Staunton City Council Work Session and Regular Meeting of April 23, 2020

good evening everyone as mayor I call this electronic communications meeting of Staunton City Council to order I note that this meeting is being convened with City Council members using the zoom platform broadcast over the city’s cable channel and streamed live on the city’s website so that members of the public may hear our meeting the meeting is also being recorded I asked the clerk of Council at this time to call the roll for confirmation of those council members present for today’s meeting miss Simmons mayor dull here vice mayor kier here miss Oakes here mr. Holmes dr Harrington here miss Meade here dr. Curren yeah I’ve confirmed that all council members are present thank you I know I asked the city manager Steve Rosenberg now identify his location and those city officials are colleagues if any present with him at that location and the participation of anyone else during today’s meeting by zoom or telephone mr Rosenberg your mic is off Steve thank you dr Harrington mayor dull members of council I’m participating in the meeting from my residence in Staunton there is no one with me at this location also participating in this evening’s meeting on the zoom platform our faith Simmons Clerk of Council Leslie Beauregard assistant city manager Doug Guynn city attorney Phil trayer chief finance officer Billy Vaughn Director of Community Development and economic development Jon Venn chief human resources officer we also have participants representing the school division including members of the school board Robert Boyle chair William Lobb Natasha mccurdy christine paulson and kenneth Venable additionally the school superintendent dr. Garett Smith is participating as is the school’s budget director Brad Wagner there will also be representatives of various parties who have matters before council this evening who during the work session will join us they include Tim Davey with the Timmins group Pamela Mason Wagner with the Arcadia project Tom Wagner also with the Arcadia project Michael Barnes a consultant working with the Arcadia project mark larosa of Augusta health and Mary Mannix also of Augusta health thank you all right thank you please let me mention that notice reasonable under the circumstances of the electronic communications nature of this meeting has been given to the public contemporaneously with the notice provided to members of City Council this meeting has also been publicized over the course of the past week on the city’s website and Facebook page access to this meeting has been provided to the public by audio feed on the city’s cable channel and the city’s website during this work session as in the past there will be no opportunity for public comment public comment will be received during councils regular meeting which will begin at 7:30 p.m instructions for public comment can be found on agenda for the regular meeting and on councils website at www.staunton forward slash government board slash City – council also let me highlight and have reflected in the meeting minutes that this meeting is being conducted by zoom giving the catastrophic catastrophic nature of the declared emergency and disaster related to the covered 19 outbreak which as part of the total circumstances makes it impracticable or unsafe to assemble a quorum in a single location the meeting is being held consistent with city council ordinance 2020 – of for regarding continuity of government a copy of which can be found online at

first I emphasize the request that each speaker speak loudly and slowly and self-identify each and every time when speaking so that it will be clear who is speaking before your remarks are made second please pause after each speaker to allow a brief interval between that speaker and another speaker third if for any reason a participant cannot clearly hear the speaker or must leave the meeting before it is adjourn please let us know for if all votes will be taken by roll call and recorded in the minutes fifth I ask that if any member of City Council has to leave them for any period of time – please interject and make an announcement so that the clerk may take note of attendance in the minutes I ask that you also announce your return so it also may be reflected in the meeting minutes finally I ask everyone’s patient patience because without being in the same room it is likely that a speaker may not realize that another speaker is continuing again we may unintentionally step on each other’s words so it’s fine if we need to have the speaker repeat or clarify we will take whatever time is necessary so that everyone is clear about what is being said and by whom I will now take questions from Council members and participants if you have any questions about the process are there any questions no if not we will we will then begin with the invocation a moment of silence by dr. Harrington Thank You Mayor Dull I have two quotes to share tonight the first one is from a man who lives in a small city not unlike Staunton a lot of historic architecture a lot of artistic activity a lot of restaurants his name is Pope Francis here’s what he said tonight before following asleep think about when we will return to the street when we hug again when all the shopping together will seem like a party let’s think about when the coffee’s will return to the bar the small talk is close to each other we think about it when when it will all be a memory but normality will seem like an unexpected and beautiful gift we will love everything that has so far seems so futile to us every second will be precious Swim’s it to see the sun until late sunsets toasts laughter we will go back to laughing together strength and courage and the second quote the much shorter quote is from Julia Ward Howe who as you might remember was a very active in the emancipation movement and then a little bit later on in her career very active in the women’s suffrage movement movement and what she said in reference to the women’s suffrage movement but I think it’s apt for our situation today we acted one and all under the powerful stimulus of hope thank you all right thank you dr. Harrington at this time we’ll move on to item 1 which is the consideration of the work session and regular meeting agendas you’ve had a chance to review the agendas and if if someone is ready with a motion I would entertain it at this time here at all MS Oakes that one is made me write I move to approve the work session agenda and the regular meeting agenda as presented thank you is there a second second thank you any further discussion miss Simmons call the roll please I Vice Mayor Kier aye miss Oakes miss Oakes aye sorry aye dr. Harrington aye miss Mead all right dr. Curren aye mayor Dull aye mr. Holmes all right nice motion carries thank you at this time I would offer the opportunity

to mr Boyle to open the school board meeting Thank You Mayor Dull I’d like to call to order the April 23rd 2020 meeting of the Staunton school board thank you so item 2 is the budget work session discussion of the fiscal year 2021 school board budget and so I will turn that over to mr. Rosenberg thank you madam mayor members of council as I noted previously the members of the school board join with you this evening and dr. Smith and mr. Wagner I believe along with some participation by Phil Trayer the CFO for both the city and the schools will now share with you a presentation about that our revised plans for the new 21 budget all right thank you mr. Rosenberg I appreciate that we actually did have a budget approved on March 9th then the governor’s order to close schools came on Friday March 13th and so our budget had a shelf life of about four days which might be the shortest lived budget in staunton City Schools history I think so we’ve had to go back to the drawing board but I just want to kind of give a little bit of an overview here as we start even though the the closure was very sudden and maybe there was a little bit of serendipity but we were working on some initiatives related to equity and as it turns out you know with this closure there the inequities that exist in our society had been revealed to you know too many people in even a greater you know sense sense of it than before I think a lot of people maybe didn’t really sense the inequities that exist in our city and in our country and so with the closure fortunately we were already working on a couple of these things the the if I talked about the community feeding and now that was the first thing happened we were going right into spring break and normally over spring break we would not feed students and families but because we had no idea how long the closure was going to go we did we did go ahead and do that but the reason we were prepared for is because we’ve been doing summer feeding for the past two summers and so we’re used to loading up and delivering meals to neighborhoods to apartment complexes and things like that and we’re used to used to preparing these meals in one site and getting them out so fortunately you know that was not too difficult of a shift for us to go from the pickup mode to the to the delivery mode and then as many of you know we were preparing to bridge the digital divide in Staunton City Schools the week following the closure on that Wednesday and Thursday evening at Shelburne we were preparing to give free Chromebooks to families and pass out hotspots for them to use for the remainder of the school year so we were ready to go and that made that made a big difference for us because we feel like right now we’re not getting really any more requests we think that every family that needs it in staying city schools has a device a free Chromebook that we’ve given them and we think every family it doesn’t have internet connectivity now now does because they can use those hotspots through our partnership with t-mobile so like I said you know we were there things we were working on and it turned out to be very fortunate that we were working on these things when to close your hit so those things lead into our continuity of learning plan it can work for us because everyone’s involved know that we don’t have students left out because everyone’s connected and has and has devices now as you might imagine with the continuity of learning plan it’s going it’s going very well spirits are high but I don’t think our 12th graders are participating very much in doing through many assignments and and the hard-to-reach families are still the hard to reach families so our counselors and our other mental health professionals and our special education teachers have really tried to reach out to these families we know that you know they’re struggling for a variety of reasons you know we have special needs students whose learning needs to be addressed obviously mental health is choose and in our SPS reports are way down which is concerning to us so children who usually could find a safe haven at school and if they were in trouble find a trusted adult to report problems to they’re not able to do that

anymore so that’s that’s concerning to us and that’s why we’re trying so hard to reach out to all of these families one kind of bit of good news is that for students who maybe weren’t on pace for graduation we’ve really been honing in on them and we’re trying to get everybody across the line before the end of the academic semester regarding sports seniors lost their spring sports seasons the sports season has been canceled by the shenandoah district and it’s just a real shame and really almost unimaginable that that this is taking place but what it has with graduation we’ve spoken to the senior class the students feel strongly that they still want to do a live in-person ceremony so we’re planning to do one later in the summer maybe later in July or even early August the football stadium in gypsy hill park i’ve been in communication with Chris Tuttle about that and so we’re working on that together we always do summer school and gym because of our calendar but since the governor’s stay at home water extends through June 10th we’re going to have to switch to a virtual summer school there is some good news there though we’ll be able to serve probably three or four times as many students as we typically could in summer school and so your summer school funding from the state is based on the number of students served so we expect that next year we’ll have a lot more money to use for summer school because we serve more students this summer and we’re going to need that extra instructional time so that’s a bit of good news there our operations continue or disinfecting or cutting grass for preparing for summer work and as many of you seen if you drive on north culture the high school project is that works right now and it’s given us an opportunity to kind of move forward with demolition earlier than we were planning to but but still still on eggshells there because like everything else if the curve isn’t flattening like we expected to then there’s always a chance that that project could get shot which would not be good for any of us financially and then regarding the start of the 2021 school year we’ve been told to be prepared for anything be prepared to open in August be prepared to open in September be prepared to open in August and then close again in September so we’re looking at at every possible scenario there and I just wanted to kind of give a broad overview of where we are before I turn it over to mr. Wagner for the for the budget update they don’t have any questions about any of that okay then we’ll we’ll proceed thank you mr. Regan thank you dr. Smith there we go um so and as everyone can surely imagine the last six or seven weeks have been challenging with respect to the schools budget as dr. Smith pointed out you know we’ve we got our budget approved by the board on a Monday and by Friday it was no good we were proud of that budget we thought we had put together a fine plan for the upcoming school year but and we’re starting over again and you know the what we’re doing here on this slide is that the point of this overview is that you know information and guidance from the Virginia Department of Education and from the US Department of Education has been understandably slow after the last over the last several weeks time takes time for them to figure out what they’re dealing with and then you know formulate it and get it to us so this presentation is probably a little bit short on specifics but I think you know the most useful thing I can do at this point is in part to each of you a framework that will help each of us understand and properly organize the information that will and as started to begun trickling in over the next couple of couple months so with that being said the the approach we’ve taken is we we want to sort of categorize our information flows into two buckets the first bucket being you know what is the impact on the remainder of our current budget the fiscal year 20 budget and then the second part is you know what do we know is going to happen

to our fiscal 21 budget and probably the one of the most challenging parts is the the part of the 20 budget that rolls over and impacts to 21 budgets so there’s a couple of levels that we have to to deal with there so looking at the 20 budget and in each of these things that are on this slide we will we will delve into more detail as we progress we will likely see and we’ve been told that we will see reductions in our state funding particularly sales tax revenue which is understandable um conversely you know we have a commitment that the city of Staunton will fully fund its appropriation for the schools for fiscal year 20 that second half of that appropriation will come to us in June so that is very helpful another aspect of the fiscal year 20 budget is that you know we are generating natural savings due to reduced activity um and we have frozen you know hiring for vacant positions the objective here being you know save what we can so we can use it for next year in that regard we’ve also been implementing a essential expenditures only policy as a way to sort of keep a cap and can keep our spending down as low as we can while continuing to provide the services that we can to our students and community now when we switched over to our our our new budget for fiscal year 21 as I said that the original lasted about four days the governor’s budget amendments which were actually approved today by the legislature removes most of the new spending and new initiatives that the governor had proposed and made available including a 2% pay raise for slq positions expansion of the preschool programs and additional funding for at-risk programs with respect to local revenues we are anticipating a twelve to fourteen percent reduction in the Appropriations from the city in order to sort of address those shortfalls we will be eliminating the new spending that we had programmed in including a pay raise for employees we are suspending hiring for new positions that were included in the budget and various other additions to that budget and we will also are in the process of reviewing with all of our managers to make selective cuts in our non compensation line items in our budget and again a lot of this is we don’t have too much detail and we continue to await guidance from the state and fed federal agencies as I said it’s been slow in coming it is starting to trickle in and we’ll see what we get and how quickly it comes now we’re going to dive in first into the FY 2008 issue then we’ll switch back over to the fiscal year 21 issues one important factor as we we try to model out our budgets is that typically carryover are unspent funds in one fiscal year are typically deposited into the subsequent years Capital Improvement accounts it’s sort of we take those extra funds and they become you know help our rainy day funds and our in our long term investment funds we will realize some savings this year that that we’ll be able to make use of in our FY 21 operating budget so rather than taking unused funds and putting them into CIP accounts we’re going to look to keep those in our in our operating budget for the coming fiscal year to make up some of the revenue shortfalls and the big challenge for us is that the amount of that carryover depends upon two factors one is how much do we not spend but it’s also dependent upon how much money we actually get so that’s something we’re waiting for more clarification and see how it materializes as the school year

winds down now focusing on on the state revenue through the 15th of April we’ve received approximately 73% of our budgeted sales tax revenue that leaves us an outstanding yet to be received amount of of nine hundred and seventy three thousand dollars that is our sort of worst case scenario in terms of what we would lose out of funding for fiscal year twenty and and honestly the actual revenue loss will be a fraction of that nine hundred and seventy three thousand dollars we have been advised by the state superintendent that those cutbacks in note that state revenue funding will begin to materialize in May as a result of lags in the collection and receipt and disbursement of of state sales tax revenues so in that regard there will be you know transfers we have an it’s a bi-monthly transfer and so there’s three more left in this fiscal year we’ve also been advised by the state that other state revenue sources will not impact at least not impact Staunton city schools because other programs that it addresses are not ones that we are participating in and again we’re continuing to wait for more guidance from from the US Department of Education there was a conference call this afternoon headed by the Secretary of Education regarding the co vid our cares act stimulus funding that is going into the into the educational system and we’ll touch base on that in just a moment in terms of expenditure savings as I mentioned we are generating we expect to generating a significant amount of savings because we’re not doing things think about we’re not in school we don’t we’re not having to bring in contract subs to fill absences of teachers and staff we’re not spending as much as we did on fuel because we don’t have buses going out every day we don’t have activities extracurricular sports spring sports activities we’re not paying overtime because no one’s putting in overtime as I also mentioned we’re only repair fully reviewing expenditures and and everybody that has access to spending understands our policy that it must be essential for us to implement the remainder of this school year is activities as well as make sure that we’re ready to go on August 4th for the beginning of the new school year and at this point you know I would love to be able to tell you what that number would be in terms of our carryover but the formula I still need to know what I’m getting in so it remains to be seen now switching over to the FY 21 budget this slide is a bit of an overview and we’ll visit each of these items in more detail in subsequent slides but as I said before with respect to local revenues we anticipate a twelve to fourteen percent cut in in funding with respect to the state of Virginia we anticipate or are estimating a twenty five percent cut in sales tax revenue and that is an assumption we are using the same assumptions used by in the city’s models for their budget preparation and we are working closely with mr. Traynor in the city finance team to continually update and review those assumptions as I mentioned before the elimination of the governor’s new expanded education initiatives will eliminate about $350,000 of funding from the state for those those projects and if some degree will also reduce the amount of local match that we would be it would be required to provide with respect to the federal cares Act stimulus funding we have received an estimation from Virginia Department of Education that those funds will be about six hundred and seventy four thousand dollars with respect to this general fund appropriation from the city I’m

sure the the board and the City Council are familiar with our revenue sharing formula in the accounts that relate to that are shared there’s an estimated 3.4 million dollar revenue duction according to that traditional formula and that would cut our appropriation by 1.7 million dollars the proposed property tax would also would contribute another approximately 200 thousand dollars to our funding so that’s where we come up with our estimation of about a one point seven to one point million dollar one point nine million dollar reduction in our funding for the subsequent fiscal year and this is Mike yeah so the purpose of this slide is to kind of share their cuts are kind of mirroring the cuts from the state you know they’ve cut the raise we’ve cut the raise they’ve cut the preschool expansion as much as it pains us to do that we’ve cut the preschool expansion and I want you know everybody know these are still goals for the school division and they were in there they were in our four-day-old budget but but they’re gone now and I would say suspended makes more sense we’re planning to bring these things back in our in our meeting yesterday we know in the legislative meeting yesterday was the veto session we got the update this morning and we were told today that the calculation told that we’re expecting from the state is we should get it within 10 days so we’re still several days away from having hard numbers and then like the gentleman just came back to work so to kind of recap the race on the preschool expansion has gone the new positions are gone payroll adjustments in stipends that we were making to even things out and to recognize our coaches you spend extra time with extracurricular activities and we’ve added some new ones those are gone right now and then we are looking at can we reduce costs associated to other non comp expenditures like can we reduce travel maybe we put a freeze on tuition assistance a freeze on the student advocate that you see you know come out in the news leader once the core we’re reviewing our our policies for insurance and again reducing transfers to the CRT one of the things that we expect to happen is and so that ends up being that ends up being very expensive because it doesn’t matter where the students live they could live in Shore let’s go we still have to pick them up bring them to school and transport them home so with a lot of people out of work with the economy tanking we expect that this is going to have a significant impact on our families so when the students do return and when we reopen school it’s going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before because the students will have been out of school for at least five consecutive months if not longer and that’s honestly that’s that’s never happened so a delayed start as possible for the start of the school year August 4th is supposed to be the first start date it could it could look different it could be kind of a blended start and virtual and some in-person we’re still working on all those things and we’re we still don’t know exactly what lettuce and extracurricular activities will look like yet for next year so that pretty much brings us to the end I just want to wanted to kind of show you the budget calendar these are this is what’s upcoming I won’t read it to you and we wanted to also open the floor to see if anybody had any questions council members name so we don’t step on each other vice mayor kier do you have questions no questions I just would like to thank the school board for being prepared more than a lot of people for this and that you were ready to pass our computers to our students so that they would be able to keep up with their classmates I think that’s highly thank you for that all right thank you dr curren Thanks I do have one question towards the end talked about homeless students yes but it doesn’t matter where they live for example Charlottesville how does that work exactly then there’s the mckinney-vento Act which is a law to protect homeless families so they could you know when

they’re homeless you know they can make and choose what school division maybe they had a prior connection to Staunton City Schools and so with all the other uncertainties in a child’s life they want to at least maintain some stability so they so they want the child to still be with the same teachers the same classmates let’s give them some sense of normalcy and so we are obligated by law to serve those families they can claim where they want to go to school and we have to honor that request and is that only within a certain radius or in the whole state of Virginia it’s it’s really there’s really no boundaries to it it could be out of state it could even potentially be out of state and the school division would have to provide transportation yes federal all right thank you miss me no questions all right thanks MS Oakes yes I do have a couple of questions under the federal Care Act did I hear a figure of 600 and some 1000 that’s expected to come yes it’s about six hundred and seventy four thousand is what we’ve been told to expect it’s very helpful oh yes absolutely what would happen if the construction on the high school were half would have to halt well you know it would delay our phasing timelines and it would cost more money because it would take longer longer to build like I said the students and the staff being out gave us a chance to accelerate the project and we were pretty much faced with the decision of do you want to you know really slow it down and piecemeal it and the event that we get closed down or do you want us to go ahead and go for it and try to get this thing knocked out and done on time and I chose the lab I thought that we should go we should go ahead and go for it and try to get the school up and ready for students and staff at the start of next school year so that’s what we’re trying to do okay so to slow the construction down or to even halt it in the long run would cost the school system along with the city additional money yes that would be my prediction Andrea but there’s a you know maybe there will be some relief there too because we wouldn’t be the only ones and you know we’re operating under the bond and City Council generously approved for us and it’s got strict timelines to it and we’re trying to stay within those timelines but maybe maybe there will be some opportunity for a little bit of relief there but but we don’t know yet we haven’t but I’m concerned I’m concerned about it yeah well just trying your best to stay on schedule like you mentioned with the bonds along with the construction itself I was just trying to figure out there were possibly any savings I’ve had folks to ask me could we have stopping the construction at this point or would it eventually cost us more money in the long run yeah I won’t yield any savings at this point we have a contract and so yeah there won’t be that I can’t assure you that we won’t get any savings from Shepherd okay thank you you’re welcome all right mr. Holmes do you have any questions no questions all right thanks dr. Harrington oh yeah just one question one of the items you listed is possible money savings was the elimination of tuition assistance or the reduction of tuition assistance could you just say a little bit about what that is and what’s what sorts of assistance we we provide and sure mm-hmm yes sorry I’m sorry to talk over you but when our staff wants to take a course at the university level we give we pay five hundred dollars towards that reduce the cost for our employees so it’s something we’re considering and if we had to do it my idea would be to just temporarily not be able to do that next year and then try to reinstate it the following year as possible okay thank you alright I only had one question and I know all of this budgeting is a moving target because the state doesn’t know what their budgets gonna look like nobody knows but when you were when you were showing that FY 2010 de jure savings and and that the bottom line would be determined by what

the state ended up the cuts might be in that revenue but nevertheless without considering the revenue what’s your projection for just the expenditure savings part of that we’ve been going through this and we we kind of get every couple of days we take another look at it you know I I hate to throw out a number and then miss it and our numbers have ranged you know probably medium numbers maybe 750 thousand dollars but it could be plus or minus 250,000 either side of that I mean and okay to a million somewhere in there I hope so yes I would hope so alright okay thanks so one final time does anybody else have any questions actually I go ahead so there are no plan cuts as far as layoffs no layoffs are scheduled or considered at this point we were hopefully we’ve looked at every possible scenario and we’re prepared for worst-case scenarios but for us that would be a worst-case scenario and one of our goals is to keep everybody employed and I believe whether the largest employer in the city and it’s vital to the economy of stand that we can that we can keep operating so yes we’ve looked at every possibility we’re not ready together there yet well I agree so thank you all right well thank you all so much for attending our zoom work session here and thanks for the information you’ve provided and the work that’s continuing and at this time we’re gonna have a short five minute break so it’s enough to refill your glass of water and then we’ll be back thank you everybody thank you mayor – all thank you [Applause] so Ms Simmons could you call the roll

and see if we’ve got all the councilmembers back and staff back right now yes because we’re supposed to start back up at 6:15 okay vice mayor kier get the mute off I’m here the sucks dr. Harrington I’m here miss Mead dr. Curren Meyor Dull here mr. Holmes here miss Oakes here miss Mead okay so we’re still waiting for miss Mead it’s Mead okay let’s see your empty chair there yeah it’s out on the street Ali there she is alright welcome back everyone from our little mini break there so item 3 and E on the regular meeting agenda is discussion of application to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for a Virginia industrial revitalization fund grant relating to the arcade your project mr. Rosenberg thank you madam mayor Billy Vaughn the city’s director of economic development will present this item mayor dull command I interrupt for just a second door Harrington here I’m going to need to recuse myself from this discussion and the subsequent vote because I serve as a member of the board of Arcadia project so I’ll be you from me and it’s not because I’m not interested you can take a longer break okay why not come back alright thanks madam mayor and members of council this is billy vaughn this agenda item is a request by the Arcadia project for the city to apply for an industrial revitalization fund grant in the amount of $600,000 from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development the purpose of this grant application in conjunction with other funding sources it’s to obtain adequate funding to renovate and transform the former Dixie theater into a cultural center the total project cost is a little little over two million dollars the IRF grant requires a local dolphin dollar match the local match requirement will be satisfied by the arcadia project to be clear city funding is neither required nor requested for the grant application yes I’ve learned in the briefing the proposed budget breakdown six hundred thousand dollars industrial revitalization fund grant six hundred thousand dollars grants from private foundations six hundred thousand dollars private donations and the remainder two hundred and sixty thousand dollars debt retirement or forgiveness Pamela Mason Wagner the executive director for the Arcadia project and her team are available to provide more details on the project itself if there any questions I’ll be glad to try to answer thank you mr. Vaughn and welcome miss Wagner Tom Wagner is with me as well on his own screen all right hello Tom so it sounds like we’re both unmuted is that correct I didn’t hear Tom did he say anything he is still muted so Tom can you unmute

yourself I’m gonna be sharing my screen so as soon as Tom is settled I am okay I will ask somebody to tell me if you can see a PowerPoint in front of you yes I see it all right excellent we will begin Pam and Tom are both gonna be speaking I’m Pam I’m Tom we’re here tonight to present the Arcadia project and seek counsel support for our industrial revitalization grant application to renovate the historic Dixie Q as was previous previously mentioned we’re requesting $600,000 from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development that agreement is between the state and the Arcadia project requiring no funds or staff time from the city only a willingness to submit the grant on our behalf now I have to figure out how to switch the slides okay there so we conducted a survey along with several listening sessions and developed a plan for an adaptive mixed-use facility featuring a movie theater an event space digital media classrooms and a specialty food cafe our research including the survey taught us several things there was great interest centered on four key areas film food technology and music our programming will include music events specialty film series classes in keys making and canning and pickling and a conference center for small and medium-sized businesses Arcadia Park Cafe provides a vibrant street presence and revenue from the cafe will support the rest of the nonprofit’s mission as demonstrated by our market study our listening sessions with the philanthropic community told us the biggest obstacle to moving forward was the substantial debt on the Dixie theater so we approached Atlantic Union Bank and negotiated an 80 percent write down of that debt we raised the $70,000 that represented our portion and as of july 2019 the Arcadia project owns both buildings debt-free through the main street program Susan Lancaster at Frazier & Associates designed a fresh new exterior renovation to be implemented this summer and like our interiors it features historic charm West a Main Street feasibility study grant administered by the SDDA that Pam just spoke about paid for structural assessment our contextual planning and an independent market study that demonstrates income streams from each of the three main areas of the building can sustain the operation at seventy percent versus 30 percent donations after one year and after five years revenue reaches an 85 percent of expenses Arcadia projects Board of Directors maintain legal authority over the organization and have been meeting monthly for over two years you’ll recognize some of those faces I think our renovation and startup costs are running about 1.8 million dollars six hundred thousand will come from private firm foundations six hundred from donors and six hundred from the industrial revitalization grant administered by the DHCD in Richmond we hosted evening Council will vote to make the Arcadia project Staunton’s 2020 submission to the industrial vitalization fund and now we’ll take any questions and to help us answer them we have Michael Barnes on the line Michael has written a couple of IRF chance for the city of waynesboro and is a consultant helping us write these screeners Thank You Billy said all the time you put into this and Thank You Council for your kindness lean well thank you for that additional information and I will go down the list of council members and see who has any questions mr. Holmes I have a couple questions one would just include the old bowling alley beside it’s in between salmon dhola and the theatres excellent

question so the original plan when he entered the picture was to do that building first but wouldn’t you get our listening sessions and our survey the community cares more about this historic Dixie theater so we decided to tackle that go in first and the goal is to successfully get that building back on line and then use that to leverage bringing the building next door that you referred to the bowling alleys back on line when you’re planning on doing like like small concerts and stuff like that in there you know is it gonna be mostly local people or you’re gonna bring people from out of the area I think you’re open to both he hoped to be a house that would present local musicians and creative people spoken word artists you know the type of agreement and hoses best but it doesn’t conclude from time to time bringing figure axe them out of town we’ll just have to see how it turns out so at the Dixie here our event space is limited to approximately a hundred and twenty people so not limits to some degree the kind of talent that you would bring in a larger name even a big regional name Act probably wouldn’t consider that space big enough to – – for us to book them but there are a lot of in-between acts and of course local talent that that’s a perfect space for and we think that’s a good Staunton audience good size for a Staunton audience all right all right thanks yes now you mentioned there would be this is a matching grant there would have to be some funds put into it however these funds have already been raised we’re in the process of raising the funds we are both applying for grants and we’re going forgive me how much was the matching grant amount that needs to be raised well here raising 600 from local 600 from foundations and 600 so it’s a 100% match not 20 percent or anything like and the other thing to know about that is the bank which in our negotiation forgave 80 percent of the existing debt that plus the money that we raised can go towards the match so we do have a big piece of a good chunk of change as they say already raised okay alright and the state has committed to this funding Soto its earmarked it’s safe it’s not going anywhere because of COVID 19 that’s our understanding we just say this yeah our understanding that I think he’s already been appropriated by the state and then available obviously it’s competitive grant and we will have to see how we fare against other localities that are applying certainly and that makes sense well it would be great to see something happening with the beautiful buildings I mean they have a lot of history they’re beautiful and I’d like to see them alive and active again thank you thank you ms made thanks I have no questions alright thanks dr Curren I don’t have any questions either Thank You vice mayor kier okay I’m trying to be diligent with some you know I don’t have any other questions all right all right so this will be either a on the regular meeting agenda and thank you very much for the information thank you very much for your time in the letting us present madam mayor yes we’re in a little bit of a format of course here but the question that you would typically pose is whether you wanted mr vaughn to participate in the regular meeting and in fact whether you wish to have the Wagner’s at the regular as well well I think you take mr. Vaughn’s place

if if that means with with Council’s approval so if if mr. Rosenberg if if he can handle this item we wouldn’t need anyone else right I don’t hear any answer I’m fine with it say so let me make it clear for the Wagner’s and mr. Barnes that you are welcome to participate at 7:30 if you wish and there will be I will provide and abbreviated presentations in comparison to what was just presented to Council and so your attendance and participation during the regular meeting is welcome but not required and how do the audio channel you you can rejoin via the zoom platform using the same connection okay thank you thanks so much thank you we are gonna sign off thank you thank you crossing economic development business plan mr. Rosenberg thank you madam mayor this is on councils work session agenda this evening in response to a request that we had from you two at least six perhaps not nine months ago to provide a quarterly update to counsel concerning progress with the Staunton crossing development Billy Vaughn the Economic Development Director remains with us during the work session and will present this item with an assist from Tim Davy of the Timmins group who joins us on the zoom platform welcome good to see him as all members of council mr Rosenberg thank you for him to be here madam mayor members of council this is Billy Vaughan I plan to briefly update you on the four items that were outlined in the briefing I will touch on the demolition crossing away extension and invite may be of the Timmins group to engage in the discussion and then lead the discussion on the site characterization and on the marketing plan before I touch on the demolition I want to share a bit of good news with you earlier this week staff met with the host with oil representatives they had a pre-con a meeting at the site of course Holtzman is proposing to build a 7-eleven a convenience store with gas and they plan to break ground on by two weeks this site is on the left as you drive into Staunton crossing crossing way before you get to the roundabout so just want to share them with you well uh oh thank heaven for us old enough to remember that in the demolition last week the city posted a notice to resend the intent to award to the Kentucky company this decision is due in part to the budgetary and fiscal constraint that the city’s currently experiencing but also because of the company’s delay and inability to obtain a license to do business in the state of Virginia it’s been over four months at this point we may be rebidding the project in 30 to 60 days of course that depends heavily on the city’s financial status at that time this with this project total budgeted by 2.5 about 20% of the project is being funded by a Virginia Economic Development Partnership brownfields grant which would help us deal with the environmental issues on the site I have reached out to the state representative to request an extension of the use of the funds our current deadline is November of this year so we’re in the process of drafting an email or letter making an official request he stated to me that we simply needed to propose whether we needed a three-month

six-month extension and they would consider that and he really didn’t see any real issues with that effectiveness Friday we are laying off our clerk there works for the demolition since the project is being delayed we did not see a need to continue that employment any questions on the demolition yes mr Vaughn yes sir this morning it was discussed or asked about the the second lowest bidder could you explain what we are not going to do with that I will direct that to the director finance mr phil trayer here I think he responded to that question this morning and since it’s been such a huge time lag between when the when we had our bid opening in until today and then the contractor was unable to obtain their license we are going to go ahead and try to rebid this there was a huge disparity between the low bidder and the second little bitter of over $700,000 so that’s partially the reason why we were so patient with with the apparent low bidder you’re hoping that with the current economic conditions that in was with the fact that we had a a bid that was $700,000 lower that subsequent RFP produce lower bids and that’s what we’re counting on we we are we are assuming that the economy is going to start to pick up in the next 60 days and we will be ready for a quick RFP which will take about 30 days its most Thank You mr trayer I have a question thank you so the the bid was $700,000 lower or approximately that amount which is great but I’m curious do you all know why this particular firm could not get a Virginia license we have nothing official from the state we just know that it’s taken an extended period of time okay fair enough thank you the next item if there are no other questions it’s a crossing way extension this is the V dot smart scale project price tag of eight point seven million dollars of v dot money or state monies according to a conversation with David Robinson who is a senior project manager for this project the design has been approved by V dot the project still on track to move forward the next step is for right away acquisition what that simply means as the land is currently owned by the EDA it will have to be dedicated to the city for the construction of this extension similar process that we used when the original entrance in Boulevard a crossing Lake was constructed that’s all I have on the extension and this time I’d like to invite Tim Davy with the Timmins group to engage in the discussion and the presentation on the next two hours Thank You Billy Tim Davy with Timmons group and again I’m thrilled to be here and thrilled to continue to be part of the team to try to advance Staunton crossing the first item Billy asked me to talk about was the program that the state has since roll and has recently rolled out were they evaluated 460 pieces of property across Virginia to try to determine how ready they were for economic to recruit and attract economic development the city of Staunton was at the leading edge of that a number of years ago when the program was the grant program whereby you could actually petition the state for some money to go ahead and evaluate your site and try to tell the world how ready it was for economic development and then of course you could go ahead and go as far as certifying your site with the tear ranking either tier 0 1 2 3 4 or 5 you may remember from some of the conversations we had last year at

this time Staunton Crossing is currently a tier 2 and we’ve already identified a path forwards to take it to a tier 3 and a tier 4 so that became a template that the state really appreciated to try to make some common vernacular amongst the state and the site selection people and the developers and the private sectors about how ready and how marketable states are across or the sites are across the Commonwealth so now you have 459 other participants that have figured out a way to catch up to where you guys were in certifying your site and having a game plan for moving things forward I state that because what Staunton Crossing has basically pointed out is a couple key advantages both from an aspect of trying to figure out you know how marketable a site is but then also how it aligns with the other part of the state’s program which was how does the real estate align with the work force and the markets that we see going to be important for the state of Virginia going forward so the other part of the certification program in addition to trying to tell the state how far along the sites were from a marketability perspective they also brought in KPMG to study how well the site’s fit certain demographics and certain market sectors that the state feels are great potential for growth so again in certain parts of the state you might have a wonderful advanced manufacturing facility but if there isn’t workforce there to go ahead and fill the jobs and it’s very difficult for the state to sell that site for advanced manufacturing so they’re trying to put a business plan in place that makes both provides more product which is your site and provides that product aligned towards the right markets which is two different sectors so that’s pretty much where the Stephen Marais and VP is as convinced the General Assembly that we need to go with more product they put a budget number together and requested that budget number and I haven’t seen where the governor’s recent emergency responses to the budget has really taken away any of that money but the idea is to try to get as many pieces of real estate in Virginia up to tier 4 as is practical that’s very much aligned with what you had already put in motion let’s try to get it standing crossing to at tier four so we do believe that the pieces of property that are in the right location that are in the right ownership that have the Tier four certification and that are aligned with the state’s marketing strategies are the sites that are going to be successful going forward so for me it really does validate a lot of the work that the city of Staunton has already done and I think we’re in a very very good position going forward to try to see if we can attract economic development meaning jobs and capital investment to the city of Stan all right there are there is there anything else mr. Vaughn that you want to add to that or no I think that Tim didn’t bring up as usual so councilmembers do you have any questions about any of those other three items actually I do this is Andrea Oakes evening hi it’s my understanding like it’s Tier four that’s the cream of the crop I mean that’s like utopia as far as the tier ratings are concerned if if we didn’t have COVID-19 I mean under what’s considered a perfect environment how long does it really take for a development to reach its here for so from buying the land to doing the research to zoning the land and getting the plans approved such that you’re at tier four it can take four or five years to get that far along depending on where you start so tier four by description is that you have all of your diligence done to attract a business and investment you have all of the designs of the infrastructure done such that you’re ready to go with your sewer lines and your water lines and your roads and basically what it’s intended to do is if a customer selects your site in the time that they can build their building you can build your infrastructure so they meet and you have an operating business you know within about 12 months of them selecting your site that’s really what

the definition of tier 4 is so there is some sites in Virginia that would suggest they’re a step higher which is tier five there’s only two of them that I’m aware of those are sites that have actually gone ahead and designed the site plan estimated what the business would be built a pad that’s they’re ready for a speculative developer to come in and you really pad ready that’s tier five we believe and the state really does confirm that for a site especially a large site and large missile beyond sight that is in a position to attract advanced manufacturing tier 4 is the most responsible thing to do okay so essentially it’s an investment yes well said it’s an investment which is you know part of what we’re gonna talk about next know that we’re looking for you to get a great return on it’s not shouldn’t be considered an expense thank you – Timur ability this is OFI one question on the spine road and the possible time frame to start that do you have any ideas on that I would say probably a year from now the actual construction will start I think November of this year’s when they would either place the bids on the street or the I don’t have any intent to war but on March 20 21 okay thank you appreciate it all right well thank you for the information update on Staunton crossing project and in the interest of staying on time we need to move to our next item and thanks to Tim for for joining us tonight item 5 is a discussion of Augusta health initiative Imaging Center mr. Rosenberg oh excuse me I guess you’re looking at me hi this is Leslie regard say something nice things about you learning new tricks MS Beauregard will present this item okay thank you very much so this tonight is an informational item as you’re aware and I’m just gonna walk you through that very quickly so as you’re aware recently Augusta Health met with city officials to request the city support and cooperation in connection with to hospital initiatives this particular one I’m speaking of is the Imaging Center the 340b drug pricing program will be the last item revisit after this item is finished just briefly Augusta Health has applied to the Virginia Department of Health for a certificate of public need for new imaging facilities to be included as part of a new outpatient pavilion on this campus in Fishers ville and that application proposed is one MRI scanner and when CT scanner which will improve the level of service to Augusta health service area and Augusta Health has requested the City Council adopt a resolution expressing its support for the application however staff only recently learned last week in fact that there’s a potentially competing proposal from Sentara RMH Medical Center for a Center to be located on community away in stem that will also include one MRI and one CT scanner staff is in the process of seeking further information from center on its proposal and the staff recommendation for now is to continue the review and once we complete this review staff will return to City Council with additional information and give both providers the opportunity to present their proposals we did speak to the Virginia Department of Health last week and they expressed to us that based on the timeline we do have time to do this and we’ll return to Council in May with both proposals so for this evenings meeting for this purpose I asked Augusta health I informed them that they would not be doing a formal presentation on this item quite yet to allow staff more time to explore the second proposal and that presentation would be made available in the next several weeks and I’ll stop there and I’m happy to answer any questions council members do have questions on this I do in Harrington what would

either of these installations involve the receipt of tax revenue by the localities in which they’re established for example if they if if Sentara established that process in Staunton would there be a tax revenue implication for us I would have to double-check this but I believe they would be tax exempt but I would double check that any other questions from Council members I should go down the list I guess vice mayor of car no thank you dr. Curren no questions thanks miss mead no questions thanks miss Oakes yes um so the site for Augusta health would be located in fishers ville yes ma’am and the site that centerra RMH is considering will be located in the city of staunton that is correct all right I’ll hold off on any further questions until city staff that’s been able to come back with more information okay all right thanks mr. Holmes yes we’re we are getting tax revenue off of that property now aren’t we on the old Ryan steakhouse if it’s a restaurant yes what’s closed it’s been closed yeah so – yes it’s as a restaurant we would receive or any yeah type of is this like that yes sir we’d receive tax revenue okay we’re actually getting property tax revenue on that right now real estate real estate tax yeah okay so we’ll just wait to hear about the other proposal and upcoming you say in May yes ma’am okay all right thank you so at this time we can move on to the next item which is item six and it’s F on our regular meeting agenda which is a discussion of Augusta Health Initiative 340b drug pricing program and miss Beauregard you’re handling this too right I am alright um so I’m just gonna say very quick words about this and I’m gonna let mark LaRosa who is here from Augusta health take it from here this is the second initiative I mentioned in my opening comments previously regarding a 340b drug pricing program again Augusta Health is seeking the city’s support of the participation in this program there is an MoU that’s in your packet you all have reviewed by now that will be on the regular agenda for you all to to take a vote on when we get to that point and now I am happy to turn it over to mark larosa who I saw on zoom’ there he is and I’ll let him introduce who he is with say thank you Mark Thank You Leslie Thank You council members for allowing us to bring our presentation to you this evening it’s a great way for us to help reduce the cost of drugs in the community it’s a federal program is available in hospitals and we meet the criteria for that and so what I’m going to do is turn it over to John Katz Adonis who is our chief financial officer who can tell you a little bit about the program and how it works and how you can help us achieve that goal good evening folks it’s a pleasure to be here with you 340b program dates back for 1992 to the Public Service Act they required pharmaceutical manufacturers quite discounts on cost approachable hospitals that serve a large number of uninsured and underinsured and menifee underserved populations with the enactment of Medicaid expansion of the state the primary backup the primary driver of this number of Medicaid is that you provide to members of your community and what Medicaid expansion the enrollment in Medicaid went up dramatically in the state and within our area approximately 25% of people that previously were that are now on Medicaid due to expansion previously run the insurance exchange in finding the product or under insurance

off that are off the exchange subsequent to the enactment 340b program as you may be aware of the IRS has put in a lot of regulations title one are which requires hospitals they have a financial assistance policy because the health has always had a financial assistance policy but this is one of these situations where the regs are kind of a little bit out of sync due to one proceeding the other the memorandum of understanding that we’re asking for your consideration is required for us to file for 340b and to be approved for the program so it’s an understanding that we need to have our local community in order to participate in the program and it basically is it says that you know we provide services to the folks in Staunton is our desire and our commitment to continue to offer Phi equal assistance for those that require it and that this is an acknowledgement by the city that they accept our commitment to continue to follow our financial assistance policy which is available for anybody to review on our website and then comes a little bit about the organization and again what this will allow us to do is buy some pharmaceutical drugs for bigger discounts and then those discounts are made available to the folks that qualified for so it’s a way of driving down the cost for the folks that have the least ability to pay for those services so you have the agreement in front of you the after that answer any questions but request your support so we can move forward we’re trying to get our information in before the end of the month in order to hopefully get a qualification day that July 1st but certainly no later than October 1st which is one of the been started alright thank you so much council members will go down the list and see who has any questions dr. Harrington no questions thank you mr. holland’s uh as far as people covered with maybe people who could make up to four hundred percent over the poverty level or was did I miss read dead I coverage for financial assistance if anybody who has earnings that below 400 percent of the federal poverty levels I think it’s I think it’s a little bit flip-flop it’s again further and then it’s it’s driven by their income and their family size is what determines okay thank you alright music uh no questions just to comment this sounds great and I plan on supporting it thank you miss me just a quick question can you give me an example of the kinds of medications this would provide for folks and the kind of discounts that they would get as a result just a ballpark well the ballpark discount for drugs that qualify is about 30% off of its usual price from the pharmaceutical manufacturer and so then you know it mainly pink part that it applies to this for outpatient drugs you’ll see it in the infusion center the ecology Center in particular which is where some of the highest cost broads are are available but it’s it’s across the board it’s mainly for outpatient services thank you dr. Curran no questions just it sounds good I will support it all right thanks vice mayor car no I have no questions all right thank you okay so that this will be item F on our regular meeting agenda do we feel the need to have anyone other than mr. Rosenberg to present our Misbah regard to present this in the regular meeting no all right so mr. LaRosa you all are welcome to listen in or to stay on but we don’t we won’t require your your presence for the presentation and the regular meeting

okay well thank you Myor mayor Dull and thank you council for supporting our initiative I thank you thank you so much alright with that we are we are now on break until the regular meeting at 7:30 good evening I’d like to call to order the regular meeting of Staunton City Council for April 23rd 2020 and this is an electronic communications meeting I note that this meeting is being convened with city council members you the zoom platform broadcast over the cities cable channel and streamed live on the city’s website so that members of the public may hear our meeting the meeting is also being recorded at this time I’d asked the clerk of Council to call the roll for confirmation to those council members present for today’s meeting miss Simmons mayor dull here vice mayor kier yeah miss Oakes here mr Holmes here dr. Harrington here miss mead here dr. Curren here I’ve confirmed all council members are present thank you I asked the city manager Steve Rosenberg now identify his location and those city officials or colleagues if any present with him at that location and the participation of anyone else during today’s meeting by zoom or telephone madam mayor I’m participating on the zoom platform from my residence in Staunton there is no one with me at this location other city staff or officials participating on the zoom platform our faith Simmons Clerk of council Leslie Beauregard assistant city manager Doug Guynn city attorney and Phil Trayer chief finance officer and I expect later in the meeting we will be joined by Greg Campbell executive director of the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission and Maggie Ragon Commissioner of the revenue please let me mention that notice reasonable under the circumstances of the electronic communications nature of this meeting has been given to the public contemporaneously with the notice provided to members of City Council this meeting has also been publicized over the course of the past week on the city’s website and Facebook page acts – this meeting has been provided to the public by audio feed on the city’s cable channel and the city’s website during the three public hearings toward the beginning of the meeting and matters from the public on council’s agenda toward the end of the meeting public comments will be taken members of the public who wish to participate in such matters at the appropriate time may call eight four four eight five four two two two two and follow the pre-recorded prompts to ask a question the public is reminded that through though the pre-recorded prompts refer to questions public hearings and matters from the public are times for council simply to listen to your comments each speaker will be limited to five minutes comments concerning the public hearing items may also be made by sending an email to the Clerk of counsel at simmonssf@ci no later than Thursday April 30th detailed instructions for public participation have been publicized over the course of the past week on the city’s website and Facebook page and can be found now on the agenda for this meeting and on councils website at also let me highlight and have reflected in the meeting minutes that this meeting is being conducted by zoom given the catastrophic nature of the declared emergency and disaster related to the Cova 19 outbreak which is part of the total circumstances makes it impracticable or unsafe to assemble a quorum in a single location the meeting is being held consistent with city council ordinance 2020 – Oh for regarding continuity of government a copy of which can be found online at

given that we are conducting this meeting by zoom with the meeting being live-streamed on the city’s website and broadcast over the cable system as it occurs I believe it merits reminder of a few special requests as we undertake this meeting in this unique format first I emphasize the request that each speaker speak loudly and slowly and self-identify each and every time when speaking so that it will be clear who is speaking before your remarks are made second please pause after each speaker to allow a brief interval between that speaker and another speaker third if for any reason a participant cannot clearly hear the speaker or must leave the meeting before it is adjourned please let us know fourth all votes will be taken by roll call and recorded in the minutes fifth I ask that if any member of City Council has to leave the meeting for any period of time to pleased interject and make an announcement so that the clerk may take note of attendance in the minutes I ask that you also announce your return so that it also may be reflected in the meeting minutes finally I ask everyone’s patience because without being in the same room it is likely that a speaker may not realize that another speaker is continuing again we may unintentionally step on each other’s words so it’s fine if we need to have the speaker repeat or clarify we’ll take whatever time is necessary so that everyone is clear about what is being said and by whom I will now take questions from Council members and participants if you have any questions about this process so council members do you have any questions at the time about the process no no I have no questions all right thank you madam mayor yes if I may one point of clarification concerning the public participation portions of the meeting the complete details to access during the public hearing items a B and C and during matters from the public are on the City Council website and you’ve given the web address for that but I want to let me just reiterate that the number to call is 8 4 4 8 5 4 2 2 2 2 and that when callers are connected they will need to enter an access code to be placed in the queue to provide their comments the access code is on the city council website but it is 6 1 9 3 5 8 followed by the pound sign and that number again is 6 1 9 3 5 8 followed by the pound sign and that that information the phone number and the access code can be found on the city council webpage and I think that it would be it will probably be several minutes before we arrive at the public hearing portion of the meeting but callers are certainly welcome to call now to be placed in the queue and while they’re on hold they will hear the audio from this meeting thank you all right Thank You mayor dull can you hear me yes my screen is just opt appearing on my screen and now it’s just blank that’s no great loss particularly but should I just log out and come back this is Steve Rosenberg it’s your choice you can if you’re content participating only with the audio that’s fine if you’d like to leave the meeting and join again you certainly can attempt that I think I’ll try that I’ll be back in a minute they’ll go ahead without me all right thanks all right the next item on our agenda is the Pledge of Allegiance right and so what we plan to do here is everyone stand up and we should have an image there of the flag and so we’ll repeat the Pledge of Allegiance at this

time I pledge allegiance to the next is the mayor’s report I would just like to mention to everyone that that the May elections are not going to be moved to November so they may happen on May 5th as originally scheduled and at worst they would only be moved to weeks so I encourage everyone to get their absentee ballot so you have to fill out an application or you could there’s so many ways you can do it you can call down there you can set up an appointment and meet them in the parking garage and vote absentee in person you can sign up online you can track the progress of your application when you mail it back you can go online and see that they’ve received it what date and as well you can see when they received your ballot to record it so it’s very very important that we do this because I think even if it was moved to weeks we’re still going to be in the same social distancing and staying at home situation that we’re in now so I just encourage everyone to get get your vote recorded it’s important and then I would like to just once again thank our city staff for the hard work they’re doing during this crisis as well our citizens who who are sheltering like they should be and I do want to take the opportunity to encourage them to please wear masks if you have to go to a grocery store and go inside or go to Lowe’s or if you’re out and about wherever to wear a mask and I think that’s recommended by the CDC so we’d like to follow what our scientists and doctors are telling us to do and so with that I would ask are there any additional items by members of council mayor dull miss mead yeah I just like to take a minute to recognize well really there are so many people in the community who are doing so much to help folks get through this to do things extraordinary things that they’ve never done before and one of those people is actually on this call tonight and I’m going to probably embarrass her by recognizing Natasha mccurdy who’s a member of our school board and when this started Natasha couldn’t actually sew but but in she’s just finished making sewing 200 masks to supply to folks in the community who need them for for whatever reason but but a variety of purposes so I just wanted to thank her specifically for all the work she’s doing for people in the community mayor dull I would like to review some of the I think COVID 19 response fun politian has has done since the onset of the COVID 19 this group is headed up by dan layman with the community foundation I’m gonna give you guys against very access to medical care $7,500 has been given to Augusta Expo along with Augusta health giving $75 goes to Expo to be set up as a temporary match like unit $2,500 has been given to Augusta Augusta Expo and again Augusta health is also provided $2,500 to help cover the personnel costs that they’ve encountered while trying to set up this medical resource as far as access to mental health 21500 been given to aero project valley hope counseling and valley pastoral counseling to cover fees associated with the telehealth provision now this is a given so the there can be ongoing consultation with folks that I may need

guidance when it comes to depression and they just need to have some sort of human contact during this time of kovat 19 5000 has been given to the valley hope by the waynesboro rotary 5000 to the valley patrol recovery to purchase technology need it to the telehealth services has been given by caps all access to food 25,000 to cover 50% of the cost associated with 30 days for food forestall Staunton augusta county Waynesboro highland and nelson regions all of this is under the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank 2002 disciples kitchen for two months of food Keeble kitchen and Charlottesville’s providing 280 miles a week to the valley mission through june 15,000 to a collaboration with Augusta Health Blue Ridge Area Food Bank VPS an Allegheny Mountain Institute to secure fresh and shelf-stable food for area seniors 1500 to central United Methodist Church for their soup kitchen 7,500 to the United Way for the purchase of groceries and gas cards for the use of mutual aid infrastructure the United Way also contributed 2,500 to that effort under shelter 4,500 to the waynesboro and Staunton Salvation Army programs for emergency services 15,000 to the valley mission to enable them to move the residents to Mary Baldwin University 5,000 to Mary Baldwin to support the move 5,000 has been given to the waynesboro has been given by the waynesboro rotary to the warm shelter childcare 15,000 to the waynesboro YMCA they’re providing childcare for essential workers community childcare and Staunton has also started providing childcare services to essential worker general financiación $1,680 to DSS for software to help with a teleworks for their 165 person work force 10,000 from hershey to the United Way for personal care packages distributed to VPS Waynesboro YMCA and school fund distribution sites there’s been 25,000 donated to the state and creative community fund by the Community Foundation this is a zero interest lutton’s up to five thousand and fifty percent of the loan would be forgiven each locality has also provided some loan funds for small business support through various lenders so that’s not all right make sure that you are on mute okay there we go two things I would also like to thank my Natasha for what she’s doing but there’s another person on this Zoom meeting and that’s mr holmes that has made a tremendous donation also to a company making master people I don’t think he want me to say what he donated but I greatly appreciate what he did and with that said I’ll get to business and the nominations committee has a nomination that they would like to present to Council to the tourism advisory board to report John John Higgs to a three-year turn beginning May 1st 2020 and expiring April 30th 2023 and I’d like to put that in the form of emotion thank you is there a second second thank you any further discussion miss Simmons would you call the roll please miss Oakes aye vice mayor cier aye miss Mead aye dr curren aye mayor dull eye dr. Harrington on I hear me yes okay mr. Holmes motion carries thank you does anyone else have any additional items all right if not we’ll move on to the approval of the minutes I wondered if we could have a motion for the to

special emergency meetings mayor dull is mead I moved to approve the minutes of the special emergency meetings of March the 18th 2020 and March the 24th 2020 thank you is there a second second Thanks any further discussion miss simmons would you call the roll please mayor dull aye dr. Curren dr. crren you’re muted Eric aye actually don’t see there we go vice mayor kier aye miss Mead all right mr. Holmes all right dr. Harrington aye miss Oakes aye motion carries thank you next I would entertain a motion regarding the minutes from March 26 mayor dull miss mead I move to approve the minutes of the work session and regular meeting of March the 26th 2020 thank you is there a second second thank you any further discussion mayor dull yes I wasn’t at that meeting so all right one abstention miss Simmons would you call the roll please vice mayor kier aye miss mead all right dr Harrington aye miss Oakes all right mayor dull aye dr. Curren aye motion carries thank you and finally I would entertain a motion regarding the regular meeting of April 9th mayor dull miss mead I move to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of April 9th 2020 thank you is there a second second Thanks any further discussion miss Simmons would you call the roll please ms mead aye mr. Holmes all right dr. Harrington aye miss Oakes aye mayor dull aye dr. Curren aye vice mayor kier aye motion carries thank you we’re now a which is a public hearing of an ordinance to establish a budget for FY 2021 mister Rosenberg yes madam mayor if I could for a moment again address some of the logistics here the IT staff is telling me that we have people who are in the queue but they are not poised yet to ask questions so let me just clarify for the public that there are several steps to be followed there on the city council website and if you bear with me the city council website is /government/ City-Council and at that site you will find instructions to join the queue to ask your questions the first step is to dial the toll-free number eight four four eight five four two two two two when you are prompted enter the access code for the meeting six one nine three five eight pound you will then hear Q&A session has started your question please press star six and when you hear that press star six you will then hear a prompt that says if you’d like to ask a question please press 1 to add yourself to the queue and at that point you press one and then you’ll be added to the queue to make your comment during the public hearing I recognize that these that these steps take a little effort they are again on the city council website so that they can be read

followed in detail and I hope that that’s helpful to people who are trying to get through to ask or to provide comments to City Council during the public hearings mayor dull you’ve called for the public hearing on item a and I know that as we progress you will actually open the public hearing not only on item a but on items B and C item a is the public hearing on an ordinance to a staff establish a budget for FY 2021 item B is public hearing of an ordinance to increase water user fee and item C is public hearing of an ordinance to increase refuse and recycling rates and mayor dull when you do open those public hearings so that the public will understand they can add themselves to the queue and provide comment on any one of those three subjects in no particular order and before the public hearings are opened our chief finance officer Phil trayer will provide some background to council and the public concerning all three subjects mr. trayer members of council so pleasure to be here this evening tonight we are here for a public hearing on the FY 21 budget ordinance which was first introduced to Council on March 26 2020 this represents the maximum amount our budget can be approved without riad vert Iseman and digital public hearings as you aware from our last meeting the up by 21 budget is currently being revised downwards but much of the same structure will remain in place therefore input from the public is germane cost reductions totally 4.6 million dollars to currently be incorporated into the revised budget the revised budget includes the following the elimination the real estate tax increase elimination the 2% wage increase which was to have been effective on January 1st 2021 that produced a savings of approximately one hundred and eighty three thousand dollars reduction the local transfer to the schools as per the traditional revenue sharing formula of 1.9 million deferral of FY 21 CIP expenditures built into the budget of nine hundred and forty-one thousand reduction of other in the line items including non compensation of part-time labor six hundred thirty four thousand dollars in reductions due to personnel actions and nine hundred forty four thousand dollars again the original but an ordinance total one hundred twenty two million one hundred fifty three thousand five hundred and twenty six dollars and consisted of the following the general fund sixty point six million debt service fund four point eight million CIP fun nine hundred forty one thousand blue ridge court services one point 1 million water fund five million sewer fund 4.6 billion parking fund five hundred and forty thousand stormwater fun 1.3 million environmental fund 3.3 million education fund thirty four point six billion cafeteria fund 1.5 million textbook from 276,000 school CIP two hundred thousand in school state operated three million this ordinance original ordinance did include a real estate tax increase which is being revised out it also included water rate increases at five percent these additional funds will go towards major CIP projects which are scheduled over the next four years including the six point nine million Gardiner Springs pump house project in FY 23 and phase one of the north were a pipeline replacement projects six point five million in FY 24 to be clear the main objective is to build a rate structure wolf which will support debt service required for these two critical projects the refuge increases is also incorporated into the original budget and that is ten percent revenues will go primarily towards scheduled CIP projects as well as maintaining the recycling program within the city projects include landfill development scale house relocation office construction and heavy equipment replacement in conclusion I’d like to reiterate the original budget amendment represents a ceiling and staff is currently working to reduce these numbers by 4.6 million we have budget work sessions scheduled for April 30th May 7th May 14th and next week at April 30th work session we plan on providing a revived at by 21 budget to counsel the school budget is currently being updated but may not be available for reporting until the following week adoption scheduled for May 14 all right thank you so much at

this time we’re going to have all three public hearings on the budget for FY 2021 for the ordinance to increase the water user fee and ordinance to increase refuse and recycling rates so at this time I will open the public hearing of an ordinance to establish a budget for FY 2021 I will also open a public hearing of an ordinance to increase water user fee and I will open the public hearing of an ordinance to increase refuse and recycling rates and we are ready to hear from public madam mayor I can tell you and members of council that is a present time there is no one in the queue let me step through the instructions another time if council will bear with me in the event there are individuals are attempting joining the queue to provide comments to council before I do that I again note that these instructions are on the City Council website at /city-council the instructions include the following four eight five two two two two two when prompted enter the access code for the meeting six three five eight pound you will then hear the following statement human a session has started to ask your question please press star six after you press star six you will hear the following statement if you’d like to ask a question please press 1 to add yourself to the queue once you press one you will be placed in the queue and you will hear the audio feed of the meeting and then you wait until you are prompted by the moderator and then you can share your comments with council now in the time that I was repeating those instructions I saw that we did have one call or added to the queue they are no longer in the queue so I might suggest that we wait just a moment and see whether anyone joins having provided again the instructions and the location on the city’s website where they can be found and followed and mr Rosenberg I could add that there that the instructions can also be found at the bottom of the regular meeting agenda if anybody was looking at at the agenda if you go to the very end of and all the instructions are written out there for you and I in addition mayor dull I would note that public are you also be provided by email to the clerk’s email address which is also on the agenda or by calling the clerk at her phone number which is also on the agenda so I can tell you mayor and members of council that the one caller that I saw was our IT staff checking to make sure that the system was functioning as it is supposed to and I can confirm that it is working the way that it is supposed to so still at this point I do not see any callers in the queue and now we do have a caller who has

joined mayor dull and let’s see whether all right they come on the line I believe we have yes please state your name and address Richard Bolling 113 my question one of my question is I think you answered a couple of you said you’re not going to increase the real estate tax rate I guess I’m concerned I’m wondering if one of the things you might put out there is I think some people might have trouble paying people who can afford to pay another thing I think we all have free parking in the parking garage and there’s a lot which I generally opposed because I don’t like it so I think we got plenty of free parking available right now but perhaps it should be free parking for maybe through the summer so thank you very much for your call you’re welcome my guess is you can just hang up but I don’t know okay thank you thank you thank you madam at the present time there are no other callers in the queue and it could be that we’re going to be getting some public comment through emails or phone calls later so with with no further calls in the queue I’m calling the public hearing of the ordinance to establish the budget for FY 21 close the public hearing of an ordinance to increase water user fee close and the public hearing of an ordinance to increase refuse and recycling rates close at this time so thank you for the one comment and with the suggestions and we may hear from some more input through email or phone calls so at this time we can move on to item D the presentation by Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission mr Rosenberg madam mayor members of council we have with us this evening we did have with us this evening Greg Campbell the director of the Shenandoah Valley Airport Commission here he is now okay great and Maggie Ragon the city’s representative on the commission is also with us this evening and at this point I’ll turn it over to mr. Campbell welcome mr Campbell good evening mayor members of council thank you all for allowing time tonight to come in and give what is customarily the airport Commission’s annual update to council I am joined tonight by Maggie Ragon your representative to the Airport Commission Maggie would you like to say anything okay I also want to thank you in advance for your patience as we all get used to doing things in a little

different way I’m going to attempt to share my screen so that we can run through the presentation that I have can you all see that now sir now I would have to hire somebody who was about 50 years younger than me if I were going to achieve those well just know that there are many of us who feel the same way okay one more time hey Greg this is Leslie you want me to share my screen I have your latest version you could do that that would be good yep let me get it up right now and you can just walk me through it come pretty see that yes yes go ahead Greg you just tell me when to go okay if you could advance the next slide yeah so in keeping with our normal format of an annual update I wanted to start off talking about the airport as a whole the airport and it’s vital role in the community the airport plays a critical role in the community both in good times and bad and good times in terms of economic development access to our community tourism all their life but also during challenging times like this so before we get into that I do have some slides toward the end to talk about the current situation with COVID-19 but I want to talk about the positive aspects so a little bit about the airport’s impact in the community according to a 2017 study by the Virginia Department of Aviation Virginia sixty-six public-use airports have a big impact on the overall economic activity the Commonwealth almost twenty three billion dollars in economic activity almost eight billion dollars in payroll and 146 thousand jobs Leslie if we could just add as we go through these you can just tab and fill out the home page each time on a daily basis over 4,000 aircraft aircraft take off from and/or land at Virginia’s airports and every day about 23,000 visitors arriving the state by commercial airline or general aviation aircraft each job in Virginia supports an additional 2.2 jobs in the Commonwealth next page please specifically as it relates to shd its responsible for approximately 430 jobs in the community and payroll those positions of about in total economic activity generated shd equals approximately 60 million dollars per year to keep in mind these are 2017 numbers and this is before United entered service in the valley which has certainly had a big impact and probably boosted these numbers far beyond we’re looking at next page please in in sort of giving you all that an idea of what’s happening at the airport we always like to talk about the two sort of different categories the first is general aviation the second I’ll talk about in a few minutes is the airline side general aviation as you know is a big part of what happens at the airport particularly corporate and business aircraft that utilize shd to access their facilities and their investments here and to keep their operations going represents over 90 percent of our Airport operations on a given day the airport will see about 75 or 80 operations a day and operation being a take off our landing and

currently well before the current crisis six of those were airline operations so the rest are pretty much business corporate and private aircraft this is where we serve as being being the front door to the community oftentimes the airport is the first face that a prospective business or industry is going to see of our region or visitor it’s significant in the economic development efforts we work closely with mr. Vaughn I serve on your Economic Development Authority and we work hand-in-hand with our economic development professionals in the region and work with them to facilitate economic development through the airport traffic represents a wide variety of industries next page in the deck please but it’s not all local certainly it is here for those companies that are here to use to move their folks in and out we see a lot of companies utilizing corporate airplanes most into the household names you think of in our community so the larger employers be it retail manufacturing distribution most of them have their own aircraft and they found that that’s an efficient business tool to move their folks in and out of the valley some of them we’ll see several times a week but airports equal economic development and access to our community is critical it’s important if we’re going to attract quality investment existing business we oftentimes come into play and certainly on the airline side when it when you’re looking at talent attraction retaining good employees and our lawyers are having that access both in and out is important because it is a quality of life factor next page please this is just a sampling of some of the regular corporate visitors that we’ll see you can probably a lot of those names look familiar to you and some of them as I mentioned we see several times a week next page please sort of before we got to the current situation this is kind of what an average day at the airport would look like on the ramp you can see business and corporate aircraft park there if I were to run through the list of who owns those aircraft you would recognize those local employers and we see them on a frequent basis it’s kind of difficult to measure the passenger activity on this side of the house because corporate aircraft owners business aircraft owners and private aren’t required to report passenger numbers to us we do have we are able to track operational numbers but one of the biggest indicators we have about activity at the airport which is primarily driven by business aircraft is the sale of jet fuel the Airport Commission operates the fuel concession which is a significant source of revenue for the airport and but it’s also a metric that we use to determine our activity levels next page and equities you can see sort of the trend line it’s really interesting to get the airport you can you can almost overlay this to kind of economic cycles as well you can see the recession clearly there in 2008 2009 2010 starting the bottom and then as we emerged in recovery 2013 has a little spike there and that’s because we had an airline flying to Orlando three times a week a low fare airline using a very large airplane to bought a lot of fuel and they spiked those numbers a little bit in 13 if you could kind of flatten that out a little bit you’ll see the general trend line has been up since 2010 can we continue to move more and more fuel with 2019 being really kind of a record year for us in terms of the amount of fuel we sold the the blue bar is jet fuel which is what larger aircraft used turbine power jet powered aircraft the the smaller gray box is aviation gasoline so that’s what smaller aircraft like those used in flight training and recreational so you can see that’s a not a significant part of our operations and neither is it a significant part of our revenues but it is important and you can see this year for 2019 we will moved well over half a million gallons of jet fuel about another fifty five thousand gallons of aviation gasoline for 2019 2020 was also off to a good start but as you might imagine that’s slowed a bit next page in the deck please now we’ll move on to the airline service you all know that about two years ago we almost three we we were very fortunate to land a United Airlines service powered by Sky West the premier regional airline in North America regional airlines make up about 65 percent of domestic flying and Skywest is the premier regional feeder for not only United that they fly for American Delta and Alaska as well they are solid airline partner and you all might recall after years of some subpar service for some other carriers they’ve struggled through the years we finally really were fortunate in landing Skywest and United you can see solid airline partner with impressive operational performance ninety seven point eight percent completion and when you’re looking at well over a hundred flights a month that is impressive and

this is a this is their statistics at shd I can tell you Network wide Skywest performances like that sky West operates and about 270 communities throughout the United States and they they do that with that same operational performance that we see here in our market the other thing that has been fantastic about this is this is United Airlines service for our community full integration with United it’s not a it’s not an interline agreement or a week codeshare agreement it is a full integrated United product so we have United Airlines service it just happens to be powered by Sky West this service is also unique in that it’s jet service the valley historical has not had passenger jet service and it’s also unique in that United really wanted they really believe this market has potential and they really wanted to give us the best opportunity to make this service successful so they gave us service to both Washington Dulles and Chicago O’Hare which are both hubs for United Airlines and the two hubs are very complimentary in their service patterns Washington Dulles serves the East Coast to the northeast very well and also serves international fairly well Chicago serves sort of the middle part of us West Coast and a lot of other international actually Chicago does everything really well Chicago is now the the largest connecting hub airport and the United States it has passed Atlanta and because of this reliable well connected United branded service passenger traffic has rebounded dramatically in the last two-and-a-half years and that’s resulted recently in United and Skywest adding additional flights to our schedule in the December 2019 schedule where we were we were able to add a third round trip into the schedule at their risk which was working out really really well and and we think that bodes well for our future in terms of what we can move with traffic next page please so don’t just take my word for it the proofs kind of in the numbers and if you see the the let’s just go by the color coding and take a look at the the green bar at the bottom that was the the first quarter of 2018 when we had via Airlines which really struggled in the market and the passenger numbers reflected that you can see in April the blue bars April of 2018 when Skywest and UNITA Kover our market you can see the immediate jump and reception by the community and the passenger traffic increasing dramatically you see a peak there in the summer months and then it starts to wane that’s somewhat seasonal you know when when back-to-school and things like that happen a lot of vacation travel wines down business travel doesn’t really ramp up until October so there it’s sort of a seasonal flat but also when the service started originally the Chicago Service involved on one stop in route to Chicago at another community and the reason you know did this was Chicago routes fairly expensive because it’s a longer flight and they wanted to make sure that we could put enough passengers on the airplane for the route to be viable and they determined quickly with the support that we saw from our community in the first couple of months that we didn’t need to share the airplane with that other community which was actually holding our market back and we could do much better on our own sir Chicago service in the fall of 2018 became nonce non-stop and you can see that reflected in October which at that time was a record month that we shattered that record and the other times then you can see the gray bars kind of overlaid on top of this and this reflects what we saw in 2019 just about every month in 2019 we saw a 20 to 30 percent increase in passenger traffic over the same month of 2018 year-over-year 20 to 30 percent increase just about every month and that’s an apples to apples comparison and it just shows the depth in the market it shows that our folks that have been maybe because the service wasn’t great in the past with some of the other carriers have been forced to drive to other airports and use other options that those folks were really preferred to fly local and we’re coming back to their home Airport and flying from SH D and according to a leakage study we just conducted back in the fall even with this success we’re still there’s still a huge amount of potential of folks that we feel like we can get them back off the road and fly and local and then that leads us to the beginning of 2020 you can see the red line keep in mind the extra flight frequency was added in December you can see the the last month of 2018 the last gray dot 3,700 passengers which again another record and that involved the extra flight frequency the extra flights up to Dulles in December you can see that 20 20 20 got off to a really good start January and February were up again just like that trend was continuing and those were very strong months and then you can see the effects of kind of a 19 and the passenger the passenger traffic started

to receive the first half of March was really strong spring break with a lot of the colleges and universities in our market but that started to slow in the last two weeks we’re really not good and you can see it finished out at not such a great month we do not have April data yet the airline typically sends that sometime and about the second week of the following month so we don’t have data for April yet I will tell you it’s not going to be it’s not gonna be great traffic has really fallen off not only here at shd but nationwide next next page in the deck please this is just to kind of give you a little higher level view of passenger traffic and you can see post recession in 2008 traffic was building you can see the frontier service which was the Orlando service for the winter of 2012 2013 that service did really well was 140 seat airplane three times a week each way to Orlando and we filled 97 to 98 percent of the seats in the last three months that the service was here they didn’t return to a seasonal service for the winter they didn’t return because frontier was sold and the new investment group that owned them decided they wanted to take the airport a completely different direction and not fly smaller markets like ours but it wasn’t that the six service wasn’t successful so we continued efforts to try to secure that type of less than daily low fare service to Florida Florida is our number one market particularly Orlando and it’s no secret we continue to meet with carriers that serve less than daily low fare Florida and we we feel like we’re getting some traction on that then you can see the effects of the pilot shortage in 2014-2015 which really led to some of the smaller regionals that we had at that time struggling in their operational performance which had an adverse impact on passenger traffic and then you can see the 2018 the first quarter and then the switch to Sky West and the fantastic results that we’ve seen with United Skywest and based on how things were trending out of the gate for 2020 we were going to be in the 40,000 plus passengers for 2020 next page please just quickly I want to touch on the airport’s capital improvement program you all support the airport we appreciate that support and we’ve been able to leverage your support for significant federal and state participation from the FAA and the Virginian part of aviation to make sure that we not only rehabilitate existing infrastructure but that we continue to develop and evolve the facility to handle the needs that continue to grow at the airport we recently completed an airport master plan it was a very comprehensive project over a span of two years it’s required by the FAA and by the state Department of Aviation it’s our roadmap for development and guides us in programming our projects it guides them and knowing how to program their funding for our projects and we wrapped that up in late 2017 the next step in that was a required phase one environmental phase one is the projects in the first five years the master plan the projects we anticipate that we’re going to undertake in the first five years well coming out of the master plan we had to do a comprehensive an environmental assessment of all those projects contained in phase one we have recently wrapped that up actually last month so we’re now moving into those projects in phase one the projects shown in blue are projects that funding has already been secured for and those projects are underway and the commission continues moving forward with those taxiway in April construction in the North corporate hangar area corporate hangar construction hangar construction is important we currently house about 80 aircraft at the facility we have a growing waiting list so we have a need for additional hangar capacity and that project the funding has already been secured for it and we’re moving forward with that is what the design on that as well fuel farm replacement the existing fuel farm is about 30 years old and it will be replaced with a much improved system that is much more environmentally sound and gives us some additional fuel capacity of jet a and aviation gasoline future projects in the next few years runway pavement rehabilitation the runway was recently repaved in 2005 it will need it soon that will be an expensive project because each time we repave the runway the work has to be done between midnight and 6 a.m. so that we do not disrupt operations to the airport also an expansion that general aviation apron you saw the previous pictures about those busy days in corporate aircraft we need a little more space to park those other payment rehabilitations just due to time and then some lighting rehabilitations on the airfield and some land acquisition that the FAA would like to see us undertake to protect our runway protection zones and the approach surfaces to the airport next page please this is the airport layout plan and I don’t have power of a mouse I was going to show this to you but just to show you I think it illustrates the comprehensive

nature of the recently completed master plan next page listen I’ve got a couple slides just real quick to talk about the Koba 19 situation how its impacted shd what we’ve been doing what United has been doing and our tenants at the airport as I mentioned before we’ve seen a noticeable decrease in traffic it’s in line with national trends I recently just read that last week nationwide the airline saw somewhere between 3 & 5 percent of the passenger traffic that they saw for the same week last year the airlines have experienced just tremendous decreases in traffic and along with that has been a commensurate cooldown in capacity and a reduction in number of flights nationwide however I will tell you even though we’ve experienced a reduction in people traveling both because they’re not comfortable traveling in this environment and also because of some of the restrictions the remaining traffic both airline and on the corporate side is largely the essential movement of critical personnel that are associated with supply chain manufacturing medical and military a lot of the operations we see coming in and out are moving those critical personnel moving maintenance technicians that are working to keep production lines going in food production medical production and we’re seeing medical volunteers move out from the valley to two hot spots which United has been kind enough to fly those folks for free and also some military movement we also have the medevac helicopter based at the airport which is there 24/7 basically as a flying trauma level resource shd has to maintain 24/7 operational readiness because of this and because we’re operating certificate of the faa and because we need to be there for the for our users so we’ve worked closely to make sure that we do that with Skywest with TSA and certainly with the medevac helicopter folks that are also 24/7 next page please actions taken by the Airport Commission we implemented our crisis management plans we’ve developed an implemented business continuity strategies again to make sure that we are still there through this crisis and as we come out the other side things like making sure that our rotating shifts at the airport do not touch each other as they are overlap so that if if there is a situation that we can still maintain operational integrity and other things to make sure that we have business continuity and that we remain there and reliable also increased cleaning of the terminals we’ve exceeded the CDC guidelines shd was already an exceptionally clean facility and our folks in housekeeping the facilities do a great job and they’ve taken that out another another couple steps recently we’ve also continued our coordination with all of our Airport Senate’s we have about a dozen tenant businesses on the field some of which are essential some of which are not so we’ve been busy coordinating with them on what kind of things should happen and making sure that they’re taking action to protect everyone follow the guidelines they’re out there and be responsible also proactive fiscal policy we’ve been hit for a revenue standpoint as you might imagine and I’m sure as the city has been and so we’ve taken actions to eliminate discretionary spending freezing any open positions deferring our seasonal hiring at this time of the year we would normally undertake and reduced or eliminated part-time hours next page please actions taken by United Skywest kind of are in two categories one is efforts they’re taking to slow or stop the spread and some of those are increased efforts to support social distancing on flights cleaning of their aircraft and also they’ve offered very generous booking flexibility and allowed folks to change their flights without some of the customary change fees and difference and fare and that kind of thing that’s originally planned through the end of April we look for it to be extended in the mayor Jean also along with this United has cut globally their capacity by about 90 percent American and Delta have done like much the same and they’ve had because of this there’s been a realignment of the hubs and far fewer flights at the hubs means there’s far fewer banks at the hubs so certainly there have been adjustment in our flight times to make sure we still meet the banks and provide that connectivity to our critical passengers through all these cuts a lot of airports are seeing cuts of 70 percent 80 percent we’ve been fortunate we’ve only lost one round-trip per day that’s been removed for the April May schedule it’s largely because of our protections under the essential air service program there may be reductions additional reductions but right now we’re still at about 66 and 2/3 of our original scheduled for May April and May and I think things will be evaluated going forward the schedule beyond May 4 now United Sky West has left our frequency that existed in December in the system they’re hopeful

that at some point we can get back to normal and so they continue to leave that out there and the other point I want to make about United Sky was we knew this was a great thing getting this airline in our community and it’s been proven through this crisis the service has remained exceptionally reliable even in cases where there were only a couple of passengers on a flight there were critical passengers and United in Skywest have continued to perform exceptionally every flights running they’re running on time and they’re just doing a great job for us making sure that that critical link in and out of our community stays there it’s something that can be counted on and be reliable and and then run the flights it doesn’t matter how many people are on the flight they were on it next next slide so that brings me to any questions you might have hopefully I haven’t taken up too much your time again we appreciate the support of the city we are our team has really stepped up at the airport to work through this current situation and we’re looking forward to one day working through the current crisis coming out the other side and we look forward to greeting our community and our visitors with the same enthusiasm and exceptional customer service that folks have come to expect from the airport and we will be there to do that thank you well thank you so much it counts does anyone have a question no but we appreciate having the Regional Airport and the great work that you all do mr Rosenberg yes madam mayor thank you I want to share with Council in here mr. Campbell touch on this but as the Airport Commission has been struggling with its budget adjustments for FY 2021 as council knows we have been struggling as well here in the city and I wanted to share with councilmembers that we received word from mr. Campbell earlier this week that the Commission would be looking to the city for level funding of its contribution to the Airport Commission for FY 2021 there had been an understanding among the Airport Commission member localities that there would be an increase in FY 2021 in the localities contributions to the Airport Commission and mr. campbell kindly let us all know earlier this week that the Commission would forego that increased contribution and asked localities to fund at the FY 2020 level and of course we appreciate every instance where we can achieve some savings as we revise the budget that we’ve proposed to council so I just wanted to share that with council and express my thanks to mr. Campbell while he’s with us this evening yes we do appreciate that any other any other comments did miss ragon have anything to say mayor dull members of council I just like to reiterate our appreciation for the city support of the Airport Commission and happy that they’re continuing to do their jobs and we’re all we’re all in this together and we’ll come out the other side together thank you thank you so much all right we’ll move on to item E which is the consideration of an application to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for a Virginia industrial revitalization fund grant for the Arcadia project mr. Rosenberg yes thank you madam mayor and members of council during your work session you heard from billy vaughn the city’s director of economic development about a proposed project involving the Dixie theater on Beverly Street in downtown Staunton you also heard from two principals of the Arcadia project which it is the name but the name of the project as well as the name of the organization that is proposing to undertake the project Pam and Tom Wagner joined you during your work sessions to share with you details of the proposed project they are seeking City Council’s support in the way of an application by the city to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for an industrial revitalization fund grant that grant program establishes to provide funding for the rehabilitation

of vacant or distressed properties and the grant being sought by the Arcadia project for the Dixie theater renovation is $600,000 the Wagner’s shared with you details of their fundraising efforts to date to support the project which would transform the Dixie theater into a cultural center targeting the needs of underserved young adults minority and youth groups the Wagner’s shared with you further details of their application which requires a one-to-one match of grant funds they will satisfy that match entirely that is the Arcadia project will there’s no funding commitment from the city that’s required or requested in connection with the grant application they are in the fundraising phase prep pre presently they are seeking to raise grants from private foundations in the amount of $600,000 funds from private donors also in the amount of $600,000 and then a portion of their building acquisition debt settlement is also eligible to be used as matching funds but all told they are anticipating a fundraising effort on their part of approximately 1.5 million dollars well exceeding this $600,000 match that’s required by the Department of Housing and Community Development so you have before you on the agenda and a proposed resolution that would authorize the city to take an application to the Department of Housing and Community Development with the funds awarded to be provided to the Arcadia project in support of this effort and I’m happy to answer any questions does anyone have any questions if not I would entertain a motion here Mayor dull Miss mead I moved to adopt the resolution approving an application by the city of Staunton Virginia to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for a grant under the department’s industrial revitalization fund grant program to fund the Arcadia project as presented and to authorize the city manager or his designee to complete any actions necessary in connection with such grand thank you is there a second okay thank you any further discussion mayor dull dr. Harrington as I did in the work session discussion on this matter I will be recusing myself from the vote since I’m a member of the board of the Arcadia project alright thank you any other comments I would just say this is a great opportunity it will be fun to see the Old Dixie theater being used again so with that miss Simmons would you call the roll please mr. Holmes all right miss Oakes aye mayor dull aye dr. Curren aye vice mayor kier aye miss Mead aye motion carries thank you item F is consideration of a Memorandum of Understanding between the city of Staunton and Augusta healthcare incorporated for the 340b drug pricing program mr. Rosenberg madam mayor ms Beauregard will present this item thank you thank you so earlier this evening at your work session a couple of representatives from Augusta Health Mark LaRosa and John Katz iana’s presented this item offered some details on it very broadly the Augusta Health is seeking city’s support for the 340b drug pricing program which is an outpatient drug pricing initiative and and the city’s support is in the form of an MoU which you have before you and this program is a federal program which makes outpatient drugs available to cover entities that significantly reduce prices and their participation Augusta Health’s participation requires that Augusta health contract with a local government in this case pursuant to which Augusta health commits to provide those health care services just low-income individuals and the attachment random of Understanding

between the city and Augusta health is intended to fulfill that requirement so I would recommend council approved this memorandum of understanding in connection with Augusta house participation the 340b drug pricing program upon final review and approval of the city attorney and Ally answer any questions Thank You council members do you have any questions if not I would entertain a motion that’s correct I made that the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the city of Staunton an Augusta Healthcare Inc related to the corporations participation in the federal government’s 340b drug pricing program he approved and the assistant city manager be authorized to execute and deliver the Memorandum of Understanding and other such documents as may be required in connection with the program with such modifications and in final form as may be approved by the city attorney thank you is there a second second thank you any further discussion miRs oh yes this is councilwoman oakes I would just like to state that this is the 340b drug pricing program it’s an excellent program that Augusta Health is undertaking and I commend Augusta Health for doing just this Thank You anyone else miss Simmons would you call the roll please dr. Harrington aye miss Oakes aye mayor dull aye dr. Curren aye vice mayor kier miss mead aye mr. Holmes Hey motion carries thank you next we have matters from the city manager mr. Rosenberg thank you madam mayor I have three items to share with you briefly first I want to make the public aware I’ve shared this with counsel previously but for those members of the public who are listening the Staunton Downtown Development Association on its website has been maintaining a listing of those businesses in the central business district which remain open and are providing services and the executive director of SDDA Greg beam has kindly agreed to include not only businesses in the central business district but also businesses located elsewhere in the city so members of the public who are looking to see who is operating in these current times can go to the SDDA a website at and they will find a link there to the listing that is being maintained by mr Beam i also want to remind everyone that we continue with our series of Staunton responds videos we’ve produced three of these videos which provide an opportunity for us to express our appreciation to the public and to share with the public how we continue to provide programs and services thus far mayor Dull Police Chief Jim Williams and I have appeared in those videos and I would anticipate by the end of the week Billy Vaughn our economic development and community development director will appear in a video so those are on accessible on the city’s website on the city’s Facebook page and on YouTube and finally to piggyback on some comments made previously by MS Oakes I believe she identified two different providers who are providing childcare for essential workers in the city I’m at a point where I can share with Council that we are working with a third provider the Boys and Girls Club which previously had a program of Booker T Washington Community Center which was closed with the onset of the public health emergency we are now in discussions with them and I’m confident they’ll come to fruition so that the Boys and Girls Club can additionally begin offering child care services to essential workers in

accordance with federal guidelines at Booker T Washington and I would anticipate that those services would commence at the beginning of May thank you very much all right thank thank you at this time we would have matters from the public if there’s anyone else that wishes to communicate you need to follow the instructions that we presented earlier and and call in and have an opportunity to speak so I’m madam mayor I don’t see any callers that are in the queue but we might wait a moment just to see whether anyone anyone joins all right we may have warned everyone out I do not see anyone in the queue all right well with no one in the queue wishing to speak and with no further business this meeting is adjourned you