101 Facts About Westworld

greeting some other factors my name is Sam and today I’m going to be talking to you all about the dystopian yet morbidly tempting world of consequence free sex and murder that is Westworld sounds like my kind of theme park well that in Chessington World of Adventures it is I’m also joined by Alex the Queen of all-time movies to give her wisdom upon this most West of all worlds and always very excited to be here doing four times the number of facts that we do on all-time movies and one but how much does it cost to visit West world how did one actor on the show figure out a plot twist through his eyebrows and is anyone else as lost with the plot as I am okay I see so West world is a maze but in that case where’s the port key oh no that’s Harry Potter so after through those questions are going to be answered so put on your Stetson pull up your leather chaps with us or without and prepare yourself for 101 facts about West’s world by the way be warned these violent delights have violent spoilers number one West world is an American sci-fi Western thriller dark dystopian drama TV show extravaganza created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Jo VHB Oh which incidentally stands for home box office you learn something new every day well I should I run a fact-based YouTube channel okay I’m getting off-track moving on number two worst world is based on a film with the same name that was released in 1973 the film was written and directed by American novelist Michael Crichton who was incidentally voted one of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 1992 the more you know number three Michael Crichton was inspired to write the original film following a trip to Disneyland while at the resort he rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride they should make a film out that ride just one no you don’t need five or something that’d be stupid anyway he was instantly impressed by the animatronic characters this then somehow translated into evil Android in the wild wild west the mind of an artist is an inscrutable thing number four the stories of all the West world productions revolve around a state-of-the-art Wild West themed fantasy amusement park populated by androids the park caters to high paying guests who pay generously for the chance to indulge in whatever depraved behavior they like without fear of consequences or retaliation number five the original Westworld movie had a budget of around 1.3 million dollars which is the equivalent to a little over seven point five million dollars today not only that but MGM only gave Crichton 30 days to film of the entire thing number six Yul Brynner plays the main antagonist in the film and Android known as the gunslinger interestingly Brenner’s costume in the original West world film was actually the exact same costume he wore for his role in the 1960 classic question the Magnificent Seven wears not one lock number seven in the original West world film Yul Brynner dresses all in black as the cyborg gunslinger and Richard Benjamin plays the human guests with possibly the world’s most boring name Peter Martin in the west wall TV show though this has been reversed with Ed Harris dressing entirely in black as the human gunslinger and James Marsden appearing as a cyborg number eight a number of minor injuries occur during the filming of the original West world Brynna was struck in the eye by piece of wandering from a blank cartridge during the filming of shootout scene which scratched his cornea and left him unable to wear his light reflecting contact lenses without the eye watering and turning red the injury was so significant that shooting her to be postponed to allow Brenna’s eye to fully heal ouch number 9 not only that James Brolin suffered minor injuries while filming the scene in which his character is bitten by a rattlesnake despite wearing protective padding on his arm number 10 some of the scenes in the film that depicted amusement park were shot in the gardens of an estate belonging to Harold Lloyd a silent film star known as one of the most popular and influential film comedians of the era you know that iconic shot of a guy hanging off a clock yep that’s Howard line number 11 the film also made use of one of the same sets from the classic 1974 comedy Western Blazing Saddles thrifty number 12 towards the end of the movie the gunslinger has acid thrown in his face because he’s an evil robot who totally deserves it spiral out by the way in order to create the effect of his face bubbling and fizzing Brenna’s face was coated with an oil-based makeup mixed with ground alka-seltzer the acid that you had thrown in his face was actually water which reacted with the concoction causing his evil face to froth number thirteen the original Westerwald movie was the first feature film ever to include digitally processed sequences which depicted the gunslingers robotic vision every 10 seconds of footage from the gunslingers pixilated point of view was the result of eight hours worth of computer processing number fourteen apparently Westworld is also the first movie to discuss the existence of computer viruses after the breakdown with the robots begins to spread prompting comparisons to human illnesses number 15 Arnold Schwarzenegger studied Yul Brynner’s performance in the original West world film to prepare to play his iconic title role in the 1984 sci-fi classic The Terminator number 16

not only that renowned sci-fi and horror filmmaker John Carpenter based the indestructible quality of the mass-murdering weirdo Michael Myers from the seminal classic 1978 horror film Halloween on the old Brenna’s gunslinger number 17 the hurt that Brenna wears in the film was reportedly custom-made for the role and even has his name handwritten in it in 2016 this same hat was sold for twenty seven thousand five hundred dollars along with the original box and labels number eighteen incidentally the original Westworld wasn’t Michael Crichton’s only story about an amusement park that goes horribly horribly wrong as he would later write the 1990 novel Jurassic Park which was quickly turned into the classic film of the same name only three years later in 1993 not only that the Jurassic Park film adaptation featured actor and director Richard Attenborough as the inventor of the ill-fated Dino Park whereas in the West world TV series the parks inventor is played by Sir Anthony Hopkins who appeared in no less than five films directed by Attenborough small world number 19 the original West world film spawned futureworld ass a call with which Michael Crichton was not involved there was also a short-lived TV series based on the two films called Beyond West world which aired in 1980 where spelled on TV they’ll never work number 20 the first season of the recent west wall TV series premiered on the second of October 2016 and concluded on the 4th of December 2016 consisting of ten episodes which actually for American TV seasons is fairly short but actually it’s fairly long for us British but then he’s bigger on America isn’t it number 21 Warner Brothers has been trying to remake the original West world film since the mid 90s between 1996 and 2013 big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger Quentin Tarantino and several others have been linked to a possible reboot of the original film it wasn’t until some guy called JJ Abrams pitch the reboot as a TV series – Nolan and joy that Westworld finally came together JJ Abrams all the way is the exact producer on the show that’s why I mentioned him number 22 in case you didn’t know and recognize the name and thought oh I wonder it’s true Jonathan Nolan is the youngest brother of bigshot director Christopher Nolan famous for his work on the film’s like The Dark Knight in caption and Dunkirk Jonathan who writes direct and produces Westworld has worked alongside his brother on some of Christopher’s biggest projects sharing screenwriting credits on the Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises and the 2014 space epic interstellar number 23 Nolan as described the show as being the next chapter of the human story in which we stopped being protagonists which is cheery wow he must be perfect for it number 24 during West Worlds pre-production stage known in took inspiration from video games like BioShock Infinite Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim all of which he stated he played is a genuine form of research all of these games force players to make choices based on morality and honor choices that often affect gameplay later on number 25 as such the wild wild west world takes many cues from on video game gameplay especially open-world games concepts like non-playable characters side quests incremental difficulty in Greece’s equipment upgrades and Easter eggs are all often found within the world of West’s world number 26 Nolan has also been very open about the debt that West’s world owes to Game of Thrones the high fantasy drama series featured uncompromising depictions of sex and violence all that good stuff that many people regarded as shocking making it possible to create a show with a stark depiction of similar sordid and disturbing themes additionally the film like quality of Game of Thrones proved that making cinematic TV was viable and that everyone should be doing it they should they should they should who stand this step again number 27 another big influence on the show was the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix which influenced the show’s main concept of questioning reality yep mission accomplished their job done box ticked number 28 Nolan and joy took a great deal of inspiration from the 1982 classic sci-fi epic Blade Runner as well cause like a sci-fi orgy of inspiration the film encouraged him to make the series much darker and cerebral than the original film number 29 Nolan named the town of Sweetwater after the farm in the 1968 spaghetti western epic Once Upon a Time in the West which is his favorite western apparently number 30 the name of the company that runs West world is Delos which happens to also be the name of a Greek island with an interesting mythological history which I’m gonna tell you about right now Delos is said to be the birthplace of the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis making the island sacred leading to a law making it illegal to give birth or die there number 31 in order to keep everything top secret the actors on west worlds were only given the script to study bit by bit that way the actors knew a lot less about what was going to happen reducing the likelihood that they would open their big actor mouths and

reveals spoilers number 32 and one point producers for Westworld her considered Clint Eastwood for the role of the man in black they then presumably remembered that Clint Eastwood probably be too busy speaking to chairs and recruit Phillippe rescinded that particular plan number 33 the English actor Jared Harris also auditioned for the role of Robert Ford but was clearly rejected in favor for someone slightly more Welsh number 34 other actors considered for the role of doctor Robert Ford before Anthony Hopkins got his handsome brush hands on it include Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer number 35 funnily enough one of the main reasons why Antony Hopkins agreed to take the role of doctor Ford was because he was originally going to be contracted for one year I was told from the beginning that his character would not survive the first season whoops I should have said spoiler alert before but I’d prefer I said in the intro so before in number 36 the appearance of Hopkins in the show is particularly momentous because it’s the first time that Hopkins has ever appeared in more than two episodes of television in 25 years ever since he appeared in the 1991 television miniseries adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens story great expectations number 37 interestingly the name Robert Ford is shared by the man who shot infamous American outlaw Jesse James very Jesse James is often depicted as a Robin Hood figure who took from the rich to give to the poor there is no actual evidence to this effect there is evidence however that James was a pro-confederate slave owner so I guess good on you Robert Ford number 38 American actor Owen Bailey was originally cast as Logan but was forced to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts Bailey is known for his role as private David Kenyon Webster in the miniseries Band of Brothers as well as his appearance in the movie such as Fight Club number 39 Australian actress Miranda Otto oh god I just remember last night in Australian accent that did not end well in the comment section played a character named Virginia Pittman in the show’s unaired pilot but producers ultimately re conceived the role and also left the show Pittman was instead replaced by Teresa Cullen who is played by Danish actress Sid see Barrett Knudsen number 40 the character of Ashley stars is played by none other than Luke Hemsworth the oldest and least famous of the Hemsworth brothers number 41 Ben Barnes he plays Logan on the show broke his foot running down a flight of stairs just before the first day of shooting bummer convinced that he would lose the job if he told anyone he used the limp as part of his portrayal of the character forcing him to maintain that limp throughout filming maybe he’s just method the meaning of life the skeletal robot scene playing the piano during the show’s opening credits was modeled directly on composer remain javadi’s own hands animators use footage of jarate playing the piano and converted them into ghostly white limbs dinking the keys on a piano Forte door door door number 43 additionally the galloping horse seen moving in the show is opening titles it’s a reference that the horse in motion by Edward money bridge an English photographer who pioneered moving images number 44 likewise the man seen in the opening sequence with his arms outstretched in a circle is a reference to the vivid Treveon map a drawing made by italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci around fourteen ninety number forty five the title sequence for West world is created by design firm called elastic the same team that designed a produced e acclaimed opening title sequence but gameofthrones number 46 worst world in game of thrones also share the same composer from e in java d jayati is responsible for creating the title music for both shows but has also worked on even larger productions like Ironman Pacific Rim and Batman Begins number 47 filming – the very first episode took place in and around Los Angeles California as well as in Mobile Utah in August 2014 over a period of only 22 days number 48 in a bit of TV trickery would you believe that the scenes shot on the train aren’t actually filmed with a real train going along tracks I know perish the thought the trains exterior is set on a flatbed truck which is driven up and down the state route 1 to 8 in Utah with the actors riding along with its number 49 the Mariposa saloon is one of the sets at the melody ranch motion picture studio in Newhall Southern California which has been used in a number of well-known productions such as The Lone Ranger the Magnificent Seven and Deadwood the melody ranch replica frontier town was once owned by American singer-songwriter Gene Autry a notable singing cowboy whose career spanned several decades in the mid 20th century number 50 some scenes in West world are filmed at Paramount Ranchi location used by Paramount Pictures since all the way back in 1923 almost 100 years ago far more modern productions that have filmed a paramount branch include CSI crime scene investigation weeds and the x-files number 51 another filming location utilized during the production of the show was the Southern Californian town of agua dulce if your Spanish is up to scratch you may notice that Al Gore

Dulce literally means sweet water well it means all to sweet but hey that’s Romance languages for you also in case your memories bad remember the town is called Sweetwater in the show number 52 the name of the brothel in West world first seen in the premiere episode it’s called Mariposa saloon which is thought to be an oblique reference to prostitutes the Spanish word Mariposa means butterfly but it’s also a slang term for prostitutes which I’m here owing to the behavior of butterflies which moved from one flower to another like this they are number 53 Jonathan Nolan came up with the idea of having the piano with the Mariposa saloon play modern songs in order to remind people that the world is indeed a theme park in the future not the past the souls are also chosen by Nolan and include hits like black hole of Sun by Soundgarden a Thoris by The Cure and Back to Black by Amy Winehouse number 54 additionally not one not two not three not five not six not seven not eight not nine not ten or anything beyond ten but four instrumental covers of Radiohead songs are featured throughout the show these are no surprises motion picture soundtrack fake plastic trees and exit music for a film number 55 the appearance of the player piano throughout the series is in fact a reference to Kurt Vonnegut juniors first novel play a piano which depicts a dystopia of automation in which almost every single aspect of human life is mechanized the novel is in many ways awarding against the everlaw ubiquitous presence of technology in our daily lives number 56 that repetitive three-chord phrase that can be frequently heard in the show’s background music is lifted directly from the original Westworld film in which it underscored the gunslinger slow but steady pursuit of Peter Martin number 57 Arnold’s son’s favorite tune which is play throughout the series it’s called reverie a solo piano piece written by the French composer Claude Debussy in 1880 they go p– the navigators arm out now you’re welcome 58 when dr. Ford is talking about earlier versions of the hosts in the first episode entitled the original he states that they repeated themselves broke down constantly and a simple handshake could give them away this is a direct reference to the original movie in which it is established that the robots could always be identified by their handshakes because the manufacturers could never get those damn hands right number 59 while talking about at Alec’s also in this episode Peter Abernathy finds a photograph of a smiling woman who was later revealed to be Juliette Williams fiance and eventual wife in reality the photograph is actually just a stock photo of a woman standing in Times Square in New York and is not an image of an actress taken specifically for the series number 60 at one point in the second episode entitled chestnuts Dolores turns to maven says these violent delights have violent ends this slightly menacing line is actually a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and is a warning from Friar Laurence to Romeo that wild passionate romance can end badly and put little warning number 61 at another point in the same episode logan appears in his black western clothes and zips up his flight to hide his precious secretive genitals the problem here isn’t the genitals they’re probably fine the problem is that the trousers have a zipper trousers from that era were fastened up with buttons not zippers in fact if you’re wondering zippers didn’t make it up to men’s trousers until the late 1930s well after the 1870s in which the frontier environment of West world is meant to be set did you not think would notice your lies West world number 62 one thing that viewers of the show really want to know is how much a ticket to West’s world will set you back the answer is mentioned both on the west-world website and by logan in episode 3 of the show a single day in Westworld cost forty thousand dollars or little over twenty eight thousand pounds would you pay that for a trip to west world what would you get up to once you actually don’t tell me that bit just answer the first question up in the polyp above number 63 in episode 3 entitled astray Bernard or Bernard as you Americans call him has Dolores a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and she reads a passage aloud her physical appearance in clothing mirror traditional representations of Alice hinting at her history Nolan and joy have stated that Alice is one of the principal inspirations for her look and persona Nintendo 64 another hashtag inspo for Dolores it’s not a literary or cinematic character but a pain by American artist Andrew Wyeth called christinasworld the painting shows a young woman lying on the ground in an arid field looking towards a gray house in the distance with the one-armed position out in front of her suggesting uneasy and identified yearning number 65 furthermore the name Dolores is derived from a particular Spanish title of the Virgin Mary nuestra senora de los Dolores meeting Our Lady of Sorrows yet the name Dolores literally means sorrows or pains in Spanish delightful number 66 there’s a specific reference to Bioshock in Episode three when the head of the insane thespian sander Cohen can be seen on a pedestal in dr. Ford’s office sans his distinctive moustache Nolan has praised Bioshock in the past as the most literate and thoughtful pieces of entertainment he has seen in the years so no wonder he wanted an Easterner egg to it number 67 dr. Ford’s office also features a section of wall covered in several ghostly looking faces many viewers consider this a reference to another critically acclaimed HBO series a little one you might have heard of Game of

Thrones in which the faceless men of the house of black and white keep a large hall full of the skinned faces of dead people well obviously they’re dead they don’t have faces number 68 when Felix is tinkering with the bird programming in episode 5 entitled contrapasso he says come on little one this is a reference to Jurassic Park in which John Hammond says the exact same line when encouraging a velociraptor to hatch number 69 incidentally this episode is the only one in the series so far for which the British Board of Film classification gave an 18 rating every other episode has been in fifteen number 70 in the sixth episode and sort of the adversary when Bernard is searching the abandoned offices the gunslinger from the original 1973 westward film can be seen very very briefly in the shadows number 71 not only that the background music and noise that can be heard when you see the original gunslinger is taken directly from the very same original West world film number 72 after the filming of the sixth episode production on West world shut down for two entire months why I hear you mask well I’ll tell you this was done in order to give the creative team more time to prepare for the final episodes of season 1 they should have known how they were gonna end it already really much like this sentence because don’t know where this is going chestnuts number 73 the 8th episode of West’s bonus entitled tres decay a reference to the psychological theory that memories leave some kind of physical or chemical trace within the brain that’s Kate overtime number 74 at one point in this episode dr. Ford says one man’s life or death were but a small price to pay this is a direct quote from Mary Shelley’s 1818 horror novel Frankenstein which tells the story of an extraordinary pair of jeans that fit for best friends perfectly just by the more being different sizes oh wait no that’s The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I always get those two confused they’re so similar number 75 also in this episode the area where Dolores and William find the framework of the church steeple has unique and very famous rock formation behind it the truck is among you will instantly recognize this as the same rock formation within which kirk fought the gone in Star Trek in 1967 the formation is known as the Vasquez rocks and is situated fairly close to near Las Antilles in California number 76 at one point in episode 9 in terms of the well-tempered clavier Logan can be seen wearing a distinctive pin on the lapel of his jacket the Bears have striking visual similarity to the hand of the king brooch Game of Thrones number 77 the tenth and final episode of Westworld entitled the bicameral mind has a running time of one hour and 30 minutes which is obviously far longer than your average TV episode in fact the episode is even longer than the original Westworld film which clocks in at two minutes shorter at one hour 28 minutes it’s not about the length it’s what you do with it number 78 in this episode when Mae bought the train to leave the park an overhead announcement Saints that the train will be leaving in 15 minutes at this very precise moment there are only 15 minutes left in the episode and the whole season Oh clever number 79 at one point in this episode when Dolores is talking to the man in black she describes a time when Giants had roamed the land but are now just bones and amber this is yet another affectionate nod to cry since Jurassic Park in which dinosaurs are cloned from blood found in ancient mosquitoes that have been trapped in amber the mineral not a woman called amber number 80 in the below ground storage area for decommissioned Androids there’s a globe statue that’s identical to the one seen in the arrival area in the west-world sequel future world suggesting that older areas of the original West world ock may have been abandoned number 81 the two body shop technicians Felix and Sylvester are named after the two cartoon cats of the same names also like in the cartoons Felix is the nice one and Sylvester is the nasty one number 82 the surname of the villain hector eschaton is taken from the Greek word eschaton meaning last or final eschatology is the field of theology that concerns finality ie death judgment and the afterlife etcetera etcetera and in the Bible the term first at the end of the world and the end of the current evil era ago hector surname hints of the apocalypse number 83 sandy newton has stated that although she appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into creating the corset she wears on the show she absolutely hated wearing them stating that she and I’m quoting her exactly here couldn’t wait to get that corset not only that Newton also claimed to be more comfortable wearing nothing at all saying that the cast and crew were all really respectful and in awe of her bravery and that she found her nude scenes liberating number 84 the man in blacks unusual handgun is alum at 1861 a Reb revolver that features a nine shot 42 caliber cylinder as well as an additional single-shot 20 gauge shotgun barrel the real limit was infamously unreliable but in West world it’s likely to be perfected to deadly effect number 85 the reason why the man in blacks LeMat 1861 is modified is likely because the original weapon was ordinarily a cap and ball gun meaning it used loose powder and spherical bullets but in the

show it’s been customized to work with cartridges number 86 the figure inside the maize pattern seen in the pics in clover puzzles were out the season had both arms stretched out but in the final puzzle one arm is touching the hand surely it’s pointing to its brain because after all the maize equaled consciousness number 87 the name bernard Lowe is an anagram for Arnold Weber revealing Lowe’s true identity and nature number 88 during an actor’s roundtable held by The Hollywood Reporter in July of 2017 Jeffrey Wright revealed that he was only informed of the big twist in Loe storyline on the morning he was due to shoot the scene that is up to the minute he not have time to prep for that and according to my am drum classes that’s very very important number 89 okay I said it before but now I really mean it this is a huge spoiler for season 1 and this is the point of no return ok so Ready Steady let’s cook Jimmy Simpson who plays William in the show managed to figure out his character’s true identity fairly early on in the series when the makeup department began changing the look of his eyebrows based on that clue alone Simpson managed to figure out they were trying to make him look like Ed Harris the man in black number 91 CLE regarding the existence of different time frames is the west-world logo itself eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that in the present-day timeline the W features straight lines like that of the actual Westworld TV logo however in William and Logan’s timeline the west-world W is styled differently more retro some might say indicating an earlier time period 91 the first season of wess world was a huge critical and commercial success averaging around eleven point seven million viewers per episode across multiple platforms according to HBO which I may remind you brought you the Sopranos and Game of Thrones this is the most ever for a first season of a drama number 92 if you needed any more indication of West world’s quality in popularity that show receives the most emmy nominations of any drama series ever at a very impressive twenty-two nominations four of which the show won number 93 The Hollywood Reporter has claimed that budget for the first season of Westworld was approximately 100 million dollars an extraordinarily large sum for a first season of a TV show not only that but a quarter of that figure was spent solely on producing the pilot episode meaning if I put my maths cap on that roughly 25 million dollars was spent on a single episode of television number 94 Evan Rachel Wood and Louis Herthum both previously appeared in the dark fantasy horror television series True Blood though they never appeared on screen together Wood played the vampire queen of Louisiana Sophie and the clerk and hurt them betrayed JD the leader of the Shreveport werewolves number 95 Ed Harris also starred in the 1998 satirical science fiction film The Truman Show that film also dealt with the weighty philosophical implications of fake reality wherein everything about the life of the eponymous true member scripted and televised for entertainment number 96 this isn’t Anthony Hopkins and handy Newton’s first time together either as they both appeared in Mission Impossible 2 all the way back at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000 this song kept on multi buddy board after honor that’s another year number 97 similarly Tony Newton and Tessa Thompson appeared together in the 2010 drama film for colored girls it’s that’s the title for film it’s not I wasn’t saying it’s just I’ll got number 98 West world marks the third time that Sorrenti Hopkins and Ed Harris have appeared together in the same production having both appeared in the 1995 biographical political drama film Nixon and the 2003 drama the Human Stain which is about my life just kidding though not really number 99 in November 2016 HBO renewed West world for another ten episodes second season set to premiere on April the 22nd 2018 prepare yourselves for an even more violent robotic nonlinear timeline craziness people I am ready I’ve been waiting over a year I am ready number one James Martin has stated that the writers and creators of the show plan to continued the west-world story for at least five seasons and if Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t appear in at least one episode of this upcoming seasons I shall be writing a very very Curt letter number 101 for the second season of Westworld Nolan has stated that new worlds are to be introduced for the show the most likely upcoming world is samurai world as we’ve seen it already whereas Nolan has confirmed that other worlds that featured in the original films such as Roman world will not be included I’m just waiting for what Amon fact world so people can share the pain of my torturous existence please understand it anyway that was 101 facts about worst world I do hope you enjoyed that what would you like to see a world of let me know in the comments down below also let me know what you want to see me do 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