Burt Reynolds/Aretha Franklin/Cardi B/Mary J Blige/Halloween Trailer Streets Of Rage 4,Golden Axe

I’ve been on well it’s basically my fault cuz I’ve been tending to a lot of personal issues and stuff like that dealing with my family but um yeah we got the rig you got me uncle nerd your host you got what who is that you got the wonderful and beautiful on the privatize spinning the Wheels of Steel mica you got that right you got the ultimate Humanite uh-huh you got the ultimate Humanite you mean absolutely nothing to me aka dr. Western aka a fucking Claudie and then you got the mercenary mop assassin count kitty that lame as me so you know this the squad is what made me oh you’re not laying stomach and I might have some word for you bro so my really is it might be a family member too bro don’t look at my face oh yeah today we got a really we got a really good show in store for you guys today we got a couple of topics we gonna be talking about no Nike and Colin Kapernick we gonna be talking about Aretha Franklin and you know may she rest in peace and no we’re not gonna be badgering or anything but you know like on the way to the funeral win and stuff like that albums certain aspects just wasn’t right wonderful portrayals a wonderful Burt Reynolds was the mary j blige and faith incident all bitches fight you know Mac Miller what’s the name Mac Miller I think it was thank you yeah and Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly also we going we got some movie trailers for you guys um we also got some movies some movie and TV reviews we got some games we gonna talk about in a couple of collectibles so just give me a second the co-hosts here they go and take care the rest of the show while I post up the links on the Facebook fan page and on other social media so take it away guys y’all got the floor the floor is yours yes so I want to the topic the burning topic everybody was talking about powers and that’s what like the story called the catching of this fade starring cardi B and Nicki Minaj um no in the fat part about it like it was that Fashion Week of all places so the story was that um cardi B and Nikki were both out of Harper’s Bazaar event yesterday and Nik and cardi came to nikki about some things I don’t know what the words were that were exchanged cardi B was leaving Nikki said some snide shit and cardi B was like what went ahead and threw a shoe at Nikki some chick by the name of Riley came in to defend Nikki and it was all like health however I water from there and um my thing is you know light as a Fashion Week attendee because I’ve been um going too fast aren’t you there I think you were at that one Morrison no I wasn’t there I wasn’t there a few friends that were there but I I wasn’t there at that event but um my thing is when you’re gonna Fashion Week you have certain people looking at you I understand okay like Oh her IG shoes like you know like it’s okay you talk about me but you spoke about my child number one is because you’re gonna catch this fade too so that I got over stand on but at the end of the day you are at a Fashion Week event you are being looked at it like through a fucking microscope you can’t be doing any of that it’s a time and a place for everything so was was cardi B kind of wrong yeah she was she really was um she should have handled it differently she should’ve um window or the time like how like oh and they got a picture of all I’m cardi B with a not on a fucking poor you saw that speed not was sitting out there Brown right on right on oh yes she got a nice little speed bump or like above my eyebrow everything but um she like she got elbowed by security nice finish some oh by the party and cardi B got escorted out barefoot and speed before my hands that’s my stuff yep no I don’t know how this is going to affect her for the next Fashion Week that’s in February

um light and this is my thing because I’ve been to mercedes-benz Fashion Week and I’ve been in New York Fashion Week it was lady’s been Fashion Week right but a big black ball because of a fight she would have been black LS what I understand about the Messiah he’s been spayed they have zero tolerance for a major brain since on they drop sponsorship a couple of years back it just went downhill from there so hey like maybe we’ll see her February I don’t know but um it like everybody was mad for the past 24 hours everybody was just mad um you had on faith-based a minute I don’t even know what the hell faith in their free Jane was even or keep with it aren’t two in they’re not in their prime but they are to season to be you know throwing hands at each other but there’s always been some kind of like tension between Mary and faith ever since faith evidence came out with her first album yes Mary Mary Jane was on some was aa single that was love don’t live here anymore she was on there I don’t know what happened but they removed her vocals from it right and they weren’t vocals in it but um like ever since then it’s just been bad blood between them and it’s finally gone on sorry to interrupt you hey TIFF what’s going on baby you’re welcome that you’re welcome to join in on the chat if you want to I can lock in budget if you want to join in but if you want to moderate from over there that we greatly appreciate yeah we need some other female perspective in here um but I’m yeah like that like they like those those two like y’all y’all so old to be on fight in and they over like 45 no them bitches like 50 and they old like y’all to season to be acting like hood boogers that ain’t even cool they like this shit I guess but you know from what I was I wasn’t in a situation where I don’t want not even a situation wasn’t um Faith Evans in the news just a little while ago about dating some dude I think he was on Housewives I know you talking about it married even came from loving yeah some junk like that yes they’re the two are married um they’ve been married for a while they came out with a little racy music video which was just horrible you know man you guys when you get old no one no one to hang up your whole boobs man you know exactly like Paul everybody was just mad today and Rita Williams incident that just happened a couple of hours ago really so what what is going on um she played in the US Open a woman’s final she played up against this song chick me Naomi Osaka right half Japanese half Haitian chick and the umpire of the company wait the umpire of the game guy by the name of Carlos Ramos gave Sarina a code violation for coaching right um Serena got mad and she like threw a racket down to the point where it broke which the umpire gave her another code file so she got really pissed and started you know like getting at the umpire but you know it was like I don’t cheat I’d rather lose than she just and other you need to apologize about my Baba like okay since you’re flying off the handle with me you get another code violation and that resulted in Naomi’s a soccer winning the finals crazy that’s crazy oh man so I know we had we had a um we had a bit of like sad news I mean like can you fill us in oh you guys want to give your opinion on the situation with Aretha Franklin I mean I’m just like oh that’s messed up how they did it man like nothing is sacred nothing no like this one this woman was a legend in the music business right like it seemed like they made it mostly about themselves it wasn’t about her it was

mostly about them um when the pastor gave that eulogies like nobody can say about trumpet Aretha Franklin’s funeral what does that have to do with the price of tea in China I thought that was so inappropriate and tacky and disrespectful most of all I was like how dare he I was like how dare he that it was just it was just sounds like man can’t nobody do it like us I don’t care what nobody say again nobody do it like good we got to did better what are your thoughts on it Kenny and um Claudie most of the coverage of it wasn’t focused on a wreath as much as it was on everything else around it it was really odd to see most attention pulled on like Clinton and everyone and the groping thing with what’s-her-name the singer pre scrapped of the handful right now Christ little skinny gal who was singing it and uh yeah I told you about did the video I sent you I shared on Facebook you know the pre-screen is MIT’s full oh yeah 20 no one sent in an Clinton Bill Clinton and behind her cut head his mouth open wide yeah we still got it you know how are you but if you look at the picture it was three of them it was Clinton Sharpton and Jesse Jackson all of them was looking like they wanted a piece of that it’s only Trump that matters in this situation and and the disrespect to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton was looking at ariana grande like they haven’t seen young princess the civil rights movement and it was crazy I was watching it there was up there like no I but you know what it’s no more than what I would expect I don’t see why people give me as every other grenade insane about it with anybody being groped and molested or touched against their will or whatever the case may be but I mean like she say shit about us you know if you want to get if you want to looked at her Twitter and you know I followed Twitter I follow social media you know heavily and he doesn’t need to say anything the irony is that the me to movement says these things how many times something happens on TV where people are like oh what’s going on like movie theaters the rock remember when the rock went to the aquarium with his daughter when he went to go see enslaved animals supporting slavery that’s what that’s the Grande you would expect to see the me to movement step up but it’s black people I guess and you know they were bashing Trump so I guess it’s okay to get groped certainly no on the arm on the conspiracy flips you have people saying that what it was is she’s an MKULTRA sex kitten and you can look it up we’re just handlers that’s how we asked how the music industry runs it some sort of government music industry tie-in where they have these singers go out and promote certain themes and things and I think even papers leak back in data what’s your name Marilyn Monroe was the MKULTRA sex Pete wait but but but so so there’s so why is it okay for that but then Weinstein and Bill Cosby and all these people getting hit with this stuff then oh what’s this about it selectively then is what you’re saying if they’re not part of the in-crowd then they have to get shut down so I did that inspire you saying that it’s kind of so that means the meter movement is biased to who they favor and who they’re not because apparently these guys can stare at the women because if I can’t call I’m not touching them that’s sexual harassment right staring at a woman like that triggers right huh eyes were made to see right well tracked in this by vows cute apparently everybody else Morgan Freeman everybody’s getting hit with it so it’s okay yeah it was okay so so so so I gotta be I got a what do I have to do to do all the things that they did like

grope you without having to have any issues you know a good example of this me to kind of bias is a Bourdain’s wife Asia Argento or whatever she’s a great backlash for me to movie because I guess she didn’t follow the SOP of how to be true me to movement person she’s the biggest spokesperson for that nonsense she went ahead and kid yeah the kid she said she said it was a kid who uh yeah she’s trying to you know she’s doing what she did before she threw Anthony Bourdain under the bus with the whole thing oh you wanted to pay off the kid now she’s Tony she’s kind of low down for that she’s kind of trashed for that because how are you gonna blame something on the network like what do you even Spanish he was a lot that’s what I’m assuming also he couldn’t take because he was very stressed when they said we dug himself or we don’t know but you know he was going through something stressful one of his friends said but they didn’t know what it was but but before but before he died that photo did come out on Twitter and then and then all of a sudden a couple of days or a week later he offed himself I wouldn’t be surprised that was but you know what the tightest alternate one of the admins here says no one has mattered three guys we just find it funny what we’re mad at is the so-called man of God getting handfuls of booty none of it is okay staring is not the same as making someone uncomfortable directly i verbally or physically free what’s going on rather good to see you who said that denied if any well this would you know in France I can’t say wow you know you have pretty eyes or else I’ll get a lot done because it’s a it’s an offense it’s against the law so explain implement no it’s not not not but the thing is what gets me is if it’s against the law to do that to cat caulk that’s what they call it now okay so what if you can’t call a guy is it okay for the women to do it if it’s against the law for men to do the sexual harassment like that girl did in that video I showed you where I hide the boyfriend always giving me a compliment though no you to me like I was like from the store I had on some show first he was like yo like you got some pretty legs I’m like oh thank you all you’re doing is giving me a compliment it’s not saying like yeah let me hit that it’s totally two different ways I don’t know anymore you guys got a man’s plane for us compliment is a compliment like yours like some of these people need to get over themselves really everything is no pardon me Tiffany Jorgensen says no movement is perfect there will always be extremes any response to that no here’s the thing like I was like some friend of mine later on my heart did to me to whom is done started by this black woman by the name of Tirana Bert she really made the me to room in for for women of color who were raped and sexually assaulted but like me both aren’t able to you know like boys or what happened to us it’s the Hollywood feminist movement that’s burnish it into a fucking circus mm-hmm it’s there for and now it’s her on the burgers like gangs like I need to correct anything that I did wrong and it just went like as soon as like Ashley Judd Rose McGowan those feminists got a hold of that it just went south right then in there oh I’m like to play this very familiar to Kaepernick taking a knee and now it’s believing something and everything now now it’s like it doesn’t have anything and in the dude ended up selling out to to Nike and all of a sudden now you got all this nonsense happen and the funny thing is all these people who are burning the reason you got black people praising Nike right my question is you know who makes the maggots by the way nice so I’m waiting to see what they’re gonna do now are you gonna think

about it also check check this out and response to what Tiffany said no movement is perfect there will always be extremes free play no say it depends on the movement he also stated that but the me to movement has become toxic in an unwanted sexual it man it’s the movement of dog whistling Tiffany gurgenson says right happy free play mode because nothing said on the internet needs to be proven and those are very valid points that he’s making I will say this about feminism feminism started okay it was good once you get to the third way which is what feminism is now it’s pretty much us versus them kind of thing it’s it’s a demonization of masculinity they have a phrase called toxic masculinity which I just despised in my core what is that I never heard of that what is that any kind of male any type of masculinity is considered toxic if I was a girl camera and start flexing lifting weights like I love doing if I start lifting weights and stuff like that that’s toxic you know we have a point because there are some genes bring in a gallon of water and you know they won’t let you make noises at gyms no more you can’t bring in jugs of water because it’s considered overly masculine for a gym setting which I don’t understand you you can’t bring a jug of water to hydrate yourself because it’s it’s toxic all of a sudden the people around you so anything that’s considered remotely manly is now vilified but but well I don’t get it how come there’s no term for toxic femininity wouldn’t that just be gold-digging it is there is it’s cold I don’t I don’t know where you’ve been but but like me and my friends been talking about this for a long is like toxic femininity like it’s basically male bashing everything is just backing everything that’s toxic feminity oh man this is hilarious no apart in the second guys we have a friend of mine and I also do videos with him I’ve been on his channel his name is free play mode aka David Aaron and he wants to come onto the show if you guys don’t mind you guys mind give me one second you guys continue I’m going to invite him to the show okay my balls hang you know I don’t care no more I’m gonna start pulling out not coming out pretty much I mean really really want Batum in now I mean that’s what I’ve seen I mean like what’s the point I mean like like like uh you can’t you can’t want you can’t want something and then back out with everything I’ll tell you I’ll tell you what the ideal woman kind of thing is now is to have a betta the cooking service and then they get the back blown out by now for somewhere that’s just how it is – oh I love you and support you and you know they kiss her ass all day long Tiffany wants to join us now – please do I would love that also for is fruit we need a fruit I cannot wait oh no the last time I encounter Mel famous I couldn’t help but wanna clock them in the face of choke them out there’s just something that’s chemistry five likes come on now I mean we spread ourselves and we enjoying ourselves from oh oh man and that got you know I definitely want to because like like like she said about the all movements after a while movements I think are just they become they lose their identity it doesn’t even make any sense anymore I was when I was going through like the BLM’s up I don’t know remember when I was telling you should make about the Tim ten lists requirements that BLM wanted white people to do for black people and it offends me because it’s telling me that oh yeah I saw that I saw that I was like are you fucking kidding me are you telling me that I’m I’m a panhandler you know we can’t I can’t amount to nothing without you giving me stuff I can’t go and earn my stuff you know it demeans it demeans us as a race and then they’re the champion of anything kind of end racism and yet you’re encouraging it by forcing something that’s why I was joking with you can anybody say oh you dude you know

what like one of the rules says white people if they don’t have descendants their property should be given to black people black families preferably the lives of so that means I can give it to a rich black person or a poor black person well not me well Kenny I Kenny’s like you know you know what I’ll do you know what I’ll do and then you guys can tell me what you guys think so the first rule was why people if they don’t have any descendants they should will their property to black or brown families preferably ones that are just generally poor and the number two is why people if you’re inheriting property you you intend to sell upon acceptance give it to a black or brown family you’re bound to make that money in some other white privilege way anyway and number three if you are a developer or Realty owner you should build a multi-family house and build it to sustain black people or brown people blighted neighborhoods and let them live in it for free number four is like white people if you can’t afford to downsize give up the home you own to a black or brown family preferably a family of again poverty are there is this real yeah that’s on their website this is just this is just some common sense hold on hold on hold on let me finish and you guys can do whatever you want because I hear your opinions because this is a movement that’s supposed to be about black lives it seems like they want more hand it’s become less proactive about anything so number five is white people if any of the people you intend to leave your property to they’re considered they’re completely racist and racist assholes and they should change the will and will your property to a black or brown family number six is rebug it your monthly your monthly bills or incomes or any debt that you have like cable bills so you can donate to black funds or land purchasing plan number seven why people especially white women because this is your this is your specialty knows each any meddling Kathy get a racist fire I you know the the white people that live in nor them get your boss fired because they are racist number eight is is backing up number seven they can be easy but all those this is asinine I’m not believing this shit so I’m telling to their website this is on their website I found this you don’t know onion is some shit to it and I’ll let you link it on your own I’m gonna tell you what he’s right because a lot of it be limp and falls in line with communist rhetoric and this sounds very funny they want you to give them stuff and that’s basically I’m telling that’s what is they basically want you or if you since if you guys are not white so if you if you are white women to go get your white boss is fired and every that’s what they want you to do and get them fired and don’t address them as whoever and just do what you got to do number ten is basically to commit to the things and fight white supremacy where how you can because again you saw this happening Maxine water remember when she was on public telling everybody hey you know you guys got to email them do what you got to do basically inside environment what’s the point of that you know you’re making us look like we’re savages we’re just brain-dead dummies and we’re better than that so yeah so when I see when I see life I think black women shouldn’t even be black feminists period because I mean I would never tell you to not go to work or do what you you know you do you you you’re beside me I don’t see how that is I don’t see how any minority woman would be against any I don’t see any black man treating a black woman any differently if anything oh it’s not as extreme as the white people I’m not saying all of them are thing but majority of the people I know they out there trying to do their thing you know they want to be with that woman they’re their queens there I’ve seen a lot of black men refer to their women as that but the feminist is feminism especially the white feminism’s they’re so toxic that they’re infiltrating you guys and just creating monsters for no reason where is the black in and if you read there if you read their black BLM’s website they talk about everything else except the black father the black father announced they talk about total bombs you we need this we need the gay black men a binary non-binary gender where’s the black father where’s the black

because this black men out there that take care that kids their woman the woman walked off so why you know why are they not talking about that well force them out of the household so does she can repeat the cycle with someone else and then do it again yeah I’m gonna link I’m gonna make you the video of an interview where they had the interview of the founder one of the founders of BLM where they were asking interviewing her do you know that she has both her parents they’re not divorced both black parents when they were interviewing her about how she kept talking about how her mom had to work hard jobs her father works for GM at the time they were making money her about her wife his wife worked two jobs she didn’t have to but she kept focusing on that instead to the point where yeah we didn’t have this we worked hard and then the guy asked her so you guys your family’s broken up is what you’re saying right says no my dad was there she did not want to talk about and that offended me because I’m like dude where’s your dad you acting like your dad wasn’t doing nothing and yet that’s all they talk about the black father is not existent you got to understand that the minute the war on drugs is what put these black strong men that want to be there in prison the beta mens don’t go to jail because they’re the soft these are the ones that don’t care that always that run around acting like fools but the ones that want to be around they don’t want that are locked up they’re the ones that are getting locked up for stupid number crack at the day I agree to some drugs oh hold on one second we got a comment in this calm cat section over here one says black lives matter is an SJW sham straight bull thank you and after a janky that’s what it is it’s been hi you gotta bring your voice up a bit you got to bring up your voice a little bit of tip baby we can’t hear you that’s perfect that’s perfect okay so what I was saying is like all movements black lives might have started off as something great it’s not something good and then like you said it got hijacked by people with their own agendas and it’s just turned into like there you go thank you or anything but when you got a white person or white people representing something that’s supposed to be for our own cell to fight for our own selves it has lost its meaning it’s not about black people when when Candace Owen was in that’s town in that um restaurant whatever calling white supremacist you not only people BLM that were there that were black zero the police department was black so I’m like why are you calling white supremacist who are you people you’re not even black how can a black person or a white person who will sympathize for us take that seriously there’s not one black person there they’re yelling yet white supremacist no one speaks for me I would rather have Shamika or you speak for me before I have some white person they don’t we have to face the fact that and we can’t really get a foothold on this movement if they’re not on board to I don’t they can they can be on board in the in a sense of supporting but they should not speak for us I agree the kids they don’t know what if you had a white father or a white mother your white fuck you’re gonna be living in a split life your mama or your if your mom is black she understands a struggle you won’t you’re gonna you’re gonna have to pick a side your father will never understand if he’s white cuz he hasn’t lived that he hasn’t experienced it but you know what here’s my thing here’s my thing and a lot of you play for you a lot of not not to interrupt interracial children and it when it comes to people that interracial or like biracial whatever you want to call it they’re not black they’re not white they’re mixed because a lot of people will acclimate them especially black culture would be like oh they black they like no they’re not black they’re mixed they’re not black they’re not white because so in other words we’re supposed to accept how I looked at is though we’re supposed to accept what the whites won’t take and no we’re not speaking bad about because I know you have an interracial child you have a biracial child if but at the same token the first thing two white people say like oh that makes you like the first thing black people say happily is like oh that big child is black because black people want to acclimate themselves that anything that’s not black so you’re talking in

terms of like oh because the white parent is and the black parent no mix makes children interracial children or biracial children are not black and they’re not white they’re mix they are you do have mixed children who do understand the struggle because racism racist people are not going to say yeah you’re mixed they’re gonna still get called of course that’s that’s that’s what I’m referring to the computer because their art they are going to be torn because they’re like crap you know why am I going through this because they won’t experience it in their household but they shouldn’t no be aware of the reality that look you have this blood in you and it’s gonna be with you forever this extra minor point is aware he’s yeah what’s going on because yes he is half life and he’s gonna have these experiences because he’s not fully white and he needs to understand why is people are looking at him the way they’re looking at him whether treating him the way they treating him yeah so I mean man because he’s gonna have experiences he’s what what you say essentially yes we are raising a black man because he’s going to have the experiences that you pretty much how can I say no matter off raising him as a black person because he’s not gonna get away from however light-dark he has the society the society or the racism is going to refer to him as that because he’s mixed children I don’t call biracial people one of the other they’re mixed they’re just simply mixed they’re not they’re not black and out white I don’t call them like you bold you black no no you know my husband my cousin has your compression my cousin is biracial right because he has a white father but he’s as dark as you explain that to me no you can’t see it you can’t see it it’ll make so much your color is still going to be the bane of who you are no it’s going to they’re going to still oaken you at the same token no a person that is of that is of both like two different ethnicities they are mixed what gets me what gets me is that what gets me is that um see I’m looking at it from a racial standpoint in terms of light black people aren’t going to accept anything that isn’t black and just be like oh well a black because they don’t know they not there mix it not black you’re not fully black black I’m just as proud honestly I’m just as proud about of my culture and my ethnicity as that Caucasian would be because see I look at it like this a mix child is not going to be called white and oh no this is no type no sense of prejudice anything but a mix child or person as mix it’s not going to be called white the name they’re gonna be gonna be called but they’re not and regardless if they’re not doesn’t get what you’re right logically you’re right but looking where we live now today it doesn’t matter whatever you say is gonna go over everything he’s the black person against a racist person go ask anybody who’s oh they’re gonna tell you what do you talk to looking at it looking at it logically that person is not black that’s what I’m yeah because my cousin like me no listen listen my family is heavily diverse my family is heavily diverse that descended same token I mean they’ve never lie acclimated themselves as being black because they were on it like I come from a very family that deals in logic they feel they may be ignorant at times but their logic their I mean like that variant selection and they’ll be like no I’m not black and I’m not white I’m mixed I’m a you know makes this it makes mixed heritage mix this mix that that’s what they say and that’s what I was raised to believe yeah people may treat a motherfucker that may be black as me with grey eyes or whatever the case may be as a black man but essentially I mean they’re not black they’re mixed you still a Negro you still an n-word let’s agree is that black people like to acclimate themselves that anything that’s not black of course because that’s why you see that the disparity between oh yeah I’m light-skinned or or blacks that’s that’s the self-hatred because Society like when you got BLM

who is creating this division where anybody is welcome to be a part of it that creates that self hate because we don’t understand anymore we’ve desensitize ourselves to that’s why you see low and you see kids that are mixed and sometimes they tend to side to the with their white side in the family okay they don’t want to get this that’s the argument that I’m Colette thought we have a comic like Berlin finance says not necessarily you don’t ever choose sides biracial multiracial is not a choice never been called the n-word never been confused that’s black free play mode which is a good friend I’m trying to get him on the stream and for some reason he’s not getting the invites can one of you guys see if you couldn’t wait hold on free play don’t put up a set the problem with black lives matter is that there’s no central organization making these rules and he’s absolutely right it’s a much lĂșcia filled affiliated people making it up as they go along there’s no leader there is no leader at all it’s not what the problem is there’s no it’s just everywhere yeah and then there no I’m sorry and they’re supported by I mean they’re in the same group as an Tifa and everything it’s like what the heck you know it it’s like it like Occupy Wall Street they had a meaning and then it just went crazy now I don’t even know what it’s about anymore all it is all that you see is the craziness of it I mean like for example they made a big deal they were in I thought they were gonna implode when they started complaining about the rainbow flood we don’t black people don’t have any representation now there’s a black and brown stripe in it now I’m like wow so I’m like I don’t want to be represented don’t speak for me but it seems like that’s that’s that’s that’s crazy I’m in an and then dude bottom line if I can’t think the way I want to think because I’m too masculine or whatnot then that’s fascism that’s Marxism I mean you’re you’re against it when it’s against you or when it’s free thinking right but if I think and I conform to you then it’s okay like free speech you know I can say something but if it offends you then it’s wrong it’s considered hate I can’t speak my own opinion but yet you want your own opinion it’s stupid it doesn’t make any sense is it’s right it’s dumb it’s like these women that are fully full-blown company that there was a I can’t remember the name of the company I look for it right now where it’s all women all female was a Huffington Post because it sounds familiar they hired a male as a CEO and I was like whoa why would you do that you you you’ve protest your company has 100 percent female but yet you needed a male CEO how did that how did that happen you know it begs the question as to what is it you really want right you want equality you want this you want all this I mean what you know at the expense of what you know you you you’re you’re you yeah we work we’re the only country that actually has free speech where we can say things other countries they they they go on that aspect of free speech but they really don’t have a law that legally protects them because I can actually you can actually call and say well you know what Shamika offended me and it’s a hate crime and i feel offended and they will come the police will come here we can we can say what we want hard well we’re losing that slowly but it’s going away freedom everything because now because now everything considered offensive you know we we mask everything we got rid of the whole phrase sticks and stones I think that’s the issue there’s no more sticks and stones it’s all oh I’m hurt let me go hide somewhere on this new society on how like you know honestly this is just me speaking for myself and I’ve been privy to this many of times not only on YouTube but on other social media platforms if I say something or honestly I know I’m being monitored on Facebook definitely because there’s times I put a post and you have my poster a bit racy in like you know sometimes there are way out there and everything but there have been times when they totally deleted a whole post that I put up there because I was speaking my mind on something I’ve been suppressed I’ve been suppressed many times there’s been times I put up videos on here that just didn’t see the light of day and I uploaded them three times and they smacked them down without even saying anything so yeah Heidi now where’s oh like freedom of speech is

totally a college it’s non-existent if you don’t conform if you don’t conform to how can I say if you don’t conform to like this snowflake or this ultra ultra sensitive uh national unreasonable Society now a way of think you know ideals you’re completely thrown throw them into the bad-boy cage of vilified and you know push you down and instantly like you’re instantly just everything is just shut down for you everything is just shut down being taken away from you I mean I never actually see she can I have read in comic books or I’ve seen in sci-fi films come to fruition 1984 George Irwin exactly 84 exactly we’re becoming just like that George Orwell yep but you pick and choose what you’re sensitive about yeah I mean you saw the video you saw the video I said on Facebook right jamika where the woman was yelling at the couple kenny saw it the one before those ideas here the woman the guy they were at a some yogurt like a restaurant right yeah yeah and then they’re waiting in line and this woman is in line ready to pay so the boyfriend kisses his girlfriend on the forehead she attacks him by saying dude you’re sexually harassing me it was a whole thing it’s ridiculous about that a couple years just miserable she started attacking here but I’m American this is America I can say whatever I want when this boring dude said you look please leave or go back to your country I was like wow okay there were two of these and one of these videos were very similar girls one of them it turns out the lady who was complaining was some kind of a porno star sir you know one of these yeah mentally unstable wall hitting porno stars useless people but bottom line it’s like I mean it’s like there’s venues for this it’s like this I think this triggered triggered this event watching Aretha Aretha Franklin’s funeral I mean I like even watching um James Brown was really cool but Aretha Franklin’s for you know I don’t even it wasn’t even about her anymore it wasn’t it was like it was so distasteful disrespectful and just like totally inappropriate I just like when I watch I just whipped like this the whole time when he speaking I’m lucky I said oh my god no he’s not I said that is so and so in a world why is Trump even part of that why are you talking about him it wasn’t I don’t think he even cared if that’s the case they made about him everybody rooting and Raven she’s busy sitting there I mean and then you got I mean you’ve got all of this nonsense and then you have a you know where where where I mean you know anything that happens everybody’s attacking it you know whether like we brought up when the rock went to places and all of a sudden everybody’s attacking him because he’s doing this and whatnot and my only issue is well fair is fair you’re gonna be feminism then be feminism hundred percent don’t pick and choose like especially when your girl got groped over there in the place and Bill Clinton doing this thing you know staring at women and really say overly sexualizing them and no one’s calling him out but yeah if it wasn’t regular if it was Trump everybody would be on top of it yeah he’s a man oh he groped this or he did this or Bill Cosby or or or any of these men that just don’t fit your support or agenda you’re gonna throw them under the bus what about the pastor that was all over area grounders breasts got a handful I’m sorry finger pull no you know how soldiers justice warriors keyboard Terry’s when they see something they don’t like whether it’s in the movies or whatever they go on on social media is like oh this they need to shut that down yadda yadda yadda but nothing happened if you remember the pastor came out like a day later and had an apology with the hashtag but his apology had

like a corn hashtag like go Arianna or you know some along those lines so yeah he was praising her for letting him touch her I must go Haryana good luck you know what that apology kind of half-ass but I don’t even care my thing is if she not complaining about it you should I complain about it either you’re right you’re right but don’t pick and choose though because if something if it happens again but it’s now all of a sudden you’re gonna say it’s it’s it’s rape or molestation or whatever come on really okay yeah but see my argument is the other people the movement speaks up because remember all these movements have been speaking up for people that haven’t voiced their opinions haven’t said anything that’s my issue like if something happened to you and they saw it somebody would go and say something about it and then it becomes a whole thing um what has the rock done slavery thing but yet but yet he goes to an aquarium with his daughter on Twitter and then everybody’s going slavery supporting slavery and then you have amputees complaining that he’s playing an amputee in that movie that’s ridiculous why are you attacking the dude what did he do he’s an actor is he is he too masculine is that what it is come on for real that’s what acting is right yeah yes okay then so I mean it’s all really sensitive did they look for something to be pissed off about all the time they look for something that they look for things to be pissed off I can’t hear you sweetie what you say it’s a made-up term it’s a bunch of be a man buddy if you do it like nowadays if you do that that’s I don’t get it exactly a grown man and like every movement every everything is started off something and ended up something else talks immaculate masculinity is something that from this Meetup they made that out thank you I’d like to add that toxic masculine you know the world built the lights that turn on that make the darkness appear like nothing masculinity electricity masculinity the role to the pave masculinity the buildings the skyscrapers all masculinity society is real wars masculinity amen would you rather have a hundred and ten pound woman or 85 pound woman busted in the house to save you and your family some are 200 some are a pound man all muscle coming through there grabbing up your family kicking in doors and down life then a reverse that would you would you would you want the fire department to lessen the the requirements to become a fireman knowing that they got 50 pounds of water that comes through that hose somebody’s got to hold it and and carry that in and if you’re if you’re falling a partner falls down or fire Cavin and my friends a fire department he explains these things are you able to carry your partner out and carry all that equipment with the axe and everything that you need to do would you want them to lessen the standards so that way they can’t come in protect its a lot of the fire remember they’re not their first responders after everything is happened they have to save you they can’t they don’t not bear when the fire is about to happen and boom we got you to a be the point some branches the military began lowering standards to become like a ranger specialist just so they can the women in so they’re reducing physical expectations when we’re supposed to have a fighting elite but the best of the best top killers so now we’re luring those there so we can have women on the battlefield to me that’s ridiculous I mean if it’s up for me I should be

just the elite cream of the crop we should be lowering standard just so we can have you know a bunch of broad plain pew pew guns I agree they should have to meet the standards plain and simple you shouldn’t lower the standards this is the military these are these are these are these are facilities these are these are jobs and occupations where like the person has to be in top physical condition or performance you can’t there’s no negotiating they gotta be up to par you know what I mean no problem with that but don’t lower the standards because honestly and then when I’m speaking in terms in the military those over there are enemies they not lowering they stand to stay raising you got four year old two ak-47s shooting apples ready to kill all of us in sight not letting her be a mechanic and saying okay told on hold off we got some chats over here we got some messages over here free play mode Lorraine says he’s lorena bella says yep it’s just not that deep free play mode said there’s a difference between what toxic masculinity is and what the feminism version of it is he also stated what real toxic masculinity says is that a man cannot show emotion he cannot cry when I agree with that you try use a bitch hold on when something negative happens to him he also stand in toxic masculinity says that he has to hold those emotions never revealing to anyone until it finally / and explodes well right now you gonna fight someone about it that can handle that though of course and we have no problem with that Lorraine the the women that can handle that excellent there over the bar we shouldn’t lower the bar because I enemy is it low in the bar people that need saving they need people that can fit the bill to save them free play mode also says the feminist version of toxic masculinity Dean’s any behavior that would be considered male centric to be toxic got some more comments cuz it’s getting kind of heated up in here everybody already done I was number two Lord free play mode said this is what I disagree with Lorena Bella says duh free play mode says having been in the military if the military was the elite of the lead nobody would ever get in we do not live in a militaristic society maybe we shouldn’t because you know what crying is weakness leaving the body I don’t want to hear none of that crying is weakness leaving the body that’s all it is I don’t wanna world I’m trying to raise human troopers then say that Red Nose humans he those humans do you know what you know the school systems have now now they have classes that are teaching our young men oh don’t rape so we have to tell our young men that rape is in their nature and by nature they are vile what kind of nonsense is that me because they did like this thing what was that it was some way I was reading it was it was an article like a good couple months ago they were telling the child not to in so many words you’re not supposed to have any type of feeling of sexuality towards the opposite sex and if you do in that way you’re wrong no I would never condone rape because I think that’s a crime worse than murder you understand what I’m saying but I’m saying token I mean like why would you try to strip the child that if he does have earth or this young man or whatever the case may be that they do have urges or like they they feel like you know like like what being a man is is if I get an erection or whatever the case may be that you’re wrong for having an erection or like you’re wrong for feeling like attracted to the opposite sex

I will say this when I was a kid I was a pervert I used to rub my dick on everything and play on myself in every kind of time I get I never raped anybody I never wanted to rape anybody so why should any of my feelings as a child been had been tamed or curbed I’m Thai used to beat my dick at a drop of a hat I was a Jackson I’ve been through training I do this right don’t get it messed up I’m benching I’m benching heavy weights bro I’m benching heavy weights not baking training so I mean like I won’t cry trust me I won’t cry at all I do cardio to oldfield I play around with 60 pound weights 60 pound dumbbells like it ain’t nothing work it’s someone trying to promote crying Jesus Christ ah although I guess he was talking to me he’s like he said there’s a time the place for crying not what not watch read it yes cord to deathbed and let me come up the Jersey and put you through some basic training let’s see how much you cry oh ok I thought he was saying me I was gonna say nah bro I can handle it I like when he hurt prevents me from killing somebody right there but you like to bottle up my emotions in other people that was a bit that was a person though I’m still a caring person but you gonna get a lot of mass from me kitty talking about you he said I’m talk about homie who was talking about raising big bulls who wouldn’t make it through introduction wouldn’t make it through one week without crying he’s saying you Kenny I’d raised straight hey I’ll know about you but I’m not trying to raise sissies so my kids are nothing but I son there’s no cutting my blood you’re talking about but I must say but i’ma say this though since we’ll move on from the Aretha Franklin faux pas funeral because it wasn’t it wasn’t even a funeral yeah so the other thing is is the Nike commercial that believe in thing is sacrifice everything well hell I can put Trump’s face there to explain that to me so you see it means nothing that and then and then and all these black people are yeah that’s right that’s right well guess who makes the mag Ahead’s Nike so what you’re gonna do now and military boots so anybody who’s gonna burn in here I’ll give you my email so you can like kill box Nikes because because right now you guys are being hoodwinked by Nike who feminists and anybody shouldn’t even be supporting because they put in women out in Indonesia on sweatshops and slaves making their sneakers for you that you’re wearing right now hey hold on you detail huh what do you say I’m trying I’m trying to invite David to the chat honey that’s the one that’s the one that told you need to go to boot camp I change it to three to four times a week this new guitar I don’t train oh yeah you would need a gun to put me down you coward up but you build like a woman – oh hell are you in joy when I come for your story yes you’ll Punk with your gun the gravy’s what you gonna do you pump I

can trace my lineage back my fightin lineage goes all the way back to Brazil the days of volley – bro who the hell are you 17 you’re a fucking pussy for you I’d rather lose a cow live I rather be a live coward I’d rather be a man envy you you have a vagina I’m murk you you hand the hand all alone without your little pussy gun I would and your life and I know that 100% I train with killers Buddha holy you train with a video game controller let me take some my house has trained the likes of BJ Penn you know the shoebox in Brazil all the heavy hitters what you going to do crackhead I’d like to see you on a traveling in Vienna you probably sit around you play video games all day I would strangle you this fool just keeps talking free plays not from Jersey Jersey he’s not from Jersey I wish our way so I can go see him I’m from California hmm yeah so um see this girl uh yeah go on go in Jamaica well the issue where I’m at Miller you know like I believe he passed away only 26 years old and this rappers nowadays they need to leave them drugs alone well they rap the mumble because I’m old school at the same time it’s kind of awkward because it’s like we sold the game they are taking it you know what I mean like we thought about way we thought we unwrapped about selling drugs and other now this generation is talking about taking of you hmm because way because no need for a job back then because we had nothing else to get money from because we were already institutionalized so it already jaded the black community to even try to get a job because in this country compared compared to other countries where if you do go to prison like in Russia or whatnot you still can get a job everyone else except here we demonize those I have a job because our applications are specific to ask that so that’s why we sold the drugs these kids over here don’t even need to do that I think Joe but was it Joe Budden who challenged little yeah audience says dude you articulate you smart you college dude act like that stop being this this this this you know this degenerate of mumble nonsense and you know what though unfortunately that’s what sells right now that’s what sells I’m not buying young boys Mayan clothes that you guys wear I have a problem with that okay you know what i’ma bring up this article right here and it talks about what’s his name it’s speaking in terms of what’s his name Mac Miller yeah what is it I’ll share this with you guys cuz my give you died from overdoses and essentially says right here at CNN can you guys see this yeah yes Mac Miller rapper and producer did at 26 Mac Miller a rapper introduced early began his rise in the music industry and his late teens has died his family tells CNN he was 26 it was only 26 years old less said he was brought meeting he was brought life in his world for his family friends and fans his family wrote in a statement obtained by CNN through Miller’s publicist there were no deaths there were no details on the cause of his death the Los Angeles Police Department overdose that was the cause of his death he OD okay all right they said the Los Angeles Police Department tells CNN the officers responded to a call of a death investigation at 11:00 six hundred block one yeah block a valley Kris Road just before noon local time the coroner’s office will handle the investigation according to police Millers whose real name is Malcolm McCormack started his journey in music as a teenager about putting out mixtape in his native Pittsburgh in 2012 his first album Blue Slide was the blue slide park became the first independent debut album to hit the top of the Billboard chart in more than 16 years Miller was 19 he released his fifth studio album swimming last month he was

set to perform a series of concerts in support of the record starting in the late in late October with a opener scheduled to take place at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles Mac was a huge gifted in aspiring artists with a pioneering spirit and a sense of humor that touched everyone he met Tom horse and co-chairman of CEO of Warner Brothers Records miller’s label said in a statement max death is a devastating loss and cut short a life and a talent of a huge potential but the possibilities felt limitless we join all his fans across the globe and extending our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends what type of rap was this was just like their skin eating garbage or what no no no no Matt Miller had bars he did he did you know the sad thing is because him and Robert Glasper was supposed to be doing something together so it is sad that he passed away I don’t know I’m not into this new generation stuff I can’t I can’t she’s the den mother of the arm of the group today right here when we get out of hand you know we all start shoving each other and shit coming in Joe develop me tight go back after a while I have to like 10 or 15 minutes we start back up again though but so yeah David David oh but but I do want to say that though oh it’s the boy David you know what it is what’s good don’t know how to fight before that I just wanted to goodbye you a woman wait wait Kenny Kenny wait wait wait wait wait let me let me finish this one real quick cuz I want to get it out of the way because since we’re in the in the in the hip-hop thing where because of the mmm and beef now that’s going on so for me my brother I mean since I’m so disconnected from this era of hip-hop or whatever they want I don’t call it a pop personally but but this era of nonsense my brother sent me a video of the rebuttal of Machine Gun Kelly the West called devil whatever and so I heard it and I was like wait here people yeah wrap those up in there machine gun Kelly’s got nice bars I was like that’s his guard down tolls when I was really good I’m like wow so are they going back to the old era cuz I was like but they see here’s the thing wait so after watching that I went back to see what caused this to happen so I found out the tweet in whatever I was like wow you went there all I can think of was Benzino ja Rule I was like dude do you really want to die you’re gonna career is over if he’s gonna come back so that I’m so I’m happy that Eminem is coming back if he does come back because of this finally we’ll have some type of nostalgia that’s all I heard that and that’s the rat devil is the response to kamikaze and then I saw because Reb devil is the response to the kamikaze album right yeah Eminem got body it’s not just MGK it’s everybody yeah yeah he got all shot limine to God he got caught everybody I was like yes yeah but they nobody nobody had the people who went after him and him back in the day they they either don’t have a career no more they’re not rapping no more they just done Source magazine went under Benzino got taken out then then they try to bring 50 in and then that jaw was done Yahoo was the biggest thing back then he’s done so I was like wow you know this guy I mean he’s he’s pretty he’s nice I like him starting at the shootout at the factory yeah yeah he is he’s doing good but but for how long I have to say that I’m actually happy of this because it’s

just like back in the day with to pop and big it brought this spark back into the hip-hop game he was great man we had everybody going out of ll and cannabis dude it was awesome but but he went after mumble I saw 69 trying to do something I was like it’s your clown but out of there yeah he tried he tried he tried I sent you the video he tried I thought they they got him on charges or some six nine for some shit I know he’s a pedophile he had some pedophile charges going to really make no sense here’s the story about that like he was there but he had no involvement like some thirty year old girl who decided that she wanted to be a fucking thought and do something with um some older guy six not just happened to be in the premises he wasn’t involved but due to the fact that him he was being there because presence was there he got charged for it but you gotta remember at the time he was only 17 years old he was leaving he was a minor so he was a young lady at that point anybody looking like he was a minor was androgynous he was rockin fired up by a bunch of these people he’s not the same M&M that he was like ten years ago you’re right you’re right it’s not the same anymore but dude like I wrote a rhyme a ghost wrote four for candy a few minutes ago and it was so easy may balk my bag dude I can just throw things that rhyme too and not make sense and I guess that’s my thing will you listen to mmm albums over the last ten years compared to these these knuckleheads I’m comparing him a Jay Cole and Kendrick and Kyle dude be knowin all alone yeah but those guys are good he’s like this and then is this dude um Eminem gave them props with the mumble rappers he’s going up dude they whack him no no I’m not a mumble rap of man but I’m recognize that they carved out their own nation they got their own audience because they do the lyrical rapid II rap shit he’s so sauce is so date so digging so it’s okay for them to say Oh to pot they you oh jeez are boring biggie was born grow up on hey real quick quick history lesson Eminem’s entire style and whole swagger being demonic he’s a ripoff there was a cat in the 80s and a night called Sean from Detroit ran a whole Detroit seen Aisha the mind T and T not is the group M&M ripped off his whole style from him even admits in one of his songs I didn’t want to interject that dude J’s be ripped off of jazz Oh nobody yeah but if you remember when it was jazz and the jay-z you remember that yeah yeah well early LL Cool J ripped off Kurtis Blow but nobody cares about that it’s just about how nice you adapt the flow and now you don’t say Yama’s better closed casket murders anything Eminem ever did here’s what I learned sad because like you say that if somebody said that the mobile robbers is like they you didn’t grow up to that okay fine but you have to remember in hip-hop there are five elements knowledge is one of them so just because they didn’t respect history but he didn’t respect and know those artists they just said I

don’t feel big I don’t feel pot because that’s not what I grew up listening to and they’re right those kids were born in 1990s yeah by the time they came of age POC and big have been dead for like fifteen years at that point by the time he does out rapping but everyone has an inspiration so what was their inspiration like garbage dr. Seuss was like rappers that came out in the early 2000 to mid-2000s that’s that inspiration if you look at the Down South inspiration Outkast and I’m not talking about the mainstream you down south is a good example look amigos all they are is a terrible version of Lord infamous from 3:6 that’s all their stash of Lord infamous but that’s their influence yeah but Lord infamous did all the shit they’re doing with lyrics you can understand he was fast he was melodic but you can understand everything influence was talking about same goes for everybody in 3 6 from DJ Paul the Jews you also have to realize what with the difference between mumbled music I’m not gonna call a rat go ahead mister realize what the what the aim is for mumble music and hip-hop you gotta call humble rap music it’s about a feeling it’s about how you feel at the time it’s about turning up it’s not racism it’s about being a drugging straight junkie music that’s what the club culture is it’s alcohol that if I’m trying to argue no crackheads on radio if I can go to the corner and find a crackhead and put a mic to them David what Kenny’s trying to say is like if you can go to a corner and just give a mic to a crackhead he just does the same thing check it out y’all make – me in the head for this but you know who I think one of the most which is a good modern-day rapper and I really didn’t like him until I was forced to kind of like listen to his music drink I like Drake’s music here’s the thing about music firm overly emotional males who like to a lot of people people want to please now he said it explains why you’re into hunky dudes Claudia and that’s why I got a because I like shit I’m not mad at you but I’m join the me2 movement up in her ass yeah Tiffany you meet me too I mean help me I’m uncomfortable now buddy’s not a Emily and wait a second did you just assume my gender lawsuit tell me how dare you did you assume my gender he’s assuming my gender that I’m a man music is cool I’m not really a big fan of his music it’s the bus riders music you know what we’ve been telling you know YouTube you know what they do with my channel now they just smooth growth or to just remove shit just have my facebook like Denis you got that do you see that post but they make you got good now because I just said I just went gender on you so they do deception video alright so the next the next topic we’re gonna hit is the Halloween trailer what did you guys did any of you guys see the new trailer

me too I can’t wait I can’t wait people don’t like the Rob Zombie hahaha they were good I even liked how they made their own Halloween the end of an era with that Halloween trailer or are they just gonna continue it cuz they uh they’re gonna all those Halloween films that from what I was reading all those Halloween films that occurred after Halloween one they’re non-existent and not they’re no longer can no no no no wait wait wait the ones where Jamie Lee Curtis are the same timeline so how wait please tell me they’re gonna ignore h2o because ones don’t exist anymore no they do this is the timeline at the bottle one with the latest one the ones where he’s alive like it’s one two four and this one are the ones that count but they’re ignoring the Rob Zombie for example this ain’t that’s a separate timeline of its own but I’d like to rob honestly I don’t see why a lot of people don’t like the Rob Zombie oh they were great they had the own vibe his look – they made a mask look dirty and beat-up they made these monster splashes Oh like these these serial killers menacing and terrifying they were these big giant other goofy like big these big giant menacing characters portrayed these these serial killers and I loved it I loved it I look cuz like when you when you go back and look at all what is that Halloween and look at your Friday especially as you an adult nurse were you being in a dull boy what big kiss man it might be out like this off on the back but like you look at the ones that Rob Zombie I love them love them just a dive back into some early and Nike does not make the Mogga hats that shit is false this guy’s he went to fact-check wow you went to fact check me listen this guy forgot even talked about that at the end of the day you know if I Terry if I put a terrorist face on it can you get mad he does believe in anything right sacrificed everything I like the ones that Magic Johnson on them those are pretty on poles not even about it’s not even about what he kneeled for and if we’re gonna really debate what he knelt for he knelt during Obama’s turn Obama didn’t do jack nobody Rick recognize what he was doing until well yeah I get it but until they spun his meaning because of anti-trump because when Trump won that’s when it became a thing but we forgot what he really was about police brutality during Obama know nobody like people who paid attention didn’t forget it what is about the NFL tried to make it about the flag and white before became the me he was doing it during Obama’s time it doesn’t matter what he really was supposed was really wasn’t supposed to be patriotic the military paved NFL for people to be patriotic in them games so they had to do whatever but I’m like it is all do true this is like another players really gotta stand for that shit no and I think that’s one of the reasons why capered it no yeah but it wouldn’t buy what but my thing was that it became a thing after Trump won when he was addressed it it became a thing I like if you know like it started picking up steam as he was doing it and then and then when capita Nick got called the son of a bitch by President Trump by name that’s when it truly became a thing that was attached to the Trump administration because he was the one who poured the gasoline on it he was the one that put that spice on that he was gonna put that extra sauce on it and got everybody riled up and shit

yeah it’s all not all like that son of a bitch should be fired and you got fired no he bought out his contract he didn’t get fired he bought out his contract does he not play for any team at all but he stole he was getting he was still endorsed by Nike during his stint not playing and he bought out his contract so he didn’t buy you did what is he bought out his contract so that’s done but Nike he was still under so so my issue is I don’t know why everybody’s all up on the Nike thing and supporting it because it doesn’t it has nothing to do with black lives matter or just being me it’s not dude now because heck no see here’s the thing here’s what Nike is doing and they know they’re they’re standing with a controversial figure because this is nothing new for Nike they still with Tiger when he was going through his shit the answer they still with Kobe when he was going through it shit they still with Michael Jordan when he first came into the league and was causing all this rah-rah and people wasn’t behind him so what Nike is doing is nothing fucking new like what they’re doing and hoping for is they’re hoping for the next generation that’s socially conscious they’re hoping they’re gonna be on the right side of history on this because history favors companies an industry that stand on social issues and are on the right side of things like look how long it took for the four company to get over back in the Nazis that shit didn’t go away until the fucking Korean War its animal law yes time to get that stink off no imagine if like you and like oh we’re back in Trump and this shit blows up in their face and Colin Kapernick that’s New Balance he is down the line turns out to be the right one that would be their ass long-term ever lose like two or three generations a mile fuck is my joy is and Kobes and whoever else is pop in 30 it’s 30 years from now they will lose that shit but it’s smart in their business deal I just want discount that’s all I really care about like Nikes not stupid they got people making these calculators like look if we stand with Colin Kaepernick ten years down the line we gonna get these motherfuckers coming and going with J’s and LeBrons and kairi’s we ain’t worried about these motherfuckers burning $35 you just you just burning like it’s not really a boycott they’re like we ain’t worried about the the $12 Sox at a $30 hermanos you could get at Kohl’s we worried about the $200 LeBron’s that you get at talk yeah if you worried about the kairi’s well no muhfucka start burning then we gonna have some issues but Nike ain’t worried about shit that’s why you know like like you know the story pop up about like Kaepernick 1990 and people boycott and doing this doing there I said that shit here tomorrow then Nike ain’t worried about that nah I see that I see his Nike capitalizing on a struggle but flipping it to make to marginalize it so that way anybody’s face can be behind that slogan where it takes away Kaepernick really stood for now he looks like a sellout because he’s not really talking when they when you saw that commercial he’s not talking about the black struggle that he was supposed to be the kneeling was supposed to represent just like BLM it’s watered down it has no mean anymore and that’s what they’re doing there capitalize on that now the BLM is about nine binary pushing you got it I got a percent you got a percent of the population that’s that’s not that stuff that’s irrelevant I’m not saying they don’t did not exist it they don’t have feelings or whatever but it’s they’re not the majority where you’re gonna you’re gonna break everyone the masses just to cater to 1% of a population when when when when when you have like for example I apologize if I’m offending PC whatever but if you have like the gay community doesn’t dwarf the black community but yet when you give them more rights and more capabilities you give them you cater to them that population versus in our population that’s been wanting some type of notoriety that sucks men when like when Obama’s office he gives yeah gay we’re gonna give gay people everything and yet we’re stuff like we’re sitting back in like what what’s going on how do they have how are you superseded how you giving the minority

which we were now it’s not even that now it’s not even black whatever my issue is that Nike is marginalizing what Kaepernick represents he doesn’t represent black people anymore in mic night design it’s about making money off that struggle they did it in World War two that’s how they got remember they were private they were a private company back then when they were doing that stuff back then and then now they got public as they got big like you said in history yeah they’re they know exactly what they’re not calculating so if I’m for Human Rights I would never support this why because look who they’re who look who they’re paying fifty cents an hour or a month to make those things that you’re wearing for three hundred dollars yeah but you need those small hands for all the details nobody nobody discounting and labor issue press right nobody is cuz you said you buying you spending your money on it no but you still have the same the same labor active and everything Nikes ass but this is like where do you like ease ass here in America they’re not doing it over there just like just like the feminist movement here go to go to Middle East I’ll say yes you know what feminism Amen I’m behind go to the Middle East and come back and tell me then we can talk don’t waste your time here they don’t the women are not struggling like nothing compared to them over there have you not seen what they’re doing through their maids that they refer to as slaves over there handing them on balconies breaking bones injecting them with nails because they’re not listening no man feminism get your butt over there and then come for women go over there BLM there’s a lot of gay women over Laurie dolly yes yes ma’am that’s why I say that feminism is not intersectional because like women or any woman of color not only that we have to deal with sexism we have to deal with racism and this is the thing that most like mostly don’t seem to understand so when you say that about you know like how women in the Middle East they got it really really bad give a fuck about that they don’t then you’re not really feminist try to tell me toxic masculinity you toxic fake feminists i’ma call you out then if you’re not gonna acknowledge those places they are struggling over there absolutely respond you know there’s a movie there’s a Netflix documentary because they don’t allow recording yes people undercover recording to show you the public execute kids five years old after watch that so they can watch these women bumping into a guy by accident and they’re beating the mess out of her public feet look if a woman because I’m black because you know that race is over there because they have black slaves and what they’ve done to black people if your daughter who’s a light-skinned wants to date me and if they if she doesn’t denounce me that she doesn’t want to date me big she wants a date but the parents want to that’s when you get your honor killings of these women because it’s okay it’s legal that’s ridiculous where’s you go go help those women exactly Oh help them to be about feminism now I got your back i’ma fight for you women yeah I might tell every man you don’t know not she’s doing her thing she’s actually going out there helping these things go do that they choppin women heads off over there they scurb stop women can’t even try you guys have considered dogs over there come on I see that propaganda that they be doing it that’s why that’s why not once has Saudi Arabia taking any of the of those of those refugees they send them up to Europe and whatever that’s why they’re going to Christian countries because it’s it’s it’s not gonna kill them they can’t go to no other Islamic country there they Saudi Arabia don’t even take them no one’s telling Saudi Arabia because we we in their pockets so obviously we’re not gonna make demands of them but but you look at all that nonsense that’s going on come on feminism go over there help those women and children you CNN I’m showing these girls that Nate we’re doing these kids are this and this and that well what about what their kids are going through when parents are selling them off to marry off their dead 9 years legal legal child rape come on man

legal to beat you that feminism let’s talk that’s feminism go off there so so check it out I mean okay I’m just saying that that’s it yeah though I understand a thing all right speak your mind brother but I wanted to speak on I mean really much touch on the topic of Burt Reynolds died in to I mean like that very sad that was very sad without having even get TV time token at the same token you know the full life he lived a full life I mean like was he toxic he’s a white man he’s white privilege and he’s a male privilege so I mean Cannonball Run was misogynistic alright so we got an article and this by The Hollywood Reporter it says Burt Reynolds movie star who played it for grins dies at 82 it says the jock from Florida starred in deliverance and Boogie Nights but preferred making such populous fun fear as Smokey and the Bandit the Cannonball Run loved Cannonball Run yeah me too loved cannonball medic star of such films as the who set out to have as much fun as possible on and off the set and while they succeeded has died he was 82 Reynolds who received an Oscar nominated for his portrayal of porn director Jack Horner and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights 1997 and was the number one box office attraction for the five-year stretch starting in the late 1970s died Thursday morning at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida his manager Erik Kritzer told The Hollywood Reporter that the cause of death was cardiac Ullman re-arrest always heart attack yeah yeah well essentially that’s what everybody’s gonna die from a heart attack your heart just stops like you know what I’m saying it’s gonna stop always with the wing Rendell shined in many action films often doing his own stunts and in such romantic comedies that starting over 1979 and I remember that film is a little kid that’s you that that film like was messed up you know Sam opposite Jack Clayburgh and Candice Bergen the best little whorehouse into that was my movie 2 with Dolly Parton best friends 1982 with Goldie Hawn and quite aptly the man who loved women in 1983 would you Oh beloved by audiences was a brand a frivolous good-old-boy fair the playful rentals rarely was embraced by critics first time he saw himself in Boogie Nights he was so unhappy he fired his agent he went on to win a Golden Globe but lost out in the Oscar Supporting Actor race to Robin way as for Good Will Hunting a bit of disappointment for him myself two new riders or risky parts because I wasn’t interested in challenging myself as an actor I was interested in having a good time we called in his 2015 memoir but about but enough about me as a result it’s not a lot of I missed out on a lot of opportunities to show I could play serious roles by the time I finally welcoming out tired and and tried to get it right nobody would give me a chance bill Reynolds had nothing to apologize for he was Hollywood’s top grossing star every year from 1970 through 1982 equally the longest stretch the business has seen had seen Bing Crosby in 1949 278 yet for movies playing in theaters at the same time and it goes on and know more about what for you know Burt Reynolds did it and everything like that I mean no one in here in this jet right now in this podcast right now cannot say that they don’t have a Burt Reynolds film that they did not enjoy you know what I mean okay I mean like me myself then there were so many they’re more burnt rental films that I enjoyed versus one that I did not enjoy I can only lay claim to having seen one Burt Reynolds movie really Wow he story for you it was um The Longest Yard remake with Adam Sandler oh yeah my thing is this is like Burt was any original longshore though he married Loni Anderson he was a winner yo Jenaya gossip I’m scented Sierra it’s a message on Facebook all right cool yeah so I mean like you know safe travels Burt Reynolds we love you man you know thank you for bringing us all a joy yes he was the original choice to play han Solo in Star Wars buddy boy to say that I was just about to say that yep I was just about to say that

yep he was doing a cannonball run okay but I mean at this point I really can’t see anybody yeah Landon yeah what’s the name Harrison Ford by Harrison Ford he didn’t want to play on someone you can’t blame the names should have been Charles Bronson you would have played that role definitely shot first it would have been Paul curtsy in space I would about it definitely shot first I’d that that’s a fact yeah he’s not taking any names yeah Loreena fellows in the penny he’s taking it I’m old already he was over but he didn’t want to do tomorrow solo I mean I love Hansel I love han Solo but I mean like when it’s over is over you know what I mean I mean I mean how solo was one of my favorites along with the bounty hunters and all the other bad guys on Star Wars you know what I say honestly the only people are really even though everybody liked they or they loved Luke Skywalker and shit like that but I look at that much what drew me to Star Wars was really Empire Strikes Back and not getting off topic but what drew me the Star Wars was really Empire Strikes Back and it was all abounding hunters and the scumbags in there I always loved the character that Han Solo played I loved Billy Dee wins it was I’ve always liked the ante heroes are the bad guys an all filled by the simple I watch Star Wars solely for Vader yeah man I remember as a kid when I first saw those bounty hunters I lost my mind no he went next to boss foot and he showed all the scumbags that Darth Vader had I’m hired to go after the rebels that loose calculate all overfit oh my god I so overfed it was over it was over it was over but um didn’t they make clothes of boba yeah boba fett was a clone yeah although was it Coon gel offspring yeah it was a hovering of Jango he was the only one that was normally he wasn’t exactly artificially grown yeah it was natural he was he was he was he was a clone but he was he was raised normally well remember Claudia no disintegration yes check out that thing I just sent you you gonna laugh your ass off Netflix shows cuz I wanted to talk about disenchantment in terms of Netflix I’m waiting for that newer pigment of season big mouth was tremendous I thought you know what it’s something about that cartoon that is just fringy to me I can’t get with it I don’t like I don’t like kids being put in like sexual jokes or situations and shit it was nostalgic to me because I was a big time piece of garbage as a kid I just like I say to just beat my dick the drop of a hat so it reminded me a lot of what I was that’s all I see from this show yeah I don’t know those are Ozark is absolutely amazing if you have should definitely watch it believe me when I tell you so it’s a bit of a slow burn but it’s a damn good can I say like hmm I would say like have you watched there yet David that I need to watch man you’ll have you seen Mayans have you seen that no I haven’t but I’m Lorraine Aviles in the chat section over here she said Mozart was very good big mouth love it she said so appropriate inappropriate but she loves it me myself I don’t know I just I don’t associated kid don’t get me wrong I love family guy but family guy just fuck over everybody when it comes to their brand of humor but like I don’t like what is centralized around kids and stuff like that big mouths reminded me a lot because I used to sell porn on all the little kid I was a supplier of all the magazines and the tape to all the kids in middle school I knew all the gross things and I knew all the fetishes and I even had friends oh I want a clean pie video I want this and that one of my close friends oh I used to always ask me first Pacific called Asian invasion now I could never get my hands on it for him

so there was a lot that I was like hey I remember when I used to just sit there with a boner and just get up and just walk around all day long I want to pull it out there’s all kinds of gross stuff in that shoulder I really do relate to so I thought it was just tremendous I’ll give it a try I’ll see what is right I’ll see what it’s like but I mean like just gave me out percept first couple episodes I just let’s sing it around kids and shit like wait you know I just noticed something like you know what was her name who as who’s made that comment the woman on the chat buddy Lorraine yeah I mean she comment about when I I know she’s a feminist by the way I don’t want to offend gotta be PC Lorraine he wants to be PC are you quietly you’re non-binary no gender not at all she’s not a man no I just wanted to know if she agreed to the Middle East thing when I said too many feminists going there because she did comment on that she’s a feminist you said no she says she’s so dish does she agree with said sending those stems out in the Middle East to go really do some work she was awfully quiet because she did comment earlier before just wanted to make sure and then we can get moving no he wants to know if you if you like it you should go ahead you slide inside of her she’s impartial whoa whoa so you don’t care about those women over there I mean that’s kind of biased I think that’s unfair why why you know I care about well if I see injustice happening even in South Africa or Africa whatever cuz you know I go there I’m gonna go through the same thing too so you know I don’t think personally I don’t think Amica goes someplace or Tiffany and they tell her she has to cover us up I think that’s disrespectful she should be able to do what she needs to do she shouldn’t be have to be told what to do that’s all I’m saying because if you know that’s right you know I know I get it you’re right you’re right I get it but but but but what I’m saying is that if they’re in America now not their culture look like Noob Saibot you know Danai what I’m talking about Thank You Stella fashions bye bye bye bye tons of these ninjas are like a clan I mean we don’t like when the Ku Klux Klan cover I’m just saying I’m doing look equality for all right I just want no even it scares me when I see a hooded dude you know what I wonder KKK Klansmen stuff would you not be terrified walking by you don’t know I mean so you know I’m just saying this is so hot I always figure those outfits look just dreadfully frighted where woman who’s for values of equality is impartial she said I think we were thinking of different topics she says oh no I agree with what he’s saying I agree with him I thought we were talking about what oh let me let me finish I thought I hope no I agree with him I thought we were talking about women being able to handle men’s jobs etc and be trained at like oh I was talking about actually protecting these women abroad and these young girls protecting women yes in the Middle East you know with the with the with the with the genital mutilation nah dude that’s that’s in any when I read up on that crazy it’s not cool and they do that young girls man that’s not no man these people need to be arrested and burnt alive because they do it to their own beat yeah that’s feminine do you guys think when they go to get a it confuses ninjas or something like at a

comic-con like you get when he’s burka with ladies and I go hey what are you were you a ninja yeah she says so check it out guys we got Lauren she’s okay Laurens okay I can make a Burke out of one of my shirts make a mask right got some more top cover did anyone watch the Netflix show the power of Grayskull now maybe in a busy man universe more than what I know what more than what I know you know what I’m saying it’s a very very good documentary and then oh no it’s contradictory to to shear a princess she right now you mean Prince Shira after watching that in have the excuse my French the cojones to put that documentary and allowed that atrocity of an androgynous young boy have had to call himself a princess no I have a problem in sure with a wig on so I’m just saying you know the documentary they had the ad Shiro and explain that to me that’s confusing this right here has nothing to do with that new hero no I know baby you um if you looked at some of the character designs that they have our Burien copy Frazetta right Frazetta oh my god he they paid so much so much homage to presented it was just it was it was it was amazing I absolutely enjoyed it from beginning a hey but anybody that’s a master universe fan and that loves like he-man and the whole Lord it goes with that they even went into how am i they didn’t expect master the universe to really take off they were just trying to have something to compete which starred on the Kenner Star Wars and if you watch the the toys that made us the toys that made us pretty much like the night you know expanded on this but it was good it was very good it’s a must watch it’s um but even if you’re not a he-man fan well even if you like don’t collect the toys as myself it was good to see like we’re like the collaboration between Lu Shimer had came into place and everything and how they had to change it up because as I would tell people when I was growing up the master universe many comics that would come with the action figure they were violent I’m telling you they were violent as hell and like as they started syndicating the show as they started like really wanted these boys to get out there they gave to Lu shot minutiae are pretty much cleaned it up and made it to a like you know it wasn’t as violent as a comic book and stuff like that so you know they even spoke about thunder barbarian and stuff like that and if you yeah if you think about it Thunder bar barons was out before master universe and it also showed how like Conan another barbarian and other other like science fiction characters sci-fi characters pretty much molded he-man he-man was a culmination of all of those put together so I mean like it was a great documentary not saying I didn’t know that already but it was good like it really went in debt you so like they were like certain there was contention between certain writers and developers and toy makers and all this other stuff it was a great documentary I absolutely loved it I would suggest that for anyone they’d like to know more you know take a look see of the universe because when I saw like I really have to watch but now Fashion Week is in is in play right now so I’m gonna have to wait on that already before the show is over you definitely got to talk to us about Fashion Week but we’re gonna jump on another topic right here and that’s the one with Michael Bay secretly doing Thundercats film Oh they said that’s what they’re saying they’re saying because right here like that was obviously gonna give them the cats and guns cuz where’s the explosion I can predict the story of Thundercats by Michael Bay it’s gonna be about a teenage couple and they’re gonna run into the Thundercats and it’s gonna be about them protecting the Thundercats secrets or something and it’s mostly

gonna focus on a guy and a girl cuz I have the article right here from what is this film blog in the real world okay is this rumor patrol Michael Bay is not making a secret Thundercats movie movie update writer Reap Reese has shot down his rumor on Twitter our original article continues with an update at the bottom of the post director Michael has been more than a decade working on transformers movies with only a few scattered non transformer projects in between but now a new rumor says BAE is working on a live-action adaptation adaptation of a different 1980s cartoon claims they need to let the disk I need to stop ID and cleanse Bay is a delicacy for Netflix with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and lead role and the film is in production right now read more about today’s film related below the all right here’s what we know for sure Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds emptied out a co-production between Netflix and Sky dance production and is filming right now with a script from Deadpool and Deadpool two writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were also known while also know the film what we also know the film as Netflix most expensive original movie yet all signs point to the movie being called six underground which was reported to be about six billionaire’s who faked their own deaths and form an elite team to take down bad guys Batman yuck yes on it goes on it goes on is everyone’s gonna have their unique explosion yeah exactly yeah but these long as I mean like honestly at least when it came to hear me out before you guys shoot shoot rockets that shit like that and pin me to the cross the first Ninja Turtles movie I thought was garbage the second one turtles that please cuz you said the Coast Guard the color talk give me up out of the shadows hear me out before you and did not let you guys I will let you fuck me up here we go the second one I thought it was phenomenal because good lord amazing Rock City was amazing brain was amazing from the turtles down and shit like that so therefore it felt like I was watching it Pepa sewed of like the mm mm of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I thought it was great yeah I gave you like that give me a minute I’m almost done I’m glad shredder was a white guy in a sequel he actually was a Japanese dude so that was good I enjoyed it because they portrayed my favorite team down to a tee perfectly I loved bebop and Rocksteady I love the way they did him I love the way they look I love the way they had that strength level Holly I mean like I loved it I loved it it wasn’t none probity to me now I mean like as far as him because I did hear then at one point he was going to do Thundercats now the cast that he put out there for to to portray like Panthro lion-o so on and so forth I would actually agree with he’s gonna have from what I heard and what I read I mean and I think Aaron do you remember when I put up the article about um what’s his name what’s this guy’s name he’s my favorite he played spawn Michael John is gonna portray Panthro I think he would be perfect I think he would be perfect as Panthro so I mean like you know I don’t know if you can do a live-action justice I’m sorry because this is the one who’s got the body yeah absolutely

he’s done nothing but know somebody spiked his drinking earlier we gotta be careful that’s the problem second one scooby-doo the movie came out the name was like yo stop fuckin liar well sometimes well thank you that the cartoon I’m talking about then good the live-action whoo I think now now you do know that when it comes to transformers for that I hate it I think that was the worst fucking hate them I know you know they’re releasing the eighties September 27th I’m going to see it I already observed my take you’re probably gonna be the only one in the theater I don’t give a fuck I promise you I guarantee you as a matter of fact I’m gonna take my camera in and show all the people that was in there now what disappointed me what what got me sad is what I went to go see the solofill it wasn’t nobody in there no soy boys show it to you right now I took a picture I think I sent it to you guys Tiffany said something she’s trying to say something no Kenny already talked about his peepee so hey Denise it should be the only one to transformer city you really can do a pee-wee Herman a Whoopi thing out just have fun okay why are you doing this y’all hilarious um I wanted to get back into what Claudia and Kenny was talking about with the burkas and everything I wanted to get into um how some Muslim women over the x-men character of dust they’re staying at nice not because like she was dressed down she had on a burqa and everything yes but you know like they showed her own silhouette they showed her shape and the Muslim women are saying I oh like be like the cockpit book sectionalize what was the set and other now this is my thing dust has been an x-men character from December 2002 why are they making this a issue now hey David I got some news you might want to hear I want to know your take on this I want to know your take on this on Captain Marvel’s no no David you dare yeah I’m here okay so what do you think of Henry Cavill to play as The Witcher character what do you think I think that’s a good choice really did anybody else that I can think of yeah you can he can definitely pull off that role because it’s a very like he’s a very stoic characters right I don’t think I don’t

think Carrie Cable will have any problems playing that role please like another thing is that series instead of a one-off movie so because in a fully allow you to explore the depth of The Witcher world right right I thought it was going to be a series not a movie I think it’s gonna be a series you know glad it’s gonna be a series inaudible yeah I was going to say it’s gonna be a series you know they want to really capture as you say they want to capture the whole Witcher world and the lore they wanted they wanted they wanted to be spot-on and if you guys don’t mind I got an article right here from Wired that I want to show you guys pertaining to Mary cavil portraying himself as what’s that character’s name again Gerald or Gerald does it yeah it’s Gerald with the Tim Geralt of Rivia to be honest you know I could never get in those which again so I tried to play it and it gets bored me to tears Tunnel and black a black dude fucking all them chicks yells do not be a drop so right here it says Superman joys of Witcher and the rest of the week and games this week we’re witching we’re selling and we’re preserving preserving the past these are going pretty nice this week on replay as massively multiple I don’t want to get at shit on Netflix Henry Cavill will be taking up the rich of silver swords normal Daryl this is the Hermes oh yeah Daryl the protagonist and receivership pasquese wait that’s right Bulls popular by the novels video game at that adaptation by CD projekt red is generally pertained to portrayed as a crotchy as a crotchety listen sort a nor hero stuck in a fantasy realm now now I know what you’re thinking Henry Cavill yes yes No well we’re it news for you then Henry Cavill former Superman and current pretty boy pretty broody man will play a role what’s Geralt of Rivia what is it Rivia Rivia really our review at 1:02 Rivia Rivia Rivia and the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher which is set to air and then um MB time in the future with Lauren s hiss rich as she’ll run a show isn’t a video game adaptation per se but it’s also not not that it’s based off the books that’s that’s different stories like popular leg of the franchise so it’ll be interesting to see how cavil does you know you yep get ready for sdw change him though because he’s a real big womanizer in the game you know that they’re feral witches are feral came on the show is because that I know you played witcher religiously or have played witcher really like The Witcher I’ve played all of it let’s know I know that I know doing here is Farrell so therefore the very long time think about what they’re given in today’s social climate probably it’s gonna get it’s gonna get a lot of fun yeah exactly dude if they can get it on Twitter because of of him being either labeled as gay because he doesn’t want to say anything about women because he’s he’s dude in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Netflix they could definitely make with the fucking on The Witcher on Netflix bro that’s a good Jones and Luke Cage break fucking beds so I doubt they’re gonna skip on David you’re right they’re gonna still do it but that doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna get backlash because dude every movie that came out of ages was getting hit with there was no gay people in there why is there no Gabe I’m like dude really if it was a like if it was like on a network release or a major motion picture yeah I could see it getting the backlash but they tend not to come down on the Netflix or the who stuff what a streaming services stuff as hard if at all yeah that’s what flies under the radar no I think it depends on how they portray him if he comes off as his hardcore womanizer a Nissen and there go its misogynistic Leary’s it’s what he was dissing at UK you had the same way he was fucking everything left to right in the first season of that series and nobody said boo about it you have a white guy doing David a lot has changed within the past but within the past few years that loot cage has been out or Jessica Jones yeah because blue cage got in the past because of

these black I’m telling you when when I first came out what happened what happened with iron fist appropriation bro culture appropriation always a white man doing this dude come on really everybody knows iron fist MphasiS old character you’re telling me now everybody’s gonna make a big deal because he’s white it should have been an Asian man it was meant to be this I had my cousins don’t even know the comic books and they’re complaining to I’m like dude look at this and look tell me how old that is now you tell me what’s going on so no they didn’t do it for a black Luke Cage cuz he’s you sees black come on dude this is this is the era now this is what they’re gonna complain about if it’s a white guy complaining of Captain America or whatever and you’re not described the part is they’re all they’re already complaining about The Witcher series there are lots of people complaining oh there’s not enough representation of color it’s all I don’t know if David are you into video games cyber poke 2727 that guy they’re complaining man tweeted they didn’t even see the demo yet the demo was the demo that we saw on the internet on YouTube was only at e3 it didn’t show they find that’s the same demo that was at e3 that they showed on YouTube that we all saw before it even came out they tweeted to CD Projekt RED saying that oh it’s one of those mailed misogynistic games and then which are richer reefs bummed CD Projekt RED tweeted back saying did you just assume the gender that’s exactly what these people say to us when we assume their gender and they got all pissy and everything about it and now when the demo comes out you can actually be a woman so they were right to say that that you don’t even know what the game is about and just because it has these male type in your windows all of a sudden it’s a male thing you jump in the gun telling you Witcher is gonna get hit hard once they start seeing the treatment of that show because the witch is easy zze sparrow as he has four different girlfriends he has Tricia I don’t know if they’re gonna follow that story but in the game Tricia and the other I don’t know I don’t know see like I said before you guys know about Witcher that’s why I chose this well I know I know David Aaron knows about Witcher that’s why I chose this as one of the particular story they’re going to read the books I’ve read the first one I haven’t read anything that’s all day they complain they’re sit behind a keyboard complain about something Star Wars or whatever they’re not even gonna go buy the damn thing in there complaining about it where you me the fans who actually spend money to go see it are getting force-fed this nonsense that now that’s how solo was but you know what no you know like roll one love the minute you tell me Lando Calrissian sexual I’m not watching the same here i what does that have to be a here’s the thing even if they make reference of in the movie the fact is that you’re telling us this and twitter and you’re calling us names and whatever we’re the ones who’s spending the money for these keyboard people what you’re signifying none of that my solo failed see as i told you before and i said in many at times before star wars fans are completely different from other fans believe me when i tell you and the majority of star wars fans are white caucasian males and when you like caucasian males tell you they’re going to boycott something they boycotted trust me when i tell you about it I’m a hardcore Star Wars fan I’m a very hardcore Star Wars fan and I went and saw it and if you know before we even pick the show or solo now it’s like this shit is gonna be garbage this is gonna be this than any other but I’m still gonna go see it so can get my honest opinion I won a sword and did movie theater and I saw this during the afternoon empty movie theater and I loved it and I loved it absolutely loved it loved it blood and then now into because of the back because of the backlash of how to treat if there’s a curse in the mouth talking slick to him on Twitter social media telling them that their relishes female result they said they were going to boycott solo they said it they said that they were going to avoid the same people the same funny thing is it was a very good movie the funny thing is is that now when you look at and you see that that that that stupid cancer is nonsense is spilling into everything it’s almost as if like you guys I’m not generalizing the women but I’m saying majority of these

feminine you guys hate male priviledge so much or men now you’re attacking the video games now you got battlefield 5 its historical no word no women and then you have a woman with a prosthetic no man with a prosthetic would be fighting a war and then you’re telling us that’s historical no we’re changing history you guys are just sis white and system white men or male priviledge this and that misogynistic well if you don’t want to get it don’t buy and guess what four percent that’s four billion dollars they lost because who’s paying for this stuff we are man you know I got Lenny ain’t buying nothing I’ve got the same exact problem with Voltron I watch a little bit of it first and it’s that weak most of the men did get this before an article comes out telling you that the main dude is now a damn Peter pumper I don’t want nothin to it Voltron no more no shiro like like the main Voltron like the shiro the main dude and once I heard that I’m going don’t keep that recent season Voltron because that’s what I was looking to see if they were gonna like really do it and they did once you put that out there it’s now I’m sure lots of people who think like I do once you tell me the main dudes a gay dude even if you don’t expressly put in every episode I know he’s a PETA but they did we had one Bridget they said exactly wasn’t in it in the movie but they talked they’re tweeting it they’re saying this you have Donald Glover ticket to me I thought that was the most disrespectful thing ever they kind of did display him being pansexual in the movie because of robot robot what’s her name again being the personality for the Millennium Falcon so in terms when the Millennium Falcon doesn’t want to start up or whatever the case may be you can attribute it to the person don’t miss nonsensical stuff that was dumb music it wasn’t in the what’s the point Lando Calrissian a pansexual I thought it was inappropriate I thought it was a what are we gonna see what is he gonna be he’s gonna get his it’s gonna get his peepee shot off and then he’s gonna die too that’s what they’re gonna do because that’s it seems like the trend they’re trying to kill off everybody they won’t even give they won’t even give lay a proper death now that she’s gone is she I just let her died no because it’s girl power they had to let her live but kill off all the old men that’s the reason dude I’m not falling for that stuff uuugh first time shame on me second time shame on you third time you’re not gonna get a sucker out of done Star Wars in it it’s like I’m not even amped to go see it I don’t care anymore I love Star Wars there is a good cut of Star Wars it’s on YouTube there’s like a 45 minute edit of Star Wars on unions it’s called the de feminization it’s not bad that was really good okay so I mean like any closing thoughts on that subject ready a few more times you know shoulda did with um episode 7 like shut up no they like what Hansel hello died in the mood proper burial the Chinna gave him a proper funeral I felt that big look at the last Jedi he has since you went Chewbacca in Lobby white once you bought him all of them came up and told one sky working like Johannes did he just went like this he just looked he was like oh well I I was like wow like he didn’t care nah because that’s the point that’s your home y’all y’all been roles like you I should not leave like that’s your boy y’all went through three movies together yeah like you know soon but yeah moving right along the UH I saw I guess he didn’t see Han as too much of a hunk like you like the me no quotes needed you know check it out the new Streets of Rage there anybody see the tremendous planning about it already she’s too sexualized oh Jesus I was at fucking work watching games con when that shit came on a win in my office I

was like how fuckin yes the hope is more than two player I hope you get at least a four player game out of it because you really can’t have that appears before players great do to make me wanna watch this knuckles shit on the ground like man I remember spending hours playing Streets of Rage mm-hmm me too yeah um okay back in the day I loved it I loved it I’m glad that like why can’t we just rearrange – you would get to the bartender boss yeah I’ll try to go through my bookmarks for the stuff I forgot to mention about you know battlefield 5 is called beta field okay the field all sounds right good two years for you oh man they told us not to bite so okay we won’t I’m not buying it people are already complaining through the beta right now they’re playing right now it’s stupid they said it’s basically battlefront 5 dude you should have put on the list 2k begging people us to allow her to Belgium Belgium government to allow loot boxes yeah I heard about that silly sport them for that and stop it so close and thoughts what do you guys think about Streets of Rage for I’ll miss arcade game so it’ll be everywhere but really steam is getting it I think the council’s are getting switches getting it you know what steam yep – I got a mod for that you just play Street Fighter characters well you know there’s some I mean what do you call them open bores with a bunch of like Street Fighter characters and stuff like that’s true yeah I love to open board games like I found one that was on am I on what was it called Knights lashes when open board that’s a great game that’s a great game yeah and I always use them on blondie a guy with the board like when I went to that um gaming event that they had you know Midtown this whole play NYC is like um I can’t say that’s like III it’s a lot of independent games but um I played this joint that’s on they have an app for the eye Mike went out it was now called Jeff if you’re oh yeah you played the messenger yet no looks like Magic Garden I got on Steam all right um put us you like this you think it’s a straight-up Ninja Gaiden game but then it switches it up on you and becomes a Metroidvania game halfway through so it’s trying to be like that new one that just came out what’s the name of that uh dead cells sorta but it’s a little bit better oh okay um there’s another game that I thought plays like this it’s called pixel shinobi which is pretty much just like a ninja gaiden if it’s anything like that is will be dope you know was so dope about the mesons you know that it was at it and know in Japan and the original producer and developer of the NES ninja game games there and they caught him and they played the messenger and they gave it their stamp of approval cool oh I’m definitely gonna check it out I’ll download it after I get off of here next game we’re gonna talk about its Sega announced his fault I got I got a issue about this real quick man cuz I actually on the Facebook I pop up for that game came up and I made it a little small comment all I

said was please port to PC it wasn’t within ten minutes I got inundated with the tax by all these little ps4 baby’s calling me out oh you’re a PC this and that and and all I said was I just wanted on the PC I went through pages or or like different pulse enemy paragraphs arguing with me and all I said is I wanted on PC I got called an elitist and Miss Annette oh all you care about his frame rates in graphics and all I said was I want to push my platform because I can play yakuza at 128 FPS on max settings I said that the people lost their minds ever since your cruiser came on PC so now I’m dumb now it makes me not even want to touch it on PS porn just way cuz I hate these ps4 people now oh I make it to one little sentence and here comes the the ps4 nut riders the attack it was amazing the game looks great though I’m just not a big fan of current community of it yeah I can’t wait to play that hopeful Milken it’s a matter of fact though hope that spider-man spider-man I’m sorry absolutely hate it absolutely I don’t hate it but it’s you know what let me rephrase that pardon me I don’t hate any spider-man game but if you play you’ve played this one you played this when I was watching your stream spider-man games from back then and I see the new spider-man game now it’s like Jesus is just the same yeah exactly I don’t see what the big it was all hype if you ask me and of course people who are blue oh you just go no no it’s the same fucking shit I don’t see anything do just a closet PC leaders that’s what it is I love PC I love PC olive console I play it all I like it all but I mean like I’m just you know it’s okay it’s okay like last night without finish streaming for the second portion of the game it started it did what any other sandbox game does of what the other spider-man games have done you open up these little side missions you’re gonna be running around town doing a little stupid show do the stuff fightin crime stopping criminals dropping drug dealers jumping on cars like you’ve done in the other spider-man games and stuff to me it’s repetitive man game I have played thus far with spider-man web of shadows that was the best one I had ever played I like the old-school one a ps1 rumored out here’s one spider-man was pretty though which one ultimate spider-man on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was pretty good yeah ultimate spider-man was cool ultimate spider-man was cool but I mean I know the first one Wow a meal it’s not like worth all my height that everybody was saying it is or like what was that well since omnia game said it was going to be it’s okay I mean like it’s typical it’s this typical Spider Man to me it still doesn’t top the Arkham series I’m sorry it doesn’t it doesn’t top the Arkham series and honestly the thing about the Arkham series was because I didn’t like Batman you might find this a whit a bit ignorant of me because I didn’t like Batman I didn’t buy I didn’t I purchased the Arkham games but never played them it wasn’t until my nephew came on my house and started playing oh yeah I’ve had the hallmark like every every Arkham game that ever came out I purchased it but never played me and they may get into these legendary Batman arguments of course we do but remember of David when I told you that look I say yo I played the Arkham series or won some of the Arkham games and I was hooked ever since I love them absolutely love absolutely love them I think like the fighting choreography or like the fighting engine that they have is absolutely amazing the cinematics that they do and everything about that game was amazing into a like I have to say David I don’t like that man too much as a character but I love always villains but that Arkham series is absolutely phenomenal there’s no problem with the Arkham series they used a fighting engine in every other game like it fucking Mad Max fucking the new spider-man new spider-man only thing I think the spider-man did his shitty fight amount get it very shitty there is not is it’s not as polished it’s a bit clunky and cumbersome in certain aspects we’re like the bend we like the Batman um fighting engine oh my god you like breaking arms and all that stuff we’re like what with this one this like he gets a little clunky they’ll tell you to dodge you dodge at the right time do they be like my is fucked up but it’s fucked up but I’m just reading through it once I get it done I’m basically it’s the old spider-man up with with Arkham

Knight Rocksteady fighting McKenna a little bit of polish cuz as the game goes on you start seeing the gret the graphics are generic they definitely dumbed it down you know what they showed it to um III and all that other shit it’s dumb down they day they cut down on graphics I’m telling ya I saw because you were going through trees man it’s it’s it’s it’s it doesn’t feel like I’m getting like this totally new experience with like like with these spider-man games I could have with like this honestly if you ask me this game should have been no more than like $40 no bullshit how much you pay for it I bought the Ultimate Edition I got like the ones that the $80 one why they keep doing these I know ultimate packages dude dude oh my goodness well if it’s anything it’s like it’s like a food fighter I bought the ultimate shit but I’m still buying characters I got the reason why I stopped playing Street Fighter 5 is because if I was set up yes bullshit yeah and like you know I had I had to dumb myself down the plate his new Street Fighter I had to really slow myself down to where like you press buttons like this on this new Street Fighter like this like 1 2 3 or and you pull it out all these combos no bullshit hey you know what they brought that shit to Tekken 7 because they’d had just had to update now they have a one button combos you can do so they’re ruining all fighting games with this simple mode what taking seven has easy like Street Fighter 4 it’s not like alpha you really have this slow your so no you can go like this like this time I will all the control in my hand when I’m doing a combo now go like this it’s um it’s what we used to call Rainbow six you have to pre fire in that game which is just awkward you can go the slower you go with the combos on Street Fighter 5 the more the more fluid they’ll come out no bullshit I’m not bullshitting but you know before I used to – council and sure I you okay ah d nope this shit you press it like I played with my boys times it was always floating yes it’s very it’s very is there it’s just I don’t know it’s like Street Fighter for kids is weird it’s weird motherfuckers that come from playing like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter all the other like heavy duty games and shit like that heavy dude and fighting games with speed and you had to have laughing like blisters dumpling ship you you have to totally retrain yourself to slow yourself down I react slow as fuck on this new Street Fighter when I play David Aaron I’m using like tactics like before and never David you was telling me like look is different remember you were telling me yeah it wasn’t like I had to stop playing Street Fighter because I was like literally throwing down controllers I was like this has got to stop yeah well see I realized something was wrong with me after playing sure try to fight when he first came out when 30th anniversary came out with third strike mm-hmm nothing was coming out from you with third strike I don’t know if it was the game I’m like wait what’s going on Mike I can’t they didn’t they use the old fucking bomb but old fucking bowling is all yeah I like playing with I like playing with what’s his name and nothing’s coming out for me so now I’m like really upset but she fighter for was good but even then cuz that was fast paced I don’t know if you played that you’d write a four yeah not bragging anything you were what you said getting butt your butt kicked what what boy what you wanna do what you want I’ll stream that shit what you want to do quality let’s go yeah I will bring my when I come up in here everybody that I’m waiting for so then they will talk when so caliber six comes out can I don’t play Soul Calibur don’t play them games they don’t play Mortal Kombat nigga fuck dude let’s go let’s go what come Bennigsen we can even do injustice but with moving justice what you wanna do what you think eight men huh eight men I’ll tear you up with image playing some more combat yeah you’ll be crying to Shamika a promise level will you be

crying – kini let me get some real judo ordained again in us half deaf without burning me – nigga what after I beat you in injustice let’s do Tekken 7 I don’t play Tekken oh my goodness you I’ll whup everybody from work your father father though that’s all I know you know games – 2d games or 2.5 D games I love them and hear me out don’t the other three what was that 3d game that I enjoyed was the fucking um was Power Stone I love power stone one absolutely love falestine that used to be I don’t have that guys what is a game that y’all haven’t played yet but y’all really wanna like get hands-on too the Navy wants to play SNK heroines with all the training fighters I’m good using a koozie engine and that games already this business you gotta play with the female version of Terry Bogard Oh tranny ball Gordon no now we’re down to the closing end of the show like mom Tameka what you’ve been up to oh I wanted to UM speak to you about the bottle that I’m drinking right now um no I went to a Belvedere of night two days ago um it was a collaboration launch between um Belvedere and a Nigerian artist by the name of la luce and banjo all the bobble of Lorraine in a comment she wants to see the bottle this is the bottle take a look if they all explodes under UV lighting really yes so this is a limited edition um they had a launch for it at the Whitney Museum of Art Ronnie packet right and it like it was fantastic it was really fantastic they had on the artist actually he did the scum Beyonce’s lemonade visual album mm-hmm so yeah so him and Belvedere made on collaboration and all of the proceeds that anybody that buys the bottle the proceeds go to Bono’s red foundation or HIV and AIDS best grace god it’s great yeah so um you know like he really wanted to do something like close to his Yoruba culture so this is Nigeria quick badgering and huh he’s Nigerian yes yeah cuz um what you say Yabba right Yoruba yeah yeah I know the motherfuckers shank somebody talk to me no no no don’t talk to me like you don’t know okay what else did I do in your fashion on your fashion shoot I saw on your Instagram i stalked you on your Instagram and I saw that you were taking pictures and I got jealous of what I don’t know she didn’t give permission to do that shit what do you do a Vanity Fair they had a screening of the first episode of season 2 of the of the deuce that was good oh wait wasn’t that with Jake Gyllenhaal no that’s not what Jake Gyllenhaal no that’s the story of how that was so good that makes me want to watch per season because I don’t know anything though that allow what’s his name not Jake Gyllenhaal the other one that I love is about when porn had came into the 70s and 80s and all the other Square and all that yeah with nobody nobody watched it and I was loved it it was great it was great like the black pimp that was on there he cut that girl up in the hall like he could have Halloween stuff like that yeah that was a great show geez if I know that much

nobody gave you a plus-one Ghostbusters no not to ghostbusters but it’s on The Last Dragon Show in September right we am I gonna meet you there yes in New York right yeah cool so we’ll check that out did you go see the out the outside viewing up those posters that day no I mean all right I got ghostbusters on file so there’s no no see that is the fetch Washington in New York announcer well yeah New York you live in New York so I mean I see you just about everyone knew nothing new – huh Yeah right exactly is nothing new it’s nothing new really New York like it used to be man it’s not as fun as it used to be for me no it’s not that’s a we can’t even like how it used to be like they’re just like wait wait cardi B bring it back though she out there throwing shoes at people oh we covered that story we never used to be like that I’ve been gone for eight fucking years Fashion Week never used to be like that it was ordering that shit oh yeah Fashion Week like you you even you even look wrong he was getting put the fuck out or getting kicked off exactly mercedes-benz was still sponsoring that shit none of that shit would happen that she used to be like in and especially in the 90s and early 2000 know when it was that Brian did about it that was the best time and I didn’t even go outside but you couldn’t really like hovered a building and shit like that remember man I started going when it was at Lincoln Center and in there it was it was totally fucking awesome that’s how I’m at be an attorney right hey that’s why I’m at the Ottoman Center at Mercedes with Fashion Week every been thick as thieves ever since but um like right now it’s like Fashion Week it gets worse every year it’s getting busy it’s good now it’s hood as fuck because I didn’t class of people that was allowed in there anyway you know what I’m saying it’s just it just hood as fuck now it’s like going to some old know the way issue is issue is they’re not letting bars been lowered journalists they’re not letting people who really care about fashion into these events that are just letting people who are quote unquote hot for the moment into these events that’s the problem and what happens when you let hot for the moment people in you get this shape so I’m just gonna Amica are you able to talk about your DJ session oh shit oh oh all right that that was really all recorded sent with like um somebody that I met at um are you familiar with Hector Romero the name yes I know I from Laura remember we met through a show that he has every month or the network right um like a guy named Vic I Orca he’s from finish Christine yeah because girl did something with our Roman Anthony remember room Anthony yeah he did years ago so we we spoke we like even when he moved back to UM Spain he’s coming back in April but um he was like it was like give me an hour mix for the show and you’re good I’m like okay so I just gave it to him and ton I here we are I also you might know did you shave you today why did you stick up did you check out the other mix that I gave you I didn’t get a chance to sweetie that with that that day I will get took it out cuz that post I put up you know that that post that I put up there about motherfuckers feed my mother um snacks and shit like that okay yeah simply that mix I was already checking these motherfuckers at my house because they don’t wanna work here all these motherfuckers I came to visit you know okay I had to check their ass real quick but nah I’m gonna trust I tell you i’ma check all it is shit I love when you spin if anybody in here is anybody in the chat or anybody you know that’s viewing this is in the house music you definitely gotta follow her and let them know what you’re into music Louis Vegas it’s coming back September

12 Louie Vega yeah really yes – you wouldn’t know who he is he’s a grammy-winning ass producer at work remember masses at work stuff was on the radio back in the day dude yeah hey to unique anyone California don’t play like vanilla ice and stuff Adam ciello the name of his part is called roots NYC it starts at 10:00 from 10:00 to 11:00 is free is comped admission for the first 100 people and you get drink you’re gonna be there right Nika yes I am alright so I need you to UM push that forward so I could get an autograph and take some pictures with Louie Vega okay thank you with the name what he might not be buff enough that I’ll be able to pick him up don’t worry mine up you picking him up is not the same as being buff enough because you know you’ve got a D gotta make sure like like you know like he’s a hot bud what son what you want to hold on here we go breakouts fireman calendar Thanks oh my goodness here’s a thing I don’t know if you were here no you weren’t here last time um David but um they got on me because I I’m like this I want the person to look like a superhero that’s supposed to look like a superhero they gotta had a body the looks and everything like that doesn’t agree with that sentiment was he was no but the dentist David he was really breaking it down to like me and Aniyah then they could tell you I was excited for it okay I guess finally we got a proportionate Batman because you understand what you want of course you both would understand yeah you might as well hold hands together okay they don’t care he just pin in your head to the pillow like well then we’ll guess what that’s it I’m just the type person I’m sexy now don’t even know it oh that’s quality own fucking Danai that’s the health inspector from boondocks yeah he’s like you’re like up watching you you ain’t wash behind your ears enough we don’t waste no Marvel kidding before we wrap this show up what were you up to this week would you anything I’ve just been miserable I’ve been cleaned up and you know this is the longest I’ve been without cannabis and I haven’t been with that if I’ve been smoking heavy pretty much daily breakfast lunch dinner for the past decade or so I’ve been clean for two weeks and it’s been just miserable I’m

doing it this Saturday I got my nephew playing football Hawaii going up against army should be on CBS Sports number 23 on the field so if anybody’s in the college football check that out oh yeah excellent that’s great that’s great any support I can do or we can write please let us know I’d love to see like a young man doing this thing young kids doing anything building up making themselves as effective member of society that’s what’s up what I’ll have to tell you so you want to plug or anything like that you get to own silver BJJ calm you can hit us on Facebook we’re online on Twitter we have a YouTube channel with all kinds of videos and fun stuff you know I think today we even had a women’s workshop so we got something for everybody excellent don’t be again please leave me some links so I can list them down below in within the description of course all so on and so forth Claudine anything you wanna plug anything you want to talk about what you did the last week or whatever the case may be I think people need to know well I’m coming into the end of my school career which is of MIT I can’t wait to get that even I’m gonna be gone you go back to it hmm yeah most likely oh I’m a mission are you going to stay or a visit what is it I’m gonna be the staying there I’m gonna be there for a while oh where are you looking at Cordy right now yep I’m in Jersey dirty dress yeah Mikey you might be like nah man I think her Mike is drinking some of her drink vodka her Mike is like nah fam calm that shit down pretty much no but that’s basically it that’s all I’ve been doing uh grinding on that and as far as I haven’t even thought of going back into doing another book not yet at least I’m just waiting to kill this thing out and start my own venture so I’m gonna be abroad probably gonna be traveling quite a bit I’m gonna stay and I’m probably gonna stay in certain countries like five years out of time if I’m blessed with that but so far right now that’s where my destination is and then we’ll see what happens but other than that I’m still gonna be doing a lot of the books because I’m pretty sure now you know that Wesley Snipes is doing some stuff right right right I’ve heard of okay so yeah so behind the scenes stuff I’m working on some of that stuff too so at least now because I I’ve seen it when it was on public in comic-con so I’m like well I might as well talk about the flatting and whatnot no other work so other than that nothing much going on except just trying to get school out of the way excellent that’s amazing that’s amazing lordy likewise absolutely absolutely brother that’s what I love to see look at this look at this we like the black Justice League yeah well we not all black that’d be careful how you say that we gotta we gotta we gotta say grounder easy Justice League there can’t be any people who are going to influentially be a part of it that I mean they are more than welcome but they have to take a backseat if their other because they could join them yeah addresses League there can be a team but David Aaron David Aaron we we all know like let everybody know about your free play Channel what you’ve been up to these past weeks what you got planned what you got coming up plug yourself put yourself out there let the audience know who you are I’m still bear from rhyolite fills a Facebook page oh oh shit you don’t know me and Rob go way back like a Medan a a rock like me and domaine know Rob personally and I got on Rob’s ass one day and he got saltiest fucking Bamie from his Facebook page but all jokes aside my podcast has been on a bit of a hiatus because I’ve been getting a new project lined up is called hood cred and what it’s about is I’m gonna be doing a podcast with guests and we’re gonna be talking about games and games that had hood cred like Tecmo Bowl and Matt and extremists later why those games had hood cred and what appeal to those games as you as a person living in

the hood like why did those games appeal to you as like when you went out into the suburbs they didn’t have those games or they played those games differently but right why did they catch on in the hood like I know like a fucking play action football that caught on with a whole bunch of suburban people but that didn’t catch on in the hood but for some reason Tecmo Bowl did even though in arcade you can find that shit right absolutely right so that’s going to be too long I’m sorry I didn’t I’m gonna see what’s all about hood games and stuff like that so I’m pretty sure that you heard about the reboot for Def Jam Vendetta what I’m trying to do that they’re trying to get licenses for that that’s gonna be one Aki engine to make their work man deftly a donkey with the Def Jam icon engine because that shit was ass and needs Aki engine just like they did with the originals know that’s what they ran off no mercy and all them and sixty-four wrestling games that’s oh yeah if they did that that would be good I think that’s gonna be the latest project from my channel coming up I’m actually coming up to Jersey from the 13th to the 17th so if y’all up in Jersey I’m a CEO I’m gonna run into y’all what else am i doing Oh i’ma need to commission some some 3d art from my latest podcast so that’s something I’m gonna be doing while I’m up there as well awesome awesome anything you want to speak about you know let them know about your channel free play mode and so yeah my my youtube channel is a YouTube / free play mode and it’s gameplay footage talking about games like issues dealing with the gaming industry that sort of thing on the rating the podcast and his his channel is absolutely amazing absolutely amazing you would love it so anybody that’s into gaming news want to know wanna be he’s also he’s also into like how can I say computer tech as well like as well as like you know building computers I think we’re all into it everybody that’s sitting here and is on this panel right now we’re all into like going out well I’m busy I’m gonna lead us I’m busy yeah okay I’m busy hex editing a bunch of Christ or github you know for show you what do you mean by computer tech you hack you uh edit like I go shorter you look at this shut the fuck up Claudian look at this motherfucker bro you see this yes it is Lionhead Akuma laughter one glad you’re joining and my man buddy’s a beef cow mercenary come as a beefcake I’ll tell you what Claudia will not run it to you I’ll give you a hug and maybe I’ll give you a reach-around if you’re nice he’s gonna join the me2 but don’t do that if you’re nice Claudia I’ll give you a reach-around I’m gonna call the me to move okay I’m gonna be Ariana just accept it I’m going Twitter and put it on glass like behind and be like just take it just take like easy no stop stop na na na you like that video from with the African dude in prison he’s like Oh from good to see you good to see liquid-cooled glad you joined a stream be sure to hit the like you liked it um like and share button all that other stuff but yeah PC from eyes no no this is a whole different look real real name is John Bob he’s like know what his name is really the name I take it off they might have taken them off that’s what it is I don’t like that man you got a Batman mud fuck you yo thanks to the is well with the name mine is where where I hat that says I am sjw I’m a sophomore yes dude you want flip-flopping I could crazy enough to see me left home wait you ain’t got a boy here bro ain’t no soy boy here bro he talked all that noise is about Batman and you gotta Batman go that’s that’s that’s typical soy boy stuff right there they talk all this social justice stuff in the air they are doing the opposite of what it’s I don’t like them but I like

everything in this universe I like all these villains I just don’t really know that’s a Batman Cup yeah I like the Batman Cup I tell you what the next time every time we do I have a different I can see why you don’t like you know Batman’s toxic masculinity toxic masculinity is what’s causing him to hate Batman he loves always bill villains obviously yeah I love all about men’s villains yeah he doesn’t like the manliness that defense person especially to face you know I like to show it to fish just like me tell stupid jokes I was going live on steam for the past few weeks on this game called comedy night or it’s just me being racist and sexist NES do you want your telling dumb jokes I’m moving the YouTube but they should be still on my Steam I’ve been streaming for like past week on that comedy night tremendous game okay that was that was back at the time that was back in the day when like Microsoft Points and like you could get again I remember people used to strict for Microsoft no bullshit you get people to strip for Microsoft Points no era that was the 360 days right uh the 360 do ya wild little monitoring there was no more buddy whatsoever it was insane it was out of control on it on 360 360 was out of control out of control and I loved it but um yeah we had PC but then now PC principal came in yeah you can’t have fun on there anymore but yeah Wow you know because I got tired of getting flash somebody’s dick when I hit him with Xbox 360 was wild wild wild those were the wild side tell of David tell them um I remember when people literally guys – shouting magaz they were swearing like y’all imma beat you where you live right now come written to do it was ridiculous because somebody I met Lorraine Lorraine met me on who know me heard I were in a judo party plan go together and then I think that was the one with a guy used to come he would come in there and he would be butt naked but he will wear our Optimus Prime bass they Optimus Prime Madison we got so you after a while and like you would have the camera on because remember Xbox had the small little Xbox camera and stuff like that and he would just like get up there and play a little with us but nekkid without us prime bhaskar oh my goodness you know by the way y’all talking yeah no you have not you have not lived in so you hit somebody with two drawers and you like right now show you show us your titties no all that shit in there I saw so much genitalia and because the man was did today the may had a hat you says I’m here to see strong no I had a hat I said

I’m here to see everything though he’s here to see hot violence that’s what he said hot mailbox don’t worry Claudia I will Rickie more do like show me what you got I made a racial fuck that’s how I met that’s all i’ma kill Kenny I met him on the 360 days I met him in the party he came to the party and he used to just talk so much shit and I was loved it I loved I said I gotta I said I got a head this guy got a the room I ran to you in was just a racist tirade back and forth with me and a whole bunch of other people cuz remember my parties were off the chain they were always wild and somebody in there doing some crazy shit saying some crazy shit off arguing over stupid shit it was just fun hey sharp shock then he shouts out to your homeboy who has a diabetes as a pillow oh yeah what he made one of my friends get upset because he was a deer kill a number cut it short after this he was like he’s like yeah shut the fuck up your fat slob we said we taste our cookies noise entire fucking stop so much fun we used to have on Xbox oh my god I miss those days now you’re going Xbox to people of weird people have called me into parties or either they’ll come in my party no they’ll call me I have to start doing my own parties again because people are calling me into that party locked me in there but won’t say nothing to me but they’ll lock me in a party won’t let me bring other friends in and shit like that then if I leave they catch an attitude with me in to leave maybe like yeah because they have every right to get weird on it it’s a whole new generation of weirdos on the Xbox now you got you going to party you got to keep quiet they don’t want you to talk that’s crazy then they the best Xbox chatroom and he’s become kenny who’s normal you know Rainbow six is the best example of that because now they ban everybody for saying anything back in the day on Rainbow Six Vegas pool it was a hell hole I used to run the most vile games on the planet the duty community being rough made of tools we were the best and don’t be a new video don’t be a monthly that’s just not like fucking using the wrong gun so that’s what but yeah I miss the old days I miss the old days alike Xbox and just like literally I used to go out and hustle and shit like that and come in at night and stay up all night and fucking on play xbox and shit and just throwing parties and have fun no bullshit I mean by birthday Xbox out because it used to stay on all the time I went through – man yeah so yeah it used to be we have fun on you so ladies and gentlemen I bring the show to a close thank you for tuning in we had a great time be sure to check out my other co-host and get strange channels and etc there’s social media I will make sure I listed down below in the description down below thank you so much share the video like it hit the notification bill so you will know when I upload a shitty video when I go live all right so with that ladies and gentlemen I bid you adieu thank you god bless we had a great time I really enjoyed it take care