D-Day | Hell's Let Loose (100 players Omaha beach invasion!)

you where’s the smoke move up move up get off the beach oh it’s an mg get down Edie Edie no no oh god I’m dead what’s barbwire do don’t kill yourself Jesus careful there’s a sniper gift will you do da well yeah yeah if he does I don’t just coach this Tapley why did you frag his dude detects page yeah this one right that’s good and things above got one yep clear like pretty crazy they actually did this like but in her life no respawns nothing no lag hey wait here is that she’s very effective it was sweet again Go Go keep running oh my god Oh instant instant loading push up edge wait the bunker I got one I got one leave it nice all right Punky’s clip on the split Roger that that was my last village damnit you still want up here with you get off the beach man come on get off the beach yeah this is the radio yeah I can you what are you doing with that thing stop phalion look you’re a bit too quiet go on the microphone volume and just give it a slight boost power now oh my god no a slight boost like 2% there’s a tank coming I’m not sure sours you look like a Sherman or Stuart it’s a

did you have Rockets yeah any rockets do you have been firing that thing like it’s Team Fortress oh my god Nanak oh okay we made a display at 4:20 thanks for the [ __ ] man little bit I’ll just point like Jesus I wish I could leave in a place without neighbors where you could just scream your lungs out I know you know was your house that must be nice Darcy I saw you explode against that tiger it was very dramatic yep valiant run what are you doing run Jesus fowling run get over here you did I’m really far away from you guys Jesus Christ insane dodging fire like me I’m coming I’m coming oh my god help me what you deserve why I try so hard to get to you guys thank you all right he’s fine I’m gonna pop a couple smoke grenades you’ve gone away a few seconds for the smoke and then we push it and we die okay all right let’s do this Jesus all right god no yeah not yet okay go go go we made it I’m not no I’m not going any further no way no how chief okay ready let’s go let’s go let’s go boys keep running get in here get in here get in here get down all right long last run one last run and we get it to the cap zone she’s gonna be happy couple of Frank’s first Toto frags waitering frags is so far away kill anyone this over there oh there’s our friend he’s over there were you doing I killed of course he’s in the Joey’s not up on the cliff all right let’s go run run run play get to this sheet go okay get down okay we’re doing it we’re capping we’re capping just hold here hold it boys just spread out and wait no one’s going to come stay low and stay low here we go yeah get bandaged Edward put supplies over this ridge line what are you doing oh my god dude what my PTSD to him down here there’s a machine gunner right ed you got points or hosts cork it wiped out take point our case someone else but in your sheep nice jacket phalion thank you I got promoted we going to Westville or Sameer yes this machine gunners course pretty pin

down this is a very painful Drive sorry I guess oh do it don’t Skyliners do not spare Linus what’s going on what are you doing what are you driving off the hill you’re driving off the hill but you mock us I’m parked by a house what are you talking about you you’re off the hill all right what it I’m gonna kill myself what you saw off the hill outside of the map and we both died what I will [ __ ] my house hit it good keep on instead right right no do not you kill this come on kovash big mother reverse your pigment ah what it takes a lot to go into reverse of course I spawn on the contrary to get force all right let’s see who catches my helmet all right go go go I’m already shot move up move up get off the beach he did take the other sector hold on I have a grenade frag out immediately they agreed oh my god so like 10 in the air oh no way me daddy you have a medic I saw your shadow Jerry them get down good I got my bottom papa nice Oh God and ink be nice were you counting my rounds yep okay it works go go go go whoa sniper careful almost killed you Laney oh my god I was about to tell him his legs were up in the air and he was really exposed he’s down well hey I know we’re kind of in the middle of the word but I just want to say I really like your video thanks dude and there’s an mg right next to us are

you dead of course you did oh crap I’m here I’m here now I’m drowning I made it five meters out of the books move up boys lay off of the old make sure you kill the murder oh my god everybody besides me died smoked away a bear Jesus gathered that’s how I feel his army sorry buddy I know it sucks got another point there’s an enemy Sherman on my observe nice try oh wow that was around my face [Applause] really the middle of nowhere how do they do it these too far away doesn’t work like this you have to be close to right side right side why can I see your shadow that I can’t see much this makes no sense true can you see your own shadow right and but I see your shadow all the fires I’m hit I always wondered by me eyes on rotate left the better people got friendlies right under yep loads of them keep an eye out so many friendlies in the way

all initial menu oh that was so good you hit right on the dip where the thing is and you killed about six women but your body posture