Fighting Boss After Boss; Going Through The Chalice Dungeons | Bloodborne | Live Stream

welcome welcome welcome it is so good to see all of you guys and your lovely faces I missed you guys I hope you had a great weekend it’s Monday it’s a new week which means a whole new week of streams baby hey yo Winfrey how’s it going buddy chrono trigger man it’s good to see you buddy and everybody else who’s here dance how’s it going buddy Mika buckshot Matt how’s it hi how you doing Matt it’s good to see you man it’s been a while I hope you are well let’s see gamer Block boy how you doing buddy what does a fox is that Fox I wonder let’s see Mike do you know you you’re welcome to Anna my kid got 3k 3000 views uh yes yes I knew that actually I think it’s actually closer to four four thousand something not that anyone’s counting okay but yes we do not have a new command today we did not actually reach the let goal unfortunately that’s okay maybe we’ll reach it today but we’re gonna get started in just a second guys and count blech how’s it going buddy welcome my friend you better jump into this game look hey bunny Ola how you guys doing today bunny and count blech the killing is about to have and oh it certainly is welcome oh I’m so excited you guys I can’t get enough of this game honestly I cannot get enough of this game I just can’t put it down I didn’t want to do any of the story well not that I can do any of the story at this point but we’re gonna go I’ll play it online but I’m just gonna do the chalice dungeons which is not part of the storyline so it’s just like the side quest stuff that you can do where you go through the dungeons and you face all the bosses in each layer so we’re gonna do that I don’t want to spoil the storyline for anyone oh yeah more chance that you’ll win it Mika absolutely doing good planned out my years for what I want to do and what college I want to go to and luckily I’m already in the classes that I need to pass it’d be best that’s awesome Matt woohoo that’s really good really good news my friend you’re doing good count black that’s awesome buddy well it’s good to see you my friend and bunny doing it doing good as well studying for finals

hey it’s inevitable it’s inevitable Mike you look beautiful oh thank you thank you my friend me the king yes I’m doing well thank you for asking maybe do DLC if you get the chance to buy and play it I have the DLC actually how loud is the that’s pretty loud I think it should be fine I actually have the DLC which we will probably play through but I wanted to do that on stream also with possibly Fox or somebody else so yeah I mean that’s I just didn’t want to ruin the story I love the song gets me right here gets me right here every time just had breakfast slash lunch because I slept nice dude that’s awesome what’d you have for breakfast slash lunch aka brunch let’s see I don’t know just do coffe Dark Souls 3 coffe I looked at that in the store the other day actually and I was like ah for the ps3 of it I was like I really want to do that but it was like 35 bucks I’m like oh man I can’t I can’t afford that right now but I did get and Galaxy will be happy happy to know this I got Dark Souls 2 on the Xbox 360 so I’m probably gonna play it with him since he wanted to play it would be so bad and he actually even was generous enough to give me some codes for Xbox gold for like a few days like or at least I think this one for like a month so since he did that I’m gonna play Dark Souls 2 with him and let’s see oh crap I I totally just went through the story let’s see do you know like do you know what this symbol on my profile is from I do not crap I actually didn’t mean to and whatever you didn’t really learn anything you didn’t really learn anything so the I’m gonna do the fourth ritual altar because I have the next chalice dungeon I’ve only done one at this point I haven’t actually completed it I did somebody else’s one first challenge dungeon so that because I’m doing the other one with somebody so that one’s still saved I haven’t beat that one yet so this one is the second one it’s called the central Sumerian labyrinth so we’re gonna go in there we’re gonna see how many bosses we can kill let’s do it don’t worry Mika you didn’t you didn’t see anything there was there’s you didn’t learn anything I mean you don’t know why or how or what exactly is going on so Mika is the hero of Hyrule we need that’s right but yes no Dark Souls 3 Oh are you saying no because because I bought Dark Souls 2 well I’m definitely gonna be playing Dark Souls 3 as well so don’t worry how do you mean Mike right no he means Myka you become somewhat of a celebrity here Myka a celebrity me my guess all right also guys check out my stats level 115 level 115 I got my strength up to 50 which is good let me show you I’ve got the saw cleaver +10 that’s as high as you can take it as high as you can upgrade it to the Kirk hammer +10 that’s as high as you can bring it up to so I’m gonna be using those and get an Mike both both of us of the hero noise I hope everybody is having a wonderful day today it’s so good to see all you guys let me know if the game audio is a bit too loud or maybe my audio is a bit too loud or vice-versa these guys are gonna be super easy for me but that’s why we’re gonna go through the dungeon and then go to the next dungeon that’s what’s on the agenda today also guys I’m gonna be playing with Fox later tonight when he gets home he said it would be around 8 or 9 so I’m assuming

the stream might start around you know 8:30 9 o’clock maybe 9:30 depending on when he gets home we’re gonna do that up I’m sure you’ve encountered the bell ringing woman I got to turn this down Oh Kermit how nice of you to do that for me Oh God like the stream it’s very important indeed it is very important I gotta kill this then Oh able to do it one more time okay I guess I got the sick but I can at least watch today awesome kuber’s welcome my friend it is so good to see you buddy how how was everybody’s weekend and how’s your Monday going guys did you guys do anything cool for the weekend you gotta let me know Kermit the Frog here have you seen Kermit’s dance before I have not no all right let’s see if we can figure out what to do here guys also let me know if you can’t help you if it’s too bloody because it’s black dog you gonna play both blood-borne this week awesome Mika that’s a good idea so you said you beat vicar Amelia I think it’s a vicar like that like a bit like a church vicar but so where do you have to go next dude or do you know do you know where you have to go next so you just need to explore I mean I I know where you have to go but I’m not gonna say cuz I’m at the very end all right looks like this place is cleared out oh no I need to charge my phone Oh No we’ll dance no problem buddy we’ll see you later if not we’ll see you in the next one but make sure you have a great rest of your day vicar Amelia Amelia the reindeer creature didn’t you say you beat her though what oh crap don’t kill me dude he just killed me he just killed me okay I did not realize he took that much damage away that’s crazy I have like so much health Wow well there’s the first death you guys yay all right he’s not even that tough I guess she’s got some powerful attacks let’s try and get back there so the thing about the bell ringing woman is that she knocked these things over she spawns enemies the whole time I missed that last night if you don’t kill her she’ll just keep spawning enemies I think she’s back yes I can’t help believing I guess I can’t be as casual as I am right now playing pretty casually right now no big deal I didn’t have that many blood echoes for me anyway takes about 80 it takes about 80,000 to level up for me eighty thousand blood echoes to level up let’s see I’m now in a forest so next boss is probably shadows of yharnam oh

so you know have you have you been looking it up as you go you don’t know exactly well I won’t say anything I’m not gonna say anything so you know the bosses the future bosses I’m not gonna say when I said you know I meant like that’s the that’s one of the bosses in the game I didn’t necessarily mean that was the next boss oh yeah breath of the Zelda oops effing sack boys oh my god I hate them I hate those guys I went to see father figures comedy movie and I’ve been playing breath of the wild like it’s a truck and my grandpa gave me $35 and I ate my leftover die bye dang day by day bade Aang day by day I don’t know what that is but cool dude that’s awesome so how was that movie by the way it was that funny stinking sack boys guys that’s what that’s what me my friend called they’re not cute and cuddly like a little big planet let’s see I can’t type word Wilf got to tank oh here’s a note nothing but dullard see nothing but dullards and I happened to die oh there he is where is that I’m being shot from somewhere oh this guy is got him all right let’s continue the last boss of blood-borne is actually Mike look how easy to just died and he killed me that’s alright I’ll get my revenge yes I’ll get my revenge again it’s not gonna be a good reward spoilers it was funny nice I have to check it out you know there’s a movie that’s coming out called game night that I really want to see actually I’m really uh it looks really funny yeah you night fear trap okay see if I can find anything else over here hey hey Sarah welcome welcome welcome it’s great to see you I know your deep dark secret oh yeah do you had game night that’s right I’m actually sponsored by the movie game night it’s coming out it’s pretty hilarious actually all right anything else over here this is where I came from okay so I got to go back down these dungeons can get a little confusing sometimes ah okay we’re back here huh feel like I wasn’t paying attention and I ran past the device like an idiot like a goober as usual let’s see I saw the trailer of that movie I was like boy they stole his name that’s exactly what happened they stole my name I should sue I’m probably gonna go see it though I’m not gonna lie yeah bro he all right coffee is in hand I am ready nah hey it’s good to see a buck shot I was asking before what did you eat for brunch okay so went here let’s see maybe it’s

up here this is just the first layer you guys oh my gosh wait am I just going in a circle right now [Applause] a little water oh hey Pete how’s it going buddy welcome my friend how is it that I keep going in a circle though I’m a little confused I saw the door that I haven’t opened yet but I want to know how I then what’s this way that’s this way okay oh I just didn’t see the door right here okay that makes sense and now that I’m totally discombobulated and Joseph how’s it going buddy we’re cool it’s so good to see all these new faces well not new faces but you know what I mean let’s see game night the movie stole your name copyright infringement oh yeah copyright infringement exactly I could sue their butts maybe because you walk in a circle yeah well I didn’t know that I didn’t see that there was a door there well crap plain awful right now I’m still just down I am totally a macho man guys Wow it didn’t kill him this time look at this you guys see this well wait can I get him to let ya oh hey big butt there we go found it let them wash it don’t know let’s see some hashbrowns in a biscuit topped with egg gravy and corned beef hash oh my god that sounds amazing I wish you hadn’t told me that now now I’m like starving my mouth is watering that sounds delicious pervy Mike alright let’s see so what about the rest you guys anybody that just just getting out of school / work alright so let’s go back to I believe this way no no no it’s back this way here we go first boss guys well actually yeah first boss here we go banana you make it soup for supper that sounds pretty good Sarah what kind of soup are you making well I love I love chicken noodle I love broccoli cheese and potato probably my favorite of all time is broccoli and cheese potato I love steak and potato or beef alright here we go here we go whoa didn’t realize how low my helpless whoa drop of me get off me oh he just put himself into a rage let

me bro come at me oh crap this guy ah got it whoa oh boy that guy was creepy looking man all right so we got the first boss ooh done let’s move on and here’s the lamp your favorite is human flesh soup huh mmm barf soup that sounds delicious you guys Wow are you like beef soup are you making beef soup beef stew beef stew is good I love it why isn’t the body’s command working that’s weird it should be working all right second layer letting him chew on your head is probably a bad strategy I think you’re right about that one just not a good idea I like the name of the last class of blood-borne waste of skin I shouldn’t have been born right all right so let’s check to see yep so this is like an extra area that’s not connected to the main spot but usually there’s some good Lu if you follow this to the end you can get some good Lou oh yeah perfect timing these guys are going down what is this thing Oh Wow I’ve never seen those things ever wondrous message thank you well what really wondrous message got 14 appraisals I’m going through the store it’s happening I’m gonna do it I swear I’m going here oh wait let’s go this is where I came from yep okay what right when I arrived bodies hit the floor that’s her that’s right he’s just hangry that’s what it was the guy was just angry let’s see let him take a nibble then strike him question of the day there we go what game would you want the streams to go back to and finish what stream whoa what game do you get would you guys like to see me go back to and finish so these are games that we’ve started already and games that we need to finish hey Fox welcome buddy welcome welcome welcome you could see I’m getting a little bit of never can get in that flood board that’s right ha ha ha I’m getting a little bit of my blood borne in before tonight I’m doing a chalice stuff Oh God doing a chalice dungeon so it’s not a part of the main story oh boy well do I have to add a timer for that one I think it does have a timer doesn’t it if I have time – ok there we go just added a five-minute timer metal gear finish that yes that is oh my god we don’t want to ruin it do we let’s see yes I need to go back to medal

here absolutely why were you singing why was i singing Fox what what’s that smiley no that’s right that’s what Fox says question of the day uh hum Dark Souls very true very true that one I do definitely need to go back to spezzatino spezzatino chicken soup with white cannellini beans and basil I’ve never heard of that before oh yeah these dungeons are pretty tough I’m in the second one so it’s not too tough for me seeing as I’m I’m uh oh crap pretty high level now get off of me but at the same time that just took half of my life all right let’s keep going but yes metal gear okay okay okay Dark Souls all right any other suggestions on games we need to continue go back to Fox was all Fox was singing on his stream okay I have no idea all right going up this way we’re gonna see what we have by the way guys so I’m gonna like I said before I’m gonna be doing another stream tonight or I’m gonna be playing with Fox is what I mean to say I’m gonna be doing another blood-borne we’re gonna do the multiplayer stream multi-player monday I mean and it’s gonna be epic so you guys should definitely join for that and it’ll probably be like would you say nein ich box somewhere around nine I’m super excited for that Dark Souls absolutely Joseph definitely Dark Souls oh I just don’t know why I remember it again well welcome to the stream how’s it going buddy I need to cooperatives dungeons since they are random yeah well actually the root dungeon the great chalice dungeons are random the the regular ones are fixed this one is the same for both of us the root chalice dungeons in one that actually randomized which I’ve done one already I can give you the glyph for it if you want which is so cool it’s like literally it’s it’s unique only to me unless I share it with other people which I love I think it’s so cool alright so we need to find a way to lower this guys once we lower the bridge spamming will get you timed out by me that’s right make sure not to spam you guys I don’t know why I worry when I’ve got flare in the stream he’s a boss man okay he’s the mouse which I really appreciate I think I think Matt is usual for ruining that it’s okay I just put a timer on it so it should be fine now let’s see but no big deal guys just try not to do that next time and my zelda playthrough I was singing oh okay nice I must have missed that oh that’s unique uh I see cuz it got timed out okay I see well interesting interesting the root chalice versions of the dungeons are the randomly generate ones yes exactly eight to nine ish okay eight to nine ish so yeah so somewhere between eight and nine ish that could be anywhere from I would say nine thirty whoa

these dogs kill this guy alright let’s take this guy out ready oh crap get out of here yeah thirteen-hundred that’s what I’m talking about right there that’s why I love this weapon so much account is still timed out I think it takes a while it might take about five to ten minutes what is the boss command again this should be the list of big boss commands I’m pretty sure you’re waiting ah there you go a fox was streaming Zelda link to the past the randomizer luckily I have eight accounts well I mean they can all be timed out if you know if you guys spam too much so just try not to spam that’s all try not to spam there won’t be a problem the tension spamming spamming commands will get you timed out by me sincerely me that’s awesome let’s see the lttp yeah randomize okay No that is a stream boss command only by the way guys do you want to become the new stream boss the new big boss you just have to either donate at least $1 or if you have not subscribed yet subscribe and you’ll take damage off of the stream boss alright let’s go here we go here we go alright so we were up there go down there there’s got to be a doorway somewhere here no doorway isn’t this where we came from oh wait a second wait a second I see a note and I think I know exactly what the notes gonna say yep Oh what no unseen village I figured that meant there was an illusion oh well well you’re gonna yeah you can and you can do commands all you want Matt spamming just means you’re doing it multiple times in a row that’s all you can you can do commands that’s fine let’s march forward yeah I have to find this gang apparently cuz we were down there so I don’t want to go down there I want to I guess this is not where I need to be that was just weird I did all that work just for nothing really unless I missed something no don’t don’t spoil breath of the wild oh no he’s you remember that song can’t wait to do breath of the wild with DLC and hardcore on stream hardcore oh my god dude hey meme king how’s it going buddy welcome so good to see you buddy and how have you been don’t be fooled it says

don’t fool I don’t understand let’s see I don’t know where I’m supposed to go you love minish cap I’ve never played that one that’s for the Nintendo DS right or am I just making that up link is mistaken for Zelda again let’s see got to knock me down from the boss spot for those commands that’s right box is not gonna go Fox is not gonna go quietly there’s got to be something we missed here guys not exactly sure where and also let Mike find the right way let him find the way you know the way I know the way do you know the way let link let’s see I’m going to buy the remastered Dark Souls and you can join my mixer stream to walk me through it yes oh that’s awesome I would love to do that buckshot absolutely I want to get that too as well the remastered where the yeah I got it that game is gonna frustrate you like crazy dude but so you’re working on minish cap next nice I kind of like Zelda Mike just a little bit that’s awesome dude Dark Souls remaster ho ye pi PI pi PI e Legend of Zelda protip link is not Zelda oh did I say that by accident I’m sorry if I did by the way yeah baby let’s wait until that would you know I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go you guys I’m really confused right now it looks like actually that’s I might be able to go up there but where exactly do I need to go breath in the wild Zelda Zelda sook I hate it when people throw rocks in the sea Game Boy Advance okay it’s on Gameboy advanced I gotcha okay oh god cuphead that game man although as much as I love it which I do it can it can just go to a G double hockey sticks sometimes seriously that game is super hard not as long as this game because this game is hard also but this one this one’s longer but that game is incredibly hard it’s shorter than this game obviously but it’s just as hard okay well I’m gonna go back through this way maybe I missed something I probably missed something doorway we probably can if you look around enough so that’s that right there I don’t know if I went through that let’s just see if there’s another entrance because if I find another entrance so that means that I went through just one of them let’s see if the goal is 15 again we need 8 more woo noise well guys feel free to like the video if you’re having fun at the end of the like I mean sorry if we hit the light goal at the end of the light what was it the end of the like rainbow is a whole bunch of legs for everyone anyway we hit the like goal we will do another name command so we didn’t quite hit the light goal last time so if we do that this time I will make a new name command with somebody’s name that’s right yeah exactly I know right

it’s gonna be awesome it’s gonna be so dope let’s see cuphead – oh my gosh just got to wait five years for it Wow it can go where the Sun doesn’t shine that’s where it can go Pluto what’s Pluto Pluto see now we’re back here something is attacking me I’m so confused right now so confused did I just miss the reason why I’m jumping on the walls guys is because there’s actually hidden some of the walls are just illusions like in Dark Souls so I’m trying to find the secret as if there’s a secret entrance Oh Scotty one around here somewhere cuphead I love that game oh man I love it too it’s so good but that game is real tough like ever seen Cloverfield I’ve never seen the first one but I saw the second one which was like they were in like a bomb shelter with John Goodman that’s okay those alright use your alien skill to find the way my Aryan skier so here’s a ladder which we went up maybe let’s go back and maybe we missed something I don’t know come on guys hit that let go well everybody in the stream might have already hit the like button so we just need more people to join shoot I never grabbed this I thought I did oh yeah I got the hint or two malice I needed that for the next chalice dungeons unless this is all that is this all that this one is it’s just this one area there’s got to be oops there’s got to be another area here waffle and there be a funny command waffle it’s going to be so dope guys I can’t wait can’t wait to just kill myself don’t work for me why which one oh because it’s on a timer so you have to it’s on a cooldown timer you have to wait it to give it a few minutes all right what’s going on let’s see let’s see if we could find out what to do here unless I needed to grab the hinter tomb chalice first before this opens up you know let’s see the first one isn’t part of the 10 Cloverfield Lane they’re definitely two they’re two different movies the first one isn’t part of the but its call isn’t a cult Cloverfield the first one fans aren’t timers yes they won’t work exactly yeah maybe we hit the like goal maybe maybe we did my guess is probably not though you are lost I know I don’t know where the heck I’m going right now move this back so I can just sort of sit back here there we go that’s better uh we should platinum this game and get tattoos yes that’s exactly what I wanted to tell you yeah Oh God kept you waiting huh yeah the boss is keeping me waiting that’s for sure where the heck do I go man I think when pre seems like he has a extensive knowledge of this game he seems to always have a good answer for

what to do we’re just gonna run in that wall okay the music’s over never mind let’s see did we get 15 likes yet I’m not sure can’t you waiting huh shoot down for a tattoo noise that would actually be pretty cool I’m not gonna lie ah let’s see Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane are made by two different people it was just an accidental name thing oh really oh I didn’t know that interesting each guy ever didn’t the ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t that have like a connect it to the first movie guys I’m so lost but getting match matching blood-borne tattoos I’d be awesome they got skill then people called it different universes and now is known as the clover verse okay oh it says 16 likes does it really let me check let me check yeah you’re right it’s a 16 likes woohoo all right well you know what that means let’s start the let’s start the new command contest it’s gonna last for about 10 minutes okay guys so here we go you just have to type in we’re gonna do name so exclamation name go for it poop head be a funny one sorry I’m actually playing blood-borne right now – haha let’s go ahead you stuck I am wow what a coincidence you’re playing blood-borne as well um so I I’m stuck I don’t know where I’m supposed to go I’m totally stuck oh wait a second nevermind I totally forgot this is the this was the side quest area and I totally forgot that we did that oh my gosh I’m sorry guys gotta go see ya all right no problem Fox thank you thanks for stopping by buddy and we will see you maybe we’ll see you later or maybe we’ll see you tonight either way I have a great rest of your day bud they uh they weren’t connected and what’s funny is that the monster almost looked it exactly almost looked exact it was all over the news internet news oh that’s funny new command can be waffle there we go make sure you guys enter that contest Wow yeah yeah yeah I’m pretty stupid what can I say what can I say that’s okay we found a way win free what is your what is your so I could add you on oh yeah what is it curious let’s see kill this guy good what’s the name thing supposed to do what do you mean Matt all right let’s go oh I hear something big-time over here let’s go this way huh I don’t see anything let’s just go up I gotta go down Wow this dungeon actually is giving me a

run for my money some butt crack that would be an interesting one get out of here okay took him out whoa it was like rumpled old witch’s give me a run for my money – oh great all right subscribe to gear turn you to subscribe to king dude wow that kurma he’s something special guys he has something special let’s see hey dad this back welcome back buddy it’s good to see you my friend as always let’s see but see yes alien army unite aliens oh you know what I think that’s supposed to work it’s supposed to do yeah alien strike and then it tells you to do attack billion strike yep he sure is let’s see oh boy what is love huh noise yeah I thought that was pretty cool I added that I forgot what I was gonna know what I was saying sometimes I feel like a little like a chip on all right so let’s head on back I think we explored everything in there we’re gonna take a look around here and and I think we grabbed every note we came from that way we came up the ladder let’s go over here now there’s got to be something in here yes yes come here you anyone else want to deal with me whoa ready guys whoa that was sick that was pretty sick all right here we go no I don’t really do enough dodging I think that’s really my problem so we didn’t find the we didn’t find the McKeithen the mechanism but that’s because we dropped down instead of going into that other door so we’re gonna go back the open the way we came there’s no staircase here yeah I don’t see a staircase all right so we’ll go back cat videos welcome Hey yes let’s see cat videos on live Superman how’s it going buddy I’m just gonna call you kid welcome to the stream my friend I beat every ettus two times on dungeon level five dang dude that’s crazy I didn’t know every ettus every artists however you pronounce that was in the dungeons that’s crazy haha alright let’s see oh yeah what’s the question of the day it’s right up there it says what game would you want the streams to go back to and finish so what game that we have started would you

like to see continued yeah oh yeah ladies and gentlemen three years of suffering it took you three years holy crap dude that’s insane kid I have not I’ve not yet done any of the dungeons I’ve just done the main game and I’ve gotten I’m on the last boss I’m not gonna say anything cuz I don’t want to ruin it for anyone I don’t want to say any spoilers so I got to do that and this is the second dungeon like the second regular dungeon okay this guy what level are you kid a lot of the bosses can be found in dungeons too and they’re more difficult oh dang no way that’s actually pretty good I kind of liked that a lot actually cuz I what I think I loved most about this game is the challenge it never gets too easy it never gets too easy it’s always right there like right on the the edge of where you think you’re like oh I got this and then whoops no I don’t I just like like when I started this dungeon oh I just got killed by one of those guys that I have like killed a million times and he just killed me that’s what I love about this game it’s it’s constantly like it’s constantly a new game almost because it just keeps getting harder and harder best game of the ps4 man I don’t know I don’t know if I disagree I mean that’s a tall order right there but at the same time you might be right this game is amazing let’s see cuphead what’s that oh you don’t want me you want me to go back to cup head wha huh yeah maybe I could definitely go back I want to finish it anyway this would be an awesome command oh wait who won was it you meme meme King Oh who’s Matthew alright so what I’m gonna do Matt is I’m going to make a command and call it Matt and it’s gonna be a command it’s gonna be a unique command for you it’ll be in the next stream ruin it for me I already know the final boss and secret boss an ending oh okay well I’m not gonna say it anyway because maybe somebody else’s keeper I’m gonna switch to our saw cleaver I don’t know if I’m gonna beat this guy we’ll see Oh ah perfect timing yes all right I got the central Subaru root chalice I got the sharp damp blood gem I got the twin blood stone shards which those don’t mean anything to me anymore nice oh man that’s awesome okay well let’s continue let’s keep going so this looks like a pressure plate a pressure plate let me just do that and then I’m gonna step on it see what happens actually hang on a second you the Spector oh they’re dead this is why I like playing on online you get to watch everybody you get to read the notes and stuff alright ready okay maybe it wasn’t a pressure plate or maybe it could have been during the fight and then they’ve got deactivated if you want more powerful weapons found front of gemstone

in dungeons level 5 okay no just no I’m gonna go I’m depressed now we can oh don’t leave it’s okay I still have to make it there goes Mika command anyway that’s I could make that separately cuz that’s like uh that’s something else anyway I’ll make it I’ll make it I’ll make it don’t worry let’s see let’s see yeah I got I definitely have to do that I have to go get the more the the blood you mean the blood rock right blood rocks that’s what I need question for you guys and if anybody knows does the you reset the dungeon I think I I asked my friend this and I think he already told me but I already forgot have you reset the dungeon yeah one of my notes was ready to find let’s take a look at which one by the way also you guys you can make notes in this game and people can read them they can rate them as either good or bad notes so it looks like remember hit and run was rated or item waits ahead these are all my notes this is my latest one time for visceral attacks there for sneak attack is effective and so the question is when you reset a dungeon there goes my hero song for Myka there you go that’s a good idea when you reset the dungeon do I know all the bosses reset but do all of the items that you’ve collected also reset like specialty items like so if I found a Bloodrock if I reset the dungeon can I get another Bloodrock or is that just gone forever alright so there’s the boss let’s see if we can take this guy out we’ve already been streaming for an hour holy crap minecraft minecraft no what about minecraft dan let’s see I always get good timing nice yeah you definitely do I hope one time I will have my own command what would don’t worry we’ll have more contests and we will add more commands and if you’ve won in the past you could still win again because after after the command after the next person gets their command the other one gets deactivated or I changed the name of it and so you can win again let’s see alien army unite aliens attack save the glyph of your dungeon removed the chalice enter glyph and the dungeon is reset with all enemies and bosses blood rocks won’t respawn as far as I know but ritual materials do ok sages wrists I gotcha is anyone else planned anything right now I know winfrey said he’s playing blood-borne is anyone else playing anything I’d love to know what you’re playing or like what are you currently playing maybe not right at this moment if you are playing something at this moment I’d love to know you’re playing something but moment I’d still like to know like so mica said he was playing blood-borne also oh yeah I sure am a maniac good ol prepper Arne grant a writ a bit of grub barn in the place of the in the place of the blood rock there might be mad crap I shouldn’t have been reading that gotcha

in the place of the Bloodrock there might be mad man’s knowledge or great once wisdom or something ah in place of it okay well that’s still good too fortnight baby you play in fortnight right now and you are all about fortnight lately have you been playing a path of Exile at all by the way I know that you were like into that for a while I still haven’t even tried it that’s what I do man I say I’m gonna do something in the many thanks for everything you do and undertale is a boss in Snowdon if you found the secret door and walk around for five minutes or more the whale Lord comes and fight it’s like flowey oh really dad wow that’s pretty cool I’m gonna have to try that right now you’re playing Dark Souls 2 nice meme king let’s see Dark Souls 2 I’ve got that I just bought that recently it was on sale used for the 360 Oh Wow all right well hang on a second I think I saw it you’re back think I don’t know if I want to go that way yet hey and kid how’s it going dude welcome back to the street my friend it’s great to see you buddy that’s all right let’s see you haven’t been playing Exile okay well I know that like oh shoot I know that that game has a lot to offer you could play that bird virtually endless amount of time it’s crazy yeah path of Exile it’s like it’s a it’s a free-to-play RPG a multi massively online MMO RPG whatever it’s called oh gosh yeah Wow I just went around to the other way that’s interesting alien attack we need to send out an alien strike guys and kill these bosses pronto all right let’s see let’s see here where do I need to go I know that there was an area back so fortnight’s fortnight have you still have you gotten the first place yet or how close have you got there’s a door here we’ll try this to be honest I thought The Scream was in the game boys oh it’s fine it’s I don’t think you were standing too much it’s not that big of a deal I like long as they’re not like the same command over and over and over again like what when I forgot to put the cooldown timer on the Fox one but that’s what the commands are there for this looks like a new area not checked

out there’s a chest back I fully recovered from my fake depression maybe I was brushing my teeth maybe well welcome back Mika it’s always good to see you buddy I don’t know if you heard me but I’m probably just gonna go ahead and do it there goes make the command on top of the name command because that one’s not so much a name command as it is just a funny event that happened during the streams command all right good loot good loot let’s keep going see if we can find something else my friend stopped playing exile and I have won three games in fortnight no I stood three games do you that’s awesome man see crashing into those faces though like whoops it was an accident whoops yeah over and over again oh right what am I notes is ready to fine again all right so let me see what note that was it was rated was this one attack from behind is effective or maybe it was wheelchair weights ahead beware of ambush beware of a woman that one I wish you could tell you which one just got raided those are really handy because when you when somebody rates them is good you your health fully restores so if you happen to be playing and like you lose some health and somebody rates your note at that moment you actually gain health back you gain all your health back so that’s actually pretty awesome fire paper oh yeah bad man’s knowledge I’ll take that let’s see oh wait good job punch up my third zero oh nice one three in a row yeah that was pretty awesome though that would be the best thing ever nice how long we plan on streaming uh you know a couple hours want to get through this dungeon maybe even do another one after this and then we’ll be Fox and I will be playing blood-borne later so you can join us back at that time which will be eight to nine ish eight or nine issues when we’re gonna start so that should be fun and then tomorrow I think we’re gonna do we’re gonna bring back the terrible turd Tuesday ladies and gentlemen it’s gonna be epic you just wait it’s gonna be so much fun I’m not sure which game I want to do yet but trust me I got a load of turds just waiting to be played you just wait ladies and gentlemen it’s going to be amazing I got some games that are awful plus we have to go back and finish something I started even though I did say I promised that I never again play some of them but I probably will go back and play them anyway all right what’s down here don’t be fooled okay in Dark Souls any rating gives you humanity oh really humanity’s humanity and health no way attack alien strike attack fun or super fun what’s that mica fun for us bad for him you get exactly flared I cannot wait it’s gonna be great all right so let’s uh wait is that a door also no that’s a chest which I opened up okay so let’s open up this door over here I got to remember I’m in the side area right now

side area she’s not gonna let me get close ah a bear I didn’t hit her that hard that’s why I didn’t do too much damage cuz I barely touched her like that once the horse came exactly that’s literally that’s literally the one I was thinking about that game was terrible holy crap that game was awful that was a stanky turd I got some more turds up my sleeve don’t you worry well cut what types of games do I hate ones that are terribly made ones that have no business being a game yeah really it’s just anything that is not anything that just just not optimized very well very you know anything that has terrible optimization or terrible game mechanics or a really bad story although that’s a lot more subjective all of them are really subjective but that one’s much more than the others I mean you just know it when you see it you just know it when you see it alright so I think what we’re gonna do is go back back go back to the beginning I just got to find the beginning that’s all what’s your question of the day Oh what what types of games do you hate I got you um but if we’re going style like which games do I prefer not to play uh that’s a really tough one actually because I I really generally just like playing all types of games I don’t know if there really is this set style that I don’t like I’m sure I can think of something though let’s see I hate those games that it’s all cutscene and you just choose an option like The Walking Dead oh you hate those kind of games huh I like them because I’m I’m really into story I have no problem playing those kinds of games I love games with heavy heavy on story low on gameplay I I enjoy them very much okay so here’s the here we go let’s see that’s a really tough question but let me think about it because I do want to answer it in the stream ooh I can summon someone yeah why not let’s summon them wondrous cooperate oh okay I hate those games that give you a lot of badges that give you a lot of badges you mean like achievements and trophies and stuff like that this is like my favorite kind of games I love I love it when a game makes me feel like I’m doing a good job like well you just you’re doing great keep the game on will give you more choking don’t quit that’s another trophy yeah those are liked by those are like my games like games that are just turns yeah pretty much anything that’s like I don’t know just just games that are are clearly not very well made lazily put together not well thought-out although sometimes the terrible ones are the best like the terrible voice-acting ones sometimes those are the best I don’t know if I got everything in there so let’s go back you’re the opposite yeah Dark Souls is all game play but heavy story it is pretty heavy but it’s not heavy in the way that it’s just

cutscenes of them talking the whole time like like the telltale series games let’s see I’ve never been put on time out before until now oh well I think it was just because there were some commands that were being spammed all right let’s see but you’re okay don’t worry about it it’s just I think we just want to make sure that there’s no spamming going on all up in here all that spam all up in here all right let’s see you don’t really care about the story Mika well I love a good story that’s why I loves great to King right that’s why I like the kids pretty freely so you did subscribe to kidding dude oh yeah Kermit thank you my friend let’s see it’s not easy being but easy being green in that voice this guy stinks I shouldn’t have summoned him he’s not very good can’t even kill those little minion guys oh so I wasted one insight no big deal what aunt said we would add aunt say there’s there’s a game on Steam when I hit a kill I got an achievement guess who had three thousand eight hundred thousand and 87 achievements no way really there’s that how many achievements are there man what about copies of the game but mad poorly sorry what was that copies of the game what do you mean like uh like a like a copycat game I mean I don’t really care for copycat games unless they’re doing something fresh unless they add something fresh all right so this is back at the beginning yeah I’m not I’m not big on somewhat something just doing an exact carbon copy of you know same game that’s kind of frustrating but like for instance uh you know you have Grand Theft Auto and then you have Saints Row Saints Row is you know it it does copy a lot of the game mechanics and a lot of the things that go on in Grand Theft Auto but at the same time there’s a lot of new stuff too okay so we were in here already there’s a lot of new stuff it’s fresh its new it’s like it’s got a bunch of things that Grand Theft Auto doesn’t have but it’s using the same system pretty much using the same idea that to me is great I’m okay with that let’s see oh hey Dylan that’s it going buddy noise it’s good to see you my friend welcome welcome welcome and how have you been welcome back to the stream Ripoff games yeah I don’t like ripoff games let’s see well only if he wants to give it out oh he does okay you guys just so you know I mean not I mean you already already have these you know this but you guys don’t want to give out information and stuff you obviously don’t have you don’t have to be as willing as I am sometimes I think I’m a little too willing let’s see so looks like this is all this

area is oh yeah you can add me nikka oh wait you’re talking to are you talking to Dylan or Claire oh yeah we already did that me didn’t you and Dylan you’re welcome to add me to if you want my oh crap I think it’s just that this is a pops4 what is it no I think it’s PSN or Playstation yeah mine is it should shovel it should show up let me see it’s not showing up let’s see Pia is it just PlayStation well I think it’s just this I think it’s just my name try this or just there we go all right I play on weekends only on the friends account where I play on PC oh you play on PC nice you have what do you play a steamer origin or did you play drm-free games I pretty much play anything there she is the bell ringing woman oh let’s take this guy out I need to get a sound board they’re like a hot key thing actually this guy might be good because he’ll distract the boss distract the enemies for me all right just I saw the switch there so I’m not I’m not gonna miss it I’m just looking around first before I do it there we go oh yeah no problem Dylan no problem steam steam fan nice dude yeah I love steam oh no problem Dan see you buddy we’ll see you in the next one my friend and you have a wonderful rest of your day unless you’re back remember guys we will be playing Fox and I will be playing more of this game story will be going through the storyline later tonight at eight or nine ish make sure to tune back in if you if you have the time if you’re willing and able definitely stop back in so let’s go back to that door if I can remember how to get there actually I think it’s in this room right here I think it’s down here right no oh wait a second it’s in the other it’s in oh god these places man it’s so tough well let’s just go this way it might be this way macho man you gotta remember enough you put a 1 there you got to put exclamation I need a PC yeah yeah you really do you really do it’s so much better I said I know I said before cuz you said you were thinking about getting a laptop Buckshot you could still do that there’s nothing wrong with laptops I didn’t mean to make it sound like they’re not good you just you’d have to it’s kind of they’re kind

of expensive to get like a good one I just got attacked it’s kind of expensive too expensive to get a good gaming laptop when you could spend probably half as much on it on a desktop just build it yourself or have someone you know build it for you and it probably would even work better than the laptop here we go guys alien strike alright that bruh demon is that what we’re going for now the bat / demon is that who say variants and Oh I did a lot of damage right there Driss weapon died on bro yeah we got a oh yes beautiful got the lower through Borough chalice yes and this guy I bid you farewell my friend good good good good good let’s go ahead and read some of these notes it’s the scourge of hunting wondrous visceral attack and time for joy all right I’m going to leave a note hammer brothers it’s hammer time dang it I forgot to do that one beware of terrible foe alright let’s make a note like right here I’ll do one right here as well oh oh DualShock battery low what do I want it to say fear we’re gonna have it say something kill an order kill first I don’t know if to say thor ragnarok all over again that’s right it’s him a time ever pincer attack he does kind of have a pincer attack what do we want the note to say guys stop hammer time you know what actually I wanted to say quick attacks quick weapons let’s see quick weapon is effective oh I want to change but beer pincer attack it kind of has a pincer attack doesn’t he thrust or versatile attacks I should put the thrust attack your right back no problem Sara it’s hammer time is what it should say just gonna go for now no Mika I mean there goes Mika no ace

oh right hey cool thunder how’s it going buddy Cody Cody my man uh have you been dude just got out of work how you doing I’m doing great cool Thunder how you doing buddy and welcome to the stream if you’re just tuning in it’s good to see you we just beat this dungeon I think we’ll do one more dungeon or at least start another dungeon yeah I think I’m gonna do pincer attack or thrust does he have a thrust but fear thrust attack does he have a thrust attack yeah maybe he does I think it was like a pincer where you like goes like this wish it gets yet but we’ll just do thrust attack all right it’s good to see you though cool Thunder how are you two doing today buddy and no problem no problem Dylan I got 72,000 blood echoes and the sad part is that I cannot even I can’t even I can’t even level up with that many it’s not enough I want to see this so to me baby where art thou it’s not there huh all right so let’s go ahead put another one in actually let me just check to talk to her gammon awaits oh okay very well uh yeah I can’t even level up okay whatever annalen I’m just gonna leave it that way go to the next headstone good saw you were live so I’m going to watch for a while awesome dude we’ll be we’ll be streaming for maybe 30 more minutes at least a half-hour all right we want to do the lower thumb root chalice also we have the pincher tube chalice I have the other ones too but so this is a three you guys so this one’s gonna be a little harder so let’s try it oh yeah let’s go here we go baby I’m super excited wonder why the beauty on did not work or did it work it should have worked it should have worked maybe I did it wrong yeah definitely dude light the lamp so we have a place to go back to all right let’s see any doors in this area I don’t think there are four tonight 174 tight there we are once every fortnight you will win that’s probably what it is hold on I saw Peter for this one cuz that’s actually my more powerful weapon and I haven’t even been using that yet dang I’m gonna get that guy when he comes around where is he where you at

bro there he is sack boy alright what you up to school Thunder what you’ve been playing lately you’ve been playing anything fun you’ve been getting talked about getting achievements that guy cool Thunder has been getting a crap ton of achievements like a lot of achievements sack boy that’s right sack boy how many achievements you up to this month all right it’s like that is it all right yes one of my notes was rated fine we’ll see which one it’s always when I don’t need it though time for snakes let’s go this way AC unity mostly wow dude you’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed unity ass Creed unity huh a screed Poona t as a poo that just sounded wrong poo I meant poo poo Nidhi no idea a lot uh-huh dang yeah like like a couple thousand I think it’s pretty crazy actually alright let’s see what we can do guys let us see what we can do doesn’t look like there’s anything here although let me read this note remember hidden path here we go guys ready yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to find this whole time and Madden 18 okay you’ve been playing Madden huh oh gosh got sages wrist place but you must accept the fall no thanks because I think there’s more to explore if we go back this way grab that okay I believe we’ve taken out every enemy down here let’s go back up and see if we’ve missed a path it’s not bad it’s not a bad game when you get used to it just don’t care for the combat that much yeah neither did I I mean I don’t like it I don’t like it at all but I’ve played it extensively and this didn’t really like that game did I come from this direction or did I come from over there let’s find out let us find out ladies and gents I came from the other direction okay perfect all of these dungeons kind of look similar to because they’re all Sumeru dungeons that’s like the all right where else we got to go just

pose over here yes now it’s about of a game oh wait I’m just trying to beat it then I beat all the AC games they have out so far Wow how dude all of them holy cow which one would you say is your favorite speaker that’s the question for anyone who’s played them by the way also for anyone who plays this game I would recommend playing it online not offline because really the notes are very helpful people leave notes that can really be helpful and you can always tell that they’re not trolling beat well you can’t always tell if you’re not going but if if a note has a lot of appraisals that means that it’s most that’s that it’s true or that it looks like whoa all right let’s see here what else can we find just looking this real quick I can’t wait for state of decay – it comes out weeds I really want to get also guys when did you guys say that Dark Souls remastered comes out when was that again was at May I really want to get Shadow of the Colossus the remake and I want to get last of us – which should be coming out in I think the summer time or maybe it’s spring late spring by the way I need to get that game may something okay may something as Dark Souls oh I can’t wait Dark Souls remastered because I got a say like if I could play it on the next-gen consoles the ps4 rather than that or the Xbox one or the ps4 rather than the ps3 sush 360 I feel like that would fix the lag issue with the commands the delay the delay the delay issues with the controller plus 60 frames per second how can you beat that and it’s been a c2 and AC origins Wow really you would say that was one of your favorite that’s pretty cool that’s really cool actually so I believe I’ve explored everything in this area so we’re gonna go back to the entrance and now go through the main area here we go Last of Us – I heard coming out later this year yeah oh is it is it gonna be the fall I thought it was the summertime what else is coming out this year you guys if you’re if you’re tuning in for the first time today I want to saved welcome to the stream and how are you and I’d love to hear from you you if you haven’t said anything yet all right so here’s the boss so we can’t go that way yet so let’s see if we can find we got that ladder there we’ve got just just the ladder okay but for instance like I was saying if you play this online like there’s a note the note that was by that wall it was like right here and it said hidden paths I wouldn’t have known that there was a hidden path here so I like to read the note I could check all the walls but that would take forever or I could just look at see if there’s a note nearby one of the walls see that it says hidden path and then just roll into it it’s beautiful it works out so well days gone only ps4

that is also ps4 days gone days gone that sounds familiar what’s that about all right so we got that we’ve got this over here this is we’ll just go through this way first god of war oh my god yeah that’s right you still have to watch that trailer apparently there’s a new trailer they came out and I haven’t watched it yet I got to check it out I’m a goober oh dang let’s start for blood raged whatever they’re called yeah god of war April 20th to 2018 wow that’s gonna be so epic I cannot wait alright let’s go down here whoa oh there’s probably a bell ringing woman yep there’s a bell ringing woman you’re nothing but inquisitiveness here okay yeah the new god of war yet far cry 5 that’s right far cry 5 late much shut up sometimes it takes me a while to see the confidence oh you’re talking about watching the trailer okay we’ll still shut up it looks really cool let’s get through this door we can fill this bell ringing woman there we go that’s what I’d like to seek although that’s a great way to farm for echoes whoa it is all thanks to special items if your keeper therefore beware of firearm don’t give up all right here we go new monster a new Monster Hunter yeah that actually did not just come out a monster hunter world just came out that looks pretty cool I’m not gonna lie that looks pretty cool Red Dead Redemption too although I think that might actually be ready that might come out for next year for a 20-19 is what I’ve heard anyway which I’m totally okay with them delaying the game as long as it’s a good game that’s fine by me late March it didn’t oh I said late March I thought he said late much that’s hilarious late much nope didn’t say that oh my god yeah Red Dead to the Last of Us 2 has no official release date oh okay I thought I saw something for this summer but yeah I could be wrong I probably am wrong I’ve misread things all the time so you can’t go by what I say well what was that Justin The Last of Us 2 has an official release date oh okay God what is wrong with me sometimes read through the back new spider-man that’s right the new

spider-man looks awesome that game looks really cool I’m not gonna lie anything that has fighting mechanics like Arkham the Batman Arkham games I will play so like for instance Middle Earth shadow of Mordor amazing the fighting mechanics are so similar it’s so much fun it’s so good great game no mercy for reinforcement callers nothing but ambushes here such a good game I hear a lamp god of such an idiot sometimes redundant Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released October 26th of this year no way so they changed it again ok last I heard they had it scheduled for New Year’s New Year’s Eve or something somebody told me that October 26 of this year that is awesome okay good here we go okay so back to this area so that means we gotta go and I heard a official date for Red Dead Redemption oh yeah yeah okay so that’s just what Buckshot said cool that’s awesome good to know here we go let’s see if we can find another door before the boss fight doesn’t look like it I’m gonna heal up here we go guys I need some oh crap three of them yes got in or whatever yes okay last one oh yes what she must have had like one HP she/he whatever he I guess yeah yep but yep but Joe oh my gosh that was pretty crazy vampire late this year you know somebody else said that I don’t I don’t even know what that is I don’t think I’ve heard of that before let’s watch this guy die Oh dad red and dead Wow we’ve been going for two hours let’s see layer two man I’m not gonna get this dungeon done I’ll go for a little longer actually I

should probably go back and heal I mean not heal level up about a hundred and four thousand all right dovahkiin dovahkiin yeah gamma knew very well that I’m gonna do six 5:02 6:33 let’s keep doing uh vitality actually and I’m gonna buy some something here let’s see let’s buy some of these I like being stocked up on both hundred marks here we go oh you know what I uh I forgot to I should probably well let’s take a look at our weapons here 176 225 I should be fine oops wrong one there’s two baby here we go here we go here we go here we go give it away give it away give it away now up time I think we’re at two hours and four and six minutes two hours and seven minutes I’ll probably stop soon probably end this stream soon but in the meantime oh oh that’s right never mind we did that we did the name command contest good good good remember guys we’ll be doing some more blood-borne with Fox later tonight eight or nine ish anywhere from I would say 8 o’clock to 9:30 is when we’re gonna start I’m really curious as to food is down here what is that that might be arcane damage Oh someone just died I got their blood echoes Mike you ever place Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic yeah I love that game dude crap get off of me get off me holy crap dude this thing is no joke I used to love that game what about Star Wars The Old Republic you played that one the free-to-play online there’s a free-to-play online game called Star Wars The Old Republic I think it’s still free to play when I played it it was free to play it’s original Xbox game now you can play it oh you could play it on the Xbox one that’s awesome that’s really good to know I saw you I saw you it’s to mold to mold all right the one on the computer I did not care for it oh really you didn’t like it Cody I thought it was great dude I thought it was wonderful I have it if you ever want to borrow it what the Knights of the Old Republic that’s

awesome nice yeah I might sometime I just might that’s really cool you can play it on the Xbox one I gotta say I’m really impressed with Xbox one doing that that was pretty awesome they made the lot of their games backwards-compatible which you can’t you can’t do with the ps4 which is a little disappointing but I mean you can’t even play ps1 games on the ps4 you know but I get it I get it it takes a lot of it takes a lot of you know just you got to make sure that everything’s correct everything’s whatever I don’t know the right word for it but you got to make sure that the hardware and the software are compatible and that takes a lot of work mainly the software okay noise break these things so I can actually see there we go oh look at this all this loot all this loot I wonder if one of them is a trap might be Oh give me that all this ritual materials give it to me yes yes I had a feeling this one was a secret yeah goth Queen you come to the right place well thank you for that have I now Oh so another one where was it oh no I mean did I not get it in time those are the special monsters that give you stuff if you kill them in time they’ll disappear if you don’t that’s it strap let’s see alright let’s open this up to mold yay let’s see let’s see let’s see anything else we can find in this area before we leave these things take them out let’s look behind the counter what’s behind this area time for rolling okay now what is that thing hang on let’s get a better look at it huh very interesting well let me put on my hand lantern there we go now I don’t need my torch as much there’s a say all thanks to this it is all thanks to message that’s true I’m gonna put a note down there as well I’m four where is it where is it where is it time for hidden paths there for

therefore special item weights ahead boom I love that I love that feature let’s see I heard they might remaster Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic it’s just a rumor if it happens it will be between 2018 and 2020 Wow so any time within the next couple of years basically that’s pretty cool I’d like to see that why is that doing that also if you’re just tuning in today I want to be welcome to the stream it’s so fancy yeah we’re trying to get through this area so we go through the boss cute we’re gonna kill them good so we got to go down there at some point but for now let’s go up this way whoa there we go breaking pots and pans all over the place breaking them pies but guys remember also tomorrow we’re gonna be doing another terrible turd and it’s gonna be fun remember to tune in for that that’ll be at 3 p.m that’s gonna be fun for terrible turd Tuesday you guys can see me just totally either rage or cry or both or just laugh I know we can all have a good laugh together it’ll be a lot of fun I’m gonna jump down here because there was a yeah apparently I missed him but I also didn’t go here yet looks like so let’s go here oh it does not open from this side crap okay all right hang on hang on I think we’re going back to the beginning so there’s that there’s that I don’t want to go there yet though cuz I want to figure out what’s going on here how do I open that door there’s probably a nice item in that area if we can figure out how to get down there I get I work at 6:00 tomorrow so I don’t know if I will see you live oh that’s okay if you want you’re welcome to still watch the video once it uploads or you could just you know tune in for the next time you’re around no big deal at all all right let’s see if we can find this item weights a head item weights a head but pitiful really okay so we were just here there’s no way to go through here so it’s not that way it’s got to be around here somewhere um if you go up this ladder I think we have let’s go up the ladder cuz I think that’s the only way we can go so we’re gonna do that yes okay so this is back here went that way I feel like we probably missed something over here so

let’s take a look take a little look-see and this is this area okay hmm so maybe it’s back this way cuz that’s this area here and this is I don’t know what this is maybe I you know what maybe I have to jump down there let’s just backtrack over here real quick though just take a look and see if we missed something before we jump down there we probably missed like a door or something this is the hidden path okay did I ever play any of the fables yeah actually I have I’ve played a I’ve played the first one I’d liked it I liked it a lot but I never finished it I’d like to play the second and the third one I’ve heard the third one is not good I’ve heard it’s like the it’s it’s an it’s in that order first second third so if you like you know the best one is the first one second best second one third best is the third one I mean I have no idea but I liked it don’t play backwards compatible games on the Xbox one they are full of bugs and problems oh really no way really so it is it because of the I bet it’s because it’s an emulator they’re using an emulator and the emulator probably has bugs how else would they be doing it I wonder because if it’s full of bugs and that means they can’t be using the 360 firmware or whatever there’s 360 software I don’t know maybe they are alright we’re gonna jump down here this takes us to fix us back here okay so that’s not really what we wanted I’m gonna find that door if it’s the last thing I do okay so that just took me of course I’m dumb that ladder duh huh I’m a little stumped right now we could just we could just go fight the boss but I want to find that secret area or that area we haven’t been to yet there’s got to be a way to get to it let’s see I’ve never had proper had problems okay well how many games have you played for the Xbox original Xbox on the Xbox one and also what what were they were they like I’m sure some of them probably work okay but maybe some of them are like super buggy like Pete was saying not an emulator that Mass Effect games are available as backwards compatible for the Xbox one and they are filled with bugs and glitches that would never happen in the original Xbox 360 versions that’s really bizarre I wonder so it’s not an emulator but then how the heck do they have bugs and stuff because couldn’t they just use the same you know software is the 360 and the Xbox original and just not worry about bugs I really don’t know how it works though so I could be totally wrong oh no thought I found I thought I found something but no oh god I hope so I miss playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic games oh no hey so you were a Star Wars Old Republic fan huh Knights of the Old Republic I gotta say that was a really good game that was a really good game I played a little bit of it I did not play

that much of it though but I have played it yeah Wow I’ve no idea how to get there no idea whatsoever maybe I have maybe you know what maybe I have to go to the boss first so let’s do that let’s go to the boss Knights of the Old Republic to was a personal favorite got lost to hell and back through oh but still wow dude I didn’t play the second one look at that that’s crazy it was like waiting for me what goods am I using Oh damage reduction okay good ah maybe it’s here I have to play and befriended redemption before a second one comes out yeah I’m probably gonna be playing it on the channel I love that game such a great game such a wonderful game now where is this it was waiting for you I know that was totally gay totally lame bro that man’s knowledge yay hello oh not the sadly not the sack that’ll insta kill me don’t use your sack sack boy nobody wants the end I would be very it could I could be very mistaken but that door might lead lead from the door before the bathroom okay so that confirms my somewhat confirms my suspicions semi confirms I do not like these things wish that’s the Old Republic 3 was never canceled but I really liked the second yeah shame on that yeah that wasn’t so cool beautiful this area is huge man okay I’m back the man made me get ready for work that dang you man I hate you the man sucks well I hope you have fun at work buddy as much fun as you can I guess let’s see at least you can’t die that easily due to gravity in this game that’s true in some places you actually can but not in the dungeon Jenny’s not I’m sure there are places though but I’ve died due to gravity in this game several times already not as much as Dark Souls though that was ridiculous all right uh was there a ladder up there actually let’s just check real quick we’re gonna take a little look-see take a little look-see I could just jump down but I

don’t know if I want to yeah why not let’s jump down this part is really hitting the train hard actually that was probably a good idea to jump down these cannon boys cannon brothers speaking of which I have a cannon cannon look how huge this thing is yeah baby whoo look at that massive whoa holy moly I’m surprised that it just died holy moly turn back huh turn around every now and then I get a little bit known and a bad bear oh my gosh this pressure plates on both sides pressure pray work out for the pressure great all right let’s I don’t want to skimp out on these goodies look at all of this Wow geez man they are giving me several blood buff blood vials let’s see The Old Republic takes place about 200 to 300 years after kotor – if I remember right okay literally did you like Star Wars The Old Republic Pete I played it I didn’t play it that much but what I played of it I liked a lot [Applause] that’s not what I was I want to get caught by that go back to Bioshock yes that’s a great idea I gotta add that to the list BioShock Infinite oh I forgot about that one all right I gotta remember that one buying a Shack start state of decay yeah yeah that’s a great game watch your step watch your step don’t want to get completely decapitated or sliced in half oh there’s chests here dead space we actually beat that space though I mean I could definitely go back to it but we played that multiple times I want to give other games a chance before I go back to it again but don’t you worry it’ll be back all the games that I love I want to play multiple times on the streams multiple multiple times nothing wrong with that whatsoever a good game is a good game Plus this game has new game+ so I think I might start a new game plus when I do when I start this game the story mode I might do the new game plus the Canon when you absolutely need to kill a mofo indeed it’s an MMO but it’s pretty decent yeah I’ve played I’ve played that one so you kind of like that it was meth it was

okay I liked it I thought it was pretty cool it’s Bioware so I mean they’re really heavy on story like your choices and the dialogue and all that stuff alright let’s head on back let’s not forget about this gigantic guillotine good got that can’t really play it on my computer sadly oh man that stinks well that sucks Jim’s going on three yeah dude Oh God I fell for it oh and I just dropped that all I need to see that but yeah and I missed some streams during the week last week I wanted to you know make it up to you guys make sure guys if you are having fun if you haven’t liked the video yet and you are having a good time feel free to like the video it really does help me out and don’t dislike the video although I don’t care it’s okay I’d rather you nap but can’t stop you I liked it a lot heard they might make a show of nights and all the public might do a TV show on either Netflix or the Disney stream next year it’s only a rumor Disney’s wow that sounds pretty cool I would watch that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic abso-freakin’-lutely I’d watch that all day every day all right so we’re back here which takes us back to here but we still haven’t found that door so let’s keep going I’m determined my friend all right let’s go back this way see if there was another exit maybe over here yes there is I hope that’s true would be awesome I know that would be so cool so cool I’d be totally down for that bet a bit of baby heat is a pretty cool game I agree okay nice nice I thought so I thought it was a cool game okay this is probably the area let’s kill him guys get him we’ll pull out look out big guy buddy Oh God it would be it would be I hope they start from the beginning if it happened yeah me too although local property is do like a side-story that’s normally how those things go would you what I scream Skyrim Ella heck you hat I’ve been a lot of people have said that already it’s just a matter I

mean I want to stream so many games it’s just a matter of getting around to it because I’ve already got so many games on the list that I’m currently playing on top of that workshop haze extractor what was that let’s take a look here workshop haze extractor extract arcane haze from ritual materials well that’s pretty cool hey hey nice Sara that was the that was the perfect timing he’s still making the beef stew that smells amazing most likely how they Side Story kind of like rogue one okay I didn’t want to come back this way I wanted to go over here I gotta find this door where art thou door oh yes that’s it glad I found workshop Hays extractor interesting I’m gonna have to check it out check it out now funk soul brother right about now the funk soul’s mother I know those aren’t the words all done and it was awesome oh nice sweet Sarah let’s that’s awesome eating the fruits of your labor always good where is this dang door oh you know what actually there’s still an area we haven’t explored yet let’s go back this way we want to go up yeah we went this way but there was actually it I think an area that we didn’t go to yet through here and that other direction we haven’t even gone either no this we did do this okay so then it’s the other direction we haven’t gone so let’s go do that yeah nice oh here we go here we go found it I’m glad I came back blood for all right alright let’s open up the door let’s open up that banged our kind of off topic what movies you looking forward to this year good question what movies am i looking forward to let’s see I don’t know I honestly don’t know of what movies are coming out alright guys here’s the boss let’s do this I’m really

excited right now and a little nervous here we go undead giant those parties oh my god Wow yay come on whoo Wow it’s done these six blood files right there Oh baby all right look at that weapons on fire baby use some fire paper took care of business and that was that now I’m gonna go ahead and just take a look around Z’s boss protip dying kills oh yeah that’s perfect all right I’m gonna go ahead and go back to the hunters dream but yeah movies I’m not really sure I don’t know what’s coming out Oh what movies are coming out anything cool all right um let’s see if I don’t think I can level up gam in 85 I can make that happen I can make that happen we have time to may you let’s just go in my stored cold blood do section eat a couple of these not eight of them I need a little bit more what do I need how much by gamin awaits go on very well Lydon yeah 85 okay so farewell good see gotta love the players that watch a gunfight and wait until it it’s over to kill the wounded winner oh yeah this is that the best so wait did that just happen to you if so that’s sucks dude that really sucks man that’s the worst do I can’t stand it when people do that but whatever it takes to win for some people I guess all right let’s use to that should be enough still

use one more still not enough all right one more gammon oh here we go very wet I want to do I think I’m gonna do vitality again wait effects Oh all right level 117 baby whoo yeah did it we did it ladies and gentlemen out good hunter uh may you find your worth in the waking world oh I will absolutely thank you so much guys for tuning in and remember we will be doing Fox and I will be doing multiplayer Monday tonight around 8:00 to 9:00 ish I will make sure I will post it on the discord I’ll set up another notification let you guys know if you’re willing and able to join then I’ll see you there if not no big deal we’ll see in the next one so but until then guys you are all amazing I love you all and I will see you in the next video take it easy guys and that didn’t work let’s try that again see ya you you