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Son of Sam ♫ Son of Sam ♫ I know Yeah That was a ducey This week I thought I could talk about a little unsolved murder/mystery Unsolved mysteries Not the show, but just in general is not my favorite thing to do, ’cause I’m the type of person who likes closure I need closure I just wanna go to bed You know? But I thought I’d sprinkle this one in there, ’cause it’s actually quite interesting, and horrifying Today’s video is sponsored by Hunt A Killer! Like, if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, then you should know that I love Hunt A Killer And if you don’t know that, that’s okay too But if you don’t know what Hunt A Killer is, well let me tell you it’s a subscription game delivered right to your door Each box is full of realistic evidence, maps, police reports and more to help you put the pieces– (laughs) I can’t talk today! To help you put the pieces together and solve the case! 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I can’t say that word, horror-r-r Horror-r Whatever A big thank you to Hunt A Killer for partnering with me on today’s video, but most of all a big thank you to you guys, because without you I wouldn’t be here And I know I say that all the time but, hey it’s true Also I just wanna say stay tuned this week, because I am going to be dropping an extra, or like bonus Murder, Mystery & Makeup related video later this week But this time with a special guest, very exciting But that’ll be up, a little bonus video But other than that, I will stop rambling and let’s get into today’s spooky-ooky-dooky story I mean it’s not even spooky, it’s just horrifying so, there’s that So, today’s story takes place in Villisca, Iowa Villisca, Iowa in the early 1900’s was a midwestern town of around 2500 people It was said that at that time it was flourishing Businesses lined the streets and several dozen trains pulled into the depot on a daily basis, I would say I was there (laughs) In 1912 the town built the only publicly funded armory in the state of Iowa, which was used for storing military accessories, machine guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, parts, etc., and also was used for, like a training headquarters The people housed there participated in WW1 and WW2, as well as the Korean and Vietnam wars Now this was like a really big deal for the town and brought more people to the area, and it just took great pride in it all, because it was like a small town and they’re growing, and it was exciting Unfortunately for the people of this close-knit community, their accomplishments became overshadowed by the horrific deaths that had taken place on June 10th, 1912 So a man by the name of Josiah Moore, he was one of Villisca’s most prominent businessmen, and his wife, Sarah,

they had four children, Herman, who was 11, Katherine who was 10, Boyd who was seven and five-year-old Paul Here comes Saint So the Moore family purchased their home in Villisca in 1903, and it was considered like a traditional American colonial home that was built around the 1860’s It was a simple home, less than 1000 square feet, but there were three bedrooms and one bathroom I’ve always wondered that about older homes, like how come there’s always one bathroom? So I’ll give you a little description, as best as I can of the layout of the home Here we go When you walk through the front door you enter the kitchen, instantly, into the kitchen, the to the right there was a little There’s like two door entry ways, one would go to the living room, and then the other one had a staircase that would lead to the upper level When you enter into the living room, on the right wall of the living room was another door that lead to the only bedroom on the first floor, and then if you took the stairs, it would take you directly into the master bedroom, where Mr. and Mrs. Moore slept, and across from the master bedroom was another room where the Moore children slept On Sunday afternoon, June 9th, 1912, the Moore family was planning on attending children’s day service at their church The neighbors were pretty close with the Moore family as well And they had two daughters, 12-year-old, Lena, and her sister Ina who was eight That night Lena and Ina asked their parents if they could, you know, go to the children’s day service and stay the night with the Moore family? They agreed and the two sisters tagged along with the Moore family to attend church The children’s day service was an end of the year Sunday school program Sarah, she was a co-director at the church and her children performed little speeches and songs along with the other Sunday school members When the service ended, parents and kids all hung around chatting until about 9:30 at night Finally, when everybody left, that’s when the Moore family decided they could start heading home as well The Moore family plus the two neighbor children, they all walked the three blocks to the Moore’s home and went to bed Just a normal Sunday, y’know? The next morning on June 10th, around 7:30 in the morning, a neighbor, who was close to the Moore family, this is a different neighbor, not the one with the kids, so she was becoming a little concerned because normally the Moore house would be filled with noise in the morning, like the kids would be playing outside, Josiah would be working on the farm or tending to his animals There was no noise, no movement, nothing It’s real suspish So this neighbor, she walks over to the Moore’s house, and she knocks on the door (imitates knocking) She’s like attempting to wake the Moore’s, something right? But no answer So then, she goes around to the back area of the home, and she sees that the chickens are still like cooped up, so she lets the family chickens out, and she checked on the other livestock because they were all still tied up as well So the neighbor lady, she’s still concerned and she’s like “I just don’t understand what’s going on”, so she decided to call Josiah’s brother Ross, she’s talking on the phone with him, she’s like “Hey, where’s your brother? Aren’t they supposed to be home?” “It’s very quiet over here” like “What’s going on?” He agreed that it was strange because everyone was supposed to be at the house This is the 1900’s okay? You just don’t– Like where are you going? So Ross, he decided to drop by his brothers home around 8:00 a.m. to see what was going on When he arrived there, he was met by the neighbor and both of them looked around for the spare key to get into the front door Ross, he finds the key and he opens up the front door Ross said that he walked in, and it was very quiet, and then he just like keeps walking and he goes into that back bedroom, where the living rooms at? So he goes into that back bedroom, and then he sees two figures covered with a sheet And then he also saw what seemed to be blood on the bedframe Oh I’m having Deja vu Hm okay Ross comes running out of the house and he tells the neighbor, who was waiting on the porch, he was like “Something really awful has happened”, I guess that’s what he said, probably something more but we don’t know And he asked her to go call the sheriff So Ross ends up calling a man named Ed, who was an employee of the Moore family, told him over the phone like something has happened at the house So Ed comes over to the house, around 8:30 a.m., and Ross told him like, “I can’t go inside, can you go inside” and see like if it got any worse than two bodies he found, y’know like “You go see” So Ed goes into the house and not long after he just comes running out, and he comes running out to inform Ross that there was somebody murder in every bedroom He also mentioned that he found what might’ve been the murder weapon, an axe, partially cleaned, it was left leaning against

the south wall of downstairs bedroom, where the neighbor’s girls were found Dr. J Clark Cooper, he was the first physician to arrive at the scene of the crime According to Dr. Cooper the group stepped into the living room and then they went into the first-floor bedroom and all they could see was an arm of someone sticking out from under the edge of like, a blanket with blood all over the pillows, also like brains and stuff, I don’t know It was very brutal Dr Cooper, said that he also lifted the covers, to see like who it was, and he couldn’t even recognize whoever he was looking at, or any of the victims because of how badly beaten their faces were So it was believed whoever had committed these awful murders had left some bizarre touches to the scene The first was a four-pound piece of slab bacon, yeah It was wrapped in a cloth, and it was leaning against the wall next to the axe, which was believed to be the murder weapon And yeah, it was just like bacon, that hasn’t been cut into slices yet, I don’t know, it was just bacon, but it was left there Also, the murderer seemed to have searched through all of the dresser drawers for pieces of clothing to cover all the mirrors in the house as well as any of like the windows and the glass in the entry door So all of those are covered On the kitchen table was a plate of uneaten food and get this, a bowl of bloody water All of the victims were found in their beds, their heads were covered with sheets and all of them had their heads beaten in, about 20 to 30 times with the blunt end of an axe Up on the ceiling there seemed to be gouge marks, believed to have been made by the upswing of the axe Yeah, so up in the ceiling, there’s a bunch of marks And there was kerosene lamp that was found at the foot of Josiah and Sarah’s bed A similar lamp was found at the foot of the bed in the room where the Stillinger girls, the neighbors I forgot to mention their last name ’cause I can’t really say it that well, Stillinger? Anyway where they were sleeping, there was also a similar lamp found at the foot of the bed Lena Stillinger, she was sleeping downstairs with her sister, her nightgown had been pushed up and she’d been left exposed, but doctors concluded that she had not been sexually abused This is the early 1900’s, I don’t know if they’re able to even tell if that’s– Whatever, but they said that she had not been, so that’s good She still died though, okay Anyways, but she also had a bloodstain on her knee, or like a cut on her knee, and also one on her arm, that seemed to be a defensive wound on her arm, which lead investigators or detectives to believe that she was maybe the only one to see her killer alive, because everybody else seemed to be asleep, and she really tried to defend herself Also, one of Sarah’s shoes were found on Josiah’s side of the bed But also the shoe was like laying on it’s side and there was blood on the inside of the shoe, as well as underneath the shoe The strangest thing of all, well I don’t know, between the bacon and this, was the fact that all of the doors were locked The only way to lock the doors was from the inside There was no broken windows or signs of somebody breaking their way into the house The killer is in the house I’m just kidding The killer was not in the house that we know of The killer perhaps maybe had a key? Now let’s talk about the possible suspects At 5:19 a.m., the morning following the murders, a man named Reverend Lyn Kelly, he left Villisca on board the westbound number five train He gets on the train and allegedly told fellow travelers there were eight dead souls back in Villisca, butchered in their beds while they slept Now that’s fine and all, like you’re allowed to talk, right? But at this time, the bodies hadn’t even been found yet Nobody even knew about the murders I know what you’re thinking, “It was him” (slight laugh) Right? I know I thought that too, but I don’t even know anymore So this Lyn Kelly had arrived in Villisca for the first time the Sunday morning of the murders and attended the Sunday school performance by the church kids before departing early Monday morning So he attended the church service that the kids all were doing, the Moore kids? Two weeks after the murders, he returns but this time he’s posing as a detective and joined a tour of the murder house with a group of investigators Yeah Nobody knew he wasn’t a detective, he just got in there and was like “Hey I’m a detective”, and they were like “Alright, come on in” Wild times I mean, you know when you’re a kid, this is a side note, you know when you’re a kid and your teacher and stuff tell you like “You could be whatever you wanna be in life” I think this is what they were referring to, this point in America because literally you could just be like “Hey, I’m a detective”,

everyone would be like “Yeah, okay he’s a detective. Come on in”, and the other guy would be like “Hey I’m a doctor!”, you know, you could literally be whatever you wanted to be, it’s just wild Okay, cool So, authorities first became interested in Lyn Kelly a few weeks after the murders had taken place, when people were coming forward saying that he had a very questionable past You see, this Kelly guy would often put classifieds ads in the local newspaper, in hopes to find a young secretary who would work for him, but not a normal secretary, nay nay Of course not, preferably one who would be willing to work in the nude Now this would get him into some trouble because people were complaining Mr. Lyn Kelly was the son and grandson of English ministers, and had suffered a mental breakdown as teenager Kelly had preached at churches across North Dakota, Minnesota Minnesota, Kansas, and Iowa He’d been assigned as a visiting minister to several small communities north of Villisca, where he became known as the guy with the “odd behavior” Lyn Kelly was considered odd, because get this, he was taking walks late at night, I mean nobody did that back then Like “Why is he walking? Late at night? That’s so weird” But on top of that, there were many rumors swirling around that he was a peeping tom and there were unconfirmed stories that he had tried to convince a young girl to undress for him He got a bad reputation obviously, right? Kelly at one point, had suffered from a mental break down, and then he was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia Now, while he was staying at a mental hospital, that’s where he wrote to the Montgomery County DA, and he wrote them a letter saying that he expected at any moment to be arrested for the Villisca murders A grand jury indicted Kelly for Lena Stillinger’s murder and he was then interrogated throughout the summer of 1917 while in jail awaiting trial I couldn’t figure out why he was just being tried for one of the murders and not the whole family, I couldn’t figure that out exactly But he was being tried so, it is what it is Okay, but on August 31st at 7:00 a.m., Lyn Kelly signed a confession Oh yes, he signed a confession to the murder saying God had whispered to him “suffer the children to come unto me” Woah I’m looking like a clown, my bad He signed a confession saying that he committed the murders, and that god had whispered to him “Suffer to the children to come unto me” But during his trial Kelly recanted his confession and his case went to the jury on September 26th The jury deadlocked 11 to 1 for acquittal A second jury was brought in and once again, Kelly was acquitted in November There just wasn’t enough evidence to convict him There were a lot of talks in the community about other suspects, who it could be Many believed that a man named Frank F Jones was responsible for the murders Now Frank Jones, Frank Jones, he was a prominent Villisca resident and Iowa state senator He ran a store called the Jones store (slight laugh) And Josiah, you know, Mr. Moore, he worked for Frank Jones at the Jones store for several years and was considered one of Frank’s best employees Now people are thinking it could be Frank because well, one day Josiah just surprises Frank and quits, he puts in his Well I don’t know if they had a two-week notice but, he decided he wanted to start his own business, Josiah did So he leaves Frank’s store, now literally down the street from his store, Josiah opens up his own store, he’s pretty much selling the exact same stuff as Frank Jones store Now rumor has it, Frank was livid He just felt the ultimate betrayal, “My favorite employee just did this to me”, I don’t blame him, any of us would be upset, but upset enough to murder? Frank Jones was never arrested He denied, denied, denied, denied ever being connected to the horrible crime But it did have a lot of people talking about the possibility, right? You know, a lot of people are thinking “Okay well, if Frank didn’t do it himself, I mean the man had a lot of money” “He could’ve easily paid somebody to commit these awful murders”, right? So it was suggested that maybe Frank Jones paid a man, a man named William Mansfield, who was a cocaine loving, serial killer Oh yes, the plot thickens A cocaine loving serial killer? we should do another Murder, Mystery & Makeup on this guy His name’s William Mansfield, he loved cocaine A detective believed that Williams Mansfield was responsible for the murders because all of the murders committed by this Mansfield guy,

were done in the same manner, indicating that maybe the same man committed them, these murders (slight laugh) You know what I’m saying? So in each of Mansfield’s killings, the victims were hacked to death with an axe, and also the mirrors in the homes were covered with an article of clothing or sheets In each case the murderer avoided leaving fingerprints by wearing gloves, which, I know what you’re thinking like that’s not that big of a deal to wear gloves to a murder, this is the early 1900’s, wearing gloves to commit a murder and just like, it wasn’t a well-known thing Mansfield knew that his fingerprints were on file at the federal military prison Now there was a detective who was on the Villisca case, who’s kinda like piecing it together because this Mansfield had just like killed some people So this detective thinking “Yeah, it’s gotta be him, right?” “It’s gotta be him, case solved”, and then a restaurant owner came forward and identified Mansfield as the man he saw the morning after the murder, boarding a train near the Moore’s Which is like, okay But that was really all the had on him Later on, Mr. Mansfield, he won a lawsuit that he brought against the detective who brought on his arrest in the first place, and he was awarded $2,225 But it’s kinda funny, well it’s not funny because William Mansfield, he was actually like a serial killer, they kinda like released him, and it was like dude, he just went on to like being more horrible, and they probably shouldn’t have done that, but what can we do? I mean literally you could be whatever you want at this stage in America, and he chose to be a serial killer, like that’s so lame So there’s possibility that a serial killer was indeed actually responsible for the murders and there was a federal officer, who was assigned to the Villisca case, and he announced in May of 1913, that he believed, a serial killer by the name of Henry Moore — No relation to the actual family, I guess it was just a common name But he believed that this Henry guy was responsible for the murders Just months after the murders in Villisca, well, Henry Moore was convicted of murder for killing his mother and grandmother in Missouri Oh yes Henry’s weapon of choice? An axe Henry, just like the other Mansfield guy, I mean both used an axe, and both seemed to like to cover the mirrors and windows with articles of clothing, and also covered the faces of his victims with a bedsheet, and Henry seemed to wipe the axe clean after he murdered people But Henry Moore was never charged with the Villisca killings I believe the detective on the Villisca murder case, he was just looking to close the case, and he was trying to pin it on somebody He was like “This guy. Great” There’s literally nothing that ties Henry to the murders other than they had a similar style It was also believed that whoever may have done this, might have been living with the family? A family member of Josiah came to the house after the murders and looked around I believe it was his sister She had noted that it was a little odd that the family had an unoccupied bed in the downstairs room, that had been made but never used Remember the two neighbors sisters were sleeping in the room, but for the most part it was pretty unusual to have this spare bedroom in the first place But most of all to have a bed made in it I don’t know when a guest bedroom was invented, but at this time, like it just was odd to have a spare room Like what do you do with that? So it was odd One theory is that the family had expected another person to stay the night with them or maybe there WAS another person staying with them That’s what the bedroom was for, besides the girls, y’know? Also, off from the room the Stillinger girls slept in– I don’t know why I f–king struggle with the most basic words Anyways, the girls, the neighbor girls are sleeping in the room, and then there was like a closet off to the side of the room, and in the closet, there were several bags of cotton batting found inside, on the floor, and it looked like there were marks of a person having either sat or stood on all this cotton It just looked like somebody had been sitting there Also in the bed, where the two girls were sleeping, there was a broken piece of a watch chain, which was believed to have been torn by one of the girls who may have struggled with their killer But at this time, they couldn’t do anything with that, y’know? They’re like “Oh” Unfortunately, nothing really came from it So some people believed that maybe somebody was actually in the closet, and somehow had escaped without going out of the front doors, or windows after they commit the crime, or maybe they were still in the house after they committed the crimes, waited, and then at what point did they escape? I don’t know Several of Villisca’s historic buildings have since been demolished, but the Axe Murder House, as it’s now known, great,

has been placed on the national registry of historic buildings and is open to tour, oh that’s right You can tour or visit the home for the low, low price of $10 It’s still there, you can go inside and look around I went down a rabbit hole of videos, watching people tour the house and talk to the Moore/Stillinger ghosts, which are believed to still be inside the house It’s believed to be a heavily haunted house, right? So, went down this rabbit, I was like watching all these videos, people are going there, these are old ass videos by the way, but people are going there and like filming them trying to talk to the ghosts, right? And they’re like “Open the door if you are here.”, then the door opens, and they’re like “Close the door if you are here”, closes you know? And then some people have even brought their own balls, like kid bouncy balls, and they’ll put the ball on the floor and be like “Push the ball if you are here, ghost child!“ and then the ball moves I watched so many of these videos, I don’t know why, but I did One thing that bothers me the most is like, I don’t know why we as people, or just people in general, are always asking ghosts to open doors, push stuff or turn stuff on No We need to stop with this We need to be asking more of these ghosts “Ghost if you can hear me, can you please let yourself be known by doing the dishes” Like ghosts could be doing more, but instead you’re having them push balls and stuff Like, no “Ghost, if you are here, make yourself known by vacuuming” In conclusion, no one has been convicted for the murders, and the crime remains one of the most horrific, unsolved mass murders in American history And that my friends is the awful story of the Villisca axe murders Sorry Iowa Let me know your guys thoughts down below What are your theories? Why do you think they were covering the mirrors and stuff? I would like to hear your theories down below Rest in peace to the Moore family, and the Stillinger girls It was kinda sad, ’cause I couldn’t really figure out like how did their family feel I guess if I had more time, I could figure that out At first, I wasn’t sure about this look, but I feel like I’m going to prom Prom, 2002 Thank you, guys, so much for hanging out with me today I hope you have a wonderful day ahead, and a good rest of your week as well A big thank you to Hunt A Killer for partnering with me on today’s video Let me know who you want me to talk about next week Oh, oh, oh, really quick So next we’ll begin our spooky-ooky October Halloween month Murder, Mystery & Makeup edition I so far have not planned anything, so this is not good But it should be fun But other than that I hope you have a good rest of your day You make good choices And I’ll be seeing you guys later Bye (suspicious music)