Ki-84 and N1K2 w/Feraphic – WT SB Gameplay

well contact erasers yes hello son okay yeah there’s also there’s someone I pray for you o’clock yeah relatively close oh let me bigger I think mosquito I think oh sweet I don’t know when engine yeah oh is mmm just enemy that’s actually what is this I have no clue what this is but its enemy and now it’s time for panic oh no that’s not exactly what I would call panicking no why is this mosquito I’m Japanese oh god yeah huh some reason I thought the same sometimes on the second on the second air filled with two landing strips there next to the mountain on the traffic Ludlow I saw tracer earlier okay and there’s on the yeah there’s some they’re the three contacts on there as either all of the summer left out shooting now shooting there’s somebody shooting again okay got you the for now power dive Sowell diving on him oh no black oh okay thank you that was a little faster than I meant to go okay he’s really slow mm-hmm dive like a man in the a 6 & 5 lumens young woman Zuma Spitfire at six at five yes get over here it’s it’s not allowed though because the zero is the turning plane it’s not allowed oh there you go it’s because it spiders can only be classified as women tumors or attorney planes yes not allowed to select between there’s somebody else very slow there I think the Spitfire so know where the but yeah I can hear something close to me not see it aha I know these sit far below me oh nice Congrats ah it’s mark 16 I’m on your tail don’t worry somebody else is coming in who’s that p-51 did he got in the air oh yes a red tail no really not really I want to say the red don’t run away come on yes wow that hurt nobody’s spinning I can’t see my beretta cool what somebody’s maybe following my here’s another red tail to Spitfire a p-51 but he’s running watch out maybe he’s trying to get a slap shot on you guys 72 somebody’s in a left-hand turn watch out I think both of us okay well yeah we’re coming from this house oh nice okay yeah okay you got a bot on you spirits nice oh [ __ ] Han

I can’t swipe but no worries as the turning lane does not need an engine we are both the airfield or no like situation awareness for the wind but for sheriff in editorial with head don’t fly about the rearview yes I said that ouch I’m so fast I’m changing direction please let me go I see two contacts over here roughly yes don’t mean one of them might be assured no I’m in the valley here and very low oh but fast serious again do much fun we are fighter pilots maybe I found someone well it’ll only oh you turned all the way back okay missus climbing slowly looks like yep enemy directly below me ah what is this Oh somebody’s following me I might be a but you prop hanging him or something no thrill kph but you know I don’t know what this is a new turn smoking heavily now are you coming from the north from the airfield above the valley one second or are you at spareribs location and Nexus of Arabs okay then it’s not certainly not you here I have three two contacts here one is climbing up what should have less energy one is the p51 is coming from below and trying to get me out of energy disadvantage that’s great tactics I know he’s spinning I really hate to say this but I’m starting to like this plane it’s the ultimate new Punisher haha he’s spinning now and that creates him oh wait is he oh there he is still spinning nice yeah the p51 shot down there but right now he doesn’t seem even saw that I was trying a snapshot from from his hoard quarter and he’s not even reacting to that forever glow to a clock run of the mountain in the show okay well I guess what’s not an AI since there’s a more left here’s someone else coming in okay that’s friendly okay mind it’s big whatever this is yes sir typhoon somebody’s following me I’m heading out here okay I can just

disengage and I will what’s the altitude of the 1k for that you put supercharger by the way it’d be identical to the KY 4 because engines identical is it I think so yeah Oh something Rockets yeah just thing I think it’s that bullfighter I said I’m not sure he broke something off no it broke more stuff off so two guys are following me here but they’re both on lower energy and I’m now turning around and I’m waiting for the prop Hank I got 4.80 the third guy well I can’t even think they lost me aha then it’s gonna be a minute for us to climb all the way up but really I don’t need you or this magic thing but they still a Spitfire might a but I’m zooming up now and they’re waiting for his prop hang that we could just repeat what I’m doing did really rub it in by flying formation with them okay dick terrific low nine o’clock going towards the little mountain again get ten o’clock now maybe 11 it’s heading west correct yes okay heading west then yes I said I also see something to our hi nine ish it’s out here see okay maybe it’s coming this way I’m not really sure very far away we have also someone in front Bubba clock higher who guys yeah gotcha Frost okay I’m disengaging because this guy it’s somewhat clever let’s see if you want to snap his wings now I should be in your altitude lower ha ha he’s catching up I’ve got something done I have one o’clock coral uh and attacking me oh yes that’s the winning ppl [ __ ] why why why why is my plane spinning this weird turn rate it’s not good enough can’t get him maybe next try yeah guys not even boy okay let’s see I’ve got two contacts may

be closer than that pretty sure are they sir contracts rather I think to our enemy I’ve had three thousand four hundred I need help alright let’s go to sheriff if haven’t seen him in a while anyway we has damaged a big problem here one wing is stalling our youko again not dead yeah yeah the white roses for a fakir still on me I know I’m not I think I found him I’m gonna come this way he’s down very very low okay but not have that much energy left somebody else is taking off at the airfield right now yeah to the west at the moment is now climbing above the mountains now heading north north-northwest basically the opposite direction of his takeoff direction I don’t want to attack him here that looks like there’s a b25 directly under me quite low okay heading you know towards our airspace you diving on him forehead good I did yeah oh he’s being attacked by somebody else let’s see oh now I see chasing us with Byam the guy took took off okay hi is below me her cat nice nice I’ve keep the pressure on me tree [ __ ] you fast no somebody was killed there I think all made that looks pretty much know he killed and B has a you know my fast Excel my 60s very slow and I mean so no danger was easier it looks like he’s mixing it up with our teammate here but here’s somebody else on my six oh okay that’s you on below M see higher than you or below you below yoga saya both global energy pictures is that that smoke plume I’m diving on them now all right time oh yeah six good fire I think really sure maybe behind the victor I hear another

idea below you I think yeah now this Spitfire I’m sure I heard twenties yeah I bought it alright nice two more coming from the south both below maybe one more actually uh right about here somebody’s following me yeah okay I think it pulled up behind you exactly okay again I’m coming there be a second though nice what else yeah maybe I got the meds not sure I’m conserving my energy and should be able to I think Ribeiro Road and isn’t all on your tail crowd I’m trying to get a snapshot here know that my nose was too bubbly for that shot I’m rolling behind him okay BSF are better shot here Oh mate back up Garrett’s verbs uh there’s a before attacking the airfield then I just took off shake so you caught a snapshot on him got it but may have a sick sheriff and yes shits coming okay okay all right he broke I think no he’s not no no no no no no I can snap that as elevators off oh great shot big things what do you what do you say we get out of here cuz I’m out of all right you can do I can stay up refining I can fight for a while I still have MJ’s let’s get out of here my probably get attacked anyway okay the other is certainly a dog right here three contexts involved to the Roth of the both airfields now that’s a Spitfire I guess getting at you or teammate no that’s a teammate okay brief only a small hit on the right wing but he’s spinning his spinning yeah I mean at the edges was a 20-millimeter the others too fired the whole way I think he’s heading back towards the airfield the deck know is he’s turning back he’s like right here oh don’t get on the deck though okay it’s climbing back up now okay that’s probably my guy this one’s a Griffin spit that I write here are you pulling off yes and he’s following you up Shh gonna be there in a minute now all right I should be able to londo’s to hear but if T’s only so he’s always shooting right now all right don’t shoot for an

idea he’s probably going into the ground why do I get the kill I don’t know if I hit else you