Todd Klindt's SharePoint Podcast 276 – Auctions for Crap

good evening and welcome to Todd Flint’s SharePoint podcast number 276 recorded live on beautiful sunny balmy no its Arctic Lee frigid and horrible here in Iowa on Monday January 11 2016 i’m your host Todd Clint and you know since there’s nothing going on tonight there’s really nothing on TV and and it’s it’s too cold to go outside and and all that I figured we’d do a podcast talk about some SharePoint talk about some other stuff that I got going on got some folks the chat room they couldn’t find anything else better to do tonight either so that’s awesome glad to have all my friends and the hooligans in the chat room before we get started though I need to give a shout-out to my employer the wonderful and benevolent rackspace you can go out to SharePoint rackspace calm and find out about our SharePoint offerings which are the coolest ones let’s be honest but there are also other offerings a lesser but still compelling offerings at dub dub dub Rackspace calm / Microsoft and that’s all our other stuff exchange and skype for business and Azure and all those all those fun things you know minesweeper all the way we host it all it’s all out there at Rackspace calm / Microsoft and of course while you’re out there on the web go out there and find me at Todd Clint calm / blog you can also find me on Twitter at Todd int you can email me Todd Clint Iraq space com I’m on Instagram and and peach and yellow and all those you know you know every one of them I’m out there and everywhere so far I’m I’m Todd quiet so I’m easy to find as far as I know I’m the only type cleanse that’s out there for sure the most important exciting Todd Clemens out there okay so we do need to do some productions I got a big big announcement this week are you all sitting down if you’re in your car when you hear this make sure that your you’re ready to go at both hands ten and two on the wheel be buckled in this next bit of news is very very exciting okay I hope I haven’t built up too much you remember a little while ago a year to year I don’t remember how long ago has been I said that the this podcast is recorded live a 30 p.m. on monday and that worked out great like six years ago almost seven years ago now and that but move had some folks seem talk about the times not great for me honestly life’s gotten a little more complicated now than it was seven years ago and so i decided about a year ago i said hey let’s move this podcast from a less convenient time in the evening to a more convenient time during the day and last year i had some guests come in and i talked to some more guess and they said yeah we would love to talk to you but not in the middle of the night that’s that’s thanks doing the day so about a year ago i said hey let’s move this podcast to the afternoon and then I never did but that’s all gonna change you will all remember where you were January 11th well most of you and listen to this on you know the 14th the 15 thought it actually comes out but I am officially moving the time of the live broadcast of this podcast that’s right I’m actually gonna do it this time so starting februari first and is that actually a Monday that I write that I did be damned yay Todd starting februari first monday instead of having this any 30 p.m. central time i’ma gonna have it at four o’clock central time this many all right so if you used to listen to it now it will have been four and a half hours earlier starting februari first so that’s what we’re going to do monday februari first four o’clock central is what i’m going to record this and it’s going to be four o’clock central here 24 hither and yon as far as the eye can see except for like a couple weeks later on it one of an SP tech con it probably won’t be but but we’ll see but anyway moving the official recording time from 830 p.m. the dastardly horrible inhumane 830 p.m. central to a more reasonable calming soothing for p.m. central and already in the chat room they’re all very excited it’s going to work for jo ann klein it’s going to work from our christmann sean mcdonough says he probably can’t make it so that’s also a win right this is nothing but roses all the way around so februari first and of course I’ll mention this in all of the podcasts between now and then and for production wise it’s probably still going to come out like on Thursday or Wednesday though

honestly if I get it done you know monday afternoon I can get everything out a little earlier but we’re actually going to do it we pulled the trigger it’s going to happen on Monday februari first even more exciting if that’s possible even more exciting is that you still have one week left to donate to the annual TK charity drive the lorry Gowan is set up in honor of my birthday that’s right in just a little over a week just a little over a week and ten actually 10 days from now is my birthday you guys already know you’re already shopping you’ve already talked amongst yourselves to find out who’s getting me what so there’s no duplicates I love that every year I appreciate that but between Lori’s birthday in December and my birthday in January for that month we do a charity drive where I just ask people give to a charity not charity that I care about I can’t be but it doesn’t have to be but a charity that you care about and whatever you can scrape together go through your you know couch cushions if you live in one of those states that lets you uh to turn cans in you know turn some cans in whatever sells some some brownies whatever kidneys whatever you’ve got and just give a little something back that’s all we’re asking and this kind of came out of when I started this podcast seven years ago here in the United States and I think over most of the world we kind of gone through some rough patches and I just remember thinking that there were a lot of people out there that I could help i’d been pretty fortunate through all that and i wanted to give a little back and that’s kind of how this whole thing started all those many years ago so what what i’m asking for is I’m asking for you to give a little something that whatever charity you want to then go out to point cowan com that’s Laurie’s website point Gowen calm / TK charity and read about that and basically just tell Laurie how much you gave and she’s got a tally going and she’s keeping track of all the money that you guys are giving because of my charity drive now that may seem very nice cystic and all that and maybe a little bit but this year this year they’re doing something special this is something that I used to do way back in the day I used to match the amount of money that you guys would donate because it would be a couple three hundred dollars a year whatever I could do that but then the amount of money you guys started donating started being measured in the thousands and not the hundreds and that got a little tighter on the old family budget but this year because i’m turning lucky number 42 here in 10 days i have agreed to match every dollar that has been uh donated so far this year so right now and i’m having Lori looked italia for me now right now we’ll see how much I’m on the hook for I know how much was a couple of days ago I should look for the podcast alright so we’re just a touch over twenty eight hundred dollars that you guys have raised so far in the last month and again that’s given to whatever charity you want you know whatever close to your heart I know we’ve had cancer March of Dimes all that kind of stuff when Lori sends me the card and she tries to send it to me on my birthday but it’s always two or three days late but whatever that grand total is i will donate that an equal amount of money so i’ve got two or three charities that i donate to there’s a food bank here in ames that i donate to there’s actually another food bank in ames i donate to and then my my alma mater high school has a scholarship fund those are kind of the big three that i donate to but i will write checks totaling the amount that you guys donate so go ahead and donate that make it hurt I want to make it hurt I don’t know what we’re uh what what our goal is this year but you know we’re close to three grand so let’s try to get over three cans and see if you do Jerry like a new one of my friends at Rackspace is thinking about donating absolutely Jerry make it hurt get out there make me regret that I offer to do this do it so this is this good stuff I enjoyed this every year this is a great birthday present I remember the first time that Laurie and Dan usher devised this idea it literally nearly brought tears to my eyes that did so much good was being done and somehow I was a part of it so go out there and do that say about that hunk all teary-eyed again my make up a run will be all embarrassed horrible all right so uh where you hear the first couple weeks of the year things are still moving kind of slow hasn’t been a lot of real exciting things in the SharePoint world but that’s okay because I’ve been doing all kinds of other fun things so tonight’s a pod guys gonna have a couple of sharepoint topics but a couple of other just kind of tech topics and fun stuff that I’ve been playing with things like that the first one is this is a fun conversation that I got to have over Twitter today so my friend Lewis Simon Eddie he and I were pals on Twitter we chat back and forth Lewis Simon Eddie stumbled across woot if you haven’t gone to woot before woot com woot has auctions for crap and they literally and I think they still do it have a bag of crap you can you can get a bag of crap and it’s just gonna be random stuff but anyway so Lewis Simon Eddie’s out there today looking around on woot and he sees

a crappy little windows tablet and he says to himself you know I thought about getting a crappy little windows tablet but I just don’t know how well this is all gonna work who do I know they could answer some questions about crappy little tap oh I know a guy Todd so he sends me his tweet this morning says hey there’s this crappy little tablet on woot what do you think about it what are your thoughts on so luckily for Louis I’ve got I’ve got a tablet or two sitting around the sit around stately Clint manner here and so I was able to give him a little bit of guidance so I thought I would share with you guys the the tablet that Lewis had in there has a 16 gig storage has one gig of ram it’s um it’s odd in that comes with a keyboard case which is nice and a USB on-the-go cable so that’s got microUSB on one side and a regular type a female on the other side so you can hook us be things up to this tablet so all together on woot this tablet was going to set those back seventy dollars and so I said well you know the important thing about these devices are there you know they’ve got crappy resources set your expectations appropriately low he’s like well it says it comes with office 365 and it’s it’s seventy dollars so i think my expectations are set pretty low I’m like all right great we would probably love it but here’s a couple of things I told him about this tablet comes with Windows 8.1 which is what most of these came with because there was some some licensing things that Microsoft change between Windows 8 Windows 8.1 that made these tablets very economic to sell and then with Windows 10 they kind of change it a little bit so you haven’t seen quite as many of those with Windows 10 but one of the first things you’ll do is you’re going to want to get Windows 10 on that thing and I’ve done that with a bunch of these and i actually have at least one tablet that has those exact specs on it 16 gigger of storage and 1 gig ram for day-to-day things when you’re just piddling around you know as much as you’re going to do with a tablet that size the resources aren’t bad but what I’ve found is I’ve got windows 10 on all of them now getting windows 10 on was easy because I just made a little boot USB Drive booted off of that and installed Windows 10 what has been tough for me on a bunch of these is getting the updates and so the little updates the little you know monthly thing to whatever they came out they go on pretty well but when the November 2015 update came out so that’s the 1115 update I had one tablet that I just could not update could not up it and I literally tried for a month month and a half to get that update on and it just wouldn’t go it kept running out of space now I’ve got these tablets sitting here and they’re doing little to nothing they have nothing on those storage wise so the one that has you know the 16 gig is storage you really end up with 14 some change you get the OS and a little off but there was nothing on this box it’s not like I had a bunch of hi-def panda videos or anything like that on there but the way the windows does the upgrade it was downloading the upgrade and there was enough space for that and so I put an SD card and they’re like a you know 32 gig micro SD card then it could download the upgrade but then when it actually try to do the upgrade it would run out of space again and for a month I try to do that upgrading couldn’t get it on that that machine and so one of the great things about Windows 10 and all this agile development that they’re doing is they’ve continued to improve the installer and last week after you know again four or five weeks at trying I tried it again and they had tweaked the Installer enough that it actually worked so my advice to Luis was if you’ve got one of these devices you know don’t expect to upgraded a lot because you know updated a lot because these kind of things but it’s out there in the chat room Sean McDonough posts utility to a good little tool that I’ve used also this is a tool that you can use to make bootable USB drives and so for Sean and I we’ve used it for windows 8 and windows 10 for my raspberry PI’s I’ve used it for raspbian as well and it works pretty well it’s a tool called Rufus and the URL to Rufus is our UF us dot a que yo IE and that will be in the show notes for those of you listening to attract write that down you’ll run off the road adorable but Rufus is a great tool basically appointed in iso file you pointed to the USB Drive you say you know go go Rufus and it works I have had zero problems with Rufus Sean’s had zero problems with Rufus neither Sean or I are very smart and if there were problems to be had with Rufus we would have stumbled across them the only problem that I have had with Rufus is when you make your bootable disk you have to tell it if it’s going to be bios or yuffie and I mean I have messed that up and picked the wrong one before it’s like I’ve tried to use the BIOS on a device it only had you for your vice verse or some of them but other than that works like a champ so I guess my advice to lose us or to anybody else out there if you’ve got 70 bucks and you want to screen uh you know that’s probably money well-spent now it’s funny because independent of

this conversation with with Simon one of the things I’ve been doing is using the stuff I talked about last week in podcast 275 about saving the windows 10 those screens that show up before the the log in the spotlight pictures for those of you have Windows 10 these are those beautiful pictures usually landscape pictures to show up before you log in before you hit the spacebar or whatever last week I talked about an article on windows central that talked about where those files are hidden where they’re stored and I you can copy them out so I’ve done that I wrote some powershell that copies O’s out renames them and copies them into one drive and then I’ve got one of these little tablets that I’ve got because I’ve got one or two sitting around just running a screensaver on that so it’s like a little a little picture frame that’s got these beautiful pictures on it so we all have our things no you could have pictures of your kids you know pictures of your cats or dogs whatever for uh for 470 bucks it’s you know stuff too tough to go wrong but just be careful of the upgrade that’s all I’m saying is I lost a lot of time with that so another thing that I’ve been playing with that is not sharepoint but is fun just the same is Arduino hobbyist boards so for those of you that went to ignite in Chicago last year Microsoft was talking about Windows 10 and the Internet of Things and they announced that there was going to be a version of Windows 10 that would run on raspberry PI’s and that’s a little oh I got right sir all right little raspberry pi so these are little $30 computers normally you put a Linux variety or a bear variant on there raspbian is a pretty common one but it’s actually a little computer it’s got ethernet it’s got USB it’s got an hdmi out it’s got a desktop if you put the regular raspbian thing on it and fun little computer so Microsoft has given those out to encourage people to put Windows 10 on them and develop things I put Windows 10 on it and was thoroughly unimpressed at that point Windows 10 for the Internet of Things didn’t do a lot of things didn’t do network things like that so I got kind of frustrated and put raspy and on it but it got me thinking about this whole maker thing and and and all the the things are going on out there so I started looking out of projects that I would want to do things that I would want to try to accomplish with this raspbian and what I figured out was all the the projects that i wanted to do were more Arduino type things than raspbian projects so let me talk about the difference here for a minute raspbian is or the raspberry pi is a full computer again it’s just a computer it’s a linux computer you can hook up a keyboard up to it a mouse up to it cruise the web send email do whatever and it’s just a computer now it’s got I opens and things like that on it sooo and it’s got a connector for camera but again it’s it’s a computer it’s a computer a lot of people use it for the internet of things but it’s a computer arduino ‘he’s are what’s called microcontrollers so arduino zar not computers they are window boxes don’t have display ports or any of those kind of ports on them but they are more Purpose Driven they do like 11 task and what I found that I wanted to play with was tasks like you know figuring out when the dryer is done and sending me a text message or anything like that and so for Christmas I asked for one of those arduino variants for Christmas now 11 crazy thing about Arduino is that it is open source but it is open source hardware so the company that designed the Arduino open source the hardware and a bunch of companies can make Arduino devices the device that I went with was one called a link it one and I got a package that had a link at one which is an arduino compatible board and then a little shield thing that sits on top of it they could hook sensors and all that up to it it’s been a lot of fun I’ve been playing with that for the last two or three weeks and then just having a blast learning all this it’s been tough so I’m obviously not a hardware guy i’m not a programmer and all this is written in c and i just don’t don’t have a lot of background on that and haven’t been doing the arduino thing for a while and so I’m having a lot of problems but I’ve been figuring out solutions to all of them so it’s been a good time but you’re probably going to see some blog posts on the the problems that I’m having and the solutions that I’m having their I’ve already put one out there about a compiler problem that I was having with the leg at one and it’s just it’s just my nature when I fight these solutions to these kind of things to share them with everybody and so i’ll probably be doing a couple more of these if you’re you know if you’re listening to this podcast you you know you play with some of these software things and you probably like gadgets and all that there’s a lot of fun to be had with these little hobbyist things and project things and it’s it’s all you know it’s time again i’m going to be 42 here in 10 days when i was a little kid I had all the little radio shack you know 201 kids

and built built those and loved all that I’ve been up you know a nerve my whole life and this is very much like that but it’s you know 30 years newer now they got better sensors and you can write software for him and all that and I’ve had a lot of fun so I’ve built simple little things like I’ve got a little thermometer thing that I built now it’s got an LCD display and and so it’s a lot of fun they’re Arduino devices are everywhere and so I’m your NBC it’s a blog post on that if you guys have any curiosity about that kind of stuff if there’s any listeners that are doing those kind of things let me know I can talk about them on the podcast I think there’s probably some podcast material there there’s you know this whole internet of things and we just we just lost sean mcdonough in the chat room I said compiler and I think his heart seized up on him yes so so Sean to make it even worse I was trouble shooting some includes that weren’t showing up you know the you know the compiler couldn’t find some dot H files and I had to go through and edit my environment to point it to the directory with the the include files that I needed I know that that makes y’all very happy uh but if there’s interest in that kind of thing let me know and I’ll talk about more but it’s been a lot of fun I’ve had a had a blast with it really really good stuff the next thing that’s kind of been in the news last week was CES the Consumer Electronics Show out in Las Vegas I’ve never been to CES I want to get to a CES I may be my new year’s resolution for 2017 will be to go to CES a lot of cool things out there one of them in there you know this is all things that will probably never see but one of them was kind of cool and something that I think’s on sale now and it is a vector smart watch everybody’s making smart watches right now I’ve got the band there’s the pebble Samsung has forty seven hundred different smartwatches apples got a SmartWatch now everybody’s making smart watches and I really like the idea of smartwatches I like this idea of wearable technology and technology that’s doing things for you and but the problem is they all look dorky they all look like smartwatches when I was looking at the the CES press announcements for this vector SmartWatch it kind of it had three unique qualities that I really liked number one it offered a metal band to these smart watches even if they look like a watch like a regular watch they got leather bands or plastic bands for whatever reason I don’t know if I just wasn’t hugged enough as a child I don’t know what it is but I only wear watches with metal bands that’s all I wear now there’s one exception to that and that’s a watch that i bought for you know it’s like a waterproof watch that I wear when I play around outside things like that but other than that all the watches that I wear when I’m around grown-ups have metal bands and most smartwatches don’t have that so the vector has a metal band and it looks like a watch it doesn’t stick out like I’m a dork wearing a computer on my wrist so I really like that one of the more amazing things about the vector SmartWatch is that it has a 30-day battery 30 30 30 day anybody who’s got any of these fitness devices or smartwatches know that you got to charge the thing about every 75 minutes all right maybe every couple hours but certainly every day I have to charge my band every night that’s just how these things are this vector says it’s got a 30 day battery and it does this by a variety of things that’s got a monochrome display so it’s not doing fancy color it’s the it’s a very passive eating kind of display it does the thing like got apple watch and the band is where it shuts the display off unless you turn it over it does a bunch of things to keep the the battery usage down 30 day battery awesome that is great that’s amazing so it looks like a regular watch that’s that’s above average it’s got a 30 day battery that’s amazing but that is not the most amazing thing about this phone the most amazing thing about this phone and I couldn’t believe it I did one of those things I imagined myself in like a mel brooks movie where i did a spit take and then you know rub my eyes and I confirmed this in two places it says this on amazon and on the vector a web page itself this SmartWatch has a Windows Phone app for it holy crap I thought it was a typo it said Windows Phone like Windows Phone they even make phones anymore that’s crazy and then I was letting my god clearly that’s a that’s a typo that can’t be so then I went to the UH the vector web page and that is well just copy here the vector web page and it said sure enough if vector watch com sure enough iOS and

Android and then Windows am I get out surely they mean that this is like a Windows app or Windows universal app or something like that and I clicked it and it took me to the Windows Store for Windows Phone an honest that God is a Windows Phone app I I was floored I could not believe it I should have went out and bought a lottery ticket cuz that things up and going right now um but there honestly is a Windows Phone app for this brand new watch now before you know reality folds in and upon itself and and life as we know it has changed and all that kind of stuff I checked out the app it has 8 reviews so we’ve got this Venn diagram between Windows Phone users and vector SmartWatch users they just the two kind of just kiss in the middle there um 8 reviews for a total of two stars so the app is not that good apparently doesn’t connect to the watch real well freezes up every once in a while but but god bless them they made a Windows Phone app for the SmartWatch I kind of want to buy one just to support that but anyway if you’re looking for that so in the chat room because I have a good variety of people I’ve got some some ladies in the chat room and they both mentioned that the watch still looks like it’s for men it does though I will say in their defense it has a round face like my might to so here but there’s also like a square face one I can’t tell if that one’s really super big or not but yes it does still look a bit like a like a man’s watch but they’re getting their they’re getting their leagues it’s good so that was kind of cool I did not order a SmartWatch the vector SmartWatch because I don’t know if I would wear it or not but I like it and I did what I also say but this my notes and it mentions that tablet that the Lewis I’m Minetti mentioned that I was talking about did not buy one of those either I know you all probably just assumed that I did and didn’t even think about it but I did not buy I have not bought a tablet in like it it’s been months since i bought a tablet i did not buy that tablet so anyway if you’re looking for smart watching you want one they’ll work with your windows phone though if Twitter and my facebook feed our to believe nobody has a windows phone anymore every single buddy except for maybe shane has abandoned the platform but it’s out there laureates right Lori’s got one you have to though okay so I did sneak in some SharePoint content here kind of by accident I think I don’t know what it’s doing here I mentioned this a couple of months ago but it bears repeating starting in October the october november and december see use for sharepoint 2013 break federated search and break the cloud search service appt alright so that’s not new if you’re using the federated search for the cloud search service happen you need those things to work do not put the october november or december cumulative updates for sharepoint 2013 on your farm it will be nothing but sadness and suffering the good news is tomorrow second tuesday of the month you know what happens the second tuesday of the month that’s right arba never let benevolent overlords at microsoft releases those tasty see you bits and i believe i have reason to believe that that search area will be fixed in the january 2016 acumen of update so if you fallen victim to that patch and things are broken get your test environments ready so you can do some due diligence on that january 2016 see you but I think that search area search error will be fixed with a patch from tomorrow sharepoint 2016 the latest public beta has a similar bug I think I haven’t checked it lately but I think that bug is still out there speaking of sharepoint 2016 of course that will be coming out sometime this half of this year so make sure you’re out there testing that the public beta is out there you can play with that and that brings up another thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about if you want to get these patches that I’ve talked about the January 2016 see you all that you can go out to Todd Clint calm / SB 2013 patches or builds sorry SP 2013 builds and has all the bills just go to the bottom get this one I am in the process now putting together my SharePoint 2016 builds page and I would like your input so if you’ve got things you like or don’t like about my sharepoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 pages let me know let me know what I can do better for 2016 I’ve got some ideas Lori and I’ve been brainstorming about that we’ve got them some things we want to change but this is your chance I’m democratizing to SharePoint 2016 builds list so email me Todd Clint I rackspace com ripping up on Twitter at Todd Clint and let me know how you’d like to see see that look can i’ll be putting that I

but I mean to do that for the last couple of months and just haven’t haven’t decided on what I wanted to look like but we’re getting close to putting that out there it will be out there before rtm so for sure um and so I guess in the thing for changes you know format one of the things I keep threatening to do and I’ve actually got this prototype doubt is exposing that as an XML file so things like Brian la lancets auto SP installer can consume it or Tony Frank colas SP docket can consume whatever things like that any kind of alerts how you’d like to be alerted right now I’ve got Twitter accounts at SP 2013 patches and at sp2010 patches and then I’ve also got links on the change detection com website but if there’s any other way that you’d like to be alerted about new patches let me know any ideas that you have it all I would love to hear them Joanne has an idea I’ve already got her creative juices flowing outstanding Joanne you get a gold star for today I’ve been kind of slacking on my PowerShell tips and I wanted to bring this one up this is one that I’ve used in the last week this is from our shell calm great powershell resource obviously it’s not going to be cooking tips or anything with the URL like powershell calm this is a blog post on how to create color-coded excel reports now the example they give here is about running services a windows box you know net start kind of thing and but I always end up doing it for drive space on sharepoint machines things like that and what I want is some kind of easy visual indicator that something has crapped the bed and you know bread lines are a great example for that so I always forget how to do that because you got to build HTML and and what I’ve ended up doing for the reports that I’ve built is you know walk through machines walkthrough drives look for the error case build the HTML that has a red line of drive space you know free trade spaces between or below ten percent or something and then I email that HTML file out to a bunch of people and I use the send mail message command look for that so I’ve been doing that for a few years now but every once in a while I need to revisit that and I’ve just I don’t do HTML that much but this is a good easy way easy code here you can steal if you want to make color coded reports and you know then schedule the job to run and do whatever it’s uh it’s a good thing if you’ve got a manager managers like color and managers like getting useless automated emails I don’t know what it is about managers I don’t know if when you become a manager they take you in the room they may hit you on the head with something I don’t know I don’t know how this happens what managers love worthless automated emails with colors and graphs and stuff in them so this is a great way to get that to your boss I don’t know about you guys but review time was just a rackspace so I like to do these things right before review time helping out with that one a little bit and final thoughts here so my buddy mark miller a fellow sharepoint guy posted this on facebook today and asked for my thoughts on it i thought it was pretty interesting it was a wired com article and it talks about how podcasters need to rely on more than audio to get people’s attention to get new listeners and I agree with mark and it’s something that I think about a lot of the podcast I’ve been to this podcast at least seven years and a couple of months started this thing in March of two thousand nine and I the the listenership is kind of peaked that I get and depending on the month and and the quality of the broadcast and all that I get between 1500 and 2000 downloads per episode and that’s over and I want to look at it it’s usually over the month after the episode has been been released so it’s been mostly mostly steady over the last however long but it’s certainly plateaued early and stuck with that now there’s a couple things that play there the number of people who will put up with this is fairly limited so I’ve got a limited audience there there are more podcasts out there competing for people’s time better podcasts in mind certainly and it just seems like the podcasting medium there just a few people like I think if you took a random you know 30 something off the street and said hey tell me in 30 seconds how you can listen to a podcast I don’t think most of them could do it it’s just it’s kind of a nerd thing it’s getting better but it’s kind of a nerd thing and this wired article talks about some really popular super popular podcast things like cereal which is kind of the the epitome of popular podcast but things that that this american life and cereal and all these are doing that aren’t just audio to get more viewers and to attract more viewers and i think there’s a lot of good stuff in there so I’ve made some of these changes over the years and I’ll continue to make them but things like

brought up putting it on YouTube that’s that’s that doesn’t get a lot of traction about a hundred hits per episode but that’s a little something out there makes the broadcasting a lot easier to consume the live stream stuff fixing the audio you know compressing the sound I listen to a lot of music i strongly dislike audio compression in music i dislike it a lot but it makes sense in podcast that certainly makes sense in podcasts that are audio only and that people are going to be listened to in their cars so i’ve made those changes things like that but this wired article talks about other things like making you know 15 second videos and putting them up and having a vine site or something like that and so i’m gonna look some that stuff over but as always so it’s an interesting article it’s in the show notes down there but once again it would like your feedback this podcast is you know the way that people hear about podcasts is from other people to listen to podcasts so as a listener this podcast what what works for you what doesn’t what could I do to expand my viewership or listenership these are the kind of things that guys like Mark and I chat about and Mark and I’ve chatted about this many times it’s a good conversation podcasting has evolved and changed a lot since I’ve started doing it then it’s just going to keep changing but always interested in feedback so let me know what you think okay um coming up on my 30 minutes here I’ve been trying to keep these a 30 minutes I’m a little over tonight that’s honestly that’s another thing that I’ve done to make my podcast more consumable is not letting it go quite so long because I know if you guys listen to this podcast or anything like me I’ve got a podcast app that you know download podcast so when I’m going somewhere driving to the store looking for something to listen to outlook and if I see a podcast episodes like an hour and a half of like I just have time for that and then I’ll jump over and grab a plan of money that’s like you know 20 minutes or something so keeping it close to half an hour’s as part of that so shameless self-promotion we’re almost done folks you’re almost at the home stretch here have SP tech con in a month that is februari 21st at SP tech con comm in austin texas now the the conference goes for several days I’m only going to be there on Monday and Tuesday I’m doing all my sessions Monday and Tuesday I’ve got a rackspace thing that I need to go to on Tuesday afternoon for the rest of the week so please go to SP tech con go to SP tech con comm and if you’re at the conference come find me I rackspace doesn’t get have a booth at this one but I’m going to be doing three sessions I’m going to be wandering around looking sad and lonely if you’re a podcast listener or if you’ve been to one of my sessions before just want to come and say hey goodness sakes just come up and find me shake my hand introduce yourself I’m pretty friendly guy anybody that’s that’s met me can can attest to that but I would love to meet you but you got to do it in the first couple days because I’m taking off tuesday afternoon or tuesday morning sometime so find me I’m you while we’re there that’s SP Tekken calm februari 21st through 24th in austin texas and i can’t announce it yet the inks not dry on the page yet but I’ve got another conference that i will be at ending this year one of many hopefully but one that I’ve got some stuff coming out so that probably be all announced that one next week so tune in to podcast 277 to find out where else you’ll be able to find me and like Daniel Glenn says no Chad getting a big ol hug just do it don’t even give me any warnings run up to me just lay it on me I love it alright everybody thank you a chat room I’ll stick around for a few minutes don’t you guys go anywhere everybody else thanks for tuning in I will see you guys next week thanks have a good night