Strike Suit Zero – Gameplay Nvidia Shield Tablet Android 1080p (Android Games HD)

for all mankind’s dreams about reaching new worlds we had always been tied to the one that created us the signal changed all that you are required to undergo a flight assessment before you can return to duty flight team leader Reynolds will take you through your evaluation problems it’s my job to decide whether the une military can trust you with another fighter don’t give me a reason to say with the freighter inspection at the loading platform I’m uploading the navigation Waypoint to a ship now I’m down royal of the active sensors when they’re scan this is the UN a fader Proteus she’s shipping out to supply a massive deep-space operation Proteus scan looks pain you’re cleared for departure

PACS we need to fold out to the weapons range I’m uploading the location of the point point to you now since you’re under evaluation I want to see if you can get there before I do Hokkien coordinates to the target range everyone spices normally packed that is what’s left of the une forget Pandora we’ve been using her as target practice the debris is pretty unstable it won’t take much to detonate what’s left let’s see you take that wreckage apart signatures in your area vision will command three targets colonial interceptors okay Adams weapons free take them out how long did they get this far in I’m picking up an emergency transmission from the Proteus the Proteus we were ambushed one fold-out we are under attack I read you Proteus we’re within range transmit your location

there’s the previous and a lot more interceptors Adams a group is brave enough to intercept us take them out Thanks that was close how soon can you fold out we have to head back you’re almost ready you go ahead we need to get these supplies to the fleet I still can’t raise command if we’re getting attacks this Brian they must have transferred the entire fleet to the front whatever the plan is it’s a big risk moving something like this fold engines recharged let’s get back to the station 17 under attack from a large number of interceptors to engage

enemy targets destroyed to security and command as far as I’m concerned you can reinstate atoms in which case you both have orders you’ve been transferred forward you’re to rendezvous at the rest of the 407 and then relay to these coordinates operations and will receive your orders there Spencer it forward but you need all the help you can get back here I appreciate that Reynolds but you have your orders we get to find out firsthand

something’s wrong the coordinates check out but where’s the fleet pecking at it what’s left of it my god what the hell happened here there’s no colonial wreckage we lost the battle maybe the whole war not even the blackfeet could do that much damage did was go through an entire world weapons-free engage the enemy switch to machine guns to strip down their shields let’s keep moving lady this is Captain Edward Caro of the une frigate mercury we’re under attack our defenses are done mercury 407 getting close protect the frigate you’re trying to get the turrets back online it’s going to take some time just keep them off Estelle van

plasma turrets and missile Bay’s are now online the mercury is now fully armed and operational enemy Corvette folding in when she fires torpedoes move to intercept

thanks for the help Reynolds what happened here fiestar we have the entire suite waiting for them we thought we could end this war once in sorrow but then they folded in with something I’ve never seen anything like it whatever it was it was fast and surrounded by some kind of storm that stopped her drives dead after that they just picked us off one by one we’ll lucky anniversary left just long enough to test a new toy in the world whatever it is it’s headed for Earth the aesthetic folded in from a short distance Oh possibly from a stage and poster patrol route Reynolds take your wingman korchenko they’ll finish our repairs report back the moment you find anything you Madam’s let’s go the colonial attack team they’re headed for something and it’s not the mercury just sit tight I’ll see if I can work out where they’re going it’s like another attack team they’ve spotted us Adams weapons Frank dispatching a fight into your location mercury we found what the Colonials were after there’s a you any carrier pinned down by enemy I think it’s the Arcadia still in one piece tape down the torpedoes and scratch those Corvettes keep your distance from the enemy frigate