13 year old sends nudes instead of BO3 Cheats!

first let me hop out the [ __ ] pore shona if there’s don’t see like a horse sabi bottling knowledge [ __ ] got me feel like what is that yeah you’re not Santa America hold on let’s start over now let’s start over what’s going on here nude singing there was black ops cheat codes but really it said black op not black ops he missed the S when if he would put that we got the cheat codes but that I got no news and now he like for trying hook up either is a jackass no let’s go it said black ops look out oh my gosh there’s not black kid she’s white what’s wrong with having a black girl freaked out and it’s like you’re reducing secret code like I don’t know we just put black op righteous man I got really actually did he just wait while I love him fine why sure what and then he’s like oh no those are my girlfriend’s nudes do you wake up ain’t no thang I know I got to say do you like this yeah dude why else would I have for the motion next to me huh huh what I got that lotion like I’m half tempted to look that filter back up send it to rock oh that’s a teriyaki you want the picture no I don’t wanna make sure top down quick dude you are your cousin’s child poor and dude you guys can even get in trouble dad she start team that’s child porn no I’m not talking to you order to do not the one that you sent me the girl that you sent me was pooping I don’t know 17 18 that’s still child poor if it’s a jury room I’ll just stick the point you guys like at least know that is canceled yeah me too that’s what I stick disappoint world whenever I jack off i watch lesbian asia who are you kidding you are you kiss a guy do you think I got the young Lincoln don’t want you to jack off to us be important for anything wrong with that like just answer whoa well you could go Marty I enter twin sister to probably do little thanks dude if I could get that dude I would be so happy do justice firm I mean I mean that your girlfriend daughters I’m so confused now no I’m confused down the one telling the story nude because that’s what i sent you I said you Mike’s okay just what nudes answer me the body wasn’t late I literally can’t even why why labeled black up just answer me that like because I wanted to play well but what news i gave you black ops because they will not grind engine able to sing like that hop and step black like a girlfriend news or something retrying hideout for parents black ops cheese inside tight teen weapon he was trying to hide it from his parents so this turn maybe maybe that’s what the name of his sex tapes I’m gonna be black ops hey dudes and sleeps are so nice you know why are these bullseye hidden anybody like it’s like directly on him and I’m not getting no hit markers wait yeah and then they look at you and you get blinded to hell yeah are using a thermal to what his girlfriend I mean if she was look at me I’d get blinded and a boner I mean I’m he’ll saying she got out nice ass titties she got you a tiger tight ass her [ __ ] just squirts everywhere having okay let me educate you real quick though since you guys are young and all you do know what’s Burton is right I am get you on monitor pain he’s only thursday and you still if you still find it attractive that a girl squirts

even known what it is it’s sometimes depending you go make it girls so you would enjoy a girl pissing on your face then basically golden sure sure yeah that’s what he enjoys that’s like a little that’s that’s like almost as bad as a yeah cuz you never know what’s gonna happen [ __ ] on your dish or I’d hate to like I’d hate to shove my PX in their ass and they come out all [ __ ] you guys you’re [ __ ] 13 you shouldn’t be talking about this what the hell was I doing I 13 I was outside riding my bike around town like you know chillin and stuff no you are I do I go in the bathroom I know what you guys do now it is cuz that’s all you guys have a talk plus the teacher from the park I’m really worried to have kids you don’t know what I dunno I dunno just swear well I’m scared is that you gonna send me a dick pic sinking those black ops cheat codes I’m scared it’s my girlfriend i’ll take them like i’m so glad i haven’t you mean to steal my email dress mm-hmm person sister likes me her sister’s the one that likes me i like her sister though wait not my girlfriend sister like my girlfriend yeah I haven’t later yo from sister no you can have my girlfriend sister which is the exact same person look let me have realtor what is that even mean my girlfriend’s sister is the exact same what what imelda their kids swim yeah there are twins but not identical identical like a get is why I don’t understand okay you’re American and your girlfriend’s Asian how does this work out um like yeah I get that she probably just travels merry christ are you okay wait kitty cat are you [ __ ] [ __ ] man get [ __ ] right now no no stop let me let me let me tell you something let me hide your best you do realize that America isn’t just white people nowadays right [ __ ] his Asians that live in America let me finish okay I wasn’t all something-something me okay okay basically she looks Asian but he’s I’m certain he’s like no she’s not Asian was she Japanese help it’s a brick is she korean you’re soaking Black Sea um actually you’re right she is Korean she’s creo and so what she ain’t full korean some jungle doing American said you know Oh way that you didn’t wait hold on almost oh yeah hold on hold on can I d fib you still or no yep oh we got you fab don’t die I’m done God you bro I got you dude I actually almost took up the two up here too I killed I killed the rocket guy and when I killed one of them up here and injured the other and then the favor proxy guess what yep swagger said he’ll buy any of the season pass for BL three oh yeah that’s nice one I know ever layin by me no xbox while you’re right okay oh why what’s wrong with yours well i’m using my friends this is Emil i know he’s on the bomb mr. feels great yours broke because you [ __ ] on it from pornhub on freaking you okay come on Sammy come on Oh Sammy Duncan don’t fail me now keep those night don’t fail me now oh oh man we know Sammy because adults my gramma we are talking about that just so that you know talking about [ __ ] everywhere in stock where are you she doesn’t care why say my mom I don’t love the weekend with my mom rocky I’m not a bum that loves it good idea I’m a bum that loves it my gray hairs what is there another poem that lives

our home I look at my grandmas what oh I live that my best friend’s his parents don’t care what I say because basically my parents actually died in a car crash which I’m very sad to say mr. Rocky thing it’s just fate the kids like cry Thank You was a power on in this [ __ ] so let me turn this off food it’s fine I’m not gonna cry because I’ve gotten over it it’s already been for you I know what you mean though hey my dad’s a piece of [ __ ] so it’s like no um because i hate I’m so much like I don’t like to talk about my dad or your about likewise yeah [ __ ] you Wally [ __ ] you Wally [ __ ] you Wally well that guy’s gonna get killed by it oh oh he’s dead why is nobody but you bard you barred you for you oh my god i was first one out of the freaking airplane uh no all right well um mofo who please titanfall oh god just hate doing 90 know exist all rocky said oh god yeah people stone playback digging it was [ __ ] when I do ya for so that’s why I planet that is why I’m playing it cuz i am bored and i’m waiting for smite aren’t you said kitty cat some more black op cheeks of yours girlfriend of your girl Rob’s cheats on your twitch channel no I’ll pass oh ok so once in a lifetime [ __ ] no I’m good ice it’s my girlfriend’s sister girlfriend’s sister thanks my friend sister hey guys how’d you do me a favor head of me or drinking alive snatch my girlfriend has green eyes like I do so that’s how you can tell my stole my Revis sister has a wide and my girlfriend so why do you could you lend me your girlfriend Laster a thing like snapchat I literally can’t even know what’s going on right now I’m just completely baffled by I’m sorry sister that’s a phone though at Facebook and I don’t know her facebook cuz I don’t like our sister your sisters freak you don’t worry your sister but you have her nudes that’s I don’t get that’s because her sister like I used to date you inject off to him I wish of my face oh actually no oh yeah wait are you recording rather sure am are you recording this all right be are you guys done hey could you do me a favor several copy of this cuz I’d like to upload this to my child this is cool practice honestly w look at least 300 views on the video only you versus dude honestly though I just a simple like 30 second video of how to change the file format on OBS got me 600 video pair of 600 reviews over 600 years my brother used video on my channel yeah I don’t want oh I really wish I had my reaction on camera though lady like could you really please just send me a call so I was like all I needed was a bowl of popcorn and my camera just being here while the whole thing is going down I could have you know what thing what thing about me talk about okay well just let me know uh i jacked off somewhere hiding rejoice for I don’t and now my sweatshirt like red so thanks it used to be white I was a grad [ __ ] mima blood so hard on my penis from jail that is not healthy I’m sorry bad joke right sweatshirt was originally black and I turned it to white then I turned it to read also my leg a xbox one charging cable is now red also almond Oh sniper I’ve lights in my room they’re red I’m scared actually religious that’s good I bet skin on my controller that USB black and white now it’s black white and red

reload oh god there’s this and there’s some red on my laptop where’d he go some of the keys are read this house i jacked off got that double kill [ __ ] you honey why do i do this fellow rolling here baby that’s why i was failure oh if you hold down that you fibs longer before you do anything with them it yes I’m longer or more yes remember your buddy uncle but it has not one [ __ ] time [ __ ] you can rocky but so will you send me a copy of this video that you just made hey hey yo everybody else hi everybody go rocky right did you leave you my new job Michelle oh um there’s snipers are hey hey she’ll tell them all right everybody everybody will strive to rape a way 34 38 I don’t do it god i was like maybe John I jack off on my stream if you’d like to see it no I rocky if I sent you those pictures you would do the same thing you’d rub I never send money by loose I did I ran out of the time before though so I had to buy some more chichi just so everybody knows these kids are 13 years old hey guys is John this is the future of America doo doo doo dah Donald Trump save us all no no Trump is basically watching John Adams I don’t [ __ ] talk [ __ ] about da doubters mam’s dog no that’s my name today I’m related to john adams john quincy adams [ __ ] rocky dad ya rabbi all I got kicked off of xbox live one time well you know what I don’t claim you as a relative then John Adams no rocky rocky so what happened was I’m working I nope rocky hey guys listen ok I’d looked a porn on my xbox 360 and Microsoft called my grandmother like is this your account she’s like no it’s my grandson’s account so she put me on the phone and they’re like yes you have looked a porn on your sex and you must be a band from your sauce and so yeah I’m looking at online on my xbox I’d have to go wherever that person lived well daddy watch it so they should be yeah I’m gonna have to watch porn just how you have white you don’t even know a pornhub star is also not really cuz I don’t watch a whole lot of porn sorry Kim Kardashian yeah truck i look at it so there you go if you go why girl she once you are actually knew why you grow up a little bit you um tend to not watch you know you all are still for you I know how to make a girl give you a rim job [ __ ] how would you want a ridge off that so [ __ ] girl seriously what the far left I prefer not to have me have a what a weed you won’t want a wiener I want a cup oh my precious sniper right across from you he got you he sees ya I want my lady is good my wieners big it’s it’s great for my girlfriend’s probably really small yeah you’re bragging up sooner oh oh we have like a jelly bean penis tell me that why you said that you later jack off oh my god dude just cuz you jack off doesn’t mean that you have a long penis I never said I long penis I’d rather admit to it than lie about it why that’s it makes you one because I’m not stupid [ __ ] if a girl asked you you you have a long penis just something that you have long camp and you say yes

and then she was like and you can you think about and you’re like well if I say yes then maybe he’ll give me like maybe she’ll be no [ __ ] leave her a little bit but I knew you tell her you’re like oh yeah I got long penis and then she’s like well you know what screw you and then she walks up to another guy and he’s like yeah I got hope in she’s like okay let’s go takes you back to her hotel room yeah you guys need to go outside more or play more pick me up yeah they’re walking and I ever kind of dragged into this conversation as well just so YouTube has they’re encouraging it they keep telling us to talk like this so blame the adults in the chat the 23 year old and then the however all very much I thought your anyway three goddamn it i’m about to be 22 [ __ ] don’t give me extra anonymous in this whole thing is so he’s a mouse like that don’t you wish out this was short like mine don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot but mom that egyptian girl from far like mine don’t you wish your penis cow [ __ ] like my [ __ ] like my girls there’s my girl loves me she likes to kiss me [ __ ] all freaking day butshe push it oh yeah how I freaking stay inside of a freaking chopper come on let me can’t set my chopper it really confuses me one minute talking about [ __ ] another minute pick one thought after that hey don’t talk to me once expected experiences that this house we had our think I told I don’t get it speaks piece that I’ve ever had with UK with the first bouquet other I need to find that meme of later forgotten with the rage face and a hat sit on ya and then get battlefield on board just my personal might like smite is seventy-three percent really your smite set up three months complete motors suck you wish your girlfriend has quite like mine don’t you wish your girlfriend had tits like my mother [ __ ] BTR with me the [ __ ] mother goddamn hey I’m trade in front of it you do I just got a high skill on what in the sure you’re gonna [ __ ] me sounds like too bad dude hurt sounds like a dude it someone’s like I’m gonna [ __ ] you in the ass I’m like that actually sounds like you had heard it does probably go how would you know what do you mean you’re killing rocky good job man you’re killing Rocky I know he had to change the story humans got to have a tiny little bundle I have to have a tiny button for you have a tiny bundle down there are you first for buns your balls hassle about oh my dance Tyga my balls have dropped bro I don’t spoil your mom there open wide huh must skip this trailer ooh which God do I want do which God should I get should I get that well so mean percent every one you get make sure you pray to Him because Jesus Christ he’s Cupid cupid actually is that why because he owns a diaper no he’s actually I got Thor love I got Thor I got the Rockies I probably just want you to be Cupid so that you could finally give him some love no I’m just kidding I know rocky has a girlfriend no i don’t or did she dump you already rocky what girlfriend no I couldn’t I like how he

agrees he never had one that’s how you know that mean I’ve had a girlfriend before huh you’ve had recently yeah that’s fine if you had a girlfriend your part are plenty I haven’t you shouldn’t have lied what did I just click on these buzzing game or so freaking [ __ ] can’t like do anything well wreck you me Maya at Lee’s record well um no 13 roads do you have anything you know you want a super before I am with pity yes ago follow I mean that phone go subscribe to write a 1 2 3 4 damn on youtube and yeah make sure to watch all my videos and [ __ ] and yeah Maya thurs do i do I need to watch your videos because I talk about something that’s a press tomorrow by the one thing like yo mama last night you know his mom could came back in the ghost form and we could have a bunch of fun last night for all we know that’s weird pastor so your dead mama hey what’s two three four please please please let her rest in peace thank you resting cute I can’t she’s just too beautiful and her pussy’s like so nice oh my god don’t even know my mom is no but I know her go never fat no actually no no you do have your mom dad you Wang got cupcakes oh sure got two bullets left what do I do no wait I got this let’s see if it works need ammo anybody got an align no I do not random Panetta mix don’t you wish your mama was ugly [ __ ] man with a pistol don’t you wish oh mama was like my I Thor Los Miami o llama guardium xrd my house guards I’m sure like that yeah yeah asgard but he got banned in the first one I got a I got a new weapon I think wait where to go oh my god could Zulu we’re good i go who’s in here um Emily’s I new buddy yeah I need a memo to help are you going to my assault right what’s it I need to learn how to sprint in this big again yeah i’m gonna give you [ __ ] health have somehow missing mammal yo oh I’m froze oh just keep requesting until they are like you I’ve killed somebody I was the first one to kill her yeah he’s the one to our local mother and father let’s see if i can actually last my car crash don’t get nothing like that yeah his mom was a nice lady okay she was she was like really was the nicest mom I could ever have she was the only mom you could ever have oh here we go I got em oh now I picked it up out that guy still so cross oh [ __ ] has a shitty ass all quiet lot nope ain’t doing it rocky did you end your video um no if I just left it going still it’s gonna be a long one but I figured your breath interesting anyways oh thank you so much you like people will sit and watch a 30 minute video of little kids talking about sex and some battlefield footage so pretty much yeah hey sex is amazing man you should we should get them to pet well you can pop babies are made and then just title it thirteen-year-old explains how babies in it yeah well I’ll be good that’s kinda how babies are gonna end this video right you I don’t really know Omega sabras oh I think you’re giving big fan and ja ja boo forgive the chopper jabu yeah this guy whose dad is

gonna be little oh oh oh oh oh oh dark oh [ __ ] i’m literally start yeah i’m just gonna end this video here guys yeah i guess we’re gonna make another video of oh you need some health you got a mo bro I know you’re an engineer and run I got you too long yeah would you like me to tell you how babies are born oh [ __ ] wait wait wait I got you in a minute yeah Greg you ready oh yeah thank you I am alleged all right yeah anyways let me finish off this video this video um everyone pushes your girlfriend right now shake her in the bathroom operate a channel and also check out with everyone knows subscribe you’re gonna be in the description now everyone go look at rape a 10 nope discuss