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Vijayawada – Gandhi nagar Hubby, you remember it, right? Today is Friday – So what? No schooI bus today, drop him at schooI and go to office How do I appear to you? Why do you teII me aII this to an office goer? There’s a jobIess, useIess idiot at home, teII him to do it CooI, he came Iate Iast night and is stiII in bed tired If you work hard, you get tired, if you over sIeep it’s Iaziness Wake him up – What’s that noise sister-in-Iaw? Can’t you Iower the voIume? I toId him dear, but he never Iistens to me You sIeep dear BIoody Iazy bum! It’s 9 am, get up! What shouId I do waking up so earIy? Think sincereIy what you shouId do If thinking can get jobs, peopIe wiII aIways think then You don’t know the vaIue of job That’s why you gave up a good job to Ioiter Mother, I’m going to office Look at our neighbour Pandu, 2 years junior to you, he’s earning Rs.40000 a month Whenever he teIIs his mother about going to office, do you know how happy I’m hearing it? You’re useIess Brother, it may be distastefuI to hear, Rajasekhar Reddy is 4 years younger than you, he’s CM of the state How about you? We mustn’t be jeaIous about others’ success Our fates decide our future Am I right, sister-in-Iaw? You never say anything wrong – You shut up AtIeast you Iisten to me and get first rank this year As uncIe says, if it’s in my fate, I’II get it Goddess Durga, I’m Iosing my sanity in this house, bIess my brother turns new Ieaf by next festivaI Dussera What are you Iooking at? How beautifuI is that girI, brother!

You’II Iose eyes BIoody eyes! I don’t mind Iosing it after seeing such a great beauty UncIe is finished today! Take a dip – Stop it! Your actions don’t Iook friendIy, you want to drown and kiII me? BIoody dips! Where is the girI? I don’t see her again, my babe! Where are you? Master, can you take care of this bag? Master? In which schooI did you see me? Why are you getting angry? Master is not a bad word, master Master again? One shot and it’II reverberate aII over Vijayawada Why are you staring at me? I can’t do anything beyond that I’m a cheat, but you Iook more smarter than me Brother! What are you doing there? Come here Coming dear…Iook boy CaII me as master, is any bad word? You’re a schemer – Yes I’m a schemer He’s a big troubIe Look brother-in-Iaw! You wanted me to take care of bag Did you caII me as brother-in-Iaw? I said come brother-in-Iaw That girI..? My aunt’s daughter – You..? Her aunt’s son Give the bad – No need, I found her. Leave me Leave you? No way! Where did you aIong with the bag? I thought of visiting Gudivada before you finish taking bath Gudivada? Why? – Shut up! How many times wiII you bathe? You entered the water at midnight, you were going on taking dips, go and change Finished taking bath? Look at the girI She’s reaIIy beautifuI! Don’t we make a great pair? They say a coupIe must be Iike Lord Shiva and Parvathi You both Iook Iike servants of Goddess Parvathi Never misuse your position Give me an idea to taIk to her It’s very easy Throw this ring there, go to the girI and ask her, if this ring is hers, she’II say it’s not hers, I’II make an entry then and say it’s mine, you must give the ring to me Then I’II say something reaIIy great about you, I’II say it’s impossibIe to find a better man than you in Vijayawada WouId she faII in Iove with me? She’II think about it – Give the ring.- Take it Is this ring yours? No – See it again, it may be yours No need to press it again, I say it’s not my sister’s You keep quiet, she’s thinking See it again He’s giving a great performance Why are you refusing? The ring feII at her feet, she says it’s not hers, is she hesitating? – No, the ring is mine Oh my God! It suits you weII Excuse me, the ring is mine Shut up! How many of you’ve swooped on Vijayawada? Cut it, no more drama after Iosing my ring ActuaIIy, I gave the ring for him to taIk to you, pIease teII him to return it Why are you hesitating? TeII her I gave you Don’t wear it, it may not come out Forget about it Finding goId on Dussera day is auspicious, and the man who gives wiII become a reIative WeII said! Shut up! Let’s go – My ring! Ideas mustn’t be costIy – I understood itjust now Got it atIeast now, bIoody fooI! Is my ring Iost forever? Let it get Iost, I’II get a girdIe for you Once again pIease Let’s go Brother, the queue is very Iong, it may take hours to get a gIimpse Am I not here? You don’t worry dear I’II take care of it Minister and his famiIy are offering prayers inside Move You’re an MRO, won’t they give us preference? How can I misuse my officiaI position? I don’t have my ID card too – Forgot it? You aIways forget the most important things Where did she vanish? I can’t find her Once I saw and I Iost my ring, come Iet’s go I’II kiII if you go away Look! – Let’s go Why are you standing here? Come with me, I’II take you inside jumping the queue No need, my brother wiII do it No need of brother, come with me Why are you Iooking at sIipper? I think it’s going to wear out A dog wiII bark and a sIipper wiII wear out, that’s naturaI Isn’t it?- He’II get it mended and get beaten up Why are you in this bad condition? Very crowded, I sIipped and peopIe crushed me Your brother has been crushed, what next? Madam, use that gate to enter, sir, you use this gate to enter How wiII you sIip past this crowd? I’II beat you and you carry on waIking Move…move – You move I’II teII him I’m MRO Chandrasekhar’s brother, open the gate You go inside Come…come

Thanks, you stay here onIy CIose the gate HeIIo SuniI! Brother! Where is Krishna? He took others using your name, why are you standing here? Priest, the prayers must be fantastic Prayers must be offered with devotion not fantasticaIIy Given a chance you’II sermonize Ask their names Your names and race You heard it right, my name is Bobby Strange! Your name? Though the name is oId, I Iove it Goddess, bIess me that Sandhya becomes my wife by next year We used to bunk cIasses to roam in tempIe That’s why I know peopIe here To offer prayers to Goddess Durga? – No, for ogIing girIs Bobby, you’re hurt aIready, do you need comedy now? Why is this hiII known as IndrakeeIadri? Because, Indra fiIm’s 100 days success was ceIebrated here That’s why it’s known as IndrakeeIadri If you know it, answer it or eIse Ieave it To teII you the truth, I don’t know, you pIease KeeIadri means mountain, Goddess on this mountain is prayed by Lord Indra everyday, so it’s known as IndrakeeIadri Thank you very much, though I was born here I didn’t know this tiII now can I have your phone number? Why? To know things I don’t know – Go, get out Come, Iet’s go You come – Brother Take down TeII me Oh my God! My heart is asking for more TiII yesterday bore but now it’s gaIa I got your phone number I got your door number My heart is aII yours With a ravishing smiIe and devastating waist You swept the ground off my feet You made me run aII over Vijayawada for you You navigated my heart to you You made me faII for you You made my heart to race I saw your mood I saw your speed But when I came cIoser, you Iook different You made a mincemeat of me You took my heart away I was a gentIeman tiII I met you You turned me into a mad man I hate you You’re troubIesome I’II may get tempted seeing you coming after me I saw your wares It’s okay to me I Iove you

Nobody is picking it up You feII for her, she may have given you a wrong number His Iove is one sided How much ever the distance be, the journey starts with one step Love is aIso Iike that, it starts one side and turns into two sided affair No phiIosophy pIease, it won’t suit you No response, go directIy – Good idea! Stop…stop it Why so many are beating one man? Who are you to stop us? – Sandhya’s man Instead of beating him, can’t anyone of you pick up the phone? We don’t pick phones whiIe on a settIement Great…sir pIease get up What’s your mistake? – I took Ioan Loan? You must repay it Or eIse go invisibIe to the money Iender FoIIow the second ruIe, get going now Go…go…escape! Where is Sandhya? – Upstairs Who are you to take pictures of me dressing? I came for Sandhya – I’m Sandhya Don’tjoke, your name may be different, try to remember Why shouId I try to remember my name? Who are you? Don’t get tensed, Sandhya gave this number Do you know whose house is this? Whose? – Lanka Raju! Lanka Raju? By mistake I came here sister, she gave me the wrong number PIease forgive me It’s not a smaII mistake to forgive you, who is there? – Sister, Iisten to me, I was an accompIished sprinter, I didn’t expect it’II heIp me someday. Bye! Catch him! Hey boys! Where are you guys? – Sister is caIIing you, go What were you doing when he dared come up? Who sent him up? Don’t you now him, sister? What is your sister doing? – She’s crying boss If peopIe come know this, what wouId they do? Laugh at us You said it right If my honour is to be redeemed, you must do one thing, kiII her or kiII the intruder Who shaII we kiII? The intruder Where is his house? PeopIe go to him for settIing probIems, you picked a probIem with him Shut up, I’m tensed and don’t poke fun at me Give me an idea! – UncIe What happened? Goons came to our home – What did they do? Mother and father – Where are they? Did you taIk to the poIice? – They Ieft the pIace They wiII come back after the job is over Do you know why I made you stand in pubIic? To restrain pubIic from taIking about Krishna taking photographs of my wife But they need a topic to discuss, and it must be your brother’s death CaII your brother and ask him to come here I’II beIieve if you say my brother Iied or did some mischief, but I’II not beIieve if you say he misbehaved with a woman I didn’t caII this meeting to make you beIieve To kiII him! CaII your brother, where is he? Boss, it was my mistake, Ieave my peopIe, they are innocent, if you want hurt me They are not invoIved in this matter So, it was you who took photos of my wife, have they come good? This city wishes to take photos with me, why did you take my wife’s photos? I didn’t enter your home intentionaIIy, a girI gave me the wrong number, it Iead to this situation PIease forgive me, brother If I wanted to forgive you, I wouIdn’t have created this big scene He says it was by mistake, pIease Ieave him IntentionaI or unintentionaI, a knife wiII kiII! He’II never do it again, pIease Ieave him Dear! Boss! – KiII him!

Come on! BIoody! BIoody idiots! You ate Iike pigs! – Boss! You go away boss – Don’t spare him! What happened here? Some girI gave him a wrong phone number I swear on Goddess Durga who presides from IndrakeeIadri, if you ever dare to touch me or my famiIy, your bIood wiII fIow down the river Krishna! Mind it! What’s it brother? Why did you do Iike that? – Hubby, take this hoIy water Do I need hoIy water in these tense moments? Take it and say it cooIIy Give it, you won’t budge anyway What happened brother? You gave that mischief man a wrong phone number, it disturbed his Iife How can Iife get disturbed with a phone number? Do you know whose number you gave him? Lanka Raju’s! Who is he? Most powerfuI man in Vijayawada, most feared man here He picked up a fight with him, how wiII he survive? Give me his address, I’II say sorry to him Enough of the troubIe aIready happened, if you say sorry and if it Ieads to more probIems, situation wiII worsen Hyderabad Boss – What? The girI is not in Hyderabad Don’t know about her whereabouts Where is your wife? At home – ChiIdren? Just now dropped them in schooI ‘Chak De’ fiIm is running at Prasad Imax, book tickets for entire famiIy I booked it for evening show, boss You spend time happiIy with famiIy, but you want us to be Iike eunuchs at home trusting you guys, we have just two months onIy, if we don’t get her here in two months, not one of you wiII have wife or chiIdren, do something and find her, go now! Boss! Nobody other than us must know we are Iooking for her Mind it – Okay boss Is it siIent fiIm? ScoId me! I’ve no words to scoId you I got vexed scoIding you but no change in you Mother, I’m going to office – Go and see Pandu I’II see him and come back Stop…stop To announce everyone you’re working, you shout, hearing it my brother is shocked, do you know when we were pIaying cricket as young men, you were picking up baIIs as a IittIe boy, bIoody idiot! Are you making fun of unempIoyed by shouting that you’re going to office? OnIy your mother must hear your voice from tomorrow. Got it? Go BIoody yapper! WiII you beat peopIe you hate? How many did I beat? Move

Stop Somehow you survived tiII now, you can’t stay here anymore, go away Why he shouId go away? Lanka Raju wiII not aIIow him to Iive here What can he do with my uncIe? UncIe wiII beat him bIack and bIue Look, he’s foIIowing your suit Everyone is Vijayawada is Iike me except you I was born and brought up here, I can’t Ieave the pIace fearing some fooI, don’t scare me with others ExceIIent home! My ring is in this home I’II knock you out Okay, your Sandhya is aIso in this home This is music to ears What shouId I do to get into this home? There’s a tenant in upstairs, get him thrown out Who is that fooI? Madam may see it, Bobby Madam has gone to the tempIe BIoody fooI aIways rings the beII at the wrong time I’II come back What’s it now? You wanted me to take your bIessings before going to office No need of it everyday Go Why is he taking his bIessings? If you seek God’s bIessings, it’s devotion, if you seek every fooI’s bIessings, it’s fear If he Ioses fear, his true coIour wiII come out.- Do it! I feeI I’ve met you before aIso, what’s your name?- Venu Venu? Your native pIace? Krishna district, Nandigama – Nandigama? Do you remember your chiIdhood friends? Why not? – TeII me five names Hey Venu! – Hey? Who are you? I’m Hari, your chiIdhood friend! Is it? Where are the others? They are our friends I’m confused – Confused? Why? You gave 5 names, aII the five are here Number is matching but not their faces You never changed, same curIy hair, same voice, same compIexion You Iook the same oId ugIy IittIe boy Shut up! He wasn’t an ugIy IittIe boy You mean I’m ugIy now? Friendship is bIind, appearance wiII make no difference GeneraIIy they say Iove is bIind Both are same TaIk sensibIy pIease Try to understand, have a peg you’II be fine.- WouId I be? Have it, anyway you’II foot the biII Who is he? – Our chiIdhood friend Who is he? – I’m their chiIdhood friend Bar is fuII of chiIdhood friends – I too feeI the same I feeI Iike I know you very weII You stay in the first fIoor of Bobby’s house, right? – Yes You seek his bIessings before going to office Is it? – Yes BIoody, you’re shameIess Not for shameIessness but for homeIessness You get many, you vacate the pIace immediateIy He’II not aIIow me to vacate, I’m scared of him He has goons support You saw me faIIing at his feet, but didn’t see him hoIding my coIIar What made him do it? He has an affair with the maid servant Every night he knocks my door at night 11 pm Are you sIeeping? – SIeeping sir SIeeping? I must sIeep sir Do you need room to sIeep? SIeep on the sofa I must go to the office tomorrow, I’II be inconvenienced You go to office reguIarIy, but her husband doesn’t go out reguIarIy Why are you staring at her? I’m standing here! You go inside I’m a bacheIor, so I’m getting anxious about them UnabIe to controI my instincts Stop Is it any fiIm show to watch from the keyhoIe? I couId see nothing – Is it? Sit infront of me You can see very cIearIy – It won’t be nice.- Go Get me a bottIe of brandy Liquor on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi? Buy whisky then The shops are cIosed You know my infIuence, don’t you? But the shop owner doesn’t know Retort! Get me my beIt Why troubIe yourseIf? I’II Ieave.- Stop Get me a fuII bottIe I shouIdn’t have peeped through the hoIe What are you murmuring? – Nothing Stop it You might have the patience to narrate his harassments But we don’t have the patience to Iisten to it Vacate that house & come here He won’t aIIow that We won’t aIIow you to stay there It wiII not work for me – Why? TiII now, he used to beat you Now, Iet’s aII go & beat him up At this Iate hour? AII you need is a man to get beaten up Not day or night Go & beat him to puIp – Get up I’m stiII 16 even now Why did you ring the beII at this hour? Kicking the door is wrong Ringing the beII isn’t

To heII with you FaII at my feet Put your cIothes down If you Iift your cIothes again, your inner parts wiII vanish What are you bIabbering Are you drunk? A great discovery Greetings aunt You are busy worshiping god But he is busy romancing with your house maid Did you romance with the house maid? Get inside. You get Iost Get inside Sandhya. Get inside Sandhya, she is suspecting me How can she suspect me? But he He is in Iove with Mahi – She is married You know that. But he doesn’t I’II teII him that & send him upstairs You do one thing Take her inside & screen her the fiIm ”Greatness of Lord Panduranga” You shouIdn’t hear anything from out Increase the voIume No matter what happens You shouIdn’t hear anything You go inside. Go watch the fiIm – Oh God! Trying to fooI your women – What? What? – Why have you changed so much? Women shouIdn’t know about man’s affairs FamiIies wiII get ruined Go & sIeep – He won’t Who are they? – My chiIdhood friends They are her to beat you to puIp He is TenduIkar & we are the rest of team members I wiII pIay cricket with you Why don’t you Iisten to my cries? – Open the door When in devotion, she even forgets about her husband Open the door Open the door Who hit on my baId head? Me. So what? I just wanted to know There is something you need to know What is that? My friend wiII vacate the house in 10 minutes Why aII of a sudden? Let’s think about it & take a decision AII we need now is action not pIanning I need a van to shift, don’t I? I’ve booked the van to pick up you Pickup me? That’s innocence, get into the van ShaII I teII you a proverb? – What? Lock horns with a man with good physique or a bad physique But not with a man with chiIdhood friends Nice one – Okay Not you. I meant them – Come Can Iiquor bring such a big change in a man? He is finished today – Now, you can go Ieave Where shouId I go now? Didn’t you make any arrangements? What arrangements? Shut up. Don’t make him tensed Where were you doing tiII now? I was foIIowing you – Hereafter foIIow our bikes Get into the van – FoIIow us Where to go? – Wherever they go They are my roIe modeIs. Go Scapegoat! You take Ieft & I wiII take right Whom shouId I foIIow now? I don’t understand – CaII them I don’t have their phone numbers You said they’re your friends They said that too – Shit! What now? I’m confused. Let’s wait for them – They won’t come Where wiII you get down? Where shouId I unIoad? Stop making me tensed CaIIing themseIves as my chiIdhood friends, they got me out of the rented house too What about me? Take me to the banks of Krishna river – Why there? I wiII take bath and go to office from there Why’re we shifting our house aII of a sudden? Vaastu is not right in that house That’s why Kittu gets into troubIe often This house’s vastu is good He wiII get settIed in Iife too Why come here when we are going for an auspicious function? He is the house owner Sorry sir. I was IittIe tensed You finished saying it Sorry – You have finished saying it Send me pudding after house warming.- Okay Move You peopIe say something and Iater seek for pardon Why is he coming here? Come here The one who gave you a ring in the tempIe is coming ShouId I give him back his ring? – It’s not about the ring TeII him that I’m not at home If he inquires about Sandhya, teII him she doesn’t stay here Why is your face so bIank? Understood or not? I understood – Then go HeIIo – How are you? Very fine Can you Iend me a bowI? He neither inquired about you nor Sandhya He wants a bowI So I brought him here I’m dead meat Prayer room is the best one for you Get inside How couId you come inside directIy? Look at me – You are very Iucky A wife at home & a Iover girI in the kitchen It’s a wonderfuI movie It was a super hit in AIankar theatre We both used to go for the Iate night shows everyday Mahi, cover that – He is very shy

What brought you here? – I need a bowI For what? – To boiI miIk Why shouId you boiI miIk? Because it’s us who are going to stay there I didn’t rent it out to you But you rented it to my sister-in-Iaw Hereafter, just remain as a spectator in this house If you don’t, I wiII inform your wife about your affair Where is Sandhya? You are very beautifuI – How did you get inside? I’ve shifted to upstairs not inside your house For rent. Just for you You gave me a wrong number, I went to a wrong pIace Now I have come to the right pIace Look, what I did was wrong I feIt bad for it. Leave it What? Say ”AIright” or ”Okay” when somebody apoIogizes How couId you say ”I Love you”? I don’t know EngIish Brother Why did you rent the house to him? – I didn’t Yesterday, a woman came here We need a house for rent – How many famiIy members? MyseIf, my husband & 2 sons WiII anyone caII him a boy? First throw him out of the house – It’s too difficuIt She got it in writing I mean the 10 year agreement Now that he has come to my house, God knows the probIems I’m going to face VIJAYAWADA How many? – 4 Where are you coming from? – From Hyderabad Whatjob? – Business What business? – Just write it as business Vijayawada is very crowded Iike Hyderabad How are we going to find her? We have to find her tiII we get her Your girI is here Excuse me Why did you come out in hot sun? Your skin may get tanned Why did you come here? – Sister’s computer She is your aunt not sister She is angry Her computer is not working So, you are coming from a mechanic shop? PeopIe who repair computer are caIIed engineers not mechanics Where is the engineer? He said he wiII come in the evening What? No way You go home. Just go home Greetings madam – Greetings madam Don’t you have any job? Job is not food to eat daiIy We need to get a job Since you get food on time, you guys didn’t get a job Aren’t you ashamed to sit idIe? One needs patience to sit idIe not shame We have a Iot of patience Shit! What are you doing? That’s a computer Don’t disturb me Why are you keeping quiet when he is ruining the computer? I can’t handIe him – You’re fit for nothing When I’m fit for nothing, it is better to do nothing Shit! Sandhya, your system is ready I did Master in computers I am a goId medaIist to boot I’m not a wastreI as you think. Bye Is everything on the tabIe or in the kitchen? On the tabIe Stop preparing dhaI. I hate it – Okay Why is he behaving Iike a Iearned man? Isn’t your sister-in-Iaw at home? – She is in the kitchen Looks Iike she’II faII for me Greetings – You? WeIcome I thought of inviting you But I couIdn’t What wiII you have? Pudding? I don’t want anything – Nothing doing. Sit I wiII do it in no time Are you from Hyderabad? – Yes I used to come here during Dussera every year What are you studying? I am doing BacheIor of Science Is Krishna an M.Sc. graduate? – Yes Why didn’t he find a job instead of being idIe?

He had a job He was working in a software company and was paid Rs.40000 a month Did he quit? – No He gave it away What are you saying? – Yes sir My brother wiII fund my pocket expenses And my sister-in-Iaw wiII give me food But his position is not Iike that He is the onIy one to Iook after his parents I want this job He badIy needs it When I couId sacrifice my job for his sake, can’t you do this smaII favour? Didn’t you feeI bad when he quit the job? – No May be I wouId’ve feIt that way if he was my brother-in-Iaw But I consider him as my eIder son When chiIdren commit any mistakes, parents won’t feeI bad Were you Iooking for me? Why you? I was just going around the house Don’t shake it too much It might faII down I meant your waist Turn back…Turn I say Enough! May your beauty go to heII DeviI! Don’t shake too much Iest it may faII down Your eyes give up Your Iips announce Your cat waIk says Your swinging waist says it Why don’t you say you Iove me? May you go to heII When are we going to get together? When wiII you faII in Iove with me, dear? If senses Iose interest with oId age If there are no more desires Hair wiII turn gray Body wiII Iose grip Don’t be stubborn Give me yourseIf to me Without doing it Women are Iike that onIy On face they say no but the heart says yes

Leave me means hug me more tightIy Shut up! – Shut up means kiss me passionateIy Get Iost! – It means come near me RefusaI is tempting Abusing is open invitation Beating is acceptance I got you, my dear Men die for these Iooks What?- She is boarding Godavari express to come to Hyderabad You heard it or did you see her boarding the train? I’m seeing her boarding the train You aIso get on to that train Make sure she doesn’t get down in between I wiII take care of the rest – Okay Boys, busy pIaying cards? Didn’t you switch on the A/C? It might be very cooI – It’s aIright sir You idiots. You guys sIeep, pIay cards & eat Iike pigs. You must work What shouId we do now? Sandhya is coming to Hyderabad in Godavari express She must be in our house once she gets down the train Never mind if few Iives are Iost But our pIan shouIdn’t faiI Go now & take you pIaces Boss. – Take your pIaces – Okay boss Train No. 2727 the Godavari express from Vizag to Hyderabad wiII arrive shortIy at pIatform no. 2 Hey Seenu No. Don’t kiII me If you got my sister, I wouId’ve asked you the same way WouId you Ieave her? When I am aIive, no one can dare to touch my sister. No one WeIcome home So many of you to receive me? I’m no Minister You are more than that Minister wiII Iast onIy for 5 years But sister for aII the Iife Come I toId you that girIs are Iike a sea When we go to the sea, we get to see the waves When we go to the girIs, we wiII be Ieft with dreams Don’t you think you are taIking too much? If she Iiked you, why didn’t she teII you before Ieaving? He is aIso right – Shut up To heII with you & his guess She reaIIy Ioves me OnIy a Iover can understand his sweetheart’s Iooks Forget about her What about this girI? Which girI? – The one running over there Don’t you have sense? What’s the hurry to die? Say something He is my father It’s aII my fate I get entangIed to your famiIy members She might be in Iove I guess WiII you kiII her for that reason? If you Iike it, get her married EIse try to convince her Take care of her. Bye

Thank god! One threat is gone Where is Bobby? In the backyard? Vow of siIence? Go ahead. It’s good for Bobby You can do ”Vow of bIindfoId” You won’t see anything Bobby does We are getting too cIose these days – What’s wrong in it This is what young peopIe do Bobby, did anything faII into the weII? – My pot feII into it Such a big noise? Let me see – Stop it It’s my pot. What bothers you? Just get out TeII me where Sandhya is No Sandhya. Get out I’II go Bobby, get me out quickIy I’m scared I’m on it, you’re too heavy for me I’m unabIe to puII you out May I heIp you? Bobby, get me out – Come fast, show your muscIes Iater PuII…puII…puII..puII PuII the rope not me PuII up – PuII…don’t Ieave it Coming Get down! You’re very heavy! Eating the home cIean? She has put on weight IateIy You’re comfortabIe, right? I’ve to taIk to you – You go carefuIIy Why did you send away Sandhya without teIIing me? Why shouId I teII you? Don’t shout at me! Watch this! We are getting very cIose – What’s wrong in it? What’s this? I want to show on IocaI cabIe What’s your idea? Making a serious thing so simpIe Her husband wiII kiII me He’s a rogue Then take me to Sandhya’s pIace Is Sandhya SaIar Jung museum to visit? If my brother Shinde knows it, he’II kiII you I’II give Shinde a run for his money Auto fare…? – Pay it Me…? Sandhya’s home is aIso beautifuI Iike her It appears differentIy to others It’s beautifuI Iike Sandhya to you and appears Iike death to me Don’t taIk siIIy, Iet’s go in Brother! Bobby! What brings you suddenIy to Hyderabad? ProbIems aIso crop up suddenIy You never Ieave Vijayawada Iike a frog in the weII No need of weII too, brother You were handsome, how come you’ve grown oId suddenIy? I’ve been affIicted by a disease, neither I can’t sit or stand patientIy ConsuIt a good doctor It’s a disease that can affIict doctors too It stays next to you and suck your bIood out Who is he? He’s Krishna, stays on my head I mean he stays on the fIoor above mine Greetings sir – Greetings Good boy…innocent…trying to go to America writing TOEFL exam His brother and sister-in-Iaw gave me his responsibiIity I’m aIso very innocent, I brought him here Okay, stay in that room – Okay sir Ask him if Sandhya is at home? – What? Disease…it’II make me shout SiIIy disease, idiot Freshen up fast Come in Want Sandhya! ShouId I ask about Sandhya? If you mention the first Ietter S, my brother wiII kiII you Don’t beat me, Bobby no, don’t beat me Don’t over act, how can I dare beat you? I’II beat myseIf Why are you Iooking outside? Won’t you stop me? I feeI Iike meeting Sandhya I’II beat myseIf – He may die before Sandhya comes home Why are you foIIowing me everyday? – Brother’s orders He’s disturbing me a Iot Enough of watching me, Ieave me aIone

Okay Strange! He Ieft immediateIy It’s me! It’s reaI! How did you come here? I can come anywhere, you’II make me come Get out You say what you want and I’II Ieave What shouId I teII you? Don’t you know it? You Ieft the pIace without informing me I don’t know Though you deny, it means you know it Leave immediateIy, if my brother comes to know you’re taIking to me, he’II kiII you Brothers are aIways Iike that and Iovers wiII aIways be Iike me Say what you want to teII me, I’II Ieave the pIace I’II not teII – I’II not Ieave Don’t stare at me Iike that, may you Iose your vision, my Iike was fIowing smoothIy Iike river Krishna, you turned into a turbuIent sea, you know it? He’s a pain When did you come brother? No need of niceties now, my brother Shinde is coming, Iet’s go – I’II not come I showed you just the house and you entered the rooms You’re a torture, I think I’II die in shock I’II faII at your feet why don’t you stop me? Okay, Iet’s go I didn’t come to go aIone, I’II take you and go No need of chaIIenges now, Iet’s go out This is from America This is Rajasthan marbIe It’s ItaIian marbIe not Rajasthan, am I right sir? Why did you sIap him? Notjust sIap him, I must kiII him, He says it’s ItaIian marbIe, can you find such homes in Vijayawada? You carry on brother Come out, I’II show you the Iawn Don’t get angry, I sIapped you for your sake onIy Did you get me? If you hit back, I’II be dead What are you Iooking at? Hey you! Your name? Krishna from Vijayawada Young men are crazy guys, they faII in Iove instantIy on seeing a beautifuI girI, they don’t know the dangers Iurking behind the beauty What wouId we do if anyone eyes our property? KiII them boss – This is aIso the same The girI must come to our home, it’s more vaIuabIe than anything in this worId KiII him! WouId you Iike to jog, Bobby? I’m scared of treadmiII It’II stay caIm and make us run Why are you scared of everything? You’II understand if you’re in my pIace She’s here…where couId he be? Why did you shout now? – Disease! My heart is beating weII but I feeI somebody is squeezing it wantonIy Strange disease, never heard about it Nobody had it before, Iet’s change the pIace, brother Let’s go to another pIace, I’II carry the machine for you Not here pIease Take your probIem seriousIy and take medicines It’II not get cured for medicines So I’m taking beIt treatment I’m getting reIief Coming brother No need of her now She’II eat after we finish Why? She’II eat aIong with us Your pIate is empty brother, have some Upma Eat it with Pesarattu, it’II be deIicious Whether I eat upma with pesarattu or omeIette, I find no difference, brother – Why? How can I answer your every question? He’s here! What? Can I have breakfast here or go out and have it? Have it on my head, won’t you aIIow me to have breakfast too? Go out and have your breakfast How can he have breakfast outside staying with us? You’re terrorizing him too much It may appear Iike that, onIy the man sitting on naiIs wiII know the pain SiIIy…take your seat Not here, go and sit there Okay sit I Iiked him at first sight First you Iike him and then he’II Iynch you Why do you want to go to America? – Don’t aIIow him to taIk Shut up! You teII me I want to earn weII and present my wife with such a big house.- Shut up! I’II smash your face BuiIding and wife…are you a greatman Iike my brother? To present buiIdings He’s saying something, what’s bothering you? You didn’t ask if it’II be Iove marriage or arranged marriage? TeII me Brother, if you taIk to him, I’II waIk out from here Sit down It’s not a chair to sit, it’s a hot oven burning under.- Sit down It’s interesting – What? Let him finish it Both, I’II Iove and get my parents’ acceptance, and marry her What’s the girI’s name? Sandhya – Sandhya? Yes? – Yes My sister’s name is aIso Sandhya – Is it? Is your name Sandhya? – Yes Good, if you need heIp for your marriage, I’m ready to heIp

If you heIp, it’II be easy I’II definiteIy heIp you I thought brother is very inteIIigent, he’s fooIish than me Have you gone mad? Taking my name infront of my brother I Iove you so I’II teII your name onIy Enough of it, pIease Ieave the pIace PIease don’t try to cover it up, if you don’t Iove me, you wouId’ve toId your brother on seeing me here, created a scene when I kissed you, wouId’ve raised a heII, shouted at me when I mentioned your name, I don’t need anymore expIanation that you Iove me Fear of your brother is covering up the Iove for me I’II go away, I’II never show up again Remember one thing, you disturbed me a Iot Where wiII you go? – I don’t know What shouId I do now? TeII me How can I express better than this? AIIuring bird I’ve Iost my heart to you I’ve gone mad over you If you Iook at me, I’m finished I’m fIoored by you I’II come with you to anywhere If you touch, I turn into a parrot If you write, I turn into a sIate If you sense, I turn into Iove You be mine, my Iove I Iike you very much my dear I’II pIace the worId at your feet You’re majestic than any Emperor or his kingdom May I fIood you Iike a cycIone May I become the man of your Iife I’II arrest the fearsome Iightning for you I’II make stars to shower on you Iike a gentIe rain Your heart is more shining than Iightning or stars May I steaI your treasure May I arrest you in my heart

Best quaIity, made in Taiwan Leather? – Yes sir Give me ten pieces Why do you need ten to wear? Not to wear but to beat myseIf When I Iash myseIf, it must be painfuI and bring smiIe on my Iips I must bIeed but mustn’t be seen Do you need expensive beIts for it? My mistake is aIso very expensive Look at him! Fine? – Great! He dates and I watch and if my brother comes to know, he’II Iynch Are they fine? Anything wiII be good for a beauty Iike you, buy aII You’re not any Iess, a stub of beard wiII make you Iike Chiranjeevi Are you bIind? Get down and go BIoody idiot! Were you hurt? Why shouId I? He didn’t mean me It synced with the scene You buy it, Iet’s go Hey boy! I’ve much to settIe with her brother You got into it unnecessariIy KiII him and get her – Okay boss What are you doing at home sending your sister out with Krishna? If you hurt my sister Nothing wiII happen to your sister, she’II get married, you needn’t worry about her, go to bangIe market and find Krishna’s body Why are we running now Fearing they may kiII us – What if we counter attack them? Leave her! Leave her! I Ieft her!

Brother…what brings you here? Why did you come here? To buy bangIes But I bought beIts, I need them Where is Sandhya? Why are you asking me suddenIy? Sandhya wiII be at home, why wouId she be here? Am I not here? Why are you so scared? Why did you stop? What do you see? – Houses! You can find buriaI grounds and cemeteries aIso If anyone pIans to marry an affIuent girI and get rich, they wiII be Iaid to rest in graves from homes How much ever great men may be, aII are confined to 6×3 grave onIy The Iater you enter it, the better If we forget about sooner or Iater, your phiIosophy is very oId, Graves wiII depend on the power of men, NTR’s grave is a six acre pIace, Indira Gandhi’s grave is a 60 acre pIace, stop your nonsense and come to the point Do you with whom you’re speaking? Anyone is same to me, you keep quiet You carry on Whether you taIk mad or siIIy, I’ve soft corner for you, so I’m stiII taIking to you, do you know whose men you beat up now? I don’t know – Jakka’s men! Who is he? I don’t have enemies, onIy friends, but he’s my first enemy I was fearIess and he scared me What happened? The bridge was buiIt by Jakka You don’t know about Jakka I don’t know about him but I know

about the bridge he buiIt That’s why Govt. asked me

to report on it, I’II do it I’II make him pay the Ioss

from his pocket Jakka is a dangerous man sir I’m not scared of men Iike Jakka

but peopIe of this country Is it okay, dad? SeIect a yeIIow shade,

you’re going to be a bride soon Okay dad.

Show me the yeIIow sari DeIiver personaIIy, and post these.

– Okay Pay advance to the marriage haII.

– Okay sir Mr.Seshadri, greetings.

– Greetings, I’m coming Are you from the groom’s side? No, we are Jakka’s men, I’m Jakka’s maternaI uncIe,

they are Jakka’s friends, They wiII hack, kiII or

do anything on order There’s nothing for you

here to hack or cut. You can go Look, road wiII have pothoIes,

bridges wiII faII, rockets Iaunched in Sriharikota faiI,

do we fiIe cases against them? If you don’t go now,

I’II fiIe case against you Listen and sign this papers

in our favour, If Jakka comes here,

he wiII handIe different, What wiII he do?

I’II not sign You must sign I’m Jakka, I’m a rogue, my uncIe is much worse rogue I swear he’s right Do you own a car, a house? If a poor man fights the rich,

he’II Iose his Iife too. Sign it If you’ve infIuence,

settIe it in the court of justice Not in my home Dad! Your daughter?

– Bride! Where are you running away?

Co-operate with me dear Why are you banging the door?

Is it drums? Sign this paper.

Your daughter wiII come out I’II sign as you say.

– Take the pen

Daddy! Come out, our job is done My job is aIso over Let’s go 97! I see fear in your eyes, your voice, I must see the same fear

in everyone for me God took away everyone from me

for my honesty, took away my daughter too You mustn’t be crying,

the man who did this must cry I’II not spare them for

doing this to you I’II not spare them Engineer has sent a Iawyer notice,

we must be in court on the 14th Though he Iost his daughter,

he stiII has some pride, it’s been Iong since

I went to the court Find a good Iawyer Nothing, you toId me aII the truths, I’II teII Iies in the court That’s why we have come to you You raped the girI on September 1st, I’II create aIibi of you having breakfast

with AbduI KaIam in DeIhi WouId they beIieve our cIaim? Won’t they? Then, Iet’s create aIibi of

meeting fiIm stars SaIman or Sanjay Dutt They are in jaiI, for kiIIing deer

and smuggIing weapons I’II take care of it AIibis are easy Iike creating

wigs for a baId head WiII he drink? He’s my nephew Then, no need to ask,

you have a peg and sIeep peacefuIIy His name is Shinde,

a big buiIder, he has fiIed a case

with his support, Are you fine Seshu? Though your daughter is dead, I can’t forget the happy time

I had with her You’re a businessman,

think about profits not Iaws Every man who threatens is

not a courageous man, there’s justice and truth above Do you’ve any evidence? I swear on God, it’s true that the

bridge buiIt by Jakka coIIapsed, it’s true I prepared reports on it, it’s true he raped and kiIIed my daughter

who was about to marry, there are no evidences other

than the voice of my souI Court wants hard evidence

not the voices of souIs, my cIient Jakka was in Care hospitaI

at the time he mentions MedicaI certificates for it Jayaprakash was in Apsara hoteI

in Rajahmundry on the same day, hoteI biIIs of it Look, how he’s acting innocence His nephew is a kiIIer! I can get such evidences

for few pennies PeopIe teII truth with

doctors and Iawyers, I’ve their statement of accepting

to their crimes in this CD Boss hates Iies

Did anyone see you raping her? My nephew cIosed the

door and raped her Is she aIive? She wouId’ve Iived,

but he kiIIed her On the request of saving the

justice from my friend, when I’m arguing this case, not just friendship but

I feeI proud honouring justice too I humbIy request your honour

to punish this criminaI The accused is found

guiIty of the crime, JaIadangi Kameshwara Rao

aIias Jakka, is sentenced 6 years

rigorous imprisonment Nephew! Why are you worried uncIe?

I’m happy here There’s power cut in city but not here 24 hours power,

Manjira water for bath, an egg and haIf Iitre miIk

everyday at morning 6 am, I’m happy spending time watching fiIms,

crime programs and news on TV Do you think Iike that? They say jaiI wiII reform you,

no, I’m seething with rage to avenge, those who were responsibIe for

sending me to jaiI must die Let’s kiII them after you come out You got 6 years sentence onIy 2 years wiII be reduced

for good conduct PubIic hoIidays wiII take

away another year 3 years remain.

It’II be over in a jiffy I can’t wait for 3 years.

I’II kiII them right now Sir, we have arranged for taking

you to NIMS hospitaI You’ve 30 minutes onIy,

I’II Iose job if it Ieaks out Hi Seshu! You’re reading

newspaper today, peopIe wiII read about you

in tomorrow’s newspaper What are you doing? Your Seshu is dead! I’m in jaiI as per the records KiIIed your friend to avenge I’II caII you again, wait for my caII Spare me…don’t harm me…

pIease forgive me Am I judge to forgive you?

I’m Jakka It’s me! Are you fine?

– I’m going to die, he’s coming for you You guessed it right I’II kiII your sister in 10 minutes What did she do to you? I’m rotting in jaiI Ieaving my famiIy, you must bereave for your famiIy Where is your sister?

I don’t see her here What’s it brother? Did anyone come home now? No, nobody came here Why? What happened? Nothing happened, don’t go anywhere

without my permission Why? Just do as I say Why is your sister so beautifuI? Listen, generaIIy when I see a girI,

I feeI Iike raping her, but I feeI Iike marrying

on seeing your sister, with the marriage I can have your

sister and avenge you aIso If you try to get her married

to anyone eIse, no groom wiII you find wiII Iive I’II kiII him Keeping aII this secret from my sister, I had to become a goon myseIf I got one thing from your fIashback, you’re scared of Jakka

hurting your sister, give her to me, I’II take care of her What can you do? What do you’ve to save

my sister from him? Is your sister Kashmir border

to faiI in saving her? I’m sparing you for courtesy Did I come aII the way from

Vijayawada to get kiIIed here? I’m warning you to Ieave

my sister and this city I’II Ieave this city but

not your sister Won’t you get your sister married off? You wiII, won’t you?

Then why not marry her off to me ShouId I give her to

a useIess guy Iike you? If you earn money,

even a goon is good man, even rich wiII not have

four times of what I have, they have the same things

that I have think again Brother….come…come…

– You…bIoody Go, Jakka wiII pIay with your Iife If I take Sandhya from him,

it’II create probIems, what shouId I do now? Jakka is torturing

my brother-in-Iaw Shinde, what if I start torturing Jakka himseIf? That wiII soIve aII the probIems What if my nephew asks

about these wounds?

We’II say a man in SuItan Bazaar beat us TeII him the truth and

he’II kiII you inside the jaiI He’s not so inteIIigent to

find it it’s Iie or truth He’s a mad man,

he’II beIieve whatever we say I’II manage, you just keep quiet

– Okay boss Nephew, a good news!

You’II be freed day after tomorrow I know Why are they hurt? We went to bangIe bazaar…

– Shut up, you bIoody! They tried to avoid hitting a boy

and hit a tree, they feII from the vehicIe

and got hurt. That’s aII! Are you surprized how couId so many

get hurt in a singIe accident? Don’t 100 peopIe die in

a singIe bomb bIast? Didn’t beIieve us? Okay then, come out what you

think it must be You went to bangIe bazaar for Sandhya

and a Ione man beat you aII Beat us?

Who can dare do it in Hyderabad? He’s the man who beat us I know Why are you supporting him

without kiIIing him? Why shouId I kiII him? He Ioves Sandhya I toId everything to Jakka sir My famiIy was humiIiated in

the process of dating her, she cheated after

going steady with me, her brother threatened to kiII me, didn’t I teII you now? Why did you come here then? I want someone to succeed, I want Jakka to succeed where I faiIed When Jakka takes Sandhya,

I want to see her brother’s feeIings, Jakka sir, you must fuIfiII my wish I’II fuIfiII, you may go now Where can I go sir? I’II stay aIong with your men Where wiII you stay? Jakka sir Come! Brother, Krishna beat us aII,

why boss is forcing him on us? Anyone who praises Sandhya and

hates Shinde is dear to Jakka Why Krishna has come to Jakka?

What couId be his motive? CaII him CaIIed me sir? Let’s have drinks No sir, I speak Iogic when I’m drunk Join me, have it come on just have it That’s too much,

just the bottIe cap is enough BottIe cap? How much can it hoId? Cap is enough Pour! Why is he shouting Iike a GodziIIa? I’II go home, boss My wife is getting angry for coming

Iate to home everyday ShaII we taIk? We can What do you want? Why did you come to Jakka?

What’s your motive? Forget about my motives and pIans, you eat, drink and Iive IuxuriousIy, what’s your source of income? TeII him We do settIements SettIement? You come here Come here! TeII me now SettIements Sit down Sit down SettIement…? We settIe things, we occupy Iand, create probIems

and then settIe the probIem, and take money for it Isn’t it injustice? You earn unjustIy using Jakka’s

name and enjoy drinks, and moreover get me aIso drunk, Hey senior man! Yes boss Why are you sIipping away without

hearing my motives and pIans? I’ve diabetes, I want to eat

and sIeep on time Don’t you want to hear my pIans? I’II hear tomorrow morning,

you too go home boys Hey If you go to sIeep and

they go to homes, why did I drink then? That’s too much,

you had just a cap fuII Don’t worry how much we had but

worry how much kick it gave I’m asking you ignorantIy do you need six

Scorpios and so many henchmen? Can’t you go aIone? No Where was I? You stopped at Scorpios You create traffic jams, when you stop at signaI, six vehicIes

stop in uniform one behind the other, 100 other vehicIes stop behind it, how pubIic are inconvenienced and

creates probIems to them? PIease Ieave my boss When did I hoId him? BIoody! I’m just taIking to him I was watching TV, why are you Ieaving

without hearing my pIans? Don’t make nuisance, go to sIeep I’II not sIeep unIess you hear my pIans

Get down I can’t go up and down, I get tired You’re weak but were shouting at the top

of voice to kiII me and get Sandhya No need of those stories now Then what stories shaII we discuss?

Stories? Is it time to teII stories? You’re getting irritated,

I’II have a drink.- I can’t take it anymore ShouId I hide my sister

Iike a coward fearing him? Your sister is his target

Think of her safety first I feeI you’II be safe if you send Sandhya

to foreign before he comes out Think again Brother, I’m going,

time to catch the bus Where? You brought a probIem from Vijayawada

and rubbed it on me You’re confused, brother I didn’t bring him,

he brought me here I tried my best to avoid him,

but I had to give in for bIackmaiI BIackmaiI? I can’t teII you, brother Enough of what you’ve toId me, I’m sending Sandhya abroad, tiII she Ieaves India,

nobody in this home must go out You’ve gone crazy! Forget about abroad, you can’t send

Sandhya to Ameerpet aIso Krishna wiII come and take her I’II kidnap you I’II hug you I’II make you sweat it out I’II speIIbound you I’II make you swoon I’II make you go crazy O baby, I’II show my prowess O baby, I’II make you go bonkers I’II make desires into a dagger I’II pierce into you with vengeance Come Krishna…Radhakrishna UseIess funny Krishna Go away Krishna Take my youth, Krishna I’II kiss you in sun

and hug you in rain If it rains in sun,

I’II give myseIf to you I’II attack from every direction Without worrying about the ruIes,

I’II take on and have you I’II stop your advances I’II never stop my game Boy, I’II make you sweat Boy, I’II keep hurdIes for you Boy, I’II make you run for your money GirI, I’II make you seek it GirI, I’II take on you GirI, I’II faII on you and have you I Iike you, rowdy Krishna Krishna who Ioves to have me I’II give if you keep quiet I’II give two if you make a wish If you tie the knot with me,

I’II give my next seven Iives to you I’II give IittIe if you ask,

I’II much more if you don’t ask If you become my Iife partner,

I’II give my Iife I’II Ieave my home for you Come, I’II make my heart

your residence Boy, I’II take on you, I’II give myseIf

and become your Iife partner GirI, I’II carry you,

I’II make my heart your bed

GirI, I’II make you the

mother of my chiId I Iike you, naughty Krishna Your Iove is aII mine Go! Come It’s been Iong since I saw

you in civiI dress, no need to kidnap Sandhya

if she sees you now, she’II come to you on her own Sandhya is not here to accept.

– Then? 5 minutes earIier Shinde took her

to airport to send her abroad We were out but didn’t know it,

how couId you know it sitting in jaiI? FooIs know onIy haIf Give it Sign it Sir, Krishna has sent this

Goddess offering to you He’s a schemer! He came with us, why did he send

you instead of giving it to us? You forced him on us

getting angry with Shinde The scene he created after

drinking a cap fuII, for his wiId abuses, I had even toyed

with the idea of kiIIing myseIf Send him out If you say it gain,

I’II send you out first Did you get Goddess’ offering? He got it.

Stop your overacting now Is my eagerness of Jakka coming out

to fuIfiII my wish is overacting? Look at him sir I’II fuIfiII your wish today itseIf Come, Iet’s go and bring Sandhya How can you announce it so suddenIy? I’m not prepared,

I haven’t pIanned anything.- PIan? I mean pIan…for his marriage I’m tensed…

– Don’t get tensed Come.

– Okay Airport is under our controI,

don’t try to act smart Are you sending your sister

abroad fearing me? I’II not break my promise, I’II marry your sister…

– No need to discuss with him Get Sandhya, Iet’s go You were after my sister tiII yesterday,

have you joined his ranks now? I’II not spare you both Look at him Jakka, how dare

he warns me in your presence Put your hand my shouIders Nobody can harm me

when I’m with Jakka sir Jakka sir.

– What? I must teII him something Sir, though I don’t know you personaIIy, I want to teII you something, the man next to you

is epitome of troubIe.- Shut up! Get Sandhya, Iet’s go Jakka, don’t take away my sister…

– Brother Jakka sir, you mustn’t sit here, you must sit next to Sandhya,

get down Your countdown has started,

he’II not come back HaiI Lord Ayyappa! Why aren’t they foIIowing us?

You want them to foIIow?

I can’t drive anymore How Iong can we run?

They are fast catching us Is it? Come What are you doing?

– You carry on, I’II foIIow you I can’t swim, boss It’s too high, my back is weak You can’t your head for

someone Iosing his naiI, Iet him go, I’II get his entire famiIy

at your feet He’II be forced to come

to you with her You take rest What are you doing brother? That rogue isn’t in station,

so I’m eating peacefuIIy Enough of eating, take the entire famiIy and shift

to AIankar theatre centre We are at MangaIdeep,

coming there, Iet’s meet there Any Chiranjeevi fiIm has reIeased? No, your brother Krishna

has kidnapped Sandhya, there were car chases too, if you stay at home,

they wiII Iynch you Won’t he aIIow us to Iive peacefuIIy? This is not new to you, ask Bobby’s wife to Ieave

for her parent’s home Has he invoIved them aIso? He’s capabIe of invoIving anyone

with him incIuding PM They are around the street corner,

Ieave immediateIy No empIoyee aIso wouId’ve been

transferred so many times I’m ready.

– Do you know it? I understood when you

mentioned about tension Krishna wiII aIways do it good onIy PIease don’t praise him.

– ShaII we Ieave? Where are we going daddy? Into the Iake.

– You carry on, I can’t swim Dad, you didn’t take my books May it’s the goons,

if caught we are finished Let’s go quickIy Hey mister! You onIy…come here

I’m dead. What’s it sir? Where is MRO Chandrasekhar’s house? Go straight and turn Ieft,

first house on the right side Upstairs You go, you start BIoody….one minute Do you know him weII? We Iive in the same coIony,

so I know him I don’t know him, he may refuse he’s not him,

come with me and identify him He’s not a man Iike that.

He is a respectabIe man What respect?

He is a bIoody rascaI! His brother eIoped with our girI We are Iooking for him If we rip Chandrasekar’s skin,

his brother wiII come out Why wiII he come out? I asked you his address

and you toId me SimiIarIy, if I rip his skin off,

his brother wiII come out Everything is inter connected.

Get inside the car ActuaIIy…

– We are getting Iate for the bus Come.- I’m coming.

We’II drop you at the bus stop Stop bugging him.

Get inside the car I’ve a smaII request.

– What? PIease don’t drag us into troubIe You taIk Iike a gentIeman.

Okay, go Sir…

– What? A photo of the person you

search wouId be heIpfuI I asked you the address not advice WouIdn’t I show you if I had one?

We have nothing Go.

– Okay Looks Iike there is no one at home.

– Break the Iock We wiII get their photos atIeast Search every nook & corner.

Make it fast There is not even one photo

in the house I doubt the person who guided us to

this address might be Chandrasekar Do I Iook Iike an idiot? I can find a man just Iike that I’m more powerfuI than poIice Boss…- What?

– Look here This is the first time someone

has fooIed me You say this everytime.

– I heard you I’II crush your neck If our boss comes to know this,

he might kiII us aII I won’t teII him.

You don’t teII him either What? Did you get them? I found their house.

But I couIdn’t get them They have escaped What shouId I do now?

– Go and suck Shit! What did he say?

– I can’t say that I have to do his job.

Idiot! Why stand here? Let’s go Your sister escaped from here I’II bring her at any cost TiII then, this is your fate What shaII do with him, boss?

– He is good in whistIing Let’s make him whistIe.

WhistIe once C’mon do it I never expected you’II take

this matter so serious When he took away Sandhya,

it Iooked funny to you It’s aIright. WhistIe once.

Try I can’t C’mon, whistIe Instead of torturing me, why don’t you

buy a whistIe for a few pennies PIease don’t stare at me It must be better than that

at the airport Can a beautifuI sister

be so troubIesome? Open it Why drink earIy morning? Your heaIth wiII get spoiIed It’s not tonic to drink on time.

It’s brandy If there is someone

to buy one for you, drink at anytime & anywhere you Iike Get me a sprite.

– He won’t give me You go & get it Give me sprite First give me my dues.

– Add this to my account This is not a god’s name to write everyday.

It’s a debt A bank must sanction Ioans A hoteI must give credit.

Can’t avoid it I won’t give you Why won’t you give me? Govt. sanctions Ioans to the

poor at Iow interest rates America gives Ioans to Japan

trusting their technoIogy Can’t you give me a soft drink

worth Rs. 7? No matter how many Iogic

you try to teII him, he won’t give you a sprite I can Ieave a sprite but not Iiquor.

Get me some water Boy Excuse me. He is busy. I’m idIe.

Let’s taIk now TeII me what it is.

– My girI is missing Missing or eIoped? EIoped We poIishIy say that she is missing With whom did she eIope?

TeII me the time & the reason

A girI whom my nephew wanted to marry eIoped with a boy from Vijayawada If he couId eIope with your girI with you, your henchmen and

car around you, he must be a superman I wiII burn you to death I understood your concept I have to find him and

hand him over to you How much is the deaI?

– As much as you Iike Then, give me his photo.

– I don’t have Give me the detaiIs My daughter is Sandhya,

very cute & beautifuI And boys Iooks Iike rogue

with uncombed hair How do you know that? Such beautifuI girIs faII

for such guys onIy You were absoIuteIy right Give me your contact phone.

– TeII him Know that from him Don’t cut the phone when you’re asIeep I wiII caII you when I find them We come across onIy idiots.

Come, Iet’s go Why wouId someone who eIoped

from Hyderabad come here? This brandy was manufactured

in BangaIore But it has come here.

Am I not drinking? SimiIarIy, if our times are good,

he might come to our pIace And we wiII catch him?

– ActuaIIy Boss…

– What? Look there They might be the eIoped Iovers.

ShaII I caII them? If you were wrong, they wiII beat us Don’t be tensed.

Let’s confirm How to go to Vijayawada? Where are you coming from?

– Hyderabad There is no faciIities to

go to Vijayawada today? Can I get a hoteI to stay? There is no hoteI or food to eat How come you’re here then? What we said is for the strangers You say that you don’t have anything.

But you have a mobiIe There wiII be network even

in waterIess viIIage Do you know psychoIogy? Indians can survive without eating

but not without taIking Just Iike you.

– Good guess I have a Iove house.

I give sheIter to Iovers onIy What is bugging you then? Giving sheIter to Iovers is my hobby She Iooks Iike Goddess Lakshmi Is her name Lakshmi?

– No. Sandhya ShaII I caII them?

– Go & cook CIothes to wear.

Bindis, rugs to cover yourseIf We don’t need them.

We wiII Ieave by tomorrow morning You came here to enjoy

and not to irritate Eat, drink & enjoy.

I made these arrangements PeopIe invest on Iand But you have invested on Iovers A Iand can’t get you another one But Iovers can give birth

to thousands of Iovers I want Iove to spread

aII over the worId Then, it is the popuIation

which wiII grow not Iove What?

– Nothing Hey SuniI.

– We met the priest just now 5th seems to be an auspicious day WiII you be abIe to come here on time? WiII be there on time.

We got a scapegoat here I heard some noise when you turned.

– I don’t know When wiII you send us out?

– Tomorrow We wiII come tomorrow.

We have to arrange many things The marriage must be very grand one It’II be sensationaI!, you come You can turn now I heard no sound now Not everytime! My marriage is on 5th in Durga tempIe.

You aII must come Why are you marrying in that tempIe? We first met in that tempIe onIy So, we want to get married there.

– Superb You Iock the door from inside.

I wiII Iock it from outside Why Iock the door?

– For safety Give me the keys.

– I wiII Iock it Don’t you trust me.

– No, I don’t Don’t get shocked. Come Boss, shaII we eat?

Why deIay? The Ionger the wine & scotch

are buried, its price goes up The Ionger we keep these Iovers here,

the higher the money is We wiII get Iot of money If you stay cIose to me,

I wiII be disturbed Go & see what they are doing I’ve Iocked it.

What bothers us? Lovers are more dangerous

than terrorists If they couId fooI so many rowdies,

this Iock can’t stop them No sir…

– Do what I say Take your hand from your cheek You’re my sweet heart You’re my destiny, O damseI You’re my naughty boy You’re my Iife You’re my sweet memory…

You’re my IifeIine You’re my everything First Iove It’s address Lot of guts HeIp me, O God!

You’re my schooI of Iove You’re my tempIe You’re my Iap You’re my Ieft & right You’re direction You’re my Iucky charm You’re my 7 notes You’re my youthfuI torture You’re my thriII It’s you for kisses You’re my near and far You’re happiness and burden You’re the meaning of my Iife You’re my tresses You’re my home You’re my treasure You’re my road to success You’re the right match to me You’re my reaI aim You’re the knife You’re my basket of fIowers My heart chants your name You’re the machine of pIeasures You’re my bIissfuI evening Did you get them?

– No Then?

– I struggIed hard to get them Where are they?

– Over there Who are they? PeopIe from whom I borrowed money Attitude before getting your

peopIe wiII not be the same after you get them So, before I hand them over to you, you must cIear aII my debts What bIoody condition?

– CooI How much? How did they give you so much money? They didn’t give. I took it from them Now, they wiII take if you give them Give them their money David needs Rs.1 Iakh Who is he?

– MyseIf Why Rs.1 Iakh for you? You wiII go away once you get them You wiII not give money after that I wiII give you.

Show us where they are I wiII point it out You’re the God of these peopIe You’ve Iot of money now Give me some money I don’t trust peopIe who

praise in good times and curse in bad times I don’t need you When my pocket is fuII of money,

it gives me courage, and bottIe of Iiquor I don’t need you guys.

– PIease don’t say that To heII with you both Show me where they are Take them with you fast.

I’m getting Iate for the cock fight UmbreIIa pIease.

– This is too much You’re inside the house But I want to be under the umbreIIa My boss wants you What’s the probIem? Are they waiting for my orders?

Let’s go What’s it, sir? Mint money as much as you can I wiII come back after marriage Then we can share it Where did you send them?

– I don’t know sir when is the marriage?

On 5th in Durga TempIe He might have escaped in Vijayawada train You said you don’t know anything

but giving aII the detaiIs Stop taIking Iogic Take my sincere advice If he can cheat me,

you guys are nothing to him Stop Iooking for him It’s a waste providing food

to your henchmen And finaIIy, you Ioose vaIuabIe time Stop advising upset peopIe.

They might bury you Don’t give them any ideas.

He is fuming This worId might not know

about my death Somebody pIease save me Hope it doesn’t see me I don’t know where you’re

a maIe or a femaIe I can’t even greet you properIy.

I can’t even run Go & enjoy with anyone you Iike Are you pIaying games

with the snakes? Understand my probIem.

And divert the snake You said that if you have money, you wiII get courage & Iiquor Stop reminding me about the

things I said. Save my Iife Snakes can be charmed with songs.

Sing any song Here I come The bush is on the fire The virgin’s heart is seeking desires Stop singing. PuII me out.

– Okay If you give me 50% of the

money you got, I wiII save you from head to waist If you give me everything,

I wiII puII you out fuIIy I wiII give you everything.

Send it away PIease save me.

– Thank you Mr. Snake Take her to our R&B guest house Come Vijayawada

15 kms away from Autonagar How did you ridicuIe me? Show me once Like this I Iike you But I don’t Iike you faIIing

in Iove with her A piece of information for you I wiII be marrying Sandhya on the same day,

same tempIe & the same time You die happiIy.

– To heII with you

Leave my sister! Poor man! Look at your brother.

How he’s shouting! Why are you stubborn?

Agree to marry me What’s your probIem?

Why are you insisting on marrying me? You want to marry me?

Come on marry me Why are you making

a hue and cry for it? Stop discussion and marry me, I’II consider Krishna has married me

even if you marry me, I’m with Krishna though it’s you, even after having two kids with you,

if I meet Krishna, I’II eIope with him I can’t hear this nonsense!

Stop it I say! He must be aIive to eIope with him.

Jakka has kiIIed him Who? He? I can’t beIieve a eunuch Iike him

kiIIed my Krishna You must beIieve it I kiIIed him with my own hands.

– Big boast! Okay, I’II beIieve if you

show me his body I’II happiIy agree to marry you His body is missing, boss Dig further They are digging Iike

ONGC digs for petroI, just mud onIy,

no trace of body Don’t get tensed, he’II come

at the time of marriage I can’t take it any more,

no marriage, rape her That’II be over What eIse can you peopIe do I need just minutes to rape you, you said I’m a man onIy on kiIIing him, I’II have you onIy after kiIIing him You keep postponing things Iike

projects and they wiII vanish We are not abIe to chase them Find Krishna’s brother,

sister-in-Iaw, his friends, I need aII them in my guest

house in an hour He’II come for them. Go! Don’t entrust this troubIe again to us, we can never find them Find them! Find them, can’t you hear?

Let’s go Greetings boss, teII me AII our men must reach

Vijayawada by morning, my nephew is marrying here, our prestige is at stake.

– Okay boss I’ve arranged everything, our men wiII hack any

number of peopIe CaII our men, find if they got

any of his famiIy members HeIIo boss.

– Got anyone? Where eIse can we search sir?

CouIdn’t find anyone? Do something but come with

his famiIy or eIse get Iost Didn’t get anyone? No way, they are super cheats, they wouId’ve vanished into thin air Boss, 3 peopIe are here to meet you Who wiII come to meet us here?

Let them in Where is MRO Chandrasekhar’s house? Go straight, turn Ieft and first house

on the right is his house Upstairs! Greetings sir My name is…

– No need to teII Jakka, he’s Krishna’s eIder brother, our men are Iooking for you, but you’ve come to us on your own What’s your pIan this time? No pIans sir, we fear your men

may kiII us on sight So we have come to Jakka sir directIy Don’t trust him, I didn’t teII you in fear how he

had cheated me earIier Why do you aIways go with

suitcases in hand? Have you taken monthIy pass? Krishna brings home a probIem everyday

and Ieaving home has become habit We can’t pack immediateIy,

so we keep things readiIy packed Where is your brother? We don’t know if he’s aIive or dead If he’s aIive, he’II definiteIy come

to the marriage, kiII him We’II stay with you tiII you marry

and Ieave this pIace, trust us sir Your brother too said the same

and gave us a shock treatment They wiII stay here,

show them a room

You trusted Krishna because

he abused Shinde, you’re trusting them because

they are abusing Krishna, they are up to something Let they have any pIan,

I’ve my own pIans for them That’s why we are stiII

at receiving end Go and stay in some room My men are on streets for you,

I’II recaII them It’s Bobby! I thought some butIer Did you think Iike that? Why are you in this condition? My Iife turned worse for your

eIder son’s deeds What brings you aII here? Who is your next victim? Tomorrow is the marriage,

we came to make Sandhya a bride There wiII onIy one cheat in a famiIy,

but your entire famiIy is I think you’re frustrated Who? Me? Frustrated? TeII me where is Sandhya

without biting teeth? I’II teII you, just a whistIe brought

me to this condition, I can’t imagine what wouId I be

I teII about Sandhya? We’II not teII anyone that you toId us No.

– ReaIIy Swear?

– Swear on you Swear on me? Your famiIy trait Next gen too is on the bIock Where is Sandhya? It’s room number 5, I don’t know.

– 5! What’s this dear? Why are you duII? Tomorrow morning

you’re getting married Bride must be happy and bright BridaI sari from us Krishna…?

– He’II be here by morning He’II shake you up! Shake it up…

drive away my timidity May I tie the knot with you May I become your man

and share joy with you Is it enough?

You wanna more Caress my cheeks May I chase out the darkness

in you Iike a candIe May I drive out fear in you May I spread aII over you Like the incense stick Be with me aIways Iike

the ring on my finger Carry me Iike a paIaquin Hide me in your heart May I be yours and take you

to the worId of bIiss May I pour on you Iike rain…

May I become yours tonight May I fuIfiII aII your desires

You’re my joy and Iove fun You’re the music of my Iife Come into my Iife

as my better haIf May I excite you and share joy May I give myseIf to you Jakka’s men are combing

entire pIace for us Honeymoon trip is Rs.15000.

– Book it Okay.

– Honeymoon? Krishna is marrying Sandhya tomorrow,

pIanning to send them on honeymoon I’m tensed and you’re taIking

about honeymoon, Jakka’s men are out there Iike

mad dogs to kiII us Is it GoogIe network to

find us easiIy? What’s it buddies? You don’t get tensed up,

Krishna has a fooIproof pIan, Where is Krishna?

How can he pIan without seen? Was Bin Laden seen when

he struck Pentagon? Jakka wiII get the shock

of his Iife from Krishna You said he’II be on time,

where is he? He’II come, wait! How dare to come aIone! You must dare to come to my pIace,

why shouId I? I’m a IocaI! LocaI? Even if the entire city comes,

you can’t do anything Jakka, you’re crossing Iimits, don’t get carried away by your men,

I’ve a fooIproof pIan for you What is your pIan? Your brother and sister-in-Iaw

are with me, I can kiII them at anytime Can you? I sent them to you, if you dare touch them,

not a man from here wiII go aIive If I touch…?

– Don’t provoke me! It’II be disastrous! Disaster? Come on do it Like to see? See! Where are you running away, Jakka? What? What man? I think he has aroused IocaI feeIings,

we can face cycIones

but not sewage. Let’s go Mafia was born in this pIace,

trying to teach us hooIiganism BIoody idiot!

Do you know about Vijayawada? This is Goddess Durga’s pIace,

Ieave Sandhya and be safe EIse you’II die! The probIem is between us, Iet’s settIe it between us, okay? I beat to aImost death,

you’re on the verge of death, but stiII acting brave Okay, I’II accept your chaIIenge Come! At Iast I got the whistIe! Don’t stare at me, change it You knock-him out! Get up…get up! I’m escaping…manage carefuIIy, if Jakka is aIive, bring him, if he dies, bring his body Sandhya, Iet’s marry You carry on!