The Road To PS5 | The Order: 1886 – Full BLIND Playthrough – FULL GAME [LIVE/PS4PRO]

hello everyone welcome back to the roads PS5 today as we finish blood born yesterday it’s time to go ahead and do the Order 1886 we’re going to go ahead and bang this out all in one stream so I heard it the game is like five ish hours long so we’re in for a pretty long stream today boy so I got myself a hot chocolate chocolate you love to see it you really love to see it right right I could put the headphones on which are falling apart I don’t know if you can see that but they’re just completely falling apart I need some new ones which I will I will get I will get some new ones at some point but yeah let’s go ahead and boot the game up I was playing Horizon zero dawn like before the stream so that’s open but yeah let’s go ahead and share the stream out out there let’s of it boys hello everyone welcome to the Stream going live live with the order 1886 1886 this is a going to be a good one one so come join the fun fun smiley face you got a little while read the tweets are the beginning when I’m tweeting this stream out but you know it’s great let me know if the audio levels are okay because because yesterday in the blood-borne stream the the the other levels are a bit questionable for the first half of the stream so I’d like to know if it’s okay the minute that my microphone up a little bit just because you can have it is no such thing as a too loud microphone one of the best of this generation really do you actually think this is one of the best games to generation here we go boys this is my first time playing it so it’s going to be a blind completely completely blind playthrough which is sort of exciting if I’m being honest so obviously I’ve never played it before as you’re going to get all of my initial reactions to stuff that happens in Game which is going to be interesting right anyway without further ado ado let’s just get straight into this man man so let’s see let’s put some subtitles on they must already be on Shirley there you go difficult you medium that’s fine we’re not we’re not playing this with the difficulty anyway all right new game hi George at the gym now but I’ll check in later thank you very much man I appreciate it shut up poop head Fox you know I’m really offended by that Joshua furry the game itself is really good in terms of story and the gameplay is fun it gets too much hate because people expecting something else yeah it seems to be the case of a lot of games to be honest especially ones that came out with narrative in mind anyway let’s just go straight into it I’m delaying too much right now all right here we go I guess first cutscene cutscene maybe stay a bit longer avoided let me know if your levels are okay by the way it’s a very loud cutscene men we love it it is it a season for it came out the same year year just a joke best steamer it thank you you how do you play through games in most sittings any tips I don’t know what that means actually I actually don’t know what that means in most sittings sittings bloody red coats mate red Coast audio is fine nice one we love to see it it so it’s this must be Bethesda game because we’re in prison at the very beginning so get up there with you doing my you disgusting or I don’t want to I was about to bring out the absolute most horrible disgusting words I could then but I realized we’re streaming

not out to do that other Christian Winters welcome to the stream man good to see you back I raise my glass to to you mmm just hello just welcome to the Stream you just caught the beginning I call being met he killed me mate you’re getting son all right pommie tells me this game would be a lot cooler if it is in first person because those cutscenes looked looked amazing you’re such a cool concept for a game I’ll bring the it’s Jacob Frye 20 of day of November 1886 catacombs of Westminster now keep me away I don’t want to be drowning here we go oh God it must be horrible the only interaction you get all day every day is just being nearly drowned horrible horrible man please stop cursing please stop cursing I’m and you’re good get off of me bro oh he’s gonna banged it oh yeah but yeah put him in there put him in there come on look at that kill him the way you tried to do me me get this out of the way no spoilers any way shape or form allowed this is Georges first playthrough posting Sports and the chat will result in them you or even a ban thank you for laying down the law Mario I appreciate it bro as always always grab the keys is that a key yeah we got the keys bro you can allow ourselves out Graphics are really nice yeah there’s came out in 2015 guys it’s kind of mad mad isn’t it this is what happens when you when you focus on graphics and narrative over any any form of gameplay okay here we go we’re in Jesus it looks good what the it’s the 2015 game like look at the what like even the water looks really nice okay okay let’s not get an immersed hey you want to see my reactions to this game but it’s still 35 quid on the PlayStation Store it’s Mentor if I’m being honest so I’ll know why exactly I’m being we got here only why exactly I’m in prison why am I in this Tell-Tale Bridge with am I not Tower Bridge so the Tower of London Tower Bridge what the is wrong with me you think I’m not even English to be honest but I know I said I was in the west Westminster actually that’s not that’s not the Tower of London this is it at least I don’t think it is I seen a flea God this game looks so good it does look at him man I know it’s fellow gamer has been killed oh yeah revolver time boys boys look at that oh look at this got the ability to look at it and stuff yeah load that well you can still use it was it not bullets on the table under those facts what is that I thought it was a bunch of cigarettes is that those are bullets or they just bullet

bullet casing no I did just my luck Luck I think this this game is part of the PS plus collections that will be free on PS5 ps5 oh Jesus Jesus eyes banged it get out get out quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick they’re coming bro I’ll go get out out I’m really afraid of Punk’s Essence create the new one and watch those Legion and favor favorite all be cool I reckon obviously we don’t know anything about it just yet watch totally Janai things going to be Dreadful a severe hunger will be good it’s so fun could be like top top notch like like just amazing can you know I’ve just like like crouched Joe this is terrifying what’s going on what is that that’s horrible I actually don’t know what that is is I don’t think this game was like doing this game I’d like weird monsters in in to be honest I know nothing about this game like I’ve never watched any trailers I’ve only watched short short short bits of gameplay I know nothing about this game at at all have you ever watched anime yeah what’s quite a bit of animation voice of it ya hands up bro you take it easy now bro our the fact that he knows there’s no bullets in it now to strangle him I’m talking it through mate my high-value target man Walking Dead I left off Scott what is this game about yeah oh my god god they just shot their mate get off my gun bro bro oh yeah there you go it’s not a crunch him now that’s like their version of sort of quick time events it’s time to Crunch is neck you shouldn’t have got involved bro oh my God is he going to like strongly more snap his neck go on oh the next stop I’ve got imagine snapping someone’s neck how horrible that I be mushiya mushiya you French yeah just let me escape bro bro just kill me don’t take me back down there again oh it’s a snowy day snowy day in London Town that looks beautiful just kill me don’t do this I searched her

how nice nice what’s happened to the odor Oder look at that that’s how you do it man that’s that’s what you do when people are pointing guns easy just throw yourself off the edge I’m deathly going to have to play a some peers for everyone we get that collection yeah this game is so cool it’s not from 2013 I was it from 2015 because this series is in chronological order order and blood-borne came out in 2015 as well calories how good this looks looks what the I mean he’s right actually London morning you know really really gets you going look at this game why does he look so good good United India House house I don’t know whether United India India houses so what that looks like right in front of me I’ll be rifle good beautiful to be fair looking at it’s absolutely gorgeous we may be understood you joining us wait they have columns in 1886 well it’s set in a version of 1886 where whether it’s a bit more technologically advanced if you can’t already tell by the designs are the guns it’s got a magazine in 1886 didn’t use magazines reason I think they did man this this is impressive very impressive impressive who made this game what company made this game because this is impressive man I’m not gonna lie lie honestly know nothing about this game yeah neither do I to be fair all I know is that it’s got a slight like it’s 1886 with with a twisted basically that’s the issue all I know it’s an alternate version of fish there you go Hayes put it pretty good in the chat there also if you haven’t liked this room ready be sure to go ahead and drop a like on the stream it Willl be much appreciated it’s gonna like for this blind playthrough of Order 1886 and we look at this guy you’re right sir you read busted he didn’t even say morning back you bastard nice suit make him like she kind of like shake or Mac yeah it does doesn’t it it really does mysterious disappearances in Whitechapel the deputy coroner has opened an inquiry and respect to the death of the woman found in Whitechapel last Tuesday last Tuesday instant with four stab wounds in her abdomen and bruising on her throat the thumb you Abbot Waterside labor age 32 discovered the woman in the alleyway behind Paul has Tavern after leaving the establishment at quarter to 12:00 Albert stated the deceased was lying on her side when discovered he assumed she had fallen victim to drink and it collapsed outside after seeing the blood on her clothes Albert tried to wake her but the woman would not be stirred Albert describe the woman is hanging on to life and breathing only ever ever so slightly to Rouse her unable to ruse her sorry he called for a Doctor who pronounced the unfortunate creature deceased shortly after arriving after inquiries no patrons at the tavern reported hearing or seeing the dust of the assault dastardly dastardly the woman has yet to be named with known attempting to identify the remains in her description not matching that of reported missing persons the criminal investigations Department as formulated a theory that this woman is one of the local lady birds in the park Silence of the streets like be having lived a common lodging house the condition of her clothes and her parent malnourishment support this this supposition but yeah this vocabulary it’s really challenging my mouth which could you get rid of their there which could also explain the

Curious and willingness of anyone to step forward to identify the deceased or other Criminal investigation department is not willing to say there are any coincidence in the two crimes the investigation into the unknown woman’s death is proceeding hand in hand with that of of miss Suzanne Suzanna Peters and murdered a fortnight ago Miss Peters also lived in common lodging in Whitechapel and suffered stab wounds in the abdomen and mutilation of her throat Miss Peters was known to inhabit the streets and had been arrested previously for soliciting suitors acquaintances from assisting suitors hell Jesus Christ is it’s Jack the Lad we’re talking about here acquaintances who refused to be named described her as frequently drunk being of the sort to to preferred a pint of ale fail to a cup of tea she was last seen walking towards her home with a gentleman was precisely the case with the unknown woman Miss Peters was found outside her home facedown clothing torn initial soup there were there initial suspicions in relation to miss Peters death theorize that a gentleman called her caller a gentleman caller tried to rob her in the aftermath of their encounter or that an altercation resulted from her visitors refused to pay her for her services perhaps the man sought to leave a violent Rao in which Miss Peters was grabbed by the throat and stabbed in the stomach twice killing her did I unidentified woman reach her tragic end at the same the same end of the same knife as poor Susanna Peters the criminal investigation department declines the Cammack of abib their the criminal investigation department declined to comment as they endeavored to discover the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators we may never know the truth as violence towards the poor unfortunates of Whitechapel has become a regrettable commonplace well there you go it must be Jack the Ripper it’s in it’s women it’s in Whitechapel come come on that’s Jack the Ripper bro but it’s Jack the Ripper if you use a futuristic Jack the Ripper said ever shipped out the Ripper in these types of games are really do like to just walk around and explore to see if there’s any secrets it really missed out they could have had like a secret room here where you just sort of have a look around that there’s some World building but we are talking about about 2015 so you you know people weren’t people weren’t into that stuff in 2015 this is a beautiful game that I’m in awe I mean absolutely ought to be honest like the textures just the environments that is also a mercy this is really nicely made what’s this son now I know it seemed because Jacob knows him I love that bit in James’s video look at that that like there’s something about this that looks really good is it because it’s like bent around he’s holding it like look at that it’s like curved where he’s holding it I looks really good so what does that say say mind him family is that even answer with Windham Windham G Windham family 20th of July 1886 1886 I don’t even look at the people on there from being honest let me have a look we got man with a mustache women man with the mustache man with the mustache man with the mustache man with the mustache and and women well all these characters that I I loved good good morning that dude looks absolutely depressed depressed it was sweeping man we’re a nice what do you want to go indoors indoors easilly Giza darker tan indoors indoors not lat good afternoon sir good evening geese all right I guess we’re going down oh what’s that whoa whoa phonograph cylinder wax cylinders container recorded audio message what do you guys I can’t be arsed arsed wait firm oh Darcy everyone loves photo mode man they did a good job there all right here we go would you say Witcher 3 is better than read Dead 2 to be honest I wouldn’t I’d say I’d say read Dead 2 is bad in The Witcher his outfit look so so good to be fair it really does like look at that look at the design on this man look at that are so good good wish I was born in 1886 wish I could wear these cool clothes on born in the wrong generation generation

somebody say photo mode you love to see it oh there you go go Lafayette Lafayette the negative Charles Dickens speaking yep Theater Royal Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities the golden thread on Monday and Tuesday October 18th and 19th 18s the party Trio presents the Luminous City marvelous play every Friday the ring of the the Nibelung what’s on the back nowt absolutely you know it’s so I’m guessing we don’t go in this building so we just came from there a little post box well first boxing that it’s very beautiful game I’m absolutely shocked to be honest which take I wish there wasn’t so much film grain could I turn that off come on there’s just there’s so much film grain that sort of ruins it a little bit and obviously I’m not really that bothered about film grain but I do think it’s a little bit silly sometimes like want to make a game looks so good when you’re just going to cover it with with grain it’s for the sake of it like it doesn’t really even add anything to the way it looks it just means everything looks like it’s like fit for fizzing around get some meat from The Butchers you got eight D 60 or 4D 4d I should do know what I used to be honest you know what day is it is it was like a crying about oh a nice little flask I love me and ask for for ask nice top hi gentlemen gentleman with his with his wife wife how did you arrive here so quickly all right see Froy is he Bradley Mike’s running amok possible things that could be a rebel subterfuge let’s hope you haven’t lost your Edge remember who trades he was the best in his day oh Oh already cool design like I’ve always thought the Victorian London it’s a very cool sort of aesthetically it’s very cool how’s it going to double-time it or we just gonna gonna walk oh Oh she’s walking how do I walk let me walk you run you run honestly looks better than Mafia remake lull honestly look everyone was nothing over the mafia remake when it was when it was announced it’s just like it doesn’t need a remake man I just played the original game most of the time if I’m being honest remakes ruin the game and remasters like the Halo ream the Halo remasters like yeah it looks better but it’s nowhere near as good as the original did you catch that are feeding just stay out of our way stop being sexist man sake usual usual trigger happy India Company Professor its minions enthusiastic the last thing we need is a band of Hired Guns causing more have it told them to remain so gorgeous this is surely this is 60fps it actually isn’t it’s just that it don’t think you can change it it either yeah this is only 30 this game imagine it will be 60 on the ps5 we hope it would be look look at those Reflections on the floor and stuff like like

it’s crazy because this game is like the level of quality that you expect today from like a sort of third action-adventure and yet this is five years old 5 years old down they were ahead of the curve I’m telling you now terms of visuals visuals anyway why she got a gun out mom put your gun away yeah could have saved that that dude let’s get to work to be fair all we have to do is pop him in the head who am I blind firing there you go oh yeah more headshots it’s just reminds me of the Last of Us now because this is the same sort of combat system you know I know it’s difficult to sort of make it you can like switch you can actually pick up their guns holy autoloading autoloading pistol these lads you to get you a are she’s over it it yeah you know I both would be more appropriate oh man one popping everybody there you go down we just gunning them down just straight up just like like nuggets nobody’s business is just the cold morning in London London just a cold morning in London and we’re just gonna in people down like it’s no one’s business right where’s is he gone is he there’s more in the courtyard okay um I missed there you go blond fires in this game if a blind fire is the thing that not a lot of games use and I love blind fire I don’t know what it is about it it’s just such a classic oh yeah hi everyone you run pretty quick in this game though to be fair like look at that absolutely got absolutely mad damn it I could have got that shot then it wouldn’t even let me me and we go the shooting looks so satisfying yeah it is to be fair it actually is I can handle commotion and so we have to find another way around mom Oh God I mean hurry oh my God that’s cool that’s cool as hell so you can use like some weird like crunching crunching ability this game just looks like a long cutscene it’s not for everyone I understand that wish caught a bullet you always had a health potion she took that for a scratch on the arm the bullet grazed you Mum yeah I’ll see to be fair it’s not like they were that hard to kill anyway they were out of cover cover so can I like that I’m oh damn damn Oh look going down down James all right there you go

oh yeah come on on so am I that is the last guy isn’t he there you go how do we get up there where is she she honestly dips off after every gunfire okay just come my way how do I put my gun away let me in there the second fuel after this on PS4 I’ve got there so many games I just want to play out to seeing these streams this Infamous blood-borne hey look I’m glad that you have played blood-borne if I’m being honest and Infamous infamouse is really good I really enjoyed that game as well you know this is almost this is also an experience for me as a lot of games in this series that haven’t played yet yet so the stealth section I’m guessing well it doesn’t seem very stealthy Jesus Jesus it’s the only way we’re killing these people is it just because their escape from prison prison how do I’ll go run can I do this guy oh whoa did did it you go look at that clean out the entire room just like like that off we go where is he going I’m guessing this is the way we go anyway so it doesn’t even matter where she is oh maybe it doesn’t matter where she is come on I was just talking at this store wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa it won’t let me me oh I see see that’s mental mental so it’s like Dead Eye well they just let me get away with that then oh Oh not feeling dying right now to be honest do they could just aim at my feet I’m hiding behind the pool table like that you quite easily get get me I’ve seen the streams I want to play blood-borne as well but I don’t know if I should wait until the PS5 comes out I mean it is a game you can get and get done pretty quickly depends on if you want to spend the money now or if you want to spend the money there look he’s bloody bloody knees he’s chatting some bird up up now do try not to lag behind see you later this lady requires my attention okay your attention is required elsewhere elsewhere I assure you I want to know what we get locked up for to be honest because that was obviously happens after the end of the game or at the end of the game what a Maki

Maki looks fetching what she not noticed that is because you’re not a freshman you a proper not must learn to curb his passions without passion is here a man cannot fight with you not fighting men well what do we fight such a cool concept for a game man wasn’t knowing where I haven’t I haven’t done anything with this in five years years Percival these who’s Percival strange so these days and nights this is if the knights Templar wasn’t disbanded and if nights continued into the Victorian era that’s pretty cool actually actually let’s go the London Underground Underground they’ve got bloody stairs but but what they cool the stairs that move about you don’t remember you didn’t do well when it released it’s a shame it got absolutely bombed with bad reviews and like I understand why to an extent because it is a lot of cinematics and stuff like that but I don’t really mind that a video game shouldn’t have to make you play all the time to get the story across I think cutscenes go a long way especially in a game that immerses immerse is you what happened down there there stays in 1886 I’m in what they called the stairs that move have I forgotten what they called I don’t know how I I forgotten climbing time shimmy in time Jesus Jesus Kingdom Hearts 3 3 Kingdom Hearts well shame was streaming to to the coal mine mean come from yeah it was it was the Kingdom Hearts 3 RI mind streams streams why is she so obsessed with being young escalator escalator there you go thank you sure you reminded me what escalators are that’s brilliant absolutely brilliant you forgot escalators yeah this is weird man oh no No so they like werewolves werewolves holy this is made the game even cooler to be honest that with it would Chase it down at werewolves that’s sick Victorian London alternate future Victorian London with werewolves that is sick oh my God okay I wasn’t expecting him to come come for me yeah go on oh my God that’s how you kill him you to stab him in the heart lichens lichens that’s so cool oh wait there’s more are those roll roll come at me bro bro you didn’t run away oh my God god are you go stop you stop you’ll just been away from civilization for too long I really have oh my God god dude I’m going to die if you’re not careful I’m genuinely gonna die I know he’s getting away away

/ this game had interesting marketing done this is cool gun I love me and I’ll gun I don’t see the premise for this game is so cool cool oh come on let’s go let’s go go was he going I’m guessing he’s going through this way come on let’s go let’s chase that lichen hey Hey come on let’s have him but he’s right up there I’ve done enough of these Chase sequences to know that we’re not going to work be allowed to find him until a certain point point wait while I understand I was doing it right does that count as a death oh you have to release it I was just charging it expected the fire I’m an idiot idiot man I’m an idiot it’s not made very clear to be honest what games do that very makes you fully charge it and then release there you go this game looks good after five years years those look really good like great is an understatement to be honest same thing happened to James is stream to be honest whoo What kind of game it means you have to release the trigger to fire that’s there’s no games do that now you still on zero deaths yeah 0 deathrun we’re not going to die this whole game she died twice but we died none Percival I thought the order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights might be mixed up in this affray we had reason to suspect your Rebel incursion commissioner an elementary conjecture that event perhaps this might be of interest this doesn’t look like if my thing to be honest because I dont enjoy 3rd person shooter gameplay but the story looks cool as but I mean that’s fair enough it’s good to see what the stream anyway hunter of hunters I think it is pointing at one thing but shift your point of view slightly and you may find the 21 games with bow and arrow do you make you release the trigger they do you’re right but we’re not using a bow and arrow we’re using a charging rifle with an arc battery oh Jack the lad strange don’t you think we must examine every we meet in Council to those hands classic white would do us the honor of presenting the findings could expect me me excuse me Callahan and easy and Maki good to be a doing some epic Gaming we love to see it man we love to see it sure some pointers on place I’m sure you appreciate that for the time being this must remain a policeman of course something what troubles me it’s a police investigation nights do not relinquish their authority to bureaucrats as far as right as much with the Knights of the Templar to be fair she reminds me so much of a TV from Syndicate syndicate it’s mental but I orders remain steadfast in its sacred mission to preserve

the balance between man and half breed such was the quest of our founder founder may his name be forever responded the truth the Lord shines forth cycle after cycle today that balance is threatened the to amongst equals look how good this looks man the design that the tone of this game is so unique that I can’t put my finger on it it’s one of those games games infestation that is infected our city such a cool premise I wish there was a sequel to this game honestly wish there was Lucy’s he did not trouble himself with issues of jurisdiction do not presume to quote history to me so personal I’ve seen more of History than usual ever know the mind the nights here assembled that the threat to this order comes not only from without and within as a conspiracy conspiracy that’s top rank’s being poisoned by those who seek the destruction of all we hold sacred no one is so cool the other Knights of the Round Table yeah its really cool cool you plan on 4K I am indeed a 4K display concerted effort not shame you guys can’t see it the way I can right now because obviously I’m streaming in 1080p Chapel may need to be as Lord Darwin speak with the blessing of the peers Lord Darwin Hastings Hastings Hastings perhaps the question should be put to the council council very well what sighs the order of Her Majesty’s Royal knights in the matter of Whitechapel such a cool concept I can’t get I can’t get over it it there’s one eye eye I think he’s very cool cool gentleman do I have to actually walk around the long way for real look at how good this looks what what this is the 20s again that came out in 2015 come on man come actually on I’m gonna dip ads have a good one see you later James and also Earl Jones this is he’s talking directly to Ingrid man man look at how good those Flames look back there as well you can barely even see them but they just look amazing can I go out there and see him I can’t this Velvet Rope summarizes my entire life life gotta hand seems like a lad he really is a fair honest man oh Galahad Galahad not Gala hands Galahad Galahad and if you go down to the Brampton out with him yeah go into the Brompton milk frappe sheets hot pipe I was going to say then point Not a Pipe L Jesus cries the can promise you a peasant and Speedy journey across across the Atlantic a few dead come to mount your father’s Express wishes we’d I remind you that we all serve the Lord Chancellor’s pleasure you have a knight Commander we can see you think incursion into a rebel stronghold is reasonable I consider it an acceptable risk one would you be willing to accept full responsibility should should converse in service surprise what befalls me be upon my head no one else’s

but chaplains office that is fishing fishing you have my thanks well Gary had he’s cruel for the steric but he’s a good bloke 3 doesn’t like Crawford start looking when we move is about what tell me miss you he’s a poet sir Lucan in lady grain were adopted by humans so they were were perhaps you wanted to regain a semblance of the humanity in Austin when time came to join the order George was estimated regardless I would not wish this life in my children lucky you need to hurry oui mon général I think crazier I’m sure such a I still can’t get over how cool the concept of this game is Sebastian and I have long been partners I trust you with my life life you look after my sister won’t you of course I will man oh man in the realm can keep his about from danger when she’s at her mind you say true it’s a brother to do a good luck and Godspeed I like a good game set in London Man the know why Feels Like Home even though like I don’t even really like London that much in real life I like the idea of London London I’ve been there countless countless times but it’s very very just a bit of a weird City to be honest London for the news of the trouble Grosvenor Square investigation investigate lichens on the facial animations are great better than a lot of games now I know I know there’s no excuses for developers now if this game looks like this look at it look at it look how good it looks come on this is pretty impressive for the time I know it’s games ahead of its time hundred percent they with whatever strikes your fancy but but but do be careful it’s going on down here then focus on details and identify distant objects what’s this then now the newspaper you love this it’s not a newspaper it’s Nikola Tesla oh my God and Thomas Edison Edison the war of currents comes to London 16th of October 1886 exclusively at the Crystal Palace two of the greatest minds of our generation will meet face to face man this is so cool Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla what a cool concept hmm what about that over there I was just thinking no sir yeah I can’t believe this came out in 2015 either I’m going to keep saying this over and over and over again during the stream but it’s just mental to look but it still doesn’t have accurate but it’s got pretty good Reflections I’m not gonna lie like the tables there and say he was there but you can’t see him in the reflection which is a it’s something that’s game still haven’t got right to this day you can’t see yourself in reflections except in Spider-Man PS5 in that when that is gets remastered they’re actually adding it in adding that in which is crazy the hell is this is schematic for for refined ladies in waiting all sizes plump and petite present this handbill and 10 10d for the regular treat a

splendid bargain I don’t know what this is what what does this do and I still don’t quite understand understand refined ladies in waiting yeah I don’t know what that is is okay this looks all of the references to real history and how it has its own version of this universe yeah it’s done really well what’s this is that like quite an antique hard to believe we ever use them still looks crazy I wish stuff like this like this in real life to be honest like cool right steampunk so so I’m not at school is D like the currency of the game ya little what it what currency it’s meant to be though to be honest wait wait wait he’s calling me over but I don’t know where he is is this you Tesla yeah you’re right please this way way I’m following okay do something to make like interest this device allows you to convert between Edison’s inefficient direct current and my Superior ultimate candy for overloading any capacity certain electrical mm that’s pretty cool cool how does it work it’s oh oh inside each tube is a small quantity of work when the Mercury is properly aligned the selects PS4 game you play after this it’s Uncharted 4 let me know about the let me look at the list actually because some tried for then Ratchet and Clank and then Horizon zero Dawn then Uncharted Lost Legacy got Horizon zero Dawn is really early in the scheme of things if you think about it what’s this son oh my God laksa moving Mercury between the needles clicking hold and hold oh Oh have a look keep the doors coming in boys keep it though coming in how was Blood for Blood bombers amazing already liked it obviously this game of already plays yeah it was really fun to play it again aw sniper you can test it pleasure yeah – let’s give it a go look at this this is nice oh who the guns are so much weight to him you go why are you get that Bolt bolt in place place get that all in the red door dot man good shot oh Oh it’s beautiful thank you Lafayette Lafayette monocular imagine if the two cents worked on this game game we scour The District in pairs is about you and lab can imagine it I street from the south here Galahad a night why not give the Frenchman together had when was it about my intentions I promise to remain at all times the picture of children more experience for me very well YouTube has gone you go and we thought well perhaps one day allow me to

demonstrate my oh remember we are entering Rebel territory the insurgents will take umbrage at are encouraging he’s such a little Fleur is Anita covering make such a flirt strange to think like him find Sanctuary here is it not monsieur you really believe the rebels are collaborating with the heartbreaks brings the Lord Chancellor is convinced of it I have my doubts you trust anyone ordinarily never accept always question it’s a motto that significant Center and look at the facial expressions look at them look at them them man crazy crazy stay vigilant all of them we can expect hot work work here ooh ahh because you are mr. cutpurses collaborators and hormone this chapter 3 and you would very differently once off we go let me check how many chapters there are in this game how many shop to shop to spin spin the Order 1886 16 whoo-hoo 16 chapters right on we go let’s go boys nice going to the stream Hayes appreciate it man we get to spend some time with Mikey it’s Justin it’s a pipe yeah she’s yeah good that smoked looks as well man this game they really put some top-notch effort into this I’m not even gonna lie this must have taken so much much work optimizing it for the PS4 make it look the way it does little apple so we’re just gonna gonna love an apple slick it away from from Lots we don’t like to get involved supid get it ha ha ha I love the would get so much you get mate hate you you it’s a shame not a lot of people like this game but it was so good it deserves a sequel you know I’m starting to believe more and more this deserve a sequel could you imagine if they released the sequel to this game that with I’d like more gameplay it was a bit longer built on this world I think it would do really well to be honest we’re who they hang there that woman that’s horrible how can we switch through through it oh this is horrible this would be so horrible horrible oh Jesus did you think you are bro jeez we smacked his head right about oh such a

fair lady like that right you killed another one last night night he smacked her out of faith in there feel bad for when this dude’s got a wake up at some point so you should probably be gone by the time that happens we should have to instill I will just make this game long to five hours at full price it’s not worth it yeah it cost me 35 quid to buy and there’s only gonna take me five hours to play it’s like so weird people actually buy this assault on Mayfair go boys we got another big passage of text violence erupted in the Mayfair District yesterday morning when patients first believed to have escaped from the Bethlehem facility flooded the area in a United India station the Bedlam Heights who had an explicit inexplicably became where am I inexplicably secured arms overturned carts and carriages set aflame the stores of Street vendors and discharge their weapons into the air with insane abandoned no fewer than 16 slayings at the hands of the madman reported thus far including amongst others Constable Joseph Hewitt whose mother Mariam Jane Hewitt of Hampstead has been so vocally critical in the pages of the post of the liberal policies of her brother Thaddeus Hewitt wig member of the House of Commons well officers of the constant constabulary these are words that I’m just never heard before while officers of the constabulary were Swift to arrive at the scene it was not until the arrival arrival of her just ease Royal Knights that the escapees were finally subdued and their Terror brought to an end the Insurgency of the mad mad broke the Insurgency of the Mad broke upon the resolved Matt well that doesn’t make any sense the Insurgency of the mod broke upon the resolve of our Empire’s most stalwart Defenders of the nights reclaimed from the patient’s the equestrian Club on Regent Street not all of Her Majesty’s subjects appreciated the knights Timely intervention so Edward Lawrence remember of the equestrian Club found the knights tactics distasteful for over two centuries the equestrian Club has admitted only men of the highest caliber through its Hollow doors while few would fault The Bravery or a fish efficacy of the order their sense of decorum is not above question an employee of the United India Company expressed an entirely separate complaint to a patients in need of Medical Care not Gunpowder and Lead is this Victoria’s England what of due process what of the common law make no mistake if it that order was born from an age before the signing of the Magna Carta and their actions reflect it individuals of repute reported that monsters joined the madman in prowling can’t read that bottom bit and prowling the district streets one may for president claimed to have seen an individual impatience Garb transformed into what he described as a k9 of terrible proportion before tearing a driver from his handsome cab and savaging his face and neck in a letter to this paper dr. M how of the Bethlehem facility denied the witnesses denied the witnesses accounts I can assure you that none of the escapees in question were interned at a medical facility our refusal to endanger the populace of this venerable Institution by the way of admission of half-breed patients is absolute he elaborated ours is the study of the mind we leave such psychological investigation to are capable colleagues at the London Hospital it is in the it is the opinion of this paper that the involvement of the order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights adds legitimacy to human presence of half-breeds on the Streets of London we call upon commissioner Doyle of Scotland in Scotland Yard to order a prompt and thorough investigation into the matter man George why don’t you ask James to drop the game off because he didn’t get hit get a physical copy he had a pretty sure he had a download a copy of the game which to be honest I prefer digital copies as well so I didn’t really mind it but for a child for I’m getting James to drop it off for me because I’m not spending all that money to get inside for just for one stream series so one thing when you brother moves out and I I oh am i doing you and your

brother moves out he takes the games he brought with him slowly rotate our into the vibration diminishes at the shear line press R2 to engage the the pin for this this isn’t gonna work work is it although I have this work this is mental slowly rotate oh I’m doing it wrong it’s it’s there I was doing it with the wrong the wrong stick I saw are in for some reason I just went left don’t know why why I’m shot in Full House molt it has molt it’s very quaint little place you know yes I know it’s it’s we’re in a brothel brothel course we are are oh Bell Missy a Whitechapel oh Zelda she left a little kiss on the back back so I ordered some you need all these titties what the man man – no I’m stream shut up loud loud another note I’m never gonna be able to read that come on did you think I am he’s you think I was reading that nobody reading this handwriting I have not no I don’t even showing that that’s not even even readable did she just say he’s got a big nose what about our guns it’s efficient she grabbed his know if you please CX is the order 1886 for six quid that’s banging he’s banged it oh what they did in that Sleek cheeky come on I mean it is a brothel in the the day and I gave us up you bastard the wrong oh God I have and I can take it down please don’t take my stream down and get myself some dinner back Gamers thank you very much Hunters enjoy your dinner bro oh we got some guns apologies apologies My Damn well it’s definitely a change of pace for her and it she was just shaking and now she’s cowering in the corner and away I mean I guess we jumped down into the street don’t lie oh no No naked woman naked lady woman scary Dylan joined at the wrong time ha ha ha Dylan join just as there was a woman getting absolutely reeled there’s no intrude true Trudeau’s Roge tight end stream already absolutely absolutely brilliant getting so I’d love love we have indeed stirred The Nest let’s go let’s just get out of

of here well where do we go from here here ahh you don’t see Willie’s in game often wait did he did we see is not oh I didn’t even see ha ha ha she didn’t even say I thought all you saw was her tits to be honest let’s grab that that Sons and Daughters of Britain here are my ah ah there you go make our way up there there nice little dark building yeah man cooking booze you know I don’t even see see oh how did he miss honestly I have no clue yeah we got ourselves a nice trifle now all right look at M1 Garand garand yes give me your grenades or that’s like a PPSh found a way out to be honest though I prefer single shots so I’m gonna have to keep a single shot shot I’m not gonna lie single shot better single shot always be better them headshots classic London Man Seems Like Only Yesterday I was walking through the Streets of London when it is like this he was frightened the black coats cool fine fine blow me yeah let’s make a move bro oh my God god oh wow he’s got the well was he got the sniper that’s the one that Nikola Tesla made made you bloody bastard look at that that read out I’m always waiting for to put their heads out out come on oh okay that’s that that’s that I sell to you a little bit bit there you go oh that was a head shot I don’t wasn’t oh that was a head shot though all right get up loaded back in there you go come on on how is that a mistress then then single shot burst hello George are you doing mate hello Luca welcome to the stream give me some ammo that’s what up up come on on well can you see me that’s it my God god all I can see is his hat hat look you actually ticking me wrong sort of Might there you go the Duelist revolvers shoots like two shots at once OK this game looks pretty sick to be honest this game is really cool cool I’m not even gonna lie they block the way oh no what am I gonna do do boom Oh it’s building

smart God imagine being able to to like just run through a bunch of wooden planks like that shotgunner oh thanks blue you looked amazing shotgun where’s the shotgun that it it why am I picking up a shotgun she’s silly really in it it hey you guys what I wanted that was beautiful okay you know yeah we’re going to die if I don’t know myself for you I’ll smoke bombs bombs I would just pop in everyone’s head off right now now look at that just crazy this was single-shot weapons is just so absolutely beautiful whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa oh no on no first deaf boys come on that’s I wasn’t expecting that at all explosions look amazing amazing oh my God god explosions all over the place run come on on and that shotgun shotgun and got me he’s really know how to take bullets they eat it but it’s right up they’re also pretty good shot to be honest there you go one of you you those dudes honestly getting the headshot on those shotgunners oh come on on oh so you can actually revive yourself we just need to get to cover in time now na 0 death run zero deaths boys we did it come on on they just keep spoiling it it or something oh oh oh oh my god right that’s your lot of combat in this game there you go I’m coming for you lad lad oh wait this is actually a sniper right here are our folks save there’s one two two punch him in the the head look at that come on no no no on the ground was my friend Jesus Christ is so many of them we need to keep moving and get off the streets there you go crikey

crikey right right I’ll reload rather you might pick up one of those single-shot weapons again this seems to be the best and that’s a shotgun – shotgun there you go seems to be the most effective effective go on let’s move this out of the way boy boy but we go some grenades I don’t think this is where we need to go I’ll maybe is it is actually on top of the roof that’s beautiful plus one what that’s what you read me save your breath miss you the buildings are blocking the signal I mean monocular yeah well that looks sick the blimps and outside are hospitalized two miles west do you see our camera camera locate Percival and green green go ask them them to join the soiree let’s invite a few friends this is got a response from anyone in the vicinity of of Whitechapel Air Command this is Gala Hank Monsieur copy where without sanction here the Lord Chancellor will be most displeased if I had this not fancy a court-martial the worry about that later no five seems a great but the rest of the game is garbage I think so then he gets it’s fair to call it garbage too and ship Sentinel five Sentinel Sentinel zero send the morse code displayed below I can’t do it because this isn’t the right one yeah eight minutes too long let’s go all right let’s go man this shit’s have bloomed don’t tell James I want a good decent recent review of the game compared to what was put out this year reason slums and more frequent so I’d love to go back in sort of do a review of this game because this is my first impression and I imagine it’s largely a lot more positive than what people said in 2015 I mean after me no no runner-up didn’t didn’t get to do a run-up played it all the way through and I regretted it that’s a shame it’s not be for you then so I’m quite enjoying this to be honest it’s a little toy I look at to do it’s a little dull leave the guy from Little Big Planet it was stock boy Edie me so sweet sweet patience monkey as up in chuckling stock boy it’s sucker boy I called him sock boy oh God God

you sure come on is that The the Artful Dodger oh my God it was so violent what happened that we didn’t even get to see okay would we go Press On on oh my God god it might get round the air ya’ll quit Time Event holy oh my God god so you can choose between two then you can have either stab him or you could just snap his neck stop her that’s freely weapon I’ll take it what is Isabel some of this ordinance was manufactured for the order a grainy we’ve had enough gun in here I was unaware that we had lost some of our our inventory we haven’t here give me a hand with this once this comes straight from the manufacturer is Outreach one tell me bro because that’s evil see see what’s in there of course is laid what did you find that 1686 look at that in a few weeks ago look at this baby oh my God we’re gonna put this to good use 100% 100% this one hasn’t been assigned yet how did the rebels get their hands on these I’m making it my business to find out begging you pardon sir you’re needed upstairs that’s that’s so cute my all use this bro bro he didn’t blade I believe me our attention we’re in position oh my God god let’s go wait what is this I was expecting something a little bit pack a little bit more punch to be honest oh my God you go oh so you send the missed out and then you go bam and it sets them on fire okay okay I see how it works works now although to be honest I prefer just like a normal gun gun that’s kind of cool actually actually we send out the miss your father thing I’m guessing you can chain long areas of I’m guessing you can chain long areas if it together oh my God poor poor lads there’s a cool weapon actually get him inside left ear budget I just bought these are the best of us look at that

oh headshot on immediately immediately come on bro except on the neck pretty painful do yourself a little drinky special special elixir oh so it actually just heals the wound like fully Galahad so cool cool working on it I think another bullet for the stomach cannot get by though everyone stand back I cannot change come on that’s not gonna work is it it it just melts through it okay okay oh my God god that’s pretty quick there you go no longer matters with you how he’s died oh my God god Callahan Galahad Galahad Duma there’s no God to help help him off we go oh Gob sites you go short mate hate you you might oh so you can like you can send one of those out and you can just shoot after it and it oh my God okay I see I’m getting used to using this now a little bit more how do you change gun gun side like is it possible I’m getting sort of more used to using this gun but to be honest I’d rather have a gun off can shoot normally normally ah there’s a pistol that I want that’s just a pistol I want her gun it was cool I see what he’s doing it doesn’t matter if the holding behind the columns so we can use the are structurally it’s a weak spot in the tracks I should be able to bring the structure down need you to provide cover cover no residue dude in full plate armor right there and he’s got a thermite gun gun actually not very good with it come on man you’re done Steve it out bro okay come on I’m not sure proper gun there give me that I don’t want this you as she maybe I do want the the she thermite just for a little friendly purposes you know you know how it is I don’t get up there surely that’s gonna blow them

Let’s help him with the car I got you Percival got to hide has an epic game of voice yeah very cool voice to make burgers over this voice actor is fits the role very well you go up we go that one one there you go grab some ammo for a big wet food oh where do I shoot like that how do I shoot yeah the where am I shooting though I don’t know where I’m shooting I don’t I don’t know where I’m shooting man he’s saying use thermite to bring the bridge down we need to climb a bit more more hi hi she would Diane hey Hugo Bridges bridges gone God – Press on there’s no cup of tea there everyone loves you like a cup of tea look at another newspaper article Rule Britannia but where is the queen citizens throughout the realm of expressed I got to go got some bits and pieces and homework to do a back for a child for the other part to that Marcia had she like man we shoot finisher the order tonight so it will be Uncharted tomorrow or the next day you know yeah see you later man thanks for thanks for showing up citizens throughout the realm of expressed their consternation at at her majesty’s cure withdraw from the public as a wave of strange Tidings continues to overtake a London The Cordon of security and visible to the public remains tightly wrapped around Buckingham Palace in the wake of disturbances in Mayfair and a rash of Mayhem committed by denizens of the city’s underworld it’s right to strange if you ask me observe mr. crack crais a fishmonger in Covent Garden a word from her majesty would put people’s minds at rest the fishmonger sentiments were echoed by many in the bustling Market District but I don’t give no more but I don’t give no net I don’t give no never mind to rumors and wives tales said Mr and bridging grocer but still all this talk of poor and saying creatures running amok and Rebels everywhere it’s bad for business the Lord great Chamberlain sought to assure the public that there existed no reasons for concern her majesty at present is attending to important matters of state that render it impossible for her to maintain her prior public schedule the Lord great Chamberlain said he added those she regrets her isolation from her beloved subjects Her Majesty wishes them to know that they remain close to her heart and always in her thoughts when queried on the subject the Lord great Chamberlain refused to comment on speculation that the queen is being kept deliberately isolated to the consequences of threats to her royal person from insurrectionist spot responsible for the late severe disruptions commissioner Doyle of Scotland Yard likewise exhorted the the public to desist from what he called unfounded irresponsible speculations saying that the citizens of London need to have no undue concerns for Her Majesty’s safety few of those citizens encountered by the correspondent took comfort from the Commissioners words you can you can be there’s things well you can be there’s things they ain’t tellin us sometimes this text doesn’t make sense so let’s having keeper who refused to give his name over a pint of bitter bitter another page scuffed if the police have things in hand the way they say why are all these nights running around on some nefarious business also there are but let me read that if the police are things in done the way they sit what are all these nuts running around on some of the fear on some nefarious business art so there are know what was that the present London remains in nervous City

full of suspicious and suspicions and questions in the opinion of this paper paper answers must soon soon be forthcoming less the less the present unrest spiral into utter chaos to the Lord great Chamberlain we say show us the queen let her speak for herself big gaming boys and men look it’s Josh he’s back he’s back in the old shirt hold it wait what the I don’t know James was in the chat for a Split second if I’m being quite honest I had no clue I was ingrained in Reading before I like those newspapers it gives some nice backstory on the state of London and what people are thinking about what’s going on I think that’s a really nice piece of exposition they’ve done that all right I’ll me go the old Adventure games just comes into chatter zv4 I guess the only thing thing secure the perimeter because things are up there so I can say bike but yes this bug is safety safety do you hear that she looks so much like Evie it’s mental also if you haven’t liked this video are to be sure to go ahead and drop a like on the stream it Willl be much appreciated see if we can smash that 100 goal which to be fair we’re nearly out already you know you guys have done there I’m not gonna lie converging from the hospital kill the stinking half-breeds Sentinel 5 this is gotta get those newspapers are like Last of Us coats really like it yeah I think they’re really good dumb there there requesting an immediate sonar payload drop Jesus Jesus the transmitter he’ll miss you he’s my communicator The Lads useful after all there you go I’m coming all devices off off sending a so now Beacon down oh my God god so that makes the the someone that makes the the like hands all that mentorship more he was just stopped working my mic isn’t picking up anything and I know it’s not my mic because I tried it out another PC it’s perfectly fine hmm yeah audio issues are there very very difficult to to they’re very difficult to sort out at least dead people man he’s lichens are a mad one chapter 14 14 crikey crikey look at that completely ripped him to shreds that is disgusting holy right on on we go I just a leg this is crazy they really get atmosphere done well in this game though I’m not even gonna lie lie 24 a liking to this jump out and me about Browns and mouse hold hands and Benicia the Great pain pain reliever he’s loving it for internal and external pains pains I did not know what that word says says rheumatism rheumatism stomach bowels or side I don’t know why I’m even reading that what am I doing I always get caught up reading little tiny insignificant things in games I don’t know why it always happens to me we’re not getting through their love the exit is

on the other side another way through this game deserve to seek with the rights wrongs to be honest I agree surely we can just go through this way way just looks like it’s it’s promising know it doesn’t got shouldn’t be bows bows okay this is a completely pointless room I don’t know why I even exist but the lighting man oh good this looks looks yo sup boys welcome to the stream me mikkel mykel mykel Mykel H I hear you like coming through up so it’s just come on this is this is a needed you build the tension all the way up for that come on that was silly I think that was a that was a silly thing they should have had it so we come across absolutely nobody that’s served nothing serve no purpose whatsoever whatsoever we going the right way way we got way where they came from grab the ammo like like oh my God that scared me then I thought it was a big game of coming at me so what’s up kill them both are you trying to shoot left here you go easy E John and Horace he’s looking very Dapper with that big dog standing next to them the is that that’s a big bottle of booze booze right I’m a yeah boy boy then why even went for that it’s not like it’s going to be that useful to be honest nothing through this way her to do to appear over here there you go get out the way I’m not gonna be able to see any of these lads you should not be standing out there are you going on I need to a time time it seems not the way carry on absolutely body Jesus that’s disgusting disgusting absolutely absolutely filth write something has gone terribly wrong wrong what’s gone terribly wrong I’ll be back in ten ha ha oh my god Jess I were friends all right bro so everyone it seems when we go oh no never lad lad can we go out this way what do you need to go first first she needs to go first this game looks really nice though I’m still like in awe to be honest at how good it looks Whitechapel this way after you milady most Whitechapel such a war zone is the Shady individual again

the street lichens regroup and return very strange first of all what are you doing Percival it’s very sophisticated name isn’t it the London Hospital hospital Jesus Jesus they’ve been absolutely done done man oh I imagine being like killed by a werewolf werewolf it’s very cryptic cryptic it’s a very eerie looking Corridor isn’t it you have company hey man I’ll settle office all right Ingrid you you I thought my name was Isobel because he killed her is he at the beginning where the name is Ingrid Owen grain what’s the name let me let me check the cast of of characters Order 1886 1886 characters actually care character no it’s not names isabeau why do people call a in Grain then cool crisis averted never played this game is any good to be honest I’m actually really enjoying enjoying it well I feel like they could have done the characters relationships a bit better I feel like if this game focused on on the team like the for of the four nights and sort of of their relationships together it would have it would have gone a long way that’s just me I’m a sucker for character relationships oh God it’s a bit of a tumbler I thought we lost my bank card for a minute oh God I look it’s combo depletions it’s Eddie welcome to the stream Eddie commit why did he call her ingrain if your name’s isabeau I don’t understand this faces and hands yeah what even is that that’s very strange it’s a baby’s face on my God god Scott skill in the corner looking all spooky and the human anatomy absolutely gorgeous some guy’s been absolutely crunched about doing good his he’s my pet game and how you doing George that’s her night name ah I see I see see so in Green is her night name but her actual names Isabeau or is he he is Sir Galahad Galahad Galahad you’re right bro bro we open again nice tit in there God expected to open it again see some spooky spooky right in here this looks like the right place no no I didn’t lie right place it meant it in there

lovely lovely that’s horrible it’s got like all over the floor is that say before before well this stream be enough for finishing the game yeah I’m going to finish this game today we we got it this is going to be a scary moment nope nobody in there it seems what are we looking for right right now if you if boy it a legend you could finish it in a day but it’s intense some cutscenes are long that’s fine I’ve this is the first time playthrough so I imagine it’ll feel like a lot quicker than a a replay there’s most definitely a lichen around the corner you can literally hear him oh this doesn’t look like a liking to me this looks like a zombie vampire least not have goal I don’t know what the this guy is hello hello he is a lichen or is he yeah he is used in the low one I know he’s like a different breed in the last one the last one that more that’s one way more like a traditional werewolf werewolf oh my God he’s eating bullets oh my God leave me alone man he can speak oh this ain’t ain’t good this ain’t good at all all now we get intense he’s an effort gamer the order 1886 isn’t a match from mighty girl that’s true to be fair that’s kind of true no match for me man my gaming prowess prowess you can smell us us you know this is scary nothing blood come get me come get me there you go yeah stay away from me fool fool we have a problem you have a problem is is he where do I go we have a big old problem anyone here you leave me alone he’s definitely hunting me right now like definitely I look how good the windows look sorry that’s a note of that this is he swine yeah it gets real scary at some points oh God oh God that is horrible horrible we are not stronger than a werewolf man man yeah you just try to break that man yes it’s me oh thank God I got into some scrapes oh an elder that’s why he’s so powerful honestly the concept of this game gets cooler and cooler as it goes on there’s have some really good atmosphere doesn’t it it’s really impressive

I’m a sort of far I’m impressed I’m not gonna lie oh God God he’s gonna me up come on come on me come at me oh come out me oh God God you go jeez he’s going to kill me well we got this oh jeez I keep missing all my we were never going to be oh no oh my God god as far as death animations grass pretty grotesque you rip my throat out man let’s do this again this this again don’t look at me like that go on big smack big smack time you’re gonna get cut about shut the up there you go right in the stomach I don’t know one and another one yeah boy oh my God god ah ah there you go killing elder what’s this stubborn stubborn head never stops likes if you haven’t read to make sure like the stream hey thank you guys very much much wait what just stabbed us us get off me man oh yes is he she saved us with an axe ax but how many people can you take on yo get off her her get away from from her it was he so afraid oh my God what’s happening I broke his spine there you go stop him in the gut bring it back out again into the back back and again gonna go for it can go for another one and again he broke a spine she was like a daughter to me me wait can you can that Elixir fix the broken spine spine Jesus Jesus as a crazy fight early turn back into a human so is her spine just fully just just broken or is she all right now great so so crazy

whoa whoa I mean I thought she was more to be honest I thought she was more of like a what is it daughter character oh she’s passed out again again all right let’s see what’s in the ward she was pretty adamant psychiatric and rude London London hospital put on a bed rest easy close the door search The Red Bull Honda they want to bump uglies that’s the one how much horrible thing thing these big dated men some documents here here documentation documentation ladder dude dude oh my God god eilert you walk into the skeleton and it moves that’s amazing right I like walking in that’s so cool you’ll move the skeleton was that someone mid changing so you have a penis they don’t have anything we’re genderless thing right right man watching this I hate that we are getting a sequel so unfair yeah I mean it’s actually is kind of unfair I think this game would deserve a sequel I can’t I can’t actually see why this got loads of hey if I’m being honest it’s just a normal game like what’s wrong with it it’s like fair enough it’s kind of cutscene heavy but some games just are naturally like it’s just how it is is that was my bad bad caught like this this so many game lock picking hmm only one of these things things all through the night I would listen to those but I can’t be asked on stream I’ll happily read things out but but you know another one as well well pardon me otherwise pardon me for for hiccup could have been how it because of how advanced it was for its time it was right when everyone was arguing about console exclusives in when people saw you don’t actually play the game all the way through it was a casualty of the war it’s just a shame that I got it’s plenty of games that have come out that get the balance a lot worse in this game between cutscenes and gameplay re Beyond Two Souls

that’s a game that I’ll always come back to when referring to referring to games that are like movies because that game practically is a movie like it’s just not it’s also a weird film as well because obviously Ellen pay a weird film see it’s practically a film it’s a weird game as well because Ellen Page is honestly in it and Ellen Page reminds me of Ellie from The Last of Us so got a lot of criticism for how lackluster the combat was and yet there’s games that come out with the exact same combat that get heavy praise like Uncharted this is pretty much Uncharted or Last of Us combat ie or mean I mean without the without the melee combat this is pretty much Uncharted Last of Us combat First it’s just hide behind cover shoot use grenades I can’t think of any anything different must’ve shame this game got a lot of criticism I think this is worth a lot of praise I need some time to recuperate advice is he know the answer to that question he would have to obtain father’s father’s blessing first haha she just schooled him my friend Galahad will monkey love you concerned for my well-being gone I never doubted for a moment that you would Prevail over these miscreants same cannot be said of the Gallant Knight not a word of this to anyone the best part is this story opens up man you starting to feel it and it gets even better I am glad to hear it we’d almost given you up for lost we don’t have much time it was an elder this is for you as well vova how nice that looks all I wanted that that you Percival I hope you enjoy bro I’m heading off to do some work on the new love of my life so I have a bungalow take care of ready see you later man thanks for showing up the council should at least be advised we’re getting aboard that ship and how would you suggest we do that was you know it is already airborne no she never shut the up up thanks for the drop-off Captain would like for each chapter seems to be about like half an hour ish long give or take so much sense this game ends up being about six hours five six hours great what are we doing seems very Reckless reckless this game looks good but I wouldn’t pay any more than 20 bucks on it there to be honest I mean I wouldn’t say it’s worth full price because it’s so it’s so short it’s six hours five six hours give it a little repeal why we rappelling down the blimp in midair go on down you go lad loud down you go so I’m gonna like down to the bottom some reason don’t quite know why why oh that’s terrifying terrifying we just taking our rope off as well we have okay we’re officially mental mental yeah let’s get inside now

because I’m not liking this in we go definitely worth a AAA game tries but it cost peanut sticking out a boy for 35 quid classic Evie Frye I don’t have time to distinguish between Rebel conspirators of the company guards work without a safety net it’s true questions questions you time like Percival they game I want the most demon sighs I couldn’t get a PS5 unbalanced so I’ll have to wait till then yeah I haven’t been able to get a pre-order yet either but to be honest I haven’t tried to get a pre-order I’m sure they’ll be pre-orders again like it come on it’s so many were talking about it’s one of the next gen consoles they’re not out there just waiting on me they’re just waiting for the right time you know they’re making it seem like demand is high and Supply is low but I honestly I think they’ve got tons just they’re just waiting to release them against height builds up again so my going with McKay McKay where we going little boost it’s like a last of his boots Sakura you later man right right let’s go Mikey got the Red Coats dr. Smith working in this I know put this into you stuff stuff may you go there you go wait what just not working I want me to click and hold it I’m an idiot there you go let’s go bro bro good and proper stealth mode Jin stuff protection – carefully time pressing I’m an idiot I didn’t think it was gonna be that difficult to be honest show me after there you go holy it’s dude he’s just doing his job we just literally killed killed him just just the cockpit no No this the cockpit

Portsmouth Portsmouth New joisey Demon Souls the only reason I want a PS5 I mean I’m excited I think I might end up getting so Punk on the PS 5 as well I was going to get it on PC with to be honest I don’t have the hardware for it right now and I’d rather just be safe in the knowledge that I can run it on PS 5 kind of got really excited for next gen consoles actually it’s getting closer and closer just over a month go are you good smart the room out punch you on the edge oh this guy’s got me smash it into that thing Jesus been absolutely done holy we seize the ship in the name of Liberty Percival the cockpit is secure it was an absolute Madness Lafayette will remain at the helm what is your status I got work rip it’s a good game but you have work now hope you enjoy your day at work done done head to the ballroom and detectives this is like a plane I guess but it’s a Zeppelin it’s very sophisticated isn’t it I guess it’s more like a train with these kind of seats lining the windows windows oh my God really is very violent on we go I love it across like this yes I am Zeppelin’s are really cool cool okay okay this game was released the same year as a Syndicate looks like the CGI trailer mouth that’s true to be honest like this game is its impressing me a lot Gina government’s proposed Sharpshooters down a plateau cheese I wasn’t expecting that I’m just popped me right in in the head mine’s definitely asking questions later I guess wait again what killed me there come on man just trying to game bro her to the Ball Room undetected undetected we do is take down on the corner oh light just jumped up then seems to be that way even need to kill that guy to be fair

Oh I thought you was going to see us us then away we go to the pool room a ship I can memnon it’s very cool name awesome have a complication yes I’m high too smooth why is Luke in here flowers flowers then off to the Americas carry on going we got this I’ll be doing what is that oh sniper rifle with a suppressor who here to kill we were identify the disguised River moves you apart he’s like a possible he’s a rebel there was a balcony he’s a rebel yeah can nobody see me sitting there with a sniper yeah come on on man just tell him bro this is a really cool Mission actually as were infiltrating like a party no patch okay there’s a patch no more is there you go okay so it was it was him him it was him him that he has a patch him him so those two in it that is got a punch one one two look look now God poor guy Eldon ring more like never coming out ring Master if George RR Martin’s involved in it is there a coming coming out right here we go oh Oh beautiful sniper these

all these guys Rebels Jesus so many of them I need to be honest oh my God god oh it’s like a Mauser this is cool oh it’s like football full OH obviously the weapon designs in this game really cool as well I prefer single shot the photo to be honest it’s not the buff out there you go there were down there oh beautiful shot come put your arm out I dare you There you go shot in the hand is enough to kill you apparently apparently with this gun okay I looks like everyone oh no No yo get down on the ground them OK iet’s get back up up I thought I was everyone I have indeed come back upstairs Eldon ring ring I’m excited for man everyone wants held in ring okay yeah mad man down there mad one there you go anybody else and you move pretty anymore I can hear someone someone’s shooting you go the ground crunchy crunchy facing where is everyone this way Jesus Jesus yep meaning okay is that everyone yep yep on we go the bloody hell was that that everyone there’s a rebel commander on board it’s the woman from Whitechapel I miss killer she ain’t getting away away bro it’s Quickscope time they’re chasing it down wrong wrong way down down there angel of Harlem hello Gamers what’s up welcome to the stream angel of Harlem whoops whoops so nice grenade there Who am I going through the smoke

Percival Percival bloody bloody that was it little little section in these circumstances your mission to Whitechapel was to remain covert covert I have a support of numerous casualties per and report of Destruction to the London Hospital and now this I intend to stand by my word I alone will assume responsibility for all the consequences that may befall us Sebastian Sebastian do is little I can do to protect you from the Wrath of the Lord Chancellor or of the order your father will see reason right now our concern should be finding the other device before it detonates good night’s your assistance be we must all honey off the ship before things get worse so Lucan will escort you and CW a curation we must resume up a suit to oh surely this is a situation for all hands Hands you do not intend to stay aboard we will join you as soon as we can we do intend to stay aboard sir is he people then head to the concrete no I’m coming with you is he you need to find Lafayette and get off this ship your brother charge me to bring you back safely do this this for me see you later is he off you go lads lads we need weapons because it got stationed nearby can Avail ourselves of the company’s arms let’s go let’s go with Percival well I’m back yo Mario’s back in the chat boys boom that’s so satisfying so I’ve been a bit in active in the chat been working on watching at the same time that’s fine but I don’t worry about it it long as I know people are watching I actually don’t mind full auto auto gaming got it a document right right here God God it’s true all right let’s get going Percival maybe Rebels ahead you ready I’m ready I’m very ready ready grafting in the coal mines yeah Mary has been graphed in Grafton away hard in the coal mines what’s amiss right oh do you also think the missions where you fought in humans or a little bit more boring than the more horror based missions where you fight in the Lycans like that stuff was cool hey Hey I love that burst back from that gun that’s a shotgun your them off we go oh God god I could do was there

you go that was supposed to do shot first crunchy around the head what are we going I’m quite excited I think what they want put one looks really cool cool I can I can get through oh Jesus Jesus Percival crunch the bits and let’s go it’s just us now it isn’t night bro we gonna do do oh God God where is this guy leave me alone there you go oh my God but who’s gonna help me then to be honest oh I see fights very excited for the Ghosts multiplayer and the raid I don’t know what the rate is but it looked really interesting and the trailer so what excited to see what that entails I would like to do it with James Ethan and Tyler ideal is it’s decent ghost do the raid with them and see what’s your we can muster up in terms of video content we have to stop him trust me he creates him who’s this guy listen to me stand down no idea who you’re dealing with we are not the enemy then prove it who’s the enemy stop this madness no No we’ll see see to it Sebastian kill him you don’t have to oh there is going to be sick but you need a few good players to have you back hey look that’s what we like to see teamwork gaming don’t tell me person who has died I like Percival we’re not in a good spot right now now chapter 6 ten chapters left God the Lord was a lot to get through I’m hype for the Ghosts multiplayer here same here man I’m intrigued to find out how this ends up up like the end of the game and that’s a state escaping from underneath Westminster Westminster the boys of tsushima that is amazing I need to get Ethan James and Tyler on it when it comes out and just make a video called The boys of tsushima because that is hilarious is he can’t hear me

I’ll figure figure is this I’ll go for it was possible for a a second then thank God oh my God all right let’s go we can make it out of here come on have you watched the boys George one of the best shows to come out in a while no I haven’t actually actually Percival I know is that that possible I’ll move it move it it’s a Galahad is alive but first of all all get out of the way I can’t do it possible always he died oh no no post oh man man possible all right P Percival on the team diminishes dude gray soon as George said he likes person who I knew this would suck I know man you seem like a sweet guy guy my condolences you’re ready was a good guy wasn’t it it’s not standard standard do we get his gun we get his revolver Chris Chris no blame yourself for what happened happened This Cloud boss How can I was my mentor my brother brother the concerns of the upcoming salinity for the rest of you wait to Pink questions remain as to that I intend to find out out sizes Mallory’s death will be Avenged

not fall prey to dark thoughts of Retribution way Madness lies lies counsel White’s office Hastings is on his way he’d India House yep there you go it should be back on now thank you in person for saving his life and the lives of all the other my microphone keeps unplugging some strange reason I don’t know why I guess chapter 7 the Knighthood whatever six centuries a night call supposable sack with us in in Brotherhood he saw entire kingdoms perish and others equally transitory take their place he saw the rise of the half-breeds and was relentless in their Pursuit pursuit through all these things he bore Witness because he was blessed by this that whale how old was he man Blackwater that courses through our veins I swear like really really we can live for a long amount of time that’s why why there is a tradition of bestowing a Knighthood in our order the occasion of the death of him him generation after generation okay is getting knighted today on just such a solid occasion occasion from blood of old old it’s really cool well we’ll give give new life do you re Joseph Paul DiMaggio Marquis de Lafayette hell is going on most noble precepts of our order order let’s to give your life in service to our righteous cause no my heart and soul soul three made the Grail give you life beyond life there you go takes a big sip sip the Blackwater oh my this communion is that King Arthur the sword henceforth only your blood to replenish his fire fire oh Oh the Blackwater Blackwater so always use it wisely this is a really cool concept concept I got the stuff person servant of our great king and night of the Round Table maybe rise rise sir Percival and assume your rightful place at our table the new sir Percival Sebastian Mallory’s body from the council chamber and take him to the Crypt Sebastian Mallory what an interesting name name this console is now called to order order let’s go terrible tragedy which has befallen us serve as a warning to those who would be 5 Commandments of this this office Lake Sebastian Mallory did not

in the fight against the hot springs nope No died victim of his own Sheila’s Enterprise nah that’s not fair the highest standards of beauty and sacrifice that’s all what purpose no Chancellor I’m a sublet buildings destroyed innocent citizens placed at risk in childhood all damage done to United India Company drop I don’t like this it is only by the mercy of Providence that an even greater disaster avoided all this while not a single Rebel was taken into custody on the contrary by their Rogue action was the nights in question may have done the enemy of great service to Lord Chancellor perhaps speaks too harsh you would do well to remember that so percival’s Force did uncover evidence of a rebel a mere supposition all of which resulted in like this old man with respect to sit down sir Galahad with respect I too have lost a friend more than a a friend the brother do great wrong to sell his name in such a manner on the very edge of insubordination I am apprehensive at my responsibility in this you tell him Galahad it of the same circumstances represent themselves I will do exactly as I have done as Mallory what’s going on is it disturbance in London tan the bridge all night storms protect Lord Hastings let’s eliminate these Godless Rebels once and for all let’s him up man old man does nothing is not yet over someone will yet answer for Sebastian Mallory’s death what oh yourselves and take defensive positions on the bridge let’s defend Hastings chapter 8 okay so I see some of the chapters of really really really like short and it’s basically just cut scenes I see that’s fine to be honest we’re halfway through the game ready now so now we’ve got another give or take two hours or so left personal with me let’s go just make a move lads hi this is Dayton I am on the bus hello Dayton thank you for letting me know that you’re on the bus this is is there you go how is he not dead oh there you go he’s dead now this is a cool set to be honest I really like the art gun bad-ass ass who’s that just killed this is a nice pistol that’s like one shot everyone Joo Koon revolver revolver this is nice get used to this this that’s got reloading wait what what did I just get yo what is going on on I’m gonna die I’m going to die die let me get behind cover cover get up get up get up watching the stream and drinking tea cause gamer because gamer deserves the rest honestly I don’t know what you’re on about that I’m glad you’re enjoying a cup of tea mate I really am top Patterson okay who else wants it okay this out the way so who are the Rev was in what they rebelling against

ask the question because I still don’t actually know they not like the knights or they rebelling against yeah the culling of of I was telling you you what’s going on what’s the deal with the story for vengeance come to your senses this is time for vengeance man sir Percival died this is most certainly a time for vengeance oh knocks I just died she got shot in the mouth oh did I shoot a grenade in in midair that’s pretty impressive look at that this revolver is amazing I’m loving that right let’s continue oh I’m oh O full ammo for the boy this is come on use the black water get down I’ll come on there’s no way I’m even in that those shotgun dudes a yeah my broken English made that difficult to read back sorry girl no worries made out of apologize it’s going to be a shotgun fella fella you go my God let’s go see Mama this reminds me of the Wonder wolf from Black Ops zombies yo George what’s up man odds Josh Anderson himself welcome to the stream man I’m doing pretty good to be honest I’m really enjoying this game game it’s on Jesus Jesus Anymore for anymore over we go come on I need air support give me a support support come on lads honestly this revolver is amazing one shine everybody it’s actually one shot machine the ground the any ammo in here well well I’ll let you pick up I’m work the ox weapon is sick I’m not gonna going to life that man is so good good okay right right round we go okay no one else hey nice to yeah this game was awesome we should got a sequel very underrated game you’re not wrong there oh

my God okay when expecting that at all all all right just I’ll just pretend you didn’t say hello to me me I didn’t say hello to me sorry I read that wrong wrong one I wish this weapon weapon like conduct electricity between enemies I’ll sake yes drink that drink drink it hey you go you love to see it oh for sake honestly even the shooting in this game is fun as hell yeah I agree to be honest it feels good it’s very responsive and weighty weighty move it it queued up bloody night oh my God god like having us everyone but now I mean except for this guy guy okay you go to be honest this is amazing this is great what can I say anything I’m barely see anything anyway Modern Marvel achievement sir cool 40 enemies of science weapons could three enemies with a single explosion Achievement Hunter achievement boys you love to see it it cheetah I don’t like switch weapon you’re happy easy myself Jesus Jesus I love it it too many many come on so so olya should be everywhere you go go beautiful absolutely beautiful don’t tell me what to do damn as a really easy Platinum could pretty much fun percent in a day or two that’s true it doesn’t a very easy platinum flipping around here here where is she man God

Jesus but they look so scared scared some are just going against protocol and going on my own now he’s been done I’ll bail music is music museum uses where’s the woman I’m going to just leave I don’t take your anger out on him poor guy that’s it absent out out I don’t snatch it off him let him look at at him you’re gonna get out so you plastered on my own own man that bottle looks so good they just everything about that shot there looks amazing I’m not gonna lie lie it’s a beautiful game it really is is give me some more Bev’s Rose Rose this woman so innocent old man working at the local brothel next next excuse me your offer disappeared testing I don’t respond well to threats threats so much animosity that’s another one you can use them what is that she have the Blackwater water how does she Outta juice very Debbie you have to download is it keeps you at ease you can keep your gun please I am not NOT her we have much to discuss let us find a more private setting she’s got some cool clothes on that first other designs are the outfits in this game very cool thus a since that’s the scene scene it’s gonna be a assassin Christmas I feel it your friend Valerie do not presume to speak his name you have all been betrayed the menu or Monsters nights cause no one master not even the queen you are an Empire bootlickers groveling at the feet of the Mighty United India Company gosh your tongue woman your honorable corporations forever very scourging us a patently stupid fight rantings of a fanatic we’re talking about the the Lycans we both

fight the same evil fussing oh she’s an assassin and if it is mine you seeking your misguided Quest that’ll be the end of it it along with every one of his collaborators and you expect us to just step aside while you carry out your campaign of Terror let’s be honest she has a satin robes to be fair she does even gaming Secrets man have time for games there’s little I can say to swear your convictions but there are things that can show you to give you the explanation your answers await at The company stocks in Blackboard yard you must hurry you better be right let all yard when the Order 1886 has more assassins in it than current Assassin’s Creed the underground tunnels classic be prepared to meet have a resistance until I say otherwise now let’s go and let’s do it and once again she sees me must be a cold night to be fair without the coat and everything you think I’m doing bad I’m not playing any games mom she’s going to find my color she’s going to find it on the side side no she didn’t she does know that I drink absinthe absinthe whoo how’d she even know that was there how’d she even see that that Galahad doesn’t get cold it’s true I’ll have doesn’t get cold me Galahad I’m only working with him to find answers is he you don’t have to be worried here we go back to Galahad follow Lakshmi chapter 10 oh no that’s shuts of nice isn’t it well what’s up up

yeah one less than ten it’s 9:00 so we’ve only got seven chapters left and we’re done Blackfriars Blackfriars tunnel let’s continue mom woman woman she’s got the red sash just like an assassin like I just can’t look past past it every time I see a red sash in any game it just reminds me of Assassin’s Creed every single time time on we go hmm a longest push push ever my Wi-Fi is just not doing bits bits today I’m sure it would be a at some point let’s give him a little shank about look it’s early morning this looks so nice nice quickly him a little crunch this is private property oh feared as much I was lost in the tunnels who did you ever know you another lost traveler in this infernal City it is if you don’t mind me asking where am I blackwall yard United India toxicities an absolute madman definitely not where I thought well you’re going to get back to where you came back through the tunnels trifle easier to climb up to the streets wouldn’t you say back you go oh he’s got slobber on it it I’ll recognize that voice actors she sounds like Siri for some reason why does she sound like Siri Siri obviously it’s not like I was expanding the embankment it’s not Siri but it sounds like it there’s an interchange legal for the tracks I got who we want to do that I can’t even use it it the fact this is an early PS4 game and still holds up graphically today is insane I know man look at it it’s just it’s honestly crazy it’s blows my mind it genuinely does okay let’s push this give me a hand no one helped me that should get bangs son for that dude got absolutely smashed around the air I’m we go just a little further even animations in this game I like like really good like look how she’s like Persinger lips out of like the fourth she’s putting into it right right stop so good man good good there is indeed a route across I’ve gone the wrong way way I wouldn’t I I’ll have I know maybe maybe nah nah this way way oh my God look at this area holy that lovely Sunrise as well

well man it’s beautiful it’s a boost what a classic okay open Jesus stay in cover I’ll find a way to get to the sniper they can you just climbed over this anyway wait what wait what how can you not climb over there bro bro come on man what look how easy those boxes are come on you crazy guy I guess we’ve got go go through the buildings okay I’m busted there you go where do I go from here here unless I just kill the rest of these guys guys if ready at dawn could have made a second game would have been amazing so it’s they got bought by Facebook recently is that dream might be dead now damn that’s a shame that’s a big shame well I’m glad we got this game to be honest because it’s very interesting it really is is I don’t want to go oh this this doors open suddenly next next level some ammo don’t Mind If I Do do bloody hell hell is lots and lots there I’m gonna die I’m definitely dead there you go I didn’t know where these guys were coming from to be honest they just came randomly through the door in the eyes what’s up fool kind of interested to see what that’s for Q hungry enemies of the headshot Jesus I’ve already killed a hundred immediately enemies crunch him come on on there you go buckets yeah I’ll pick up the fully old say Western go on on kind of mental Full O Athens in the Victorian period I see if this is Island down you go I don’t have time to sake he’s like she got the incinerator okay let’s pick up the shotgun oh God he’s gonna kill me a so yes let me hear you I don’t know why you just let me do that but I’ll take it it

oh my God god how many slugs can use Duty there you go and give me that yeah you go faced a beautiful weapon you probably finish this by like half 10 or 11 I reckon yeah probably something like that if I carry on carry on going the way I’m going jump across there we go I’ll Afiya hey we we are through the door we go sniper boys going to get slumped there you go oh oh you’re move move so now I can just snipe down I put it shotgun shotgun good and smash or damage them but instead I just miss how many people do they have stationed here pretty far too many there you go he started it about half five right and it’s like five or six hours a year round about them yeah roundabout sort of 10 11 ish Oh I’ll just been shot so many times and I guess I have the Blackboard still wishes she’s fine drink the Blackwater I don’t have it on me she’s got to give it to me no I’m dying I don’t have it it okay we’re all good we’re all good we survived what am I doing what am I doing come on me taking so many shots shots the gets wounded finish him off holy yeah so much for keeping this friend a damn it I’m in no mood to chest you said you had proof where is it so it’s the proof love on we go let’s press on words it’s right away out of here we need to find another way way it’s a little look dude everything is in schedule

Philadelphia well would you look at that that how do we get to settle other side side you better hold that should be close enough okay okay it’s long enough to jump onto the platform my way I think I can reset voice from up are you you going now we just wait and go in there there okay okay take us over over probably probably all right can I can you go sounds good cool The Lads down there there I guess all right there’s no that’s down there hmm hmm okay we should ideally close it and lock it behind this this but why would you want to do that three my count three two two three two three oh God God oh I was not expecting that that the sake I was trying to shoot him I’m gonna count to three one one two grab her out the way you go well there is a a shotgun this isn’t gonna be useful is it they’ve all got like pistols and fully automatic weapons and I’m stuck here with a shotgun shotgun yeah I got The High Ground now boy boy hey we got it it give me that the next part that I don’t see any of that I know it’s randomly got shot in the mouth mouth okay okay let’s get on through I look it’s her whose name I turned on the night to corrupt his doesn’t it hello gents hello there Max welcome to the stream man welcome to the big Upstream hey

the scientist is she talking about about Tesla cool blow me is that Maximilian Maximilian classic classic Maximilian yeah upstairs bro bro this morning that looks good I can’t stop looking at that sunrise the ship moves this fell cargo must never be allowed to leave him hurry hurry some dodgy dealings going going on down we go I need you to go and got these great news it is my duty to protect you that he it’s murder she liked Debbie oh she just glitched out there Jesus she got a gun out pretty quickly I’m gonna think I’m gonna get working out now as well drop drop over we go go and drop yeah she made it all the way over there quickly go go yeah I’m taking it be easy now editing on a daily basis needs to be balanced well it does run like I used to upload daily daily it was never a fun it just it was never fun until the views that are coming in that was when it got fun but even then it wasn’t worth worth it come on Mom okay so I guess we just follow her lead oh nearly fell holy how did you even do that that okay let’s see what it’s like if you just felt but we don’t have the time for that man we got to get this game done by the end of the night it will top-hatted man looking looking all sus what what oh get his lordship to see if the I love that accent so much it’s brilliant there’s one one too what kind is he a grenade launcher launcher okay he’s dead now sitting here man man you know there’s loads of them down there all right let’s focus on the immediate enemies enemies there you go to be honest I wish I still had my revolver revolver

stop the crack oh I missed oh as if you got me okay wait how is that not a headshot there you go grenade launcher yeah boy boy okay down we go blow them up yeah want to put some more lichens man let me fight some more lichens okay then we go by a new weapon weapon come on I need a weapon get ready oh am I ah it doesn’t work for this weapon oh yeah it does okay okay I wish I would’ve just kept the sniper you got it with the wrecked it another one why would you stand next to an explosive Barrel it’s just silly isn’t it highly volatile oh get away from me get away from me let me use my black black water there you go go jump down – somi shotgun dudes all over the place and see that grenade grenade there I’ll save the ammo ammo for that the shotgun gentlemen and this one guy that be wary of those shotgun dudes the should the ones with the shotguns are literally the most annoying in the entire game yeah yeah you you go I’ve no doubt there’s another one one nearby oh I completely forgot about this ability ability God God don’t kill me the same way again again Gunslinger up man I’m getting who the achievements now or I’m changing because I don’t actually like that grenade launchers a bit shitty there you go off we go okay I’m picking this up as well I thought we were going to do a lot quiet short game it certainly provides a nice boost your PSN level if nothing else that’s true to be

honest you shut battery level low I’m 302 now with 18 Platts so good I got I need to get back to platinum grind soon to be fair whenever I’m not streaming or working on one the Platinum grind I’m doing Horizon zero Dawn at the minute well I’m doing the Frozen Wilds anyway did you goon enough of your speculations it’s find what you brought me when is it a little bit hard this way it’s a very long chapter this one compared to a lot of the other ones I’m watching the last few chapters will be like one after the other like banged out they must have fallen back to regroup now now the proof woman show me the proof that’s a pretty healthy number of plaits I’m stuck on six I’ve only got two at the minute so you guys do a lot better than I am I’ve only got ghosts of tsushima and Horizon zero Dawn main game working on the Frozen main game I new game+ actually I think I think that’s that’s that’s two that’s three plans actually because I got Horizon zero Dawn New game+ Horizon zero Dawn main game and ghost of tsushima last few chapters are short from memory there you go I was right I’m imagining it for me for sure sure search for the company’s Insignia on Krantz cranes but it’s those than that that’s that’s one couple more you gotta look for red stamp there you go that’s what that’s that’s one isn’t it yeah there you go yeah this must be what we’re looking for help me get this one down down the how I’ve won Platt and that’s from ghost she stared at me man crowbar no crowbar there is a crowbar look hard night see the evil we both fight against oh my God vampires vampires holy vampires and werewolves this is called as in this universe universe which of you has become a key oh my God this is so cool cool holy it’s the shipping them off off how many more of these are there yeah this is such a cool game game the stakes have been raised holy this is so cool the oh my God there’s loads of them them my God god yeah the theme of this game is so cool with like vampires werewolves and fantasy but set in an alternate timeline version of Victorian London with futuristic this is so cool cool to be fair the whole narrative idea is very intriguing it’s just that the gameplay box it down I don’t think the game plays bad it’s pretty much Last of Us Gameplay gameplay I don’t see the problem if I’m being honest honest so you have to like no No what do we do I like this one bear another classic lighter there you go Berlin vampire oh me he’s gonna pause ain’t

getting anywhere this one’s ready you go ouch ouch we go I was a qtes yeah yelling quick time events are Hit or Miss but people really do cry way too much about QuickTime events it’s like they’re not that bad just do it and press the button get on with it it so I guess if they’re overused yeah but I don’t think it’s out of place in this game there’s a lot of quick time events in The Last of Us and yet people don’t complain about it because it’s the last of of us again I don’t think a lot of the criticisms this game got would apply to other games it’s just because it’s this game people people are like oh no it’s the Order 1886 as you don’t win this game is bad at all I don’t think the other is much wrong with it to be honest honest like it’s got amazing Graphics are really intriguing story interesting characters it’s got fun gameplay segments like I don’t see the problem yeah the combat can be a little bit samey some of the plot points don’t hit as well as they should but I think that atmosphere is over all done really well well let’s move on to the rest very well and it was this game to me personally is that it’s just short has a lot of cuties with gameplay graphics and story concepts are awesome as the full-length see with all of its potential to I want probably won’t get one yeah we won’t get one of this point now I’m almost sure of it with what everyone’s been saying in the chat which is a massive shame because I feel like this could have done with the sequel man imagine a sequel on PS5 ps5 the order order there’s something about this story is really captured me mostly people have a problem with the boss fights I mean I’ve only done one boss five so far I’m pretty sure sure love this gun so much for must be the be a are from Call of Duty World at War war Now That’s a classic don’t get how people criticize cuties is I have to keep my hands on the control of the entire time yeah it’s a game where deal yeah when do you not have your hands on the controller the people like put controllers down during cutscenes or something because I had to be honest I don’t do that oh God okay where are we going oh wait is a lift I’m I’m an idiot yeah more Dragoon hammer this this is hand cannon that’s pretty much what it is it’s sick that musics pretty cool yeah the plot points thing is probably because of the length of the game if it were longer some elements could have been expanded upon yeah I definitely think so now I’m not saying this game isn’t without flaws because it most certainly is most certainly is is I mean like its there are some places where the game does fall short but I think a lot of the criticisms people force on this game they wouldn’t apply to others others like to me this plays a lot similarly to the last like very very similarly I was wasted our degree number leave me be be the game and come back does its job duties and no big deal just feels like to do done that fleshing out being longer feels like proof of concept in some ways I understand that yeah I mean well I don’t know maybe not proof of concept don’t go that far because there’s still a lot to this has been fleshed out a fair amount I don’t know how I’m still alive alive okay I need to get behind cover some actual cover I shouldn’t have pushed up so far okay oops they’re throwing grenades left right and Center center man why are they throwing so many grenades mama oh that’s where

the grenades are from mr grenade man people like to be in control while playing games not just watching a cutscene is sometimes pressing a button during it I don’t really mind but something too I perfectly understand that some people don’t like games like this but it’s not doesn’t mean the game has been done badly it just means it’s not to some people’s tastes maybe the marketing for this game wasn’t what people expected though I don’t really know know oh shocker in the right there come on on sake I got shot on him Hey Joe you get grenade up up there yeah we got him yeah I don’t know more about this sort of universe not going to lie yes I do of why I think it’s very intriguing intriguing like it’s just it’s just very inspired like it’s it’s not your run-of-the-mill sort of Victorian London story oh big liking his head in there you go from what I remember around release the thing that people boggled the the game down was the length I feel if people look past that one complaint there is a lot of Praise there’s lots of Praise about this game I agree there’s a lots of Praise about this game and he started oh my God okay where has the woman gone finish him I like fighting the Lycans these bits are way more interesting interesting where’s my weapon to likings whereabouts whereabouts so it was like we’re sitting ducks in here to be honest blind oh my God god imagine getting a werewolf in a choke hold there you go just do like an an elder oh my God nearly other than to be honest I went and certainly blowing money played at this year she didn’t have anything to be disappointed by and was pleasantly surprised by most of it yeah that this that’s how I feel right now I think this is one of those games that just suffer suffers from being labeled and then never recovers from it which is a massive shame actually think this is incredibly underrated a near the end also when you’re done please

give you quick thoughts maybe I’ll pick it up I will do I’ll make sure to give us a sort of summary of how I feel about the game when it’s done during the credits this horror must be made known to the council check half a night the company could not succeed without powerful phrase in the government used to on the docks how your own ranks have been infiltrated the war has turned against against the half-breed he’s there now using the United India Company to spread Terror throughout the world you must help us right it’s want to protect the realm of bringing Crashing down we must first move fare you well night would only we could have met on different circumstances where should I find you whisper my name in Whitechapel Whitechapel when I will be there or use this bit of information does she really expect I’m just going to go Whitechapel and just go Tommy me like that would just never never happen right what in the world is going on not now don’t walk away from me I saw your Whitechapel you follow me I was worried about you you fled like a madman after the battle on the madman madman some kind of clandestine infiltration is that what this is the time great what’s happened to you ever since Mallory was killed I look at you you what do you see I don’t know stranger when I’m not sure I can trust for your own good whoa Galahad Galahad chuckle with the buoys to whisper names always been caught in the act the destruction was total a clear case of arson according to the mishnah Doyle apparently a small group of rebels was seen on the docks or rather the commissioner so Fonda oh yes Elementary and what do you think think should you wish boy won the game is pretty low no it isn’t it final stream I’ll turn it up a tiny bit there you go for you for you gilani Richardson any information that will shed light on the events of the last few days must surely surely be found there trespass on the company’s headquarters you are convincing cocked Mallory drastic circumstances call for drastic measures I would have your assistance Alistair hardly think it proper for the Knight Commander to bestow the lay of the land indeed your guidance to navigate the grounds of the United India House if the conspiracy is to be revealed testimony testimonial carry your father very well oh damn next up is and chive for I’m excited for that so am I am very excited for someone charged for you they’re matching Clank then Horizon zero Dawn dawn I thank you brother thank you very much Alistair Alistair we’re approaching the United India house assuming the Planning Center through the front door don’t worry I’ve made preparations for this cutscene looks so

so good on proved to be a little more difficult look at how good that looks looks hell I know I keep saying it come on chapter 11 something like five chapters left in the done you could say that back entrance to the compound all right let’s go I’ll play it half of Ratchet and Clank and loved it and chatted for his bits and pieces but a bit overrated still an awesome 8 out of 10 I might pick up the order to looks incredible hey I’m glad I’m glad I’ve managed to convince people to buy some games by playing these streams streams I’m good I’m glad that you started off in the Stream earlier saying oh my God then if it’s my type of game and now you’re saying it’s incredible I’m glad I’m glad to see that it’s appeals to you okay another you can read this Crystal Palace in Ruins after Airship crash smoke blanketed the are over Hyde Park yesterday evening after the pride of the United India company’s Fleet the airship Agamemnon Crash from the sky Jeweler mr. J Morris of Knightsbridge described the conflict conflagration as like unto the very sort of the Archangel Michael the destruction of The craft stalls what was meant to have be a three-day voyage across the Atlantic to the the Americas initial estimates indicate that dozens of unlucky bystanders were maimed or killed by Falling debris Trias detritus detritus and how to pronounce that and as many as 200 patients have been admitted to nearby hospitals for burns after the Inferno sparked by the crash spread to buildings on the surrounding streets representatives of the the United India Company of informed A dispatch that no peers of the realm lost their lives during the Killer calamitous event event the past manifest included such notable gentlemen as the Lord Chamberlain Lord Barrett Lord Darwin amongst many others in Anonymous missive this publication are Westminster informant referred to the loss of the Agamemnon as the result of the Cowardly acts of a few broken Souls who have turned their eyes from the god queen and the empire fueling speculation that the crash was the work of and I kiss Rebels a source close to Scotland Yard commissioner Doyle has suggested that the Rev was likely acted in retaliation for military actions in recent weeks by the order of Her Majesty’s Royal knights in the neighborhoods of Mayfair and Whitechapel perhaps the most tragic of the casualties of yesterday’s Blaze was not an individual but the Beloved Crystal Palace a long-standing fixture of Hyde Park constructed of cast iron plate glass for the great exhibition of 1851 sergej Paxton’s towering design once stood up proud 100 and 130 in height now how magnificent archers have been reduced to a blasted skeleton of hideously Twisted Metal shards and cinders readers may remember attempts by a prominent businessman including board members of the London Brighton Railway company to redesign the Crystal Palace and relocated to sit sit sit in Sydenham Hill which were opposed by both Parliament and several members of the Order Of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights sad irony then that Her Majesty’s nights efforts to defend the palace three three decades pass scan signed it to a fiery Doom last evening so Philip Glenn owner of the shipyard directed The Agamemnon claimed during a speech on the crafts christening this Leviathan shall fly high as a symbol of progress and the future to come it will stand as a reminder of British Supremacy in the skies in light of the recent catastrophe his words recall not the legend of the mighty Agamemnon but that of the ill-fated dreamers Daedalus and his son Icarus Icarus stuff like these full newspaper articles a nice inclusions yeah it’s really cool I love these newspapers I love these newspaper yeah I’m not so on the gameplay but I’m definitely interested on the story and world I don’t blame you Hunter of hunters so it’s pretty interesting if I’m being honest sorry Lads I was just reading the the paper let me cheer it’s Mallory lawn sergeant totes regiment of Frost if that Frost

frost without a foot I says I think it’s frosted with his foot food food oh crossbow that is looking sweet oh Oh okay okay you love to see it getting deep into the game are we I’m indeed nearly at the end now I think ancient ones for the best we stay silent on this mission mission look like the stream Eddie Josh Max has patrolled off with make guys man all entrances what’s the point the gardens should provide us enough cover to move in unnoticed other me she’d had to the rooftops we go follow Lucan come brother this way way I can do that you go oh I haven’t looked at yet you’d even like the Stream bro come on man disgusting disgusting Behavior behavior let’s continue our the rain is so nice and not even gonna lie the rain is nice you go I’m fine you getting close to the last few chapters next slide slide quality stealth emissions were his who like covert and if we go glad to be a yeah I’m good just working on some stuff and thought I’d take a break to see some true gaming you love to see it well there’s definitely plenty of true game in here intelligence trustworthy man most unpleasant time oh dramatic entrance you planned oh so it’s not a crossbow it’s a it’s like a repeal it’s like a claw claw grappling hook that was the word I was looking for for what am I looking for right now oh is he by seems to fit the parameters of the line okay okay let’s do it it it’s all right done done you have it you just stay here she begged cage-free isn’t a PlayStation exclusive you’d ever never exclusive to your next ever excuse to replay the hey I was saying this couple streams ago do it alone I am I would have loved to do Kingdom Hearts free on this series it would have been great put him in a good time the game in TV says bedtime it’s not bedtime it’s never a bad time for a game oh God Eddie is back and he’s back in the shop just a who Bops to pieces like a little stab hey look at that game on TV they it is super chat two pounds that’s Lucas Lucas made it on streem boys let’s have it I appreciate it man I do that’s hilarious yeah if you are you know gaming TV is my mate Lucas from real life and he’s just a native me money thank you very

much much ma’am he’s a cool man can I like retrieve my arrow no come on come on bro bro wait we shot his hat off how how we do that man will it shot his head off come on on okay let’s try and be a bit more stealthy about this this guy’s gonna get crunched crunched Eddie I need to taste them myself Eddie’s special wing recipe recipe Eddie’s epic special special wing I mean he’s a man of his wings wings come on boy you go playing so many games in the series brother not how you do it for so long because I’m a game we almost got platinum on this game or something like what is going on on which was our only 28% or highly respectable to be honest Q4 of enemies overhead shot there in Black so I kill enemy of every weapon get 25 enemies during black site I honestly no idea Jason sure I just got turned on by that word Crunch as she does love the word crunch come here here bro here you go no key dokey no key yo look at those lights look at like the water dripping oh my god this game is beautiful oh come on that’s man get out of here get the out of here bro bro one day I’m gonna get a lot of ground for a fat Wing day a fat Wing day to be fair I mean I’m not the most I’m not the biggest fan of wings like I like him I think they’re great but I’d always choose a bonus bit of chicken over it because you just get more chicken there’s something always left I’m always left wanting when I have a chicken wing like a bone chicken wing I’m like I wish there was more chicken to be honest like they’re nice this chat siderius was it literally are real life humor did you come to strange more often man and come to the chat more because yes it’s a genuinely really chill place in the chat everyone’s everyone’s sound as you gotta save him oh and there’s a dude coming this way as well well popcorn chicken for the win I love popcorn chicken to be fair from like KFC Mahalo popcorn chicken I thought it was going to turn it on my way then I was about this blow his head off off it’s it’s NPCs where’s Mikey bro bro give me the key rather like this guy this whole situation right now your peripheral vision sucks bro I’ve been chilling for a while he’s down at notice a little I always notice every now and then when people were people comment in the chat It’s just sometimes I’m obviously not looking at the chat so I have no idea what’s going on so we need to be the key for this this but if we get the key oh we got it I know he didn’t that’s pretty cool you cannot interact with the gate George I’m actually upset you’re playing this I tried to put this game in my past because it was too painful to think about now look at me whether you’ve lost your mind bro oh look it’s a new it’s another another thing newspaper

District Paralyzed by powerful Faith by power failure not powerful failure I don’t know what they mean mean counsel authorities of yet to provide an explanation for the loss of electric power experimented throughout Whitechapel experimented I mean experience the experience for out Whitechapel District The situation remains unresolved is this paper went to press prompting fears that the already notorious neighborhood could descend further into disorder with looting and violent reprisals among rival underworld factions likely to increase the interruptions in electric service is rumored to have followed an incursion By Her Majesty’s nights into the area the blackout came seconds after a Gusty eruption of animal noise I’ve got to read animal abuse I don’t know why whitechapel’s Legion of stray dogs sit too a fiendish howling and were seen rampaging through the streets and alleys yo game with dogs flying about if if we’re a terrible thing to hear hear what if we’re a terrible though it were a terrible thing to it a terrible thing claim one girl snipe he would set himself he heard nothing untoward but the knights to blame for the sudden disruption what reason did they have violating the Whitechapel perimeter officials in all quarters remain mum on the subject remain mum mum the terrorists have tampered with the power stations hoping to instill panic and do they now plot an escalation to Citywide chaos or was whitechapel’s well-known reputation as a stockpile of illegal weapons to blame our readers demand answers total outage Whitechapel Stepney shared well partial L teach whopping been bethnal green spits spitalfields and set the spitalfields tower right he’s been loads of black black out son son too many of my about good no Nick Cannon there’s the key is the key out we go key time reading my favorite part of video games right off or I liked reading optional text in games just one long it odds honestly is one of my favorite things when they give me the option to read like bits of dialogue gets me actually gassed give me little crunch crunch right ad I’m guessing we just go in through the main door door possibly maybe not then doesn’t like it I did not mean to do that that I’m gonna go around this way see what see what this brings us random door ha ha ha it was joke on me because I’m dumb as look I can barely read all right I’ll come on I was just about to get my thing out get him down down you one box me in the face okay now I know where to go go at least we found some ammo so I’m not I’m not so against them using the thing now R cross V Tuesday prefer epic Gaming Belgium or the whistling boy Netherlands we have never been to either so I can’t really say I’m being honest hey weren’t you fluent in Italian yesterday don’t be you feeling the telling you so don’t be so hard on yourself wait where’s where’s Lucan where is he what’s he got on where did he go what have I done am I just being an idiot right now or something he’s saying over here but I can’t hear oh wait you can just do that

can’t you there you go hey men what’s next The West Wing I’ll move to the east George I’m Dutch sure that means and everything is already Superior by 99% let me it’s all about it’s all about the facilities that they got mates or about the facilities at your country out if you don’t have good facilities then on I shall be having it we we got it this is Luke and not coming with us he’s just supporting here we go now you go now the one I love how everyone is cheering that country I just want to get the out of where I’m from so K Hunter Pence is I’m sure you leave one day are you from America I’m guessing all right game was I’m going to head to bed good luck with the rest of the stream and hope you enjoy the rest of the game George thank you very much Josh I appreciate it get a good night’s sleep I take care of yourself man who is this my dearest Elizabeth Elizabeth let’s go oh Oh out you stabbed crunch him about you that really low low reload action down down we go it’s knowing about so many guys on this area she’s not going to be fun serving ammo all right it it it’s 2020 we’re not going to consider that my right right I do like the stealth or actually it’s pretty cool I’m glad they include a stealth section it’s not even the right way that we have to press forward it’s always this way way ah through the Great through we go well I killed him I killed him what the bro I gave you the lifestyle of keeping items in Mo and special stuff when I need them and just use them when I want and now and it’s a lot more fun depends on the game you’re playing step a we’re step away hello Mom so it would not be my nature to let a girl get the better taking care of the rest know risk involving my squad but there is one more with me and you trust this person yes yes very well well now let me Zoom inside and proceed to the archives room how are you like these characters like I can Vibe with these characters man she’s better at stealth and I’m so I’m gonna follow her lead oh come on she did she run that way

way the she like runs that away no she doesn’t which way did she run run I don’t even know where she is is she’s actually off completely completely give me the cue queue there you go the stagecoach to climb the balcony okay okay I help you go on how do you thought this game needs more stealth animations I was about to say the exact same thing to be honest the same thing every day day I need you to stay I need to be by your side you always always our child old what have him and his accomplice heed my advice do you want me then why do you push me away because I need you to continue to cause if something happened to me do not say that Debbie you may not trust me know that I will protect your queen your step I will will see that you do it’s Christmas you don’t want to get on the bad side of that one what’s that Greenie recession Christmas so access in Christmas screening go on get up oh epic parkour section oh she didn’t just just then is it still going to be a self section it’s no longer style section so we can just go all out out down wish I was a sniper up here here Shane this is my sniper bam bam bam Bam BAM this dude doing getting all up in my grill and Madman I do got sniper down there there is this guy guy a grenade right up there you know are you good get inside everyone and so if we go the ways the way inside I don’t get inside over the window he’s right here there you go I got a he’ll man oh beautiful head but how the was you getting shots on me

hmm on don’t you dare take cover cover so so everybody I feel like I said everyone when you make people want to feel the close of the characters you know you got something good okay okay my God that dude was on a absolute definition just saying Jesus just coming up let’s keep moving let’s go it off scream pistol which the normal normal pistol self-loading self-loading pistol here we go this is is so we cut the power there you go beautiful beautiful I love to see see it and they grenade but in the newspaper it isn’t enough know it was so excited then my dear Bok so I looks like it says I thought you would appreciate the news I can’t even read the news to be honest I don’t know what that is is all right let’s go I’ll just fire Lucan it’s okay this is Laxmi Bai by the leader of the Rebellion she is your Confederate have you taken this man I might ask the same question I didn’t know you any better I’d think you led me into a rebel Ambush because I might fear and we do not have time for this we need his help and she’s the only one I can turn to these Madness you’re putting the very core of our order in Jeopardy they can trust me you asked asked very right right to see you oh my God some bullets 20 massacre whoa he shot my grenade oops myself up right there’s good days are not very good I believe that guy’s shot my grenade while so I was throwing throwing it that’s up up dude behind the cover is really push push up on we go follow Lucan it’s a little thing thing no back up here here again

I know why is the sniper she said on the right but I don’t see why there he is wish I had that sniper to be honest for for up here sake a sniper needs to go I can’t I cannot get a shot on him there you go trying to kill me how do they not know what I look like so but I kind of silly the nobody knows that the period using weapons from the night O8 to be fair everyone’s got weapons from the knives you have to keep spamming this guy guy online we had an art gun be honest give me some ammo there you go what difficulty is this you don’t seem to take a lot of hits It’s just normal difficulty I’m not really playing on only hard difficulty just because obviously you want to get these games finished your guys room is just ahead just up ahead another newspaper time to read Rebels spread Terror on Westminster Bridge thunder and lightning rent the air above Westminster Bridge yesterday yesterday rent the air the 17th of October as display both Brazen and Reckless Renegades and anarchists set themselves again at the Knight of the order of the royal Army in attempt in an attempt on the Lord High Treasurer is life for the second time in as little as three days Lord Hastings of the United India company found himself the target of a rebel plot many perished in the triage triage triage the is wrong with me many perished in the tragic conflagration that claimed the Airship Agamemnon and that rain such destruction over Hyde Park and throughout the District of Mayfair as described two days passed in these very pages on this last occasion his lordship was embroiled embroiled with violent defray on the bridge his cart overturned in the assault it was only owing to the alack alack ER T of Her Majesty’s nights in their response that Lord Hastings was recovered from the wreckage unharmed and safely removed to an undisclosed location in a statement from his office Lord Hastings Express gratitude to the nights for their courageous efforts I owe my life to the Knighthood for their selflessness and sacrifice he’s men and women so gentle and respectful in times of peace so relentless and severe in times of war war serve as an Exemplar to which every citizen of Her Majesty’s Empire should aspire the regrettable incident incident transpired while his Lordships transport was on its way to the Palace of Westminster during a series of emergency session both houses of Parliament have made the events of last week their primary order of business amidst an increase in activity by the order against their and anarchists conspiracy within the capital readers of the dispatcher reminded that this conspiracy much whispered about in all quarters remains officially unacknowledged by the the president President we met we ask our worthy MPS how many more prominent citizens must be threatened or slaughtered before the government acts You’ve Got to have some epic game rise to be able to read that small small ass font are we going this way hell just nearly sent an essay worth of Nines in community

chair jet your headphones on you keyboard that’s hilarious what’s going on here here that’s very weird here’s a letter so I cannot be be asked to read hmm hmm the Senate Bill elephant oh sweetie elephant my gran – yes has an elephant just like this in our house like a little brass – I used to love it you should sit on it she nearly exactly like that when I was a kid I used to sit on it it are you feeling any laughing nothing like Captain’s Testament Testament I was going to end badly isn’t isn’t it let’s go into the found nothing and the all our brothers are going to turn against this Isis Statue of Liberty August bus bath told davonne – I can’t read French man who’d you think I am am hmm same have got a little wooden elephant at home everyone loves their little wooden elephants I mean I’ve got they have a brass elephant my grandparents house but I haven’t seen in a long long time time it’s nothing what’s up that’s a big-ass book holy over here keep it down love he will want to see this I also have some elephants but they’re small statues has a foothold in every Indian State yeah the Agamemnon shipment destined for the eastern coast of the Americas and three more shipments planned along the same route RMS Oceanic oceanic where’s Benny I love all she just happened to open it on the right page page everything okay Finley how you feeling he’s dead oh Jesus Jesus all he’s got is know about sake who is that holy it’s Lord Hastings man man on you Jacob or as the food Street pamphleteers so course he’s a vampire world would he not be oh Oh I thank you so Lucas

is Luke and also a vampire do not fail us us like fortunate as wouldn’t you say together together the rebel leader captured and a traitor revealed or in one Fell Swoop the traitor being regretted you regretted as to how could you give me brother Alistair have to look to my own kind above all your kind eyes a vampire you gon find it get off of me oh Jesus get off of me oh oh you killed me in one punch punch maybe didn’t kill me and knocked me out out but still time to die again I wasn’t expecting that oh yeah slice them up up we have to fight Lucas I got boss now or what you can get the back here you traitor you that’s a plot twist and a half mine mine oh it’s lichens Lycans bastard bastard where’s my other gun gun try to get in the corner somewhere just so I can defend there you go I feel like I could have made it a bit more interesting in fighting the Lycans to be honest because again it’s the same thing every single time time to be honest if I was fighting these dudes old fly off on some boxes and hope they don’t come from you go three at a time time hey you guys stop it up up damn this game is a easy plan platinum let’s pursue Luke and ha ha was just staring at me oh oh oh oh I just not fair is it it you can take damage during during animation it’s kind of up don’t you think all is if I have to kill the lichens again kind of if you ask me I was just killed killed him you want some helmet the same mistakes dashing towards me I’m going to get you anywhere boy boy yeah oh yes

oh no get off of me man are you going to run the away bro a disturbance is a found poem on you will order the company guards to stand down lord Hastings we nights will see to the capture of the Rebel leader listen to me you’re making a grave mistake possible take this Intruder into custody no No sorry than that get out of my sight you Hastings and kill you you I thank you you got intervention was truly fortuitous he’s the impostor he’s acting Circe look at you only carrying out our sworn Duty Lord Hastings they all the same my name you would do well to keep a close eye on that trailer I’m no traitor you may expect to be summoned before the the courts your testimony will be required I am always at the service of Her Majesty’s nights she must think something’s going down to be fur you have to hold your arm arm you but some dialogue just tell him what he’s a vampire just look and not guys no guys no I mean there’s no way of improving it’s not gonna test it and I’ve been like stabbing stabbing or anything on it 20th day of October the first accused of the most heinous crimes crimes so I gotta have this betrayed our ancient truck you guys more than this it has conspired with Godless Rebels adding to his Litany of evil he has presumed to take the life of our esteem Chamberlain Lord Hastings sir Galahad is a base traitor a man without honor or stroupe you guys are man to impose the Supreme penalty I beg the council’s intelligence let us not forget sir Galahad service to this order over the centuries perhaps our brother night can be saved how so once more put onto the righteous path the Knight Commander shows too much leniency leniency proof against the traitors refutable and in blurting out he’s a vampire but a guy with that much power you be sent to a psychiatric ward yeah I saw I was too far away to Heaven Kenny but they seemed on familiar familiar terms they were leaving an establishment known to Harbor Rebels the Galahad told an audience with the Lord Chancellor and me he held a number of Senseless accusations at the United India Company and seemed intent on finding Lord Hastings Bringin Lord Hastings Lord Hastings you have identified the prisoner as as your assailant infiltrated headquarters late nights in the royal couple is it it I could not be sure that the man I was following was Sir Galahad until until discarded me the rebel hideout as his Commander I tried to dissuade him from pursuing his allegations allegations there’s no clear he did not heed my advice advice they incapacitated several of my gods and entered my Chum I’ve been framed of course we want to kill you you dirty stinking vampire vampire he must stand

stand condemned actions honored Knights how do you find for the prisoner I’m guilty man I guess guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty but tasty got there George guilty manga mango mango flavor it’s very nice fruity Steam all right shock of Philips Phillips everyone it’s shock a Phillips in the chart welcome to the stream shape of Phillips how you been man guilty guilty I’m just waiting for the questions to come through through I know he’s going to say yo on the next the next thing is going to put in the chat is is question Marky Marquis I guess we’re going to prison man the sentence is death death death yeah how the do we get out of this boys boys this is the beginning of the game there you go this is where you are right at the beginning not too bad just chillin just so new set of pictures for Batman let’s go back very excited for that movie movie no I don’t like fancy another another round there you go what Ben’s a good one I think don’t very Posh with myself but it smelled great my friend had it yeah I wish they have will flavors module because I have a jewel I don’t have her like a vape I used to have a vape but we like it I wish they have more flavor that you got Apple for this they got rid of it again again but they just his ability with you George or just good to see you back it’s good to know that you’re not you’re not completely UPS ups I won’t be stream without classic chakra Phillips coming in chapter 13 went down the wrong way it’s Tesla 33 chapters left left it’s an assassin I tried smoking Jewel even tried hookah I just don’t see why people like it good for you though honestly it’s not something I never tell someone to get into smoking to be honest like I never sit there and recommend it it’s just something that’s what happens really the are in the last sort of final stretch of the game now boys boys how’s your friendship do I knew you were going to ask about the apprenticeship yeah it’s fine I’ve been working from home since March though I’ve only been back to the office once and that was in August save me give me some black water there you go some beautiful black black water the 22nd day of November 1886 it’s up to Nikola Tesla to save my life the hooded man leaves leaves watch that be like King Arthur or something it’s like secretly King Arthur that’s lived this whole time I’m gonna live don’t worry man the protagonist the 26th day of November you were right all right Ravi Ravi all of no no I name is Rami

I recognized her voice actor who plays plays whoo plays around me I mean sorry take care of you without him don’t know who played he plays that woman could soon find out for for me George Martin is a good career can I’m very good money once you start working your way to the top British it was a good mate thanks man I appreciate it it’s not really my calling I don’t think marketing but it’s all right it’s fine keep the bills paid not that I’ve got any bills to pay well dying mom easily you’ve been in and out of Consciousness for almost a fortnight hell must make her way back to her before she’s such a few who was the other guy I want to know who that dude was was Nicole a few days he thought you would appreciate them no bills to pay the negatives in heaven now I just live with my parents so it’s not like I have to pay any bills consider them on apprenticeship wage that have to pay board either it’s got clothes on let’s go back to Whitechapel reimu’s voice bye Tamina Tamina sunny okay maybe I don’t recognize recognize her voice like to then let’s go she been in she’s been an NCIS Children of Men mad genius following mistress little bit is over such a nagger Californication CSI cyber CSI and why Heroes still a lot of stuff but just nothing that I’ve I recognize loves trucks yeah she’s actually she’s not really been in anything that I know strange strange I recognize that voice though she’s got a very Sky voice that sounds like someone else anyway anyway I’ve got a new outfit just a coat this time time yeah Ron right the home stretch of the game now to be fair maybe she’s in more video games I’ve no idea duelist revolver there you go y’all that explosion of sick sick let’s go this gun but they have a shot Gunderson are you go or loaded pistol that’s what I wanted nice single shot shot um we go me and the boys and the run from authorities in the coal mines ha

ha ha Dragoon pistol again is so cool cool here we are in the coal mines boys this is where we are most at home lead the way Lakshmi Lakshmi can’t believe this game came out in 2015 I believe if you told me is 20/20 AAA game same to be honest I genuinely would like it’s on par with the games that come out of these days in terms of graphics we’re gonna have to kill her aren’t we look not there get word to the council that we have tracked the conflict just been having a look myself and can’t find any other notable Game appearances she definitely just have a somehow familiar voice though yeah it’s strange isn’t it it’s very strange strange she sounds very recognizable recognizable God be my witness she’s very angry sea to the end of the rebellion oh God she’s getting a bit out of hand boys she’s getting a bit out of hand shoot in the air shoot I wouldn’t call her she took a shot in the air we need to use only a matter of time until the authorities rate Whitechapel and make prisoners of every man and woman Salvage what you can and go I have unfinished business have you lost your senses we’re gonna go kill Lucan I have to go Emily is a fight that I must see through I live to see tomorrow I should find you you do you not know know I’m a knight no longer that’s true I’m not a knight I’m simply a a man and 91 not it’s for you turncoat or Patriot Marquis Marquis I believe you have reason for what you do help me Marquis help me in my in my quest a German ship we meet again – we will my friend like Lafayette he’s a legend I was just making me more sad because we didn’t get a sequel same to be honest because this game is really good I like the characters as well well there you go chapter 15 just before the end leaving us so soon soon I should explain to you I should have trusted you there’s no time for pleasantries pleasantries I must make this right yeah boy big rifle time oh Oh in one piece I will give my best go guy I will most definitely come back in one piece piece here we go man I’m so upset that this game one isn’t longer and

to doesn’t have a sequel because this is honestly come on man what’s this ah yeah newspaper time lost soul meets his maker just as the great ball of Westminster was striking midnight and unknown man leap from the dizzying heights of Westminster palace has central tower into the dark Waters of the Thames why did the man jump and how did he get there the questions both the Palace of Westminster and Scotland Yard of looking to answer so witness believes man may have been part of a bombing plot House of Commons sergeant-at-arms Sir Henry Earth sky and witnessed the event and believes a much larger tragedy was avoided us go and reported his belief that the mystery man was a Fenian Brotherhood member attempting to Dynamite the Palaces central tower the sergeant and his staff have been on high alert since the Fenian bombing campaign that left destruction in its wake on the 25th of January 1885 a date now referred to as Dynamite dynamite Saturday did the sergeant of arms foil a deadly plot sir Erskine who describes himself a man of intrepid courage and self-confidence that no danger could ruffle used all these qualities to root out a mysterious man hiding amidst the Shadows near the base of the central tower after a chaser sky and explain to this paper that the man he was chasing had two choices face me or face his do let’s go and added that he regretted he was not Sergeant during the horrors on Dynamite Saturday if so he proudly averred that that nightmare could have been avoided search for answers continues Scotland Yard would not go so far as to corroborate the sergeant story but police Commissioner Doyle conceded that a man who’d left was clearly no ordinary man how he found himself there and what he was doing as mysterious as the man himself what we do know and can report is this this an able-bodied man left from the top top an able-bodied man left left from the top of the Palace of Westminster Westminster central tower nobody was found and no trace of wrongdoing Dynamite or otherwise was present at the scene until a body is found or evidence is uncovered the case is being labeled as that of a lost soul ending his life through means of suicide I mean it’s pretty good cover-up of them being honest all right let’s get a move on it’s time to head through the London Underground Underground that is such a pretty game really isn’t it King Arthur didn’t exist so you problems wouldn’t be in a see Nicola comment I mean the catechins on my way to you how well they put I’m coming to get you out of there bro not soak about AC but King Arthur did exist in Assassin’s Creed Lon Knights of the Round Table were Templars I’d love a middle ages game with King Arthur and all that sort of stuff but I know they wouldn’t do it right right you know maybe back in the day when sort of the first sieve stuff wasn’t treated as an excuse to to do fantasy then maybe they would have done it right why don’t I wouldn’t trust them to write a good story about this about that nowadays nowadays I quite like this revolver it’s fine come on on next cover oh of the amount of dudes that are shut the kill during this this hi well-rounded was that for getting a cool every gun in the game yeah you go holy we’ve got bunch of the trophies I forgot you could use black site how do I activate that again I actually don’t remember is that Alexa stop stop well then let’s just start playing music then that was

really weird the and I don’t know what song that was either what the – Alexa to start playing music that’s very strange let’s get the out of me for a second I was like why is it random Tunes just playing randomly randomly it’s very odd odd rock star would nail looking after game or maybe Sucker Punch I reckon Sucker Punch would be better for it to be honest Sucker Punch you definitely have got more things to come up with they definitely do do we may have a a complication Lucas is on his way this you need to get out of that hell was that all about I have no idea it’s a random Tunes just started playing was Nikola getting himself into let’s go find the lad stay away from me stay away from me I’m crazy I’m a crazy man I’ll do crazy things things yum why there’s so many guns there you go little revolver I yeah boy love myself and our trifle it’s very cool gun okay so it’s literally giving us all the guns in the only addition this is the Crypt that’s why there’s guns where they are are I love the art rifle so much so cool look at it man destroys people people one shots all around boys boys I’m oh siamo siamo oh how did he miss all those shots just said French around the aired Jesus another trophy kill 50 enemies or melee attacks my God box your ears one amazing name for an achievement I’ll fight box your ears love love come on hell a dollar if I’m not careful man man give you a crunch oh Jesus OCH rifle save me there you go punch him in the face anymore don’t think so oh there is one more all right so ends do with the incinerator as well this is not good oh this is not good this is not good this is not good why have I come down here what is this going to gain me I’ll get out of there mr. Marcos in a module hey you go okay some ammo from this thing now why won’t you pick up the ammo this is so there you go okay so you can like run well well you know I hit fire hell this is not going to end well well I thought I was gonna have him then there’s there’s one last one should be the last one one anyway

at least I think so so which way okay this way there you go oh my god please do just got absolutely massacred Why is the framerate dropping so much oh my God what is up with the frames like killing them too quickly or something like his is this just not allowed it’s my game Into Epic are that dude surely going to kill me surely surely surely Shirley oh my God I’m fully out of ammo you aren’t sure how to use a shotgun okay let’s grab this this it’s my problem not my second favorite gun in the game it’s just a classic rifle it works works how may I help you no No Luke ends with Tesla Tesla George gaming skills of breaking the game I think you’re pulling I think you’re probably knows bodies up so fast the PS4 just know what’s it to be brilliant oh God all right okay we got to do the cool mini game again I love the cool mini game I’ve seen pro-gaming right there that’s true it was some mad gaming oh Oh trunk you go go open the door I’ll Tesla can we meet a really good detective games mainly because it doesn’t hold your hand away Elena why does you can get it wrong and you don’t really know if you did or not not there you go the Final Chapter chapter 16 oh I’m not crunch fell that’s pretty funny come get me Alistair come get me I knew you would return they call me brother you and I are not that different I do what I must to protect my kind we fight for our right to live that’s a lie one day oops will understand boss fight time oh God get off of me Alistair always got the gun now go on blast me away here we go boss fight time oh no No this is not the outcome that I wanted my brother brother that’s definitely not what should have happened you and I are different needs to be erased from this universe yeah happens far too much people like yeah you and I the same when it’s like the antagonist versus the protagonist even though they’re Polar Opposites they just go yeah with the same apparently apparently yeah boys boy Square on his head my God the too much for me to handle handle disgusting vampire bride I know he’s a lichen he’s not a vampire

come on Nan boy come on boy boy that’s exactly what I wanted to keep doing the wrong I’m an idiot Elder before trying to slap me around fighting a werewolf werewolf he’s gonna kill me he’s gonna kill me come on we love to see it it Come On Son we got you broke wow – Roy about there you go in the head oh my God god Alistair you’ve gone too fast fast oh no get some good hits on us come on have not had enough oh get away from me Alistair up individual we did it finish him finish him bro bro kind of disappointed at the boss is a quick time event to be honest I would have liked I would have liked natural boss fight I think that’s one of the things in this game they weren’t afraid of using QuickTime over using QuickTime time events the vampire is making bricks of the house that was the funniest ever unless you watch James’s stream the other day you won’t understand that but over said well we just had a mental sentence I know what she meant obviously but it’s just they’re just funny funny sentence dings I am condemned to remember remember civilizations born and destroyed but humanities and sis and greed the pride of men so now they put out the moral car the name of this God we will atone for our sins sins in time but how can you justify the atrocities your kind of committed Mike Mike I kind of no more evil than you lost I love them as my own blood they cannot begin to know the gospel I’ve lived with my son son oh give me it is I who needs your forgiveness forgiveness I never meant this life for you you you knew I’ll share always always known I rescued him from the massacre of his family your father died by my sword you didn’t deserve such a fate how could I have taken the life of an innocent innocent is the only way to make amends for the Habit that has been Unleashed oh you you know man man he survived the council discover the truth

less all you hold dear Parish to not ask this of me I’ll happily do it man henceforth you should have fellowship with no nights order must remain United united you are no longer one of its Harold Harold finish what you have begun their prayers only kill you now man man were never meant to live this life life did he shake a vampire chick not and I that there this is adopted son there shall come a day when he just explained it maybe then we shall not true peace throw Alistair it’s your time to time to go man man say goodbye let’s do it it do it I hope we get to do it oh yeah yeah the Order 1886 is that the end there you go boys the order 1886 is done so that’s another game to take off our list on the road to PS5 I really enjoyed this game actually I think it’s criminally underrated I’d actually like to go back at some point and make a video talking about this game because it got a lot of Flack for essentially what I can see small nitpicks yeah there was an overuse of QuickTime events yeah the boss battles weren’t very good but had an amazing story really good good law amazing graphics way ahead of its time and the Gunplay was pretty fun not gonna lie it’s a it’s very sad that this game probably won’t ever get a sequel to be honest because if they had a sequel they would have been able to you know right all the wrongs that the got wrong in this game obviously really good game I actually recommend it to people I actually I actually might come back and make a review or at least the retrospect on this game because yeah I think there’s a lot to talk about regarding it and a lot to say so maybe I will maybe I won’t you never know there’s a post-credits scene for sure there’s there’s not so that I can skip to it at the very least no are there you go more I was just the prologue do I need to play this assassin on that rooftop when the authorities will decide to mount a defense oh good that looks holy look that looks don’t you you know that’s true I’m just great Grayson they have it boys man as she really enjoyed that game really enjoyed enjoyed it yeah there you go the order 1886 and night no more another game sick off the list I actually really enjoyed playing the Order 1886 well anyway thank you guys so much for joining me for this series well not even series it was one stream thanks for joining me for the Order 1886 be sure to join me tomorrow for the first episode of Uncharted for a thief’s end which

which I’m so King forward to it’s going to be so fun I cannot wait to play some Uncharted I haven’t played Uncharted 4 since it came out it’s been four years since Ive played that game so I’m very excited so yeah join me tomorrow for Uncharted 4 and thank you guys for the continued support on this series I really do appreciate it I really do anyway yeah yeah that’s it thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys in the next one take care everyone have a good night