APUSH 5.2 Texas Independence and Mexican War

Oh do Texas history here for the first part little background and here we’re kind of local things kind of coming together and what we have is 1823 Mexico breaks away from Spain 1823 we issue the Monroe Doctrine do you think they have why are we telling France of Britain’s you do not come over to North America and interfere well if you want to look at that way with the managed that’s destiny yeah but we actually weren’t even thinking in that range we were saying that as Mexico’s breaking away down to South America we have signed a Boulevard that is going and having uprisings in smaller countries starting to appear down in South in South America if instead of France and Britain is going to taken over oh we’re going to have them which we may not even think of so much to take over them but do we think that we’re more powerful than they are and we can control them in a certain way so we have our own reasons for doing Texas was apart in North Mexico very sparsely populated and Stephen Austin went to the Mexican government and asked and some Americans could move in again you should remember the name Stephen Austin the Texas is pretty easy and so he goes to Mexico in Mexico the Mexican government gives them allow but there’s three things that the Americans must do in order to go first thing you must do is you got to give it up if you go to another country like if you come to America and get a green card or you’re gonna have to give in hope obey the laws of that country so that’s nothing unusual raise your right hand say okay I promise to obey the rules of Mexico mr. man’s just his nearest camera in class no she’s there today thank you second thing is they were to convert to Catholicism most Americans were Protestant at that time and Mexico this would promise Spanish heritage they were Catholic so Steven I’ll say yeah that’s not a problem we can give me a Baptist Methodist we can get on the Catholic alright got not that different and the third thing is they were not allowed to have slaves see in 1823 Mexico and outlaw slavery in my state we were nowhere close to it at this time those are the places of the decimal today what we call industrialised countries in the world had outlawed slavery but not the United States so we were the most advanced country in our own mind but where we really got advanced there but that’s what it said you can’t live too as the Americans move to Texas today obey these rules yes well and this is wise kind of can I get two we will have counts uncommon and more and more now a lot of what you think of Texas is not the area there may be two most of you think of Texas as this real dry area and the western part where they’re moving to economy in between where Dallas Austin Houston a southeast section of it which is very hot and humid but very good for growing cotton and very good for agriculture and that’s the area that they are moving to the Americas a cane that gave their oath and when they came there that they convert to Catholicism yeah and even though they weren’t supposed to bring their slaves did they bring their slaves you know so now how do you think the Mexicans like that no no I mean if you’re going to move our country obey our laws now have another question why did Mexico even allow Americans to come are they needed people but why are Americans good that what are Americans good at the Mexicans needed to take care of in Texas what Indians yeah see the Indian tribes that we’re living in Texas all right with some Comanche Apache and other other tribes they were some of the most fierce tribes and some of the hardest ones to get rid of well huh what other group of people go to kill them Indians of the Americans it wasn’t the best time but that actually was part of the reasons why because a lot of people from Mexico were did not want to move up into North Mexico because of the problems that that they would have there the other thing is they what it is development if the Americans came in and developed is

that’s they were they there assumed that it would be like if someone moves to the United States that they would end up becoming a citizen of Mexico and that would contribute to their economy and help them out the problem that we have is though as the Americas kept moving there we did think of ourselves as Mexicans or T anima seamen and do you see by 1830 they they outnumbered the native the native Mexicans that live there 3 2 1 5 years later it is 9 to 1 the Americans keep coming Mexico made rule saying no more Americans are allowed to move here under this might sound weird but we then have the Americans sneaking across the border Mexico that is owned by Mexicans we were not obeying their rules and the Americans kept coming and kept coming when there were so many more Americans there they start talking about well why should we be part of Mexico why don’t we just be part of the United States and actually a lot of the tea autos that were already living there that were Mexican Mexican they actually agreed a lot of them agreed with the Americans because whatever you’re on the outskirts of everything you always feel like you’re ignored so for a couple of decades they always felt like though Mexico City’s not taking care of us anyways alright so we might as well go ahead and join with them so we have a group of Americans led by Sam Houston easy name to remember with Texas Sam Houston sr talking about the leader of Mexico is Santa Ana he does not like this idea and he decides I’m going to crush this so he gives together an army and cut to go up to Texas to put down this rebellion one of the problems that he has is his armies was not exactly your best and brightest soldiers basically took a whole bunch of young men put uniforms on them handed them guns didn’t do much training with them and marched up northwards to Texas so even though he had an army of over 4,000 soldiers it’s not a real substantial army that if it would have been truly trained soldiers he they would have been through this rebellion down pretty quickly but it wasn’t that now we get to the most famous place and in Texas when it comes to rebellion the Alamo a couple different people that you need to know with this the first guy is William Travis Travis is at a former American who he has had a couple different family problems he actually had a pretty hard life and he’s gone and he moved to Texas and he actually married in with and I’m not sure exactly how but he actually married in with with one of the richer Mexican families and but he doesn’t really get along with his father involved so there’s some personal things in there but he is one of the leaders that we have we then have another guy by the name of James Bowie if I knew what the mo he is famous for in the frontier yeah the Bowie knife I think on the next slide I got picture of it but he is he makes this knife anaconda it’s a longer knife has a curved edge has a handle but for a lot of our frontiersman and Americans they just think no he’s the one that made the nice okay I mean this in a minute yeah yeah these are all American well they’re Texas leaders this is where I’m sorry to come to these are all their American background but they are Texans yeah yeah so they’re what they’re trying to make Texas everyone’s they’re saying let’s get away from Mexico all right we have a group of guys from Tennessee that volunteer to come help Texas fight what is the University of Tennessee’s mascot volunteers and that’s where the name comes from it’s really especially people that blue yeah that’s where I mean I say you could blue in the order together you gotta just be nice the only road sign to make sure that if we’re trying to slow down in construction you know those are little higher intelligence will actually work on the road so that but for our Tennessee Volunteers and the name that that’s where the thing comes from there that is where they may have heard about these people in Texas Davy Crockett is part of the store them comes about yeah he’s a dog yeah actually there you go there’s like a frontier use they have

my basic elite like a like a baby chronic tight guide at the frontier boom and then they use a dog they have like a hound dog alright Davy Crockett who earlier in his life he had to become famous and be elected as the Coonskin congressman he goes off to Washington DC and when he goes to Washington DC he’s won that he’s got people that really loved him I hate to use this analogy but in some ways Davy Crockett was like the Sarah Palin of his day there were people that really loved them home as a down-to-earth type of person we need this type of person meanwhile you got other people with Davy Crockett saying this guy’s an idiot okay I mean realistically that is what happened to Davy Crockett he gets to Washington DC and other congressmen are just totally ignoring him when he first gets there and he ends up using his fame from where he wrote all these stories about himself and trying to get more famous and he actually started wearing a Coonskin cap he didn’t in the beginning he dressed normal but then he decided hey I’m gonna play the role it’s kind of like Sarah Palin Sarah Palin sometimes will go and even though she may it not actually have this shield feel to say some folksy type thing because that’s what people expect from her and they love that and that’s what the people have supported Davy Crockett they loved it well the problem was is even though he got some following from people throughout the nation when Davy Crockett went back to Tennessee and ran from the election he lost though neighbors didn’t want him anymore and don’t go to that rock mouth fashion pickpocket with midlife crisis what to do now can I get your you were famous he’s kind of gonna pass that all right and then this stuff with text is kind of a curse so he has some other people to see they go to Texas to help them fight actually poor kids now now the whole story with the Alamo there’s a whole lot more story than there is sometimes with but it’s actually true but it was a 12 day siege Santa Ana came down with this army over 4,000 soldiers and surrounded what used to be an old Spanish mission it was not a true fort they built a little wall around some parts of it they had some cannons but there but it was not a true fort and there was I’m getting the number right 187 men that were then inside this church and in the surrounding courtyard so you have less than 200 people surrounded by over 4,000 people how long does it take Santa Ana to then capture yeah that’s why I say 12 days longer together this is where I told you that Santana his army was not a very well-trained group and hardest plan wasn’t real good they yeah they’re surrounded out there and then they would decide well let’s go and try to attack the north wall so they come charging towards the north wall and basically all the people in Alamo go and they start firing and they drop them back from that oh so tomorrow let’s go to the south wall try that one maybe that one’s weaker they come in that direction I’m using here’s what would be some of your plan to do come in different direction but they just can’t concentrate at once yeah they do have the advantage that they’re mighty behind I mean no signing the true wall but they have that and said it took 12 days they finally capture up and here again this is where something we get to where stories and truth we never know stories head but Davy Crockett comes and he had I think is that the name of this gun it was Old Betsy if I’m remembering the right name and and that he is fighting them but stories that we got from from not only some Mexican rock writers there later on but we’ve also found out from some of the women that were not killed because some of the women and children that were inside the walls were not killed but we found out from some of them that he was maybe hiding in the closet and I think I pulled it off before that in the Disney version they try to mix mix the things together so as he’s killing them and he’s fighting he goes that he’s knocked into the closet and that’s where he’s killed so they kind of mix a little bit of the storm with the old Disney movie the John Wayne movie is actually a pretty good one also not real good for history but for a good story but this is where the Alamo and we’re going to get remember the Alamo because those 12 days were actually really important because as the Army is there at the Alamo and actually I can’t remember the exact number but I think that even though they lost if I remember right 187 soldiers for an Alamo Santa Ana lost like almost 1500 so mostly lost about a third of his army and lost 12 days and during that 12 days Sam Houston’s getting a bigger and bigger

army and we’re talking we’re not talking they may not be training like a regular army but we’re talking about frontiersman we’re talking about rough-and-tumble type people we’re talking about fighters here not going and finding vagrants on the streets of Mexico City and saying here here’s a uniform and a gun they’re coming with me this one is not nearly as famous but the same sort of thing would happen soon after that at Goliad a lot smaller version it was yeah he was less than than fifty of the Texans but Santana would surround it take him a little while he would capture it and wipe out everybody I was living there so what happened was the slogan remember the Alamo remember the Goliad for you all you need to remember the Goliad too because everybody remembers the alley at the Alamo but here’s where there was more than just that we would then have the biggest battle which was realistically the only real battle that we would have on the shore basically our next to the San the San Jacinto River Sam Houston new took attacked at the George Washington half as Santana came towards him Sam Houston would retreat and retreat and retreat so Santa Ana made a camp and he basically went and had his back to the river and then Sam used to came in did a surprise attack even though he had a lot smaller army I think he got on the ground popular soldiers or so he was able to compete since and US Army here’s where different stories come through that Santana tried to escape and there’s different stories that he was hiding in the treaty dressed up in women’s clothes clothing the the most truth that I have kind of seen is that what he ended up doing was kind of wearing like he was trying to sneak through the night was wearing I know the woman saw trying to stay pretty but you know for some party atomic but Sam Houston they capped with a capture Santa Ana they made him sign a treaty saying that Texas was its own country alright here’s where we have snow that you see here’s for the poor where the battle San Jacinto was they kind of trapped Santa Santa Ana and their army they did a surprise attack in there and where they could not get out with the river that was too beautiful background if you’re an RV you do not wanna back up expert base camp for our campsite but not for your marquee here’s a picture of bowie knife and you notice I get out a curve there almost it was good not only for or when the cleaning animals make it at that Lake it was like a skinning knife on the back end I’m not sure if this is I think this is active battle does forbidden fee the Alamo I believe in the same quarter I think that’s supposed to be baby profit I don’t even know it says if it’s basically they saw it saying that they are independent and once they are in the Midland they make their own country the Republic of Texas but is also known as the Lone Star Republic they elect a president who is their first and only president Sam Houston as soon as they become president or as soon as they become a country they then apply for admission into the United States they get this no problem the US wants us at that time we have president Jackson and Jackson says let’s right now that he’s powerful the president when he tells Congress not to do something they don’t do it let’s pass it on next guy and most Aneurin saying now let’s list out do this right now why not is you asleep now there was a little bit of it because Mexico had warned the United States that if you do accept Texas in you’re going to have to fight us now do you think that really scared I’ll hop into Jackson if that crane to Jackson I could almost see you enter Jackson bacon if there was a yeah I just want to do it’s gonna fight Mexico I will get on final I’ll take the army and leave them there but Andrew Jackson was and get a spread of politician they says we’re not going to make this issue because when Texas comes in that issue of slavery that at that time it was kind of brewing under the surface all right he knew that it would be and it’s not that I every Andrew Jackson we’re not about a slave owner and I have said before one of our most racist presidents that we have rap it’s not that he didn’t want slavery to expand hey it’s not that bad he just looked at and said this could be the problem for his own reasons Andrew Jackson could have said let’s get Texas expand the southern states the western part that he that he supported and made while we’re at it let’s go ahead and get a couple blows in on Mexico but he knew

enough what was happening all right election of 1844 I know we have it in at the other section of notes but we have our two candidates Henry Clay there we go loses and then James came home it was a dark horse candidate which means that a lot of people knew up so Henry Clay only ran for president once but he never won no all right yeah it depends on how you want to look at things in a doubt he whether he was a major candidate of one of four candidates or five candidates at that time in there you kind of looked at but he boldly rambles the time notice it here also James birdie Liberty Party Liberty Party was formed through the abolition freedom of the slaves and that’s where there is she was the lube up that Democrats had a hard time trying to pick out their Kennedy links it wasn’t so hard they had to play but the Democrats were having a hard time and each person they went through they’re saying that not dead pop you can and I thought it was passed and finally they got the James came home and folks at I’m president is going to go we’re going to let Texas in we’re going to take care of this whole thing with the organ and he stated this is what I’m going to do is I’m president and what’s amazing with him is he did some people look and say that James pick Paul was one of our greatest presidents there’s easily to do a thesis statement say that and supported that he was our greatest one-term president he said he would serve only one term one term he did not run for reelection in 1848 he would have had no problem winning at that time when why cuz he said he was when I gotta run one term he said I’m gonna do this this this and this if I can’t get it done in one term I don’t need to be there a second time and he accomplished everything set James cakewalk was also a major workaholic he died very soon after he left the office and a lot of people they look at things that he probably worked himself to death hey and but this is where in heaven and I won’t have time today but tomorrow all right for some of you if I am here like I’m expecting to be then we will have we are mr. Naruto they escaped all the song here mr. Garuda sing all right that’s the import a clue like he was like checking a cornea okay or the Mexican War for those of you that are major into military history it’s actually there are some very interesting things with it but this is one time when having things for AP no this was some wars hide the most Wars don’t go nearly as in-depth as I’d like to and what’s really ironic is if you were to look at protest then the most likely thing that you ever will have on the AP exam as well as your Florida in the course of the exam will actually be from Mexican War the will not provision and what is kind of off of this is this was a bill that never even passed but what the provision was if after we had declared war up next on the Mexican War has said that if we gain any lands we were forbidden to have slavery mountains lands get it never passed but this kind of shows that change over time because when we get to what is actually probably one of one of the most important things and the impact side of extra forests after the Mexican War no matter what the issue is slavery is involved in it and this is where we and this is kind of symbolic of this is even then with the fighting of it but there’s that it did not pass but then it said almost everything issues that you would have somehow or another the issue of slavery and we would have the splitting with the United States between the north and the south is bollocky it’s not the only thing with the Mexican warm that kind of to go with what it is the most important thing all right the beginnings of the war remember a poke book for 1844 election he had it where his number-one thing was expansion one of this one of his gold that he said was he was going to annex Texas and make it party United States Jackson avoided it van Buren either having boy did it Tyler wanted to do it but nobody listened to Tyler so it didn’t matter and Hulk wasn’t like that Tyler was finally able to push it through because really I mean and so officially Tyler is the person that gets Texas in the United States but it was hopes of it now here’s where the question comes what is the border of Texas and Mexico and I’m not sure if I’m going to pronounce this

right the middle decision there or the Rio Grande we’ve said it was the southernmost Mexico said it was the northern post so what we’re doing is fighting over this area and between or necessary beset when we allow the Texas into the United States we send our army down right on the border of this river Mexico puts it on that River just again this is kind of no man’s land both both sides claimants Mexico said if we if we let Texas in they’re fighting us so we’re getting ready in case they do fight us but but there were a lot for a little while there was a little pause before anything happened but then we had some of our patrols meet some of their patrols and we had it where some of the fires it’s kind of like at Lexington we don’t know who fired it doesn’t matter they’re shooting at each other but American blood was spilt which comes up with the bloody spots resolution because that message gets back to Washington DC that yes Mexico has fire on our soldiers we have American soldiers that have that have spilled blood and we have this young Whig congressman from Illinois first term this recently elected and he says before we before ever declare war I want to see that spot where the blood was spilled which yeah I mean it’s kind of symbolic with things but there in Washington DC how long will it take him to get on basically a lot of that on horseback and get to the border of Texas and Mexico see that spot go back then to Washington DC and vote on this resolution two months two months if it’s passed horses and not a lot of other things does that make any sense as a young Whig congressman from Illinois sounds pretty crazy and with this young boy congressman it was kind of odd because most people said alright this that’s kind of ridiculous he went back when he looked back for reelection he lost his re-election bid and for the most part wasn’t hurt it took quite a long time as he went on Kimi found shopkeeper out along the way was a little warrior okay a lot of people said he had some psychological problems there yes that’s where that’s where that the shooting took place was right there has anyone figured out who this silly young Whittington congressman is claim your the picture up it would look better on later on this slide one witty because he’s not really the most attractive man and one thing that is usually done for a little bit more is after a young girl woman said that even look better with a beer Abraham Lincoln but he is one of those issues the bloody spot resolution so you kind of see here two of our greatest presidents remember Washington steps upon in history and loses Fort Necessity all right her ham Lincoln comes and basically is seen as something that is a little bit outlandish for what he’s won wanting it when it comes to the Mexican War but that’s where anybody he kind of steps away and we won’t hear from them for another ten years he was winning wasn’t a big money became president the Whig Party would die out let’s see if you’re gonna be rocketing names from the first week of school in what years at the Republican Party comes up in 1854 when is the end of the Mexican War 1848 we are before Republican parties and by more than between probably lose this river that we declare war if you have the Wilmot Proviso but it doesn’t ever pass we have two generals and actually their fighting styles a lot of this goes with their nicknames and in ruins people at this time very to have the nickname and one thing you have to realize we did not have Hollywood stars we did not have sports stars at that time are stars that the newspapers followed around we’re military guys and we’ll find this ruling in the Civil War okay they are I mean they are maybe just really getting stars there’s no other way to put it and so if you got a nickname that’s something that that goes with the first guy who fought more in the northern section of north north north mexico which those of you that think of mexico

and you think of these dry hilly type areas not a whole lot of vegetation that is what that area has that guy in zachary taylor and he has the nickname of old rough-and-ready which was very appropriate for him because zachary taylor was the type of guy that when it came to leading the soldiers he was in front if he didn’t say okay you guys go attack all right he jumped on his horse pulled out his sword and he’s leading the attack and going right to the fight okay old rough-and-ready me mildly then have winfield scott winfield scott has to take on the coast and this is an that well some of you go that made me better than area the girl Helen Cruz like that Mexico cities in the Central Valley it’s actually very well protected because there’s Mountain brand of Rangers I think but the Sierra Madre and Sierra mountain to mountain ranges are on both sides of the puffit Mexico City so it gets very well protected militarily there’s only a few mountain passes to get there so if Mexico was able to take their army and stop at supper there Veracruz was one of the major battles to break through to get off to the coast and break through through one of those mountain passes there and eventually mr. Lucas Scott would be the one that would capture Mexico City this one took a lot more strategy this is not kind of going out and fighting fighting like the battles where I didn’t tell the battles that Secretariat won but and you don’t you don’t need to know these battles off it’s not like having to go to Saratoga at Yorktown those of you that can remember these battles then it’s great if you don’t it’s not something like that but he went on and ray and I more visited north but Winfield Scott was on the coast he is a very very precise type of guy he is one for planning hey I mean he’s extremely organized but the needed for that case he did not go jumping on his horse which is horse would be very happy about because well it’s the Saints a little bit on the yellow beat son yeah I said a horse would not what him galloping into the center of about Winfield Scott sat out on the coast on a ship a lot of times while the battle was taking place it not that he is an activist just he’s commanding from there he has officers coming but his nickname is old busted feathers that strikes fear in the opponent doesn’t it both of these generals that were extremely good in they each of the earlier with boots Scott probably would not have been very good in the north and in the mid-north Mexico because that was one that you’ve got to be able to just be spontaneous and go dr. Tannen probably lived a bit very good down in the southern part because this took a lot of planning and basically precise movements almost like a chess match they move their soldiers here they knew you’ve gotten there but that’s where our two major generals are you see Wendell Scott later on even get a little bit bigger he’s got a comeback also and later section because they’ll be important in the Civil War not actually leading battles but but in all reality he is waiting to make the plan that ultimately would win the single floor from the north yeah but it’s and that is I think in between actually were Civil War all right some other planes no alright Stephen Kearney and this here some things need to be familiar with Kearney would find at Wednesday we caught with New Mexico Arizona what ultimately would be the Mexican Cession not a whole lot of fighting that’s in place there and basically had a small group of soldiers that helped capture that area but it gave us some reason to claim that we should have it done see Fremont he is known as the Pathfinder now he’s got to also come back in history to be able to some people okay and he’s late realizing the history cuz it’s going to be the first Republican to ever run for president in 1856 but he gets famous again in the public figures that the generals are because well he just happened to be out in California and he had some of his fellow soldiers helping me they’re nervous Americans have moved to Northern California and he helped convince those Americans as well as some of the Mexicans there for California break away informed their own country and they knew they formed their country and name is the bear black Republic even today that for California you have with the bear hawk with this no one asked me what is with these with our state’s when they became Don country’s name until to start a public affair of like the public but that was just what they called it but California was its own country for a short period of time

also the war would end with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo now we have Americans and say we have never stolen any land from anybody we have always got it in a legal fashion we did not still this Mexican Cession okay and be familiar with that not Texas because Texas broke away on their own so we didn’t take Texas they broke away on their own even though California broke away and we knew there’s a little bit of shade filled with that but what we end up doing is in the treaty we would pay Mexico fifteen million dollars from the Mexican Cession so did we take it from them we paid them yes this is big chuckle and now did we ever spend any gold to Mexico not really so that we actually pay for now we did pay for I wasn’t pay for my sorta your your sort the Mexican government owed around fifteen million dollars to different American businesses so what we did is we said okay well to put in modern modern tank let’s say that Mexico from an aircraft they owe the five million dollars well instead of Mexico must giving the money to Mexico and then tell them you gotta make Robin resentful here will pay your debt to this American company so we paid fifteen million dollars on officially on the books yes we did but we actually paid most of that money back to American companies and American businesses but we forgave them a bit but if you do accounting we officially did pay for and we did not take the land from Mexico officially well half the Mexican Cession which is some of their Arizona New Mexico Utah California Nevada basically the Southwest United States all right here someone here’s some of the important things this is where that’s actually the size of Lamont provision so important thing to remember with with the excellent water go on the back from everything from this point on slavery is a none one issue and some what some of you in your reflection questions this is one thing and I probably run throat almost with you who didn’t have a further one about manifest destiny I didn’t take off if you didn’t have it but one of the things for manifest destiny of what it brought up was with conflicts was not just against other countries we want to expand but even within our own country to sectionalism and that whole slavery issue well now it really comes to a head with at the end of the war the other thing it did is it trained soldiers we’re part military we hadn’t fought since the war of 1812 that do real good in the war of 1812 overall now we actually get up and we train our military we’ve had West Point and we’ve had our soldiers that have been changed training at West Point and there’s a lot of things you can do when you have an army and play war games but you actually really learn how to do things so you actually fight and that is what happened so we went and these tactics that our generals that studied our lower officers have studied now they get to practices for real and learn hopefully not make this too many mistakes I have on your property leaves story because this is where your good recognized nice and I’m usually the most hot when you see robert e lee seems a little bit younger at this time area four must be fake when you think Robert Lee has the white hair and white beard guy but during the Mexican War he was one of Winfield Scott’s most trusted junior officers and there’s actually part of my goes with him it’s pretty neat story from henan is during some of the fighting for beer crews the parts of the army were separated from each other and he went basically back forth in it well as he was going down this one path he had stopped ghandruk bullet of water I don’t know there was like a little spring or on the side of the street or something he heard some soldiers kind of speaking Spanish trying to find a place to hide there would have to be a log of a tree that had fallen down jump behind it they kind of just scoot it as far as he could underneath basically that bog that group of soldiers came out got a drink some of them sat down even on that log now think about if you’re out in the woods somewhere and what all is crawling around underneath basically a tree that’s been fallen for a little longer have okay you might have snakes not pinched the bugs all right mosquitoes are biting and that whole time they’re Robert Lee and I’m

not actually what it happened was for several hours various groups came back and forth and back and forth there and with soldiers now most regular soldiers don’t know what the plans are but when you stop and you see another group hey where are you heading hey what are they doing all right these guys don’t know what they’re doing they’re going to pay the big bucks and they will fight we’re doing all the fighting you hear the different ones talking and complaining about different things there but you get an idea of what’s happening because more and more of them say hey I think we’re heading to this direction I think we’re supposed to attack tomorrow night meanwhile he is underneath this vlog and there were time so we’re sitting in the log they may just turn around they wouldn’t see the American soldier sitting right under their bow robert e lee was raised in Virginia how did he learn Spanish not sitting there he didn’t learn it then he was a smart guy but he didn’t learn it that quick as a remember Richard Henry Lee one of the first families of Virginia and a bomb he leaves his nephew as a planter son you would have had tutors come into the plantation actually his father had been bankrupt so he was actually on one of his cut with his cousins and school therefore prior to but something education that you got was Latin Greek okay other foreign languages which if you think that what is a base of Spanish comes from especially Latin and so when he went he actually when he got to to Mexico five and he was studying the language it was really easy for him to learn a kid they already knew several other languages there and using back so he didn’t understand everything in Spanish but for the most part by that time he did it actually helped Wendell Scott to win battles because those illnesses at deals a spot even though it wasn’t on purpose for that case there but Winfield Scott having a war had praise robert e lee and it’s abused one of the brightest minds the US Army had be fathers this another guy that wouldn’t feel Scott kind of criticized for for be the slob and he’s got him up in history later on also he’s a good fighter but a slob yeah let’s assess grants and so we’re training what would be the two biggest generals in the Civil War we’re training out how to fight in the Mexican War I know that’s a long story for one little thing for the fact but that’s where you kind of look at it we’ll end up using this training to fight each other less than 15 years later obviously and expanded the country and hit the Mexican Cession up there and then another infected B California because we get California in 1848 and what else happens in 1848 in California yeah we find gold I’ll come back to the other slide there’s 1848 a guy by the name of James Marshall you don’t really need to know statement on there he finds in the Sutter’s Mill trying to keep it real quiet now when you all have really good news is it easy to keep quiet about it now he came to and then Johan Sutter was the person that owned the property and James Marshall told him look here’s what I found and they caught this gold there’s probably more of it so what they started doing is going around and trying to buy up all the property around that area which some people were kind of wondering with it must say if the property was worth $10 an acre why you come in to them and say hey we’ll give you fifteen dollars an acre for your farm which normally most people say you’re going to give me fifty percent more then the fourth the Apple take other people say maybe something went on and like anything what happens if you tell just one or two people something good yeah it’s spread so suddenly then these rumors get out the thing was about these rumors puts it just in California too may spread too quickly they spread to the East Coast they spread to Europe and in the next year those stories and importance of stories got better and better some of you have played like the telephone game or you tell something something when you’ve played that game pass the message along you change it on purpose all right just see how money it’ll be a forgets the end but this is where the story is good I mean the stories were oh all you do is just walk around the water and pick up pieces of gold and you’re rich you know it’s not easy but for a lot of people this is speak I can fit this into the American dream because as many of these 49ers pay in 18-49 when thousands of people came they they came to get their their fortune they’re a lot of it you were just I mean you’re working in the factory up north you gotta have had a really bad day you’re sick of your boss you don’t have really anything to lose why not take a trip just a little for four or five months walk across across the United

States get to California your girl the boss you can be rich yeah you’re a farmer hey things have been going back all right pack up and go now the very make didn’t get real rich one guy did this is where for some of you you’re smarter than me way to make money is when everybody’s running down this one road you figure out what the road is and you find something that they need on that road all right Bill Gates doesn’t make them did make computers with Microsoft T figure it out let me make it easier for people to use it will have the reader right you just point and click that well drop the rockefeller okay richest man in the history of the United States what he did is figured out well there’s it’s there’s a lot of risk and finding oil but all the oil has to go through refineries so he controlled at one time of over 90 percent of the refineries in the United States hey can you make a little bit of money of every time that a person is pumping gas putting tar using plastic not to mention a whole bunch of other things we made from refineries that’s what all that’s all Dali rock dog that’s right and then there’s guys Levi Strauss ed letter Levi’s done for today Dean’s he went though and he did go to make jeans he made know what Strauss actually went to California to make tents and what anyway when to make Ted some of the friends that he went with we learn things and they were having a problem because there are normal pants when they were working coming in and out of water and push it when you’re getting rocks and you see some of that might have like something hold it you don’t know for sure they put in their pockets you have tools you might be put in your pocket again wet dry wet dry they tear up so he went to a woman they said the material he’s making these tents and that’s how these goes up hey can you just make me some dungarees make me some pants and he did and there’s some things I happen to be wearing since a Friday why do we have rivets on our jeans you scratched your phone what’s that this is gonna hook more than just a regular sewing yes so when I put rocks and tools in my pockets and they were usually a lot looser pants that would hold the pockets in place more than just something that’s why you have risen so they said there’s I mean it well and for the longest time for jeans it was not a fashion statement as I look around over half of you had blue jeans off all right wasn’t it it wasn’t a fashion statement it used to be actually if you would go if you were to go a hundred years ago the only people wearing jeans were the people that were having to work outside and do the jobs that most other people didn’t want to do you also think at that time did you want to go and get tan because what what does it mean if you’re getting Tina hey good for you have to work outside thank the the paler you were okay it’s show that turns on means it’s still in China that is a major fashion statement still in China all right but that is what I’m speaking of China we would have a lot of Chinese immigrants that that would come and this would also play in some things later on because on the Chinese they would set up different off a lot of them made a lot of money they’re not always in mining but it also was showed a discrimination we would set up attacked on just Chinese they did they discovered gold they actually got tax higher than Americans did this is before we’d have the 14th amendment 14th amendment says you can’t make a sort of thing on a certain group of people all right but we would actually have that in discrimination on Chinese which will come up later on in history would really start at that timing those the population of San Francisco goes 4035 to 35,000 people in two years people were getting there they outside a whole bunch of abandoned ships because as crews came to came to California they they would end up saying I’m not gonna work on the ship anymore they would just leave the ship and they didn’t have a crew to set the ship back our last section we haven’t been clayton bowl of polar um tree one of the reasons why we wanted to make a a canal across the Isthmus of Central America what’s the same time because what you do otherwise the same time not have to go all the way around South America you would land on the coast of Nicaragua or Costa Rica and then you would cross my foot to the Pacific your ship will pick you up and you would hope that you have a good guy to take you across that area otherwise they’re not going to survive

all right going up to the inside 1853 we even purchased this tiny little strip of land from Mexico the GATS of purchase yeah why we paid ten million dollars for a little herbal and what’s so important about that little strip of land okay the area – we didn’t like the Gila River ice water there’s no gold around practices here what’s the way yeah mountains because guess what we’re planning to do in 1853 yes we want the choo-choo train to have to go through we want to find a Continental railroad because 1853 after we had found the gold we want to conduct California with the other area so but we have the mountain range well there’s a pass that goes through here so we figured the easiest way to build the railroad would be through that pass and we make something go down underneath the mountains go through that pass our purchase train constant relative actually ended up being up here and here’s where everything we say well I and I have luck would later change the route to a board and we’ll fill in their routes the asset purchase in 1853 go back to your bracketing dates what major thing happened in 1854 besides formation Republican Party yeah the commands of Kansas Nebraska Act which at that time we’re going to have a guy by the name of Stephen Douglas that changes it where it’s going to be going here and moves northern for the first one and we did go through the mountains well we asked what we haven’t haven’t even got to it yet but this is where this is where even when I told you we’re practicing minutes that is a major changing in history that you probably have never heard of all right we already see him here or something here’s a change in history we go from first out of here which took a lot longer then 1869 is going to finally build the first promise for trans common problem we’re planning on in 1853 it takes of 16 years before we get it there all right okay hold you going keep going to camera off now