Broken Cameras, Lag Compensation, Networking Help, More Fair Gunfights!

what is a bat gang it is nique this is bat cave gaming and I’m sticking to my word for you guys here’s the video you guys asked for after my last commentary and it’s going to be about the broken cameras in black ops 2 the lag compensation and black ops 2 the networking issues and my real guide to help you improve it and this is kind of a response also after tmartn made his video where he talked to a treyarch developer i think his name was alex and he pretty much you know went into why the game lags how to improve that he had a yacht it but we’re gonna get into that about in this video but that video was kind of [ __ ] not on Team Orange part it was on Alex’s part for sure I felt like he kind of led team are in a stray or something because I think team on makes good videos you know he spends time on these videos that he makes and he deserves his near million subscribers but the video that he made was kind of I kind of felt he got scammed by this treyarch developer and not saying this track developers bad or anything I know he does his job good because it’s black ops is a good game solid game but just with what he said was kind of [ __ ] and I’m gonna get into this and tell you guys why so first before we get them starting this this video will help you enjoy the game a lot more I will guarantee you that it’ll be more consistent for sure but you guys gotta remember this is it like space jam where all the Looney Tunes ate or drank the water and it was like magic juice or whatever you’re not going to turn the superheroes on this game there is still [ __ ] in this game and it’ll get you screwed over so before I get started on this video I want to show you guys the broken cameras and if you guys might have remembered grind was one of the maps that they said it’s going to be good cuz it’s curved there’s not going to be curved bullets and all this stuff yada yada yada well i’m going to show you three clips on this map and I can find a bunch of places on this map where you’ll experience the same issue it’s more in the game that black ops 2 is then just one map so let’s go check out these other clips so this is just chillin me chillin two player are flying and showing you some broken cameras so this is one right here I always like to go to that spot where number two is that but I learned that people can see you and sneak up on you from this other side so you definitely want to stay away from it so that’s a little quick tip but this is an example of a broken camera you cannot see the other person but they can see you so they have so much more time to react and shoot at you then you would be able to shoot at them so because of all these broken cameras this is a lot of times how people get confusing thing and they’re getting lat compensated and it could be a combination of both to be honest but this is another spot on grind that is complete [ __ ] that’s why I say so myself the guy on top should be able to have a better view that’s just physics he should be able to see them if I can look you in the eyes usually look me in the eyes that’s how it works and as if you look at the kill cam you’re not going to see him at all in the kill cam and you’re just dead and that’s another unfortunate thing about black ops 2 so this and lag combines it to seem so much worse and as I tell you guys I’m not moving in these clips so this is a break a big deal it can get stressed even more when you are moving and in this next clip you’re going to see me in a curved angle spot which supposedly it’s supposed to be a great thing about this map but it still had these issues where one person will see the other person so another broken camera you can find these all over any map this is worse than head glitching because in at glitching you can at least see them a little bit it’s going to be hard to spot I’m out but in these you can’t they’re going to see you first they’re going to have way more time to react than you which makes you pretty much lose most of those gunfights when those broken camera angles are not on your side and it really sucks it really does so the biggest tip I have before I get into this this video even further right off the bat is [ __ ] port forwarding we’ve been told forwarding your ports getting

your nat type open is really good because you’ll get a solid connection to the host or chance get hoes and we all did it in mono 43 we all did in black ops 2 and there wasn’t a difference in the connection and this will explain why so in team earns video he said he explained why you get shot around corners and he did a really good job explaining it even though the main things were wrong in that video and I blame the treyarch developer for that that’s who we got information from and that was that technically when you get shot around the corner like the easiest way to explain it when you get shot around the corner the person who’s shooting you and kills you around the corner they have a worse connection than you no other way about it they have a worse connection than you and you guys are probably thinking that shouldn’t be a big deal if I have a better connection in them I should be winning that gunfight there shouldn’t be any reason for this well I’ll go to explain why and how this happens so when you’re playing a game it’s or when you’re playing model for three it’s set up where someone has picked as host with the best connection right so how it works is if me and me number two get into a gunfight but neither of us are hosts how it works is my internet connection has thus in the right networking package to the host the host sends that to player number two player number two sends it back to host so that’s a lot of processing just to do a little gun fight this is this can be for anything when you throw a grenade when you throw a shock charge you throw stunned when you shoot your bullet once this is how it works it’s all that back and forth process so if I have a great connection so my connection is 50 up ten down which is pretty good you would figure I shouldn’t have any problems at all when I play this game but sometimes I do which sucks and that’s because if I’m playing at someone else the majority of the time they have a worse connection than me so I can be sending my packets faster to the host and the hose can be sending it to the other player with a slow connection but if that person has a really slow connection it takes longer for them to receive than it is to send their actions so that’s where this confusion and lag comes into place and it really sucks so when I’m sending my packets I should be killing people in three or four bullets but if they have a slower connection or nowhere near as good as mine is going to take them longer time to receive the actions from the host from me and so forth so that’s where a big problem comes into place and I hope I’m explaining this properly to you guys I know it’s kind of weird but I’m trying to break it down as easy as possible so my connection is 50 up 10 down which is like the top ninety-eight percent of the United States where I live so most times people are going to have a slower connection in me even though there’s 300 400 500 thousand call to you players not all of them are going to have that same connection as me and they’re not going to be right next to me as well there can be miles away so it’s going to take longer time to receive and send those packages packets especially if their connection is a lot slower than mine so I hope that makes sense to you guys and that’s where the curved bullets come in getting a bunch of hit markers and that is completely annoying so the first step in making this better for you is knowing about nat type so everyone thinks it’s good to have open nat type open that type connects to all three net types which is strict moderate and other open so most people have open but it’s probably like seventy-five percent eighty percent have open a lot of people do have moderate and some people do have strict so you’d be surprised when you have that open nat type how many people you connect to that have a strict nat type that are in your game so people have strict nat types are going to have crappy internet connection so you’re going to run into this situation a lot more than you want to in a game and it’s going to happen at the worst time when you’re on the street and about to get your lodestar something you’re going to run into that person to strict nak type and just going to go to all the help because the connections are completely

messed up so what I’ve done that I’ve found to be the best and like I said this isn’t a magic potion but it will definitely help you overall is switching your connection to a moderate type moderate types only can connect to other moderate types and other open types so those are the better connections and it completely knocks out all of the strict type naps so you want to meet joining game with them at all and that’s just part of it you want to have that moderate type net but if you guys remember when the game first came out woodysgamertag made a video that kind of said Oh change your search preference to best it’ll help you in the game it’ll make things fair when you shoot people they will to die when they shoot you you’re supposed to die but we end up trying it out a lot of you guys did and it just made things worse especially since not everyone has the best internet connection that’s meant for people with a really good internet connection so since I’ve changed mine to the moderate nat type I’ve put my search preferences the best only and it’s definitely been great so I’m not saying every one of you guys after doing this video should go to best search preferences because if you don’t have the best internet you shouldn’t be doing that so I normally suggested the people with fiber optic internet or cable internet they’re typically better but an easy way to decide if you should go to it is doing a speed test if you don’t have a minimum 3 megabyte upload and a solid 50 millisecond ping or less when you do the test don’t change it the best keep it on normal this will still help you I guarantee it so don’t go to best if you’re not supposed to be on best and another sign is if you go to best and you have the three bar connection and everyone does for bar that’s a sign right off the bat that you shouldn’t be in those games anyway so remember that that’s another step so before I go in and how to changing your nat type to moderate i want to talk about three things in the team are and video i hope you guys seen it already it’ll be linked on the screen if you haven’t that the guy said would make your connection and your guns kill better but it’s not going to so the first one said be host so if you guys remember in model for three when your host it sucked and how many have you have been hosting black ops 2 and still got [ __ ] over so the reason why he says host should be better because there’s one less connection to send it through like I told you earlier you send it to the host to the person you’re shooting at back to the hose back to you so it’s a lot of steps and its really intricate but when your host there’s less places you send it which is true and you would think it would give you an added benefit but if that guy still has a bad connection and it’s slow and can’t keep up with you it’s still gonna get you screwed over it’s not going to do that big of a benefit so I wanted to show you guys a clip from Thunder 402thunder402 where he showed a clip of him being hosed and he still got screwed over so check out the clip right quick so this is an example of the [ __ ] I still talk about that can happen to you no matter if your host is not going to put you at a big advantage he got him one shot from being dead and even while hoax he still got taken out and the host migrated so the host thing really isn’t a benefit where you want to keep it because most people who want to be hosts aren’t going to have a good enough internet connection to do it it’s a lot easier to change your NAT type to moderate than to get a good enough connection to be host I told you I have a 50 down 10 up and that’s a really good connection I have low ping but I still don’t get host too often at all so it’s not a good option to say hey just try and be host that’s not going to fix things for you the next one they kind of blamed with the ISP your router or your modem which definitely can happen but it’s more rare than that being the issue and that’s kind of what I felt he was just blaming it on though you probably have a better modem or router which isn’t the case people nowadays aren’t using dial-up still you know everyone has dsl at least cable fiber-optic so if you had a bad ISP or modem you would know when you’re just on the internet it wouldn’t be reliable at all your connection would go out whenever you’re

playing and that’s not going to be the case so I mark that off as another [ __ ] excuse from a treyarch developer and the last one that I found to be [ __ ] was the theater he said turn off theatre is going to help your connection well does anyone know how to turn off theatre and black ops 2 I tried looking I don’t know how I knew how to do it in black ops 1 in black ops 2 I mean black ops 1 and modern warfare 3 but I don’t know how to turn off on black ops 2 and I saw a bunch of comments on Team Orange video saying hey how do you turn it off tell me someone tell me I haven’t seen an answer how to do it yet so I could be wrong on this part but I haven’t seen how to turn it off and this was just like strike three for me where if you got this wrong I shouldn’t believing I shouldn’t even be believing this developer anyway because theater mode we all know is completely screwed up anyway because that supposedly says what it shows what you do when the host records a game theater mode is based off what the host sees through all the communication back and forth back and forth if you guys go and watch a theater gameplay of your last game play how crazy does it look does it look like you’re shooting at people do you move all weird it’s not that’s that kind of shows you right there how bad the networking is in black ops 2 because the theater shows something that’s nowhere even near what happened most times so that that was strike three for me on this guy’s this developer and I don’t want to take shots at him or anything but I just felt it was kind of like lying to all the people who watch team are in videos because he has a million subscribers probably to 300,000 will see that video and they’re people who like to play call of duty and they’re going to be tricked into thinking oh it’s not something treyarch could have done better because every game before black ops 1 didn’t have that issue it was based on connection so if you had a bad connection you weren’t going to do too well unless you played it really smart if you had a good connection it would play like you had a good connection not not this weird mix of you getting messed up by people with low slower connections the stronger connection would prevail in those games but not anymore ok now that ran is over let’s get into how to change your NAT type from open to moderate so for Xbox people unfortunately there’s not a setting in connection settings to change it but if you have a decent router not your modem router there will be a preference for you to change it so I’ll show you guys in my router how I change my nat type so in my router mind to get to it as 192.168 point zero point one you have to find out what yours is but you just need to find universal plug and play which is that arrow so in mind it’s under administration and in the management tab it’s normally selected to enable I put mine on disabled this will make your nat type moderate and remember along with that you can’t be forwarding your ports so disabled all your port forwarding if you are and make sure the universal plug and play is disabled and for the ps3 people if you don’t have a router I’ll show you guys how to do it in your internet connection settings because I have it in both and I don’t know if you need to have it in both to have it but just to be sure you want to have it in both so on the ps3 you go to settings network setting internet connection settings and just scroll over however you have it set up until you see where it says you p NP which is universal plug and play which is right there make sure it’s on disabled alright guys so this was a 20 minute video I know it was long but it was definitely worth it so please if you guys enjoyed this video give me a like it does help me a lot I want to get this video at least 2,000 views tomorrow’s video has like over a hundred thousand so that’s like two percent so bat gang shared around your friends make sure people see this because it’s really important leave your comments below I’ll try and answer as many as i can on if you need help or just troubleshooting something like that just remember you’re not superhuman you’re not going to be Batman Batman’s the best ever but you’re not gonna be Batman because of this it’s the coding with the game that’s messed up remember the broken cameras this lag

this combines and make a complete [ __ ] hopefully next gen consoles will be better and we might as well hope right so that’s this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed it it’ll be a new commentary tomorrow patch notes came today so I make a cool video on something about patch notes anyway guys I hope you guys enjoyed this please share it around give me a like subscribe if you haven’t share it around and i’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video deuces