Joe Biden Speaks at Stop #4 in Greensburg, PA LIVE | Whistle-Stop Tour

joiners of America General President McCaren isn’t able to be here today so it’s my honor on behalf of our 550,000 men and women that we represent to endorse Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris for Vice President You’re welcome Vice President Leaders stand up for what’s right, even when it’s hard That’s Joe Biden Leaders tell the truth, even when it’s inconvenient That’s Joe Biden Leaders understand that the strength of our country is tied to the strength of the middle class That means strong unions, protection for workers, and a fairer tax policy Joe Biden knows that Joe stands with working Americans and knows the value the union brings to our communities Joe stands with working carpenters, and because of that, we’re proud to stand with Joe Biden, the next President of the United States Thank you (Applause) >> Good evening Eye name is James Callahan I’m the general President of the operator and engineers, 400,000 members strong and it is our honor to have the next President of the United States tour our great local 66 training center that underscores what we do in labor It wasn’t a far reach to explain to someone like Joe Biden what working Americans do I want to thank Jim Cunse the President and Vice President of local 66, my secretary treasurer Brian Hickey who has flown in from Chicago, to underscore and relay the Vice President Biden that we at our general executive board holy en– wholly enstores him and — endorse him and Senator Harris for the next ticket of the President and Vice President of the United States As Joe said to us many a times he understands what a pay check does for working people, not a dividend check for people that are just waiting for a dividend check on their savings or their investment He understands that people live check to check and the guidance that goes with that And the way that this administration – current administration wants to tear that down So, we wholeheartedly endorse, as the next President of the United States Joe Biden Thank you very much (Applause) >> I better not touch it Hello everybody It’s great to be here I just want the record to show that promised if I get elected President of the United States I go down to the Houston facility and work – and try to drive at this machinery I used to have a license to drive tractor trailers I tell you what, I’m looking at that sucker that big caterpillar, but I’m not sure I want to try that crane, man, that looks awful tough (Laughs) I tell you what, it’s great to be here There was an old expression when I was growing up in Scranton, you go home and they brung you to the dance Labor brought me to the dance a long, long time ago They’re the ones who are the operating epg nears and carpenters, early on first time that I ran, people who laid the tracks and pipe lines who operate the cranes and shape the skyline, who build the foundations of everything we rely on Labor as I said brought me to the dance, not an exaggeration The only reason I’m standing here today as a candidate for President, if it hadn’t been for the labor back in 1972 when I was a 29-year-old kid, just after Labor Day I was losing the election, it was 54-19 going into the election

Labor came on board, carpenters across the board, up and down, operating engineers, steel workers and we ended up winning by an overwhelming margin of 3200 votes state wide when Nixon won the vote with 68% of the vote I never forget My dad used to have an expression for real, he said the only way to deal with abuse of power Joe is with power The only people that can take on major corporate interest and the allied guards abusing power of working men and women are working men and women That’s not an exaggeration, the only ones That’s why I’ve been so supportive of labor my whole career I have never forgotten everything that they have done for me, you have done for me, but not just for me, but for the country You are literally not figuratively the backbone of America The military is the spine of America, but you are the backbone of America An awful lot of you served in the military as well You are the ones who actually built this country Not Wall Street bankers and CEOs, you built the country And you are going to build it and build it back better than it was before Now, I want to thank Jim, I want to thank President Callahan and his team as well as the folks in local 66 for welcoming me here today and giving us an inside look at everything you’re doing to rebuild and energize western Pennsylvania I’m from Eastern Pennsylvania I’m from (inaudible) County and the Valley A lot can happen here I am so confident I really am we’re not going to come back we’re coming back big, hard working I want to thank Frank Spencer and the carpenters for all they do as well I honor the trust you place in me and I want to thank you for it If I have the honor of becoming President I will fight for you every single day and I promise you, hear me now, you will have a seat at the table at the White House No fundamental decision will be made without you sitting in Literally, not figuratively, literally That’s a word You have my word on it Folks, you know, I have been on a train today I have travelled this kind of like going back home I traveled over 2,100,000 miles over 40 years on Amtrak going back and forth every single Solitaire night to see my kids, a 250 mile round trip We came today We went on Amtrak train to Wilson top stop tour We started at Cleve hand O’high hoe to Western Pennsylvania It reminds me of when I would take the train home from Will minister tong to Washington and back When you used to go the belt way going into Baltimore you go through a number of middle class neighborhoods, like houses I grew up, three bedroom split level homes, that kind of thing I used to literally, when we had debates on the floor of the Senate and lookout that window and sit there and I would see the lights on in the homes we were passing just like we saw coming from Cleveland into Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh to here I wonder do they have the same type of conversations at the table that my mum and dad had at our table? Are they having the same kinds of conversations the guys I grew up with, the women I grew up with No honey we can’t get 400 tires on the car, we can’t afford it, we have to wait another month Literally, not figurativelily Literally I know we need a new hot water heater We can’t afford it We have to wait It will take a little while longer You have vast majority of the middle classing before we got into this recession, if they got a bill – an un expected bill for $400 in a month, that they didn’t expect, they had to borrow the money or put it off The neighborhoods I grew up in You’re the only ones that saved people from having to do that, if, in fact, you are able to have work You know folks, I knew all those families inside and those families and on that route today I didn’t know their names, but I know what was on their minds and what their concerns were They’re not looking for a hand out All they’re looking for is a hand-up My dad used to say, “Joe I don’t expect the government to solve my problems but I expect them to understand my problems.” We’re not understanding the problems of a vast majority of Americans today All they’re looking for is a fair shot, a little bit of dignity and a little bit of respect

instead of being looked down on So, the parents can look their kids in the eye and say, “Honey, everything is going to be OK.” My dad used to have that expression and jobs a lot after we left Scranton and moved to Delaware he had to commute everyday for over a year and get us down – not everyday, once a week, come back every week Finally we got to go – we got an apartment in Claremont Delaware a steel town It has no more steel now Then we finally get a home four years later But, you know, it’s – it’s what a lot of people are still going through There’s a stark difference from what I saw last night on the debate stage An entitled, self-serving President who inherited everything in his life and squandered it A President who calls his own supporters, according to some staff members, his own supporters “disgusting” Who thinks that folks who put their lives on the line for our country in the military are losers and suckers It’s despicable I dealt with guys like Trump my whole life Guys who might let you park the cars at their country club for a few bucks but even if you had the money wouldn’t let you join that country club because of your religion and because of your background, guys who stiff contractors, building their hotels and their golf courses Just to put a few more bucks in their pocket, seemed to take some joy in it Guys who think the rules don’t apply to them Guys who make tens of millions of dollars and pay $750 in Federal taxes in a year Donald Trump sees things from Park Avenue I see them from where I grew up in Scranton and Claremont My mum had a backbone like a ramrod, all five foot one of her My mum used to have an expression, I really mean it I used to be a stutterer And when you are a stutterer you are used to bullies It’s always easy to make fun of someone who talks like that That’s how I learnt to fight Jokes used to be Joe is like leather you can beat him but he will hurt you You can stand up to the folks My mum would say, “Look at me Look at me Remember nobody is better than you Nobody But everybody is your equal.” And she meant it She meant it As I said, you know, my dad’s expression when we moved to Delaware, he talked about how a job is a lot more than a pay check, it’s about your dignity, respect, your place in the community Those values shaped my whole life If you look back on my career you will notice it shaped my whole career My Build Back Better Plan has shaped my views as President what I will do It’s about giving communities like Greensburg and Claremont and Scranton and places in parts of Cleveland I just came out, giving women and men who work on pipe lines and construction sites a fair shot We’re going to invest two trillion dollars in infrastructure, including more than 50 billion in one year to get to repairing our schools, our highways, bridges, revitalizing our locks and dams making the inland waterways the finest in the world That’s what attracts business, what brings employment You talk about how much my plan cost Well, guess what, those investments will create millions of high paying jobs Building a modern infrastructure, a durable energy future I promise you this: in my administration, collective bargaining – hear me, checktive bargaining will be sacred It’s a guarantee A guarantee Under union apprenticeships, union apprenticeships will be sacred Last thing we need is corporate America taking over apprenticeships programs like they tried to do We will stand up for prevailing wage and preventive (inaudible) of the Bacon (inaudible) act I guarantee you may recall the President who used to like to surprise me at State of the Union addresses and says,

Sheriff Joe will take care of the bill back — build back Build back better recovery act $800 billion No a single project was not prevailing wage as a guarantee every single Solitaire project we built So, folks we will level the playing field for you and for your families We’re going to have wages and benefits We’re going to lower healthcare costs, prescription drug prices We’re going to take on the opioid crisis for real with effective treatment, making four years of public college, universities, apprentice programs, tuition free Anybody making less than $125,000 per year, if they go to a state university, they go to a community college, it’s automatic But if they’re in an apprentice program it’s going to be free My wife has an expression she’s a community college professor, any country that out educates us will out compete us And the cost is staggering for people having to carry the burden I will do it without asking anyone who makes under $400,000 per year to pay one more penny in taxes Guarantee my word on it Because what we’re going to do, we will get rid of the God awful two trillion tax cut Trump passed 1.4 trillion going to the top 1%, a significant proportion going to the top one-tenth of 1% We will start rewarding work not wealth We will make sure corporations begin to pay their – you know the Fortune 500 companies, 91 don’t pay a single penny in taxes and some of them make multi build dollars How about your taxes? You pay nothing in taxes? We’re not going to punish anybody They’re going to pay their fair share Look, a lot of people around here voted for Donald Trump last time I get it I understand why I have been asked many times in recent years, “How do we get to a place where the people who teach our kids, take care of our sick, build our bridges, operate our cranes, who race into burning buildings and don’t ask who is in the other end there, whether you are black or white or Muslim or cries tien, people who in fact grow our food, how do we get to a place where they don’t think we don’t see them or hear them or respect them?” I see them I hear them I respect them I know them They’re family It’s going to change It’s going to change with me Look, this is not a partisan moment This is an American moment and I mean it seriously Think about it We have a chance to put the anger and division that has overtaken this country behind us We can be what we are at our best One people One America We just need to remember who in God’s name we are This is the United States of America Think about this, never once in our history when we set our mind to it have we not been able to accomplish whatever we set our mind to when we’ve done it together There’s not a single thing we can’t do And with your help I’m going to get elected and with us working together I promise you, I promise you, it’s going to be a different America We, again, reward work not just wealth, where people are treated about decency I conclude by saying: a President’s words matter, no matter how good or bad a President is The words they utter matter They can take us to war They can bring peace They can make the market rise or fall And change people’s lives This President has breathed hate and division under the rocks here Hate only hides, it doesn’t go away And it matters what President’s say You heard what he said last night When he was asked by the moderator: will you condemn white supremacy? And he if you haddeled around, didn’t say anything They said how about the proud boys? And he said, well, in context said just tell them to stand down and stand by Go online Look at – they have a

new emblem now literally It says “stand down and stand by” implying that if he loses the election something may have to be done I promise you, that won’t happen The American people are going to speak and they will speak in large numbers And nobody is going to get in the way of our Democratic process going forward, nobody Period Because this is the United States of America We’re not some tin-horn dictatorship or third world country This is the United States of America I want to thank you all for your endorsements I really mean it It means a lot to me personally It’s on a perm level I appreciate it God bless you all and may God protect our troops Thank you so very much (Applause) (Music plays]