Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2

what’s up what’s up what’s up everyone it’s kyle here super excited to be here happy saturday we are gonna be continuing our quest in dungeons and dragons our first ever campaign in baldur’s gate three happy saturday i’m just gonna have you see my targaryen mug here my game of thrones mug i got some black coffee in here oh yeah we’re getting started everyone super excited to be here had a lot of fun playing this game yesterday it was absolutely amazing super fun um a lot of really cool characters great graphics and yeah it was just super fun so we’re gonna continue today and just hang out i figured we’d do a day stream i really really i’ve been i’ve been thinking about playing the game since last night since we ended so i’ve been wanting to uh play this game since last night but i figured we can uh continue our campaign today hey what’s going on maura was watching the walkthrough part one last night i am par uh i am on par with the attack of the dragons the graphics are amazing happy saturday happy saturday to you maura it should be super fun as you can see we got a new stream layout uh we got the cyberpunk layout super excited about that the ps5 of course comes out in is what i think is how many days is it let’s check so yeah it comes out in uh 33 days 32 days so about a month and then we got cyberpunk pre-ordered which is going to be amazing and we also got spider-man miles molare morales so that should be super fun oh mauro with that donation toss a coin to your witcher oh valia blending toss a coin to your youtuber valeo plenty hey maura thank you very much we really appreciate that good morning jacqueline you got your coffee too does that is anybody else having coffee by the way yeah what does everybody think of the new stream layout by the way we got the stream labs notifications up thank you very much moro really really appreciate that of course maura is also a member of the channel and uh we appreciate her so much obviously she the best she the best man all right everyone shall we get into the game shall we just start our campaign again let’s do it i love the music let’s listen to music for a second

all right we uh we so before we start we got through kind of uh the main part we now have a fourth uh member of our party we added a mage i believe his name is gail so that’s gonna be super cool to see what he’s like we have historian and we also have shadow heart in our party right now so it should be super fun let’s continue oh man i’ve been waiting to play this game all like all the way since last night it does have a really great set it reminds me a little bit of uh skyrim soundtrack sound levels are great for everyone you can hear the mic mic is good sound is good in the game i gotta have some more coffee all right so let’s let’s go check out he’s gotta level up so here’s gail handsome fella he’s a wizard from the evocation school what are his spells so he’s got feather fall i like his outfit is that an arrow oh that’s cool his outfit’s dope um so we get to pick with school he’s gonna be in chat so you can help me with that a transmutation spell he has uh slow the rate of descent of allied creatures grants immunity for falling damage okay so nine meters an array of sickness inflicts poison damage calls forth a ray of sickening energy deals two d8 poison and possibly poisons the target okay so wizard we gotta level up for him maximum hit points he’s got 14 prepared spells grease cover the ground in grease it becomes difficult terrain becomes uh difficult for enemies to get close to you so that’s pretty interesting and i i’m assuming you can probably light that on fire we have a fire bolt for our main character kyle our elf there’s thunder wave which is uh evocation spell release a wave of thunderous force that deals uh 2d8 thunder and pushes away characters or creatures and objects ooh five meters that’s pretty decent right like it can knock back people this is for the evocation school an evocation school uh spell focuses on elemental energy into powerful attacks and enchantments those who specialize in the school are known as evokers let’s go through all the rest of the spells um inflict sleeping that’s pretty cool that’s pretty uh up to 24 hit points so creatures that have 24 hit points we can possibly put them to sleep witch bolt that looks sweet call forth a beam of crackling purple energy deals lightning damage fog cloud create a dense fog creature submerged in the fog or heavily obscured and blinded okay so that’s so evocation is more offensive absoration spells summon wards banish enemies and nullify magic suitable for those who wish to defend themselves and others i think we’re gonna go for evocation school because we already uh shadow heart is a cleric and she’s a healer so we’ll do that and but we can customize our spells here burning hands which is an interesting one legolas is a ranger but i don’t know i mean we have a cleric and we have a rogue i think do we want let’s check it long strider increases speed jump find familiar feather fall bolster yourself uh so false life is interesting bolster yourself with the necromantic festive the simile of life to gain five temporary hit points expeditious retreat expeditious retreat sorry turn dash into a bonus action disguise self color spray magic missile ah that’s a good one let’s check it okay so let’s show let’s check out because uh

jacqueline wants to see what kind of defenses i don’t i think they’re pretty much the same attacks and enchantments but we can also buff our characters with this guy too right if we get we get better spells later on i’m trying to see what’s good i think we want burning hands sounds really cool feather fall false life this guy’s self hmm what do we want chad what do we want for our spells i think we i don’t know magic missile creates three darts of magical force each dealing this could be good evocation i mean protection we already got that with our cleric so we don’t need that find familiar we have with our main character so burning hands looks pretty cool and then we’ll do maybe charm person do we have that already i think we have charm person with shadow heart maybe magic missile because this is a range attack though right long strider hmm sickness i don’t know i think we’ll we’ll choose these two and then oh we can change these too mage armor okay i like that degrees fog cloud thunder wave grease covers the ground in grease i don’t know this mage armor seems pretty cool though its armor class is increased by three surround a creature so we we can give armor to our guys fog cloud magic missile in here we have magic missile in here though sleep which bolt fog this affects the whole area i don’t know if we want fogger grease fog seems pretty good because i think we’ll we will still be able to detect right i think we’ll go with this boom we leveled up our mage all right let’s go chat a chapel we’re supposed to get to entrance the ruins here is that where we’re supposed to go right just go so we’re supposed to get over here right this is where we are so far and we don’t we were just over here right can we go can we go through here you both twice as tall as me but i’m off the bloody backbone but we don’t know what that thing

even is and what about the crypt i’m telling you it’s a ship and the crypt can wait murray and barton have been trying to break in for days now we stop got ourselves competition already that’s our ship you better shut your mouth little man let’s uh so we got charisma persuasion we gotta roll a 10 here failure well uh in that case come on you lot no point in getting killed second worm gets the cheese and all um second mouse gets the cheese no nobody’s getting any damn cheese now move easy you’re more cunning oh wow i thought we had a fight on our hands let’s save the game because we got level up for all of our characters what’s this so we got dash doubles the movement speed of our character so he can get in behind characters and you can do like serious damage that’s pretty sweet that’s kind of weird okay let’s level up shadow heart this is our waifu she looks like uh evangeline lily we were talking about this yesterday turn undead very cool present uh your holy symbol and pray each undead that can see or hear you is forced to flee from you okay prepared spells customize we have create water guiding bolt healing ward bane so command halt command the creature to help preventing it from moving or taking actions that’s pretty sweet bane target up to three creatures they receive a d4 penalty to attack rules this is a saving for us a healing ward pretty uh creature you regains uh you you basically heal them guiding bull call forth a beam of light deals radiant and uh damage and grants advantage to the next attack on the next target and create water so inflict wounds so create water call forth rain extinguishes we want that because there’s lots of fire around cure wounds though it seems we might want care wounds so i’m thinking we’re gonna take around halt and cure wounds we want part to be a healer right bless bless up the three creatures shield of faith protection from good and evil so we got two we got two healing spells we got an offensive spell and got crate water which is more of a area effect which is pretty sweet shield of faith protection from good and evil inflict wounds infuse your hands with putrifying energy that deals damage shield of faith and bless we should maybe shield the faith that’ll be good so healing lord create a creature you see regains hit points protection from good and evil seems good too um we’ll just keep this for now because we got two healing spells one offensive spell uh defense spell and then an area fx spell and then we got turn on dad so that should and then invoke duplicity is a new subclass feature since she’s trickery domain uh summon an illusion to distract your enemies you and your allies for seeing an advantage on attack rules that’s pretty cool and then we get a level up our character and this is what our character looks like hunter’s mark oh mark a creature as your quarry to deal an additional piercing damage whenever you hit with weapon attack so that’s part of our ranger class passives archery what do we want chat we get we can do archery

defense dueling or two weapon fighting style when you attack with two weapons you can add your ability modifier to damage uh of an offhand attack dueling whenever you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and the other hand is empty you gain a two plus two bonus damage rolls to whatever weapon you’re using increasing your chance to do heavy damage defense you gain a plus one bonus to your armor class your likelihood of being hit while wearing that armor okay and then we got archery plus two bonus to attack rolls with ranged weapons archery okay yeah we’re doing and then we also got speak with animals um gain the ability to comprehend and verbally communicate with beasts so we’re going to be yeah we’re building our legolas character and thank you for that donation earlier more i really appreciate it i’m gonna go down here what the hell just happened oh those vines twisting vines damn there’s traps everywhere huh all right chad we’re gonna save the game and we’re gonna go inside here i’m guessing that we’re gonna oh i didn’t mean to freaking use that that was my bad oops well at least we got we got a potion of speed thank you gimbal buck everything all right out there and let’s uh yeah it’s me let me in if we’re gonna trick this guy do you sound a bit shaken boss hang on while i find the key you’re dead what do we want to use in this guy okay so we’re really close i think we’re going to use uh can we use fire hands on him we got a fire bolt i think we’ll use thunder wave on him oh my god do you see what just happened there that was sweet and we’ll move him here and then we’ll go to okay so we want to so we want to move him pretty close right let’s use a sneak attack arranged on oh that did a lot of damage that was sweet and then we’ll move him can we move we can’t move him right behind but we’ll move him here can we attack again no we can’t right um we’ll move this around and then we should use can she will move her can we use

sacrifice no she doesn’t have enough action yet she can’t use a range attack right now huh we just burned him to death that was nasty leather armor short sword bandits key small bottle torch don’t think at all have too much to carry something the matter we order sorry we’ll use uh so we need to go into our inventory we don’t want him to be encumbered right he’s got too much to carry i don’t know why we took this we’re just i mean like do we want to drop this here should we be able to move now so where so we’re in like a dungeon huh oh we got some gold oh we want the cheese give us the cheese dried sausage links we’ll take that we’ll take the cheese wedge the sun had just fallen below the horizon when i first heard his call a thousand reed pipes at once whistling a single beautiful terrible song oola said jaw it’s coming jaw dropped her pack and scurried up to the nearest biter with a bit more effort i climbed a tree of my own and the two of us surveyed the grassy ground beneath oh there was again a boov above and beneath all around so close my skull vibrated from the sound the ferns and foliage under me rippled and swayed jaw held the finger to her lips to demand my silence and in one motion it snatched her a vine a tentacle it hardly mattered the hunter had found its prey jaws jaws jaws screamed swelled and then faded as uluth along dragged her away that’s an interesting journal milk can is there anything else cutting board bag of rotten food we don’t want that no more prayers only dust silence normally the patron god is obvious not here inkpot i mean we’ll take it we just want we want to take as much cool [ __ ] as we can right what is up here ra ro robux nothing there do we want this candle it’s very much like diablo it’s giving me strong diablo vibes candles can be useful right i mean so let’s do we short sword

i think we didn’t we didn’t really get any new cool equipment yet so it’s locked huh um where else could we go in here is this another door can we go here maybe there’s some like secret like switch or something around here you already checked that right you know we’re gonna do we’re gonna save i have a feeling um i played the first two ballers gate yep well i saved at the right time everyone how’d you get past daniel back off oh that was a good attack um okay that’s it for him i don’t think we can do anything else hmm any of our other characters have sirian is going to end his turn hey someone’s in here so we’re going to move our character we want to use a ranged attack on can firebolt she’s burning that’s really good um can she use her chocolate is too far no escape harvard is too far we actually we can probably go over here because there’s another character over here i think all right no it’s too far huh that probably wouldn’t we probably wouldn’t be able to hit that person from here one second i gotta check something um how do we stop this command is what i want to okay so that’s what we want to do maybe we will we could possibly can we trump no that’s you know maybe i’ll all this heal should we heal her we’ll just heal her and then we’ll get he’s got to get in here right and we’ll move him can we get him over here to maybe get a spell and get him in the door

now we need to see 18 meters can we hmm we can’t hit him there we can give one of our guys mage armor we’re just not close enough huh so we have to do let’s check who are in all these other rooms man this camera is kind of pissing me off though it is pretty annoying see yeah there there is remember this is early access everyone there’s going to be bugs and stuff like that so we are you know we could do you can’t really do much for him huh i think this well that’s not good we need to use yeah we’re trying to figure out how we’re how we’re going to do this here okay so we’re gonna we’re gonna sneak attack kill her that’s what we need to do there so and is tyrion’s turn we need to get him and you know we’re gonna do is we’re gonna fire bolt oh that didn’t work it wasn’t close enough to him hmm that wasn’t i thought that might he might be close enough so that was kind of a bummer there one burning damage we have to take out a bunch of people huh so we gotta move hmm we should probably put fire like we want him to be on fire right yeah we want him to burn that’s good that it was a miss we want her to uh we’re gonna get her to cure wounds who’s our lewis i’m gonna heal her yeah we gotta heal ourself right take you and then could we we can’t do anything else i don’t think huh bonus action i think we’ll we need her to be fully healed and then we’ll move her uh back over here and her so he’s dead we can’t we don’t want to get him close to the barrel and we don’t want to get him all the way up there because we’re gonna pin this guy down so he can’t move

we’re gonna move him in this door and then uh just so we can’t get him killed can we we need to heal ourselves pretty badly huh we can’t cast i think we’ll we’ll move back for our main character because they’re going to come towards us right we we gotta make sure that we’re healed up before we get to this mage that’s not what i wanted to do us that’s good that she missed and she can’t use the care wound right now huh what shall we use what shall we use this is so fun everyone is super tactical and we’re still learning the game by the way so if we’re being slope i apologize but i’m just bringing it all in basically she can’t get all the way over there what can we what can we actually do hmm we’ll bolster our main character’s defenses and then we’ll move her um back here i think we’re going to end that now okay and now we’re gonna we can’t really move uh we’re really close to that barrel that was a bad decision by me i can’t uh i can’t move him i can move him a little bit farther away i think that’s good and then we’ll use should we use firebolt on him i don’t know okay so we’re out of actions for our main character that mage is that mage is just staying back there huh i think we’ll use the which bolt seemed to be pretty effective huh is this has less range ray of frost maybe we’ll freeze this guy yep so that’s good and then we’ll move we can’t really move very far so that’s oh we’re ensnared that kind of sucks we can’t really do much

this character isn’t how do we miss that sucks oh god damn concentration broken that sucks [Laughter] yeah it’s super fun i like that i like this these kinds of games now we don’t want to do that okay so can we move him so he’s trapped here it’s only got a 42 chance of hitting him we’ll try oh no we slipped on our own ice we’re so stupid ignis oh how do we uh hmm okay so now we want to that character is sleeping can we now we don’t want to do that how do we okay so how do we uh revive a down companion that’s what we want to do enjoy your thanksgiving dinner kate i totally forgot it was this weekend by the way for canada shows you where i’m at just trying to figure out how to revive the down character how can we help so this character is sleeping we can pretty much just probably get critical damage on them

so we want to go into inventory can we use well he can’t use the scroll of rubber fly right maybe our main character can i don’t know like it wasn’t working with her earlier so let’s uh target cannot be resurrected okay and we want to okay well damn that was sweet okay so now we can use the scroll of replify so we got scroll of animal friendship a quarter staff and a simple robe um i’m exhausted better find somewhere to camp soon okay so we have to go in here how can i help no we didn’t want to do that so we want to use scroll of ravify okay we just did that so now what we’re going to do since we just beat these guys is we’re going to save the game we don’t have to do all that over again we made uh we made an elven ranger jordan and by the way everyone uh bush trek bush go subscribe to his youtube you know what i’ll do i’ll make you a moderator jordan so you can put post a link to your youtube channel in the description and stuff one sec so guys jordan is a friend that i’ve known for years and years and years since high school he has his own youtube channel and jordan if you want to post it in in the chat my man basically he uh goes hiking all throughout ontario the state that i live in in canada the province and he does all sorts of fishing and uh sorry not fishing like camping and he shows all sorts of areas and stuff like that it’s really cool and they recently just did um an article on you in the paper right so this guy is uh he’s doing very well for himself but yeah i highly encourage you guys to go check it out it’s it’s like a nature channel and if you want to explain it to anyone man in the chat feel free to go check it out also a fellow nerd and he also brews beer he’s a beer expert we’ve also uh smoked a few joints in our time haven’t we bush truck bush yeah and welcome everyone we’re playing like i said this is our first d and d campaign in baldur’s gate 3 early access the full game doesn’t come out until next year but um it’s cool you get to play there’s going to be bugs and stuff like that but the fact that we get to there’s about like 40 hours of content or something like that but you know we like supporting other content creators here that’s what that’s what’s up so we’re just looking for loot we didn’t find too much of that over here it’s going to be in the other i just want to check the other rooms before we ring mail armor no proficiency we’ll take all this [ __ ] anyways short bow basic poison thieves tools all that kind of stuff okay then we’ll come in here creepy ass [ __ ] man what’s up hacks another content creator is in here what’s going on hacks dog my man how so did you get contacted by um the dance with wolves people from hbo because if so that is super [ __ ] cool man if you guys haven’t checked out hack’s dogma of course you know he creates amazing westworld content and

uh dances with wolves i think it’s called the the new sci-fi by ridley ridley scott in other people oh man baldur’s gate 2 is amazing so we’ll in her life her service had been impeccable daily did she devote herself to the lady of lost daily did she free herself from the tyranny of memory all in time was lost to her her relations her preferences even her own name upon the altar of her devotion placed she the ultimate offering her emptied mind and when she died when she awoke in the death and found herself standing in the pale and faded city of judgement she waited for the lady of loss to retrieve her a million souls and more passed her in the colorless gusts but no hand materialized in her hand no voice whispered instruction in her ear no guidance preferred itself from the bleached and barren sky time immerial time memorial time passed around her like air coming and going and still the goddess did not come for her devotee kellum kelumvor pitied her as much as the lord of the dead is able but could not intervene this cleric of the lady skinless of loss unclaimed despite her worthiness might yet have one more lesson to learn that not of forgetting but being forgotten well that’s [ __ ] dark as [ __ ] someone on behalf of hbo well that’s [ __ ] rad dude we need some w’s in chat can we put some w’s in chat for hacks man it’s been a tough year we need some w’s that’s super [ __ ] cool man i’m so proud of you man you’ve been doing great work forever and that’s hard work pays off you know what i mean all right let’s uh and like i said chat sorry if we’re doing things super slowly we’re still learning all the mechanics of the game and stuff like that you do not recognize the language on the plaque rest of the chest there’s some more gold we’ll take it looter’s trunk ooh give us some more loot yo candles that’s it oh let’s check this out i wonder what that did okay so we opened something in here right did we open something chat okay what am i missing here what did we open this music is creepy as [ __ ] by the way yo hacks do you uh do you watch the mandalorian also have you watched by the way chad big announcement the expanse is gonna be like the boys on prime amazon prime video they’re gonna drop the first three episodes and then they’re gonna drop weekly episodes of the expanse and i’ve been talking about how i wish netflix would do that with the witcher but amazon prime did that with the show the boys i know a lot of you watch the boys out there and they’re gonna be doing weekly episodes after dropping the first three episodes on december 16th for the expanse season five and i’m telling you right now i’m going to be covering on the channel with ashaya from history of westeros so that’s going to be super fun we’ll probably have some other guests i know joe magician is super into that i haven’t really talked to him about that yet but ashaya says she will cover the expanse with me and since it’s weekly it’ll be so much easier for me to have conversations with you instead of having to review like 10 episodes at once because it’s basically impossible to do content if you’re doing that right because everybody watches at their own speed everybody consumes whatever move your tv show in the way that they want at their own speed so super freaking cool that the expanse is going to be doing weekly episodes and this season apparently from west chatham and steven strait who we got to interview last year at dragoncon by the way um the interview is still up on the channel but yeah super positive news i think and just really really really exciting that they’re going to be moving to the weekly format i i do think that the netflix could benefit from doing that with the witcher

i don’t think that they will change their format since they’re more into the binge game but i just thought that i would mention that i don’t know if all of you saw the trailer dropped on thursday but it looks absolutely amazing so that’s something else that we can cover because mandalorian comes back on the 30th of october and that’s gonna be a weekly and that’ll be something that can help kind of rejuvenate the channel right it’s still hard to cover tv shows if they drop all at once so i’m really friggin excited about that because that gives me a chance to do multiple videos about a certain subject right like um i can do an episode review on the monday let’s say if a show drops on sunday then i could do a trailer review we can do a live stream on wednesday and that kind of gives us an opportunity to stretch out content and it’s just overall really really exciting that they have listened to the fans and they’re applying a new uh way to absorb that content i’m just gonna go to the bathroom everyone if you can just wait for just a moment i’m just going to get you guys to hang out in the intermission scene i’ll be right back hmm so so sorry yeah i have to fix i have to figure out how to get the youtube live chat in there but um we we actually have a new stream layout i’ll show everything for you guys we revamped the stream because we got cyberpunk uh pre-ordered for the ps5 right so there’s the back soon screen boom there’s the ending screen the offline screen and then we have of course the live screen which is right here and then we have the the starting one with all of our with with all of our stuff but anyways i’m going to fix that because this is i only started using this and uh yesterday so it does look um i i have to figure out how to inlay because this is meant for twitch and i’m using it on youtube so i have to figure out how to get the youtube chat in here but we’ll figure it out but yeah cyberpunk overlay love it right it’s pretty cool okay so now we need to get back into the game we opened up something we just don’t know where it’s gotta be in one of these other rooms right where did we where is like what are we open you know i’m gonna turn i’m gonna see if

i can turn up the brightness chat everything set on high maybe we’ll turn shadows off just for this area so we can actually see everything yeah i’m pretty stoked about it hacks um i have a few friends that do twitch full-time and uh one’s a magic two of them are magic gathering content creators but there’s a couple of more and uh one of them she work i don’t know if you guys know for magic she’s for channel fireball she’s amazing but uh i really want to get the twitch channel started because i want to have my youtube for all like i still want a game on youtube but i also want to be able to stream to twitch and youtube at the same time and having an extra revenue stream and something else for the channel like we got to evolve right and we got the ps5 which is going to be um we were able to get a ps5 which is absolutely huge right so we want to be able to diversify how uh we do things going forward honestly and just yeah so i wanted to do a new stream layout and stuff like that now we’re going to work i mean we’re going to keep it like that i just don’t okay i think we i just want to know what the hell we open with that lever how did we open was this open before oh whoa i think we opened this room oh we did we did open this i think right this wasn’t built for the living oh [ __ ] we’re in the dank crypt okay we’re gonna we’re gonna save the game right now new save but yeah thanks for letting me know about the live chat i optimized uh like i said i did optimize the layout like i said for twitch so that’s why uh it’s not but anyways it looks dope though regardless right we’ll take the chalice i mean [ __ ] it i guess i guess we’ll take it off i mean we’re just looting this area is there traps anywhere sounds like diablo music right heavy oak doors i don’t know if we want to open that yet there might be like a big troll or some [ __ ] behind there we don’t want to like we’re like you know gonna we’re gonna heal people with our cleric right so we’re gonna let’s hope no enemies show up ah this seems as good a place as i need to make camp oh minx was my favorite character in baldur’s gate i don’t know if he’s in this though go to hell you’re a good sport go to hell an everyday expression so trivial it’s almost meaningless but we’ve seen hell it’s real it isn’t trivial devils dragons mind flayers i like this guy they used to be abstracts pictures on a piece of paper what a difference a day makes now we have tadpoles slithering through our heads like carnivorous feta that’s not abstract that’s the spirit let’s be up with the

lark find a healer before the wee one gets hungry okay we’re gonna go talk to shadow heart i’m not sure this is a good idea there are lit fuses in our heads sooner or later they’re going to blow each hour that passes the thing inside us grows we need to find a healer let’s wake up at first light maybe we’ll get lucky we’re overdue some good fortune i think so rest well how about you snuggle with a shadow heart we need some rest our characters are just getting wrecked this guy’s a vampire by the way i don’t trust them at all okay so let’s save we’re in the dank crypt by the way is everybody enjoying this game i’m loving it so far it’s really cool oh silver necklace are you guys liking when i’m reading the excerpts from the books by the way just let me know in chat and i’ll continue to read them if you want if not we’ll just skip them i think it’s cool i think it’s cool to read dnd lore though i like it locked huh gayle’s trying to open the [ __ ] out of it let’s scout this area first is there anybody in here oh sarcophagus i don’t know chad is there gonna be like some crazy monster in there and by the way chad in case you didn’t know like i said we did get a ps5 and we have spider-man miles morales and uh cyberpunk pre-ordered with it should we go in here all right [ __ ] it we’re going in oh on the watcher’s guide uncommon two-handed melee weapon time has dampened this spears sheen but the center glows a faint blue the magic it exudes feels old terrible and divine the spear was given to its previous owner for his un unerring loyalty even after death the holder of this item gains rush action death’s promise when the spear misses his target the wielder’s next attack against that target is made with advantage oh dope engraved key black ink stains blot the handle of this key found in the sarcophagus with a long forgotten chapel oh [ __ ] um grease is all over the floor that’s not good um how do we deal with grease i guess opening this sarcophagus i mean our characters are wrecked we just got wrecked by greece chat is dale all the way over here oh no there’s [ __ ] traps in here

did you guys see that oh man i mean that’s not very good uh yo hacks don’t [ __ ] don’t [ __ ] jinx us dude was right wow that was that was bad literally five seconds after hax said that we got lit on fire man that really sucks um okay that was we really need to revive her um i need to get out of the fire for him [ __ ] hell man that kind of sucks and she has and look what spell she has she has create water so that kind of [ __ ] sucks because she’s dead does he have create water we don’t have that for him huh i mean okay here’s what we’re doing we’re gonna load no we’re gonna load our game gotta figure we gotta figure out a way to so now we gotta explore that room and figure out a way to turn off all the traps right so maybe we should leave most of our characters outside of the room and then maybe we should put our yeah we got to leave our cleric outside of the room right so she could create the water after and get yeah well that was that was [ __ ] it’s fine i mean it wasn’t acid i mean i don’t know that’s probably where i mean the grease got lit on that fire pretty shitty um okay how are we gonna do this who do we wanna bring in there so we need to she needs to stay out because she’s got the wall i mean something the matter okay okay so we need to hmm what’s that i can’t see any way to disarm it

does he have does he have dark vision really does she ever create light see no don’t step over it okay this is this is gonna be super challenging um because there seems to be like it was on the walls right what’s that ancient door maybe we got to go through the ancient door first ah so i see okay so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna take this guy no stay here so we got the key for this door we just got to get over here so the grease doesn’t kill us all and she’s down which really sucks okay [ __ ] this grease man um [ __ ] sucks okay we need to get [ __ ] yeah we’re all gonna burn here i mean there’s not really any way around it i don’t think guys okay so we got lucky let’s get all of our characters so we gotta get we gotta get into this corner okay can we get him okay we can now we need to get gail get me in the corner dude what about her i’m just concerned about her because she’s the one that can get rid of the [ __ ] fire um no break oh we missed it again holy crap okay so we need to get is he far enough out we need to get her i mean pretty much everyone is okay we need to get no god damn i didn’t want to go back

inventory we need to give him which key was it oh we evaded it again we’re so friggin lucky okay uh um no we need our main character oh [Laughter] this is super funny yeah we’re just gonna say screw it and just take her over here man gail kind of stuck aren’t we um okay i’m gonna give him the key which one was it it was it was an ancient key or something oh he has the engrave key no or does he does he have it now we need we need so as long as there isn’t a character to trigger so we need to move him over here so as long as it if it hits a character here then it ignites everything else right locked oh [ __ ] is is the in this sarcophagus we’re gonna send him this is what we’re gonna do and we’re gonna go don’t ring mail armor skull it comes out of these dragon things right okay we’re just gonna so we got that star cop the only sarcophagus that we haven’t got yet is this one okay we already looted this right because we got that spear wasn’t this available to loot oh mr coffee guy over there [ __ ] i think we might i hope we don’t get hit here

oh my god okay don’t slip oh no i think we might get hit here that sucks yeah i think we’re screwed there is a plaque there huh should we just restart over i don’t know because we got pretty far right because there’s that ancient door we got to get through that ancient door right i think our dude is gonna get friggin immolated moly ruby ring and a bone huh ah no that’s not what i meant to do i think we should be safe here we did get hit but it wasn’t that bad warp we get a war pick so we want we got to get over here right we got to read this plaque jordan is what you’re saying so don’t hit us okay so we need to ah at least we’re on the ground i guess man this is pissing me off okay the text on the plaque is a mystery to you hmm oh do we gotta open all the vents to get rid of the grease hmm

i mean i don’t know we’re gonna i guess we’re gonna figure this out soon don’t kill us don’t kill us it’s gonna hit us now we can use oh we is it steaming us now we don’t know what we’re doing by the way chat i have no idea hmm i have no idea what we’re doing chat i could you know one sec we’re googling hmm just one sec chat we’re trying to figure this out just give me a minute though all right let’s see if this works i have no idea what we’re doing hmm one sec chat we’re gonna figure this out

there’s there’s gotta be there’s gotta be something there’s gotta be like i’m gonna i’m gonna turn up the brightness good question we’re gonna survey the room there’s gotta be a secret like lever or something somewhere there’s gonna be like something on one of these pillars there’s like we’re missing something hmm i have no i freaking dear chat okay so we got the engraved key right there’s hmm okay we gotta see if our claire can she use the we’re out of action that was dumb of me hmm there’s something in this room maybe we’re searching um equip the spear we could hmm i want to see if she can get rid of this

water so she used that again so now our guy can so don’t walk into the fire is a good idea chat start searching on google dank crypt how the [ __ ] we get out of here blue that youtube video didn’t help out very much okay hmm okay there’s a fallen statue that’s pretty interesting right is there a button on the sarcophagus now we didn’t really check this out there is a button to the left of the crypt it also says you can block the vents so does it okay okay does it say inside the crypt or out outside the crypt right here i’m not seeing a button though is that the button

we’re just gonna restart this chat perception check okay we’re just gonna restart uh this is the left side of the crypt right that’s curious hmm what’s that aha hmm it won’t move so hmm it won’t move you can put a box on the vent close to it so we got to put a box right here essentially what’s that i can’t see any way to decide something over there now the question is how do we move the friggin boxes right you can move objects no no no no don’t do that hmm so we gotta do it too we gotta do it to all the vents is that what it says how many more boxes do we have in this room okay so let’s see again there’s a button at the center hmm it won’t move hmm it won’t move

we can put maybe jars too is there boxes in this room no right hmm it won’t move hmm it won’t move that might be worth a look hmm it won’t move do we need one we need this right now that’s got to stay there it’s a damaged vase though are we blocking all the vents music and the graphics are great maura i’m just so confused this [ __ ] puzzle is not hmm it won’t move i need to watch a video on this chat need to get the stream moving along we’re cheating but it’s for the good of the stream so hey guys it’s zoko and flaming arrows will start shooting from the walls and eventually ignite the gas killing you but you can stop the gas from spewing by placing some heavy objects on the vents you don’t need to necessarily succeed in your perception checks i have done it after seeing where the vents were a different time but i had forgotten to save after succeeding classic me pro tip uh once you complete a trap or win a fight save your game just really pay attention to where i play but you should be able to safely check the other uh sarcophagus first if you wanted i do want to point out on

the other side of where i am right at this particular moment there was a button on one of the pillars the center pillar uh i may not have the ability that may be something to to use to turn off the trap and i i didn’t have the ability to use it i tried to do it before and it said it wouldn’t budge maybe a different character class can can use it just throwing it out there after you place your objects on the vents you are ready to loot the center you get a nice green two-handed sword as far as i know this is the first green item in the game i’m probably wrong though knowing games like this i probably missed like 20 of them behind me somewhere at this moment you are forced into a turn-based mode after looting which makes it easier to deal with traps that’s good you don’t want to deal with this in real time trust me so you just head further out this way and once you’re in this area you can turn the turn based mode off i i keep it on longer for necessary right here but at this point you are safe oh and again save your game if you found this guy helpful please consider subscribing to me going to be covering a lot of boulder’s gate through as i stumbled my way through it doing my best to help as many people as i okay i think i think we got it chad all right so let’s just all right so we’re gonna go let’s okay let’s first of all we’re friggin saving this dank crypt boom okay we don’t want to have to move all those vases and [ __ ] again we’re gonna go we’re gonna go loot everything now get a trident that’s cool [ __ ] i think we’re good i [ __ ] hope so um did we elude everything i think we did right and i don’t think um that was close okay we need to let’s move her here okay we can’t so we can’t we can’t open this [ __ ] but at least we have to get out of this room now sorry about the friggin long wait for this everyone it’s been a pain in the ass for this [ __ ] oh at least we we don’t get the gas anymore right at least

which is good we don’t get the gas anymore which is a huge deal i i don’t think we’ll get hit here if we do [ __ ] it yeah we’re just trying to get out of this goddamn place i hate it in here i hate i thought we got rid of the freaking grease so thank you please gotta heal her i guess freaking puzzles of pain in the ass i mean to get the [ __ ] out of here ugh wow thanks for sticking with me chad i appreciate it this has been challenging to say the least so here’s what i’m gonna do dale okay and nothing okay how thrilling so so so oh my god thanks for sticking with that chat

then [ __ ] over right save we’re never dealing with that again armed scribes but no sign of a struggle i wonder what was so subversive about their words that they commanded protection let’s get that chest scroll of burning hands in a quarter staff i’ll take it like speaking going there’s got to be some cool [ __ ] over here right we’ll go loot this area first though go for this chest oh [ __ ] is there more fire take 20 gold looks like someone wanted to bury their secrets tourmaline ring hopefully there’s no more traps that are just gonna wreck us right i don’t think we can go over there we might be able to go over here though oh there’s a ladder here did we find a secret room people okay we gotta go back in that’s cool though we found a secret room i’m gonna go down here juggle i didn’t think anyone worshipped the scribe of the dead something over there oh [ __ ] hells something just woke up down here let them come the darkness can be to our advantage can we let’s try to pin this guy down only 55 we can still move our guy three meters forward we missed okay that kind of sucks let’s get gail he can’t okay so we have to end them i should probably move her down here so we could probably kill this guy

we probably want to be guiding bolt would be probably very good against this guy right critical miss [ __ ] that sucks okay let’s um okay so we killed that guy that was really good so we’ll have to can we move here and then we will use true strength can we get closer so that was effective i think that’s pretty much all we can do for that oh damn that’s not good so if we can get these guys are tough i didn’t want to do that so we just smoked that guy the cleric is super good against the undead you probably move her over here and we’ll move on did we miss that really sucks we need to move our guy it’s probably though we need to use a potion for sure you need to use fire strike on this guy 49 i don’t know if i like that that much can we hmm what do we want to do here we definitely want to heal ourselves oh that helps and then we’ll use uh that was effective now we’re going to use her kashi so that’s she’s the most powerful in our group right now because she can kill the undead like that we’ll move her where’s the other scribe we’ll move her here that was effective that’s good and then we got nice there we go chat we’re getting the

hang of this [ __ ] okay gold scimitar that rising from the dead just to protect some dusty baubles fools this place isn’t worthy of them let’s move okay so that was interesting we had a little conversation there is that pretty much it i don’t think there’s any other let’s go for this gilded chest i think we got everything right chat i think we already looted we’ll tr i think we looted this guy oh something the matter no um oh so that was our first dungeon chat we’re meditating okay so now we have to get the hell out of here you guys having fun so far i’m really liking the game it’s super fun um now we just gotta check out the map okay now we gotta turn around and see where we gotta go this game is beautiful by the way the graphics are insanely nice i think we’re supposed to go actually i don’t know where we’re supposed to go i don’t think we can i don’t think we can climb this mountain right i think we do we have to go back to the chapel yeah i think we have to right i think we’re gonna climb are we gonna this camera is so freaking awful there we go

let’s go check out this plaque time and the elements have left the plaque unreadable is there anything up here this is where we came from before right so where are we gonna go next let’s check up over here i think we got everything though yeah we already went past that area i didn’t did i miss something chad so i gotta go back in did i miss something oh look at this chat what does this do this unlocks something doesn’t it it’s loose one good push away from tumbling igneous hmm aha whoa this is a secret area all right we’re gonna save chat because i think that there may be some like undead or something yeah good call anthony oh no this is now this is just the start of the area remember we killed all these people right yeah we’ve already been through here i’m pretty sure what’s up wesley i mean i could go back through i think we checked everything is that another button up here it’s a mirror we’ll just i’ll go through just to make sure we didn’t miss anything i’m pretty sure we checked everything though the only thing we did that opened the ancient door is that what you’re talking about anthony okay so wait we couldn’t get

the ancient door wasn’t unlockable right so we knew that i’ll all go check i’ll go check though anthony just just in case you’re right over here you mean i think we got everything over here though i don’t think i don’t think we can get over there let’s hope these guys don’t revive ah over here that’s right this is what you were talking about right aha so oh no are we alone now so he has spoken so they’ll stand this before me right as always what a curious way to awaken now i have a question for thee what is the worth of a single mortals life all right chat you’re going to help me figure this out so i have a question for thee what is the worth of a single mortal’s life quite the question what’s the reason for it so he has spoken what he i don’t think we want to attack this guy because i think he’ll kill us and we’re alone right now curiosity nothing more wilt thou answer my question so i ask again what is the worth of a single mortal life this is an interesting question no one’s life is more worth more than the other we are all equal that depends on a person’s deeds what is the worth of a single mortal life what do we think chat what’s the correct answer what do we think chad what is the answer

i kind of like i like one and four and thus balance is achieved if all are at war none can win yes very well i am satisfied we have met and i know thy face we will see each other again at the proper time and place farewell it’s creepy as [ __ ] i mean thank god we didn’t have to fight that guy he would oh the amulet of law a very rare amulet if we can speak with the dead take pog here lies the guardian of tombs through knowledge comes atonement 33 golden in onyx yes hell yes chad okay now we’re getting the hell out of here because i do not want to run into this i don’t [ __ ] trust this guy man he’s scary as [ __ ] parchment and bone dust still comforting after all this time as creepy as hell man thanks for reminding me of that anthony i totally forgot because we got distracted by the scribes right where’s the rest of our group by the way they are uh after i fell through they’re still there right i wonder if there’s a way to fix the camera what’s dynamic camera hmm because the camera is pissing me off let’s turn it off and see what happens my party’s got to be over here how do i get them to come with me is the question though because we’re all separated right okay where do we gotta go now so you know what we gotta save because we finished that day and corrupt right where do we gotta go next okay so map removing the parasite explore the rooms we did

okay so where are we gonna go next roadside cliffs maybe we can’t go over this we got to get over here right so we’ll just go maybe if we go to camp together i think we need to go to camp together what’s he doing this is kind of creepy what does it make you think of spot on day one fever and memory loss day two hallucinations and grain skin day three hair loss and blood leaking from all orifices need to go on day four excruciating pain as the skeleton and organs reform and reposition that’s not good day five the host personality has disappeared fingers and toes and limbs elongate i take it you get the picture yes day six the flesh around the mouth splits to make way for tentacles well that’s awful day seven a mind flayer is born this is the annotated version of course the storyteller’s gift my point is this our orifices remain blissfully unblooded our heads remain clear and our blood temperature normal any expert will agree this is abnormal that alas is where my knowledge fails me a rogue might call it luck a priest might call it fate as for myself i’m a pragmatic i see the silence before the storm something to sleep on we should get some rest i think we should let’s try to see if we can find another quest can we i think we can get up here oh i don’t like that zoro was right yellow is a toad oh it’s

that girl from the ship the thing’s dangerous leave it for the goblins to kill and if it escapes how will you oh a guest your skull pounds in response to the prisoner’s white hot stare her lips don’t move yet you hear her voice you again get rid of them your words flow to her and you never speak them aloud i know what grows inside you and i know of a cure we can’t trust her think of what her kin did best if we just kill her right now do we want to save her do we i don’t know i think we should she seems like an important character right perfect we’ll just get her down let’s go we need to check out that blast you didn’t hear it shook our camp good so we came for a look northwest look for nettie whatever your wound she can mend it and be careful there are goblin traps everywhere no messer come tieflings look awesome huh enough gawking gets me down she’s [Laughter] never questionable intellect unsurprising release me or enjoy a future mind players the atrocities we are becoming i know a remedy release me and i will share it okay so we gotta okay so just to make sure i don’t kill her how do we get her down is the question we could attack it from over here before enough dawdling get me down go ahead i’m listening are guys in the wall get me down how do we get her down

so we gotta get up okay so we have to i think we have to uh get up there somehow right i hear shouting we should check it out but be careful we have to get up there somehow right hey good question we’ll go back to the cage i don’t know we need to do some more exploring about that cage before we go over there because it sounds like we’re gonna have to fight a bunch of imps i think oh she got free she’s not there anymore hopefully she didn’t die hmm she’s gone though right like let’s go we have to go explore how she escaped so she escaped on her own i don’t know open the booty gate nobody gets in sevlos orders that pack of goblins will be honest any second what’s going on goblets are on our tail open the gates therefore now you let goblins here where is the druid please there’s no time oh [ __ ] open the gates i don’t know if we can reload i think i over i think i saved over it [ __ ] form am i i think we want to kill the warg right

what do we want to do here let’s try to uh pin down the work [ __ ] that wasn’t good well that’s not good so well that wasn’t good okay we’re gonna load oh [ __ ] um yeah that’s not okay we’re gonna we’re gonna load this let’s be screwed up kill the magic users first right i think we may have screwed up just a little bit i should have created an alternate save i think oh that’s badass like a succubus open the bloody gate nobody gets in zevlos orders that pack of goblins will be honest any second what’s going on it’s too bad we couldn’t skip this story chat open the day several now you let goblins here where is the druids please there’s no time by the nine hells open the gates oh [ __ ] for my okay um we’ve got the high ground um what do we do with this guy so we need to you probably wanna because they’re in trouble right maybe we could do we want to cast fog on them i don’t know we’ll move him here

so that thing is frozen there that’s good oh that’s not good so we gotta kill we gotta kill that guy there too huh so we gotta kill this guy up here yeah we gotta kill him let me get attack this guy right so we killed the mage she’s super strong i love her oh [ __ ] we got allies on our team make way for the blade of frontiers whoa what was that yo there is no escaping the blade that was cool as hell this game is super fun everyone i love the tactical [ __ ] [ __ ] frigg that sucks um [ __ ] lucky intended that didn’t do very much damage that wasn’t good well that’s not good yo that was sick hopefully all these guys don’t die that’s not good oh [ __ ] we gotta kill that war this guy’s gonna come and attack us our main guy’s dead well we’re dead for this guy

foreign hmm what can we see we need to kill that work huh i think we may have to restart this fight oh wow that’s good whatever that is i don’t know what happened there so he killed the warg that’s good we’ll help this guy over here so he saved that guy that’s good because we want him alive right we’ve already had two people die on their team thanks for joining anthony and anyone that’s still here this will probably be our last little quest here what do we have left here only the guy up here oh what can we do here oh [ __ ] this guy can move like super what’s far we just need to loot everyone we have a rabify scroll

i’ll put it on him hello um okay so let’s use her and does she have cute something that matter no we didn’t want to do that we want to see her skills she cure us right now thank you that’s good um okay let’s go let’s go collect all this loot salute everything oh ritual staff that’s cool scroll of grease so do you have loves waiting for you once this is all over you know what that is not the easiest of questions for me to answer you mean just waiting oh gloves of power short term amusements are much less hassle where this item game’s absolute absolutes bane creatures hit by an attack may receive a penalty to attack bless so we’ll we can blessed by the priestess gut these gauntlets aid any uh who bear absolutes mark upon their flesh but woe to any non-believers we got a great axe wait i don’t know if we’re supposed to loot this guy or not okay we’re not anyways let’s save the game so that’s that’s where we saved it and i think that’s a pretty good session we got like a good three hours in everyone that’s it’s been a super fun stream um learning this game of course has been a pretty big challenge but i think uh we got pretty far today we did three hours of baldur’s gate we did a two and a half hours last night i may do another stream tonight but i’m gonna take a little break for now and i just want to thank everyone for joining that’s been really fun playing a new game like i said this has been our first dnd campaign so we may do a little stream tonight but i’m going to go grab a bite to eat and uh and relax i really want to uh uh thank everyone for watching thank you to morally for the donation i really appreciate that and yeah um just hope you all have a awesome rest of your saturday if i don’t see you tonight i’ll probably do a stream tonight maybe a shorter one or something like that but if i don’t i’m gonna do another stream tomorrow and we’ll keep on playing some d and d it’s been super fun so far so thanks everyone for joining i’m gonna put the ending screen on i’m gonna put the outro song on for you to listen to and i’ll see you all later