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JH: Hello! BH: Good day! JH: It’s really great to be with you “Pour It Out” family Now, listen When Jesus said, “All things are possible,” what if He meant it? And if He said, “Nothing is impossible with Me?” What if He meant that? Today we’re going to lean in and release miracles, the God of the possible in your life BH: Come on, get ready for things to shift, things to change, those things that look impossible to suddenly become possible Let’s do it. “Pour It Out!” BH: Welcome to “Pour It Out” with Ben and Jodie Hughes BH: We’re so excited to be with you today because we’re talking about one of our favorite things to talk about, and that is that nothing is impossible for God And I want to say this right from the outset Nothing is impossible with God, including the things that seem impossible Sometimes we can make that statement We can say that, yeah, we think All things are possible except the impossible stuff Right. But that’s not that’s not what it says It’s all things. I want to read you a couple of scriptures. Are you ready for this? Matthew 19:26. “With God, all things are possible.” Luke 1:37, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Mark 10 :27 “With man It’s impossible but not with God for all things are possible with God.” Matthew 17:20 “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you will say to the mountain move and it will move.” Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh Is there anything too hard for Me?” God sees Himself. “I am the God. I am the Lord Is there anything that’s too hard for Me?” And I want to tell you today, like I’ve already said, you know, “Nothing is impossible with God.” Nothing is even a little bit hard for God JH: Yeah BH: Not only is nothing too hard, nothing’s even a little bit hard for God JH: Well, God stretches our faith in the journey that we go on, doesn’t He? And, you know, I often say faith is like a muscle if we think about just physical exercise Faith is like a muscle And so, in physical exercise, as we stretch and we do exercise, our muscles stretch our muscle strengthen, well, faith is the same as we exercise our faith, our faith stretches, our faith grows And what we were believing for last season, now we can extend the borders of our faith And that actually is one of my personal prayers I pray all the time I say God extend the borders of my faith May I continue to push what I’m going to have faith for, to believe and extend what I’m going to believe for and to say release through my own life that we can activate a stretching of faith by leaning in for the faith that we have, stretching it for taking a hold of the mustard seed faith that we have and asking God to grow that and stretch it in our life BH: God has had us on this journey over the last 20 or so years where He has been doing exactly that, stretching our faith, stretching our mind, stretching our hearts to belief the impossible And I remember at the beginning, I wanted the beginning things for me of this journey. I was actually listening to David Hogan, an amazing man of God He was talking this was about 20 years ago And I remember him telling this story He was sharing how God had told him to go to this particular village in Mexico And he was driving his truck and he came to a river and the bridge was out and the water was flooded. And he said, God, what am I going to do? And God said to him, he said, Well, I told you to go to this village He said, But God, the bridges out and God says this, He says “Drive into the river.” And so, he does He drives into the river And as he’s going into the river, suddenly the entire truck is submerged Right. And of course, he is still okay, but it’s dark. He’s under the water And he says to God, he says, “God, it’s dark And God says, “Turn the lights on.” Right And so, he turns on the headlights and drives right through the bottom of this river and up the other side JH: Isn’t that amazing?! BH: Amazing! Mind blowing JH: Crazy. Yeah BH: So, I remember hearing this story, you know, 20 odd years ago, and it completely shifted something on the inside of me And it’s like, okay, God. And I prayed a similar prayer to what you’ve just said God please increase my creative capacity to believe you for the impossible Because sometimes, you know, it’s not even that we don’t believe that all things are possible Sometimes our minds aren’t renewed to the point where we can come to an impossible situation, where we can come to what looks like a brick wall We come to a place where it looks like we can’t go any further and this is not going to happen

And we don’t even think about praying about God opening a door or making it happen some way But when we can have this increased renewing of our mind to believe that all things are possible with God, it completely changes it Now, I want to share a bit of a fun story really quickly. And this is I wrote about this in my book When God Breaks In And it’s one of the encounters that I talk about because it was just so crazy what God did We were shifting, moving house. Right And we were lying in bed I remember the two of us the night before the next day we were moving We had a four bedroom house full of furniture, and all we had coming was one pickup truck And just, I think Three or four guys the next day Not only that, at seven o’clock, the following night, on the same day we were moving house. We had to preach We had to go in Minnesota two hours up the road and we’re lying in bed And I said to Jodie, I remember saying, “How? God? How is this going to happen?” JH: And it wasn’t poor planning We need to say we’d used every asset we had available to us in that moment BH: We didn’t have we didn’t have any finance, we didn’t- JH: Mmm, yeah! JH: But, you know, God was doing this thing in us where he said, “Don’t worry about your life.” “You don’t worry about your life I will take care of you.” So, we’re lying in bed We’re going, God This is an impossibility I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I believe that you can make it happen Yeah, it’s going to be fun finding out how Well, the next day I remember this, this pickup arrived with our friends and they came into our house and they had the same response that I had had the night before I remember them looking around thinking, oh, my gosh, how is this going to happen? And so, I said this I said, “Look, let’s just take everything from the house and let’s put it out on the front yard Let’s put it on the lawn out the front of the house, and then we’ll assess it.’ And we’ll go from this stretching of our faith muscle Right We’re just going to we’re just going to go for it So, two hours, we put everything out on the front yard, on the front lawn right now, just as we were kind of bringing out the last thing This is where it gets crazy We lived down a side street This was not a main road, a main thoroughfare It was in the burbs It was a quiet street We just finished putting everything out the front when all of a sudden, this big white truck, this big white truck pulls up and stops right out the front of our house The truck brakes go off (Choooo!) like this And this driver, truck driver gets out He’s smoking a cigarette He’s just like a real kind of hillbilly boogie kind of guy He just comes walking up and he goes, “Oh, God, I see that you are moving If you give me forty dollars for diesel, I’m yours for the day.” And me and Jodie and all the guys that were with us, their jaws all collectively dropped JH: Yeah, it was crazy! BH: What on Earth just happened And it turns out this guy was not just a truck driver This was actually a removalist, what we call in Australia, like a moving guy He moved people for a living So, he had all of the gear He had the, the trolleys, the carts, the ropes, the whole thing And in the space of, what, 20 minutes, he loaded the entire truck by himself We were just in the way He loaded the entire truck by himself and then he drove off And when we got to the other end, I remember feeling like you need to help him He’s like, now you’re just going to be in my way, right? So, we stood back, and he emptied this entire truck again JH: It was amazing I remember running up to him at the end, remember? And I grabbed him, and I thanked him, and I blessed him I said to him, look, I don’t know if you’re an angel or if you’re a person, but either way, I want to bless you And I don’t want an angel in my midst without saying thank you to you and thank you to God It was that supernatural, wasn’t it? BH: Yeah It really was And I mean, that might sound like a crazy thing, you know And it is a crazy thing But this is this is what the God journey that God adventure is like Not it’s not only big things, you know, it wasn’t hugely, you know, incomes You know, we’re just moving, do you know what I mean? But God cares about the little stuff And he is the God of all things are possible Wow JH: Amen And He’s so kind God, He’s so kind God grows us in incremental steps And yes, there’s a there’s places where we take a leap of faith and God stretches our faith But I want to speak over you Just tell the fear to go that when you’re on a faith journey with God, that it’s just always going to be scary God is kind We serve a God, a kind God We serve a God who gently takes our hand and says, come on, let me grow you Come on Let me show you When He’s growing us, He’s showing us that He is truly the God of the impossible, isn’t He? And He does it so gently and kindly BH: So, I think we need to ask that question You know, when Jesus said, “Don’t worry about your life, what you will wear, what you will wear, where you will live.” He said, “Do not worry about your life.” What if He meant it when He said that? What if He actually meant it?

What? What do you mean? Of course, but Yeah, but do we believe that? Do we believe it when He says that? Do we when we get to these situations where we think this is impossible, nothing’s going to happen Do we see a brick road or do we actually? Is our mind renewed to that place where we can go? God, I believe that all things are possible, and you are the God of the impossible Nothing is too hard for you Nothing is too hard We have another situation, actually Just a couple of days ago, I mean, we were driving here to come in, to come and film this show Right And on the way here, on the first day, our car broke down Can you believe it? And it was a Sunday It was a Sunday afternoon Chic-Filet was closed, it’s Sunday afternoon And the alternator is completely broken down on my car There’s nobody to fix it We’re in the middle of nowhere And I remember I had to try and fix it myself This is just a simple, practical story, because I think we can all relate to these kinds of situations and say that that’s probably not your greatest gift JH: Fixing the car BH: Right Right I’m not a mechanic I am not Right But the only thing we could do was try and fix it myself We got to like an auto parts store I bought an alternator and I had to try and put it on myself And I did everything I could to put it on But it was just too hot It was just too hot And I had tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried And I remember I came to the point where I just had to say, God, I believe all things are possible I need your help I need your help I need it And sometimes we love to just kind of give ideas to God You know, I, not that He needs our ideas, but sometimes it’s good just for ourselves to say, “God, here’s has some of the ways that you can do this You can have an angel appear right now and come and just begin to fix this for me You could make a brand-new alternator appear exactly where it should be right now You could do any number of things You could send a mechanic who could help me right now.” And so, I just begun to pray And sure enough, I went back inside, and this was not going to be something that could happen And I told the people inside that the auto parts store, hi, I’m struggling with this And sure enough, he came out He didn’t really know what to do either But the two of us got the job done We were able to get it fixed and completely and drive again You know, this is one of those situations where you can get it’s just very practical You know, this is not a small thing, but sometimes we find ourselves in these situations where it’s like, “God, I need the God of the impossible right now.” JH: Yeah BH: And I know that you care about me I know you care about us Right And said, God, we just ask right now, we could do something impossible And some of you are facing impossible situations And I believe right now, today, there are answers God is going to do something from left field, completely unexpected and so, God, we ask for the God of the impossible to come right now I speak to your impossible situations and we command them to move right now God do the impossible We’ve got some more fun stuff to tell you right after this break We’re coming up very shortly Are you ready? I hope so Hope you’re ready This is going to be good >> Aussie revivalists Ben and Jodie Hughes more at PourItOut .org JH: Hello, “Pour It Out” family! We are, we’re leaning in for an extension of our faith that we serve a God of the impossible And we know that Ephesians 3:20, it talks about the “God of exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or imagine.” You know right there that that this is actually saying that our thinking sometimes can limit our faith that, well, even we imagine sometimes can limit that, that the borders of our faith And so that there, Ephesians 3:20 is telling us that we serve a God of exceedingly abundantly, more. And so, we can start to pray and decree over ourselves that we you know, we serve a God of exceedingly abundantly, more so God extend what I will believe for extend my imagination, and my ability to believe the things that I haven’t even imagined believing for before. Why is that important? I’ll tell you why that’s important, because we always want to lean into the God of the moon. We want to see more miracles break out in our midst. We want to see God extending what He’s doing in our world And if we truly believe that we are a kingdom ambassador, then we know that where God sends us revival is going to break out in and out of our own lives. So, I tell you, if you’re going to be a walking, talking personal revival, then we need to know that we serve a god of the impossible We need to know that we serve a god of exceedingly abundantly more because we’re believing not just for our own breakthrough, but we’re now believing for the breakthrough of others

So, God, expand our capacity, expand our faith to believe, but not just my breakthrough, your breakthrough, but to believe in the breakthrough of others in our town and our families in our region and our nation God be the God of exceedingly abundantly, more in my prayers, in my decrees and what I’m believing for, amen And you can start to stir up an extended stretch, that faith muscle, and it becomes important when the rubber hits the road What do I mean by that? When you’re faced with a circumstance that’s impossible, when you’re faced with a situation where you need the God of the impossible to show up That’s when we need the Ephesians 3:20 faith grown and the borders of what we believe for grown in our own circumstances Great story. You want to- BH: That’s why it’s so important, you know, because we need to know ourselves that God is the God of all things are possible for ourselves Because the idea is then we can get past that, like you said, and begin to believe that God is the God of all things are possible for biggest situations for everybody else That He- and part of God being the God of the impossible is that He is the God of solutions, that He is the God of impossible solutions when things look impossible There is a way because we know the God of all things are possible And that can be to some of the from the smallest problems in society to even the biggest problems of society God has called us right The church, the body of believers, the body of Messiah, to be the ones who can bring solutions to impossible situations because we are believers in the God of the impossible So sometimes it’s really good to have these little stories about ourselves JH: Yeah BH: You know, to think, okay, yeah This renews our mind We can start to think differently JH: Absolutely. And I often think like this if, if we’re not believing for the God of the impossible to show up in our nations, who is if we’re not believing for healing in people’s lives, who is we are the people that God has called to be believing. You are the person that God is called to be believing for the God of the impossible to break in, in our real circumstances and in the real circumstances of the people of where we live And I remember being in hospital again, another hospital story You know, I’ve had a health journey And for me, that’s been my journey So, it’s where I’ve seen the God of the Impossible show up. But I was, you know, being sent to the emergency department by my doctor And I’m going to share the brief version You can read the longer version in my book, you know, The King’s Decree But this is what happened I went home first before I went to the emergency department. You know why? Because I knew before I walk into that atmosphere, I need to get in my heart what the Lord is saying to me I need to still myself in the atmosphere of the glory and be able to hold on to what God is saying to me right now So, I just started to pray Now a crazy thing happened He’s the God of the impossible, right You know what’s funny? We often say we serve a supernatural God And then when God supernatural, we get surprised Crazy, right? And so, I was sitting there and I’m praying, and the TV was on in the background, really soft. A news presenter was giving the news and I’m just praying and asking God, speak to me, God, tell me what you’re saying, Father. I decree that you are the God of miracles I heard the news and all of a sudden, I heard the TV cut out There was like a catch And I heard a different voice cut through the TV and say, Zerubbabel And then I heard And the TV began to just do the news again Now, first of all, I was like The TV literally just something cut in I don’t know how it happened. But word came out of the TV that spoke direct to me, a rebel Now, I understood immediately what that was referring to Zacharias for, which is the chapter over our ministry, poured out ministries and in Zakaria for seven, there’s a verse that says this a mighty mountain water You, you will be nothing before you will be leaving ground before the hand was irrevocable And so when I heard the words spoken to me, Zerubbabel, I knew God was saying, “You get off that couch, Jodie, and you stand and you decree the truth of God, that I am the God of miracles, that I am speaking to you. Just like I spoke to the rebel And you need to speak out Mighty mountain water You are nothing before that hand of a rebel You’ll be but level ground And I’m telling you, the God of the impossible is speaking to the church in this season. He’s speaking to all of us Is He saying to us, He’s encouraging us, stop speaking about the mountains and speak to the mountains and decree that the mountains become level ground? And in that moment, I knew that God was saying, you speak to these circumstances,

you tell them to get out of the way to be level ground and release Breakthru The He is the God of the impossible JH: Amen? Amen! BH: Wow JH: Amen BH: And, you know, I want to share another really cool story. I was just reminded of how God is the God of the impossible And like Jodie is saying, you know, it’s so important I want to say again that a mind is renewed to know that God is the God of impossible solutions, the big things and the small things I remember I had this hard drive, this computer, hard drive, you know, one that you plug in. And we had seven years with the photos stored on this hard drive And it was photos of our daughter when she was young, seven years with and I dropped it It was my fault. I dropped this hard drive It hit the concrete tiles Right. And I thought, oh, no And I picked it up and it rattled. Right It rattled and they don’t rattle And I plugged it into the computer, and it was completely broken I got a quote for it It was going to cost a thousand dollars at the time to try and retrieve the data off it And we didn’t have a thousand dollars at the time to do that. And so, we were heartbroken And I put it on a shelf and a couple of weeks later came back and some suddenly it’s like the gift of faith just fell on me. I said, “God You are the God of nothing is impossible!” And I remember I picked up that hard drive and I don’t know how you pray for a hard drive, but I picked it up and I said in Jesus Name work Be fixed. And I just knew. I knew And so, I quickly ran I grabbed the computer and I plugged in and sure enough, boop, it came up and all of the photos, everything worked I mean, this is it once again, one of those little things that is impossible But when you know that God is the God of the impossible in the small things, He is also the God of the impossible in the big things. He is the God of impossible solutions and He is working impossible solutions for you right now JH: Yeah And so, we just released that over you right now that the God of the Ephesians 3:20 is expanding the borders of your faith Even now, He’s doing it with kindness and He’s holding your hand and He’s saying, hold my hand I’m going to take you on a journey where I expand your faith and I show you that I truly am the God of infinitely more And He is expanding what we’ll ask for He’s expanding what we’ll believe for, He’s expanding what we’ll lean in for And He is saying to all of us in the church right now, every single one of us, that I am bigger than you think I am And that is moving in our circumstances to release the very atmosphere of heaven and bring things into alignment with the promises that God has spoken over you So, we just release that right now We decree that the God of the impossible, that God said all things are possible with Me, that He is moving right where you need Him to show up, right now in this season And He is bringing alignment to the things that are out of alignment in your life BH: Yeah, wow, God, I thank you! As Jodie’s praying right now, God, that you are working. Not not only are you working the impossible, God, you don’t just, you don’t just break down walls You bring about situations that are better than we can even hope or imagine exceedingly above and beyond. And so, Father, I pray right now For our friends, for our brother, for our sister watching, and you are facing an impossible situation I pray fiercely I pray for a gift to faith to come upon you right now. The Bible says that we can earnestly desire spiritual gifts And in Corinthians, it talks about one of the spiritual gifts. Is faith So right now, I ask for that gift of faith to come and fall upon you, just like it fell on me to pray for that hard drive I ask at that same level of the gift of faith would fall on you for your circumstance, your situation. No one will Really crazy story One time I lost my wedding ring I took it off right And I left it at a restaurant I run them up. It was gone And this way, of course, it’s a special thing to me And we got home and Jodie, our daughter, Keely and I, we all prayed We said, “God, would you do something? Would you bring my ring back? We believe that you are the God of all things are possible.” Well, believe it or not, yeah My wedding ring appeared on our white leather couch It was gone And this is the wedding ring It’s special to me, obviously, not just to us, but also it was my father’s ring And here it is God brought it back It appeared on our white leather couch right there And you can imagine Oh, my gosh God is the God of the impossible And he’s bringing an impossible breakthrough for you today. Ha! Thank you, Jesus JH: Yeah BH: Well, JH: You know, I love, I just love Zechariah 4:7 as we talked about a mighty mountain What are you? You’re nothing before the hand is of Zerubbabel Why is it important that God sent Zerubbabel? You know why? Because Zerubbabel was just a person Just a person with a call from God, just like you. And God was saying

Your hand, your voice Your life is powerful When you partnered with the God of the Impossible, you carry all the authority of heaven to speak to mountains and see them become level ground So put out your hands right now because we’re decreeing an increase of authority, kingdom authority on your life that your voice, your faith, your words, your declarations are shifting mountains in your world and your sphere of influence right now, today >> And we decree that you are a mountain mover, that you are a kingdom catalyst of hope, and that God is moving in your circumstances to release heaven today Thank you, Jesus Yeah We just say “Pour It Out” on every person’s life, on every person’s circumstances And if you need to re- activate your relationship with Father God, we say it with me right now Jesus come into my life Jesus, I trust you and Jesus, you are going to use me to release miracles in my world and in my family in the name of Jesus, we bless you “Pour It Out!” BH: “Pour It Out!” We love you!