🔴 NO MAN'S SKY | Lost in space, send help! | Survival mode

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by it all Wellcome everyone and tell all our public are kept off the back wall or meet the call of the cars in the slightest a because S that can no man’s guide are more than he noted a social Sudan causing in of the are people and a man and a glass in a good terminal the amateur elected arsenal equip the wasn’t until bursary has that what their tails up ally leader Alastair lack the NEC in ERM by Colin Mr Hollis was all a more Khan enable them in a local Chandler alright already let’s get back in their normal sky by either a little bit athlete and I have lost our some progress from my last ER again in session because I didn’t say I remember to sever the game you have to cast some kind of for the saving machines the 0.1 call for us for Mexico and America by any nine, Peter Blake, because that he had gone eight the lord of the game by a missing and I am a mystery to many technologies I’m hoping to find that light the blue planet the way I could settle up to make a base of a fine summer and the guild she’s whether you’d do it I’m not sure than an offer that the yet all of the staff is my home for of which one it would be based he hadn’t moved the game on a Saturday because only the first time I’ll order that the game and talk very long time and but it seems should be taking their long time again store prevent this from happening I shouldn’t start the game from assessed by the PIA move into tonight after the lives him it is nice to see the stars no ended already we are OK Medicare rejected the angle and the NASD Kathleen and a but I1 began on their land KM police L.A. planted a laugh I am now living on a portion of planet but I support the scoring of line parties feed her Milan supporters some orchard and have I have no idea how to pronounce it then it might English teachers here in the lives stream her a played by Annabel as if they get a wee make all Amanpour the real talent and earning they just answer these questions again British first they don’t know what kind of

nonsense this machine is speaking of one I has seen it than I had this – you will give me some space if you’re that had no idea what I have a feeling that I haven’t done something on this planet but basically I could leave it already I don’t know at least some when it comes to the storyline I have had on the and other story wing he already behalf or a woman a decade as ICL a bit of a castle I’m all right leinster recharge to the ward end singer I could drive I’m just thinking should it is the oldest plan and or should it try to find one without boyish and bone it can: take off all my clinging to find some the thing to trust my engine first and though been the to this planet perhaps handing in your annual Monique basic airlock they could buy casts a or caning bouquet these things are having your renewal Duran you is Avila play only in are poisonous plants are like this you or I should gather a bit before the moving on but because it is easy to trust them to run you have your space to pence in which to run him you do not have to you, just a graph anything on trust gather there you are a new mandate job within a you are a short step do and Berwick a minor eight I they collect the what have you and you cannot both eight by unfortunately it’s and it seems it seems like it’s gonna take up a they can while before you can settle down on a planet and do nice things you’ll be taleban okay qao cannot were passed in a hand oyster quay a only add to apply evenly Haldane and by a lead singer De Havilland that there past he sat there and they are to can also use these are guys to fuel your spaceship I haven’t already quite know what what I just wanted to get more less than as a the ball and got you stick it is it that men that analyser these maybe there’s more you try them you cannot together under the temporary dilemmas unless you’re OK they are having car born but it is that he’s fine tour alyssia scan at their within you are mine if you cannot together their second diary item from a them and half praise copies here are really had to nurse like these guys is the only one planet I have pleaded a little structure but I didn’t stay there for a very long time I that might have been a mistake because only problem with apple Ireland was angry as the and whatever help hell what is named after him Burma it doesn’t than it is scanning the tree instead I wanted to see any way it at angry space corpse let us say that the whether they would kill any unsightly the and that’s not a topic of a problem but it is really just an knowing Winger there are having to you had all you had had basically have to run

away from the course and were isn’t really naff when you have to do that the man at should die disable the game he or she can have some of my own to have has of and I still got them any your row though he’s here in you’re brilliant off your annual which are a common minor or there are some kind of animals like bats flying around in locks blocks of that period and the big money or he did not look you want four they could go and check and check it out ideas bowl now I remember last time I were running around in here I Carter and there’d been a huge storm came up and I the continent of an troubles it’s not a problem if you have enough sodium on your you can just a river them are banned do not have to rear think maybe it would also make myself a trip down on an all day if you could hide from the store might didn’t remembered that frightened out our I do not have anything for the life support been you can always travel these though bolted the disease from our them or there’s now also been coming storm coming so it is them, you’ll stand Bennett you feel that and fast but, as if I can be saved from the storm inside of that side of the sickness or should be able to was already an save from formed from the radiation Di Anne could hear is almost real nothing against me again at stubbornly for getting my dictionary all he can look she they should meet the queen lives streaming Bowyer the this fall far away the need to make life support steel dynamic and lots of disguise a pretty easy to make if you knew 1 minute summer glyndebourne and are the rule staff dying H4 gene thus, have to wait for the storm had passed away but I’m looking for her that living in poor repair and they can are looking did it myself four more in winning their than let’s wait for the storm to pass away branch of Tunis to my little cave

but, storm leave me alone already had CI would like to make one of these veteran upgrades to of castor bomb at the Khmer value may conductor out of cup police fired and don’t remember okay lots and lots paramount is it safe here yet been no don’t have to wait in my little gave a little bit longer but it seems to be quoted now polish centre some sort of voice and Bonner and is something on these I don’t know what that this lecture to line bowl that was just 1/4 man bad the other one is four 1st-name of their than a move to plant bouquet that is the thing I wanted to find out been the job in something called the night clusters have been would want all standing at best salmon useless stuff like that but though they could get some more in terms black something in use for an there’s there’s another one which the Czech that one out as well answers, together that bland and it is giving Michelle due on this score to have sold you’ll do maybe I should can it by bouquet disaster having your annual and that this court would be nice to get a lot of that all would then have to do lot of scanning today by basically want to have water you run your mind canongate band right now I’m not getting any of it by you or your eight there’s more of the be all staff it is that it is not often you have to do lot of green dinghy and he’s the game that is four like 09 running loans showed you must Whelan that is a problem I cannot stay very long if I ran out of that than just commentary together what is there a non their

theory that they can are looking for more durable the near brothers wrong with this game right now there detective is just told the was the too steep heart essential to deal more okay and need to do some digging in here there we go telephone line entrance to watch and win this thing at the angle they’re gonna give me New stuff to graft and stuff like that but northern doesn’t seem to be the case okay and, leave this planet now plays my spaceship bear witness broken Sherman stood you want your Barry official I could up with a mind to do more about that that is just four been no way I’d date poll them NF that is not ruled I may have lost everything again blue check out the fire this time can actually get my stuff back bombing and 1/4 mile but in the air this that I died somewhere declared somewhere victorious but soon year ending in mentor in the and is not good and all book and all this was prompt four began evening crafty last ones by are often I cannot to be given to them is seems to be a hole in the ground could and could do that by the place where I wasn’t begin there’s more sure due men are there is, help me below while the F for a moment I thought that those plans are just gonna kill me bouquet here is a wholly but it doesn’t seem to be made by me the I’d definitely is not the life support brought I’m supposed to find my stuff desire icon of a chests buckled Robert but that’s not the wartime looking for it’s not what I’m looking for of all by what is this thing

if you’re fed drier them, check out from under there may be if I do not find mind for staff and back I might just as treloar in the game or something because it’s, be awful it is, be awful to try to get all your blows to dishwashers and back almost almost dead again dumping is really dangerous ball mallets for the of about it and try to see if I can do that is how to save British tour much work to do try to get your stuff back at us, the interest is, then for a while but I don’t want to spend my time on the that they do know is it if interstitial wyvern mauled that you do not together they crave I can be sure your than a year question often does bearing last time learning some works from them dearest one or more than the or the system and bouquet in the game has other saved already ivy not receive mice by the us and by I hope that all is review all of them are seen by suppose there’s far away to find your staff and again be getting back by just don’t know any of that is the storm, being here Sean they think I’ve ever running summer only here on the other side than the unfortunate thing happened Belgrade I don’t have anywhere than you and I usually a cycle of events is, start because you do not have anything to trust you saw it with burials and do not see any airing here

Betsy a Valentine to create the iron them all you needed them, do you do need to the that this entire for cut but do not remember how many were not enough time not happen to have entered the event during again balmain that is, she law me down so much by nine do not have time to receive bellwether warning or the storm ayrshire already by the skills but I do not have anything to fuel if I go deep enough its charge bultmann at this isn’t bad if they died and, while a: because I felt until high and I lost all of my stuff and now the there’s storm outside and I do not know how I get my stuff back and, musical clear and beat Bowe eight and a it’s an ill and dying alright denuded I had trouble you invent during a place of European unity spun back on the back and you last blotted market below the market for your grave on your hard at least a problem I do not see all about and they do not see any grave icons on my heart is that because this is 41 Lamont they could use and drawn which it would fly around during the storm outside bill starship more knowledge to I didn’t diamond geezer who are location though the shadows Lauder to read and external to module they really need to get some show Dumas after their the storm enters I do not have any hansard protection order me right now it’s gonna have to wait waving his gave order stormed clear out promise clearing but I’m not it is not safe to go outside and yet the to wait for the storm and completely deceived disappear the right now it should be called

by and I need some bone tumour eight SEP bouquet there’s some sodium but I will not have time together, their unit time DG poem a little time the very surprising though because of that Brian knowledge falling dissenters, have to mind the basic stuff again begin doubt of this planet by have no idea how to retrieve my items if any of you guys have an ideal released release their to please do share tested some Carbone show that they can trust the laser her and to if I need they can also make summer lives support you’ll for all its disgraced is also her is also having Stansted and give me crampon Bowman brom wrong item behalf c’mon c’mon c’mon the mind is that whereas the camera that income and of sodium though there’s probably a more pleasing pleasing plan and way I can do this stuff down wear out their been Betsy a or what that those been centred and a structure the nerve to see what that is all about broccoli than makes up a been dying

alright medication and other balerno idea what they are the belief that the fire block British and are therefore where the could use about checking the gave is that it was an begins not be generalised sense you wonder I else they can give cork right I do not know what that this it didn’t get any of if any race , need any call bonds not yet at least bentham’s you can find some kind of failure local MVP items inside of this case the need to leave his place on its gonna take descends into be anything in here and it’s gonna take a long time to dig out the see if I have been if you’re a mushroom soup to leave off course not all public or if only to build a new and there’s not, be enough they nor I am flying with Russian press into that it requires a lot of uranium and work with the skin day you can also start of the spaceship with other staff by hand lot of staff items required for the fuel want that the dying I just lost and all I don’t know if if it’s because of their survival more that I cannot get my stuff back or do I not just realise how it works I just research centre and four from their network basin that we should see a great fight again on your hard to show the place of your best and I’d just do not have it book is a Sterling collimore tiny jump that the reason why I that was so silly as well ifl from too high by was gonna leave the planet’s and I used by used to my he jumped back and ran aground off-stump back and back fuel and fell from tool hire when I just died does cylinder an unnecessary but are didn’t have anything but if you’re alive support they don’t have time for all weather warnings they need some more this and fast but fortunately venue and I

there life after that is just struggle because you do not have any items you need for surviving than a wait for the storm to pass in here if I would stay in the storm of a water into my house data protection really fast and I would die again but it doesn’t matter side if I cannot charge my life support and a any race by 88 I no I just have to wait here indicated baby have some music wait a minute exciting sure revive it was revival music will walsall, a mate a out of the gaze at the all dcs bulletin I do not have right now is a poorly ball with a face to the spinner they can why before the storm to pass the what are exciting more and more men do you having him here there are a caustic send in your cheeks to build we have had anything else already have something they do it know what the browsers, belay I get my music from a site we do with a copy of copyright free music but I really haven’t looked at what kind of music the there is a available and alright scanner maybe I can find something while I’m here stuck in here there’s my spaceship what I do not have any fuel all for it will require an conduct and tender stuck in here barmy they can I do not know what that this but it has sum up I can on it they do not think it’s anything important book a there’s a storm is now clearing up by still have to wait a moment by the storm up the text is chappie us from our promote their is that orange important okay now it fan is now I can go out there, need more of the parole stuff or all these plants will also help I can trust my life support with them or there’s so many of them using this was a could find I hope that the animal was making the sound at, and it may because if it does them and a again that would be burnt all I thought I was walking out of sodium them having four much a year now and basically the only thing to worry about the right amount is to get enough sodium a and I’ll show enough special fuel to leave the place

bouquets and yellow music and now Barry haven’t prepared for any player lists by if I cannot pick this up begin their legal bowed they can you stand to make the fuel poetry I’d have enough there really is quite out of this is tough and that is good all right the way have bouquet of that stool that’s great him, stunned run to watch my spaceship ban while I’m doing that I Marshall searching for have I might need Diana will help a lot of other trusting and bouncing off it may take a long time they will all you can upgrade a better scanner which will either stay active for longer time for of have a should pass the caller down I have no idea of a the city haven’t found a any use a player taken a lot cheese at the moment isn’t sodium for dinner, full entire game , need to trust lives support or riders get out of here it was shortly after the dying here and lost everything brewer what are these are all these things you can sell or lease with a lot of money is there any more often than but more at least than a recharging all those who are the whether Hamed becks all that’s expects a moreover that as well them out of garb worn as well bland will he give some been buried or not liking them bouquet and I’m only wearing or maybe not that F if I cannot than mine at the them all before their brought portrait turns players do a bit of laughter then then I’m trying to search for a more livable of planet with life might be a bit more

easier that’s why I needed by the guard were on been would be good to have a bit in storage as well booklet is luncheon meat would give lots and lots of it to pass for their the and looking glass and though the edition showing the scoring of feline they have for you’d have enough sodium for worthwhile to intuition prediction though I do not missed fought for everything at least another year at the knees up and you have quite the little Winger mentor is based in this game like this and this is sort of wit do you do not want to gather saw but unless you need it had and I don’t know where you or your senate by the and others been you, leave now bolt from the other by manage to reach us to trust or whether by their you’re a new mean a of which is amazing because when I do not have the use any of materials I might then he had elsewhere alright unjust, make sure the main its engine is why the known by how I could drive is having a bit of such that’s all AF bow am I flying on a sauna and what isn’t this does we’re looking for great their own by a strange always a work at being left a message grounds that lead all the drivers should I stick answer with a investigate is an normally sent pictures or should I just enjoyed an essay on my warm then sent a with whatever trouble is that he is leading to watch as four weeks paid for answers bikers and add to our ideas that there makes a difference of if I wanted just an anomaly detected by launching plan and I do not remember if the she stopped the very last one dear ripple Annette whatever that means all cyclamen planted everybody just leveraged or why the planet is forsaken Delores single an eight they might have a visited one of these florist in planet’s before bouquet may be that Dr. There was the plan and I visited it was really really are all for a planet I’m to go there and together they nor their below it I venture of

both really under draw patrol sat with the Allies planet it is really far outweigh the her but there are no malice in attitude that are all to I don’t really know what that means Bono and out of fuel had you might need some purists it union you find the fuel to trust your balls and sing from ought destroying asteroids them and this controllers is I don’t think that the game we end end still supporting any tourist six Mike the need to get controller are there doesn’t really seem like the game is supporting any Benny shall stick audiences came to bat again you’ll find joystick buttons for it by do not know them and try one day it will which could be pretty good to fly with joystick and to some space finding an reflected that break now I’m however checking if I can seize it was intimately somehow it does doesn’t seem like so because Rainier to find isn’t doing with a mouse doesn’t feel it implications fear called battle is not in my opinion on a joystick it might be that might be pretty fun is like Mondays that they don’t know if you see a very large asteroids it’s really got him into the lead by destroying its destroyed by a more beads and by bits he said of just exploding in pieces like that is used there are too long in a one location there might be space pirates that we’ll have icon your and that is critically design it to ensure fighting against them about it and it’s pretty difficult with the mouse because it just doesn’t I don’t know that just doesn’t work so well abandon them yours to probably would be OK here is one of these large as one larger ones it’s villa in which we could destroy or by small bits but we give anything under try shorts and Mr. Summit bumps and the smaller wall the right leads it doesn’t seem to give me the item I need that one is also pretty large that is giving called don’t know if I been in doubt for anything but just some silver again the stuff I need is the Trinity

warm treaty on the style one getting right now there was he bouquet let’s see if her how many I have been a false 1414 sounds that’s not the planet where I wanted to go there would be a space station but are these guys that’s where one or was it an inner them, take care disguise and that bit closer in days and annum only in are not depicted brighter there it is a fighter the asp a San a Mori but they cannot walk it Airport by elsewhere I’m gonna continue my journey and at that moment although they have to go by voting rights they would enjoy do fighter against of them all but they just didn’t know her if I have what it takes them all broadly this is a normal parliament breathe out angry penny tireless Paul hundred and credits bonded from the other guy below they be able to follow means idle on on this planet that is looking pretty nice innit unit here brawl far it looks like a nice planet wall of water though is this some sort of underwater planet Bono it looked you’re nice big warm before they seem to be some land but some it may be dictated by the Treacy auction had the looks like her for almost if you do not to consider those creatures if this plan it saved the editor being I might make an days in here by a that’s right yen denials are hostile always there has to be something wrong with these if there isn’t any problems with their whether they are those guys to ruin your their

of the are the and very dangerous avant it is just so I knowing that you have to run away from them always been it is hard to repair cigarette run away from them until they leave you alone but, try to make their veteran breathe a minute to do I not even need a life support that this was OK and unit to some an alliance in the water as they might leave Kravitz you were born anti I supposed to be some kind of valuable the items but if your pick them up the aeneid the Indian plants don’t know what they’re that might make and a senior any race it seems like a nice planet and despite their aggressive despite the aggressive in its her dynamic the music and enquire there pool right which carry on to a doughnut he with his plan and is draining my been maybe he doesn’t even trainer the life support system if that is the case this is planets really nice book at dusk it had trained relation only bowl needed by the analyse it is you what does it matter give me around on better record they don’t know why that would be words bouquet let’s see what would do I need to get that the veteran nothing he built up by I can make our Baltic castor it needs treated cardboard and unearned Yorkshire and 100 scrum and the Khmer though proved to get chromatic them entirely Ormond probably need both mature under its chromatic medallion probably need cover for I’m not sure if there’s any Benny Carter, this planet

but kind of creature is that patient hunter booklet there is covering here that is nice bunch basic lying around create the ammunition I don’t know where they are yours it before the veteran I’m planning to make sure to make those cup on duke’s I needn’t have Carbone that’s why I mean warming histories right now by Max they’re while on this planet stupid some sort of a base I should be able to make a by some kind of Teleport machine which I can use to travel between a basis or if I Sunday want to returning here again let’s see what the other stuff in there this is the bar Avignon by no idea what you do with that to okay more by are a few warm desire nice for basic fuel and lives for support your is good to have them around in case you do not find any air elsewhere then use them a carafe of it they haven’t made any it was to style of creatures in the game he had so there should be creature studied and back on your that they haven’t seen on them both have only those anger Amarillo robots also had before the other dates and there wasn’t any animals that we’re running in and backs if you look at them and the I colliery of running together they Verity for any animals like a that I don’t know done everything finance planet and trying to kill or if or two at last time I spoke was at out to me to was about to meet these and you wear 1000 dear and 800 metres down of all year you will way in one of them I do wear it in one of my world what is that it now become lives in for an Duval comebacks into how a real dolly problem in this planet are the is nose and eyes are basically that the actual quite easy to a wall into but it as an knowing when you have to escape from them all the time that another guy year the Devi lal Acme or no on site : fortunately but I might appeared as some kind of base on the this guy and in there are no but do not want to die again by my life support or if I run of my life support drains fast or ideas that makes sense if I say it is still it doesn’t drain Andorra I didn’t notice that a until now it’s just like in a wood was the game with that our our this great leave me

alone I usually do not want to fight the ideas of them because if I started a fight and kill that the kind year will be just draw more of them there was a deeper that there had to say that if you’re kill them fast enough to reveal not to than either of them are you give them more sentinel year and no of the the vessel one of them against Berman is this is the reason why I shall not like painting and aggressive but manner gonna leading here all under under water underground river is like in southern and become did you know that you can ulcers and dive in this game at as it is I just don’t know how do they can do this like our although we are not have the advantage of the loan was very along the line the act for told me that he had roll out gum or that the storm up the road is the exit you can staying here here and there was a deeper which he told me if you destroy them fast enough to they want to deploy any we enforcement’s but they cannot do not believe that at least, and have them that all on my experience they we always get the reinforcements well up I do not have varied over for a weapon as yet or maybe if I had I couldn’t do them fast or between tour much stuff book is testing ground in your mind and the the needed than upgrades to do what you are I know have you play this game since burn progress testing ground I cannot they do not see them right now we are the I can ever again mind role for women can use it appears in making the robots angry players make them angry paragraph of the bed is useless to run do you play the sun’s revival Modrow normal amount there’s one other one of them ballads of a horror of the of the about the actual anger in Europe to match this is to match them with an O that life support this and low by the ushers in me anyway so why not them, still all of their balls you don’t even know what they’re new to them for by Teresa do what you think about the background music do you think it would be better without its always had good nor Mr. United 4 hours just under the for sale for after the Xi month’s last night for policy at to have played so much you have played a walk all the Stormont beware of a storm do this plan and is having shall dwell Falklands war there storms it seems like a wonderland I visited hand as a matter of whether everything by

other on the difference was that it happened after every 6 minutes though we have a very short period of time without the storm it was very difficult planning to be by I left quite fast and though by this can it eighties and water seeps ounce because of the storm always that always in the games it would be kinda nice detail if you can hear the sound during the reign but there are these guys there’s nothing there was, we sit on my spaceship to pick some space appeal by there being no wonder where that was were needed and with the balls if B of the are supposed to be valuable of other eastern guys war with the minute you are more valuable than these roles excluding with the rear and the your leg and repeat of efficient repair gravitational force or defiance much cheaper ones I won’t give up and Max not exist with but no I have no upgrades nothing about that their lease time, space station you should find that the forum is one alright actual by the are you have to have quite a lot of stuff I probably wouldn’t start the new same file either if I was your mother I really didn’t play this game before I had I bought it when it lunch and father I decided to refunded after 1 hour of game play because all of a year whatever basically dormant look how much all the way the spot plural first and fourth of young artists role that he shouldn’t it is forever but I ain’t I ended up a refunding the game because they really didn’t dare had ever had any if the their futures which they had promised that the game was also a really expensive been there were can become more of these that the senate, ran out of sold you mean a while Burnley side it again by stuck with it for potential enough and to be honest man had a good goal at them in Max it’s pretty year that he really haven’t I didn’t really believe they are other common to all all of these and last year just four it didn’t believe that they could do all of these updates they have been doing it the more of these balls of the is a very borders blocked even smaller balls but cannot look at it cannot look into them do I have space for them the you know what it had did you know what I’d do with this navigation be a is it isn’t yours for a were then and propelling the allocation of planetary point of interest for building though I need to use them on assimilables are club owner had to option of are waiting you don’t have space to grow for those

by public do not need Stirling Cameroon’s was formed by villa try to take some of for their stuffy in my spaceship you need to find a singer The riba need to make one of those years and, still have the support of the that is at inflamed that those canisters born out of nowhere do you have a scanner for gonna by what do you mean scanner for gun I have a scanner is kind of funding and would I do not have are they gonna build a the yet by villa probably build a to burn I have the time the narrow your also much damage would do not want to do a of all the pretty balls and I don’t even know where I need them for body so pretty and signing the bill and my vision with a bright couples Beaumont was pleased that it is for longer than I villa star and Paul, planning details can animals and planets and games or do you mean this there were made it will I need to get to my Super Bowl and I’m some staff in aware that the do you mean the scanner her I have it I also have a this this type of scanner so it gives your credit I wish I hadn’t does cast you can build up but I’m trying to call in my spare is all my starship and just to move some stuff on my from it when tore into the space with inveterate it will be show an amazing to have his visit which you are having the one with large though many balls in here and, by a merely on a if you focus on something can you’ll was scant recently I can scan them is this are ignore it were a force aim of the same balls I can scan them but I’m being says why there is so many of them is that he’s back to normal to have so many of them that it why why you are sorry you didn’t do anything from that you have a great calamity at this of this planet seems to be pretty nice only a unknowing robots and it them, Mayor and I’m gonna be the smaller base in here and explore if you all the balls are available at I just short of a Ugandan I’m not sure if you can build some kind of you origin your base but to would be useful block cracking or where big ship had the honor of this is a be unbounded would be so nice to have a fuels triple were so

large in when Tory because it is so an owing to have so little space they come always out of praise blitzed transferred the ground window walls bouquet and make it be useful to have a might be used for be able to use them if I just by fighters had been the their denial. There blockade near his nearby structure the wall of the call I cannot see anything though the single out bouquet there is something they arrive in 6 hours war what will that mean we somebody coming my plans I do not want any visitors in here do you know what that there is and what that means it it’s let’s try again this is there anything else in the entire structure is doing nothing else but was the other option deepen the and I do not to tear and Doc it could be secured by periods you’ll have the consent would do know it’s the pits and bustle to fix a incompetent navigation in a this planet having him in the B. Deane artefact B keen on defect in artefact borough fumed deposit or reader Montreal damage machinery I think I need to do all this damage machinery is to find some kind of did not know it did not know she’s had not really no help are no were heated rainstorm coming they didn’t warn their one of those when winter storm had been in it you either they’re going to the ship by I thought I don’t in deep water it doesn’t deranged doesn’t start rectory by an quarter of a cure or a fuel pump and a canon Dick out water what I can beat while an intention all the Allied to make this at least 40 castor and haven’t made it thus the year Prix in an four down what do you needs you’re down her all the a entertained the left the ship

but Delaney had been the well I want to first of all deliveries and I need dramatic mentor I think that this may be buying have you think he’ll make the them making from where you either split Oxford are out there it is still makes make the amount of cupped her for our cup there than it always in the scheme tore it makes me wonder why wouldn’t the animal seek cover of course it might be to of up to program or something but it would make more sense to me for the animals also would seek some cover ideas they have just within six deals or something like that Burnham all your cinnamon detected by no idea what that means books like they came out of the that the young lady they came out of it to warm up a little bit does lack finished people in a winter been in the to get into into the sauna book by Warner ridge alright been at it you went back in them not by the minute done them all for cash and I cannot to let them get too lazy to scan them right now been there to see member how did you call when went back in this means manure to he doesn’t them and he assured it wasn’t as happy for they there should be other options to do than just isn’t – scenes that is what where life I suppose I call look for couple next war damage machinery but see if I can find any B in artefact is not of gravitational balls in here all the the are run by the but for what would that be it is pretty nearby increase mile more fuel microphone per were aware them in the Kenyan police more shall be onscreen up and had to do you mean my he admires the camera is will help you mean this is need to move all of the elements for is that better and I’m up here in the corner now at the everyman and beta to higher number of well if that’s better ideas it and remaining hype up here than brought this was the at the enters a room where but those guys to ivory were

desisted damage machinery or pork screen BE but not sure what he’s a bill giving for your detectives trying to really kicked it disappeared and he’d have the more we turn into a proper there were looking and interiors are or have the OK but happened and you really think again through the any more deleted from: there’s some coverage but far away though their new is the sum in the wake of further by check than pound plenum route from it already there were about to meet to it do what have come per year to I’m just not sure if I shouldn’t go there with my spacesuit because it was quite far away or watchword for traveller will there’s another one than to learn some languages alright and check out the couple next didi and more the fact distress beacon don’t know what that it wants to boycott of from that but as pretty as copper nearby which go and get some been difficult for live storm tourism to of Alpha line airship and waste your Piaf I know that I can make a formal if all was almost will happen but Burton is that we’re baby and other guy came from the year to scupper bye to Lizzie did you know what happens if you use your ship in a space combat can you repay it somehow won’t be almost a ship completely then that looks like it, and the cup and he’s been cause of a chance art of trust hard all first been together even the smaller states begin out of such them to form some staunch it isn’t added a natural and dreamt of that happening all year

by do not feel that these poor our era and walls of the I favour despair their gave me a note of their right if cannot before you’ll kill these guys already scant do something and almost on scandal though they cannot destroy this guy yet but I’m not having the advanced by telling the utmost mining taller than fortunately not burn her brother’s watering here don’t know if the oldest and deep enough of our pick up why should I dig up the F Torme haven’t started yet all or an American tour in the ball of a A which owned all you can also creates ground and in this game by didn’t know that you can do all that as well isn’t storming it and now I do not fit anymore bowl with a storming out there I was thinking that if there is always an end and deep enough Mexican just fill that role than years but I do not get them a new wave base building they’d should get a second by a candlelit these based computer or extreme climate it would be it would not be year probably not be seen components okay so that’s why there had been eyes and you know what they’re missing component Sur Mer the other leading Indian

are benign is still cannot X in their but I should be able to step back in the menu and see the other options but into only a its its backing of it stuck in an these machines that descended walked bell much company-wide to have it’s not even enough by auditions I didn’t even see that the guy and are now was just wondering what is the Viet noise from about been that there’s the other people’s best gather some can’t Gabor when he said I’m afraid if I your leave the machine here all by itself and cannot find it anymore bumper stuff nice by IAAI do you have and leinster mining laser yet perfect but they are certainly looks Indian which is nice but is less together that it seems to be friendly but when you have room for this by no the way the minute though inventory’s space can pick up been boats for 19 belt when all but how are real and work probable we are wish to work according are by earlier had the summer and omens grain here the beginning seems to be a lot of crinkling of mother real some though especially on this revival Malta you need more than other Eras than your normal work is called active in about half an hour we will that is nice that is called code any plans for tonight the

then it is our ballets your break from work you’re likely to have the this it is really nice to have a great from work I do not like working so much goes well it is good to have a job I don’t get me from it gives your money by of the many mentor is best for the stuff than open no plans just relaxing well that is called the this could relax batting thinking UK Mr. To lives in I was, played a war came on postscript them before I started lives dreamer norm is great but I shorts I sought to try the had dried out the game and but it felt to difficult Becky it takes a lot of learning before you can do anything or proper linen and their war came it’s like likely highly realistic war came to a design edit the file I’ve seen it it would looks to silly and very poor near pouring because I wouldn’t know what to do with the game and poorer I don’t know if this is her any more exciting though and just to watch me to trail of these are these things after you can make some out or masonry nor in the game will that the he would have kind are all borscht to her during than doing this pressure is hunting for your but I do not have been taken on looking available a yet yeah I had that problem draw the game. Rain word and I just couldn’t get used to the court has what kind of against the rain were and I haven’t even heard of it is is pretty pretty nice game but you just have to gather staff four Mussina in in the same time I’m afraid it might be a bit boring towards Bundy nine game people are also watching wives informal a by now the gusto why not always lies streams from this game the platform ancient reckoned out of steam whether pretty bought difficult or been with anyone in report was the game again beware of rainwear and been I have one game on minder which could be which that could be but it’s not probably the same and I they came out of the retired dust Benny the that it to their cup or mining that labour would just been changed and rain that is attending out of fast by Russian water inner -all when you’ll find her new technologies you can of course upgrade your staff and saw that all the gathering would happen fast or but I haven’t on offer that the staff are available at four mere but unfortunately so bake maybe I could place there but an important for the finer in here Bernstein doing sermon by building is already

there is giving me the right and bid that’s all D but you played any of these have no man weather warning not called a need more bowl know how I’m supposed to be run away from all them and while I also need to escape from the weather that would be a problem both are found them a digital TV Navarre the medau much that looks like he event is flying around them but doesn’t have a clue where the action where a an action that will hadn’t made any of these and dark story like platform is F Atlantic maintaining softer than I have tried out one it was pretty caller but after a while I just ended playing it to have also been thinking of getting rushed but I’m not sure yet how it then you play that unknown or should you have a lot of people with he or are not really interested about the PPP on the game because people are just between you and the each other’s lives in PPP more GE it SE rust I didn’t mean rushed I meant be worried diners Charles and die Norse but was a Moffett is sure why, in war for something like that by the minute it in one of these what’s we’ll their report stop search rule from the back of me destined to take revenge how can you detect them he bencher one team are wondering game is about itself an Indian alright then disguise right and top of me but a decade of detectable it would be nice if you could just destroyed them when they started boundary your own know if you destroy them only four more will join them, try run away by the ditch talks on a wing me half this one is that leaving me an unwary easily baby if I heart hiding behind increase detect bowl hear this is exactly the reason why I had a

eight planets with them being aggressive that is, try to get the couple are door for their refine and then if I can make the gonna upgrades and C what happens if I kill him with one of those denying creatures it looked pretty pretty dull he found me again year blame the klf the way I have said if required items to preventing unwanted to make the getting shot open to the though : rushing from Barton beginners given decent dry bowl maybe he will now leave me alone if he doesn’t Alexander shook him by seems likely bound me again although I’m door on this wall behalf at his annoying the near they’re like I thought there’s more of them villain coming five if you kill them it is just like in GPA the Boris it is really annoying I wouldn’t mind if you could just do them and world war one that is annoying when their we and they would be just more of them when you start fighting back I hope they would say is that the leather arm HAR that we’ve found a mere would have just get a running there are no there’s nowhere else to run the white we went haven’t dance in this game if you can’t find them back by mean your grandpa they would be just more and more and more of them by getting all of this milestone just running away from them by strangers four things for fun but it wasn’t so much fun and tell her all right at school back in their the chicken if I can see location of those drones whether the wiser about it was like not estate agent they’re probably were didn’t see any of the nearby be always a clearing out of the Neville bench on to newer is that just ground war is our it cannot believe that if that’s OK this nothing to round

it did really good gunmen to gasp on a planet be better get you in space wait a minute and take it, that this will taste and what they mean in space as the that is not a quitter news by have quite a lot of them are in here if they 50 her enough that happens if you just fightback on the low but they’re better just for but they always just been you’ll units from a them and what can you actually destroy them and in a way that they windstopper but the ringing your F and the head he’ll have that you cannot schmeichel the plan and out of from out of from them or anything like that it’s a bit unfair that there is any MS like that and you can is really fine white against of them because more you’ll find more troubles you have blended to make the base computer before I can make or the base by no idea play while never hide and seek an interdict actress the year but it is Kendall aim that that is the only option you are having a speedy hire and seek almost done by mining be in a baf there is one of them again by to check out one of these prog and they can no longer is I haven’t ever tried to fix them out before shall I do not know how the refund he wanted all actually believe you can find about four it is that’s the place they wanted to check out there to fix the don’t doubt it in the if he was new and I need the same item for the other than which I just or reject such scruples by bra another one of those guys there is no peace in this planet exams and it seems like a they always have to be something wrong with the planet if the weather is alright it is not wishing knows planet already year radioactive year after he was filer tiny robbo box buyers and or a prediction not know if there is that planet without any problems but the warming to the and a nightclub is that if are all in all you’ll get a I thought they would give funeral new items but by our

than one affair I’d does our where’s my spaceship is, how to radio and in the storm is all were but they cannot find me from here that this could bouquet looks like they found me there was a sure the English patient but there it shouldn’t matter because the cheered his battle poll for the ball well forum for them all the talk to her baby next I will try build one of those praise computers and see if I then can stand by their spatial structure is because doesn’t look like a can make them otherwise for the and are missing out on something alright I got there and you later when I say our rest of the day will be no bad back to four drubbing bite it was nice to have your high tide had environment warning or that I had a pint brain potent had known activate DC an entirely a they even shorting at me just in passing on my right side and wife Anne owing to be honest book leadership old England during meanwhile all wouldn’t have any fuel for them or there may before planting your mates vary your fault thing to have around wigan have the the story about that we can have their which pay for something else that have sums would you mean there are still there are now I just need to get rid of that occur less than it was said or by the misty at or near that amount big carp all right now there is another one of them Broking Devices Banda robot but I’m supposed to do with his Nan and cluster is that how it is in your taken all of these but they will so that the wise you can you will reassured Burma are Prescott some of these in case they would be in your dorm whether them or when find a four or write

you do you wanna have enough staff to medium pace on you for this item you cannot small for wear after your place it does sound basis that they did not their is this cannot access to the Wasson such blame and these seasonal might be bouquet now a I have access to the basic components though you have to have the computer before you can build anything that seems to be the problem but it can bring again and the. These it seems so it seems America it’s not working properly because it had taken across this may not to I knew I would like to play some football by ticking doesn’t let me dipping his pound of car borne juries and that will it became into black pop F B monitor the could no longer with this I could come back in this planning to lay their world no it needs ion battery and I don’t have the best thing caring know what the law how widely welcomed back by the way by UNESCO barn had been cannot make any ion batteries and a they used to have one of them but they used it bowl at any one of them was in Kabul to all right when Len know whether you’re so whether you’re school partner to be nice to be the floor though the mind doing this for you to only a nose me to pick up warm up your maybe you need to towards first went from door but I hear that and more moreover that blacks had no burners and knowing reward the for them he they get is better just gather there was an ignore the robot but see how that works out like broccoli the robot that sport of me or something in case he cannot find me any more books and hidden behind a factory that jail after what does the machine be issued later than just joined an haven’t been able to build a base anywhere after playing in normal mode or the survival Monde the desire laden down for Sunday’s Computer anyways

I’m not sure if you need to follow up question line before you cannot before you can and will make it but I had a quest where I had to be the base, to be a base computer that’s the stuff wire we wouldn’t it’s a bit silly that you have to be one of those first and I also why I have to make first walls and before I can make up for that is just really didn’t know if they do game is barking more widely doesn’t let me to pick anything about that walls maybe I don’t have the required mother real’s for a floor would that be the reason the ledge tried to gather some Carbone and see if that helps those guys are just an knowing the ban fortunately of the Afro style in this planet so cannot really run away from them by Neil I can run Evelyn from them but they would be always knew one arm where waving the rise would always says a rise in 6 hours horror let’s go and see if I can build anything else and now that I have a bit more of car borne bunched up by, and behind the water robots would not ever find me bone know whether warning been all year you have to use this menu though is that cannot make anything but the walls best for experian and let’s try to been attracted play some bereft when, where the storm out in my boy in my ship them and visit them the butter Mr. Meanwhile almost music has been stopped from playing or though , hunger and put it back or they don’t know why but it seems likely it is already being used roles than he just talks by options became is having pretty nice music and I’m still but are just as just try to have my Warner music by the economy sit in the battle now are it back

by eight weather is clearing E Petit way we can find more of this annoying draw was the Reds her right mind this reason there is C what happens it happens if he had no no no no no interest to see anything else what is wrong with this by the lap it up to all fired with a minute I can I’m an hour longer to build only five walls that is the point of that they would push issue and that is C but if he wants to play for the for DOS based isn’t it means to the report into the bay systems and then build these included P’s what needs a by your peers is a building to first order of the work is other people might see my ball from basic now than in these books and equipment at the^week this year once you play syndicates, stay there that this is the cleanest there’s ever been spent and by that means bouquet away in what the police and tree walls now I can choose something else bowl come on to you if you have to build the tree walls before you can place a floor what this point of for that that is that this weird have banned of course like to be the first verse to their more than a then the walls decides the days of I hope you can take those doing your bit of a hope you can also remove four walls if you need to try to now by the minute but now it’s doing this again it cannot itinerant since the items and Ian while a court iron was able to do it or you first have to activate baptism year to first back to activate work somewhere before I do not have anything selected

by the I cannot across four they’re different stuff above is the fact that activate the war first like this deny can sense to them it is pretty weird its use them in a at least remove this wall but not deny that the bitterness of to get rid of the 20th of this wall by the choral broken up into his warm the to go under new Brammer it is written role in the way for session it and law ideas to lay inside of object them out of cardboard party that was pretty weird stuff of at least now I know that, bill anything fuels they do not have a there is not have anything interesting to interesting to place inside of the base that is gonna make something silly they want to have fuelled devices inside and maybe have a there for valour leather on the that they can deliver fought back in the planets a definitive want to come back year later and still all of those bought for money issue and if you joint while a goal but I cannot sue cocker there is some this planet is full of these great grey we should not Porsche and a they’re giving a quite nice amount of money if you sell them like David 1001 piece and this planet is really for offered them it’s an fortunately arsenal Although was an oracle is bath the directors running away from them than articulate because if I do all they will be just talked more for them it is a also a bit silly but prefer something else the like them leaving me alone that I made myself at the old building will be revealed those Grapes being able to come inside them to continue sure thing or with a start 49 base or a where they just wait outside the county or that they can start continues for the meaning gain

tackle an end and one hundreds her as the ore Miners have wide wind assisted by not my started plant was actually 100 per cent sales Irene all in the game because of was still difficult for there has added protection went down so fast I haven’t had never been in our eyes plan and before but one of my star other planets where 100° born into a free difficult place to which was really difficult place to be in bushes so nice polls show signature it is the a two to mean a lot of seager in the light of these guys officials they’ve now all of these dross protective enemy based on a more normally used in a bridge are rich and the pursuit of artistic work with one from in and out there looking Montreal and again it’s only giving me in nine and clusters which I don’t know what to do with were no water warning by the minute the waste my disarm the arts in Britain expression tour there with his did look after the ball for the other extreme to like them out what it’s quite easy to steal the ball from November now it’s 100° or what the next rainy this brief essays and my that the some what the speed of their best mustn’t going down in 100° near her by the canal highly staying here they don’t have very much for over their pottery as a need for the digging at all her derided as I don’t have so many of its fine now have it at want to believe I want to be tapwater a on this planet before I leave it didn’t know if I didn’t make anything else I woke to find time or technologies because I would really like to improve might almost admire 45 am sure it that so far I haven’t found anything by mistake I do not have enough fuel to the did not mind if that they didn’t mind and thought what kind of up to survival against you are playing saint Beryl playing the and dinosaur or sand iron ore came the winds on a wall with I think that wasn’t him off it by wife, if all went as the one I have been you thinking to give a short it went all the passion or even though there a little bit of trying mining craft they haven’t had never played in the mind health before ballater it that in that passed by Aston game first person for there

but the survival game on may care to remember wrong that for our I didn’t nor for that door only Bombardier or fine gonna make his peace in kompong it would also need sphere I’d had passed wander off I can make is this so I need to make fools of and which is a bit silly looking but the tool for now been wrong at all they need for the offer them all life support for most of but this incredibly give me that austere I did after her enough to be leader of actually alright its allure if you like this week include building in this game is a bit four redesigned but it is now it is quite now’s nice whole you’ll until the building but the you’re probably find more building pieces labour on domino really could grand baie haven’t I have domino it I like it haven’t played it in a long time ago and it is not very good at it have haven’t I haven’t ever finished used any of the plate fourth to begin with four warming things don’t know why water again room and into can you order that they can all you have the of those things that C1 of the machines in one of the machines should an altered or summary shirts in which one of the walls risk of legal 18th of four be analysed for any making a dash for I’m falling bowl and that there had been given until print and unless it may be denied the and find some of stunning something new to graft but I need a lot of fair ever again and again so that they cannot Baker that make those items required it to be really nice if I could be some kind of storage box inside of the bay’s although they called weaves the stuff in a their is that by the private dining private them for what happens if I sure that with mining Allies Leicester probably nothing Bending and all there was one rogue I haven’t analysed wasn’t that one isn’t that one Andorra lot like to be some stuff like that in sewage

but I have nothing I can do all right now be do not even know how to make a new spaceships probably won’t just make money and buy new spaceship but no idea really be that sense this game reminds me a lot of into dangerous because in eat you are sure thus far mom for money and any your and buyers spend the money will form to win together your bear the equipment which you can use to farm are more money but that is pretty much point of the whole game blocks 14 walls there does seem an her ever played ever for a worse place I have tried to Eva home liner tour times actually but what of the times I got so bored with the games that I decided to self destruct and kill myself there was one or friend of mine or even tried to help me to start the game would act as a founded so boring that I couldn’t be aware that there wasn’t any kind of combat beside of picking up on a wasted Andy and the other shipment to and back when you could fourth baby at of didn’t play the enough to understand it but a but I know and I know how the game is like handles the playing eve by the way by its all that is for UK Barrow the entire board like even more because I like taking it and that you are having some kind of cooperation with he or bench or whatsoever and dinner by just your stuff warm were trader whatsoever best it’s like marmite all or that have held out the howitzer like marmite awkwardly ice or yeah somebody like the mould and some doubts before its C A put in a fear either want it didn’t make your ferrite weekend to make your ferrite first and then when I help you share it again use that to make them again and diced the right I’m not sure they just walk the dog show the led to some are gathering why the machine is doing the Ferenc by do you like meditates and it looks kinda like books there isn’t enough never enough for fear it does

took her excellent and of its kind and as maybe it wouldn’t look like so more if if it can only would be the 111 of the buildings on but happens if I escaped the inside of the building that in your search and that this is easy way to get rid of sentiments unless he would find me by what does the machines are worth the right and he does faded into sweet and all its input firmer U.S Air act and see what we can be buying year that’s the stuff I need help many exactly I needed the door where there warning and should be in the safe in here four bowl they wanted to me by this they need went its makes just when did because I don’t know what inventor respects pretty is asphalt Haiti and now this summer is already a dreaded to get some water to the mat and that you ever been in the Nassau and I also can it be I asked seed we are deal from they do not remember if you have bought by before I have forecast it had no such a shame that he’ll have pretty short memory there also need one, for none at York the would be easy to make if I had inventory’s based and which are adorned all enough, on idle and not of York height you gain year and tears well up UK would happen if he does information but I cure it is in an inland in a city called as a singer York to which this near wore a called it the contest faster power and mining is probably sounds really stupid for your it evens chance to bid for Mr Birt is bucks flying all over the apartment that for this in the quarter than a lesson unit online corporate research by cork is 88 been built. He will be fine try the & you walk which would be worse of the Internet Nolan begin no wonder is that by the water place where you live sit in the walk per union banner which modules didn’t use burial from them from Finland eight adults is already were saying that up brought her own endure mm. mean that a site and you won’t it is the Eiffel not yet again research blocked rate but it says you that it’s only ornament to beautify your house there really want to use new paying D’Alene a York gathered have they can have it done for you that’s our interest is a with the dots it’s there and

is an do I know you had the UK’s didn’t have such a thing it better to get this average modules from I thought that the items would give me them which I have a collective thing by all been donated to lasted do it by until you enter a have to spend his Nan and clusters inquiry by the river this thing wanted me to yours B is that these down which modules because I haven’t found any of these Sally which modules prompted things Betsy if I can see any of these things like that in damage machinery I really thought that’s how you get them but now you don’t put show all creatures great and small where I from Britain to repay the greater no teeth TV show unfortunately what features greater sense like a an agent or comments films but all much raw deal more readily wets alright already F Stansted Airport and the be sure that he actually the an interesting sometimes war I have already used this and there it is be simpler in my been a mind is for something no bill how do I know if I have been all of them already I ideas and just blonde its I just don’t and I wouldn’t need to find a cave for to get some kompong by a always indicates indeed I couldn’t believe their ability quarter which would be really nice to have displayed in technology undermined greatest the old old man daisies, contacts or it wasn’t quite under it budgeted down more than mining be no benign and glass turned out so that is what I was talking about the are rented thing is I can’t ordinary shares for all stay any gave seen here B team are the fact that we had the ball in our hands I haven’t second that the 1.00 beat what if I feed your it in and go anywhere you and now my pet dog why they cannot be accused of that it looks huge is easy, follow me now that I figured in north the is just not afraid of me completed a four often what what I do what I do know it looks like he is following me that he pulpit burn no and do not see any walk in here it features such as fall of women for more fought by of any public school in vendor is space is worn by always the right tool comes from the is the last option

he’ll have they all delighted right at the online and he now that you mentioned it at the with increase in the steel our exclusion Finn came in that and to learn the game it wouldn’t take a terribly long or a month’s time it is probably and a mandatory linked to spend because if it an employee of any year but because handle the lives streaming and I if I don’t really have so much time anymore or with alive streaming night you can play every winter limits what is seen each other in the here and didn’t realise the award at an replant its effect a scan them in the eccentric but not really import four ships not really posh wimps as though I cannot get any good ships with the limitations or what do you mean by that boss I’d do not recognise the verge barracks by knowing sentinel draws activated and ivy league and into the forest and they would never find me from here dish you can do just don’t intend up the okay so probably at the beginning of this limitations and doesn’t matter at first ballet when you’re gets a writer there with enough of flying skills you start to feel the limitations their way it is candara it is for either it is all right fitted places than to have it sounds goods hand or at least before you are so good by the game and I’m a bit in intent currency so that this would store all year some players had to sell her there in intimate charity currency ideas or that wasn’t there headteacher. Churchill had to from yellow and I just need to find a cave do fine decor pulled by remember that I visited and gave once dinner this week or maybe a confined fit the scanner they are not really there for some years somewhere though the to know even if I should care about these are now more use is well known whether warning is, look around before I use the mining four pejorative on a free and on join the view nick walker in he came and dreamy your ascendancy of the and I do not think that nobody would like to watch me play up for at least in your tool at it doesn’t seem likely endure tallboy games like a that that doesn’t seem to do all very well

do they aren’t true of us hit the iron ore and I’m the other of the band and the other one of virtual to Mike Allen sub scribers doesn’t really care about this game if PR it is the only care about right now become and they won’t be any knew we worse because this game is sure pull the this a Danish opera plan to lives in at the moment though by usually Wednesday’s many people know of seeming offer than gamers and then you will not receive any new people on your lives since because the we of course four in a in the more powerful and channels answer it seems like a high Mark -Allen sittingbourne for mixer bound for the ago when year and at four I must lives streaming in the mixture as well in your talk Than it seems like them except channel is starting to catch up to my you’ll fall in Europe and I have one pundit and in nanking be ascribed her standing in weeks there I have at the moment cemented by if where some of them haven’t have left already well and I have because I have started to play the game Tom is clear inlets kicked out of here but knew I wanted to find a cave by that I cannot finish reading of the year award by a mass machine or that they can come back in this planet when ever I feel like sure then again next year or more wooden balls and get rich do we go mad chasing numbers enjoy what you doing and they have incomes yes I know you shouldn’t think so much about the number Sino would sometimes at some time is within a there should ask it’s all because you spend so much hours of our lives steaming and in Europe check out after okay nobody joints advice after has played the game a long rather than life stream it by some or none at last a stake in our though I don’t know where what to do with them or by calling for the sting sold me some beliefs or something before folk alright have a nice bloke they’re its do not mock of an indifference any anyone watching by the lichens year some languages B and the any milestone accomplice I had done lot of running again ball flew into the dead words and he and charge which starts the conduct of recharged do that he could that be a giveaway some kind of downhill and there is, given that while I’m being says the more 98 clusters became very small case was really even a case that there be inside the no there’s nothing I surveys of ammunition both at to carry on and then a

barn rumble or until you’ve no one than this, checking out or not she could pounds and no watching this game might be added to eat more interesting if I could actually be that the core cars and staff but I do not have access for those things unfortunately and it seems like it’s, bake a terribly long time on the they can make any offer them they should have charge my wasted before I came in here because if I would like to call my ship in here but couldn’t I couldn’t do that cause or so do not have felt that being fuelled bid with an axe Buchanan and you are such answer these things from here to have someone more nothing’s the tax burden is able spaceships would feel it your been but I didn’t fuel mine beans the second year in the and the ball all it only a first person fuel I do not know which of you which one you guys be for a they have been looking counter to help to switch the first person more worn isles role that was it the nation reached wire why I would like to see a plant barman has nut cutlets required are not giving you will see them indoor pool bumper people sit really would need to find a cave disciplinary to there can be because I want to play in the ability level before any of the planet Bennett some stuff you get from caves for those black supporters Britain law again it’s because all his the became no it’s not that he’s just sat down for Dyer downhill been bowled life support Israel or no didn’t let them call pass along best because it must and if you’re if I ran out of a out of air and couldn’t refuel at its decorative finally some of those players by which was one of those the for this plants by spend and spend British up been let’s see what is inside of the chant boundless pass for white blur of September when know what to do with it all due mystery their illegal solely on

is there something else I could do with the axe is to resign here and forward or more but such equipment that even these and talks and until stalks now been tough in the offer these are some of war film because used the first of that Houston wall for was the an animal point won’t be until Chester’s them here have an inner more for their help in its been a first person you’re all now that is to myself that this aware that it is planning doesn’t have any corporate at the lab were Bacall a good trip that is very unfortunate Baker just visit there are ways station and then the villa players reassures us and it doesn’t usually doesn’t mention and copper walked in here binary when I actually wanted to get its were planning doesn’t have it that the rubber by rival adjust better start to run bolstered R DI arrive in a means how long it before the how long it takes for meet together in that location and didn’t realise that they need to get some of those or spatial your bar where there warning band and with reports already given during been beast is always starving that he should be saving he F I have returned of that being all ready booked into your summoning a it isn’t enough for charge bath rain and thunder in here I really hope that it would be that there is would raining here as well because are many weeks already it has been likened to duty free I think some of the places are already starting to run Lahore Lorna water reserves Nikon some of the smaller towns it is so hot that they actually have any energy I would like to call out and run altered its tumour because I need to review

your summer wages but it is just so what they do not want to do any of these things last night I went to run after midnight them on a shall medication at the right now they can’t do it normally I couldn’t have all right but they wanted to make even spaceship you’ll been the need more space because they can rules that both onto woman or a left ear on the of the game 400 quite a lot exchanged heavy here once in six weeks breakage of the Internet may the and I am the UI up you are using begin today that is the one you’re way you weave basically only proteins and are a void any Austin wasn’t car borne in English deficit for the still unfinished they had tried to warn was it really worked but I don’t know they didn’t do it had long enough by the of retaining green rates were lower pump Davies really effective if I know they don’t were you always feel of a the life gets the bit to difficult when you start doing it I cannot figure out what it before he the next ball eventually I just quit doing an awkward during Indiana gain everything and back again or wife and again for now that they give up smoking for one what they are scan a saying that there isn’t any corporeal this planet is kinase lying to me and a schoolboy been here would start mining of the blacks better than blasted rugby I like to run they used to been quite a good fit batteries their love in a lot better than and poor entirely in but when I started to work I never had any retain its he drama and exercise by no more than thing I should really it’s in my life Woolwich it’s quite late already I didn’t even notice the time than I used to have could have is an and that is the problem why eyes attended and why I stop and for running my kidneys and my new standard to fed’s basically because I didn’t stretched enough I really used to run a lot bag of an are mentally sit together new prayer by visitor to one guy in your Dr. or some short by savings because I haven’t seconds enough bent to her entrance I Colbert there by well a year tackling is fun and butter my Seikaly Surrey in a pretty poor condition it really doesn’t have even any breaks any more but I do not want to buy a new one because it’ll probably just get stolen

deeper like distiller bikes and they’re easy to use it as real bridge handle your preserve their first person we all their brought them and their time, getting this one more Po Box benign, ayrshire are many any direction they idea is to look prefer the first person viewer wasn’t I rather he also there were a number one they found a underground picture bursts personal rights year a candle it so all I wanted to build a hotel Airport is what have I cannot access to the are other amino and in of because I’m not a near the base and now I cannot see what I needed to be there with the them and for the design just need to collect the tones of football than hope that’s enough or it can sell this winter quite a nice price walk takes you walks the any more offer them dead always feels like a man on a sticky and at least four brushed up and both are warning lone barn born or until they could minor opportunity now the figure but it need news first loss again been nothing or the and it doesn’t have any more of those interesting stones can the moral have been scanning think it’s only up with the money if it can you really further up a could still hundred or handed money or the where they were engineers it’s really worth of work and during any sensible and Skandia upgrades and fast or by to visitors four phase but as a it would and I were you really would like to have the it all adds up and you get the band’s alright but scanner them and then all the dollar of the there is Lorna what do you know all frees that they control were aware enough to I really need there patient of poor maintenance and civic gear them, throwing her way and don’t know what to do with it

that want to run I don’t want to run away from those things again that right and had this planet is having Hughes Armand of all these balls or the people for joint that I want to build a Bell Airport where in this parliament so that they can later come back and just did all of them I do not have been opened there is space for them right now because the Wella there’s so many of them though many shiny walls bonus to them all again for a portrait of him and 4 minutes or were the saints four 3rd of so much that they had sold them away and quite a lot of football maybe he would be nice to get another bunch of do you mean should I’m sure that the way it all up and went wrong with the original eight and republican not even need draped around and they do not have anything were for the grass with one can behalf of the kit and car auction it is a standard you call it carpenter you’ll their wares are these the to the a minor laser better and Bono another weather warning that they get back to indeed been the gave stolen is one more tree Ireland destroying they do not remember whether Davis and Moore somewhere in hearing this by their win this brought this is not that it was just a stupid old broke the storm already starlet but not, I used is a veteran year just because I don’t have to do this place cent helping bowl now we’ve helps days just for this annoying enjoyed a for them he denied in here all find me bouquet they found me been it is sad to minor event union being chasing me thus, I was thinking for a while and believe me up by the to of ensuring a further that there were this to are still storming outside the genetic the case is that 40 steering is that strong that’s try it out is this geared gave the by now for though

there are they joined by others you’re more a bit wasn’t deep enough use laser minor biggest relate of the distorting probably and so on boli supporters low Tom hearing and the leader and an Arab time of Betsy dent in time bracketed me only need to get rid of those annoying truants now if the are they left the festival years somewhere though block Baron contracted out of my face but that doesn’t money to let it go back into the is and find show moreover, called burns and no I don’t want to renew rushed them have taken churches because inventor release four by all but the records now I don’t have to be of a novel those because of that is one of one of the things you needed for the dealer bought for been beach where was the gave again repeat maybe I have enough cobbled already and especially now that the break of have I found one of the are you and boundaries been betrayed Myers spaceship by her older than, start running on an gold or otherwise my spaceship they do not find it gave answers, believe and hope I have enough and called already been fortunately I can’t figure out how many I needed in here need to be closed by the space at the base but ERM hello what you’d call sat hold Western Sydney dislike you for joining sedan have a good naive it was nice to have your lives in without you would have been awfully boring the war I think I have to do that myself that of beer and of how worry or band playing some no one sky in here actually advertising for 4 hours already by the candidates you can still call to quit the last few whites: I would like to see their Teleport finished and though but what

that would have a real I’m time could still taken for a skiing Baxter which I let off were enormous grey right now because alive seaman has been known for 4 hours already in an idiot who had been dancers, go and see if I can divert led the labelled finished her then I’m a into ought to go if you have any time to anytime the play recently any games stopped ERM and how did you have endured board game where you end up it you’ll be to let your girlfriend to win and the game or it’s one of you wonder door pace and this is their bone and they can wind to run in and there but I do my best bouquet and he of course fact is that was our Bowyer a you’d told me already your blades trivia or something like that by mandatory that by work at we’ll try to escape because I have left for the window open causing the shortfall been here went up keep watching and he’s just a cat is just resting are: there running with wildlife that’s where and I’m trying to get back to my there is Bowyer EI bands deliberately aimed I don’t know what it’s called being honest about all you have a tawny hair and if he favourite he called what you want door and he is in the game or radial ply all make it our way with of wooden blocks by Helen there were paraded before disease my little grace the I would like to be the available water but I just couldn’t see what I needed needed for it lets EE and its air is it on its own equipment by a man and didn’t know he isn’t, pour it doesn’t even fit in here he’d need ionised kompong fee for the or for them door and says, see if I cannot bowls not a way that both are now bowel have space alright stole her baby can use the salary stakes were not at C if they can’t research anything until your way basics module small and accessible information, then a 40 been messages been all of them seems to be with the youthfulness but do you would do if you were and are you doing in this game basically you just have to survive and are explore planet you cannot fly in a spaceship in this game and that is my spacesuit or where there you can visit in different planet

blast to make some money to the to buy stuff and are basically what you do was just didn’t items to upgrade he or Paul’s the that you are more if he had a fit if if that is dear that basically that’s what you’re doing just law and did tunnel this revival against this beer and opened container but it can you were up by them signet all of these seems to be be pretty useless is ER, trying to make the low rates best to seeing bioscience Indian Ocean and crick come warm that’ll be ridiculed that would be nice to get action but I don’t know letters to believe that it’s just the shirt blocked like that the no-this useless but I needed a the inventory’s space by having a unit that had spent in of these is currently a huge storm and upside its field rami #protection British record at the an to go outside where there is a storm book a canine now be there by the rebel airports all you need Unicef if the offer those things so I need to the more or less make their team on then began to secure like Whelan basically all kind of music but mostly the rock and heavy than one of my all time favourite plants easily put not but I also like bands like to be a number be the animal pair of Dean Gaffney BCDZ of deviant summer suits and deep blue no no no wycombe in the moment dignity power again proved its deficit is just a little bit too small a space defined by the tedium and dynasty to get the stuff behind I’m not sure how do you remove the walls if I could just removed he was I could make same her I couldn’t disband this thing a little bit but they seem to be unbreakable of all the tracks is yellow how a real do you know how to prepare for Saint Etienne it turned Indies in more coffee more the walls I have made them too strong burn

brigade and that’s not as common sense and common do it than favourites had scraped and pretty could until bath or at lives to make the ambit of the pitch to longtime hon Been getting a bit tired all the storage components in here by renewed one of the used car is but hopefully would destroy walls of the you didn’t think that somebody particular by the way washed wall to wall street Porter would have fallen for of all over the cupped know why didn’t I really do not enjoy watching sports really much I sometimes watch the ice hockey games when the are playing and an animal world cup but I often skipper them as well is anybody nor does anybody know how to disrupt the walls that strike if I recall inner break calling them in with the walls eyeing the woman she could find and now a year before it doesn’t let me to call in their walls mean we knew more than this Alain I don’t know why is that are now an hour ago that the on the old it’s not really that’s why I have had this book a but I won’t massive next 6 to 8 or as for guessing deriving congratulations it’s always nice to win learn something baby I need to purple and alters work for the the about expanding my offer you are still 24 o’clock and he’d sit and where I come back wouldn’t know I have been thinking to quit the their lives in quite so on what I wanted to be the this a reality for first big ensure real and fake an incompetent equipment remain on entering the user friendly if you ask me, and there are a letter to beat this team first if I have a this I can tell Airport in this planet easily it is to incorporate implicit I wanted to expand this pays a little bit you have more space but I couldn’t find how to break the walls prepared if it up this do have more kind of lasers but you can’t destroy walls with them but week is national work by the shipper and laser doesn’t work is this guy doesn’t work where the minute until lost last exit B and material options that are you can’t change from with the Orion dear all with them in the is there any options in a block there isn’t anything that can tackle all penalty hikers you at home and I are now it just doesn’t seem to be very break the walls by an so I’m gonna have to try and pull clear that no woman scarred old brick our water is home finally are you leaving far away from your work at the price peaked and dolls there ignore the thesis is a treat the information and looking for back inside of beating with us he’ll talk and give out onto your destroyed the rain know the be nobody haven’t and building at

war and nowhere close but had to run into to shop just got on year that they would need to is it into straw ash vale of a the wall of the minor roles it would really quite like a lot if there would be plentiful plenty of 4 hours the vendor but pushed off nearby about the than any beltway a massive given up well and if it’s quite small bridges in his kinder and chest and upper by a revival mall can recall what is the linear of the destroyer walls I contacted some shop where you have an already endure for visiting again than a use for them to retreat and an have been more than one place but he had a power to hire a construction Mana ger are addressed the you can intended and we are by their didn’t know where you’ll need to record the builder for what seems like you can’t do it by nobody tells me how to destroy a war of our it has to be some sort of building motorway you can’t destroy them all their baby and just remove from the skies best in case it is not end it cannot be removed all right it’s a dream move four brokering the machine and explicit on this corner but then I should have inventor is clear a space to enter the sky began in walford Et and west acted as well than it answers, Peter Taylor courses at the and the back because I do not know how to remove the walls by hope it works the and or it doesn’t fit from further probate are a and E because this is the front side by Montagu, which was causing you again attacked yes does it signor to drop your attack you for coming buying and but I have a good night’s bouquet there’s my hotel Airport now is the evidence before and or anything else I want to be a less Reeve at saves a set that the only way to Manuel sever the game is to be one of these things but see what you are they should be petition to make today and 4¢ Elaine and all metal plating I just hope that inventor is space for them we’d been like this I do boast that one metal plating for more and have staff to make you are the library suppose again there place to refine and down as well to get their their B lot freer that effect at all Porter is making terrible in noise just the massive leaving next to that being it sounds pretty much like a Diaz both dinner leave him there would, have to collect some of the entire

debate the their metal plating the and when I have that done and it can finally say the and for the first time ever in Tulsa other saves sometimes but I really wouldn’t count on it when you are quitting the game I do not know what is the last time when the game has eight itself it would be all for the law lose all this progress I had to be Danzig what they can be storing because the windows open I really began his calling onto the table and, have to ensure Saint Andre right okay their stormy incoming F will create an Colander enough of the stuff before the storm it is easy to go it is easy to more safety are out of the storm readjusted yourself a hawk bench or before gave her all just go inside of your spaceship of been used inside of your base or that is fine became began to see if I have enough time to go to the space of the to their base I should have enough and time there might have isn’t really nice and is about which all ‘at the moment all do it now let’s see if I can make a the plate dinner was amount of inventory’s space in all that is pretty valuable a later date game with that this from its record palm been been an Barbara him so well opener and, destroy it would be done without waiting all the political lock Ian for what you are we had to make four men found a way things turned again amount of inventory’s based at Trafford them book deals with the reader is there any space on my ship the knock it is full of cheshire’s don’t know why have to compile their the them all for these instead but offering alright eight now I know the metal plating the nine Ulster the game all the political and look here by then we go almost right that is really a daily days but that is the only thing I can be dry them out if fight all the per call this thing is called it is bigger than ice from any time is lying like if an

increased job point saved many nights at right for this Teleport takes us anywhere yes we shall book by again fourth bed; and there that this is probably an butter you call it a space station sure again and I cannot recall in the space station without need of Britain lead over spaceship that is actually really nice began just go and to to her Teresa it may develop the items dinner in this planet but I do not have innovatory space to bring them in here now I can just use the Teleport and well everything of the Ivan periods at rich after that but now it now I do not have any probably cannot stop herself stuff from my basic cannot woman realism and the of the they stand the stuff which I would like to see like this by Barro all against all them even from my spacesuit by also dispels the and use our than these are the stuff which I was talking about the planet is full of these are crowned by the traffic signal walls again to quite a lot of money out of them does it the 18,001 control fallen and watch the would be a space systems which would be more from them probably these places in he accepted lesson money bun and she points and in worsened less about because while I just want to sell them I do not feel like searching of place went in a place which four should be more right now all right to buy and had been so if I should stop the C word because we don’t know if they need them for something whether or is being used as though all you Bolton and wigan have is that why it’s the least delayed see if I have anything to our than the kitchen and the WE don’t know if I needed that was something that could have stopped you in the no know nothing maintaining the never played well although I’m not sure what to do with but a few Newman hockey if this there’s something I can buy a the cigar Bjork I have these men and the to last year’s I have found what I had had no but to do with them can I buy and buy it or not and would all fit for the night clusters all right things like not all of the knitting and was then have here are quite expense didn’t all if you can effect on your first and he had some are played by the rents with these people had probably been are you buying him by the together weeks to research some more readable and stuff but I still didn’t find what to do with their bit to do with none at last year’s baie saint B had no idea what do you would do with them

would see if there’s any PC or anything really the way I can shirts and beginners can and then our schools inconsistent 44 eight baby I should know the language and talk with them and I don’t know that seems like a cannot do anything with them break in void Korea La trends display kept yet universe I understand burn beating year basis week that be all right by just actors could some units peers requests daily help been unit into Uganda it can learn lap you can learn thirds if you’re just bamber that the button begin only one word it was the by though they already had tried walk with him benefit this kind broke all with his the Michelin guide bush missions or you can year’s festival it is these are available in the U.S. and Russian versions is this the EC mission school and at the level of the nice if you want to to missions for cash it looks like a hash which strongly in or out of space allotted as the Co.s they’re puts it and allow the city at the history of the a FF little enough F bouquet I cannot do anything in here you’re glad I would really Woodland wanted to get some new or tall sure that your lordships to help with my life one more thing that made by the labour filter from the course you cannot make one yet but if I want to make a better life support and in the new the filter is taken and the return supplier one they bell many of them again I would only free well aware nine comeback and by Ben stiller those reports wall of the but can afford more bowl and that is, by those beneath the more labour alright let’s see if I can’t leave this place is due her interest in the at yesterday’s both I and I’m not sure which one in this and that this is one I really hope sure because if if if I chose as wrong place that placed doesn’t necessarily have it delivered for their I should have destroyed the other place I just made it all

their quest by party will have it seems likely the is the right place to what I do next built by some storage and modules know that I against or oral kind of stuff and in a it callback with lot of tiny balls and sell them to the space station and in a plan.offer these taken a look sending us that which modules bend and everything it seems like more stuff you’ll return of the more stuffit be added up there for your because I didn’t see a street corridor and in a play here before wall and into recovered warmer but Mike and I not have the stuff I bought by lost my cash ignore looking more and four is the stuff by reading aloud form is his and prong of stuff though I didn’t mean to save by this final blueprint research bowl unique challenge module for these practically only in modules that is the shame is there any equipment I can use that they can use with the technology modules and then to doesn’t seem like so her where life is wasted my enough money for nothing but blue and there is edition same their I am I was really excited bill for research into stuff about it turns out I cannot after all whether it do I need to check out help to you do more than actually had no and, indeed lives stream of a dying