Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2: All 54 Golden Gnome Locations

welcome to summer awesome games Bibble your new home for plants vs. zombies garden warfare 2 if you’re a fan of this game this is where you want to be we’re going to get all the golden names yes all of them remember I said in that first time we did a little gnomes land achievement thing I find them all and many many many many many hours later drive my wife insane as I sit in the lounge room playing this game finding things taking photos on my phone so I can find it again later and record it we’re done we’ve got them all all of them so these early ones are rehashes so you probably seen these you probably know where these are we’re going to find the first 14 in the backyard there’s 14 in the backyard there’s the first one there are little numbers that should be the description should have a little timing for you so there’s 14 backyard – per multiplayer levels so German a team vanquish all those stages have them and then six per turf takeover stages so here’s our second one in six hundred base that’s easy one tada and of course I’m going to ask early on just cuz you don’t make it all the way through this video you go you know I’m gonna find all these myself good luck I wish you the best of luck leave a like and subscribe if you enjoy this game because I’ll be playing a lot more I play I’ve explored more than I’ve actually played which sounds crazy but I mean like I’ve explored the world more than I’ve played the multiplayer so far because I’ve done quite a few guys in my time and this one takes a cake this was some of the craziest stuff the most random things a lot of whom I found well not a lot of them but some of them I found by accident by accidentally falling off the edge of the map and then tumbling into a cave I’d be like what how I probably would have found this if I didn’t stumble upon it by accident but number 4 here gonna get number 4 here and achievement hunter you’re welcome if you’re watching this put your guy together now you you found them all GG so here we go up here on the billboard on the side I’m just I’m just messing with those guys I think though they know everyone loves them so stress this I’m sure they you know take town finally sings themselves I’m gonna kidding I’m only teasing it’s a bit of a tease number five we’re on number five already so these are probably the slowest ones to get these ones take a little bit of time because we can’t tweet our reality man we can’t jump into the matrix and change stuff this one I recommend playing as the foot soldier your where’s the IMP and stuff like that but I like this little this is how I got it just fall down here tumble on down here in the sewer and then jetpack up boy and there’s unknown I already found him I think I might have found him in the stream or something so he’s gone he banished you prior recorded in the sewers where that clam is to talk about snow globes or the second entrance so there’s like a main entrance in the back yard bare ground and then there’s a second entrance near the water there’s that line and now in the zombie Bay’s another one number eight look at in chill now collect that 9 thank you very much tada easy peasy lemon squeezy I’m gonna be the foot soldier it’s probably easier with super brains but when I record this I didn’t realize super brainz was amazing sorry foot soldier this there’s no I’m up here on the portal obviously playthrough story to get this stuff to open up these portals if you don’t play through the story all these poorly ones you’re going to be like man how did you what did you how do i where do i and I black well pleasure story now some pirates you go going to the pirate land but uh so these ones are pretty easy to get these ones aren’t very sneaky at all they’re very obvious you’ve probably found all these ones if that’s the case feel free to skip ahead to the multiplayer ones there may be a link in the description where you can just click it and it will jump you ahead in time that’s how technology works these days does pyrin number 11 going into what is this the imps home the land of the imps okay titanfall preparing for the snow globes stress without snow globes some of this was recorded before I start collecting them we have while now all 50 of them and the reward my gosh it’s a reward worth it I think it was like you know I’m going to tell you what it is it’s gonna make you feel a little that time could be invested more wisely but these gnomes these gnomes have a secret themselves so we’re going to continue on number 13 so that’s like this one’s easy now we’re going to get a little bit more interesting we’re to learn about switches in this games number 13 here lucky 13 there he is he’s chilling out there how did he pop up though there’s a switch here you shoot it and he’ll pop

up I didn’t realize you’d already popped up but there you go there he is collected done and dusted we will see a switch in action I think for this one I think this is the last of the backyard battleground us golden domes as I say snow globes because I’m a fool but gold gnomes we’re going to Rose’s portal so you’ve been might have been like well you got the corn one you got the orange one but you didn’t get one in Rose that’s because it here’s a switch look at that shoot switch thing blows up you get to know let’s jump to multiplayer I recommend solo play chuck on whatever options you want super speed low gravity is all good so we are on Zen is a Pico park I think is n park I’m gonna say exempt Park if it’s peak because Zen Park here we go this is like a main area and there’s a little bridge here find this bridge this is the one I found by access the first multi-player when I found I was because I was a fool and fell off the edge here a little there we go tumble and then BAM my mind was blowing when I found that I was like oh my god that kinda scared me more than anything because I found it and I was like nope if they’re gonna be this ridiculously hard and I only found a bathroom because I found this one this one’s easy they’re gonna all the way on the far side on the map want to call the far side but all the way over here get this nine so I found this one easy enough and there’s like where there’s gotta be more it’s got me no more a certain thing there’s only one in the multiplayer maps and then I fell off and fell in that cave and yeah like I said it scared me that these are going to be ridiculously hard to find if I can find them by accident so here we are in sandy shores there is this little pot over here so use those references I just showed you and find out where this is it’s like on me if you’re facing the water it’s on the right side and then you can work the factory we’re about to go so to the left is like the main area to the rights all this water and stuff is Little River in that so easy enough to find right turn right here look up here’s another switch you’re going to see a lot of these things a lot of them now we switch to there’s the thing easy navigation if you work it out I had to re-record this one that’s why that first one I didn’t pick up I already picked it up because I fell in the water here and guide and I look like such a fool that I was like knots done again I’m doing again scrap it and here it is just get real close so fall in might be that guy there click that no I’m done let’s jump through time to the town clock here we go number 19 there’s Dido Lanza we need to go to Rome Rome doesn’t have a zombie name which is wrong why not so you go through that portal look here look at that look how smithy they are my gosh uh most of your farmer hats now but listen you’ll find through this guy what you’re watching it right that’s the next one we’re in Zee gypped just a portal away and it’s here look at this look at this seriously come on game how’s it even fair now we’re in our z-tech z-tech so these are the team vanquish maps these are all going to be team vanquish ones and then we going to jump into the turf take over maps so z-tech head to z-tech hot zip and you’ll find a little gnome over here in the corner tucked away that’s easy one for you hey you’re pro you might have found some of these that’s totally cool so if they’re not there at least you got a little silhouette to say that you found it now we head over here shoot this and wait patiently wait he’ll come to you ere he comes on a balloon got it uh hanging upside down getting that blood rush to his head all right that one’s done don’t collected 22 let’s jump 23 in the Borneo Island that’s what’s called not buying island but bony Island for like ponies and yeah it suddenly exams there’s a switch over here there it is look at that I struggle shooting one I couldn’t work out why because that shot it before with my dude so luckily I can do my Hadouken and shoot it with that yeah this excuse me I was like wait what I’ve done this before I found this from before No so now it pops up we collect in cutter number 24 we’re gonna run to the beach the beach is real easy this one sees is fine I’ll tell you why I do this one second cuz that was afraid I’d fall in the water and then I’d screw the whole thing off I’ll screw up the Floyd I didn’t want to be that guy so here we are the beach looking good as dolphins flipping around and mr. gnome I see you there you are come here to me cheeky monkey number 25 we are in the Colosseum I want to go to the Centre for reference so you can work out we’re going find all this

rubble oh this rubble here now I’m gonna play super brains because this was the only way I could do this this won’t be open so here’s the beach alright stress us this won’t be open to your left here’s an arm yeah hey buddy what’s up let’s collect him he won’t just be sitting there like that we gotta we gotta open that up I’ll show you how I did it I feel my my method super brains my favorite of course I’ll show you what the switches so you know it is just they see that little brown smudge there that’s it that’s a little mushroom I jump out I heard do good kablammo the Act makes it and this one fly kickback tada and you can pick him up I didn’t want to do that in one go because I don’t wanna fail and barracks myself but we’re going to respawn now super brainz is too big for this next one you can be a imp or it gets like a peashooter or something now let’s get reference we are at the Coliseum the one we want the one we just got was to our left so now when the exact opposite side of where we were before and you see this big head and a little gnome in here if you’re so unlike super brains you can’t pick it up I was getting freaked out man I was looking for some kind of switch I try to blow that thing up I couldn’t get in there now it’s like you know I’m shy small character and it worked works like a charm narrowed frosty creek rusty old creek here going up here to this what is this the sawdust mill go here you’ll see an a terrible accident has occurred here luckily for us no one’s gonna clean this noise this a no I know I can’t put snow globe I got snow globes on the mine because I got to edit that guide next nobody got that one and then look over here as a bridge is a button your weight our log will sail on down here I’ve collected this one this one I got during the livestream cuz no one believed me that there was no in multiplayer and I was like you know what I’m gonna find them all I’ll show you and then I found that switch and I found him and was like yeah I take that I picked him up so that’s what happened now we’re on lunar landing I believe this is the final of the multiplayer maps of the team vanquish or whatever you’ve chosen to do it as valiantly vanquish isn’t known in this tutorial here he is a pain to get I don’t know if you need to be a small character or what but I struggle I don’t need to point that out because you can can’t tell but I struggles if you struggle it’s okay but there he is I started convinced myself that I wasn’t a golden Knight I’m just seeing things I got golden domes on the brain when I was looking for him but let’s go inside now this one’s really easy it’s with our bean you probably found this one this one or by accident as a switch just say see I just shut up boom that switch right there opens up a little door right down here doors open and inside is our little friend goat gnome number 30 let’s jump onto the last 24 so we are in Zambia this is a verbal assault map we’re gonna play as the plants we’re peashooter I’ll collect that gnome thank you very much that’s number one in here or 31 now the first time you capture an area that’s the very first one we call it and then we’re heading over to the second one stop by the engineers house here and then he’s a little sneaky dude shoot that fence as a switch look at that ma’am that switch will open this garage you gotta go near it for it to open it opens there is our second are known for Zambia now capture the next graveyard so that’s graveyard number two we just caught the one that we had to catch when we got the engineer one I’m gonna head to the park here it’s like a zoo I guess a zoo park I’m gonna go and get this to here yes – how nice is that it’s always not something like that so here’s our graveyard we gotta capture there is a cage full of scorpions with cones on their tails so they don’t stab anyone there’s unknown just the left of them now I’m going to go past the graveyard activate some that time da da da and then just continue on to the docks here look up there’s some dead fish in the sea go chilling out and over here jump jump get that nine I have low gravity on because it’s so amazing it would make hunting these things so much easier speed boost and low gravity was my greatest ally in this hunt now continue on from that previous one we have parts of these little floats and stuff find this house the bat frac look to the left there’s a wall here below it up you’ll find my name cutter and the final norm for zombie obeah capture the final graveyard and you’ll have a mission to ruin or spoil that zombie party doesn’t they ruin the party but it says party ruined there we go I knew it was something head to the

library nerd it’s time to read some books it’s time to check out this switch just here easy sorry I’m so floaty I told you it’s routine and the door to left open full of gold full of riches don’t touch it Aladdin’s to place will melt number 37 we are now in the great white north we’ve captured the very first graveyard there’s no there’s no gnomes you pull the first graveyard I’ll capture the first one and you’ll find a snowman that’s the other tip if you’re looking for these things and now you don’t have to when I was just blow up destroy punch shoot everything so capture that next graveyard or tombstone garden whatever you want to call it capture that one so go you’ve got two names now no you got one night go unknown for a green or flat North I hate to the second graveyard capture this I think honor is it third graveyard I’m not sure anyway is a big face here doesn’t matter what blow this wall up there’s a lot of these walls you’ll discover you can break and can’t break them with this so you’re gonna shoot them get that name o year number 39 we’re gonna head here to this place it’s like a resort of some kind crazy names hideout I don’t know if there’s an ice wall down here not this one you can break that one as well but I think there’s anything in there bust this one down and you’ll buy mr. Nolan what’s up buddy hey you’re number 39 number 40 it’s just a little bit from him I can jump on here shut up and look to the left and you’ll find the switch these sneaky switches man and my eyes peeled every every time there’s an edge in the map that overlooks Sonic I had my eyes just looking for things transport now now we’re going to the windy pass there was a pea at the front so it is past windy pass let’s go down here this one you gotta find this box here find a spot for reference cutter and then use this box as a guide to find this box down below you see this little green box try and land near tada Thank You box does he already reason I found it cuz I saw that box and I’m like that looks suspicious that looks tough here’s another sneaky knowing in a cave so from that one so we are now pretty much where ah I’m sorry I just confuse you but if you got that one head we’re going back the same path we just took and then we went left and now we’re gonna go to the Graveyard here go this graveyard this is the last graveyard in the great white north come to this edge spot this one look at that was a real sneak one there spot it and then I was waiting for something to happen I’ll say how am I on there’s gonna be something there’s gotta be something and then I realized you know what it’s probably around here let’s have a look spotted it there it is tada gotcha you cheeky monkey so this was the last one I found this area that’s why I was confused where we’re gonna be easy as pie there right once you got it it’s easy now we’re on moon base z hooray for us the very first one has a little plant here is going to be right at start here we just gotta get over here and look up you swear switch there or you wanna spoil it but now you can’t split it because I showed you where it is there it is and here comes a little comet but uh there’s a meteorite it ya know I hit the moon I don’t know you got a no good TV highfive capture the first garden putting guns now because we’re plants capture the first guard heading to here the luggage please and then stop and look left there’s a switch cutter Ellen it’s really easy to find really now we’re gonna capture this garden and continue on now this gun will lead us outside before we get to the next area so once you get to this area run all the way to the door and then turn left you’ll see this big machine thing like Howl’s Moving Castle with hands jump down here and there’s no easy that’s number 45 we are almost done I am so excited fold down that big elevator hole and this war rep line was the very last nerve I found in this game not the last one in the guy this is up last name I found not this one this one’s an easy one get here I think this is the first one I found on this map done dusted easy as pie now this was the very last one the last norm I found the entire game so where do you see where it is and we got it by chance by spotting this who the thing that can barely see it down here wait for it it changes like there it is you see that hole I saw that and then disappear like the light changes so you can see it and then counts it I was just there at the right time that’s sort of like you know I’m gonna just drop down there I got zero gravity on so it kind of helps here just go for it just fall just hope for the best and when I found this I was so happy and then my guide

was complete I had all the norms KaBlam is actually a really satisfying one fun as well cuz wait till you see this area we head down here riches norms there’s this big golden guy here look about it’s the perfect last one to find I probably should have done any order of the guy but too bad because there’s another one off of this so we’re going to go and capture this one again better better wait for it captured got it capture the processing facility so we’re gonna go past the knowing we got just before so that’s where that little Chompy thing is there you go in here and they’ll go to zero gravity or low gravity Rodion like gravity but this is a low gravity area I’m gonna bounce away all the way to the end I don’t know what kind of character needs this I’m times with peashooter so I get some feature to work super play zombies and do this but P she’s my man he’s doing it he’s on the plant side there is a known just over they see him there he is so gonna try and jump over there I got my special back but I want to jump I wasn’t sure if I needed a little extra height because I couldn’t remember if I jumped off that and made it in one shot or if I could just make it without it so I failed miserably but then I redeem myself by running out here and then going you know I spent the same high boying parkour for the win take that French people no I’m collected let’s jump to the seeds of time the final stage the final one we’re gonna get number 49 here this one’s real easy it’s just sitting on a shelf in a gift shop look at that who couldn’t find that it’s right in front of everyone people have playing multiplayer I’m running past that and having no idea now we’re gonna leave the diner area here we’re gonna jump zero-gravity is my jam in maze alive so much better and that speed boost look at a guy I would’ve jumped in the middle section here and there’s a gift shop right here well I don’t know if it’s a gift shop it’s just a shop with things on the shelf it says toys I’m gonna call it gift shop you got number 54 to go we’re gonna head to Asia with a Z as Asya it’s cause yeah we’re ahead to Asia go over here you’ll see a roller coaster to our left here once you get crosses bridge stop here in the doorway and then they switch right here little sneaky switch and we come back here and then it kind of floats down as a float up yeah push down there it is it’s on the cloud because why not write any grab it no no I’m collected let’s go to 52 now we’re gonna leave Asya Asia I get it I’m glad yeah I’m ahead – roar it’s chewing wrong believe it or not you should believe it because I’m about to show you one if you don’t believe it that’s just crazy man the facts are in your face there’s a waterfall here shoot this switch KaBlam and then jump up top there’s a known lucky eyes we’ve got number 52 that’s good number 53 this is story all the toys there because why not from the one we just got one go left and then go seam right here look at that it’s sitting and playing view after you not find him collect this now the final one the one that’s gonna put you all the way at the top for your friends list let’s go to respawn we’re gonna play as a plan because we need to be on the other side if you try to zombie yo I have a balance to play the plant gonna go in the canyon again launch yourself doesn’t matter which cannon just get all the way to the back area here and then we go to the left side that’s it uh boy you know it’s actually funny the one I said like the one we just got was actually lost what I found in this map it’s like the most obvious one I found a shame I’ve been out got all 54 congratulations you are the greatest known collector known to man and plants and zombies and gnomes head – here we get a little cutscene of a door opening I had theories I collected all the snow closer to us they were like the one of us collectibles I got I got 49 and I was like I can’t believe there’s not I couldn’t find the last one I searched for ages then I was like you know what I hope to god once I get all these gnomes this door opens and there’ll be a snow globe and then they got in here I open all these chests so what we get that’s 100,000 coins super rare thanks for the reward I really appreciate the coins and then over here we’ve got more money more coins and the thinking of brain that’s just a rare item for the backyard and over here we got a I think we get a super rare item out of this more coins delicious a golden ones oh and then I was hit with disappointment I’m like it’s not here man there’s no snow globe maybe it’s behind the statute it’s gotta be it’s gotta be somewhere is it up there is it around where’s the snow globe I can’t believe it where could it be I started to lose my mind a second my

god all right 49 50 had to be here search everywhere such ever a robe you can do it it’s like aa disappointment hit me hard and then I looked up and I found a switch kablammo the wall behind me open I love my be sure to even here’s clapping he’s happy man and in here it was it was in here look left no nothing there’s a switch there it is the fight Oh slow curve as well I can complete that clickable guy for you guys as well now and now we have this a puzzle to solve I haven’t solved it yet but I’m sure you guys will I’m sure you saw it before me because I’m putting it together guide so now you’ve got this guide you can get all the snow globes and the gnomes we can get all nose-first and you can get all snow globes after and then you can solve this while we can solver you’ll probably beat me to it because now I got other things to do but I’ll give you a hint look at the roof that’s what you get look at the roof but thank you for watching this video if you enjoyed it we were like if you’re new here subscribe and I’ll see you around in the backyard battleground