VIDEO 1: BDM Big Dog Complete Front End Removal, triple tree, fork tubes, tire, brake caliper…..

so I’ve been asked by some for members to maybe make some videos as I’m moving along this is my 2005 Big Dawg Ridgeback chop doing some work guy I was actually rebuilding it and I got asked to do some videos handlebars triple trees thrown some info here and there so I didn’t put it all back together yet we’ll do that in little video segments so we’re kinda big dog one huge caveat do not work on your big dog on a jack stand I know you’re gonna say I’m not stupid a lot of people don’t understand jack stands move get yourself a nice big Ram a lot of guys have them build your own I built mine out of wood two by fours my jack slides in and out this is removable I only put these braces on the front in the back to hold it jack stand on the back reason for that let me take your front end off even though the motor sits right here it gets back heavy so you really really careful it’s a 700 pound bike and well I guess first thing any mechanic will tell you disconnect the battery I do not have the original ECM I have what’s called a wire Plus kit 374 don’t know if you can see this hope so see power is on I pull my fuse put it somewhere so you don’t buy another one not necessarily in your mouth turn-key yep another not all right good Barry’s just connected but the fuse somewhere you can find it it’s my bike you know I’m break anything I want so I mean it’s really up to you what you decide to do scratch it tip it over just some four warnings one question was anyway this is the fender I got four bolts here pulls it onto the fender struts which mine aren’t on anymore neither are my brake caliper housings on the front for you any further disconnect battery remove your gas tank held on by four of these on the bottom that’s it gentlemen shut your pet off mmm I said pep talk I’m so alone anyway anywho shut it off when you disconnect your hose from your carburetor it’ll drip a little bit so that’s up to you yes my garage is dirty but I actually know how to get all these spots out that’s a bonus anyway once your tank comes off be very careful again I’m redoing my whole engine so my engines cut but these are the bumpers for your gas tank okay if you’re doing anything else make sure again like everything’s covered up you don’t want anything falling anywhere this is how they’re held on once you pull that tank off these might stick to the bottom you’re carrying your tank over here these will drop off guess what Murphy’s Law they’ll roll away after you buy a new set yeah you’ll find them so anyway that’s a caveat there but why are we taking off the gas tank well underneath the dash tank here I’ll show you look around you’ll find all your plugs for your speedometer your turn signals start I mean starter four-way flashers everything is underneath the tank so if you don’t want to cut wires just take the time it’s really four bolts just connect your carb hose again there’s my engine we’ll talk about that when I make a video rebuilding it completely redone that’s a 569 cam out if you’ve never seen one I’m putting a 585 in I’ll do a video on that too I said why not right chubs why not anyway it’s we’re at mark why do you blue tape on your I took my mirrors out there’s actually bushings in here again please do get a manual from one of forum members or if you have a service manual not the owner’s manual it has some really good detail diagrams in it where goes sometimes it’s hard to see if you have a bad cop you get a good copy sometimes it’s hard to understand but it is detailed so I put this tape over here painters tape so my little bushings and spacers in here don’t go missing am I missing anything anyway it’s your steering wheel tire like I said we’re gonna do is we’re

gonna remove the front forks tire anyhow and triple tree so I’m gonna get myself some gloves here I try to do videos without editing but sometimes late in the afternoon I forget to do things you do things however you want to it’s free country last I checked hope it stays that way yes I’m a man in black I like everything black multiple projects they’re working on Audi’s for 20 years so do projects for friends and other Audi enthusiasts as well but today we’re focusing on this oh five Ridgeback chopper again this was completely apart you’re asking me why it was well engines one thing front end was part because if you see other pictures of my bike my whole front end here my lowers were actually all black triple tree was black everything and I went back to the original chrome look so again we’re taking the triple tree off remember the bike can be back heavy so just make sure and never work on your bike on a jack stand make sure it’s secure doing a lot of this you really should have a buddy if you’re not comfortable with it a lot of these bolts are tight tight tight they have locked tight on them you might need a breaker bar friend be careful these are grade 8 bolts if you have to replace a bolt or something another caveat of mine is all the bolts in the hardware stores are grade five most of these bolts are grade eight why because this bike vibrates like crazy has lock tight on it you don’t want to bolt breaking on it anyhow I’ve taken all my breaks off everything gonna do front end usually my caliper would mount right here like so there’s a butt frame which I already have off these two bolts hold a caliper can let it roll over here if that’s what you want but since we’re taking the triple tree off you can see this goes up here oops it goes right in here right now that’s no problem we’ll get to that in a minute somebody asked me about the front end if you’re standing in front of your bike mine’s loose already I just threw it back together this is usually flush in here all the way through what you have here on this side on both sides is actually a 5/16 so you need two of those hold one side hold the left side when you’re in front of the bike like this with your buddy hold it crank it down you might need a crowbar you know pry bar whatever you need if it’s on there because when you put it back on you’re going to follow all the torque readings in the manual right because that’s how we do it anyway please do follow them get the right bolt sizes right grade bolt and do torque it get yourself a good inch pound wrench foot pound wrench anyway this thing here goes all the way through here duh this is a spacer this is a spacer now try to take the wheel off like I said if you can’t get it out don’t strip it put something you know and put the bolt back in screw it and pound it so you can pull it out here it will be in there tight now inside the wheel bearing here there is a little sleeve if you juggle the wheel up and now and bounce it around inside here that spacer will move and you will not be able to get this axle back until you straighten it out so be careful and when I pull this out of course spacers going to fall so but that’s what we’re doing right now like I had mines loose I put it back together for demonstration purposes when it falls just if it does remember where it rolls again I am careful with that because in here I don’t know if you can see it in the camera there’s a little spacer in there and if it moves I think you can see the edges over there this will not fit back in here see you can pound all you want and it will not go back in so I just did it but I know how to fix it so it’s all good and then of course we do spacers which is fine we shall find it we’ll see you like and see it see it in there a little spacer there just moves around with your finger bounce it around try not to bounce it around there’s the other spacer of course I put this together to hold it backwards but I just just falls over or something like honestly don’t have to find that spacer inside the wheel

bearing so anyway got these out you’re looking at this not too bad it’s not that hard guys and ladies stirring those up here three Force bolts you do not need to take your lights off you’re taking triple tree off unless you want to have it rechromed painted you need these out I’ll show you that in a minute but anyway here’s a little holder for your wires does all these three with your speedo turn signals all kinds of stuff this one over here heard it’s a turn signal lights and here’s your headlight mount real quick it’s actually a headlight mouth goes in here your headlight mounts on here the wire goes in here through that little nookie nookie nookie and limp Biskit through here again once your tank is off there’s a headlight everything pretty much easily on plugs what I do generally now I’ve done this so many times I probably skip the stuff but here’s all my wires they’re usually behind okay behind your clutch cable this is just to show you take these out the right plug fits in the right plug you can’t miss plug them so push down on top don’t know if you’re seeing this but here push down pull out so this is all my controls my speedometer or my turn signal is my four-way my lights these two already had unplugged other turn signals so I have these out then we got turn signal lights yeah generally you know guess what’s one plug so you don’t need to pay attention when left or right unless you take these apart from internally and you can get all these wires out and everything from this side through this little hole right here but you will have to take the plug off which I’ll show you in a minute anyway however you want to go from here it’s really up to you I generally first off loosen this bolt that’s currently still loose I’ll show you why show you why in a minute try and keep your tools organized so you don’t kill yourself anyway what is this one I don’t remember up top my head 3/8 yeah all right see that’s your bottom bolt just want to explain a little bit about triple here real quick if you’re boarding a fast forward at any time if you miss something not my problem again headlight mount this is your triple tree stem it holds this whole top triple tree or Forks so it is important right anyway on your clutch cable this screw right here I have it already it’s an Allen it screws into here behind here is an Allen set screw alright to get the triple tree off you do not have to loosen this unless you want to take the whole stem off now down here is another one it’s an Allen set screw this set screw and this bottom bolt well just Eman is what you use to do follow away and I’ll do another fall away video when I start putting everything back together finally so I have this one loose and this one’s cranked down don’t need it the only reason you would loosen it is if when you’ll see get triple tree out you want to stick to stem I’ll clean it up you know do whatever you want put Loctite in it anyway so Forks tubes for two bolt pinch screws mine are loose again don’t use an impact you know loosen them by hand first again my everything here I have is new I mean not new but it’s been off so you know don’t impact them loose don’t impact them in unless the manual says so follow torque specifications and if it says to put a certain type of Loctite on please do it’ll save you losing some bolts going down the road yes these bikes have issues but they were engineered pretty good as far as you know staying in one piece so just follow that again here’s this brake caliper probably shouldn’t let it hang there unless you know what you’re doing 3/8 in wrench let’s take that screw off put something down you know Matt whatever however dirty you want again I know how to get spots off my garage for

take it out yeah you will lose fluid again mine’s been off for a while it still will drip a little bit but this is your brake caliper here so anyway so this little drip when you put it back together these are the best I found yes they are Harley these are brake line gaskets what I like about these from Harley hoping to see the part number and get of any harley-davidson place they have gaskets on them rubber gaskets oring inside the breakline washer so they seal really well again of course once you take this apart you have to rebleed your brakes another thing about a big dog maybe you don’t know if you haven’t read the manual they take dot five brake fluid not three not that 4.5 brake fluid all right cool missing anything oh well you’ll tell me right all right anyhow so this is on this clamp you can either take the screw out this is where the wires run for your turn signal and pop it out or you know however you want to do that that’s really up to you I’ve had mine off a lot so I just do that why well we got to go through this hole anyway now I’m gonna I have this loose remember and if you pay attention I’ll tell you why you want to leave these on loosening this bolt I’ll show you that in a minute so this is loose I have my bottom set screw out which you should take out first because before you undo this bolt because it holds it in and it does your following all right cool so take my handlebars off so anyway again my bike I screw it up I stretch it’s on me you do whatever you want it’s really entirely up to you again don’t work on your bike on a on a motorcycle Jack make yourself stand by yourself a stand build it whatever you know it’s really up to you now we’re gonna use 3/4 of leave before socket so on here again I’m just gonna take these bolts out panel bars they’re coming off if we force be careful again once you loosen these your handlebar store and or strip the threads so generally a good idea have a buddy help you with this I usually take one side out what you need to pay attention to when you’re taking these out is these caps there hold your handlebar bushings in now if you didn’t know the bottom ones not Chrome the top one is so if they fall off which they will as soon as this bolt comes out a little bit the top one might go in my oil which it always does Murphy’s Law or you know but again I don’t know if you put it together yourself before and you’re like damn it looked better before it’s because the top on is actually Chrome bottom it’s just steel yeah went over there so at least I know where it is as you can see bottom one stainless top one tall yay all right so now that’s how I do it again I’d recommend having a friend so I just do this and when this if you guys will watch and tell me when my little top cap Falls I’d be really grateful haha because it will come out now because I’m a single guy come out a big-ass bike so once you get this one out again this is the stainless one on the bottom you can try not to lose the top cap I’m gonna guess I’m gonna drop mine in the oil pan I have down there because that’s Murphy’s Law here we go I’m gonna catch it there we go so you don’t have that screw out over here I hope you can see it it holds your clutch cable you’re gonna have problems here remember to take that one off again this is not recommended unless you know you know what you’re doing or you don’t care are you really careful so it took brake caliper off why does he write here he had that big caliper on you wouldn’t be

good enough so now they get your handlebars off you’re this far this is that screws talking about there’s a set screw behind here and again before you loosen this take this off so I’d recommend unscrewing this first getting it out if that bottom Allen lock screw is not in you have no fall away whatsoever so I’m gonna take this part slowly talk or I’m doing it again these are turning signal lights unless you want to repaint rechromed remember you loosen these up we’re doing the fork tubes now make sure you loosen these up small pull them out a little bit pinch bolts four of them for a date remember lock tight grid eight you know yeah you’re back this far it’s really not that hard anymore see that one in three eights that’s your fork tube cap put it on minor chipped up I have covers over there if you can see so I don’t really care I also have some other fork tube caps anyway you might need a buddy hold the bike again for a pry bar to get it loose once it’s loose you know just unscrew it be careful these are now pinch bolts now some people have trouble getting these out again my whole trip while everything’s been off so I haven’t tighten anything down because it’s making this video so it’s a little different if it is tight you know wd-40 PB Blaster whatever put it in there so it slides nice but anyway again mine are loose I’m just for demonstration purposes remember these are Chrome they’re heavy we’re back to that’s why I have the thing on the back case the bike tips back but anyway once you have these one and three-eighths they come out there’s a washer here just remember that rubber bushing which is actually what seals your fork tube so that I’m not out of fluid washed out so now twist it you know if you have trouble getting it out be very careful it will stretch easy boom whoa what’s that anyway put the cap back on remember there’s a fork fluid in there when I get my other Forks back from being recalled I will do a rebuild video gasps man did an awesome on on big duct biker that’s where I learned how to do it I’ve done a bunch of them by now but again without big dog biker if you’ve never been on the site I would have never learned how to do any of this and then a blow on the bike up anyway on top here so where handlebar was right these are your handlebar bushings you could driving down a road rattling screeching whatever you know there’s a bunch of variations but sometimes it’s just these bushings see make your steering wheel shake so you know take them out if you have to if you want however you want again nothing of Mines been cramped down yet so and I know where everything goes good anyway now we’re gonna do the other side all right mine’s loose remember it’s heavy always better to work with a buddy on these trust me again washer rubber fork seal we can get four pre-built kits from a bunch of vendors I usually get mine from Curtis at well steed works calm he’s got a bunch of big dog parts great guy so a bunch of other vendors if you need some vendors you know go to the cider shoot me an email I don’t mind caps on what I want to point out here is remember when the wheel was on standing in front of bike the bike rotor was on the left side looking at the bike from the front this is where all your brake rotor your brake your brake mounts right in here there’s a bar in here and your caliper mount goes on top of here with these two bolts these two bolts up here are on both sides that’s your fork brace mine is off and this is where your fender mount mount on these two so remember this one when you’re putting them back in you’re just looking at them like this they look the same right they are not the same the one with all these indentations here that’s the one that goes on the side that the brake rotor does on the right side you can rewind and see how the wheel came up but this one goes on the right side of the bike when you’re looking at the front of it all right it is different so I got bushings everything out so reason I said to loosen this fall away and this

before taking her tubes off tubes tied did I see tubes off anyway that’s not it by the way as a joke always buy good tools if you don’t this is what happens anyway now we’ve got our three-eighths again remember I said to loosen this bottom stem cap bolt right here why because if you don’t it’s been on for a while riding thousands of miles watch what happens to the top of this triple tree oops they can’t get stuck the reason I loosen this before I take these tubes out is just because of that reason okay because it holds it mine’s loose again now your stem you should have that Allen bolt in there so in the back here on the top which will hold your stem which is screwed into the top in so when you’re loosening this and you finally get it loose the only thing that should come out is this bottom the unscrew it be careful again as they say so once it’s loose it comes out that like I said I was putting mine together ready so that’s a brand new bearing lots of grease on it I like grease you’re supposed to grease bearings anyway so this being again we left turn signals in I’ll show you in a minute how to get the plugs out of here this is your bearing on your bottom of your triple tree I pump a lot of grease in it this little groove here held them these four screws they hold this little what I call bracket in it’s actually your steering wheel stopper make sure these are tight these are hex star keys okay make sure this lines up I’ll do a video on putting it back together otherwise you’ll be doing BMX tricks with your chopper and spinning your wheels around alright so anyway this is the bottom bottom grease can be messy bottom bearing okay like I said I started putting my bike together and somebody said why don’t you start doing some videos for cap screw about them if you can see so it looks like it’s a 3/8 it’s hollow you can look right through it you use a 3/8 or look Starkie however you want to do it if it’s tight tight please use the appropriate tool again my bikes used so fork cap screw these are pry bars I use for some projects anyway so now I’m gonna wonder huh right no actually the rest is pretty simple we’re this far believe it or not just lift it out there’s my top new bearing I put in lots of grease I like grease again I’ll show you here real quick this bearing you can pull it off slide it off however you want there is this washer on top goes on the top your triple tree and of course I’ll have to clean my bike like crazy when I’m done but I’ll do it while I’m reassembling it so see this cap goes there you can look at the manual this cap this now do like the manual says if you take this off remember I can’t see it in there really well but Alan setscrew is supposed to be in there afters not getting one loosen that up get yourself some presser prescient ranch or a wrench and this is normal righty tighty lefty loosey and then take it out if you try and take it out with this little allen set in here guess what it won’t come out and you’ll strip a bunch of crap and break stuff so anyway that gentleman is about n ladies is about it once you’re this far you need to look in here that’s there’s a little we call that brain fart sorry whoo that is your bearing cup right in here it sits inside here you need special tools inspector really really good clean all the grease out look for hairline cracks top and bottom like I said I just put mine back together I took it apart to make this video but if it’s cracked get new ones it’s really really dangerous that’s about it except you want to know how to take your wires are you turn signal huh well sure it’s actually not that bad I will show you

with a new plug and show you how I take the lens cap and the weather seals off really quick then I’ll call it a day and I’ll have a happy hour drink cocktail so I got a bunch to do it four different tools you know it’s a dentist tool you’re like what do you need that for well you know work on cars and stuff long enough and bikes all kinds of neat little tools I got here right I mean I know I don’t do fillings or pull wisdom teeth so don’t ask anyway on your turn signal caps they’re actually quite simple when you take them off just be careful if your hands are really dry honestly believe it or not they just come off use plastic or rubber remember chrome is brittle polished as worse boom take it off Oh Lord what’s this anyway so this is your turn signal and that this is your weather seal mmm keeps water out of it it can be tricky to get out you can rip you know the rubber around it so be careful again my bike do what I want if I break it I fix it I break it I buy it right see it just rips so you gotta be careful with that because you honestly do not want any water going in there and don’t pull on the lenses so this is about the hardest part of the whole deal is getting you know these things out maybe I should head over this but anyway once and it’s pretty tight fit it’s weather seal so uh that’s your plug inside right I have RGB on there because look at that red green black the big R is for right side so now you’re saying well I have to cut the wires to get them out of that small hole man it’s like now we’re gonna fit right dude right bro anyway since I just made mine all new I’m not going to screw with that I’m going to show you how to do it on a new plug anyway that’s it push them in make sure it’s tightly sealed when you put them back together so you will have to you know on that light turn signal lights front and back you ever take them off you will have to pull those out there’s three wires in there one at a time make sure you label essentially what’s in there is one of these plugs I redid mine anyway this is what the plug looks like we just were looking at plugs into the back of the light you’re like oh I have to cut wires now these are actually really hard to see and when you get old as me these are hard to put on but anyway basically these slide in like this inside that light housing they snap in on this plastic tab once you push them in plastic tab lifts up and the metal so I have extras cuz I break everything twice before it picks it if you have the lights out and everything and the wires undone you’ll have plenty of slack nor is there give yourself a little dentist tool tiny tiny screwdriver and again it’s hard to do one person but you are those clips here on the wires are clipped into these plastic tube and the metal sticks up here so basically what you need to do is get something really tiny two ways you can do it I’d recommend the first lift this plastic up like something really really small on the front it might be a pain but lift it up pull the wire out or push the metal down what happens though when you push this little little piece of metal down here it’s hard hard to see the clip sometimes it bends in and it won’t clip back in and then the wire just falls out so that’s about that thanks for watching and I’ll make some more videos as I go along putting it back together and motor I’ll do some fall away fork screws brake line bleeding all that might take two to three weeks but as I’m going along I will gladly do that thanks guys thanks for listening hope it in boria see ya