Car Boot Sale Buying Buys for Ebay Selling Re Sale Rare Trench Art, Wedgwood Majolica etc

hi guys welcome to another short video by antiques arena my name is Walter O’Neill and here’s another video of my car boot sale fines being a bank holiday weekend so I’ve been out and about over the weekend I’ve made a few videos this week and yet again I got enough stuff to make now that all three videos with some beautiful pieces to show you I got a nice little selection of items by year so I’m really happy so we get started and just hope you find it interesting guys now start off now with a mid-century so about nineteen fourteen nineteen fifty solid brass eight-day carriage clock this one’s by Smith’s here the other here now the finial has come off it only needs a little Bowl to go on the screw is a bell here I needs lifting back into place and then that’s got to go back on so all I need is like a five P or Tempe nut from the hardware store to put underneath that nuts back in place and it’s in really nice condition all the brass is all etched really nice I have them one day yet to see if it’s working but I see no reason for not who is in good condition in fact there’s a key so we’ll find out no together guys and we have a go on not only is in Goa we have the key so all it’s going to cost me to get this functional is five or ten pounds for a little nut now this clock cost me a fiver as I’ve said it’s Smith’s eight-day carriage clock mid-century it’s in lovely condition apart from needing that bolt on the nut I don’t know how much they are I would I would think in running condition 4045 poundage someone like that so that’s a really nice little body I’m not a clock dealer such bright how about some really nice clocks and I do like that that’s a nice little carriage clock there next we have a piece of majolica now majolica back five years ago God was pulling some money you had George Jones pieces they were in high hundreds what we have here is a piece by Wedgwood it’s turn-of-the-century fully stamped up Wedgwood majolica which is quite unusual to see lovely colouring you’ve got the purple green brown yellow really is a nice vibrant plate and it’s in perfect condition is no chips no cracks no nothing it’s two quid to bum guys really really happy with that a cup of impressed letters not on the back I don’t know what they are yet I think the a might be a dead chord impressed a so yeah one more can I say it’s a piece of genuine Wedgwood majolica very rare you can stamp words within only European majolica so a nice piece of Wedgwood majolica to be on sir that’s gonna be 30 grid of anybody’s money so more than happy with ah I’ll move on then to my last bit of pottery for this video what we have here is a piece of fans beautiful coloring now if you read the script underneath this Quimper but everybody calls it come here this piece is by Henry OTT it’s from France it’s got the part name a phenomenal verse which I’ll show you in a minute as you can see the colors are beautiful it’s a little double-sided dish or order dish or something like that I’ll show you the mark there you go guys again in perfect condition no chips no cracks again it’s something that five years ago I do 520 pound for this dish now I’ll be lucky to get 3035 however it is still a beautiful piece of camp here

I love the contrast between the blacks and the yellows really nice dish yeah really help you brother so then we go back down to turn of the century the Art Nouveau period 1910 1915 and we have a piece of Austrian glass by Lopes no it’s not signed I wish it was beautiful pearlescent or opalescent glass opaque glass with the two layers clear on the opaque and then as this rainbow finish of this luster all the way around it isn’t design piece as I said unfortunately if it was signed by Lords I’d be up in the high hundreds trying to capture the iridescent view and this light is quite hard but trust me when the Sun lights on it all the rainbow oil iridescent finishes beautiful it has its original mesh liner no it does have a few chips they know massive chips just go a little chip they took the edge there and a couple of little chips for there they minor to be honest if I could recut the rim if I want because it’s non-organic finish I could just have the rim leaf sliced and put that back on me if I wanted to anyway but because it’s all hidden under this mash I’m not going to bother because of the chip then I got it for a pound I see that 6065 um as it stands right now it’s a lovely piece of Austrian crystal Art Nouveau oh it’s original really is beautiful guys’ll love it and I know it’s in I can only seller in the minor of lobes because it’s no sign but that’s exactly I was going to go and to be honest too it’s one I’d happily put on my own shelf and next we have a pair of small solid silver candlesticks these are fully hallmarked see the hallmark is right under my finger there you can see it in this light they fully hallmark permanent 19:20 something i haven’t got the book of the data yet mint perfect condition they are awarded so they’re not even though they’re heavy it’s not all silver they’ll have like a filler or plaster inside the candlestick to weight them down but there’s a perfect pay now I paint a tan after these in get free gear but what’s the plastics like this 30 35 pound but anybody who watches my phones knows exactly where my silvers going to go straight in my tin stored away and for a tenner for a pair of perfect solid silver candlesticks I’m certainly not going to argue with that you know there’s no it’s not scrap profit on them yet if I want to describe them but let’s be honest who in the right mind is going to scrap a perfect pair of candlesticks we have my favorite piece on the weekend here I’ve got some jewelry to show you in a minute I’ll do the close-up as usual on the jewelry but what we have here is an outstanding piece now it came in four three pieces for a five in ghastly game this was one of the three so I’m going to put it down to just under two pound now what we have here is a date-date piece of First World War and short-dated and location guys now we have the normal shell casing which is also fully dead 1902 and the shell was made however has been made obviously into this stand with a horseshoe for luck or whatever and I don’t know war what these little studs are for maybe it was a pen stand maybe they made a horseshoe pen stand I’m not sure um but it is dated September 1917 and it does the location of Peroni if I can captured a few guys I’ll get some close-ups on this before I do the jewelry in a minute anyway just you can see it now Bharani was a location that was a german fort we took over we managed to occupy the fort during the first world war in 1917 and then we lost it again then in 1918 so this has actually seen a battle this shell was probably fired in the taking of that

german fortress i can’t see me selling this piece it’s got too much history behind it I’ve got a quick glance at the history on the internet and it talks about how the thought I think it was a town in France I think it was by the way it was occupied by the Germans from about 1860 right through to 1917 when we managed to obtain possession of it and then we lost possession of it again a year later um but obviously dated September 1917 wouldn’t surprise me if that is when we actually got possession of it so what a wonderful piece of history to find at car boot sale and get legaia for less than two pounds now whether it was a pen stand which is what I’m going to use it as or sell it as if I sell it or whether it’s just a lucky horseshoe beautiful real World War One history guys from about all that soldier just hot after you know taken the fort or whatever as literally just sat down passing the time away and made this anything to take their mind off what was actually going on that’s my star by the week was their worth sentimental value hundreds realistically seventy five-pound hundred pound it’s worth more because it’s I can actually put it down to a battle on a time normal piece of trench art like this would probably be forty or fifty pounds this is certainly double even more i wouldn’t surprise me if i had offers of two or three hundred for it purely because i can put it down to the location of the battle but my gut instinct is i could put it up to 95 and a collectible snap my hand off love it guys really really beautiful a piece of transit horseshoes are lucky so was that why he done a horseshoe i don’t know did he just want some inductive it’s got to be pens done that’s the only reason I can think of these studs and they are perfectly lined up but yeah what can I say between the Wedgwood majolica the lobe spars the compare the solid silver sticks the Smith’s clock I know this Wow some beautiful bodies and I’m not done yet some more love device to show you in the next film I’m going to go on now and give you a little close look at this cup close-ups and then I moved on to the jewelry so hopefully you’ll you’ll enjoy seeing the jewelry too guys okay guys so here we go here’s the actual piece in question real close-up of that see they top the shell they bend it over then to form the base got a lovely arched over support on the horseshoe with all the studs come down there you can see the engravings period engraving nobody’s done this later Peroni 1917 there’s the September and then 90 no tools but I can just see it on the camera that with the 1902 was when the shell was made just in case anybody wants to see underneath the shell there we go guys that’s what the underneath of a genuine piece of World War one trench art is going to look like 100% accurate this piece nor made a piece love it is absolutely beautiful seriously happy okay guys I’m going to move on now to some jewelry here we have a couple of solid silver rings and they are beautiful first one I’m going to show you is this here is a couple of cubic zirconias and silver now the pink stone is cut in the shape of a heart then you have the clear cubic zirconia around it again all shaped of the heart beautiful ring come in for a couple of pounds it’s fully stamped nine to five but what a beautiful ring next then we have an antique ring which is garnets on diamonds set in solid silver again this one B is a full set of hallmarks Bergen really really nice ring very hard to capture garnet on camera guys next piece we have isn’t precious metal

at all it’s brass but as you can see it’s Art Nouveau we have a beautiful period Art Nouveau brooch 1910 1915 big piece of glass in the center and the heart finials on the sides really really nice piece of Art Nouveau period jewelry now believe in all that was 50p that’s going to go maybe 10 or 15 pounds not for Jones but for 50p guys new inking them all of that excuse me obviously then we have all the usual scrub it’s a silver that Ida pick up you’d be surprised these earrings you add them all in you know you are them all into a pile they add up fast when they’re like 5 and 10 grams each you know you start picking up the earrings 450 peas all these are orderings I picked up 50 Peas managed to get a few pays but they really you know some of them are 10 grams volleyball my paying 5p a gram for solid silver you know I got a nice Italian silver chain a little bit of running Mackintosh silver design Celtic design as you can see there it’s not Thompson Thompson is a nice little bit of solar but then we come on to my final piece for this video guys now I bought this in Splott market the stone looks like tiger’s eye brown no 100% and the goat had their gold is 18 karat he’s six and a half grams in total with the stone and that was 20 pounds so yet again digging through the costume jewelry is really paid off what can I say guys generally I will take days or weekends like this one any day Wow between gavel on this last week last weekend’s buy in this weekend’s buying really really unbelievable pieces coming in what can I say other than thank God the summer times here the winter boots can be hard and slow when you pick up one or two pieces a day at the moment so many people are piled into these car boot sales and sounds tough for a pound and two pound I know the one let’s just say I’m not the only one going on with cars fault I’m buying that much I can’t cram it all into a video it’s taken three or four videos for one day’s buying at the moment in order to talk about pieces tidy really hope this where the gas hot again and we love two to three months now are really parked car boot sales overfilled ones are open all I can say to you as you can see what I’m pulling out of a car boot sale guys get up day another boy really I’ve done a video on some of my local ones but go on Google run search for your local car boot sales I’m sure that every way around your area to forget it really guys because people like me buy up the gold silver and period antiques as soon as it the state of stalls you know on the tables for more than two minutes before someone like me he’s Garmin around but I couldn’t I genuinely happy and I’m so excited with the pieces probably one selling I really really love it obviously always you know all the silver and gold goes away my candlesticks Agha always hope to this video is not gonna be a lot actually going up for sale but the prices it came in do I care not a chance anyway guys I leave it there and I hope you enjoyed seeing these few bits I I love showing I’m chill they’re really beautiful pieces I’m really did this week ITV on soo has been not good I can’t wait I mentioned to get back up there buying some more so hope you liked if you did I would really appreciate a like and a share guys I’m three away from my two hundred subscribers just broke seventeen thousand bills in my ten weeks of going or twelve weeks ago in I can’t thank you enough I would appreciate your help to get more likes and shares and subscribers so I would appreciate that thank you know say thank you very much your support up to now when watching I’ve opened a new website to and I’m in the middle of opening new website I still got my original one at antiques arena code at UK but I split off antiques arena calm at the moment and I’m working on a Shopify shop which is a

website shop nothing else so there’s no information on there or anything I’m going to start putting all the information into videos instead of on my website I’ve done a video on my website the other day and I had a couple of interesting comments on one in particular of you know need to make my mind up on whether I want to be an information site or selling site and since the idea is for selling the antiques and making the money I kinda took that information on board and I just bought a new site with Shopify and I’m going to give him a goal and I will do a video online let you know how I get on with uh the one good thing I will tell you though guys my 500 items off ebay they transferred them over to the website I didn’t have to do a single thing hustle Laura work saved they literally took my photos my descriptions everything transferred it over I didn’t have to do a thing what more can I ask for that so yeah I’m really happy with that so we’ll see see how that goes now that was only 30 pound a month and so fingers crossed if I start getting some sales on there I’ll shut the vistaprint website down totally I love to do a few videos first and put into the videos the information I have on our websites I’ve done a lot of work on trying to help people and show them my way think and so I’ll put that plot into videos and then I’ll do away with the vistaprint and just have the Shopify website if it starts selling so I’ll keep you up to date on that one and yeah I think that was it you’ll find us on Facebook guys we have a page antiques arena and we have a group antiques arena obviously you just heard about the websites and obviously we’re on eBay antiques arena clearance guys and you’ll find some bargains don’t be afraid to make me offers as you can see my stuff comes in really cheap are priced up at the right money but if you’re you watching my videos don’t be afraid to make me a fair offer because I will take offers as long as it shows me a profit for the day a work in profit I really don’t care thanks for watching guys bye for now you