School Board Meeting: October 16, 2018

I welcome each of you present and watching a quorum is present to transact the business of the division. Ms. Surles-Law and Mr. Marvin Harris both are excused from tonight’s meeting. we will begin tonight’s meeting with an invocation and pledge to the flag here do the honors are two school two students from Gildersleeve middle school. Selma Sulejmanovich and Mya Porter. first Selma will come forward and provide the invocation she would then be followed by Miss Mya who will lead us in the pledge. so Miss Selma but you please come forward and tell us a little bit about yourself before you begin. I was born here in America but my parents are from Bosnia Herzegovina my favorite hobby is playing soccer and my future job is to be a lawyer. thank you all right. so I came here tonight to tell you a speech that hopefully will inspire you and anyone else when I feel like quitting I think to myself why why did I start in the first place it’s because I’m determined and driven to try something new to be successful never let anyone tell you that you can’t finish your goal if someone told you you aren’t meant to finish this you tell them yes I am I can do this whether you think I can or not and in any given moment you have two options to step forward into growth or just step back into safety you show them that you can go farther than they think you are your only limit not your teacher or your friend you if you ever make mistakes forget them you should always remember the lesson but if you’re not willing to learn anything no one can help you if you are determined to learn no one can stop you if you are ever doubtful just remember how far you have come remember everything I’ve faced all the battles you have won and all the fears you have to overcome so don’t look back you’re not going that way accept what is let go of what was and have faith and what will be because you always get up after a fall and whether you run walk or crawl you’ll set your goal and achieve them all. Selma, thank you very much for that wonderful reading. Mya would you please come forward and before you begin tell us a little bit about yourself. good afternoon my name is Mya Porter um some hobbies that I like our sports I like to draw I also like to help when it’s needed I attend go to Gildersleeve middle school and I am here to say the pledge. Please stand. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all you may be seated again thank you for participating in tonight’s meeting you both did a wonderful excellent job I know there’s great things happening over there at Gildersleeve middle school supporting Selma and Mya tonight are their family members and members of their family will you please stand to be recognized the board appreciates the encouragement did you have given these two young ladies and we thank you again for bringing them to tonight’s meeting so again I would like to give both of them another round of applause jinda I believe there we’re going to have some recognition is that correct yes sir and so dr. Parker you welcome forward okay you want us down now or you were gonna on behalf of the school board and the superintendent I’m pleased to present this month’s recognitions every school day drivers in Newport News public

schools and Newport News share the road with over 300 yellow school buses these buses are driven by some of the school divisions most dedicated employees who provide safe and efficient transportation for nearly 25,000 students being a bus driver is a great responsibility and our next honoree has served students and the school division for 24 years recently Temple Johnson was named the Newport News bus driver of the year miss Johnson would you please come forward miss Johnson is a great role model for other drivers she is described as being dependable dedicated and hard-working she is passionate about her students and is a very skilled driver the criterion for a bus driver of the year is very stringent honorees must have outstanding attendance excellent annual evaluations and they must volunteer and maintain a great safety record during her tenure with the school division miss Johnson has served as a special niche driver a key driver a driver trainer and two years ago she was a member of the first class of the transportation apprenticeship program and acknowledging miss Johnson’s award the leadership team noted that she embraces every task and work obligation successfully and that she and that the traits that her students respond to the most are her smile and the loving way in which she addresses her students miss Johnson congratulations on this well-deserved honor the transportation department also recognizes newer drivers that have excelled at their jobs our next honoree also boasts outstanding attendance and great performance reviews. the rookie driver of the year is Ben jingles mr jingles would you please come forward mr. jingles joined the transportation team in September of 2013 and he brought with them a strong work ethic mr jingles takes great pride in being the first school employee and the last school employee that his students see every day and he interacts with them very well he greets each of his students and takes great interest in how their day is going he also takes great pride in mentoring his students with safety being a high priority on his bus he takes great pleasure in his brand new propane bus he worked hard and yearned for a propane bus so so much that the team began calling him mr. propane well he earned rookie driver of the year and that propane School Bus so congratulations the role of our next honoree is essential to ensuring that our students arrive at school safely and securely bus assistants are responsible for maintaining the safety on the school bus by providing one-on-one attention to our special needs and younger students these assistants are assigned to the most challenging bus routes those that include young students medically fragile students and students with disabilities this year Frances Kearney was named bus assistant of distinction miss Kearney would you please come forward miss Kearney has distinguished herself over the past 15 years of dedicated service as a bus assistant each day she’s instrumental ensuring that students are safe as they ride to and from school she’s responsible to tending to the students as they load ride and unload the school bus she must know the bus route assistant in emergency operate all of the equipment on the bus and be familiar with the needs of each student the transportation leadership team noted that Miss Kearney is professional and dependable and that she has successfully assisted thousands of students during her career congratulations on being named bus assistant of distinction each year the Transportation Department also recognizes a bus assistant with five or fewer years of service with the rookie assistant of the Year award the awardee must have outstanding attendance and demonstrate extensive knowledge of the buses equipment and safety and emergency procedures the rookie assistant of the year is Gardner Boyd senior mr. Boyd would you

please come forward mr. Boyd works well with his students he’s had great annual evaluations and maintains all of the required training he has a long and distinguished 23 year career with transportation he began his tenure as a bus driver and has been a key player through many of the changes that have occurred in transportation after 20 years as a driver he transitioned to working as a bus assistant for students with special needs he has assisted some of our high needs students with care and dedication he’s worked with numerous bus drivers and assistants throughout his career his expertise and dedication are truly appreciated presently mr. Boyd again is working as a bus assistant and we congratulate him on this honor I think our next honoree was unable to join us and that is the mechanic of the year or as they call it in our shop the top wrench and this award recognizes excellence in work ethic attendance punctuality and demeanor and so the mechanic the top mechanic for this year is Andy Ratcliffe I think he was mr Ratcliffe here okay what we want to congratulate him as well he helps support a team of mechanics who maintain over 300 school buses and 200 support vehicles so we congratulate him as well I’d like to acknowledge the if they have any family members or friends that are joining them tonight would you please stand thank you and I’d also like to acknowledge our supervisor transportation James Riddick mr. Riddick thank you our custodians are the caretakers of our schools and offices they ensure that our buildings and the surrounding grounds are safe and clean our dedicated custodians ensure that repairs and maintenance are routinely addressed and they work tirelessly to ensure the success of athletic events student performances meetings and special events in a school they play an even greater role for they along with our other dedicated support staff members are the key elements of a successful educational environment as they contribute to the health safety attitude and pride of our students each summer the custodial services department conducts its annual cleanest school campaign school custodial teams are invited to participate in the contest to earn the cleanest school designation a team of supervisors from Plant Services visits each participating school and worksite and randomly evaluate several classrooms hallways offices and public spaces they survey the area’s expecting them to be dust free with shiny floors clean carpet pristine glass and no apparent maintenance problems. after the results are tabulated the winners are announced and this evening we’re recognizing the recipients of our cleanest school awards for 2018. in the alternative schools category the Aviation Academy custodial team earned top honors. please join me in congratulating Reginald Pope mr. Pope and Stephen Tilton he was unable to join us. at the elementary school level the Newsome Park Elementary School team earned top marks. please join us in congratulating lead custodian Patrick Rhodes, Pierre Baptiste, Teresa Brown,

Shawn Lipscomb and Larry Montgomery I’m gonna have you step in front take a picture our next honorees represent the middle school level and the team from Booker T Washington earned the cleanest school honor this year for the second year in a row. please join me in congratulating lead custodian Larry Liggon, Christopher Daniels, Lakeesha Parks and Jimmy Rodriguez kind of sounded like a challenge to me the team from Heritage High School earned top honors in the high school category they’re also a repeat winner they won last year and they’ve won in previous years so please congratulate lead custodian Tammy Davis, Peggy Adams, Demetrios Battle, Ernest Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Shirley Jones, Earl Mason, George Neil, Donal Page, Jana Singleton and Samuel Smith. all of the custodians that were honored tonight keep their schools safe and clean and they’re an important part of the team that supports and assists our students and staff every day so to all of you we thank you for your commitment and congratulate you on this well-deserved honor I would like to acknowledge and recognize the friends and family that

are joining all of our honorees tonight for custodial teams would you please stand. and also, thank you doctor calendar, I also wanted to acknowledge all of the principals that have joined them this evening too. we also want to acknowledge Marcella Bullock our custodial services supervisor and Keith Webb our executive director of plant services. it’s a great team of folks. October is National Bullying Prevention Month a time when all Newport News schools join schools across the state and the nation to bring awareness to all forms of bullying while students and staff and Newport News work together to create welcoming school environments and and to prevent and curb bullying behaviors year-round. this month there’s a special emphasis on standing up for one another Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has signed a proclamation designating October as Virginia School Boards Association bullying prevention month I’ll highlight some of the proclamation whereas school bullying is a significant problem in the United States and Virginia and whereas more than 20% of the youth in the United States are estimated to be involved in bullying each year either as a bully or as a victim and whereas bullying can assume many forms including verbal physical and in cyberspace and can happen on and off school grounds and whereas it is important for Virginia parents students teachers and school administrators to be aware of bullying and to encourage discussion of the problem as a school community and now therefore I Ralph S Northam do hereby recognize October 2018 as Virginia School Boards Association bullying prevention month in the Commonwealth of Virginia and I call this observance to the attention of all of our citizens. later this evening the youth development team will present an overview of how our students are standing against bullying and other negative behaviors. with that said we will again congratulate all of tonight’s honorees and at this time we’ll take about an eight minute break so that our honorees and their family and friends may leave if they desire to do so during this time our viewing audience will have an opportunity to view this month’s School Board Spotlight so we’ll stand in recess for about eight minutes thank you every October caring citizens across the world join together to keep our youth safe from bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month Newport News public schools is taking a unified stand against bullying our school system realizes the negative effects of this national epidemic including school absenteeism poor academic performance and low self-esteem whether students are verbally insulted physically assaulted excluded from activities or become the subject of rumors bullying can happen at school and in neighborhoods and unfortunately bullying can take place in the sanctuary of our homes through cyber bullying across social media throughout Newport News public schools students staff families and community partners work together every day to create a safe and nurturing learning environment with a commitment to assisting every student in becoming successful the youth development team has created stand together for youth an intentional approach to promoting positive school

culture and discouraging bullying and harassing behavior at every grade level stan empowers our youth to become the positive change they want to see instead of becoming bystanders and watching bullying happen our students play a critical role in leading their peers to build each other up expect respect is a bullying prevention student-led initiative that establishes a school-wide expectation for common respect among students and staff bloom is a district-wide empowerment program to equip female middle school students to become global leaders and Project Inclusion allows high school teams to ensure all students feel as though they belong during the month of October our schools will be involved in even more activities aimed at promoting a culture of caring that reduces bullying unity parades, anti-bullying messages on morning shows, classroom activities that focus on kindness and positive artwork and posters are just a few of the methods many schools will incorporate into their daily lessons in addition parents against bullying will visit several schools to help provide solutions to bullying and many schools will celebrate Red Ribbon Week at the end of October giving students a voice in saying no to drugs, alcohol, bullying and other bad choices. these programs and activities illustrate how safety is a top priority in Newport News public schools along with the commitment of maintaining a safe learning environment for every student for the second year Newport News public schools students were invited to go camping during the summer to explore their interest in depth SPARK camps an extension of the summer program for arts recreation and knowledge offered one and two week camps in August with 11 unique themes and educational experiences 675 rising third through eighth grade students chose to participate this past summer. there was no cost for students to enroll and even included free transportation to each camp along with a free lunch. team sports, financial literacy, French artwork kayaking, leadership skills, music and wooden boat building were just a few of the fascinating themes students were able to explore. kayaking was hosted by Washington Middle School’s talented marine science educators while the remaining ten camps were organized by community partners and local businesses at each camp students worked closely with professionals and volunteers on hands-on activities to spark their growth and creativity SPARK summer enrichment camps were a huge success this year thanks to the devotion of community partners and the interest of our students to advance their own knowledge nowhere else can such a range of topics be offered to elementary and middle school students to achieve success in the summer months Newport News public schools continue to make progress through academic success thanks to the dedication of our talented educators and the hard work of our students 26 schools are fully accredited this year that’s five more schools than last school year and a consistent improvement from 11 accredited schools in 2014 all six high schools have been accredited for two years in a row while 17 elementary schools are now fully accredited and 12 additional schools are accredited with conditions recognizing students significant academic growth beyond overall performance superintendent Dr. George Parker expressed how proud he is of our students and staff while also realizing that the work isn’t done until every student is successful. teaching from a revised curriculum with new achievement goals and extended learning programs in place educators in Newport News public schools are focused on student achievement at all grade levels and our students are responding by creating a culture of success in Newport News public schools for 32 years now Summer Institute for the Arts has provided the resources inspiration and creative environment for students to thrive artistically housed at Woodside high school Summer Institute for the Arts is an intensive six-week program allowing students to focus on their growth in dance theater arts music

or visual arts after submitting portfolios and auditioning eighty-eight rising 8th through 12th grade students were accepted to participate this past summer with over 20 talented educators guiding the summer program students were fully immersed in their craft to further develop their unique talents invited guests artists musicians and field trips beyond the classroom walls help spark creativity and enhance the students abilities to analyze interpret and evaluate the Arts this multifaceted approach also gave students the chance to explore future career pathways and their fields of study on the last day all of the student artists musicians singers dancers and actors combine their talents for a final performance visual arts students display their collective artwork for families and school staff while performing arts students took to the stage showcasing their talents around the theme timeless classics upon successful completion of the summer program Newport News public school students received one weighted high school credit the experiences and opportunities that Summer Institute for the Arts offers these budding artists will continue to shape their artistic growth and creative pathways Welcome back and we hope that you enjoyed our School Board Spotlight during our meeting we provide time for the public to address the board these are scheduled at the early part of the agenda and again also toward the end of the meeting the board is very interested in ideas and opinions of the public we wishes to give the pin that the public is an opportunity for input on the operations and policies of the school division however this is an opportunity for the board to listen to your comments and as such the board will not engage in dialogue with the speaker or the audience speakers with specific questions will be referred to the superintendent or the appropriate office so everyone who desires to address the board may have time to speak we will ask you we will ask you to comply with our three minute time limit actually begin your comments a green light comes on the yellow light signals that you have 30 seconds remaining then the red light of the beat we are asking you to wrap up

your comments that means say we thank you for that so as your name is called please come forward and so we do have some courses evening and in particular we have a special guest with us today and we have delegate Mike Mullin from the Virginia House of Delegates 93rd district members since 2016 representing newport news/williamsburg City and York counties the committee’s he’s assigned to the Court of Justice counties cities towns Select Committee on school safety Commerce and labor delegate Mike Mullin welcome well thank you so very much mr chairman and thank you so very much dr Parker it’s an honor and privilege to be able to be here with you today to talk a little bit of why I am Newport News public school proud you know it is difficult at times to be able to get 140 members of the General Assembly to agree on just about anything let alone being able to commemorate the wonderful achievements during the 2017-2018 year here in Newport News public schools I wanted to take a moment to be able to talk a little bit about that you know this past year we were able to have 21 schools including all of our high schools here in Newport News that were fully accredited which I’m particularly proud of and thankful for all the hard work that you and all of the members of Newport News public schools have been doing over the course of last year you know Jenkins elementary actually achieved full accreditation after been and not being denied two years prior that’s a pretty great accomplishment and the level to which improvement has been shown in just a short amount of time is impressive you know for schools that had previously been unaccredited achieved partial accreditation showing the efforts in the work that’s been happening over the course of the last year and a half you know students across the district recorded gains on the standards of learning during 2016-2017 and you know as many of you are aware here in the audience or as the school board is already aware we have new standards of accreditation which have been implemented this year which have been more holistic in terms of their approach to determining what is the appropriate way of accrediting our schools and in particular has taken into account the efforts in improving a school that had been made over the course of the prior year and so in taking into those new standards of accreditation we have five additional schools this year that have been accredited bringing our total I would I believe please correct me 26 and you know we have 12 other schools are accredited with conditions under the new standards it is an incredible thing to be able to see the work that has been done over the course of the last year and a half here in Newport News public schools and so to commemorate that to honor that and to say thank you for all the work that you’ve done all hundred and forty members of the Virginia General Assembly came together this year to be able to put together this resolution in thanks for all the work that you have done and so I wanted to take a moment to tell you both as a parent of students here in Newport News public schools but also as a member of the Commonwealth how proud we are of being part of Newport News public schools so thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done thank you. Delegate Mike Mullin, you could come back any time with those types of words and comments. again I personally would like to give applause to all the staff and teachers and all those folks who were on today because all of those folks actually helped us achieve what we’re achieving so how about a round of applause for all those folks. ok next up we have a Ms Caroline Swipes is that correct? Good evening, mr. chairman dr. Parker and the rest of the school board thank you for having me I’m here tonight to discuss the recent restructuring of the gifted services at the elementary level I’m curious how much information has been shared with building administrators teachers and families about the new program design, delivery model and more concerning if it’s in compliance with the district’s current local plan on file with the VDOE. each school division must have a local gifted plan approved by its school board and submitted to the VDOE this document is valid for five years and Newport News

is local plan is up a renewal at the end of 2018 this important document starts with a statement of philosophy and an operational definition next program goals and objectives need to be determined screening referral identification and service delivery procedures need to be developed and all of this needs to match the philosophy the definition and the goals this is definitely a very cumbersome task but we have such wonderful timing with a new superintendent and some newly elected school board members to be a part of this important revision process I’ve just given you guys a pamphlet that I printed off the VDOE site specifically listing the school board roles and responsibilities and gifted programs as you can see one of the options that you have and one that I would like you all to consider is appointing a local advisory committee or perhaps appointing some committee members to join the already existing gifted advisory board these appointments would be for all future discussions about revisions to the local plan and to evaluate the extent to which the plan is being implemented effectively however since time is of the essence for the current revision I want to urge you all to form a panel of stakeholders to assist with the revision of the local plan. this panel should include obviously dr. Parker, members of the school board, chief academic officer, supervisor of gifted education, director student advancement, supervisor of testing, administrators at gifted sites, endorse gifted teachers parents of gifted students and any other professionals that have expertise with gifted learners and the twice exceptional learner which we have several. I would also like to encourage one of you to perhaps attend the next gifted advisory committee board many meeting and hold a roundtable with current parents of gifted students to hear their concerns and requests you may also gain valid insight into key issues as well as suggestions and solutions by reaching out to current gifted educators in our district or the ones who just recently departed but still care very deeply for our students gifted students finally I’m asking at the very least that when the local gifted plan comes across your desk for your approval that you will take a longer look at it than you would have before and give careful consideration to if it truly meets the high expectations that Newport News public schools historically has for programs at values. and I hope that it still values its gifted learners thank you very much for your time thank you thank you next we have Rhonda Wagner good evening school board members and dr. Parker how are you tonight I come to you with some information you may have noticed that across the country public education and workers rights have been under attack this lack of funding affects everything from class sizes desperately needed resources and even worker morale something has to change we have to change educators across the Commonwealth are leading that change with the wear red for public ed campaign so where does the red come from? On January 4th 2011 a group of Florida teachers and parents encouraged everyone to wear red to protest their state government’s controversial education proposals. in fact that was the chosen color for Arizona, West Virginia and Kentucky, but why red? there is a reason teachers and other union workers wear red to express solidarity. on August 15th 1989 Gerry Horgan, chief steward of the Communications Workers of America local 1103 was killed on a picket line in the Valhalla, New York. Horgan was taking part in a strike against the now-defunct telephone company NYNEX when a driver ran him over. in remembrance of Horgan union members across the country wear red. now in education, that symbolism behind the color red has broadened the grassroots movement wear red to support a public Ed aims to push for more and proper funding for public education instead of being in the black or fiscally sound public schools are in the red – fiscal crisis. in the words of Eduardo galeano, “I don’t believe in charity. I believe in solidarity.” and I believe the Commonwealth needs to pay its fair share. I am asking everyone to support public ed to join this movement and to wear red every Wednesday to send a message to our General Assembly that we want equitable funding for our schools because frankly our students deserve more we have a gift for the school board members dr. Parker and mr right of a red shirt that you can wear

every Wednesday wherever you are to show your support and delegate Mullin, I expect to see you in red thank you very much and we’re sure to wear those raids on every Wednesday is that correct yes where I’ll make sure I wear a red tie thank you I’m glad that on the side note that red is the color in Thank You mr. right next we have mr. mrs. Beverly Becker stay with me good evening I’d like to share some incredible work that is happening here in Newport News public schools last year my child was blessed to be taught by a master teacher Paige Randall and I’d recommend that you visit her classroom because it’s worthy of recognition and can be used as a standard of excellence but unfortunately you won’t be able to visit her classroom any longer because just two weeks ago she felt that she had no other choice but to resign. and our division? we let her walk away. I was beyond shocked when I found out that she left – because I know she would never abandon her children unless she felt she had no other choice. I also know another highly qualified CNU student in her first year of teaching who chose to work in Newport News because she believed in the vision and mission of this division and felt called here. on week three I received a text message saying I’m pretty sure I’m going to quit what these two ladies have in common is happening all over our division this is not the only story both teachers have extreme discipline situations in their classroom and when they’ve asked for support, it was not there. the new teacher had a child who disrupts her room all day every day. when he punched another child in the face the administrators told her put it on a Google Doc and never even spoke to the child about his behavior. the other children in the classroom were terrified and when the teacher asked for him to be removed so that she could reset and recalibrate her class to include herself they denied her and they finally said just send him to another room we have to be better to our teachers if we say that we love our children we have to love our teachers. we cannot expect them to deal with students in crisis alone. more and more teachers are experiencing children in crisis and yet they don’t feel they have supports to deal with the reality and if we continue this we won’t have any teachers left. are we sweeping children under the rug? a teacher told me that this year her school hid over ten children during administrative walkthrough so that people such as yourselves wouldn’t see them in disarray. I was appalled yet not surprised. I’m also sad to report that the new teacher can see dysfunction a mile away and has already decided only 20-plus days in she will no longer work for Newport News public schools next year. she’s talented she is an asset to our community and she wants to work with children but she can no longer do it. and these aren’t the only two stories I only have three minutes I was able to read the letter that mrs. Randall’s families were sent regarding her resignation and I noticed the divisions tagline at the very bottom that said smart safe schools and it made me laugh because at this situation it did not prioritize supporting smart teachers nor did it support having a safe school some children’s only chance is right here in these classrooms it is our job to advocate and fight for them. I personally teach about trauma and resilience and I can tell you we have to respond to children’s needs rather than reacting to their behaviors. does suspension work? we need to ask the question what has happened to you rather than asking what’s wrong with you. these children are worth us fighting for so do we have a smart safe school system if you say that we’re innovative like we have always championed and said we are on this peninsula I dare say that we call our government officials we call the DOE, our local physicians and anyone else to include myself that will come to the table to innovate because if we don’t create solutions we are simply writing children’s futures for them thank you for hearing me today. thank you miss Jamie Bazemore good evening mr. chairman members of the school board mr. superintendent it’s always a pleasure to be here we’ve come a long way since our first appearance almost a year ago on the Huntington middle school issue we appreciate all that has been done to ensure that Huntington remains a viable education source in southeast Newport News I am proud to be a member

of the stakeholders committee planning for Huntington and I thank you all for your confidence in that I want to impress upon you the importance of these next few months they are the most critical and our goal to obtain funding for Huntington always at the end of a City Council meeting someone comes up to me and says we don’t have any plans we haven’t seen any plans we haven’t talked to anyone we need to see something we don’t know what’s going on so we want to see your face like that can’t be true so we just want to encourage once again communication the joint meetings you are getting together on everything I guess relating to our school system if we have to beg I’m willing to do it if you want to send me I’ll go I just want to say thank you for continuing working on the plans and for discontinuing no one and as I always say Huntington she’ll rise again thank you thank you thank you are there any more cards there’s no more cards then we will move on to item number three our consent agenda item we put a 1 a minutes work session September 18th 2018 3.0 to the minutes from our special meetings of temper 18 2018 3.0 3 minutes from the regular session September 18 2018 3.0 for financial reports child attrition services September 2018 revenue and expense of course we have personnel report 3.0 5 and then earlier today the 3.06 superintendent’s annual goals for 2018 2019 and again we had we tweaked in a motion for so moved second you heard the motion and you heard the second time for the question mr. chairman just like to make a comment in terms of the superintendence goals I absolutely thought that these are a great set of goals to start from that reflect a lot of the discussions that we’ve had appreciate the integration of a lot of the goals that we’ve discussed especially I wanted to highlight the decrease the the goal to decrease the percentage of students who are removed for from instruction the those at-risk students that goal for 5% reduction I think that’s to be commended really putting our money where our mouth is in terms of something that we’re going to work towards diligently and as well in terms of our SPARK program bringing measures and achievements in that and the SPARK program through the summer so that we can be competitive and go further grants in the future so I wanted to say that I appreciate the integration of those those goals into what we’re doing so we’re attacking summer in particular and attacking that school to Prison Pipeline issue that we talk so much about. Any other question? there being none Ms. Hinton, please call the roll. For. Ms. Simonds? For. Dr. Best? For. Mr. Brown? For. Mr. Eley? For. motion carries 5-0. okay and next so sorry I think floor is yours so Mr. Chair now that we’ve passed personnel agenda I have some promotions to recognize so hopefully you’re in the audience tonight I would like to introduce Patricia Skaggs if you could stand when your name is called Patricia the new secondary assistant principal at Dozier middle school mr. Skaggs is currently serving as lead teacher and physical education teacher at Dozier middle school the Skaggs has been with on Newport News public schools for 22 years prior to coming to Newport News miss Skaggs worked as a teacher in Charleston South Carolina so we’d like to congratulate her and would you… with your family if you have any family members in attendance would they please stand as well so congratulations I would also like to introduce Mary Hardesty and the new secondary assistant

principal at Denbigh high school thank you for being here tonight Ms Hardesty is currently serving as a math specialist with Virginia Beach City Public Schools this Hardesty was also has also served as math as a math teacher in Shenandoah County Suffolk and Virginia Beach and Newport News public schools so well travel if you have any family members please stand and be recognized and we thank you for being here tonight as well and congratulations and our final promotion tonight is Allen Washington the new elementary assistant principal at kiln Creek Elementary School congratulations and thank you for being here mr. Washington is currently serving as a guidance counselor at Warwick high school mr. Washington has worked the past four years in Newport News as both an elementary and high school counselor prior to coming to Newport News mr. Washington worked for him Reichel County Public Schools if you have any family members please have them stand as well and thank you for being here thank you how about one more round of applause for those we’re gonna move the agenda to our item number four action items under 4.01 hold harmless agreement for aircraft donation to Denbigh high school and I think we’re gonna have a presentation by mr. Brian Nichols and basically I’m ready chairman hunter dr. Parker members of the board it’s a pleasure to be here tonight we have Dr. Blowe in the audience from Denbigh high school and then dr. Aaron Smith, program administrator from Aviation Academy so if it comes if you have questions that are not on these slides I’m going to defer to the experts on this one but what you have in your packet is a hold harmless agree Denbigh’s Aviation Academy and it presents a great opportunity for us we have an airplane donation we have several airplanes at the Aviation Academy and we’re actually building two airplanes so this adds to our fleet I don’t know if airplanes are please let’s go with that so it’s an avid flyer marked for speed wing so it’s a private donation that is offered to us the kit was purchased in 1991 took over 850 hours to build so it’s sort of a culmination of what our kids are actually building now different plane different models so forth but really that that’s sort of extensive work it first flew in 1993 one of the questions you may ask. we will not be flying it in any capacity we do offer pilot training but it is it is virtual so at the aviation academy one thing you may be wondering is what will we do with it so it is added to our other airplanes where we can compare different types of engines the weight balance wingspans instruments and so forth so it gives us kids a lot of opportunities and the airplane would be housed in our rented hangar space that we have at the airport so it fits in the existing work that we have so it’s important to show you pictures of the place and kind of see what this hold harmless agreement has in it so you see several pictures of the planes the gentleman that’s in the plane and the bottom left does not come with the airplane but it was the best picture we had just so you can kind of see the whole thing so you see kids have a real opportunity to work up close with the plane with an aircraft and be able to do a lot of research around it as they’re constructing their own planes at the aviation academy so what you have is a hold harmless agreement which as you see in your package just says that we would accept the donation and we would not we would hold harmless if anything were to occur with the plane once we take the seat so we’re very excited about the opportunity so that’s the action that we requested tonight the addition of this plane just continues our career readiness path at the aviation academy and the hold harmless agreement is recommended for approval so I’d be happy to answer any questions you have around it or defer them to experts in the audience any questions mr. chairman just for clarification so we have a citizen that has donated an aircraft to our school division for the purposes of children furthering their education and all they’ve asked for in return is a hold harmless? yes sir that is correct that is correct so it’s a wonderful opportunity for us Is Mr. Bowman in the audience tonight? I’m sorry? is the donor in the room? no mr Mr. Bowman is not here. We will certainly thank him for, you know – pending action – would the generous gift and the expertise that he’s provided. Sp is there any plans mr chairman to send a certificate or a letter to Mr. Bowman I think we thanks

for his donation and this is actually his plane he built and so I mean he’s got a lot of expertise that he can link to it as well we had a motion for action for approval miss chairman I moved to to vote on the motion of hold harmless agreement for aircraft donation to Denbigh high school. you heard the motion there’s a second – second. You heard the motion in a second Time for the question there being none, Ms. Hinton, please call the roll. Mr. Hunter? For. Ms. Simonds? For. Dr. Best? For Mr. Brown? For. excuse me and Mr. Eley? For. motion carries five – zero thank you okay our next item we’re gonna move to reports and information youth development bullying awareness initiative and we have miss Bridget Adams how are you today? I’m fantastic how are you good and you will enlighten us on this report I will do my absolute best good evening Chairman Hunter, members of the board dr Parker it’s great to be here with you again tonight to tell you about our ongoing efforts to create positive school culture and to discourage bullying and harassing behaviors in Newport News public schools in Newport News public schools we use a multi-tiered response to bullying to provide the interventions and supports that students need we believe it is important to proactively teach all students how to behave in a safe respectful and responsible way with the same intensity that we speak we teach math and science we also recognize that some students require more targeted instruction and so others may need individualized interventions to help them succeed in addition to this tiered system approach to bullying prevention we believe that many of the goals that we set as a school division could not be achieved without intentionally involving our students in the work bullying is essentially a student-to-student problem and you may remember in the spring of 2016 Stan was launched as a student-led campaign focused specifically on creating and maintaining a positive school climate and consistently working together to discourage harassment among peers to encourage everyone to commit to this work we took an already outstanding logo and personalized it for each one of our schools and this was not just because we thought highly of the logo but we really wanted people to connect with the ways in which we wanted them to stand as a school division so Stan was meant to be a movement not just an event and today our students our teachers our school leaders and the community continue to stand ready to learn to stand out as leaders and to stand together against bullying and harassment in Newport News public schools so this evening I have the pleasure of sharing with you what Stan looks like in action and answer the question how do our students stand how do our teachers stand how do our school leaders stand and how do our community partners stand against bullying and harassment. first it’s no secret that bullying is an international problem and I think we heard this earlier tonight across the country 30% of students participate in bullying either as a perpetrator or a recipient and 160,000 students miss school every single day because of bullying. so it’s really important that our students in Newport News public schools are empowered to address bullying. their voice is critical to our efforts to create safe and welcoming schools so right now we’re gonna hear directly from one of our students how NNPS students stand against bullying little so I’m empowered to stand up for others to help those children who are having the same problem as I did of not being able to be themselves or are scared of bullies or just afraid of confrontation. I am empowered to help them and show them the way of beauty and wonder of just being yourself and I don’t want them to make the same mistakes as I did as changing myself to it to get close to these cool kids you don’t have to do that if they don’t see the real you not their problem but you have friends here you have people who care – just be yourself Jordan is one of our trained expect respect middle school leaders. expect respect as a student-led positive behavior intervention and support initiative which was piloted in our middle schools late last year. expect

respect provides its students with a process for responding to bullying and harassment when it occurs most bullying prevention programs ignore the role of the bystander and have an initial effect but really no sustained impact one of the biggest challenges for students is knowing what to do when bullying occurs so with expect respects students develop a school-wide stop word which when heard lets everyone know that a line has been crossed prompting students and staff to make a decision and to take action. the goal of expect respect is to teach students how to respectfully interrupt socially aggressive behavior full implementation of expect respect requires continual training and Retraining of students and staff but over time we’re confident that it will prove effective in changing our school culture as you heard earlier in the month of October and beyond throughout the school year our students lead various bullying prevention initiatives designed to advance our stand goals like expect respect at our middle schools our elementary students across the division lead kindness campaigns and project inclusion teams in our high schools implement student designed action plans to encourage inclusion and a sense of belonging for all students as part of National Bullying Prevention Month all of our schools develop detailed calendars of events and activities for the month of October that would help to communicate the meaning and purpose of Stand so on October 1st we began Stand month by celebrating Stand day in recognition of world bullying prevention day across the school division our teachers staff and students wore blue in solidarity to demonstrate their commitment to stand against bullying behavior a complete list of Stand Month activities scheduled at each school can be found on the bullying prevention page of the Newport News Public Schools website understanding that social media is the most common way that people tell their stories also during Stand Month our schools students and families were encouraged to post their stand activities on various social media sites using the hashtag stand in NPS so we’ve heard how our students stand against bullying now we’ll take a look at the important role our teachers play in promoting positive school culture about relationships and one thing I can tell you about our students here at Nelson is our students feel loved I try to take her positive energy and use it with me and they use it on other people so building their relationships and seeing the level of engagement and the commitment from our staff members and our mentors towards these kids is what makes all the difference you actually get to have fun but you’re being kind and there’s like no bullying or no any people just saying mean stuff because it’s like we’re all like a big family giving one big giant hug we’re really fortunate that in every school there’s a dedicated youth development lead who serves as a resource to school staff in promoting positive experiences relationships and environments for all students our teachers and staff play an integral role in our efforts to create positive environments in addition to their commitment to building positive classroom cultures they support stand principals every day in their instructional practice by volunteering as mentors or Club advisors for the Nearly 700 sports clubs and activities available to our secondary students and by working diligently together to ensure that every child is connected to the school community our school and division leaders have the ultimate responsibility of driving culture across the division let’s hear how they stand every day against bullying and harassment empower our older students to take a leadership role in addressing bullying within our schools they have the opportunity to join clubs activities participate in events that allow them to speak on their own behalf that allowed them to give awareness to their fellow classmates and also involved staff members and work as a supportive team so that they feel comfortable in sharing information make a concerted effort to involve all team members and supporting the child that’s bully involving their parents providing them the support they need while also educating the bully and teaching them better ways to stand with our Newport News family. the Virginia tiered system of support is the framework that we use to teach behavior across our school division dedicated staff meet monthly to learn evidence-based strategies for positive behavior development and then share what they learn with their school community including students staff and families in addition we regularly monitor discipline and other data to inform our practice our rights and responsibilities handbook defines

bullying provides information on ways to report bullying such as the bullying hotlines in middle and high school and describe staff responsibilities responsibilities excuse me when bullying occurs throughout the year we also conduct a number of activities designed to advance Stann goals next we will share how our community partners stand with us against bullying we’re truly grateful for the number of individuals and organizations who work with us to create positive environments for our students one organization is parents against bullying the community partner parents against bullying our mission is to continue to spread awareness be that bridge of the gap between the students the parents the community that’s school system as a whole just to walk hand-in-hand to just talk about the importance of knowing what bullying is so we give workshops school tours pep rallies just that one-on-one support if need be whatever it is that we can do that’s what we’re doing here as parents against bullying Virginia to make sure that we are continuously being that’s important that awareness world we have to increase the communication so that we can help speak up and speak out against bullying to stop it. CEO of parents against bullying Shantay Miller is here with us this evening I like to ask for her to stand so that we can recognize the work she does in our schools and with our students staff and families to address some of the ways in which our community partners stand with us include conducting school assemblies and special community events facilitating workshops for students and staff and supporting our families companies like Newport News public Newport News Shipbuilding for example whose employees mentor in our schools and youth volunteer Corp Hampton Roads which connects our students with community service opportunities provide an invaluable layer of support and help us to advance our stand goals and our youth development work so we understand that no bullying prevention strategy can be effective without a sound reporting and resolution process everyone including students parents teachers administrators and support staff such as our student support specialists security offices and bus drivers play an important role in our efforts to prevent bullying this chart depicts the process which should take place when bullying occurs whenever bullying is reported the parents of all students involved are contacted although Virginia code requires that this be done within five days Newport News public schools policy is to do this within 24 hours or as soon as possible after the report is received all reports of bullying regardless of the source are documented and investigated by an administrator who conducts the bullying assessment to determine whether the incident qualifies as bullying or not bullying involves unwanted aggressive behavior that happens repeatedly in situations where there is an imbalance of power between the person being harmed and the person or persons causing harm if it is determined that bullying has occurred an incident referral is created if a crime has been committed our school resource officers notify the administrator determines the appropriate action to be taken and then applies discipline in accordance with the Newport News public schools rights and responsibilities handbook the family of the student or students being disciplined are informed as well as the family of the student who has who was harmed that the matter has been addressed it is very important that communication and follow-up continue between parents and the school to ensure that bullying does not continue we understand that any established practice is only as good as its application which is why we continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our bullying prevention efforts and to review the reporting and resolution process we are also researching technology such as smartphone and device apps which will allow for anonymous electronic reporting we continue to train expect respect in our middle schools and plan to expand into our elementary schools while also empowering project Inclusion to lead our anti-bullying efforts across the school division we also expect to launch our student wellness program which will promote physical social and emotional well-being and increase opportunities for peer mentors and mediators lastly we will integrate restorative practices into our bullying prevention tonight we’ve explored how our students teachers school leaders and community partners stand together against bullying and harassment and to promote positive

school culture across Newport News public schools in closing we would like to invite you and the community to stand with us at the third annual stand night at Todd Stadium on October 26th at 7:00 p.m. this event provides all Newport News public school students staff and the community with an opportunity to stand together against bullying during a special halftime activity demonstrating our commitment to bullying bullies building bully free schools that concludes our report on bullying prevention in Newport News public schools I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have mr. Feeley I just want to thank you and your team for this marvelous presentation that you put together and also thank sunny Miller all you do in the community we’re parents against building you see Shawnee everywhere he said the mall you see anywhere you go you’re gonna see parents against bullying and that’s very good to remind students and families that there is help out there not just in the school as well as in the community I do have a question for you though the bullying hotline do we have is it a live person is operating online those messages that regularly okay how often are they checked every day every day maybe that’s something we can look towards having in the future someone that actually live live because it might save a life if his child is being bullied in this field get to the point where they just suicide okay suicide is definitely the rise among school-aged children so maybe there could be a helpline it’s also used where if someone is just at that breaking point that is being bullied they can call that line and actually or have the option to push the zero to talk to someone if you feeling they need that you just extra breaking point tronic means for students to actually communicate that as well apps are really what the common mechanism is now for students across the country to report bullying so we need to get into that so we’re looking very carefully and what will meet the needs of our students in our school division but that’s really what we want to live towards doing well thank you again was an excellent presentation and just just for clarification if we if we have a link to a suicide prevention hotline I think that would be appropriate if God forbid if a student has suicidal thoughts I would hope that they get to a professional person as soon as possible so I would not like to leave a message order to address it but the person is not qualified so a link maybe or or a referral to the suicide hotline to a professional suicide hotline will probably be a better better source or resource for that student or person um so under the section for teachers stand you mentioned that there was some professional development trauma-informed care what what is can you describe the professional development and tell me what trauma-informed care would be I can’t team trauma-informed care is really just examining what’s happening in those students lives a lot of our students come to school every day they bring things to the table that some of our teachers really need to be prepared to understand and recognize so that we don’t trigger and make things worse so a lot of other work that we’re doing in our professional development is getting teachers to recognize those triggers and to understand what how to meet the needs of specific students okay thank you Miss Jones part of it excited I was and I walked in and seeing how different the middle schoolers that we trained left how excited they left knowing that they really can like they really can do something to help prevent bullying and to help people they see like that was really awesome and I remember even after the training running into I believe it was a teacher and it was like a casual conversation and the teacher had bought up she was like oh expect respect that she had bought up the conference and I remember being so excited because I was like hey I was part of that and it’s it’s really like miss out I was like what she’s doing what you’re doing is really really impacting the students and from student’s perspective getting that involved not only training them but having other students help to train it’s awesome just seeing what it’s doing to the students on a level of impacting and it like just impacting preventing bullying even more it’s reaching more students than just training the staff is and it’s just I love I love that Thank You Maria this is culture work and it’s going to take time but we were really excited to find that with the bullying hotline calls two middle schools were down 46 percent and calls overall were down 40% to the bullying hotline so we’re really excited about that they

were moving in the right direction very informative presentation just as a former employee of the division I was a part of the vision when Stan was initiated and to just see how it has grown and how the students have really embraced it and the staff it is to be commended and I think it’s a wonderful wonderful process much Thank You miss Adams thank you some report okay well our next item 5.02 we will hear from miss Holt’s miss Armstrong and mr. Hagan on a presentation of the new enhancements to the Newport News wellness program good evening dr. Parker mr. 100 school board members I’m really excited this evening to be in front of you to share really kind of an update to our staff wellness program some of you may recall that it’s almost been five years since since we started our wellness our staff wellness program here in Newport News one of the questions of course you always ask is why you would implement a program like this and we very much consider it a benefit for our staff members and really twofold one is the major value to the employee a program like this allows employees to focus on being healthy it helps staff know where their health health risks are so that they can address them it also provides the tools that are necessary to be able to accomplish a healthy lifestyle and of course the added benefit is a way to help reduce the cost of premiums for our employees and as an employer of course well in this plan our program scuse me is important because the healthier staff means more productive staff from day to day healthy staff are absent less as well as healthy staff provide lower health care costs for everyone for the employee as well as for the school division and so all very important benefits for our staff as well as for the school division to give you a kind of a quick snapshot of how things have been going this past year for the 1718 school year we had right at 1,700 of our employees participate in the wellness program that’s about 60 percent of the employees that actually participate in our health care plan and I think I’ve shared with you before we have about 75 percent of our staff who actually use the healthcare program that we have here so it gives you an idea that a participation rate which were real pleased with the financial incentive for of course our employees is that it is a wellness credit that there is each year when they participate which is in the amount of $500 so it is a very nice investment. this evening I have JoAnn Armstrong with me first who is a supervisor or our benefits and compensation here in the school division and she’s going to take just a little bit of time and explain a little bit more about the details of the wellness program so you’ll understand what it is the staff were participating in and then we have a special guest who’s going to share some really exciting new technology that we have available. good evening good evening so Stephanie shared a little bit about our participation last year and what I would like to talk with you about a little bit is how we reach that participation so employees who participate have four components that they complete and the first of those is a fairly quick and easy Health Survey that they do online in a secure portal they do a biometric screening which can be completed through their regular physical at their doctor’s office and we want to encourage staff to create a relationship with their primary care physician so they’re provided a form they can get that completed when they go for their regular checkup and then there’s a list of preventive care items we’ve asked that they do that they report that they’ve completed two of those there’s a list to choose from and they are gender specific it’s things like going for an eye exam a dental exam the regular checkup at the doctor counts for one of those preventive and then other routine and recommended procedures like doing a mammogram or prostate exam the healthy activities and challenges are where the fun part comes in those run a wide range of activities from running a 5k or maybe doing the one city marathon or sometimes the work locations will create a challenge amongst themselves of who’s done the most steps within a specified period of time or even going for a retirement seminar because we have included financial wellness as part of the wellness program so all of those activities can help reach that component because we’re very committed to making sure that the

participation is accessible to all employees and it’s easily attainable for everyone we’ve put a lot of supports in place for participation we have employees that serve as wellness leads at each worksite and what they do is act as a liaison between the benefits office and that work location and that helps us to make sure that communications that are going out do reach all employees there also there’s a resource to the employees to help them if they’re experiencing any challenges with the wellness portal or they need help with some of their participation each location also receives the eligibility for an eleven hundred dollar grant they do have to complete an application and submit it for review and it should be something that is in the spirit of the wellness program in order to be approved and our employees are very creative with some of the things that they’ve submitted we’ve had schools that have used their grant to pay for yoga instructors to come in and hold classes or maybe a Zumba class there’s a water filters water filtration systems that they’ve brought in to several sites to encourage employees to drink more water and things like that the Wellness Expo is one of our proudest proudest pieces of our wellness program we consider that to be a one-stop shop for all the wellness needs and I’ll talk a little bit more about what the Wellness Expo looks like in a minute I also mentioned one of the components is the biometric screening that employees have to complete and we understand that sometimes it’s hard for employees to find that time to get to their doctor even though we want to encourage that relationship we put in place on-site biometric screening clinics to make it a little bit easier those are held between usually the middle of June and the month of July when those two-month employees are are not encumbered and this past year we held 12 of those clinics and there are various locations from one end of the city to the other and sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon to make it again easily accessible during those clinics we also have a computer lab set up so that if they need help getting through that Health Survey we can help them do that there as well and then this past year we added a mobile mammography unit that was at several of the biometric screening clinics and we’ve included continued that throughout the year and as a matter of fact they were in the parking lot here at admin today so we’re excited about that piece as well so these are some pictures from our Wellness Expo when we hold this it takes up pretty much the whole downstairs of Heritage High School it’s an opportunity for us to introduce some of the resources in the community to our employees it’s for employees and their families to come out and we have vendors there that run the gamut from nutritional experts to fitness we hold demonstrations for different fitness classes their Zumba yoga and because the kids are there we have the inflatable obstacle course and other activities for them to participate in as well and as you can see that the mobile mammography unit was there this past year we try every year to include something new in the wellness program Mobile mammography was new and we also had a relaxation room which was very popular with everyone the new things that we hope to add in the one coming up for this year which will be on March 23rd, is components of a pre retirement seminar we held one this summer and it was very popular so we’re gonna try to incorporate some of that into the Wellness Expo again as part of our financial wellness. our website has recently been updated the Wellness website there are a lot of links and resources here for employees as well to help them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and we have recently partnered with optim to provide their rally portal and you can see the logo here in three different places so employees if they go to this website can click on any of those logos and it will take them directly to the Rally site and we are very excited to have Jason Hagan with us here this evening from Optum to show us a little bit about how the Rally portal works thank you good evening I’m Jason Hagan business development for Optim I want to thank you a little bit about what optim does what the program looks

like and then why although you’ve been building a culture of health for five years and incentivizing employees and trying to get them engaged why you needed to make a switch and why you’re very talented and discerning Human Resources Department chose optim for their partner with you in their wellness program now some of you that were in the communications for him last week dr. Parker mr. Brown right saw the desktop version of the Rally application I’ve seen a little bit about how it works but as we know engaging people today is about mobile technology it’s about getting people engaged by being able to utilize their smartphone so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go ahead and link in from my phone and this is actually what it looks like in your app when you download for Newport News public schools I mean just a second as it connects in there we go so when you first get into the app the thing that you’ll notice is the large iconography the kind of game-ification of being an a wellness program being in a mobile application we know how important it is for people to be engaged in what they’re doing to have something that’s fun to use that’s easy to click through and to go through the very first thing you do is you get in and you start with the rally health survey so the rally health survey is your health risk assessment but we call it a survey because a that resonates with people more you’re more likely to go and do a survey than you already do a health risk assessment it’s easy to get through easy to scrape through and it answers some questions that start the very first step of a wellness program which is awareness the awareness piece of it are finding out kind of how you feel how your body feels and that will get you to after you’ve completed the survey to your Rally age your Rally age isn’t your actual age but it’s how you feel as opposed to your chronological age the questions that start in are just simple questions about your lifestyle about your demographics your body all these are scientifically based and these answers will once compiled will give you what your rally age is so you start off and you answer what your sex is for an answer your height or weight some other things where you live rural suburban areas how your outlook is on life it’s gonna ask you about your habits as far as going to see a doctor or provider if you have a condition because that’s important that you have a clinician and they maybe have a plan of action for you it’ll ask you about resources within your workplace how these help and you have lots of resources and benefits as you answer these your employees should be answering that they have lots of resources to help them to improve their physical health as you continue through these workplace four provides resources it’ll start to ask you questions about your habits will ask you about whether your smoker whether you’re a drinker the survey is about 60 to 100 questions reason that there’s a variance in the amount of questions is that as you go through the survey depending on what you answer it may ask you additional questions if I’m not a smoker it doesn’t need to any more questions if I am a smoker then it’ll ask me how many times I smoked a day or if I used to smoke how long ago I quit smoking and continued on down that path in order to compile these things and come up with rally age for you it’ll ask you questions about your eating habits as well now when we get into the questions that have to do with your biometric screens I know that there’s been issues in the past with employees saying you know is this information confidential I don’t want people to have this information worried about privacy and HIPPA right when you first log in to the Rally portal it will have some HIPAA information some privacy information it says that we’re compiling this information in here so that we can better serve you within the app and within your wellness program but that that information is private we send aggregate information to Newport News public schools so we can send how many people will have done the survey or what are the missions that are the most important people but it’s not going to say that dr. Parker’s BMI is such-and-such to anyone so so there is privacy that’s included into it but you can see your personal information within the application by answering this now one of the really cool things about that is that if you don’t know the answers to these then you can leave it blank and when you complete your biometric screening it will pre-populate it into the into the survey for T and then you can see those health records and see those within the application for yourself so you can populate these in if you haven’t done the screening yet but once you do the screening it’s gonna overwrite it into what your actual results are now as you go through this

process of rally and one of the key features of rally and of utilizing this and the innovation of the mobile application and this rally digital engagement experience is that not only does it tailor certain missions and activities within the application toward your answers but it also gives you rewards in an eternal reward structure that’s fulfilled by optimum virality so with the importance of this is that you have a program that rewards you with certain rewards premium reductions or wellness credits that you receive for taking certain activities but within rally if you’re not in the health plan you can still get in here and utilize the services of the application and then get coins which rewards you in the marketplace or by entering sweepstakes or other fashions that are outside of the employer rewards that are just automatically built into the application not only does this keep people motivated after they finish their program so I’ll go through here really quickly you can see that the rally survey answers some questions at the end it gives your rally age hopefully your rally age is younger than your real age but oftentimes it’s not so if your real age is 40 and your rally age says you’re 43 then it will point toward suggestions and a plan towards getting your age down if it’s below then it’ll say hey great job but these are still some things that you can work on why don’t you choose some missions and some challenges that you can enter into that will help you to achieve your health outcomes and your goals so after you’ve finished entering in getting your rally age then this leads you into the section where you can choose your goals that you want to attack so we’ll say that we’re trying to look at losing weight we would click on the losing weight and then it would take us into missions from here I’m going to go into your rally app so this is really the rally application for a Newport News public schools employee I’m not gonna call out who let me into their rally app so that I can maneuver through here for you to see it where’s their BMI well actually we haven’t done the biometric screen yet so it’s not in there yet but but I it does have some information here the rally agent things that I’ll skip over you some people do know whose this is but as you first enter in into Rally it’s trying to oh that’s another thing so within the Rally app there are challenges and there are steps and things like that that you can do you can do 5,000 steps a day and I believe that that might be one of the ones that’s in here 10,000 steps a day and this is integrated in with where wearable device so your Fitbit will sync in with the rally application and automatically load your steps if you don’t have a Fitbit or a jawbone or wearable device you can use your phone it has tracking within Google or within Android phones within iPhones that allows for when you take steps for it to track it within the app and you can use your phone if you don’t have one of those devices so that’s what you just saw when it stopped and it was thinking is that my phone is trying to sync with her Fitbit so but within the the application the first thing that you see in the dashboard are the missions that you can do so there are different missions that you can sign up within the goals the goal was to lose weight takes you to certain things that you can do daily and these are daily and weekly missions in order to complete a mission it’s a four week period of time for you within the plan and Newport News public schools you have to complete three with missions over a four week period of time you check into these missions every day and it gives you points so I’m checking in to her sugar intake says nailed the mission and you see there where you got rally points those coins go up to the top you can go into the marketplace and you can use those coins to receive discounts so right there I can click in that I’d like to get movie tickets and then I can utilize my coins in order to get discounts for movie tickets or I can go in to the application and I can say I’d like to get 25% off of Neutrogena and click into the application and then get 25% off coupon some of these will give you a coupon you can print out other rules will actually take you and link you into a site so if I go when I get Under Armour gear and I get a discount on it I can link directly into Under Armour’s website and then purchase what I want I don’t know that to be promoting Under Armor well I’m here but they happened to be one of our sponsors so and we have a number of them so it’s not just the ones we see but there are literally hundreds of different discounts there’s also different ways that you can utilize your coins you can go in to auctions auction is literally like eBay you just go in

and you bid on something sweepstakes where you take a chance kind of like a lottery system where you say I’m going to enter in and I’d like to enter for an uber gift card and then I have a chance at winning this gift card so these are the internal reward systems outside of the employer reward system to keep people motivated and engaged in continuing in the program now you also have within the reward system your employer rewards your employer rewards has the incentive tracking within the mobile application that shows you how far along you are in the process let’s say they’re already 80 percent along in the process because they completed the number activities and actions they went to their healthy events they did their two preventative screenings completed a city walk already and completed their health survey to get your reward you have to do a hundred percent so still gonna have to do the biometric screening which will give her the 35 percent in order to reach her entire goal it also has the social aspect of engagement in it so my rally age is two years below my age but if my coworker the city next to me it’s it’s a way of socializing engaging hey what was your rally age keep people engaged in the wellness program so all these things are built to try and motivate and engage people and keep them working towards healthier outcomes so let’s see there are challenges as well so you can go in and join a challenge and they’re walking challenges wearing device or device or using your phone and then as you’re in the challenge it’ll show you how far you are within within the challenge on a walking path essentially of wherever you choose so Hollywood hustle it would show you where you are and where you fall in in Hollywood if you’re doing Sin City it will show you in Las Vegas there is a one in DC and it’s an actual map that shows you where you are in the path and what place you’re in in those challenges so a number of different functionalities in there to keep people engaged keep people fit keep people moving while they’re earning rewards internally and throughout your program you have any questions any questions but I have do you have already loaded mine and I will tell you it is it’s a lot of fun even for an older person like myself and again the purpose was to try to find something that would engage all of our staff whether they had the health care the health insurance with us or not and we hope we’ll have people focused on on being healthy and obviously the obviously so how does the staff access do they get an email to alert them or is it through that portal that we all we have send communications out to all staff already in a variety of different ways announcing the the tool it’s also on the website as you saw you as all of you may also access it if you like to you will need to get your employee number so you’ll have that but if you’d like to join as well you’re certainly available to do that as well but yeah communications are going out the leads actually that’s why Jason’s here he’s here tomorrow to meet with all of our wellness leads and so he will be doing a demonstration and they will course will be the ambassadors in the school to really in the sites to get the word out and to help people load the app and figure out how to use it to know not bad so it’s a lot of fun fun thank you for a report and I do believe this board will take that challenge okay well we’re gonna move the agenda the next three items 5.03 attendance report 5.0 for membership report and 5.05 construction report was part of your packages do you have any questions on those there being none we’ll move to 5.06 comments by the superintendent dr. Parker Thank You mr. chairman I’d like to one thank delegate Mullin for coming in this evening and presenting this plaque this uh commendation to Newport News public schools it meant a lot to have an elected official come in to recognize the important work that’s taken place over the past few years and Newport News I think in we saw a presentation of last board meeting that over three years ago I think we were at eleven percent of schools accredited and now we’re moving up rapidly ahead in the 60 60 of percentile so I think that’s just speaks to the work that that our teachers that our administrators that our central office staff are doing to really put some instrumental things in place to to address the needs of our students and improve student achievement and we’re continuing that work I saw firsthand as I’ve visited several schools and we’ve

been walking around and I can point to some of the great instruction that I’ve seen at Achievable Dream I saw that probably the best example of word study I’ve ever seen and in in one classroom with the teacher working with a smaller group of students. went over to Heritage high school and a great instruction taking place engaging activities with students and I know we have a lot of pockets of excellence but the good thing about that is every one of those examples that I’m that I’m observing the first question I ask is what professional development did you receive to impact the instruction that I saw and we can always and we definitely can attribute it to our coaches and our central office team that are going out and providing the professional development necessary to impact teaching and learning across the division so I think we have we have a lot still a lot of work to do but it’s just refreshing to see someone come in from whose external of our school division who is who has but has children has a vested interest in our success recognize the important work that’s taken place so I thank him for that the one presentation that stood out I think this evening was our presentation on bullying and bullying and harassment awareness and I just want to re-emphasize the importance that our brand stand up means that everyone needs to stand up in order to improve the culture for students and for staff in our in our school division we specifically and very purposefully targeted how to student stand up. how to parents stand up. how to leaders stand up and how does the community stand up because when you talk about issues of bullying and harassment and awareness everyone has a purpose in that process and we’re encouraging our students to report it and address it and we and we’re looking forward to the expansion of the of the elementary programs expect respect in the middle in the elementary schools we want our parents to be fully aware how to report bullying okay and to work with our school administrators when their student their child when they experience bullying whether it’s in the home or whether their child is the bully we want them to work with and partner with our school administrators to learn healthy ways to a student to engage each other and to work together and we want and we saw our outline of the actual process that our administrators and our school staff utilize when bullying is reported so our school staff need to be consistent in their processes and when bullying is reported and continue that loop when we have ongoing issues to ensure that our students emotional well-being is taken care of and I would like to speak to the emotional well-being of our students when students are bullied that there is an emotional impact and we have to be cognizant of that and ensuring that our students emotional well-being is taken into consideration under these circumstances so with that being said I really want to thank the team and school leadership for the presentation and student advancement for the for the presentation and for their efforts this month and throughout the year and ensuring that week that we are well on our way to great in an environment where students um are safe and respected and thank you very much for that Thank You Mr. Chairman. thank you Dr. Parker we’re moving to item number six are there any cards? there being none we will move the agenda to matters of the board and first we’ll have our student representative Miss Jones. thank you Delegate Mike Mullin for that awesome plaque. um there are I would just like to notify everybody that the notifications for the SAGE students for this year 2018-2019 SAGE board will be mailed out this week, so there will be getting -that means that we’ll be moving along so our first SAGE meeting will be held on October the 31st I would also like to notify the board of something I’m really excited about I’m as some of you may or may or may not know I am also on the mayor’s Youth Commission and every year the city of Newport News does take several students from the mayor’s to Commission to the National League of Cities conference and I was honored to be selected to be a participant in that conference will we be traveling to Los Angeles California thank you I’m really excited about that I also got my first college admission this past weekend the scholarship that college fair to Coppin State University up in Maryland so I’m very excited about that um and thank you again to all of the presentations they were amazing and that those are my comments for tonight thank you Miss Jones. I like to thank the Education Association for your plans for last month and for your red t-shirts and

thank you for all that you do for the teachers and being the force for the teachers of Newport News. for the young lady represent the for the gifted programs well I would like to just thank her as well many times when people think of a school division with demographics like Newport News they don’t think about talented and gifted students but we have some very talented and gifted students in the city of Newport News and I just want them to know that we will take this seriously and we’re proud of our students for Newport News as we go into the closing of October and bullying prevention month even though we celebrated during the month of October we just will continue to push all the things that our students are learning and doing to reduce or possibly even extinguish bullying from our schools and just a reminder for our parents and everybody when they’re looking on television you have one of the strongest tools that that impact bullying and that is that phone and that this the the means that your children have access to social media so I just encourage parents to make sure that you are aware of where your students go on social media what they’re saying what they’re receiving because you do have a lot of control as far as social media is concerned and that’s that’s all I have to say thank you thank you Dr. Best. Ms. Simonds? good evening everyone I was really delighted to attend the Virginia School Board Association legislative conference with Lisa Surles-Law and my colleague Douglas Brown it was a really great event we heard from Brian Moran the Secretary of Homeland Security for the state of Virginia and the state is really doing a lot to look at security in our schools and they had implemented a few things that I didn’t know about I just wanted to share. they are doing safety audits in schools and they have procedures where every school has a school safety team in every in every school even in Newport News we have these school safety teams and they did some surveys and they found that of all of the reports of incidents in schools in Virginia that actually half of them were threats to self so that’s concerning to all of us to make sure we keep an eye on our children and that they are not doing themselves harm they also found that fighting incidents are decreasing across Virginia weapons we’re decreasing students that have access to guns was actually down quite a bit and students being afraid decreased from 12% to 3% so I think we are making progress and I think the awareness of bullying really does help us have these conversations with our students about what it means to feel safe at school and what it means to be part of a school family so I’m really excited about the presentations tonight and I want to thank everyone for the hard work that everybody is doing across the school system Thank You Simon Center I must really I would like to take this time to thank everybody who presented tonight as well as think chief drew for the major presentation that he did earlier today and our work starts work session it’s amazing the opportunities that he wants to provide to our school store the partnership he want to provide to our school system as well as with the cheaper drinks I’m very excited about the innovative this there are cities the direction that we’re moving in and just that’s about it mr. vice chair mr. brown well good evening when we before we meet again there will be the Virginia School Board Association annual conference so I’m looking forward to going to that conference and seeing many of my colleagues there learning from other school board members there’s always a tremendous amount that we take away and we learn and as my colleague Shelly Simonds mentioned the Virginia School Board Association had a their legislative conference this last month I did learn quite a bit and that was the the facts that were shared there were very striking that a child is more likely to kill themselves than they are to harm another student that’s actually the more probable outcome in the end the outcome that we want a guard against the most and that still and the research that have looked at counselors play the largest role in helping to stem that tide so that’s that’s what I think is the important tool that we want to attack the problem with is an increase in a focus on on school counseling and then as well in

that tool in that tool bag extra curricular activities getting kids more involved especially at that middle school in elementary school level that’s why I’ve mentioned to chief drew when he came this evening how excited I was about his push to expand the number of activities that youth can get involved in in the community through police athletic league and and other things that we can do so anything that we can do to keep kids involved in activities and extracurriculars is a real benefit to their well-being and their their health and and I support that I also wanted to thank personally thanked mr. mr. Bowen for donating the airplane to Denbigh high school that is a really beautiful plane we saw the pictures of that so I’ll definitely be sharing that with other folks on social media because that’s a really nice thing that Mr Bowen did and anybody else that wants to donate you saw how easy it was you you you give the donation we’ll vote on it and you know and and get it get it accept it in the same night right you bring it down here so you anyone who wants to donate a car or airplane those are seriously those are ways that kids really do we talk about career technical education that is a way to give kids that hands-on career technical education experience is to donate items like that so I hope more folks follow that example I also wanted to thank delegate Mullin as well he’s my delegate and I always appreciate every time I see him and I know how invest he is in our schools really appreciate him taking the time to come down and give us that award personally and as you mentioned it was not it’s not a trivial award very rarely do 140 delegates actually agree on something and they agree that Newport News public schools is a great school division that is an acknowledgment that should not go understated or unnoticed people you should really take a moment and really reflect on we have 26 accredited schools in additional 12 accredited with conditions so that means all 38 schools have have an accreditation or credit in some category or another so that’s just a tremendous achievement as well youyou’ve add on our 93% on-time graduation rate and our two percent dropout rate both are beating the state in both those categories and it’s just been a fantastic this last year but it’s every year has been fantastic this last year has just been fantastic in setting records in terms of our dropout rate going lower yet again and that graduation rate remaining at that all-time high so this year is only looking up let’s go best in the nation all right and that’s that is really where we are we are headed so to be honored and recognized by the state of Virginia is a very big deal so I hope that folks really you know pause and reflect on that on how big of a deal that is I want to thank the NNEA again for y’all my plant is still alive alright and it sits right in my office and I had one of my staff members come and say you water that plant every day came and asked me to yes I water that plant every day plant’s still alive and wear my red on on wednesdays as often as I can remember to do so I support a public ed we all should really you know take that time on Wednesday hope and support public education take that time to think about that I’m looking forward very much in November we’re gonna have our joint meeting oh I think the Chairman and superintendent we’re working very hard to coordinate that I know that took some tremendous amounts coordination looked like November 20th is a tentative date so we’ll have just before Thanksgiving we’re gonna have a good time with Council talking about our capital budget and getting a chance to answer any questions that have arisen or come up and I want everyone to know that I reach out to my councilmember and to both of my counterparts and in the North End and I hope that everyone on this dais is doing the same as well I know other folks are as well so I’ll let there be no miscommunication we wanted to get Huntington funded and get that school appropriate and built as well we need to build some additional schools I look at our average building age it’s roughly 50 years old the lifespan of a school building fifty years old so we have a crisis replacing Huntington is going to move us away from the precipice of the cliff and that would be the first of us the first step amongst several steps that need to take place to get our average building age down we really need to get it down to less than thirty years olds what you really want to be on that average that kind of replacement cycle so with that I look forward to seeing you all at the conference next month thank you mr Brown walk in I guess I’m the last to talk again between you and your baby at home anyway there’s great things happening in Newport News public schools again I do again want to reiterate and thank chief drew for an enlightening presentation and a partnership that well definitely is well needed between the

police department and the school system I want to give about two weeks ago our grant writer is not here no no I want to thank her I had the pleasure of being there when Newport News public schools were as we were a recipient several eight hundred thousand dollar grant from the National math and science initiative and that’s going to be close it I think testing no no AP AP testing for those in particular we have a high rate of our students are in the military and with the frequent of them moving five and six times over a course of their schooling one thing that’s constant throughout is the AP exam throughout the country and this particular grant will help us assist them and maintaining that those high grades and the pass rate for the AP exam so again congratulations to Newport News for receiving that eight hundred thousand dollars and hopefully we’ll have more to come someday I wanna say thanks to Dr. Parker and our transportation and all the administration him and I spoke early in the morning on Friday morning when we heard that Michael come through that was unexpected kind of sorta and so I know some of our folks who just got the power back on the other day mine was out for about a day and a half again very no complaints at all from my phone I think the school and the administration handled it very well folks were notified and timely manner and now that’s very very important about that communication so I myself want to thank the school system Dr. Parker and his team and anyone who was involved ensuring that our kids were home safe as as possible so again thank you for that and again I want to thank the NN IEA for your red t-shirt. red happens to be a particular good color for me and Dr. Parker many folks out there and so if I don’t wear that t-shirt I will I remind myself on Wednesdays to wear red tie or red pocket square in support of teachers and pay and increased budget for education I believe that’s all that we have today so that being said if there’s no other questions or comments there being none, I will adjourn this meeting