Covid 19 updates March 21st – mAng and Neads show

one not your usual 321 to you some in over a man they made sense than an than 0:50 has some of its own domain still live alongside gardens radio well, so that’s likely get no dropped frames this time it’s good news and here we go going to the state: on may and if the desk here Mr. Joshua Lott was up 2% lead is kind of virus, yelled then the ship, the leader Ron Marek a shutout two were be a sponsor roots in the spring and for all you have any outward is four something we would like to work to the 0.4 22 major Mayan little jimmy Woodall jimmy spreading only job may be and we can once again we’re trying to get to 1000 subscribers year resulting code, please subscribe 2 hour of you for doesn’t cost anything just click the button minute, you wanna get notified that the bell in help support site gardens radio so was the latest Josh where we will win it looks like he’ll around the world we have, 297 and nine D soared 2009700 thousand and nine ER designed this is 200 nine’s Allied army was it your car hit send him a letter 97,000 99 the year over to the binding would be crucial , and that is so worldwide gives it the largest amount of deaths are coming from Italy , that’s where are off year in the from Wednesday as well, if they’ve also just to make clear they’ve also have thought they have 4825 deaths in Italy 6072 people ever covered year study I give my information offer one john Hopkins university those of its a good place to do is write if my information, just in case anybody knew no, as if updated sense 0143 sole numbers could shoot of changes in the last hour 15 minutes will I also I read another article that basically what’s happening in Italy is now flowing over in Spain in bold, countries that are largest TV doubt Spain as a dollar bought 100/31 Ariel, one of the Jesus Christ can talk to the film all 1375 deaths in Spain so far in 2125 ever covered , was another soul iran’s that Iran has a lot of deaths two , 1556 deaths in Iran 7635 ever covered, china’s get a few drops off 3139 so there’s a lot going on a roll world the Americans think your turn off that are you running year are you one art are broadcasters and the other and it’s almost a two V and nothing in here through you all really use the door: they’re cool, turning on down the TV will turn falling down if you force thinking system is person speaking Quebec even the city’s work when we’re a crew union were basically in lockdown mode and these of the way he’s

blowing in these also among the people, use your family is their family so we got room to go is a right cross sell it can’t you now in addition to the eggs one at it, I really feel that nobody is really taking this will think seriously you’re still seen people walking together that, gatherings even on the smallest level we’re seeing people are no posing nude pictures putting in standing next to each other and then you now making jokes of it like you are you are tweaking the falconer, anyway I just think they’re not it’s just crazy minutes is crazier than that nobody is so are really looking at this is what the real problems problems that are these nascent final two sick people in dead bodies in and would you want in their sole we think about the saying that the U.S. figures Berryman were Myron Guyton that fits yet so everybody every society is doing this for a way for a known in the Ural Mt is still sketched out and I think that I think they’re right now we’re all going through a up a bit of a shock in the tone or shock is the similar, situations like grieving the death for something like the book, it seems to me that we are in the denial states as people in its , overall and what the next several people start making that , except it’s not really sure what his job is to go , you can back to you as they are on the list are needed a little bit much for a more often work, you lose a loved one of the people are given up some people call their leader Charles yesterday are low payments and serve two because the fear the unknown maybe the start to creep and some people , what about the power of the stores everything seems to be stocked pretty well see that the primary goal year in mind is all time low in the thread of all the sub is deftly trucks, Nana system at a ruling did you make it to the story within the hour when the truck changes that are light years for a while they are having some of backups on the on the interstates and the highways with truckers, with no rest stops in the where two of the showers all these places are shut down using the showers alike as big as it would go flying days well for awful that Carolinas and that gets to the next thing is that they’d be up the game was the the film is still you know what businesses we should not bear can stay open to the resource in your state in the everything from liquor stores too, I mean really like you said yet the mall’s after shutdown in the retails basically the stores to sell crack model of the sale a capital and was a lot of jungle meet your need that only the Nazarene on me the undershirt you need the old whenever you get you going to go below, movies stuff like that returned to be a solution, was sporting events and people of the U.N. is started off a low level no other get down to Brass tacks are the descent all the kids all telecommunications is open, contractor services , so no files of all, like the basics single business that it is to put that in our category for this late in your ovaries or down their places cities in third among put aside full of councilman when they do like , is to have this essential working still one on say so if you drive in a C or they can awfully over are asking you and you go through a bunch of her they’ll let you driver tries in a most people with the one roll estimate riding see again love the satellite, because even

if they’re lucky down all the way maybe the grocery store open now in the drive in there like Willie Dunn, locked down any given to you really love people down religion and finals right , on news that would be getting money shows a designer year the British melee was in the all-Sino in locking down they were delivering food everybody sprang around two all you does someone timer I mean us a lot different than like saying review of our we do like you I mean one outside the whole different thing than one outside and city in China is morning it’s a whole different ballgame somoza’s same New York City soul will C or country codes on the phone right now this looks like the presenters were stolen does just it’s still a kind of the political will to win wish this line of his of his ideas is ratings are up there on the unsurprisingly because it’s been anything , you can find in the eyes music is you own a list of all is is minor yet was an unknown is on a diet and saving more accurate, although I’m sure use the case an open relay much has changed other than from what I’m seeing it’s like all of our skill and a bit of a odd denial states of our society that, what’s going on and I think the guy I think they are there saying they’d do it on your own and then when it starts to be, the obscene I mean again I can even imagine like upstate not really big deal central it’s like where people gather infor in New York City you deceptively to go down elevator from your building you can ride the people you can only for those in the chances for a you know it all now is really, but I’m trying to play safe as possible one, my house on here, but you’re acting for these demonic people I can, and not biting her input from over when using it for sure right off the silly that’s that’s where we’re still are now but will see I mean we’ll see what kind of the results, and what you know how long this is the way by conservative month offer for the schools are shut down insist it’s no joke and brings taken seriously and is the missing that the haven’t seen you miss the big thing they’re saying soon with the other women are you are using 4:00 AM often sold its soul which ones are think having which owns the bill were wounded were so offers comments you own round some other well that the rather than just torn from their offices so that one of the governor commerce are more use of their school , got one and should use on CBS for men’s faces soul rent you look like this and dodging storms faced ready off the city of the world over two weeks ago I was this final sales staffers will pay you now you can use this is 110 six games was once so we’ve got, sir, this battle with the own world will only use your for you topper republican overtime are republicans sent down to the 1.6 million stock see there is that other part about this that people were on the people were making money and that is the natural as the nine schools , and one is everything is stone and some of them say I , Senator Richard burr sold a fortune stocks E were usually a two days right before the stock market seems playing down the U.S. stock market like he’s playing down the threat your sins North Carolina

republican would only and the like are : thousands down use another lady with Congress and our mission, this summer, lady overalls and they sold one stuff but they have little idea so wasn’t so she was doing that all I don’t even know what might , the agent does I did know until after the fact she said that they did the same shady ship so much off gotten much money and people are now giving you the only one thing you in jail are you just have an idle I’d be just simply do was coming over here even know they can shut down the role of people more countries will play , the seal thing like Gracie was one and in my you’ll like you’re right so you go on your block, and you know one issue to me than willing to go off the pointer higher so you love life ER , spy corns: four points and six points right the only own C30 acres supreme neighbors value of the men they don’t give a ship bill shumard anything so like your you you’re a kid that stuff in here book is still stuffs wandering so it’s it’s gonna get it to the tune and if you read the soul out on revenue of one wants their offer in the UK and the kitchen has called for a seat on your car might this is the values of the Alza region of the saddest thing in an idea of the mine is it to read something against Asian Americans have been the even then I can get away without touching the screen CS phone one thing you were loose dated corona Vars and its year-long as you to sell a week we get some adjustments are lax or this thing, you know I have my only hope the says C think it’s the U 480 guys and open up of wind shear anybody was a:: number 627373 eighths and Davis in this the right now five visit: you know what to think about for a situation where you’re at all you play in this one and 100% lockdown whether you are off all is still have all your business weather and I are working and the owner job was so sad: whether you are seeing is the critical part, though you survive society society save society yourself and other thing holding the nice weather us some people out you know when the snow in their room all that they are using this is their updates of American anybody else but us, the southern U.S. Asa we should point out, hero since they steal your OS release euros of this so people are really or are doctors calls all the doctors and doctors are you sure are Wilmer systems offer differences Marvin C, Marvin C give the reader Putnam Selzer is just so in all right yet for sure slow , it was shown a link that the Allies using the best precautions of the campbell’s jazz lot of people are does not look not everybody that time in may and is not yet to take this is serious this year there sure that people just don’t give a flaw in all rule in this sector nine room that the Nile states and the NYMEX be put into the Marie when the human and though the someone comes up during sag is versions are crying and except for maybe go for the cycle few more times

than the family there were world war so once again we’re looking to 1000 subscribers in the five anybody listening to this could just keep this in the subscribe and white enrollment, down there all , 7000 subscribers some months in the get a lot of content, dates, mainly show taken to the hyenas from Sonics corner just a moment and three staying home with a post as well, call and hopefully the two in the year with, you basically that’s about it gives a subscriber the group appreciate you are there and , just click with, tell the whole audience on the bottom of the Bellingham notifications, hosted the bill that the belt that will be on a minute to give any of you that all of the year use kick him and these all year and a Euro-American role the bill was paroled to their legal and clicking right sides will stay in this that’s great and a moment and other body as well for some reason I can’t find anyone with former book that says point two field of the right, then we’ll be doing great in the really playing among mostly you buy-out of the Fellows wonder what the flowers or nine Yesler little honor it was me and , CNN zero report for us in the ninth, cinnamon one down , no I just again all I can say is that as these the pot with the with the case rise on the day you cannot have it all horrors of 1000 in the U.S. did no 10,000 that’s no known all were up for up to 10,000 Knopf cases in New York all ships and that basically assign rocket that about a more loss of 7000 years to design something if you sold the house and that’s all she U50 percent rise kids up so long you may think which can see the market is like the civil may and the cassette right now this is a critical time for me to stay home and not get it, like we were saying was the best time to get it over the phone will have listed in the get it in the what’s the best time to get in the Middle BN the beginning when these posted you as a law degree and knowledgeable engine: wall said earlier that the missing piece of between 40 and 80% of us are together has been in and that’s basically inevitable since losing year , when II mean if you’re staying if you’re doing what they tell you no but not no human being less than half are doing what they tell you I see people so I have to go to the store owner but have you lived in small, so I went in there and people they don’t just Orion went to figure the flock they have likes when you go to check out the Markov like in tapes of four and six coffee intervals so you’re not closely there trying to do the single people just don’t , however, under some icing people just like space either from another light on the Mica for the fault for all way from each other by some people I knew I’d just like giving the peace signs jotted out of the firm I’ll always been on the night on Monday until fluffy but there’s the factor where when you when you do with all you see that there’s like 45 people stay around talking like it’s the

you know Christmas shopping are some something that is running the king sense it’s like move on to UCI had a trusty old in their own close out like that now when Merrill stricken gravel that year I have old setups wouldn’t have touched inning rolling off: a car selected DOS myself off after the dude game either C Blum at lake items one ago but have you you are shoved temporary closure barbershops nail salons care salons , you get this guide seattle’s level of schools with the sensual tell me what’s essential actually been a lot shimon full story down the list will do that will do that today that this is what’s good because his only do this list you can see that, with several of you begin to see that area retail are not rigorous events it’s basically everything except for things like Nielsen one’s shopping white clothing staff in use are it’s been the butt of the sea are we are today, Cuomo in the cell essential businesses work in cities including any four profit one nonprofit regardless metered service the folks in the performed for its corporate work into T structure and not subject to the king person script again and maintain all the OSHA standard see, this ruling ruling don’t comply with guidance interactive for maintaining clean and safe working women department held so essential care operations including research and laboratory hospitals walking here were conceived at the reunion livestock services elder Care Medical wholesaling distribution whole milk care workers are eights for the elderly Dr. Emergency dental sabbatical seems like something that was it was Dr. Emergency dental work in all right if done already the unusual as a look at the nursing homes residential healthcare facilities were congregate care facilities medical supplies the equipment manufacturers in providers and equipment manufacturers where, are like raymond’s game and play with the baking pasta shop would be here are the are shut down for all really pushing down for a week but then I think there are start back up after all utilities including power generation fuel supply in transmission that is so that puts in CM in that category as they are all take here you generate are services for all cell sites so off public water and wastewater telecommunications and Data Centers airports airlines transportation infrastructure such as boss real were four higher vehicles into ride since semis: B, taxis trains in the subways in the people that the worker and callers in sunrise mechanics you hotels in places in a combination are also can remain open the sensual manufacturing including Food Processing manufacturing agents including whole foods and beverages sold your places in the soda company’s been the red bull in the server seven monster in, chemicals in the region can the coals Medical Equipment were Instruments Pharmaceuticals that suffered more which pharmacy theirs is the opener and share: sanitary Products Telecommunications again and microelectronics and semiconductors agriculture informants in the household Paper Products interview that the paper are producing company in the area , and grocery stores including all food and beverage stores pharmacies convenience stores farmers markets OK Gas stations restaurants and bars but only for takeout deliver OK saber LAN this rule hardware in building material stores , essential services including number five trash and recycling collection and processing in disposal mailing and shipping services laundromats building cleaning and the kids child cancer Care

Services auto repair warehouse distribution in fulfill its funeral homes crematoriums and cemeteries are you storage for essential businesses could do in the animal shelters six news media set a gardens radio may need she’ll live its breakdown you to senator and studio we get Joshua while you that this corona virus furry corona virus free conference we are still doing really good this is basic staff VR in the world can see in the world was no let you know what a guy got alliance will remain online book on the wealthy, New York has a 1645 confirmed corona Vars a case that put the submitting the use of nearly 5000 from yesterday’s 7000 Lebed is almost a double number , we’re just in some states in the army and that’s really what this all comes down to because like we’re saying if there were test out there I’m sure people were denied confirming way back when we couldn’t go down even bigger jump on this rollback in most I can imagine you were right units, with nicotine or so yards with rebuttal curious to the last two gas lever on the whenever we pull up, the any of this information seems like we can get caught either you anything at a time we pull the name of Michael any sound bite with trumped up not the size and I am not talking the was not there that good news is we have many frames dropper hearing you now bit rate wants here until also serves as a KB be proud as I think we’re all think the only be problems you’ll know it’s used to limit Boise like the late today a new voice grows only to the bike ride you take a bike ride the wind was blowing levels below the garage door open , and no gambling that- soul of do have a two and forced for sure, can pull of something so beautiful honor some great some Gramm, and that’s a lot of pressure you know exactly when dealing with an accused if you ever we did not get the calls are not a list of the stores over the years that maybe the real been involved in some update no is to be some like them, for instance which for years to just a moment , 12 to give the weapon model of the crew were not the final, but a 70 sevens but they say you can call have no symptoms and still haven’t is a few different groups are also was reading earlier we are we still was talkative as well as reading light when this when this virus first kicks off the river of ours it will go from handle its human rights and that’s it in the western passing you put me on the few weeks in the inner person and in taught itself how old to be a low pass itself from human-in in the fall, while walk in the humans for is right is right in front and words that were unknown for you in stores where we were thinking too much in Seoul to Jeannine Rogers died overnight the one years old are you using one goal is to visit our all the union level of violence, reeled from Mars will come on the one who’s all convoluted and all known since the one who was on the malia than

the overall lead as a lot alike, said Friday that the former U.S champion of the city guide this is the users send him from the shock of Lewis in Basel her slim the final minutes of this song is the old man in the song is called the poll the same stories, the guy the moment songs are home, so the sisters and word is that O’Connell is unknown, the men who were on the Navajo state law had a long long long long a new at the inn in the standoff ended in 1901 01 of many Indians and 1/2 all, 1/2 to lead and then on, I have and have been some live in the sale of bonds on a long long haul bombs on Sunday they have I will long on LAN of all bonds on to say the new one, or is a lot more to say that they, they say they have to go to the songs on long on Sunday, was born in my day of the man has gone a long as the man has gone a long bond honor EN lawmen then new and more of a one, one of the more than one one half , at 101111, one of my 1111 one one one one is that it was his business insider news radio this

is the main issue news is cents for me is set to begin zero and two year we are still very good live in the sidearm studio as we are not keeping our distance we are holding off our lockdown and we are on also have become an essential part of society with our news that the only a shooting we’re giving you guys the information Officer James this source you can try as you remain each show more mature just one issue now know is if all is not real football you really learn little insights group she knows the other connections the hospital not a big factor is massing do not have enough masks are two of go around respirators in once this saves and although it hasn’t quite a bit in the U.S in each of them on those from head to head to most people keep talking more than one instrument Betsy I guess it’s basically my point, all are teasing staff the people of time so we can’t stress enough volume really just after all Fogle, year by mean it’s one thing the B: Oscar and was moving just the way race do about right all be in the SI lee contagious this is highly contagious is not like coca Sheffield no fault of the ghetto cares but if you’re going to continue normal for 10 days of your old doing practice and better-all the you can spread around you wanna give up that and we have the AMA that number again it from the first symptoms and anybody that does 12 local through the process two get a test some 0754755 55 hits with this (607)-547-5555 dislike in the movies just like it, right, so you call a number to Gary symptoms just ’cause you’re sick does not mean that you have the corona Vars but it is either definitely York 2B2 you the whole you’re in the right directions like a civil like this differ on strange to see white you might not have enough and not even no , not even feel old, fever and had eight senior one juror body words are sees some of these people and have enough and they’ve been tested positive for and they’ll all awful you are another poll the work in his working in here are all within the inner , talking to his love only way and what are now trail answered are , bill will of the year now you are gone when you try me will be another call and, as the overview tries back humor me, Wells and journals maybe our same color from yesterday given as their latest update at Calder Nofziger was the no he was actually in the fall is funny fans in the losers’ Johnny answer is great so off your sidearm ring made in mutual reduced the Tom Brady officially signed with the bucks signed john should use money you lose money you favor play again the writer so C I’s I see it again and some people in there and other off some are just text meal will I just saw the people are selling the bigger restrooms and staff are selling robbers staff ruled she been off all you did in riverside read a and

I guess some places: a survey this only live in the headlight shifting jacked up to one of the ferocious server offer school and I was on the first things I noticed it was columns chicken , you should call the odd runs only a listen O : are you a one by one of the old brother of the only large a decade, not at the very deadly very good right now you have a number but it will undergo you are giving 11 out of here, right are biting on Monday, 441, number one by having one of one party out are no more than a year ago where my father of bridgework in a third of their foreign films initial that is essential that no one you finish in the air as a dangerous place down there for whatever did I football would not show the airline shopping and the Riadys, now cannot talk that uses I had to go up a couple restriction a Walgreen’s announced on iran’s low this and IE I just walked in direct the deadline by Robert lamas I mean, I have been, face covered in our raid in there right now have run of all in the current year are under way for one thing or see for every one actually matters people like I was telling him there’s people and their juice stamina foot away from each other shoe to ship Brian on each other will hop brazill , wondering only one another, they turned it down slots that meant for the public may run trying times year ended with you 1998.199 for below its like coke and common sight in you’ll do it > we’re all together, or in a row I did that if you are holding the day the one you’re not on the other shoe date all right, is not up to date on that hole will bite you are in a number you have to cut back on when one are not even delete in off you’re down there flocking are not under the tree has a real been rich Lowell RER battle a combined with the three been stocking up here are on full few on five fill every desk and who have dueled as you are just in case only are you did during the Cold War revenue unions and all of his stock up on gas leak are not enough lock yourself because you’re using you can pour in your car some point like you’re you’re good ol’ are untold are are working on right does a great idea I did not want to complement one another all really so your pick up some essentials of A bill whitlow, 9892111819819 PM for off for certain businesses are are in a bottle yellow lights and only five liquor stores open still grocery store are , the only thing you will be elderly will be a little your nails daughter haircut sold over for big-old are you not have the little guy to tips frosted broader you will be a little frosty chips would use their rock divided over: yes yes-but weld slowly all of your filter us on a mayonnaise I got Johnny JFK on the phone us a while these practices are not a social distancing pans and I are also use all their word work were on 18 feet of our book over talking each other or 6 feet apart , you were in the word on you or do you

are not read on each other thing we’re not going to visit an extreme other people or four of the people rely on this is a nearby is neither island home yesterday in the state, so it’s just a Gabe ceiling of interacted with indeed wait too long to convict himself a slice of pizza somewhere right by warning can you assure ship can you we’re on engine on the docks and you can find in it but didn’t wanted by the year the announce a reuse talking about all of you as a matter of anybody , the league owners are invited to write a song, silly wanted 909 for your folder out a bill that began at the old packet data related only go back your way it is one of the arrival of the issues is rampant all we know we have over 3000 cases of sense yesterday around this time were overwrought that one night as I was it was seven and now are up to 12 almost 12 yesterday was like 7000 saves up to 12¢ and one from these items of new 12 for your New York just New York buttered are you well the whole state but that’s a pretty big jolt obviously didn’t want your tips will put are active in the right by television over winter dow, there are meetings are rather not there are I mean the whole shelter and play their their shelter and people place within one goal outside install Sowell I mean I get that kind of not not mayor CLU us all piers a different place like you and your walls side of your life I go outside of your of my neighbors faulconer 100 yards away like dolce outside your house: the city that the whole different ballgame Are you know, but denied wanted the vocal opponent bought budget bill RA for killed that day on the way that being done Monday, eight but for the border into the number writable the Internet also a lot of them stay people are working no saw the gun doing other things with the part people park Rangers and sugar to surely got 1 to 1 other things you wanted for eight bit of one more way, you know the door by-blow, you are below the 20-year-old lower short date for the overall drug , you just can’t take the proper precautions when you log bait face a like washer and song when you get it going in at the gate and television are right on Sami to get takeout food when you get if not taken out of the container and put it out of clean play an unwashed the off wash their washer and stop before you obviously you with a four RURVVA Ira heard the seven are does not pass through food but the containers and all that you can definitely get it from a difficult person bring it to you as warranted the Federal level, bill whitlow-old Ryan want bill that will of the Volvo for you, your honor the commitment of 1.151 day, but no more about the bill that there are only showing a bit beyond that, at: the wreckage, not have before the right , they still a massive, craziness going on, it’s masson’s their imminent for you or I wouldn’t want to follow your lead building 1 to 1 another, the visitor, 51 of the public at build-out below indicator shortage more-ago in the door to door , you’re in an interview at the college board working, and there are units, numbers and a full year goal for more people are just a more people now the numbers of the fully going off this will prevent saw one of its own, but are more, the river. Built the road, with no, no. Of Oroville, don’t, however, right, yet as there has been, tested positive that bid on goal have any incentive quite a bit more confident that didn’t have one, four, and you are right because those people that Dole the they’ll know they have it so they feel comfortable

with talking to some real signal figure have an Exe and all the pastor bill are you a race on the sum will not positive waters some other news so when you think a lot, will Kenny Rogers rams did not comment on the front door fire. But in one of them are all over the deaths of acting also write even some acting on the one about how that will I mean he was in some movies in Minot about 91 body was unlike not with the amounts are on top with them on some doubt we’ll see in the example of what you into a review of alcohol are only part, didn’t work for I thought maybe he was an SMS numbers are common in a nine no lights on and on a cowboy and we’re all didn’t wait a minute for old one, there are a bit late-night work on the home front of the dateline been a little under all alone were cold-water below show you where the ball at the worship want you know, November 08 blood on Monday or a bad hair on her own life of the day they got there the day of her hometown hero around our gamble and other great haven’t been a formidable and I don’t download the free in the world were interrupted, for conventional aid the 40 bit of information in any of the mormon are at a video on Monday, he doesn’t want to lock your mother and father are you going to offer lower than the other day that the the oval-overhead-valve that they’ve been all that, given that block and a UNC , it got bigger than they have not gotten the children in India haven’t been run homer for the figure for the year that, but dad of a new lower level of outdoor budget info four 000 00 record number of years yet he was definitely are not using also dominant blocking Johnny for video that go for the nine or using something great-summary is over, you want it be at why this straight with all the way it will want another uniform, which you have is seeing beyond year he but among them at him in off-the fact that you get on the windows, what you are on the road: here are right behind Willie Nelson and we really master table to know that until you’re asking for 500 fact that they were people in a nice idea that I Gaza, people really are given the peace sign of this but if you’ll spend the next way a lot here or 1991 for all right , or for the online user one hot breath rebounding but are identified for calling or are you yes five in late arriving and that was the great JFK E of his recall the right be of little ago we should get all rhino: is out of that only you call on the other link the year ended June 01 of his point out that he was in the arm off its two Johnny was to be a bowl giving server was a lot different role listen and watch and whenever you’re doing yield dates with happening was ceo of GE is staying open two all graze been determined essential, right here with a lot we get a call or a: the meal was calling closer New York lurking making the call Ellis your status of the greats will , in a game of a cola ones are your your gut all right for you disconnect to get from that region in reading and inductively block in quick second boss says unconnected for a try again will really vessel feet above the word knowledge in center now maybe it’s just not

linking your of telephone for their showed you know for sure, just check this again again money and one click the ago under repair the fed should be your own in the library’s a wonderful action the league of day in the late Donald voice ever know your voice is so nice pollard a lot of it on all employers are sharing the building was a disaster you personally involved in here Monday of the fifth effect of the same until I got a guy in Florida in full for us anything in great beginning of the hills are are building or sure what the guards would cover on the broader debate in turn on your kids first downs in only a lawyer or so there’s a lot of calls from 36 miles your doors or you beat you up to seems like each day and under the lower Rio were a lot in Wichita were all that long write you remember the first cast was the was it we say, virus of feeling a little elian relieve some of these are you a while ago that she grabs you know I’d been over the last five weeks of the local deal in the number you were still are bearing where was I, one next revision are newsletters like he nominated in euros and also why read last night I tried to lure reading and are off the court case to me, she had a home Monday would get tested Wednesday could call me that as a state in a he tested positive off Thursday. It was as all stores test and he tested positive so he was a big challenge and are not only know so we talked to were watered- tron and women that’s pretty close to hear at the audience can numbers were here late now being not encounter: there’s no doubt that issue in competition with washington’s of you in your most affected states here that we have died were way ahead of them not hearing of the end of the version number shopping with john Nielsen Olympia to rely on rising because in your mouth and are able to view over six inaugural to do more caching dollars in cash result, now working for Seattle and really didn’t know what the average that we would you are stacked right at the patent we hinted they are the servers, the people there would go get the sense of smell, as in rounding in my cat weeks ago that, given 39 unit often are due at the united water in the logon will make every holiday was probably a better and a ride with me over here: one GB in October with the whole number or coworkers read all the right in that you’re not seeing it was in these are years in a bit of the only event you saw you I mean we knew that China had in January so with a water-about all we are after the he shot him of your total deadlines long and lean on Mondays are not under my own way, for a couple people each day in a row over the shoulder nations from yours right in and of others and I, jurors in the first guy are from New Jersey, that he bought in a letter he needed but in any of them were on the like you know where you’re still in the city when I was right: 12 years right actors in Hollywood on nearly all one brother she shares for all your we were talking about this yesterday cannot be at the series of unusual art has been run by Richter at one and I’d been one is unlike supporting me over the age old are you not hide no law as of Thursday night they ought be there was a couple met Utah’s time came back yet even four , instead of one of the horrors of those resulting down and write G@ And layout and we were done by us that we knew all four on died of comics I saw the interview with the young lady there an error in their lawyer, one arm lying on the other five Tustin comeback about lighter four days of the river that the allegedly a measure on nobody knows how to deal with that Reginald Rio Linda in tragedy in 1991 never knows for sure is nine been buying richer mother two their

mother was one of four am already out and in any other four victory that your siblings layers of dual and I’d be over in a white sport did I buy now and then you have one in was the youngest one error in addition to the owners he should win: on the right now the governors on other soldiers, we’re not here real because you are just some kind of team and doesn’t mesh well with the virus are shopping on the left and right borders in feeling you all are young and it definitely going on in writing our capital in others offer is also different strands of the something like it like a sense of some people will get affected differently and sister all related if they got the worst , he also in Chile on issues on his record on the ID of membership forms of one and one is in the lawyers to argue the case arose us in our Sunday, the whole act just like Italy on the hit show about is that here’s a lot of times for the answers he carrier’s party leaders of the stuff all are in their actions show in a range rover in wonders going right now we’re incredibly in been owned his own you know there were no winners were firmly held in jail and until that each other’s work at work let me know what the level of status of women done over low price only in areas that was on charges of a larger by Joan gallo and lower level are shorter time zones, like Beijing by division as you gaze and you know, staff writer Russ Harlan IR the big 1212 bottles were basically right which is cheaper staff is less on right now in others were on workers in here to pull a trigger and won almost reworking of the going on now in Russia all the data and other silent orioles for mainstream the huge downs when Joe Lockhart struck into the women belong mail it in the normal vision about meant less than 10 days are here to do and sometimes there are ¥they are the only word of the making of scientology run one with the wide, stock we’re going in with all the windshield and was reading of the about 10,000 containers that it could all moss and so are you gonna be leveled his work and are young zero limited the dollar’s rally the word and we are received all users are under Serb gunners are in working to know what the governor whenever he goes for your teachers are shown good others in orders in Chevy hotel and towers and run in some Joshua only act sold in China com bulletin and restore the land uses was not longer in any variety of the great leaders during the coming winter of our song and here’s the only one doing something you to work out how he now is all the change from the smell the coffee ought to just means for that has been required, alone can expect to be like a low interest loans of his business in , and on the impact in a curious that too high in the long has been going on here are percentage of homeowners wearing the only one number may believe are right when the inn is not knowing if you buy the stars leaders and the shia nonaligned window and Neil Young’s where have you are overwhelmingly in getting the right here and right, we’ll do the right now the needle on him, no, the data they have to take any kind of loans out to be able to do what you extra staff filmmakers absent as there are three months there also begun a great on walnut is rising in the all the easy ones will be others and when reed international expense of things you learn rings right in the areas of Mario Andretti and your home of the rolling her civil injunction long duel where the letter winners are you going by winning the men’s room besides

and trainers right in the ozone new idea in a little and much more small studio in the long and the only 19 and under zero in golden, in your city over the latter’s women, of sun and recently that the chance to get some work done and staff the idea of the Mario Andretti Norton junior of all, in line on your as you right in that you can lucky, MoneyLine lot of people in making a novel idea of it is a wonderfully 1999 dollars is $1.00 or more stores run in the final of the winners in the number he is in the sauce and the slot yearly you’re lucky if you’re lucky one of the people are we here at all of Yorba Linda, you will ID like a sellout result, people that one of your one of the stuff to sort out and Italy officers were you in Orange County, where in national day of the structure were largely zero in the other day in the U.S., said he innings in game one in the river in years when ongoing industries are origin also in their villages were behind some, the number that here’s 112-2114 different days to work here that ones in the cabbie years you are quite common in one body are no U.S Makes issued some extent in a letter York Sun was out of the here’s another one in the years of marriage are right now: stronger presence also help, be going back as there is a bit lacking that I saw another a raw , the distillery didn’t like impeded 11 and George I believe it’s really it’s really awesome of these people are sternum from what it normally do with a file while our automation may not be a hero is that in at him in the Owen nationally and happen to run the navy in others, he ordered one regional winners over the you are a little worried differences in their site for been in on what he did write you know what a concussion I forgive right on the line and talked only announce all right tell me the Hoover knowledge of seek a year in and says renounce will get a urine, you know excel at your deadline on the line I feel like that everything has been sold at the dice it been so shaky and that our it’s like in what event defines what makes a person at a party that this point with what barred the scruples and what are your you like you know him say and write a two line like a walk with even makes a republican of what makes a reply used to be things like fiscal responsibility but it’s the last years to prove in 30 years, not just now it’s like then there’s all these other things to note was like it like comes down its like others the party are good don’t kill babies in its bailout of the biggest one argued a lot more to me like they have all the big do if same views and staff are there just since you’ll roll your democrat whenever I think his staff and now since you’ll agree also, grievous others that are now over he won why he would win the stolen in only the guy can you ever hear of the overwhelming in center line and sold in the U.S and in orders we just add enough of it just seems to me that that this whole system of IE than the wayward governors got a shift of the things you’re younger and the it’s all so wide ID on the phone I wanna ask you are buying all your various family were talking about bears QB Jason seven and I could help but notice that on that falls, the time she was the ideal way when you all you have to have any insight on the way you think about being embarrassed there

are enough, one of my ER not high enough-and windows and onion one night is that they will not get the young women wonders why in the air until he calls you wish for bowl , he’s on a hunger that we are usually the underlying issues and hazards are still in jail, you know in again run better ended in you are using all the Owen givens you more international are right but he’s also use alternate you right in the eye on a nightly news ring with what three in world affairs owners in Spain a pretty well you are busy roles in July 7 women were hearing on NewsHour is in those still has the job right as the living god and loans right after the old ones are shown regularly and white: one out : I’d get a chance for alleged mob star-country star week one more chance does this mean and are indigenous orally and in rosary for weeks in the authors of the three under four weeks ago that if they can’t sell their preseason and looks flocking stellar the there’s no there’s no way you can start is what I see I sat in on runner of the reason we’re not letting many other levies rise, for reasons you’re away your will mostly comes into the season and ease of use all the money and how the benchmark 30-old son dollars as ideals a high honor folks at folders he called a largely sent in a Cisco has little control of the shuttle, you should get the players receiving game one of the women were more reliably worse, that while we are still living is one reason in lieu of a plate of a little island accord are some guys should let the comments and his body stocking of all are sorry dollars talking about offer over Everson Nichols, riverside and revitalize sold his soul brothers signed with the colts but he that’s almost or it’s all I personally would like the city Bridgewater book in the Arlene Wunderman a hole in order that I, the number of lauryn one of only a camera we now can then sell their lives than one nationality of a dizzying array controllers, gets involved years younger than the number of legal deadline of all working on guns and heavy duty when the Super Bowl boldly here the audie was enough on all the data that eagles the menu like the bay have been either write off weapons for all needed for a while like that now offers was good form and chain will offer may vary all know is only 199 you know the danger in the back and memorize each share of the one and one in three win over 11 run and armor level of the rate was your ears are garden mission came and she is one story by the audience that women years he was the only in the in something that young and old users are white use in a result of a truly and heart of the remaining ones I think the nuns and lemon noses rather old which Grenier more than we currently have you are you gonna see a lull in your heart that there are the this is just the start to get rich out of there so basically I think Mexico start if he stays healthy and I’d I think if it resulted in making the playoffs are also think that they have as much good chances of falls gets heard inmates, said he’s got he’s got a flock of play on believable or one false comes back mixes, which are bought his daughters in the complete opposite Wednesday in Uruguay in on a measures are again each other shortly use that his firm in Coles, that Kohl’s always used as the numbers are were white, Z and later a season as the backup relations server was injured right at a later numbers write

you a lot of users and report back in beginners users is you’re always never have done well as foreign we’re in a win this thing early we’re still not have believed that history repeats itself the U.S role do no Rei store 94 and IE-damaged we are an eight-may, he runs in now because you ever remember what the Avenal with the amendment in the number one threat in working with him, he wasn’t there he’ll give issued about their he wasn’t the culture begin while you’re 1 minutes for you Gotta be able to see that going to be a fan right of your wheelchair Yorba Linda coach: one’s in the WINNT one in the Gaza lob its role in all the way he’s treated all men life inside one reason things the media say that he says I don’t no known in the late forties he never reuse and liner ever actually were backers are you running why not put a lot of playing three season unless he does Idi just all 9110 to worry that matter was running back and review in 111 knowledge that indicted or something wrong when he was serving a right on top of the Owen with the hill with the organization also inaccurate its own niche here she was a pleasant letter received in one of the mind you: the Marin you know what you’re better than everybody out there was no point in taking a chance and weighing in with their mothers ensure 1588 billion dollars line is you are still playing on the other players the couple’s on down are you running like a lot easier-interceptors: water reuse in version of seattle’s game down three season other than he was for me as well as their you know injury you are not as full injury was young right then and still winning can now begin a season for a mushroom in one way or the Woodway the season near you may be that he and a well as your wedding was mainly because even on one knee injury, you don’t think you’ll think you’ll be only the folk years you’ll think it was just like he was he was there they really don’t know much about a mini have pretty good season will now be notified by Joaquin know what the way here in the error in the work of a successful using along the rush right on the initial rushing in my opinion of the work she should wage and work here at the tiny metal also will only work if you have a whole will work in the right of appeal of a work item back here are 2 to 1 of the outside remaining you’re not working in a short while you play ID and no war two veteran gives you a little guy all that readers, Leitner one write the uneven the deadline is writable always real leaders on humans and nature of 41 gets within word that he and the limit of one of the Males in his round a number of other one show he would like to know here’s your behavior were right in any other kind maintains never liked to 9 yards rushing were so many of the reporting enemies in Israel are rendered one evening on one major players in on the one you going you know whether was and we’re working on three of his legs and within one knew him all the Uri four write should not showing that he-reason we was unable to view of the only reason I did find in regional boundaries are doing was in underwriting and worse over time you get when you lash worrying that she is amended issues were inundated with 11 women of leaving this sort of the rose levy of three in the mornings you now are already so why have I ever questions and you think with either were start to think they can make the playoffs there’s another worry if things go start were back we’ll all right now, you’d think with either one of only thing they could make the playoffs ideal long known 91 Jennings lodge in foreign car and soul of the law colts signed, Rivers I’m not I mean these in the newsgroup for is a great quarterback actually on the job owner is not a veteran where endeavour manuals and wool one

is a veteran of the names as your centers in wires ready at the at the beginning for all last year many was for all of that philosophy of your letters and I were rather think you are in allowing his individual are all very well down guidelines on how the eyes and on die many was done before egos near injury was great pressure when he came in for five games for the slaying seems real brooklyn bottle and now that is an on-the-walls Monday on the wrong by relaying backs are well -only by one of the University of Kansas a guy does not, not injured in olinger lane at all bass outlet in years, 1 to 1 goal in inner who died on may sound of the inner pain and start money in your eye meaning and indexes of a kinship so that’s why they can afford to the city, forgot what somebody else 21 five thing since it was a trade it’s a little easier to say all we just one wobble back off from its long week in a wonders if you have been so many of the wheel and there’s a number user of the endurance riding year shoulder of the young no window in the trade in their own year without a avenel course you have something basically all remaining 191 is that the earlier you are building orders were illegally a fortune last year in Euro only one goal and wonder there are over how how he is all well as were no women buy in line over the 193 points are washed down near Lin version of it is they were all U.S. and I just think about us for an Iran same old omen, the jobs we about Tom Brady think of a bigger make the playoffs I have to say III believe sellman by the number you want to know you never seen one of the valentines guidelines are more in-time region national endowment for john reelection number and workout I don’t wanna get down when of their right of the new rate and how are we getting out of as you’re ever gotten so that each exchange and right, Nihei don’t think he’s there and warmth one of the diamonds for surely got down when all the tide as brave and Howard are running back he’s a little shell and sees suspect kind of I mean he is Tom brady’s vector thrown whenever I think you can have a pretty good season running off Jones book 35,000 cattle are default on interstate 23 on that because the only trainer and here’s why does my opinion the way that offers women here she is where’s your water or that she not only on windows, that he’s here for over $3600 33 touchdowns 35 and the session by foreigners are enrolled as much a save the days is not like Tom brady’s of the thrill 30 interceptions in Lebanon radio in which the players were slaves are they just picked up another offensive lineman of former colts of slime day: Andre users of room for those receivers back and make the play using get over the day that he has to be well retire richer Gotta remember the old town > undo those guys are sure wish or inmate got too bad as toy guns that when he landed at all of our den you’ll you can also have she was once and for a little young one of our daughters one of the wilds and you are young but it doesn’t mean you’re actress is always there not all of his major thrown 30 interceptions are not like you’re not the best offer link or backing a week just to lead and one victim in june of ideas: the discovered in the young minority of the year before easing off here and here and leaned in win over each in Ireland-all in which where he shares the lead in scalability Godwin 79 revolution were not found Nicole eight runners by seizing the life of layoffs I think the playoffs it’s a good the waiting patients are as starters don’t I believe so much that off the streets until start on Sharon

stone I’m not sure I do I tell that to get you there are often by think there will be Mike Graham somebody like a jewel flat or Andy and see what they got maybe have a backup and I don’t I think he’ll stick with active for years and is shot she can get him a arty you I mean they are traded away both are other like quarterbacks interested may be going on for one Tom Brady was gone you and jimmy strong Jacobi strongly attracted both those guys for my backups why would they give this guy that drafted all but sheriff’s the ideal height on the linebackers of liability and some money and I no idle Albright lawyers got caught by the cold sold you know that he not be open market usual in Friday night I just don’t you and your use chlorine is rover line just think he’s too forgotten to tell you what did he even won the application will be back in as you never get them and people columns for to get her Lahti you now leaving your radar ankle injury money started in shoulder arm injury, users can run as fast running more I just don’t think I mean maybe you I mean people determine careers around the go somewhere but nobody really wants state champs of what some in a white rat hole your heel and you are the one true for all are in women and it looks like the one true formal Ryszard for me out are sold in the women, children can wash of light of the lot was running winners in right in showing the login to the numbers of people all over you are right when the file and reading of the inner ear bob Dole were seeking the gold will be on our back on and raking New Zealand the also overhaul analysts say that in rights charges that we can anyone wanting another more on your human use that Marilyn and win I believe that there are hundreds of the overall in the event was he clears all staff are a soul or not, as a lawyer to get back to lower our old sells the base for around giving us a call and that the preacher be out in the ivy and Whalen and one days in the year for Brian Televisa well, he’s Gotta keep away from the drabble and one he yet he said Collins allows us to welcome used a cheap way for a travel and the studios leader circle Salomon am also RT connected now because of the offing singer like 68 feet away from us because seven where : ideas would launch in 101 remaining one not out of some positive but will it in all reality of the holy land that I’m sitting in on marvelous things are gone and an island in the living on a Saturday that the mutual yeah I was up for you as a judge is going chat with a lot more year was the opening of the be able to call in to 10:00 PM nine everything’s full partner may offers C somebody on television with flocking in civilian only game in 1 hour wouldn’t be here, whether are so we got we go forward , open the leader call your from all Ryan all he’s got a minute two run as a date because of crises, not heard from Warner since we get the UC the original one nearly two and half weeks ago but so is he a corona virus fear for real if you go back about two weeks ago was seen us guys of the house until I know is how soon that will maybe maybe that’s why he’s got to share with us, I’m hoping the soul on what all of a disease that can give no one no sound comes with a service to work when when I’m all for now with that only on thinking that will try again tried again are not totally play music are something we’re with you will you will miss its OK whenever his office in the plates president has been outside of the year for the meal over the cups is not good for your radio broadcast your accounts, mine, not you agree and knowledgeable their yields in the great knowledge and 101 about

designing a nominal height is like Data Services of it probably has a value of the way for show was restored by designer was all just turning turn off your on a jury, I’m just not give his views, nobody is like I know the future will really does take a look at these: if the following the listeners a very often that we are talking singers a whole series of offered out well in the act is sponsored by the still hasn’t paid is the sponsorship will offer you the option Jones were the two hunters do listen in to the wheel others of unilateral elfin children is off to get rid of that his login and also the road to resolve for rampant so we’ve restarted the others are used as he started on little jimmy because he was a skateboard and eagerness also restarted, jimmy’s offer ramp not off to camp sold his soul restarted, that the next thing you no sense of indifference nine of their body just answered your real confusing all year we still hope for is a little of the worry of these days are used on New York the day she did not back all the red bluff when we were the first one: are you didn’t open until I’m sure if I really miss a show of good friend of some point in a polyester shirt Manual in the other top floor of one ritenour know when you were like a number we will you can develop Johnny if you want the I want it because I want interested in knowing the white way riding high in someone only one hit then he -8 think he could get back out he was the only when his HR 89 on volume of all the other night go because he did say the number oust on another one of its probably hit cancel I was thinking that down with three weeks ago while four weeks ago and has leaped three with your generosity of us so I was saying that it might never designers no way that cancel Olympics for common cold the city of that was the 1 minute on the whole town: literature that slight lead-off 95¢ a day; right now it’s almost a foot taller. Like its peers Not like in a student president rhine Ronald Lyle in a row it was founded in one of the law yet on all minute it seem like a bottle of beer and hot in your book and the amount that are yearly at the moment in any game our shoulders saw, last Saturday actually an idle show from the house of representatives getting out of wedlock and widely watched that’s the one has any idea how I got used to poly-acre of Gandhi and rewind him by the funeral of the little white lie and the dish at the outset if you really in the Gonzaga 92 preview the avoided if we still do not know who was used in history are no content sites still carry his column and no contest, hold your nose, culled from scores gives one study of all the more money-old don’t know you will learn to use hills golf 1992 are in the country’s elite road in runaway out by the one below the umbilical idea that too often in design, both of acres of league in rein up a 20,000 miles next segment of the league and if you knowledge that one is left in overtime people living under the wash your hands part we lightly me at holy water use we can conduct all the people are right now the middle of the window freeze all surfaces are below freezing also back to top the backdrop behalf lucky if you don’t wipe everything a specially she’ll hold so how long before we were worn off, are not been updated by the light turns out the common stock is being done by four and one grandson of that one can see your face enormous evils of picturing will write: the wheel of the only thing Wednesday, that can exist off last thing on temperatures and humidity revision to last

for wildlife work for greater things your final game has been done things are left out because I’m not here, the control on now wants the whole idea whenever does anyone say like something you can you be asking that if you run the ball two lead outside for 24 hours for you as I lay on the role, given that where it’s not what I’m really I’m pointing to the fact that she might not been seen by a unit in a good living room of the nugget in dog years ago is little are handled your thing of the ball on the line in Argentina not bringing in your city car to be here right idea of how I’m hearing now one of argentina’s their kids are you in the background for younger you are now in jail in one game is the only of the larvae in serious now we’re just talking over an update on its merits everywhere there not to us in our lives that while you are only one by 11 in the fall in love in the early in seven and 1 minute of the while his wife him to give the wrong body in light of all that stuff is one which like nothing as longer the only one of the jurors one near meal having made a large staff and all in one of his line on windows load the funny and know you know he’s not play in the style invitational of the all right here in my mind having dinner entrees and the shoes and then the minute you are going back channel down and write you a year on his speech you I will I tried gasoline would not all it will flock I would not be going are flocking there were no way him in Warsaw not Hansel walking like 4 to 4 weeks ago inflicted cancel in the now only one of the chance to live the life and is eager to the actors you do not one of the downers in now and is the old young man in a login on Monday on the issues of our visions where she knew the name preventing our missions in the eye of the wind was almost won his neck and it is as yet, the news of the older one of the owner has already a marriage and when she cited on related issues are basically the same show up in the other of many of the unknown to be the ministry in the county of others and then as long as you’re a yearlong marring walking through a punch desire-hole into a lockdown, with four Ukrainian waters was an off-season we’re gonna lock the I get the error on a 12-year delay: down later date in a serious in one now you’re in nearly all of the college of the winery in the in the walls of the series lingers a lot of people around him and let me say that life job of one of the common knowledge of the clothing of Donna karan’s the mall and the guy on the heels of a man known none of this sort of ice all of the I had to go to war rings rulers and I was gonna ride like raw in a while this light can narrow are taking a files and I see somebody sliding com you receive only the casters and I thought of the FA, so closely to what should a fair back goals to money and that of death in a man of that I see people in there like there like a foot apart talk and easily read on each other online in really like the one you ask you see these people are going right back here which I’ve seen some in the event you were given are not if you get the back cases that are not doing well at the end as all the line Knowles yielded little in the name of cheese on an all-time you need a little a little bowls and Allied with line him while it has expanded the average number of chicken of radiator that day , not the A, but they have hired by the game right out of a lull with the bottom of the idea that the in-1/2 with your auto-up and the owners leinart just just for even these little bit of truth that divided into the lead the Indians fine of Le was looking thing you’re like me how she interviewed 14 can’t see him at

a loss in giving you can think about your family they can, to yield right stuff on getting inside a wall with fewer rejoin us for this for inciting minutes later make sure as a services and make sure thing they get local Lions are you get so here’s the years, full frontal I’m not gonna get not unique to the life right thing to go live to put me there , he now, rice was gonna have urgent all age where are all just decide who died in our own use, well under sixties , shifted its style and is that the linchpin in the 1-1, he’s been right now it’s actually Cuomo thinks 40 to 80% of us are connected not mean not use of active with no no no no no bag you will get it if you do is add based on the hill case in the Lincoln Lake, Gary Conte, concentrated in the large cities-fly in killed another thing I was thinking although his songs, songs in sunlight he’ll get married and a major clear on the world, was the number of readers are decent women online yields on the need to take answers the others like a 49 are not in anybody’s stick in Israel united way of doing a great political acts as a little half in it all day and he’s a mistake, but base, reuniting the son of the other car whenever it is usually write off anything like to know about the league and disease in women like these goals at night or about invalid because of the ship because of the word out in a sheet of anything in his first of the argument was everywhere acted like that you really want everyone decided to allow him and wanted all along we shouldn’t be levied on single flight your two goals that in everything you do this on this is the readers of sheehan’s SP that gives the pits to sell one news of the outside is even the Harmon the one of the global view of wasn’t what I wanted my dog out what we have seen some other yet started to win writing life like activities and taking part is that small lake, the death of nine in even on the car ride there you can have the the situation where we keep going until he notes that there are few are racking in the man was just go out into stuff substitute stop thinking about having never now you know them by the fact right now is the fact he could be anything here and you might I do mind in the cards and you might not have a guy the stops to help you might get us that you and me know I should be that way until you might like it would lash at all possible rule you that you are you’re not one of the house rule for ships and like to run you no matter what’s wrong with you like you shot III was watching on the news last time in their are stopping chemotherapy and staff for all generations and all kinds shipman are now 20 years you are worried about the corona Vars and there are stopping on ships will hold ghetto kids are not in two good thing the government his use of young men in well-as-yet forbidden to talk between strawberry he’s trying to bring you we will forgive that you’re the only will you can only hear me right now over, all but it’s OK to sell its large part of what’s it feel as though nothing less than was the one CD yards against the others, started a lot of stars cut you off to the commuter as like that used to say Warner put out but on the lecture golden mean a major role because of your call up the guy get better listening anywhere journalists are states because I Express all I do when I cut you off to Josh of the fact that all we do is listen when Warner, you’re out yet even at the label is the daily delivery of major sale of Agnew and log in the via the mute button I can just in the point in your checking you were saying in the year now here we tell good stories riots and one of the KB occupied fighting always be all alone are on drugs USC’s eyes locked in crisis broke only sure what I’ll do that you may be the shuttle wait another week

are bright lights of the head of the know if people don’t bother me not done as much interest ratio of people stare off Larkin is no medal of the red carpet of introduce a level aide flocking there in sees its youngest while damage while the turners in the league for now: I think all of the header of flight sim Jones and ship after the united auto in one rout on a Sunday that they are angered him on loans reform until her daughter board Jim Baker alternator has lies with 381271 of a while to make you rich in Baker and the printer cheese is awesome we got a double homicide in oral under 70 for free right in the event of a gun on all the lob selling Jim Baker’s one of the buckets of food aid has lived under the guise of buckets of the user guide my guidebook that it often times of great a shot at a London have been made into a job right to choose our goals for free movies in which I had a couple he still has the unusual offer when of that’s all you hear fearful of this bill would allow big icing is not the telecast of the am I right will last word on someone else’s at us stay healthy long been viewed as the number of rental and a few things I’d hire ordered abortion sure is that works like abstinent now and for that role are meeting in which like it’s about, but we’re all other cells are you cancel their RT cancel every issue of down everything so effectively sit in the lobby the national worked: nine means that if the worker you leave the law does not supply book reading of this thing where until sites air while only seven of nine that light of the need all these people try to catch up there not have their disposable income the three have liked to go to the show was injured right with things like the devil of the shelter do shift stay on the number of spectrum are like I saw some other countries are still paying out there making sure they play all these people so that their economy of the Fokker making, locked down sure to let the again may have always you need to know your browser window object Brian kamler year of the old anonymously limousine to light in the only one of the deal of money that the government with the whole thing we want to go the people in a New Zealand how did he not your browser to get some playing ball that a second at the end of the central and they give Wall Street rapid and Wall Street all kinds of money in a tussle I said that proposal they have yesterday was light from 40 you only get a check of it from 40 do a few rate from 42, 100,000 a year in that slip your present the proposal was, fox I hope and somebody all like major youths to wait for kids 44 and year, how exactly to buy for all the school at you in a given in ¥R us and a mere whether they were going to write houses CD and muscle and one other defectors Koreans I think there’s gonna be a lot of a scam to come out of it is well always enhances answer, numbers were three when loss of wage in Moscow I mean, you’re elderly owners that they could’ve made solely to give it a lot about the gators, you can have a lot more along the line at the polls saying that they lost out on more money than they actually would have if if everything was often run and Russell now taxes and different are are loopholes in how you doing out of gas limits your basic city go sex the sex return to the night of the stance of NT as a mentor to nine and whenever I come here today will wipe down right touch miles staff he doesn’t touch me off where the players people are known to many anyone , you know you are in the guidelines rewrite now but like

shoulders the off slightly cleared of the right if you wanted clear if the buyer travelers right: eight in the wake of traveling with the gynecology the league are pulling out the joshing toward resolving hockey spring all it does events and flew at all is on point now by spring mall and out of the house had a limited where we looked a lot more eager little reason to black diamond hotel until there are weapons that Colonel Helen Wright did not get going through the entire league has one year Internet are no we were trying the your dinner aided up a little bit better, and radio is gonna work out our phone connection line and will be the back of the now do you like Iraq might hold us I mean I’m I’m not really says word on the source of the somethings no such thing as if next to a 19 share soared or a little taken aback to the day when I squeeze this all three most used to bind best job give kidney and Monroe are unlikely to the freebies in his jail because we’re the only already are eyeing them year you can give them a site for a moment of our images of blame all it does not warrant using up your little bit disappointed to ease the city’s giving you wanted works are at step back in fact so if you yell I got some a breaking news as allows giving your mine also mama, source with your was the breaking or Mias about the lock article denies basically says that no beware of Faye corona virus has a vision Seattle pi I sense in so he’s in not we’re still here in just a minute,, just run through it so everybody’s Gotta be where fake of corona virus kit that the test kits Mrs. At the eye warning FBI says the Libyan time to panic and fear because the corona virus in scammers and beads are seizing on that fear to take advantage of people , would not concerned with scans including things like testing in testing kits vaccinations and treatments charities contributions investments in that inning off person Asians , assistant special agent in charge of the FBI complex financial crimes branch in New York , with thousands of people trying to find out if they have the chrome by recipient each interview with the financial and cyber crime say they’re fake testing kits out there that are worthless individuals are engaging in not providing opportunity to testing that’s not actually exist in the opportunity for individuals to provide counterfeit testing kits two entities four testing purposes , hackers, sometimes the canopy year , don’t provide any personal information the same stop utility companies around tries they’re your teen people not fall victim to con artist will use the virus is a way to give you some money, beware calls threatening to turn off your gas and electricity , movie TV Entertainment industry are the union representing performances concern about scans, saying the numbers warning about, virus fund raising scans , at the ice as you can report scans 2 RIC 3 got bill and they may and so on lookout for any a corona virus scans I mean this was the biggest IDC that specific in the instance you’re talking about are the ones on the walls are so are the more are about their loved ones being sick and many of the sun money issue like that comfortable ship at UCR’s Mr Solana Kim Jong Il is going on during our main mutual size orally or were at 2 hours in a tunnel for denny’s of the many loves study on a lot records we always try to buy about 2:00, you will the summer so we would you tell us we aim to we’re aiming for two there was never run for a Monday before we’re aiming for like one of the aroma to resource we do whatever solicited 3:00 showing on after school special no school, holders of what you go home school musical affects all of whom we put a couple of new video is on the page or shell of the the users of the U.S. the 111 stuff is not essential if you are a PMI the lead summit stopped change the men’s hymnal game stop a right to speak until they are caught in your nails did

, you’re far to go lower still a realized the worksheet, I would have really old home to date on the floor decision was widowed to legal work of the last great pleasure of care and finally the time was right about cats right now I can’t resolve of baseball and exploding all these people in the trenches of baseball and will decide really in Nashville in 19940101 ever seen my entire LAN the exact sale of the Alaska are going into one nation one or two gloves and red wine in a fall in little Italy shrapnel now they don’t own the line in the knowledge Sutherland will decide to restore nobly cycle for Whatcom isolate which buyers of the school calendar and rich rule are and will they are better when a disease called the onset of those people died when she and her up so there’s none none of which of the special is rising schedule of the vote in libraries and win away somebody’s lighting underwriting your uncle’s stairs, surely the younger ones you’re in links in the misinformation and not keep on getting nowhere more by a strident because I will get a while ago every bulls with him because of the brushy area was working out loud here goes right shoulder you were sure bowls out he’d done by my shirt calls this week everyone is the one on one of the number of pieces are blown parking is not allowed you are by Young’s and all share the strange read by his usual I can see, and is now a little bit six, the first time ever people are out walking around cantor sharing our belief of Sunday’s what is now hearing will head winds up with their beautiful and the cells so you aren’t yet the UC users are in the wear and not everybody kept on walking on the same passes we are attacked and killed a day of the luck of the work he undergoes Bobroff us just got off to report a util Yemen to do about rosoff Chinese 60 by new year’s we’re in it saw as the deals like the canvassing minutes enough to leave the house so we’re here so are we going to pretty well for statesmen but every time is a ball that people are yells because the goals of the boys can’t read words dangers and wounding right exactly how are you nuts when here we cannot win and was logged four letters I go to Walgreens your home and my shopped we’re still not a right on that signature my brother will fall to go anywhere-along at a birthday party looks like a number of liquor store this his act and act by color should use their way she she’s the restaurant’s most city others always that one person we hang out with that just doesn’t follow before it can almost guarantee are takes a lot things, the region and I got in the form of windows and yet he originally announced a wider air lock in a matter ever even if you’re feeling in my life to ½ week we got another week assumption of sort out on top each other over silly and then not yet here we are I figured we had a lifetime of time canceling practices more money because it’s not too many of us in the bay and Ryan not too many a petition old you know what a team of people in these playoffs that’s me know that in fact, go back, go back three wants to withdraw, has left is a share from a year, times I thought I cut you off when you can you need to line up late Gladys Arnett now that was if it is the scenario we get free to fix the AMA PM tomorrow on cable’s FX everybody that I has called in, as for why now face routes for touching basement in the update and all the footballs that’s like I said, little worried that all you sports fans wouldn’t be disappointed to find that this is gonna put a hole on things for a long time for this of the fully as you can you and you you talk about stuff to you notes to one U.S Year more than one whole situation owners fulfill the gas and music, career of the Leo young bulls

are you decision on the back all the captain told as we were doing it as USC of year we were doing a little so it has worked but it just doesn’t work with the fall and slightest respect it one of those that I have one where I have one around the bills were within the city still believe Now there’s a way it make if we get, the rulers aware if we could just get an actual phone that acted as a notebook, still would be a leader you do have a noble and import may be all that you now we can, Infonet singers and for offer you all these two women were convinced you will they would hear me that that although some may when you’re due may be more but, you can write so will be a few columns we did things are the real action so they will, we start out this thing 2 hours ago we had that number will wasn’t 1000 something you are cases in New York result, I’m just curious you get them off in stats was it like that are updating you now earlier for the couple to go look for just curious where we’re at the six in the world, we are still and talked about earlier it still think we’re in the denials days, after some calls seen a lot of art closer people are entering the AMA , you now except inside guess maybe we’re stiffening year on the dangers in the, Mr. king hungry kinky the supplies put up from Wednesday’s supplies are still still will ready to stick one given Europe’s six votes are all 4 to 24 votes museum of 16 gives users 16 votes in this was just curious as saying that you if you have enough that same number as you like it’s some refresher has shifted up to sell is a minor baby was yesterday’s numbers earn more points are no I have the just give fine right will be right for wants will will will finally be the, close off track, isn’t sure accurate thinking it over to the subscribers a sidearm radio training 1000 subscribers so hackman share this thing and just thought you know pushing people too are you now can seem like we are obviously we get other tracks are just drop like three, individual song tracks yellow 000700, you told us that good little clips and I put on there no tomorrow or so was the one you know we do not know tomorrow, he is on with both a shocker Regionals and we do our shocker covert all, the Murphy’s song red light reading that may not tell you all those songs it’s like the the update the unseen mixture and coordinate the moment in red lights the red lights stop right stop right where you are known saying this was going on in the red light stop everybody so your check the video out being down like a satellite town that in the hope was too, reaching 1000 subscribers in the scene in order to keep this thing going round day six of the crew of virus in interment in the basically the shutdown was shutdowns basics, I kinda some comments Monday even though I think the clear state of emergency on the Friday was it you so it can really setting all over the week in so long Monday and then it’s just really are things went downhill day by day as far as the status of this state in the country in the world , Italy had the highest on single day of deaths , can consider yesterday four, to date either way , Spain is falling behind in the same patterns in we’re looking too , being the same situation sold, good luck everybody out there this is sending in the two summer garden to review me know somebody to find the number and I can find you are stunned only the right info is what I said earlier is only 12 folmar Mrs. Wilson, Watson was a lesson: Saleh the five are and it’s the total cases 11,006 of us why several 11,645 small bowls, you

rush hours time drafts are you with us over 9321 points and 14¢ and it’s use crews , reported cases sold west virginia’s get the full case is no doubts are Alaska 14 South Dakota 141 the Montana’s 21 mile means 23 cases reported 20 E, 29 more idols for EC it’s one used 37 respite for the release of deaths towers 40 cases next move 43 Oklahoma is 53 years 1/2 mile and 54 cases rancher for the suits are Kansas greased in Kansas’ 57 one, often talk used a 64U2 kids I will no doubts 68 people , names got 70 people affected no no bills Usery 743 deaths will District of Columbia 77 30 Arizona’s, hundred make aces in Seoul one only you are given the uncertain, tossed out 110 no doubts were given the 144 votes in fact , in the Arkansas at 100 times more than 101, in my self carillon one visit his parents in three deaths and in the 129, in the school so they say you like the consulate is the 391 cases in two deaths yes 2640050 at the Illinois is 585 to 5 the same as you start giving up like he will next I’d like to 174 California for deaths are still strong jersey 1327 16 deaths and then forcing them and give up with washington’s 15002483 and a similarly you work on those long lot of honor in her mother’s house and six of 45 minutes later, as if it’s only on the cement, Phillies of Service Centers and no more of your home, New York 11 total cases as a Washington does so Washington as weigh less than 1524, a book they have the street or have some new york’s the 56 to windows in Seoul and Washington has any new cases may so they can the foot of the the curb me not full lockdown around for more you can ensure the pain so the score at will the the home in Maine and chill several enough land to lure of this amount is more of his funeral, this Monday may need shall side arms radio and you love for her second homer of the right for you from the man who is a low side of who said she and the shunned a performer and the one side rule one of the passing around four and one from polarize the cold, the long view of the law will have to use more want all of the Santa Ana, who is not a long as they say one of our views of the things as they say chairman of the news again from closing the universe of one of the one I have a high seventies, all you do have some of them are a home and home and

have a sense of honor 000000000 and I think it is really good have had some of the two men in the eyelids of us on the one who has the money wasn’t some sort of relay of the U.S. has been men and I am and I am as a server ado and I and many men and women as the F and more men and women and men and women in many of the am and and and I have an MN men and men and women than men and women and men and women who in the men than women and men and women than men and and and I had one one one and one of them have had done in