04-16-11 Birdhouse Construction by Gerry Jones (33m34s)

our birdhouses for real birds and not some frigate bird that’s nice but you went on put that in your yard I don’t think and I’m just going to talk about some guidelines here and you should realize first of all not all birds use birdhouses in fact some like robins and our thrushes and Cardinals have just build nest and they wouldn’t go in a birdhouse but things like you know the chickadees and the nuthatches and big birds and birds of that nature actually use what’s called a cavity today I’m a birdhouse that’s all it is is a cavity in a tree in fact there’s a whole list here that’s not in your handout I don’t bother to I can pass this around so you can look at them some of them or other large birds like owls and American costs lower and things of that nature and you have to make bigger houses for them by the way thank bill for bringing their son I do have a copy of this very nice and in fact you have a chart on the back of that handout that has sizes for various kinds of birds and that did come out of out of here so just go ahead and pass this around but you can get all kinds of books on birdhouse construction even then that’s a simple one what was this 250 I believe bird feeders we’re not going to talk about feeders today but same thing this one was like 295 you know for bird feeders so they were OG bows but little pass those around to a lot of people that make bird housing sells yogurt that’s not really what I’m here for okay you can tell I’m sort of a fanatic you know about birdhouses so I got all kinds of plans there but keep it simple as the basics because birds don’t care they don’t care if it’s painted in fact they likely prefer that that birdhouse blend with the background they don’t like it to stand out because of predators okay are attracted I don’t think that’s going to work we turn off a lot well I can’t get it to change his blue America I’ll show you yeah but a mine is size and location you build different size houses for different birds something like this might be appropriate for that nuts nut hatch or chickadee but the key here is the size of the hole you get the whole two large larger birds will go in there and will run off the little ones all right so you want to size that hole for the bird you’re trying to attract the sizes is go away I’ll show you example yeah so also the base size here is a function of the size of the bird is going to occupy the house the minimum is like four by four and goes up to there and an owl house will be quite large in a bed time they don’t require roost on there for the gland on the job actually you’re not even supposed to put a roof roost on a bird house it’s because predators can use that to get into the bird house like a snake or squirrels and the birds don’t need the roost you know see you’re saying those you cannot step out I mean there what they do even something like this you’ll see the bird fly up there in your land he’ll likely be clinging to the saga house so you really don’t need to the roost you know choose the correct location for each species you know like bluebirds like the edges of open fools they don’t like to be in

the trees if you’re trying to check the woodpeckers they like the houses on tree trunks but they’ve got to be 30 feet off the ground you know they don’t like to be close to the ground in fact none of these work on the ground this one’s been sitting out on my bench for some time and bird had an occupied it I had a couple of hours ago brain I would bring them up and they had nest on them back up and left them there you know you had a cook coming yeah is this species list on the last page by any chance filtered for this area or is it just no no it’s not that’s generic little bird actually so one of the magazines they would George but it had to be in an area where there’s not a lot of motion in the background you know but if it were on your kitchen window and people walking by there all the time they’d probably disturb them yes but if it were like on a side window of a dining room where people are go welcomed by they’re constantly you know and maybe walk away and look at occasionally and probably work alright next materials of construction use wood for good heat insulation I have one that I didn’t bring with me yet so I meant to bring it is a made out of sheet metal you don’t really want to do that it’s round and it’s got a round roof but unless you like barbecue baby beds right because the heat will kill them especially around here in the summertime so you want to use wood pine cedar redwood Cypress about the best okay and generally speaking an order of expensiveness would be pine is the least expensive Cypress maybe next cedar next in redwood next in about pretty yeah do not use pressure treated pine cause it off gases chemicals and there’s some just bait about it but most people think it would harm the birds okay so stay away from it besides which this one’s cedar and you can see it’s been around for quite some time see that works pretty well but this is one bus six board and I got one a single birdhouse laid out on that board about two birds for the price of one cedar board two pine boards for the price of one suitor board at the at Lowe’s by the way you can get it cheaper nap but anyway if it’s a pine house you want to use three or four penny galvanized nails and I’ll use finish nails before but they aren’t always the best this one has finished nails in it alone the pull through but if the sides of the house start to work and whatnot sometimes where the finish nailer pull it through so I’ve started using common nails you know with the big head on them and particularly if you’re going to be building these with the kid those common nails are easier for child or drive then a finish nail is they’re less likely to bend them they’re a little bit stouter and they’re easier to hit the head you know for CD redwood in cyprus dublin eyes nails don’t work too well but you can use on but they will stay in particularly cedar you’ll see stains going down the side you might want to use a rust resistant screw instead and if I’ve got any here with screws in them but I might have a seat in excellent required features the side should enclose the floor to keep the right now in other words you don’t want the for sticking out beyond the edges of the house because the rain couldn’t select and go in to the house the roof should I go up the front as a minimum now this one violates that rule the roof does not extend past the sides okay and this was one of the older ones I made I can fix that by putting another board over here but it should actually be wider than the sides it’s not so important that they’ve overlapped the back as much as if the backs sealed off from the lane you know in fact there was a gap here so I put that at this little trim piece just to cover the gap so the rain doesn’t run down the back and into the house put drainage holes on the floor share for the corners this case I just knocked off the corners at a 45 before I put the bottom in there and that’s what drainage okay so if water does get in there it will drain out the bottom

the front roof overhangs are built least 2 inches I don’t know if that’s 2 inches or not but it’s close ok required features make sure that the side I side our top will open for easy cleaning again this one the fun pivots another feature that I forgot to mention on my slides here I don’t know if you can notice but the inside of this is scored you want to rough it interior and if you don’t have a smooth board you want to put mark it up or something that’s so the little birds can climb out of house easily on a slick surface they have some trouble doing that you know and protect that’s the reason that was scored even though it’s fairly rough on the inside anyway in a bad dude that’s like that yeah we have time we’re going to talk about that it could just be holes drilled in the bottom in fact this is one I’ve cut out yesterday and I just drill holes in the bottom that’s the bottom there talk about that in a minute do not place a perch or for sticking out the front and that’s because of predators squirrels snakes and some others like baby birds and you’re giving them easy access to the bird house is what you’re doing okay and the birds don’t need to perch I think that might be the last slide there now Oh decorating people like to decorate bird houses if you’re going to do that that’s fine just realize the debate that need it okay and you really want to use water-based paints you don’t want anything with the volatile chemical in it although if it’s cured long enough it’d be okay if you painted it with an oil-based painting and let it sit around for six months before you actually put it up that might be okay they actually like it done the birds themselves like muted colors they don’t like bright colors I don’t like the sea rock city light red they actually like I said they prefer that the house blend with the background and again that’s for avoiding predators they’d rather not have their nest standing out you know do not paint paint or apply a preservative to the inside of the house just look at natural wood that the last one now Melanie most bird houses need to be mounted firmly to a post a building or a tree at the correct height most birds don’t like the houses moving around all right there are exceptions met hatches and chickadees don’t care you can actually hang that from the branch and they don’t care that the thing sways in the wind you know space-boat houses it is 20 feet apart and that’s because of competition reasons you know they don’t like to be that close there are exceptions like purple martins all right but blue birds especially you need to use a spacing about a hundred feet because they’re actually very competitive you know with each other is that the last one there yeah now this is just one style there are all kinds of styles of bird houses and you can use all kinds of roofing options I know real who’s not here today uses copper this is a different style and also it opens differently it opens from the side so it really it’s just got two nails as pivot so up here at the top and then it’s got a screwed up close aside that’s for cleaning out both way all of these should open so you can clean them out at the end of the year and you want to do that because it’ll be filled with parasites not just nesting nesting materials but you’ll find all kinds of bugs in there you know each family moves out because you’ll get two or three bluebird families in a summer time so you really should pay attention to a bluebird anaz when their nestlings fledge then you should go clean that out okay but again I don’t know if you notice this one’s scored on the inside so that has just got screws cut in it you know and that’s a piece of asphalt England you know some leftover shingling that’s on top of there be careful about your design and about this one do it or I’ll repair it yet this is actually for a woodpecker that we would pepper or something like that to go around I’m glad you asked about bye George that’s again to protect the birds the

squirrels with one thickness can reach through and grab a bird pull them out a nest but if you put two thicknesses like this when they can’t get to them and also this has a piece of copper around the edge of the opening and why would you do that people get you squirrels like to chew on it woodpecker house left to build adapt up loop for ventilation and it was only because my board was too short I thought would let it be okay but here’s what can happen to you we came to square house so I’m going to fix that but when I do if I have anything like this I’m put a piece of hardware cloth over there or something just keep the squirrel from chewing into it like that you know yeah I’m the bird hugs where you clear if you have a same size oh yeah and this may be hard to see but because this is for woodpecker is a little bigger than you would for a nuthatch or chickadee and it’s on that list handed out what the hole size should be yeah these are – people are the one of the bluebird nothing boss fight for the place he’s gotta fight this leave the whole yeah you can be back you today I’ve done different bluebird boxes America yeah I don’t know if you’ll notice we’re now boxer catcher box is covered by goose because a piece of copper pipe whoops sorry on the inside of the whole layer in that case but you can also do this simple case here that’s a piece of sheet metal you know with a hole in it and just holes to attach it we will sub sort of the same purpose also a woodpecker house if you’re going to do this put your wood shavings in the bottom of it don’t have to put a lot but you want to put some shavings in the bottom they like that mimics are a hole in a tree trunk to them you know living in Vertov not particularly but I live in your attic if you let them and they don’t need to be digging out their own haulers mind if I do run birds out if they can you go a squirrel house you could if you wanted to are particularly to have an affinity for rats and especially tree rats I’ve killed thousands of my feet and thousands of them in my lifetime but they don’t do that anymore but when I was a kid I did my birds will use a big house but they might use a nesting platform Robbins there’s a Tree Swallow and some other species that this works for them because they can build their nests but to build it on their platform here and the only reason for this front piece is to keep debris from being knocked over now stir easily and that kind of stuff you know – and that best using the galvanized common nails in it which is what I recommend anymore because they don’t blow out as easily as the finish nails the world either way very good a score will take over anything that can you know keep your BB gun around well charming the symbol Rose use the wind blow now if it comes apart you just repair it I don’t know how this one is maybe I should pass it around because you can see how see the levels real well I wouldn’t recommend this anymore I that’s a hanging hole but it’s too close to the top and it too well I’m going to fix it by putting a puddle of washer around that to reinforce it you know yeah careful it’s got dirt in it and while I’m on this topic I have a very simple plan here and I don’t know if you can get a good view of this one board birdhouse in fact I know bill works with kids and this is ideal for a kid this was cut out of one 1 by 6 piece of pine that’s a complete kit for a kid alright and make it easy for you can actually get them to cut it but I would recommend a circular saw you know maybe maybe a jigsaw no my big jigsaw saver solve whatever you want to call it might work

I thought these on my Ras bad word around here we go arms off there’s those yeah the simple fear for group with the adults – where’s the floor okay and I’ve labeled these in case I were to give this to somebody you know and here’s the sides and they’ll have drilled the ventilation holes at the top of the sides and also if you look close I don’t know if you can get a shot of this Jim our pre-drilled holes where these attach to each other so that if you gave this to a kid he can just drop a nail and a hole in the holes big enough to nail drops ooh all right that is small enough that holds it in place all right so they can just stick it together like this now I didn’t do that on that side those that’s going to be the side that pivots you know here’s the back and again the back does pre-drill the narrow holds the nail holes are pre-drilled right and you can get a kid to do as much of this as you want and this happens to be a blueberry house which happens big birds like oval openings all right and that’s the font I don’t care hold together and then here’s the top in fact if you’re really in the Bluebird Zoe is in fact a plan by Peterson that’s a wedge-shaped and I’ve built one of those before I don’t see that bluebirds like them any better than the standard rectangle house so you know and that’s a lot of work to cut all these angles for those Peterson birdhouse they claim that they like them better I don’t know I gave you mine away at one of the gwa picnics here yeah that’s right so again you know that’s a very simple design and I even have a leftover piece from that 1 by 6 and in fact this is that I don’t know if you can see it this is the 1 by 6 by 6 and it’s laid out already in fact you could do this if the kid has enough but where if I were to cut it out himself you know because this duster back that’s the front pushes the whole now I use the first in a bit but you could use a bracing bit as a 1 and 3/8 diameter don’t laughter I’ve done that before right nice and bit how many people use it personal bit works pretty well but and I will just serves land talk no it’s better for drainage well when it rains so the little doesn’t collect up there you know side the side and there’s to the top and there’s the bottom and then you got about this much of that board leftover so we’re out of tube is I could probably get to a boat houses actually I don’t try to lay out a third one out of the race but I could come close to getting a third one out of that you know say that us planning would be better enough yep because of drainage you know especially with depending on how you cut your top now this is centered right through the middle of the cliff and see the pith in there you know but if this flat song Bravo there’s a flat song piece what do you want if it’s flat roof what do you want to do you want to put it this way yeah why because a bit of war you will prey on that way and it’s sort of still draining properly but if you turn it over that way they’ll work this way and you’ll click go to right in the top hole on the top to go to a solution yeah okay yeah have you seen relation where to keep a small over of a bluebird out the bottom of or I’ve never seen that in fact they’re after Gary’s web websites where these people are always talking about blue bird houses this is a fairly standard design and that’s at the top this is amazing there’s an article on but they smile and I tried well anyway I didn’t think it would that feel pretty

for you to try anything you want let’s see I wasn’t sure how much time I had left but just real quick I’ve done this before too and this is not the best design no holes in that what is that that house that’s right all right and if you turn it you see those petitions in there for them to cling to it however that’s not proper design for a bad house yes should be open at the bottom like this the partition should only be about one and a half inches apart because they like to really close spaces for heat for retaining heat and those are spaced too far apart yeah the death where where there’s an internal battle so that there’s an opening in the front and then your second board comes up from the bottom and then your third is the back wall and they’ll crawl up in there yeah and actually they also should be a landing area below here this bat should stick it further down so that the bat can land on it and then curl up in their house and in truth they don’t even liked I’m going to make a house either this or something they don’t even like them this size oh they are a whole group matter of fact the one plant I got in fact I gave that one away to somebody in the club Bob Hall I think you can make it out of two pieces of plywood and furring strips that’s wide enough and put the plywood front or plywood back and fern strip is a spacing that you need it’s exact kind of spacing that you need and if that should go down further and then that forms at calvi for them to go up into you do want though because you do want to protect them from the rain and you would like because bats depend on body heat you also typically seal it with silicone caulking any cracks in there in a 30 D are 30 feet off the ground on a post or something they’ve gotta be they like the Sun should you should get six to eight hours of Sun today all right the bat house should and you should paint it the anyway from black to a light tan depending on how what the ambient temperature is in the summertime around here you’d want a light tan or light brown because of the temperatures in the summertime north you’d want something you want black and you want to plant it black southern exposure yeah okay that’s pretty much it and you have a question sherry yeah bill actually helps as a pleasure and that he helps kids bill a bird hard blue birdhouses well it’s a group of us go on the website for Unicoi when everyone’s working properly I’ve been making these things for about vocalists been making them for about ten years and our normal one looks like that and they get home were they calling bird people they said have you ever thought of you know how to combine it to make it a boost by what’s a good spot on the wintertime the birds go in the book um these are not birdhouses by the way I kept being corrected yeah but anyway the normal one looks like this that we make but they said we won’t make moose boxes and never have got to have the hole at the bottom so I made a convertible one form but if you do build birdhouses it would be usual come up with a way because you gotta clean it all anyway make it so you can convert it to a loose box there’s been reports about 210 birds in a bird nesting box and a winter time winter coming would you put edge across the lake and come up and we put bags across the interiors and so down climb up and say having climbing big clang and I cling to the sides look on this friend of mine he put it that house up in the top border worst garages but now he have to clean out his driveway muzzle me the truth of that house away from the house he don’t want them on the side

of your house if anybody’s interested this is like an 8 page booklet that I got off the internet and it’s basically about cutting these kids working with kids and building a bluebird house and that says such detailed instructions practically I could follow it I mean it got cut off the bottom I don’t remember your dog big eye and know this is not about houses a birdhouse but I mean they even get down to drilling the holes for the nails and all that kind of stuff they go into that level of detail so it’s a nice project for a kid you know if you got kid only has had some interest in good looking but you know you’re not going to stand there for five hours well you know he’d build something from scratch you can start with something like this and whether you do all the nails for the holes or not is up to you but if you try to drive a nail through a piece of pine like that special kid he’s going to split it you know that’s why the nail holes are pre-drilled even worth is easy yes either is get to in fact this either you get it home depot or lowes is only about it’s not even two quarters of an inch thick measure it sometime and if you planed it down you’re lucky if you got a half an inch left don’t go outside and if you’re going to build it out of the one of those pieces of cedar put the rough side on the inside by the way and the smooth side on the outside you look at Scouts my stroke like this happened son cousins Cousy he could use power but they have sense disallowed that I think not use power tools you gonna do a kit you’re gonna have him kind of form either you let him use a handsaw and brace him bit and you lay it out on the board like this one you know yeah well besides Lowe’s and Home Depot we’ve gone to his one in Gainesville there’s one over there by the cedar fencing slide yeah there enough American senior Chinese badly I don’t counting Birds care if his Chinese City you get up a word house out of the 1/2 dog the descent yeah you’ve got a dog yeah I can tell you lows a 1 by 8 by 8 see our board is 1350 because I priced it yesterday you know I mean how badly do you want to see the birdhouse inside for the birds to grip on and smooth should be turning to the outside if you got because those birds are only playing on one side and they’re rough on the other side you ready web jury thanks a lot