Starlink: Battle For Atlas, LEGO DC Super-Villains, & You Review! | Ep 34 | 2018

it’s Gigi SP time yes we need that for the review coming up on the show we review the toys to life space battles of StarLink battle for Atlas plus we find out if bricks can go bad in Lego DC super villains going somewhere bad guys and it’s Pauling’s in the review chair this week as you review get a show get a show I’m gonna bulking yeah pretty cool huh she got an upgrade red I’m sick of superheroes it’s always the same old story do-gooders with powers saving the world yeah sometimes it’s good to be bad and the baddest of the bunch are in Lego DC supervillains I have come for your world your defeat is inevitable who here dares resist leggo is one of the most prolific gaming franchises with titles based on a lot of popular movies but Lego DC super villains brings a whole new story right in collaboration with DC Comics I generally find the Lego games with unique stories tend to be the best ones it’s easier for that trademark Lego humor to shine through without a movie plot getting in the way you’d have to be living under a rock not to notice the new planet in the sky what’s that now that’s not to say the story here is the easiest to follow rad it’s simple Earth’s heroes but Justice League have been kidnapped and replaced by the doppelgangers from Earth three parallel universe these evil versions call themselves the Justice syndicates and pretending to be heroes when they’re really villains to stop them from taking over the world yes but why they’re like eight different versions of every character it’s very confusing yeah sometimes super heroes or villains just be like that he’s not wrong I mean sometimes Lego just be like that too as always there’s a huge cast of characters to unlock and players and this time around they’ve expanded on the customizable character feature of past games and integrated it into the actual storyline you get a ton of control over how your character looks even how your powers work yeah it is so detailed you can change pretty much every part of yourself but the customization menus are rather messy it is pretty cool seeing your character in the cutscenes especially if they’re a little bit silly looking who designed your costume this one doesn’t say anything your Lego mini-me is a rookie supervillain with the surprising ability to absorb different superpowers we have our limits Lex apart from the walking power absorber here I wish your rookie villain was more important to the story though you kind of make them early on and then they just hang out while the DC supervillains do things and if you play co-op which is one of the best parts of Lego games only one player gets to create a custom character that feels unfair yeah you can make multiple custom characters but only one seems to be involved in the story it’s cool that they referred you as the rookie avoiding names and genders so everyone can imagine themselves in the game I really liked that however every once in a while my character would let out a very manly grunt talk about ruining the illusion yeah you don’t sound like that at all gem most of the time boy while Lego games are always done smashing fun we have seen a few in the past that have strong key controls or glitches that force restarts there is a little bit of that here but I would say that DC super villains is on the better end of the scale yeah it also introduces some new game mechanics for example characters like the Joker can recruit minions to help climb things or pull down walls and some characters also have powers that look exceptionally good my personal favorite was scarecrow with his spooky apparition each character plays a little differently and you’ll definitely find yourself developing favorites with abilities and movements that just flow for you it’s these little things that keep the game interesting absolutely but you do still notice the pots that feel less carefully designed for example I was really enjoying myself with bus fights on awesome sets that were dynamic and required a little bit of thinking without being frustrating perfection then all of a sudden there were a few fights in a row that would tedious and barren and just felt like lazy design yeah but if I have to just pen you into

a tiny empty area feel like more of an excuse to try and cram in more DC character cameos not a good enough reason for me and the coop feels particularly messy there’s a lot of HUD information cluttering the screen and the trademark sliding camera view is replaced with a standard static split screen I found the messiness does improve a bit if you turn hints off and you can always turn them back on if you get stuck there is of course free place so you can go back and find every single collectible and a huge hug world like we’ve seen in the last few Lego games a ton of iconic DC locations are included from Arkham to Metropolis and even apocalypse the variety is great with a lot of these areas feeling detailed and exciting but there are still a few clunkers that feel like copy pasted versions of other areas feel like a game formula is getting pretty tired for me and I think they always improve on some areas and then backslide on others messing up those tiny details I’m giving DC super ones two and a half out of five rubber chickens it can be a slow at times but when it gets good it’s really good I do wish they would spend a bit more time polishing these games because they’re still stacks of fun to play I’m giving it three and a half out of five rubber chickens do you want to go do some evil let’s do it yeah hi I’m Kaitlyn I’m Nicholas I’m Delilah and I’m beer and today we’re reviewing a deluxe get a show get a show I’m gonna ballgame we tied for third time okay Mario Cart a Deluxe is a racing game the objective of Mario Kart in regular races is to win the race but when playing in battles you have to pop the most balloons or collect the most coins you compete either with a I your friends or you can even play online with other people it’s very competitive that’s revenge for getting me in the body and could also play it by yourself in time trials trying to get the best times the gameplay is pretty good but except for when you’re almost at the edge and it doesn’t drift quickly so then you just fall off the road Mario Kart 8 deluxe gameplay is really fun and fluid and invisible and rainbow at the same time it’s really interesting with all the wacky items flowing around it’s very like colourful and bright I love the effects there’s the Yahoo noises when you get past the finish line first or second and the way that they like grumble when they get hit the gameplay is really nice how like it’s very smooth but I have to say it’s kind that gets a bit repetitive when you’re racing around because like most of the maps are much the same during the race today there were a lot of close matchups and races some of the funny moments would be when people kept looking at the wrong screens and trying to control their own characters no screen I thought my character was Caitlyn’s character at the start I was always at the back like 11th place and stuff but then I started to get the hang of it the maps are really expensive from Yoshi Valley to cheep cheep Beach and then all the way to the retro ones like Rainbow Road I remember playing the waterpark race because it’s my favorite you actually go underwater a lot and you get a little propeller at the back of your car or bike I’m on fire how can you be on fire under water my favorite track is Yoshi’s Island because I think it’s really interesting that it’s in the shape of Yoshi and it’s also really fun to just race around it I had a favorite ride was a sweet sweet Kingdom because there was more shortcuts in it my favorite one has to be toads Turnpike because it’s really realistic and like it had actual roads rather than other ones with like crazy stuff I always bang into the wall the graphics in the game like Oh Mario games has it’s nice cartoony 3d style the graphics were very polished if you see like Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U over they ported it I feel like they amped up the graphics too Nintendo switches full potential my favorite thing about the game is how chaotic it get sometimes with a bunch of friends spamming items at each other not even knowing what’s happening sometimes yes I got you everybody I would say that my favorite thing is the array of characters I like how my cut added

characters from other games my favorite thing was like playing with friends you’re not by yourself you can like play with people have fun and like it’s not that serious and I ran into a bus I would say my least favorite thing is the difficulty of some of the levels like Rainbow Road for example with the block slamming down where they can crush you or they can make the road move which will knock you off the edge I feel like for drifting mechanics aren’t like the best because when I’m trying to drift I always end up hitting the corner one thing that did annoy me is when you’re at the lead you get the worst items but at the back you get like the best items it’s meant to be used to keep the pack together and close but sometimes it can feel a little unfair me Mario Kart 8 deluxe is an amazing game it took the Wii U’s Mario Kart 8 and just perfected it and I’d give it 5 out of 5 rubber chickens Mario Kart 8 deluxe is my favorite game right now so I want to give a 5 rubber chickens although the game is like really good with graphics are amazing the soundtrack is very like catchy and stuff I can’t forget about the fact that like it’s very repetitive I’d rate it 4 out of 5 rubber chickens oh this is awesome I like this I would give it four and a half out of five rubber chickens because it’s an overall really good game but it’s not exactly perfect victory all right goose are you sufficiently spruced up and ready for Oscars p/y yes red you might say I am the first goose excellent well let’s waste no time and dive right in with this video question from Lois hi Gigi sp I have two questions for you one will you be going to pax Australia in Melbourne and – do you know any good couch co-op games for ps4 or Nintendo switch thank you in answer to your first question about whether we’ll be going to pax Australia but wait that’s on this weekend right oh yeah I think so what we don’t have any plans to head there officially as part of the show or anything but one or two of us might go incognito perhaps on to your next question about any good couch co-op games for ps4 or Nintendo switch couch co-op although some developers seem to be moving towards the trend of online multiplayer a good couch co-op experience is still a thing quite close to my own little heart I tend to agree and some good ones for the ps4 include spelunky keep talking and nobody explodes LittleBigPlanet 3 and unravel 1 & 2 on the switch I’m a fan of the mario & Rabbids Kingdom battle co-op mode snip Eclipse and Super Mario Party has some fun co-op opportunities co-op already get it yes yes I do well let’s not forget there’s a bunch of fun couch co-op games available on both platforms like rayman legends overcooked 1 & 2 minecraft and some of the lego games like lego star wars the force awakens oh and guacamelee 1 & 2 but you’re already available on ps4 and are apparently coming to switch to not see you soon the Reaper now why don’t we vamanos over to this next question from the Georgia – King in Georgia – land you’d be a fan of that hi Gigi SP I was wondering how or if you can tame dolphins in Minecraft and if you could give me some tips when playing dota 2 thanks goose is the best why thanks dota 2 king in answer to your first question about taming dolphins in Minecraft I don’t believe you can tame them at least not currently but you can feed them and sometimes they will lead you to shipwrecks or underwater ruins as for tips for toys are – well that sounds like your domain red no it sure is well I guess for starters I’d say that dota is a social game you’re gonna have the best experience if you play with friends even better if they already play and they can teach you and you can just learn together next is to start playing bots if you try online games too early you’re gonna have a really bad time start with passive bots and move all the way up once you can defeat the hardest bots then you’re ready to play humans good tips they’re red and then of course knowing all the items is really important oh and the secret shop then there’s also team selection known as your draft and you know the game can really be won in the draft it’s good to make sure you have a well balanced team that works well together but also counters your opponents and you should make sure you find what position you want to play because that’ll change which heroes you play so there’s mid off Lane and safe Lane or you can think of them as positions 1 to 5 with one getting the most fun and 5 getting the least great oh really great oh and if you like playing carries or strengths characters than learning armlet toggling can be really good because if you can toggle well enough you can actually save your life so the way to practice come back to the show come on back here huh you’re right goo sorry sometimes when I start talking donar it can be really hard to stop and the game is intensely strategic so

there’s a lot to consider and hey if you want to hear me talk more about dota you can take a look at our online channels sure but we have other non doors or related questions to answer like this one here from Jackson but on the toggling really is quite private no time what is the most powerful mob in Minecraft thanks Jackson hmm the most powerful mob in Minecraft well I’d have to say that although the ender dragon can be a challenge I think the wither boss is probably the most powerful in my opinion or at least the one I think is the toughest with 300 health points it’s pretty aggressive regenerates quickly and grows larger as its health grows so it makes it hard to regroup after attacks I would tend to agree with you that goofs and it sure is creepy oh now I see a very important question here from my very own secretary you have a secretary a secretary oh it’s mine it has come to my attention that during the stream of planet coaster it became evident that red honor has been insulted by that of gog in retrospect to the bins within her park it is in my best interest to defend red on earth by writing a formal complaint in which gog should drink from the noob cup thanks red secretary bin Department thanks red secretary and planet coastal land for those who might not know GOG is the GG SP team member who runs our weekly live streams you might call him the stream master you might indeed and while I uphold a strict no bin policy when it comes to constructing worlds in management sins such as to point hospital and planet coaster our beloved gog claims to be probe in a few weeks ago during one of our live streams and gog flooded my precious planet Costa map with those vile rubbish receptacles I have been sabotage what does this warrant noob Capri though maybe Darren can assess hi Darren quick question about whether our stream master should drink from the noob jewel well I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens on next Friday’s live stream right watch out go go yes and on that note we’re out of time if you have a question for ask SP head over here and you can do just that and remember we’re always keen to answer video questions so give it a go and you might end up scoring a GG SP pin for your troubles GG SP pin no pin rather said pin I really hate I know I think we all know now no bins earlier this year at e3 I got a quick hands-on with Ubisoft laces toys to life brainchild StarLink now after sinking some serious time into the Atlas system I can confidently say that this sprawling space adventure adds up to far more than just the sum of its spaceship parts alright then pilots at the ready check wings attached welcome to Alice all units brace yourselves they’ve never used StarLink before go show them what it can do StarLink battle for Atlas is a vehicular space combat exploration game set in a vast unexplored universe full of mystery and danger and right from the get-go you’re dropped straight into the middle of the adventure which does mean you’re left playing catch-up with a lot of the story a young crew of pilots known as the StarLink initiative are being led by a scientist on the hunt for some space relics proximity warning it’s not long however before an evil force known as The Forgotten Legion ambushes your ship the equinox kidnapping said scientist and leaving your crew stranded it’s a pretty by-the-numbers story with a ton of extra sci-fi stuff thrown in just to complicate things now that which has explained all that well and some of the voice acting is super cheesy should be just enough to get us airborne again yeah we’re just enough to be blown to pieces but it does set up a world that I was keen to get out and explore unfortunately what’s here to explore is massive the Atlas system is made up of seven huge worlds but you’re free to fly to and from as you please arriving at a planet you punch through the atmosphere before cutting your engines and transforming into a kind of hover tank that can strafe hop spin and blast its way around which makes traversal and combat fast mover but I must say for a game all about starships I was surprised by how much of it takes place on the ground yeah I actually think that breaking up the gameplay between the two

vehicles styles keep things really interesting mixing up the fast-paced space dogfights with strength issues emissions on the ground and blasting back into space from the planet’s surface is always exhilarating it’s quite a familiar feeling wouldn’t you say Jen totally to say this game takes some inspiration from the recently updated no man’s sky would be the understatement of the year yeah the similarities are everywhere seamless interplanetary travel collecting minerals scanning wildlife battling space pirates however Starling does make a solid attempt to build on and improve these ideas speaking of which we should talk about the most unique feature of Starling the toys as the game centers around your starship Ubisoft have developed customizable figures that attach to your controller allowing you to switch around everything from your ships wings weapons cockpit even the pilot it is a really clever bit of tack and it never got old watching my little plastic starship materialize on screen even if it was a bit of a wonky design it really is quite magical and it’s not just for show your ship will handle differently depending on its build elemental weapon types need to be changed to target different enemies gear can all be modded plus you’re always leveling up your pilot and your ship also if you happen to have more than one toy ship on hand you can use it to continue playing if your ships destroyed mid-battle this only saves your respawning back at a checkpoint so it’s by no means essential it all sounds like a lot to manage and unfortunately the menus don’t do the best job of explaining it all but eventually you should find a ship loadout that you like personally I always picked a fast ship with a mix of fire and ice weapons to gain a critical thermal shock bonus good mixing and matching your weapons is a blast but goose that let’s explain what you need to buy to play first of all you can complete the entire game with just the starter pack buying extra weapon so ships and pilots is entirely optional secondly while the starter pack for each console version comes with a single toy ship pilot and weapons you can purchase the game and gear digitally meaning you don’t eat any of the toys and can do your ship customization from an in-game menu it is a bit less fun without the physical toys but it still works well and finally the switch version includes an exclusive character fox mccloud he’s our wing plus extra missions all weaved into the main campaign let’s rock and roll boys it’s actually a huge bonus for switch owners and a great nod to fans of the old star fox games toolbar roll this one pain worth the trouble let’s scram well with that sorted we should talk a bit more about the gameplay loop it opens up after those first few hours your main objective involves liberating planets from the Legion and this is done by destroying extractor towers what only do these gain you precious cores to sell for currency but it weakens the primes giant bus creatures roaming about the planet which themselves must be defeated to lessen the powerful dreadnaughts deadly ships back out in space that deploy more units to nearby planets on the one hand it’s a clever way of stacking up the challenge and giving you control over how difficult you make each fight however it also gets incredibly repetitive yeah it sure does especially considering the longer you spend away from the fight the more the Legion will reclaim forcing you to continually be destroying towers and liberating planets you’ll also need to build structures such as observatories to open up the map and armories that continue to defend while you’re away but these require allies and currency to build which means lots more exploration and resource gathering don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed all the planet management stuff but I couldn’t shake the feeling it was all being dragged out for more than it needed to be hmm I know what you mean fortunately the vehicle combat and controls are super tight and enjoyable so even after defeating my hundredth extractor tower I found I was always drawn back to chip away at something on my planetary to-do list like upgrading outposts or helping poor alien animals infected by the spreading Legion corruption I also really appreciated how they’ve included split-screen co-op so you can bring along a wing mate there’s even a sort of autopilot follow mode so you’re not always losing each other it’s just another and a list of unexpected features from a game that I’ll admit I thought was gonna be pretty gimmicky from the toys and all yeah I totally agree Jim I did not expect this to be such a deep game and I certainly didn’t expect to get so much giddy joy watching my physical toy starship tan through an asteroid field or across an alien planet it may be a long slog to say that list but you know what I’m keen to see it through I’m giving it four and a half out of five rubber chickens it’s such a delight to see an ID like this come to life with such a solid game behind it while the campaign does eventually begin to feel like busywork reusing many of its best ideas Starlin battle fatless still deserve points for its ambitious scale and scope i’m giving it four out of five rubber chickens all right which one you’re gonna play with oh no no that one’s mine what I like about the game is that even if the power goes out you can still play with the toys yeah – next week on the shorts we make some sweet

new friends in candy crush Friends saga plus we get into the spooky spirit and review Luigi’s Mansion on 3ds I love a good scary game how was that lightning inside don’t ever think it will see you next week goose out right outshine out well now I’m overthinking it what punches wow he really wants to come yeah punches [Laughter] you