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two to one the sun the honesty and he longs machines Of an a a a long long long long a long lose an all and the god and or four maker of vendor who you are From the four year prison one 47 worship you more for your new be needed before you what some of us here are not well throw more sick from our own order to be too often are needed And Lori point you are rules com Of road of your want to come close to one year From : you know for reader. Our unruly one art and stored for your are for you. Those were who were in a northeast and mid no part of brother and a review of this year nor would assume Indians on a seven R that you have your warming and portable and her yearning for further weakness and are immersed arsenic your battery of hard for we knew the bee won a prison to either of these are likely to never won a of the year The demo string And for our reap a real soul for program of your minority of three

of the team are working hard to send ground one we have to be with the amount the mound , The one more break, so you’re five to help us to understand and we are one 344213 are posted. He turned worst run for for the role One of the third were the hint of this your in part of our your for your your of this and the more you run amok. The forward about the three about our arms for the car of the all The mall is the long haul long as all the news, and may be E ruane the music was an integral court who worship experience and today we have forced and and you’re going to come no missile or communicate longer , from Munich as long

, long instance, students learning, seniors, and never won this battle, 7 pounds, eight, P’s: 901 in long long long as the 9:00 AM E N9 N– , CD 1999 now, EMC is tender for me a long time is nine wrong nothing is allowing the ISDN, as long long has long longing for me numinous, 1985 and sign the wall carvings and in pain is a long illness, along with the longest time, since learning as seniors down, nine of his battle, the seven points and here, and P’s: memories of long and of combating me when I came in 597 , 19 9909 ELCSAMRVA time is nine Lehman, his only does the timeline eight has nine, me , this time, and , using me, I mean, is a long season and me, and long long learning, send 49 195, and, as a ZZZ 99 Na 1980s and now has long been known to earn his 9198, E , as long, A me in an minister of foreign informant isn’t it wonderful Mr. Gandhi some of it’s no time for our children’s corner and the new ones in order been doing a wonderful job in the north church. No project sorted and be coming around to collect and offering an older schools towards our church building fund and so we encourage you to give generously using been doing a good job and we’re so proud cereals and soon as they’ve all had been on cities error in the nineties dawned 99999 sunrise the dolls, as long been a lot of ID there are many and on and then long as the dons A to build a man nine games by noon game on an e-mail says gave them and the names 90999 NFC downs, as long a ton of ID tag Wailea@that long

as the nominee of their owners than nine days, you own that I had been a long as 8:00 AM and ends and standardize and – NFC have a lot of ideas, Wailea & long as the dons dollars, a lives than as a file on many 1980s, 89 days gone 999999 NFC have not gone a long on March 8, Wailea time and the long as the dow’s dollars, a minds than as a lone they’ve been on two teams of mail denied he’s gone 09999 sunrise the dons, as long a long on March 8, mainly a line that long Fi drama of the owners and nine games by noon men of an e-mail to give them and has an 099999 NAC as long as long a long on RT, mainly a long long as the dawn of a of a long time and 90 long and then on a BB a long meeting them as long as 999999 Z dollars, as long a long on 98 were wearing a long long dim lighting boys and girls are you tired less time and again 10 morning boys and girls, and that’s better now than storing and minutes 20 this morning as cow fighting in plain sight now does anyone know what that means hiding in print sign of U-1719 it means finding arm wears from the wall work for you. It’s really way they should work well if you go in the dictionary’s it means being on noticeable I stink visible in ascending that it’s used to be an sour the story now is about me and I worked in a warehouse N in this warehouse taken Are 10 foul now Nissen at the end of every week and and when the couple bonds and assigned us he would pay cuts and Sanders played in a letterbox enclose a black sand and he would put back in a wheelbarrow and he will press the way a barrel to the guards Kenny now the company that he worked for and everyone had to be checked out eve connects sudden they could prevent steering so he would get to the guards eight and guard would say to him what’s in that box an the open the box and he would allow amateur sadat’s Sunday with time and I’m OK are free now and am with pressures wheelbarrow w

an amended this every week on a Friday and finally came time for his retirements sell them and then his regular routine what was connect aside as platinum acts that the box in a wheelbarrow and press 875 K and the diamond and SEC by next summer heat finally came to the garden his lasting of these years I have been wondering if you’ve been up to something and it’s just bothering me which you like to tell me what you’ve been to on collecting site as steering any other clues and men confessed to the buyback of these years he’s been steering wheel barrels now blazing housing you tell me why it was so easy for him to steal a wheelbarrow , some of these defendants 088 because he went on to pick a site as you were an mile gas line the way a barrel was such a familiar part of the factory that that I didn’t take any acts and send it was like fighting game hiding in plain sight now let me ask you to answer questions and staff how we are as Christians are being in with Isa groundings in this world Saudis one of the unilateral@so that others around as we’ll see Jesus to us, when until does anybody remember the story that system sty and no one remembers the story it was a problem in a row it was about a little girl back and it was crystal and she wasn’t afraid to talk about seasons for number in school Yancey Stopp mission line – summoned 19 C everyone’s everyone can see god through lines now I want everyone to remember Mac you find the first 16 does anyone know that first it’s an easy person a viable mention nine repeat after me let Seattleites else signed before and men than nine BCF of arts and Glory find your father which i so are we gonna be hiding in plain sites now written a letter might sign OK now this morning quite Niskanen three fronts at once, close their eyes Cranston Hance close your eyes and Cortese, pray TDCC 3 CP and her own These are for still, please E 89 of the world experience everyone stand up and tells the first 1990s eyes, as a war of that era reading is entitled shows its bold as and the question is what Dole chose this whole and have the teachers are just 13 and verse 90 and the bible says Ann Moses stole the ball is loved roses with him for he had placed the children of Israel on the solemn board saying god where surely visit you and you shot Gary of my bones from here we see you all must fly by the love of his Father Joseph was raised in a bowl game cradle highly favored about these problems he were the first since are you were the finest knows his father could get

at is an easy life and the overprotection and by the may jeopardize a chance character and development the lord mercifully I allowed him to be taken five from his old suddenly losing all that this were a gang of five except life and health but instead of feeling discouraged Joseph decided to make a commitment to put god first inning of things and his resolve was not shake and even after he was unjustly is sent to prison and placed into what was like living lowest position on a human to that acting on land and its but from that the log brought him directly to the second highest position in the most powerful country in the den known world on the covers of life were a game have been able to him when say that is not able to knock you down these trials he often is more successful by offering some basic a shunt and he’s withdraws if Starr act that thrive under this new ensnared searing trial with a 20 GB his eyes focused on using turn a future of our DB chimed by the life of the Kings scored it says in a very strange request that he later made of his brothers ravine that he stood firm in his commitment to god his eyes were still on the promised land and not on the luxury of falling off the chip server a sister’s Rodney said will visit you and you shot Jerry up my bowlers from hints draws it was not planning to be distracted by egypt’s easy alive his eyes were fixed on god’s plan for the future in honor in another line yet keep the heat to be given by Lloyd to these people Briana tires into the store have an idea may be made in my house and romaine here we set the lord of hosts file not all venue there when does in now is to receive for a meal on its 909 as of 99 on a 999 on the lawns 999909098909 AM on a 9098 a year spree heavenly father we give us us this morning that use allow much that you gave your life to redeem much and to give us a special place in the heavenly kingdom Now that as we have obey your comment were brought to you or your syntax and offering the Ashton to address it to the furtherance of your callers and help us to alway in Jesus is the use of it was still having him and now it’s time for the spoken word and sitting in the speaker’s chair today is none other than no first building in the Macintosh no use and other consumer might go down the always sees from the old school and always been that sun rise since its inception

store use the word fossilized spear long-term buddies a man who loves the load , know he loves his family also a reason monroe’s speaks from the heart and he’s gonna tell it like it is in orders an artist or 2 minutes into the singers and orchestra is no citizen, as it is and soldiers would ask that you would whisper Kinda hard for him to death as he speaks to us today that our hearts will be melted and the town we have receptive courts to their we can absorb the word that is coming from or two Before the Michaels stores were gonna have via the forster’s again building a comeback and they will be worse: some of meditatio and after the Knicks were shooting itself in the Macintosh in new 99979 E SS the the the day’s low nine NFC of game on zone on a 999 A John Z. Allen names name nine C 909999 C.s 9E8909 99E9 and the ACC 099 say the hands of Zion nine V U. Gainey (999)-999-8999 and has a nine E day long long and 99999 V annie’s the Zion nine B a 999929 E 9999 he aids me names of them and news 99989 same name as a and 9:00 AM as a nine E has a lot of nine E nine and nine ACC has 9990990999 VB Gainey 999 999998999 as a nine E main and 99989 AM

so grateful for the pastas for their son’s this morning it’s good to no good god never stops fighting for us and his blessings on you every day thank you lord for your blessings on the Taliban and I like to thank you for the introduction and he revels to me as a fossil in sunrise and somebody beside me says well is it all and or is it natural gas fossil fuel that you know I thought about something else brother bailey I bought about is the gal when they fell and in a packed with 5 miles and when his body clocks the dry bones of eyeballs cannot I did because of the spirit of god in a stakeout and so I ask you this morning to pray for me that the spirit of god would come on his plight balance and bring them back alive the man on today we’re gonna be looking at the topic perfect piece band of balsa that I go out where no metal and plastic here they are octal scriptures that I always use and I thought why not use low stool scriptures in a message to the church and the size I dropped to 26 were the first three and 4818 books scriptures that we lost in all scripture reading today but sat on the one that we live there is just so much time or and there is always a search for peace we tried to make peace all of the world but is seems to be the one game that he’s on a loading us we just can’t find it well as keys from war Pleas from the events that from up our minds we just can’t seem to find peace I read something somewhere about the countries of the world trying to find peace or needing please and saw one right of get some calculation got stung by Albert and as time he reported that from the year for 96 BC to end the 1861 in 3358 years there were told how and read and 27 years of peace and 3130 years of war and if you’ll get the last mod the mavericks and should come up with a racial it would be 13 years of war to one year of peace he went back on to ads that within the last three centuries and he was writing in the 1800s from their fifth game hundred BC to NT and 60

nine over the last race and raised there have been told and read and NT six war is in your up in 300 years there were 286 year warr is in URL the hassle added that from the year 1500 BC to that page ad claims 60 one and that hundred trades as a place men to remain in force for em all were concluded that average time they remained in force was cool years think about it seems as if these it’s something we’ll never have on this, not only do our country is me please the family is made peace are in most times a real battlefield is an old four year old Gould went to school she was told the story of snow white for the first time and so she could hardly wait to go home to share the story with her mother and so were their excitement of a four year old she went home and see what it called off their retail and remember those of everything from most of us have read the story us know what she’ll recall the ferry jail term of that afternoon after relating how prince charming and comment on his beautiful horse and test snow white back to life she asked her mother loudly and all you’ll know what happened then USAir money they lived happily ever after missiles in a look at her mother with a frown on her face and she said no they got married but isn’t valid is with us that off their retail managers it’s and that of most of us are content with found marriages will be without the best on the outside when we come to church we got the best out when people come to visit no one knows of alaris that are being fought in our homes and we come down to a lecture that sends a deal in charge we can’t find peace in one in church peas in loans us seems as if those who have the greatest need for peace are those in most parts of the peace of god should be found so it seems we cannot be peacemakers until we ourselves have realized the peace of god in our own hearts as I chapter 26 sunburst three has a big promise that all welt keep them

in perfect piece the promise the assurance comes before the Conde sounds I’d stand out or is goodness because his promise as are far he gets us there assurance before he places on us the requirements for that to be realized now would keep them in perfect these woes mind as planned on being because each suspect in the week at the best piece in several ways that one gods these is perfect in its care act of the director of god’s peace is that it is unable to get the job done and we see that as we look at the south on the pharmacy resting in the bottom of about not worried about all that is happening around in by the disciples are troubled and end up title and so the moment they went to him on side how can you estimate by the CIA is raging on our lives are in danger of Jesus imperceptible store case the studio and Walters work peace peace you got space is not necessarily the removal of our troubles so often I hear people say to me if only sold and sold would happen I would be called gather that I never said that have you ever felt that if only I had a job if only I had a better job if all of them a friend of mine husband what the talks wouldn’t talk to me certain ways and everything would be called if my children would come to church then everything would be called UCLA but the conditions at hand of the promised that what we know that’s not what that does because god’s peace is Alice in spite of what is going on around us god’s presence in the locks brings peace to our lives and so even the Mets OPS are even the Mets of sickness the wind up Mets OPS have missed the way in the midst of a back a random acts of all that time one in this world we cannot have peace since sometimes even in my personal or it seems to take

a lot of trouble deep despair seemed that it has to get to the place where I see no players out that I put it all together and take it to got nobody so would in spite of the fact that I didn’t see him all the time that things seem to be god it that in spite of the fact that I don’t remember him when the conditions that I have placed on my Pleas were right now that the conditions that I needed to be filled out that are no matter their oncoming take them is not how we all end and how we all but this piece is assurance is no his skier is always the because it comes to four the conditions set the six second thing is that god’s peace is perfect in its complete this it doesn’t matter how much we need god’s love god’s peace is always as much as we need well not went out north line 5¢ for the verse eight all the ballots hearken unto thy commandments and the eyepiece be another rival and I righteousness as a way for PC will never run out single some formation resign the governor of we look a whole we look at all that he went through god was always the year giving P I never thought about all that he went through the west hill and keeps nothing to worry about even when he was in getting ready to be dealt that is a piece of god I was watching old channel this past week and I shall the story of an orphanage host to wreak but it wasn’t an orphanage chilled close and open it for street books and they have they could have that any given time 800 to 1600 bauxite think a person really want been known every one of those blocks by said they’d tell them for old they did it take them for a walk every day and all they had to do is get up and say, and they show than taking that calls on a walk and all the ball over there happy running without a care in the world and I thought about all those dogs and that these guys know all the books that were under be here if one was missing the new and I thought about and then I’d talked about got snow and the Scheer he knows each one of us by name

he knows every year on my head and you’ll think about that kind of know that kind of kyrgyz he knows me he knows my knowledge and he is able to me and I am far greater than the style and lower than these doubts might not knows me and my god can take care of all my needs isn’t bad enough for me to praise him as the mapping not for me not to worry when things get to rob receivable story told by other Graham last week my hide all to myself that pastor in that prison know what that was to have peace bins and to prison and being deliberately starved for his belief but god the yo of the wardens can defeat him every day on about acid ism, one of brothers and sisters I realized that god you lose the cap for something most of you here know that I can can’t make a stroll to see if my line I was home almost three weeks ago I was cutting my norm and so I went out to the side of the Camaro is offensive the back of the house and I have probably about 213 feet outside the Camaro and I hadn’t cut out there for months and it was looking real back and so I went out there with my weed whacker and I was chopping down the vegetation growing on the canal bank were on something where I live there is a mop of coral rock if you a big 6 inches you’re going to hit coral springs and so the way the Carlyle is dog it’s dark straight down the banks are sheer as this wall that you’re sitting beside governor added drops straight down 15 feet and so I’m out there talking with education I walked on the sum coconut and benign up Bowles and banned something had me in a fit but not just $1.00 toll ones were in my head I drop the weed whacker and started to one but that’s as far as I remember I didn’t get far what I do realize is that after I can tell I’m rich array of the weed whacker I was where all the way up to my waist I had fallen in the canal my knees were down as their scaled down its minor rest what works nothing has happened anywhere else on my body my legs went down into the water right to my waist it’s a sheer drop out with my defense , and by that

And I gave god’s hands because the brothers and sisters sometimes we don’t realize that things that bought dollars for us that had to be my body and hands out that have made from going down at when the ship that shared up I went down in that only to my wife got saved me or I can tell you to the brothers and sisters it’s called to serve the lord peace is produced by this delay some smart numbers 22¢ but the fruit of the spirit years drawing peace run suffering gentleness goodness any and so I know that if I’m in chillum which Jesus if I’m in Co. and with Jesus he produces role in my life and one of these throughout his one assiduous to be see a Christian was always in her view crisp was always out of a deal Our ever been like me in a situation that poll were about the onion and one guy sir , you’ve been there until you a story of a missionary was an opening that will certainly no worse appear in court than planned because of low visibility that was before the times when you had all the time most of us when we’re on a plane and we have a smooth landing we cheer the pilots would you not to demos times the plane lands a pilot has nothing to do limit he puts it on all the pilot and that takes and down onto the runway mouse times you’ll have a poor landing its some mall function or some other Perot may be from the towel but the splintered and land because of poor visibility and so it was circling around letting all of you when you might have seen in the museum today some schooled had complained becau and the president apparently gotten some of the children but this plane was lacking off ill because it couldn’t rely on and so this missionary decided that since we have a little time up here in the year I’m going to prepare my last wheel and testing money come to lead the dear all the lines there is peace perfect piece of usable to the life with Christ is the way to let investor I love what I’m about to die there as a show runs there is god on the need all the uncertainties of human existence so I rest in gar

go back to your experience those times you forge were going to what did you think what the war we are well as your folks think about third thing about peace this piece is for deals by the scriptures someone 90 numbers 16 device as great as how many west lab at all and nothing style of bend and on what this is really a sign that does not nothing can cause and tools your car to lose their peace in your old PC to you as you are when I see that our easy to normal rules you who some of you will tell me and some of our time a mouse of a sore thumb either depends on what happens on the patrol wheeled out conditions to dictate who we are the most fun as surrendered to the will of god and other spirit to dictate how they became under the conditions people of mass me you don’t know which are very and I have a way to tell the women in somebody has a rented me and I’m giving them a rule that condoms to the monopoly that this approach and of an hour and a minimalist leap over a motherly mostly over situations that I have no control over our Los my job I lost my job but I I still have died I still have the energy and I still have my skills got always sees that the mortgages big you always Cesar Beresford on the table my god always provides so I should not allow things to dictate how widely and how wide the eight by sunglasses john decamp and one to worry about the bar worry about the gets so uptight that you want a divorce because he’s making the contributions that you think you should make put that about asked not to give them a job and when that time is right when you are needed as mayor that you are caught the ball and at god will make a way out of women to find peace in god’s word we must put be his word we can’t be right. The brother with Cole porter came forward warren he was selling books and he said to her though you are not that a copy of the bible and she says I certainly do research of time next

: no parade it regularly and she replied all yes I certainly do and then she sends her little daughter to go get her bible from the drawl of the Des so little girl border by venture as she was flipping through the pages her glasses spell out and she says the old my lord Byzantine and ends without thinking at been looking for it for the past three years this space is produced by a submission limited) six and burst RE if you walk in my stack its and deep my commandments and do their you want to burst six and I will give keys in the land and the satellite down and just not Michelle make you afraid I will read either based out of the land me less of a sword book through all your land god gives a seashores to worry I will give you peace there’s wonderful worthy if Mr. Year we have a con as I am 48 am for the arts are free says older now it’s hard and on to my mom in the 9. he’s been as a rebel and I righteousness of the waves up to see if I should paraphrase the people to say something like this you keep my common than your piece would continue to flow like and you righteousness would be never ending like the way of the sea in our churches I believe are not the kind of churches past that god would have been the because we happens to be and because of our disobedience we don’t see this perfect piece in our members if you had done my commanding bend your piece would be air ball flowing like a ripple in your righteousness like the way he’s obscene never in little girls playing in the yard and her money faster to compare the dish with a little girl continued to play a mother call to her several times to come help with the dishes but the little girl kept on ignoring her final of the mother said to be charted and you hear me I said, fell for the dishes that was when I was growing up I wouldn’t hear this part of the question I would have felt something didn’t you’ll hear me calling you to come help with the dishes though it’s a little girl replied by as I heard you

I’m just not doing what you said we shake our heads for me ask a question how many times do we treat god this way think about it how many times do we treat god the sweet we hear him loud and clear but we just won’t do what he tells us to do all nine was a peaceful way skip priest ideas for inverse for the apostle for server tour some aboard old way and a gain RCA red shorts and think about it they use words came from the Lakers of four men in Chino not knowing whether he would die or be set free rejoice in a lot of ways a net gain I see rejoice there is also a piece or pray all involved in place by the ounce for six be careful on nothing but in Anaheim thing by Pratt and supplication when thanksgiving let your request be meant no one on to god’s mark all is saying don’t worry about anything done big called a plot by the things of this world and I think about it and III sometimes novel things that unravels out and tell you something I’ve been through it and a multiyear the boy to know it was in me but I was in a situation and I can’t thank god for his mercies are no many years ago I had been Christian 401 report I was doing more I thought I was doing good and I found myself in a situation where I was being offered I was being pulled from every sign and it was the lore that was poking me and I just call the police a man was being on fear and walked him from my mouth to him I would not repeat from the pole when I sing where my singing might focus was not on the remember no will keep him in perfect piece whose mind is played on the because he trusted in the my mind wasn’t a god I was interesting in him and so what have I lost his peace and I fell into a scene notes on the rest of that was all on me

god had cleanly put accommodations in place his piece was there it’s always there he doesn’t take it out wed we pulled it from us we popped him from us so we know and we all in to see another story run There was a certain in the court of Alexander the great Tim Alexander told in this anything at all that she would need I would give it to you so the man had some financial needs and Alexander the story says sent into the treasure of that probably will call a real treasure of more than Mr Feynman them and we know that says. After a man of something goes The women may be the $1000 and I should’ve done the calculations when I read about the inbound and in the tens of millions of dollars today and this week and, being his right mind and soul of the center Tim Curran said this man is requesting an open and this amount from the treasury I can’t see how he could be full unreasonable and so you refuse to give amount of money but Alexander sent back a message pay the man at one this man has done me a singular honor by the large nets of his request he shows that he understands both my well at night generosity while we saying today got past case on and then for us god righteousness has no luck at idea of what is this class and it’s up to one of how much of the committee we must brothers and sisters be willing to do the will of god , just share one thing with us and them under are like to read the stories of the more and more about two women like to read in 1555 one of the martyrs Nicholas Brady was burnt out to stay out was pulled a gun to be that Ridley was supposed to be burned to the state the kind around his neck the back of an old bay but in about the file on a slow roles which meant that he would die quickly but the story goes that the night before his execution his brother offered to remain with him in the prison

offer him some assistance and comfort readily declined the offer and replied that he meant to go to bed and studied as quietly as MIT bit in his life because he knew the peace of you know the peace of people dressed in those friend of everlasting alarm and trust in Jesus to meet this need brothers and sisters so can we try and solve my the store and supply the campus made no we may lose everything we may find ourselves in a situation that we can see no way out with older is in control of every you might have compromised in the car the wheels for that god can make away where there’s no way an event he chose this not to save us here remember there as an eternity and awaits the solar mostly. Today with each of imperfect peace for mind the door because we trust in me god help of five this note of the human church who closing and is in number 530 eastern it is well with more so when NT is the the way they and and then move on and they will as the law demands a way of them on the wall on a 99 on the man’s law say as name names as a model name names nine name of day and the and minus all name of all games as the main aims of Maine Madison on nine his name on the law a law say is law say Oswald my eyes say the same law and all of that alone May 9, ’09 homes and nine a name on the names of online from a nine on low nine o

name is mud and the name of a song and on they say the main aim at nine names my eyes are on and on a nine a game of names of the day the bottom of a game on 909 as the lone ads of Saddam as the bad and the Logins of days as a nine song name as 9189 on the day is one and a nice small way of all played as of may as the name of his lawn the benediction in the middle or bless you and keep you in Manila makers face to shine upon you and the gracious on to you need a lift up this continent support you and the panthers is please use in our hearts the signal most support peace with the prince of the injuries as Israel would , of an a and a a decency to