Outlast part 5 – In The Sewers With Pigman

who that horse good guy I’m just seen the straightaway run running is good running is good hello my geeky guys and gals welcome back to another part of outlast come in what Pam or nothing was part 5 and this game is going to be played a little bit differently from now on because my normal xbox 360 controller died a few days back no longer works anymore and I really don’t like to be able to use games with just the keyboard and mouse because you do get vibration feedback which does helping especially games like this now you can look you see that it still says press X to hide but I’m now actually using a ps3 controller okay cool no man with a light one now what I’ve done to be able to do that is I’ve downloaded this piece of software called motion enjoy I’ll leave a link in the description below if you interest about how to get a ps3 game pad to be used as a pc game controller but essentially using that and another piece of software called better ds3 now ds3 stands for the DualShock 3 which is obviously what this is dualshock 3 with a bit of fiddling you need to plug it in first with the USB get it registered hello oh whoa no oh hi big guy no no no no walk over to me goodbye Oh a nekkid as well yeah i just gotta go astray oh yes i’m gonna [ __ ] up here and so yeah it was interesting training how to get a ps3 pad working on your PC link is going to be in the description below it gives me a great amount of flexibility in shut up with a little pig fake-ass this no-good change my batteries guys coming up now hi huh visit oh I’m Bo unbounded hambone my castle whipping unbounded I’m Bodhi yeah i’d i did i said i did I dyed it right so I’ll go get used to these controls again no cuz Sam played out last for a while you know configurational why’s it you can set the software to actually emulate an xbox 360 controller and that’s what’s happening now okay so it’s left button to move so on the ps2 pad what is the left one a light so the left to and right to trigger and buttons is the left and right triggers of the xbox pad so it’s pretty good it uses the direct input mapping power to map the software as if it was an xbox 360 controller I wonder Peter stop thank you I’ll just kind of happy as it is right now and you just walk away please thank you ah let’s just go this way am i safe now

always stop in that door down I’m just gonna go this way cuz i know i’m pretty sure should be whoa [ __ ] you Hugh [ __ ] mmhmm yeah hey dude you just stay there like this is a big guy over there kind of just wants to roast my behind and make some bacon out of it I so I’m gonna have a look around Krunk you are locked and closed so sweet handy I’m not tied down to a cable anymore no oh y’all have a lot stuff and early late yeah so I was only thing going the right way but turning back when big guy came not mean that was a mistake he’s pretty good yeah as I saying it so using bluetooth technology i can them wirefree now gives me a lot more flexibility news Mary gain control oh you should be the power in there and okay I think I’m gonna give that place a Miss then again i’ll give that Commodore mrs. terka seen nowhere to go it’s bit dusty well hi are you doing stay back you okay you [ __ ] you you’re going each have fun mental case after me what do i do work it out do I do you can just go F the [ __ ] off oh oh IC IC bed there all right bring you around this ray and I go up silky I’m in a soup I ain’t no nurse do I look like I got boobies I ain’t a nurse this time round oh yeah how what to help me be in a different way you’re gonna grab me they’re gonna make my way this ray are you pissing there I’ll be returned in a second and I battery died yep you’re pissing I don’t want to know about your secret man you just stay down there only four jeebus with you you got it now you just stay in your seat please I just want to walk on bad cheers dude thanks I think okay that’s not too bad ah that’s why that’s there okay oh hell no y’all gonna grab me now as well again all right I’m gonna have to do this and of course the couch I was 10 about oh they didn’t grab me a skid oh come on get up get up get up big man he did not kill his enemies witness what who did he kill then not going that way I really don’t want to be here anymore oh jeez this no I’m not stretch armstrong thank

you it’s not the horror that is getting me it’s just the fact that I’m trapped inside this lunatic asylum with all these weird guys this oh oh no no no stay back stay back stay back step hey [ __ ] you man where’s your problem I’m trying to get out here if you don’t mind there’s you gone okay hey stop that Oh get off get off get off get off get off oh no no no no you see he’s being trapped in here with his bunch of crazy people are you alive yet you’re alive Smeagol The Times has been bad on you Oh what Oh y’all fine to me okay I shall bone sticking us not even your foot anymore sure why did I should shave my bar anyone can do that oh man I’ll just leave you alone in there oh yeah I’ll kick I’m rid of cab wait to get out of this place Oh follow the blood trail load I just see what’s done is there any batteries you know another grubby toilet and no more bat box oh wait no no not gonna go that weight right let’s follow the blood trail again shall we oh boy which ma’am are gonna have to go follow the blood trail will ya rice is not their ass outside no that’s a shower block did you say to follow the blood trail Vinnie same documents ha ok oh wait a minute find an alternative path to the showers right ok there’s no weirdos down here please hide all the lockers yeah of course ice is so freaky ok oh that right he said she really worse for me my name in isolation mainly because I know mainly because of beingness and a st asylum and you don’t know these people are gonna react the word walrider is all over this place Birkhoff was running an exponent here called Project walrider but the patient’s talk about the worldwide Lycus of physical presence a spirit or demon something they found in a mountain i chalk it up to schizophrenic delusion but I just saw something maybe maybe it was a glitch on the camera oh maybe this place is getting to me I think I’ll reserve myself a room just over by the pool nice view good company 9 a-5 work routine there is some young fresh taste no no no no no Oh in the shower block now Oh is piggy man gonna be here oh that’s

where the naked dude threw up there am I just gonna be safe in here I must because it’s all just lockers that Bobby yay somebody’s worthwhile to search this is probably normally for most people enough all again a thunderclap like that would scare the living bejeebers out of you I think my balls are getting quite big and hairy now so nice there are mental picture there for him a geeky guys and gals but I’m kind of going up with a holla scene now and thunder claps don’t fire me it’s the overall area that finds me cuz you never know what’s gonna happen maybe even a game glitch like that find a way out the sewers oh we’re going to find the Ninja Turtles down here as anyone see the new Terra’s movie anyway by the way posting your comments whether you have or not now washed it and a fitness going about a few months now i just never picked up on it and so the idea came into my head with this little joke here for the sewers but I watched it then move the film itself ain’t too bad it’s just how the turtles themselves are being portrayed it’s just blew my childhood no longer these slender good looking coward car nuclear cartoony tales from the 80s then there’s this big gruff weird druggy types we’re not saying that the dube do drugs but it’s just the way that their muscles are built up it’s like you can call them the Teenage Mutant steroid junkies you seem like muscles on muscles the kind of muscles that are make a nice water like a blush hey dude you asleep a bit few I’m not just booms down here you’re probably asleep damn just gonna go away battery’s running low I’ve got a few more seconds out of it though I should be fine excuse me there’s something here with me I think PG man’s gonna be here otherwise that won’t be there a like in these creepies hello lowered junction I so I’ve got a load of war level ok sir got a map here where bees me Abby’s me female drain prison drain okay I’m game yeah yes I’ll follow the yellow and orange pipes each to their own respective destinations gotcha okay well it’s cracking Dion oh no whoo that was big guy I just seen a straight away run running is good running is good running is good normal is good not not not not not not not [ __ ] you go away fat man ok I think we’re cool for now take a cool for now oh man he’s one

creepy ass big fat bastard and he’s coming back I can hear him now oh here we go alien isolation all over again hired dude you wanna play with me don’t ya you wanna pie with me but I ain’t giving you no invite you doing I come back I want you to go somewhere else please be awfully decent of you one of the pipes goes down there one of the pipes goes down now that’s the prison drain I think okay he’s gone for now get over thank you drop drain that won’t be no good for me yeah thank you would there be any place to hide in here yet locker I’m gonna hide in the lockbox I think he’s going to search for that so I’m going to hide in here is he coming is it coming there’s a big man coming for me actually while waiting is only batteries on here cuz they’ve been very handy no [ __ ] wasting one I keep thinking up the y ba Noi my case now the triangle button is to jump you ain’t no that just replaces your may be limited supply of battery knows I don’t think he’s coming so oh yes oh don’t get up the nerve running is good running is good running is very very good oh boy bastard Oh quicker than a please oh I should hang in a locker oh jeez done it again oh ok let me just catch my breath you know where I am fell away you’re looking around for me as if you don’t know where I am you know where i am and i was going back to the way I need to go ah boy a sham hidden a locker no I ain’t growing that right it’s down there all right why don’t you just freaked off men least ain’t bad at least an alien dude where they can come into the little vent your whole thing’s after me hi you be a good boy and go somewhere else please thank you okay this way Oh navin up this way hey I’m going into

the female why now so I should be all right now I’ve got the wooden planks here oh boy ain’t gonna copy our coming here is easy cuz i ain’t got no place to hide if it does yeah okay ah he’s been allowed to access lower junction fair dues it’s gonna be in here isn’t he okay I suppose the best duelist at least I don’t know they’ve got them yeah those ones yes go through here hide here shoo i sees you you big ugly brutes got nice house though very nice ass love lip book quack he ain’t gonna go all the way around for me easy oh but if I can learn in to that side maybe I might be able to run away from him Oh Jung Min go for a big guy de aintcha those plaques a wolf can easily support your weight Thank You feasts vamoose is up there yeah I abyss there are sneaky around here you heard that didn’t you maybe not there now if he goes back this way away from me then I can make it to that ladder without him Oh [ __ ] did that little bit too quick hey hey dude hey how are you doing shumin up butt crack again good man you’re wearing a diaper you know like you’re wearing a diaper I know this is just his pens buddy just probably wearing a diaper now screw it I’m should be fine if I just make a run for it maybe not maybe i’ll just run for this instead I’m wrong good good that’s good now if you run goes away from that I could probably then make a bit better run for it to the ladder to meet a smart me know so smart mm-hmm okay I gotta do y’all again I got do they all again nasha meritor just at me at the other side of the UM sewer oh no goo look cool I just goes to the ladder don’t fall down the well people this is certain death that way he Saints for a while like a look at the wetness on the wall that is not how you do a drinking game you don’t do a chugalug like that mm-hmm no you don’t know you got it you doing it all wrong fella I mean granted it must have been so great for you completely passed out on your back light but you don’t chug a lug like that besides I don’t particularly think that the liquid was standing in well for me

but I’m staying in at least anyway he’s won a particular cleanliness which we can consume and how about heck did you get out there okay it’s definitely been apart we’re down here cliche you just shush all right and we are out of here oh hi you’re not gonna punch me back down or lock me in here are you there’s a big big guy after me well I can’t it’s called krispies icon big guy because he caused me a little pig don’t okay good I’m still your sewer ok so at the I mean blow ain’t got a clue where the army and block keys bebek one time 32 minutes there so far see how far i can give you this from it does have a nice butt crack I gotta wear me excuse me who that over there it is actually someone out just someone Tony me know hi you don’t have to be scared I can tell her the same you still know what’s real uh-huh go ahead right dr. Berrick if it died before he even started working here what kind of experiments does a dad dr. perform on living patients that’s the question okay so you’re cool so glad we got that out of there so cool doctor is dead the patient no patients no dr. Werner is dead one asked me what kind of experiments does a dead doctor perform on living patients what is project bull liner will have to find that out in the next part my geeky guys and gals cuz we are out of time for this one now I’m afraid so I hope you like the play through so far because me I won’t be much better this one’s I can finally go out the asylum palette the area but for the time being who the hell was just shooting a light down imishu knit with a crack at a time being my geeky guys and gals anyway as I said I’m gonna have to love you and leave you hope you’ll have a video and and a playlist so far please leave a like comment if you liked it as well I’ll be really handy and I’ll see you over the next video bye bye for now oh [ __ ] so it so it’s so exciting I’m here it ok close you okay no in here and nine there did you just wave to me as well