Mixer's Big Week – This is Only a Test 512 – 8/8/19

the show for Thursday August 8th 2019 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com hello and welcome to the podcast this week we said the upgrades were coming and boy do we got some upgrades well our biggest upgrades coz Shores back this week yeah take that Zack I’m an upgrade top of the rolodex cuz whore how’s your week off it was great I worked oh we had mostly we had visitors from out of town oh do anything fun I can’t remember because I’m in my 40s yeah yeah it’s going around you know the the thing I do is I put everything I plan on doing even the most minut detail into Google Calendar because everything is Google Calendar now so if I like you know I knew like well like norm you should be like no no no not like once of them all or you know brunch with friends that kind of thing if I if the plan is made via text message it’s going in the Google Calendar yeah so I know and to shared between our family so I know one it’s on the calendar when it’s upcoming and then within the once it’s been happened that can go back and say oh that’s why I did that pass but once it’s been happen once it’s happened that’s right that’s right it’s early Jerry how much would you pay for this coffee uh it looks like medicine it looks like iodine yeah yeah it does look like robitussin so let’s describe this pain award picture it is it looks like robitussin six inches tall it has six fluid ounces okay of coffee it’s a small bottle that’s not a traditional bottle shape it does look a little bit more like a medicine bottle yeah with a relative to the diet movie I’ve got two inch diameter on the bottom but the top one is a mi so it’s not like your traditional you know starbucks Frappuccino bottle it’s interesting that they tell you exactly the amount of caffeine on the label know which is cooler than 25 milligrams really for that much liquid yeah so it’s very dark also has some like Chinese and Japanese text I think is it Japanese cold brew invented by Dutch sailors okay and it’s called drip – I don’t know it’s $5 whoa for this little shot of juice I mean it’s not something I’m typically gonna buy but I was curious and I needed something without sugar and so I grabbed this little did I know you were gonna make coffee I didn’t make coffee I just have cold brew I am yeah well me all to my plans in the future yeah so that was your experiment five dollars and you don’t like it it’s fine this thing is ridiculous so it was invented by Dutch sailors opposed perfected by Japanese artisans and it’s handcrafted in small batches one drop at a time over 16 hours really that’s the smallest of badges just like put a low flow valve on this it was like let’s call it expensive how do you know if it’s true or not well artificially limit how much we can produce yep in order to charge more for it well in order to say we did that and then I’m pretty sure there’s no shortage of this coffee at my grocery store hmm well thanks for the coffee review how was your past week Jeremy I went to pin burg all right more at yet the bigger pictures I went to replay effects which is a event in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I talked about it last week little did I know some people in the area did not know about it oh I know and listened to the podcast yes that’s great you went and had public service a great time the handful of fans came up and said hi so I that I got to meet which is always one of the best parts about going to these events but I also got to play in the in the tournament this is the world’s largest pinball tournament in history let’s get the play we play a thousand players came in from all over the world to play in pin burn I again qualified for my with my brethren in the D division which I’m perfectly happy with that’s fourth level there’s good people in that division there’s like solidly like good players but also just decent people the D divisions are decent people unlike unlike a a B and C well um if you get an A you’re likely signing up for some serious pressure and tension and maybe anger issues you’re saying their complexity gets the the competition level of competition exactly but I walked away with 225 dollars back in my pocket which was a you know a lot of fun

what place is that I don’t even know I didn’t know I didn’t make it to the playoffs I got to the third day which means you make some money and I got to the second round of playoff but like the blitter I guess they are called the playoffs but I didn’t make the finals this year you are in in the money yeah exactly even indie division in the money but not significant enough to the division starts at $200 I increase that that’s great 225 mats that’s actually a that’s a pretty big price but what’s the top prize pool $15,000 Wow yeah second place I think it’s half that it’s it’s the best event it is the absolute pinnacle of pinball tournaments everyone in the world who plays pinball wants to go to this event so the event sells out thousand slots this year sold out in seconds and every year they’ve been trying to increase it I’ll be curious to see if they can do that again because a thousand players seems like a lot our past competitors grandfathered in to guarantee a place not even the winner oh wow everyone’s got to click click as fast as possible after the clicks there’s a waitlist and you would think that they would want to bring back past winners and defend their titles um you know then yeah where do you draw the line right I don’t know but the top 10 the top players never seem to have a problem getting in there are like it’s questionable held like lockdown the whole sign up process is yeah because you can sign up other people when you sign up so there ends up being a lot of the similar names on the list right after the sign ups and then they only keep one the others drop off people from the waitlist get in it the system works why are you another much less interested in sign up process more interested in the actual competition itself you’ve described pinball competitions before the way it works as I understand it you are assigned machines that you may have played before may have a lot of spirits or not a lot experience before and then in your group you try to get the highest score for those machines or series of machines just FYI for those watching the YouTube video on our screen behind us we’re showing a walk through a pin burg right now this is actually a walkthrough of replay effects a replay thanks pin burg is a small quadrant of replay effects which is a larger like California extreme style event but much bigger arcades and you know there aren’t bouncy houses this year but there was a ferris wheel huge retro consoles area 250 CRT TVs connected to retro consoles it’s an amazing event but yes as far as the pinball competition goes you played ten rounds of four games each over the course of two days forty games over two days yeah with games the each of those are games of four players for players three balls each yeah Diane thing and the games are set up super tight you know so if you could you wanna shake comes and they’ll tilt the rubbers are removed out the Outlands so the ball will likely drain if you go anywhere near them oh so that you type mean like they are difficult yeah you did yeah and so cuz the best of the best are there and you they don’t want the games to go forever got it last year in fact like one of the Bay Area favorites actually went forever and the officials came over and said stop you’ve already made it to the ground yeah no don’t no matter what happens you’ll get a win here and then he got off they said anybody surpasses his score you also win and they did oh so it was that machine maybe it went forever it would yeah that game was not set apart enough god well I know you could tune games to be harder or easier yeah yeah absolutely so yeah it’s a it’s an amazing event it’s a marathon of pinball just is over 12 hours a day it seems like a pinball and then in the if you do well enough you get to play a third day can you tell us the games you went through really some of the notable games either I could look it up but I have no idea any anything stand out in your memory and it’s like so many games you never play there you’ve never played before yeah yeah it’s like I don’t know this is a game called torpedo alley or something which is crazy oh there’s so many games there you’ve never played is it all modern yes at least no dude it’s like in fact every bank so every single round you’re playing games from all eras because every bank is set up to have an old electromechanical game which which has no computer in it yeah then you have the like the early solid states from the 80s and then you have like one or two or you always have like another solid state and a modern game or two mono games those styles of play may have to change even within each set cuz you’re going from slow to fast yeah do you have multi ball sometimes tilt ends game with the early games so you got to be very careful is there a Ken Jennings strategy or that most recent guy who did really well jeopardy like the high risk strategy of like just going for the high points on the games the modern games that like know really well is there is there some type of tactics that I don’t know that’s a good question right yeah I don’t know I don’t know I’m I’m clearly a d Division player I don’t have the answer to that I guess my next question is is there a documentary people can watch about competitive pinball there’s lots of documentaries about pinball I don’t know if there’s one there’s a good one called special when lit I would recommend that

is yeah it is a is a sort of it’s about a person who plays pinball but it’s also it’s largely about his competitive play and then which documents that person’s trip after a tournament or multiple tournaments yeah yeah okay yeah I got one what all right let the check that out it’s it’s everyone should go it’s an amazing event I love replay effects so much I look it’s like pinball summer camp every year I look forward to it my twelve year old came with me this year they have a land there with like 40 machines right and everybody on this land like most people every play effects they’re kind of our generation and they brought their kids but they’re you know at least in their late 20s 30s 40s everyone on the land is about 16 like everybody there it’s amazing cuz it you look over there that’s surprising because everybody’s PC gaming it’s younger players it’s I mean as like a PC gamer myself like my roots of that I kind of expected to see more people from our generation but it’s just it’s not it’s a it’s the young kids what are they playing though they’re practicing for tonight of course because that’s like every uber driver I went with who I told that was at replay factor that was the topic like what we hate what about that kid that won three million dollars last week so I don’t felon yeah exactly that’s so that’s in though that’s in the air alright perfect time then to talk about our top story this week top story this week so I was debating my weather make this top story but I think it’s worthy of the top story and it’s one of those stories that again I wish we had the report from your twelve-year-old son because he might have a lot to say about this but the biggest story in maybe entertainment and technology this past week is well the ninja news the ninja knew the news that streamer Ninja has switched sides and was picked up a sign a contract with Microsoft’s mixer streaming service and has left twitch well it’s huge now that everybody has heard of mixer I should say I you’ve been on mixer forever I don’t have a objectivity here like I I have a dog in this race I have been working on a project at mixer for months now with other ocean with Mike Micah’s game studio yeah I mean to be clear you’re with other ocean Mike Micah who’s been a guest on this podcast and who worked with you guys on the star-lords project this is something you guys have announced tank ball project tank ball it’s a it’s a remote-controlled soccer between with real robots that you control remotely and it is exclusive to the mixer servers exactly so yeah you can go on there you can drive a robots around and play soccer and it’s a blast but so I it’s been funny to me because nobody really knows about mixer and now everybody knows about top store on the App Store let’s go top app in the App Store and so a mixer a ninja moved over there he announced he was gonna do it and then like a couple days later he did his first stream a Lollapalooza he ended up with a million views yeah he had like so the story that that’s sort of been happening his ninjas stream count on twitch has been going down pretty steadily he’s not the top streamer he wasn’t the top streamer on Twitch when he left just by the numbers just by like the sheer number of concurrent views and and stuff so he had been declining for a while and it people associate that with some declines in view related to fortnight but I think the the World Cup has let’s say reenergized a fortnight viewing crowd but when he came over to mixer Microsoft offered free one-month sub I think it might be free two months up now to ninja and like his stream numbers were up like 40 a during that Lollapalooza stream and and I was watching it was it was fun I mean big question was it was about Talent versus platform right where people are gonna follow him over and download a new app and watch a new service essentially and you know in the old terms it’s quite different than just switching like TV channels well the PC it is PC is the same thing PC same thing yeah but some people if you talk about video games yeah right people are sometimes very tied to their platforms we talk about steam versus the epic game store for example because that’s where their money is tied into and in some extent that’s where people who are subscribed to twitch either via the Amazon Prime subscription or who actually pay per month are monetarily tied to to to the platform I think that’s a non-trivial thing the fact that like a lot of people have Amazon Prime so they have free subs when you go over to mixer like yeah you’ll get this free one month something to ninja but you don’t have free subs for anyone on the site so I’m curious how that’s gonna play out I’m also curious how the features a mixer that are different from twitch are actually going to be used by by top streamers so you can actually have the crowd control the action you do this on the tank ball game the appeal of mixer for developers is they have an API that allows you to tap into input from your viewers so either on mobile or an

Xbox or on PC you can actually get all kinds of you know basically like real-time controls over what’s happening on screen and that they have low enough latency that you can get down to sub second input you know response rates so that’s other benefit too and it’s what Microsoft’s put a lot of energy behind the latency and that’s something that allows and the project iqbal to happen but how does someone like a streamer take advantage of low latency in terms of user interaction yeah there’s a pinball streamer named ed flip who’s on Twitch and he hooked up a pinball machine to chat so the chat could control the flippers by typing left and right like that’s Wow and it the his latency wasn’t great I think they could easily get it better even on Twitch but that’s no way to control a pinball machine but it would be interesting to see something like that happen on mixer where you could get lower latency but I’m not sure how it incorporates how it gets implemented into fortnight you know I think the real test will be after that free a month and a half trial you know after September 30th having a million subscribers there does that convert to six dollars a month for four users because now the rumor contract of this deal which is completely under verified is 50 million which is a cream that is rumored completely rumored that but that’s what I think I believe Tom Warren of the Virgin tweeted for what length of time do you know I don’t know this is yeah I think the real question is isn’t like what what happens to ninja like I mean that’s an open question but our other streamers gonna go over to I know mixer already has like a streamer base but a lot of the most followed most watched accounts they’re all on Twitch still yeah so is anyone else gonna go yeah and a how does Microsoft in you know not only in the short term while they have a lot of people interested in downloading the ad right now how do they leverage that into expanding what people know you know about their services because it’s you know they’re tied to Xbox oh they have Xbox integration and with mixer you know how do they really capitalize on this so in six months time it’s not just I don’t know they have ninja I you could make the argument that they’ve already capitalized on it if they have a million people watching something on mixer now you know event like the reason why Gary went on twitch to do his commentary track wasn’t because he liked twitch it was because everyone else is on twitch like that’s just where the audience is so if Microsoft can get an audience on mixer then it makes it a more viable platform to choose to do things on and for them it really is about how to get craters on the platform and yeah exactly paying them directly which may be a strategy right it may be their plan is to go out to top X number of streamers and and sign exclusivity contracts which would then make it very much like an entertainment industry association we’re talking about this is almost going back to the the studio days of signing you know contract players for for studios you want this talent you want to see their movies you got to watch it through this studio or is it about attracting creators via that and Rev deals or more friendlier you know that just rev-share or technology like what is their next step plan which I’m sure they’ve all thought about but and how do you cap place online share right like will we still be talking about mixer come on from now can you still can you do almost everything you can do on twitch on YouTube no YouTube is kind of YouTube gaming has sort of lost it internal support but yes you can in terms of functionality and I think Facebook has a streaming service to where I mean a twitches and that complicated in terms of what you can do it’s like you can donate to the subscriber there’s a chat it seems like there’s a big modest um like a lot of mods yeah like visual mods for when you get bits and things yeah but those are developed independently like it just allows interfaces for that to happen but other platforms have that too and also all these platforms whether it’s YouTube mixer or twitch have to have the backend to vet content from a legal perspective you know twitch gets where a lot of stuff by not really promoting the the video on-demand stuff you can archive clips but they kind of they don’t stay there forever but you know YouTube has Content ID so I don’t know what mixer has in terms of you know cuz when people do live streams they are not vetted right like people’s own twitch has actually gotten better at this because even I was watching the Democratic debates with like last week and that those were airing on CNN which is a pay service here in the state so seeing it at like somehow like twitch was pulling down streams where they’re showing the democratic debate and quickly too so they have some sort of algorithm in the background that must be matching I don’t know how they how it’s gonna be a mixer or some of the other platforms but I’m sure they have that built in this is

your kid watch ninja my kid has watched ninja and I didn’t even know how like much he watched ninja until I watched into myself and I realized some of the things that my kid says he got from ninja like the way he says I kind of came to remember right thanks for the dough no man like that kind of stuff um oh yes he goes what it’s it’s like it’s something that it’s something that make that a ninja does and my son is complete adopted it I think it’s a ongoing phenomenon you know whether it’s from PewDiePie any type of internet celebrity you’re not giving ninja credit for this no no I’m I think this is why they’re successful they create personality right and there and the the culture around the community that’s built around them have shared language you know even you guys watch will in history so there are catchphrases and things that you guys can acknowledge to each other and I’m sure that is something that plays out on the playground yeah praise the wheel the one thing that was really interesting about ninja stream I watch for a little bit is he was playing with other players that were streaming on Twitch like other famous players so it was this weird cross-platform yeah situation happening and it was all seamless I mean it didn’t make a difference to the game right right and you could switch between the two channels and watch their perspectives again yeah I mean you can’t do like some people do multi view streams where you can see multiple players but you know so you can’t do that cross-platform but who cares I think it’s the biggest place where this would be impactful is if you’re not on desktop if you’re on mobile or set-top and you can only run the one app at the time unless there’s a third-party app that can do some type of split-screen I don’t think that would be allowed why is this such a big deal I think it’s a big deal because potential is a lot of money involved and this talks to the culture of watching content money for ninja money for ninja and money for Microsoft oh really because I is twitch even profitable it doesn’t I don’t know probably don’t know but it doesn’t seem like they’re there yet and so it’s certainly a mixers not profitable yet it regardless of whether they’re profitable they have there’s the momentum they have is important like what they the service we provide it was to go away like it is how a very significant portion of the people watch internet live Internet video yeah yeah you know get their content it’s a the numbers are staggering to like I think three four million people watched the fortnight World Cup that’s more than a lot of sporting events that are live and competes with your ESPN’s and your other of live TV we should be talking about it in the context of like ESPN and Sports watching that’s where we’re at and like if you watch a patriot at this week which is a great show on Netflix did an analysis of just the economics between like video game streaming and oh I should well yeah I mean it was mostly about unionizing and video games is actually very good but has ESPN done any partnerships with twitch and they have AE they show eSports game stuff now twitch is not twitch but they show eSports events it really was the technology catching up with the culture because if we think about 2 10 15 years ago eSports we remember we were a PC gamer there were like waves of eSport stories that unreal putting a million dollars and the money kind of was there but the ability to reach people the way people were in engaging with their idols with the you know that’s why I happened maybe in Korea first because they had the broadband and they had technology to stream it out and so when people were Starcraft 2 is coming out people were paying subscriptions to watch tournaments that’s all transferred to people paying subscriptions to watch twitch competitors I was watching critical role this week the almost 50,000 people were watching a 3-hour D&D game live that’s more than then some over-the-air channels depending on what’s on anyway let’s move on then to then the pop culture so Disney had their big annual or maybe owes a quarterly shareholders call this past week and they announced a lot they talked about a lot for sure not necessary spot the MCU stuff and this is before their big d23 convention but they talked specifically about the Disney Plus service which is launching in November and we all knew ahead of time that they previously talked about it at the $8 a month subscription and like a dollar a year or seven dollars a year whatever was there undercutting yep that Netflix price with you know the Pixar movies some MCU movies which will grow number as our deal with Netflix

expires as well as some stuff from the Disney Vault and original shows of course but we’re all wondering how would this tie-in to the other properties that Disney owns namely Hulu which they have controlling shares in and is a technically competing streaming service well they announced that there’s gonna be a bundle am under room and it will be $13 that will get you disney plus they’ll get you who lewd the ad-supported version of hulu but people typically still have to pay for to get on set-top boxes and ESPN plus and did they say resolution number of simultaneous viewers i don’t believe they talked about that okay by presumably it’s the same as what you would normally get for hulu i in pretty standard i don’t know in some teams it’s or so i think it’s i think it’s – they might as well name this like the cash or bundle because i like i’m what i must be a weird vent here because i I want Disney plus I have ESPN Plus and I have Hulu yeah uh-huh and so and my wife watches a lot of Hulu she like she loves Handmaid’s Tale I watched stuff on ESPN Plus and I read it ESPN Plus includes like pay wild articles as well do you know what you pay for Hulu and ESPN Plus yes p.m. plus is five who lose part of a spotify bundle i have right now but it like i’m looking at it as disney pluses whatever eight ESPN plus five and now I’m getting Hulu for free but that’s not Hulu live TV no no Hulu Plus live TV Hulu life is its own garbage which is still $45 a month but this does start cuz ESPN would be live presumably live ESPN games you get live ESPN shows you don’t get live like ESPN content but you get like replays of stuff so you don’t live Sports Center or or live games that’s still so this is still not moving into the you to TV into the Hulu Plus live TV realm this is still kind of the vaad world yeah I mean you get games that are not broadcast on ESPN so a lot of soccer matches you get replays of like every NHL game over the season but after they happen interesting I really like ESPN Plus like Katie Nolan shows on there which is really fun but to me this is basically like you pick one of these three and you’re getting them for essentially free versus what the other two Cup and will you access all three of these through the Hulu app I presume it will be through a Disney Plus oh yeah something they’re gonna Maura you think they’re gonna integrate the three apps oh no I think you’re right that you’re ill but would be ESP you would be one one login I mean that’s a lot of back and work to do especially since we don’t know if the P if the departments making the apps are the same departments I think it’s gonna be three different apps with one login you know okay I think I might just be going deep plus guys I don’t need I have a Hulu subscription but I don’t watch it yeah I thinking about canceling that and I don’t watch the I think that the as we talked about like the number of screaming services you know what is your upper limit of streaming service even outside the live TV stuff right Netflix Amazon Prime Hulu Disney whatever criterion other other of lesser known ones like how many of those can you sustain Disney Plus is much more attractive when in my mind it’s $8 a month or $70 a year than it is when it starts moving into the 13 to 15 dollar range and I’m not canceling up Netflix sorry Disney I mean eventually they feel like they I think they believe they can get people so I guess we’ll see cuz my big argument for Netflix is we watched it as a family and obviously that’s what Disney’s entire content bundle is about so we’ll see and they they’re not a lot people exactly talks about how he subscribed to CBS all access for specific shows and in cancels and what they were willing to do that Disney Post doesn’t want to be like that service they wanted to have something new and big back catalogue Kevin Feige home like sdcc announcement was about having a cadence of shows so that it won’t let you cancel so other news that kind of came out of this earnings call was the acquisition of Fox kind of shook things up a little bit we knew that they had cancelled a bunch of Fox projects they’re still force pushing avatar avatar to I mean three four five two to be to come but they took a big loss with the release of Dark Phoenix and their explanation is that because of the complexities around the merger momentum was lost because of confusion I have a different explanation yeah well yeah I think the runs made a score would be yeah that’s the abomination that explanation which is what people didn’t like the movie no I know but what was the run tomato store do you know it was like 13 or something oh my it was real low rotten alright yeah you know how that runs me knows announces they make a

whole big deal of revealing the tomatoes score they like they hold the reviews which I’m not a fan of this policy rightly they make it like an unveiling you know and then they have animation that numbers start that the percentage scores goes up and then it’s certified fresh’ yeah Dark Phoenix 23 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so did not did not get a grand unveiling got it for that but they’re gonna still push forward with a bunch of Fox properties they’re saying that it’s gonna be a select group of high quality movies some of the movies that may have already made maybe release on Hulu or Disney plus but they’re doing reboots here’s the big news reboots considering for Disney Plus home alone uh and Night at the Museum Diary of a Wimpy Kid I think as well but home alone is the big okay at least home alone came out like 25 years ago or something right yep nine is museum Kim didn’t that come out like in the 2000s how old is that I never saw that that was was that Robin Williams it wasn’t the first two I think but it’s a Ben Stiller movie yeah and then Diary of a Wimpy Kid I watched like the sequel with my kid this summer what is that maybe maybe not unless a reboot in the way we’re think about reboots but maybe the next phase of it the continuation of it will live on in Disney Plus as opposed to my wife and son loved that book series my kid devoured that Siri makes a lot of sense to me and then in terms of the theme park stuff course we’re all excited for rise of the resistance that new ride open early next year or before that lease you’re something run then on on both parks first I think in Walt Disney World and then Disneyland but attendance was down and they credit the fear of the the the galaxy’s edge crowding impacted summer attendance that people were of course the increased sticker prices and that could have been it is well are you saying overall Disneyland attendance was down overall Disneyland and Disney World Tennis was down 3% could what like in the during the opening of a new Star Wars yeah like Park our surprise and their logic is that Pete one people were the people that are gonna go anyway we’re waiting a lot people are waiting to go after the park of the galaxy’s edge open and then when galaxy’s edge opened lot of people stayed away because they felt like it would be too crowded that was her logic but good news for Disney guess what long tail food and other things up 10% they still made money they okay did so attendance was down but due to the ticket price increase did they actually make more money president agrees and people you know spending $200 on lightsabers 100 bucks and I said whatever it was to build your lightsaber and buy more food there I guess I’m not going back to Disney anytime soon but they really they’ve really streamlined the process of being at a park of spending money oh yeah just like you order food through apps and it’s just ready when you show up it’s already man waste and yeah just everything is with your little magic pass and that is a money vacuum yeah November 12th is a launch day for Disney Plus I can’t wait for d23 which is at the end of this month to see what that looks like and sue other content and see exactly release timing we we don’t actually have a launch content item up there because none of the Marvel pieces come till later right but the men cycle is the mandalorian to launch oh I don’t know I think I mean it should be I thought it was maybe it’s got him okay well I’m not so sure about that because I mean yeah 9:00 in December yep and so I don’t think they want to you know kill anticipation for nine by confusing the DeLorean released the man where it feels like a thing come out right after nine okay this is my gut feeling speaking of things are not in the MCU though although related to Marvel so last week we talked about potential directors for venom too well Hollywood Reporter has reported a variety actually reported that Andy Serkis has nabbed that gig to direct venom to actor director Andy Serkis dirt director no I mean like is he gonna be an author in this too you know I don’t think it needs to be I actually hope he isn’t yeah yeah I I think that you know let him flex as a director I I didn’t see his jungle book his version of the jungle book film that he did what the Warner Brothers released on Netflix but I know he did some second unit stuff with the Hobbit so you know I trust him you’re talking about Mowgli legend of the jungle yeah yeah yeah I think Christian Bale’s in that yeah do you know any circus when he did Gollum just 36 years old mmm-hmm yeah late bloomer late bloomer it’s hopeless yeah exactly yeah get in there big news

for those of us who grew up in the 90s the matrix is approaching its twentieth and twenty five ursery this year well it’s already past the 20th anniversary but yes but they’re gonna to celebrate that yep and all three of those soon as I believe are now release on 4k blu-ray with HDR I have that first one and it is a fantastic 4k player they did some color correction that fix a lot of what they did for the initial blue DVD releases that made it to green really yeah so it’s they brought in I believe the colorist the NDP of the matrix to help to help certify that and verify it for that release but if you want to see on the big screen you will have your chance at the end of this month select theaters are gonna be putting up the matrix in Dolby Dolby cinema I believe the author of the week of August 30th but it is the theatrical cut as far as we know right there is nothing new about it nothing but there you say that as if there was a director’s cut there was no director’s cut I know it’s just it’s it’s exactly movie you buy on this night but there’s not even an outtake at the end of the credits right but do you need that no excuse me but Marvel thought we needed it well no they’re just trying to beat avatar right that’s different this isn’t like matrixes of try to beat some record do you guys remember seeing matrix in the theater in 1999 yeah really do cuz that is the weirdest thing is I don’t like I remember I know I went to see it I saw it at the Kabuki 8 and I remember like walking out of it like wondering like what was that that I just saw do you remember the location and you remember the feeling of walking on it but you don’t remember be sitting in the seat I don’t remember thinking that was the best movie I’ve seen since Star Wars but then when I watched it later on DVD like a hundred times I’m then I realized that I don’t think I ever thought it was the best movie I saw some Star Wars my age for it no I like I saw it in the California theater in Berkeley um but like I loved it and I loved it partially because the cut from the kind of sepia tones of the beginning to the matrix world I was just like I’ve never seen something that looks like this like visually looks like this on screen it was rated R of course and I think that I definitely appreciated for the martial arts and you know the JV philosophy stuff more than the filmmaking in the same way that I didn’t appreciate Blade Runner the first time I watched it right like it’s originated being yeah there’s no Blade Runner but being sci-fi noir yeah right the I think a lot of that was absorbed later viewing this definitely the special effects and the martial arts were the things that stood out for me also the marketing campaign remember like the big campaign for the matrix was no one can be explained no one can be told what the matrix is and so if there was a mystery what is the matrix what is the matrix what is the matrix exactly and of course it is literally just explained sogno and the movie so they did a good job with building mystery mm-hmm this is actually a good year for anniversaries sync 99 was a good year for films but well no I mean it’s also 10th anniversary of Star Trek 2009 oh that’s true Wow oh my gosh that Wow and related to that there was a documentary that’s out from the family of Anton Yelchin who played Chekov he passed away a tragic accident and his films are being rescreened like crazy Star Trek and then there is documentary in which a lot of the cast and crew and filmmakers that work with them including JJ Abrams they talked about what was like to work with him and what a you know beautiful person he was the opposition to being a great actor yeah all right don’t forget the 50th anniversary of Apollo yes no no it’s only heard let’s get through the other a bunch of news gamestop there is news here kind of sad oh not kind of it is sad GameStop is being like it’s kind of transforming its into it’s it’s new it’s final forms maybe I don’t know hopefully it does kind of sound like its final form but they had let half the employees go oh my gosh what what does that mean like a dish shutting down half the stores oh sorry they were laying out 50 not 50% of their field leaders so maybe not half but they’re definitely kind of rebuilding their stores as gathering places for eSports and retro gaming fans and you see and and that 3 she does a lot of like this is retro gaming merch Atari t-shirt bring it and that’s already there which is already they got enough of it I always shop it and there’s not enough so bring more this is great and being less of a central place for people to buy new games and new consoles well what it is is a place to sell your games like there’s a holdout of people who still buy physical

copies of video games and it’s a good idea because Game Stop exists and you can go in there and sell it for more than you could sell it a digital copy for I mean this is a place for about what was what’s been what your saps offers are usually like here’s 10 cents fruit it’s or it’s true it’s true but it’s 10 cents you wouldn’t get from a digital copy wouldn’t just rather keep all those games in a bin so that 20 years down the line you can open that bin up and say oh let me plug this game in this cartridge in are we still there like I feel like nostalgia that nostalgia works for old con like the first generation of 8 and 16-bit consoles but not for later ones am I wrong about that I definitely for the PC world it doesn’t work well yeah CDs I got rid of all my CDs I used to keep game boxes not the big ones but when they shrunk down to more DVD size box I used to keep all those boxes and I had to purge because a lot of stuff is on cuddle games and steam and you don’t have a computer that can run those anymore like not the discs do you even have a cd-rom oh I don’t know no bro do you even have a CD or I actually put it up speaking anniversary’s boot off crisis oh yeah just to see how it run on a new video card can your computer run crisis it turns out not at 4k with everything on very high settings but there is a video this is a complete tangent but the I think digital foundry put out a video where they ran this shader pack that turns on quote unquote well this is a OH it turns on ray tracing like lots of bloom effects and ambient occlusion on a per friend basis that makes crisis look even better and they hacked a way to get multiplayer in there I think like importing maps in the Crysis 3 and did a whole video it’s really fun like a nostalgic video and made me want a boot of crisis to see what did crisis look like what is looking now you know what it looks good but it doesn’t look as good as I remember yeah okay I can imagine that yes probably true for all games yeah that’s like a twelve-year-old game now that it yeah Christ chosen seven Wow the opening of crisis is August like the year that the events happen on that island or like late August 2020 so next year would be the true anniversary of the events of crisis huh yeah well if they were members of that is at the end of the game and spoilers you fight the aliens on a aircraft carrier and ei for their launch event for crisis was held on the USS Hornet oh yeah is that that’s the one right here in there that’s when the bank meter yeah yeah anyway a little bit of a nostalgia for gamestop I’m really curious to see what that final form is like I do stop in the game stop occasionally I mean if it’s in the mall why not let’s see you know I still go there to buy like you aim yeah exactly yeah and you know read up on your Game Informer I used to try to be a console behind and that’s when Game Stop was just like the best because I bought a we last summer finally and I was and then you could go get games for the Wii for like five bucks it was great yep two big pieces of DC news the first is in the TV world there’s a big cross show event coming crisis on Infinite Crisis crisis on Infinite Earths okay so it’s not okay so it’s paying homage to the original crisis story mm-hmm crisis on Infinite Earths not exactly the same story but Supergirl was a big part of that story yeah and so Supergirl is the flight one of the flagship shows in the current TV DC Universe and so will be a crossover between Supergirl the arrowverse legends of tomorrow flash Black Lightning maybe Batwoman which is a streaming show we don’t know know it’s on CW yeah I thought it was gonna be streaming on C but W seed maybe it’s maybe it’s gonna be on air too but it’s that woman but Supergirl these are the names from the from the comics are they okay there’s a Batgirl as well there this is a Batgirl in the back yeah yeah but want me to hold you from character from Batgirl is there at an actual age difference yes okay yeah yeah yes the whole Supergirl Batgirl thing was in the kind of this Golden Age of or maybe the Silver Age of comics when they were sidekicks that’s make more kid-friendly little more relatable you know you had your spider-man’s open the marvel’s side every kid wanted to be so for the DC side musician to abandon Superman’s you also had the younger the sidekick versions in the Robin the super girls and and the bad girls and later on there would be just the other counterpart so about woman having her own story the super super girls from Krypton so what is its cousin of Superman because you can’t just get a sidekick like yes palos Superboy’s a clone of Superman Oh Superman the

original Superboy was just young Superman young Clark Kent his stories I see yeah yeah with the Superman costume but the more the newer Superboy which was born out of Death of Superman Conner Kent is a clone of survival just does not grow old because of the cloning problems Wow he doesn’t also have fully have Superman’s powers there’s like a whole monitor there’s a whole like set of characters they’ve like teased and introduced that are setting this out but the big news is casting news and this is perfect fanservice very appropriate casting we had already heard from San Diego Comic Con that Brandon Routh who plays Adam over at legends of tomorrow is gonna be actually also play Superman come back as Superman in crisis on Infinite Earths as the Kingdom Come version of Superman and Alex Ross did a drawing of Brendon Ralph as Kingdom Come Superman which is really cool but we also have the casting of Kingdom Come Batman now and that is none other than one Kevin Conroy leave admin the voice of Bruce wayne/batman in all of the Batman the Animated Series no with Mark Hamill as the Joker yes Wow guess who I also get cast yesterday cools got cast Mark Hamill as the Joker live-action really this is amazing wow that’s interesting that’s just awesome fan surfaces you new makeup look like so I saw a fan board that was basically like is this show just a series of cameos we’re just gonna not do any story around it like yes let’s just do that I’m okay with that I mean are they just gonna like zoom in on Kevin Conroy mouth and have him like controlling the bat robots in the kingdom come world using this voice so wait how do i watch this it’s gonna be on this ski dummy’s gonna be on that’s basic cable basic is that on YouTube TV you can get that over-the-air my head what yeah Wow all right great yeah I can’t wait to see that and then the other DC news not really news but New Gods is in development and we had one of the writers of New Gods is teaming up with the director who did Franklin time Ava Devore native born who also did the that reads Netflix documentary series oh yeah such work five series and the big story though and then maybe not not a big story but the concern is we love New Gods this is like Jack Kirby asked Jack Kirby dark side will be the villain but how all mainstream comics fans receive that because it is very similar to well Thanos well I mean and the honest dinos is a copy of darn that I the truth right you guys should do a comic podcast I don’t know what you’re doing you guys movin sneaking it into this podcast and everyone has asked for this comic but I’ve been trying for a year I’m very excited for New Gods I’m really cuz I’d see how they’re gonna make it their way versus how Marvel subdued the Eternals because they have said for the Eternals it’s gonna be Jack Kirby as hell and we did see already a little bit of that Jack Kirby influence in Thor Ragnarok so I want to see the artistic style brought brought the live film last bit and pop culture will discuss a little bit discussion maybe light spoilers but amazon has a show out called the boys this is a comic book adaptation based on like a 72 issue series run written by Garth Ennis who who wrote preacher a lot of Punisher he’s very known for very kind of brutal vulgar extreme stories kind of very subversive stories and takes on on superheroes and violent for sure and Amazon adapted it and it is being show run written by the guy who did supernatural along with Seth Rogen and his writing partner and it’s been I watch the whole thing sure you watch the whole thing i watch the whole thing I have like up on the screen a shot of the heroes behind you the seven I got to give it a thumbs up it is brutal it’s brutal but if you’ve read the comic it’s not as extreme or vulgar as the comic there’s some stuff in the comic that I think would really be difficult to translate on the screen and I wouldn’t want to necessarily see in the strain and and be really uncomfortable watching but this is a violent violent show it’s super violent and it gets into it pretty quickly Karl Urban in full call urban powers yeah he’s been like I realize you can’t have TV shows as part of the Film Festival but this should be

part of the car all of Britain Film Festival so if you’re not turned off by violence Jeremy and I don’t let me pitch the show to you as long as it’s like hand-to-hand combat or like weapons that aren’t guns I grind guns boring their guns are not buying something keeping example the violence so the setup is it’s a realistic modern world where there is a Justice League equivalent called the seven and you have all these archetypes they’re very reminiscent of this DC superheroes a Superman type hero who leads something called home Lander a Wonder Woman type hero called Queen Maeve you have black noir which is like a Batman character hilarious because black noir is just black black and then you have like an Aquaman type character speedster a train and but the conceit is that they’re just people they don’t have the purity or the ideals that you would have in an comic world they’re corrupt they’re violent and they’re run by a corporation they’re in it for the profits they’re sponsored by this giant multinational corporation that makes their movies that sells their merchandise and that runs their PR and so they don’t really fight crime crimes are kind of like staged for them or or they have a team that lets know where the crimes have happened it is show up kill the bad guys and then post with the cameras and the story follows their newest member a young worker named starlight as well as there are foes who are a kind of a CIA black ops team run by Karl Urban who want to take them down and reveal their true nature to the world mmm so that’s the I think a very interesting set up it’s very Garth Ennis very Mark Millar and I think they did an amazing casting the homeland her guy has such a punchable oh my goodness Anthony star he’s New Zealand actor he his shit-eating grin is a perfect transference of like a Gary Frank aura or a Steve Dylan drawing even though I believe it was a scott derrickson who did all the art for the boys who did transmit transmit Paul Dean also as well but in terms of violence you have like their Superman character homeland is basically like the villain of the show like I’ll describe one scene which is a little bit of a spoiler but they try to save a hijacked airplane and he how do you how does the Superman character save a hijacked airplane right well you pull open the door you come in and then you take out the terrorists and you gets in and he basically uses his heat vision is laser vision to cut the terrorists in half like you see it zoom and terrace is literally just sliced in half of the gore everywhere and then something goes wrong with the the rescue and he makes decision just to well nothing I can do here I can’t lift the physics of this plane won’t let me save it like you know actually stop from crashing Superman well he actually there’s a line in there that’s great when because there’s like why don’t you just like slick push against the plane what she owns the plane listen well that would just crumple the plane because of the structural integrity of the plane mmm like I when you have Superman lifting your planes your physics superman is a comic this is yeah yeah this is this is the gritty real version so they just abandon ship thank sorry gonna go and the people like what are you doing save us in and they’re like lying thing everything to be alright huh let’s get out of here so it’s dark okay yeah 97% liked it according to Google users hey I’m really impressed with Amazon Prime you got the expanse yeah miss Maisel which is totally different this Good Omens they’re on like quite a streak of incredible shows and this is diversity of show this is built into Amazon Prime a non-prime show yeah it’s it’s good I think they’re doing season two for sure i I think got better over time and lagged in the middle a little at but yeah start and ending or incredible performances I think are fantastic and they’ve really made a Superman type character creepy as hell you know that there was that James Gunn produced film bright burn which is what if Superman was a kid who was was also like the omen right it was evil and it wasn’t received that well this feels like what if that kid grew up and Superman well being a well being the shining champion you know as a the public facing image you know behind the scenes swears curses threatens to kill people like the world would be afraid of him and you get that sense of palpable fear of like we wouldn’t know what to do I think think you tried to touch him a little bit of this and the batman v superman movie of like what would happen if a god you know existed on earth and tried to you know run america you know diplomacy and in military right and they push that that idea further in this show it’s really good okay the boys the boys

and that does it for pop culture Oh all right in other innings news Apple had their big earnings last week of right after recorded the podcast – and the big news there is they are relying less on iPhone than ever less than 50% of their their revenue came from iPhone sales and they had strong growth in their services and their accessories specifically they don’t break that down the thing I’ll take with a grain of salt because this services stuff doesn’t include any of the Apple TV stuff the new TV show subscription service the gaming subscription stuff I think my people were kind of waiting to see how the public will receive those we don’t know what that contents gonna be like but on the accessory stuff the big thing is is it more Apple watch sales or is it more air pod sales and evil and I my feelings like air pod sales really really spiked and helped them this past quarter so easy to lose yeah and what is the I port cycle do you know anyone who’s bought new air pods for the sake of buying new air pods because they’ve had them for over a year or two years I know they needed update no I feel like if if the air pods are the the fashion statement the cool things accessory to have Norman I wanted to not believe you on that by the way I hate that no I know and I was like you he’s making he sounds smart when he says that but that can’t be true yeah people aren’t wearing those as fashion accessories I went to Camp Mather like this summer they were no no reception no cell reception and they were there was a guy wearing them all day long solid you should ask you yes ask your son on on the in the schoolyard what are the kids want more than magic cards I don’t want to believe it I probably err public and you know at the the an emoji is now can you really build to add that as an accessory an emoji see but this is not where the growth is like fine they’ll get like minimal hardware growth with I like you I got I do you think it is I do think at that $170 $200 price point there’s some a lot of these people who previously would not even consider spending more than $40 on headphones but what they’re pushing is more of the service side of stuff like the TV show the TVs whatever streaming service they’re gonna do and you can see like like the chart had services that 21 percent of their total revenue I think that’s a lot with their iCloud stuff yeah right they’re getting people to buy in on a monthly subscription to pay for storage because as people have had these phones and tablets for over ten years now you know the their the idea of storing everything you had on the device locally is becoming dated and now you’re but you have to kind of buy into backups and and I’m telling you like I’m tech support from my family and my extended family and people call me when they hit that limit and they said that phone’s telling me I should upgrade because I’ve run out of space oh they do it pops up from the bottom I just tell them the upgrade is the by far the easiest solution like it is not elegant what you have to go through in order to avoid upgrading yeah waiting to to a higher paid actual paid yeah iCloud or even a bigger I you know just a larger subscription yeah yeah we do a family plan as one I think that’s something that they’re baking in and that’s gonna be a good you know growing revenue model for them but I am a little skeptical about their streaming services or their digital services especially the the game one the video game one arcade and then on the accessory side you know yes I know there’s a big market for Apple watches and they’ve sold a lot but I just don’t know if the upgrade cycles on either Apple watches or the air pods are going to be enough or being the right cadence for them to match the iPhone cadence right of people buying every two or three years yeah paying a thousand dollars other Apple stuff Apple card some details there some people have started using them they released it to a select number of users so I don’t know if any of you got the notification I did not but some users got a notification they’re able to go into the wallet app and add an apple card then you get the option to get the physical card for free sent to you the titanium card with no number printed on it but it will be rolling out to the rest of us all the peons this month are you gonna get one why no no you know is I mean it’s another critic I don’t need another credit card yeah I don’t buy enough Apple products to take advantage of that to the percentages off this count yeah yeah there’s some interesting for people who are gonna do it of course they’ve done some interesting UI stuff I think the the kind of a color spectrum

visualization they have what you spend your money on is neat but that’s info that other credit cards can give you as well in traditional pie chart and bar graph form I think I’m gonna do it though because 3% off an iPhone and I’m due to get one this fall his is substantial so I might do that I’m not gonna get one this fall really I’m gonna say it now if the form factor is the same and the only upgrade is this new reported camera system yeah then I think hold number five holding out for 5g next year okay because I don’t want to get one this year and get one next year I hear you so I think I’m gonna I’m gonna wait uh-huh I feel like I feel comfortable with that waiting is also a tough thing I mean they’re so smart about this right they they they release something with just enough new features that for some people who can’t resist you’d be gap but they hold back on some other features and sometimes the design idea gets changed but they don’t necessarily do a design ID plus the latest you know hardware on the inside and that may be the case for the rumored MacBook Pro 16 inch that’s moving for a long time now and then theoretically is supposed to based on some supplier reports it’s supposed to analysts reports based on their conversation with the suppliers it’s replaced the 15.4 inch macbook pro which you guys use a 13 inch I’m at 15 oh you know the 15 okay so the ideas that form factor may be replaced with the the same volume but thinner bezel which gets you a 16 inch screen although it’s the same pixel density and that would be a up to 8 core system using Intel’s ninth gen coffee like processors now the reason that’s notable is that it’s not in time that’s the same technical technically the same process in the current if you buy oh you know that Apple store right now you buy a MacBook Pro yeah specked out decked out you would get the latest coffee like processor you would not get ice like the 10 nanometer 10th Gen Intel processor for which Intel just revealed some more product release information for on their why series and use series so it’s a little disappointing for people who want the the ice lake in a new form factor MacBook but then you probably have to wait till next year well next year is a big big year for Apple and that’s not like texture might be a bit gear still in here the word touchscreen so I don’t think it’s I mean yeah it might it would probably have a new keyboard though so we and that might be enough for a lot of people to switch over in terms of ice Lake stuff the what was announced by Intel keep moving on you keep doing your awesome transitions I got to throw in one more thing ok yeah ok the app required restrictions if you do get an Apple card you have to agree to two things you cannot use it to buy cryptocurrency so you can’t go to those ATMs at at Stone’s town no serve them all and and like most credit cards have that you can’t use it to buy you know alternate cashback currencies why I it’s like I don’t know I don’t know would you want to lend somebody money to buy bitcoin with I don’t know I don’t want to let anyone of money to buy many dopamine it currency is currency like you’re saying you can’t use your credit card – yeah – buy a Canadian dollar well Canadian dollars a real fiat so I don’t know maybe maybe you can do it for that I feels we need to come through here but this car that is that is a requirement and if you end up doing it and getting away with it you uh you might have your account locked down you might not have access to your to your credit card the other thing that you have to agree to yeah you have to agree to a what was the other thing I forget you have to show everyone you meet the titanium card look at my cool titanium card no jailbreaking yeah no job working yeah I see that’s like I haven’t jailbroken a phone in five to ten years I don’t even remember last time I broke up over phone it was like early on so you can’t do that and that makes sense right because you don’t want it that people get access to whatever’s inside though the apple cart I can’t wait for the there’s going to be a black edition of this card that is gonna be Batman edition from Batman Forever it’s titanium man you could like okay throw it speaking of the isolate process service what intel announced for taste lake which again is their tenth generation ten nanometer processor is on the mobile side ultra portable so they have their there you series which is the the higher power level series which goes up to 28 watts which is pretty good for four cores eight threads and the y series which is for the thin and lights that goes up to 12 watts 9 to 12 watts which you’ll find in a lot of that well alter books the big difference of the big benefit though is their new iris plus which gets you close to MX global graphics on the nvidia side and the idea for encoding and decoding it might be not just more power efficient but more powerful for people working in 4k video last bit of apple news and this ties into a little bit of a Microsoft News Microsoft has a new add are they they

streamed a new ad in last week and it’s their take on a Mac versus PC ad and they had someone switch from not just someone PC and they hired a guy named well MacBook his name’s Mackenzie book God to testify that the the surface to their surface laptop to better than a MacBook whatever I yeah yeah this is I don’t I’m not the biggest fan of Microsoft ad campaigns like they’ve had this like campaign with common for Microsoft a I’ve seen this on TV and it’s been running for months and months and it’s not that doesn’t explain anything you know he in they must have spent a lot of money on it but maybe just riding high you know they’re the most valuable company in the world they’re out actually after this after this past week with a trade war stuff but a trillion dollars there they had two trillion mark for a longest time and but I don’t think they need to do this there’s better ways to sell I think there’s surface laptops and to go with this gimmicky way it’s getting us talking about it I guess so maybe that’s we’re only talking about it because it’s rare thing and the best can’t ad campaign Apple ever did which is I’m a Mac I’m a PC yeah and that that’s the only reason like that it doesn’t seem like a novel time is asked for that type of I mean Samsung does it and I don’t think Microsoft needs to go Samsung level hmm yeah well with poking front of Apple I think that just a tacit acknowledgment that they’re going for the king the surface laptops are great by themselves and I think the other campaigns of them of the people using the laptops touching the screen I think sells that a lot more other product news DJI has new fpv goggles for drone racing and I love the look at these these are digital fpv so this is not an analogue signal it’s their low latency digital signal and the goggles themselves a four antenna sticking out yeah and they look futuristic and high-tech yeah the kind of bugs bug like it’s a almost $1,000 oh my goodness because of their their controller there’s receiver their transmitters but it allows that camera system to be plugged into anything and they say latency uh twenty eighty eight milliseconds yeah recording in the kernel cord local live feed of 1080p and it streams at 720p at 120 frames a second are you cool you think you’re in a trial I would love to try my I don’t have a practical use for them because I mean it’s a Navy any much room for anything it is return racing I haven’t done that in a long time that’s not it’s not VR it’s not stereoscopic yeah right and how big is the actual like TV in front of you it’s probably relatively small yeah I mean it’s easy enough I don’t know the field of view yeah exactly but it’s all about the low latency and the high high refresh rate you want you want to get as much information as possible if you’re flying at high speeds yeah but if you’re building a remote control system for example that you want locally that’s you know whether it’s for a tiny tank or some type of RC system this could be a turnkey solution even though it’s kind of expensive it’s very expensive I mean if you consider on in the FP world’s a little divisive because a lot of people just love analog yeah and they want almost zero latency yeah but the high costing analog systems will get you up there close to $1,000 we talked about with transmitter with the receiver with the antenna systems with the signal processing units like that can get pretty expensive too I know those high frame rate as well or those 120 Hertz I think cameras do not believe those are cuz that’s pretty that’s pretty high yeah the other thing about analog signals is they’re prone to they degrade well why do they do the great but I think DJI is algorithm their signal processing has allowed for some irrigation to be less of the traditional yeah just pixelization and use a loss of signal yeah I think that you do get signal Turkish in na okay they if not linear but a you know not just on/off well I was gonna say like while it does degrade well the analog signals are also you know they oscillate between clear and not as clear they’re not they don’t sustain clear you’re right exactly whereas the digital signals do and so I’d be curious to see if that’s one of the selling points here I’d be curious if there’s any drone Flyers out there you’re excited about this or not well those people also recording locally you’re recording the best quality possible– locally anyway yeah but the big draw of this fpv is lying v yeah and but the thing you also lose i guess is the ability to share one of the real big benefits of analog yeah that’s a good point many people who have the receivers if you were within range you can get that same analog stick if you’re at an event you have have goggles and you sit in the stands you can tap into the feeds ya and change between the feeds quite easily you don’t not to be locked in ecosystem a few bits of well let’s talk about some SpaceX some Elon News what’s going on with the starship so we’re gonna get an announcement of the

starship project which is an orbital kind of launch vehicle type thing on August 24th he said in a series of tweets he’s going to go through the design choices they’ve made around it and potentially talk about some timelines I’m so like if you hear the hesitancy in my voice it’s because his announcements are so unpredictable as to what is gonna be shared that it’s just not even worth speculating like neural link was just sort of so far off the rails of what you would expect based on his tweets about it ahead of time that I think we just wait August 24th and see what it is like I’m excited to see what the design choices are for something like this he’s been talking about this for what like two years probably the part of the mission to Mars program yeah this goes on the upper stage of the rocket the brightest were looking very shiny rocket ship and then the other bit of news is they had kind they had a launch earlier this week and it was really to test their boat recovery for the fairing and let me see if I can put the video up I’ll do that of it but there’s like a boat that’s sitting out there that I can’t capture good here we go there is a boat sitting out there with a net in the in the ocean and as the fairing comes back down to earth they have this it has a parachute deployed and they moved the boat right into position and it caught it in the net right above it it was sort of perfect they’ve tried this a couple times this is the first time it was successful is that boat manned no remote-controlled I think it’s remote I don’t think it’s crude but the interesting thing is like there’s this great video I think the boat next to it is the one that actually has a crew where the the video is actually taken yeah it just saves a bunch of money just like blaming the Rockets doesn’t save nearly as much money as recovering the Rockets but it’s just another piece of monetary savings and it’s just kind of cool to see it’s really cool imagine a fleet of those I want to know more about how that boats controlled like if it’s actually physically controlled by somebody who’s driving it or if it’s using some sort of a coordinating and data right that falling and anticipating it yeah because it’s falling pretty fast and yeah trajectories like you can get kind of close but at some point you need some visual identification yeah tell me how big that net is yeah especially since it’s coming in on a parachute so it’s not like you know like a little wind it’s like gonna be off but yeah well maybe they calculate like at some point they can release the parachute and get more accurate trajectory but you and mean to make sure the net isn’t long enough to catch yeah I mean one of their earlier missions I think it was only less than a month ago you could see the fairing like Miss it by I don’t know couple couple dozen feet oh nothing yeah so any like it hit the water it was lost but you’re not gonna win the big stuff monkey that way on the arcade the carnival arcade maybe a million dollars year Marilyn dollars there makes a big difference all right last but two texts some video game news that’s what we say in my family budget no means no man’s sky no man’s sky no man’s sky no man’s sky the big update yeah well the updates and all updates presumably there’ll be further updates the date has been confirmed August 14th next week will be the no man’s sky beyond update this includes three major updates online experience VR support shut up next week next week with multiplayer and VR Wow yeah alright but but people hated this game well know that at launch it didn’t live up to its promise but it’s got a lot of promise so yeah I can’t wait for this I got to play a little bit of the in VR at the next preview event and I had not played it in the game but I think I’d want to play only multiplayer I don’t know if how much I’d want to play it just solo no I have been told you got to go back to it that it’s gotten a lot better hmm cuz it was just a grind nothing open-world game very procedurally generated and not enough handmade you know to make it compelling but it’s a I think in VR even that launched version might be interesting just the exploration factor yeah Monument Valley is getting a sequel another sequel money Mountain Monument Valley 3 is in the works this is one of the most successful iPad games had very successful sequel even was used as a plot point in the Netflix show house of cards and it’s

beautiful game and I hope they take advantage of the new displays on the new iPad rocket League is ditching loop boxes friends seems like a good thing you know what that means so I mean you can still to this day go into rocket League and throw your money on the table and get a loop box and you don’t know what’s in it and you open it up and maybe it’s good and maybe it’s not maybe it’s not good enough to get you what you wanted some more money on the table get another loop box and the kids are doing this and the companies are being sued because kids it’s gambling she doesn’t feel you know compelled to do this by a game company by a game and so they have said as they did with fortnight epic now owns rocket League they bought cig gnosis and is that what the game at the studio ethical and with fortnight they got rid of random loot boxes earlier this year they’re gonna do the same thing with rocket League which is good these are the two games that my my son plays and I’m glad to see this because I am on the side of thing that it is gambling and they should not be doing loot boxes all right then it I think that’s it let’s let’s go to the next second now it’s time for a moment of science I’ve never heard that in stereo holy cow so much better again I’m sorry out there for people we are not gonna hear it in stereo psyonix not cygnus psyonix makes rocket League so this week FDA approval came to impossible foods to sell their ground quote-unquote meat in grocery stores later this fall this is similar to what beyond meat has already been doing in Whole Foods and other grocery stores and in fact beyond meats products were like in my local Whole Foods we’re actually selling out so there is just a high demand for this for this plant-based meat product this I think this is great news just another consumer alternative if you want to look for something that’s potentially healthier when it comes to like cholesterol or fat content I think it’s also gonna pose an interesting challenge to some state policies that are underway to ban the use of the word meat on these products in stores so there’s a lot of meat trade associations like usually it’s farmer coalition lead representing dairy farmers to ban the word meat being used on the packaging I mean I I I guess if they come up with some alternative it doesn’t matter as long as it’s sold in that same place people get what it is have you had one at Burger King yet I have not had one a burger I had an impossible whopper and you know what so my review of the original whopper isn’t great and my review of the impasto upper is it tastes kind of like a whopper that’s good what is like exactly exactly what they set out to do it that’s exactly what does it taste flame-broiled no no it does I mean you can still taste the difference between an impossible burger and up yeah normal burger it’s close enough but like on a whopper you really can’t because like I already know about the toppings on the wok yeah exactly so I thought was fine I think there’s a great step forward I haven’t bought any of the beyond me products to try to grill at a barbecue have either of you I’ve just had it in the restaurant yeah I’m curious to try like how it actually yeah works on a grill but I think this is a great step forward all right we got two weird stories to wrap up this is one of my favorites this is from an amateur he calls himself gastro Egyptologist and there’s a great Twitter thread about this from Seamus blackly he went to a a anthropologists archaeologists one of those types and the Peabody Museum at Harvard and they had a series of pots and I’m if you’re watching the video you can see a picture of the pot and these pots are porous and he went into can you zoom in more yeah he isolated some dormant yeast from horace pockets in this in this pottery and then essentially woke them up and grew them and then made bread with it and so the idea of this is that you’re making an ancient bread loaf because the yeast strain that was probably dormant in that pot doesn’t exist now because of evolution and one Jurassic carbs nice and what he did is he used an ancient grain which is a grain from from hundreds of years ago and freshly milled it so that when he put this yeast strain

into it he was also using sort of like a fresh product and one that was different and he said the the bread itself when he proved smelled different and this is like he’s like bakes a lot just smelled different and then the the whole texture and the crumb tasted completely different you can see the the finished bread product there now he’s quick to say that this hasn’t been verified microbiology Glee that this is an actual ancient east rain you have to actually sequence it and make sure that some other yeast rain didn’t come through and out-compete it but he said this is like a different kind of sour dorm that it exists now just by isolating it I like the idea of like this as a growing amateur habit and his his title of gastro Egyptologist is my favorite modern take of something if that gets verified as an agent you strain can they grow that and store it and start making more the type of bread yeah why not I’ve lost my cursor I found the problem with this situation oh there it is it’s coming back alright last story and this is a weird one you’ve heard of witches hazel before witch with witch hazel sorry a singular well there it was a study that came out this week on Chinese witch hazel and witch hazel has this weird I don’t know evolutionary havoc where it ejects seeds out of its pods to try to get it away from its original plant location so they can out-compete from from both itself and the other plants around it well this study looked at the pattern of ejection from Chinese witch hazel which grows under a canopy and what they found is that this witch hazel was ejecting seeds at a speed of around 12 meters per second which is 26 miles an hour and it was doing it because like the sides of of the of the seed were essentially sort of like squeezing it and ejecting it like a bullet so like it would grew it would blossom open and then the sides would squeeze down and inject it a bullet but it had this like little shape at the end that would force the seed to spiral and so it spiral out and they did a lot of slow motion analysis of it you can see the the video that I played they calculated some of these witch seeds have gone 18 meters in length at 26 miles an hour are they hurting people it makes an audible sound when it ejects pop and they don’t know of anyone that’s been hit by one but I just thought it was crazy that we have a plant that can shoot something almost at the speed of a bullet i nature finds a way to spread I think that’s my favorite weird weird study of the week we gotta grow some of that how does the distance compared to like witch hazel that might grow here oh it’s like it’s so much farther and it’s the idea because it’s growing under a canopy somehow it ability to shoot its seeds way beyond the canopy to compete the VR minute virtual reality this week a bunch of VR talk about this week but before an up news I want to give another shout out to the game I’ve been playing probably the most recently and that’s Pavlov it’s on quest if you sideload it it’s on it’s on Steam VR that’s what you’re playing it right I’m playing on on the index yep and yeah it’s it’s like counter-strike you know there’s a lot of certs and destroyed deathmatch team deathmatch modes but the best part is the the user-generated stuff the user generated maps are so good they’re little recreations of classic counter-strike maps play like CS office dust – and that it’s letting me experience those games and those those which I spent countless hours on you were a chemistry player I played so much kind of schwinn back in high school like when what years like 99 mm okay 2001 maybe then he ate a little bit as well 1.6 says we weren’t playing that at PC gamer you guys none of you guys played it I always try to sell you guys on it you guys were on quake you guys were on TF you guys on the woman to team 50 FC was huge t FC was before my time but after TF see you guys wrong and if he dam defeat ya Dave defeat was great love do defeat you know before Blair was called duty there was David defeat yeah but I play like counter-strike at home at home got it you guys played rim was six as well yeah that was by a bigger the thing that was most similar to counter-strike but to play that in VR

amazing is it yeah it’s I mean amazing form for someone who grew up with counter-strike and you see those levels and this the whole the you know the the load-up menus and the to play those rounds hold those guns in in VR supercooled I never thought I’d be able to but the most fun I’ve been having in Pavlov is in a game mode that’s a outpatient of a Garry’s Mod game mode called TTT okay trouble in terrorist town have you ever played TTT basically a werewolf or mafia but in a PS setting so the map werewolf the talking game yes so we got to play this we got to find like six other friends and then nine people of us it’s nine people Max or I think nine or ten pm – max should jump into a map and play this so we can replay it with like seven people but it basically is is mafia use the map sir doesn’t matter what the map is usually there are smaller maps sometimes there’s a Minecraft inspired map which literally looks like you’re in a Minecraft world or a kind of a roblox like a like a Lego style world really the aesthetics don’t matter but you have all the same weapons that you would have in Pavlov okay you find around and typically they were in the in each round which lasts like I think I want to say four minutes there are three people who are the traders and the traders know who they are and they have little T mark on top of the head but no one else knows who the traders are you’re saying the traders know who each other who the other traders are other traders okay traders know all the other traders are everyone else is an innocent and you look at your wrists to see your health and also to see the word innocent or trader yeah and then there’s one person it was a detective who has ability to buy a scanning tool so they can like that to people oh vet them as like innocent or traitor okay and so it becomes a social game which is like what’s mafia but in a VR FPS setting and I know there was a Ubisoft made a werewolf game like a straight-up werewolf game but there was no free locomotion that you’re sitting around a campfire and you were talking to each other and you play the game properly yeah you play the game here because there’s free locomotion because there’s a shooting element you’re just kind of running around and there’s so much interesting mechanics that would only work in VR they’re like I’ve played games where people have you know the the sheriff you know the the detective will find deputies real quick and they’ll like tell everyone drop your guns and and stand against the wall and now we’re gonna try to find out who is a terrorist and like you little micro behaviors of people that yeah technically would work if you’re playing with keyboard mouse or gamepad but are much more noticeable where people’s heads are looking like how they’re scanning the room or how they’re hanging around the back of the pack and you know and keeping ever on their sites this stuff is accentuated by VR because of the track controllers it which makes it feel more like a real social game where you’re in a room with someone okay so the traders are supposed to kill everybody else everyone else the detective is there to sort sort things out and everybody else is just supposed to survive survive and so how are you supposed to kill everybody if you threw all your weapons down well then typically you can try to run away because some maps are big and you can find other weapons and then and then like camp and try to pick people off you can this happen before okay throw a smoke grenade flashbangs and that once the chaos happens people are very mindful who shot who shot first and then yeah and what people were doing there’s a lot of centers where the traders will kill each other to try to I’ve wonder trader will kill another trader just a look good so they look good and they’ll be believed as an innocent and very end they’ll grab a shotgun and you know and then win the round for everyone yeah but and a villager can kill another villager accidentally Tardelli there’s a there’s many times where the conversation they’ll convince people be tallying okay I think that person must be only four yeah one terrorists left and four innocents left no I mean and exactly and then you can get two people that to turn on each other yeah and it’s happened and even if you lose around you’re in a ghost mode you can watch everything unfold you know fly up in VR and see the whole map and see how people are running around and hear all the conversation so really requires having like the voice right the VR headset and and the voice comms but it is it’s one of those where you one more round I’m playing one more round one more round there’s only it’s 2 a.m. okay yeah that’s my recommendation and I really want to say try Pavlov VR uh Mountain News okay HCC has some big news so we had heard about the vibe focus plus right

which is their standalone sixth off headset they had pricing for that which was I believe pretty high I want to say on the vive focus actually I don’t know the exact pricing on this but it was higher than we’d expected it was like $700 or something more than to the quest and wondering how can this compete with the quests well at the China joy conference they announced their strategy and which is going to be streaming over Wi-Fi from the PC but streaming not just any games only games on the vive port service which is there a subscription-based you know by once I buy and subscribe and play all you can play okay when they have 800 titles there so this is a solution like on the quest like Al VR or virtual desktop has introduced I had introduced its beckon but you have to sideload its I loaded yeah exactly basically that functionality works over a five gigahertz Wi-Fi connection on laptop and it will come or PC and it will become it will come as update so the by focus plus later this year why only vive port I mean why not I mean I think their business models getting people that’s divided its are just they’re all in on their own portal now yeah yeah so I think we people like to wish it would be first team I don’t know how many units this is gonna move I think I’ll definitely four people have or looking at invested in the the buy focus will definitely be more interested now in subscribing survive port and you know to this credit it may not have the exclusives that oculus has but it has a lot of you know there’s a lot of your games who are on both steamvr and and five port yeah and you’re talking about a $10 or 13 month subscription to play all those games if you play a lot of VR then it’s not necessary bad deal on the also on the steamvr aside the valve index which we’ve talked for weeks about the the some sick issue well something unrelated to that also on the hardware side is a valve has canceled the USB see virtual link a dongle this was something they had previous offered as a pre-order they thought that they could replace currently you need to plug into DisplayPort + USB C in power but you could it all replace that with one virtual link connector that can plug into latest generation video cards to 80 20 80s have them but it did not meet their their QA okay so they’ve canceled and they’ve issued refunds refunds okay which is unfortunate for virtual link as a standard I think as the hope was that going forward you know hardware manufacturers oculus and valve would start integrating these if more video cards have them switch on the mobile side but the fact that this and maybe this is just an index specific problem because we’re talking about how your frame rates more throughput and reliability was just not there and possibly more power I don’t know what virtual link was supposed to deliver yeah right because there’s also USB full your spiesse yeah 3 adaption on the on the front of on the valve index which also if you have the recreations to play without the the front plastic that allows it please just a little bit cooler hmm yeah I close connect 6 use come on up I know it’s a it’s in a month in a never ends time registrations are open yes we’re gonna be there and hopefully we’re gonna be there to play respawns triple-a VR shooter yeah know anything about it yet yeah so it’s well it’s gonna be a VR shooter and it’s gonna be a big-budget shooter so in addition to games like storm land yeah waiting for that we’re also now eager to hear what is it just gonna be a trailer you can be able to play it you think label I think play I did say playable what do you think the odds are it’s just Apex brought to VR I would be less interested in that there isn’t a big battle real game you true-true yeah and obviously it’s a trend I I’m glad it’s coming up now and as opposed you’re they’re working on it now as opposed to being yeah somebody was released a year ago or two years ago yeah because I feel like a lot of games now are much more open to free locomotion and as a standard I think in the first generation of games in VR we really wanted to move the way we moved in the world right now thing about this playing pavlof now I just almost think about movement as gamepad movement and I’m gliding through the world and it’s flying through as if I was holding a gamepad using thumbsticks the the real one-to-one interaction comes in when I want to aim or interact right near objects you know holding some type of weapon having some interactivity thing or so I’m ducking as well leaning around corners but but in terms of getting

around the world it’s really just gamepad movement yeah I don’t feel any less immersed because of that I prefer it and III but I do understand that they need to include it teleportation in order for uh you know to cover all their bases for comfort for some people yeah yeah but then how do you balance a multiplayer game my rec room has that problem right yes it’s if you’re hardcore you join the a game it just has one kind yeah yeah yeah well but yeah I don’t know I’m curious to see what they do if it is apex I think that would be interesting but I’m hoping it’s something brand new just thank you and you know maybe this is selfish but I hope but it’s desktop only I was gonna ask do you think it’s gonna be on quest you know at I don’t think they could have changed at this point like whatever they were assigned to do whenever this was they were hired right it’s since quest came out and it’s sold so well I could imagine oculus wanting it on there but I went down its the director of history right the directive now if it was something that was pitched now would’ve would probably be to be on quests maybe first or at least very least both platforms but I hope it’s desktop only I want them to push graphics on this yeah speaking of quests and graphics red matter is coming to the quest this is from vertical robot and it’s coming next week and they release the videos showing mints they made for quests they’re very excited about this they’re saying it is absolutely possible to do good graphics on quest and they have done customized shaders in unity in order to achieve some pretty interesting things we can’t this this is not I think the contrast is a little off phone or TV but if you find this video online you should check it out it’s pretty remarkable I like that in the video they have some what they call the raytrace one laser ray trace lighting so mirrors and no no that’s for puzzles it’s red matter is a there’s no shooting it’s a it’s a it a puzzle game was Allah venture game you know alternate reality you’re on Mars is the Moon or Mars I’m gonna go with Mars Mars yeah and there’s a Soviet and to it yeah it’s it’s for our ports Bergen I did not get too deep into it on PC but I will I plan to go back to it on question yeah something you are looking forward to playing requests or happen playing in quest pinball fx2 yeah I finally there’s no pinball on quest there just one side liveable homemade game that’s that’s but that there’s no commercial games yet and this is the they’re finally bringing pinball fx2 VR which you might have expected at launch given that it was on go I think at launch and you know I don’t know it maybe if it’s sold well or not but it certainly got good reviews and it’s finally coming it’s gonna come next Thursday I want to say the 15th to oculus quest pinball fx2 VR from the Zen Pinball guys still no sign of Zen Pinball 3 or whatever they call pinball effects 3 which has the new Williams classics built into it I’d love to see that at some point but I will take this in the meantime awesome I’m I don’t know if it works with Pinson but as soon as I get a build you’ll be trying I will try it and let you know and well let me jump to the last bit of oculus news first all the quill team has launched a big update to enable more animation support so this is animation tools in VR so as you use quill to draw timeline keyframes keyframe animation right now have a full timeline you could actually the examples have them you know you paint a train you can actually have it go along the track by doing full keyframe animation and multiple audio zones when as people stand relative to the model they can hear different things this is all to encourage animators to create VR animations which is anything is a great thing yeah they call it quill 2.0 it looks really cool I’d love to hear from animators out there to hear what you think about this I mean I think they want to first for most artists in they’re just creating stuff first static stuff first and then the kid my question is how is this then exported is this just are these animations you can view in quill and in capture for flat screen or are these animations and you can import into other animation tools you mean like rendered out to do yeah or or or like are these keyframe animations can they export into things that you can ingest in other animation tools you mean like a 3d animation do yeah yep maybe yeah Gen Con was this past weekend and I wish I was at Gen Con was in Indiana and Jeri Ellsworth was there showing off tilt five so this is the we’ve talked about before the kind of reinvention of the cast AR system a tabletop board game AR system that allows for single user or multiple users to basically experience augmented tabletop games whether it’s D&D or any other you could imagine any other kind of tabletop game using a projector based system so it’s the same principle as there exactly is a far feel they have Micro projectors the headset

the headsets project onto a reflective surface that bounce back exactly into your eyes so you can see basically wherever you look as long as you’re looking at the surface you can see some type of augmented image and everyone sees their own image because the RET reflective material just bounces back the light that shone in the direction and so the compute can be differently even it can be shared information right what your projectors are projecting and what you’re seeing could be completely different than what I’m seeing and it also allows for a remote play as well so if you have tilt five at home and I have until five my home you have the same board we just have to order at the boards you know and you know who’s sitting – who’s left and right and we can play in kind of an augmented multiplayer game mm-hmm which is very neat but they’re talking about the Kickstarter will be later this year I think September they’re hoping this ships students by the end of the year and so they’ve take their lessons learned from cast a yard and sounds like it’s gonna be a real product I think they were trying to get more developers into it I really can’t wait to try it since I’m curious what projector technology has that has changed since then and the ring very transparent on their Twitter account even put words in yeah the board pictures out yeah I thought that was really cool yeah there’s no word on pricing but they did say cheaper than stand-alone VR headsets so I imagined somewhere the 200 to $300 range and then last but there’s also happened this weekend more than either of these weren’t at GenCon and also weren’t at Star Trek Las Vegas and one of the things I was announced alongside starts with Las Vegas is a VR experience Star Trek discovery a way mission this is in partnership with the company’s sandbox VR location-based VR company whose tagline search them is it’s basically like the holodeck so works works for them and this will be in the sandbox VR Hong Kong and SF Bay Area locations this fall and worldwide in 2020 so I really want to try this again a boutique designed Star Trek themed experience they have props that you track props a phaser props and I’m curious what type of what type of holodeck type Discovery tie-in will they have you must go and we optical we all must go come on starts we haven’t even done the void that’s opened up period how is it open already mm-hmm Oh only it has the Star Wars experience though of I mean I’ve done that we’ve all done it yeah yeah I want the bracket Ralph that’s what I haven’t done yet ghostbusters so that does it for the VR minute and also for the podcast this week the Chairman’s gonna go set up for an outro anything you guys want to talk about it from out I’m screening Blade Runner this month as a tribute to Rutger Hauer I think it’s sold out but next month of the Alma or 10th anniversary of Star Trek of 2009 mm-hmm very quoting special guests for that or just no guys talking about the film absolutely oh and I’ll be at Silicon Valley you’ll be at Silicon Valley comic-con is next weekend I think I’m doing a panel on Saturday details to be announced on their site but yeah I’ll be probably via related and and we’ll be there for an income video as well so if you’re in the Bay Area hope to see you there that’s an in San Jose San Jose Convention Center Saturday and Sunday Friday Saturday and Sunday Jeremy uh project ink ball still going strong yeah still going strong it’s a mixer slash something tank ball I don’t know I find out this other ocean well I used to be and then they switch they made a tank ball count mmm because actually checking this and actually you can actually put it on the good restarted on the screen we could play you could be playing tank ball it is one right now they do stream today they stream Monday Wednesday and Friday it is yeah mixer calm slash tank bulbous lying this is live takes live oh my goodness we could have been watching the whole time that’s great they got like a laser projector for the star field and they put flags on the tanks based on what country the players from at least so you’re both like have someone who’s asking me like where you for like but plug it in like a library of flags and oh yeah they bought a bunch of flags that’s so cool we should stuff about running in the background yeah whole time live tank ball I’m sure Mike would appreciate that okay check that out again mixer calm slash tank ball and we got outro this week we do from wool hawk he’s back with Chateau Picard go we got to go with some Picard news and we were countdown supercar 2020 what Wow we’re starting our count earlier and Mars 2020 we’ll take a back seat Picard 2020 Star Trek has started as actually is gonna release Chateau Picard the wife

Chateau Picard a Bordeaux wine chateau Picard what’s it here why Chateau Picard in a purple water the wine shot shot shot-shot-shot so Picard the wine it’s not going to matter to you because you’re not gonna open it that’s good update on that don’t we yeah guess who ordered some Chateau Picard wine I think I mean on that order as well Oh tasty I forgot to say I played Jurassic Park pinball huh at replay effects okay there were seven of them there and I played it and it’s good no it’s still a month away from release but it’s good this is the new game by Keith Elwin who’s like the world’s best who won in Berg Oh again yeah he won again first first time anyone’s ever won two years flex winning record-breaking winning twice in a row and also debuting yeah a Jurassic Park pinball yeah it does the t-rex come it does it moves its head around and on the premium and the Ellie it will eat the ball off the ramp and then and then throw it or place it very gently on a ramp depending on how its feeling throw it yeah yeah yeah on the pro it’s t-rex is there but he just judges you he just stares it that’s oh alright see you next week bye bye you