Electrical Hypersensitivity Nicole Bijlsma Part 1

now my pleasure to introduce the following and this afternoon she can give us a talk on electrohypersensitivity what it is who recognizes it biomarkers causes types of electromagnetic that affect the built environment ammonia standards demonstration and solutions thank you very much welcome again this topic is a personal one for me because I my journey into environment of health began as with of the Timmy’s characters no one was able to determine why I was mr. inked we went through feeling qualify by me F because I got going and easily went to the recurrent miscarriage play Melbourne we went to him in colleges who able to I have specialist and all we were told was to keep trying we don’t know what Tommy lo and behold when I started talking to the neighbor I really like she said to me I’ll know it successfully her children while studying this time I got Betty Kristen in 16 years old and long behold mark health my husband’s health and my health had deteriorated significantly moving into this house in the first song was insomnia so I thought was an interesting coincidence were sleeping on the other side of the world were made a box when I started to look at the evidence I realized that I see magnetic fields do increase the risk of miscarriage at 15 really house or higher so once I realized this at the same time a reproductive immunologists in the US was able to determine from my husband in my book that Y will miscarry him that my immune system issue and they were able to provide us with their course of treatment to be able to deal with them at the same time we moved from that bedroom to the back bedroom in fact my husband was very reluctant to move to that bedroom because the ensuite was close by how can click to magnetic fields cause problems and I said well you’re not getting sex ever again but on the 28th of February 2013 a doctor we’re here at CSIRO was awarded compensation for injury inflicted as a result of electromagnetic field exposure in this country it has – a legal precedent in Australian history more recently telstra issued a warning to all of its customers warning about the exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic energy and more importantly how salutis wanted exposure to the radiation times are staying to change I find an interesting tactic by Telstra to do this and it’s called the four dog defense this is how big business works to keep people guessing firstly my dog doesn’t buy my product does not come you secondly and if it doesn’t if researchers are saying it does then we’re going to you know not fund their research to make sure they don’t do any more research every nd secondly my dog does bike but it didn’t bite you thirdly my toe does buy and if you bite you but it didn’t hurt you because it seemed acceptable levels and the last one is my dog does by and a bit you and it hurt you but it’s your fault because you choose to use a mobile phone you choose smoke and that’s the way the industry works and as you could hear from Ray’s passion and frustration of knowing what he knows in environmental health frustration knowing ultimately it’s coming down to dividends for shareholders is what keeps us exposed and more importantly our children exposed to hazards there are known carcinogens and they can have lifelong consequences in fact on endocrine-disrupting chemicals I’ll talk on tomorrow we are talking about transgenerational effects that affect not just the offspring but actually the grandchildren so with this talk what I’d like to do is first to get his pants up here and show you what progressive countries are doing about this issue and then give you very simple tips on how to reduce your exposure and handle patients it can reduce your exposure without having to go too deep in and leave in an intense I have my technology I use a mobile phone once you understand the physics of radiation you can see nificantly reduce your exposure and still use and still live in a technological age waiting for high levels of scientific proof before taking action on electromagnetic fields can lead to very high health and economic costs as was the case with asbestos led petrol and tobacco according to the European Union the council year 2011 we had this

remarkable way that you that we have to prove in the public has to prove that something is dangerous before the authorities react this system is so young and this is what perpetuates this chronic level of hazards that our children are exposed to on a constant basis government authorities dispute any harmful effects associated with electromagnetic fields and yet we use them to treat depression killed bone fractures treat neonatal jaundice blue light of course is the most 2015 way to achieve this which is light and reduced pain and swelling the human body is an excellent conductor of electromagnetic fields in fact by the very use of the EEG ECG we acknowledge of different organs vibrate at different frequencies we have 70% water we conduct electricity very very well DNA is actually a fractal antenna electronic conduction self cemetary it conducts electromagnetic fields very very well the World Health Organization classified radio frequencies used in telecommunications as possibly carcinogenic to humans in 2011 31st of May 2011 and this step the entire telecommunications industry of speed putting billions of dollars into research to try and squash these claims on March the 19th 2013 the French National National Assembly passed an amendment to ban Wi-Fi in nurseries they’re trying to restrict Wi-Fi in schools in its particularly in early stages great ones to trade schools Israel has now restricted use and greatest technology up until great really limited the amount of wireless exposure in the early crates in primary school hopefully by the end of this talk you’ll see why wireless technology in schools does not have a place and it’s probably apart from the paint and lead exposure in children wireless technology would be my top of the list of the concerns I have as a mother and the fact that my tweets of just started school during grade one and my four year old stay in school next year in 2007 the German government recommended wireless technology be avoided and replaced with wife connection this is the entire German parliament as a result of looking at the scientific evidence for exposure to radio frequencies indicated to its entire population we can’t stop you using wireless technology but we strongly suggest you don’t use it use hardwired a DSL or cable instead until we can see if this is actually safe why are there is not acting for the exposure is imperceptible it’s ubiquitous the huge problem the scientific community face is that there will be no control group because the entire planet is bathed with radio frequencies it has multiple sources going on and off all the time and of course what the telecommunications industry end up doing to prevent cause and effect is to keep changing the frequency so 4G uses a different frequency into 3g 2g to the CD SMA that we used initially in 2g so it’s very difficult to demonstrate cause and effect and it varies over distance and time the physics of radiation is such that as you double the distance away from the source you effectively reduce your exposure by 75% and that’s the key to reducing your exposure none of these ridiculous gadgets out there that you plug into a PowerPoint and then it reduces your radiation exposure it doesn’t work like that the another reason why authorities are not acting is because it’s not an ionizing form of radiation that they’ve used this argument for a very long time you know from x-rays of course gamma radiation certain types of UV of course our ionizing forms of radiation extra low frequencies and radio frequencies which are typically found in the built environment I need anything that generates a count any appliances generates care about a meter box or fridge that has a motor and draws current will create a magnetic field it is a non ionizing form of radiation this is not a valid argument and I’ll give you an example why health effects and brain tumors have a very long latency period and this has been a big problem with this issue it’s because you know I used my phone I didn’t develop a headache immediately although some political sensitivity will the great majority of people won’t get immediate effects so we don’t see the effect immediately the fact that most of these brain tumors glial is an acoustic neuromas have a 15 to 25 year latency period you know a lot of the research was saying no no there’s no effects but it hadn’t been in the population for you

know for ten years only now because it’s been the general population mobile phone uses the general population for 15 to 20 years are we starting to see increased and in fact that the study between 2000 and 2008 there was a 35% increase in brain tumors in New South Wales alone in their eight-year period which cannot be explained through our causes like a biomarkers there’s not an argument that is a huge problem because the Austrian Medical Association have a documented procedures on how GPS diagnose electromagnetic hypersensitivity and they have provided by markers you need to check to validate electromagnetic fields as a medical disorder and I want to take a bit of time with you to show you what this is the Australian Association protocol for diagnosis their argument is there’s no established evidence that Wi-Fi adversely affects children now also today tonight four weeks ago and it was an eight-minute interview in fact it’s probably one of the few minutes abdominals actually thought yet they actually did what I wanted them to hear and at the end of the interview they said our parents are who are our regulatory authority refused to you know comment on anything but they gave her assignment the journalist messed it off there’s no evidence to say that wireless technology adversely affects children’s health and I said of course there’s very delivers because it is unethical to put a mobile phone or a smart meter or a wireless router near a child’s head and studies impact what Ethics Committee in any university in around the world would actually even approve to do that research and yes we have put it out into every home into all of our schools without adequately assessing its impact on children’s health who are very much uniquely susceptible to electromagnetic fields as are going to so of course it’s been little research on children’s health because it’s unethical public don’t know that though I think it would have been studied someone must have tested and was a wouldn’t be able to buy into a shop the conflict of interest think this is where Donald makes will take over this PhD on the incredible conflict of interest in this industry it is a multi trillion value to strength in the end dividends to shareholders is what’s going to roll out and this is why we continue to have exposure standards there are not health-based standards even our Panzer acknowledged our standards are not for long-term exposure to non-thermal effects and as a result of this we don’t actually have a standard for electromagnetic fields from our wireless technology which is just really shameful majority of scientific research on EMF is funded by private industry and if they actually do the funding the chances are a 30% chance at the legal share Association if it’s independently funded there’s a 7% chance that there are adverse health effects and of course we’re not surprised by this if they don’t like the outcome they may choose not to publish the results how much research do you think doesn’t get published you can just imagine all they can actively discredit the researcher there are amazing researchers in Russia and in Sweden who have been sounding alarms of electromagnetic fields for 15 years who thinks our communications industry they’ve been trying to discredit and yet now they’ve been proved right in terms of the incidents of gaion as an acoustic neuromas as I mentioned this is the four dog defense the second of the four dog defense my dog does bite but it didn’t hurt you harmful effects observed as I said 7% of studies conducted by non industry compared with 32% when we funded by the telecommunications industry so let’s have a look and others want to standard sink rather than bamboozle you with all of these etc what I want to show you is its nervous train follows the economic stance International Commission for non ionizing radiation protection which is a worldwide standard implemented by several Western countries for radio frequency exposures from wireless technology they’re probably exposure standards is the fact that firstly different frequencies have different standards so that already is very confusing so in relation to most of the technology we use in our 3G we’re looking at the power levels or the strength of the field of the radiation that’s permitted in Australia based on tissue eating effects is 10 million micro watts per meter square when you look at our Panzers website who are our regulatory guidelines they provide guidelines to ACMA and to the government about what the standard should be

in terms of these their levels are about 10 million microwatts but they actually say centimeters they use a completely different unit scientific unit to make it so confusing that you can’t compare our attendance to other countries unless you go through this amazing complicated math so what I’ve done is converted into microwatts per meter squared because this is the unit used by the by initiative report and by progressive countries who are doing something about reducing their exposure to radio frequencies in wireless technology so in Australia for 3G 2100 megahertz Telstra the acceptable maximum level allowed to be exposed as 10 million micro watts per meter squared in Austria it’s 10 so I want you to think about as your family walking down the street in Austria that the exposure from that mobile phone tower is a million times lower than what’s allowed in Australia that’s not acceptable indoors it’s one the by initiative report which is probably the most remarkable report that’s come out from over 33 scientists who don’t have conflict of interest he’s well worth downloading it was up daily in 2012 and it provides the most recent analysis of electromagnetic field exposure and adverse health effects and because of the pressure of this document coming out the World Health Organization interestingly a year later classified radio frequencies in wireless technology as possibly carcinogenic group to me building biology standards terminology was developed in Germany as a result of their sick building syndrome in the 70s because of the oil embargo buildings were built very tight and create all sorts of indoor air quality issues during biology developed as a result of that but they were also very vocal about electromagnetic fields and the exposure levels the exposure levels permitted maximum outdoors is 10 microwatts animals were microwatt you cannot get those levels if you have a cordless phone a mobile phone a smart meter or a wireless realm in your house it’s impossible to get those levels the by initiative report indicate that children should not be exposed to anything above six microwatts and you’re now standards allow 10 million microwatts that it’s the standard at which it heats the brain because that’s what our stands are based on tissue heating effects the effects are q2 the fix this is ten billion mark watts moves to our radio frequencies will hit your brain it caused immediate effects that’s the standard that we have in Australia France Russia India Italy Israel China spits on Bulgaria Poland have expired stands for radio frequencies using wireless technology that are 100 times lower than what’s permitted in Australia China magnetic fields the traders three fields that fit the Beauty environment so your home you’ve got the electricity that’s coming here and anything that draws current that has a minor such as your your fridge but including email box anything that does current is going to create a magnetic field the first time in fact the first study on the impact of electromagnetic fields on the general public came out in 1979 by Wertheimer and Lipa now two researchers who were looking at childhood leukemia so it for all the privacy laws this is in the states they went to the hospital and said show us you know give us the files of all the children who have childhood leukemia and we’re going to know at that moment and see if we can find anything that we hope they went and checked all of these children’s houses and they found the great majority of these children leave me high voltage transmission lines they didn’t know what was coming from the lines they appointed a engineer to develop a device which we call the gas meter to measure the AC magnetic fields from the high voltage transmission lines and they found anything about four milligauss was associated with the any sense of childhood leukemia for I was sleeping in between 30 and 200 Millie guests on the other side of the wall or any box where Mark and I moved into this home many boxes no current in the magnetic fields will vary depending on what’s in use in your house more appliances you have in use the more the current that goes through your meter box and the greater magnetic field the problem with smart meters is you not only have the magnetic field you have the wireless component to it because it’s communicating wirelessly to the neighbor listening to the power distributor and also the new smart meters designs that they’re going to start communicating with all your new white hoods so in your new white goods that you’ll purchase your future you’re going to have ZBZ in them which will communicate remotely with the smart meter so that the power company can switch off your fridge or your air conditioner to save power if they want

to and they can do that remotely this is resulting huge uproar in many countries because it has been many fires that have started because appliances are suddenly gone on when people on at home as a result of this wireless technology level and the adverse health effects which I’ll go into so I see magnetic fields is another type of electromagnetic field that we are exposed to in the built environment it doesn’t often cause problems unless the following happens sleep is the most important part of the entire house and it’s the first room we check as building biologists because as ray mentioned electromagnetic effect melatonin the melatonin plus your sleep hormone set your circadian rhythm it has very important immune function in central so when you sleep in the air meter box or sleep in your digital clock radio the digital clock radios you me anywhere up to 200 milliamps but it drops with distance so my sniffs you need to either get a a wind-up clock or a battery-operated clock which uses DC not AC and or put your digital clock radio on the other side of the room so you have to get out the press that’s no no it’s inconvenient but it’s much better people who are sleeping near digital clock radios like we can go in they’ll say look my smiley just put in on sick because if they said I’m going in don’t make you’ll call the spine is emitting ten times more radio frequencies than your smart meter and it’s your head so let’s get priorities as to where all the sources are to reduce their exposure because these radio frequencies and magnetic fields affect melatonin and that has massive ramifications in the long term for people’s immune system their sleep cycles and everything crashes as a result of that so sleep disturbances and headaches are probably the most common symptoms that people initially develop with electromagnetic field with the exposure stands for ACMA fields our standard is 2,000 million girls you just went up from 1,000 the Barbie she reports is no more than wandering us Switzerland says 10 the building biology standard say no more than two and a living space and point to a mentoring you’d be hard-pressed to find in a built-up area to get below 1 then I guess Melbourne if I go in do audits in the high-rise apartments I can’t get behind one and radio frequencies it’s becoming a real problem that we are getting to the extent where we can not only control our own homes because the wireless round is smart meter from people next to us you meet it over our entire boundary when you buy a wireless router it will be set to the maximum level because the manufacturer doesn’t want you to complain that you don’t get reception in your garden I don’t know why we need exception in no matter what we do and we know but it mrs. Smith next door and bogged down in the street with his wireless song as we can see it on our iPads and our iPhones so it is sent to the highest level so we are banging ourselves with radio frequencies the closer you are to the wireless router the greater the level of exposure so it’s critical ideally that people don’t have wireless technology they with hardway a DSL cable instead if they choose to use wireless technology then at least at night time turn it off so it’s not interfering with your melatonin levels very important especially children you know headaches and children is an unusual symptom and yet is one of the main symptoms with electromagnetic field exposure the exposure stands at an are adequate existing stance radiofrequency electromagnetic energy are based on short term acute immediate health effects at six minutes of healing of tissue so our standard say unless that mobile phone is heating your brain is physically getting a brain that big whatever levels you’re exposed to is acceptable they are for switching off it’s like a neurologist it’s important to disable by this functionality in your iPad or your laptop password otherwise whether that’s fun whether they have or what Smarties off your device is going to the embassy and finder to look up and go into solutions and quite a bit of data because it’s really important you need to know what to tell your clients your patients in order to reduce their exposure the exposure stands for AC magnetic fields are based on induced electric currents in the body the standards do not take into consideration long-term exposure to non thermal effects despite the growing body of evidence of adverse health effects occurring at levels thousands of times below the existing standards and this is where the by initiative report has been really instrumental in getting it out

there and forcing World Health Organization’s to start really looking at this issue the stats do not consider the West vulnerable we don’t have standards for the most vulnerable the unborn fetus children whose skulls are significantly thinner and should not be exposed to radio frequencies in my book I say you know if you’re going to have technology busy there’s a place for it however get give them fine set that you’re not only text so they have it in their hands not via their brain deliver reproductive organs you know things that they can only text a little it’s likely to be exposed their vital organs to this type of technology yes bluetooth is wise technology the power output the strength of the field is decreased but it’s still well above the building biology stance is still in the thousands the outlet immunocompromised standards need to be set to the most vulnerable in our society all sort of society oh if we’re not even protecting our most vulnerable and necessary like our children for the next generation what is it something about the society when we can talk about that is rain decay with chemicals and recruiting castles and have transgenerational effects no in fact the birth of the modern parent they affect the offspring and the offsprings offspring children are not little at us they have thinner skulls their brains of two times four more no microwave radiation than adults double and it goes right across because of course they’re smaller they undergo rapid cell division they’re exposed for much longer periods of time why because when I was in lungs uterus we didn’t have wireless technology this generation does their exposure levels are lifelong from utero right to the end and it interests me that the Russians who at the forefront of adverse health effects on radio frequencies and wives technology they want about microwave ovens 1979 that’s how concerned they were about microwave technology but because it pressure international free trade the Russians were not allowed to ban microwave ovens let alone wireless technology about free trade agreements so the Russians in their Cold War did a lot of experiments on microwave technology and they’re really concerned because they are predicting Russia’s Regulatory Authority have actually stated we expect more people in their late 20s and 30s to have Alzheimer’s by the next generation because of wireless technology we are expecting at Japan’s public 1/5 of last year during the month of 2013 for anyone under 30 30 minutes in Russia yep massive digital dementia new buzzword in school-aged children not only the psychological effects of Mira oh my god what is grass supply but you know being connected to this in hanging and the face of governments I’m not a psychologist or don’t want to go down there this is certainly another issue that we have to look at countries that have issued warnings France 2010 bans advertising on cell phones to children under 12 Belgium 2013 public health minister bans mobile phones Hospital number 7 Australia our pans are issues fasting on how to reduce one’s exposure to wireless devices very small print on their website because this is the fourth dog isn’t it yeah we know my product hurts you hurt you but you choose to use it so you’re to blame and this is the way to go because this is the way it went with asbestos PVC leaded petrol you know Australia 2014 four weeks ago Telstra issues warning to its customers so they’re getting you the big reason why telecommunications I think of doing this is because they can’t get insurance adverse health effects a lot of the big telecommunication ties around the world the insurance companies not wanting to insure them for adverse health effects and this is driving a lot of the concerns because of this April 2009 European Parliament call for a review of the standard your opinion has been quite instrumental it’s starting to look at this 2011 they released a report on the potential dangers of EMS and their effect on the environment and of course I’m only talking about human health concerns what about these you know if you get rid of being the first sign that this wasn’t real issue was of course on the bee population because when you put a radio frequency transmitter on mobile phone tower within a certain distance of beehives they start swarming and just in the same way that they leave that the being – caught and they do this that’s warming then they leave and they never come back because something is affecting their their ability to be able to navigate etc I think we’ve got magnetospheres I’m not sure what the right term is in the brains that then

affect the most resolving radio frequency exposure and of course that release is another thing what about our food source bees go you know 31st of May will help organization classified radio frequencies used in wireless technology as a group to be possibly carcinogenic you don’t come up to this classification unless you start realizing there are adverse health effects otherwise only classified as a as a three German highest court of appeal rejected echo from World Health Organization claims that there was no proof of harm and accepted nuh that lifetime index into two years an occupation disease sitting safe exposure limit for EMS is meaningless because it doesn’t account for the total exposure to thousands of types of radiation now blanketing our planet it creates a dilemma as I mentioned for the scientific communities we don’t have control so how do they affect the baby will right with your steps out on melatonin I think the interesting thing about electromagnetic fields and its impact on male child is that the body seems to react to melatonin in the same way that it reacts to light so we during the light during daytime and serotonin levels are increased our melatonin levels drop at nighttime the opposite happens but if you sleep in a higher try magnetic field the body could be simulated and thinking that it’s actually sunlight and therefore the mallet on animals may not rise which has massive implications for that person’s health Mellotron supports glutathione peroxidase and reducing free radicals associate with Wi-Fi exposure the formation of oxidative stress and free radicals and peroxide superoxides it activates heat shock proteins in similar way to heat changes in pH and UV radiation and heavy metals it increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier this is the one that really worries me you have a child exposed to a water damage building involved this morning and they are also exposed to high levels of radio frequencies from their iPad I find at school a client smart meters while servers you increase the permeability of heavy metals biotoxins of chemicals endocrine disrupting chemicals into the central nervous system and the ramifications of this we don’t know what we do know is autism is continuing to increase ADHD is continuing to increase and we are at a loss as to determining why these childhood illnesses are increasing to such a degree because we often find that we’re not looking at the cause of these conditions which are often complex it D granulates it stimulates neurons into synchronous far exceeding this muscular aches and pains for the fibromyalgia symptoms and a lot of patients with EHS it D granulate some ourselves so often people get skin reactions you know their mobile phone in their head they get itching and redness as a result of that if damages do you know the argument is it’s not an ionizing radiation so ionized DNA but it can damage it indirectly by increasing stress proteins and causing DNA – and if you also a cool strand breaks and genotoxic effects in fibroblasts HR 60 sales neuro progenitor cells etc so indirectly it could increase the risk of cancer childhood leukemia long-term health effects that are well documented the World Health Organization in 2002 classifying magnetic fields from high-voltage transmission lines and from any appliance that generates a lot of current as possibly carcinogenic the other childhood cancers cannot be ruled out according to the World Health Organization brain tumors a lot of research from Professor Leonard hotel in Sweden he has been instrumental in indicating concerns about the incidence of brain tumors in the human population and has indicated because they were showing up much sooner than the latency periods 15 to 25 years breast cancer anything from 15 money girls and higher may increase the risk of breast cancer and I thought was interesting i sat next to Professor Bruce Ismay disease cancer specialist who looked at in the tumor you know where the cluster of breast cancer coding with the women at the ABC radio station Armstrong Armstrong and I asked her about the SC magnetic fields he said it’s it’s within our standards stems of 2000 million years what were the readings of AC magnetic fields anything but 15 I guess in the literature is actually saying that there’s an offer breast cancer but that wasn’t looked into neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis have been reported in the literature to be

associated with some cases to electromagnetic exposure and as I’ve said the Russians are really at the forefront of looking at Alzheimer risks in children who’ve been exposed to wireless technologies since early on the Interphone study was a state funded by Telstra – which indicated that there was a lower that brain cancer risk wasn’t an issue but what they did is they classified heavy users anyone who used a mobile phone for 30 minutes a day which most people do nowadays for more than 10 years so in fact their heaviest users now are actually the general public what most people in a public would use a mobile phone for so as a result of this we can conclude looking at that study which is a 40% increase risk of why I’m is because inhibit users nowadays is actually 30 they are not heavy users from 30 minutes a day using phone they’re not considered to be an early user it did not consider exposure to others types of radio frequencies such as cordless phones wireless printer smart meters etc so it didn’t but was ridiculous even though they’ve pulled millions into this funding the telecommunications industry and they didn’t look at the other sources of radio frequencies that people could be exposed to like you know how often do they use a cordless phone which is a wireless device using the same rail Eric brain cancer incidence has increased by 35% in New South Wales between 2000 and 2008 miss up as an AC – so what is it like geomagnetic hypersensitivity who recognizes it it’s an idiopathic environmental be tolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields is a descriptive term for symptoms caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields it’s estimated to affect up to 11 percent of the population but the real figure is difficult to determine because at the moment it’s not recognized as a medical disorder by the World Health Organisation when it is recognized as a dysfunctional disability a functional disability in Sweden and in Canada and the Medicare will cover that a EHS can vary from mild impairment to complete withdrawal from society so more and more people that I’m seeing I’m moving out of their environments and going to the northern territory with is less chemicals where there’s less electromagnetic fields and they’re trying to find communities where their electromagnetic free there are places in Italy and France and throughout the European Union of colonies of people who are severely electromagnetic ly sensitive who are developing in our own communes to try and get away from this Nikola Tesla probably one of the most famous scientist of all times who was hyper sensitive to noise and light and suffered from twitches and cognitive impairment many would say he was mad may well have been a very first to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity in his own admission in his own biography in 1916 electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms first symptoms had a very common insomnia because of the impact on melatonin fatigue flu-like symptoms polydipsia excess those electric shocks don’t they mimic very similar symptoms I talked about this morning with people we biotoxin illnesses and all related illnesses may be inflammation could be involved in this pathway heart and circulatory issues pleuritic chest pain dysrhythmia postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome populations colleagues 36 cognitive impairment this brain fog again these patients like those with mold get this brain Fox dizziness confusion and no Meah which means they forget what words are they’re looking at the object and they can’t remember what’s the word of that eyelids a table and I can’t actually get it out they have memory losses poor concentration or short-term memory learning disorders intrigued by a lot of the people who are self diagnose electromagnetic sensitivity that many of them become dyslexic I said you know I could read in one but now I get my words new stuff and it’s very difficult for me to read even a page in some ear extensional imbalance I mentioned this morning a couple who called me to do an order of their home and it was in North Philly math in Melbourne and they had five mobile phones house in visit which you could see from their master bedroom because there was gas in Korea silence radio frequencies will come through glass as opposed to brick wall that has size elation or vapor babies the blue you know the blue water with the vapor barrier we have in our buildings will have to reflects a lot of the radio because they can be a cheap way to do it

but if you bring in wireless technology inside a new home and you have those bad memories what are you going to do you’re going to reflect it back in people need to understand that you cannot build a steel frame home with a metal roof and a concrete slab like a Faraday cage bringing wireless technology and now he’s bouncing constantly and if it’s got a hot spot above that crib where that child is sleeping that child won’t sleep you can go to every a press spending school or change its nutrition and won’t make any difference turning off the wireless technology or moving it away from the other side warm the fridge or a meter box can make the difference from a child sleeping to not sleeping and the amount of times that walked in simply moved a bed to another wall and all of the sudden they’re sleeping is quite remarkable and simple to do this couple had many s disease she developed many years disease within six months of moving in three months later her husband developed many years disease now that’s quite odd so they’re calling you because they all got sick as a result of moving here and they noticed that when they were in the bedroom with it when she was sick in fact he was snoring so she pushed his big the bedroom downstairs temporarily what we had cold and he slept a lot better so that’s when they called means look I think something’s in the house it’s affecting our health don’t be hold with my radio frequency many time I was able to detect thousands of micro watts per meter square of radio frequencies in their bedroom because I can see 500 watt right house at the same height coming in at all directions in their master bedroom this is a problem the more I do audits in the city and in built-up areas the more this becomes an issue because you’ve got direct line on the side with many of these mobile phone towers and they’re not shielded by the window so he’s good manias be involved I do not think that’s an interesting coincidence dry gritty eyes tics irritation pressure behind the eyes skin burning redness not all of the clients of electromagnetic sensitivity will have all of their symptoms the general ones that he like the fatigue and the insomnia are very typical and the muscular aches and pains skin mail may not be issued skin tends to be more of an issue with the mobile phone use particularly with rather album fillings and attack an issue crawling sensations people who are very electrically sensitive will often say they’re feeling like burning or koalas and sessions along their skin and they will intuitive ly get their bed and block it in the middle of the room though I don’t know what it is but I can only sleep there and the reason is because electric fields which I have been talked about from 240-volt wiring comes out 1.2 meters out from the wiring and walls so wherever the wiring the walls are 1.2 meters is where the electric field actually stops so these people were intuitively putting their beds in the middle of the room like I don’t know what here something you’re learning that but you know are so many yeah because you’re a wealthy electric field that’s better electric field because it’s voltage electric field is created from voltage whereas magnetic fields created from current when it appliances in use muscles numbness weakness restless legs very common spasms tremors primary jaw and teeth particular tend to happen with mobile phone use especially if they have a Malcolm’s sensitivities many in these clients become sensitive to chemicals like noise and smell which is why that did move away from society and meet it’s interesting people with pipe toxin illness that have been going on for a very long time they become light-sensitive chemical sensitive more sensitive multiple chemical sensitivity clients are often light-sensitive and more sensitive I’ll be talking about the same your planet responds to possibly body hot spots depending on the source example II the right temporal pain look at these unusual forms of pains the patient can often identify which buildings make them unwell this is the same with biotoxins and mold they can walk into a building and start going on and if I know this mafia and they become the barometer it’s so electromagnetic sensitivity they know when they walk in that it’s an issue it abates significantly when they’re out of that environment and that’s it they also be mild get them out of was damaged building give them away from the air source their symptoms starting moving there is relief with avoidance and bailing he’s bailing person once patients with electromagnetic sensitivity will say in a bar but I get symptoms and it’s like it’s because the water third thing is smoking the electric fields around a mid-century because you are 70% water so we’re an electric filter it’s going to be coming through you because you can easily earth that these are very you know dreamy sensitive people who will notice that the most famous person to have electro

sensitivities Gro Harlem Brundtland who was the former Prime Minister of Norway and retired director of the World Health Organization who subsequently retired after her announcement that she was electromagnetic sensitive I think that was really interesting coincidence she would not allow people in her office with mobile phones or any wireless devices because she was so sensitive okay European Parliament published a written declaration calling on a World Health Organization to recognize NHS as a medical condition Sweden and Spain and parts of Canada recognize it as a functional disability and then people who have it can actually get many rebates and treatment as a result of it so who is susceptible and this is important in your case studies to determine which of your patients are likely to be susceptible to electromagnetic fields and I’d say potentially everyone it’s just the matter of levels as Reina came with the threshold but that threshold is reached suddenly become sensitive to multiple things and as I said these people become sensitive to the chemicals around the world so there’s often a history of high or long-term exposure to illness so high levels tend to occur in your telecommunications industry the research electromagnetic fields starts back around world war ii with the implementation of radars in the military bases there is a lot of evidence on the phone soldiers and Telstra Telstra telecommunications workers who’ve developed radio wave like wear sickness because of their exposure on radar stations as resolved military use so it’s actually quite a bit of an evidence it was until 79 were time early actually associated a mess with general public exposure so asking their profession what could they live are their lives meant for Telstra for example are they involved in getting into substations or farming under power lines are they you know installing these smart meters etc exposure to chemicals many of the comments I deal with may have start with pesticide exposure I was you know a farmer we did chipping in and by the time I just got associate now our ponies my mobile phone and I we have two people’s wireless routers once the system shut down they become sensitive to all of that so the way to deal with patients with EHS easy you have to address the chemicals in the house or products you have to address the electromagnetic fields as well chronic sleep deprivation I mean this is why I cause it’s used in warfare Japan use it very well in warfare great sleep depravation it’s enough to make you go nuts and I think this is a huge part of why many of these people have long-term illnesses become so sick can your mental load in the body let mercury taking lives and as Tim indicated maybe hair analysis isn’t that useful but there’s a place urine test or blood testing for these are very important because the more of the heavy metals you have the more you act as a transmitter all these electromagnetic fields so that’s important especially with amalgams and bob are phonies if you’ve got a lot you should be using a mobile phone I’ve had calls from three different people who were suicidal who became like that after they had orthopedic surgery and titanium in their spine every time they walked into a building where their wireless technology it was like their whole body was reacting so violently they have to get out of that building if you put metal in the central nervous system and then introduce radio frequencies which is wireless which can transmit or act as an antenna why do you have do you go Heather I think orthopedics needs to look at the implications like look that was interesting what you said about cadmium exposure with hip or getting with hips and of course with electromagnetic fields if it’s in the central nervous system they may never be able to obey air frequencies which means they become a recluse to society because whilst you don’t use everywhere we need to start looking at this in all the systems of Medicine Surgical metal metal implants especially in the spine epigenetic factors ectopic individuals may have – food allergies are maybe more susceptible to the edges children the unborn fetus eld the inner cottonmouth center of course it can be susceptible