Pennsylvania Newsmakers 9/8/13: Penn St. Scandal and Health Care Law Effect on Dental

hi welcome to Pennsylvania newsmakers and as always thanks for watching well the implementation of a big portion of the Affordable Care Act is less than a month away we’re going to get into some of the dues in the don’ts and what you need to know to help navigate your way through oh the complexity of that and then Charlie Thompson from the harrisburg patriot-news and PennLive we’re going to do a little penn state update all of that follows these words this is Pennsylvania newsmakers a fast paced unrehearsed weekly discussion with and about the leaders who shape your world and now here’s your host Terry Madonna I will John Sultan Heim he’s a senior VP at United cordia dental he’s been on the program a number of times he’s here to sort through some of this I’ll tell you you can say what you will about the Affordable Care Act and you know people like and people don’t like it right but as i like to say often as Mill Street Meryl streak might say it’s complicated right it’s very complicated and we’re gonna we can agree on that absolutely absolutely yeah go ahead fits the law of the land so we need to know no you’re right you’re absolutely right all right the first part of this that is scheduled to go into effect you know a number of areas of it have been postponed I count five we don’t need to go into the details of those we can maybe have you back at another time and do that but we’ve got these insurance exchanges that take that’s supposed to start on october one we’ll see what happens some areas of as well connected to that have been postponed leading up to it but again so what what would you say if you had to tell our viewers out there the insurance exchanges what are they first of all there are two types of exchanges one for individuals and one for small business and both are scheduled to go in as of October one what will happen then is individuals can actually enroll for health insurance that the effective as of January one there’s an open enrollment period that’s going to go from october one until the end of March but if they are in before december 15th their coverage would actually be affected so let me get this straight so i don’t have health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act on October 1 i’ll be able to get on an internet site and i’ll be able to look at a whole bunch of healthcare policies and you know what they contain what they cost do I got that right so far absolutely pick one correct and for some there’ll be a subsidy depending on income right so for individuals not for small businesses but for individuals based on income range and family size they can actually get a subsidy or reduction in the premium if they’re going to have to have to pay and for individuals at lower income ranges they can actually also qualify for cost-sharing which means that for deductibles and coinsurance they can get some assistance on that as well all right now I don’t want to jump ahead too far but there are there will be in place navigators that’s what they’re called who are will be employed by the federal government it correct me if I’m wrong that will help individuals sort I’ll tell you I don’t know about you I look at these Mike you know okay what’s all this mean right right so they’re going to be what’s called navigators these are individuals who are funded by the federal government but I think they’re actually employed by local community organisation thank you for that correction and so as a result they’re being trained now to be of assistance as of October one and I think there are five groups that have been appointed in Pennsylvania to serve that purpose and so once october rolls around they’ll be more identification of who they are and how you can get in touch with them all right now pennsylvania if i don’t think we need to delve into the complexity of this too much but some states have their own insurance exchange some are using the federal government exchange and some are hybrids let’s not go there right tell me what Pennsylvania is doing and what people need to know about that so Pennsylvania is following the federal model so the federal government in essence will be running the exchange here and the the details behind it will come out as of October one if in the meantime they have questions probably the best place to go is healthcare gov it’s a website that gives some of the basics of how all this is going to work yeah you have one other thing that you’ve that you’ve indicated might be relevant for some people and that is tak tax credits a measure so babe apply for these if I get them know I’m not eligible but go ahead right so

it’s based off of income and family size but a family of four who’s making 93 94 thousand dollars a year could actually qualify for some level of tax credits certainly not as much as a family of four that’s making forty thousand dollars a year but that’s designed to make health insurance more affordable for a guy for individuals that’s only individuals not only individuals now I want to get into wait until the second segment I want to get into the dental part of it we’ll get into that in the second segment businesses that small businesses are we talking about that employee fifty fewer than 50 people is that the deal that’s correct and explain what that means for this so companies that have less than 50 employees they can go to the Small Business Exchange and as a result they can get their duck medical and dental insurance that way okay and if they have less than 25 employees or average wages of less than fifty thousand dollars a year they can get some additional tax credits alright alright we’re going to run to a break we’re going to switch gears obviously John knows a lot of given what he does for a living a lot about the dental dental side of it we’re not going to get into what companies are doing while they’re laying people will offer going to 30 hours we’ll do that on another show this is just about helping everybody understand how to navigate the complexities of this regardless of you know what your position is people need to have this basic information to know how to proceed when we come back what does health care reform mean for dental like I do my regular check-ups and so should you we’ll be back in a mall this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the Pennsylvania chamber of business and industry the statewide voice of business and by the Pennsylvania business council Education Foundation educating citizens and business leaders about important public policy issues and civic affairs this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by better safer roads calm to voice your support for safer highways and less traffic congestion visit better safer roads calm and by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association business in Pennsylvania is our business I welcome back to the program where we’re chatting about health care reform and how important is the implementation of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare the president said we can call it that so we’re doing that on this program all right health care reform in dental John what’s a fill us in on some of the important details here under the Affordable Care Act there are ten categories of services that qualify or are mandated for all everyone to have this is individuals and small businesses and the tenth category is pediatric oral and vision services and so that basically requires that children be offered dental a dental option they don’t have to purchase it but they do have to be offered it through the exchanges so that means they can get it but up you know it’s optional folks can decide to get dental for their kids exactas you’re not now if they purchase it what does that mean that means that when they’re when their coverage goes live either through a medical carrier or through a standalone company like united concordia that they can in fact have have dental coverage we’re estimating somewhere between six hundred thousand and eight hundred thousand children will pick up dental coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act Wow now that could either be through Medicaid chip or through private insurance but there’s going to be a large number of individual yeah I think we talked about this before and you know there are some things about health care that that prevention is worth its weight in gold literally and having kids get appropriate dental care I mean dental problems can lead to other serious health bombs absolutely go ahead and and we’ve just finished some studies with the University of Pennsylvania that reinforced the medical cost savings that that can accrue as a result of having ongoing dental treatment so it’s very important for folks to see their Dennis and then in fact to get regular yeah now what is it did we did we I don’t know if we’re going to put this website up you’ll help us where do people go to get additional information I think you made sure let’s do it again is the place where individuals in Pennsylvania should go to get to learn more about we don’t have a health care no break you’re not that you I mean where most people cool it

will we’ll get that and now just to clarify if someone has covered through their employer today what happens to their coverage when october one comes around the vast majority of folks will continue to have coverage through their employers who have it today and there may be no changes at all it’s just that small small employers with less than 50 employees have the option of going through the exchange but it is going to be something that small employers really need to spend time with their brokers and figure out what works best for them but we’re going to we’re going to see a lot of change happening going forward and as I said I mean it’s unclear you know what what the effect that will have on employment you know there’s various stories about what it will mean with cutbacks that I think this talks about 30 hours is that is the threshold is the break point yeah the breakpoint in whether people’s hours get reduced the ramifications of this are going up I think play out for the next couple of years all right this has been I think very helpful helpful to me helpful to our viewers thanks for coming on appreciated all right we’re going to wade into the bring you an update on the penn state situation by that i’m talking about the full ramifications of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case charlie Thompson from the harrisburg patriot-news and PennLive has literally been writing the I think some of the most important stories that we’ve seen in terms of the coverage of this Charlie Thompson will be with us in a moment this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by Pennsylvania credit union Association Pennsylvania credit unions where people are worth more than money to find a credit union that is right for you check out I belong arg and by the Energy Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania’s energy information source this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the hospital and health system Association of Pennsylvania working towards a healthy Pennsylvania hey welcome back well Charlie Thompson from the patriot-news and PennLive joins me he’s been you know covering this all the situation of Penn State in the wake of the of the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky there’s all kinds of ramifications we have the three top administrators former administrators spaniard curly and Schultz president vice president and athletic director I got that right who are now where you bring us an update about where their their court case is Stan yes at the end of July the three former administrators charged with either however you want to look at it ignoring or trying to squelch investigations of Sandusky’s child sexual abuse had their preliminary hearing on those obstruction of justice perjury and endangering welfare of children charges all counts were held over for dauphin county court and that essentially means that they are now on track for a trial so we’re going to have a truant right we’ll try out with a jury right there’s going to be a lot of preliminaries it’s going to be a very slow train to get there one of the big issues is what’s the status of Cynthia Baldwin who was the university counsel at the time that this investigation was gathering steam in two thousand ten and eleven she was in the grand jury as University Council but representing Spanier Kirlian Schultz when they testified before the grand jury that she is a conflict it is she has since flipped to become a prosecution witness how am I and those defendants have a big-time argument about whether they either were denied the right to counsel because of her statement now that she wasn’t representing him but was representing the University and or you know if there if she was there attorney at the time if there was a egregious breach of attorney-client privilege all right now would you if you’ve covered a lot of these trials if you had a guess when does a trial start when did the actual truck we talking about march or april of next year you’ll start i wouldn’t i can’t put a month on it but i believe what 2014 broadly oh wow i can say okay okay the remember the the Sandusky trial which was run by a judge who was very efficient almost efficient to a fault he got that thing from preliminary hearing to trial in seven months Wow so at

minimum this would be seven months that would be longer spring but there’s a more pretrial issues to play out here and I’m not sure the judge Hoover in Dauphin County no disrespect to the judge but I’m not sure that he will work at quite the pace that Cleveland did because cleveland is solely assigned let’s move on to another the most recent news are the settlements that in the civil lawsuits filed by some of the Sandusky victims you correct me if I’m wrong on this yeah actually remediation that got them before they filed suits okay mediation so there’s some 25 of them yeah and about seven or eight of them have been resolved right 31 people presented claims saying that they were abused by sandusky over the course of time triple essentially the amount of cases that were actually brought forth in the in the criminal case so that’s kind of interesting in itself but they were vetted for some basic level of credibility by Feinberg and Rosen the legal team that was brought in to handle this mediation process for the university they deemed 28 of them to have real credibility and they have been moving forward to negotiate autumn very settlements I don’t yeah I think that part of it has not gotten a lot of news maybe there’s a lot more than just what came out of the criminal try oh yeah I don’t I say that is really well and in part that’s because this is designed to be a confidential process for for those victims so we’re not being told how much how much the settlements were personally Penn State we know that Penn State has authorized a 60 million dollars something on the order of 60 million for seeing all of the charges that are that are out there right right and that’s that’s a number that they believe is needed to settle there’s there’s 25 possibly 26 cases according to the attorneys that are in a posture where they they think that they are going to drive home a settlement that would end all future litigation with these guys I missed that somehow I mean I don’t do I read that yeah go ahead so those into a break those those settlements will range from you know multiple millions of dollars to multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the severity and duration of the abuse all right we’re going to run to a break when I come back on as Charlie about where these NCAA violations stand there’s certainly you know appeals to them and the Paterno family has one will get that all clarified with Charlie Thompson in a moment this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by Highmark Blue Shield changing the way health plans work for business with a variety of plan options for employers and more choices for employees information is available at highmark com have a greater hand in your company self and by the Pennsylvania health care association the future of long-term care I welcome back with Charlie Thompson from the patriot-news and PennLive we’re talking we’re getting a quick update on the ramifications of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case of Penn State all right let’s talk about these NCAA penalties the last time I looked there were there was I thought the governor had a case and that was thrown out now that the family the Paterno family where does all that stand okay yeah Governor Corbett did lose his suit and in federal court and has decided not to appeal that leaves a new suit that was filed by the estate of Joe Paterno in tandem with some former players at Penn State father yeah for sitting trustees I believe how they have joined that suit okay in an individual capacity and now what are the complaints what what are the complaints say that they’re filed against well and they’re en-ca the penalties includes things like taking away the win-loss records didn’t I Joe Paterno that record but go ahead we don’t need to get into what they are what what it’s a it’s a direct suit against the sanctions trying to to roll back those penalties declare them have them declared void and essentially it says that the the NCAA breached its contractual relations with the University and levying these sanctions and and has caused harm to third parties that rely on the University NCAA relationship for for fair play and and competitive balance and that what the NCAA done it has done is dramatically overstepped its its role

and violated that their their rights to to fair so where is the Paterno suit is that still active that is a curious family is still active yeah it’s in centre county court and there will be initial arguments in October on that’s at eliminating objections by NCAA to try to get that suit that’s a tough road to go isn’t it to get these penalties seemingly seemingly it is but like a lot about this case I mean a lot of its uncharted territory so no the NCAA did levy these penalties outside of its normal enforcement process so does that give you know so you know I mean in a way there are fresh sets of facts here for any court to look at in federal court it didn’t work so well for Governor Corbett but these guys have some different arguments and you know it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out all right before I let you go as this show airs the legislators poised to return you cover the legislature what are what is the legislature you think likely to take up that’s of great importance to the to our to our viewers um I think that during this summer the legislature has kind of been like like watching a video and you or a DVD and you put it on pause I think when they come back in September okay boys take the paws off and I think we’ll be talking about transportation yeah and lcb and tell sell the liquor store translation right right right now and that’s in part because I think that those are still priority things that Governor Corbett has not walked away from certainly the the transportation lobby has not walked away from its quest for transportation funding and by that I mean a combination of you know the scepters local governments well you got contractors engineers and unusual unusual to have Union as well as the chambers of commerce all in favor of something right so that’s a kind of here will continue to be a big push to try to get that done yeah and education how about oh well educate you don’t think they’re gonna revisit the funding given the cutbacks it we keep reading about I now I think it’s kind of out of season right now because you know they do that that that necessarily comes during the budget I don’t necessarily think we can look for any supplemental appropriations I’m not sure the cash is there to do it but it’s an interesting point might be something to keep an eye on the one thing that I’m hearing that might crowd into the mix at least the governor will have a desire to do this and and I think this is somewhat reflected in your recent poll is is they want to try to also start to start to to show that they’re doing some things to lift Pennsylvania’s economy and boost job creation and the tough part about that is I’m never really sure how much a state legislature in a coupla goons right we’re out of time thanks for coming in is a wonderful update we’ll see you next week for another edition of Pennsylvania newsmakers and as always stay well