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that Blue is the most widely used state of visualization tool in the world and the average salary off a tableau develop Oh it’s $110,000 Random quick scan through the current job openings reveals that top companies such as Facebook Bell and General Motors are looking for tableau developed So giving the importance off tabloid mine you have come up with this fully course The scores will be taken by Mr Buchanan who is a data visualization consultant with 10 years of experience Now before we start the session I like to inform you guys that will be coming up with more such courses on artificial intelligence There are signs and cloud computing so you subscribe to Greek Learning Shooting channel on kick on the bat like and so that you have a notification off are coming videos Now let’s go Quick glance of yours in the we’ll start off with an introduction to visual Analytics Then we’ll see how to panic our data with Pablo off that will understand what are dimensions and measures Going ahead will walk with different types of charts and tableau falling which will learn about storyboarding in tableau on finally will work with dashboards and tableau So let’s start off a recession I guess the whole Ah ah fallen structured approach off data collection typically started off in the eighties You think about it in a more structured manner And yes obviously there was a lot of his station New technology was coming up We always noticed that at some point in time no matter how much data was being collected at some point in time the a parka There’s always a gap between waters on District nurses The leader was a little bit obviously a lot of other things Y two k scare and all this thing in there And look towards the end of the decade when all this metal is vanishing There’s more adaptability you know that So obviously data collection got a bit better and better and we just kept going on all of it So all of a sudden in the year 2013 IBM had done some sorry okay and they published these numbers and it came upon some Time magazine’s know that a lot of people were really aghast when they saw these stats particular These two numbers 90% in two years When the numbers put together it means something Okay Any guesses These were never supposed to get up Absolutely Absolutely Nail it 90% off the world’s dig up had just coming from the previous two years off the time space Okay so 2011 12 gave 90% of the world’s Dichter So imagine the kind off gap versus availability All of a sudden the pattern changes Something like this was a huge does wider gap People had to kind of really go towards that Bridget And now they say there is opportunity you know that in which is why now we keep hearing all these big terms fancy terms You guys are sitting here possibly because of this because of the huge increase in need I mean people feel if you don’t do something you’ll get left behind right All right So uh again as you’re learning you’re learning multiple techniques Data visualization is one of the techniques It’s ah very Viking technique It’s a science It’s not an art Clearly it’s not hard It’s not some It’s not the whims and fancies It is a science that has to be you straight So we kind of working through a structure process and this is gonna be completely hands up okay And like your other sessions I mean you know it’s going to very less of this The only first few slight I gotta put up There’s no most lines here Okay we’ll be completely hands on So reason why um this has given a lot of importance Bye Everybody is not because I’m saying it because you are You like it or it’s easy or not Because of that if you actually think about your human brains makeup Right Anatomically speaking a very large chunk of the human brain is actually the water towards vision Right And so we can clearly see things on Neurons are well trained to see things and more importantly a very good spotting patterns We can spot patterns and trends very well provided you do things right Okay You are new things right To make sure it happens So that’s the catch to it You gotta understand how What What What We kind of acted strength Water like good sweetness The square and family for example was a strength So you guys got the number three and four instantaneously But the circling was a witness to your brain So you guys were not able to understand that right Okay so we’ve got to kind of explore things like these and so do what is right for the brain If you can get that right it will solve your issues Very very largely We talk more about that Okay I’ve broken this entire 16 hours of art interaction to a seven stage process Okay I’m not gonna go in this order necessarily for your but this is your framework You gotto always keep recollecting these points in your head When you are trying to understand this if you take an approach of this 78% points you will be likely to be your You’re a point of getting a better understanding over the old and I think that’s that’s basically okay Okay To

start with you need to understand orders culture to perception Okay What does this mean What is called him to perception English No signal No he started Know if start nosy deaths I don’t think it’s simple English What is this media You learn Something s over when you Fair enough You’re kind of close Okay Yes somebody said something that somebody had something else using yes Experiences play a big role in perceiving it Yes Again Kind of kind of you But you guys still have the same point experiences and kind of constantly seeing something tends to get you to understand something Sure Anything else can you elaborate Getting example using Okay E he’s coming Okay All right Is that you will find Okay Enough Enough Okay All right Um here is where we’re gonna talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the great Okay Like I said if you do things to support your brain you get answers like if you don’t it’ll not work quick now In other words if I need to kind of defragment this cognitive perception is what you see is what you get Basically when you see something how effectively able to understand and make sense out of it are taking the stored data or appropriate approach When you see something how quickly are you able to spot the train’s impact And so I can get some quick decisions in the art of it That’s what it’s like now The best things are this works very well when you guys are able to get the answers in the absence off a conscious thought I think about it like a reflex action If you hit 100 and 5 C hard water tower homeboy Gordo you take your hand off instantaneously so you need to be able to react in that kind of a speed Basically right So we really support the brain to do things like that We lead a simple example Okay to stop it Let’s say I have three divisions that I didn’t get off I’m not telling you what the division is I’m not really what the metric It’s not any what number it is All I’m saying is that three D which is my first division I’m just gonna hide it in a green color The second division in amber Carla told in great color What do these colors mean Good bad and media court Right now you guys there you go without even understanding on Woodward is you know that that magic it’s going good Do you think about how your brain just process it so naturally we know that some colors are good some are bad right So you kind of caught that light cultural expectations And you learn constantly taking back what you said We take another example take another example Okay let’s say about 10 companies Okay 10 companies and they see the first company is blue green yellow orange pink maroon gold silver orange great gold Different colors Have the colors now importantly meeting to your report colors or something So something then used for a steak off being used doesn’t aid and called the perception Rather it’ll lead to something called us Visual clutter Okay that’s another point Now you gotta be very conscious about this Even the finest of software that you use is going to generate tractor by itself So you need to have a very conscious I to remove Eliminates which is gonna cost Cutter Now the Raiders works is no This doesn’t make you could even work in or something Something as basic as an excellent platform doesn’t matter Most rudimentary platform where you can think about even in an extreme platform You guys can make it nice and plentifully provided you are able to stripper certain elements from the D 40 We take us Let’s talk about this for a minute okay I want you guys to point this Put this talking your head for a minute Any date of you that you see is a combination Off Data Inc and Non Data Inc Confidence Okay data in Kanaan today in confidence And I tell you what that means Say for example you are 60 if you suppose I want to take your some score D c all immunity that mining and closes Right So you’ve done that I’ll say Hey listen I want to look at this class get their marks for data mining and I want to become the top for a fire or something or some logic And okay so I take your names I think your score I could make this into a bar chart Possible Okay if I saw this from Hydra Loop Exactly Know the top three or four I get it Now all I wanted to get this shot out was just your name in school Okay But this alone I can pretty much get your charts up Do you think Let’s go get water Something on data incompetence Huge titles colors for all the bus Okay Grid lines some on a straight line Excessive charges excessive labels excessive dot Porn’s very big borders Very dark constantly colors Think about a

chart that looks like So what will happen is you guys would rather than focusing on the bar chart and the top 40 billion all the other day sectors So your focus is more going to know anything now any time any visual dominance more non date I think that So you got to be able to consciously bring down the non data incompetent to the bare minimum Okay it’s required but not to such a point that it dominates it So that’s something that you should be our approach towards your visual again We you can example is constantly and then you’ll know how do the move Just keep talking about this every now and then Okay Children a property display mechanism What do you think this is Very very important Most important Correct Choosing a chart type the best Explain your business problem Okay This’ll where you got to take a very very clear stance and a very strong grasp of what Worchester Gateway But good thing is it’s not very hard It’s pretty simple Okay now every data that we have is broken into the street and countries variables He does always this Okay Ah combination off This is what is going to go check shows Let me ask you through a simple question One discreet memorable and one country is very big What’s the best chapters What is the first thought that comes to mind Mr Graham is not one discreet one countries This is one discreet in one countries But But I don’t even like but But just about shot Nothing Doesn’t better jumping about Chuck Now let’s take another kind of feel I give you a date variable And Michelle Cottle says what’s about structures What history Mr Graham So be careful about history And please please take it off your head Mr Graham is not a chart History was a different shock Okay just take a ticket off You’re just a little from every line shock I know to be right Ready Set line shot In this case there’s one thing you look for in a line shot Okay What next That a few things through former line shark this morning Then what So key takeaways like one thing is we find there What’s the plan for the older like this is going up Going down going flat Okay That’s the first thing on your phone Online chat waters What is no right Right now I just want to know the line chart is decided So we get out of the line shot I just want to know what other key elements You look forward in a line chart Don’t differentiate Just tell me what you see The launcher You see a train upset now speaks in trust or other picks it up by one point Is that okay Peaks in trust Okay So you can see where is your highs and lows Create what It’s what is And in this one speaks in those our ups and downs Whatever Okay Same thing Then what One more go There’s actually two aboard tour pattern For what So that’s the pigs in droves Okay So mortified That every bit mortified that I just want to correct Alfred You probably got it I got it right But I want to come for it That’s the bigs Enough That same thing uh study But me forecast forecasters work is a dedicated That’s one step ahead before that 1st 1st let’s get the basics of a line shot you can In fact if you wanna look at performance between do times I choose a different charge that I come back to us Please just give me a minute Sorry Exactly Reckoning Patter Yeah a recurring pattern So what’s that You call them a seasonality are being psychic Exactly So these are some Keith first Basic factors First basic steps He’s the 1st 4 things you look for in a line shot Okay Peaks and troughs trends Our current patterns forces idea being psychic Exactly Let me ask you a question Suppose I am trying to plot the sails off a Wal Mart store for about four years of later How The sales for Wal Mart looking amount of symbols How the sales for among me look like a better too simple There you go Exactly what you said right Every year Same thing Yeah it’s seasonal It’s really competitive cycling which keeps being skeptical in nature So these are some key things you look for in a line shot Okay His telegram is different Who was that Instagram What would you What is the difference between a history of an object They got the same They look like the same but they’re not the same What is a historian I made it off It is a count of frequency Its account of a frequency Okay so if I need to make a history Graham what is available E type I gotta have one How many countries Valuables One Exactly You think that one So have sales force 100 days Okay And we’re basically create bins artificial buckets and count the number of transactions which and make it look like a party That’s not about Chuck Very different Okay The two fundamentally different things So don’t makes history of the batch OK Now this is the meat off our learning guys Okay If you get this right you

pretty much get most of it right now Okay This’ll has some techniques Has some methods of course Well explored Multiple options to basic charts Custom charge on sort of So far So we really spend some time on that Okay And it’s quite simple And tablet weaken Read multiple options of charge That’s not all that hard So you really get the hang of it Uh that’s your design I’m sure you all know what That’s what’s up all I’m really resist three things When you guys want a designer that’s good Okay You’ll be all the signed pacts with the book You’ll make that sports fact at work for yourselves Okay so there are three factors Three things three large guidelines and give you first and foremost You have to be able to get the right context relevant content consistent content So you need to give it Give it Give it a lot of thought on what content has to be put in Saturday’s sport That’s an entire field of sight Okay again we talk about that We’ll see how to kind of get right content Howto retakes in examples The second part off your dashboard design is your actual physical layout of the rash book Okay First your content one goes into the dashboard than they actually are The dashboard Okay And the third to a lot of your dashboard to workers You’re interactivity Okay Interactivity Now obviously if you don’t make it interactive you made a ppd You’ve made nothing more than a people so you don’t want that happening right So you need to have a combination of all these sea to make an effective dashboard Okay content layout And in fact you can really make a first dashboard before we take our first debate today Haven’t okay with some shots all that So you make what in that I talk about these three factors and it is Well okay the next thing I wanna talk about it Something called Explored Visually Okay One of your most under utilized parts off visualization Basically Which part Very All right Now in your drawer Castro’s started Okay so that is making a point You guys don’t No no no no Don’t miss Sunday session for sure Okay On Sunday have a small activity plan but then I’ll be able to give you a good start A head start on your Castro’s Okay So I’m gonna take a data set Completely unknown Lee That’s it Okay All we do is basically make you guys do some very simple techniques It okay And we’ll get you guys to run some simple techniques Make some simple charts choose the correct all the all these techniques New minimal Carter character choice Try to amplify commission put them into a dashboard in a mattered slightly different methodology okay on I’ll make them all interact and all that And it is a leader that you guys have no idea about You guys are going to see for the first time But once you guys have this dashboard designed to explode visually you guys will be ableto simply be able to talk about the business Like really were like you know the whole thing very well You’re being a bit explore patterns hidden patterns patterns that you didn’t expect Okay so that’s something which I think we be very very efficient useful for a person who’s trying to see it for the first time And if you folks are working on your cap stones right now I would recommend you start with this start with us and then start whatever techniques you want to look at it will help you to get a clearly off the line You’ll be able to generate more hypothesis so that you’ll be able to kind of really pick it up in a very efficient manner So Sunday we look at how to work this out Okay Another interesting talk is about howto analyze visually Okay This may sound similar to your previous few points but this analyzed visually and choosing your display mechanism Okay point ian 0.0.7 There is a connection in this now so you could guess control And if you want to see what this does basically is uh when you choose a chart choice we do good example Bottom line Chuck Okay so that’s one thing Now let’s take a couple of scenarios Suppose I wantto take just the say this is a class of a bar Say say 60 If you’re okay I won’t take 60 people’s marks and I want to get a shot about his room Smaller number of course OK now let’s say I want to start me up the game a little bit instead looking at 60 people Let’s say I want to take in about say 100,000 people 100,000 Of course if I need to bring in the cars off all the 100,000 people into a particular chart or incorporate Justine how do you think that’s gonna look like you think it’s gonna cut You think it’s a locator or looks messy or cramped and spaced Our two biggest cool bar You know all these issues can happen now Just because I’ve got more data You can’t blame it to sing It’s okay now This is not a lot of issues This is not a tractor Something that do You have to be able to ensure that It’s not that when I have more number of data points you can call the Scepter It’s exciting He started selling five bucks I could make a batch out of the Solar Stadion 5000 products It’s gonna be captured I’m sorry That’s not the way this that’s the business You should be happy sitting 5000 bucks Okay Now that our techniques to dispute there are some special techniques which we can bring

in here which are water talk about here in this case So it’s like this to put food could give a layman’s perspective right now Okay Yeah I suppose I’m standing right here Okay And I can see all your faces It is one kind of an insight Okay I’m able to pretty much see what are your laptops were waiting What color clothes Your wedding So on so forth I’m able to clearly see what’s at their side Crime put me on a high rise building okay In a very high rise building That’s a 700 stories Okay Can I see your face is indelible I cannot But I mean that altitude from that height of the building what can I probably see Specks of buildings like say’s smaller things If there is another high rise building I’ll make me sign the moon Okay Are pretty much putting on a play Okay From unethical Do I see a bird’s eye view I can see it all High rise buildings OK what would the massive to be from here might look like just like a speck on top Okay that’s another view Now this is an insight that’s also inside me standing and looking at your faces an insight because I’ve got smaller data points But if I am putting in an airplane and I’m seeing outside the window that I see just specks and that that is also an insight Okay here is where you got to keep in mind Not just because you’re in an airplane doing with me I can see your faces I could never do that Okay so if I need to look at something more specific I choose an exact choice Take some charts for smaller sets of leader and showed us when I have very large data points My intention is not to say Hey listen what We should be ready from a neighboring I can’t do that Okay if you want me to find that I’m starting your mistake and then you gotta change your approach a little bit But if I want to see what is an overall view of the water bodies where the high rise buildings what does it look like What’s it look like That’s the answer I’m supposed to get from a high rise from an airplane like now that’s what this analyzed visually will do It gives you a bird’s eye picture You could put in lots of greater plenty of data and get a high level picture What is happening Well you get some techniques for that There’s something called as a witness maps something called the stable Lance’s time CDs geospatial mapping 20 of taking something so we’ll explore some ideas and that it us some ideas you use that is absolutely a tree map will be a part of that as well Yes I used the maps and that as well The long coming that’s what The maps with different some options And then we’ll talk about that You kind of set it right here And lastly we wanna make storybooks Okay Story day Quite ah need of the hour How do you transform boarding information or boarding gate and interesting stories Okay again I’m pretty sure it will be very likely for you guys and your captors Once you guys have done your analysis if you are not able to present your idea and a nice appealing manner no matter for work you’ve done in it goes for a toss So presentation is very important So also spent some time that make it fine and looking nice and clean and respect to the point make it attractive Make it finding Make it interesting Don’t make it to boarding Also helps So well in fact do one thing today before we leave I make you guys do a small story Today is what Secretary That’s something that I have kind of gotten plan here Okay Again I’m not gonna go in this vest recorder I’m gonna keep jumping orders Whenever something Ellen comes up I highlight one of these points You guys can handle it back through these parts but this is your free milk off your next 16 hours off our interaction Basically looking So this is it Okay so let’s get uh do some hands on right away now Okay All right I talked about the different tableau products later okay When I’m rapping at the session but I’m gonna keep this for the last day Stock So right now let’s not spend some time on this I want to quickly jump into sometimes Don’t work for you guys right away Okay All right So uh this is the interface How many of you standing before here Any Okay so about 23 Okay but okay we’re quite a bit if you guys So you’ve done some of what level of what you guys do What level of work to do Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay And what about you What Like what What kind of work do you do Nobody Okay So what kind of uh dashboards Okay Okay okay Okay Okay So let me ask you in terms of usage I mean have you have you done things like a lonely complexions and sets and all that Have you done that Some advanced mapping techniques Have you done that We’d like some juice Bishop Have you tried use parameters and all that You know how these parameters actions Not that you guys know that Okay Okay Fairly looking good So you guys have a fairly decent point And so you said something You also somebody spotted you had that You also similar to some of these guys supporting And I know somebody had Oh yeah Okay You guys about something

that you got some Okay So for you guys have done some work initially Might seem a bit of a bit like a recap order up may seem Listen but as we go on I’m sure you might find I’m pretty sure to find some changes Okay so we’ll hopefully stopping and starting technique on the last day So on the last day of once I get that done passes all the basics we’ll talk about How do you create something Well I’ll show you how to create a digression bottle in our I’ll be littering our tabloid last year We’re gonna medicate some models in there so we go to visual aggression We talk about some clustering We talked about some simple forecasting techniques time cities for castings We talked about computing’s that scores that kind of stuff in that So I have a few ideas as well I’ll show you howto do a couple of things and then from there you guys can actually build on I’ll show you how the integration happens that it becomes fairly simple You can really pretty much build your skills from there onwards OK so let’s begin guys Okay All right So uh the ones who see it for the first time Okay just some basic housekeeping rules before the stock Uh you gotta keep in mind that this fool does not generate any data from it Okay It’s not like it except for making type of the cards and then start to do some reporting You need to feed it a structure database Otherwise it’s not going to work Okay so it’s instructor database data has to be in the form of those and columns Either a great daughter matrix Okay data frame or a matrix is required Unstructured his word Like I say there’s 10 photographs I can’t just upload 10 4 dozen Seen a five minute side okay Or unstructured text and do some text I know it doesn’t work well in that kind of a space It must have a structured databases Otherwise start good Really Rows and columns are very very important Okay Now having said that um any structure database something as simple as an excel file RCC file or a pdf table E can be easily border It’s not really a big deal at all You can also bring in some more structure of some or complex structures like sq databases and 100 tables And Salesforce reports another kind of booby sheets I uh s so there might be some vibrator connectors OK Or BBC connectors There’s plenty of that So if you scan your eyes on the on the blue part of your screen here Okay this contains all your native connectors OK now there are two billions one that says connect Okay there’s about the second sister s over there to obedience off connections Basically Okay Now the connect to a file the first bunch of rob dots are only Luke If ice okay look refined like somebody it means from a layman’s terms of somebody e mails your file you can use it It’s something as simple as it Fucking thoughts and initiate drive or something Or any driver your C drive or something It should be as a local fight Basically like an extra five property Okay now if you look at this Silver Options Okay You have frequently Most used several options are the first you in here Okay but if you also click on this calm or okay you’re fine that it’s gonna open up an entire letter of options to choose from Very can pick up different kinds of solar based files in here as well Okay simple thing Now suppose you wantto if anybody was a sales force now the taboo in sales force have been murdered I mean they’ve taken over I’m pretty sure a lot of cities and take it is not okay Say for example your company is a sales force now who has since forcing anybody use the same supposed company Okay so you know what In your sales force when this happens when any transactions happen suppose people are waiting there there say a life cycle The guy who here he was gonna work on sales force is gonna ensure that he updated on since force So basically all that it’s doing is it’s collecting reports or collecting data from each and every person into a sales force back for sales force can also build visuals It can also create its own visuals I’m not interested about that All I’m concerned is the data that is being corrected on Salesforce The report Okay the actual numbers the date of transaction or all that kind of data Okay now I can actually connect that data from those reports into tablet Now all I have to look for a connector Let’s say for a minute here where they say Salesforce’s somewhere here here It’s as simple as that Oliver goes here You know what you see If you have a native connector okay And if you find it give it a click it is going to open up Ah pop up brother for you to ask in your user names and credentials Once you input your user names and passwords you can actually find where the table is black and drop it and start looking at it It’s really as simple as that It’s that easy It’s really not Ah it’s a no brainer Really Okay um now first look for your native connectors See if you find a native characters in any off

these different options Okay In case you don’t find the order data structure anywhere in here there is always an option off goingto BBC connected us but Okay that’s like always a backup A backup plan Okay They can also and you might need to perform a few express steps but that’s always an option to bring in any database that you don’t find here is Well okay And there’s also a vendetta character which is also very very versatile You want to bring in Twitter feed You wanna bring in your Facebook reporter We could bring it all that from a baby that connected There are multiple links to bring them in here So again it’s fairly failure Easy task off getting in leader But this is an important step You have to have the broken first Otherwise nothing We proceed for the basically to start with Okay Now let me kick back on this and I get back my previous clean Okay You guys would also find a training set of options on your right side part of your screen Okay I would say when you guys are learning your learning this keeps it as a last resort Okay I’m a I’m a crusader for training by the way Okay So I can tell you I’ve kind of seen the way it happens And I got some videos myself But I’ll tell you look at the video This is the very okay By the way most a lot of country that I have used to create this has been taken from my certification itself So I have a lot off typical certified material But some places I have made my own examples where I feel that they were not good enough So I’ve made my own examples here And that is what Plus I find problems My consulting practice cough often So I take off some real time examples also Okay but you’ll find all the basics We’ll have similarities from taboo mine But do it made some modifications here and there now in terms of your learning sales Okay I would say firstly today is going to be pretty easy for guess You got to walk off saying it’s pretty simple It’s got you pretty much get the hang of food Mostly you not have a big issue But starting tomorrow I can expect you guys to feel some pickups You need to obviously be able to put in something that you gotta find doing story small small things that you would be what it held my own in the middle of this Okay so if you guys are thinking you’re going to become experts and TDs I’m sorry That’s not what happened Okay You’re not gonna make an explosive tedious You’re just gonna expedience all that’s gonna happen okay It’s a fast schools It’s meant for you guys to give you as much as you can in a short span of time You’re only intent you guys too Repeat what I’m doing I’m telling you honestly just recreated If you are able to remove it it’s a bonus If you can’t remember it does not matter Go back and see the videos Okay That’s the way it has to work You want to go north please take notes That is your call I completely support it Okay But don’t try and become exports I mean if you become good for you a very happy for you Otherwise don’t kill yourself or don’t get you know don’t be baffled at that I thought Okay It’s not gonna happen I could tell you that Starting day two day three girls start to feel the heat on so I’m doing it right now Okay that’s fine It’s a common thing It’s not unexpected Things can happen Okay Uh what you can also do is I have also given you guys some pdf dives which I made a few years back in your are elements folders This is the folder called us if Help material and detests It’s about 25 we were to file Okay um pretty family What The files It has lots of files and folders and all that daily Hardly Use them tomorrow The motor Once I have an example I really pick it up But that contains a lot off pdf files in it All the major topics that you’re coming here I have given step by step instructions saying dragon drop this year back in top is there Click Click there You know to that point off level So if you are a previous kind of alone out here A printer Carnival Oh no You can use that That’s another So the source suspect a lot reference material Okay so videos is one second Is this video files The thing is not Taboo has for every version off So if you guys go on to the website where you do the download there are there’s a pdf online guide by paradoxes Pretty good right Okay It’s It’s about 72 Every or something It has several pages In case you guys want to look at something else You guys want to look at extra material You can go to the pity of it So I could not approve it because the elements could not handle that But just go online and order it That is again Agreed So’s you guys can use that fantastic source Last resource Must be This video’s come here on the video Okay So wait till the end and come back and uses You’ll be able to clear your learning in a much better structured manner Okay That’s something I I’ve experienced and I’d like to share with you guys Okay All right So let’s begin and import somebody there to start with okay No I’m gonna bring in an extra fight to start with Okay Simple Excel file There is a training later said that normally gets downloaded as a part of your pre downloads I’m gonna use that for a large part of our training because it’s easy It’s comedian Tell that And of course you could marketing techniques in that Okay Now I want you to click on this bar tab called Microsoft Excel Under two or fighting Please agree to important X X If I hear right now

I understand sir and it’s gonna open up some location Okay I can leave this location It’s okay So you guys we keep looking at this multiple times even tomorrow or sometime Really After is what You probably want to make it on foot Somebody so that you don’t forget the location off this file If you’re quick on your tab called documents please Documents under documents you have afforded called my deposit It comes about a few pre downloads Okay So go in trouble If you go near my travel depository you have a bunch off some folders in the my tattoo depository for the open of the four local data sources Diga sources Okay dunk But indeed also says you’ll have your whatever version that you have If you have a 2019.180 you’ll have that version So open up that number 19 point to order Okay You have another former guardian us Us Okay It should be you Okay Doesn’t matter Double click on this You’ll find a sample Hyphen superstar Ok this is our data set that is given by taboo themselves which is great for training and learning Okay And especially small stuff you’re using for the first time I’ll sail learn everything from here and then walked your own leader Initially this is easy to learn okay And then you can use it only You’ll get better results if you get more confidence to start with this to start with great double pecan sample Stuart sample superstore Okay And you’re gonna have a screen that looks like this in the next few seconds it’ll prep your ingenuity but to give you something that is not okay Now I open up the Excel file also it badly and then explain to you a little bit about data structures so you guys can keep that as a part of your plan Is what Okay so just wait for a minute I’ll open up the fight just the way we saw Laura Tableau What books Right And title workbooks You have your sheets call orders people in the dance our table names or whatever in here Okay You got these structures in here if I actually open up the XL five in parallel Okay you load is that that also has the same thing in terms of sheep names called orders People in adults that three sheep names in here Now if you import a leader from a cereal or something you will install finding cheap names in here You find Abel tapes so you’ll be able to find what your tables you want to bring in a contract and top them so they will be table names You can go in there You can drag in traffic it now OK your first task is to know which sheet or table that you want to primarily analyze Okay so we’re gonna look at the orders sample superstore for a minute and then really kind of get a hang of this now This contains three sheets in here T sheets of three taps Okay called orders And there’s something called people And that Something called us records with three different labs in here Okay now the orders Dad contains all the information that we need for the stock or people in the turns They are some artisans sheets which I’ll use them later to show how the joy and blending But right now let’s not bury what order people under us It’s only the honesty that we need not okay now rules to follow Very very similar Or is this is the same as the real you structure an exceed firing photo paper The exact same rules follows for travelers with I sometimes think taboos boots on steroids Honest wicket Yeah exactly That’s what is so if it’s as simple as that So you need to follow the same rules Okay so think about this Water Some roots for a pivot table rows and columns structure Later Your first heather contains First contains a header Okay Every column is available Every row is a transaction Yes or no Okay And and and here’s an external many follow Will you maintain the label types Okay Be consistent Suppose you have a numeric variable in a column It’s all numbers Don’t come up with some dates or text or something Don’t mix that support You have date Feels a proper date format It must have a month for march It must have a date Format your format Okay It doesn’t matter if it’s a 1,000,000 d d y y d d a member but the former But as you must have a date element a month element out of your element if you have time time was also key You could have beat months timers with Doesn’t matter Okay so that’s something You dick it Now there are some other fields Here is when we talk about that Okay Now every room if you put in any lawful each row must contain a unique transaction Okay Again I’m repeating this Every drop must contain Ah unique transaction Okay Rule one should not have anything to do with more than one transaction That’s what I mean Here in this case let’s understand what that means for a minute Okay Your first column is your body Okay Your serial number of your transaction basically index or whatever This that are about 9995 9994

extra They hit it close to $10,000 of information is what I have You Okay Great Already some alphanumeric All right if a customer Okay order dated when the customer purchased again You see there’s a proper date month and here for night Okay then it’s a shipping date When the actor more shit to the customer Okay Shipping wars that the four types of shipping Moore’s first day Same class Whatever the customer i d Each customer has a distinct customer I d d d Okay that guy or he or she has a name is Well that’s what is in your customer Me They have bean broken into different segments for water or analysis Call him I now contains off field Okay Expert But now we don’t know what geospatial feeds Okay countries you city states your poor stores all this can be your special nature Okay Why do you speak exactly the country latitude long inside the particular lady But if you wanna put in India or United States that have that wrong values now that’s gonna help you drive your napping abilities So we’re gonna keep them now to ensure that so again all the genetic countries all the countries states in the world cities in the world they will get populated by themselves as long as you insure correct Spell IX spelling is a very very important Okay Don’t put an i n d And expected to understand it’s India and doing then complain that Indianapolis are coming That’s not gonna happen Okay Spellings are very very important Okay It will also help By the way it also help if you name the head is light colored Country City State sticker General Norman Creature Generally they can pick up much easier even if you don’t Doesn’t matter But I’d say it’s a better It’s one little extra step I mean how does it matter Collar country Just see if you can do that It kind of helps Okay All right So your country which country here she came from with city with state Which post Court off court they came from Okay Moving on Something called a region column And Emma’s mother this day does it contains transactions only for the U S Okay The U S map has been broken into four regions east west central and south Your eastern states like Massachusetts You’re our New York and D C not is broken to East West is you can’t afford in about your Oregon and Washington Know that Okay South Jersey of Florida Central Texas You are Louisiana Those kind of states Oregon What are not too good at some Some states of that That’s that in here Now this field region with this view to you especially relieve a lot off Why It could be for any country right East of India east off Europe east of Africa east of Australia Okay East is not of a while It’s closely connected to geospatial It’s not a geo station so you gotta have that sense of Defense station Okay so that’s where it is Okay It’s a product I d What did he or she by what is a category But as a security what is the item name that he bought different levels of data in here All these are your different other experts now Okay Your last four columns contains the actual numeric feeds Okay All your company’s fees How much c came out of that transaction What was the number of items the divine terms of quantity What does the discount offered as a percentage to the guy for colony Ok Sausan CEO goes up to one at Max And what is your profit or loss for that particular transaction So this is your later This is your transactional leaders again if you noticed every field waas talking only about the same transaction Now this is what I mean by a unique transaction Okay Every rule must contain unique transactions Make sure that you guys have this This is very very important On day three I’m gonna deliver to give you guys some structures which are afforded And I tell you how this fails We don’t have this back so it’s kind of important to have this structure important Okay All right So let’s go back into town you know And let’s take the sheet Got orders What We now you guys have to perform our testimony Step when you are in boarding detail for the first time Okay Any structure database all your sheets or your tables will be appearing in this part of your screen here Okay You guys have to do this Your dragon drop mature sheet or table into this option called rag sheets Here Just bring it in here And the more you bring it in there in a few seconds it operating actually data table in front of you You must see this Greek uncle Unless you don’t see this You cannot proceed further Okay Listen Rebecca you go back and undo it and it’s a headache Might as well just take it right Okay A few more things but I not called Who deep into this last day and talk about this You can sit in connections for live and extracts which I’ll talk about in the last day Okay life is war period Time escorting But I’ll tell you how to use it and when and where it works more than a server I talk about that later Again Okay Right now just

know that this is an option to get enable a live steam off Okay Extract is extracting this pottery That’s what it is Don’t just keep this much in mind We got to go Last year springtime of this I talked properly on this with an example Okay Now in terms off filtering data or see again this the title of best stops after that we have is not a date a cleansing Lear Okay there’s something called us Bablu Prep If in case you guys have used to have a Crip there is a layer cartel blue crab which is basically mento toilet cleaning can singing all that now since it was about 1000 cards Okay Now say for a minute I want to clean some Great I don’t want to bring in all my data into my records into this engine Now using this part of my software I can filter certain rose away NATO consist of rows and columns Okay What I can do here is right now for one so I can filter certain rules away I cannot remove columns right now in this case because sometimes columns also take space That might also be completely useless You’ll be burying columns for no reason So it’ll have extra work You’re supposed have lots of great I’d accept a hell lot of frosting time You may not want have some unnecessary columns as well There are ways to treat it But as far as this part of a disconcerting beacon right now remove certain Rosa Vega I just show you how this but I’m not gonna forget anything in this chap called Filters Okay And add a filter If you actually click on this ad option and click on add again one more time Okay You notice that it’s gonna pop it all You’re very believes So say for example I only want to bring in records from the southern region off the U S Okay let me say I go to this field called Region here Okay And in fact you can’t Okay I’ll be ableto she was a filter for the variables that I want to bring it up So by doing this I can filter out rows Okay so that’s an option that began it We kind of improve the efficiency off the engine If you don’t have any to bring it on the city records this is one option But right now I’m not gonna forget anything I want all the data so just cancel it Okay I talked about this a little later again I think there’s some more things to work in here on Day three even have an example I end up looking better here but right Now I want to jump in and start to create your visuals I want you to click on this call sheet one off and we’ll take you next to your screen right away So here’s where all the action happens All your visuals on your dashboard ing storyboarding Everything happens in this screen only henceforth Okay First things first First things first The software does not Okay Did has broken in two dimensions and measures Okay What is it I mention what’s Mr not you guys Let them answer the ones who not What’s the not mention What’s the measure The ones have not seen before They’re all columns They both columns But what Colin was a dimension categorical In other words they are discreet What you make sure continue sweetie but it’s okay now The tutors don’t understand what is meant to be put inside our dimension or measure myself It does not know when you guys important date after the first dying Okay You got a check for two things First if the data type is currently being identified or not Okay How do I know the reader types here Your cat Look at the category called ABC It’s a text from ABC You look at your city It has a global icon Okay It has ordered it contains a Cadillac I can’t You need to check for all these little types firstly okay And ready In my shows it has all your numerous feels that your sales and profits in your quality and discounts and so on and so forth So you need to first check if they need aesthetically getting into fights Sometimes it may not Okay if it is not getting identified all you have to do is click on that on that particular like on Let’s say for example this category wants to be changed or something else just like on the ABC icon in separately Help you change the data type Okay so first modify this Treat this as your first people give This isn’t first treatment The second thing you do is if you actually slept through one of your dimensions There’s a field called Ro I d Okay Maybe something was royally She disappeared I mention what a measure What could this be A dinosaur Misha it’s a number So what does that mean Why Damn it It’s 95 Okay it’s an index That is that This is a training set You’ve been shielded from a real problem When we are importing data for the first time It does not know what is the dimension or what does it measure It just looks on data type It is gonna put all the numeric fields in The mission is all the non numeric feels that your damages whitey now happens to be a dimension We know this Okay but the tune will not be able to identify this in the first time So you know how it would look like Look I’m gonna indelibly mess it up so I’m gonna drag and drop the Freudian combined measures like this It will be sitting inside You

are just like us first Your first task is to identify these flaws and make sure you treat it just the way a dragnet double wrongly make sure you take it back in the collection from there That’s your first task So uh do you understand what it already x and finally solidarity Index You got that Eyes that dispute our country’s very But let me ask you that whitey should be discreet continous no scenes is gonna miss Does it make sense to outrun them Or I d number one plus 25 inexorable one plus an extra if it doesn’t make sense but signals in the first transaction But plus states in the 100 transaction we might have some sense at some point And yes so hence it makes sense to keep sale says Cantonese Your body is not the fact that is numerical hash variable It does not make it to become I should automatically Sometimes you will have to pick the best dimensions of required In this case it should be correctly identified here In this case it happened but it won’t happen all the time So you gotto do this consciously as your first task Uh huh Okay Yes Okay Okay Okay So then that would be a dimension automatically if it’s moments Alphanumeric moment There’s any Gordon Alfred It becomes automatic damages You got a hard five B 75 plus one Cannot it So it becomes a diamond automatically So that’s not an issue Okay Only if it’s purely numerical You have a problem Be careful about that Okay Let’s say for example you have you looking at some housing I’m seeing each property I’m saying this is the first house A two bedroom three bedroom four bedroom for number of atoms in 34 and five Okay why is it numbers I could have anybody called the mystery be It’s good to be here one beach here But the fact that gold is 12345 does not make it into a number of American use format That’s a case where I can keep it as a measure It has your dimension I’ve repeated the tool No no despite Leaf already put in no measure But you’ve repeated or damage So that’s your initial treatment that you have to do Yes yeah yeah I know you can You don’t have to see it so you don’t have to change everything you get Exactly It’s heading for the daytime Exactly Exactly Yes annoyed fits but has 12 or zero and one it We probably Is he going on his vanity That’s okay Yeah if it’s one thing to suppose for yes and no if we go into my shirt But it started on measure It’s a dimension you ever treated like he said So you have to have that understanding So you need to know your later A pretty Well guys you should not tell your waiter before you even start to work on this You should know what data type of each where it should be to be on my shoulder dimension That’s your first homework You look and then you will start to play this Okay Right So I’m not gonna start to create some visuals now Okay So if you’re quick rules that lead stock if you actually scroll to your dimensions to the very end and your missions civilian you’ll find a few idolize fields Okay Just just just I’m gonna hide the highlight This a few height write nice things in here These are feels that are getting populated automatically now Whether you like it or not they’re gonna come Okay I talk about the measure Name’s Misha values in a bit but let’s talk about the others right now Okay I’ll show an example for the other ones Now let’s say a lot of dude and as long as you generated these are the lateral values coming in automatically from the software Only because when you guys imported Leader said for the first time You make sure the correct spellings for your cities countries and states and post course So it has checked It’s depository off geospatial really bills and it’s found a match So for those matches it is returning light Wrong values from the consult That’s what is happening Okay these are automatic Okay Number of record is pretty simple I’d say he count the number of records for transactions in New York How many transactions in Los Angeles I could do that Okay How many times actually table chairs I can get that That’s where this your measure names and measure values I talked with an example they used for creating period tables I’ll tell you that much I make a pivot table show you hold work so that that quarterback Okay in the next few minutes your marks carbs cuddle size external that these are You know the seven steps you spoke about covering the perception and all that This will help you to amplify our commission Basically we see how to use that at some point Okay rows and columns But you actually do drugs and drops Okay There’s one view called Show Me On the back inside top Most corner That’s like a teach it It’s

a guide to choose the chart choice Basically Okay sometimes you have variables You wanna water some potential charges I can create a show Me is a starting point How do to the jack choice Okay but I’ll tell you how to use it optimally I use an example So let us work OK so I’m gonna click on this right now so I just hide it off and I’ll use it now Right Okay So All right So all you guys go to your measures called sales piece to start with and double courses Okay Or chart is this or charges But what’s he told you So total sense is what 2003 years Okay So again this’ll has a lot of similarities to excel As you guys Like I said it disappeared out Starts believing you’ll experience it more and more Check this out in your You know these base indicators somebody is You get the number of items total sales You know all these metrics have come like that 2.3 million in fact $2.3 million In fact that’s the totally Okay And there are also two cups fabulous tool tips If you actually have on top of the object it will give you a tip off that particular things where we can go to a point of customizing pro tips like writing sentences and making custom tool tips We could make custom designed pop ups and tapes A lot of things are possible We later Okay But right now let’s explore this Not now I wanted us to go to your field called category Okay Dragon don’t this category D off field called columns Okay so I mean you know successfully break them into three categories called furniture’s something in something Okay um in your screens I’m getting your final look better Your furniture labor early has probably fully coming for you Right Your technology’s become technology in some of your screen so I’m not wrong right Yeah And office supplies coming Two lines Figures from our troll Okay Freddie will you fix it up Will you fix it up my screen positions A different So it’s kind of stunk All my valuables Okay Doesn’t matter Now I’d like to put labels on all these bars in here to see how much a sale came from each of these bus Okay so you guys on a cool boss You know this more like our party That’s a show Mark Labels given a click you be able to put in the labels for whatever data points you have on your shop That Okay so that’s your leader labels Okay Now I have a small um quick common sense tester before Okay sister test your brains and all that Just take a look at the ceiling for a minute The ceiling OK what shapes you see the most Okay hang on squares Okay I’m saying I can see more than squares Think about this If I can actually think about it You know what If I want to make it in here into a sort of any shape guess what I just do that eh I’m not trying to do all that It could be in this case Check this out I can draw them out to sea I can I can write any absolute I can draw anything I can paint my face Evening for all I care Okay I can fight I can feed the Mona Lisa Okay But Why do we not see this The first cop Not your fault It’s our the way The business we designed the brain likes to see objects in its most simplified far Okay Or instant simplify complex objects into easy objects This is the actual logical reason why we always saw the reader never ever leave the charts Unsorted Okay so there are a couple of starting techniques here Okay Um in your own bars if you check it out that is an ascending sort and a descending sort You may give any of the one sorts give any of them a clique Doesn’t matter Right So that’s simplified Three Bar is not a big deal but the women that many bars trust me it’s a big deal Okay It might us Okay let’s try something It’s not in this pretty good shot in this pretty good shot My label’s completely hidden Okay for me because of my screen size and some off you have labels for the terrace Come right Office supplies and two lines Technology become technology In your case I’m sure How do you get handy How did we can optimize this particular problem of believers Some suggestions some ideas to fix labels What do you think you can do I already labeled correctly Clearly with okay as much as I can What are some tips that you might Some ideas making M c I know Use excel a lot but trust me sometimes An accelerant Think about this many times Don’t you have a sense of ambiguity Which label goes where When he stated that me there is a problem in space You know I could do that now High parking extreme scenario Let’s say one word is got two characters are 100 characters How would that look like So again It’s not gonna justify yours right Somebody said something Look what he just did The first thing is it is donut cart and now you’ve gone and out of traffic Joseph there’s okay everybody for

the next letter So no So you officially added Get out So don’t do that Don’t do that I heard someone saying this year easy to get separated but on the boat I mean how much can you okay again Very long But if it’s a it’s a word it’s 100 words How much is it gonna occupy Is gonna go on top to bottom are are are left right a bit of an issue Better idea me off the park Oh yeah Nice Okay that’s not you talking Okay Freddie So um give us a quick guy See There’s a little icon say swap rows and columns Give it a quick look What happens It’s got audience your bar chart from a vertical and horizontal bar and labels It kind of handles the labels issues for all of us Even for me it got fixed for you Also gets fixed by large This is rectifies the problem off Inconsistent levels are lindy labels They fix up buying lunch Okay Okay We give this shock to people’s we sort of leader because brain likes to simplify it We also swapped editor because labels are not very clear No good treatments or not There is a scenario a particular situation when you’d never sought bars like this You would never swapped them like this When would that be Hey why is that When it comes to date fields you always wanted to date from left right It’s never top to bottom gates I don’t care how inconsistent or how irregular it is I don’t care The brain is gonna collapse but I want to see the whole upper non patterns That’s the whole point of a day Chat date is the only case where you never do up starting in us something like this Okay let’s try this Fine other cases you have into this All right So let’s leading the sheet Okay I’m gonna call the sheet as category sales Okay No um I’d like to open up a new sheet Another new sheet Okay in my family is blue but I’m taking right now There are three small time things Okay The 1st 1 is to get an extra book sheet The second is for a dashboard Torresfirst storybook I’ll use the three of them today But right now I want you to pick up the 1st 1 that says new action Okay you can keep adding more and more sheets and let’s work on she goofing up Okay let’s do a small another kind of support right now Okay What I want you guys to do is to first create a chart for me This field called us up category Okay Dragon brought this up Carried your rules Shelf please Okay How many sub carries do we have A duty The ones accounting Please don’t count Forgive you 1000 and counting forever Autumn Illegal accounting forever Yeah Similar Drexel Okay See in 17 Rose one column He wasn’t like that Okay Yeah yeah Let the monster You know what This Here Yeah Yeah Alright So this future will not Egypt I want us to drag and drop regions It your field called columns Please do this Okay so all I have is a structure a full report I have 17 items when I’m able to go to see them in four different areas Four regions in the U s Okay now I’d like to create a pair of table basically Okay My cable is gonna contain sales and profits so I wanna drag and drop my medical sales okay And I would simply drag and drop it into this box called ABC Until I see this I can call Show me Very but inside doesn’t matter Leave it anywhere It’s gonna create a table as okay that’s done Sales someone ice across different cats getting subcategories across different reasons Now I want to do the same thing for profit It’s what I’ll drag and drop my profit Michelle I’m gonna bring it back in the same place But I brought it until I see this show me icon And when you look off the mouse you able to find your sale and your profit in your steam at the same shop No I want you guys to take a look at this chart for a minute We brought in four feet Subcategories reasons saves and profits but it chart seems to have some extra elements here What are they You get those columns get all that some experiments that’s coming there But you didn’t even bring them in the first place I’ve brought in some categories I brought in Rose I brought sales our profits It’s got some extra things right now Deputy features look atyour rose What’s all that Mission Eaves You do not mention names but they came in them since you see that Yes I know Guys Yeah Okay Now that’s what happens with the help of measure names and measure values You know these last do I delight spills I spoke about these things

that come there with missiles Okay Now what does justice Suppose you make a pivot table You’re gonna drive him bringing the same in the same place to make a table You could eat more than one worship Okay so how many measures do we have to Okay for exactly So I got four But right now I just brought two measures okay to order before measures So if you look at your filters to start with your filters has gotta mentioning because it’s filtering to off the measure names out you’re discovered that quantity has not been brought that it’s only getting in sales and profits Okay Now having street only for the relevant measure names If you notice that your rules doesn’t mention it you know why Because you first have yourself category which is all you’re subcategories Then you have your measure names which is your profit and sales which is again your second item in here and if you could be are different columns They have your reasons for your central east yourself now measure values How does that how does that work Check this out Measure values a one controller to bring in all the measures at the same time in the same place measure values contains all the missions but the fact that I got really good wishes this works in comparison with the measure names If I figure some measure name’s Misha values will also get food automatically Okay so this case only see them prophet Jessica because I got sick But now that has a small I can be on it that the icon built by a first or text the fact that it’s a text You got a favorite table And here is your order off profit and sales sales profit Exactly what you have in there That’s our mission Aims and measure values typically work Okay you don’t need to remove this but I’m just telling you how this works justify Okay all right No but a big A big irritating factor for ah person when he makes it a porter’s school bus I see As much as you can try and get eliminated please minimizes Crow’s Okay You can You may not always be able to get it off but try and see Mollify them as much as you can Now I have Ah simple solution Here are very simple solution See I have ah scroll bar run Stop the water Okay I’m saying instead having a school but running from top to bottom I seem to have a lot of extra white space in my corner Why can’t I use that instead and try and cut the school That’s my logic So all I’m gonna do is a very simply rearrangement And that’s something that you need to play it off understand Every time each time it may have a different situation but always give it a play and see what works Well okay not measure names Okay Try this dragon dropping names to freely called columns and look what happens It will definitely in this case treat your property with a lot better than you have a much more cleaner looking report And this is something that I might definitely suspected Okay All right Time to answer a few questions Okay I’m not I’m gonna give you a few seconds If you don’t answer the question I’ll move on to my next question Okay But I need some answers real quick Okay Okay Help me spot the subcategory Having the highest See Help me spot this up gallery Having the least profit you gotta put on office Help miss for this Avocado had the sports of galleries having losses in more than two regions Time Okay help me Sport itself Gallery having the highest profit in the highest region Okay don’t Okay Time up Time up Time up Time up Time up Okay No If somebody asks you to answer questions like these killing Okay first of all killing But I make you guys answered all these questions in the same speed save under Fine But I’m kind of make this a little more easy to look at it Okay the same later But I’ll show you how to dowry this to answer these questions in a visual manner Okay Same but a bit differently Origin open up Another seat please Dragon drop your some catalyst Your rose Jeffries Okay Blackened up your regions to your columns like you did before First steps of the same There’s no change that Okay But this time I’m not really created pivot table But I’m gonna make it a visual table And I will use some off your cognitive elements to some elements to amplify commission So you’re gonna work on your brain strengths and I’m gonna make you answer some questions and see how you bring is able to spot patterns in this manner Okay Now I want to bring in sales okay Not as a pivot table So Dragon drop sales and I’m gonna place it in my columns after my region I feel okay So what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna automatically make this into a bar chart Okay No we just realized Lightman is about chart Brain likes to see the object and simplified form So please for the love of God started okay It’ll make your life a lot simpler So let’s give it a listening order sort Give it a start If you think about this after you do the starting it looks

a lot less messy doesn’t it Because it is now simplify Okay Okay Starting has been done right now Okay The current sorting order again I’ll talk more about starting a remarkable starting techniques It was sort of right now it is only started The current sorting ordered is such that if I add the seals off phones in my sentry plus east west South was rest Fuller’s my highest setting Okay if I had the sales or fasteners and send people of east for sockless west It’s a least setting That’s the current starting order that I have Okay just keep this in mind That’s all you need to know Something is not okay Diner bringing profits as well I’m gonna ask your dragon Drop your profits into your card called color Okay And let’s put a minute Understand how this is still being oriented The length off the bar It’s students about your some of sales You’re starting into the scene but the colors of your body is not gonna be explaining to you as profits If you see any bar with a darker orange color it tends to go to a loss If it goes into a darker blue collar debts to go into a profit Okay this is Bill way in which this shot has been created No not any Which is the highest selling item Most highest Internet sales forms Okay what You’re least setting I can Okay Which victims has which acted as the highest loss tables where he’s okay Which Adam has the highest profit Obvious Where us exactly Think about this Same questions I asked you before Now you guys get answered much faster Okay Help me Okay let’s take one more question Help me Sports subcategories making losses and more than two legions tables then OK then Then machines Machines Go Go Yeah There you go Yeah There you go Exactly So now you guys can process a lot more information much faster Same deter but shown in the manner to not be covering because what’s happening Bring Okay The only case was rich for you But not going to give you guys for cancer is now packed into standing up Okay that’s what these are Some smart things that you’ll adopt A kind off really make you dig Stand up Okay All right Let’s try something else Open up another street please If I look at the field okay I know you answer this one more time I think a deed Feeling in my shirt What’s the best choice Lunch Nothing Doesn’t better job than a line shot Four things you guys mentioned you said when he said highs and lows He said seasonality Okay And sigh Quickness Ok well you see how whether all this snow comes in to clean up Okay let’s not do this now the pool has also been taught that the moment it finds our date field and um issue by default we make a line shot Okay so that’s gonna happen Now you’re gonna wait and watch now so and really date from left right Or top to bottom Okay so your date is going to call up So Dragon drop your order date Okay If you feel called columns Sorry Okay Um the date feel in the Excel file What format was it there 65 date month And it had a proper date format But here you notice that it’s gonna try and do a year already Now this happens with your date fields Davies have natural hierarchies Yes or no But like it or not you can if I give you four years later If I give you 3 65 times four days you can give me the value for four years or four times 4/4 or four times 12 months Okay I can I can be of any kind Are Aiken Take 364 times four is Well okay I can have any kind off things Possible dates had this natural property So that’s what You’re nobody’s saying that Okay now this measure called seems again Dragon Top sails into your rule chef And by default it is gonna make a line shot because it has been told any time you find out date seed onto my shirt your first charge sort of your line charts So it happens by itself It will happen on its own Okay Okay Let’s go with the training What is this train didn’t you increasing Increasing So the other head of Syrians will you be happy with a string You better be better Yeah you can be happy Listen Gordon is ordering happy This is a good friend Yeah it’s going It’s increasing So yes it’s not about your cereal is increasing your honor And if you are this is any indicator off your future then you good Good for you If this is your forecast you’re uses for forecast Your next year there’s gonna be probably so that’s the indicator of meeting Right So say let’s go and has been answered so far with this Okay No I want you to do one thing for me in your year of order date Okay I want you folks to kick on the plus symbol one time the euro for a date Peeing on the possible one time What we see now It’s not just caught in two years and quarters You see all the four years and all the 4/4 So using four years times 4/4 of 16 data points Okay Okay What is the inside

coming out of here now Quarter four has the highest thing Thank you One has a lease Sales gets 40 Just answered You answer your seasonality and psychic packer That’s exactly what he wants it In the first case we answered train Lovely dog Marcie’s 19 psychic buttons That’s exactly what came out here Okay Why do you think you Ford is the highest already sick sense Which is this The U S So obviously their holidays are falling in the court of fourth quarter Okay Typically that Thanksgiving their Halloween their black Friday Christmas and all that falls in the last quarter obviously So that’s where it is If we had to see say for India when do you think we would have had the highest is You know the body falls very very false dualities normally either First off about our middle of October If it’s in the beginning of October what happens It is a good chance that people shop early for the money nobody’s gonna buy on the day of the rally Okay it’s gonna happen like a week or 10 days before So Syrians would have been for September meeting Q three We’re having high But if it fell C end of October Thank you for is gonna be higher So that’s how the BBC stays here On the last day We’ll take a rest for India Okay And we make some analysis do some Indian legal analysis Okay Where we’ll actually find this kind of a pattern where it only ask for Carol here But the valley will drive The highs and lows for our sales will be seated on the last day on the farm animals The last before we book only So that is done Now I want you guys to pick on the quarter off Order it one time and first things first Easier 100 Okay there’s a reason why your brain is not saying it’s hard to be okay First things first just because they told us something doing Lady followed This is a classic case Okay You gotta then take a stand You find it you do some brilliant things but this is something I will not subscribe to There is ah scientific reason why our brain is not able to read this Okay an average human being has four wrong chips in his head Okay Ford on chips Okay Now remember on Graham is long term drama short term memory Okay when you guys are trying to make some interpretations you’re not trying to do this To memorize for life You want to quickly get an answer and run out okay And get out of this Um I think I’ll just prove it to you Okay See Suppose I want to memorize your names I’m seeing all for the first time I don’t know what I’m gonna see you next or I may never see you again Okay If I’d like to memorize their names it is out of purely out of a short term interest Because I want to be able to call you and then using the internet 34 days Okay so I’ll see that started his name I go down here by the time I go to the total four Dream I was a good chance his name is going to step out of my head Short term memory Okay but also your mother’s name I’ll never forget it My dad’s name I never forget it because I was born in that It’s my long term thing That’s long term memory Okay It doesn’t seem thing happens now Four round Chips Resort An average human being has Right now we’re seeing how many lines Four times Let’s see there’s 16 16 lines is one of seeing here Every line or every chunk is the morning one wrong from us so far as it looks Scattered hard to read quoted one of it But I’m bringing is just not able to read this pattern because the brain is now ordered and it started really the backup So I know I have to support your brain Who read it Frankie Okay now here’s what we do The first line shot we saw what a year on year increase I got the old order Your fort is the highest increasing threat We got it the second line The quarters came well we secure Ford is of the highest Q One of the lowest once in the early one Christmas season the holidays all that backing us Come on We’ve got the quarterly insiders but it’s time for the monthly inside I want to see how much start fanning So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna slightly simplify this view okay Now the your off ordered eight keeping the latest it is this quarter of already that’s causing this issue Okay so I’m gonna drag away this quarter ordered it from this view and I’m gonna keep it somewhere either here or in your measures or anywhere in here You know as you see a red arrow in it you got to go take it out of history and check it out It looks looking better Strike easier seconds you know Yes No OK some of you might have screwed bars in your screen as well I’ll help you take that out as well Okay because you’re running from left to right screen That might be also a bit of an irritating thing that now here’s what you do on your r toolbars Okay Look what I’m cooking There’s a tap course standard Okay When you hear this option If you don’t want to send her to you the scroll body may I just say 50 anti wit or fix the entire view on screen so I can see the whole screen utilizes all the space for my charts So it’s a little better now Easy today Okay Not any What is it about coming here I want someone says no Give me some answers Now what

Back into coming out Slight Slight Dip it off the boat Okay Okay What Favors or dip Okay All right Okay Yeah What Somebody’s at media What media What media is typical You okay What about march March is a Okay Okay let me Let me Let me let me let me stop you right here You’re all consistently tryingto look for repetitive patterns All right You’re going to find a good month A consistently bad month Consistently good beer That’s what you’re on Everybody had the same answer If that’s your intent I’ll make your life hell Most of why four on ships I’ll make your brain focus on uses one drone ship one round trippers entire view and then see how this view gets better to read Okay all I’m gonna get you to do because you would’ve ordered eight And Dragon dropped this card called colored Look what happens It’s gonna have all your four years Evita But all the lines have been sleeping superimposed on top of the other So now your brain is able to understand this Assist one single image and not four images So now you guys can be this patterns Better not Tell me the good months peaks and lows Not any consistent picks in those Okay But he said it’s a slight dip There was a side door drop Okay What about something Motive September Isa Isa Peek Okay Number two Similar again Yeah Okay What about the first part of the year Favors always are your picks and close air coming much fire and easier April is what April is only so Spike Ok it is No April is a spike Oh April is a different means A DP means okay Whatever it is you guys No no hydrated Okay you guys can get it now Um so So So See how your brain is not able to easily get it See all of us know hardly the chart It’s just about how to make it easy to read Now that’s where is really the smart act Smartness on making better Okay I’m a small question Okay Uh anything people are shopping for Christmas More number right Looks like now motor shopping is higher than your December shopping Okay study Thanksgiving is one option And assuming it’s all your Christmas shopping there’s a good chance that these guys must have promoter like in Hollywood think about this December But if you are going to stay there and you celebrate Christmas you are gonna buy a present You gonna buy gifts for sure Okay it’s not the same But what if I’m smart enough to say Hey listen um interview shopping and the simple when I know you will I don’t have to spend the extra money and marketing on y’all But if I can see it on the month off remember if I can give you guys an elaborate special I say come early and get extra to start for the month of nothing But if I can increase you do get earlier shop early I’m not early Secure sales for number this summer is gonna happen Any which case so I’m gonna do I gotta do to Mum Bonanza So that’s what I’m thinking So maybe something like that could have happened or could be Thanksgiving Could be whatever But obviously something has happened right here in this case Okay All right So good Let’s see it in a sheet Call this sale strained She forgot her this instant That’s just a small for minding It happens I mean that’s okay That’s a small for mining thing That’s a really quick formatting tip If you want to do that I’ll talk more about for mining But right now don’t do this You do right Click and you condone it Access our former You can change it off Typically it’s possible we spent some time on the leader right now That’s not very bought That Okay I’ll show you our God Okay It’s where I’m gonna spend some time for me Okay Now let’s make another charge Guys please name your sheets Very important The ones that meaning mean that because I’m using I’m gonna use it for a dashboard eventually Okay You talk about that Let’s talk about the filtering bit And sometimes So right now let’s make the sheets and then we do all the filters Okay Give me some time on that I got it all planned out Don’t worry Open up You break the secrets of the West so let’s not okay now But it’s pretty much covered I could to get deeper techniques so I’d like to do something more No I want to understand how’m I doing saves you especially Let’s pick some maps understand how somebody dies Okay I have data I gotta latitude longitude variables Okay And I have states country cities towns whatever I have all this data Let’s see some data on a map again A very effective way to see data patterns something we always come up So I would like to utilize that part of the mapping technique Okay Now let’s uh take a simple approach You all can click on Show me Okay And it will show me I didn’t show you Hardly uses Like I said show me the T cheat Okay It’s a great starting point to create sharks and all that If you know what charge choice You need to create nothing like it

You’d probably get a practice Okay But in the beginning If you’re not sure what shots to create you need to You have said to your four variables you decide to make some analysis with the four variables which is a chart Well true Me can be a great guiding Getting park Don’t trust the guy Andy but uses a guiding fight Okay that’s what I’m gonna look at it Now here’s what I’m gonna do Now at this point in time nothing is gonna work because it’s not anybody to choose any chart You make it anywhere Um a couple of maps in here Okay So you place it on any chart say I get this on a pie chart for the moment You okay But don’t use the d word So it tells you what the charges okay Tells you what is the condition for a pie chart You can read the chart Name on the prerequisites for the pie charts Okay For a picture if it all has to be created it must have at least one diamond ship at least one dimension and must have at least one mission So you can use a combination to make a pie chart Absolutely Yes Think about it That’s the way You by charges Okay Aah Sales forces Number of executives Okay bye Charges possible global Anyways So all I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna click on a measure called Scenes at the moment So that variable is now I like it now Notice As you reflect on of anybody your show me is getting activated Some charged are being any boot because for a combination of one variable these are the potential charts that you complete I want to add more labels Okay I want also bring in a field call state in my diamond ship So I wanted to hold on to your control keys on your keyboards Okay And select this damaging car state also so you’ll have to really bulls silicate like these state and you’re safe Okay And now for another combination No notice more charts have bee n able Okay Now for this combination offer dimension and a measure the software sadistic this one particular map chart But I’m not gonna take that That’s done Look at a map here Okay This Like I said it’s only a starting point There are two kinds of maps Okay Really Once you do both You understand Right now she was the second lap Another first The second map Okay Not the one that is a committed by cab How many of you are getting the map off the U S A problem of the US complete map of all the 49 states Three states Okay Okay How many of you are getting a map like this Like the world map Great out Yeah And how many forgetting is the end So the ones who have a greater map you also bizarre knows Okay this is a very simple setting issue Okay It’s not a problem Okay The guy’s got the U S Map Sure Dumb luck Okay I’ll tell you why The computer said to the U S that it has altered the U S So they’re sure God damn lucky Okay ours has been sent to India So from an Indian sitting there trying to find the US Pam So for us not what happened It’s a simple sitting Suppose we had the Indian Lee That’s it On the last day the ones who don’t get the map today on the last day we hear they won’t get it by the way Okay so they have to make the same thing that’s gonna happen So Really Really Do you see that Yeah that’s me That means you You got the same sitting in my yard Mac hasn’t come out yet Okay so we’re gonna fix it We’re gonna fix it You’re gonna fix it I’ll show you how to fix this up So you have these unknowns right Yeah We’re gonna fix it now I want you look like on the unknowns The ones who have the U S Map take a break Nothing Okay Next to a second take a break Okay So we’ll have to fix that Settings up No You guys kick on the unknowns and I want to basically corn edit locations Okay All right The ones who have the U S Map I’ll make you all come to the same setting but you guys don’t have to change anything I just get you hard work of the same setting You need to have a different approach because you don’t have a nose I’ll still get you to come here Okay Now the others wait Okay Others we don’t know anything Okay This is only for the ones who got the complete US map You guys click on your options called map okay And choose locations You don’t come to the same screen Okay But you guys can wait You don’t have any right to do Just wash All right No here’s the thing Check it out The ones who don’t get the map like me Your country’s has gotten pickup Is India So your mom that he got the US us protecting us because you’re sitting has worked for you Like I said should look again Now all I’m trying to do is I’m trying to find bread Is Alabama within the Indian Okay if I try to find a common area in the U S Is not gonna happen So that’s what’s happening here If I can change the setting to the country that would work Now if I can change this from India to the U S tape will work in this case However that is a beautiful catcher Okay if I could change from

India the water I can change it off but I don’t do this What if I have India and the U S Our two countries Okay then what’s gonna happen is for me I would have got India for the sitting because this is India These guys got the U S U S pap but it happened here in the U S I don’t get one lap and he gets on the map Not okay Now in celebrating to a particular setting I’m gonna let her read Abi’s create a hockey Okay so what I mean by that is think about this in The X Files We had one column called Country Yes I remember that one column called Country which had United States I am going to let that dry the hierarchy I want to say Listen don’t stick to a particular country Setting other literary will die the hierarchy and then choose whichever country state it isn’t Okay so all of us can do this Choose on your country slash whatever sitting and choose the feel of country Don’t fix it or country but choose from a field called country And then you guys should be good to go click on Okay You don’t get the US pamphlets now alone be on the same beach If anyone does not have a connection of property connection you may not get a boundary at this point in time but that’s do you cook on the handles and then choose Very see India hit the drop down on Don’t fix it Feel called country and I don’t get it Okay Okay So what’s the background coming out here What’s the insight Which students I sales California followed by New York Okay then Okay So California New York exes in Washington I’m not Okay then we’re Yeah This okay California watch New York Washington Texas Washington Illinois Appear Okay Penn State somewhere Right here Maybe but of Florida as well Okay Any pattern so far Not just West Coast course too Okay Coast is one enology Okay But we also know that these states which have darker blue color on the ones that have big cities were larger economies Cities were right So I want to now confirm with it’s the economy that’s driving it on the shield location giving it enough wattage If I see let’s see if I see I want to see that the city is that exactly on the coast That’s my logic Okay And then I’ll be convinced I know big cities that on the course but I see one of people to see whether it’s some other places here and there Okay that’s my logic So let’s break this for that Now when comes to Geo mapping Um do you guys know the okay Forget that I talk about it later when you guys are collecting Vida okay for the first time And if you know you will be creating map charts you have locations Specific data Ah good practices to have multiple levels of reader in terms of geo mapping Suppose I’m looking at ST also have a country have a city okay from a country have a state If have a state have a country and a city have a city have a state and a town you know have 12 layers of Arvin below one layer of at least one year of on below It typically helps to broaden your analysis so collect data and that’s that strike It will give you much better results Typically speaking Okay All right let’s mourn But first I need the sheet called the state seals State secrets Put up another seat Let’s look at the city scenes map as well Okay After this sweet gig to get okay so I would ask you to do one thing chooser Dimension called city Okay And choose your medical sales Good So the city in sales control keys using keyboards select both the vegetables Okay go to show me And the time Big taboos default recommendation called a simple math Jews that Okay so let’s hang in for a minute okay A few boards that things to change then really not the secretary Quick Okay Now the ones who did not get the U S Map last time you also should be going on right now Just like what I have Okay And the ones who got the U S Map you should have partial Jewish Matthews Have you also have someone who knows how many unknowns do you guys have The parking 3 50 Okay right All of us have some amount of unknowns Okay Let’s first focused on our problem We added a large an issue Why do you think they’re in time allowed Okay Now the ones who have the Indian map like me there’s one

dot internet to find out which taught this exactly the same spelling names and bought the place is There’s a Salem in India There’s also my feelings in mass in the U S There’s one in Massachusetts thanks to Boston Okay So same cities saying cities are the cities of the same spellings across different locations can have this problem How do I define this Here’s what I want to try this Okay If I can change my country sitting part of idiots all OK That’s what the ones who have the U S Map have some dots but they also have someone loans Okay Okay Well you fix all our loans together in one Simon Any shot Okay All of us Now 5 30 or 40 50 Direct If you do whatever you use this I want you to click on this Unknowns together all of us together Okay All of us together Will you click on any applications Okay The ones who have the U S Map or the ones they are setting says India us You guys don’t have to do this but we first have to change our country first Okay Dictator country Now check this out while I’m not changing it yet Okay Focus on my screen All these cities are unrecognized Look at the end of message I want you to keep an eye on this It’s unrecognized at this point and I Okay I’m gonna first change into a freely called country So the U S has gotten picked up now and I noticed that I have 253 issues in my data so I’m now matched to the same as what these guys are So if I know look at my city where I have these yellow exclamations Okay She got the message It is not unrecognized but it’s a big risk Okay Why did you think it Alexander States defense It’s C country has been rectified because the fact that you’ve chosen us eh Oh our field of country You’re not stuck inside the U S You don’t be on that It’s not confusing with the Aberdeen in England By the way it is own confusing with the Alexandria in Egypt By the way it’s not multiple Alexander’s within Egypt It’s like how you got an MD ordered every city in India Okay Is that the same thing So they have the same city names in multiple locations There is actually in Aberdeen in in Texas between Austin and Dallas There is also another second Aberdeen in Colorado There’s 1/3 eye Bodine in the state of Michigan in the same machine that I’m aware of myself So Alexander that is one near the Pentagon When you drive past the Pentagon you find a book called Alexandria which have seen myself you find another exam in Texas I’ve seen them I’ve seen the sea I have witnesses mice a function of my people issues that is my own And on on and off So this happens Doesn’t matter irrespective whatever happens we go now Let the hierarchy do the talking All I have to say listen doesn’t matter Which stated isn’t I see there’s a field called a state or province If I can see if I can define the state from the correct Phyllis T that my database has quite important ticket before happens And then you got okay usually okay All your editors and ambiguous values will vanish You find all your dots in the U S Okay so last time color was an attribute darker the color more the sale And this time it is what size Okay size is another factor to actress like Officer Which city is having high ceilings now New York Okay then then Ellie then San Francisco then see silly Okay then Sorry silly Actually a Philadelphia Detroit the Chicago that is Houston There’s Jacksonville in Florida So all these cities are actually having higher sense So I know exactly why my sins are going higher Okay so by these are coastal cities It’s not this your cost These are also larger economy cities So I know that this state has done well because multiple cities are done right here Okay this state is done well because off the larger city So it’s a city that is driving the hierarchy of civilians on the high seas and not the actually course the location Okay but I’d like to kind of compare them when I see them both together I know Get this idea Okay Let’s really in the sheet called This city says city things Okay We quickly put it on your dashboard okay And then we take a break Okay Just a double dusk I want to bring this in the first dashboard and then we take a break Okay so we got enough charge Four charts I mean in the unfortunates deliberately Because I want to bring in four charter dashboard into my screen to start with Okay Your category See their training state sales to the sales No There are three things that spoke about dashboard creation Three thought three parts Can someone refresh my memory for that Three things for a dashboard I mentioned three things are dashboard to consider No the three things you have to keep in mind Plan

Okay that is wondering Two more Leo exactly Constantly out interactivity See things as correspondent is done I’ve got my contentedly I’ll tell you why Content Because there is a feeling Okay now how do you How do you make sure you get the right content or make sure you have decent sensible content Now it doesn’t matter which Diamond says you guys pick up The mission goes will drive your contract You stick the one on my show your contact will remain below it Believe me Okay There’s a reason why I made you choose season everything because I want to bring in the 11 content If I had made one sales and one profits and one discount on one the same put under dashboard Really chaotic Hell breaks loose Okay Charts might be sensible but when seen together it might just be a mess Okay so not a good idea So stick with your measure Stupid one Measure uniformity in terms of measures Dimensions go nuts Okay that’s no problem No issues Choose any damages but measure of stick with you we have a better strike it off Reading a sensible dashboard You content to be moral of it Okay So content is done Individual charts have been built Okay Each chart makes sense Were able read every chart we’ve done the orientation labels highlighting We’ve done the same mixing merging Everything’s up So when you see all the four charts individual you’re able to read the charts You guys I got to go That’s your first starting point Now let’s put them into a dashboard Some small issues that come up but we fix it up Okay Right now let’s open up a new dashboard dice or dashboard Is this lady family Like on the second time Like on between your worksheet and your story Okay I want you guys to pick that This is the container that you’ll have when you see That’s what Okay No First things first Okay Forget this for a minute This I won’t ask you guys if you guys ever get a dashboard If you were seeing a dashboard what’s the best size that you think you can get for a dashboard Best sites for sport Common sense question It’s common sense screen size Whatever do is your viewing it We are strange gleefully are optimized But if ever you out of school beat up handle device obita tablet or be the phone or beat a computer or be the last probably the theater It has to be a way to take the full screen preferably without a school Okay now again I give you guys a magic number 44 Wrong chips that second a magic golden number 40 passports When you guys are trying to make dash bores keep This is a don’t stick Don’t don’t swear by the phone number four Okay But I’m saying four can you come up to the or four can become a five or a six but don’t make 420 Don’t bring furnitures It’s one of the chaotic it looks like looks like so keep the number two ah Lisa number afford You should be good to go You have a decent looking dashboard Jenny speaking OK so great Here This really now fixed the container We make sure our dashboard is optimally sized We make sure that there is no scroll bars no grace periods and all that I really do a small setting changer Now now there are multiple ways to fix it up Okay Um and it’s good to have a good time Listen how this works See there is a one touch fix but that’s something you got to be a little cautious about Okay Now see if you choose this option called size here it’s a default They stop browser off 1000 by 100 Okay If I make a selection out there for a minute I see there are multiple options to play What I can increase my heights and weights and all that Okay And notice in this size tab that to drive long times there’s a fixed size and this stops on a dog down here Okay Now let’s look at the second option for a minute This desktop browser in here if you actually choose your second job down okay and give you all kinds of different options It gives you a full screen option also Okay now this year’s I suppose you guys want um do you want Oh some people like to print dash stores I don’t think that I mean it’s the most It’s the most It’s the most useless piece of effort I know why people do that But printing that’s what Toby’s criminal Okay But people do that sometimes they print and have them on their see sweets just to flow into the dashboard Okay my clients do that and I think it’s absolutely criminal Yeah but if those if you work for one of those then unfortunately choose one of these book and blitz Okay But if you want a view them or device there are options There is an option to kind of bring multiple things in here Now what happens if I get to view them in multiple devices Okay this is the screen size okay He’s done a different slightly different screen size Everybody’s laptop is gonna be a little different here and that Okay what if you guys are gonna take it to ah tablet on maybe Or four or something Okay then your screen size is different Okay Now it is a fairly decent fixed for all of this again Large order thing is that most of our screens are luckily landscape Most of us means that landscapes OK and it’s within a reasonable difference

I can see all these laptops It’s not that her laptop is not very different purpose Maybe a little smaller A little wider Okay but moralists left its landscape No um I had a couple of rare cases I had late I had a problem I said business There is an option Qalat Let’s first read it Okay First go to the site This option called fix ice hit this option You find attack on automatic and when he chooses automatic you’ll find that it fits your screen automatic This is a great approach provided we know you had a reasonably similar Okay six ice making automatic Now suppose a friend of mine Okay What did it was They were trying to view all the reports on their hand held devices like similar experience Okay they have their own in house device Now that was a very old some storage device that they had It did not have auto flip or authority adoptions That Okay So I’ll tell you what I did when I made the dashboard for that I had designed it in the landscape OK Which was fixing automatically for me It was sent to them Those guys have seen from a server They had it on their phones when they were able to see the devices What was landscape on my screen went in the port anymore for that So I think what happened in Space Basin about below It was Ah not a good It was not the best of my work I was very happy about it I have another client She actually has a 35 scream She has a theater of your reports Okay So she Every morning she takes her coffee She sits in a theater to watch her reports She calls a meeting She does almost type called She does all our overseas calls from her office What I design on my laptop like this What Look good My computer on her 35 events team Look for in this looks all stretched out Looked all very distorted Look look absolutely weird Okay So rare case I don’t see that case but you just can’t blindly trust the setting is all I’m saying You have to be on very about who’s gonna view and what device and see how a door try Latest scientific can look good Then it’s better So you know for that 35 on screen I had to go to her office One time I started one of the stations and I kind of had to format it and make it look thanks because she was one of the largest lines I didn’t want her to see a distorted looking dashboard so yeah that happens This will just take Beware already setting it Okay Oh it’s so good Now here’s what I want to do Okay It comes off putting in a layout right now Okay say for a minute If I wantto plan early out Okay This is what I’m proposing So give me a second Yeah See this is my dashboard We said four charts because four wrong chips for a minute I just break them into 4/4 Okay Most English speaking countries We either read left right out of the water Okay going with this logic My eyes are always gonna be drawn towards this part of my quarter to start with always Okay And let’s say I’m a left right kind of a guy So this is my second screen Makes us my third screen And this is my fourth quarter most industry unconscious Do this If I do a top to bottom and left right then this is still my first sport I look at this becomes my second screen This becomes my third sport And this is my last spot Any which gives us exactly two potential options I could look at So in other words all I’m going to see is either see leader in a Z Pak okay Or in order in batter These are my new style So single So box one is my prime realistic And when you realize that for the most compelling parts of my view so I can basically really capture the essence as much as I can Okay And the last box I see here Okay I wanted typically uses as my last finishing point I want to conclude my story on my abuse in the last four point This is my approach off Really Here Okay I want four charges Let me see How about second Take this four shots now Okay Now another approach to take here is off the four charts Your category sales your bring your state in the city sales Which chart shows a high little picture which is the highest Lynn picture of all your city’s shows 532 points So that’s not a high living picture Stage shows almost 50 points Your calibrated breaks your towers 10,000 points or three points That’s your high living picture Okay so I want to use my category Seems to come in my first quarter cat states Okay Of all the four charts what is the lowest level off beating city So in my last cordant I’m planning bring my city states okay with my plan Now do more shots left with I feel state and city have a connection so I want to keep them side by side So I’m gonna bring in my state into this part of my screen here which is my friend right about here So my line shot

it’s gonna come back to This is my logic This is how I would use a logic to build a dashboard every time and literally planning According to this this makes much more logical sense again See these things are not returning These are handling their doctorate in anywhere It’s not as long as you have a reason as to why you doing that Please do that Sure Okay If you want to swap them then the choice is yours I mean if you have if your logic if you feel that that makes sense then do that It’s up to you Yeah that’s that’s totally your call Yeah that’s your call Yeah These things are not going anywhere so you might as well I mean get a large fling work or on or I’ll get some logic Get this he packed and have a story If you think that makes sense in your diet then it’s fine I’m not You know that’s something I’m that’s okay It’s okay So All right Time to bring these four Using your guys Four drugs and ups Your category sales First chart You guys and simply dragon Drop it Now you notice that Rashid’s here You don’t have dimensions which is any longer so you can just a few that I can drop them every time you bring in a sheet here 80 demonic tight So I want to get my category Stays just black and opened it And the whole dashboard is being displayed with Temple One shot now Okay let’s lose the other creatures as well Okay so for so long as I’m doing it’ll be easier Okay then your sales training I said it’s gonna come in my second quarter Okay My second quarter right here So I’m gonna get my sales string right about here So I’m betting that I can drop my sale stream right about here So that is what you did I can drop it in demand it tight the gray areas where when he let go it’s gonna sort of sit there Okay so there’s this So my second child is also coming out now along with my line chart Its legend has also come and just keep an eye on the legis Okay Just keep an eye Then comes your state scenes Mav Let’s dragon the opportunity Well let’s drop it Not here Not here Not here There That’s my state since map and it’s let it also came there And lastly the city sales dragon drop It will not here Not here not here but there That’s my last shot So all my four shots have been brought into my report So that’s it Pretty much done So kind of okay with the layout that I had uh kind of got here Now just a few more quick creeks that will be done Okay Now uh I’m gonna go sometime Charts individually A Fine I don’t see a big deal but I think this dashboard has some non value adding elements which I think can be cleaned Okay here’s where are you guys need to be sensitive towards all this What do you think is some factors that we couldn’t do without Some things we could do without And so we have a good match What What’s that Uh hello What do you mean the charity Even the all these colors here The ones Okay The one Okay These legends sport on you got it right These are things that you don’t really quite Okay These three legends offorty which is the more snot evaluate Imagine 1st 2nd last last I mean think about this Absolutely right Are you gonna look at Compare which Charles belonged to state of sitting up exactly City map If the daughter daughters larger more sail If it’s smaller lower the sail The size will drive your chuck Not this stupid legend Okay so guys no love lost Okay No emotions ruthlessly Just take it out Okay take it out No Love lost Okay It’s time to push that since it anymore okay No What if I say I can educate you and I’m sure you can remove this Your state seals map I’m singing Listen the city state is darker the sailors higher The state is lighter sailors Lord can’t even more that much I’m sure you can I can teach you that much I can contain it that much So going by that logic I’m also gonna remove this state The sales legend as well Get no love loss Trash it You take it out It doesn’t matter that you contain this much This much of anything is possible Okay No this legend I’ve got to be really careful I can’t say Listen Armor Indigo’s 2015 year lows running 16 17 18 And I just forgot short term memory for you Okay Even I can’t So now I can’t push you any for that Then that is Lucy Then he argued Fight for work So I need to keep it But for me this is one legend basting all the spaces criminal Okay someone now do something about this artery But this orientation no click on the lead in itself Okay Click right on the legend Okay you load Is that in the one you really click exactly inside the legend box It has three menu option on the side there Okay This something called more options That lets this out of the drops on this last hour Which drops down when you click that we talk about all the other things later Right now there’s something called us floating I want you guys to choose is floating option Okay When you do that you notice it’s no longer the morning a tight it will free floating in Place it very well Okay You can place it wherever based on this location and keep this is the right spot and I’m gonna leave it somewhere right here Loft proximity Leave it like that A few more

minute Fine tunes once you have broader than that Okay no this year off this ledge in Okay It’s a very small factor but to me these are pain points I don’t want to see your off Order it I know it’s the year Okay I know each one stands for a year so I don’t need to see that textron So even that means are evident I’d like to remove this text box inside this legend Okay So like like exactly on it Or just don’t trouble the legend boss Okay that is an option card short Becky we just got new ticked If you click it it’ll on ticket Meaning that I will also vanish Okay one more week I’m seeing this legend I’d like to place it exactly on the same door Not like one below the other This is a minor tweaks me but these are little tricks These are really bothering Is that it should probably Okay that’s when you’re on the right track So there’s nothing wrong for troubles you It’s your trouble Okay now right Click on this one more time There is an option called our injections And let’s bring in someone new single room Okay Single group And it we basically arrange them onto one bro Notice that it’s kind of going all day So if he actually stretch this box of beauty or write all the legends will likely come They’re so dead So I’m kind of okay with this sort of a legend I think I’m soaking for this This is where my legend Yep And I’m happy with this Okay One more really quick And then we can make this dashboard nicely interacted with just one last quick Okay For this category since Chuck I have nothing better to show Okay I don’t have anything more interesting to short Monday More compelling All I’m saying is why waste space uses full space for that shot Okay Like justified Feli one simply really quick fix Just right Click on the shot on the on the child where it’s our new Kleist There’s an optical fit Okay And just say freed and fit entire view That’s it That’s also done so that it looks better nice and clean Okay this is now got me the Leo that I wanted what I wanted So two things of a dashboard his own content is done is done without any credit time for the last spot Interactivity I knew very simple Interactive picture Very very simple Interactive feature Nothing fancy But even this itself is a is a mind blowing powerful technique to give you enough inside of our director Okay so again they just four klicks literally four clicks All I’m saying is if you all have done slices and pivots very similar it’s a great fruiting actions Multiple filled reactions Somebody said Asked what filters Well really this is one kind of okay It’s not beef if that’s okay So I wanna know I use every item here to act as a figure Okay All I want to do is kick on the first shot And when you click on the first charge you’ll have its four options on top there Okay What is your third eye Can’t see issues as figure when you hit that option No does that It’ll don’t whiten color That means expected has been activated No dude it’s a second shot Got your line shot You just don’t Then go to your state map Quick use this victor Then go to a city map and you suspected all the four shots and that your dashboard is already for analysis Your three parts of the continent layout and interactivity is already Let’s no get some actual answers from this dashboard Okay we get some actual answers Not now The way this works here is you have basically said every item every dot point of this dashboard here is a figure At this point it’s a very simple filter Okay so it’s a few minute not know something like all this technology But look what happens Contact Look at Look at the other three charts You notice that your other three charts values are changing Something’s impacting All you’ve done is nothing but a filter This dashboard for the view of technology Okay And I’m gonna kick on furniture The usual change I can see that my lines are looking different My state values have got different Cities look different Look at office supplies They have a different value Numbers are changing so it’s actually filtering later for that particular item you’ve clicked Okay You’ve got multiple clicks You want to get back to your previous screen want all the data back hit escape on the keyboards It could take you back to your orders only Okay let’s drive one more Okay let’s try it One more This one data point November 2080 I’m seeing is a really good month I want to know why what’s happened Especially that one month for the seniors to go higher Okay so let’s kick on it and get some answers to go ahead All right So talk to me What is the study What happened Well they’re what Order some good

indicators for the month Interpret this beautiful piece Yeah So Strickland you doing okay For starters What else I can see Many states have not sold for the month in spite of which is the highest selling So looks like that is opportunity If I can still sell better maybe it could’ve gone higher What is it What about the state map What about the State of grace would deter really starting with Okay Mick cities and and something more to come up with in order Something new has come here now which was not there before Which one is that exactly This state called not Carolina wasn’t there in the earlier case I doubt it Okay so now my my doubts are the words not Catalan Now I don’t know why What happened in North Carolina for that month Okay Once you guys have and indicated like this Okay Without thinking twice Going trick or not Caroline again Okay Like that Same time So you’re at the same time Idiot Okay And are you doing a deal under North Carolina for that pretty good month And let’s see what the case is There it So in that particular month when Simms was the highest overall and I found this one ST stood out It looks like the goddess of the highest And we did not care That is one city that standing out What city is that But again Okay so looks like Reddington Okay You know what Let me kick on bulletin Also one more time Let me also do a click on Burlington Okay So Well looks like Burlington had a high state of technology So there’s a reason why sailors very high in that particular month I think I saw a lot of Gandhi items in Burlington for that particular month and that’s the answer I got here so I could use a dashboard for something like this I can keep doing drill down that can keep clicking and multiple levels and climb able to stick the actual answer If something is not doing good I can get answers Not if it’s doing good I can find answers I can keep doing smart rubdowns and clicks to get some answers like this escape already that comes back once again it comes back Okay One last quick fix When you guys talk about presenting the Zito to an audience let’s assume that you’re gonna work on this platform okay And if you want to make this into a nice presentable you kind of a more honored on your tablet best stop No this is an option called presentation More F seven And when you click on that right there it kind of puts it on ice Bpd ish kind of a style and it can still have a nice interactive interface So this is something you guys could use in case you decide to put up a dash for like this and make presentations and still not keep looking So he knew clicks You know what Your interactions will take place but when you guys wantto get elevator back and you can’t escape one time between Take out the full screen more Let’s get one more time that he didn’t come back Okay that’s something I would recommend When you guys are presenting When you do your cap stones you mind you may use this will come in handy for you guys So great Now plan now is to build a story Okay We’re gonna build a simple story But Andi I give you looking a quick doctor Okay Before that just one quick thing If you look at the data okay If you look at all your data for a minute let’s look a day treats Date fields have natural high Like he’s in the Yes I know Okay How so Your quarter month your court a month The fact that you could make a date to your quarter month becomes hierarchies Bonuses Okay No date Fields have a bit of an extra catch to that Okay um between your dimensions and measures which one is this creep Did I mention that continues Okay but date is a special donation Yes I know You can make it behave Discreet awkwardness Are you old family with that idea How does that work How does that book you can see You don’t have to do anything You can either see them as the three buckets or you can make them want to use buckets Simple logic Okay um if I see my deeds from let’s say from now Thio uh about 36 bodies of late If I show a single student for all the all the dates all the days it’s a country of segregation There’s no break up There’s no bucket ing Okay But if I decide to make them in two months what am I doing I’m affected Leaving them in buckets I’m trying to put them into some kind of a bonding The moment the boundary comes you’re gonna make them into discrete That’s the deal So you can change the aggregation the way in

which is sure that you can either make them to speed our countries The reason I’m trying to bring this is here is now let’s see a small thing here Okay let’s say a dragon drops a in order dating to my columns Okay All if you do this just take any dating $2 Let’s attack in Rapini measure lets a number of record or something into your rose Any any measure I don’t get it Okay so now you see a line that looks like this date has broken into four years and highest level off later So I’m just seeing one single streetlight if I know Hit the number of records number off You got to do those Okay Now if I could only possible on the year it’s gonna break them into four quarters 4/4 and four years basically So I’m seeing for years into fourth quarter so 16 points Okay now right now I’m seeing to The detail is broken into some sort off buckets There’s some kind of bucket happening which is why you see four broken lights Okay four broken lines If I can remove the bucket in effect in my day seat I’ll see a single streetlight point of ridiculous Now I’m seeing for that There are 16 points There’s a Q one Q to you Thank you for this is what you want You took your thank you for all the four years Have 4/4 Okay Now there is nothing wrong Nothing wrong with daughter If I join Q four off the first year with a few one of the second year Day doesn’t incomplete It’s full but information Okay so lines can be drawn from here to here There’s nothing wrong with that at all When does it become wrong It is a Q one Q Q three I don’t have a queue for missing information Then I joined the suit than I am miss Representing That is a mistake That is I don’t join But in this case that is really nothing wrong and joining Okay so I’d like to see how I could bring that effect so I can use it for some back and say I want the overall trend four years old All train This will give me a 10 for each line I know it’ll turn for all the 40 years I’d like to perform in time series forecasting for which I want to get at least two time periods Then I must have at least you’ll enjoy it Okay So for things like those I think I’m gonna have kind of changed my level after killing I don’t see how we can do this now Okay No the date fields by default huh Our diamond ship Yes And all I need is a damaged by default It’s none of my ship but the $4 dimensions are discreet but date alone again differently Okay Now let’s do one thing I want you to click on the minus symbol on the year so get just your years alone All of you to do this Okay Now Buddha is here in the columns and roads in my columns What have the euro for a date It’s a blue collar Very big It’s got a blue collar Still Okay if I look at the number of records it’s green in color You notice on whichever Charlie look at any measure Measure is always green color Check Any Any chart measure is always being cut up Your dimension is always got a bitch of a chart Look at all the charts Unify the same week Measures will review dimensions will be green And all the 45 shots may you find a same day here Okay so that’s the way it works Not now That makes a difference If I can convert my date field into a continuous field it will also accompany okay and let’s check it out Right Click on the date field for a second and you guys are loaded There are two sets off date aggregators meaning there’s a year quarter month to start with the first on top There’s also a second year quarter month in this in this part of your screen here Okay By default it picks up discreet aggregation techniques But if you want to change them to continuous you can also do that Now what does it mean to be okay So now I know how to make it discreetly countries But what does it mean to me in terms of applications That’s the more important buck Okay this is all the theory the actual meaning If this is what matters No no Check this out I want you guys to look at this great part off your disagree headers Okay On the right side I want to get a look at that That’s the way in which you will get the upward You gotta decide what kind of support you need The best answer Your business problem There is no short short of witness before this It depends It’s a classic And the answer depends Okay Every situation depends You go take a call So you’re left in the dark Okay You’re blindfolded You have to find her own option There’s no other There’s no second I can’t say Choose this or that Whatever is your situation you got to choose the right appropriate aggregation Now let’s say for a minute If I choose the years the first year of the second year they both the same year early aggravation doesn’t matter It doesn’t really matter But if I started to get the quarters both the quarters the 1st 1 on the says Que tu Okay but the second says a

year and 1/4 So check this out if I choose the again If I choose the first year for a minute okay the first year for him Okay let’s give the additive Nothing will happen except that the data has become a full screen deter and the colored off the waiting list own green color That’s it Okay now when I click on the possible one time you’ll notice that the urine quarter is still forming a line for you but it’s gives your country it’s like that feel Okay so Like I said this might be a better way to show if you want to show our trained for four years a single time for four years this might be a better way to show this for each year String that the previous thing might be All right But you wanna show in order in some senses scenarios Think this might be a property I’m series forecasting This might be required Okay so you got to kind of pick up what makes it So this is what you are This is the thought I just want to put your head down Okay Okay So this we spoke about your date hierarchies Okay Date as discreet And countries please the more I talk about custom had Lucky’s butt kicked today because I want to jump into something more fascinating And you got to give me a deadline So I want to start by 7 30 Okay Um I’d like to bring the story now with this spot Okay Now what I want you guys to do is first help me build a problem statement Okay Same 16 What book I have Ah Dimension Carlin subcategory Okay Dragon drop it into your bruise Ology do this yourself Okay I want to get to do this yourself Dragon brought this up Catalyst Heroes all of you I want you guys know to analyze all your dimensions Okay All your order A sub categories That is what Okay now I want you guys to bring in sales and profit into a chart What about Shorty Wanna bring in Do that I don’t have a problem I want you guys to help me profile one of your subcutaneous card tables How is that table at the right time card table Behaving in terms of sales and profits So look at the chart Make a chart and answer I want you guys to give me an answer So I want you to make a problem statement And with that really started with the story I want a starting point for a story from you Sales and profits You could that seem You have seen the title card tables in some calories All of you Yeah It’s 1/3 last second last item or something Table to be somebody No dragon Drop a table drag on our profit and tell me how is it in terms of sales on does the profits I want one sentence for it How do you find tables in terms of sales and profits Overall sales or profits One sentence Please summarize it for me It’s a lot Okay How loss making is it in terms of our combat is giving a quick How many there 47 actives How low in terms of loss not Don’t give a damn about them in terms of ranking amongst other items so is the highest loss maker Okay Okay So least profitable Okay it comes off for since foretaste Who is not able to see that who was not able to get that point Beginning point sir Table is four ties in terms of sales In terms of profits it’s the least profitable Okay How many items were having daughter 17 So So going by a party to principal my table is a very high significant sailmaker but I’m selling it something which is not being a great prophet So this is my problem statement I would not like to analyze ways and means to sort off break this into a remarkably views and build a story on this Okay so let’s kind of prepared a blueprint fest Okay Now I’ve made a blueprint okay And this is something which I’ve already planned Now this is something that you guys need to know Start doing yourself Same thing constantly out Interactivity is required for a story Of course You have a problem statement to make initially better So I have this as well So basis this problem statement I’m gonna create some specific content I also plan layout And while I make this layout I’ll also prepare some interactive features for my storybook Same thing This enough captions some extra features is what Okay now this is something that you will first sit and break your head Or when you guys have caps from projects to look at You guys were first do this planning Okay I’ve got this planning so I’m gonna throw my plan right now on the board You guys can follow my plan but this is something that you do first This takes time This is not This is basically nothing It’s not any It’s nothing technological It’s pure common sense It’s brain spent on paper Accurate You gotta brainstorm like how us plan to when you guys make a ppd Don’t you first plan How do you want to make a ppd What comes first What comes 2nd 3rd 4th 1 goes Item goes where What kind of use What kind of pictures What kind of points What tables Same thing here List of all that I’m preparing the order off my slides and amounts of planning What content goes into it So that’s my slightly different approach for my story Okay so I’ll drop a line out here okay Actually I uh Let me ask you guys some You

know what I make it As for your kind of customizing your knee a little bit I’ll take about two minutes If you guys need to analyze profitably D four tables tell me what Diamond says You think harder element in your sense I think you are opening and do it in Took on any What dimensions you think might make sense I’m gonna start listening on that piece And me you get a diamond sense measures I’ve told you profit Let me Which damages you think we make sense yard You think you’re curious to explore which are dimensions You think you’re cute Us Explore Let’s take a reasonable number Okay You brought her to this count Okay Discovers a measure so Okay you you jump the gun But outside of this your point I come back to a point So if I need to advise discounts with his profits we’re looking at two missions What’s a choice but to make a Czech tourist No You should have done this before And some other I’m sure you’ve done this Blemishes scatter plot So we do a scandal Okay This comes with this profit I’ll bring it in one of my views I’ll bring that Okay So fair enough I’d start a letter writing thing Start I definitely must have subcategories because that is something which is my given Okay I will have sales because I know it’s going to say how much in terms of sales I need profits for sure Okay And I’ll also bring in discounts for for a fact Okay great Whatever Okay now enough or fewer of measures Diamond says no Okay segment is one Okay Okay Okay So many minutes starting a problem statement started the high level picture and then belong Okay Okay So that’s another option that I have So you can take segment as we’re not an issue Yaki quick study Okay Product is probably a very low level leading province Very very low level needed because I tell you Okay cattle have security Why do you want to go with category already Got it Okay Do we need country This case is it’s got its country to quite get How many countries we have You make a chart I’m just gonna have one number Doesn’t doing bad So what is the next best option State state and then maybe a city Some location based matrix Okay now you’re talking Let’s say some location basement Okay So the location I talk about say state and city Okay I’ll bring in two levels of retail Okay Anything is shipping one Hardly thing that Syrian I’ll give you a little idea Shipping more is basically I’m putting on the cost to Mike Lines Our shipping more does not affect my in this case At least in this case the shipping board is not affecting my profit Really Because if I’m should be doing first class But you asked for it You are paying for it It doesn’t affect my mind I’m the owner of the store If you want express more duping fix this more if you’re not already paid for it So that’s one of my profit in this case Okay Okay In this case I’m saying no in this Okay maybe yes but in this case I’m signal Okay In this case it is not happening Not know in this is not impacting me so much Okay See Segment again Okay Let’s do okay You guys are hell bent on segment and do a segment as well Okay sure I’ll give you a segment as well Okay portals One more One more states Is there Okay date He’s talking thing Okay Lets a great friend whites as well Let’s first look Okay How many orders with that How that Okay you can I mean there’s no harm in that Let’s first take the date but let’s say the date date I think Guys let’s take a date Date factor Okay Combination of origin should be okay We get it tomorrow That it was a calculation wheeler tomorrow OK And you can add just a part of your story possibly visit Okay hold on to that Let’s first take a date we take one date See How are my trending in terms of profits or losses for all my later Okay so I’ve taken a date Feel so I’ll bring in my date Ordered Eight Let’s see already Combining a little mortar once I show you know the technique Okay then it’d make more sense Leader Okay so I think this is good enough to start with this This this is only decent enough point with these variables I planned it over Okay With this variables let’s say to start with I’d like to make about shock Okay I’ll use my different subcategories at first block the smell you states in terms of myself Galaxies I sought them from high to low And I’d say Table is my Fort Tyson tubs of states Which other You’ll see Okay I’m going to my second view My second ppd I think my subcategories again I think the sales to be the length of the body and I put profits on the color of the bar and see how would people had the highest losses

I’ve given my problem statement 1st 2 charts I will need to do is my problem statements nothing Us I’m not gonna take into account all these factors Okay Let’s get in the third you was with I’d like to not bring in some kind of an interactive you Okay so let’s say I’m going to use this I’m done with this I’ll be using all this Okay What we take in the dig that’s a next factor Okay So I’m gonna bring in some date antics In my analysis let’s say I want to bring in a couple of use here okay Say I’ll plan it lay out like this and uh I’ll take the same charge subcategories I’ll call it a slash beef sales profit Okay And I’m gonna bring in a couple off date views in here Okay So first thing is that you know have a chocolate When in the XX is I have my date in the Y axis and my profit and I have a line shot and see he doesn’t mind offered Looks like for whatever item four tables or whatever Okay No I like to bring in a second You hear I’ll have a date feed your same day feet I’ll have a profit in the Y axis And this time install a line shot I mean this is good but Chuck Okay Same data It’s a short beautiful angles just for just approved point Okay what is that line do best What’s the best into the lane voices about when you see a line What is the best thing about a light You know what A train line Let’s put it We make it continuous and we spot the old order in line Okay so we look at that on the line shot Okay The next question What does the bar do Better than a line The bet somebody spoke about combating values in when I first asked you now dancing a boy I don’t know Somebody there that’s me is to make sure this competitons happens better with a bad shock Anything Okay a line might not give you that level of precision but a bar will give you that level off Precise comparison off points So what was that The theme of my story is true tables on its profitability I have not forgotten that Okay all I’m going to hear this We learned a simple action called uses filter in weeks in the speaker’s dashboard for the child on top alone I’ll use a filter So exactly Con tables for example contributes the search outside Get further statements make my answers for us Okay I’m gonna keep this steam running Okay so that’s more so My need is done Let’s look at maybe their location next as my next few Okay Say uh been another set of using here I get the same sub cad Seems less profit in here Okay I get the state map for profits The city for profits Okay I’ll have the users feel good Okay And you know what I’ll also bring in segments right now I mean I’ll also bring in a segment view and thought I keep segment later Doesn’t matter Okay I keep Yeah uses filter And when I click on tables I’ll have the table for good For states and profits states and cities I know how much which state is making Good state makes a profit for or loss for table and say diversities I’ll get the deal Okay I didn’t say one more of you Okay One of you let’s say this car Okay How about I said a discount Let’s say some guard seems less profit Okay so we said as a filter again Same deal Okay Biggest Knock it I get it I get of you Okay Let’s say I want to be a good shot A scatter plot for discounts vs profit So in my y axis I’d have my discount profit exacts a lemon discounts I’ll have whatever dots in here You have a trend line okay And I’ll also bring a segment filter here So I’ll also in life segments versus my discounts OK so I’m pretty much going in Most of my views I see with segment is giving profits or losses I can also see how is that versus discounts I can bring my tipple approaches And this is my plan to Pretty much so I think this is a fairly decent lay out a four story book This is the plan I mean it’s an approach I just Look I just made it up real quick So again you can make your own story layers depending on what makes sense to you But right now I picked up this Leo Okay so let’s say you finalized on some kind of an arrangement like this Well actually implement this now Okay With a whole bunch of options and all that Now let’s see what are the basic building blocks that we need to actually construct create for this particular report Okay Now let’s see Uh this is your first job

Subcategory seals is chart number one This is shocking This shot we’ll be used here once I have exact seen Shaq used here so I’m gonna call it too The exact same shock Use it one more time and one more time So it’s actually do charts Technically speaking OK your third child is your line shot for your dates The four charges your bar chart for your dates Okay for For those your state map six is your city map Seventh is your scatter plot Okay No The 1st 7 steps my eight step I’ll say this filter for this channel on Okay this chocolate cake OK that’s done So my ninth step or I’m gonna hear 178 steps It’s not I can see this is find the weakness Let’s also find the way This doesn’t require any change So the ninth step I’m gonna construct this A bit of you A step nine Make a dash for the fifth time Use it for my story Even Trudy What we did before instant I kind of construct ist That’s Warren called Step Number 10 has become stable lemon And the holding for the story becomes stepped Will put Captures This is my plan Okay so we’re gonna know for this blueprint You guys wanted to make some analysis I kind of brought in some of your views Okay You saw a few mentioned proletarian for anything Keep fighting on that says we can add multiple sheets This keep going on around But right now I think I’ll stop here okay And I mean it’s actually you can keep really going on and on but I guess that’s you give you a fairly good starting point Okay So let’s figure it’s gonna start all these individual elements Okay All right So yes So in this case you made a problem statement saying you’re selling something very well but you’re losing why you’re selling So give me Let’s find answers Whether you want to keep it or not Keep it Why is it even happening You know try and find some answers to listen See again You know you notice one thing There’s one beauty of the story This is not like a regular storytelling when he gets right in a lot of study If you’re a storyteller you’ll probably need to know the ending to kind of make a story here The good part is you don’t need to know any ending You know this is good enough What I’ve just done here right now is actually it is pretty decent a deal actually Why Simply something Thought thought idea Talk Okay let’s see for a minute I had this this line chart here for a minute Okay This line chart now there could be three kinds of friends for this line chart Either the train could be pleasing All that could be coming down or it’s a flattering either Retreats I haven’t answered It doesn’t matter if my client is going up What does it mean Good Bad Okay good Because your profit is increasing Goes on What does it mean Decreasing but goes flat Neither prophet nor your kind of fun a stable thing which is a good thing You’re working for something which is not really making any meaning Bc the city logic What I’m trying a building here I don’t care what is my insight It’s clear that matters Let’s take another example here Let’s see some state Let’s say New York makes a profit for peoples Okay let’s say Texas or let’s say New York makes the loss for tables batting The New Yorker’s this medium I’ll say it neither Profit No loss So it’s not a good nobody So guess what Same answers Any cities a monster for scatter plot as my four tables As I’m adding more and more discounts is my loss Increasing is my profit increasing decreasing order thing I get three lines So if the line goes up it means the more this concept give more more the prophetess If it comes down that means the more discount yes other profit which flat If it’s flat what does it mean It doesn’t make a difference exactly So So in that case I’d say that Christmas story But if a table is having a sale because of high discounts keep doing it because the more discounted give it doesn’t have any impact on profit You see what I just did So to me doesn’t matter What is the outcome I don’t care about the outcome So whatever the outcome I get I will just call it a scholar spade a spade And the stories that and since the relevant given suspect Okay so you don’t worry about the statement It’s the problem statement that matters from your problem statement build early out and then for they can pretty much drive through any story Okay so let’s start with this okay Let’s

look at the the Okay So I’m gonna keep referring back to the white border Katie Now and then I say step one Step two are gonna look at all these steps so you guys can follow along with this If you wantto I’m gonna make the first job I’ve called my subcategories I drag and drop my subcategories to my rules to start with okay And my sales in my columns start with simple but shot Yeah starting Somebody said starting I’m gonna start the new day from high to low Okay And I would have called this sheet as sales mix sales mix She seems mixed That shot has been good for me Okay No no Okay right All right open up another sheet please So I’m planning a little slow on the basic charts If anybody gets stuck stop me Are you Stop I’m intensely going fast Because basic charts what we did before I’m I mean if you get stuck but stop me Okay So uh I’m gonna open up another sheet You always hold on Please tell me that I’ve stood on Okay but I’m gonna be going a little fast so I’m gonna do I conduct my second sheet called myself category into my rose sales in tow My columns against in charge One more time So far nothing different The sorting happens hide Alo So far no difference It and I did I conduct my profit into my card called Color so Okay this is my second shot Our table’s has the highest lost This first shot tables Four ties in terms of sales now tables having highest losses Okay a little small talk about the color Okay let’s studying the sheep Police college sales and profit mix scenes in profit mix OK profit makes no a small talk about colors Okay This color that we see here this orange to build I was is used at a specific case in point Do you win this It’s used in a very specific instances Orange to blue collar Divergent This color scheme is used for a particular set of audience Yep Exactly This is a color blind for the pilot by the way Okay People of color blind your caravan insist they’re the ones who can’t differentiate between basically the assembly’s They all look the same Okay There are different variants of color blindness by the way the different radiance for some off them who are color blind way not even know vehicle of mine Because for what is to be seen at a normal green color say this looks like a green taylor Cette a person who’s color blind might see in a very light digital green Okay while you may think you can see the dean what you’re supposed to be seeing this evening like the shape So their test to prove that you’re color blind That is one great of a color blindness but it Zale east of obedience There is another great of color blindness Where suppose you have a red and a green Supposed to say this isn’t anything as you think Okay They both look the same They look like they’re able to look you know if they have a lot of strange that’s another kind of radiant Okay there’s one more You have a red and a green They look great That’s like the worst case of colorblindness You completely cut up a pretty killer you see like like an animal economists and some people have That is what you guys are not Those people are not legally blind They just colored like Okay they just can’t differentiate between these colors especially that any That is also some stats That’s what studies have shown that wanted everything White men are colorblind Okay so if you have a chance to get to work for a white audience be prepared to face color black people Okay so you know in that case this is a colorblind friendly part of this works I have like this personally with people of color blind I’ve got friends are colorblind They have I’ve showed this to them I use them as guinea pigs and it has worked for them And this guy said I said Hey listen to me Now Try and glean I played with them I showed this and they were like you know this doesn’t work but this works So this is a slight untested I have person tried intestines like it Vouch for this color scheme that it works Okay so you guys can fight if you have any friends Is what All right but right now let me assume that you’re all fight You all You can see colors So I want to change story Andy Okay Because I can see the prince And I want to see if you guys can’t win If you again Good Okay How to change colors Pretty simple Relies on a color guard Go to any colors Okay Now there is an option called palate And there’s an automatic pilot This is the border Gets chosen by default Okay Now if you choose this dropped out all the different color schemes Have you made a really for us Let’s use the red to green Diverging color skin please This is actually a very effective color If you can see the colors and click on Okay account of what happens I mean to me this is wow I mean I can really see the loss and profits because culturally I noted is bad It makes the loss to me I can understand this better But if you can’t see the color then that’s the problem So so again take a call in that

sense Okay Right now let’s keep it to this If anyone here can not see stick back of the old cutter Okay Nauseous The choice is yours I mean it’s sensitive I mean some people may not want to talk about it It’s sensitive so keep it there Let’s not There’s only to bring that out But as long as you can spot the color that matters Okay Great Step on complete Step two complete guys Okay now time for the third shot You gotta make your line chart Okay Going back to blueprint Okay I want to make the third shot Okay The blueprint which is your profit Over time I’m gonna open up on the sheet Dragon drop your ordered 88 columns Okay I’m gonna go I can drop profit into my rose shelf I’ll have a profit line for this is my profit Green light Okay now in my columns But I had the uniformity I’m gonna kick on this We spoke about howto make discreet country sweets I’m gonna ask you to choose your continues month field your second month Basically Okay Who’s the second month for the old or later I want to see how the order 10 looks like for all my 40 years and comes off profits Okay I put the trend line but I want to save some time so I’m gonna do it Leader Okay Now here’s what I want to go I want to bring in colors also into profits Okay so I’m gonna drag and drop my profit in to my color card as well So I get the color scheme here Okay So I could see profits and losses Where are the zero line indicates negatives and positives Okay Now why are we here Just a small point to bring it here in the blueprint See this charge that we have on the board right now is basically chocolatey Now this shot is going to be made to interact with this charter top Because I’m saying use this picture There’s one factor Okay When I click on any of the bars this will change values Easter values And when that is happening there is a challenge of colors See colors right now Okay I mean if you see your color values okay I’ll show you a small thing now No all of you Firstly do one thing first expressed before we even talk about this This chart number two was being used on all the sharks about If you change to an ending please stop consistently All renting Okay that is your first rule Individually charts might make sense but when you can’t integrate them one but we want our interview one yellow gold will not fly with so make them all into that being a few decided Okay now so I’m gonna first changes color to Red Green Also one more thing is also Okay let’s run through that Then we talk about the other issue go to color car It colors Don’t let on Okay yet Okay hold on for a minute Alone for a minute Okay change the color scheme Now the if you look at this color legend guys okay Color legend here for a minute Just keep your eyes on the screen for a minute There’s a little black line that kind off How goes it on the transparent color scheme What’s that value exactly Now here’s one has got to happen This little doctor you see that always needs to stay at a value off zero You’re eating that if this value becomes safe For example if this dark value in subzero takes the value of say $1000 what happens That is anything become blue 1000 becomes in it So you’re merely showing $500 of profit is a lost Okay if this becomes a minus 1000 than anything more than not minus anything anything so even even Ah $500 loss my being green color there’s a good chance that could happen Now this color schemes can has to be locked especially when you have interactive use Like you see charge Steve 4567 and all that Okay All these charges All these ever interact with a chartered up in such a case Your color schemes your center values will change positions Unless you don’t lock it you better lock it Okay Very simple task It’s a very very simple task Just go to tackle Advanced and the senator value this box Just take it If you check that box on your center value will be locked AB zero Okay This is a very significant step you got Okay Okay All right let’s call The sheik is profiting but I’m forgetting Okay I put the train line before that I first make the Boche and then I would finally I want to say it’s the back Okay See for the Boche are not shooting the next shot Chart number four Okay 1234 Is it an exact same topic of this Okay so I want to see it sometimes but I’ve done some work I utilize this I’ve got the cut of litigation I’ve changed the center value although the curricula is so no benefit from that So I will right click on the profit trend shark she named and there’s an option to duplicate the sheet It makes the exact same copy Okay Called

Prophet thing You okay Now in your second sheet called Profit Train too I want you guys to go to your marks cards That’s his automatic Okay this line is automatic Minor changes the room Marco Bar This is becoming about check Okay so we got our fortune as well Okay now let’s read in the sheet call this prophet values It’s called profit 22 Right now Call it profit values So guys just follow along and I’m thinking I’m gonna make sure the pointers like that Okay So look for my point or you’ll be able to capture that in there Okay Crawford values Okay No let’s with the trend line on the previous judge Okay That’s important Go back to your previous profit getting shot Okay And just do what I click anywhere inside your chocolate is white space Right Click Anywhere inside you’re an obstacle Dream lines simply say shorter lines so that’s my profit Okay so for lunch I have a train and the values were So we done so far with step 123 and four Okay Okay So far Okay good Anyone lacking in US stocks A man being a real quick Which part Okay just go to your profit go just right click but in lines and say shorter and life We get it Okay All you’re good so far Okay Anyone still wants any help back in Is the pit stop Okay that I’m gonna carry on Okay Good Let’s make a state Babcock States for profits I’m sure you know the shotgun to make maps shots simpler technique Okay I don’t have to go to show me every time we make it rebuilt from scratch this time Okay So I’m gonna all get your double click on your field called ST W Click on it The ones about the U S Map Earlier we get dots across all the maps You guys are one step ahead of us The ones who had the setting issue like me last time First you’re setting first get the unknown get on their bones Okay All If you could comment locations first change your sitting You don’t get this dot Map of the U S Okay you know how to fix this Last time they fixed it in the previous dashboard Okay Now go to your marks That’s automatic And change this into a map mark Okay so you get the necklace off the U S It 11 or later but the atlas of the use of coming here for us now Okay it’s time to bring in the profit into this particular shot Where will you bring profit to do exactly Dragan Dabic profits Your card called colors Not okay What is wrong with this Exactly First you change your color scheme One more One more ticket What’s that center value The same challenges on the periods Sharks that also the promise of quick teachings That color scheme Nice Henry There’s one because colored has to be consistent and advanced Your center value should be locked as you make sure you lock that Okay Okay You’re done So this is my state of profits and losses across all the states in the U S Okay I’d like you to really In a sheet Call it profits across states Please don’t even some sheep number Call it profits across states Please take time to name it Okay It really matters in the end Really Make the city map also with a bit of a Mexican Absolutely Okay open up another blank sheet Another blank sheet Same thing City double click You guys will have a number of unknowns I’ve got to save them because you know what the issue is Seems spinning I concede Much clearer Okay Now all of you guys first rectify their settings Fighter The unknowns are 350 Water were three for the unknowns Peace First Get your settings rectified Ended locations You all know that So what You have done all this You guys will have ah map off the U S Like as it has chicken pox in it Okay so that’s done Okay You should have this map at this point I think it was me Not simple Actress is it Okay I don’t want to get some Wanna pick your brain on something No Don’t think anything Just keep this for not ready Bring profits No I’m saying no

Okay First of all first of Levi no size It’s not about difficult It’s are difficult It’s not about the lottery The point There’s another reason I do something Colors that I dancer But I’m saying like okay don’t y color and not size So you know what In this case have a limitation The medic has a limitation so I cannot use size for the limitation for this metric Had it been a say a lot of quality that has passed the values inside Sort of in better But the fact that I only have a negative I can have a negative The Boston Metric I’m pretty sure I have I cannot use size It has to go into color Dragon Our profits to my color guard Okay Okay So I have this exact thing This looks very super important Order in the points Let’s first fix it up Okay let’s first fix it up What is there What are the two fixes for this Colorado Center value Okay Please do this simultaneously All if you fix it up and I want to ask you some I want to get something opening on this He got okay Make sure you do these color and center value click on Okay Okay Okay I uh I’d like to get some opinion of me for like this shot How you doing Like the judge Okay So you’re okay That’s how do you like it Everybody had some asking you Are you like a job You did like it did like it Okay Okay Who likes it I like it I’m seeing the best of all It’s a fantastic chance Why OK why don’t you like it Let me ask you Why don’t you like it It’s not really well okay hang on for a minute okay Okay Time Time for a poor timeto put your thoughts on hold Okay Why do you think it’s not credible Why Why less every time Exactly Exactly A profit side No Stick to this point Don’t Don’t go for it Don’t speak in this point He had a point So what So on Okay that is one hand And so So So so Yeah No no no no no no no no no You’re the first for stalking Tell you why Many of my points always white exactly Profits are smaller Profits are having Lucas this is profits There’s no saying there’s only profits profits Okay the fact that you can see most were dogs It just means it has very Lord ready High order profits So what does it mean No no no no In order Training 1st 1st onto this question So what does it mean City in fact is so in many a few cities are almost invisible It’s because of low values Doesn’t that mean doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean that company point doesn’t need majority Few cities Just a more buddy Keep it So does it good You gotta backing for the business It’s not a good thing Exactly It’s not a good situation Now In one second I can change your colors I can do all the second can do one color Know that But if I kind of listen to your suggestion if I made this change I would have completely lost this fantastic and sightseeing with strong insect saying many cities are doing pretty back This is my true state of affairs Okay Not just because you didn’t like the chart I can’t be bothered honestly but I can’t skew the data Okay I can’t misrepresented It’s not about you liking it It’s a boardwalk is efficient And what is like if you can’t if you can’t see many of the city’s right that’s because many cities have not had a high profit or loss Okay and that’s the reality Let’s face it Okay It’s not all about trying to show things visually It is not appealing because there is no insight This case there’s a clear lack of insight A clear lack of a backdoor in which you could not see is a part of myself So if they don’t change it if you change it in a second you’re just goingto show something that It’s not the reality many cities have not done but yeah they’re they’re extremes Why are so that it seems like our other cities also mean extremes is my logic Why can’t they Also we do is agree So why is that So again some cities are tracking it with majority again I kind of agree but most of the men are doing great This is my reality So I want to keep it exactly the waiters and not change it because of some of these likes and dislikes So So you need to argue like this This is what I’m trying to say But you don’t see a pattern Don’t be in a hurry to quickly change it or modified because you are You may not believe anything is what I’m saying Okay that’s fine That is my argument to this Yeah Is that exactly exactly It’s not that much reality That’s reality or looks high But then when you get each points is coming by to you When you if you if you in a second I can make them the reds and greens I make them so dazzling so popping out But I would have taken this powerful insight I would have painted out of taking you from reality and made it something that’s so Don’t do that Don’t don’t Don’t take the focus on the charity okay

And leaving the sheet All this profits across cities Okay that’s it You’re done Okay Time for the next few charts And then let’s kind of put them into a story Okay So we don’t step six Okay So far it’s 123456 Let’s go to step seven We’re gonna make the scatter plot with the segment free dinners Well okay So show you how to make a filter No Uh two wishes you were seeing this gun You brought this contractor Okay let’s say we make a charge We just Let’s catapult Makes sense Okay You obviously know this because you are But I’m sure you’ve done this enough Um between profit and it’s gone Which is your life baby Really Discount price profit profit Discount discount drives a profit Okay Discount is impacting our profits Not the other way Don’t you want to see how much of this So you accept your Miss County Why’s your profit Okay so let’s make sure when you create a chart in the Y axis Do you always have your profit Okay so Dragon drop your profits into your But it was very good Profit fell into mine Why access that is done Dragon drop yours Discount into your columns This is money Okay Why I think this one daughter Uh huh It’s doing some of online points Produce off profits go to some of discounts which is really really stupid OK And that’s why you see the 16,600% which is ridiculous I need to break this up into levels of Rita The levels are needed into the Louis level of reading if possible What’s the best level off really For us Kind of I’ll be speaking most ideal level of the game is what more giving you right by to every individual level right Every neutral point You want to see each point as us That is the best way of Cygnus Catapult Exactly are something to the level of reality Yes you can do that There are two ways to do this You can either dragon drop your row I read your card guard detail that will give you one option the same thing Okay That is one thing or the other way to work this out This go to your card called analysis Okay Go to tackle analysis okay And you guys can simply unchecked this I gotta get vicious It’ll all sort of all the aggregations it had me there without something affects off some of some off season Some of this girls know she got the order Number of marks 9994 months when I first opened except fire behind 999494 So 10,000 records everything is back in place Okay Thank you Let’s uh dragon drop profiteer The color card as well Why not It has and color center value Please fix it here as well Edri urging advanced center of Andhra zero And Okay Right And let’s also breaking Jasper’s segments Okay so let’s see how that works Let’s Burton in light for the scatter plot Okay Like how you look for a line chart bordering nine years with right click inside anywhere Okay line and shorter lines It’s not a great insight It’s actually looking It’s likely insightful but I don’t know how it would change for tables so I’m not too worried about this for now Okay Let’s also look a segment filter for this for a minute Okay Dragon drop my segment Filter box Just click on all values Take it all I talked more What does Later But right now let’s settle down Okay Maura have an example You to set filters that I might give you living talking that click on Okay For now a film called Segment is set inside the field box Okay And we’ll analyze this As for each segment right now it’s a world leader I’m more concerned about tables tables versus segments Okay so we think about this right now Is that what you said The filter that you’re good to go at this point in time Okay If you want to analyze it right here itself you can do so okay for that You just really no writing on the segment on the filter and say that Schofield there you can get the filter right here That’s it But you can now basically make a Kyoto one of the others Okay you can choose one of the two and then I could see how this works Okay I would say Break this into a different option Okay Itself having multiple select options are slightly better This let’s see one segment at a time Okay Like a signal select option that might ease adoptions because it will make you all about all one second So click on the drop down Okay You find anything drop down on your screens okay And in that you can basically do ah

single value list Like a new buttons Okay so let’s look at that and say Yeah that’s probably better for me I kind of keep this one up for now Keep values Don’t miss it right Keep all the values then in extreme elaborate for value Okay so right now I just people like us So I think we’re good to go for now We can start what ends them into a story and Dashwood and see what the actual answers coming up Okay Now let’s um reading the sheet as well Please call this off Profits versus discounts And I think we built all our basic building blocks We don’t step number 878 Okay 7777 is done Okay We don’t hear Now it’s time to do the ninth step That is Billy Third competence of you Been this dashboard okay And the storyboard comes in place So we land the filters date I’ll show you how to bring it right now First at the filter for now Dragon drop it And in the dashboard of Bigger eventually Okay open up your first national peace for the story What’s the first thing Third escort you Yeah make us I slipped the automatic works for now Okay so for now let’s set the orientation right Your default size Make this into a fix Ice into an automatic size What we did before Same thing Let’s keep that sitting for now okay And let’s bring in the first dashboard So I drag and drop uh sales mix no seams and profit mix I get the profit train below and I get the profit values on the side here Okay This is my layout and I just noticed that really quick floor I’m not gonna fix it up our first things first I’m saying this legend is really not helping I’ve consistently said that Red is bad means good Okay And I’ve centered my well you dozy doe So that will never change So in my opinion this color legend is really not a big deal breaker I’m just gonna take it out because I’m not really like Google and great benefit a lot of uh keep more space for my charts Okay Giggling emphasis is high enough Okay I know this also another small problem here Okay And just watch her for a minute See this charter job botch up on top I know we spoke about her living room saying labels that better and all this You know we kind of do the swapping bar charts a better when kept talked about around and check this out If I keep this origin like this I was cruel And if I need to make the school all right I need to push it all the way down here and are strong these charts to such an extent that it’s really not gonna immediate value I’m not happy with this orientation So you know what Sometimes bend rules a little bit Okay I’m you know what I’m just gonna I’m gonna push it all the way up here and I’m gonna make more space for this And here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make sure that I click on the sales profit Mixed shock Okay And I’m gonna swap them and I don’t mind compromising the labels I don’t care because I’m more concerned about these rich hospital So wherever you want to compromise something decide what takes more dominance use common sense and really working out it’s okay to compromise some things that the cost off getting something better Now I want to make sure that this is the layout Thought so I decided if I take the audition my step in one I messed it up in everything Okay There is no change into this This is a conscious collar picking up So in my story board Okay I want to make sure it’s nice and easy I just drags and drops and I don’t know Okay so I’m gonna do something I go to a saint’s mixture first and I first flip it I do a flipping here Okay Flip it right here Save some time So later you don’t have to worry about this orientation Okay Now also do one more thing Guys This that your standard you notice that it’s not fully utilize all the space Okay there’s a little extra white streaks can also be Euclides So make this inter entire view it We are by the full space for this it would you say was fine in the end Same thing for your sales and profit makes if you click it The orientation is only happened because there you swap but the full space is not replaced Okay So just to make sure that you also choose and typing for this so both the charts are properly justified Okay Thing this is my little league Now let me go back to my dashboard much better Okay And just one thing I want to make sure that this also stays entire view So let’s go fix it up Okay Okay Like I said let’s not forget the team of our story Still tables Okay I’m not

budging from that I’m gonna set the user’s filter only for this child This is not fighting car And now let me click on tables and see what’s the story for tables Okay so state produces filter and click on tables Let’s see what the sorcery And already with the third tonight Okay Now someone Independence for me What is the line Tell you what’s that What’s strange I’m telling you Mr So you’re selling the way you’re losing What about a body shot What is the bottle You Where is the highest loss Which year It has the highest lost last year The last year especially has been this move Okay so that I just got my insight I’d say the more you sell tables a great more acceptable you lose I’d say the last year which is 2080 has been absolutely dismal This is my insight that about my insides might produce but let’s But eating this dashboard and call this profits over time What is your geospatial Okay first things first What your size becomes size becomes automatic You know that Yeah Okay let’s order into Nazi profit mix on top Your state man blue and your city My the sign there on Let’s enables users filter only for this Sharon top Let’s get our table’s See how states and cities are performing for tables This is the reality for the act of card tables at all What are you seeing here What is this telling you Yeah exactly You’re not finding Ah silver lining in the dark Lord basically that’s what she’s doing So Washington seems to make a pretty decent profit Which city In Washington by the way 4000 So that’s a decent sized drop it right I mean if you look at it I mean right now if you see if you’re a cup half empty kind of a guy then you look at the edges and hop on that But if you wanna highlight its opportunities as well why not see so far Table is not looking very promising but you and I very high in Saint Louis profit So I’m only kind of disappointed Anyone I see a trend is going back every year I’m doing worse and worse But look a quick mix I find some order please It’s not already okay Had I been older than that would be the cost of constant But I find some amount of greens with so clearly something good has happened as well So why don’t we have that so Washington and see if he is my yeah something Yeah yeah yeah yeah At least I think which is this Which one of us you know Yeah Yeah Okay So and then there’s another thing That’s Ah What’s that What’s that city not get enough You know what mentioned Good states Look at that Look at the state of Washington and not Carolina They have good performers Okay so I’m gonna kind of highlight these two Okay Virginia Virginia Virginia Yeah Sorry My bad Okay All right Call this geospatial do analysis sales for offered mixed on top and I get the discount shot blue Okay that’s also done Okay great Okay And let’s say uses filter I think the letter not I’m not gonna release the religion and this foot and I’m gonna make it into a floating figure because I don’t want to waste so much space for the filter Like what I did for the first dashboard Remember that date legend I have floated it I’ll floor this filter as well You find an option to float scroll below There it is floating Okay let’s just bring it down to the bar chart which has the actually reason for the which actually works for this Okay let’s don’t forget Okay now make sure that this is used to speak good Okay Enable this figure Let’s look on tables and let’s first see what the deal for Douglas Okay Before we start any segments what is this saying You what Seeing you Which is one discount What is gonna set This is not recent It’s There’s no time Zero that’s gone You made you made You had 0% discount And there you are Transactions and profits Exactly So So discount discount In my opinion discount for tables is a problem I’m saying

do not sell tables or discovers Okay now let’s also could ask for segments Let’s repeat segment See there’s anybody difference Consumer No deal Let’s look at corporate office Okay There This so I mean nothing much is coming out of my I mean if you could each of that consumers at least important But if you got a carpet in the office a very very impacted by lean back in if you check this out Okay so I’m gonna leave this as mine site and see See um tables again I get the segment would be great insight so I’m not going to take it out I’m gonna leave it there I mean if you want to use it with music but All I’m gonna say is discount Impax profits heavily for tables to stop or discuss That’s my salmon ization Okay I call this dashboard as profits make sure you named a sheet and the dashboard differently Okay That doesn’t really have a problem That’s why I called this versus that I called it and have some Please One What if a difference in throwbacks matter It wanted you name it Okay Okay Time to put this into a storyboard All the basic building blocks have been done with quickly And get him into a slider type attack options and we’re done another five minutes Okay That’s been the storyboard not Willis It’s okay Uh reality check One more pit stop Is everybody here The same fish inevitable the story in time captions Okay so All right Good So to build a story guys Okay The third last time The last time after Dashwood one of the books and Miller plus in the life That’s a story container Hit that And you do something like this Okay you see that’s not based Right Captain is what we do That same rules apply for the dashboard is this is a container size to become automatic So again you see there’s an option car size for your story Just make sure you hit this option and you first changes for fixed size into an automatic sights Okay so first Jesus ice becomes all right Okay And let’s sort of bring in one stay but a dime Time to get your sales mix Shark the dragon Okay Scene’s makes Jack And let’s click on this ad a caption and typing are north I’m gonna say tables fourth highest in terms of scenes Okay And I’m just gonna keep it clicked Doesn’t matter It’s just a small thing I wanna keep it like this Okay now let’s get in the next part of our story Like he added more sheets to your PPG You see this option called blank news story point blank button People click It’s gonna open up another page by the way And he would be dragon dog seals and profit mix Okay Blank Okay And I could drop seeds and profit because now let’s add a caption I want to say however peoples have the highest loss Okay Peoples have the highest loss My second shot is also done so as you notice I’m actually following the blueprint Okay I’m just following the blueprint Nothing else My planning working since I’ve done Do you want you too So you get my last three views and I’ll take my captions And that’s my plan So that’s the blueprint Okay One more blank point And this time bringing the profits or time Dashboard itself Okay And it’s not a caption And see uh Maur you sell more you lose You spilling Zach No no The thing is the more you sell you What do you think This trend is setting this amorphous amore time The more you’re selling the more you use That’s what I mean by that What I say uh losses increased over time No no Here it is In fact the obviously something I just selling because of time or or let’s retrace Let’s say uh losses losses losses have increased order Lots of gonna bore time Okay let’s see if there’s anything so fit enough Lost has increased over time Okay that makes sense I want to say green d d the worst Okay I look just just keep that pending and I’ll fix us I don’t know what your issues But maybe you’ve done some optimistic I have that You mean that Actually that I’ll

fix us Okay we’ll talk about this So Okay let’s get the next view of just go Geospatial analysis Get your geo analysis Okay And let’s have a caption saying uh stewed off W E and Virginia Good examples Way forward So they followed Okay so that’s my pickle here Okay So celebrities to states way forward See it’s a high ceiling Why do you want to scrap it It’s easy to say it’s good Stop selling But when it’s hi Hi scenes why do you wanna lose on your customer base That’s my logic Selling is not easy as well Okay but you put some conditions for your things make a profit Okay One last blank point But if it’s in discounts so I’m going to say very tables sensitivity sensor discounts stop Any discounting Okay Let’s stop any discomfort and that That’s my story board Okay So back to my presentation more go back to my even there Curtis we’ve got tables four times in terms of sales Howard tables have the highest losses then talks about your time wise story Okay So the good thing is no While seeing in I reason why I brought this deliberate layout is out of this delivered intact ladies I have still maintain integrity If you think about it I mean I’m not It’s not a people need is definitely a compelling story because it really why the theme of my story stables okay And its profitability while my audience have this is a before you nothing really stops my user from sinking in or tables That’s it Let’s see what you need Force a force And if you got other items and still take their own insights so nothing really stops them from choosing any other things are then able just went So that’s like really where I kind of sort of keep his options open Same thing for my geospatial mapping Violent people look at tables They can still look at bookcases or copiers and say Hey that asshole copiers so on and so forth something for any of my star items that can take any valuables So I’ll see I’ll keep the option open for audiences Let them be able to explore multiple options at the cast off a story you’re gonna make this into a much more enriching experience That’s something that I would do for a storyboard Typically before Holly for charts We haven’t already What else did anybody for How many before Charles Do you have No 24 It’s an open question to control You get the answers Okay eight times 24 chance those air default to complete But you can make a lot more than that Many more than that It’s not just default It’s not those that’s what I’m ready for it So uh basically you can create many more custom shops like sea or have your head off the charts Waterfall Just portable charge Conclude shirts Bump charts do not about status Finals final shots They can create something Workloads She must have a word Clouds You know we could create all these customs fresh waters as we could make one but yeah and then I can stick sharks Massive sharks Bollinger bans all these custom made shirts you can pretty much create leases with OK so we do something we create some of the special charts Fishbone is well I need to I can construct a fish bowl that involves more graphically part than a chart creation process but it’s not ready to do it We can pretty much get out of it So we practice that Pretty is with okay And that will be able to the proposition that the fat content for the whole day Okay All right so what I want you to do so you all should have done already Are self help guys if you again I told you You see that I have made some I’ve got my own material which I made many years back and all that stuff in here So this is like a folder that we’ll have a lot of stuff orders If you could just open this folder for a minute Okay You find a whole lot off So for losing here Okay Which I kind of walk you folks through Okay sir Typically water does this all your major topics that we’re gonna be looking at all your hands on material ever gonna look at is all right in here This is like a one shop guide for you One stop back for you See for example today we’re

gonna talk about how to create some pretty to Jackson All that Look at some point in time now say you guys already created okay And if you want to get some kind of material and not the recording you guys can still you could These files and folders as well that’s exploding Okay go through them So you know what is in here now Say for a minute If you wantto say create a play to chat I’ve kind of put them under a folder called a Special Chart type Okay and all You have to as well just go right in there You’ll find some pdf file some which contains your guides And there’s also something awesome X If I It’s a combination of all this If you want your guide open up your beauty of fights okay that you continue instructions on step by step instructions on what to do where to dragon drop you know just too if you want me to And I didn’t about 56 years back many long time back I didn’t for somebody so I made them in the older version of travel but it’s still very an element So if you follow these steps and if you kind of pretty much work all this through You guys should be able to recreate most of the content back here So this is not that extra resource for you Okay but if you guys are taking notes please do that That’s again Your choice Okay this is something that I have made It may not competing media department so take yourself quite as well Okay So anyways this is the fourth time I was going to let me just open up OK Now in this folder OK in this in this fight in this off main folder you find a lot of stuff for the cold calculations Okay So what I want you guys to do is in your calculations folder you find something called a numeric calculations Okay so I want you all to import this file So open up your tablet consoles He’s important Numerous calculation into it Okay Or if you do that yesterday just look at your neighbors and just keep connected Okay I know So if you meet are seeing for the first time yesterday you got lost before our content If you are not familiar with just the neighbors are just you guys I’d just like to catch up with us Okay Because you might find things very fast And that’s something you have to kind of be with Okay I’ll talk about that so I don’t know Okay So numeric calculation Okay I want you to import this fight Is there not having trouble important Miss Anyone having issues is importing this Okay Yeah yeah yeah Okay So guys if you don’t see one thing there is a difference between this data set and the sample superstore Very connected Yes If you don’t want a menu Important sample super story That’s it For the first time this’ll data preview was unavailable here If you don’t do you advise us here Why is this happening at this time to getting the review There’s only one sheet Exactly Say there were three sheets Got orders and people’s underdone So you have to do um I don’t step up dragging and dropping here right again It doesn’t matter whether you drag and drop a rock If you see the data that you want analyzes you’re good to go That’s your Okay So as you keep importing more more finds that there are more sheets If you find that you needed I can drop them Make sure you get something in this part of your console So you guys can see the data that we need for analysis Okay And let’s go to shed it goes right in there Okay All right Let’s make a small bar chart for us to start with Okay This is some small dummy data that I made up okay For just to kind of deposits and learnings and from there really kind of take it from there I plan on doing multiple things Okay First of all get you started with calculations give you heart I show you get a special chart learn how to interpret it and also how we can tweak it and manipulated all that for our department Okay so that’s like a remarkable small sore longings That is one little activity So I figured I could drop my dimension called estate Okay into our field called Rose Okay It’s all damn idiot I made this up so don’t worry about the actual validity of numbers okay And you lost your measures called targets I want you guys to simply drag and drop these targets into Your columns shall freeze Okay sort of data from high to low You’re descending on assault Okay And let’s also show the legals okay And you know what I was on entire view So you can see all the bars too Nice and t and hear this This is my dad Okay This is my date actually So we’ll see if Tina values Yeah all of us Okay so let’s first hand that Let’s first kind of figure this out Why do we normally get in on values And what is it What are some costs Final values whatever causes final value’s missing It does one Okay if it was missing then you will be able to get the data and you can Impala data You can type it in Mentally deficient it will be rectified That is a quality issue Okay that’s one cost What is what are some other reason Sport of nobodies No data available for that particular regard We have stayed in Africa so which means you may not like it

was another value or you may also doesn’t number That’s another option So especially the number Okay Now they’re not values and two options Okay You can have another values either In the dimension are you can have another value in the measure Babel possible If another values a dimension that means there is no empty Okay I’ve had multiple records off 100 guards Suppose I have not For if I’m not included a dimension that you quantify the cards have a part in the name of the person And I just got this court alone That’s a generator quartered Issue those things You have to fix it yourself Data has weekly If it’s God Ridge and got a job you can’t do anything about it okay That you have to be What do the numbers part I get a little more careful Okay Because especially when I’m having numbers and their values in it especially that some sort of a mathematical calculation involved with the number this could be a problem Why one plus zero or say any number plus zero equals that number Okay 100 Brazil records 100 Okay anything plus that number because the number But if I say 100 plus now my answer comes off If I do a 1,000,000 plus knowledge comes Arsenal If I do 500.500 plus 90 plus 25,000 plus five plus 800 personal becomes not Is one of the whole thing becomes enough That’s a problem right You won’t be able to ensure that those values are getting picked up at zeros instead So you can kind of use that for your analysis You don’t lose any leader in the process So that’s something we’ve got to be conscious about Okay so one time what happened I mean I had this Ah real time problem Okay We were making a passport for one of our clients which had like almost about 45 different data sources Each of them they’re all completely heterogeneous Each of them were very very different sources It was to be one big dashboard for a client of us So there was some people who are giving us in the data from a sippy so often from es cules off them from access databases using some even man will excel files There were pdf people’s ah ah SharePoint Multiple sources were getting interviewed The polling reports a lot of ideas and he created a final dash book Okay Now for the sake of our ingredients we had to kind of cover that automation process because we could not follow And 40 people okay And every month on the third of everyone I had to give this report to the seat of the company so I could not It was impossible for me to follow but 40 different people There was no process It was very very manual First month we managed to send emails 48 minutes and it became a bit of a pain for us So we said Hey this is not our job to fall over the limits If they don’t say they don’t send it I can’t bake my head ordered right I am sitting in this country of 60 battles Those guys need to be proactive They don’t give the date that they should answer to see you And I can’t keep asking for the shock So I kind of put a system in place We kind of for spoke their in house team on We also have to kind of join that it some blending was required Some have to be blended somehow difficult for the readers lot off complications within It became the solution We said you know what optimal solutions will create article tables We point all the data wherever it has to blend into our creative So doesn’t matter which were Platform is coming from you 40 people you can send from there where you cannot breathe whenever Whatever I don’t care but I’m gonna ensure that Don’t change the location If your file is sitting on that See Dr G Drive auto workers keep the file in the same place I’ll ensure that I created a link between yours filed with the article tables And you guys just have to keep refreshingly okay do that at some point in time And every month data keeps coming in We did the first button Yeah all but it is gonna come into article tables I’m gonna point article table to my book This was a plan Really Okay That’s how we kind of constructed the whole process Now why This was a great planet book Very well and all that We realized that when you do a conversion from ASAP into article tables okay if there are numbers any numbers having zeros those zeros ended up being committed in our lives That happened and we were not able to control this we don’t know what happened and we didn’t expect this thing to come up there for us Now this post a problem because the company that was working for was basically are dealing with all our production plants looking They have different thermal plants nuclear plants They do power generation basically Okay So for them one of the key metrics is to cart is to make it costs They have like monthly expenditures They have different line items they have This item is to say spend for buying This is for the fuel This is for that part And that’s what our schools different different things in there now They had budgets for everything they had But just for every kind of expenditure Now there’s certain maintenance work that they would normally engage in for the plants They were appearing not Okay say for a month of Janet they do the maintenance for the want of threat They didn’t have to do some maintenance so they had that kind of foreign approach As a result what happened was and I had but I tracked the entire payment all the all the

all the expenditures that they had Okay so for the want of Janice They had spread $100,000 for the favour month If it there’s nothing Marcie was $100 not less of those transactions like these it so happened that when I converted the street from article in front door tables that 100,000 plus none plus another 100,000 personal giving the value of not so I don’t really get the correct Of course I was lost the values in there Okay So okay we kind of figured how to relieve what This art it was Ah pain 0.2 soldiers in article tables We gotta figure tablet could have done this in a much more simpler matter So we kind of came with a very simple solution All we do it wasthe why we have this Not I think about this After getting all that story that I’ve got you I’ve got these non values All that happened was create a calculation a very simple calculation where I can say Hey listen if you find any leads demon number like this keeping the waiters But if you find any values having values could not them alone to see us That’s your logic that I had to pass and there’s some functions we could really and I’m actually it’s really a very simple calculation a very simple solution for a very difficult complex Part of this happened so trying to you know you know the reason why I’m pointing this out Just sometimes when you wanna automate problems Okay You wanna automate any problems or you wanna kind off One is to get somebody that you don’t have You want to create a new field which is not available Yes The calculations is a great way sometimes even solving some problems to automate some kind of solutions Calculations can be the way to go So it’s good to kind of get comfortable working on calculations on different platforms You know again there is no hard and fast so that you guys have to do the calculations only in a softer that you’re working on Okay I’ll say the smart about it Whichever platform it’s convenient it’s less of a workload Very what’s easy for you kind of work that out and work smart That’s all I want in this particular case in this situation that I told you doing this math and tablet is a lot simpler It was just one Simply calculation Okay Now you’re gonna feel targets I’m gonna make a new field called corrected Nuggets Which one is going to make sure that all these states the same number last two states alone gives me number off values You okay We’ll work this out So we’re gonna take this with both a calculation okay No to create a calculated See inside there are multiple ways to work it out There’s no one were won by trick whatever makes sense What was easy for you that you can remember who work with that Okay Now in your measures and dimensions when you guys find any white space like this in your door I click You find an option called Create a Calculated Feet Okay Same thing you could get your diamond Since you know what I think you’ll find your create a captain in defeat Same thing to places Okay Now 1/3 spot to find exact same menu is if you actually look at your shelf No this world called Dimension against the three buttons Okay The one called view better a 2nd 1 with a search to find freely Don’t with an arrow The drop Stop Leave me out of the top star That’s asinine thing Okay It also gives you a calculation option Thoughtless Well you could afford places One more place that I’m aware off Okay If you go to taco analysis the new minutes Okay You are forthe last freely says creating a terrific same thing All the four places the same thing So what are you guys can remember What We can work with one of them Okay you open up a box like this Okay Now when you get to go to create calculations in Taboo you guys are gonna be creating hypothermic green fees Okay So why I mean what I mean by that is it’s not a big really but it’s a hypothetical video But instance now I want to create a field called connected Doug It’s okay I have targets This contains no values I want to be really convert this with lots of zeros Okay Now I’m gonna get a new fear Call operator targets here Okay It’s like this when you’re gonna create any kind of calculation What happens It’s like saying Call him a plus Column equals column C seemly you’re gonna have a new column Your resulting Very We can either be a damaged gotta measure If you have a string calculation that you go into a dimension If you have a number calculation meant for our critic Matt if you got any measures okay you can also create um number feeds which dimensions supposed create categories are called 1 20 The numbers but they can be damage is possible I created Index for example that’s ah Diamond ship it in the numerous free but he’d be a damaged It same logic what we discussed yesterday First the first thing First step Stanley OK we can enter the door whether it is our diamond snow to make sure we can handle it accordingly are pretty calm bullion to force us to come on all these different options as possible Okay ladies anything Joe situation any valuable It’s possible stringing all that now calling this hypothetical field because when you are gonna create a feeling let’s see in soft targets I make one Call the collector Doug It’s okay

This corrected target field we only stay inside this particular concert It does not by any chance interfered with back in their own leader Now there’s a next fight we’ve has just leafing estate sales and targets If you create a field here you won’t find your credit markets back Derrick City It is still inside this window hands I’m calling it a hypothetical for you okay And the need for automation solves multiple issues and all that off those source Okay Now let’s see how to figure formulas functions in taxes and all that and then really take on further Okay Always get into the habit of naming calibrations guys Okay I wouldn’t call this connector Doug It’s okay Doug It’s okay And in my connected dog it’s okay if you check this out in here okay If you check this out in here in the box in here This is the spot where the guys are gonna be actually creating calculation right here Same spot Okay now where their final functions Check this out in the box and I’m kind of kicking on right now You see a small injury out of the points to your right side If you give that a click you’ll find your function library Okay All the functions that you need to be looking at is pretty much right in here You find a lot of similarities so that makes it okay There’s some things that this can do better than accept Some extent can do better than here OK It can It can create all kinds of calculations as long as they’re not statistically Okay If you need to perform statistical calculations you don’t have to integrate an element like in our apartment And then you can pass some calculation in two months which will do the last day We can also do that Okay but by natively speaking and they don’t have any stats function start Okay All right Now let’s say for a minute I want to kind of create a calculation which converts on our values and a Zito’s Okay so if you think about this this is some kind of logically function about a positive because it’s gonna take a number If the number is not enough value it keeps the number as this But if it finds out I’m going to be zero then converts it into it finds it to be known Derek and what they’re into is you So it’s ah logic It’s some kind of a logic yesterday Logic Okay so I want to get my logically functions to save some time in here Okay Larry this is all my different largely functions now in here that I might get really functions I could use Okay Eyes There’s no one that I tweet You have your if not you got it Is now you also something called a Z in the last one Okay it stands for zero That’s the function That’s when it’s really cold for okay And the morning your clique you finally syntax let me to use it here And you guys are also finding notes about what the function is mentally So read this If you are seeing for the first time read these nodes Lucas in taxes and benefit from this it kind of really helps You do get your syntax is like Okay so here it’s a very simple function It’s very easy function Zeon within brackets see on expression What’s your expression here Yeah exactly Is your targets Okay so let’s get in your function Let’s type in Zeon open your apparatus is okay and input your targets Now Now when you guys wanna bring in variables and your functions Okay There are two ways to do this You can either do what type like I did Okay If that’s not your comfort factor you made your type It okay Are the other option that you guys can also do is you can also do a bag and drop whatever is your comfort factor Do that stick with the comfort factor And yeah I got a course for black kids and that my function will be complete now Um a simple example Okay Just so I can kind of take it easy This is a very easy simple example I close your brackets it will come right Syntax I’d be like Okay but obviously many guys makes in Texas The pool is not gonna let you proceed for it’s gonna throw back And I don’t like this is a test isn’t it OK now if you don’t know what the end of this which I’m pretty sure can happen as you start to do more complex calculations you really not know what is going wrong And I’m doing your nest of statement which is gonna be really long except in all 50 level stuff You’re bound to miss some syntax Okay Now if you guys get your Raiders And how do you wanna fix yours in Texas Well I got a couple off tips to really work it out Okay One is Look for these jagged lines in here That is Ah indicator First of all that’s one way to know what your issue is Your second way to fix it up is click on The innocents will tell you what the actual end of messages Okay And one more please help is you know if you can find out click right on the air itself It really trying in many cases highlight the actual part by the end of this Okay this is the maximum the law school feeling that you guys and yet for the door OK be honest God bless you Okay Okay Now close your buckets and let’s told you and okay And we don’t know this if you guys weren’t diagnosis Okay Suppose you wanna create a calculation You wanna put the north calculation That’s also global Okay just put it in a couple off slashes in here okay And you can

type in any notes in here It’s not interfere with the function Okay so you have some tips that will sort of help You do Work this out Okay Donna you’re going OK We’re good to go And that’s your mission called Pick your targets Okay let’s not test it But I can drop your connector targets in your columns as well And if I check this out there notice I’ve got my own connector Doug it’s on the side here So these are my orders are targets seem numbers Okay And here I got my values in order to zeros So I’m kind of okay with this feeling So now for all future purposes I’m gonna go to my targets and I just take my character targets in the story Okay Every time the state was gonna keep coming in even if it’s there the whole time in database is alive That dashboard this will keep coming in but I don’t know this And use the stadium for all my purposes That’s it Okay Did you You want to pick up the scene That value You gotta get stick Your creditor targets the new feed Yeah That’s because off spacing issue doesn’t matter if something happened to me Okay so when you check this out you might have the shoes like these that you have This something of this Do you have some zeros missing one of the screen for the presentation So what can happiness check this out I mean if you if you get my screen for a minute Okay Check this out If we come in sometimes this is gonna keep happening You guys are gonna find some differences in our screen This is mine All of our picks and settings on the scene Okay So guys guys I’m telling this once and for all so we not able to have this problem Okay if our views look a little different from mine some labels that missing in the awesome are looking different than your scale Looks different That is gonna keep happening You see somebody hacks on the 100,000 scales Mine had some hundreds That is gonna keep happening if your settings are different Yard exercise is different It is not gonna match Okay now if you notice in here on my screen I don’t know if you guys have the same issue My second state is missing Values label is missing the second stick and look at my last year GH zero number is missing It is not because of a problem It’s not because of any missing values It just means that the dude has been designed in such a way that in case while it puts needles in the labels phone sizes are too big And the tulip text that there’s some sort of a lab on the labels from our labor the other it hides one So right now the tool is being told that for io the labor early for dust print it might overlap on one of these leaders Sort Heinz that’s me This is gonna keep happening constantly So again if I put this on a full street morning get out then That is more space All the neighbours live here Okay Does not going missing Nobody does missing But this is gonna keep happening constantly so don’t worry about that You’re spacing is different They are sizes different Your phone sex is way too big That’s all you got to make it for You got it in your front sights a little bit Okay so that’s the way it’s gonna keep walking So doesn’t matter So you So I can tell you from this very minute From not day four you’re gonna have completely produce lots of years ago before from my screen Because they are I can definitely say that your sponsor is different sizes Different words That’s why you’re in the body Modern started really good It’s gonna be a little different Okay All right I’m genomic A sensible charter This The reason why I got to do this was to make some charts All this not open up on you She dies I want you guys to know created shock Okay we didn’t I’d like to compare the targets for every single state I have seen The morse I’ve got the dog it’s gonna get I have states So far All my states I want to see if I made My targets are not okay And I want to create a charter to this And I want to kind of understand how goes where and how I can make this more effective Visually appealing You kind of get some answers Okay so this is ah before Chuck Luckily it’s Dr Custom chart You guys can build it by just doing show me so Let’s kind of work this out Okay What I want you guys to do is click on three feet Scott speaks okay Okay for doing something else please drop what you’re doing and follow along I want you folks to select off Really Because state hold on to control keys on a keyboard select your corrected targets and select your sales I want you to select three fees Okay All the teeth Border Show me once you know And I want to Massachusetts last going shark All the Bollegraf Okay It’s a really powerful shot He had a cousin of the blood chart Okay come coming towards you And don’t start interpreting Idiot If you do not interpret it that something is wrong about this I get it But he also have a chart like this Okay Now do not look

at your computer’s Okay You could my boarding answer because if you look at your computer so you be the wrong answer Okay Now let’s say for a minute If I look at the first state Yes Okay The blue part off the shark iss What You think it should stand for what you stand for saying OK What Should the black line represent dog It’s ask for this job What do you see here Having much I get stuck It’s what it is No So that’s how you’re supposed to be the chart Okay but the child is not saying that Okay Now look at your computers and look at what is black line A space A curse on the black line You’re going to tell you same score Okay so your black light is gonna say sales Yeah but since it’s not everything somehow seems to think that sales and your blue line is your targets So your targets and sales have gotten into changed Okay They’ve gotten kind of Chris cost reasons Best known to suffer because of Alfred Lord or something No you guys So here’s the thing Don’t cross the suffered lately When you guys create some charts or whatever first school tonight’s have Steve is doing that I think in this case I don’t have it I think OK so we go into changes now Okay Now it’s a simple flick where you would want quickly fix it up now Okay so now all these great bands on these black lines are all coming in as a part of something called a reference lines Okay We don’t know what we can rectify that Now All I want you guys to do is in the autumn X axis Okay What do you see here This collector targets This has to mention say it’s okay And what you see here on your detail card right in here If you see that in here that this card here this must be this must have your targets So targets has two Computer and sales has to go here Basically they’ve gotta be interchanged Basically Okay again Target is the columns that has to change with your scenes here So there must be a swap off feet basically Okay we fix it up Thank you Gonna take sex is directly connects Texas And sure silica is often called swap reference line treats So now with that beauty does looking at it So now let’s start the data from high to low Okay I put us on three full stop and let’s not a leader here okay All right Let’s analyze this Chuck your first date The white Doug It’s mitt By what wasn’t by what percent Approximately 2.5 times Okay About 50% off targets last year O P last a Colby dog It’s Mitt Know what percent of targets have you achieving Toby What percent Okay Yeah that’s the way to do that Okay Now help you more things Okay If you notice in your all your all your bus there’s a vehicular Nice there to a local to breaking events There’s a doctor in Likely Okay Now that means something So let’s let’s understand us for a minute No Let’s see the state or beat last year Okay You’re serious about some ex About about a very small amount $10,000 over Okay You’re leaving one of your targets Your targets are here Okay No If the sales amount it’s a sale amount Hadn’t bean all the way up to the first dark gray back till the end of a degree Bad That means you would have achieved 60% off your set targets Okay How do you say Lamont going all the way up to your second great bad at the end of a second rebound That means you have achieved 80% of your set targets And how do you always your black line You’ve achieved 100% pure set targets Okay Is that okay Does anybody want to be that actuals sales looking for a minute Just keep keep it I see it actually if my say Lamont had hit all the way up to the first great back all the way into the end of a physically But that means I have achieved 60% off my old order set targets Okay if my blue man has come all the way up to the end off the second career and a great man that means I have achieved 80% off the old on set targets It’s going to my blackmailing black line 100% of my sight ducats This is the intent of your reference lines Okay 68 eases a default you can modify it OK that was my next thing I was gonna want a vote if I see And that’s what happened to one of our clients But before reporting a 60 80 now one client of us for them in their 13 apparently their team in some doing 80% off them in in the party 80% of the targets that is not a challenge for them The real challenge is to bridge that 8200 So she was more concerned about trying to see who is there who These guys who are actually lacking in that 95 97% So for her requirement what would you do it and

stuff 60 80% We made it into a 90% 95% And that kind of made sense for her And 97 I think we did three bands or something for you can making number advance genes the number change the value that is customizable It’s not set in stone Okay how about we do a 50 70 90 We do it Three buying system here okay And stop 60 80 We modify it now Okay No let’s do One thing first is I want to change the this to install state average collector targets or this is some off targets Okay I want to change this first and then I change this store 67 50 70 90 Okay now go back and right Click on your sales access piece Go to edit the defense lines That door opens lines Okay We fix up the average connected to a somewhat greater Doug It’s because that makes more sense So let’s go hit the average predator targets to start with Okay in here I’ll show you how to work this on a bet On another example right now Just what this change out Okay You see this value Is there some off editor Doug It’s that’s fine And change the aggregation from an average okay And that you can Okay You should be all right now checking out their you some off senator targets That’s fixed as well Now let’s do the chain that number in stuff 60 80 Let’s make it 50 70 90 Okay let’s customize that So go back to your scenes access and go back to your credit reference line Jewels That 60 80 A difference line We’re gonna modify those values OK let’s hit that Okay And what I want you guys not to do is we need to change the Mac The competition little bit Okay so it’s pretty easy This option is optional You see value 60% 80% I want you to choose to hit that doctor Okay And again I’ll show you what these others are in some time but right now let’s work this example Where d c 60 come on 80 as percentages you can delete that and mortified to say 50 comma 70 Come on 90 I can keep out of my number of banks That kind of makes sense for me And I think Okay I should be good to go It becomes it becomes somewhat of a 50% off the average corrected targets Yeah it could be something Yeah that shows me something We’ll be mortified that making do something make sense You know having said that let me ask you a question Last more than one state in him Second elastic What percent of targets have achieved last state And in the last word one steak What percent of targets have YouTube Exactly I don’t 55 Exactly Looking more than 50% Exactly Okay so it’s an indicator you know And what about you Yeah The total estate What 80% 80% Yeah Freddy Yeah that’s how this that’s it Not sorry This shot Okay No Let’s do one more thing Some states have McNuggets Some have superseded targets Okay Like really pretty first stayed the white It’s done like a 250% of targets a destroyed half times Okay if I look at the state let’s say uh W e I’ve met my targets but I just slightly exceeded Doug It’s okay So that’s one way to look at it And if it occurred in the last two states not my target So have states that have different levels of achievement Somehow board achieved some have just achieved Some have underachieved in all that Okay I want to suck on this I want to see states that I’ve met the targets Put them in a darker green color or a darker bugler That color mentally color states that I’m not met the targets for the miner Docker orange Kind of not between states that have met targets better Who done more than the targets Dr Blue Okay State which is just a moment A target like the boot states are normal target sited The one is likability back Very doctor So I want to have a converging skate off Doctor in order Dr Gordon Stuart Dr what we do for this But I wanted to live on the butt States that have not met their targets I need to find that out somehow So Okay So again what is the motive for this What’s an article to play for this Okay what’s the calculation Okay Or other scenes minus targets Seems minus targets Seems minus zero Character targets in this case because nobody is not that Okay Then I’ll be able to get different levels Suppose a state where my sales minus my target is very very high in positive They have a lot of cheap sales minus target this close to zero That means it just about met their target sales minus target is negative between the sailors Lord of my target their executive I wonder what you do You

color option That’s one way to do this Okay what’s the other option So what is that option That’s something A subtraction Easy option You need another option You can kind of take a person his actual achievement Top person It’s right person Similar targets That’s another option Correct What else You can drag it up sales to kill over that stuff to give you the impact that I want to Okay I can tell you that That’s not what happened It’ll change some color but it won’t be what we want it So it’s not gonna give us So I’m doing it Won’t happen There’s one more option One more option to get you here What’s that make markets make like if sacred buckets Okay and then that’s another possibility Anything out About a certain percent About 7% Show them in one bucket It can create 45 buckets That’s another option So you can even pretty much work any option anything that makes sense Logic that hits your brain at that point in time The fastest option Work it up Okay let’s not do it simply easy One Let’s do a subtraction on Gary Okay Another calculation Gold is obedience okay And the baby’s formula It’s really simple I’m just gonna take in sales minus my connected Doug It’s and that’s my fault Just make this a bigger for you guys so you can see it better Sales minus You are connected targets And once you guys finishes formula Dragon dog Mr Colors you get it Get the form electrical Okay And I got off the phone with colors 80 work readings Formula goes into colors for that Bennis much more good use of a car collection A simple math can give you a nice good carry on like this Okay so again guys to recap Okay The reason I spent time on this small thing is to talk over remarkable things Did you guys start on how to make calculations Okay How to understand the whole logic of calculations how to look for us in Texas how to get this in Texas Right Okay Uh also special chart called a bullet shot This is Ah great use of a chart This is a fantastic chart which will actually help you get Your radiance is anytime you guys want to compare our target against any other medic automatic against a target This is part of the best charges you can think about It’s a fantastic chart Blind the user It wa ce Okay Not often Times Okay I can get to do that All right let’s do a few more Okay Open up another sheet please I want you guys to import your sample Simple store back into this workbook Okay For one more time and actually hard to keep adding more and more databases See Again There’s no limitation on how many databases or how many sheets you wanna bring it Bring it into one consult There’s no limitation on harmony databases you wanna bring in There is no limitation on number of records There is no limitation on different types of Rita Okay Meaning Say for example here this extra fight I want to bring in Ah see Sweet table cc file a conviction If I want to bring in another single sports reporter could begin I want to begin a spirit table I can bring it not reject any off those As long as once you have defied that a Zeta through a native character it would not have rejected so again There is no problem in that Now if you want to connect the two sheets you can blend it If you don’t want connected don’t rented The choice is yours So again all these options out of that you have this flexibility It’s okay There’s a primary keeping connected advice Don’t connect it Now Let’s import another fire here I’ll show you how to do this Okay On your rod school bus next year Same Martin because if you like on the cylinder in it If you kind of give it a quick it’ll become all too familiar T Okay so there’s your second connectors again You guys can pick up your own Microsoft Excel Megan and let’s go do documents Okay My car depository Same thing Yes it is Locations Please Go That again Data sources Okay sample action superstore And what you do next Yeah The stimuli can drop your order sheet because this time you didn’t find it It’s coming automatic Another database came on it So now you have to drag it off your order sheet into your to actually see it Okay This is a must Do not skip this step If you don’t do the steps you have a problem This is Ah complicity Step okay And go to your seat so you can see both Your databases are on the same concert If you check on your right side Left side top Most Connor stop called later The number of calculation is like that You also have your order something you click on numbers You find it’s relevant Dimensions measures orders will have Its damage is just okay That’s how it looks now Okay let’s make a few more small calculations Okay and then I’ll go on to the next Something off that Let’s get some simply six cancellations just to give you practice We live a very simple thing Let’s join two strings Okay Howdy Joins things accent except how to join strings so I can

get it is one option Okay The other options use the AM presents a book Okay I had the exact same relevance here as well Kabu also has a concussion function by the way I can use it Know instantly and somebody I have to use a plus similar tab That’s only difference Okay so really do a blessing Really Carry on OK let’s say I have a feeling called category I I’m gonna create a simple shot here Okay I dropped my categories to my rules for a minute That’s a bunch of strings dragon up my subcategories also into my rose Okay so I have to stinks Okay Had not created third string which is gonna much category this I’m getting I make a gorgeous thing also Okay so that’s creating a calculation for this now Okay so let’s Let’s let’s get cracking on that Go ahead create a calculation Lets you wanna put a hyphen between my goofy’s Okay So I can get them using courts like I do in exit in xlv use Feels doubly courts strictly right But here we can use single or double It doesn’t matter You can use both but if you start to use a single court stay consistent with double court Consistent Okay So consistency ski here but even use both Okay let’s say for the hyphen there plus subcategory with that should have about it Cancellation Good Once you have this done okay But I cannot protest it It’ll be all right It should look Okay since you’re simple joining us drinks he has a strong one I tested here in Moreau’s You look my single joint Okay that works Okay Now let’s get cutting Thinks that’s slightly more challenging Let’s still get breaking strikes Okay That is not some logic Gets kind of test your brain center but this is too stupid This is too easy This is very very rudimentary Okay open up another seat please open up on the news sheet Okay No Guys guys leave that Okay let’s look at this Okay So go ahead Focus your customer name Dragon Drop your customer names to your rose please Okay let’s cut the first name and last name Exactly More interesting Okay give your logic first What is your logic off Getting this stinks Spirit is a function Give me Give me more options space Okay Spezia spaces that delivered If I can predict the course is your space in all the words What if I could find the first space and all the words In other words Okay then I can what I can find the first name and last name Let’s say I go to my first customer called Adam Buckman for a minute Okay And I say I want to find a space for this guy So let’s say his first name was E auto And so that’s five characters So if I need to find in his space it’s in the six character Okay fella Craxi Adam elements Species is my character Each word has a unique space for its space So how about we do this We find yousa calculation when we did it The first space in all the names Once we find the space for this I see all the words from the left of the space is what first thing about it is my last name So I can use that logic to it This is actually the hardest approach I’m doing is the producer Gaskin 234 calculations Okay Spirit can happen in no time at all That in practical ways to work this out But I’m deliberately your Agrestic The hardest approach Just for now Okay then you get comfortable So the first part I’m gonna help you Okay I’ll help you all find the names the space of the names between the names I’ll talk about the first thing for you Okay You guys can try the lasting yourself in a few minutes Okay Let’s first cut this place Now let’s find the space Create a calculation days Okay let’s go Let’s finding space Okay Finding space Okay No there is Ah Function called Find in all my strings Okay My strings I have got a function called Fine Okay so I’m just gonna hit that And here’s a fine function Will use dysfunction Check this out If you Actually I want to look for your functions Okay You guys are doing your calculations for the first time Um you if you’re not sure of what functions to pick up I’m saying please look at the function library Okay Go through all these functions give it a click and see what it is Read the description The reading is very very important Especially not family With all this Once you get a hang of all these functions then I think you’d be pretty comfortable Okay so here’s my deal It’s saying is it returns the position off a sub string within a string Now that’s what

I want Okay Now let’s look at the syntax It’s a fine function It is gonna ask you in Put a string and a substance on a starting point to start counting What is your string here What’s your substance space Do we have a starting position order contesting the default We did it before so I’m gonna go in My stock start comes in a square bracket What is squared Reconnect Silly An excellent option Freeze Right Except square brackets to same thing here I can skip this symbol of similarities OK so let’s now really get that going Okay Now let’s take this and say fine The string is my customer name Comma I’m gonna put enough space within 1/4 Make sure your court doesn’t want space Otherwise I’m gonna have another Okay be very conscious about it in your court Exactly But in one space if there’s more than one space you’re gonna find something that is not in bed Okay And that’s a cozy blanket We got to go You have a valid conclusion Gone Okay lets you fighting space Okay Now I’ve got a question This finding space Is this a diamond Shorter mission Something not of this shit I’m seeing damage invite admission What is it that mentioned by damaging It started on the name It’s a number but I just wonder why the numbers ah is to be kept in the dimension of the measure you gonna count It s so you’re gonna have a street point It’s this great isn’t it Think about it Is it disputed countries Answer that Then you can ask us It’ll be all right It’s an exact specific point in all the customer names So I want to use it as a point And from that I want to get all the values on the right and the left So it’s It’s an exact specific point Okay so it’s clearly not a measure but the dimension So you know what Nothing know If you guys did not pleaded this is gonna have a problem And I proved you right now just keep it as your damage as they make sure Keep it the way this OK and let’s not destined to see this is working with or not If I did I could drop my finding space into my next box for a minute Look at through what’s what’s gonna happen It’s gonna perform some level of litigation and I support this logic It says that you’re 36 Character in first name is your first space Now that doesn’t make sense I don’t have to be six characters my first name but it says my 36 characters MySpace which is obviously not like Okay but now let’s do one thing I’m gonna take it out of here and I would have died and drop this finding space in my mind I mentioned what I was supposed to do with my royalties Okay Treated And not just it Put your finding space back into your X box It is going to work right Okay So as far as your logic is concerned you’re completely right You do not mess up of the formula Just that you would have repeated as a dimension If you don’t go treatment your it’s gonna have wrong values through the air So make sure I know you guys making calculations You find something into a measure or dimension First ask yourself the same question Should I be a diamond Shorter measure Okay good Now be good Let’s knock out the first name Okay It’s doing some accusation Is doing some math on its own Some stupid math which have not bother to break my head over here Yeah but it’s something happening It’s not like that I think so Now let’s get the first thing Okay let’s go The first thing You guys okay So create other calculation Please have your loosed on left right with functions Have you all done Left functions right folks and all that Who is not And you’re not used Left right here left and right and met anyone here Just give me a show of hands Yeah XL has these explosions called left function that I functions So we’d make one All I’m going to do here this I’ve got the space in all my name’s spaces yet on My name’s okay Now I want to see it Supposed to see Alan along this guy Okay I know that the space is the fifth character All the characters from the left off the space is my first thing So my left function Well let me get that Okay We’re gonna know Get this function here So let’s try that I’ve been left It is Ask first string What Justin here Customer name It is Right And what you are a street I’m gonna see Hang on Wednesday Finding space Lord don’t hang on finding space minus one minus one Exactly If I don’t get the minus one is gonna have the space along with it I know that is one space in all of my words So if I can mine is that one number against everything It’ll just be a fight The first thing but otherwise have reported room function Got the space out One more extra doc So you know once and for all let’s kind of solid Okay close your brackets Click on Okay And let’s test your first name in here It should work Okay There’s all the first names of income Okay Now you guys were the next one yourself Cut The

lasting pride here says Long have the last thing for the given name You’ve been in Jordan exactly what to do Okay I’ve done most of your work for you It’s just one small formula Please look it But guys not get the deal You guys can’t You need to be able to figure it out when you guys make mistakes Okay This is gonna keep happening a lot You must be able to develop your own skills to find logics and test your logic and rectify this Okay Otherwise you’re never gonna make it right Okay Now what I’m gonna I’m gonna give you my simple logic Okay Uh some of your trying Len that’s all who done split I am When you go the different function altogether Okay look look at mine And mine is pretty simple I like you first Make your mistake Then I’ll explain to you what you guys have done so that I can kind of take it forward I wouldn’t create a calculation called her last name Okay And I know you ordered this You all went in another right function You all must have done this customer name Come on Finding space You don’t say Plus one Leo’s try Oh that’s even better Okay Okay All right So someone who who who put a plus one Okay so I’m not gonna put up with a plus one okay And well if I’m gonna click on Okay well plus one plus two you guys are gonna have something like this many of you know about this Okay Now the logic is the 1st 2 names came right But you let the third and fourth onwards it was only going messed up Okay Now when you guys have issues like these Okay it could be because your logic is wrong or use it on function or something is going wrong Okay What if my waist behind this is Go back to my function wrecked it okay And see what this deal is all about Now don’t waste too much time looking at this because all you can see here the syntax in Texas right There’s nothing to really break ahead of this Now I would if I were you I would have actually really gone into my actual right function and see what it does Okay And here this if I didn’t I’d function It specifies a number off characters from the end All the strength the water’s end the key word is end It goes all the way to the end of your string And from the end it pulls so many from the right So if I look at sea uh Alex Okay Alex cross it You guys are expecting to go from this space onwards and make sure all the words from right in here it doesnt lead By the way it takes a character It goes all the way to the end And some the end it takes in those many characters So I gave it a finding space plus one in my logic So if it’s Alex Russell Okay here’s my number five fighters 16 So all I should have a say L E S s U six words So that’s what I have And so it also lets us see it So I don’t want my function to go to the end I wanted to basically catch it from the space onwards That’s my logic If I can fix that I’ll be good to go So all I’m going to do is just one thing instable right function If I use the mid function and to God okay and get it also looks There’s also looks Okay so a little bit off logic is required A bit off kind of familiarly off the functions is important if you are If you read one issues beauteous yards When I did this the first time I made the same mistake Okay 10 years back but yeah as you know kind of practice it more You guys to get a hangover That’s how you guys you need to kind of really work this out Okay See the ineffective your answer comes right That’s all matters It doesn’t matter Water port you take If you get the right answer You got to go Okay All right So I’ll just take one more example for a calculation and that really move on to our next topic I’d like to work on something called I’d Like to take a date calculation Okay A date calculation And it’s so small You case Terrific So let’s assume that he was a geodesic Okay we have ah operations of different states in the U S Let’s assume I mean I’m sitting there like I’m some kind of any comas guy Okay so um what I would like to see here is how quickly a my sending my goods My customers Okay let’s go have a standard which I plan to stick on Okay We need to get your Amazon prime for example It gives you a same day delivery Okay No matter what you do Wonder delivery to me there’s a multiple options to kind of really become that if they are able to give you that quick delivery time Obviously there’s something to it What did you say What did you pay for it right The other option is they should be able to deliver Do not speak right now You might be willing to pay that kind of money But what if I don’t have the bandwidth to send things in this time Okay so that a couple of things that I need to kind of be prepared with before I make a promise to you Okay I could just say I give you the day And if I have given a PDS and you travel somewhere and you guys are gonna miss the package it’s gonna be a case off You know It’s ah it’s the poorest of us on my site I can’t do that So I want to make sure that I have this service guarantee Okay I’d like to not destine

see how my standard is right now before I make any creeks to this Okay let’s assume that in all my states in the U S I’ve got multiple White House is okay And I’d like to say that a decent delivery time is about 3.5 face Okay 3.5 days from the diamond Good evening So what I would like you see here Is there any state pigs More than 3.5 days on average Do deliver items to customers That’s about it Okay Anything Listen 3.5 base is a good thing So this case I don’t know do some calculation Well this is the map on colors States which are more than 3.5 days Red color states 17 half face green color He was lured The number green doctor the number Okay And said it was metric How do we start looking this logical What’s the first step for this What is the calculation for you But what would it exactly You know your shipmate monastery alternate You guys would get this Okay well here it’s very simple If you just a flagship eight minus alternate your answer would come out pretty simple Okay but um what if I say I want the output in If if I wanna get my awkward in terms of months what do I look typically if suppose after it’s okay I got to start it And it I’m saying I want to estimate all the artwork in terms of months If I subtract your big miso noted I get the number of these Okay In case you you guys know what’s the first day The next exits First date is what you know 11 11 1900 And Axl you cannot have a day before 11 1900 by the way Okay S O if you guys actually put him in number one exit okay And convert that to a date for my picks up 11 1900 So if you type in a number of two it is the second of Jan 1900 If you’re driving number off 3 66 it’s the 31st off December 1900 So everything that number keeps getting out in the XL date format Basically Okay So from the first date of excellent 11 1900 too late You had about some 40,000 It’s approximately Okay so here’s any Suppose I haven’t ordered it and ship it My ship It is always going to be higher or the same to my alternate It can’t be Lord so that’s a given Right So if I want to subtract shipped eight minus an order date technically all I’m doing is subtracting a higher number for most one in the book It’s expecting 40,201 minus 40 doesn’t Okay And then I’ll get the numbers basically And I get something out of 201 to 0 gold over number Okay so that’s my That’s my date So again when I just do a actual subtraction shipped eight minus already I get the output in terms of these Yeah Makes sense These What if I wanted my heart Wouldn’t does a month What do I do Divided by what About 31 days What About 20 days What about Queen Andy’s What about years I can’t do 3 65 because I’m 366 is one Okay so I got a way to handle this now Okay There’s a function Excel every tool Has soldiers taboo This function called big diff Have you done the deed different Yeah So has anyone who’s done the deed different It’s a hidden function It’s a hidden function by the way Okay It’s a brilliant function All it does is not this exactly Shoot this 30 days 31 days 28 days Communities of the month Just think about this If that software had a calendar in front of it And it’s able to look at the number of days and giving a dinner honor the base of the calendar That’s fantastic Okay that’s exactly what’s gonna happen in the date Deformity all and will lose understand syntax and tell it that he doesn’t want the article days or months or weeks of quarters or anything Okay I wouldn’t put my credit my matrix and it gives me the answer I can get the same days carport months years and all that Right now I want to get the opportunities but I’m gonna show you the defection and we get them I thought OK so you guys can use the same logic for months going Okay so let’s get cracking on this Now let’s first get a map off the US Okay So if you all can just uh double click on your state V just gonna stay fee okay And uh rectify the unknowns guys we didn’t fix up the nose And let’s also change the mark type from this automatic mark You go State Park Seamus what we did yesterday So Matt Mark So Matt Mark we should just have the Atlas of the U S Ready Nothing else but the actress Let’s sound of the calculation Okay Shipmate minus alternate using the defection And

I want the awkward in these So I’m gonna create a calculation for that now So let’s go ahead Create a calculus Eat Okay create a calculus See let’s call this day Easter ship leadership Okay And just to again end up you on on using sin taxes If you don’t know us in tax you’re seeing for the first time I would strongly recommended you guys used the library and let that guide you Okay And here today is if I look at these functions this is an eight by function so I’m gonna pick up date functions and I have something called us date If the eight e d f f Okay Now when I look at the diff at this minute I see what the function does me here Pretty much it says you need a gate Bach You want to start Did that is an idiot And it’s also starting off the week Okay Started leakers square bracket So what does it mean Options So I’m gonna skip it I don’t have a starting day of the week Okay All I want is to get this started And it did Part is the awkward I want to see if honestly months I put in months once a day for yard quarter quarter Okay Now let’s really use this function logic and we would not get going here Okay so did Def Okay I’ll hide this for the minute okay I don’t want this I make more Spacey of Ruskin did If now the date part is what you need first to bring a date part It is a sin tax that you have to follow Okay over a single signal Gold Okay And typing your date aggregation all in small gaps All in small If you want to do a few 100 G’s type one day it’s month of its month and small todo and small quarter Gordon Smart No capitals All small words okay All lower case is that’s the only syntax that you have to keep in mind So that’s your d Come on It’s asking for a starting what you started Yeah So let’s get your order date and it’s going to measure this Teaster ship isn’t a diamond show measure this doesn’t feel right So you first Also question screwed visited the same It doesn’t matter Where do you plan to stop It’s okay I conducted a starship Your color card Okay let’s see if it’s doing things right Okay And the color attempted me five days to 7738 days So let’s look at California Takes almost 7000 7 30 eighties Are you kidding me Takes 20 years to get a probable California right What’s wrong here Exactly The aggregation of some Because California has more sales there’s a good chance it has more number of transactions So it’s doing all adding up all the differences What are you getting sick average exactly If I can change my aggregation from a somewhat average that you don’t find so I go to my colors gone but I’m I some of the Easter ship okay And I’m gonna give it a quick bite You and I changed the aggregation from some measure Some to that often average with that I should have correct values Hopefully So now my numbers look all right I see 2.857 days to five point seventies That looks more reasonable Okay That looks more sensible of it But I still don’t have the coloring effect the way I saw expected having I’ve not got that impact We get that going I gave a standard What’s what Standard lease it When we started I said There’s a standard we looking at This is standard for a number of these I’ll give you guys a standard you’re doing with that You know half these people in Friday’s Okay so that’s my standard Let me do something I’m gonna go in I did my colorist Okay let’s go ahead and colors Okay Let’s just say it’s the color scheme Guys guys look at please change the color scheme See I wish I had a green to red but I don’t have that So my nearest options a recovery Okay I’m going to get a degree and I have an option to reverse my colors Okay It’s not done yet My standard of 3.5 Where do I put it No Yeah In my center value yesterday we had a center value of zero to me If I say my advanced if I could take my center value to 3.5 my standard gets incorporated right there So let’s change this number from a full point Whatever into a 3.5 and click on OK now I can see exactly how my state self fitting in terms of that signed it Here This this is the rial picture Okay So already promising 3.5 days If I need you probably have a commitment during my current conditions I don’t think that’s very feasible I don’t think I could really go this approach Maybe I’ve got a little bit I have to kind of before they make a commitment

See now this indoors Remarkable things for me Just making a promise of four days or five days or something It’s easier said than done I have to do a lot of this Such Okay I’m a store owner I’m not the logistics guy I don’t own planes and cars and trucks to deliver goods on time Okay that is on my business I have a doctor multiple vendors and see is possible without adding extra costs A lot of factors are definitely not so I want to be able to make sure that I get this right now Let’s do one thing Okay let’s try something Um let’s try and tweak the standard orbit My logic is that if I promised you a night 17.5 days if I can let me assume that I’m largely catering to office goes If I’m promising my item in 3.5 days there’s a good chance that in that half the time you’re gonna be in office So what if I can take it into extra half a day and see you in stall 3.5 I’ll try and make it a four day and let’s see what that looks like Okay so let’s look at that option said And she just sent about you know four days See that is any better That’s Ah see Tina for defense A whole lot of states have gone again So looks like maybe that’s like a much more reasonable and states which are looking red I take them as individual cases So maybe four days Ah much more acceptable time So basically I just went and stumbled upon a very rudimentary What if analysis If you think about it if it’s four days it looks better Three days It’s pretty much mind that half really made a difference A very simple rudimentary approach But I could do a much better reports but this is a very simple approach OK which are my words States lining in I mean okay but what’s your color legend Tell you What’s your highest value 5.7 Your good driving mean it’s five So something is more than fine These look worst Which really love You’re the worst Darkest Right But something on ah 5.7 I’ve seen this year So I know where this Okay Good night Yeah exactly I see that they go you bitch You know very tiny sport D C Let’s take a 5.7 days It’s a very small dining state This can’t happen in maps By the way this could happen in maps When you guys are looking for maps typically be careful about this That’s a pitfall that you might have a problem So beware Be conscious about all the numbers look at all your values and then take a car Okay so yeah just ah it’s our d C I’ll stop with my calculations about more examples of applications at that time to use them but we’re good to go We stop this now before we take a break Okay I’d like to give you guys talk about something else Okay Um I want to give You guys are looking fair instruction about parameters At least this guy’s a couple of examples Not okay And we’ll come back and then we’ll have some more applications on that Okay Now I want you to go to your yesterday’s four books please Because I know apply a couple of applications there The ones who didn’t come yesterday You guys can work in the same file because you’re gonna miss a few steps Okay but the ones who were they stay You guys open up yesterday’s workbook See I really want I want you guys to have the workbook that contains the first dash motivated because I want to make an application here have been treated Okay So again the ones who don’t have it Guys you’re gonna miss one step later That’s okay You and still most do mostly steps Units one step Okay What has this file say from yesterday’s work piece Have this workbook open You can kill the other one Okay You can shut the other one Okay The ones have to finds Please close race Find you are gonna get confused You know that Okay The reason might make you go sleep in station back So we can We don’t have to keep doing the same thing multiple times So have this work open What has if you don’t have it Doesn’t matter You gonna miss one step that’s all Okay All right So I would ask you don’t put up a new fee New sheet here A fresh new sheet We come back to this in the end Okay Open up a new sheet Okay New sheet Let’s first practice this morning but I mean and then we come back This okay Now see these parameters that I’m gonna give you guys a little preview But these are some features which can do some pretty if you do some pretty complex and listen for us it can do things like to do something a little perspective Different kinds of water for analysis can be done Okay You wantto replays measures measures You want to bring in multiple drop downs You can’t do that You can start your data dynamically for example you can replace a chart with another chart You could deep is any item with another item using parameters Basically they look like Phil Just reflect drop downs You can use a whole lot of things with that You can use my spit us You can if it gives You have multiple data sets You can actually combine them using parameters There are so many things you could do that And it’s a pretty vast area Okay Okay Um another small example Say

for example I have say 1000 customers I just want to get my top customers Okay I can use it but I’m able to pick my top five or top seven top 10 And customers basically in stuff just choosing a number of five or seven or 10 I can give my user the option to choose any number that he wishes to see Mexico Okay very easy Let’s try that example None So basically here’s what’s gonna happen is gonna happen You guys are gonna have a check like this Okay You’re gonna have a botch up like this Let’s see I’m gonna have my customer names okay And if you have saints or something in here Okay It’s gonna have a body like this Okay You have about 1000 customers now I’ve also got a filter box here If you’re not getting your screens there’s a filter Boxing here in tablet Let’s keep OK so all I’m gonna have eventually here is the boss Okay which is my pedometer Okay I’ll call This is my top in Bye Seems a lot of it Okay If I type in any number I feel like it’s a typing I’m gonna say 15 for example Okay this command will be passed back to the future okay And it’ll just take my top 15 customers if I change Is number two say 1 50 It passes like a command gives Utah for the customers Whatever numbers that I wish to see it we basically keep passing back a command to give us those many items that you wish to see Okay if I can pick up a top and I can even do a bottom in similar logical happened same thing OK so we take this example and also discuss of applications for it So this is a very easy very simple bomb maker Let’s first make a bar chart Okay Dragon off your customer names into your rose How many customers we have that he doesn’t You need customers 7 90 customers Okay Yeah Now don’t drag and drop your sails to your columns okay And saw the data from high to low Okay give it a sorting order Let’s do another thing here Now I am gonna have the parameter here in a few minutes before that Just one more thing Sean Miller my first customer I want to be able to say that he is one OK Tomatoes too The ministry promised because first I wanna have a number against all these customers Their position Basically one color drying couples You know whatever this I want to have those numbers against all these customers Almost someone down to 790 Okay I’ve got to use some kind of a field here to get these numbers Okay Do I have any fields in my dimensions I can use Droid is close but think about her right How many do white is Do we have an excellent 10,000 It’s your customer idea Must be saying like 575 baby cute or be ivy Seven for one or something All those sorts So no in fact the closest ended already But here we won’t make sense Why Because they’re 10,000 records next year There’s only 793 customers So I need to find something else Find something into this ideas Maybe Maybe you Can I go No The logical I’m sure there’s something then perhaps yes You Some more obvious recommendations like Is one offs incorrect here Like is one What is number of records That sort of its total cities It’s our number of records The bank is one Drank my cells Lacking customers by top sales is one option What is the other option Easy option descending is already here I just want a number What if I make an index and in next for anything body for So I’m gonna make a function study Nobody’s want to How many items 129994 But how many customers will have you makes I’ll make some index That’s an index for The X Files But I want a six foot How many times I have for this in next For this view on any of you I just want an index as that card Okay So I’m gonna create Index by the way for this Okay Which induced as any next for anybody Okay this is simple function We’re gonna create that formula Not Okay So clear the calculation Call this the next and the function is pretty easy Okay Just like the word index open close brackets Lets it That’s your function Index open toes back It’s very simple function Okay Okay That’s it You got okay Index Tenacity All measure Kick Question is this index and I mentioned the measure Okay so now you could have a new problem Try treating It could happen

You guys try putting back your dimensions For some reason this doesn’t happen I don’t know why doesn’t happen Okay but I know how to fix it This also happens sometimes Okay So now if I don’t treat this if I keep this index the way as as a measure it’s gonna throw back some funny desserts because the treatment has not been done Check it out If I tried I get dropping index into my It was endless Ultra Try this Okay But it does Look what happens It’s gonna completely to start there Chuck It’s gonna make a funny chart By the way what’s hard is his brother What charges scatter plot Okay let’s let’s think if I need to make a chart for Puma shows what the treacherous two measures just to match us You see we’ve made this shot two measures We made a chart for discount verses Your profits when you came in that condition scatter plot the tuna things that we’re not trying to make a chart using index and sings So it’s me this cattle for us because your index as we pick up a measure But if you continue in Nick’s into a dimension this Yeah But if you make your index indoor diamond should not have dimension properties Then we don’t have this problem Nice work Discreet measured The country is So here’s what I want to do in my index If this door right click on it there is an option to convert this indoor discreetly even this week So let’s choose the street It would then rectify the problem Guys having exceptional quite I don’t know what that means Something We’re getting nothing or you got everything okay So there’s notice Phone So I don’t know Especially that site No one’s responding there so no but it is At least give me what I wanted Even though it’s not becoming dimension it’s not happening for some reason A case It is behaving the way I wanted to But hey that’s what matters Okay let’s start to ISS Likely move them aside Okay let’s put it in next first And the customer names you that medicine Let’s don’t make the political Okay This is a very simple easy kind of very easy parameter Okay Now if I told you if you look if you look at the white board for a minute okay This is why this box they’re gonna have is gonna keep getting control of this back and forth So your keys to actually make it But I don’t That talks back to filter back and forth and his back is up Okay Now here’s what we got to do Okay Now I need to create a filter from a free door make a parameter and that’s what’s gonna happen from Okay Now Yes Say the minute simple food Okay I just want you guys through focused on this for a minute Now here’s the deal There are three kinds of variables in the liquor In any kind of leader you have discreetly labels You have continues variables you also beat please Why did it Could be both the speed and country ist sie candidate Okay that is so in other words a dimension that is a measure And as a d treat Okay three kinds It can be a boat Is that my show that I’m not gonna mention Because it could be both ways Now you guys experiences in just a minute If I drag and drop see any dimension Just watch for a minute No no This racket up Any regular dimension except for deep sea epic off my feet caught in captivity the future looks different Check this out It gives you options Call generally wildcard conditioning Top The figure is something okay again repeating his general condition Top If I drag and drop say a measure filter There’s no general condition top because it’s all mission It behaves differently Date can behave both ways and I’ll show you that Okay They can have it both ways Now check this out If I drag and drop a deed into my filter And here a second I don’t Let’s first make it into Ah general condition Doctor if I can’t say the years for a minute okay And I choose next Very gentle understanding Top It’s not being a good guy Mentioned if I dragged off my deed and see color the range of the perimeter it will look like it behaves different is the same So dates have the properties of having good place Okay so good to know this again Reason I’m pointing this out as you guys can You need to do this yourself You need to practice and played on this play These filters dragon are very different Feel trick on something Play with it That’s your only way to handle this No one’s gonna It’s not gonna come in just like that Okay No for this But I mean we didn’t want to get a top but I’m a good cop in me I am going to try this using my customer needs Okay So go ahead All of your dragon Doctor Customer names in your field The box Please do this I see This got four top and when we were writing the stopgap Okay And that’s kind of play it on with a little bit in my top cap I want to say Hey listen let me make this with the help of a feet okay My feelings

sales are I want my top customers depending on the city’s Okay so top the number 10 is ever default It’s gone dynamic Soon this Phoebe called category make this into sales So if I kick on okay right now I get my top 10 customers But I want top in customers that’s gonna come in there But I mean and any number that I wish to choose give me five or 10 other 17 25 Any number that I wish to see ID random So I don’t want to restrict my views to a number like this 10 or 15 Okay So I will create a perimeter for this Not now Here’s what we do this in this option Number 10 There’s another way to stop Stop If you sell it on the Sarah that drop star there’s an option called Creative Choose that Let’s go through a box like this for us okay We’re not gonna give some conditions and we’re gonna set this in about a minute And this vote for us No Get into your habit off naming but with those guys because you’ll realize and sometimes as you start to do more parameters one parameter can do so many different tasks So if your audience sees a box like this on the screen telling very clearly what it means what it’s my intern to do So when you name it name it smartly went okay Yeah I’m gonna go this up And that’s the most by since customers by since Okay just a top customers Mrs In is not quite as with top customers buses Okay I’m calling this but every day that okay all right A few rules to chair Keeping my display format data type has become an integer um Why don’t float Why can’t the flute exactly There’s no 2.5 customers right So that’s the logic here So it’s It’s an immediate So that’s given It’s a set number so it’s already done Okay alright Current values 10 it noted For the moment doesn’t matter your display format In this case you don’t have to change people’s automatic when the court will change it Okay Now this option called allowable values There are three radio buttons Each of these any buttons will give you a different Each one is something different We picked the easiest for now The 1st 1 called All Values selected Nothing more to do Keep going Okay You’re gonna be one more time And that’s your topping So now but before number 10 got picked up change number from 10 December to say some number of your choice 25 or 30 over Okay Any number you find those many customers are getting populated every time you type in a new number Those many customers will get appeared on the screen here Okay I have a story to share in this It’s ah another Well I’m not proud of it but I have a story to tell about this Okay Wasted millions of dollars because after brings out Not me but my client’s s 01 of my clients What they do is the It’s a semi Uh let’s say semi government ordered entity in the U S Okay so what they do is I mean they have for them Employeessatisfaction is very very important is very born It’s one of the top GPS for a CEO in her top 50 Maybe Okay they don’t care The money or not the on care really are optimized Having optimized puts off their power all that But that implies that unhappy She’s in trouble Basically Okay so they very very particular that employees has to be this thing So you guys can have a great ball for time if you worked there Your life is said they take such good care of me that employees comforts Nothing matters customers they care about employees first I got to do with the car companies Okay but yeah but it’s an awesome company I love them Okay so we have a couple of ways to gauge employ satisfactions Coast have you Has anyone given gallops a visit Have you anybody s So you guys work for the company You guys work for the practice Anyone that’s really badly used Which who do you work for The rights the EU’s got opposite Okay All right Okay So I don’t know that Okay So gallop is being dead in this business for a long time The alibi’s 1/3 party the third body enterprise that helps customers in service Different kind of service Employeessatisfaction service is one of the service’s of the offer Okay so if you don’t know what they say for example let’s see I’m your immediate Savoy’s it okay And I’m a complete jerk and I don’t let you progress I’ll take credit for your work and I kind of one of those times Now you’re scared to bypass me and goto my boss and say that he’s an idiot Okay so um here’s what Gallup does for people like you are and you’re a good employee and I’m the black sheep So for people

like you the kind of big people around them in different levels in the organization and they give you service discreetly without their bosses So suppose got my report He I would not know that you have got to sell it but you’ll be given questions to talk about your boss and all that Yeah Yeah I don’t want to talk Hieronymous It’s very sick Anonymous Okay so they have different questions 20 questions I don’t have any use their 12 course with the same thing It’s not changed their 12 questions in gala body fort Okay All the questions are like upscale readings on a scale of 1 to 5 Are you happy with your boss eyed happy with your job rules Are you contained You know you motivated You know that kind of questions Want to fight where five is highest in one is Louis So uh standard regulated by the municipality is that employees must at least have a satisfaction rate of 3.5 on five At least 70% off side is Actually it’s OK So just imagine having that second idiotic most idiotic girl And for that the company goes all out to make sure that these guys get the survey’s right and they just towards the end of the survey Is this the sucking of them left right center ensuring that the service goes Hang on Okay so we got this data okay And we got about four or five years later we put this on your dashboard All it did was make a bullet shot of recent ability and said for every question those called on a scale of one to fight my bullets Our target is 3.5 So any charge any bar that was more than 3.5 I showed that in a green colored S nt and half of that color Okay I did this and I give in to it So I also decide that I use this phone I’m waiting for some reason and I did that So I said OK instead of stopping parameters I love bottom until we find the worst performing metrics My logic was that if I need to rectify something the team okay generally if my employees are happy I can pick up the Louis befalling my drink and I can work on that That was my logic So I intend with the body I had a very good intention Okay so I gave it to them and she was very happy She saw that in all this went down We realize after further analyzing all the departments and teams across across every department and I’m not joking every department those one idiotic question that said I like you You have a best friend The organization people said one out of five So just imagine Just imagine But two guys okay These two guys grownups they’re the same department if he doesn’t have a best friend or these two at our friend’s house in my responsibility Okay so that’s exactly what happened So the CEO panicked he said Oh my God this is like the worst Performing a trick and it came across all the departments So she thought something was wrong on her part She’s a very sensible lady but for once she act like a completely cook I said I said No no it’s not yard I said How is this your mistake Grownups They are Children They are kindergartners Know say shake hands And you know now you know you guys share your lunch box You know that they’re not the kids I said They’re not friends Let them not be friends How’s that our problem or your problem It’s just a No no you don’t understand It’s your typical big things We don’t panic and all that that is Actually we actually had a big meeting for this They had a general see sweet meeting All the directors were there I was also there because I have made the dashboard So they’re calling the less okay To me it was complete file and drama I just wanted popcorn and some sort of letter drink and watch that so And you’re panicking and they’re strategizing how to make this better complete waste up to us That was completely solid entertainment Okay so the okay they came in the high personality They said Okay if these two brothers having a conference and they can talk to each other okay And the grownups letting all this pulse is okay then the conference Yeah 70 Okay that’s a strategy Okay They said if we can get their wives to mingle the story leaked about something Okay so I was like Okay this is getting better I said Okay So what What’s happening next So they said Okay you know what They had a regatta They had a sailing happening in that part There was a leak There was sailing even happening That well sponsored omega tent Okay we call people in random and well you know taking turns and really make sure we have black tie events It was a Sunday evening We’ll call them all and sponsors have to come So in one table these guys in the same department with their with their wives so they call and you call them I was a court Those guys are drinking They made Mary They were like so happy They had a huge fat bill Champagne No sporting everywhere I was there for that Even as well Okay I mean for the black diamond as well for me I was just watching And food fun People in tuxedos and all these They’re coming in They’re all over left this print money left right center Okay And next year this went up Then they figured OK one more idea Next year let’s do a Christmas carnival for them So they had another huge canyon because the kids and all that and this went on and on and on And I think you see going on seriously going on So there And then of course there thing went up But you know I felt this one parameter did all this thing till date If I think about this is actual bottoming parameter brothers Simple idiotic problem And we wasted millions of dollars wasting money just to make them drink Finally that’s what happened So it’s a story I’m not very proud of What I just can’t help but talk about this so Yeah it works but it took him so Yeah Okay well I was having funny I was Look I was laughing but I also forget d So that was my point All right let’s make it on the quick But I’m gonna take a picnic Okay One more small example I’d like to bring in another option Color dropped on like Marty Like a list for top dog Okay so this time what I’m planning here is

say a chart like this Let’s see a shot like this Let’s say these are my different subcategories for a minute Okay And let’s say here is about shark Okay Okay Now all I want to have you is the drop down that in most two options sales or a prophet Okay let’s say domestics So when I choose is dropped out One of these words of Bob list Okay Now if I to say this may quickly become a safe if I choose a profit this medic becomes a prophet This external boxes gonna control the stock for me Basically Okay So I’m not trying to replace a value with the help of this but I mean okay I think about what I’m trying to achieve I’m trying to basically replace our column If I did if you think about this I’m trying to keep it Is one variable with a completely different variables That is the intent office But I’m okay And if I can make this in one shark I can make it anywhere I could make this happen anyway Primarily okay We in fact make a change in the dashboard eventually Okay but let’s first make the one chart We take a break and come back and work on the dashboard I’ll show you some peaks and simple text that Okay now uh let’s first make a chart Here Start with Dragon Drop your stuff category into your rules for a minute Okay And dragon drops here Your sales for the moment for the moment Just being seen Steel columns like this Okay just for a minute No How do I give you guys a smaller chick ist make it over this Our committee do this sighting down It will have your If you follow these four steps your parameters will always work Okay These are broad guidelines the how and what we change Especially since Okay just give you these four broad lines Step one just mentioned create But I mean but I mean so in other words you’re trying to create a button Okay Steptoe show But I’m in control so that I can use it Okay Stepdaddy create a calculated see using the atomic Stepan Agreed But I’m a toe stepped ashore But I’m in control Stepdaddy create a calculated see using the parameter Just write it down for you in it created calculation into the parameter and the last step You apply that calculation on a worksheet the how and what will before as personal use Everything will differ But if you follow these four steps if you give a thought about these four ideas your parameters will book Okay let’s not do this We create the parameter right now Where did you go to make the bucket To start with but one option Okay now here’s what it is You guys gonna create it But I made it from scratch this time Okay Now to create a perimeter the same place where you guys were trying to create a calculation go back the same dropped off You find an option called Creed but I mean okay this will look very similar to your top in parameter Basically Okay Now let’s start a name But I mean okay I’m gonna call this sales last prophet Okay No I’m doing nothing but creating a button right now but I’m creating a perimeter exist apart in creation process Okay It’s not doing any actual map It’s just a button creation Now I needed to define the data type for Veronica Order for the button What you think is an appropriate time for the button bullying Okay Something Okay String I’m saying it’s a string You know why Because I’m gonna input two words I don’t think about this I’m only making a button I’m not bringing any labels yet Okay My thoughts if I get the actually levels but right now I’m just making the button I’m calling them Okay So I’m gonna put Nick a button with two words as options One called Stays on called profit Okay so choose your data type cards straight Your current value ignored It doesn’t matter This play format nothing in this case to worry about Okay Now in case of your noble values okay Like I said each radio button gives you a different kind of experience The previous case we used all values Now this time I choose list Okay What if caution this parameter

is not He sensed it is not sense to any niks It will not go back any syntax and no matter what he put it Okay But we’re gonna follow four steps We’re gonna create the parameter and in third step really make a calculation In order for your logic to work you need to maintain consistency in step one and step three instead Three And when he was a calculation logic a switch function which is sensitive by the need an exact match to match So whatever I input in my first step should also be debated on my third step Exactly without a single iota of change That’s important OK here’s what I’m proposing The kind of friendship It’s foolproof Now The thing is if you don’t follow the step it is not true Back in the syntax editor at any given time everything will go as planned But when you guys are testing it actually But I mean if you don’t work and then you’d be wondering what we’ve got rectify cleaning I think you’re out there and make one thing consistent It’s a pain Might as well just get it right the first time So just take a bit of caution right now Okay Now just to maintain discipline why you’re doing this I am recommending the set of the falling approach I want to put towards sales and I work for profit This is what called sales It has with a capital T There’s a capitalist There’s profit in singular And with a capital P I’m gonna copy the spellings exactly the waiters in all the steps So I make sure that this will never go down That’s my approach towards ensuring that all of us that consistent and it’s okay now Victor out a new value And let’s type in the word called sales This is a little manual approach but it’s so it’s a small task s a T s and click anywhere inside this box It’ll also previously asked sales and it’s adding one more called profit capital P Guys make sure that you are spilling Is I just Quick quick Check your system once Okay It’s sales with a capital s okay Profit for the capital P And so do you have the same spinning so you guys can follow exactly what I’m doing Okay If it’s different in his efforts donkeys closer and do it again Okay All right Step on is completely gone Okay Step one complete What is your second step Let me do it You should display But I mean what I mean Yeah pretty easy Easy So steps leading straight forward Noticing your shelves your left side But your dimensions image isn’t it All yours But I mean does it also getting listed one below the other Okay go to your sales slashed profit But I mean just do what I kick on it You find the option called sho Primary control Okay Right here That’s your second step So step on it Step It’s complete Okay And here it is Your job done But I know this will not work because it’s a nothing Burger dummy X box You need to activate this by doing steps three and four Okay let’s go Third step now baby Created calculation This is actually actual logic Lady gaga in corporate now it’s simple logic but really use it Created calculation guys on a few Create a calculation we call this calculation is doing one Okay Doing one Have you all Has anyone used switch function Switch case fashion here Yeah The ones who have used that will know what I’m talking about I’m gonna use a similar kind of function in trouble right now It’s got a case It performs what the switch function does Okay And in case you have not used it well let’s use it then You’ll understand Order this Okay No You know you got this formula for me Okay Type in the word case which is the function case Okay And I’m gonna get it But I mean look you see when within course sales with a capitalist then get the actual Syrians Very But okay first copy the formula then I experienced the logic If you don’t get it okay When within course profit then the actual profit Maybe but And in this intact with the inoperative just copy this formula and then I just walk into the logic Okay so So here’s the deal Okay Now about a god seeing slashed profit right here it’s a text box Okay I entered these words in here myself Scenes in profits Okay now my step one is complete step to have shown the parameter step Here’s my calculations Now the case is your

switch dysfunction basically Okay Now that is first going to scrutinize what is in your parameter This purple colored variable is your This has two options as a list called sales and profit Again I’m repeating you got any consistent sales of the capitalist profit with a Capital P Okay so that’s what I have Now when I make a selection here in one of these drop gardens it is going to be either a saint or a prophet Okay Now let’s see if it is signals to start with So the case function is going to see what is the contract in this as my selection So it’s gonna expect a match for a sale so it’s gonna come to your first line and this sales is gonna match with your choice that you made in your butt The moment this match needs the commission it’s going the actual sales variable in that position And if I choose a profit the case is gonna have a profit It looks in the first match saying we won’t match the profit So it is going to ignore this light It’s gonna come to a second line If it finds an exact match to match it’s gonna throw back a profit Now if you guys have made it mismatched are spilling soup in your but I mean internal for capital is super the smallest in your pajamas Then your piece is gonna look for sale to the smallest Just imagine hypothetically Okay it’s gonna come to first line This sales won’t match with the smaller since So guess what What you thought was gonna match is gonna go down This also won’t match and go and end it So you are But I mean it won’t work Tens That consistency minus okay is scared of logic here Okay Any any Any questions on the logic Okay Okay So we don’t The third step is completely gone Okay Your last ever stopped like this calculation Okay Where do you think it makes sense in this case to apply this calculation in your columns Exactly When I have a two in one who cares about sales anymore So you know what Let’s throw sails away from columns don’t care about this Inside let’s take my tone one to my columns And now it’s gonna look and not change it But I mean it’s go changing metric depending on the selection of the variables that you make That’s what our WHO in one Let’s see Marty Michaud the Marquis damaging selection All right so we’ll mix Introducing this’d be It’s a bunch of it makes no baby talk This will become a lot more magnified once you can actually can see this back or dashboard See how this works So yesterday we made a That’s what the 1st 1 that had like four medics you know like the full in for four years You can t attend your two maps and all that How about we make a good one That’s for not okay And I’m gonna pretty much get that Not so way applied this but I went to the passport Okay so again four steps off your epidemic is gonna look Step on You gonna create the perimeter But this case is the fact that you work in the same workbook You don’t have to be this one okay That’s why I made you look on this workbook Step into the pretty easy step except the media can defeat again You guys don’t have to repeat this again because you’ve just God is on the scene What book It is lying in here We don’t have to be That is what The last time What was the last time you like appellation You gotta make sure to apply the calculation on all the sheets Four sheets So each of the four sheets in its customized spot you have to apply That’s the only thing that you have to do with that Our dash for cover to Nashville Okay And then we lose some multiple small small tweaks in that and make it better Okay so again um just a quick student Okay If I look at my category Same shot here Okay Check this out of your sails slash profit But is that you could stay consistent It is broad Wrote book If you mean it doesn’t matter you can have as many she says you want you make it one time You can keep using it as many times as you want Okay so that’s done here Step on its hard e media It’s in his workbook Now e I have a show The bottle again Now all the four shots Okay the category saying so They didn’t know the state of a city map All the food shops they have access to that But I mean it’s a common sense thing because it’s the same book book access to this so I can actually use any of the charts could bring it into my report That’s exactly what I’m gonna do Know Okay now what I want you guys to do is kick on any shock Okay Okay I’m choosing the state map You may choose anything Chuck do something that’s going to state map and a group of this ad for both options and you find a time Cor blimey this And because sales slash profit parameter So let that

be coming Justine And you show your parameters so that Stefan it’s done Your step was done Just a few off Creating a calculus fee is also done because you have a fecal bruhn one Okay You know what I just one thing I’m making her floating okay I don’t want a space Make it floating some reason with peace okay Yeah I keep it Somebody here Okay Right So Step one complete step Your complete step He’s also complete you got going on is ready to be used All I have is my last step The last Episcopal done three pairs because there are four chats Huge shark You will individually a private You think this relevant So let’s go Let’s go together Okay let’s book along Even if you notice Just work with me okay I go to a first She called Cat Really Since well I like the one here in this job We’re doing one What Yes in the columns Exactly You are a category sales shop that you has created yesterday First up uh remove the sames from your columns instead Is that feed We’ll see 101 Let’s step 40 stuff What is up Okay let’s go Seems strange where you now apply You’re going on here with family And it was exactly just put your take off your sayings from your rules and deeply Is that what you’re doing What That’s a step for meat in your state Seems really applied 11 state seems very applied Exactly The color cut where you have sales in your color card Just please your one of your car It will automatically places for you Okay Doing what Other colors My colors of different doesn’t matter You out of the blue and minus Jeannie Doesn’t matter Okay Just keep the blanket and okay last charge City sales Where would apply the doing One Really Really I’m saying no Exactly That isn’t the naming of profit Some cities can have negative values with same thing we discussed yesterday The storyboard the movie We decided not to use size but to use color for the city So same logic Now the fact that I have a three in one medic I got the sense to use it So if I can use color nothing will go a size Nothing that goes on in the sense that it’s number three backing it up But we have ah city view which is not gonna make sense So let’s super sales from the size Okay Instead just between here and again we discuss is you guys didn’t like the child It’s again not about pleasing anyone It’s about being efficient Okay Even though it’s a light doesn’t matter And now let’s go back to Nashville and now let’s check it out Okay Now check it out My medic is saying profit If I change it to a sale my whole method become the same If I take you to a profit the whole thing becomes a prophet So in principle what I’ve done here is using the one parameter I managed to be able to bring it up put in one report by just using my parameters So I mean it Because a lot of powerful dashboard now has two angles to look at You can use both the same template and a pretty part from thing to look at Okay so I see what I show you Some more last minute tweaks I want you to focus on my screen for a minute Okay My skin has a couple off my present okay I don’t know what you are The president was but look at my screen then A couple of it is that there are a few things that has to be tweaked has worked up Help me spot the issues you mentioned once that I let you do not miss that kind of pocket What about titles Exactly It hasn’t changed The title has changed All the food fighters is starting work activity Seems our state state and city sales are the same It has to know but decent profit So that is a big problem Okay look you mentioned you mentioned other thing before the big There’s a field called the two in one Do you see that On the X axis chats Have two in one The tour has done purely for our convenience It was just because you do not know what name it better So we call it a win one convenience Okay now here as follows through on this concern I can’t do anything about it I want to make a change So I would hide it I won’t hide it Okay instant I’m gonna make the title search so that’s gonna be good enough It’s gonna better So I’m gonna see nice big fund the titles and say Gavin the seams of profit You know they made me change names The crew and I would hide it That is what my waiter processes Okay

so let’s first fix up the room once Let’s first of all the foreign ones guys Okay so on the X axis field Katica the same shot Okay Just do what I kick on the X axis piece Like you call this and syndicated access Okay Even have a box to modify the titles off the box You know it is your right below access Psychics says two in one Just uh cleared from the screen just like back Space it out and close the box It’s not Could it be this for the line Charles please The light set has a two on one might click on your line shot Same thing Just the Simon So why ecstasy kick on it And the P B A did access again One more time Okay Just uh said I couldn’t just backspace It goes off okay And you make your asses box That’s it So you’re good ones have been removed It’s now making more sense to not only happens make their takings to change What You got a minute Okay that’s easy Buck So no this world category sales What am I getting this road from that is proceeding Exactly So currently machine was acting as my tiki Tiki tiki Okay now that’s not gonna work That’s not gonna fly because that’s stuck a dissected one Medic Medic So I cannot let the sheet name Dr the title of My chaps have to construct a cheating with a dynamic Very But now for the sake of constructing a tacky Okay let’s see how this works There’s a fecal category states now whether that changes medical profit or a law saying or whatever the word category will remain same It’s really word Same has to become dynamics one static world one man in court Similarly this boat sail becomes dynamic Static state is static The sailors dynamic city static sailors dynamic So I’ve made a kind of construction banking service for each of these shots Easy duck Actual shoot name So you guys can just go take your cursor right on top off your feed Call category sales Just double click order please It’s going through the actually tighty okay Or the street name that’s crossing that Davis this is no good to us Figured out just Okay let’s say he got stuck this some start Start the road Get it buddy Okay that’s your static road Said from scratch Okay And to get the word same profit I wanna know make a dynamic So I’m gonna go to this boxcar insert in the same box in here and find us a parameter called saves slash profit which by the way contains words Call sales and profits What we put in the chest X boxes that the same week when you hit a selection and just go okay you find that you are metric will now change Now this has been constructed Work dynamically not check it out If I do a testing if I change this from a savior a profit you what’s gonna happen This is gonna become a dynamic because this is not talking because you’re consecutively cancer That’s also could it be this for that With the chess guys insert parameter space Then it’s a state since guided stayed species and inside the perimeter And this is a city and you and so do they Let me go So that is my recommended solution for your metrics No no that’s Morgan Chase If you change if you can Certainly this you gotta change that You’re gonna make there you go Beat us four times What beautiful first shot Bruce Four times for all the charts You have to individuality consecutive because each one has ah different sitting Right So you ready to do the same step four times That’s what’s gonna look Okay that’s it Without your dashboard is a lot more efficient and box Okay Okay So what should one do So this time at the same time I don’t know 30 is when you started but I got his name right There’s a reason why made it even more because you are one If you know this is a really wonderful chaps is able to put the letters She wrote it on a controls Okay so you’re a completely different views of the same parameter competing different right now We’re just seeing the medic I sure your future how I can soften it They’re using practice Same parameter same parameter Okay Just to be Oh I don’t want to do I mean I get it It’s a very simple example but there’s so many more things It’s like it’s like mind blowing Okay so let’s do one thing You can finish this thing Okay Yeah

but please make another shot I want you guys to make a bunch of for me okay Dragon drop your sub catalyst Euros piece Okay dragon up Your safety are colors Okay And the dragon by pure profit color The same Boche every media city Lisa it’s obviously so many tears Okay now I have lunatics sales and profits So Cipel’s if I decide to start this botch up in the descending order off sales which I didn’t would go on top Okay Okay Now let’s see change So I decided to stop this in the descending order off profit which I don’t burn up Profit obvious Like I can use The Studebaker could do something same for me I show this to you Okay let’s work on the same thing again Four steps step one you created But I mean stepping up But let’s show the parameter here See Incest Perfect So please go ahead Yes Directly can shoot Okay so you step one is done Step was also done Step three You made its former crewman I use that same formula Same exact same father Just a place in which I won’t apply for And that could give you a complete different feel together Okay so check out for a minute okay Now see Yeah I’m not trying to replace this column But I just want that parameter to be starting my chattering so I’m going to show you something now You stay a nice sort of leader I grew up there My capillaries of static guys like that Who is off Okay There was a static starting technique There’s also a dynamic starting technique Okay Now the two bars that we’ve been starting so far the ecstatic So you guys don’t use that technique right now this Can I withdraw Descending are descending Okay Doesn’t matter It’s one of these two that a couple of more places to do the same kind of something And that is if you actually have a top off your body just check it out Figure it out Okay This is static ascending descending in everybody in the same thing If you click on the same access or the X axis Same thing ascending ascending in alphabetically You can get all these So it’s OK now all these three sorts are static sauce I will not suffer it Now here’s the thing The ones I make it better draw a dynamic start after that Don’t do aesthetic sort because then your study could be president If you set your dynamic take your hands off the starting button once and for all Ok that’s the That’s the thing Now I’ll show you how to do it That makes it okay No I want us I want you guys to kick on your dimension called subcategory You find an option called Salt sitting that Okay Now once you guys are in the starting control box into it okay you can start it based on multiple techniques Let’s just say I want to start Not on the biggest source order but I will stop the data using a feed My CD is called Good Water That it pick up the feeling in the first run So that’s my goal in one Okay so that’s done by default And you want to keep it up Keep it up It doesn’t matter how Okay and closest Boss please It’s not Check it out You have been assaulting ascending order of profit and automatically your orange darkest hours has gone on top because table is the least profit maker and your copy of the highest profit maker it has taken the christening Gradual Sort off your profits and I make it to see you Look at the length of the body Dominate really kind of do the something So now it’s good for you and it’s a bonus So the same time ago is actually even had biggest our data The point I’m gonna make it is neo but I mean does like and I just I just give you a very brief thing I mean if you keep extraordinaire so many more things parameters can do It’s a new crazy things Okay So naming your parameters very very naming it right is very important Okay so that’s the deal So let’s say I don’t think it’s not create some special chance custom special jets Okay And uh a couple of them are quite a few of them are In fact let’s explore the ball Probably shoot this The family started getting these custom charts Okay a little bit off background are a bit off working on some

fields will help You guys are So I’m gonna introduce you to something called us Something about this quick people calculations they have been built Calculations unlike what you did in the first half today You guys don’t have to create man in calculations Okay that’s the good part You just need to understand simple English and understand what Matt that is this a string for you when you need it Okay And if you want have work on pivot tables a lot You have seen these functions before This will not seem very unfamiliar to you so I’ll show you out of this Okay but let’s 1st 1 thing I first want to construct a TV and I want us to do to yourself the ones who have a tease Okay So what I want us to do is in your columns in your condoms I want to see all the four years off Ok 15 16 17 18 40 years in my rotors I won’t have months from Jan to December Case or not Rose again Just make a mental note in my rose Gentle December in my columns 2015 16 17 18 I have a structure of a table Make a perfect even for stays Please make it Yes Columns is yours Roses Months in the event of a structure make a perfect evening Forces columns would be yes but those months and ah predictable forces anymore You’re just gonna give Daddy Okay Okay Someone that’s a wonder who’s arguing They start giving Sure Vance was not even started yet So you’re the ones who are uh still not going to kill you better choose the correct See the field is a day treat But if you continue years and months that’s the clue from there Trying to get it out Recorded it That’s good enough to see what time How many You got it Just one more time just to get a Okay Good Okay good Okay Let me give you the answer You want to have a lot of guys you could be Okay guys have also been Trippi’s Once you got a piece of me and get out Okay I’m gonna look at you know So let’s not waste more time but I can help Your daughter did your columns He was Yes They’re my four years I kick on Impossible Christ I get us in Corpus Yeah sort of But I knew the quickest way to get through the quarters of eight about urine month I just woke up months to my rose I have the structure of my table and I bring it sails inside this box Got a B C And that’s my ability but Okay it’s Ah Do second dusk Okay Now I’d like to perform some Some simply calculations here Okay Let’s see what I have Okay Now I want you to some again if you just got to understand simple English you don’t need to anybody about what matters happening because you’re trying to the math yourself or the logical stuff It’s kind of pretty complex You could do something really complicated formulas by just doing something clicks So you’ve got a kind of navigate a little bit here We’ll leave that up It’s pretty easy Okay Is this what comfort factor Know these comets quick table calculations You don’t have to create a convention calculation like we didn’t demonic Okay now the Raiders works here Is if you see a measure that is being applied on a chart you drive a calculation from that mission Okay Now say sense is my measure which is going to be used as a text field in my chart hands has come as a pivot table Okay so I will bring a psychic on the saints in here Okay Now once I give it a click I noticed something on this quick double question My last but one option And when actually look a rabbit I see all the calculations This is it It’s really about trying to get comfortable with this This is all of this Okay No Through a small situation and see if you guys can get what I’m interested in is to do a couple of things I want to see if I’m if I have If I have shown I mean I want to create a couple of used to use okay One step at a time I want to see if I’ve been able to have it So I’m able to find a boat or same period last month One month goat Okay I’d also like to see if I’m able to see if I’m going over your ear or whatever kinds in here function To think you might want to show you pressing defense Okay Okay Let’s say Okay let’s get a minute Um between the months of Jan and fed Okay The first year 2015 John uh 2015 was 40,000 to $37 Okay Famous for five years There’s gonna be good Okay If I need to show this as a president what’s the actual formula in here exactly So minus Jan Read about Jen holding as a percentage Okay Okay From Brazil current 1,000,000,000 minus the previous speeded divided by the previous period Times 100 is the present age difference If you have a good day to be positive if you had to do you’re gonna be negative That’s the attraction Martin here Okay I’m gonna consent this now so I can do the same thing for grew on the right It becomes

your due date if I go down becomes monitored it somewhere You can both options and played on a list Let’s do the person defense Many vets use your quick calculation First kind of school president Don’t you blindly trusted because you know you never know what’s the things in my pickup By default If especially if you don’t know the first time Okay No um you know But I don’t know Okay again Okay Why stick in your body But I have another question for you Now that you mention it There’s no little one descend 0.1% and he said he’s going on You Okay How do you interpret this in a movie How would you like to put his number Hasn’t Okay My question is do you think it has a group from a period of 2017 or 50 Absolutely Concept That’s responsible country You can see the response is exactly what you should be saying Okay you’re gonna find out exactly what I wanted Okay Now let’s see how I could tell By the way the ones who said 17 I can make it 15 The Ross said 50 naked naked 17 I can make it in 16 I could make any number or some number of my choice I can put it in a book Okay now I wouldn’t know how to get this opportunity practice Let’s see first what the deal is then we can change it now Once you guys Cletus go back Okay One more thing This is by the way Ah Calculation That is basically embedded Now this has done some math Haven’t get divided by the BBC Uh come in t minus the pieces of the previous year Times 100 informers on here Which is why you see them from actual dollars into presentation You will not find a calculation for this But you notice one thing you’re some offset is contained a client I can’t It has an embedded calculation with it That’s what it is Okay And it’s this person difference and I want to make a good running 15 or 16 80 or what I could take it down Now go back to some a couple of things to be just two places You can have a look at a computer using okay people like us That’s fine Table causes you to date Okay there’s an option called alternative to and because the executive orders my competiting against So it says it’s your previous Simmons you’re competitive And hence now you can answer a question with with a hard person insurance Now I know for a fact exactly how it’s happening If I wanted to be 15 I consider making here If I want to quit these previous year I consider order it So I pretty much have what my choices that So now I know it’s the PBS Eso won 37.1% is a good 1070 so I know this off Okay Now 2015 obviously want out because it doesn’t have a 20 sitting as a competitor against left Okay let’s do a month on month group Okay Seems to him to death go back to some sense Let’s do a compute using people down That’s what A GTO One month difference Monterey Okay so now I can tell I can Exactly What is my group or same period last month Okay great Now just one other point while I have this view you know last month is good See now in my pictures data that I had the year over year growth 2015 did not have a 14 to competitive So it’s not gonna get any values Work 24 feet But now um I could see it all My jams have gone black Okay Because every lotus take it as a discrete point That’s the deal But I don’t want that happened I want to say Hey listen Jan 2015 is the only exception but I’m the only place where I’m going to make an exception all the other months I have a month to pride to compete against Jan 2016 has a December 2015 Jan 17 has a December 16 So everything has a previous month to compare it against I want to use those values to combat it Now I wanna get