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hey guys what is up welcome back to the channel I am so glad to be bringing you guys another video about Mortal Kombat 11 that’s right guys hi and doing another video on Mortal Kombat 11 I noticed that there was a huge spike in my Mortal Kombat 11 videos this month around early December the videos that I have released from Mortal Kombat 11 reviews went through the roof and so that let me know through my analytics that there is a huge demand for more information about moral Kombat 11 the production the storyline the characters the roster things like that so I’ve decided to continue my series if you’re familiar with my channel already you will know that I already released a video called astronauts guide to more combat 11 part 1 and in part 1 I basically went over what Ed Boon has already shared with us about the video games so far he’s talked briefly about moral Kombat 11 especially at the Brazil game show 2017 this year he talked about he talked about the production and he also talked about the storyline so those are two things that we know for certain if you are curious about those elements though please make sure you check out my part one astronauts guide to Mortal Kombat 11 part 1 believe the title is Mortal Kombat 11 confirmed and in the thumbnail I have astronauts guide to eleven part one so I talked about that and I also talked about some other Mortal Kombat related games that Edgeley spoke about he also talked about a sequel to Shaolin monks and he also talked about the possibility of a prequel to more combat that explains how the characters came about how the first Mortal Kombat tournament was pretty much set in motion so if you are a really hardcore Mortal Kombat fan and you would like to know a little more about that information check out my part one this is my plug to really get people to watch part one so I’ll try to tell you everything in this video then everyone’s just gonna watch this video right alright guys so where I left off in part one was I brought up the point of what we can realistically expect from Mortal Kombat xi and I gave my first sub point which was the return of foundational characters now before I get into this guy’s I just want to give a brief disclaimer because I spent a lot of time in this series astronauts died series basically doing a lot of research I’ve gone through and watched and re-watched the story mode for more comic 9 Mortal Kombat 10 I have pulled up a lot of the character endings for both of the games I’ve gone and pressed pause and press fast-forward this is not just a cache the details of what was happening so a lot of my guide that I’m creating here is a is based on research is based on study I’m trying to avoid a lot of huge predictions I think that’s what you can find a lot of right now on YouTube people wanting to a lot of predictions and you know wanting to assume that certain characters gonna return this isn’t that but for this series is all based on research I’ll try to make as many educated guesses based on the patterns of what nether room studio has set in motion from Mortal Kombat not as if y’all are familiar with Assyria no bottom or combat nine or they really just call it a moral combat but we call it nine for this tonight installment more combat night was the reboot of the entire franchise so in Mortal Kombat 9 we saw nether um studio start all over and they returning back to the storyline from the 90s they went back to shock on being the final boss they went back to katana Molina being his daughter’s they were about to send Delta Queen Raiden leading the attack against the out world with the earth from warriors and whatnot so more combat nine with a complete reboot with a totally new spin on on the storyline so basically what I have done is I’ve gone back to Mortal Kombat 9 and I’ve pretty much studied the games through world I’m at nine world combat 10 and my whole goal in doing this series is to bring attention to a lot of details and patterns that people might be overlooking in the midst of there being you know getting caught up in the hype really anticipating the next game my theory about it all is that sometimes people can be so stuck on big predictions that they end up overlooking a lot of the obvious stuff like the patterns but from a developmental standpoint you know that NetherRealm Studios has an agenda that they are trying to pretty much unfold or unravel through the storylines and there’s a lot going on because they chose to continue the storyline from Mortal Kombat 9 into moral Kombat 10 so with that pattern already in motion we can probably realistically assume that a lot of things that continued on into Mortal Kombat 10 will continue on to mortal kombat ulema now guys where I ended part one was like I said I brought up the subtitle and ational characters I gave a list of six characters that I felt would

be returning into Mortal Kombat 11 now these six characters are not my personal favorites I did not just throw their names in into the mix just because I like them so much I want to see them these are six characters that I felt were either critical to the franchise certain characters who are like poster characters for the franchise and if you are mortal kombat fan you know these characters who I’m talking about and then I also added a few characters who are critical to the current storyline and if you guys are again fans of the series you will know that by the end of Mortal Kombat 10 things were loving uh certain conditions are the characters will come they kind of rose to the forefront of the main storyline and these are the characters are I included in my foundation or character list our quote with part two here I’m gonna be picking up with my second point with what we can realistically expect from our combat level which is the return of subplots and themes now the main subplot that I think is the most predictable to return is going to be of course the revenant game now guys I have some notes here so forgive me I might be going down my see my eyes kind of shift down to them my nose from time to time there’s a lot of information so I’m trying to get it out to you guys but okay so with Mortal Kombat 9 one pattern that I notice is that the revenant theme started a moral combat not continued into more combat ten and if we’ll get for those of you who play the game which I’m sure most of you were watching this video by the end of Mortal Kombat 10 a lot of the revenant statuses were not completely resolved a lot of people were not completely set free from quan chi’s magic and this is once a plot that is kind of hanging in the balance because a lot of different characters either made decisions to stay revenant some made decisions to get free and then some characters we don’t even know what’s going on because they weren’t even characters that were made playable so a lot of characters was just kind of left out of Mortal Kombat 10 altogether after being turned into R evidence in Mortal Kombat 9 so this is a very complicated sub-site that I think is worth discussing and like I said it’s realistic it’s realistic to expect there to be some sort of continuation of this into Mortal Kombat 11 now guys just to have a brief refresher course for you guys I’m going to go through the list of all the characters who became revenez in Mortal Kombat 9 and then I’m gonna do a breakdown of what happened to these revenues Mortal Kombat 10 and where things stand by the inner moral combat team going so immoral kombat 9 cyber sub-zero the revenues are excuse me the revenues are cyber sub 0 or sub-zero Jade Nightwolf Sindel striker Jax smoke Kung Lao katana cabal Liu Kang and scorpion in Mortal Kombat 10 it was discovered that scorpion all along had been a revenant and Quan Chi’s army which explained his whole Hellfire mentality you know his whole you know anger burning all of that that’s been going on with spice up up I’m sorry scorpion ever since the beginning ever since the beginning he’s been like a walking you know school skeleton with a mask over his face waiting to burn people up to a crisp so now we finally get the understanding behind a whole persona that he has is that he’s actually been a revenant of Quan Chi and now we just find out at Mortal Kombat 10 so oh and all that’s well revenant character so let’s go on let’s go through the breakdown of exactly what has happened to each redneck character alright guys so in the story mode of Mortal Kombat 10 we see that three characters get set free from the revenant status those three characters being Jack’s sub-zero and scorpion now if you guys were anything like me I got a little lost in the story mode as to how they got free of the revenant status because I wasn’t really paying attention to the fine details apparently in the beginning of the story mode for moral Kombat 10 thumb is 20 years prior to the events that happened later on in the story load to world combat so in in those earlier 20 years apparently that span of time was a little closer to the ending of world combat 9 after everyone had the transformed into the Red Army so that is why Scorpion and sub-zero were still confident shown as revenues but of course if you paid attention to the story mode you’ll know that there was a 20 year span of time that happened where of course the children of sonde blade and kimchi they all kind of grew up and came into the forefront of the story mode and so do her parents that was a time when Sub Zero eventually got three of the magic as well as Thomas about a scorpion now I’m assuming that maybe sub-zero got free with the help of the Lin Kuei kind of helped to remind him of who he really was and then scorpion I really don’t know how he got free gives – Amon is the Scorpions kind of known to be a wanderer so perhaps he wandered his way into some sort of knowledge they often make it free now on to the next character Kung Lao Lao eventually got free of Quan Chi’s magic but he did not get free during the course of the story mode he got free in his character for those of you who actually looked up his character india-marxist saw and the actual video game you will know that with the help of collagen was able to shake off on cheese magic and get restored to who he was and I believe this was the ending for both

content and allow the fact that he was actually taken through that transformation of getting back to who he was so so he was eventually brought out of his revenant status I don’t know if this will turn out to be canon if he might end up still being a member of the revenant army because we all know that air of character endings aren’t necessarily considered official endings at least from what I gather rum has shown over the years worth of video games so it’s very possible that he might still be a member of an army but I felt it was worth noting that at least in his character and he did get free of the revenant status moving right along to the next two characters katana and Liu Kang now these two characters are in a very unique set of circumstances because both of them are willfully decided to remain residence for two reasons one because both of them are in outright rebellion to Brayton and two just to be quite honest they are clearly power tripping so guys if you went on to defeat Mortal Kombat X and you waited throughout the duration of the credits – that kind of secret ending that kind of pops up at the end of the credits you see Regan having a very interesting discussion with katana and Liu Kang and we discover in this little secret ending that they are now the rulers of the nether oh why because Raiden addresses them as the new leaders and viewers of the hetero and that also explains their revenant costumes because if you notice Madonna has the dark Empress costume and you also notice that Liu Kang has the dark Emperor costume so the revenue costumes were clues as to what was eventually coming up in the ending of the game and I believe they’re also clues into the roles they don’t play in war combat 11 so I think another room studio is getting really really crafty and really really clever with how they’re kind of pepper and clues that’s you know subtly pointing the direction into exactly where they’re gonna go with the storyline for mortal kombat xi the fact that they actually kept that little secret character are the story ending for after the credits things like that the revenant costumes the dark and earth dark Empress all these little clues here and there here and there so just like in cases you know in police cases CSI whenever you’re watching those types of cases or even on the news if ever if ever somebody’s involved in something going on in a criminal investigation they’re called persons of interest and in this case I believe that katana and Liu Kang in terms of Mortal Kombat 11 and the storyline I believe katana and Liu Kang are persons of interest people that you want to you know keep your eye out for watch to see what happens with them because they are clues as to what may be coming up in Morecambe 11 and of course this brings me to the remainder of characters who were turned into revenues and Mortal Kombat 9 but they did not return to be playable at Mortal Kombat 10 let me go ahead and give you the list jade Nightwolf Sindel striker smoke and cabal all of them if we follow with the current status of things and storylines that’s going on what happened at nine and ten and projecting into Mortal Kombat 11 if these characters were trying to be playable it would only make sense it’s only realistic to expect that J nightwolf site Patterson del Stryker smoke ball all these characters will probably return as revenant characters as well because they were never resolved they were never brought back into moral Kombat 10 and we have no understanding x2 holiday where you can get free I mean of course another room could bring them back in Mortal Kombat 11 it they could be completely set free of the revenant status but I don’t necessarily think that another one would leave that gap in there like that so just like I said I’m trying to follow patterns in this whole discussion so this is definitely a pattern the revenues are a pattern and so I think if nether room wants to continue the flow of what they started if they reintroduce any of these characters these characters would definitely have to have the revenant skins and there would definitely have to be something in the storyline to help us understand how they got free of their revenue status so guys just to give you a brief recap of the whole revenant discussion that I just shared I mentioned that we can realistically expect the return of subplots and themes including the revenant we started with eleven revenants from Mortal Kombat 9 Sub Zero J Nightwolf single Stryker Jack smoked Kung Lao katana cabal Liu Kang and scorpion three of those people have been set free so far Sub Zero scorpion and Jack’s Kung Lao has been set free in his character ending but we do not know if that’s going to we’ll carry through in tomorrow at 11:00 katana and Liu Kang are woefully remaining revenant characters so and I believe that will be carried over to Mortal Kombat 11 and we just see that once again as the nether Rossiter’s Canyon Queen and we have a list of characters who are not playable characters Mortal Kombat 10 so we still have yet to see them get set free from their relative status which is Jade Nightwolf Sindel strikers mocha package now guys just to have a brief side discussion from my regular discussion here I wanted to bring up the idea of how I honestly believed in Mortal Kombat 11 there’s going to be some kind of

conclusion or resolution both for the revenue sub part I really think that we’re going to see a conclusion and to see what actually becomes up a lot of these characters especially looking at Liu Kang etana my one question for that is exactly are they going to keep them evil or are they going to you’re going to actually restore them and also what is up for debate is the fact that like I was mentioning that secret ending if you waited till after the credits for more Kombat 10 there’s a lot of debate going on saying that rate may possibly be the villain for mortal kombat xi if that’s the case would that necessarily mean that and katana our quota for evil by attacking Raiden because if you notice in that secret ending I don’t know if you guys pay attention but not only did Raiden have the amulet of China but he also had nails black nails that were long and his entire garment everything that he had on was black and gold so a lot of that is really really suspicious for me especially when I noticed his nails those aren’t typically the nails of a good guy if you know what I’m saying and so if they’re actually going up against Rainey who’s to say that it’s all you know that katana and Liu Kang even though their revenue status is kind of synonymous with evil but if they’re having to contend against an evil grayton that might necessarily that might mean that their revenue status might necessarily they might not spin it in an evil direction it might be spent in a good direction in the sense of them trying to protect the other realms from Raiden trying to dominate him you know somehow exhaust himself or Papa you know above his normal position as the earth Roman protect her you know Raiden might get consumed with some sort of power from the amulet or something like that he might go into some sort of corruption and try to you know elevate himself from his normal position and try to you know storm the Elder Gods or do something like that something crazy or whatever but anyways so but anyways going back to my original point I just wanted to make mention of the fact that I really think that another room Studios is going to take the time to bring some kind of resolution – the whole revenant army situation and I would only expect that as a fan because I feel like my emotions are now spent and what’s going on with these characters and what’s gonna happen to them and I really want to know exactly what they’re doing with these characters okay so so yes also guys another side discussion I want to bring up is the fact that people are spreading a lot of rumors online about Mortal Kombat 11 saying that if any characters got killed in the story mode immoral combat 10 that they would not be returning to be playable in world combat 11 and I disagree with that wholeheartedly now guys just to catch everyone up to speed and make sure we’re all on the same page I’m gonna go over the character that did get killed in the story low from Laurel combats in Molina was killed when she was killed Baraka was killed and shinnok was killed now guys let me take you guys back to deadly Hawaiians Deadly Alliance um we saw Luke can’t get killed at the hands of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi now the logical conclusion from that would be okay well Lu Kang is not gonna be in this game and he’s probably not gonna be in the deception either what happened NetherRealm not only brought him back for deception he was playable as a zombie and they also gave him a human skin which you could unlock and play him as normal DK so this is very clear that nether room sent a message through that saying that they are free to take whatever liberties and freedoms that they want to take with their care not just to give you my two cents about this whole discussion I don’t believe like I said I don’t believe that’s true that rumor saying that anyone who got killed in the story mode will not be returning I do not think that it’s true like I said they brought the gang back after being killed in the very next game so this is my personal opinion I don’t think she not will be returning because he was the final boss from Mortal Kombat 10 and what’s the point of having an entire game this huge invasion where earth realm was about to crumble and then you kill auction off and he pops back right back out of the Mortal Kombat 11 that honestly makes no sense even just in common sense terms so I do not think shinnok is gonna be attorney now as for Molina Baraka and Quan Chi all of that is up for debate and all up for discussion I believe all of them have the option to return especially Molina given the fact that from her character ending as well as from the storyline from world combat 9 we found out that Shang Tsung has created a ton of Molina’s actually hundreds of them so there are all these clones of katana which of course are the Molina’s that are running around so easily another one could easily come out of the Woodworks and say oh well in Mortal Kombat 10 when – Devora killed katana katana I mean there are some getting all confused in Mortal Kombat 10 when the war killed Molina that was actually a clone of Molina that was not the room only now so that is an easy way to get Molina right back onto the roster and ask for punchy and maracas what Wan Shi is a sorcerer so they could do some sort of spin-off with that Baraka I don’t know what to say about Barack oh all right guys so I’m done with the revenant subplot there and just to remind you guys where I’m at because this is a lot of information but I’m still continuing with my point of the

return of subplots on the revenant being that subplot and I just got finished leaving out two little side discussions they are just a cocky keep track of where I’m at but the second of a point after the revenues I wanted to bring up the issue of katana and EJ now guys if you are anything like me I really wanted to find out more about what was going on between katana and Jade and unfortunately in Mortal Kombat X in the story mode they did not go into any detail to link the two of them and of course throughout the history of Mortal Kombat we all know that katana and Jesse are special connection Jada’s katanas personal protector and things like that since she’s the princess and royalty for edenia so we know that katana and Jade have is for a special relationship but here in Mortal Kombat 10 we see Jade who has disappeared and now katana has her mournful variation where she’s literally using not only the weapons of jade her glaive and her staff but she’s also using certain news about how to remove sit like her her speed kick and her air Glade throw and things like that now this really frustrated me that you know if you look in the story mode you don’t see anything to explain this connection this mysterious connection you don’t see katana talking to Jade you don’t see katana talking about Jade you don’t even see Jade at all Jade is completely m.i.a and so I watched a few videos on YouTube and some people have thrown out the idea that um katana is mournful because Jade you know she has fallen she’s dead now and katana is in honor for friends she’s taking her weapons and she’s using forefront and and this was a really nice explanation I really really liked this up until I actually did a little research and discovered that Jade actually became a revenant whip katana back in Mortal Kombat 9 so both of them are dead as a Mortal Kombat 10 so it makes no sense that katana is mournful over the loss of jade when both of them are revenant and they’re both wandering around in the nether room so this doesn’t explain necessarily why a katana has for glaive and her staff so what I’m looking forward to a Mortal Kombat 11 is I’m hoping that they take this sub spot and they will extrapolate it I’m I’m thinking that maybe another room might have been dropping these little clues just to kind of get our advertise a little wet keep us kind of wondering and like a cliffhanger type mentality like oh gosh what’s gonna become of a situation are we gonna see Jade again what’s gonna have to come with katana she seems to be getting darker and darker what’s going on so I think they they’ve kind of built up katanas character to be a massive cliffhanger for all and some of this can be connected to her relationship with Jade it can be connected to her status as revenant Hank and it could also be connected to her relationship with King as a dark Emperor and dark Empress so in you know so in my own words and manner of speaking it just seems that the katana Jade the katana dark Empress katana who can’t situation a lot of this seems to be a massive cliffhanger that I’m really hoping that they will resolve in Mortal Kombat 11 and like I said before in the earlier video I believe katana who came are both persons of interest keep your eyes on those characters to see what alright guys that’s the end of this video I hope you really enjoyed this I really brought a lot of information like I told you I’m gonna give this my mark in this video is not meant to give you all a ton of our predictions and this isn’t that if you are able to follow and track with me you will know that a lot of this is just patterns it’s just patterns that started in nineteen you into ten and I am assuming will continue into eleven if they continue with the patterns which only makes sense to me so yes if you have any comments please leave them in the comment section below please make sure you smash the subscribe button click the like button and say hello through the comment section below especially if you are enjoying the Mortal Kombat 11 series that I’m doing here and if you want to see more content on Mortal Kombat 11 I do plan to continue to cover this video as it continues to go through stages of production I’m hoping that we’ll get it get a chance to see a trailer possibly at e3 2018 next year but whatever happens you can definitely rest assured that I will have whatever updates for this game right here on this channel alright guys there will be a part three of this series and actually I already have the part 3 outline here it is right here so if you are able to pause the video and look to see what was on the paper right here then you will already know what par 3 has to deal with but if you didn’t then you’ll just have to wait and thank you guys for your continued support I have so many more subscribers I planted you up thanking everyone because I think I’m kind of close to a thousand subscribers right now and I want to do something to appreciate about to show my appreciation for that maybe a giveaway or something so definitely stay tuned here I’m trying to come up with a name for people who might be subscribed to my channel because seem like a lot of people have names for their for their followers and subscribers and I think it would be really cool to kind of increase the feeling of community when people come to the channel if there’s some kind of name that can connect everybody so or just whatever it is so alright I’ll be thinking about that but I will see you guys in the next video