Saturday's Wrench Ep.15: Wheel Bearing Install – Honda CB350 Build

hey guys what’s going on and welcome back to saturdays around in this episode i think what i want to do is clean up these rims I gotta clean them up I gotta buff them off it just a little bit get them ready to spray-paint so what I’m gonna do here what I’ve decided to do is basically clear coat them with the spray can the reason I have decided to do that is because the rear hub you can see the rear hub here and in the rear harbor are these little rubber bushings so when you clear coat you need to stick the part that your clear coating in the oven to bake it now the rubber is not going to stand up very well to the baking process with the clear coat so one option is to remove the bushings I started to but then I realized that I was going to damage them and then I realized that I would have to replace them no I looked them up online and they’re hard to find but you can find them but they’re expensive maybe like 12 to 15 bucks each I think or something like that plus shipping and everything because I live in Canada they just gouge you and a lot of places won’t ship to Canada so it’s a little hard for me to find these not only that behind these bushings are these little you can see it in the back but they’re like little cap ends so it’s actually two pieces so those are impossible to find I couldn’t find those anywhere so you know I started thinking like you know how am I gonna get these out I started just being a headache and you know a friend of mine just said I want you to spray them with with paint clear coat so I got this wheel gloss clear coat stuff duplicate color and so now what I’m gonna do is clean these up I’m gonna clearcoat them hopefully in this episode we’re gonna install the bearings so gonna clean these up and then we’ll get on to spray painting and hopefully installing the bearings all right as you can see I’ve gone and masked off the inside I just going to spray in there so masked off front too I know just don’t want to spray in there so I toss them all off it should be good to go it’s getting the last minute well any last minute marks off and then and then we’ll get them on the driveway and we’ll spray on okay so I’m gonna use this dupli-color wheel gloss clear coat eight to ten inches away so I’ll do two light coats well I’ll do one light coat wait ten minutes do another light coat wait ten minutes and then do a medium coat and then I gotta let it sit for like seven days so we might not get the bearings on today I might have to come back next week and do them but uh that’s alright I’ll get to shaking this up and then put on that first light coat so I wasn’t gonna mask off the inside of there but I thought it would be a good idea just the mask off so I went in put some tape inside here and here just because I don’t want to mess with the tolerances for the bearings so just make sure you umass that off and then spray this can and then we’ll get the first coat on all right so you can see the wheel the hubs here are just drying off like went through three coats I put two light coats on and then two and then one really heavy kind of a heavy coat so um we’re gonna like these dry for now and then but I ball I’m gonna let them dry for about a week so I need seven days so I have to come back next week and get them but we’ll let them dry they are produced it is producing some kind of like a white you can see a little bit of a white residue on there I’m not too crazy about that hopefully that dries clear we’ll see I don’t know it’s it’s kind of regretting this process I don’t know I’m hoping like you can see a little bit of the the texture on the other paint I know if you can see that but I’m not too crazy about it so we’ll see what it looks like next week when I come back and then we’ll we’ll take a look and hopefully it’s not too bad I might have to start over but anyways yeah so they’re drying for now so in the meantime all those hubs are drying I just have a bucket full of super clean I’m just cleaning up some of the bolts I get a clean this the axle bolt I still need to change those grease

fittings so I’m gonna get onto that hopefully soon but I’m gonna have to call it quits for now because I can’t really put the bearings in the hubs while they’re wet so he can’t handle them for another three hours so we got to leave those hubs to dry for seven days so let’s just skip forward seven days and I’m back it’s been seven days I even grew up a playoff beard just to mark the occasion I’m a seven day journey through editing time anyways we’re back in the garage and we’re back to see the hub here and you could see it’s been settling for seven days and it’s still a little bit not as glossy as I’d like it to go so it is cleared up though so the paint has gone a little more clear if you can remember as I said before it was when I first sprayed it it was kind of white it was leaving this white residue which I really didn’t like at all but it actually over time it cured on to the part here but it’s just really it’s got this dull texture to it I don’t really like so I’m gonna try and spray it one more time give it one more coat and then hopefully that gives it a little more of a glossy look it’s good right now it’s just a little dull for my liking but I figure if I give it one nice coat one more nice coat of them make it nice and wet look a nice wet glossy look to it I’m just gonna go back outside right now give it one more coat and then let it I gotta let it cure for about three hours before I can put the bearings in so I’ll just go outside and spray it and then I’ll be back so also while I’m waiting for my hubs to dry and I have the parts in the metal rescue I’m just cleaning out the points intact cover I went through with some W it was kind of rusted and pitted I just sprayed it with wd-40 and I use this sanding sponge here and just give it a nice little clean now it did right it did kind of scratch the surface of it and I’m not sure if you can see it they’re trying to put it in the light so this is the one I haven’t done yet and this one I have I actually don’t mind it it looks kind of cool it’s giving it like a dull brushed metal look I thought it was kind of cool to make contrasts with the shiny parts and the bike and I don’t know what’s cleaning it up really nice so I’m just gonna go ahead do the other one and then yeah I know a bit of a random day today but I might as well do stuff while I’m waiting for that thing to dry I might also actually mount the swingarm ah but we’ll see but so I’m just gonna clean this one and then yeah but the wd-40 and the sponge pad work really well together I get that takes the rust right off who knew wd-40 in the many uses alright so I’m just gonna do this other one and then just move on from there so here we go a finished product I’m pretty pleased with that looks pretty good not super shiny but um you know they’ll stand out a little bit on the bike because I’m planning on painting the main part of the mortar black I have the cover it’s a nice shiny aluminum then these will be a nice contrast between that nice brushed metal look so a little wd-40 and a hundred grit sanding sponge and get some pretty good results so pretty good results and then these will be ready to go back on the engine when I get everything together oh right so what are we have here on the benches I’ve got the hub all spray painted now it’s nice and dry it’s been drying for three hours the results are pretty good I mean a lot better than when I first started when I first sprayed it it was uh they were really dull and I didn’t really like the process but it it’s after over a little bit of time at gone ahead and like cleared up and the shine is kind of coming through now when you do this be careful because uh there was a few times when I was over sprayed us a few of the spots and it started to drip now so just a word of warning when you’re doing something like that it’s really take your time and try not to over spray certain areas but anyway so that’s that’s ready to go I’m gonna try and maybe install the bearings and do it now and and then we can get it sorted out that’s pretty much all that’s left to do on this on this hub over here I have a little container filled with metal rescue so this is metal rescue and I have my like I showed you before I have those exhaust flanges in here and that’s doing a pretty good job it’s been in there for oh I don’t know maybe two or three hours and that’s already starting to come up really nice I just gotta brush that with a metal brush I’ll leave that in there for 24 hours I think and but that’s starting to look good I’m

really impressed with this stuff so so that’s just soaking away there so just just trying to get little things done while I wait for waited for these hubs to dry and now we’re gonna try and get the bearings in so I have the bearings in the freezer again the same process bearings in the freezer to contract them and I’ll just use a little bit of heat on inside the hub here just to heat it up just to try and expand it and hopefully it’ll slip in so when you go online to go All Balls calm you can download this download and print this instructions here and it gives you like basically the proper way to install these bearings so what we’re going for you can see and figure figure one here so you could see in Figure one here it says this is the correct way to install you can see on the left here how this bearing snug with the with the bit with the hub there’s a little lip in there and you want to get one of them snog flip it over and then just do the other side you want to get the you want to get that spacer in there and then snug the bearing to the spacer so you could see the wrong ways to do it if you get both of them on snug with the hub you can see that the load is gonna be pushing on the inner part of the bearing and that’s no good same with the other way around you want you don’t want the the spacer sitting right in the middle between them because then the then the load is gonna be on the in source area on the outside of the bearing in the inside or so the two inside of the bearings so that’s not good you want your load is equal to as possible so this is the this is the correct way we’re gonna try and do it we’re gonna try and get the bearing in snug with the hub in here I gotta get it inside this lip and now you can see there’s a little lip in there you can see it right there we’re gonna try and get one of the bearings snug with that lip / put this put the spacers in and then get the other bearing snug with those I have my Pichet here so I don’t mess anything up you want to take a screenshot of that basically just gives you the proper way to put their bearings in you could see the spacer goes in and there’s this little other other little spacer here that goes in on the the crank the crank side the chain side so I’m just gonna take my masking off here wheels the hubs looking pretty good I can’t wait to get these spoked up so we’re gonna do I’m gonna start with this side actually you know what I’m gonna start with this side I’ll get the bearing snug with this little lip here you can see that little lip there along here I’ll get the bearing snug with that and then we’ll flip it over put the spacers in and get the other bearing it’s not with the spacers so I just have this to get heat gun here my dad found this pretty nifty little toy I just figure it’s a little bit easier than the torch so just like works like a little bit like a hair dryer but a little stronger so trying heat up the hob in the middle so what I have here is the oil bearing so I smashed the out of this one trying to get it out so I have the old bearing I’m gonna use this with smashing a new bearing all right so we got the cold the freezing cold bearing out of the freezer here looking nice and new I don’t think it matters which way it goes so we’re just gonna stick this in trying to get it as flush as possible no nice and straight and if you enterprise any pressure at all you want to apply pressure to the outer race only knock the inner race okay just try and get it as flush as possible and we’ll get this other bearing know what I’m just gonna you I think I’m just gonna use this plastic to nail it in here it’s an it makes it nice in that’s going in pretty easily so we got the first one

seated so that’s seated against the hub there’s a little lip in there definitely make sure it’s seated only applying pressure to the outer race here okay now we’re gonna flip it over and then we’ll get our space here so you should have this spacer in this space here and according to the instructions the this main spacer goes in first you want that sitting as perfectly as possible then you see this this shape of the spacer you want to put this flatter larger side in first put a little heat again all right so we got our other baron here and some fresh nice and cold so again doesn’t matter which way it goes at both the same side so I’m just gonna line it up so I just realized that this little piece actually fits inside this bearing here so it’s gonna fit it in and then just get the bearing in there and then we’ll use the other old bearing and start smacking it in now with this one you wanted to smack it in until just so that inner spacer is touching the other spacer it’s actually pretty good now it was like moving around before but it seems to be snug just so let me just check on that so make sure that that that spacer inside isn’t moving around you definitely don’t want that little spacer if that long space are inside you don’t want that moving around so on that old bearing in here this this is why you don’t throw these things away right away because they’re gonna help you put in your new stuff so okay so I got it so there’s no not really any movement there’s no space it’s just nice and snug with that inner inner spacer in there now and it looks pretty straight from these angles so I’m gonna call that good so we got the bearings and saw that wasn’t too bad you can see it still spins using looks nice and straight I’m gonna call that good so here’s my front hub I think I might have over painted it a little bit on getting a little bit of a bat horrible texture on it and on the sides pretty smooth but I feel like after but week these air bubbles will come out of the paint I’m pretty sure they will they’ll cure out of there so make sure you don’t paint in here because you don’t want to mess with your tolerances here okay so um so yeah we’ll start again the same thing so this one has this one has a seat here and there’s no seat on this side which tells me that that’s gonna sit against this here’s the spacer for the front hub so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna seat the bearing into here you can see the little lip right there we’re gonna seat the bearing into there and then do the same thing with the front hub we’re just gonna that we did with the rear hub we’re just gonna flip it over put our spacer in and then snug those snug the bearing to the spacer so this is the drawing for the fish eh for how the front line goes in so you could see here this spacer and want to put this side to where the speedo goes so the part that flange is outward do you want that for towards the the speed outside so this should sit in there like this no I mean it’s gonna go oh this will be like this will fit into this side like this I get that nice and snug in there alright so here is the All Balls bearings for the front hub and they both have the same part number on them I’m not sure if you’d see that but they had the exact same part number on them so and they look the exact same side so I’m gonna go ahead and assume that the they are both the same size and they look to be exactly the same so these are interchangeable so you can put them in whatever side you want so I’m just gonna stick this one in here and that’s

already pretty snug so I’m just gonna heat up the hub again with this nifty gun and get it in there try and try and feel it there and take a look from the back just to see if it’s seated and again we want that sitting flush in that little seat there bearing still moves really well I’m gonna call that good grab our spacer and flip it over and you want these smaller flange here see there’s like this side is out more on this side so that not as not as spread out you want the smaller one that’s gonna go in and sit up against the bearing you could try to put it the other way but you’ll know it’s wrong because it won’t fit so just just keep that in mind so we’re gonna put this one in here and and we’ll put the other bearing on and get it flush with this little spacer so you can see through the ball you could see through to the bottom and then you could see you can kind of line it up so just shine a little bit of light in there and then you’ll be able to to line it up perfectly probably gonna knock it off with your hammering but just trying it as best you can try and keep that balanced in the middle it’s gonna take my punch and go around like clock and try and work it in just sitting on the metal brace try not to get that rubber part go on a hammer that blue rubber part there just the outer race only so still got a little bit of movement here at jiggling around in there just a little bit more just trying to keep it straight and then hammer it in there’s probably a way easier way to do this but I’m doing the best and I’ve never done this before looking from the side and go straight on it looks to be pretty flush in there but I’m just gonna give it a little more snug to the spacer because uh I don’t want that moving around too much in there all right so I think I it out oops the bearing it’s not spinning I’ve Haring it in too much there’s too much of a load on the inner races and now nothing spinning so I’m gonna have to get these pulled out I can’t stress enough uh I mean you guys are learning for me I’m a little frustrated right now but that was my bad I punched it in I took this one in a little too far on the outside there was a little bit of play there I was nervous about that but I guess that was probably normal so now I punched it in and there’s just too much pressure on this inner race here and you can even see it’s popping out a little bit so lesson learned I don’t punch them in too much or get someone who knows what they’re doing cuz it’s clearly that up so I’m gonna have to get this fixed now it’s gonna take me a lot of time to get that out it’s gonna cost a little bit more money than I want to spend so being careful when you’re doing it um you can’t screw this up they’re a like I can’t even get these out there’s nothing for me to punch out I needed a bear a construct I need a bearing extractor tool and now I don’t have one so this is on the back burner for now I’m gonna have to get it sorted out hopefully they can remove the bearing without damaging it and then I’ll get it put in properly so I’m gonna have to take this to a mechanic oh well anyways all good just moving on we still have our back one and that’s fine this thing’s moving pretty good it’s not too bad at all and they look pretty flush in there everything’s good I’m gonna go ahead and get the retainer and then I’ve put in the new seal so our kit comes with the two bearings and the seal so we’ll just fit this in and then the flat side goes inside the dust COI should be over though just push this right in all right so it’s hammered that in Mike just goes in the back of this

cover cover then just screws back in so this is a nifty little tool from motion pro there’s only like five bucks pretty good you don’t have to use your goddamn needlenose pliers to get this anymore but what it does is has these little prongs and it just fits right in there now you can turn it so I’ll use drive it with a socket so there you go so now my bearing still moves it’s nice in there nice and snug and tickety-boo now we can get ready to put the spokes and stuff everything on this bad boy so that’ll be the next step I might have to see that for another video but we got the bearings in all right guys I think that’s gonna wrap it up for today we got the rear hub at least done the bearings are moving I got the retainer in there this is ready to get laced up but I’m gonna have to cut it short today because I have to go now oh it feels like the clock just runs really fast when you’re working on this stuff just a little recap I have my exhaust flange components in there sitting in metal rescue have my other bolts for the front for I’m just getting those ready for hopefully we’ll be getting the forks together really soon so I’m just getting all of the bolts and everything cleaned up just to put that back together easily I screwed up the front hub I’m gonna have to take that to a mechanic maybe or find someone with a tool now to extract a bearing back out kind of shitty but I mean hey now you guys know how hard that stuff is it’s I mean it was like a millimeter maybe tolerance um I should have just left it alone I was in there snug enough but um but that’s okay I’ll get that sorted out so that will be next getting that front hub sorted out I have my back hub ready get the front help sorted out then we’ll get these wheels finally laced up but then next up so it’s going to be putting the engine back together I might just have to I might just try and seal the bottom cases get those all back together and we’ll get that going so not nothing too crazy today but we’ve got a lot of work done I mean this is all necessary stuff though I’m just going through all the stuff and hopefully I mean next episode will be the engine so that one’s gonna be a little bit better so stay tuned for that and we’ll get those get the front hub all fixed up and we’ll get these wheels laced up soon so that will be coming up on Saturdays wrench so keep it locked the engines gonna be next so next we’re gonna be taking it home we’re gonna be getting this engine back together I can’t wait to put this engine back together I can’t wait to show you guys all the parts and stuff that came from bortac everything is looking amazing and I can’t wait to get those components back together on that engine so that will be coming up on Saturdays ranch so keep it locked please like and subscribe guys and show some love and thanks everyone for your emails and your support I mean your comments and I really appreciate it and I’ll just want to shut up to my boy Dillon what up son the super nice guy contacted me personally and I love getting your emails and your thanks and I’m glad you guys are digging all this stuff so thanks for watching thanks for the support and please come back again cuz this bike is just getting just getting fun we’re getting the Andrew back together we’re gonna put everything back together soon and I really appreciate you guys supporting so stay tuned and it’ll be back again