Jacksonville University Class of 2018 Master & Doctorate Commencement Ceremony

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you good evening welcome to our spring graduate commencement celebration at this time the presentation of the colors will be conducted by the Jacksonville University Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps we ask you to please stand or remain standing during the singing of our national anthem please parade the colors please join Mikayla right Ju class of 2018 accompanied by Skyler Miller Ju

class of 2020 as they lead us in honoring our country with our national anthem light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave please post the colors everyone please be seated good evening and thanks to all of you for coming out on such a beautiful night this is a special evening we have thrilled to have you here to celebrate it with us I’m Tim cost Jacksonville University class of 1981 on behalf of the entire Jacksonville University family it’s my distinct honor to welcome you here thank you to Michaela for that beautiful rendition and thank you to Skyler Michaela is graduating this coming Saturday with a Bachelor of Music than what you might guess vocal performance I’d also like to thank our Ju honors brass quintet for the beautiful prelude and processional music gentlemen you can find each of our student musicians and vocalists in your program on page two if you’d like to see their names and their years of graduation I’d like to thank our highly experienced bagpiper mr Michael Thomas who let us in Ju class of 1996 and our senior mace carrier dr. s Walker Blanton who joined our faculty in 1968 doc we say thank you and congratulations on 50 years of service to our University to offer our invocation we’d now like to invite to the podium a truly outstanding young alumni of this University class of 2010 ms Audrey Moran Audrey is a great friend of the University who contributed significantly to what we do when she was here on campus including the leadership of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and as a student athlete Audrey is also the eighth member of the Moran family to become a dolphin a streak we hope to continue she’s helped energize our young Ju alums as a member of the Alumni Board of Governors and now as a board member of the graduates of the last decade the gold spin society Audrey if you’d lead us please Thank You president cost it is an honor to be here today with my fellow graduates alumni and esteemed guests please join me in prayer dear Heavenly Father thank you for gathering many family and friends together in joy and gratitude on this beautiful evening to honor the many accomplishments of the class of 2018 as their names are called to receive their degrees and honors may our graduates also remember those who have

supported them along this wonderful journey may this celebration remind our graduates faculty staff and guests that hard work creativity and sacrifice can make a positive impact far beyond one individual in your name we pray amen Thank You Audrey very pleased to have the Moran family represented here with Margo and Andy here tonight I’ve been working hard here over the last several years to commit ourselves to a global presence in the world environment so I hope you’ll look behind us here and see that we have a number of flags from around the world and to show us that tonight we’ve invited Stephanie Lundy at Gutierrez to join us here a former presidential fellow who’s graduating tonight with her MBA Stephanie Thank You president gust ladies and gentlemen allow me to draw your attention to the flags posted across the platform tonight standing beside the United States flags these flags represent the 18 home countries of our graduates including my home nation Venezuela Jacksonville University is truly a global institution in over the course of his history has graduated students from all 50 states and more than a hundred countries and just as important as the many places from which we come are the places we will go next as we walk into a vibrant and competitive global market at this moment our alumni live work and succeed in hundreds of locations across our world thanks part two the university’s emphasis on international know-how learning that crosses all disciplines a study abroad experiences internship opportunities an early career exposure all gained during students time here and now I ask that you join me in applauding my fellow graduates as we leave this campus and enter a brave new world Jacksonville University class of 2018 Thank You Stephanie as she was a tremendous presidential fellow we look forward to seeing where her career goes from here in accounting and finance you know as we’ve grown here over this on this campus site now there were 84 years old it’s a testament to the depth and the size and the character of this university but for the first time in our history we have a separate celebration and commencement event for our masters and doctoral students tonight this tonight we’re gonna award 351 degrees across multiple fields of study in the masters and doctoral level and two days from now we’re going to award more than 650 undergraduate baccalaureate degrees it’s an exciting time at this university and for me personally this is the 11th commencement ceremony I’ve been honored to preside over and the excitement of a dedicated ceremony for the Masters and the doctoral students was palpable tonight every student walking across this stage tonight is going to join the family of Jacksonville University graduates which now number more than 32,000 in our history we’re also excited tonight to welcome captain Tom Peterson j:u class of 2006 and president of the lending solutions division of Black Knight here in Jacksonville a great friend of the University his life intersects in so many ways were the lives of these students I think he looks out here tonight and sees an awful lot of graduates that he knows well you’ll hear more about Tom in just a little bit we’re fortunate to have a beautiful night but it’s warm and you’ve all got celebrations planned so I’m going to keep my floor remark short two minutes to our graduates I offer my warmest congratulations you’re a tenacious passionate and accomplished group you’ve demonstrated work ethic and energy we challenge you to expand your horizons and define new and better ways to contribute and you’ve answered the call at every turn you’re the reason that many of us feel our global future is so bright in this country and let me pay you the highest compliment I can is one alum to another this university is better since you’ve been here and we can’t thank you enough for your creativity and dedication to excellence to the many family and friends who are here with us tonight thank you for all you’ve done to support these students and their many successes we know you’ve

sacrificed a great deal and these graduates have reached higher and drempt bigger during their time here this celebration of their achievement tonight is a celebration of your achievement as well to our dedicated faculty who are here my personal thanks for your leadership for your scholarship for your partnership in this past year and for attending tonight in the first ever event of this sort thrilled to have so many of you here and to our staff at all levels I offer my personal thanks for extraordinary work you do every day I’d now like to recognize members of the board of trustees who are here tonight if they would please stand briefly I’d like to recognize trustee mr. Jamie Shelton and trustee mr. Chuck Woodhouse very pleased to have them here representing our Board of Trustees ours is an extraordinary board you should feel it is in good hands they have a commitment to excellence and they’re supporting every student and faculty member on this campus it’s now my privilege to introduce to you the senior leadership team of your University who are here on the platform each of them will please stand briefly as they’re introduced senior vice president for university and academic affairs our Provost dr. Donnie Horner associate provost dr. bill Crosby associate provost dr. Lee Ann Clements senior vice president for student affairs your Dean of Students dr. Christie Gover senior vice president for communications and enrollment and crowd Ju alumna class of 1986 Ms Margaret DS chief financial officer mr Randy Freeborn Dean of the Brooks Rehabilitation College of healthcare sciences who become acting Provost of this University next week dr. christine sapienza Dean of the Davis Dean of the Davis College of Business dr. Don Capener Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences dr. Sandra Coyle Dean of the College of Fine Arts dr. Henry Rennie Director of Athletics mixed mr. Alex Ricker Gilbert executive director of our marine science research institute dr Quinton white director of our Public Policy Institute mr. Rick Mulaney commanding officer of our n ROTC program and Ju alumnus class of 1996 captain Glenn Leverett chief admissions officer mr. Tom Taggart faculty and residence dr. Ramesh a Jakari Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer voted one of the top 50 basketball players in the history of the game 1971 Ju graduate mr. artist Gilmour did he stand could you tell chair of the faculty assembly dr. Mary Gibson directing our ceremonies out on the green tonight director of the Office of the President and Ju alumna class of 2011 miss Diana Donovan and helping run operations today to Ju alums from 2000 2018 presidential fellows mr. Jack burns and mr. Luke Mary both of whom be starting full-time positions next week at this university and athletics and finance thanks to all of you for being with us tonight now it’s my pleasure to introduce to you tonight’s commencement keynote speaker a proud Jacksonville University alum a loyal athletics supporter of all types and a treasured friend to this university and personal counselor captain Tom Peterson will join us after spending a quarter century of service with the United States Navy captain Peterson served the last 15 years of his time commanding officer or executive officer and retired as a captain his meritorious service included tours with the USS Donald B berry the USS Underwood Naval Air Systems Command in Maryland Special Operations Command Tampa Naval Air Warfare Center Orlando Norfolk Naval Air Station Norfolk Virginia and even time at Camp David in Thurmont Maryland his Navy personal awards are numerous and include two meritorious service medals you can read all about him on page four of your program and given his sterling reputation and personal and military achievements it’s no surprise that Black Knight has recruited nominees now a member of a terrific senior management team at that outstanding corporation Black Knight here in Jacksonville captain Peterson resides in Ponte Vedra with his wife Cheryl and his two children Callan and Trey he’s a past recipient of our 2016 Scott Amos award a recent alumnus of distinction he’s currently a member of the Davis College of Business Advisory Board ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming forward your keynote speaker a great friend of this University captain Tom Peterson Tom Thank You president cost

Wow I am not only thrilled but absolutely honored and privileged to be Jacksonville university’s first ever graduate keynote speaker and to be a part for this prestigious newly designed graduate commencement ceremony an evening of academic distinction and celebration for you are 351 soon-to-be graduates the next couple of hours are all about you but let me review my notes before we get started number one be welcoming number two speak no longer than 15 minutes less is best number three remember graduates are here to walk across the stage not listening to me number four deliver a stimulating life learning message oh boy number five don’t do or say anything to embarrass my kids okay back to my script first we are here for you class of 2018 congratulations parents grandparents families and friends welcome to the Board of Trustees president cost Provost Horner College Dean’s faculty Jacksonville University staff and esteemed guests thank you for including me in this auspicious evening let me tell you what transpired to bring me to this moment with you about six weeks ago I got a call from dr. Horner and he explained the exciting new concept of this graduate commencement ceremony I was thrilled when he asked me to participate and I immediately accepted later that same day I’m in the Ju downtown campus for a Davis College of Business Advisory Board meeting Dean Capener and president costs of course both attended during a break president cauce thanked me for accepting jus invitation and shared with me about previous commencement speakers one walked on the moon another ran for president of the United States and brought the Olympics to Salt Lake City another was an 11-time Award winner and the list went on no pressure right on my drive home I recalled that Tim and I met is on his second day as a university president that was more than five years ago and we’ve been great friends ever since now here’s what I knew I knew that Tim selects his words wisely and I knew that there was something more that he was communicating I believe it was this no I haven’t walked on the moon or made a run for the Oval Office I’m not winning an Emmy and based on my singing and dancing skills as my wife and children tell you I’m not winning a Grammy either but Who am I and what do I possess that those prominent speakers lacked well it’s something that you and I will soon have in common a graduate degree from Jacksonville University that’s right we are say you dolphins I told myself Tommy you can do this you can deliver a great message the class of 2018 when I told Cheryl my wife of 27 gee 27 years she was excited for me but probably thinking great one more thing to add to our busy lives but son my 12 year old son Trey said if there’s going to be food I’ll go next was Kalyn my 15 year old daughter and an IB student at nice high school who by the way just earned a varsity letter and as a freshman on the girls weightlifting team just a little bragging there Kalyn helps keep me grounded grounded she said Wow dad a University commencement speaker is a really big deal isn’t a speaker supposed to impart words of wisdom or something why did they select you she then made me keenly aware of the fact that this would likely be recorded or live streamed or posted on YouTube like forever Kalyn went on to say so whatever you do no lame jokes and no embarrassing me too late based on Callens advice I won’t perform the dolphin shuffle as originally planned but you should know I can do it warm your hands clap your hands dolphin shuffle you already know this but it bears repeating the ultimate mission of Jacksonville University is to prepare every student for lifelong success through applied learning academic excellence research leadership and service Jacksonville University core values aligned with my own and likely

yours as well we believe in quality learning and living experiences faculty and student engagement academic freedom honesty integrity mutual respect and service to the university the community and our society at large let me circle back to integrity for a minute compared to what seen across business and private sectors and public and government sectors our US military invests lots of time in the development of their future leaders and that’s something I truly admire when I was a young naval officer 33 years ago one of my Captain’s spoke to us about our integrity and I hope you remember what I’m about to share thirty-three years from now integrity is the quality of being honest of having strong moral principles and adhering to strong ethical principles integrity is the state of whole and tired or undiminished I can’t see it in the back this is my integrity box you have one two just like this when you live a life of principles wherever you are and do the right things instead of the easy thing when you make the right decisions and don’t cut corners when you do unto others your integrity box remains home but when you deviate when you skip over what’s right are dishonest with yourself or others or when you make poor decisions your integrity box is affected and before you know it you’ve lost your integrity don’t let this happen to you another hard yet valuable life lesson that comes to mind when I think of jus emphasis on applied learning and practical knowledge and my second nugget of wisdom is communication the art of communication skills are vital to every organization whether it be a household a hospital a corporation a school or a startup company and when I say communication I mean real face-to-face conversation not just the emails texts or social media with the exception of those who will leave these hallowed grounds and start your own company most of you will join a well-established workforce and chances are you will work for more seasoned managers that may or may not understand how to snap post taghoot I am DM tweeter retweet okay I admit I’m talking about myself so until senior managers can catch up with all of you I highly suggest communicating on some of their terms using myself as an example when I receive an instant message that reads hey or are you there I’m asking am I supposed to hate you back is this just a hello or do you want me to actually say something do I pick up the phone and call with today’s technology I can Skype for my Jacksonville office and have Houston Cincinnati Portland and India operations all on the same call in front of me we can tackle a complex issue together face to face ensure everyone understands what needs to happen and assign next steps all the while I can read body language measure each person’s tone and promote teamwork and collaboration this can’t be done with an email or IM there comes the Sun can you imagine if health care professionals decided to text patients a diagnosis yes it might save time and make the flow of information more efficient but imagine that diagnosis is bad news life-altering or unexpected getting in front of someone with a caring and professional manner will go much farther social media is fabulous and here to stay but please use it wisely I’m gonna go off script again for just a moment and focus on our Brooks rehabilitation of healthcare sciences and the Keigwin School of Nursing did you know that 44% of the students graduating this evening are from our tech wing School of Nursing program 148 148 with their Master of Science in Nursing and 25 with their Doctor of Nursing Practice Congrats soon-to-be Dr. Barbara Austin I know JU is proud of its Keigwin School of Nursing one of the most selected programs in the region one of the most rigorous and demanding programs in the country and a school that produces some of the best health care graduates in the world Beverly and Jack Keigwin your name is on the building so thank you for everything you do in support of Jacksonville University Dean Sapienza and associate

Dean Bergman congratulations to your entire academic team for creating this dynamic environment and helping to improve healthcare across our nation one graduate at a time and I believe this is the perfect segue to my next and final point regarding service to others and paying it forward over your time here I know you’ve heard president cauce talk about service to the University this community and society as a whole personally integrity and communication are top priorities for me but service rises to the top of that list as the most important I would not have spent 25 years in the US Navy serving and protecting our country if this wasn’t important to me I certainly didn’t do it for the great pay Jacksonville University does an outstanding job supporting and recognizing our veterans active duty military NROTC and others connected to our brave men and women in uniform this very evening 22 active duty military and veterans will walk across this stage and receive higher degrees will those graduates please stand for just a moment and be recognized thank you for your service now let me go one step further and give a shout-out to one graduate who has truly inspired me with her career thus far and I know she will inspire you as well lieutenant beyond cu Moser graduates tonight lieutenant Moser is a full-time active duty Navy officer and an instructor with Ju Zen ROTC program in her spare time she has managed to earn her MBA not just anywhere but from the Davis College of Business the only AACSB accredited private Business School in all of North Florida and South Georgia and one of the most prestigious in the South East Lieutenant Moser has a little more time here at JU then she will head to department head School in Newport Rhode Island after that she’ll be back at sea as a Surface Warfare Officer perhaps her story and accomplishments shouldn’t surprise us both her husband and her father are active-duty naval officers and a commitment to serving others runs through their veins congratulations beyond sea a service is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life I’ve served under numerous not-for-profit charitable boards throughout Jacksonville and over many years cup master coach assistant scoutmaster and loved every minute aside from activities with my family my favorite volunteer hours are the hours I spend on this campus right here with you I feel like I know so many of you because I’m hearing so often cheering on the Dolphins with my seasoned basketball tickets the Saturday afternoon football games baseball softball in lacrosse athletic director Alex Richter Gilbert Mindy McCord and John Galloway of the women and men’s lacrosse teams are all great friends to me and my family it has also been my privilege to chair the strategic initiatives committee for Dean Capener in the Davis College of Business and to be welcomed here as a guest lecturer numerous times and yes Black Knight sends a few employees each year to enroll in J use prestigious Executive MBA program I see you both here or as we like to refer it back at the office our $100,000 annual commitment to JU yes I believe Ju colors but you should know that this is a give-and-take relationship I freely give my time but I’m also taking something in return it’s a product actually one of the best and something that JU has refined the production of its you JU graduates Black Knight recruits the best and brightest and every year we find the best and brightest right here at Jacksonville University and we don’t stop there when it comes to recruiting I reach out on behalf of this University to my friends and colleagues at Fidelity National Financial FIS net Bank of America Merrill Lynch Miller Electric CSX Blue Cross Wells Fargo and more making sure they know about J use outstanding students why am I telling you this well I hope you’ll experience fulfillment as I have through service I hope you’ll join me in others as we continue to promote and support JU you as alumni and business partners and I hope you’ll find a cause that you are passionate about whatever it is and bring the talents you refined while at JU you do help other organizations finally in the few minutes we have left yes I’m almost done over the past six weeks I’ve

spent numerous hours on the phone or on campus talking with students professors and yes even a few parents preparing for this evening here are a few thoughts that stemmed from those conversations a few weeks ago the David’s College of Business CFA research challenge team won the America’s championship and today the team is in Malaysia competing for the world championship title none of these graduates could attend their own commencement ceremonies this week because they are representing us on the world stage in Kuala Lumpur that is so commendable and even though they’re not present to receive a well-deserved praise I want to congratulate Jamie Syme EMBA Henrique Creighton MBA and Maria Fuyeo who has earned her bachelor’s degree a quick word about student-athletes one out of every four JU students is a student-athlete the JU Student Athlete GPA is a phenomenal 3.29 at any given time we have 20 to 25 JU athletes working for Black Knight you are excellent students you are competitive athletes you demonstrate phenomenal teamwork and you are in demand well done there are many other folks here tonight who should get special recognition and though I can’t name them all I would like to welcome and congratulate our first cohort from Baker College of Michigan they have all completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice program a huge accomplishment Dean Leslie Morgan of Baker College couldn’t be here this evening but passes along hearty congratulations and says she needs you all back in Michigan soon just remember before you race up north there’s no snow on the ground in sunny Jacksonville I love seeing the evidence of how far and wide this university reaches and impacts lives there are five baseball players walking across this platform tonight all graduating with MBAs you have some mighty big shoes to fill as I know at least one former j:u baseball player who went on to do some pretty amazing things good luck congratulations to our new speech speech pathologists and well done Katherine Stengel there’s a parent and past classmate of mine in this audience tonight who graduated on this very stage with me about a dozen years ago the first time I met Scott’s son Evan he was only 10 years old tonight Evan receives his MBA congratulations Evan and Scott for the 89 MBA EMBA students graduating tonight many have told me they wouldn’t have made it without the awesome guidance of dr Barry Thornton and dr. Bob Boylan thank you we have more than 20 family nurse practitioners and ten psychiatric nurse practitioners graduating tonight these men and women will be meeting the mighty the needs for access care oh so vital in our community along with several nurse educators nurse administrators and health informatics graduates tonight well done from the numerous parents with whom I spoke especially those that do not live close by they have complimented ju repeatedly and are so pleased by the support that they and their students have received during this academic journey when hurricanes hit or when a final set JU ensured that students were prepared safe and well informed as one parent said to me if momma is happy everyone is happy one such mom is Jackie dish for our Appleton Wisconsin she couldn’t be here this evening to see her son graduate so she’s watching via livestream Nathan she sends this message we are so proud of you and your many accomplishments over the past five years JU you love mom class of 2018 you’ve had the privilege of having Tim Cost as your University President for the entirety of your journey here there is no better leader to learn from or to follow Mr President before I really pushed the podium so you make it to the important business at hand allow me to conclude with this class of 2018 it’s Thursday evening and you deserve a very long weekend suspend tomorrow Saturday and Sunday celebrating with family and friends but come Monday morning you have one shot at life go make a difference keep your integrity intact live your dream but above all have fun while doing it

congratulations and go Finn’s Thank You Captain Peterson very much appreciate that wonderful to host your family here if you’re following along in the program it’s my honor now to introduce your dean of students this is the moment where we recognize several students with recognition awards that are here in the audience Dean Christie Gover Christie go over Dr Gover has been with us for 15 years I think as many of you know probably the chief culture officer of the university someone that all the students have gotten to know and have great respect for please welcome forward the Dean of Students Dr. Christie Gover Christie Thank-You President Cost this is one of our most esteemed commencement traditions to recognize those individuals who have excelled academically and distinguished themselves as leaders on campus when each recipient is announced we ask that you stand and be recognized and at the conclusion of tonight’s ceremony we invite the recipients of these distinguished awards to join President Cost at the podium to receive their award and take a commemorative photo these three graduates are receiving the academic excellence awards for Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Health Care Sciences please stand Kurian Keller Emma Riley and Joanna Agel congratulations also this evening as this is our first-ever graduate commencement ceremony we are proud to present the President’s Award for outstanding leadership and service and recognition of a student who demonstrates exemplary leadership character academic performance and service graduating with her Masters of Business Administration and management this remarkable young woman has been instrumental in university advancement directing her considerable marketing business and communications talent right back into the university please help me congratulate one of our double dolphins Miss .Jenna Cruz again congratulations to each Award recipient tonight you truly personified the best attributes of our JU family thank you Dr. Grover congratulations to each of our students so the time is Tom it’s 6:45 to confer some degrees are you ready we’re gonna celebrate these graduates at this time I’d like to ask art Provost Dr. Donny Horner to please come forward and join me in the conferring of degrees on the class of 2018 Dr. Horner Mr. President ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get this party started what do you think will all masters candidates please stand all masters candidates please stand ladies and gentlemen there they are your masters candidates Mr. President it is my privilege and pleasure on behalf of the fine faculties of Jacksonville University to certify that these masters degree candidates have met or are scheduled to meet all requirements for their respective degrees and to present them to you for the conference of said degrees Mr. President thank you Dr Horner I think by the authority granted to Jacksonville University by virtue of its Charter and Articles of Incorporation according to the laws of the state of Florida I received the recommendations of the faculty who in solemn session have declared each one of you worthy of the master’s degree then have recommended the granting of such degrees so therefore by virtue of my authority delegate delegated by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon each of you the master’s degree from Jacksonville University with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto ladies and gentlemen congratulations and please be seated will the marshals now escort the recipients of the master’s degree to the platform to be hooded and to receive their diplomas continuing a long Ju tradition we invite all family members to stand as their graduate is announced each candidate is accompanied by their respective college or school dean or Institute director who will assist the provost in the hooding this evening Luke it is my pleasure to present our College of Arts and Sciences

Master of Arts Master of Science Master of Education and Master of Public Policy graduates Danielle Nicole Arnold Sara Josephine bream Diana Catherine chestnut Judith T. Crosby Victoria Louise Culverhouse, Cole am dial Catherine Elizabeth Dominic Lewis, Austin James Eisenhower Benjamin Tillman Felder IV Meshanae Latrice Gamble Rivers Deborah Michelle green Tanya Renee Jackson Kenneth E. Kalenna Timothy Andrew Marcus Amber Stillson McCormick Ashley Stars More, Kendrick Jannard Murray, Samantha Marie Peleter, Marisa J Pinter Catherine Emily Ruleus, Rebecca Ann Shickly, Muhammad jihad Oz Gary Thomas Wakefield Alexandra Francesca Williams Justine Susan Worthington please join me in celebrating their accomplishments

it is my pleasure to present the Davis College of Business Master of Business Administration Master of Science and executive Master of Business Administration graduates Lanessa Danai Adams, Mander L. Adkers Jr., Pragya agrawal, Kshama barik alaa mim, Rekon Abdullah Al Balad Uz dal baati Senior, Sultan Al Bhed Alharbi, Nora ahmed al Juhani abdulrahim rahim l M, Thakura Al Thobeti Alpha beta, Julie akin Bram, Hassan Villa, Barbara M. Phillips, Joanne Pierre Louis Bovie Lisa Burke, Matthew James Kelis Lamarr Cisco, Tariq see Crenshaw, Jenna Elise Cruz, Holly Beth de cárdenas Michael Colin De Peter, Nigel devarteel Nathan Ray Dish Evan Scott Fernandez, Michael Barnett Gallagher,Mallory Janae Gates Danielle Moscato Jean Keto John Argus listen Philip Scott Gordon Katherine Rene Gordy Hannah Gannett Hackworth, Elvis Moses Higgins tie Edward Howard Allison e Hobart Elizabeth and Johnson Michael P. Keefe, Cassandra Marie

Kirkland Jonah Michael Kozlowski Angela Marie Krauts drunk Daria Kwang Stephanie Ilan data Gutierrez, Bommana Larson Hunter w li Christopher William Lehane lair Allyson low box Brian Quinton Low, J Samuel Marcus Daniel Marshall Eric John Matthews Kelly Lee McEwen Brittany marie menon Jared Patrick McClure Fernando Alexander mallanna’s jr. Crystal Diane Moore Whitney Page More Alexander Jacob Moyer, Bianca R. Moser Anna Maria R. Murphy Liam Thomas O’Connor Hudson Moore spar Emily and Pascal Dean’s storm Alexandre Phillips Emily Elizabeth Palma Carla see Porter Dylan Garrett riddle Yvonne Ramirez Rosato Thomas J. Sala Hayley Hawkins Swroth Amina Selman Jason James sepia Bryan Jeffrey shell Muhammad

Bilal the quat, Paul William Borah Zachary chase Simpson, David A. Smalls Tiana B. Smith Amy Marian Sommerfeld, Tiana Takara Sparks, Jack Lindsay Stokes, Eric Tatum Sutton Chinchin Tang, David Preston Taylor Jr. Alexei Vlasov Andrea S. Weiland Robert Wayne wooden Sidney Gabrielle young Isaiah Terrence Williams please join me in celebrating their accomplishments it is my pleasure to present the College of Fine Arts Master of Fine Arts graduates Corsi Crystal Barreto, Ashley Ann Beckno Kelly M. Crabtree Diana Dolores Ingrid Daniels, Barthalemew Allah meal daunted Dooley Krystal Lynn Fraser Bethany Jay Hansen Nicole Christina Mathis Berman Sarah Lyons Matzkey Joanie Renee Randolph Danielle Ricci Melissa M Zaremba please join me in celebrating their accomplishments it is my pleasure to present the Brooks rehabilitation College of Health Care Sciences Master of Science and Master of Science and nursing graduates George Rico Bowden Leeman Brown Jr. Fatima A. Conley Johnson Diana Bowling Davis Layton A Gornski

Christine Gottschalk, Leah Herbert, David Jed Ruski Victoria Alyssa Jones, Brianna Kane, Jason Edward Google, Tina Lousie Mayor Anna Katherine Coleman Pain Africa Pino Jessica Yvonne Pollard, Sadie Elizabeth Shultiess Sarah Christine Shields Willie Lee stalker Jr Jessica Lauren Thomas Marinda Denae Jones Vicki Cassandra Walker Cindy C. Williams Diamond Tiara Williams Alvin Alex Paris Lenita Caldwell Jennifer Joyce Cook Danine you dice Brown Candice B Dixon Amy Christine Fashioner Brett Adam Gagnon McHale Henry Adele Nadine Leevan, Tia May,Tamika Michelle McCants Sarah Jean Minke Salina Millage Debra Lynette Phelps Tiene Sue Sengan Jonetta M. Stokes Glover Ashely Helen Alvarez Bradley Steven DKudo

Jessalyn Deborah Early Jordan Garmin Jared Mallard Jonathan WC Makhnimer Courtney Nicole Nicholson Jaclyn a O’Laughlin Tristan Denise Kinser Tiffany Nicole pointer Nicoya Teague Colleen Marie Carbono Catherine Carol Stangl Tara ashlynn Cripe Janelle Collazo Gabrielle Eduardo Fernandez Chauncey Alan Malone J. Richard Goodman the third Kelsey Marie Haddock Brittany Madison Hilton Claudia Regina Cortez Katrina Amber Doherty Katie Lynn Floor Dong-ha Hoang Tyler D. Houston Rene Elise James Sarah Michelle parkland Corinne Marie Keller Brittany Elizabeth Chauncey Megan Nicole McCourt Zoey Elizabeth Welch Sandra Morris Kennedy Ashley Elise young renee

Elizabeth Mayer Tara Alexandra Peaks Taylor Murray Reeves Emma George Riley Tara Elizabeth strange Lauren Elizabeth Morales Taylor Lee Roland Joanna le Eagle Katherine Scarlett McAtee Nicole Sturm Cree Donna Lee Clark San tisha Michelle Fleming Francisco got Ascona Carlos are mikeg Cruz Brittany and Osterman genera Shepard Heather Johnson Amon Danielle Barton Lana Renee Bliss Cynthia and vector Jennifer Ruth bond Rena Hinkle Broadway Diane Lachelle Brown Claudia Natalie and Buckley Tamra are Busan Stephanie Victoria Carmen Tara Elizabeth Castaneda April dawn clay Kayla Ashanti Clemens Michael Raymond Collins Christine Nicole Cruz Joelle ray Dangerfield

Jacqueline D Davis Megan Linda vez Amy Trisha Decker Jamie Renee Dave when dia Jodi’s Woodard Lee Anne de areco Cheryl Ann Diutley lacy Lee Dietrich Stephanie de jour lhamo Melissa DeSashio Latoya Ginny Driscoll Cora Grace Evanson Tabatha Eversley Marilyn our thousand Angela Nikita Federic Susan Warner Fifield Anna Maria R. Fishbean Lo Londa Gail Frances Blackshear Jorge Enrique Gomez Lissette Gomez Rios Trannies Grimsley Gabrielle Carlos Gambian Steven Roy gums Angela hackneyed William Hale Ansley Madeline Harper Lindsay Helen Heldaldo Jennifer Michelle Holloway Rodina D. Howard Felicia Hudson Dominique Arielle hunter Joanna Marie Hurley Kimberly Christine Hutchins Alexandra bakker Johnson Amy Jones Justin are Keaton Stephanie Winchester Klein Nadel knee

Kimberly T. Lee Nadine R. Lennox Renee Y. Lazuero Nicole M. long Janelle Noreen Wadiya melody yoke Jennifer Lima league Sheila Diane McDaniel Shannon McDonna Nicole Denise McHale Felisa McQueen Lawson Chiquita LaShonda Shelton moss Kerry L.Murphy Karen Yvette Meyers Christopher S. Null Wendy Jill Pixley Emily Lynn pol Lakeisha per year Maria and Raphael Yolanda ray Patrick Allen Regis Chasity Y Reid Adriane L. Robinson Susan-Elizabeth ruddy maisonette Nancy Rob ayo Julie Margaret Ryan Helms Autumn Lynn Shaw Selina Nicole Shivers Lameta C. Smith Gladis Stoner Kathleen Thomas Catania Torres Alice chin Trice Alicia Turner Lillian Marche Turner Dana Ann Tyree Dawn-Marie Vasile Genesis Villa Rentae Amber Marie van Rycke

Sonia S. Ward Emanuela W. Williams Aisha Rose Webster Chiquita W. Williams Mandi Joelle York Camille York Williams please join me in celebrating their accomplishments it is my pleasure to present the Brooks Rehabilitation College of healthcare sciences and Davis College of Business dual Master of Science and nursing and Master of Business Administration graduates Erica Jean Cunningham June 11th or ah this completes the awarding of all Master level degrees please join me in celebrating their accomplishments congratulations 12-hour masters level graduates let’s give that hand please Dr. Horner can I ask you to come forward please Thank You Mr. President ladies and gentlemen will doctoral candidates please stand up doctoral candidates Mr president it is my privilege and pleasure on behalf of the university faculties to certify that these doctoral degree candidates have met or are scheduled to meet all requirements for their respective degrees and to present them to you for the conferring of their degrees Mr. president thank you Dr Horner by the authority granted to Jacksonville University by virtue of its Charter and Articles of Incorporation according to the laws of the state of Florida I received the recommendations of the faculty who in solemn session have declared you each worthy of the doctoral degree and have recommended the granting of such degrees so by virtue of my authority delegated by the Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon each of you the doctoral degree from Jacksonville University with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto ladies and gentlemen congratulations and please be seated will the marshals now escort the recipients of the doctoral degree to the platform to be hooded and to receive their diplomas again we invite all family members to stand as their graduate is announced each candidate is accompanied by their respective dissertation chairs who will assist with the hooding this evening congratulations are in order both to these students and to their distinguished advisers for this inspiring achievement lastly I would like to invite each representative college dean to assist in congratulating our students it is my pleasure to present the Davis College of Business doctor of Business Administration graduates Dr. Wendy Tilburg Gilles Dr. Dale A.Cake Dr. Lucy

Dahlia Dr. John Jinknur Dr. Steven T. Kelly Dr. Shawna Ellis Khurram Dr. James Anthony Sumac please join me in celebrating their accomplishments it is my pleasure to present the Brooks rehabilitation college of healthcare sciences Doctor of Nursing Practice graduates Dr. Barbara Ann Austin Doctoral Barbara Barnes Dr. Laurie Dewey Dr. Christopher Michael Rumsey Dr Tanisha Brian Dr. Tracy Elle Fowler Dr. Mary Beaudry Dr. Amanda Rebecca McNulty Dr. Shannon Marie French Dr Deborah K. Hatfield Dr. sherry Michelle Tellsma Dr. Sarah Wilk Dr. Dawn LaVon Harris Dr. Sharon Therese Heskett Dr. Linda massara DiClemente Dr. Connie Smith Dr. Kelly Martin Dr. Leanne Michelle Mead Dr. Daly Ann Meharry Dr. Shannon Meyer Dr. Rebecca

Emma Monto Dr. Roshonda Phillips Dr. Novondrea Flowers Lawson Dr Freda Vonzell Still this completes the awarding of all doctoral level degrees please join me in celebrating their accomplishments thank you to Luke Morrill to all those that we now call Dr. congratulations and since we have now completed the awarding please join me in a hand for the Jacksonville University class of 2018 well done dolphins it’s now my privilege to introduce someone who’s gonna welcome you as an alum our alumni speaker gonna give you a brief welcome mr. Matt Dobbins there’s a double dolphin who bleeds the colors green white and gold here he was a star student athlete an all-american pitcher on the baseball team and captain of the team he received his bachelor’s degree here in 2008 his MBA in 2010 he now heads up our gold fin Society for graduates to the last decade and he’s also volunteering with the Jacksonville Sports Council Big Brothers and Big Sisters and for our jinyu Alumni Board of Governors he’s a rising star in the financial services IT space for APEC systems he works with some of the biggest transportation providers here in Jacksonville and around the country please join me in welcoming one of our own Mr. Matt Dobbins Matt we are family maybe not by blood I may not know you and you may not know me but we’re family we’re family because we all graduated from Jacksonville University class of 2018 class of 2018 on behalf of JU dolphins everywhere congratulations and welcome to the family ten years ago I sat underneath these same oak trees and wondered some of the same things you might be wondering today what will I do with my life who will I became who I become who will I turn out to be I was nervous and optimistic at the same time I had a sweet flip phone in my pocket and I was still part of the family plan but I felt like I could conquer the world I cherish my time at JU the people the opportunities and the challenges this undoubtedly shaped me into Who I am today those moments those individuals have helped change my perspective on the world and even though I said farewell to this campus a long time ago the Jay Youth family our Ju family keeps turning up in my life today I’d like to tell you two stories about how Jays changed my perspective on the world story number one my first week of freshman year it happened just off to your left here at the Howard administration building I was walking out and I don’t remember how I was there but I do remember the two cute girls that were walking out about the same time I was being the gentleman my mother raised me to be I rushed ahead to open the door for them was one handle on the door I smiled at the ladies and I pulled and then I pulled again my face turned red I was so embarrassed and then one of the girls said something to me that I would never ever forget she said come on freshmen you just have to push and she walked right past me into the building hashtag embarrassing in a

moment of sheer humility our dolphin family had taught me something if at first you don’t succeed try again but perhaps try with a new solution sorry different approach maybe take another angle be creative the world we live in today has some massive issues that you and I are gonna have to tackle together sustainability data privacy global trade education it will be up to us to innovate collaborate and solve them together so if you’re working on something and pulling really hard in one direction remember sometimes you just have to push Story number two I was backpacking through Europe we were in Dublin Ireland with a couple of my buddies also part of the JU fam and shockingly we’re at the Guinness Factory after a couple of tastings we were walking out and to my right I saw a shirt that was green and gold I thought no way what are the chances I darted towards it I yelled out JU I don’t know why I yelled that came out and turned around a JU men’s tennis team player I was so excited I just went straight in for the hug now I would not recommend that no we’re talking a lot about family here today but you got to know your situation I’m cool with it obviously I’m just saying don’t make it weird what I learned through this experience I learned many things but the biggest thing that took away is that JU you’ve got a network all over the world we are truly a global University since then I’ve met up with alumni at London Amsterdam Canada and countless other united states cities social medias made it so easy for us to keep in touch and to know where people are it’s up to you and to me to put in the effort to stay connected use this network you’ve gained here use it to your advantage use it to get a job use it to gain a mentor use it to be a mentor use it to get involved in the community use it to meet your wife that’s what I did use this incredible and talented Network this family that you’ve gained to propel yourself and others forward class of 2018 I will conclude with this ten years ago I sat underneath these trees with a flip phone in my pocket I was ready to take on the world today I stand before you with an iPhone in my pocket yes I upgraded and I’m still on the family plan it’s a JU family plan and I look forward to taking on the world with you congratulations class of 2018 and go get them thank you Matt graduates families friends as we now conclude tonight’s ceremony we invite all of you to stay the campus is open this evening hope you’ll enjoy our beautiful campus before you go out and celebrate and have dinner many of our distinguished faculty members will be directly behind us here it’s something called faculty corner if there’s one thing I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from alums over the last almost six years is how much graduates enjoy seeing their faculty so I hope you’ll take a chance and see them at this time we’d like to welcome back to the microphone Makayla and Skylar to lead us in the Jacksonville University alma mater you can find the lyrics on page three of your program I’d invite everyone now to please stand and remain standing for our benediction Thank You Michaela you’ll all learn those words we could bring back now Audrey Moran – please conclude our ceremony with the benediction Audrey friends as we go forth from this celebration may the joy and hope we feel today serve and guide you as you follow your dreams and find your place in the world may you remember the power of positive intention and action and the

value of human spirit in a world full of opportunities may you use your gifts and talents to make meaningful relationships and build communities and spread compassion and may you always come safely home to your ju family with pride and peace in your hearts amen so for all of us who are Jacksonville University graduates here on the stage out in the crowd – the class of 2018 welcome you’ll always be a member of the family ladies and gentlemen will dismiss as we go out the door tonight congratulations I’ll enjoy the evening we are adjourned