now but (laughing) – Well, here’s why – Yeah – Because I rarely do anything that I mix business with on my own platform so I figured before we get to the calls, I’m gonna make this interview nothing like you dreamed it up, right? – Oh man – You thought like, I’d set it up, knock it out, sell some fucking art, get a sale (laughing) Mainly, I’m making sure that you remember the pain of Amy, (laughing) making sure that we talk about the gray, you know, like I’m going completely different places with this– – It’s fine – Is that fair? – It’s fine – No, on a serious note, what’s, you know, here is the reason I said yes – Yeah – Because you guys fully fuckin’ executed on my core thesis that I’ve been trying to shove down the fuckin’ throat of society, and you guys know the same way I know that we’re not that special – Self-aware, it’s all self-aware – It’s just, there’s a moment in time right now that people, for some reason, and listen, I’m pretty good at fuckin’ like, forcing my message down people’s throats There’s this inherent human thing that people are just not willing to take advantage of this ludicrous opportunity – How, it’s ridiculous, like, you say, Facebook, Instagram influencers and people aren’t doing it It blows our mind, like, we are pushing so hard there and we’re finding other distribution channels now where we can get, you know, cheap traffic but– – Give me one, just like, give it to them, don’t be scared – I was just talking to Taboola, it’s a random one – Right, no, I know what it is – Yeah, Taboola, so– – You’re happy with that – We’re happy with that right now – Good – Like, how we’re at right now how the business is structured, I look at it as three things Everything starts with content, you could do no-pay traffic, if you have good content, you could blow up And the other two big things– – And let’s stay here because this is really why I wanted you guys, ’cause I wanna bring value to my audience You’re right, you can blow up with no paid, no money, but that will take some time – Correct – Even the best of content, it’s not like you’re, if you’re the fire fire, if you’re the next me, and you’re gonna trump me, your name’s Sally and you’re gonna fuckin’ destroy me If you just put out your first video on Instagram right now, it’s gonna take a few minutes It’s gonna take a fuckin’ few minutes – If you’re authentic though, you’re gonna find some people that like what you think– – 100,000% – And it’s one, two, three, and you just have to, like you said, be patient– – Tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up early as fuck and I’m gonna go garage-sailing, and I’m gonna make fire content You fuckin’ love it, dude, give me love, dude, honestly bro, real quick, I’m sorry to– – I will get up and go with you tomorrow (laughing and chatting) – Dude, dude, on a serious note, it really meant a lot to me that you DM, first of all, that day was crazy I just did this the other day, like, I really kind of did it, first of all, it was the most creative I, like, right? Like, I’m looking at my team like, I’m more creative when I do garage-sale content, like I’m doing a picture, then a video, and then this, tomorrow I’m gonna fuckin’ destroy it, tomorrow’s gonna be the greatest story

of all time, I’m gonna find something crazy That NASA jacket was nuts, went for $82, bought it for $1 Bought it for a fuckin’ $1 – 82 ask (laughing) – Anyway – Yeah, so, content, and then I think the two big things is, you know, you call it attention, we call it traffic It’s the same thing – Yeah, same thing – So, you know, now as, you know, leading the company, I’m a biz-dev guy so I just want as much traffic as possible – Awareness – And then the last thing, which people, I really don’t think focus on, is conversion tactics – 100% – How do you convert that? How do you get one uptick of your conversion– – And there’s two extremes, you guys are in the sales business, you’re in retail, where I come from, right? You’re sellin’ art, I sold wine So, you’re absolutely right about conversion I, and this, I wanna give everybody the full look I’m actually so deep right now into brand that the reason I go so deep into non-conversion is ’cause I wanna be on the other side of just like, pure brand, right? Like, if Nike tried to get you to actually buy their product in everything they do, well, they wouldn’t be brand – Well, I do think that we’ve shifted a lot towards a lot more brand I don’t know if you’ve seen our account – I have – But, since we’ve spoke– – Yup, I’m aware – We took a big, big shift– – I’m aware – Where it’s just storytelling straight storytelling – I’m watching, I’m watching – Hey, hey, yeah – And I’m pumped about it – He’s got a record on that too – And look, look, obviously we had that combo Obviously I’m happy to watch you do it, I have seen it Obviously, the headlines of me and Scooter investing in the company was a big deal and just brought general awareness, and there’s so much more to go – Yeah – And I think when you get those two things singing – Mm-hmm – It gets real scary – Yeah – Like, when we think about all the stuff we’re selling, with sneakers, and different stuff, like, I got a big wine project comin’ up like, when you get brand, and selling down, like if Nike had 5,000 people in a call center, cold calling, doing tactical stuff that you, they would do better – Yup – Like, I don’t think people, like, you know, like now, when you start at trillions and billions, it’s hard to get your juices goin’ But for like, 99.9% of the people watching, and by the way, is it Facebook? Facebook, if you’re watching right now, put in your phone numbers, I really wanna go into call in show, I wanna establish who these dudes were but I realize, as you can tell, I wanted to razz a little and have fun, just out of family love, give you a little context that the only reason here, listen, I do a lot of investing, a lot of stuff, why are these dudes here? They fuckin’ listened like, I don’t even, was it Justin Giogrande, I’m trying to remember who – Yeah, Giogrande, yup – A guy that works with me, great guy at Vayner Sports, one of AJ’s right hands, connected us, I went in like, not courtesy I’m always meeting new people, it wasn’t courtesy, I’m always fishing but I’m not like, interested in fish right now – I don’t think you know that we, I guess you don’t know the whole back story – Probably not, maybe I do – We say we Gary’d Gary– – Love it – Because what happens is– – I believe you, talk about it – You guys asked to do his logo, he did it, we charge a lot, and I go– – One more time, we– – I did the Vayner Sports rebrand – You did? – Yeah – Yes – I don’t know that Cool, that’s amazing, I feel way better about it – And they go– – No wonder I like it – How much, they go, how much? And I go, Jeff, we’re not gonna charge ’em We’re gonna provide value first and what happened– – This was Giogrande? – This was Giogrande – Keep goin’ – And Giogrande, he’s slick, and then six months later, I email Giogrande, I go, we’re Gary disciples, here’s the last six months of revenue Give us 15 minutes with Gary, and then he screen shotted the text message he had with you And then we got that 15 minutes at Beverly Hills And all I need is the in-person – I totally get it – I knew when we met in person, game over, explosiveness – And it was – And then, it happened – It was ’cause it was real – So, that’s the other thing with us is that I think, especially living in LA, is no matter where this company goes or where we go, me and Jeff are value-first with everything Like, right now, there is one person that I think I always listen to, obviously besides my family, someone that, they gifted me something and I haven’t posted it on Instagram Everything else, I’m putting out there, I’m doing for other people, and I think that’s the other thing that people, you know, you’re talking about brand over sales, I think it’s value first – Couldn’t agree more – That so many people– – It’s leverage, it’s leverage – It’s you have the leverage everywhere – You made a fuckin’ cockamamie and fuckin’ logo that lead to like, all this – I did a lot – Very true – You know what I mean though? Like, I’m obviously down playing (laughing) But you made a logo and like, whatever money was there, no matter how much you charged, it was disproportionately less, you know, like, than the value you got in return by – 100% – And to your point, like, I’ve gotten to, where, you know, you youngsters are gonna love this You’re gonna get to a point where you’re giving without actually worrying about if you’re gonna get to meet up, like, where it gets real fun – I think we’re starting to get there – I believe you – Where we don’t– – I believe you, you’re just doin’ it – Yeah – It’s not like, okay, one day Kobe’s gonna fuckin’ sit with me or I’m gonna get to, and by the way, that’s the right way to think about it because if you’re really good at, listen, I probably subconsciously still do things with the thought of like, oh shit, but I’m gonna fuckin’, you know (laughing) That’s gonna how I’m gonna buy the Jets But where I got probably a decade ago but more likely maybe a half a decade ago, zero expectations, like if Giogrande said, go fuck yourself You would be blown away by how now, in my life, it still happens no matter who you are, there’s always other things, right? – Yeah – It doesn’t register Now, I’m not gonna overly go crazy for Giogrande the next time, you see where I’m goin’?

– 100% – That’s where shit, giving without expectation is the ultimate – I agree – You got questions? Cool, let’s go, let’s get some call-ins, I think some people are gonna get fired up – No Amy questions (laughing) – Dude, I’m about to like, go deep into this Amy content, I’m getting excited (laughing) – This is epic – Yeah. (laughing) So while Andy’s pullin’ up the call, ’cause I’m curious, ’cause I was so impressed with how much PR, like, that you could feel the buzz – You’re gonna love it, ready? Bartered our PR agent – Love it (laughing) I love it, barter is my favorite frickin’ word I wanna barter my whole life, who’s this? – Hello? – Raphael, it’s Gary Vee, you’re on the show – [Raphael] Hey, Gary, what’s going on, man? – Things are good, my guy, what do you have questions with? – [Raphael] Aw, man, I was watching you guys and yeah, I’ve been grinding for a little while, man I have a physical therapy company, trying to take it, trying to scale And it’s just been really hard Like, kind of grindin’, trying to find the Robin to my Batman, so to speak – When you’re looking for Robin what are you offering Robin, like, yo, help me build my shit or are you giving up some of the equity? – [Raphael] I’m always offering equity just from the gate, you know? – Yup – [Raphael] But a lot of times, I don’t know what it is but you know, I’m not sure if the people don’t believe in themselves, they don’t believe in this vision, it’s really kind of hard to find somebody who’s like, okay, yeah, let’s do it, like, from the door, from the gate – I get it, I get it – I’m showin’ them like, look, you know, I’m sorry you broke this, and now I’m here – I get it, I get it, tell me this, how many, what are you lookin’ for Robin to do? – [Raphael] Honestly, what I’m looking for Robin to do is kind of bring to the table some of the things that I don’t have, you know – Like? – [Raphael] Like I’m not always, I’m not the most charismatic person so I’m lookin’ for like, a Robin who can help me with– (child in background) My son is telling me I’m not the most charismatic person (laughing) – You’re killin’ it on the fuckin’ phone I’m like, damn, really, that’s not where I thought you were goin’ ’cause I like the way you’re talkin’ Keep goin’ – Yeah, like, you know, not the most charismatic guy so I know, yeah, I can see how, you know someone can move through a room, kind of help with connect Like, I can close a deal, you know When I’m at a table, I can negotiate, I can, you know You know I know my numbers, I’m on top of all this kind of stuff, you know, that’s kind of my strength Not really, you know, the intro, you know? – Okay, so it’s not charismatic, it’s the first move Once they’re farming, the hunting is harder for you Once it’s farming, you’ve got it – There you go – Okay, keep goin’ – So, that– – Where do you live? – Of all seasons– – Where do you live? – Where do you live? – I live in suburbs of DC, I live in Maryland – Okay, DC, Maryland Got it, lookin’ for a Robin who she or he is good at hunting, keep goin’ And what do you want to sell them, physical therapy? – [Raphael] Not just physical therapy but got some ideas and since, look, you know, you’ve got a wide reach, I don’t wanna put all my ideas out there but I’m trying to kind of innovate as far as how the services are delivered Of course, you know healthcare, you know, it’s changed, and it’s starting to get really squishy as far as, you know, the margins goin’ down but the pay is still high, so I’m trying to find a way to change the game as far as how it’s delivered, the method it’s delivered, and so forth – Can I say something? – You can say anything – Yeah, I mean, it looks like you’re looking for a glorified salesperson, and I think for that, you know, just going on job boards, you can probably find someone, and I think the fact that you’re willing to offer equity to go with, obviously, some sort of salary, is something that not many people are willing to offer at the gate So I think you have a pretty good offering Have you tried just utilizing resources and looking for a salesperson? – [Raphael] I have, a lot of my friends are sales people but the thing is is that I have friends that are sales people, I have other associates that are sales people, but one thing I’ve known, what I notice about salespeople, they’re not always entrepreneurial They’re really good at sales but then really risk-averse Then when you have people who are risk-averse, it’s like, they’re out of the game before you even, you know, before you even get to the door – That’s tough – I mean, I’m dealing with a fire right now ’cause I felt like you had it down but like– (laughing) To me, very simply, like– (laughing) You like that one? – I mean, I feel like he needs to be going on like, networking events and just be out there more, like for us, we’re just out there, and it’s a contact sport That’s how I see it, that’s how I see it – Okay – Yeah, I also think like, honestly man, like, I caught the tail-end of the risk-adverse, this and that Like, I just would spend no energy on, you know, what’s wrong or what’s not, or what’s tough I’m just fascinated – Right – Like, it’s fascinating to me that catching the tail-end, and I apologize that I had to just take care of this,

it’s fascinating to me that I never once in my life blamed the customer – Sure – And I don’t know, like, I’m not saying, I’m right, and you fucked up, like, I don’t even wanna go there I’m trying to bring value for everybody listening Holy shit never in my life, we were reading something today We’re working on this cool fucking project And in it, the customer wasn’t blamed Yeah, I did peak at it but you guys hadn’t There’s this story that I was listening to by the team I don’t want to go too much into it but the bottom line is, net, net I was proud of the team, I didn’t touch it at all In this story, let’s just stick with that, the customer was not blamed, and I took note of that, and I was like, good, they did a good job I highly recommend for you of like, forget about risk-adverse, how many people have you asked? If 17 people were risk-adverse when you approached them or 1,700, or 17,000, that’s still nobody in the scheme of the game – I feel like that’s the answer is it’s more people – That’s it – Yeah – That’s it – Okay And that, oh, what’s that? – Offense is vital choice – Explain, Andy, that sounds smart – [Andy] You always go on offense, and I feel like offense is something that you can, it’s because– – It’s on you – Yeah – If you keep asking people– – Whereas like, defense is one somebody else, right? Yeah man, listen, finding Robin, or selling to clients, this new delivery mechanism that you have, it’s all about just finding people that say yes in the beginning, everything I’ve ever done, eCommerce in ’96, social media agency in ’09, these were fucking things that nobody wanted All I got were no’s, I found a couple of fuckin’ yeses And everybody’s out here trying to fuckin’ think that everything should be a yes, does that make sense? – [Raphael] Yeah, perfect sense, perfect – Right, so like, I think just making that mindset all of a sudden, the way it manifests, is you’re not dwelling on that no, you’re not worried that you kissed another joker instead of finding a Robin, you understand? – [Raphael] Yes, man, I needed that, thank you – Kissing the Joker? – That’s good, you like that? (laughing) Cool man, well, good luck – Okay, so, look, I can book that, good job – Alright, good luck man, thank you And that’s it, like, right, sometimes, you know, it’s like, I’m always fascinated by the macro versus the micro advice, like usually on the Ask Gary Vee Show, I like that I can go micro We had to go macro on him – That’s why there wasn’t really an answer, I think it’s just, it sounds crazy – It’s a mindset – It’s just, work harder, kind of, it’s just keep going – But working harder, you know, it’s funny, and I believe in working harder But it’s work harder with the right prospective – Yeah – Like, it’s a lot easier to work 17 hours a day when you know why you’re doing it – Yeah – That call probably, remind me of that cold calling video you did in Wine Library – That was the best – You would shoot emails like, how do I monetize my vlog? – I was so pissed, that’s such an OG video I literally Googled– – It was the first caller on your site (laughing) – And the guy’s like, I’m in – You warned me (laughing) – I just think like, people are like, but the market’s not ready for, remember with John Legend, when the guy was like, yo, people aren’t ready for my shit Motherfucker, you sure sucks, stop blaming listeners – Yeah – Like, when you have an art piece that doesn’t sell as well, like I used to love when I would send an email, write the copy, pick a wine, buy wine, try to sell the wine, and it didn’t sell It’d be like, yeah, I suck, instead of, aw, these people don’t know that Grigio’s the shit Who is this? – Our– – Andrew – Andrew? Andrew, you’re on the show – You can please call the office at 231-86– – Let’s try him again Or somebody else, you were about to say something – I think the whole entire thesis is just with every no, you’re getting closer, and learning, and refining Like, for our whole entire thing is we love the micro-losses ’cause it’s just, it’s getting us closer – 100% – To just getting better, and better, and better, that’s the whole entire point, I guess– – The micro loss for the macro, like, my whole life’s a micro loss just to buy the Jets and win six Superbowl’s, that’s it (phone line ringing) I hope my first game ever as a Jets owner is at Cleveland And go there and take a– (laughing) – Cleveland looked good though – They’re a very good team, I like where they’re at – He’s good – Their defense is really good, Denzel Ward’s a good player too (phone line ringing) Who’s this? – David – David, don’t fuck up (phone line ringing) This is your shot, David – [Answering Machine] Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system 919-280-12360 is not available At the tone, please record your message When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up– – You’re leaving a message? (laughing) – Or press one for more options (machine beeps) – David, it’s Gary Vee, listen, life is so fuckin’ interesting, the fact that I will never call you back in the history of our life, fascinates me That this moment in time, like who knows why Maybe you’re in a bad service area, maybe you went to go take a quick shit I don’t know why you didn’t pick this up but the fact that you didn’t, which led to this message that will now create a scenario that we’ll never interact ever again, blows my face off of like,

how life actually works – How long ago did he ask the question? – Have a good day – Damn – Alright, D-Rock, what’s this, this is the camera that we were using, you and I, and we’re gonna sell this on eBay, you’re gonna sell this on eBay – No, Seth’s going to – Seth and you are going to sell this on eBay And the plan is, we’re taking this $3 or $4,000, $2,000, $3,000, what is it? – $4,000 – $4,000 camera, you and I are gonna sign it And then we’re gonna put it on eBay and see what happens You’re gonna tweet it out, I’m gonna retweet it I’m excited about this, I can sign it anywhere? I’m so into this, D-Rock, I’m so pumped by you – I thought that was you, Austin – This is so cool, alright, alright there, you’re gonna sign it too, since you’re fuckin’ famous and the D-Rock and all, I think we got our D-Rock It’s a job board, alright (phone line ringing) What is this? – Yosef in New Jersey – Yosef? – Yosef – Yosef – Maybe Joseph? (phone line ringing) Okay, it’s a Y, yeah, okay, makes sense – Hello? – Yosef, it’s Gary Vee and you’re on the Ask Gary Vee Show – Hey, how are you? – We’re tremendous, you watching the show? – No, I closed it – How was it though, before you left and broke our hearts? – It was awesome – But the customer’s always right, so it must’ve sucked (laughing) – No, no, no, no, I was doing a couple of homework’s, that’s why – Homework? – [Yoseph] I’m an undergrad, yeah, yeah – Wait a minute, you picked homework on a Friday night over the Ask Gary Vee Show Live on fucking Facebook? – Yeah, ’cause I can watch it later on, that’s why – He won, he won, Yosef, you’re off to a good start brother, what’s your question for the guys or I? – I’m sorry? – Do you have a question? You put your phone number in – Aw, yeah I was wondering, how do you keep to yourself motivated and like, you keep going, like, I keep watching your videos and after like, an hour, I just, there’s like, no more, you know, it just goes away – Okay, so you watch a video, you get pumped as fuck for an hour but then it goes away, is what you’re saying? – Yeah – Okay, I’ll let you guys answer first on how you guys personally motivate yourselves – Personally, I think motivation is all tied to finding something in life that you’re passionate about – Yup – And it’s tied to effort So like, for us, we just work 24/7, we love what we’re doing, and it’s gotten to a point now– – You’re motivated by actually loving the process – The process is amazing, we don’t want this to end – Ever – Ever It’s weird, people ask us now, you know, would you sell the company? We don’t even know that answer anymore – Right – ‘Cause we just love it, every single day is amazing, so, find something you’re passionate about and you can put the effort in – Cole? – You know, I just have insane ambition, like I wanna be the best in the world, so it’s hard It’s like, even like, the announcement with you, like, everyone’s like, wow, is that like, the best day of your life? – You’re like, no It’s fuckin’ shit, it’s like a blip – We celebrated maybe for five minutes We did a high five and we went right back to work It’s, I don’t know– – It’s the ambition – Yeah – For you, it’s the ambition, for you it’s the love of the process – The love of the process – And then obviously, there’s a lot of things, I mean, you have ambition, you love the process, but your answer is ambition – I want to be all time, the greatest, so – Yusef, for me, what’s interesting is I’m gonna go a different angle because I think it’s gonna help a lot of people that watch my shit I’m super humbled, as you can imagine, that I can be an energy boost You know, watching a video of mine, much better move than doin’ some fuckin’ coke, or drinkin’ some fuckin’ Red Bull, right? Like, I’m excited by that, right? But the reason that people aren’t sustained, you know, by my content, in the scenario that you preached, is because you’re using it as a bandaid instead of fixing the issue at hand Now, a couple things I’d like to ask you this because of the way you set up this conversation, you might not be motivated as fuck right now and maintain it because you’re actually in a phase of your life when you’re eating some crow to set up the next thing – Can I ask him something? Have you found your passion yet? ‘Cause I feel like once you find your passion, it’s hard for that motivation to kind of die – [Yosef] All I know, I wanna do something that helps people but I’m trying to find either like, a health field but I’m not sure yet Like, I want to decide like, I’m studying– – Go ahead – Go ahead – No, no, please, go ahead – I’m a sophomore right now in Rutgers and I’m not sure what major All I know I’m like, I wanna go into the health field but I’m not sure which specific, ’cause I wanna give back to the people Like, I’m American-Egyptian, I wanna go back to Egypt and help out over there ’cause the healthcare system it just sucks over there kind of – So, couple things I think, I’m glad you asked that question because I think that led into like, my entire thesis, my intuition is, look, if you want to be in the health field today, in 2018, unlike being an entrepreneur, you do have to go to college Like, you know, and maybe I’m under-educated

on the whole field and so I don’t know But like, intuitively, like, if you want to go into a top-doctor, you know, hospital, it’s hard for me to think like, you’re comin’ off this Like, 18-year-old me would be like, yo, fuck, college, I’m not going to med school, like, yo, hire me dog, I’m pure talent – Yeah – Like I don’t know if that’s played out, like I don’t know if that’s a 2019 playing out, maybe 2027, maybe some entrepreneurs or some rogue fuckers start a hospital that’s like all about like just evaluating on some intuition shit, I don’t know But right now, I feel like it, actually, your question, and where I was going, Yosef, maybe what you’re doing right now is you can’t get macro-motivated ’cause you’re in the eating-shit phase You’re gonna check the box at Rutgers to find the thing, then go to pre-med Like you might know that you’re in fuckin’ year one and two of an eight-year fuckin’ window of eating shit before you get to actually do the thing you want Does that make sense? – Yeah – Like, I was unmotivated as fuck in high school – Same – Same – Like, outrageously unmotivated All I was doing was going through that process to get me to the time, and where I found my motivation was on my side hustle, and that’s why I got D’s and F’s, ’cause I literally was trying to sell baseball cards, and study wine, in every minute of my life that I could get away with it If I had a passive teacher who didn’t give a fuck, like I was 100% studying baseball cards and wine every class and I don’t mean like, ha-ha, and Gary was, I mean, open the fuckin’ baseball card guide, or the Wine Spectator, sit in class, and read it Hoping my teacher wouldn’t say something So I think you might just be in the eating crow era Would that make sense? – Yeah – Look, don’t yeah me, does that make sense or like? – [Yoseph] Yeah, it’s makes sense, yeah Lots of sense, yeah – And are you okay with that? That becomes the thing, like, I was okay with giving up, you know the reason why I shit on everybody and come so hard is I was okay with giving up my 20s and mid 30s to give back to my parents, I was okay with that And everybody else, like so many else are just like trying to do all the funnest stuff, and like have everything, I was okay with paying 15 years of due Sinan, I look at, dude, you know how much respect I have for you on this man, you were okay with commuting from fuckin’ New York, shitty New York, I assumed, to fuckin’ Jersey, to work at Wine Library for 10 or 11, 8, $5 an hour, whatever the fuck it was Because you were like, fuck it, I’m gonna eat shit for a year and hope Gary’s not full of shit, and puts me on, you were okay with that And cleanin’ the, I know how it is at Wine Library, I did it too, so like, I know what dad’s up to there (laughing) Like, you know, like? Like you know, so, I think the question you have to ask yourself, if you’re so ideological, that you’re gonna go back to fuckin’ Egypt, and save the fuckin’ healthcare system of Egypt, well then, guess what? Eating shit in university in America for seven years in your 20s is minor-leagues to the ambition coming out of your fuckin’ mouth, my guy – Gotcha – Take every single class, every single class in the medical pocket And when you find that one thing you like, then you’re gonna penetrate that one pocket – Or, or, take every fucking class that has nothing to do with medical and realize junior year in fuckin’ Rutgers that you’re a fuckin’ poet – That too Try everything – Nah, for sure I’m not (laughing) – Right So, like, listen– – I can’t write it – But you see where I’m going with this? – Yes, like I think the important part, like the money shot of this was like, is the ambition coming out of your mouth something that you’re willing to pay the dues for? I am so bent out of shape tired, of fucking hyperbole, spitting out of people’s mouths of what they’re gonna do and then when they have to go and put in the thing to get them there, they fuckin’ balk, ’cause I’ll tell you this, Yosef This is about the re-wiring of perspective You might float into happiness and motivation for the rest of your life if you understand on this Friday night, that the game is having the tolerance to eat the shit, to get you in position to do the thing – Facts – Word – What do you think? Talk with me here, talk with me, I’m into this one now – [Yosef] No, I totally agree with you – So then, so how is it processing? Is it processing like, oh, fuck, that might be right, fuck it, I’m gonna like, go all in, and I’m gonna find pockets of like, playing 2K, or going on dates, or like, I’ll just, I’ll appease myself in the two hours I get to myself outside of this crazy education thing that I have to check the box on for the next six years, ’cause I’m gonna go fuckin’ save the Egyptian fuckin’ medical world, or you saying like, oh, shit, do I wanna change the Egyptian medical world? Or both? – Both, kind of Yeah – Cool, man I mean, I think that’s super right That’s exactly what your fuckin’ 20s is supposed to be – Alright – You don’t have to fuckin’ figure it out but I think what you need to think about is, a lot of 20-year-olds get real ideological, and like, one thing you may want

to think about is, is it even capable of fixing the Egyptian medical world? Because I’ll tell ya what really is scary to me When I hear you talk, I’ve had drinks with the 46-year-old version of you, Yosef And you know what the 46-year-old version of you has said to me? Oh, fuck, I wish that I knew that there was no chance of changing the Egyptian medical world So, one thing that I would tell you to do very carefully is while you’re going through this process, audit the reality of your playing field to see if what you’re actually saying is even fuckin’ possible – That’s a big problem There’s smaller problems within that problem – Correct – That’s why I would find a pocket where you can sell something small that can contribute– – I think that’s right – Towards solving the bigger problem – I think that’s right, I think, you know, when you’re 20, you’re gonna rule the world, right? As you should, I love it, I want everybody to But where I’m going with is, a level of practicality that doesn’t trap you, that you wake What people do when they’re ideological is they’re faced with something at 31, we’re like, oh, fuck, all of this is bullshit – Facts again – Yeah – You see where I’m going, Yosef? – Yeah, yeah, I see you – And the reason this is all easy for me to give you is it’s based on the one-hour boost of motivation The reason it fades is ’cause it’s a bandaid, it’s a quick high off my communication style that is wonderful, and I’m very proud of it, but it’s because we haven’t got to the root of the thing that you’re not able to keep sustained motivation You know what I mean? – Alright – And ’cause it’s either you’re lying to yourself of like, what’s coming out of your mouth isn’t true in your heart and your brain, or, something else, and I really think it’s usually like, when I hear what you had to say, it’s that there’s a part of you, the logical part of your brain that’s quiet, and a voice that whispers once in awhile that says, yeah, that’s actually not that possible, or this and that Which is why I think, you know, Brazil’s talking about it the right way which is like, instead of boiling the ocean, why don’t you say like, I’m gonna fuckin’ change the life of 100 Egyptians, in the town that my grandparents came from Now you’re like, fuck, I can actually do that – I’m not trying to curb your dreams, either It’s just something you start there, and then you can build upon that – 100%, or, like, look, I said I was gonna buy the NY Jets, big fuckin’ dream, it’s just that I knew there was gonna be a bunch of dog shit for fuckin’ half a century to get there Like yesterday, you know, all the tweets come out when I get salty about a Jets win Don’t worry, Gary Vee, you’re gonna buy the Jets in five years, and I’m like, D, oh my god, I’m like, no, I’m not, not even close (laughing) – 20 – You know, so I think you gotta be real with yourself Yosef, what do you, synthesize the last fucking 15 minutes – [Yosef] Just be logical with myself, and just try to find the real thing – That’s exactly right and the way to do that, the way to do that bro, is to taste I think you and I gave the right advice – Taste – Taste – Try everything – Taste – Alright – Like, for people that found it, good, now quadruple down For everybody else who’s listened to this and be like, fuck, that’s me, go fencing Start a pottery class, say hello to nine people that you’ve seen on campus 48 times but you don’t know their name – Yosef, I suck at 80% of things in life Just so you – Yosef, I suck at 99% (laughing) of things in life (laughing) I’m being dead serious, my guy Yosef, you’re definitely doing this for you, right? Like, you don’t feel like this was instilled by like, mom, or aunt, or sister, or some documentary? – No, no, no, just me – Cool, good – Like that answer – Good, man Now you just gotta listen, if the rules of your game are the game that you’re playing, you’ve gotta follow them, you can’t get out of education to get in a position to do what you want in the current world, so eat it, the same way that I wanted to be in the liquor business, and help my dad’s business, and all the liquor laws, these fuckers can ship When they talk, do you understand how angry I get that they can ship art anywhere and I couldn’t ship wine to Pennsylvania, and Boston, and all these places People don’t know what I felt, I hated it But guess what, I chose to fuckin’ get into my dad’s liquor business so I don’t get to cry that I couldn’t ship wine to all these places That’s the business I’m in, you don’t get to cry that you have to do school for the next seven years, and you fuckin’ hate it, you wanna save fuckin’ Egypt – [Mark] He just went to go save Egypt, he left us – Yosef, are you ghost? – Yeah, yeah, I’m with you Yeah, yeah – Oh you were just letting that settle in? – Yeah – And what came out of you settling that fucking statement? What came out on the other side of your thoughts? – I just had to really think and realize if it’s my real dream or, as you say, like my wild, my 20s thing– – Or let me give you a good one, bro, let’s like, get to the real point

This is probably ultimately, now I’m starting to realize why the fuck I kept you on the phone Or, is it a dream that you subconsciously liked the way it positioned you amongst others? – [Yosef] No, every time if I think about it like that, I just like, shove it down because I don’t want, like, no fame, I just wanna do it just for the people – Not the fame, brother, not the fame The way that your mom, dad, sister, person you like, six homies, your inner 11, fuck fame Do you think that maybe this is your ambition because you like the admiration of the inner 11 when they look at you, when you say you’re gonna do this? – No, I don’t think so – Good That’s great – That’s a big problem I really get it – That’s a huge problem for a lot of people, and I’m pumped, that’s great This is why, you see how thoughtful these questions are? Like, I’m listening to you, like, I believe you Like, honestly, I thought there was a good chance that that was the answer, I’m not kidding But when you answer like, oh, I actually feel it, that’s good, so like, these are the, this is the process, this is the process that everybody needs to do, thoughtful questions, real-life questions, you understand? – Yeah, yeah, I understand – Help me one more time ’cause I think you’re gonna help a lot of kids out there, bro, what, one more time, I know you said it but like, where are you at right now? I know I’m milking this but I’m lovin’ it because I think it really will help – [Yosef] What, can you repeat the question, sorry – 100%, what’s on your fuckin’ mind right now? – I just wanna get my grades straight, just focus on that, get into the best school, make connections, try to like do my point in my dream – Love it – That’s it – Let me tell you a couple things you’re gonna love Don’t over, I’m a bigger believer in serendipity, then I am on the brand positioning of these schools Let me explain Don’t burn yourself out trying to get certain grades that may not come natural to you because these are the four best medical schools and you’re gonna go to number 17, because let me promise you one thing The way you said it, you can find the person that’s gonna cure cancer at school number 17, just as easily as you can at school number one So when I heard you say network, a lot of times people think you gotta go to school number one and two but the way the world’s transforming, and the way that schools value certain data versus the data that actually is gonna play out over the next 30 years, my recommendation to you is not to do the bare minimum but I would be far closer to do the bare minimum than I would to strive to something that’s unachievable from a GPA Because you’re gonna fuckin’ burn your life out trying to get a 3.1 instead of a 2.9 And at the end of the day, school number 11 in Connecticut is not going to be the delta you think to school 21 in Virginia, do you understand? – Yeah, I understand – Serendipity will trump that every day – 2.1 GPA, great network – Yeah, 1.7, man, shit network but I could do it myself (laughing) Alright, Yosef, thanks man – I’m sorry, one more question – Dude, what the fuck? (uproarious laughing and griping) – [Yosef] What’s your next event in New Jersey? – You had a 16-minute fucking question – You just woke up – Nah, I want to see you in person, what’s your next even in New Jersey? I know like, one– – I don’t think we have one, right? – In October for your wine club – Yosef, coming for the jugular – Oh, the wine tasting Yeah, but he’s under 21, Yosef, how old are you? – [Yosef] I’m 20, I’m going to be 21 in December – What’s that? – I’m going to be 21 in December – I’ll probably do, I have a high likelihood of doing something in the first weekend in December, or second weekend in December at Wine Library, I would argue that there’s a bigger than 50% chance that I’ll do a public event on the first Saturday Or actually, I could see Black Friday, I could see a Black Friday, Saturday, Thanksgiving thing (humming) People with trouble, probably first now, I’ll probably do first week of December because if I do Thanksgiving weekend, people can’t travel, and for me to do a Jersey event, people will travel from Rhode Island, Delaware, PA So, I would argue first or second week of December at Wine Library, and that will be the next thing – Alright, awesome – Alright man – Thanks so much – Take care – See you soon – Goodbye – Wow, that was good, actually felt like he was very passionate – He was very real – Yeah – Let’s sneak one more in before we let these fuckin’ good lookin’ dudes out – [D-Rock] There’s quite a lot of good questions I’m trying to maybe get one – Just pick one – Gary? – Yes? – You need to start a D and F club – Yeah, that’s good idea – I’m a part of it – Yeah, dude, I was– – I wanna be a memory – Do you have your report card like I do? – Oh, man, mine was five years, 2.1 I needed to get a certain grade on my last class to get the 2.1 – I had nightmares that I didn’t graduate high school– – Hello? – For years, who is this? – This is Scott – Scott, it’s Gary Vee You’re on the Ask Gary Vee Show – Let’s go – What’s up, man? – Life is good, what do you have, a question for me and the boys? – Oh, yeah (laughing) So, I mean, I’ve known Jeff since Jeff was like, five We grew up in the same neighborhood – Okay, before you go any further When’s the last time you and Jeff have interacted via technology or voice? – Is this?

I know, oh, Scotty – Two days ago – Oh, okay, so this is like, your homie? – A day ago? – Okay, well, you guys are actual friends – What’s your question, Scotty? – Yeah, see, Cole’s getting pissed (laughing) – No – Well, no My questions is– – This is exciting – Is that– – Wait, Scotty! Before you go any further, before you go to question – Sure – Tell us a great, under-the-radar Cole story, like real under-the-radar, one that you don’t even, not even, you know how you and your homies have like the 38 stories you keep recycling? I wanna hear story number 39, something that Cole hasn’t even thought about in like, 11 years Give me some like, fourth grade, like, shit his pants during recess shit – Aw – Be gentle – I mean, be gentle, um, so, I mean, I don’t think many people know that Jeff has not always been the hardest worker in the neighborhood, so Jeff and I, Jeff was a little bit of a problem-maker– – Thug, yeah, yeah, yeah – Maybe, maybe a little bit when he was younger – Yeah, how so? – I mean– (laughing) – Like, Roman candles or like? – No – Yo, what kind of trouble? – No, I think, I mean– – What about mischief like bats to fuckin’ mailboxes shit? – [Scott] No, Jeff wasn’t that bad but like water balloons at houses and we had like, I’ll call it the year-older kids who were like a gang in the neighborhood And Jeff, I think Jeff was, when he was a little bit young, I don’t know if he remember but like, I mean, a couple kids got in trouble ’cause my grandma was staying over– (laughing) And she called the cops on kids throwing water balloons at our house And all the kids had to line up in front of our house and say sorry (laughing) – Are you sure that was me, Scotty? – I hope not (laughing) – I don’t think so – Then I’m the one, see, Gary, you’re like– – I know what I’m doing I’m the bad guy (laughing) Scotty, this is the end of your career – Yo, let’s ask another question – What’s your question, Scotty? – [Scotty] So, my question is, is that Jeff and Mark strategically brought Gary and Scooter in on this business – Yup – And their, I mean, and you guys are obviously huge and impactful people – Yup – In larger industries How are you two gonna help build ICONICK into the world’s greatest and largest art brand ever? – Oh, I’m not (laughing) The answer is, nothing, zero, this is it Ask Gary Vee episode, I mean, never see these two fuck faces again (laughing) I can’t speak for Scooter, he’ll probably do incredible things, and like, he’ll do a lot I, nothing, my preference is I never see these two dudes again, that’s my game plan What do you think, Scotty? – [Scotty] I mean, I know, and I’ve met Mark one time but we’ve interacted multiple times And I know Jeff forever, and I think it’s possible (uproarious laughing) They’re just hella motivated, I don’t know man I mean, I don’t know if Jeff’s ever told you the story of when we got to meet up and link up in LA but it was a good time, I mean, just our perspective, what they’re doing combined– – Scotty, where do you live? – [Scotty] And I’ve followed Jeff forever – Scotty, where do you live? – Chicago – Dude, I wanna be your friend I’m gonna fly you in, Andy, get Scotty (laughing) I’m buying you a plane ticket You’re coming to hang out at Vayner for the day I just need you around telling stories (laughing) – [Scotty] I have more stories than you can count – I feel it, I feel it (laughing) – [Scotty] If you follow up, I’ll follow up – I’m gonna follow up – I’ll make you the same promise – Literally, right now,, email me and be like, Scotty from Chicago, it’s me, and you know, I’m ready to come, and you email me right now, I’m sure a bunch of people are about to email me (laughing) Just so everybody knows, no, this is gonna be really simple Everybody who emails me that’s not the actual Scotty, I will delete you from our database forever, and our servers, and I will probably also save it and publicly shame you and make sure that you go deep into the black web, your social security number will be mine within 24 hours – Oh God – That’s a real threat – It is (laughing) – For everyone out there I just want everyone to know out there that they better not impersonate me because I’m taking like, just like you said, I mean, your whole thing is about taking opportunities – This is it! – And Jeff and Mark love that, you take the opportunities, you follow up – Dude, I cannot wait, I’m gonna walk through, you’re gonna tell a story, be like, yo, this one time, Jeff and I, I can’t wait I’m looking forward to this Scotty, I’ll see you soon – Okay – Alright, bye – Andy, we need a real question Fuckin’ Scotty, Jeff’s best friend from fourth grade who like, sold blow pops with each other – Scotty finessed in there – That’s funny – Jesus – He’s a family friend – That’s nice, he sounded like a good dude – Yeah – He is a good guy – He’s a good guy – Good vibes but we need to like, come in, we need to end strong Not Scotty the fuckin’ story teller

(laughing) Though that would be a great T-shirt – Scotty the story teller – I wanna put his face on that T-shirt, we’ll show him after (phone line ringing) – Hello, this is Jacob – Jacob, it’s Gary Vee, you’re on the Ask Gary Vee show – No fucking way – Yes, it’s very fuckin’ true – Oh my God And that language comes from you, wow I’m right here next to my iPhone watching you guys And I’m like, they’re not gonna call me, it’s stupid (laughing) That’s crazy, wow, I’m actually talking to Gary Vee, I don’t even give a shit anymore I’m just happy– (uproarious laughter) – Now he’s gonna jump off his roof, done – That’s it, nice, what’s the question my guy? – [Jacob] So, I have a personal question and then I have like, a simple question Not a simple but my micro question is how would you scale from, like, ’cause I notice there’s a process from going from six figures to seven figures I haven’t even reached my six figures, versus the losses– – Have you reached five figures, tell the truth, don’t like, or I’ll hang up – Hey, take it easy, no – Well, listen, I don’t know, maybe not, maybe you haven’t started yet (laughing) – I have not – Right, so, what about four figures? Tell the truth, it’s okay – Yes, I have – Okay, so we’re at four figures The question’s about six to seven figures – Yes – Andy’s smiling ’cause he knows I wanna destroy you because I wanna focus on four to five, but I’m gonna let that slide ’cause I love you, keep goin’ – [Jacob] I guess my question, I do social-media marketing, I mean, I do probably nothing compared to what you do but I notice that it’s like a system you have to have to get where you wanna get – Okay – So, it’s just creating that system is a process it seems like Like, really, about like– – But the system is remarkably individual, right? – Yes – Like for example, my system is lots of humans, I like scaling through lots of humans, most people hate that because it’s not very profitable in comparison I like having the gang around, I like it I like mentoring people that later go out into the world or, like, to me, staying with me for 40 years, or going out to the world, both winning formulas So, that’s my formula, a lot of people make $11 billion a year sitting behind a computer, don’t wanna talk to one fuckin’ person This is about self-awareness at scale There is no system, don’t buy a system, figure yourself out, and create the system around you – Ah, I see – You see what I mean? – I like that, yeah – And it’s very important like, everyone’s looking for the fucking anecdote Like, people are like always like, yo, what’s the secret hashtag (laughing) Like, people ask me that kind of shit (laughing) Like, yo, Zucks, like, you’ve got the keys to like fuckin’ Facebook Like everybody thinks they’re, go ahead – [Andy] People don’t know that you’re posting on YouTube – Yeah, Gary, I didn’t know that – What’s that? – You’re a savage, you post a lot – I knew that – [Andy] I was like, yo, I texted Gary one time that you should post just a summary video saying, I host callers – It’s just you pushing the button – Yeah – [Andy] My friends are like, who writes his own script, the homie, it’s like– – The copy looks like you but I was just thinking about the amount that you post, I didn’t think it was you – Yeah, the copy looks good to me ’cause the grammar’s completely– (laughing) No, but let’s talk about authenticity, everyone’s laughing right, ’cause nobody wants to talk about it, like, it’s crazy, one of my great weaknesses was my utter, I mean, guys, this is me 20 years of writing email copy, you should have seen the first wine Like, I’m dying, I have to figure out if we can somehow miraculously find it, I can’t even imagine what the fuck these poor wine customers, in conservative 1996– – You were drinking the wine when you’re writing the emails – Dude, I was writing them, and I’m telling you, 20 years later, I’m like, fuckin’ Albert Einstein of grammar compared to who I was 20 years ago Even in time, you’ve probably, right? I can even feel myself now better than I was when we started like, it’s really cool, a huge weakness of mine is probably why most people, people don’t think I do all my own social media ’cause they can’t fathom it but it’s true, I think the only thing that even gives me a leg to stand on I think is the copy, when I started writing longer form Instagram copy, that probably was the best thing to ever happen to me because were like, maybe there’s a prayer that it’s me – That’s good advice too, I took that advice – What’s that? – Long-form copy focus on the caption, big – Huge – Huge – Huge – Intuitive too – I love that D-Rock one time. (mumbling) – He’s not here – He left – D-Rock, get over here! – [Andy] He took a really, really dope– – D-Rock was all pumped because Atwood’s here – I used to do one-word captions Nu-uh – I was down for that story, you take a really dope photo, really long captions – D-Rock, tell the story, Andy’s about to steal your story Tell the story about the long cache in – [D-Rock] Posting twice, first one didn’t do well So I posted a photo I thought was really cool And they’re just gonna add that in And I don’t really follow what I thought was, (mumbling) – Long copy, right? – Long copy (mumbling) – Okay – Must be nice, 2,000 likes (laughing) – No, it’s not that, I put a lot of effort into it too – Okay, none the less, go – Then, before I hit her,

I’m like fuck it, that copy was so good Screenshot it, dropped it in and put it in the widget (unintelligible mumbling) – Andy, do you know what you do? You actually lip what people are saying You notice that? (laughing) Yeah, that’s what’s up, baby, love you – I’ve never noticed that – Where were we? What are we talking about? – Marketing (laughing) Something with marketing – Six to seven – Oh, six to seven, authenticity, (humming) anecdote, right Bro, there is no fuckin’ anecdote What you need to do is figure out yourself Don’t look at me, or at Cuban, or these guys, of fuckin’, you know, Sarah Blakey who created Spanks, or fuckin’ Beth Comstock who was on the show the other day who’s a beast in corporate, this is so individual Now, there’s tried and true things Being efficient, being passionate There’s tried and true things but like, for example, I’ve been working out now for four years, like, look, as much as I wanna have like, a huge chest, it’s just not genetically there Like I have other things that could work And it’s like, you have to wrap you head around that shit, like, you’ve gotta figure yourself out And like, you know what really scares the fuck out of me? Is I push this all the time, yet as my popularity grows, more and more people are trying to be like me and I’m a fuckin’ off the reservation, unique fuckin’ character, like my way’s ridiculously not mappable if it’s not your way – Yeah – Right? – Yeah – Like, I’m the worst, I think I’m the worst person to try to be like, that’s probably right (laughing) – But it’s also like the whole copy thing, it’s always just like, I’m not gonna clone you – But that’s what I mean That’s why I’m like, look, and then, great, I’m super happy, and you know, it’s fine Like, I don’t take any pride in it It’s like, I’m not a good map, like, I think there’s a lot of people that are a much better map than me Who, oh, by the way, most of those people when I think of ’em, make a lot more money than me Because it’s more like, kind of like, like, I’m doing all sorts of crazy things, like, if you fuckers aren’t watching and listening right now, actually came here and watched it for a week, then you’d be like, (laughing) you’d kind of throw up your hands and be like, I don’t even – No, I’m good (laughing) – Right, send it Seth, right? Seth, what do you think? (laughing) – You think he’s nuts – I think a lot of (distant talking) – Yeah, that’s the first thing You want to talk about something way scarier than I do my own social media? I am programmed from 7:00am till 11:00pm, every night – Our first meeting was 5:15, 5:30 That was our first – 15 minutes (laughing) – I can’t believe that was the first one, that’s– – Every single, Caleb, that was diproprionate thing that was most ridiculous, right? – [Seth] Mic isn’t on sync right now. (distant talking) – Yeah, a freak, where some weird shit happens where like, that’s why like in here where like, if something happens, I’m like, uncomfortable in the not doing for three minutes out of 18 hours in a day – Is it true you only see two movies every year or something? Like one movie? – Yeah In this, like, going to the movie theater, and watching a movie, happens only December during holiday break, and I’ll see one and/or two movies during that time – That’s crazy – See, I need to watch movies – No, that’s great, that’s your process I need to watch the Jets take a fucking shit in Cleveland (laughing) Like everybody’s got their own like, yo, like, everybody’s got their own thing Like, I, I don’t judge people watching movies or Netflix, or things of that nature I think escapism is remarkable I think I’ve hit this crazy vortex where my fucking work is my hobby, my process, my love, that I’m just like, right, like, I fucking like, I come home at 3:00 in the morning from Cleveland I’ve been goin’ hard all day, this is like, I’ve got three, four, more things after this tonight So, we’re already 8:45, and I’m wakin’ up tomorrow at 6:00 to go garage saleing, on a day when I can actually catch up with some rest – People don’t understand that that’s– – And people are like, and then this is where I get crazy So, that’s me – People feel bad for you – And then people– – Maybe not – Look at me are like, then like, my friends are like, wake up at 10:13 on Saturday like, yo, I’m so tired (laughing) And I’m like, I’m gonna break your nose (laughing) Like, I just, you know, but that’s okay Like, what, you know, my ambition is absurd And so, like, I have to sleep in my bed Bro, there’s no process, there’s your process You need to figure out you, and if you’re the kind of person that needs 11 hours of sleep because that’s your DNA, then get your 11 hours of sleep and dominate the other 13, if you’re the kind that needs an hour for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and watch YouTube videos of like, fuckin’, people climbing trees, and like, that’s how you roll, then enjoy your three hours of watching people climb trees during your food consumptions hours, and do you, like I hate that people try to be like me I have ridiculous, over-the-top, natural energy that makes no sense to me, and anybody else

that knows anything about me, that’s just me And cool, it works for me in some ways Here’s a way it doesn’t work, when you’re that much of a beast, you’re often the emotional and financial fucking infrastructure for everything you touch and see So, like, you know, everything’s got pro’s and con’s So like, don’t wish on yourself, just figure out who the fuck you are and do – Yeah What would be your number-one industry to scale for, for social media marketing, like as far as who should we target– – All of them – Right now– – All of them – All of them, okay – Dude, selling wine, selling sneakers, selling art, like, whatever, they’re all big, every market’s big as fuck What do you wanna sell, are you into like, you wanna be a barber one day and sell blades? Like blades fuckin’ came out, blades dominated Fuckin’ razor blades – Yeah – Like, fuckin’ razor blades over the last seven years is what it was, Dollar Shave Club – [Mark] If it has margin, it can be scaled – That’s exactly right, dude, everything People buy everything, fucking bananas, I’ll give you one, bananas (laughing) I want you to become the banana king of the internet I’m being dead fucking serious Like, be the banana guy (laughing) – You better like bananas – When I was watching the Jets last night, I was sitting there like, aw, Gary Vee hates that, for getting the touchdown right? (laughing) Dude, I was fuckin’, you don’t even want, I wanted to, honestly, I wanted to like, kill people – Did you like the celebration? – Thanks for calling in, brother What’s that? – He wiped– – His ass, Isaiah? – Yeah, it was– – It was honestly like, he played in Cleveland, he’s frustrated, dude, the whole thing sucks Fucking football, fucking Jets Question of the day, you guys get to ask it, what’s your question? – Question of the day I’d say for us, we wanna understand why consumers are loyal to brands? – I would say– – What makes you loyal to a brand? – I would say, what is your favorite brand and why? – Why – That’s it – Love it – ‘Cause that’s what we wanna know – Thanks for being on, guys Congratulations, love being with you guys – Thanks for hookin’ us up – You keep asking questions, we’ll keep answering them (uptempo funky music)